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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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winter revenge this is live look outside snow and weren'try weather falling all across our region. >> comes days after a lot of you were outside wearing shorts, tee shirts, running around outside like it was springtime. and we're all now getting ready to cleanup the first significant snowfall of the season. >> taking a live picture
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through d.c. in the districts what it looks like good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm wuz wiz. >> and yes that's outside that's what you're looking at when you wake up and turn the lights on. >> two hard working people today and mook mike is in the weather center and michael thomas is in the weather center and erin como is in the traffic center. >> messy mix around the reeming yoj hov lanes a lot to get to with full traffic. >> a lot to get to in terms of schools. many schools closed. and not knowing what was in store today. >> and we heard from public schools both cools will on two hours date for d.c. public schools. >>
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county in alexandria city schools both closed today. falls church city schools also closed. >> in maryland prince jorl and charles closed and calvert county two hour delay and not yet heard from st. mary. >> as far as the federal government goes, federal government on today but under three hour delayed arrival and employees have option for unscheduled leaf or telework. you can see the complete list of closings and delays bottom of the scene and also on and "fox 5 news" and weather apps. >> 5:0 is the time now. let's go to mook mike. we've gotten the snow we asked for. let's move on. >> wisdom you sound ready for summer. >> oh, yeah. >> we'll be there he eventually. >> we should have summer year round. >> there's places that have that. >> can't afford to move. >> we're having biggest snow fall of is season and it's not a huge amount but not the blizzard last year. it is officially our biggest snow so
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snow north west, sleet around the metro. that's main headline for the day today. we here in d.c. will changeover to snow as we head to late morning hours and should not put more on top of what we have here down on the ground this morning. highest total still far north and west closer to the maryland pennsylvania border northern portions of frederick and carole country maryland reporting 5 and 6" s. main event wraps up later this morning and later this morning early afternoon hours. although we continue to see snow showers and potentially even snow equals as we head to late evening hours. we'll have to keep our eye on that. there's area of low pressure getting act together off the car line acoast line which means we have several more hours of this throwing heavy bands of rain which transition to sleet and then snow back in our direction. still kupd of in the thick it of it here. we have to watch for much more as we head into the afternoon hours here. there's radar. you see snow getting together off norm and west of town while
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look at future cast, 6:30 a.m. mixing and transition back to snow as we start to wrap things up plater this morning. let check the forecast and erin como. well, 5:04. slick conditions and snowy mix causing big problems on the road. 395 northbound hov express lanes there's a truck that spup outside ways into the side guardrail there. you can see traffic going faster than conditions allow now on those main lanes there. police reduce speeds take it sloxt you don't want to have a crash involving spinout this morning. moving to 70, southbound, mop rose to road a crash police response on location and thinkinger snow. they have plows going through and builds up again. reduce speeds. watch slick spots bridges overpasses and on and off ramps. as you head to the beltway this morning. we'll take a look at
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in maryland i would certainly suggest that possible for the rush and in stafford 95 northbound right lane blocked by courthouse road and several changes for metro and metro bus and vre for weather. we'll keep up update odden that. we'll have more in a few, back to you guys. >> 5:05 is the time "fox5" as you covered all morning long on winter storm redevelopth. >> we have crews across the dmv. we'll start with melanie checking things out in montgomery country. bob barnard in northern virginia and sarah frazier keeping eye on the district. >> we'll start with melanie. you moneyed her name first in gaithersburg this morning mel what's going on out. there you said yucky and nasty doesn't look pleasant. >> no it's not pleasant. and wind chips rp and it hurts. it's just hard sleet coming down. it's been coming down self hours. you can see it's really kind of granular. i was thinking i can not wait for
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cold fire maybe we can do something with this crushed ice. that has to wait until later and on the parking lot this is what people are worried about. you can see here it's about maybe 2" at the most. this is what the neighborhood roads lack like. it gets slushy. if this starts to freeze that's where it gets to be really kind of tough going. we've seen equipment come by to try to get out to the neighborhood roads. none of them had plows down yet. technically montgomery country they have a plan that says stage two is less than" of accumulation and that's when it is mainly just salting and operations and deicing operations and they don't start plowing putting plows down until more than 3" and i think we're kind of right on the edge there listening to make mike it sound like we'll get more as the day goes on. i said it earlier bit think the kids areit whating for the big fluffy snow to come down. this s
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want to be out playing in. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. we want to meng montgomery county government offices are closed today. keep that in mind. as you wake up this morning. our team coverage continues in d.c., d.c. is part of rain/snow battle line and d.c. mayor bowser says d.c. is ready for whatever mother night tour brings. >> sarah phraseer is in northwest. sarah we heard d.c. public schools are on two hour delay from what you're seeing are you surprised they may not be closed. >> reporter: holly, i'm surprised. we're ride around on a lot of secondarys. we were on reno road. now headed to due hospital circle on connecticut avenue. and i have to say, yeah, they're -- it's mixed bag. some of roads are cleared. others are not. but as mike mentioned here we're definitely getting more rain can begin to see transitioning more to rain app a little less
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rain and sxshl hi as temperatures seem to be rising and for us we're seeing temperature at 32 in our vehicle. so as we get up there and maybe get north of that freezing number it turns to rain. maybe district feels things will be better in aanother hour or two. i'm surprised and very few people out as everybody has been mentioning. pretty quiet you have people clearing streets and that's it we'll cruise more in the city and find where people are headed and if they're going to work at all and yeah the roads not great for district. it will be interesting to think if things i improve the next hour or so as kids head into school. >> they're covered right you can see them they're covered there definitely not seeing favorment. >> you can track the weather 24/7 on the go download fox news and weather app search d.c. news and weather in the app store.
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>> as we've been tling you all morning long if you live west of 95 you see significant amount of snow. >> if you live at or east of i 95s it's not more than cold rain. >> this is our view of the storm. let's us who what you are seeing this morning. accepted united state pictures of the snow, sleet and/or rain happening outside. >> make sure you use the #fox5snowday when you post online and then we can find them oozly an share with everybody. degrees. you're watching "fox 5 news morning"
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>> we were at the finish line. >> almost there. >> you mother nature icy roads and freezing temperatures around the region these schools fiptly get a snow day does how does it look where you are and where are you now, bob. >> holly, we're on south king street in the heart of old leesburg and as you can see here out in front of us, there's a road surface covered in white. it appears plows have been on this roadway
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but just haven't about here lately. they've been up and around and all around route 7 in the town down area and let's show you. we saw a contracted plow ahead of us here. they're getting to roads which are protest sti much covered in look a hard slushy snow. right now we're not hearing this and most of the roads 3, 3:30 and you hear pellets of sleet hitting windshield and now it's quieter but there's not much falling. it's more on the snow than sleet side. you can see in headlights here and away from the roadway what you see is". it's about" of accumulation most crunchier harder snow, sleet, freezing rain and the roads surfaces where they've been an
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again are not bad we'll hit the brakes. we don't slide. people we've been up on facebook live people asking should i go or try and i would say if you can avoid getting out on roads i would and we have not seen anyone off to the side. >> and it look like snow here. this is snow looking like snow since we've been out on the road after 24 pong and here in the leesburg area changing to snow and roads covered not but a lot but what is there is not great guys. i would recommend if you don't have to go out don't. >> i agree bob thank you so
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and delay list. >> and to a live look outside now. this is our view of the storm we've about telling you all morning we want to know what you're seeing or sxeerping and send us pictures of snow, sleet or rain. use the #fox5snowday when you post pictures online. >> 5:13 is the time now. degrees on this tuesday morning. we're back after this.
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snv we're back at 5 and the storm is prompting khosh you're and delays. the federal government is on today on three hour delayed arrival. employees have option for up scheduled leave or tell 'work and no more than three hours lightser than expected to arrive. >> we want to get latest on schools now. march maryland,al begany, anne arrundel
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shower. also crossclaimed charles and montgomeryment we're waiting to hear from pming, calvert and st. mary. >> and prince george county and virginia loud con county and mannasas park city and orange count a and page countery prince william, happen ahan ak. stafford anwaren and winchester city school clothesed. >> west virginia brant county school on two hour delay and hardy and brkly and hampshire and jefferson and morgan county schools are closed. >> they're also on "fox5"news d.c.. we have heard from prince george county government opening 11 a.m. country government and prince george county opening 11 a.m. and montgomery country government is closed. >> michael thomas. what's
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>> i'm hearing prince george county county schools are closed in my ear and calvert county double check with me but two hour lay it for calvert county they're telling me. there with he go. prince george county county schools closed and 3 out in d.c. right now. it's looking looking winter wonder loond in the background more messy. we have sleet, snow mixing in here and there and winds gusting north 20 to 18 and here in washington temperatures matter often north and west gaithersburg 7 and frederick 8 and west min ter 27 and a this is where it is snowing more and b if it sleet a bit once you hit the surface you can get freezing issues when temperatures tip down to mid 20s you can get icing issues. we'll watch those south leonardtown 32. warm air above your head it's coming down rain through
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it looks like they're starting to see mixing issues through prince george county. even an arepublican dull county there and pink, purple. big mix around the met rope and out towards leesburg bob mentioned more snowfall. there that's what stormtracker is indicating. as you move out thank you flooria in eldersburg in northern portions of howard county and southern portions of coral county mixing with sleet. there just north of there radar showing heavier bands of snow and all this orp orange and red is moving morning and west. once that reaches this it could put down anywhere from 1 to 2" per snow per hour that's what we watch here. future cast if you plan the day today. 6:0 a.m. showing wintry sleety mix around the metro area. snow further north and west. watch as we work to late morning early afternoon lightning up a bit. we're seeing more widespread
5:19 am
snowfall as colder air spills back in as storm lifts off north and east. we can put down inch or so once that band starts to set up. quick look at forecast for the day today or let's go straight to 7 day. 6 today. wendy 33 tomorrow we will get sunshine back thursday high of 40. to be honest no spring like temperatures on 7 day forecast if you are now awaiting spring. let's check the forecast. airport airport airport for a busy day on the road. >> we have a big crash where truck spun out and hit guardrail. 395, hov lanes northbound sheryling ton. we saw a plow go through. traffic getting by and one lane slowly. reduce speeds this morning we have slick spots bridges, overpasses and on and off rampps and slowing traffic and heavy snow pred rick to spur. if you have to make your way out give
5:20 am
to get frederick to the district. speaking of district. hev yier snow there in the pennsylvania median. some heavier snow and slow moving traffic on secondarys. look at maps quickly problem areas wires down fisher road. pete paring ger let's us know that's where the road is closed and as we forward things along left lane sycamore street slow moving on beltway and 66. any questions@paern fox d.c. on twitter. we'll be back with more.
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>> the national weather service is warning of
5:23 am
like conditions philadelphia to maine. thousands of flights and trains cancelled or delayed and amtrak has modified its service along the northeast corridor. >> plan on staying inside and doing shoveling and that will be about it. >> several statesen including maryland and virginia have declared states of emergency. >> in other news this morning the white house is not happy with the non partisan congressional analysis of the gop healthcare plan. they project being 14 million would lose plaza next year and the fol year more. >> the white house disagrees with the budget analysis. >> justice department is asking for more time to investigate president trump's assertions that president obama wire tapped him during the election. the house intelligence committee will give the doj until monday to give evidence backing up president assertion. current and former
5:24 am
been unable to provide any evidence. >> monday british parliament passed legislation which gives theresa may to you start the european exits and changes made to bill earlier this month. this comes after the government needed freedom to operate without restriction. it will be sent po to two year negotiations period. that wouldp ha encloseer toed of month. >> complicatinging this for britain scotland first minister says she will seek another vote on independence from uk and it's needed to protect scottish interestings to lead the european union. and while britain voted for the breakfast in june scottish voters backed staying in the eu. minister is hoping the vote will be healed by late 2018 or early 20
5:25 am
>> 35:24 at the time now. michael thomas you were talking earlier about how it will end later this morning. but we can see problems in the morning because of cold temperatures. >> definitely cold temperatures. especially norman west of town temperatures in the 20s. the reason we're getting mix is because there's warm air above the heads. here in the surface we keep below freezing and we could have icing concerns on treated roadways and locations where temperatures dip down this morning to mid 20s. winter storm warning in effect north and west of town now. northern portions of loudoun county through frederick county maryland and carol country. here at d.c. they pulled back wepter storm warning during the 4:00 hour and replaced with winter weather add voosry but extended that winter weather add voosry until 6 p.m. tonight due to threat for snow showers and snow squalls as we roll through the afternoon hours. even as the storm passes off north and east. there is your storm system. still well off south at
5:26 am
we're walking fine line of rain, snow, sleet mix and more snow further north an west you go here. here are temperatures. again north and west of town temps are in the 20s. big times certain later on this afternoon we may see a little sun with temperatures staying in 30s though later this afternoon. >> let's check the forecast. sending it to erin como with a check of the roads. >> 5:26 new crash alert for you on 395 northbound norm of duke street see flashing lights crash walking right shoulder and lane traffic moving slow because of slick conditions and as we forward cameras we've been telling you about another crash shillington circle. a truck spen out and hit the guardrail. one lane getting by you should reduce speeds take it slow, bridges, overpasses, on, off ramps district maryland and virginia and crash cleared 270 by montrose
5:27 am
slowly knowledge of that point in frederick. heavier snow through urbana. please give yourself an extra hour frederick to the beltway if you need to head out this morning. tweet me with any questions. and quick look at maps downed tree out by 3 causing problems and several adjustments for public more in a few. >> all right. thanks, erin, 5:27 is the time now. and i think right now we are going to perhaps leave with yousome of the pictures and videos that people have been sending in. is that what we'll do. there you go. there's the board. we thank everybody for what they're waking up to this morning there's lot of different experiencing for everybody in the d.c. region. >> keep the pick coming, we're enjoying them. see you on the other side.
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>> back now 5:30 waking up to a mess on this tuesday march 14. >> sleet, snow, wind. that's the story here locally. further north, that's where the heavy snow is falling. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm ol hol. >> if are you just getting up now we have several updates overnight as far as school closing and delays go as well as status for federal government. let's start with that. federal government is on on three
5:31 am
workers have option for unscheduled leave or un scheduled telework. >> now let's talk about schools. mostly every major school snim d.c. region is closed today. this are three big exceptions d.c. public schools on two hour delay and calvert count question two hour delay and st. mary county skooltz on on time today. >> now to school closed we heard from overnight, prince george county closed today and charles county schools closed and in virginia arlington county as well as alexandria, false church and fredericksburg city schools all closed. all the other maiming oar systems closed last night. so you can he soo the complete list updating on bottom of screen as well as and news and weather app. >> let's get to michael thomas mike for the storm path how much longer will we deal with it. >> through most of the morning hours but the question is what will you deal with. south an west of town mostly rain and switching
5:32 am
light snow before said and done. mostly mix trapsitioning to snow later and north of of town all snow for you. washington winds gusting north. we had hade mix coming down. our own melanie alnwick said it hurts in some spots. reagan national 1.1 and manchester maryland up far north to pennsylvania border 5.5" fallen there and fairfax virginia 2" and germantown 3" of slushy wet mix through montgomery country and snow continues at this hour. again right along west of i 95 it's a little mix. further west you go the more of the classic snowfall you see. bob barnard humid on county and he seen snowfall this morning and further west you go up high 70 you'll encounter heavier snow as well. future cast 8:30 dealing with mix around d.c.. watch as colder air spills back in and we transition
5:33 am
over to light to moderate snow showers. that quickly winds down as storm pulls well off north and east. then we switch to northwest wind coming off lakes we can pull in snow showers and potentially snow squalls as we work into the evening rush hour. i have a feeling it won't be too much of app evening rush. and sleet, rain, snow, all through the day today. then tomorrow we'll keep snow flurry as around and very windy and winter like high of. we'll be back with a check of for the cast and more on roads coming up newspaper a bit. for now holly and wisdom back to you. >> thanks, mike, appreciate it a live look in the district now the mayor said city is ready for whatever mother nature has in store. more than 200 snow plows were out all night. sarah frazier is out. >> bob barnard is driving around leesburg. sleet and snow overnight.
5:34 am
>> our crews are keeping a close eye on conditions in maryland. melanie alnwick live in gaithersburg this morning. let's check in with her. how is it looking, mel? >> pretty bad. kind of torture us. you stand and get pelted in the face with these little granular pieces of ice. it is really not fun. it's not what a lot of folks expected here. joining me now montgomery country fire and rescue chief. scott you said it's bad drive ago around out there even though not heavy snow. >> 3 to 4" but now it's compacted with sleet and ice. it is really slick situation. while clouds are doing their thing you have interfaces where you have piles of snow and it will be a while before the roadways are supportive of volume of commute we're formally accustomed to. >> good decision for mtion county to close. >> good decision for everybody that cannot come out here. it will take us awhile to get over there and forecast gets us
5:35 am
of it midday we'll need time to get together? >> yes, so far you have not had too many things to respond to during this event. >> we had a few trees and power lines and polish you'd across the kupty and traffic is just starting it's just after 5. don't venture out stay in and let the sun come out and take care of things. >> you all worry about fires. people with candles. >> alternative heats source is our biggest thing. space heaters. candles, fireplaces, anything not correctly attended to. all those things are safe when tended to correctly and paid attention for. but that's big concern. and time to get to the slow going for us and to you fire calls and emergencies too. >> and we hope you and your crews don't run around too much in this
5:36 am
thank you for stopping by anding us know how things are going. i think it will be yucky for a little while longer. everyone would be happier to see the big fluffy snowflakes. >> it's not a fun snow. >> thanks, mel, this massive winter storm started in midwest blanketing parts of illinois, minnesota and iowa and blamed on two deaths in wisdom martin. up to a foot of snow fell outside milwaukee and chicago had its first significant snowfall since december and wendy city bracing for 6" of ache effect snow. prior to that. >> that is crazy. >> melanie is right it's not a fun snow. >> not yet. >> there's still a chance. >> we'll switch to light snow. that will be more fun variety i guess. we won't get a whole lot more on top of what we already
5:37 am
in my opinion exception being far north and west several inches of snow and those are locations in the pink where winter storm warnings remains in effect until later this morning. here in d.c. he they pulled it back. winter weather advisory extended that. that will end 6:00 tonight and that's due to the threat of snow showers and snow squalls potentially into the evening hours tonight. wind advisory have gone up for southern maryland and locations near coastline. i wanted to mention that for st. mary and calvert county and northern neck of virginia as the storm approaches your region winds get gusty potentially over 50 miles an hour. we have to watch out for that. north east when. more so tonight. we have colder air moving back to the region. winds picking up that's a dangerous combination there. stormtracker radar shoingt rain ♪ mix most of montgomery joint and and howard country and d.c. metro regions, north 'west
5:38 am
air it's transitioning into heavier snowfall. look at that heavy rain through southern maryland that's progressing north and west. as it does it will drop heavier snow once it makes it through transition zone. 4 current number z.c.. colder north and west. temperatures in 20s and 30s. surface temperatures are cold. very quick look at -- well we'll do the 7 day forecast in a bit. first going to erin como for a check of traffic. >> 5:308 now mike we start you with a look at 95 northbound coming from virginia. dale city past this point route 1 through ewington several crashes reported blocking shoulder and you can see all lanes crowded through the trees there if you comma around the curve. this is the the
5:39 am
problem across the mixing bowl. 95 northbound a crash by duke street norm of duke street across blocking right shoulder. also another crash where struck spun out hov lane as you approach sterlington. right now no traffic hov lane as they tow the truck to flip sideways out of the road there main lanes moving okay and hov lanes blocked. tow truck get out of the we and it should reon soon. on and off ramps tend to ice first. on the maps. other problems around par mar this morning, 201 southbound blocked 4 10 because of crash as you make your way to new carlton bwi parkway cool iting with problems and outside the beltway southern balt mar parkway 392. north and southbound slow because of slick spots and snow. poolsville wires down fisher road white ferry
5:40 am
us know about that. rvres schedule and metro operating on saturday schedule above and below ground service. trains running 12 minute and metro bus operating on severe weather schedule. no metro access today. any questions erin fox d.c. >> team coverage of winter storm continues in washington d.c.. we'll check in with sarah fwraizer. >> reminder send us your snow pictures this is russel tweetsing from charles town west virginia. you can see the snow is piling up there and snapping this early morning pick from hyattsville. keep them coming. we're sxeersing the storm together in our own way. use the #fox5snowday. stay with us we're back after this
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snv you can see no one is being spared and certain sxeersing in some way, shape or form. >> a lot of people are sending in pictures as they're talking about what they're seeing as they're are they're out and about. th i
5:44 am
out there. all of this looks really cold. >> you're missing the fact there's a car under there. >> lots of ice and the car is under the tree. that's not a good way to start the day. >> that was assateaque. >> this is hybrid road ned buoy, maryland. a lot of people hearing ice and hearing it fall. >> and in hyattsville roads not bad this morning. all about perspective. >> keep sending those nikt. >> use the #fox5 snow do i. >> met retrains and buses up and running this morning. they have limited service though. next we check in with transition agency for update on their plans as the storm plays out. we'll be right back. 5:44 the time now.
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>> 5:47 is the time a live look outside now and we can see this depending where you are. michael thomas at some point today kids will enjoy this because there may be snow that can fall. >> snow kind of moves back in on the backside once the storm pushes north. cold are air behind it and once that changes we'll have everybody to snow. southern maryland not that much. locally we'll pick up an inch or snow. that will be better for the kids. where is good snow falling, reagan national 1.1" and
5:48 am
and i know nothing time pressive this year and we'll see the final total. again several more hours to go yet here in d.c., winchester, virginia, 4 nav for snow and dulles 4.2 and 3.5 calm bus and silver spring reporting 239" mostly slushy mixture. here's a look at winter weather advisory. winter warnings off norman west still includes frederick, washington country, carol counties we're getting 5, 6" noteales and northern half loudoun county, southern half loudoun to the beltway and surrounding counties. we're talking winter weather advisories that are posted until 6:00 tonight and why so late? because we are concerned about the possibility of snow streamers and snow showers. which could put down additional coating to inch. they bone be as widespread as snowfall this morning. there's your big picture. area of low pressure off the
5:49 am
carolina coastline and into on waters. this area of low pressure intensifies and we'll see more and more of these setting up and these are heavy bands through southern maryland. rain for now. as it continues to progress off north an east it will change to heavy sleet and eventually heavy snow as it pushes north and west of town here into colder air. future cast keeping rain snow mix around d.c. until 9:00 today and as i mentioned to wisdom and holly colder air starts to work the way back in and change over to a period of some light to maybe pocket of moderate snow all the way through the noon to 1:00 hour and this kind of really winds down rather rapidly and this afternoon and early evening we have to watch for snow streamers and potentially snow squall around the region. temperatures play a factor in all this off norman west of of town colder, 28 gaithersburg and 28 west mipster and starting to get reports of accumulating ice in these areas where surface temperatures are far, far colder than
5:50 am
level temperatures are. that's why we get freezing rain sleet mix around the region. winds will start to become a factor with storm as well as it intensifies and whipped add voosryes for calvert, s marry, northern neck of virginia winds gust up and over as we head to the morning. we're right there right now. temperatures not going too far today. sleet and snow around the region this morning and snow showers later this afternoon. we'll keep snow showers this evening. biggest concern this evening will be refreeze. have to watch it teens and 20s for overnight low temperatures. "fox5" accuweather day forecast keeping it cool. no signs of sprng on 7 day we'll get sunshine by thursday. let's check the forecast with erin como and traffic. >> 5:50 now i was talking to tucker you can't believe how many cars are 95 northbound route 1. in fact dale city as you make your way to ewington
5:51 am
crashes reported on shoulder as you can see all lanes crowded from it halmus to the beltway. stafford crash center port parkway involving trailer across from miving bowl right shoulder right lane north of duke on 395 northbound. other crash by sherylington circle cleared. 395 hov past sherylington fine. and look at 70 southbound passing 109 light volume and heavy snow frederick to beltway. again if you have to hit the roads coming through maryland there be prepared to give yourself extra time and make it slow on bridges, overpasses, on and off ramps, we'll keep you up dataed. holly, wisdom. >> i want to give you a heads up for metro riders. >> joining us on the phone is metro spokesperson dap. >> good morning.
5:52 am
where regard to metro service today. >> sure we have changes as we start out the day today on all services. most toteably metro bus. if you're metro bus customer starting day early this morning what you need to know metro bus is starting today on severe snow service plan. which means that only small number of routes those that operate on major arterial roadways are operating. we have a complete list of bus routes operating and it's on our web site. check that out before you head out. as conditions improve through the morning to restore more and more bus service based on road conditions and we're working with departments of transportation here in districts and counties surrounding district to get bus routes restored as quickly as we can. metro rail we have service changes there starting today on saturday schedule which basically
5:53 am
frequency of trains. every stage is on operating love and below ground and trainsen staetd of every six minute on each line which is what you normally see in rush hour they're dispatching trains every twelve minute and that's matches ridership as you expect today and gives us ability to put in ice clearing and snow clearing equipment in between this passenger train. i should mention metro access our service for customers with disabilities will remain suspended until further notice. >> any reports of problems roads or trains or anywhere else any reports of issues. >> not at this point. we're actively monitoring it. control center through the night monitoring conditions and no bus where stranded or stuck anything like that. which is good. that's part of the reason we took this conservative approach. as conditions improve as we head through the morning he we'll be in touch with us
5:54 am
and let customers know as services get restored. >> my pleasure. >> we want to head to our sarah frazier. >> she's live in the district of what letting you know what is going on in washington d.c. >> wiz, holly, i'm down at union station and if you're coming down to catch a train you want to check ahead. she is head to to baltimore you came in this morning to find out you're delayed. >> yes. >> my train not leaving until 7:00. >> your boyfriend is sbeet thuv to wait here for you. >> yes he is. >> you're taking mark train they'll start 7. >> i'll get to work 8 but still get there. >> you work for johns hopkins medical world never sleeps there that's correct. >> what do you think so far. it's how was your drive coming in. >> the drive was fine. streets are been swept pretty good there's little patchy areas. as long as you take your time you should be good. >> exactly. it's really turning to rain at union station. people
5:55 am
in lowly. like we mentioned we were looking at amtrak schedule over there you have some that were cap sld and many, many on time later this morning and but definitely hop on amtrak, mark train, vre sorry you have to wait until 7. >> it's all good i'll get there. >> twanda have a great day at work. thanks for stopping. >> bye. >> we're quiet union station. as i mentioned people are coming in slowly had. some early trains were cancelled and we're getting back on track here. lot of rain out there now. so we're just staying warm and trying to stay dry. back to you guys. >> and trying to stay with a good spirit like she had right. she was so happy and taking it all in stride. >> yeah. she was so sweet. >> thanks, sarah. >> we appreciate it. >> we want to talk to michael thomas now and get an update. >> i'm on my way. >> i think mike is on his way.
5:56 am
still evolving and really one of the most interesting things heard about the weather storm was it was really developing over top of us that was one of the reasons they were having a difficult time deciding what we were going to get. while the northeast will totally get walloped they could get up to 2 feet of snow. rally if you keep perspective we're getting off easy compared to what they're going to get up in new york and boston and things like that. >> mike was saying at some point it will stop this morning and they'll be othersh use because it will get cold. could create power outages and you know eventually will warm up. it has to go away sooner or later. >> it is middle of march. >> yes. >> we got off scott free february. >> and don't forget january. >> only southern maryland i like 7" of snow in january. that was their storm. this is our storm. it will probably move to springtime after that. the current number
5:57 am
d.c.. wind chills 21 with northerly wind at 22. it's now reporting snow in downtown d.c.. we're still kind of dancing that fine line right here across the districts. storm system pushing off the coastline throw ago lot of moisture back north and west of town. quaer seeing snowfall to montgomery country frederick and carol county baltimore minimum in d.c. and take a look at "fox5" accuweather 7 day forecast. haven't got to show it much. daytime high today 3 tomorrow. all right. we'll be right back with more fox morning news after the break
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> straight ahead at 6:00 waking up to winter storm on this tuesday march, 14, sleet, snow, whipped, that's the story locallyment further north heavy snow continues to fall. inches piling up. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm allison seymour. >> ip i'm steve chenevey. >> we have updates as far as school closings and delays as well as status for federal government. let's get to it. federal government is on this morning on three hour delay. federal workers have option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. >> now to schools most every major system in d.c. region closed today. there are three big skeptionz. d.c. public schools on two-hour delay and calvert


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