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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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answers after 14-year-old girl is reportedly raped by classmates in their montgomery county school. we track down the superintendent. >> can you assure parents their students are safe >> is absolutely. i have five children i understand. >> a home explosion in maryland left this family without a home too. >> for the first time, the family is asking fox 5 about how their dealing with the unimaginable tragedy >> thieves breaking into local
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gun shops wiping them clean. how police managed to track down the suspects. >> we begin any a fox 5 exclusive. a teenager is raped in her high school and for days, the school superintendent has been side stepping parent concerns and our inquiries. i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. fox 5 made several attempts to speak with montgomery county public school superintendent jack smith. it wasn't until tonight when we caught him leaving his office that we finally got a response. marina marraco joins us live with the exclusive interview. >> this crime happened in montgomery county. shouldn't school safety and issues surrounding undocumented students be a concern for all school systems. >> reporter: tone, we asked the superintendent that question and tons of others that our viewers posted to us that have yet to be answered. and yesterday, dr. smith, a superintendent from montgomery county public schools broke his silence. he did so with a public open letter. he declined several
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interviews to be exact. we put in fox 5 put in three formal requests to interview the superintendent. all three of those requests were denied. so today, we drove here to the board of education and we waited for three hours for dr. smith to leave his office and finally, we asked him those questions. >> i put out a letter last night. terrible situation. at horrible situation. when we look at all the information from thursday and we hand it over to the police immediately t and at this point, it's their investigation. >> reporter: but you had an 18-year-old in your school enrolled as a freshman. you don't see that as a problem >> we have a lot of 18-year-olds in our schools. it's. >> reporter: 18-year-old with a senior 24 >> our students was in a mets program for english learners. that's a program across the system. it's not a matter of what grade they're in. but the
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for english learners. >> reporter: how does an 18-year-old have any sort of contact way 14-year-old woman, girl, female who's a minor. he's an adult >> i can't talk about any of the facts around the case because there's an ongoing police investigation and the police and the courts will sort that out as i said my letter last night, information will continue to come out in the coming weeks. it's important for people as horrible as the situation is, not to jump to conclusions or say things. that they may have to rethink or take back. >> reporter: is there any sort of alternative or secondary learning situation for a person like the 18-year-old instead of placing them at a high school with 14-year-olds >> there's a variety of different programs and other programs for older students. as i said i can't really speak to the situation because there's an ongoing police investigation and a lot of information
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police department in the court process. and people have a clear picture. but it's a horrible situation. my thoughts and prayers are with the girl and her family and we're offering all the support we can as they go through this. >> reporter: were you aware of the ice detainers on these two men >> we don't have information typically about students and their immigration. >> reporter: can you assure parents at rockville high their students are safe >> we will do everything in our power, i have five children and four grandchildren. i understand. >> reporter: tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. there will be a pta meeting at rockville. i asked dr. smith if he would be in attendance. his response was i don't know if i'll be there or not. maybe. live tonight in montgomery county. marina marraco fox 5 local news. >> marina i can understand the outrage and concern about an
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freshmen. do we know if the same situation existed at other high schools. >> reporter: he says throughout the high schools here in montgomery county there are many 18-year-olds that are in high schools enrolled in public school in montgomery county. but remember this 18-year-old was enrolled as a freshman, so he still has four years left at that school. which would put him at roughly 22 years graduating as a senior. that would be something rare if you will here in the county and across our high school and large concern of parents especially girls 14 years old given what we saw happen last week at rockville high >> i know put out the letter did he have any explanation as to why he didn't want to speak out publicly? a lot of parents had concerns and fears about this. >> reporter: he just kept saying this is still an active investigation. eight criminal investigation and he did not want to melt with the investigation. he did not to reserve his person
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place and how they handled things. we asked him if he would answer concerns and questions from parents themselves tomorrow at that pta meeting and he wiggled through that question and would not give a definitive answer at the end saying maybe he would be there. >> hopefully we'll be there so we can see what happens. thank you very much. new tonight at 10:00 police say a rockville man shot his dog and then himself. before an explosion that leveled his home and shook houses miles away >> a neighbor actually shared this picture of steven beck and his pitbull max with us. only on fox 5 we're talking to mr. beck's neighbor who's home is condemned because of the blast. lindsay watts is live with the latest. >> reporter: shawn and tony, investigators have not determined whether steven beck intentionally caused the explosion. that is what many neighbors around here believe at this point. so you can see people have been leaving flowers on the
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some have taped dog bones for a lot of compassion for the lives lost despite the circumstances. today we're able to get a closer look at the what's left of this home, just a pile of rubble here and we're also learning more about the family who lived just behind this property. they feel lucky to be alive. >> i don't understand the situation. >> reporter: about 15 feet away, from this explosion, daniel ronivich 6-year-old sons were sleeping. >> glass all over, and. >> reporter: he says he didn't know if his sons were alive when he grabbed them from their beds and ran with them >> how are they? >> they're, big shock for them. back to school today. with their friends hopefully they will be fine. >> reporter: t f
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home condemned. it has the worse damage of the ten that were impacted. boarded up windows can be seen around the house where police say steven beck shot and killed himself prior to the blast. neighbors say they can't believe he killed his pitbull too. >> that was his family. max. >> reporter: his home was in foreclosure and set for auction. neighbors say he had become a recluse. never expected this >> it was devastating, sad. you really understood the depth of despair that he was in. >> reporter: some left flowers at the home. others came just to see the destruction. he focused on his own house and what's next. >> it's damaged hopefully soon we'll be back in our home. >> reporter: the big question that remains now is, what exactly was it that caused such a powerful explosion? investigators have said they found that beck was illegally tappin
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they still have not link that day to what happened here. live in rockville lindsay watts fox 5 local news. three men accused of robbing several gunshots in our area, detectives sayhey stole thousands of dollars worth of weapons. fox 5 tisha lewis is live. >> reporter: they made their first appearance in federal court. they will be back in alexandria. we're here at one of the gunshots hit in chantilly. the manager says the crooks got away with 35 guns on the heels of the arrest and charges one of those guns was recovered. >> the team at 50 west armory guns in chantilly says they're he is at a timic. the suspects stole more than i want $25,000
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less than a minute >> thrilled they were caught and we're amazed with fairfax county responded to quickly to them breaking if the store, and we can't thank fairfax county atf enough but we're more happy with the fact they caught them in a week. 23-year-old preston homes and matthews joins and 19-year-old daniel quarrels were charged with conspiracy and theft of firearms. they're accused of swiping gun from three dealers in the last ten days. scott wall checked to see if they were customers >> we don't recognize them. we went back to the database, we don't have a record of them. >> reporter: a tip apparently led to the group's arrest, federal investigators say the fast moving crooks are also responsible for the march 14th burglaries of tack ankle and sfg tack
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i that a prompted them to examine the security >> any time anybody has a facility broken into, whether it be your home or business, would you not be smart enough to look and see if there's anything we can do better. >> reporter: businesses back to normal at 50 west armory in chantilly. we're told that the firearms were entered into a database. that means if they pop up at any dealer or a pawn shop they will be flagged. the the defendants were arrested and charged over the weekend and if convicted could face up to to ten years in prison. tisha louis fox 5 local news. coming up nearly $1 million worth of heroin is off the streets of northern virginia. where police say they made the massive weekend bust. marines rider to adhere to the new social media policy. we're going to break down what it means for
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fox 5 news at 10:00.
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mayor mayor muriel bowser it happened this afternoon in northwest dc. mayor bowser stopped by to honor. >> we do a walk in the community every month with members of our administration. we check on business corridors, meet with council members to see what these corridors need >> the mayor tells us some needs include fixing sidewalks lights and in some cases removing trees. just blocks away, police officers were responding to a theft it happened during the day. broad daylight 5300 block of wisconsin avenue northwest. we're told the officers chased the suspect into montgomery county. police arrested the suspect, who is now facing
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it is the first night of spring, a little cool out there. i understand it might be a little bit warmer tomorrow. >> gary mcgrady joins us with a look at that wake-up forecast >> we're hoping tomorrow we can crack the 60 degree number for the first full day of spring for the season. 2017. let me show you we didn't get there today. high temperature managed up to 54. a little shy of where we should be. 54 degrees for dulles and 52 for bwi marshal. it's a little on the cool side. but not too cold. temperatures holding right at 50 in town. a few spots of north and west in the middle 40's and still around 50 degrees. after you guys in fredericksberg. a lot of clouds this evening, notice dies showers back out to the west of us. listen this whole area, that's going away and it may come across parts of 81. away to the south and west. probably south of harrisburg, overnight. tomorrow morning, there's a chance. it's not a
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could have a little shower move through the area from time to time. hopefully most of the commute will stay good. definitely it's going to be a cloudy overnight. wind out of the southeast only about five miles per hour. again, spotty shower, i don't expect more than a little here or there. temperature gets to about 46. most of the area outside of the beltway tonight probably stays in the middle 40's. couple spots could get a little colder than that. tomorrow morning, mostly dry. again, hopefully the pavement stays mostly dry after tomorrow morning. it's awful. time to get to work and the to school when there's even just a little bit of rain out there. but rain it's not snow. remember sunday morning with the snow? speaking about that, no more. . police police bust add drug
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nearly a dozen stemming from charges stemming from opening the purple rain. police say gun, cash, cocaine and heroin. attorney general mark her ring off the street is critical >> this is a problem that communities across the commonwealth and country are facing. in northern virginia is not immune from it. we've seen a spike in fatalities from heroin, precipitation opioids and fen nil. commonwealth in northern virginia has bit hit hard >> they have a street value of about million, five of the 11 arrested lived in alexandria. it's a story we've been reporting, dc residents awakened by home shaking >> metro tracked the issue. the transit agency claims it knows what's causing the problem. we'll update you when we return.
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committee held an investigation to continue the investigation with potential interference by the russians. more on today's hearing >> i've been authorized by the department of justice to confirm that the fbi is investigating the russian government's over to thes interfere and that includes any links with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. >> the committee senior democrat drew connections based on circumstantial evidence and media reports between former trump campaign manager paul man for the roger stone, businessman carter page and moscow. >> it's also maybe more than possible that they are not coincidental, not disconnected and not unrelated >> the white house spokesman shot back >> i think it's fine to look
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at the end of the day they're going to come to the same conclusion that everybody else had. >> reporter: as the republican chairman emphasized. russian hacking did not impact the tallies in swing states >> do you have any evidence that any votes were changed in the states that i mentioned? >> no. >> pressed the fbi director to investigate if democrats crossed the line >> they have ties to russian intelligence services, agents. would that be something of interest to you? >> the fbi director said the russians buildinged hillary clinton was would win and the hacking was designed to damage her presidency. if they wanted to hurt our democracy. he said there's no evidence to support the wiretapping >> with respect to the tweets about the wiretapping with the prior administration, i have no information that support that >> an allegation that president obama ordered wiretap,
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there's no basis for the claim the obama administration directed to spy on the trump campaign >> do you know if anyone else made such a request >> no, sir. >> reporter: communications were swept up during surveillance of foreign target the. including mike flynn, the nsa said lend two dozen people have that authority. republicans blame former obama officials for linking flynn's name about. sanctions >> do you know whether director clapper knew the name of the u.s. citizen, would director brennan have access to an unmasked u.s. citizens name? would national security advisor susan rice have access to an unmasked citizen's name >> both directors testified that leaking an american's name is a serious federal offense but they only hinted at the to existence of a federal criminal
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news. nude photo scandal involving the marine sharing nude photos of fema recents on a private facebook page along with calls. 20 women were targeted. as a result the marine corp developed a new social media policy. giving more leeway to punish them tracking metro tonight, wamu transportation report and martin decarlo got his hands on metro's inspection report. focuses on dc's pet worth community after residents complained trains are shaking homes. we told you about the problem back in december. residents say the shaking wakes them up, causes things to fall off walls. track inspectors found damage fasteners inspectors say those heavier
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could be to blame. metro hired noise and vibration analysts to conduct tests. next time you're heading out end don't know what to wear, look no further than your amazon prime account. yep, the website now offers fashion advice to some users, we'll show you how it work, sarah simmons and jim lokay tried it out next at tomorrow morning on fox 5, actress tia malry will talk about her new book and the journey she took. are you using the right pillow, what you rest your head on could affect the way you sleep. chiropractic physician will be here to talk about pillows designed specifically to suit your sleeping habit, fox 5 news morning kicks off at 4:25
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head of montgomery county schools is responding to a brutal attack marina marraco joins us with the latest. >> reporter: today, after numerous requests interview, montgomery county public schools superintendent dr. smith, he denied several of our requests, we finally caught up with him as he left his office and asked him how a heinous sexual assault could happen on school property during school hours. >> the police and they sort of that out. as i said in my letter. information will continue to come out. it's important for people as horrible as at situation is not to jump to conclusions or say things they might eventually have to rethink or take back. >> reporter: there's a schedule p,a meeting tomorrow at
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rockville high. lindsay? >> reporter: we learned today the man whose home exploded in rockville shot and killed himself before the blast. a neighbor provided this photo of 61-year-old steven beck. this is him with his pitbull max. investigators say beck killed the dog as well as. back here live. many neighbors say they believe the explosion was intentional. you can see they still leaving flowers and dog bones on the fence. three men accused of robbing a chantilly gun shop have been arrested charged and behind bars. federal investigators say they are responsible for at least two other gunshot robberies in the last ten days. here is the chantilly gun shop we're thrilled to learn they've been nabbed in just days, they will be back in court
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we started spring this morning at about 6:30 a.m. a lot sunshine to start the day and the clouds came across and kind of took that sunshine away. temperatures mostly in the 50's for highs today. how about tomorrow morning? i believe we're going to be socked in with clouds tomorrow morning. couple showers would not surprise me. do i really think the kids need the rain coats and the fancy rain boots at the bus stop tomorrow? no, i don't. we're talking about a couple showers at best. mainly just clouds. temperatures will in the lower 40's to the mid to upper 40's out there. after school will be dry. definitely. little bit of sunshine. i don't think we're going to have total sunshine but a good mix of clouds and sun and temperatures in the upper 50's and lower 60's, i definitely call that nice for the first full day of fall, showers back out to the west of us, we'll talk more about this, there are 70 degree readings on the seven-day, i'll have that coming up too. i know you're excited. >>
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do you need a little help getting dressed? do you have trouble deciding what to wear, should i wear this? does this look good with that? et cetera. if that's you, amazon said it can now make the decision for you. >> take two pictures, send them to the amazon ap and a team of fashion experts will give you their pick. does it work? sarah simmons put it to the test. sarah, i'm curious to find out what you think >> i'm not totally convinced quite yet. given the fact i received the results less than 30 seconds after the photo sent. you do have to have an amazon prime account and you do use the amazon ap. you take the picks with the smart phone and up load them. on the iphone, you can click on the drop-down menu select programs and features and look for outfit compared. this is what you will see when it comes up on your phone. when you start it will show you a blank
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consider fit, styling and consultant tread. i wore this today and i grabbed someone else's dress in our makeup room. it took longer for my photos to send than i did to get the results from the experts back. here's what they found. they chose the random black dress with the julied neck line. that is not my dress. i'm trying not to be offended. just a little bit but here's the thing. people are pointing out. at the end it doesn't recommend clothes to about like you would expect an ap to do that. but you know, it's just something, i guess, to have fun with, and we certainly have fun with it in the newsroom >> i looked at the two dresses, personally. i can look the dress that you have on sarah. so >> i like the oter one. >> he said i bet they chose the other one. that's what he said. >> maybe
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like, >> you can't figure that out in 30 seconds. >> i was shocked >> some real person >> especially, you know, because they're going through a whole bunch >> it works for men as well >> yes, it works for anyone who apparently needs fashion help. >> did you spend it >> you know, sarah said she found, i decided to put together an outfit based on stuff found in the newsroom. that's from generic jersey and that's an old card gin that i think bob barnard >> he was auditioning for mr. rogers neighborhood. >> you see obviously, with the suit and thank goodness. >> thank goodness. >> did your response come in 30 seconds. >> it's just a matter of up loading. took about five, six minutes for me >> your response >> i think it was because if there's actual people on the other side, maybe they were thinking he's
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or else maybe there's an all grim. >> no it would have come more quickly. >> the black dress was nice. i think we finished out hose it is in the newsroom. i couldn't randomly >> i like your dress better. >> it identity fit that well. they say they go by fit and color and all of that >> whatever the technology is you know -- you mentioned doesn't recommend what clothes to wear, they're going to find a way >> the bottom line is the only for prime members just for fun. >> right now. amazon will make money off it somehow. >> they already make money. you got to be a prime member to get it. >> true. >> i'm paying money to be told that i don't look good wearing a card gan. >> when we come back we're going to tell you why one major airline is banning passengers from
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secret service arrested a virginia man allegedly driving a stolen car past security at the 15th street checkpoint. president trump was in florida. earlier in the day the secret service arrested a maryland man trying to hop the fence over a bike rack. both incidents a califor
10:43 pm
accused of hopping the fence the feds banning some electronic on certain flights into the united states. sources say the move comes amid a rise in terror threats. royal airlines warned passengers in a tweet earlier. u.s. officials say the ban will apply to nonstop flies to the u.s. in the middle east and africa. it does not apply to cell phones or medical devices but it includes laptops, tablets, electronic games and cameras. goes into effect tomorrow. when we come back, we now know who investigators say stole super bowl tom brady jersey. >> how does a private island on the potomac sound. we'll tell you how much it's selling for.
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a dc planning homeless seven years making a the world beautiful one painting at a time. a passerby strung a conversation and let's just say his permits spoke for himself >> i'm peculiar. i feel what i feel, i do what i do. i like it. if you took it away from me, carlton, you can't paint no more, you can't express yourself anymore. i might as well be gone >> his amazing story is about trust ands transformation. tune in to see him on good day dc. he'll be sharing how his life changed and what's next tune in good day dc at 9:30. >> look forward to it >> what's going on, roaring's and ready to go. >> it's good to be awake. >> especially if you're going to be
10:48 pm
weather >> i've done it the other way. you got to be up two minutes. >> i'm good. bright-eyed and bushy tailed. it's not bad. temperatures 50 outside right now. little colder than that some of the northwestern suburb, we will continue to drop off. clouds in place, but the rain is staying away. chance for showers overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, but hopefully it's not going to be a big deal. could there be a sprinkle or light shower for the morning commute? yes, still highly unlikely. i said a little bit cooler in the northwest. frederick is in there 45, so is westminster. with the clouds tonight, temperatures won't drop off a lot more. i think we're settled down to 46 or 47. in the suburbs 43, 44, should do it most locations. th
10:49 pm
thunderstorms getting away from it's its support. it looks like it's not going to have impact. way down from harrisburg, farther he so the south through central virginia. there's still a chance, what created this is moving across the top of us tonight and tomorrow r early tomorrow and that might kick off a shower or two, i just don't see it being a big deal. most of our guidance is suggests it's not going to be a big deal. a little bit of a chance of a shower either way. 50 in town now, the coolest of the temperatures from the northeast. hot stuff coming off of mexico up into texas and central plains, witchita kansas 74. a heck of a start to spring. al kerky new mexico 72. we were hoping a piece would move in our direction, that really is not going to be the case, we'll warm up more tomorrow but we're going to cool
10:50 pm
off, the jet stream pattern will not cooperate with an extended period of warmer temperatures for us as we start rolling no spring, tomorrow in the 60's, call it mild. not enough sunshine to get much warmer than probably 63 maybe 64 for high. some of you i think northwestern neighborhoods could stay in the 50's. by the part of the week, colder temperatures from the northwest. one nice mild day and right back in the 40's and 50's. there are warmer temperatures coming our way towards the weekend. tomorrow 64, couple of showers or clouds in the morning, don't expect much sun in the afternoon, we'll get some, enough to get temperatures in the lower 60, cool day wednesday, 51, it will be breezy, it will be a little bit on the cool side. futurecast tries to bring a couple of showers across. i do believe it stays
10:51 pm
but it does stay cloudy at least through about 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow morning. 64 for a high. few clouds around wednesday cooler, mostly sunny thursday looks gorgeous but cool at 49. 59 on friday and there you go. 73 degrees on saturday with warm conditions expect showers coming back in here for sunday and into monday. there's your forecast. let's see, jim is waiting patient the to do sports. there you go. your turn. . super bowl bowl jersey worn by tom brady. after the improbable super bowl come back. many suspect it could be in the area of 3 to $500000. there are a few leads and clues but cameras don't lie and this morning a piece of video shot by fox sports cracked the case.
10:52 pm
right there. he's the editor of a mexico city newspaper. see the shirt? see the front of it? that was the jersey in his shirt walking out on the locker room. his sticky fingers didn't stop at the jersey. when the fbi and mexican police found brady's jersey over sea walk hawks and from the broncos win last year. >> it was an international member of the media they had 0ed in on not just tom brady of jersey from this super bowl but a previous one as well. it was the nfl security patriots security. houston police department they had gone down, were able to track the suspect down. and recover two jerseys and spring them back to new england to return to
10:53 pm
tom brady. throughout this time, they had to authenticate it was his jersey >> he came to the wrong state. you don't come to texas and you don't steal when the eyes of the world are on our state. i'm proud of our team >> this is raising questions about media conduct in future super bowls because it's very ladder to get access once, you know, to get to the super bowl. of after the game. the guards let up a little bit. >> it's a shame, were unperson can -- could possibly mess it up for a lot. >> you'll see increased restrictions. >> i don't recall hearing anything. i was in boston for the super bowl two years ago. i don't remember anything coming out about the jersey >> they kept it hush hush. but second time, something is going on
10:54 pm
sure. >> thank you, jim. when the news at 10:00 returns we'll take you to the premier of the brand new fox show, shots fired. makes its debut on fox 5 this week, it's a really good show. you don't want to miss it. it. disney struck gold at the box office with the debut of beauty and the beast. it was even bigger than some people thought. earnings up nearly $5 million from the earlier estimates. brought in almost $175 million in american theaters, biggest opening ever for a pg rated movie.
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race issue close to home. race police and the justices in america, got people talking
10:58 pm
karen mchugh. >> only a black prosecutor >> fox's new prime drama shots fired two racially charged police shootings that tear apart a small town. >> what about joe two weeks ago >> he's not been investigated. they describe the show of an autopsy of criminal justice system. everybody wants to get answers and look inside but also in the shooting of the show, i think a lot of us experience an autopsy of our own humanity >> i'm not declaring war on citizens >> while filming in charlotte north carolina the cast was watching protests around the country >> we were filming protest teams and i'd be on my social media and see friends in new york and currently happening while we were going to work. that kind of a reality when you're playing, when your job is to go into a different reality >> we just been
10:59 pm
you say that morning or the night before and actually seeing the words of some of the mothers and fathers we just been watch on tv >> it was kind of an ever evolving research you don't find that a lot. my truth has no preference >> the show won't answer questions, it may begin a conversation. >> officers seat at the table for everyone. we have huge cast and so everyone can for sort of see themselves and hear themselves through one or many character >> despite the conversation, i feel like that's one of the things that's most needed right now in the climate of our society. there's so many things that people stay closed minded to our -- our so much in their own bubble that they refuse to look at information when it's brought to them >> what's at stake here >> in hollywood karen mchugh fox
11:00 pm
wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on fox 5. news at 11:00 starts now. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. at 11:00, fox 5 press forgot answers after a rape at rockville high school, asking the superintendent about issues that could affect your school >> a twist in the investigation into a home explosion. investigators say the man found dead in the rubble wasn't killed by the blast. the atf track down three men wanted for stealing dozens of weapons from a northern virginia gun store. owner talked to fox 5. the news at 11:00 starts right now. ♪ ♪ we begin with a story you will see only on fox 5. a teenager girl was raped at montgomery county high school. tonight we press the school school superintendent to address parents


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