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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 13, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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its not until later on this o evening that we get into thegett snow shower activity comingwe our wayr ac and then all overnit tonight and through the dayhe da tomorrow we're talking winter storm. winter storm warning does gorm i into that be effect in d.c. at.. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 we'll be getting y pou ready for that. that's a look at your forecast t today. 46 degrees your daytimeto high g later on this afternoon.f all right, that's a check of the erin como with ar headline ondln traffic. no, we'll toss it back to youac at the desk. >> all you all the time todayto t-mike its all about the weather. let's talk about other stories that are breakings right now.ta as that fiery overnight crash inash n prince george's county haseo closed a porgrtion of the indiaa head highway.ighway. >> fox5's melanie alnwick isnwi live at the scene with more.mor mel. >> reporter: hey, guys, take, t a look we're here in northbound lanesds of indian head highway route rou 210. important here. im here atht livingston road so it does not n look like anyone is going tois g be able to take livingstone livt road across at this point.po you can see this white car here in front of me, that ishats
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belie vehicle. it hit that gray suv and then it rolled over landing whereingh you see it right here sort ofor in this side median betweenbetwn the main roads of 210 and the te service road here.hee. that vehicle caught fire. now, when prince george'srinc county police responded to theoo scene here, they found a male aa trapped inside that car. r. they reached in, got him out, o, took him to the hospital. h he is inly critical condition ct at this point. the other vehicle, there was ata woman who was driving that tht car, apparently she has ha some -- she has some injuriesnis but they are considered to be nonlife-threatening. this happened all ae-bouthtr a w minutes before 1 o'clock in 1 on the morning so still very early here in the process ofoc f the investigation.igat we can also confirm you to that one officer was injured while trying to extricate thatet male driver from the car here. e we're told that those injuriesjs are to the hand and or arm.rr don't know the extent of them
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just from the very wide debrisds field here and all the work that they are still doing this probably going to be affectedffd for quite some time here inime e oxon hill. back to you guys.back to you gu >> thanks, mel.ys>> t appreciate it.iate it. 4:32. let's turn our attention to att the snow preps going on in our region. gi in d.c. ddot crews are alreadyay pretreating streets andg streetd highways. the salt trucks will roll roll today. by tonight, of course the city t will have more than 200 had 200 plows out and about.. trash pickup for tuesday beingsb called off. be rescheduled.ed. >> metrobus and train services n is that scheduled to run ond rn time tonight and tuesday but but that could change depending onen the storm.storm. all metro access service willvic be suspended as of 4 o'clock' this afternoon and all day ay tuesday. service will resume once it isis safe to do so. >> you can track the weatherathr 24/7 on the go with yourwit mobile deve. download on the fox5 news and for weather apps.pp just seven d.c. news and nd weather in the app store. app se you'll find them. the the
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president trump facing aentm deadline of today to providepro evidence of his claims that former president obama wireidena tapped w him. congressional intelligencei committees have reportedlye repy asked the justice department to meet today's bipartisany's ba request forrt evidence. senator? manically? is alsonic urging the president to to provide evidence.videe. >> reason to believe that thet e charge is true but i alsoso believe that the president ofpro the united states could cleartao this up in a minute.n all he has to do is pick up the phone, call the directorir of the cia, director ofa, dirr f national intelligence and say, okay, what happened. hap >> it is unclear if the whitehee house will comply with theith th requests. >> president trump and education secretary betsyy devos plan to expand alternatives to public schools by expanding d.c.'s school sc voucher program. d.c. has the region's only
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federally funded voucher pro. p. they will be expanding for theth 2017-about 18 school year.ool ye right now the d.c. voucherc. vor program provides tuition for about 1100 students.ud happening this week president trump expected to unveil his budgethapp pacificen northwest send it to congress on thursday.trumgetsend i caonlhulsrsda y.for a 54 billion-dollar increase in military spending proposed tax cuts and a trill i don't andd dollar stimulus spending plan p will come later.ome later. one question looming at the potential cost of thentialt of e republican's healthcareblican'sh proposal.ealt >> we should have a better idea of that outoldday when thee congressional budget office o releases its cost estimate oftif the republican insurance plan. . they will give out numbers ofumo how many people may be covered. republicans are still divideddid over the final product.du one side wants to pass the the bill as is, the other argueshers the current proposal doesn't go far enough.nough. house speaker paul ryan saysn ss he's confident the party willhey get on board.oard >> get what they want but we bue are getting much better policy y here. we made a promise to the the people who
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repeal and replace this law lw and we basically said this ishii what we would replace it with wh and now we're keeping our word. >> the house freedom caucuscaus plans to share its list of o demands for the bill withs president trump tomorrow.for meanwhile the president planspla to attend a rally in nashvilleni to pitch the plan this week.. >> ♪♪ >> 4:35 is the time right now. n let's talk with mike thomastho about what's in our future in regards to snow. snw. >> love that graphic from earlier. s revenge.r we basically didn't haven'tn't t winter at all and now here we hr are in march and we're talkingtg about a snowstorm heading ourg r way. satellite and radar showinge that storm or at leastand the t first piece of energyrst pi associated with it comingated wt through the c midwest.est. another piece develops off thece carolina coastline later this lt evening and head northward andra that will be the big time snowmw maker around here.ound here here's futurecast.utu let's fast forward to 8:30 8 this evening when the first wheh wave of snow starts to push ups from the south. the south it gets heavy as we start srt moving into the late eveningte n and overnight hours tonight.nih. then the big question is you see that pink and you see the te gree
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rain-snow line issues.isses. where does that rain-snow lineha set up.t right now it looks lik i-95, i- somewhere east of there ise is going to have the best chanceben of seeing the rain-snow line l kind of transition zone but north and west of here itre looks like you're headed for aha big time snow. all of this wraps up late this morning, earlyup l afternoon onn tuesday and then the dig-outig begins for some. winter storm warnings are be war in effect a anywhere you seeou the pink there. does ince lude the district ofei columbia, it does includenclde fairfax county, prince pri william, fauquier, loudounr, oun counties in virginia as wellwel as all counties west of there,t montgomery county, howardy, owad county, frederick county,co carroll county all in maryland. they did that issue winter weather advisories thism thaheri morning for prince george'ses tg county, annee' arrundel countyln as well as charles county iny in maryland. but it does look like snowike sw totals there will stay below b and winter storm warningnter sto criteria. cr quick look at your plannerlanner today. not expecting the snow to moveov in until after the eveninge rush hour tonight.r toni all right, that's a check of ch the forecast.the let's head over to erinfore comm now with traffic. >> 4:36 right now and melaniende alnwick has been telling
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oxonbee br hill.ll. indian head highway closed onlos the northbound side.northbou a crash at livingston road so ro caution there. he we have a live crew gatheringeri more information.more i quite a nfporolice scene and a a of tape blocking off thatf at crash scene.h scen the white car involved veryry smashed up. p. smashed up front of the suv. fr melanie is gathering more information.informatn. avoid indian head highway. any questions at erin fox5s at d.c. on twitter. n twi >> president trump's pressdent t secretary has amp very uniqueune experience at an apple store. so >> and a father and son arere battling it out for firstfor fit place in the world's toughestoug dogsled race. >> as we head todogs break a lie look outside across the dmv. dv the time 4:37.4:7. the temperature 30 degrees.rare fox5 news morning back right after this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 4:39 right now. let's take a look at the
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the most this morning on>>s social media.tayou'most thisocil >> first up, white media. houses secretary sean spicer got angot earful while shopping at ahile a apple store on saturday.t he was confronted by a woman wo who asked him how does it feelwt to work for a fascist.acist. the woman called president trump a racist who hass committed treason.n. spicer replied to her rapid rep questions by saying this isby s such a great country thattryat allows you to be here.lows you the twoman who is indian descent recorded that exchange c and later posted it to twitter. >> next up lots of discussion oc online about the firing of u.s. attorney general preit ba? ara. he tweeted about his statusstats saying moments ago i wasi was fired. re u.s. attorneys are typically ary replaced once a new president pt is in office during the first tt year or so.o. >> scientists say rising ocean n temperatures are killing offng f the world's coral reef. co roughly half of our coralur reefs have died in the last 30 years. now the race is on to prevent pe e
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experts say coral reefs are a a vital past our eco system. sysm. they produce some of theuce somh oxygen that we breathe.b they're also -- they are also used in medical research with cures for medical diseases.or >> a father and med son continuc to battle for the top spot inspn the alaska's iditarod trail.tri. the father was the firsthe musher out of the checkpointkpot yesterday. s and the current c champ was right behind him.s ri. dallas has won four of theof te past five races.ace. dad mitch finished secondtc place theh past two years. ye we should have a winner early ea this week. >> we have a bracket.b let's take a look at the topop seeds. seeds. villanova was named the numbern one seed in the east . kansas is number one in thee ine midwest gonzaga number one inben the west north carolina numberam one in the south.souh. maryland is the sixth seed inxth the west. they're going to take one xavier on thursday.husday.
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i think this thursday anddayand friday are the two best days. d >> it is interesting. >> yes. coming up, we continue top, follow brecaking news froms prince george's county.ince g aneo ovrgernight crash has shutu down indian head highway.ighway >> a d.c. lgbt community o center is vandalized and andalia staff member assaulted.assad >> go to break now. as we do we'll take a live look across the d.c. region.reg the time is 4:42. 4 we are at a very coldcold 30 degrees. calm before the storm. snow headed ourlm bway. our y. mike thomas will talk allta about the on the other . don't go anywhere. anyre you're watching fox5 news morning. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> 4:45 is our time rightis fox. today on fox5 news morningmornin just when you thought it wass over, winter pulls us all backlk in. >> live look outside righte loot now.side now. while it's still dry and while e there's no snow on the groundheg we're tracking the stormking ths headed our way. get up and go to the store the e right now, people . . >> [laughter] milk, those eggs,eggs, bread. we'll let you know what youlet can expect in yourcan ex neighborhood. >> we say good morning to i say t maureen picked the th perfect week to be off. to be of thanks for joining us. . i'm holly morris.mos. >> i'm wisdom martin today.m mat is monday march 13th. 13 erin como is talking about theue roads, mike thomas talkingho about the impending disasterng that is the snow heading ouringo way that will have us locked lo in for weeks.ees. >> weeks and weeks and months.
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>> and years.ear we'rng.oking. >> we're doing the marcht snowstorm yes, we are.owstorm sw it is march so maybe later on ln this week the snow will bew will gone but at least the next 48 48 hours some big time snow time sw headed our way for some of us. we'll do the snow totals rightrh now. let's start with thelet's st headlines. snow arrives tonight sometimei between 6 o'clock andock an 9 o'clock this evening.o'cl if you can get out and getocut d whatever you need before thatd t time, that's the time to do it, maybe take lunch breaks, brk head to the store, grab the milk and eggs.milk if you seeand empty store shelve send us a picture because weause love seeing those. s we are closely watching thatg rain-snow line from i-95 and portions eastward but if you buo live north and west of townest n get ready because just about abt every weather model we havem has big time accumulationscumu montgomery county, fromntgo loudoun county andme locationsos north and west of there.e. whole thing wraps up late morning or early afternoon onten your tuesday and then the te dig-out begins. e winter storm warnings were gonig into that effect this evening at 7 o'clock for alt lef fethe r you see there in pink that pinha includes fairfax county, co loudoun county, fauquierquier county, prince william co
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county as well as the districte of columbia and downtowndowtow baltimore. once you get east of 95, this, h storm gets very, very tricky.rik only winter weather advisorieswr in effect for prince george'sri' county anne arrundel county cuny and charles county and calvert and saint mary's they havent maa left you out of wvearning zonesn because it does not look likeok you'll be waking up to a lot lot of snow tomorrow morning.r satellite and radar showingowing the first piece of energyf e sliding is its way through the i midwestts here. he itological reform off theff the southeast coastline laterline lt tonight and bring us here is your futurecast.uturast. 9 o'clock tonight there's theths snow moving up.snow moving up. it gets very heavy late, lateatl tonight and overnight.ver if you do not have to be on the roads, stay insidensde tonight. tonigh wait this one out.i turn on fox5.rn on fx5. watch us all night.h us we'll be on. 4:30 a.m. showing that rain-snow line. that's what we're watchingwa very closely, that zone ofoneo pink and then there we go it t starts ending as we work our wor way through tomorrow morning.too how much are we expecting? ex eight to 14-inches quite qte possibly a lot of folks wakingk up to over a foot of snowsnow early tomorrow morning if youi live north and west
4:48 am
here in d.c. five to 10 and10an then that turkey zone off tozone the south and east will go twoot to 6-inches kind of i-95-95 eastward but i think most oft f that gets picked up kind of late new york tomorrow.ork we'll talk much more about howaw much you can expectect snowfall-wise timing-wise asi we work our way thrseough the rest of the o let's head to erin como for a fr check of traffic.of >> i was walking around yesterday, can't believe it's cs going to snow tomorrow.tom it was just so beautiful out.t. tracking breaking news out of oxon hill maryland.ill ma melanie alnwick gathering morete information.ion. serious crash investigation.gat. 210 northbound all laneslanes remain closed at livingston road. livingston road service roadon closed as really smashed in whiteally vehicle there as well as a sn suv. a lot of police presence therepp as they investigate threesencgah serious crash. you'll need to avoid that areat this morning.this mo july to detour around it.ound i. you can always keep it to 295to9 or perhaps saint barnabasps saib road. road. it just depends where you'redep going or just detour aroundour d that closure point again just north of the in the oxon hill i this morning. looks like it's going to being e shut down for i
4:49 am
for quite some we'll keep you updated. up any questions at erin fox5uest d.c. onio twitter.wi top of the beltway inner loopell construction left lane blockedne 270 spur to rockville pike.e pi so that could slow things down as well. as well. just keep it to the right through college park innerh loop and outer loop lookingcond good. metro service starts at 5:00.5 we'll be back with more with moe traffic in a few.traffiin a few. holly and wisdom.lly and sdom. >> talk a little bit morea litte about that accident y ou firstot started out in prince george'stc county. a, month of indian headdian he highway closed this hour h following a fiery two carery tar crash overnight.vernight >> we've learned the driver ofhd one of the cars wasri actuallyal pulled from the burning car by b a police officer.offcer. >> our melanie alnwick live onll the scene now with the latnwest. hey, mel. >> reporter: good morning,r: go, guys. yeah, so we're trying to get a a sense here of how far this of hf closure we're at livingston road and route 210 indian head highway.h this is the service road closest to us median thendi where you see the gray suv, s that is the northbound lanesouns of 210. but it looks like a portion of o the southbound lanes could behbb affected as well just right righ here at this intersection as
4:50 am
investigation area is prettyatia wide. i now, as you guys said, it was 12:15 this morning when thish collision happened.ision ha we uppnderstand that the whiteie vehicle crashed into the grayay vehicle. ve the white vehicle then rolledrod and caught fire. r when police responded here,spon that he did reach in and theyn were able to get a male who who was trapped in the white carte c out of that vehicle.v there was a police officer whofo was slightly injured we're told, an arm or the hand, werene he don't have a ton of to of information on the extent ofione the police officer's injuries er there.'s the man who was in inj the white vehicle is suffering fromom critical injuries at this th point. we don't have any more on hisoni condition here but you canhere n imagine looking at the the vehicle, knowing it was also alo on fire, how bad that could hato be. there was a woman driving the th gray suv. v she also suffered someed injuries but we're told that they are nonlife-threatening,fee certainly a very scary sceney se for her as well. now, we also had some
4:51 am
vehicle may have been fleeingbee police officers. we tried to get that clarifieda from prince george's countye police. what i was told is thatty is still under investigation.nves as we get moret details, oftalsf course, we'll bring them tothm you. for now live in oxon hill, i'ml, melanie alnwick, fox5 local locl news.. >> thank you melanie. coming up on fox5 news morning the impending snow hasns a number of local ski resorts ss thinking about reopening.eop >> might be a good yes. the king has returned to claim the top spot in the box bx office. >> live look outside acrossutsie the region. the snow is um canning, theningt snow is coming. 4:have un. >> all right chicken4: >> 4:51 is the time. tie. the temperature 30 degrees. back in a moment. ent.
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appear inht is court today t jonathan tran of californiaan t was racarrying mace a laptop la passport and a book onook o president trump who was insideoe the white house at the time.. laptop also reportedlyeply contained a letter addressedad to the president.reside if convicted tran faces up to ut 10 years in prison.ison. developing this morning aloo staff member at the d.c. lgbt community center was assaultedad and the center was vandalizedwad again. it happened yesterday at thethe casa ruby lgbt communityt commu center in northwest. in northwe. the center says this is theis is third time in the past twothe po weeks that the place has beenben vandalized. officials tell fox5 someone5 soe entered the center picked up an object and hurled it at ad i staff member.aff memr. several people witnessd thatle t attack and d.c. police are investigating.vestigatg. >> back in business western maryland's wisp resort couldres be ski resorts have struggledsortsg this season. season. tonight's storm will be thewill first big snow of the season s for our region this winter. king kong climbed to the k
4:55 am
weekend. the iconic series easilyeasi claimed the number one spote spt this weekend exceedingeekendeedg expectations and earning a whopping $61 million in its first weekend.end fox's "logan" took secondok secd place with 37.9 million andmilld then the third place thehe horror film "get out" added another 21.1 million. >> ♪♪ >> all right, mike thomas rightt we're talking weather now and ad people have been asking are they going to havge et chance o use those snow days.d >> i think they're going toy're get a chance to use them. t as a result don't forget we're r going on at 4:00 a.m. tomorrowo morning so we'll be here tohereo help you through it all. >> without a doubt we'll haveuta closings to talk about most of the day tuesday is almost a guarantee for many counties especially e if you live north and west ofh f south and east saint mary's of saint mary's county a calvert county, maybe definitely tunebe in early tomorrow and see and s whether or not you're able toor get the closing or not not. n let's go straight to what youhau can expect. satellite and radar here's heres what you have this morning.o you have if you need to get out do any ay shopping, get any supplies nowpi is the time to do it o are ateat least you have this
4:56 am
to do it. later on this evening is whenin the snow will move in.ei there is a piece of energyery number one rolling right close c to omaha right now. omaha right. that piece of energy will actually swing its way off thefe southeast coastline will redevelop as a coastal storm com and that will head northward nod and that is the system thate syt will bring us some good snowod w totals as we work our way intowy the overnight hours andrnight hd through the early morninge earlg hours tomorrow.tom winter storm warnings alreadyor posted. you don't getm dy this unless th national weather service isal wi very confident about whatce coni they're getting anddent all of f those counties in the pink,n th the purple counties, lesser snowfall amounts so winternts storm advisories -- i'm sorry-- winter weather advisories ini'ea effect nefches yourches your jackpot zone just north andrthn west of the city.west that's the weather.'s the let's head over wto erin comooo now with traffic.traffic >> right now melanie has beenann showing you this breaking news n in oxon hill.xon hil. right now 210 northbound norboud indian head highway closed at livingston road. road livingston road service roadd se also clsed. crash investigation.h in big scene there.big scene th you'll need to detourer aroundod it. could cause a problem later ler once more folks hit the
4:57 am
some construction on the innerru loop inct maryland. ma left lane blocked 270 spur to o rockville pike.rock we'll have more traffic in atraa few. >> thanks erin. coming up on fox5 news w morning president trump facing a a deadline.dea >> president trump and education secretary betsyeta bey devos planning to expand the school voucher prog >> we're at 30 degrees.0 grees. snow is coming its a lock mike e thomas says. says. he'll talk more about it.about . don't forget tomorrow morningrrm we're going on at 4:00 a.m. m. but this morning we're right mor back in just a couple ofe minutes. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mr >> today on fox5 news morning,mn just when you thought it was over, winter pulls us all back k in again.a >> mother nature can be cruelbeu sometimes. a live look outside. we are ilivendeed tracking theai snowstorm which is expected toho hit our region.hit oure we'll let you know what to expect in your first though we say goodthe morning to you. thanks for join, us omon this ts monday. i'm holly morris.morri >> and i'm william were.ill today is monday marchia 13th. talking snow this morning witho mike thomas, erin como has gotat traffic to talk about.c to talk very serious accident down theth in oxon hill but we'll talk to o mike right now and get a quick u tease of the weather.ase >> yeah, absolutely.of yeabsolu. actually we'll do a little more than that because we wantat to let you know what's going kng on with this storm. with this s we'll keepto you informed, keepe you ahead of it.ahead of today at least through the


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