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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 16, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 newsis fox morn budget proposal presidentsal prn trump unveils his first budgetit which includes a significantsig boost in military spending. >> looking live outside, cold, d doesn't seem to oh,, doesn't d seem like the right word. wor just doesn't seem like that's appropriate enough as cold asat it feels out there right now.enn we're talking about wind chillwh temperatures in the single digits in satomure communities s brace yourself for that as youo get ready toas go outside todao good morning to you.good mu. thanks for joining us. i'm wisdom martin.wisdom martin >> and i'm holly today is thursday march 16th. 1. we got erin in the traffic the c center, we got mike in thekee weather center and mike, youce know, actuallynt erin and i were talking about it this morning,r i don't think we got a chanceote to acclimate to the coldte to td weather, reit. >> not really. not r we started the mont
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80 degrees and since then it'shs just come down. unfortunately today feelingte more like january than march.e n good amount of sunshine m cominc our way this afternoon.trnoon. still a little breezy, though.u. erin. >> cold temperatures but the good news is right now tetmphe e roads are quiet around thend district maryland and virginiaar and metro isyl on time except ec for safe track. we'll keep you yes update whensu that changes.pd that c >> thank you to you both. to time right now is 5:01. 5:01. our top story this morning theme remnants of winter's revengeer'e prompting some schools in ourg o area to open a little bmeit latl this morning. mor we've just heard frome just hrdo frederick county marylandty ma schools which will be openingopn two hours late today.da in virginia, fairfax county,oun, frederick county and loudoun ann county schools are all on a two-hour delay.delay. >> in west virginia jefferson je county schools are closed. while berkeley hampshire and an morgan county public schoolsic s are opening two hours late. lat all of these closings and delays are scrolling along thegg bottom of your screen and and remember you can always find yoc them also on ouran web site or the fox5 news app. app. >> developing news overnightopin in largo maryland. mn a man was shot to death at anatn apartment complex on campus c way south. police found the man suffering
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from gunshot wounds in theot wse apartment complex hallway.nt col he later died on the scene. sen. police haven't released his identity yet and no word ifwordf they made any arrests. arrets >> fox5 continues to follow upo on teens disappearing from thero district. just last week we told youtold o about 10 black teenaged girlsi who were reported missing oversr a 10-day span.-day spa national outlets are now also shedding light on the viralht o tweets citing fox5 for itsing fs reporting on an issue someme think has gone underreported.d. >> to see the numbers of 10 of10 children in a short period of pf time in 10 days, that iss, that alarming in itself. i >> i just don't know what'sn't going on but it's definitely a deeper issue.ue. >> fox5's asked for numbersd fou on missing children in the t city and is still waiting onaitg thatequesest. however, d.c. police say thereat is not a spike in missing people but they are using be social media morere to help to locate them. lote the >> happening today, presidentng trump is expecte td toly send ed his first budget to congress con as >> the more thant 1 trillion-dollar proposallion-l will likely
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several agencies whileenci boosting defense spending.ense e >> melanie alnwick live onk li capitol hill with more. mor mel. >> reporter: hey, goodeporter: y morning, guys, yeah, even eve though that official releaseci is that scheduled foral later this morning, members ofme congress and the media got ago a little preview and here on capitol hill looks like thes lie early reviews are not going ing over well. president trump's big feature fe here of his first budget is a lot of money for defenseense spending. military spendingnding increase since ronald reaganr an infusion of money for troop p readiness the fight againstthe t the islamic state and newnd new ships fighter jets andips fig j the boost is offset by 54 billion in cuts to foreigns o aid and domestic agencies.ncies those cuts aimed at a dozendozn departments. hardest hit are agricultureriure labor state and the epa, the t national institutes of healthint also takes a budget cut. ut. thousands of federal workforcewr would lose their jobs.heir js. the budget also eliminates the national endowment for thee
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legal aid for the low income heatinl gai assistane and the americorps serviceamorpr program. ram. now, remember that border wallel that president trump promisedrod mexico would pay for? well, it is making a return in this ts budget. it is showing up here alonglon with president trump's wishp's h list, he wants a down payment of $1.5 billion to build thathat u.s. mexico border wall with another 2.6 billion planned in b the next budget year ilbeginning this coming october.ober now, this is only a portion ofpt the federal budget.udget. about one quarter of it. it that deals with what they call l discretionary spending. the rest of it, taxes entitlements such as social as l security medicare medicaid allee of that also needs to be dealte with as well and it all has too pass both houses of congress co and you can be sure that tat members here on capitol hill lawmakers are going to workto w hard to protect those programo that are important to their th states.t
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melanie alnwick. >> president trump slamming ag a federal judge blocking his hi travel ban. it is the second time the courts have stopped theopped t presidt's baban. this time then. hawaii based b judge rejected the he government's claim that the's c ban is aboutth national securitt not a muslim discrimination.scr. in a federal lawsuit the state e of hawaii argued the ban would d hurt its tourism industry.ndust. >> our tourism agent authorityat keeps statistics on the numbernr of people from the middle east t and africa who travel toel hawaii every year and it'sit's about 10,000. >> we're going to fight this terrible ruling. rulin we're going to take our caser ce as far as it needs to gogo including all the way up towaupo the supreme court.the supr >> hawaii is one of several se states including maryland that t have and issued legal challenges to the revised >> happening today, the house ti budget committee is expectedng d to vote onay theom mintteeew i e plan before it heads to theto e full house for approval.ppoval. however, house speaker paulpau ryan has acknowledged the bill b may undergo changes whichnges ch could delay the vote.
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congressional budget officeonale reviewed the healthcareheae proposal and found millions oflf fewer americans would ber insured after one year underamae ther on republican plan. >> 5:05 is the them mike thomas here to talk aboutau that freezing cold weather.wehe. >> another cold morning oo unfortunately breeze is still sl sticking a round. ro satellite and radar here thisreh morning showing some cloudsowin moving into the mountains,e mou, some snow showers as well. winter weather advisoriesr advi still in effect for the highland out to the west and out that's good for the skifor resorts a couple of which will be reopening this weekend for you to enjoy all the nice snow n that that winter storm juststorm brought that reon. 27 degrees outside of ourur studio here and clear skiesr sis being report odd.bein wind chills, though, with with those winds out of theout of t west-southwest not bad at sixatx but enough to get that windt tan chill down to the 20-degree0-dee mark and it does feel likeel l teens just off to the north rth and west of the city t yourt o forecast for the day today, t lots of sunshine.lots of thers
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yesterday when it was cloudy cl with flurries. today much more sun.thore sun. chilly and still breezy, winds five to 15 gusting up to 25,o 2, 30, later on this afternoon.hist the good news is we'll make it' up into the 40's today, which wi would help do a little bit of f melting if you still arestill ae dealing with some icywith some y sidewalks and driveways.dr all right, that's a check of chc the forecast.e forec let's head over to erin comoad now with a look atco our roads.r >> on-time traffic brought to bu you by toyota. toyoa. visit buy a for special offers.s. >> 5:07 right now and we do we have a new crash.have a new if you're c heading out ofea frederick trying to get into germantown, 270 southboundtown,u after 80, we're seeing thabo fee miles of backed up traffic. t we do know that crash is c blocking a the least one lane. a you may want to hop off andand take 355 around it. it once you get into germantownerat traffic is light.c is we'll keep you updated on thatot crash. again it's 270 southbound just after maryland 80.after ma as we look at the resryt of ourr roads still quiet on the quiet n beltway. problem free through collegeou park on the top side. outer loop inner loop throughoo oxon hill doesn't have thateh normal congestion as you cross the wilson bridge.the wils bridg looking really nice on ourur
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problem free in georgetown andea rosslyn. key bridge into georgetowne also looking good. good. memorial roosevelt bridgelt quiet and 50 coming from anne arrundel looks great inside inie the beltway through cheverlyh as well our secondaries in there district and around thes instria capitol and the white house very quiet.nd arounl an take ave rylook qa lok at metro next. aside from safe track, singletr tracking on the blue andking on yellow between braddock roadk ad and huntington/van dorn with don trains running every 24every 2 minutes the rest of your metroft commute is on time.mme i'll let you know if we getwe any other reported rail or metrobus delays this top of the beltway greatla on 95 in baltimore-washington bal parkway. so if you're headed ttiowardsd s bwi for an early morning moning flight or reagan national oronao dulles traffic is quiet on thefc way there i. any questions at erin fox5ue d.c. on twitter.stion twitter. back to you guys. >> all to right, coming up ag u number of law enforcementorce twitter accounts are attacked ae by hacke >> a northwest grocery healthry foods store is preparing torepao reopen after being forced tocedt close its doors. >> as we head to bosreak, liveki look outside across theac the region. the time is 5:08, the, the temperature 28 degrees.mperat d fox5 news morning back
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this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> 5:09 is the time right now. at least 30 people are dead after suicide bomb tershest 30 a judicial building at adicial bud restaurant in syria's in syria capitol. this comes assyrians mark sixmar years since the start of the country's civil which
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lives. diplomatic efforts to reach aaca ceasefire continue.efire c no word yet on owho is behind is the bombing but al-qaeda'sl affiliate in syria has claimed d responsibility for a wave ofbita similar attacks in recentecent weeks. weeks. >> in columbus ohio a policeohia officer was shot and wounded wo last night. night. officials say a suspect wasspecs also shot o the officer wasceras hospitalized after being shot in the t he's said to be in stable said a condition.ble police say the suspect is also l in stable condition.ondion no further information inform available at this time.ailable >> the atlanta policehe atla department says it is lookingayg to strengthen its cyberngthen r security after its twittertwi account was one of hundreds of corporate and government to be d attacked. g the attack was a result of resuf turkey's diplomatic feud withtih germany and the netherlands.nete the hackers used the account ac to tweet swastikas in turkishurh phrases. >> a bill recognizing parentalrl bereavement called the sara s grace farley kruger act.e farleu the bill would add death ofge a child as a life event thatt that would qualify for leave underunr
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allowing a grieving parent upie to 12 weeks to deal with aweek trauma and then return to work. >> whole foods store in gloveroo park due tods reopen thisop afternoon given the all clear ar by the health department afteret being shut down twice in two iwo months due to rodent problems.rb this location on the 1200 -- 12 2300 block of wisconsin avenuese northwest, that's where it'st, s located. the grocery store voluntarilyol closed during an inspectionsptin due to their failure to minimize rodents and otherand hr pests. >> coming up on fox5 newsoming morning, more anupd sexual on fl assaults are being reported atea two of the nation's military academies. >> and a highly decorated andatd respected actor says he usesh marijuana every day to help hel deal with debilitatingil arthritis >> as we head to break nowth hea let's go aheadd to b and take ae look across the d.c. region.reg. of 5:11 on this thursdaythur morning and only 28 degrees on8 the thermometer. fox5 news morning back rightmorr after this.ig afte >> ♪♪ r th>> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:13 is the time now. we're back with an:13 update on some of the school closingsclsis and delays this morning.orning. in maryland frederick county and washington county publicntyu schools on a two-hour delay.dela >> in virginia, fairfaxfarfax county, frederick county, co loudoun county public schoolslio you guys are also on a two-hour delay today. to and then in west virginia weg have just learned that berkeley county public schoolsc are actually going to beually gi closed today.ody. while jefferson county publicpbc schools also closed today. hampshire and morgan county cnty public schools you guysou ys opening two hours late. late all of the closings and delaysas are scrolling on the bottom ofi your screen and you can alsoan find them on our web site and our fox5 newsews app. ap >> ♪♪ right, ight, we've already admitted we're notwe've alre goi shovel any ice or clearovel a anything from our driveways.dr how soon before it melts? e it that's the big question.ues >> sooner than you think. ti maybe by this afternoon wither temperatures getting up intour the 40's and thees sunshine more important than even the air a temperature the sunshineer because the sun will helpat warr the ground to warmer than the te air will be just becausejust that's how things
5:15 am
sunshine but still chilly chi later on this afternoon.terno. again, temperatures aboutempera 10 degrees warmer than degrees yesterday but that's only low lw 40's which is about 10 degrees1s plus below where we should behew for this time ofe year. the 27 your current number inn d.c. so we've dropped a degree g last hour, 23 at gaithersburgitg as well as west some instar and frederick.and frederick baltimore is at 25, dulles at 25 and manassas 21 chillychly degrees this you factor ins th what our lighr winds but still enough thatill you'll feel it and you'lld y'll notice the differences in theers wind chill temperatures. cem i mean, it feels like 20 herekee in d.c., 23 for gaithersburg, 10 now up towards westminster,et 19 for dulles. for dule feels like 21 in manassasanaas meaning winds are calm. 18 trees t-, sorry 20 at quantico, 21 for leonardtown.eod satellite and radar there'sheres our storm system that's stillm y kind ofst starting to weakenwekn itself but continuing to pushg itself off to the north andh nd it's that return flow behindbehd it that's bringing in all the at cooler air still from canada. ca some snowflakes flying off towfa the north and west whichke is great for the ski resorts someki of which will be reopeningl be e this weekend for one lastne last hurrah since they didn't h
5:16 am
much to hurrah about all winter long. a foot of new snow over thehe course of the last few days,das, wisp with fresh new powder and timber line in west virginia aen foot of snow within the laste l 24 hours with all those laketh effect snow showers.effe so again those resorts arese rea where you can head thisn he weekend if you want to get in some of that skiing you yo weren't able to do all season sn long. high pressure to our south.ressh a west wind today.ind to it will be a breezy day once one again, not as bad as yesterday y though so a little improvementim here and there.nd thre. temperatures off to the north nh of town will stay in the 30'ss today. here in d.c. and portions southward, top the mid 40m re.ding or two. lots of sunshine should helpoul melt some of that ice on theice sidewalks and the plaque topse t around the 33 degrees is not your highreeso today. that's from's frome your overnight low tonight,tonit heading back to the 20's back ts though. 28 degrees, that is correct.cor. few passing clouds with with diminishing winds. w we'll get rid of those wind
5:17 am
there's your daytime high. hi 42 trees with sunshine andsuin breezy temperatures.res. 50 degrees for your saintyour patrick's day. ts sunnyunny maybe a few showers to may end it saturday we could start with aeo couple of showers as well withel highs making it into thehe mid-50's. we do get a.m. 60-degreem.-degre reading on the seven day nextt week. but we do cool it back down aso we head towards the middle and ladder parts of next week asarts well. that's a check of the a check oe forecast. erin como back this morning with a check of traffic.omo ba . >> i like how much closer ther four leaf clover is getting to us. us >> tomorrow. >> it's friday >> are you going wideayar t gren but we can't. it could beit weird. right now if you're waking upw in frediferick we hav yeou 'ra r 270 southbound after 80. 8. it's clear to the shoulder soulo the big line of red we were wewe seeing turned yellow.ned yellw. delays, about a 15 minutete slowdown from 70 down through urbana. once you pas s that crash scenesh cene on 80 traffic is moving alongong fine. germantown gaithersburg and gain rockville this morning.vill we'll forward oue r maps andps show you what else you're upyo against this on the outer loopns looking okig really good problem free one
5:18 am
secondaries in kensingtonen silver spring and colesvilleesvl quiet. temperatures so cold todayat watch for a little bit of thatuh refreeze. refreeze. icy conditions especially onspel your secondaries bridgesbidge overpasses on and off o just a morning to take it slowng as you t adjust while they cleat out all that leftover snow andsn sleet. traffic looking good on 50n50 from the bay bridge throughridgg bowie this morning.owie this g. we're problem free in southernir maryland things on fiveland thif lookingive good.d. right now suitland parkwaypay inbound isn't seeing majorseeing delays and 395 quiet from rom alexandria to the 14th street bridge. i like what i'm seeing on the te freeway by the third streetthirt tunnel. metro is on time except for safe track. more traffic in a few. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. holly and wisdom. ho thanks testi 5:18. let's take a look at thetthe stories you're engaging withre n the most on social media using n the realtime news tracker.trcke. >> more reports of sexualports l assaults at two prominent military academies. the report shows that sexualseal assaults have increased atcreas west point and the u.s. naval n academy military officials sawis these latest numbers as a sign
5:19 am
comfortable coming forward toaro report sexual assault. >> actor kal penn making funn at hollywood at its ownts o expense. he tweeted out photos of old scripts showing the racially stereotyped roles heped roles auditioned for before findingfig fame. the parts included a gandhi look alike, a quirky indiandi lab buddy and a pakistanipakistn computer geek. ge penn currently starlings in the hit abc show designated survivor. ivo >> sir patrick stuart says hecke uses marijuana every day.very d. he says he uses it to help to hp deal with debilitatingeb arthritis symptoms.riti stuart admitted to uss ing usng marijuana as he threw hisrew hi support behind a uk firstuk research initiative by oxfordox university which claims toclims explore the benefits ofefit cannabis based >> cheerios to the rescue.eriost the company has launched as laua program to help save a species of american bees.meri bees are endangered species for the first time in u.s. u.s. history. with the help of their honeyy nut cheerios mascot buzz thesco
5:20 am
have a hundred millionllion wildfire seeds planted acrosseen the country byted a offering tot send wildflower seeds todfler s people for free.people forree. >> an 11-year-old boy launchesas a book club to celebrate blacktb boys movement sydney keithmove started a reading club formelub boys his age to band togetheroge in their love for reading.redin. books and bro'sly is not only y putting an emphasis on makingng reading fun but also upliftingln african-american males.rica >> great story. >> yeah. >> you go. good for you. >> all right. coming up onn- f news morning, a number of poeoplxe including two russian two government officials arelyly facing charges related to a massive yahoo data breach. >> executives at budweisercuti have a plan to go where no n beer has gone before.before. >> as we head to break, theeak,t time right now is 5:20.:20. fox5 news morning back in ack ia moment.nt >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> u.s. justice department. ju announced charges in the cases e yesterday. yahoo was breached twice.s brea. the first breach happened backpa in 2013 and it affectedaff 1 billion user accounts.ccunts a year later 500 million more mr accounts were breached.ount the suspects including ats incli resident of canada all face hacking and espionage charges.. >> the fed raised its ra benchmark rate by a quarter point and reaffirmed itirmed it forecasts for two more hikes twe this year. nearly eight years after the yet great recession the fed feelson the economy is healthy enoughugh for tighter credit and that itrr no longer needs to support the low borrowing ra >> go pro cutting?,.cu the company says it will cut c 270 jobs as it continues toti trim this follows about 200 layoffs0a in november. investors were enthused o
5:24 am
the company when it first wentrt public in 2014 but its stockt ik has plunged after a recall of of its karma drone and increasing >> is that a go pro cameracaera with a shark? okay. ok budweiser has a pretty bigrettyg goal. it wants to be the first beere t in space. sace. the company officials say it'sys currently exploring how toplorin deal with the micro gravitygraiy environment on mars. on m the brewer says it wants to betb ready if and when mars is colonized. >> just in time for cothe sprine starbucks releasing theirt first ever spring line of cupsus today. y. the pastel colored cups will wil only be available for a a limited time.ted ti they're launching two springchin drinks the cocoa nut milk mocha macchiato and cinnamonin almond milk >> i think i said this beforere but i have had the sin monthh and almond milk macchiato andchn it's pretty good. g >> do you put whipped cream onpn that stuff or not. >> no. >> that looks like what theyt ty did for
5:25 am
where you draw your own deign.. >> they're very colorful.y colo. >> spring starts monday.pring >> they're ahead ofstar the gam. >> right. >> they always seem to be.ys se. certainly doesn't feel likenly l spring out there just yet. yet. might look a little weirdttlei walking around with a springa cup on a freezing cold day. da. 27 trees your flub in, what, gaithersburg 21, 25 for1, 25 or frederick and westminster t manassas 24. fredericksburg 27 degrees atburg this hour. satellite and radar, signs of f winter off to the north andand west but flurries and snowflurra showers flying through theying e mountains where winter weatherwr advisories are in that effect.ic near d.c. and east of kind ofeao the ridge tops there we ares th clearing it out. out. actually moon is big, brightig and beautiful out in the sky sy there this morning.there lots of sun headinthg your wayiu for the morning hours butu staying cold. stay by 11 o'clock onliny 34 degreese by the afternoon, though, tho we'll pick up a west wind andd n that west wind will help warml p us up a bit believe it or not.o. 39 trees by 2 o'clock and intock the 40's we go later on thison h afternoon and all thathat sunshine should help do quite do a bit of melting for any kindr y of ice left ov
5:26 am
sidewalks and the drivewayshe around the that's a check of theck forecast. let's head over to erin como now with a check oft's heof traffic. traf >> 5:25 right now. 5:25 ri we're still tracking this crash coming down from frederick, 270 southbounderick, moved over to the 2shoulder70or after 80 you can see somean seem yellow. we're dealing with residualng wr delays from that earlier crashl that was blocking a lane asneas well as congestion as you passp 70 to the truck scales.ruck so give yourly self about 10 to 15 extra minutes.miutes. things picking up but no major o delays through germantown and an gaithersburg this morning. we have a new urcrash 395rash 5 southbound. it's on the ramp to edsalledall road. use caution there. th traffic is still getting bytingy but again 395 southbound onhbo the ramp to edsall you mayay encounter slow traffic.raf the northbound side of 395 is 3i nice and quiet as you passyou ps through arlington.ingt problem free by the pentagonhe p as well. i'll let you know if that changes. freeway looking 50 arlington boulevard is thato problem free and intside thee te beltway 66 looking good.o volume picking up in manassasnas on 66 but not enough to cause ca any slowdowns.y sl we also have no yellow rushelloh plus service between
5:27 am
greenbelt on the yellow line and single tracking on the yellow anda-t onng leblue becauu safe any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on testi twitter.twiter. holly and >> thanks erin.s ein. coming up detectivescomi upt search for the man responsiblees for a deadly shooting [inaudible]
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>> coming can up, budgetg can ut proposals. president trump unveils his h first budget which includes a a significant boost to military spending. travel ban delayed.elyed federal judge with a last l minute and it's bracket time.time. today the ncaa men'snca basketball tournament begins bes meaning many of you will be wile less productive during theve du work day. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news >> good morning to you. g thank you forood joining us.s. i'm wisdom martin.main. >> i'm holly morris. i'm hollyr. today is thursday march 16th.. our top story this morning, probably guessed it frigides temperatures and leftover snowes and ice prompting sch aoolho closures and delays.deays. in maryland frederick garrett gt washington and allegany county
5:31 am
public schools all opening two hours late. hours la >> in virginia. fairfax countyoy frederick county and loudoun county public schools also onchn a two-hour delay.elay in west virginia jeffersonjef berkeley county public schoolshs are closed while hampshire andid morgan county public schoolschos opening two hours late. all the delays scrolling alongey thes bottom of your screen your can find them on our web site se and our fox5 news ns app. >> turning to politics.oli today president trump set tot unveil his first budgetrst budg proposal. the $1.1 trillion budget willlil focus on increasing defenseasine spending while cutting theg e budget for several other othe federal agencies.genc now the expectedexp 54 million-dollar boost forli military is the largeston-d soln the reagan era. er for the department of agriculture labor state andate n the epa will see some of the large cuts. c >> president trump vowing toent fight back against the federal judge's ruling blocking hisockig revised travel ban.revised aveln the ruling came down hours cam before the ban was supposed toe goan was into and effect. ef it's the second time thed time courts have stopped theed the esidenent's ban. this time a federal judge in jun
5:32 am
government's claim that thementc ban was about nationlaalimtiona security. the judge ruled the bane ba discriminates on the basis of nationality. >> discrimination that occursimo that's unconstitutn ionalth or r illegal. if it result s in any harm tony our state then we're going tog o fight it and i think that's the point.e >> this is the opinion of manyy an unprecedented judicial judicl overreach. >> in a federal lawsuit hawaii i argued the ban would impact ipat its tourism industry.dustry. hawaii is one of several one of states including maryland andndd that have issued legalave issuel challenges to the revised ban.en >> happening today, the house hu budget committee expected to ext vote on the new healthcarealhcae plan. before it heads to the full fll house for approval.pp however house speaker paulker au ryan has acknowledged the bill b may under go changes whichan could delay the gevote.y the vo. it comes just days after the te congressional budget officebudge reviewed the healthcare proposal and found millions of o fewer americans would be b insured after one year under yer the republican plan. plan. >> we're following the we're fne developing story this moin
5:33 am
apartment complex in largolago maryland. the shooting happened on shootipened campus way south laston night.n. police say they found the man ma suffering from gunshot wounds gs in the apartment complex hallway. hallway. hawpe pronounced dead on theon scene. police haven't roueleahesed hiss identity yet.entity yet no word if they made anyde any arrests. ar >> concerns at the university of maryland after arns at white nationalist group posted flyers around campus.capus. they direct students to theirecn web site van guard america. amr. the group states our america is to be a nation exclusivelyexc for the white american people.p. campus police are investigating.investating. >> 5:32 right now.>> let's go to a story fox5 continues to follow. teenagers disappearing fromppeg the district. >> just last week we told you y about 10 black teenaged girls who were reportednaged missing r a 10-day span. fox5's annie yu is live ine in northwest with more on thismores developing story. annie. >> reporter: hey, good rorter: h morning to you wisdom anding holly. yeah, this is the story thatory we have been watching closely cy and following -- and coveringcog ever since the districtisrict started talking more abo
5:34 am
alarming rate at which these the teens have gone missing. gon as you mentioned just lasted jut week we talked about the 10t t black missing teenaged girls gil over the last -- missing overinr a 10-day span and at the startet of this year in 2017, d.c.17, d. police began to publicize thepui name and faces of those of e critical missing teens.tens a large number of them are minors and females and fox5nd sat down with the newly appointed commander of d.c.'sf youth and family service ace division tasked with gettingn to the bottom taofsk each case d commander chanel dickerson di told us that she believes it'sse part of a deeper s issue and wee also spoke with derrica wilson. she agrees. >> i think about relisha rudd. a i think th rat she was sold anda that's a name that that hasn't t come up lately but i think thin that we need to kreally take a hard core look at all theseore kids that are missing, eveneve though there has not been any b indication that they arecation involved in humthanat traffickif i think the follow-up is going i to be so important to find outdt why did
5:35 am
>> reporter: now, the alarming number of children chin going missing is not only peaked the interest of our of community but on social mediay but as you cbuant see several national outlets are also shedding light this matter.tte some people say it has gonegone underreported.derr we have reached out to thee reac district asking for nuhemd bersn the teens that have gone have ne missing. miss we're told that there isn't asna spike, that rather, they're th'e just publicizing this more onths social that's the very latest fromt frm d.c. police headquarters. p back to you in theolic studio. >> ♪♪ >> 5:35. 35 is the time right now. let's go to mike thomas.thomas. >> we're talking coldng cold temperatures. like jan.e january. >> really feels cold. co >> the winter that wasn't ininth march. only a couple more days until dl spring. hat'hat's fine. if it's a winter that onlya lasts a couple days, i'm okayayy with that. th. >> slowly and steady.t it's not going to jump back tom 70's and 80's but we will at
5:36 am
like these as we head into theie weekend. reagan national 27 degrees atonl this hour, dulles 25, were.ere. wi25 as well. w your wind chill, throw, with, the breezes factored inezes fton feeling like the teens ands a lower 20's around the 18 manassas, 19 for dulles, 16 for up towards frederick feelsfeels like 17 degrees and then westminster and baltimored baltr feeling like 15 degrees asdegres well. so, another day where guess ge what bundle it up.up. extra layers needed thisra ls ni morning. satellite and radar clear skies overheadllite though.h one of the reasons we were the able to get so chilly but youut she snow showers flying over sho the mountains today. winter weather advisorieser weav remain in effect foris the high lands and those ski resortsose r which might just open this this weekend one last time givee giv people a chance to get to the season that wasn't for thosesn't ski resorts. rts. 42 degrees breezy later ony l this afternoon but a good a g amount of sunshine.unshe. tomorrow starts with sun butsunt ends with more clouds andore cld possibly some showers.o right around the evening commute on wards for yourn ward friday afternoon so for saintfo patrick's day activities in's d the seconds half of the dayco you may want to grabnds thethe umbrella. umbrella
5:37 am
that's a check of the forecast. let's head to erin como fo r ar a check of traffic. >> 5:36 this morning, that's exciting. thursday morning red lineay morn problems alreadylready unfortunately. signal problem outside silver watch for recommends to shady grove. that's important for our redurrd line riders. 395 and southbound they're aey'e crash on the ramp to westbounded edsall road.ll ro ramp is still opened but it opet could slow you down. down. 395 is not looking terrible.err. 270 an earlier crash by 80y 80 cleared but you have delaysve d from 70 down through 109 androu especially heavy as you pass ass the truck scales.s any questions at erin fox5uest d.c. on twitter.ioc. on twitter. wisdom and holly.olly. >> 5:37 is the time.t coming up on fox5 news morningmo 1,000 additional american ameri troops getting ready to beread e deployed to the middle east. as. >> secretary of state rexf sta tillerson goes halfway around the world to face protestsrld e spearheaded by americanearheadei citizens. >> live look outside acrosse lot the region and atside a 5:37, 5, 27 degrees is the ba i
5:38 am
5:39 am
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>> ♪♪ >> back now at 5:40 with more headlines.w at 5 u.s. citizens protest a visit by u.s. secretary of
5:41 am
tillerson early this morningearl of they want him to uphold theup commitment to paris agreementag on climate change.onma tillerson expected to hold a a meeting with the japaneseg prime miwinthister today after r which he'll head to southd to korea and china.korea and >> more troops may be headchingd to syri u.s. military has come up with h plans that would deploy up to 1,000 more troops into andint northern syria in the coming weeks increasing america'sme presence in syria which is in s trying to fight the islamicyria state.. it would potentially doubleally the number of u.s. forces in syria. >> latest campaign, then, he company taking inspirationsption from the hit show mad men.n. the show first featured thised s ad in the fourth episode the he sixth season.e john draper had to pitch toit heinz and he pitched three adscr highlighting use of the catsup and the slogan past the heinz.n. spokesperson for heinz says he that slogan still works today.t. >> coming up on fox5 newsfox morning the game
5:42 am
favorite of kids, right?igt? one school out west says thes e game is just too physical. >> all a maryland lawmakers debate aata new bill at preventingrevent antibiotics resistant superstanu bugs. >> as we head to break live live look across the d.c. region on this chilly thursday okay, it's more than chilly. it's down right cold outside,ou, right? 5:42 is our time rightt now, 27 degrees. fox5 news morning coming backomk in just two minutes.mins. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
5:43 am
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:45 is our time right now. there isur tim our national -- e beloved cherry blossoms.lo >> cold weather creating a lotet of problems for them. t >> there was significantgn damage for this year's blooms.b. but little hope on the horizon. izon. they took some cuttings.utt they'll force them tom emergency room and see whaty roa happens.nd then later today -- actuallyt during the 9 o'clock hour ofr f good day we'll talk withalk wit someone from the park service te about it and perhaps there t will be some emergency rooming blooming stimellr totake place i bless their little pinkle hearts. >> it's still cold. >> i >> 27 is the kt'eys st temperatm i think it was yesterday whented we got down to 22 that
5:46 am
kind of did most of the the damage. damage. >> in a certain period ofod of time. time. >> will the wind die down.e dn >> it dies down a bit todayn a i but it's tomorrow that it's it's gone. gone okay.y. >> one step at a i have good s news. ne i got signs of spring here he even though it's not going tooit look anything like this today.y. but, hey, spring solsticeolst coming up starting on monday my just about four days from arom little over 45 minutes from now exactly.xct spring will be here. hee. monday 6:30 in the morning.m i'm sure we'll be celebratingcer somehow during the morningrni hours. ho winds not as bad today but remaining breezy.breezy. that's headline number one.ber n headline number two chillyer twl despite a good amount of sunshine. . highs about 10 degrees warmerwar than yesterday but that'sy but still only low 40's. 4s. yesterday only 33 trees hereeese in d.c.c. few late saint patrick's dayaink showers. we'll start tomorrow with aart o good amount of sun butmorrow iff you're heading out for evening g festivities be aware you maybe y need the umbrella if you'reou're getting downtown.ntown slightly milder by the time wetw get to the weekend as well wll with temperatures returning to the 50's to even mi
5:47 am
possibly upper 50's as we get at into your day on saturday. satud satellite and radar around theae region still lots of signs ofsio winter around.arond. just snow showers andshowers and flurries, big old storm systemoe has pushed off well to the north and west. bigger snows out towards the oue mountains. enough that some of these skie resorts are going to open foropn one more weekend.we seven springs in pennsylvaniang received a foot oinf new snoweww thrust recently wisp over asp or foot of snow for them and then timber line out in westr virginia a foot olif new snow sw just within the past 24 hourshus so again you can check outout those resort web sites and you can see the details on when they'll be opwening for these th weekend festivities.e kind of a last hurrah for those ski resorts here. he high pressure building down toel the south will force aorce a westerly wind slightly warmerslr direction for us but we'll still be breezy so stillo stil feeling chilly.chil highs expected to make it into o the low to mid 40's inn washington. feeling coldereling colder than that. th. better news will be much more abundant sunshine and the sune u itself should help tome
5:48 am
blacktop and sidewalks but once again tonight we'll havel e to watch for the melting toing reeeze.e. 42 degrees your high today,to mostly sunny again we're keeping the breezes around for a little while here.n we'rar we move into your eveningound while eveni we'll keep it mostly clear cear just a few passing clouds.loud winds will that finally start ta to reallyt diminish and i thinh we're in for a much calmer daycc on friday. fox5 accuweather 7-day accuweatr forecast here, 42 degrees your r daytime high today. t saint patrick's day 50 degrees'5 for your friday.0your frida again watch out for a few a fe showers late in the eveninglate and then through the overnigh ii and through the first half ofhao the day on saturday as well well though highs there much betterhb up to 56 degrees.6 de that's normal for this time ofmo year. sunday back down to 50 but0 then back up we go monday 58on for the first day of spring. tuesday 60 degrees few showers s possible.le. unfortunately bad news does look like we go right backt b down next week.down nex. 50 on wednesday and looks like i we could be colder than that th next thursday. that's a check of thenext checke forecast. erin como is back with a lookwi at the roads and the rails.ais. >> cold in the studio todaydio y mike. >> it's freezing in here. hee. >> grab your gloves your hatr gl your winter jacket,
5:49 am
you make your way out.our way right now this is a live look at 6. volume building as you passu pas sudley road past the visitor's center area. leave the house about 15the hous minutes earle y.tes ear things picking up on 95 as well. this is the northbound sidebound past route major congested areas just yet. slowest by courthouse road ind n stafford because of a lot ofse o traffic out and about right ab now. we'll show you a look rightook h now this is 395. 35. an earlier crash on the ramp from 395 and southbound toboundo edsall road westbound and you can see traffic along.a we have metro problems.r red line delay single problemrom outside silver spring.pring. expect delays in both directions by shady grove.. still looking good 95 over to the two and 70 spur.two and 70 at speed. sp same story on 95. story on the icc down to the beltwayhe by loin
5:50 am
earlier crash did clear at 80at8 but we're still slow from 70fro0 in frederick down through urbana. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.tiond.c.n twit back to yoteu guys.r. guys. >> 5:49 is the time right now. preventing super bugsenting peru resistant to esteban santiagotoe a. that's the goal of thestagooal e proposed bill in maryland.ry the keep antibiotics effectiveti act would ban theot regular usee of antibiotics and livestock even if the animals aren't arent sick. the bill is in response to to super bugs becoming more andbecr moree resistant to antibioticsa people in support of the bill b say the inappropriate and excessive use of antibiotics in agriculture ise partly to to blame for the rise in supere i bugs. >> 70 percent of all thel antibiotics sold in thisotic country are sold for the usehe s on animals.nials. it's used on animals thattht aren't sick to compensate for conditions on those farms.ho >> the full senate could vote on the measure as soon asas tomorrow. it would then head to the statehouse. 0. 5ime now is 5:5 let's take a look at the e stories you're engaging withginw the most this morninon
5:51 am
news tracker. >> first up on what's hot onot the web president trump isump proposing to move air trafficaff controllers out of the federaltl aviation administration and to a private corporation. the proposal is part ofcpropos presidental trump's $1.2 trillion budgetbud blueprint. airlines the controllers union ers union and congressional advocates want the change to avoid spending disputes and workeres w furloughs in recent years.yea >> president trump says he has a lot of evidence to support sut his claim that president obama a wire tapped him. in ani interview with fox's tucker carlson that last night t the president says veryays very interesting items will emerge soon. soon. the house intelligencentel committee says so far there'slit no evidence of wiretapping atat trump tower.wer >> starting this summer mastercard's mobile paymentd's service will let people openpeop managele and close their tabs at participating bars completelyomy through their phones withoutphot having to hand over a credit card. >> ivanka trump hopped on aa plane to see hertrum friend canadian prime minister justinju trudeau introduce
5:52 am
play. the play is about a small canadian town that cared forat r stranded passengers on 9/11.11. the un ambassador nikki haley ha was also there. >> end fooly president obamaly p keeping up were it his march wem madness oh put out his ncaa tournament tradition and >> first they changed the way kids learn math.learn math. now schools are taking away aawa favorite recess game.s game. a school in california hasnia h gone viral for banning the t game tag. the principal at gold ridged rig elementary in folsom sent outlst a letter to parents say tag,y t, touch football and any otherd ae games involving physicalhysal contact will no longer bebe allowed at recess.recss. the move comes after some kidses reportedly got hurt.. but many students and parents say this is going too far. fa >> all right.ll rh
5:53 am
worth? for one fan in tokyon to attending the the worldh baseball classic not that much.much a two run homer in the t netherlands win over cuba and ad he bashed something else ase s well as that fan sitting righttt there. got to hurt. hur. >> and the at a and is now talking two octaves higher.high. >> if he can breathe or speakn r at all, yeah. [laughter] >> wow . >> [laughter] >> we just mentioned that th president obama's bracket.ra the countdown to march madness d and it's also the first ncaa fi tournament games tip off in a ia little more than seven hours.u >> my favorite two days of theoh torn in a. today and tomorrow. first up for o urtoda y local teamsams uva plays this afternoon at 12:40. maryland and cvu and virginiaang tech play this evening but theie big question is is yours is bracket filled out yet? theette clock is ticking.ock is tic you have the chance to challenge the anchors of goodg dadaisms we invite you to join o our bracket group on fox
5:54 am
look to the challenge under undr the fantasy tab. now, the group is good dayoodday d.c. you don't need a password.p make sure you get it done de before noon today. and good cluck.and good let the madness begin. bein. the president and firstpres lady announced nidew detailsdeta about the annual easter eggasteg roll at the white house.t the the evenwht wilitl be held mondy april 17th on the south lawn.u children 13 years old and3 yeard younger can attend.atte. lottery for tickets is opened now until saturday march 18. winners will be notified onnotin march 31st. ma six minutes before theminu hour. that means it's time for ourheti facebook fan of the day.. today it is sada. sa. she loves her morning coffee cof with foxf5. >> she calls us great peoplet pp who help her wake up with a smile. she also says that the weatherae report with tucker barnes is "tuck-tuck" as well. we >> what does that mean? what does that mean. >> yeah. >> we want to know what does that mean.ean. send us a message and tell usels what that means.what thame for your chance to be fan ofbe f the day
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this one.e. >> mike-mike.>> mike-mi >> we >> that one i like. >> tuck-tuck is luck.tuckl >> all right. >> okay. >> tuck-tuck is usually bady lunch every now and thenthen tuck-tuck is luck i suppose.ppo sunshine as we head throughh the day today. so, again, much better thanthn yesterday in else the of thein cloud cover, much more e of that bright yellow sunshine we likese to see this time of 82er should help melt some of thep m ice. pickup temperatures for the kids at the bus stop, thereempee are some delays they're scrolling throughout theing bottom of your screen allreen al morning long here but wind chills for those of you for thou heading in on time between 10et0 and 22 degrees.deees. burn dell it up.bu after school still onrn theon te chill. side. 10 degrees warmer thanl. warmern yesterday for mostyesty for most neighborhoods. wind chills though still below o freezing just about all dayall y long but again more sunshine sue today t fox5 accuweather 7-day7y forecast 42 degrees today, 50 for your saint patrick's day.ait do watch out for a few p showerw during the second half of theech day and during the early party of saturday as well.wel highs saturday afternoon backook up into the mid-50's but then
5:56 am
to 50. back up again 58 on the first te day of spring on monday and 60 by tuesday with a few showershos possible. all right, that's thehat's th forecast. send it over to erin como for tr a check of the roads.ds >> 5:55. we got you covered this cov this thursday morning.thursday red line signal m problemm outside silver delays in both directions onrecs the red line as you make yourkey way to and from shady grove.gro d.c. police traffic letting usan know a trafg fic in the district 1700 block of i street northwest. one northbound lane is blocked. expect delays. updated.p you 95 southbound disabled truck trk on fairfax county parkwayy way typical delays on thepi northbound side of 95 comingcalg up from dale let's hop outside and show you a live look at what's going ongg around the area. are things looking good on theon inner loop out throughugh annandale. and 395 is cruising. cruising we're seeing heavier traffic t pick up past king street.str no delays just yet as you headue to the 14th street bridge.rid 66 you can see some brakeme lights as you pass 234. usual delays from manas
5:57 am
leave the house about 15about minutes early and keep it top io fox5. we'll help you get around on this friday eve.y eve. hey, thursday morning soundssous more fun as friday eve.y eve. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> and ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 a f campaign full oxo5 fght ah proms translated into dollars anddolld
6:00 am
we're just an hour away from president trump's releasing his budget blueprint. straight ahead a look at thedgoe major agencies on the chopping c block.ho block. >> plus, teenagers disappearing at an alarmingarmg rate. we're pushing into answersanswes into what's being done to stop p this trend. >> live look outside on this ons thursday morning. march 16, waking up to up to temperatures in the 20's.ures is weather and traffic coming upin on the 5s atg 6:05. 6 good morning to you, i'm allison seymour.alli >> and i'm steve ch. welcome to fox5 news morning.or this morning's frigidning's frig temperatures the leftovertover snow, the ice prompting amptinga couple of school closures and os delays. in maryland let's start with fredick.k. garrett washington andngton allegany county public schools c all opening two hours lates l today. >> in virginia now fairfaxirfa county frederick county cou loudoun county public schoolslis also on a two-hour delay.dely. ly to west virginia we go. go. jefferson and berkeley countyuny public schools are closed cl while hampshire and morganorg county public schools are on an two-hour delay.del all of the closings and delaysd are scrolling along the bottomg of your youscr you can also fin


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