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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is. fox5 news morning.i. >> fox5 news morning.orning. free agency shakeup.sheup. burgundy and gold getting ridtig of their general manager and three key players leavingayers g their fan base wondering whatdeh is theat franchise doing? dong? >> here one day, gone thethe next. cooler air on its way. wy already here in some places in the reg ion.reio mike is going to let us know kno just how long winter is goinger to stick around.tick a >> all rigrht.>> a
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i'm maureen >> and i'm holly morris.orris. today is friday march tenth.h >> mike thomas with your --ur -- okay, let's try this again again with my good mouth.mout >> rewind. [laughter] >> all right, erin is going to, talk about traffic, mike iserini going to talk sabout weatherwea with the headline. the hin go. >> yeah, we got some rain/snowin kind of moving into the region r this morning. not going to cause any road road issues. issues. bigger story colder airder air returning, winter coming back b later on this afternoon.his afte erin. >> right now we're seeinght quiet con nditions onow thethe beltway looking good on 295. 29 metro is on time except forept safe track. you know it's friday. that's going to change and u know t you know what you need to geto ou k noarow uwhnd s morning. >> sounds good you both ands go thank you the.od fethw. fek back in a right now off the top of theh hour if you're just waking upup here's what's developedt's overnight. crews battled a house firea houe early this morning in princening george's county.geor's county. this was on symposium way inin clinton. fortunately no one was hurtas but you can see in these live pictures here there isere is significant damage to the homee including a huge hole in the roof. >> more now on our top story.o the burgundy and gold firingfirn ge
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mccloughan. >> speculation has been swirling for weeks about hist s future with the team and toand make matters worse, thethe burgundy and gold are also now w out several key players.. >> fox5's annie yu live atlive t the park in ashburn with the the latest on this ongoing saga. good morning, annie.a >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, y yeah, you know, i'd say this sas is another setback for theback e team. the team made it officialofial after some speculation overon vr the last few days about gmas a scot mccloughan and thed tension with him and brucebruc allen. they made it official aroundund 7 o'clock last night sayinght sa that scot mccloughan is out out and no word yet on who isho i going to be calling the shots ss leaving many fans wonderingon what is next, what'sats happening. so i want to show you this. yesterday and social media litso up with reaction about thist ts and fans have basically organized a march on ashburna at the practice facility.acity. they're saying we're fed up're p and we want scot mccloughancclog to keep his job. they want dan snyder and bruc
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fed up and that they're note going to buy into the false to hope year after year so that so is happening today at at 8 o'clock. right now about 300 peoplepeo plan to take part in this. meanwhile, mccloughan was s brought here in 2015. 2 he was on a four yearear contract. co and we're told that recentlyecny he clashed with other redskinssk top brass on a number of of issues and didn't really -- or-r didn't attend the scoutingting combine earlier this month. but reports of tension betweenon mccloughan and team t president bruce allen theye al have been circulating forlerculo awhile as you mentioned and it i came to me ahead last night.head they sent out l this statementsa bruce allen did it says "the"te washington redskins havegton released scot mccloughan from the organization effective immediately.redsed soe we wish hime imme dsiauccessteli future endeavors. e the team will have no furthendre comment on his departure ."rtur" this went down on the firstfirst day of free agency and whilend h the burgundy and gold are re searching for a new gm and the future -- were he have some we news aboutre some big talent on the team. we've got pierre garcon now a a 49ers, desean jackson andcks chris baker, they are headed
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that's the very latest out here in redskins park.edskins back to you in the ii >> thanks annie. thas annie. this latest move by they t redskins just adding to the t frustration for ryan says this team is suchh trash i'm glad i avoided thiss dumpster juice of a franchise. wow.w. >> and john dishing out someshie sarcasm says what a stable stale organization firing your gm oni the first day of free agency.eny the saga continues.n much more throughout the morning. mo we'll take you to a fox55 exclusive at 5:04 on thison this friday morning.iday six months after terrenceer teen sterling was shot and killedt al by a d.c. police officer the o t d.c. government now admitsw admt that two of its policeitsol officers may have violatedlad protocol in a civil suit filedui by sterling's family itterl reveals thatin the officers were chasing sterling who was on a o motorcycle before the shooting.torc it is against departmentyc policy to pursueag t a vehicle r a traffic violation.olation. now up until now, no oneo on admitted there was a pursuit a u that nigt. the one of the officers shot s sterling after he crashed intoeh the officer's witnesses say sterling coul
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it pulled into his path.pat sterling's family has filed aed wrongful death lawsuit.wsuit. they did that back in decembert and they'reba seekingse $50 million in damages.ames. >> after 27 hours of debate,te, the republican healthcare plan passed two house committees onm thursday. the energy and commerce andmm the ways and means committeesndm both voted in favor of theeaed billof. bi house speaker paul ryan triedyad to sell the gop package topacka reluctant conservatives with ata powerpoint presentation tentatin highlighting the conservativeons components to win over his and reluctant right flank. the reluctant right that that should say. s >> this is the closest we willil ever get to repealing andd replacing obamacare.amacare. the time is here.s here. it really comes down to a binary choice. >> meanwhile, some senatehi democrats blasted the billlastel calling it an irresponsibleespse plan. it must now clear the houseose budget committee before goingte to the full house. >> 5:05 this friday morning. mike thomas, k
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winter is coming back. it didn't feel much like it i this morning.this >> so far so good. m unfortunately te>>mpe sraturesme will be dropping throughout the day maureen and by the time we get todroppi matoniurgh gusty winds and temperaturesp in the 20's it will feel much ch more like winter than springt but hey, we had a great dayda yesterday. er radar outside right nowght now showing the snowfall pushingu into the mountain regions andond through pennsylvania as well.e here in d.c. again, we're notwe too cold at the moment, sont, s should start as rain. rain. may transition over to a period of conversational snow showers. sh but your snowfall forecast showing nothing too big expected. expe a grassy coati to an inch c off to the north of the city.e roads should be shou bi again we were 74 degreesne. herh in washington yesterday soterdao ground temperatures very warm.r. 49 your current number here inen d.c. but cold air is spilling into the mountains.ns. cumberland 39, hagerstown 42,, 41 degrees up towards towas frederick so colder air on theoe way. we'll call it just 40's for daytime highs today. today. temperatures will generallyurese fall throughout the day.oughout. once this system with thestem we morning mix and showers getsers out of the way, later on today we could still hve
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passing flurries with thoserr winds gusting out of the north and west from time to timerom over 40 miles an hour. 40 all right, that's a check of the forecast o let's go thatot erin como now with a check ofchf the roads.e r >> on-time traffic brought tobro you by toyota.oyota. visit buy a for special offers.ial >> all right, 5:07.5:07. starting off with a look at l the rails this friday morning. r right now allng metro lines onnn time except for the blue and yellow because of safe track surge 13. it'se the first phase single phase si tracking blue and yellowng b between braddock road huntington van dorn street.on v trains running every 24any 24 minutes. florida and ahead for that. th we'll let you know if there are any other rail delays. del any questions at erin fox5ti d.c. on twitter. also keepond. in mind no yellowy rush plus service between franconia-springfield andsp greenbelt. we are in great shape. sha seeing green all over the map mp in great falls tysons problemysm free in fairfax through annerh e arrundel looking great on 50. 5. no problems on the roads outs ot in bowie.b bottom of the beltway through oxon hill is lookingthe be good across the wilson bridge.rdge. in fact all area bridges arees in the clear right now.he c we had aarn ea
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and be eastbound before gwrew parkway involving a fuelolvin spill. traffic is getting by just get fineting without any slowdowns.. problem free in millersvilleersl as well. 32 itself oncey once you pass ps bw parkway is baltimore-washington parkway on the way towash bwi nice smooo ride. 95 sou thbound toward thea capital beltway also in theltwal clear and it's a qsouiet drivee on 270 southbound.hbound. we'll take a closer look at 66 6 in virginia next. ne any questions at erin fox5stio d.c. on back to you, holly and and maureen. >> coming up on fox5 newsx5 nes morning a u.s. militarymi commander hints we may ber hintb involved in syria much longerong than anticipated.ticipated. >> and a new list of peopleop are being banned from enteringeg the white house.white hoe. >> heading to break, taking aak live look across the d.c. d.c. region right now, it is 5:08:8 and 50 degrees. more fox5 news morning afternina this. t >> ♪♪ his.>> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> back at 5:09. a keloping in south kore rising tensions as supportersona of as now ousted presidentre clash with police.pol it couples after court rulings a to upholdfter impeachment charg against park geun-hye she washys impeached in d.c. after shefte was accused of gaining access to confidential documents and using that for explain battle in syria rages syria r the u.s. is setag to take on ana
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against isis.nst isis. yesterday top militarymiry officials signaled there willigw be a larger and longer lo american military presence to ensure and stability once the st fight is over.ght is oe up to 400 u.s. forces have moved into syria in recent rec days. more than half of those are marines. >> more trouble for presidenttr trump's travelou oregon, minnesota,nnesota, massachusetts and new yorkhu have all joined hawaiise in in challenging the ban. an. the states argue that the banheb discriminates by nationala origin which they say is unconstitutional.un the revised ban bars new visasss for people from six muslimmuim majority countries and temporarily shuts down then the u.s. refugee program.pror >> this overexertion of powers by the president, theexerti president is the no the kby tin. he's not a dictator.dic you know, we all learned thatd t in social studies growing up. p. >> washington state filed theate original lawsuit after the t first executive order went or wt into effect in january. janary. it's now asking a judge togeo renew its request to block thele new travel ban which is slated e to go into effect next
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>> foreign visitors areoreignorr apparently not welcome tolom pennsylvania avenue for whitefoe house tours. they've been told to contacto their embassies to apply for a a visit. several embassies say they have been told by the state sta department that individuals are not currently allowed around the whitethe wte house. >> the u.s.d.a. removed anedan online database of animalanial welfare reports from its webreps site. site. the move threatens toth undermine the measure which w sailed through the general throh assembly last year and had thetr backing of the animal welfare advocates. right now state law permitsa sales of dogs from breedersbrees with a good track record oford f u.s.d.a. inspections.insptions. >> coming up, last month more than 11,000 climate recordscods were broken and it all had toado do with heat.hat. >> the fbi investigating aestit computer link between theut trump organization and a russian bank. >> as we head to breaker l p or , w let's take a live look across ac the d.c. region.d.c. regn. 5:11 is our time. time. we're at a pretty mildlyret mily 50 degrees but it's all it's all downhill from here mike thomases
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he'll fill us all in on thel ie other side of the break.brak. don't go anywhere.n you're watching fox5 news news morning. >> ♪♪ dunkin's full-bodied, cold brew coffee. takes 12 hours to steep... and almost no time to sip.
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now available with a sweet and salted kick. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> back at 5:14 with a check 5:1 of your top stories.o the aclu filed an ethics et complaint against attorney general jeff sessions in response to session's contactcoa with russian fishes last year.y. they're asking the bar too investigate whether sessions ses engaged professionald profesonal misconduct in the answers heswee gave in sworn testimonyorn earlier this year.earliethis yea >> the d.c. government now admits two of its policei p officers may have violatedolated protocol in the shooting oftingo terrence sterling.eling. a civil lawsuit revealsreveals officers went against went agait department policy by chasingchag sterling on his motorcycle on before the shooting.hooting. >> today hundreds of nativee americans are holding a march mh on washington.shington. they're calling for indigenousni rights in response to president trump's support forp the dakota access and keystoneky pipe lines. native americans from across the country plan to march torica the white
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>> redskins drama continues.s dr the team fired general managern scot mccloughan last night.niht. making matters worst redskinsstd also lost desean jackson jackso chris baker and pierre garcone during the first hours of free agency.ency. >> ♪♪ >> if that wasn't enough the wa weatheren is -- >> we're just piling it on.t on >> yup, it's getting cold, it again. mike thomas not so bad's right g now but man, brace for it.or it. here we go. o. >> big time changes on the wayea for your weekend.ekend. unfortunately we're talkingy we about the return of winter. unbelievable to even see snow on the map after a 74-degree-dee day here in d.c. yesterday butat it is snowing this morning up through pennsylvania and even through the mountains ofing thny maryland and west lvvih re gini. however, this rain-snow line l will be marching southwardsoutha along with the cold air and we could see some snowflakes eveno here in washington though weshgt do not expect it to amount tomoo much. radar starting to fill in a in bit. wouldn't be shocked if showersfh start kicking up here within the next hour or so here inheren washington. head hhe umbrella as you out the door.e doo. again snow may move in ain a little later on this morningern but still not expecting major issues. grassy coating to an inch. to a.
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very warm so rens ot expectingxg anything to stick to locallo roadways. ro we'll just bead more of -- seese more of that conversationalonvea snow that we love so muchve so around here and that we've w done so much this winter asr s opposed to anything that'shingth going to cause major issues. iss 49 in washington.ashi not too 54 towards richmond.ichmond. 64 at hatteras.att you can see where the coldse front s look e at pittsburgh att 32, detroit 31 and this coldhis air is going to be spilling be p into our neck of the woods asec we head through the afternoonk n urs todaday. check out these wind chillhese d values. by the time you're heading heading home from work feeling like like 34 degrees here in d.c. andd.c. the look at the 20's movingt into the mthountains, feelingg like 21 up towards tomorrow morning check out these wind chill values as weuee get the rock and roll marathonma under way.r way feeling like 11 degrees here in washington. seven in gaithersburg, six in, n hagerstown. bundle it up runners if you're e heading downtown tomorrowwn tomo morning. you will certainly need the heavy jacket even though youthoo got a long run to go. g. 26 to 29 degrees is your airur r temperature start time buture se again it will b be breezy soso again, air temperatures air tees anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees
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temperature.te late morning as the race wraps r up temperatures staying in these 30's. lots of sunshine but breezy tomorrow. arctic air irast invasion coming back and the one kind of good news ifs i you're not a snow lover isow lor that the storm we were were tracking does look like itlook i will stay well to the south. snows through the carolinas maybe extreme southerne south portions of virginia but inut in d.c. we should keep it dry.ould we will just beit very, very, v cold. high temperatures 30's on saturday, 40's as you head hd into fox5 accuweather 7-dayweather forecast, we'll call it 40's 4s for a daytime high i think hink officially it will be about a 55 degrees for a high justgh jut after midnight tonight.midnightt we're watching that rain/snowt w mix later on this morning.or maybe some more flurries laterur on this afternoon.ernoon. then saturday 39 degrees.s. up to 42 on sunday and then wee kind of warm it up a bit on b monday but all those t temperatures below bew watching that threat for a coastal storm next tuesday butub still a lot of questions on that. stay tuned for details t all right, that's a check of the fo weather. erin como is back this morning c getting busy on the roads yet erin? >> not so busy just
5:18 am
let's enjoy this mike. 5:17. this is 270 southbound.southb you can see traffic increasing n just a bit as you make yourr way down past shady grovead there. but the good news is even asven far north as frederick we'red not seeing any problems 70 tobl the truck scales.the i'll let you know when that knot volume turns into congestionnget and slows us down. northbound 270 wide opened asas well. we'll show you what else else you're facing on the beltwaybelt this right now as you make your way y out on the outer loop, traffic,r very quiet.veryuie you can see just a little bitlit of taillight activity makinght t your way from iv95 in college il park all the way over to the tot 270 spur. inner loop very nice and quiet t conditions past connecticutconn avenue as well.enue a as we make our way out on 95on95 through dale city thiscitthis morning, you can see traffictraf very quiet south andh ad northbound at dale boulevard. ba south of that point inintin stafford volume increasing by b courthouse road. not enough to cause any major mr slowdowns just yet. y. once you pass the mixing bowlmii things looking good on 395on 95 northbound to the 14th street tr bridge. we'll pull over to a look atok our maps right now and show you all the green we'rereen we seeing. no problems in anne arrundel rrund on 50. 5 bowie looking good.ood. pr
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to reagan national and dulles.du maybe you're picking someoneinge up who is participating in the e marathon tomorrow.tom if you have any questions atanyo erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we'll take a look atns5 td.hose marathon closures next.ext. back to you maureen and hollily. >> 5:19 is your time.tie. we'll use your realtime newstims tracker. >> that means wisdom is back to tell us anws hat's hot on tht web right now. n. hi whiz. >> good morning. first up fbi inv>>estigators sas there was some odd activityity with servers at a russianerversa bank. the servers were trying to look up contact information atra the trump organization.anation. fbi director james comeyc briefed lawmakers on capitolpitl hill about the investigationigan yesterday. also trending this myeorninr a standout moment during during yesterday's marathon debate indn the house energy and commerced m committee over the republicanbln healthcare plan. republican representative john ishemka was questioning partsngp of the current healthcare loamal asking should men have to t purchase prenatal care.
5:20 am
circulating on social mediaal ma along with criticism.riticism. next up nfl teams beingnfl g accused of violating federal fe law regarding prescriptionding r drugs.escri apparently teams havehave disregarded guidelines fromdelim the drug enforcementrcement administration on how toon on ho store, track, transport and distribute controlledstributr substances. according to the federalhe feder lawsuit, nfl teams have pushed d players to use powerful painkillers and anti-inflammatories.ti-inflamtoi meanwhile it is getting is t hot out there we know this.. february brought on the warmthem weather and also broke climatert records. cords. it broke more than 11,000 11,000local daily records for te warmth in the united states.sta. it didn't beat 1954 recordsr which were the warmesthe warmest february records on record.ords. a real ocean drive.rive. the norwegian joy cruise liner has a racingru track on its top deck. de it took ckthree years to build d it. 10 cars will be able to race on deck at a time. at driving at speeds of up to t 40 miles per h
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not be willing to take part in on a cruise ship. sp. >> doesn't sound like a good goo idea, either.idea, either. >> but enjoy yourself.self. >> hm. all right. alrigh thanks, whiz. >> okay. coming up on fox5 newsox5news morning, six locally based based companies made the the c. they're among the best placesst to wor >> and last year, hostess released its version of deepione fried twinkies. the you this year the company, though,h, trying to do something a little different. >> trying to be healthy. as we head to breinag k a live e look across the d.c. region.n. 5:21 is the timely oh, my goodness, throwback biggy. bi all right, throw in the where is wisdom when you needsdm him. 5:21. more fox5 news morning after this. >> ♪♪
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>> 5:23 right now. n staples is closing 70 of itsof s stores nationwide.atie. the co
5:24 am
recover from poor f in thero past three yearsree ye staples has had to close around 290 stores across the country. no word yet if any stores inresn our area are closing.long. >> fortune magazine out witht wh its 100 best companies to workwk for. for. google tops the that's the eighth time in 11 ti years it's been number one.mber. coming in at number twou wegmans the food market.od mark. the boston consulting group agro global firm with an office in wt bethesda is once again numberum three. other local companies making making the list. list. navy federal credit union innion vienna marriottna internationally in bethesdabeths and mars, incorporated in mclean.mclean. >> believe it or not. twinges keys cappuccinos, saypuy that again, twinkiestwies cappuccino are now a thing.thi. tastes like a combination of milk sponge cake and a be hintb of coffee. hostess paired up to createired the sweet beverage. twinkies cappuccino will eventually be dispensed inispe convenience stores across the
5:25 am
>> okay. >> i have to admit i love loe twinkies and i love cap clean l no, sir so i would not ber so iu no, sir -- cappuccino so io so i would not be averse to trying that. >> i think they are listed astes one of the things that wouldthad survive a nuclear war. w. >> there you go. >> which is a statement as tonto what's in them but >> you have to have coffeeee after the nuclear apocalypse.poc >> there you go.. >> now we got twinkies in the cafeteria. >> maybe we'll make itaybe we'at through. >> maybe you'll need that later on this afternoon asbe yos cold air spills back into thell region. region. you want to stay inside withsih the nice warm cup of twinkies cappuccino. ppucci snow mostly confined to higher elevations. ev we could see rain transition to a brief period of snow asnow we roll through the morninghe mi hours. orry about.worry about. it will be nothing but wet but roads out there but grab the gre umbrella if you're heading out later on this morning. mor you'll need it.
5:26 am
bwi 46 degrees at this hour.hour here's your planner for theer f day tod. about 43 by 10:00 a.m.y 10:00 am temperatures will continue toilo fall all morning long.orning lo a mix of rain and snow aroundo the region.gion. by 1 o'clock this afternoonthisr very, very windy, cold airl spilling in. a couple of snowo flurries later on this afternoon as well.rries as well temperatures fall the second ths half of the day.y. 43 degrees by 4 o'clock.o' all right, that's a check ofch f the forecast. let's head over to erin como now for a check of thes heo roads. >> 5:26. we're keeping a close eye one o what's going on in the traffic center this morning.nter as we take a look at metro only single tracking betweene tn braddock road and huntingtonu van dorn road because of safeoa track. keep in mind you have tobe adjust for safe track. on the rfooads, 32 eastbound ab crash blocking the right lanerie before bw parkway dealing with h a fuel spill cleanup as well.wel they need to get that thatthat h disabled vehicle cleared.ed keep it to the left to get vehte through that area b lyeft tobww parkway this morning.y thisorni. aside from that we'll forwardorw things along. and rollthe rock marathon tomorrow. cold day for a run so b
5:27 am
the marathon, the full f marathon kicks off at 7:00 a.m. and it begins onegis on constitution avenue at 14thnue h street northwes street closures begin at 2:00sue a.m. all streets expected to reopen e on a rolling basis by 3:00by 0 p.m. keep in mind the majority oforif roads do close by 6:30 in the morning.mornin marathon ends at rfk lotlo three. if you have any additionaldditi questions at erin fox5 d.c. ondn twitter. back to you.back t >> thanks erin.>> thanks erin. coming up on fox5 newsnews morning more than 30 guns were e stolen from that a local gunocan shop. police search for thoser those responsible. >> lawmakers once were againwern debating the state's gun lawsun after a huge gun ring bust rin happened in virginia.r >> let's go to break now.reak a live look across the d.c. d.c. region. people slowly getting going on g a friday morning.r come on folks, weekend isend almost here, right.right. 5:27 right now, 42 indegrees.ine you're watching fox5 newsnews morning. mo don't go anywhere. >> ♪♪
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>> the d.c. government admits.c the officers involved in a deadly shooting of. terrgofienn sterling violated protocol.ptoc free agency shakeup.sha the redskins get rid of their rh general manager and three keyey players leaving their fan baseae wondering just what the what the franchise is doing.doing. and gluten free diets areglt all s the rarage but now there e concerns going gluten freeg glue could do more harm than fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mo >> good morning to you. goo thank you very much ford very mr joinin
5:31 am
>> i'm holly morris.>> iolly m today is friday march tenth. >> erin como is ttalking abouto the roads, mike thomas talkingt about the changing weather anded snow that may be in our in our future. >> yeah, just mostly rain i rn i think for the morning butmor but then, yes, we could mix with a little bit of snow kind of second half of your morningorng commute. wouldn't shock me. s nothing will stick but bigger br story colder air returning,etun, winter is back after erin. >> we're going to get you you around to your friday morningid commute and help you navigate ni all of the street closures forte the maras thon tomorrow in d.c.. so lots to talk about on then he roads. >> all right. thank you erin. thank you mike. thu'renow though if justank igfetting up here's wha been developing overnight.vr we'll begin overseas in south korea where protests turnedwherr deadly over the impeachment ofmf its now ousted president.pre two people were killed, dozens more injured in clashes with police after aured court rulingg upheld impeachment chargeschargs against park geun-hye. she was impeached afters im gaining access to confidentialol documents and using those documents for if this g
5:32 am
elections for a new president within 60 days.0 d >> in prince george's countyince crews battle a house fires ba early this mttoler aning at a tt story home on symposium way inyn clinton. clinton. no one was hurt but there isbuts significant damage to the hometa including a gehuge hole in thehe roof. there was also damage to thes al home next door. you can see the flames and the heat were enough to melt the siding. >> all right. another big story on this friday. the redskins without a general manager this morning after firing scot mccloughan.cghan. >> it follows weeks of it speculation about his futureio with the team andn now fansw fa left wondering what lies ahead for the embattled team. >> fox5's annie yu is live lie at ashburn park this morningthis with more. all right. another shakeup yet again. a >> reporter: yeah, a change a in leadership and yet anotherant distraction for the franchise,f, right? i think fans are i thia getting used to this by o the but you know, i got say i s don't think too many peoplehink were really, really surprisedurr by the news because, you know, n the reports had been tricklingkg for days and, you know, butw,bu the redskins did make itskin official by making that tha
5:33 am
7 o'clock last night saying that gm scot mccloughan isn is out. no word this morning on who isns going to be calling the shots ss for now and also the future ofet the team. but i can tell you that plenty y of fans had a lot to say. say. they jumped onto social media.a. every platform is riddled witheh reaction and comments aboutomm what is going on.what is ing on. they want to know what is thes e future of this team. tam they're fed up.'re fed . and i want to show you this is a facebook organizedeboz event happening later today.toa. right now 300 people plan toplao come out here to redskins parkes to protest and they're calling a this the mandr tch on ashburn. nearly 300 people again signedag up so far. i know more than 800 say800 they're interested in.sted in. so, it could be quite anan interesting turnout at 8:00outt0 a.m. right outside thee te practice facility.aci they're basically saying that ta they're fed up they want dannt a snyder bruce allen to know now they've had enough.'ve had gh. mccloughan was brought here in 2 he had a four year contract.yea. he's 46 years old. o before coming to washington hewe had runs with the 49ers as as well as seahawks both cut
5:34 am
he had a successful run.n. rumors had been circulatingiring about his job status all offllf season and we're told he's's recently clashed with other othr redskins top brass on a numberob of issues and there have been bn reports of tension betweens of e mccloughan and team t president bruce allen and then n finally last night they made thy it bruce allen sending out thisut i statement on the matter saying "the washington redskins have released scot mccloughanmcc from the organizationom the orgn effective immediately.d we wish him success in hiss future endeavors.futu the team will have no furtherfur comment on his departure ."rtur this is all happening on the on first day of free agency andncad so while the burgundy and goldng are now looking for a new gm,w guys, we are also losing someo e key major players. we have pierre garcon who isons now a 49er, chris baker aser as well as desean jacksonacn taking their talents to tampao a bay. here at 8 o'clock in just a just few hours, hopefully we'll we'll have -- or maybe we'll have ve hundreds of fans out heret right outside of the practice pe fality.y. that's the latest here from herm ashburn. back to you in the studio.studi >> annie thank you.y now to a fox5 exclusive.exc six months a
5:35 am
sterling was shot and killedkil by d.c. police officer, thecer,e d.c. government now admits twodo of its police officers may have violatedo protocol. civil suit filed by sterling'slt family it is revealed that the officers were chasing sterlingsg who was on a motorcycle before a that shooting. m now it'sin against department am policy to pursue aen vehicle for a traffic violation.ol and up until now no onenoone admitted that there was atted t pursuit that night.apurs one of the offuiit cers shot s sterling after he crashed intof the officer's cruiser.crui witnesses say sterling could not have avoided that cruiser because it pulled into his path. sterling's family filed a file wrongful death lawsuit insuit december seeking $50 millioningn in damages. >> search continues for two men who brorckh e intoco the und gun shop in rockville.ckille. surveillance cameras capturedurd the suspects bursting into theie shop smashing the glass glass display containers and then grabbing several weapons.weaons. police say they made off with 24 handguns and seven long guns. >> after a gun traffickingrf ring bust have as governor and v attorney generaler calling forlf stricter gun laws.un 217 weapons were seized duringrg thely bust and 24 peopl
5:36 am
arrested.arrested. virginia attorney general markak herring and governor terrygove mcauliffe are asking for a o lieu to be reinstated limiting handgun purchases to one pere month in virginia. >> 5:36 right now.n you know, it's never a good g sign, mike, when it's thist's t hour and we've already hit thehi high temperature for the day.ra. >> yeah, actually we hit it at a 1:00 a.m. >> i know.>> i >> when we were like 55, 5, 56 degrees but down we go.g it's still winter. witer. >> yup. >> by the way don't forget todoo spring those clocks forward tho this >> oh, good reminder.rem >> yup. >> that's saturday intoturday io sunday. >> before you go to bed onbed on saturday. turday. >> okay. >> one hour of sleep gone. go >> all right. bearer ofe just the bad news. >> you get a good hour ofourof sunlight. one more hour of sunlight.unl >> that's right. i lighter longer.l satellite and radar impressiveip this morning throughthrou pennsylvania with a lot oflvia snow coming down.down. and then off in the mountainsmou to the north and west of here oe as well it's already alady transitioned into just at little bit of snoiow.ow here in wa
5:37 am
start as rain.stt as r we may see some snowflakes mixing in from time to time in but the bifrgger kind of story y with this system is it willll usher in a much colder airer air mass.mass arctic air coming back.c we have not had to say thisa too much at ally this winterwite but arctic air rolling back ollb into town for the weekend.r the. the storm system we werestor watching for sm unday just touso let you know will stay southy of our region so we shouldwe sh stay dry all weekend long andlog it will be a very cold one.done. highs tomorrow only in thehe 30's and with winds still sill breezy tomorrow afternoon, itoro will feel like the teens and t d 20's all day long. lg. sunday a little better buter still not too much t only --onl highs only in the lower 40's. 4. there's a quick look at theok ae weekend forecast. 39 your highwe on saturday.atur. 42 on all right, that's a check oft, the erin como is back with a look at the roads this morning.his m. >> 5:37 right now and we'reght going to keep youw posted onostn your friday morning drive.drve. right now 66 problem free fromem manassas all the way to the thee beltway. inner loop through annandalebeot looking ghroouod.okingo we're problem free on theonthe secondary streets in thereets ie district. now tomorrow keep in mind a mi lot of c
5:38 am
and roll marathon.roll we'll keep you posted on those. any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on twitter. make your way your w out in maryland outside the beltway 32 eastbound crash blocking the right lane just lat before bw parkway.paway. so some caution there. things still quiet for from 175 through.throug 270 we have some volumeav v building and then as we take aea look at the outer loop you're good. any questions at erin fox5es d.c. on twitter.ti we'll kd.eep yoc.u >> 5:38 is the time right now. coming up on fox5 news ns morning, the university ofg, thi maryland is opening a new aew student innovation center.ation. >> nearly a dozen people arere recovering after a knifea kni attack at a train station. >> we're heading to breakding right now with a live lookk outside across the the dm the time right now is 5:38,:38, temperature 49 degrees.9 deees. >> ♪♪ back in a in a mo. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> ♪♪ >> 5:41. the motive in an ax attack attt a german train station remainses unclear. seven people were injured in we that attinack.juttac it happened inside the maine mn train station in the suspect got off the trainr and began attacking peoplepeple without warning.out warng. the 36-year-old suspect has a psychological problems itlems it appears. appear >> a large disaster trainingra drill is held in japan as the ae country gets ready to mark sixmx years since the deadly earthquake and subsequentke nuclear crisis. nutaking part p a in the drillto
5:42 am
the march 11, 2011 earthquakerte struck the northeast coast of japan unleashed a massivemass tsunami setting off the world's worst nuclear crisiscri since chernobyl.byl. nearly 20,000 people died. d university of marylandersi baltimore is opening a new a ne student innovation center thiss summer. mmer. the center will bring goingng the school's entrepreneurshipprp resources and its goal is toisto provide new opportunities for students involving commercializing research r the t exact location of the centerhe r has yet to be determined.rmined. millions have jumped onumpen the gluten free diet bandwagonnn but a new study might make youey rethink the move. >> and nascar execs said to be o considering a proposal to make the sport more viewere spormorer friendly. >> as we head to break let's go ahead aeandd give our viewei a live look across the d.c.the . region. there's the capitol buildingui right now at 5:42, 49 degrees.g. the weather is deterioratinger on us today.tod mike thomas is going to fill to us all in on the other side oftr the brk.k. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
5:43 am
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>> ♪♪ >> all right. welcome back. quarter untilwelc 6:00. 6:00 yes we're anticipating badcipatd weather to come our way . inwan fact, they are already gettinggg it in some parts of ourf or viewing area and as a resultd au garrett county marylandet schools you are nowt co on a two-hour delay. mountain ridge district,st allegany county also on aa two-hour delay.
5:46 am
>> all right mike thomas.thom >> i just want to give you allol a big hug. [laughter] >> come here wisdom.wi >> air hug, air hug. my bad knee i might not make it back by the time this isis over. >> poor wisdom no one sees him e off he decided to go out on a him and play some >> too old for that. for tha >> but you look young, wisdom. . >> until i start walking,aling, right. >> yeah, right. until you limp out of here inlit a couple of of he minutes.mi reagan national forecast --re i'm sorry, reagan national yesterday 74 degrees, dulles 71, bwi 71.71 highs yesterday 20 degrees0 de above goodbye spring because winteraur is going to be roaring backoa in. we are returning to winterw throughout the day today andt the weekend will feelthe much,, much more like february thanry march around the region. re satellite and radar thisis morning showing snowfallnofall moving up throughhrough pennsylvania, garrett countyia,o maryland we just said on a we ji two-hour delay for schoolsr choo
5:47 am
there. ther here locally not expectinge. big time issues. we'll start out as some just j rain we could make that transitionann over to snow as we work ourworor way through the morning hoursg s as colder air works its way in. but ground temperatures justratu far too warm to cause anyse any issues on our roadways.oadways. 49 your current number hereber h but look at this cold aircoldair coming in from the north and and west. detroit is at 31, chicago 29i but look at this air mass. mass. 8 degrees right now in minneapolis. it's negative three there in in fargo. international falls inlls n northern minnesota there negative 10 degrees this0 degree morning. so, some of that air is goinggon to head down in our direction.i. here's your futurecast. 7:30 this morning starts asg rain showers along the i-95 corridor. co second half of the rush hour ruu wouldn't be shocked to be to mixing with just a little bittlt of snow, nothing to get overlyvy concerned about but don't bet be surprised if you see a little a bit coming down especially if you live north and west of d.c. during the second half ofhh your commute. afternoon that systemat pushes off to the east but we w keep some strong winds coming out of the north and west and nd
5:48 am
flurries here and there.thee. highs today in the 40's. 4 we have the a.m. mix kind ofx kf coming our way but with the with winds picking up, temperaturese will be falling the second th half of the day into night.nih look at this overnight low 26 degrees, isn't snowrees snow flurriesaround.r next week potential for afo l astal storm. again that is a risk we're riskw kind of paying attention totteno very seriously but we don't know all the details just yet. . there's your seven-day seven- forecast but erin como ismo is back. we'll take a look at >> i can't believe we couldn't l get the nice spring weatherringh for all the runners >> it's too bad. it's too . they missed it by two days.ay >> well, right now as you wake up this friday morning andfridai head out onng the roads, landover dealing with policeli activity landover road at brightseat wrote.ghts traffic is getting by but a bu a backup towards landover roadrod on bright seed northbound.e we'll keep you updated. 32 eastbound still a crasha cr scene blocking the right laneiga near bw
5:49 am
fuel spill involved.el s traffic getting by in the lefttf lanes. we'll keep you updated. 95 looking good in bothl keep bo directions between theween e baltimore and capital beltway.d. still quiet on bw parkway in both directions.ecti if you're taking metro thisetr morning single tracking blueng and yellow line bleetweentwe braddock road huntington vanunti dorn street t the rest of youryr metro rail is on time. is on t if you're headed to the to th marathon tomorrow we're goingomr to answer all youre questionsue for getting around.r get i have thtie full list of list f closures on twitter as well as erin fox5 d.c..c. back to you holly and >> thanks erin. a northern virginia man>>ni under arrest accused of o abducting a uber driver. police say 26-year-old harpyear pete sandhu forced the female fe driver to make stops along a apparent drug right.nt d the driver eventually realizedad sandhu had drugs and a lot ofd cash with him. she was able to contact a friend during the ordeal andeald the friend called police. pol. when police arrived they foundo sandhu was in possession ofossef marijuana and prescriptione pills. he's now facing severalacing sea
5:50 am
>> get ready for higher faresig and service cuts on metro.. metro's board gave preliminary approval to the changes. the general man tager saoida they're needed to avoid a major financial were crisis.ial under this proposal rush hour h rail service would go up 10 cents to $2.25.$2. off peak fares and bus faress would go up a quarter.a quarter. weekly bus passes would remain i the same at $17.50. metro's board approvedproved amendments to save several bus s routes set to be eliminated.. the city is missing out onin millions of dollars in unpaid parking fines. according to aaa, morepa than 700,000 citations were unpaid un last year which resulted in in 125 million-dollar loss for the district.on-drict. overall the city processedty p more than two to 5 million 5 mii traffic and parking ticketstikes and collected a jaw dropping $300 million. a lot of cash.t of c let's take a look at the th stories you're engaging withngag the most inthis morning onornino
5:51 am
news tracker. >> maureen is barackck with what hot on the web. hey, mo.o. >> carbon dioxide is not theot e main cause of global warningglol according to the w new environmental protectionnml prot agency chief scott pruitt. his statement defies publicemen position of hisdefi own agency a whose web site says that that carbon dioxide is the primarypry cause of the recent climateent e change. also puts him at odds with both nasa and the nationalonal ocean graphic and atmospheric if you are on a glutengluten free diet it could put you atu t risk for type two diabetes.diab that is according to a newto a w study. the study says those who eat less than 4 grams of gluten glun increase their risk of having hg type two diabetes by 13 percent. although the gluten free dieten is popular there's no evidence n it has long term health benefits.benefits imagine one day being able to carry vast libraries ofries o data currently stored in roomsis full of servers in your yo pocket. that's the dream of a team oftem of ibm scientist who's have builtet what they say is the world wold it's smallest ever magnet which uses a single atom togle t store information.information. this concept could
5:52 am
lead to credit card sized hardz drives capable of holding the entire 35 million songre 35 mlis itunes library.libry. pretty cool.ty cool. next up talk about a longp o wait.ut amtrak train with more thanwa we 100 people had t to wait 13wai13 hours to continue on its i journey because it was caughtcat in a snow drift. dr the train was heading from om seattle to chicago with a stop o in saint paul, minnesota, butta, it got stuck in rugby, northby,h dakota. the train was already sevenreaeven hours late because of a blizzard. bl finally arrived in saint paul p 21 hours later.late that's nearly a day late. lae. the musher was competing in i the iditarod race had a snooze s fest. he fell asleep.ell asleep. his dog team left him behind.ben he made it to the next checkpoint an hour behind schedule. sc all right, alsohe trendingre this morning dramatic aa surveillance video catcheslanc four-year-old madison gardenerir clinging to a door handle forndr dear -- my goodness -- fors -- f dear life. madisoden was swept off her feee during a wind storm intorm
5:53 am
we can seert madison walking upp the stairs before there and then she opens the door, blownoo wide opened.ened. madison taken along for thealonr ride there.ride ther oh, goodness.oess. okay, the good news is she'sh's okay. her mom says she was scared atsa first but quickly started laughing. she posted thela video on n facebook set to frank set tank sinatra's come fly with me. m i'll say. sa. .you know she was like oh, but then she was like can i do it c again. >> that is scary. >> all>> t right.iht. >> there you guys have what'shas trending thanknks mo. >> uh-huh. thenothing quite like the sounds of engines roaringgine around the track but it may bem too much of a good ink nascar is considering makinginga racing a bit quieter.uiter the idea is to make the racece more enjoyable for fans whos who often have a hard time talkingta to each other while the cars ths are making laps. michael waltrip is behind the he proposal calling the stockestock cars quite obnoxious.n
5:54 am
have been a problem.rom. >> part of the sport. >> i thought noise was part of r the whole thing.t noithe >> and you're there to watchwh the race not talk ole t'roe th r friends its like going to a to movie,, rht. >> speaking of friends, timeendm to say hello to our facebooku fb fan of the day. d good morning judith and jamesana wood man. they were nominatedwo by their i daughter mel alicia. >> looking good you two.two. she says they start everyrt morning by watching the fox5x morning team with a good cup cup of coffee.coff and guess what? judith andith d james are celebrating a huge milestone tomorrow.omo 50 years of way to go. way [applause] i always say this.alwa what ays gift to your children,, right, to be married 50 that really is awesome.we >> all right, mike. let's talk weather.weat >> yeah, we got lots oflots of weather to talk about.alk about. we got some rain and maybed mybe even some snow showers tryingsny to push in from the north andand west. radar filling in a little bit b this morning or trying to atng o least. you see a little bit of showert activity popping up south of up d.c. a little more to theo the north.
5:55 am
this will continue to happen c as we roll through the morningog hours. garrett county schools on a a two-hour delay today thanks to s snow falling this tho we'll watchrni this rain-snows o line try and march its wayts y southward later but if we mixe with snow here in d.c. no no major issues expected.sues expee 38 to 50 degrees for the kidshek at the bus stop.stp. 50 south and east.east 30's trying to push in north and west. we'll be getting rather breezy y as this little system syst approaches our region as well. later on this afternoon winds gusting 36 to 47 after schoolchl air temperatures so even aeratun little cooler than the bus the s stop for some. and a few snow flurries flyingfu around later on this afternoonon as well as winter returns toturo d.c. d.c. saturday your high only 39 and9 by the way, for the runnersrunes early tomorrow morning, it will feel like, oh, about 10,t , 11 degrees as you get the race a started so dress 42 degrees on sunday.nday. yes, we're watching next week we very closely. maybe a coastal model still putting downg w decent numbers but we have tove sit and what much that thath t through the weekend and see see exactly how that's going tothato play out next week. wek stay tuned to me and tuckered t barnes on social media
5:56 am
roll through this weekend.wekend all right, that's a check ofhatc the forecast. erin como crazy wee ather outfot there. >> you know, i did a half know,l marathon in fpouring rain rain before. but it was warm and i thought that was terrible. was i think that's actually betterbr than 10-degree weather for a fo marathon. >> i would >> personal opinion. right now c> opennecticut avenre in aspen hill medical asp emergency at georgia aenvenue. . caution there. then as you make your way outut in and landover we have policee activity its at landover roadlad and brightseat road. ro we'll keep you posted.posted. 32 still dealing with anwithan eastbound slowdown crashdown crh blocking the right tight they need to clean up a fuel spill. it's right beforeit's baltimore-washington parkway but traffic to the left getting by just fine onwashtr a bw parkway looking good. o safe track surge 13 singlec tracking blue and yellow. we'll keep you postedk suong bs slowdowns as well.owdo no other metro delays rightlayst now. we'll take a live looke look outside. we're starting to see somee sm congestion building on 270 byn y the truck right now,e though, very calmym view of d.c.ew of d. keep it here to fox5 for your yr 6 o'clock hour.ock ho >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
5:57 am
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>> ♪♪ morning.mornx5 news >> straight ahead at 6:00 a fairfax county uber driverdrir abducted forced to drive drve around a suspected drug dug dealer. how the driver's quickuic thinking helped police catchlice the man .the mn. >> the drama continues to unfold for the redskins.he r the general manager fireder fird yesterday and that's notat's not sitting well with a lot ofwith l burgundy and gold faithful. fait who they want to see dismissedim from the organization and howrgt they're makiniogn their voicess heard this morning.he >> and a live lookard outside n this friday mornin we made it everybody.eveody. it's friday mr
6:00 am
some of us waking up to snowo this morning if you live out t in western maryland someryla flakes could be flying in theld next be few hours here inside e beltway. weather and traffic coming upfi on the 5sc at six ooh.ix ooh. 05. good friday everybody.erybod i'm allison seymour.n seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m st. welcome to fox5 news western maryland alreadyn maryla getting some.lrgetting so the snow falling out there he right now enough to cause some e school delays.ays. >> garrett county schools on as two-hour delay mountain ridgeun district is also on a two-hour delay. >> also developing overnightvert in prince george's countynce crews battlingge house fireire early this morning.earl it happened in a twoy storyto house on symposium way inwayn clinton. no be was hurt but there ishe significant damage to the homeda including a huge hole in the e roof. and there was also damage towa the homes al next door.dor flames and the heat enough tougt melt the siding of the home hom next door. doo >> also overnight a deadly car r crash in forestville,resle, maryland. one person was killed, twolled,o others hurt including a childa d who has life-threateninge-thrni injuries. this happened around 8 o'clock last night after two vehicles collided on the suitland suitlad parkway and while officerse os were on the sen


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