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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 10:00. >> ♪♪is >> right now at foxt 10:00, is mother nature messing with us? one day temperatures in thein e 70's. 70's the next, freezing wind gusts gs and snow. snow what you can expect for thisth weekend and the rock and roll marathon. >> a close call on the >> everybody just went through such a hectic experience thetice day before
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>> the university of michigan's basketball team's bam band and cheerleaders arere unshaken despite a frighteningin airline accident. tonight they're sharing theirng story with fox5. >> laters the redskins gm is canned. their quarterback could be onarb his waacyk coout the door and s are seeing red. tonight former redskinsdskins linebacker ken harvey joins us s live in studio to talk about tat the future of washington'sshings football team. >> ♪♪ rettcold oretty cold out there toutnight. good evening, i'm tony perkins. >> is that what you think, whatk pretty cold. >> yes. es. [laughter] >> thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. 70 degrees yesterday.70 degre yd today we're a lot colder.colder. if you've been outside youut know the springlike weather isks gone but the arctic blast isc bs here. the question is how long is it going to stick around. ar let's check in with gwen g talbert to find out what wet tow can expect this weekend.his weed >> i'm calling it bone b chilling cold. that's exactly what it is,tis, that kind of cold that gets ges right to you. what, ou know what, you're absolutely right.absolutely r we talked abigout su
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warmth that we had 24 hoursurs ago. o. a far cry from that as we moved into today. some snow showers and isn'ti yours that moved through.s th not much showing nowat on ourn satellite and radar so some ofs you may be seeing just aju passing flake but most of that t event is pretty much over butvet the temperatures are now theow e main story for the next 24nex hours or so and that's what we'w are dealing with. with current temperatures right nowmr we've got the double 3's in3' i the nation's capitol, a cold cd 28 degrees at winchester, 30nh at frederick, hagerstown at at 27 degrees while 31 is at dulles, 34 at manassas thishis hour, 30 degrees at baltimore and 35 degrees at annapolis.nap. winds are gusty and we'rey and ' going to continue to see those e winds very gusty moving inoving from the northwest tonight as well as tomorrow and that translates into some some wind chills. so, it means when you factoryou in the air temperature and theer winds what ite actually feelsls like when you step outside,outsd and we are going to talk some se pretty low numbers, not so, no much now as it will be in the overnight hours when we
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those wind chill factors dipfa down to the single digitcs and d the teens.e tens. right now winds are gustinging anywhere from 20 to even up top 28 miles per hour across our area. aa. 33 miles per hour winds miles p however righter now atow at hagerstown. to so, let's take a look at whatatt the wind chill factor is. factos so, if you step outside right r now it actually feels likeeels e it's only 11 degrees in hagerstown, 17 athagerswn, 17 a gaithersburg, the same atat winchester and 28 at quantico.q. so, we're keeping an eye on a couple of systems.s. this one is not going to do sod much for us to the south but soh the next one is what we'ret wre watching closely.watc we could see some snow chancesns with a nor'easter next week.eas. back to you. >> all right, thank you gwen. g. heads up. bundle up. bule up. street closures begin at 2:00in0 a.m. for the rock and rolld ro marathon tomorrow in the in the district. fyi, the full marathon starts sa at 7:00 a.m. the same time metro opens so mer you're going to have findhv another way to get yourselfoself downtown.downto the 5k begins at 8:00 a.m., starts and finishes at rfk stadium. half marathon starts at 8:30. 8. both the full
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marathon start on constitutioncs at 14th. all streets should be reopenedee by 3:00 p.m. >> ♪♪ >> the big 10 tournament continues at the verizon center right now and for onev team, the excitement ofam, playing was nearlythaying was ny overshadowed by a terrifyingerrg experience on the plane toe plao d.c. fox5's lindsey watts is live at the verizon center.c she's talking to university ofy some issue began marching bandhb members who were on that tht flight. lindsey. >> reporter:. >> reporter: tony, after epsorcaryte and stressful strel situation on wednesday,ed university of michigan hasf mich been flying high here at the verizon center. cent they won they won again today. toda right now players are getting gg ready for their game tomorrow go morning. so, we met up with some bandme n members to talk about thisthis week's emotional rollr.coaster. >> evacuate. that's when the panic kind ofn a set in andn eviceryo knein stard really freaking out. o >> reporter: some feared the plane might explode after it skidded off the runway and crashed just one day
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university of michigan was set t to play in the big 10ig10 tournament. after making it off safely is, the basketball teamthe bkete cheerleaders and marching bandcn were faced with a choice.choice. miss the game or board anotherar flight the next day. ay. >> we all were given theiven the option to not get back on thethe plane. >> number 21, zach >> reporter: the players and a supporters knew they had to be e herey . they got back on a plane. >> i kept my eyes closed. cl >> reporter: making it to it o the verizon center thursdayday not long before this gameor against illinois was set toeas t start. >> i think everybody was justnke really excited to rybe there. i know when we walked inked in people were standing up andndind clapping happy we were there. w i think i've heard were you on the plane about ar d hundredn times. >> reporter: adding justdg just another layer of stress,tres, everything on the plane, luggage, uniforms and banddband equipment had to be left left behind due to the crashcrah investigation. so thein band borrow owed instruments, players wore practice clothes. despite everything, the
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rallied for a win.for a [cheers and applause]ppause] >> watching our team liketea bounce back from that washat w really cool. col. we would have all understoodl u if we didn't score a single point. i mean, everybody just wenteryb throughody ju such a hectica ctc experience the day before. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: spirits high as players left their hotels foter: friday's game.g once again, the win was against the odds.. michigan beat purdue, the the tournament's number one >> don't want to jinx anythingji but our hopes are high.t our ho >> it's a reallyar ue niqueuniqe experience in every aspect of f that. >> reporter: we'll see what seet this tournament holds fors for michigan. also have to mention that university of maryland is inryla this as well. they are playing right now ow against northwestern.rn. i just checked the score. maryland is up 36 to 34 this is a big tournament andmend the very first time it's beent'n held here in d.c.ere in d.c. we're live in northwest,hwes lindsey watts fox5 local news. s >> a prince george's countyrinc police officer is beinge credited with saving a fa
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from an overnight house fire. fr flames started around 1:00:00 a.m. at this house on o symposium way in clinton.clinto. six family members includingnc an infant were sleep inside.e. an officer on routine patrolutir noticed the fire. fire. he called for backup and beganpn pounding on the doors andthe dor windows to alert the family inside. >> at this point i figured ioinu have to try to get in here hre somehow so i took my asp baton t and i smashed out the glasse gla along the edge of the windows io to try to reach insao id to unlock one of the locks to tryty to gain entry. upon smashing this glass out igs think that and finally woke upn the homeownersly i heard hrd someone yelling down what'se ye going on, who'sll down at this point i said policesa your house is on fireid you need to get out of the house. of thes >> thank goodness for that police officer. officer officers also evacuated nearbyeb homes. mes. investigators say a grille on g the back deck caused that fire. a baltimore man is facing f first and second degree murderer charges for strangling hisfor ss mother to death.deat. police say eric coon may have gotten away with it had it nottt been for some
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workers at the funeral home. h kathy coon's husband calledca police after finding his wifeife unresponsive. unresp since police andon paramedicsams didn't see any sign of traumaof the medical examiner decidede not to investigate.ves the funeral home staff noticed o signs of trauma to her headr ad and neck that later showed up. . detectives say her son confessed to strangling hisd ton mom. >> one day aglfter the redskinst fired their geneheral manager mn could kirk cousins make hiss exit? >> you know its been a tumultuous two days for the twoe burgundy and gold especially for fans. fa here to help us all down, he's,h coming up next on fox5 news att 10:00. >> ♪♪
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>> usually we win the off usu season we don't win the seasonan but we win the off season muchn you know, we have some bigsome i free agent signings andig sometimes works out, sometimesso it doesn't but we're losing we'g the off season here. we're losing wide receivers,ree, we're losing defensive linee men, generallosi managers. manas it's not good. god. >> and could, to my twittery tw
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>> that is fox news sunday anchor chris wallace speaking s out passionately about thet t redskins during a interviewnterw with steve chenevey today. to wallace isn't the only one who h thinks the redskins are goinghei through a tough time. frustrated fans staged ans sgeda protest at redskins park thist t morning. they want to send a rs message o team owner dan snyder and teamde president bruce allen thatt br they are unhappy with some ofitf the decisions the team is making. we should note that thatthat at protest was not very well attended. i am joined now by former f redskins linebacker ken harveyae to try and put some so perspective on all of this. this thanks for coming in.oming in appreciate it. >> not a problem. p >> i don't know how much i don contact you have with thisu havs team anymore, front office orffr anything like that but fromut everything that you've seenng te going on, what is your -- whatyo is your take on what's ont' happening with this team right now? now? >> so, you know, you look atok it and i'm frustrated probablypy just like everybody else. gosh just go through an off juso season just have a winningust hg season, ju
10:13 pm
right things. i think right now it's -- it's a lot of parts were looselylooey pushed together and nowd they're starting to fallto fall apart. you know, the gm, you get ridu t of the gm and you can't faulta'f the team if that was thewash issue, a be pro policemen with m stuff like that. >> personal problems.>> per >> personal problems, good,sona, thank you. you can't -- you can't -- butt b you can't fault them with can saying, okay, if this is your quarterback, stick with yourthyr quarterback.ack. >> right. >> you can't fault them with cat saying if these are your guysare then you want to create an c environment where the team --nm where players feel like this li is their home, they belong.e if you get somebody, youy say,y well, you know, i like you buty i don't like you enough togh to really hold onto you, no one no plays well with that type of tyo atmosphere and so i think thenkh team has brought a lot of thisfs on themselves and -- and even,de you know, the record speaksec for itself. it's been a long period. peiod. >> now, but here's the ironictho thing. for the last two years asars as chris wallace has said the offf seasons have been pretty
10:14 pm
good,. they have the back and forth an about kirk cousins were theyirk going to franchise him but bu other than that the off season went pretty well under scott scot mccloughan's general managership. now we're in a situation onituan the first day of free agency agy they fire the gm.t >> i think it was somethingg that had been brewing. had bee like you say could have been for personal reasons and it reas came to ahead. to a we don't know that part of itrtt but we do know that it's been' a history of situations withuati the redskins.r you know, if this was a one time incident you would be like, oh, what's wrong with, who you guys and you getng over it.t but like you said its been be over and over and over again agn and it maybe it's not in the off season, it hasn't been theen last couple of off seasons butas it's been an issue with the wi redskins for 25 years. >> 25 years. does this team -- why can't --c' why can't the owner, you know, o i'm asking the same questionsqut everybody else is s-, here's hes all the fans want and this isd s what the jo
10:15 pm
is. your job is to win games, putmet together the best group ofo people you can front office, coaches, players and win games. >> i'll give you my statement. t just because you are a billionaire, just because youu make a lot of money in oneinne area, you're good at whatt wha you're good at but doesn't mean you're good at everything and so you have to get theth people around you to set the tone, set -- you know, because,u that's -- that's part of being g a great leader saying, i'm notmo really good at this, i'm goingsg to get the people around me that are really good at it. i think in this you have a a owner who wants to win, there's no doubt he wants tono win, no doubt he wants to do great but it's -- you may notayt have the talent in finding thent right people to get around you u to make the decisions.cisions. >> okay, i hear you saying sayig there's no doubt he wants to noo win, he's the owner, of course c he would want his team to behise successful. i do note they're successfulsuc despite the fact they've beeneen losing for a long time. time. >> he's good at marketing. at me >> and he's good at marketingmar
10:16 pm
okay, if he wants to win, iif ho think some fans w are beginningi to question in because if you want to win, all right, let'sig, talk about the wide receivere rc situation, i think most of usmos get you probably are not going g to keep pierre garcon andcon an desean jackson.desean jackson. >> right. >> don't you try to keep one tre of them? >> you do. do. but i think they also -- ino -- their questioning with thestioni whole offense, the e quarterback, you're saying, you okay, you know what, i can't cat pay a whole bunch of some and oo to keep somebody when we don't ' know if we're going to haveing the quarterback around theound next year so it's the wholehole indecision. my whole take on the team ise t that every good team as a identity about when people come into that environment they say we knowon what type of team wement're goig g go into. if you don't fit the mold ofit e the team you're out of here. if you don't fit the mold of mol the environment you're out ofvin here. i don't think the redskins have that or have evern't ve thr established that in the yearse r since -- even when i started playing, when jack cook, whencoo he didn't pass it down to his ts son, that kind of started theteh ball rolling with all this
10:17 pm
indecision, with all thesewith l mistakes and so you never -- ne- you never have an identity that this is a team and thisants is the environment to play in. it may be a okay offense butfens the defense is bad. it may be a okay defense, butut the defensive coordinatoroordin scared to be aggressiveaggessive because he doesn't want to doesn make mistakes. mi can't play like that.ik you have to say this is the the team and regardless of whatar happens i'm going to playdl anda this is what we want to bet known for. known for. just like fox news.ike fox news you want to be known for being great and just like you want you to be known for being theing greatest person -- >> yes. >> >> yes, yeah y. >> so s-you set the tone andhe n when people listen -- whenen --n people come on this show, i sho mean, they know what they'reow ' going to get good bad right orio wrong they know what they'reey t going to get because you guysous have set the tomorrow.e the wrecked have really neverec done that.have they've tried and tried d unfortunately it's hard to -- it's hard to come from a placeml where you used to running ru everything and saying, okay, ik, got to give it over and ir ad think he tried that. that. last two off seasons youons hadn't heard fm
10:18 pm
the last two seasons and i an i think a lot of people thinkt ofk that and i think that's whyhat'y what's happening right now isngs so all right, we can talk more talk about it. thank you. th >> thank you. i appreciate you having me on.on >> aime.ime. >> always great to talk tolwaysa you. yo >> yeah, i'll give you, $25.u, $ >> i know, give me my money moey later. >> shawn back to you.>> shawn bo >> i got left out of that yone. okay, we'll talk about that a t little later men.little l men coming up next attemptco ooh.mimpt :a d.c. r estaurant owner who o was shot multiple times ande tid survived. surviv tonight she's sharing herring e story with us.s. >> my body was burning like it t was on fire. ire. >> that's how she felt aftersher she got shot and when she realized she knew the man whoma shot her. the latest on her recovery recoy next at 10:00.t 10:00. also, the scandal ohioca river valley nude photos ofr van female marines shared on the internet is now growing. i there are reports it is nots ar just limited to the marinee mare corps. we'll have the details wheneta n fox5 news at 10:00 continues. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> we're back now with a fox5acx exclusive.5 the owner of a d.c. restaurantea made a remarkable recoveryecovy after being shot four times outside her restaurant ine her n nortt.est. to make mats worst gunman gunman turned out to be a man sheanhe knewl.ell. fox5's paul wagner has her story. >> take another step good. >> reporter: this is wherewhere pinkie has been trying toingt reclaim her life for the laste t several weeks. in tvehe physical therapy roomao at medstar's national rehabilitation hospital.tati in just the last day or so or she's finally been able toable place the full weight of herf er body on a badly wounded leg.. sitting on her bed down the hall she describes the woundes to her right arm. rm. >> this hand i got shot right below the wrist right here.ght . so, because this was so close,c, it shattered my bo >> reporter: on january 25thr: h pinkie and two c
10:23 pm
just closed the carry out and were walking to their cars theic when a man came out of theme ou shadows and announced a stickup. ickup. >> i offered to give him theim e money. i said i give you the money. mo. but this guy wanted theted th pocketbook for some reason.reso. he didn't want just the money, e he wanted my pocketbook.ockeo association we struggled.uggled. i didn't know who was what you u at first. >> reporter: from the cameraroma mounted on the outside of the funeral home from across thecros street you can see foree fo yourself what happened next. ne pinkie who has asked us not to o use her real name decided she dc was going to fight and whiled we screaming for help, reached r for the gunman's mask. mak. >> i said it's you? you robbing me? i said. >> reporter: shaval read wasreds the man with the gun, a man ma she knew well.w >> he's a guy that i i . he come into my store, heore, don't have money i feed
10:24 pm
i talk to him like a mother.mot he calls me mom. >> reporter: but he had no no mercy shooting pinkie in each arm and leg. le. >> my body was burning like it was on fire.f >> reporter: read is now dead, gunned down on irving street northeast february 7th.ey there have been no arrests. reflecting back now, 43 days later, pinkie tries to explainie why she decided to fight. >> i work hard.hard. i get up 7 o'clock everylockevey morning, i go into thathat restaurant. i do 13 -- 12, 13 hours every day. you know, i was not just going o to just give up just like ke that. >> reporter: and now it's now what she misses most, the aroma of the food she's cookedse with love all her life. >> i miss my -- the face of my customers. there's just so much that ii miss. miss i miss my
10:25 pm
work might have to wait awhile. awhile. those wounds still need toneed o heal. paul wagner, fox5 local news. n. >> thank goodness she's goinghe' to be .kay. police issued a warranta w for an arrest for the man whofoh shot her but he was already al dead. he had already been killed. k pinkie told us she wants her her customers to know she missesh them and hopes to see them hem soon. >> take a look at this d.c. police are hoping someone o will recognize this vehiclehis l wanted in connection with a a drive-by shooting in i southwest. it happened wednesdaydnesd afternoon in the 4400 block of f south capitol street. st you can see someone firingfiing shots at the victim from thehe suv before it takes off.kes of. luckily no one was hurt. h if you have any information,nfon police want to hear from you.u. that military scandal involving nude photos of female marines appears to bepe widening tonight. >> that's right. appears other branches ofother the military mbray nowa be involved. involved. the naval criminalthe navaal investigative service isstig urging any otherativ victims off
10:26 pm
forward. forwar fox's jennifer griffin has the latest. >> i can assure you if there'shs accountability to be madead those that are involved willnvov be held accountable.aou >> reporter: marine commander robert miller forced to confront a scandalscanl beginning with a facebook page e visited by 35,000 activectie marines called marines united.ud the site was used to shares pornographic videos of female marines. they've opened a criminaled a cr investigation into the >> those marines that are watching this or listening ornig may have been involved involvedn this, if you're participating in this type of behavior inh any way, shape or form, you're not helping me or your marineure corps. >> reporter: thethe perpetrators allegedly eggedeg each other on to hack instagram accounts find andts fi share photos some taken inin locker rooms and showers whenshe the women were not aware, others shared by
10:27 pm
disgruntled boyfriends.oyfriend. marines like erin who says her photos were stolen a few years s ago making herly the subjectth of degrading >> i had private photos fully f clothed taken off my my space during a deployment in iraq a dn used tot encourage during tentu parties for males that wouldlesu talk about assaulting me, whatwh they would do to me. >> reporter: cuomo set up a facebook account called not inin my marine corps to fight backfit and he encourage other victims v toti come for hard ward likea erica butner.utn >> we will not be silenced. i'm a rape survivor. s i can tell you this exactu t exc behavior leads to thead to the normalization of sexualrm harassment and evenal sexualiz l violence. >> reporter: defense defense secretary jim mattis a many toker marine described the descr allegations as egregious unacceptable and downed unitbled cohesion. d notco excuse or or tolerate such behavior if we
10:28 pm
maintain our ability to defeat t the enemy on the battlefield."a we've he learned they have a military chat room in whicht roh other service members have been doing the same.serv doing . defense secretary mattis has ordered all chiefs and secretaries to root out thisie alleged behavior. entagonal, jennifernnifer griffin, fox news.x >> it is a very big night forigr a group of very talentedtaented students in prince william county. >> futon, f-u-t-o-n, futon.futon >> correct. >> tonight nearly 50 of the county's best spellersp competed to reach the scrippscr national spelling bee.tion we'll take you to the competition and we'll test ourto own spelling. ow that's coming up next at 10:00.
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 10:00.. >> well, from sunshine and
10:32 pm
70's to bitter cold conditionsie and somer co snow. s we had snow showers today thattt moved across the area. are now not too much to speako seak about but that could changeoulda once we get into the beginningeg of next week. week. in the meantime, temperaturesmps arctic air settling in right rit across all of the midatlantic.a. temperatures tonight into thente 30's and overnight lows we'llws see dipping to the 20's. the 20' we're also going to talk about some wind chills, those winds very gusty.very gty so as we get ready into theeatoe beginning of the week we'rehe ww going to be keeping a very a ery close eye on the possibilityssiy of a nor'easter. could bring us a coastal stormol that could develop into someo s potential with snoww accumulation. right now things are not quite e all in place for us to o pinpoint it but we'll keep on e top of it for you. y this weekend we could seeld se plenty of sunshine as we take aa a look at saturday and sundaynd but a very, very cold day and a cold weekend i'll have more details later. le tony, shawn.hawn. >> thank you gwen.gwen. want to talk aboutlk ab pressure. prsure. nearly 50 students in princen pe william county competed for acon chance toty qualify for the
10:33 pm
>> the competitors are fromompeo elementary and middle schoolsidl in the countye and the citiesce of manassas and manassas park. fox5's tisha lewis is lives lve in dale city with more. mo i think things just wrapped uprp a short time ago, right, rig tisha? >> reporter: that's right, tony andorte the spelling bee wrapped up wrau just moment ago. you can see some and peoplejumep behind me justle getting some refreshments after what wha amounted to be a three and a a half hour spelling bee with 48 contestants. it all happened here at georgegg hampton middle school.n middle o now, this is hosted by inova iva and it features the brightestrit aren't the best spellers fromspm across the region and from rom here the winner of thisofh spelling bee goes onto competeee in the national spelling beenals which takes place in may. ma want to give you? you haveu? the a taste. it was down to the wire. take aas d listen. >> t-o-x-
10:34 pm
[applause]use] >> reporter: and that was and ta the winner of tonight's spelling bee, a 12-year-old, aa seventh grader and he'snd 's joining us live now.e now thank you for waiting up andnd hanging out with us. u tell us first and foremostoremot congratulations on winning thee spelling bee. spelling >> thank you. >> reporter: what was it epwhat itor waswhat it was like that moment and that tha final word i believe it's toxicosis that allowed to wino n that competition.mpion. >> yes. when i won the spelling bee ieli was just overwhelmed after myy dream was to make it to the nationals and if i could evenf l win but i had never made it this far and even winning the county spelling bee and toto actually win it i just feel amazed. amazed. >> reporter: did you knowep you were going to win? did you have a oritenclire gnaoitiod
10:35 pm
challenges. challe >> well, i didn't necessarilynea know i was going to win but i had confidence that i was that going to w some of the challenges i facedf were when i came across a worda i didn't know, i had to restudy that word andrd and sometimes it would take a lotlo of time just to get one wordne d down. >> reporter: how do you prepare for something like repor this? >> well, it's mainly justly just looking over the words,ords, practicing by taking quizzes and, yeah. an >> reporter: what do youep want to say teto your family any your friends and your fans out there? ther >> well, maybe not so much uch fans but well, to my family, fam thank you.thank ou. to my friends, also thank youk y for helping me and supportingupg me all through this way.a >> reporter: and tell usl u what school you go to. . >> i go to marsh spellerpelr middle school.midd >> reporter: congratulationslete again. we are going to be watchingr:ns you.beat we chkinngow you'll compete in e nationally televised spelling sg bee which airs on espn andn that is happening ines may
10:36 pm
now, shawn and tony, we have hae our own spelling bee for youel u all. i'm told you guys are ready to o go and prepped so. so. >> sure. >> reporter: are you guys ready.eporte >> absolutely. est.e'll do our b >> reporter: okay.ll d>>orte so, firstr: o up, we have -- you guys -- okay first up we havehav chiro potus.potus. >> that's tony's word.ord >> i'll step to the --t >> reporter: tony that'sthat's your word. >> all right. word again. [laughter] chiro do you need a definition.efinit. >> you ooh need a definition,efi please. >> reporter: one whoe who practice the care ande and treatment of the human foot. >> chiropodous is that right. r >> reporter: incorrect. >> that's incorrect? i'm outt already. >> reporter: did you say podus. podus. >> he
10:37 pm
>> is that right.>> >> reporter: yeah, that's incorrect.eporte c that'sorre incorrect. the correct spelling is -- the correct spelling is c-h-i-r-p-o-d-i-s-t-c- shawn this one is forh- you.. end shroud. the definition is to cover with or as if with a garment. g. >> come on. >> i will say e-n-s-h-r-o-u-d.. yay! i got it right.t ri >> reporter: one-zero.on >> this is fixed. fi >> reporter: our executivetive producer terry picked outrry pit these words so i have nothinge n to do with this.this. okay, tony, you're up next.. >> yes. >> reporter: geminate.emnate. to become doubled or paired.paed >> like gemini. >> reporter: our expert is standing with us. st you usen se in it aorte sentence?it a [laughter]
10:38 pm
the do you know the word gemie i in. geminate. gemi we're both unfamiliar ther t definition is to become doubleeo or paired.paed. to geminate.g >> speak clearly, please.p >> reporter: your powers. pors. >> g-... you're not listening to me g-e-m-i-n-a-t-e.- >> reporter: correct, correct, correct.correct, c okay, so it'sor one-one.oneone. it's one-one.n >> all right, let's keep thisep rolling. you'rerter: shawn next. >> yup. >> reporter: madame. >> madamo -- [bell tolls][bel i didn't finish spelling spn the word yet you guys. >> reporter: you wereeporter: yu incorrect early on. on. >> wha.ever . >> [laughter] >> reporter: it's
10:39 pm
m-a-d-e-m-o-i-s-e-l-l-e.d- and oe-ur last wasn't alogamy. reproducing by cross cros fertilization. >> alogomy. >> reporter: yes. >> i never heard it.>> never >> you're not supposed to.'re >> reporter: it's on thet national spelling bee's webal s >> let me go check it the.e i'll c be back. a-l-o-g--- um -- m-y. y. >> you got that wrong perkins. e >> reporter: a-l-l-o-g-m-y.-l-g shawn won. awn won. >> women are better spellerser in general. >> awesome. thank you. >> reporter: oh, dear. d >> tisha you did great and tell our spelling bee championpc right next to you we wish him all the best. >> and congratulations.o >> reporter: wish you theepor best.ter: w congratulations again goodtula luck. >> a good sport, s-p-o-r-t- >> that's very g-o-o-d-,
10:40 pm
>> we'll be right back, b-a-c-k. >> did you spell that right. [laughter] [l >> reporter: oh,au goodness.ood. >> you're hired. the economy adding 235,000 new2w jobs in february, that is morete than expected.expected. and some good news for youryour bottom line.e. hourly wages rising again.gain. that has stocks rising, the dow up 45 points on friday butfy still not enough of a rally tolo turn things positive for the week.week. meanwhile drivers getting ale ds bit of a g break at the pump atm t this wis week. the national average for a f a gallon of regular unleadedlar un dropping a bit now at $2.30 a2.0 gallon. keep in mind that's around 45r cents higher than this timeis ie last year. yea and you might need an extra ex couple of coffee to get goingt in the morning. m according to a new survey nearly half all workers losekere sleep thinking about work at night. and even when you areare sleeping, it's hard to shakerd the office off.the of that's because six in 10 people
10:41 pm
at some point. sleep tight.p tig that's business.. i'm trish regan. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. get the best. go to
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>> ♪♪ >> more fallout over president trump's revised travel ban. the state of maryland is nowoute joining the lawsuit opposing the immigration o marylandtion n will join washington and four other states in filing a new a n complaint monday.mpla washington's state's attorneyine general willtt orask a federalel judge to renew its request toeqo block the travel ban a the newew order takes effect nextct ext thursday. >> a white house official confirms president trump has h tapped dr. scott gottlieb tot gl head the food and drug administration.administ gottlieb is a conservativese pundit and former practicingctig doctor with deep ties to wall tl street and the
10:45 pm
industry. if confirmed, he will be in be i charge of implementing trump'stm plan to dramatically cut regulations governing food and drugs. gottlieb held deputy positionsos at the fda during presidentpres george w. bush'sge w. bu raministration. >> when we come back, you ever v wonder what sea turtles eat.turt >> just the other day i was wondering. >> this 25-year-old creature5-yr apparently likes moneye. money. had to undergo an emergencyergoy surgery. wait until you hear how muchw pocket change the doctorstors removed from her belly.d from hy >> a burglar broke into aoke ina northern virginia problem for him.problem for it was the home of a formerfo police officer who was ready re for him.for him. the officer tells us how itw it all went down coming upn co tonight at 11:00. >> ♪♪
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
>> veterinarians in thailandin are slowly bringing back to health a sea turtle that will got very sick andarowly b ssteo swim is that the the seat the t turtle lived in a pool in i bangkok. ba people would pass by the poolpol and throw coins in for good
10:49 pm
luck. it wasn't good luck for thek foh sea turtle because it ate theate coins and we're not talkingand about a few coins.coins the sea turtle nicknamed banknae swallowed nearly a thousandthoun coins. the turtle recently underwent ue surgery to remove the loosemoveo change and is now doing much better. >> he used to not use the left f side of the legs especiallyspeiy the hind limbs because it wase s inful to swiwim. now he is very happy and just ju looks like normal turtle. >> veterinarians put bank into a shallow pool of water to seeoe how he would swim. ould he did well but they're nothey't ready to release the turtle. he's still healing.l there's another concern.e'othero the turtle has a high h concentration of nickel in itsts body. >> did you say nickles. >> no, nickel. >> used to have a highe a hig concentration of >> nickel. so vets are still monitoringring it. blowing in the wind.blow take a look at this amazingmazin video out of northeast ohio.ohi. watch. watch. the four-year-old girl opens the door, whoa, look at that. she is swept off her fe
10:50 pm
gust of wind as she clung to clo the handle of the front today. o her name isf th madison gardene. the wind gust came just as she went to open the door.r. thankfully she is okay.ay. mom says madison was scared scrd and then kind of embarrassedmba but she was able to laughle about it later when she sawit l theat video and nope, she neverv drops the phone in her hand. had >> the other thing she doesn't let go of that door i mean, tomn be so young, though, but justutt to think she was still holding g onto the door and she got her hr phone in the other hand, too.. >> yeah. what if she let go of the door r she would have fallen.ave she was >> smart little girl there.e >> all right. now what?nowh >> i think we're going to talk k about cherry blossoms, tony. >> yeah. >> here in the district we're te still on cherry blossom watch.o. the weather rollercoasterrollerr we've been on though may mean bad news for the emergency f rooms.or some of the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin are in bloom.n . the push back date from march mc 15th to the 19th through the 22nd. >> it goes down to 24 degrees24e
10:51 pm
at a majority loss of thet blossoms perhaps as much as 90 percent. 90 per and, you knocew, with perhapsh snow coming this weekend, youkeu know, it looks like we're we're below that 27 degrees prettydege much every night for the nexttht week or so and given the -- again, the fragile state ofe the blossoms just as they as thy start to emerge from their their protective covering againecti we're going to keevep a verya vy close eye on that thisis weekend. >> ooh. okay, that is the question we quest all want to know as we look at these little buds and blossoms starting to bloom.arting to bloo gwen, are we going to hit that catastrophic temperature mark.e. >> tonight we're forecasting about 26 degrees so we're justrt riding on it really close andosn then tuesday there is a chancece of some accumulating snowfall.a. so -- >> i think the blossoms, this bs is not going to be a good a g year. >> that's it. watch going to have to them on tv, just look at the video. >> just unpredictable marchu leading us intonp a lurch withal those che
10:52 pm
unfortunately.un too bad it couldn't just stayt y like it was yesterday.steay. 70 degrees, plenty ofplenty of sunshine, really nice calme alm weather but not the case at and gusty winds tonight, gustyig winds tomorrow, also, so io, don't know, i'm just going to to keep my fingers crossed for the cherry blossoms. satellite and radar, though,fina showing your, thou ghnot much hg here. we had some snow showers some ss earlier today but an inch ofnchf accumulation in a few locations, mostly to the northo and northwest.or other than than that reallythan you might have just seen t asee passing flake.pass some of you didn'tin see anything at all. it was just too warm forrm f anything to really stick. stik. temperatures, though, tonighttog really dipping down.don. we're at 27 already right nowht at gaithersburg.aitherg. the double 3's in d.c., 30 inn baltimore, 31 dulles, 29 atat martinsburg this hour andand 28 degrees at frederick.rederi we've got gusty winds and soso we've got wind chills and windd chills are what it feels likes when you step outside.outide. look at this. at this. feeling like it's only 14y 14 right now in hagerstown, 16 atw frederick and at gaithersburg,gi 17 at winchester a
10:53 pm
d.c. c. so, cold air staying in we've got this arctic air massrs and it's really going to to continue to push its way down dn across our area. are as we take a look as we movee me it into the next day or so, by b saturday morning wind chillsmorn continue to be in the teenso bes and the 20's but we've got a goa couple of threats.thrats. one is a system that's going's g to go to the south of us.of this really doesn't look like le it's going to impact us atus at all. we're not expecting to see any snowfall from that into the weekend but it will merge withl a stronger system.ystem. that system looks like it will l develop into a coastal low and a this is a nor'easter that we really can't pin right now inig terms of what we may get buttbu it does look like it could it give us the potential of someme accumulating snowfall into thefe tuesday period and beginningegi wednesday so we got to watch wat it closely. clsely. rock and roll marathonarathon tomorrow. bundle up. it's going to be pretty coldpr outetty there. th temperatures only in the 20's.en by midday tomorrow we'll bebe about 34 degrees.d 38 by the 4 o'clock hour. our. and your fox5 accuweathercuweatr 7-day forecast, temperaturestemr cannot even get to 50 degrees5 into the week next week.w
10:54 pm
snow potential greatest onial gt tuesday but we'll watch thattcht system for you. before you go to bed saturday gy night, turn those clocks aheadls one hour. don't forget. saturday and sunday cold butoldt sunny. shawn. shawn. >> thank you gwen.o brand new visitor's centerss in maryland dedicated toaryland harriet tubman. we'll take you thehare for there dedication ceremony next on fox5 news at 10:00. >> ♪♪
10:55 pm
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>> believe it or not we're hours away from the grave iawayo >> believe it or not we're hours away from the grand opening of the visitors center in maryland that honors the rights avenue harriet tubman.m h >> the center in dorchesteren countyter officially openscials tomorrow but today governorov larry hogan and other stateher s leaders were on hand for afor a dedication ceremony. fox5's alexandria limon reports. >> all such an incrediblencr story about, you know, one ofw,e the greatest marylanders and ara true american icon that had soao much to to with our history.his
10:58 pm
woods and marshes to reachch freedom and returned 13 timesd s to help loved ones escape esape slavery.slaver friends and family.amly. at least 70 people that wele hae know of. of. their names now listed on the oe wall of the new harriet tubmanta underground railroad visitor'srd center and state park on the one eastern shore.ern shore. >> and this landscape really is what shaped her intohat shapd becoming the successfulsu conductor on the undergroundnd railroad that she eventuallylly became. >> reporter: tubman's fifthter: and six tth generation family fy members were among the ifers ami to see the cfeenter.cent >> it's also something to show w our kids, you know, and physical -- in physical form fm how harriet tubman was ands what is made in their >> reporter: bronze statues displays and plaques chronicle r the life and struggles ofon thee freedom fighter.eed part of the tribute to harrietri tubman is the undergroundner railroad historic park its aa 125-mile self driving tour. the roads are dotted withwih historical places in tubman'sbms childhood. chood.
10:59 pm
her freedom.eedom like madison where tubman wasmaa born and spent her earlyrly teenaged years.years. >> we focus on her rescuescue missions and the fact that the e underground railroad was a resistance movement thatt th brought tubman to nationalat prominence. >> reporter: in church creekurck maryland alexandria limon fox5 local news. >> fascinating. can't wait to>> visit.vis. >> cool to do. >> absolutely. >> good day trip.>> >> take the kids. gthe ki. >> yeah. >> get a life lesson, learningai lesson out there,, >> stay with us.>> s fox5 news at 11:00 startsarts right now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 11:00.. >> right now at 11:00, the e winds of winter are blowingowing through the d.c. region tonight. what's ahead for your weekendwen and a chance of snow headinghea our way.way >> the students who survivedwhoe the scary moments on this airhii plane are talking to fox5. fo5. >> just watching our team liketa bounce back from that was back really coolfr.realool >> and a burglar breaks into a a home and
11:00 pm
with a former fairfax county co police officer.icer. >> i gave commands, yelled atan him, you know, get down, do itt now. no >> your news starts now.w. >> ♪♪ >> we begin with the winterinte weather that has blanketed the e d.c. region. regi thanks for staying wise.ying wi. i'm tony perkins and.and. >> i'm shawn yancy. shaw we're in the midst of anf an arctic blast and there's ahere's good chance we could see snow in the next few days. gwen talbert is standing byer with the veryt latest on whatn we can expect.expe >> we've got very cold airot ve that's settling in.aing i. it's arctic air and today wedaye did see some snow showers, a sn, few that moved their way from wa the northwest and headed right t across the midatlantic. not much happening now,ng now though, on radar with that. tht. but we are definitely dealingit with the cold. co. this arctic air mass settlingseg in across our area and justand t continuing to push that cold tod air down the midatlantic. we are not going to get a not ge break in termst a of thoseose temperatures. right now it is 32 degrees at d.c., 30 at dulles, 28 at frederick, 25 at hagerstown.g the double 3's at ma


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