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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 21, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> today on "fox5"news morning serving for answers we talk exclusively with the montgomery county school superen tend enter about alleged rain inside rockville high school. >> live look outside now. today will feel like spring. michael thomas has choice words for us today educational words about the weather. >> drizzle, glorious. >> that's jution the start. >> michael thomas good morning to you, we sgai morning to you first. >> wisdom martin and erin como. >> tuesday, march 1. >> that's michael thomas right there. >> let's try to use fancy headlines there. clouds and drizzel to start and glorious
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afternoon with spring like 60s headed our way. >> i'll take the forecast and keep an eye on morning commute as well. more traffic in a few. first if you are just waking up now at 5 a.m. we've been following breaking news a carbon monoxide scare in montgomery county and apartment building on blue ridge avenue in wheaton was evacuated about two hours ago and this afternoon a woman living there came home from work to find her carbon monoxide detector going on. ten people were evacuated on the scene for co exposure. thankfully none of them had to go to the hospital and all the residents have been allowed back in. >> 5:01 is the time now let's talk about "fox5" solutionive and our cameras were the only ones to catch one montgomery county public school jack smith as we press for answers in alleged rain of 14 yeerld girl by 18-year-old classmate. alleged assault happened at rockville high school. many parents outraged to how it could happen when asked by our cameras mr. smith said he could not comment opt
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due to police investigation and assured parents student are safe within the school system. >> i really can't talk about any of the facts around the case because there's ongoing police investigation and the police and courts will sort all that out. and as i said, in my liter last night. information will continue to come out in coming weeks. it's important for people as horrible as the situation is not to jump to conclusions. we'll do everything in our power to keep all students safe every day. i have five children and four grabbed children. i understand. >> "fox5" also concerned there were eye detailers against both in this case. they're actively examining their status in the united states and smith assured parents children are safer at the school. there's a meeting tonight at the school and it's unclear if smith will attend. >> turning to politics now the house intelligence khit tee held a rare on hearings yesterday with fbi director james comby. comey revealed fbi is investigating whether president
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russian officials to sway the 2016 election. during the five hour section comey commented on mr. trump's claims of wire tapping by then president obama. >> with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wire tapping directed at him by the prior administration i have no information that support those tweets. >> comey refused to offer details on the scope, target or time line for fbi investigation into russian involvement in the election. >> in the senate, supreme court nominee neil gorsuch confirmation hearing continues. m yesterday gorsuch policemened to be independent as associate justice or "hang the robe" however democrats criticized him for appearing to favor the wealthy and powerful and in his more than ten years of federal judge. gorsuch said he tries to treep all fairly and with respect. >> and president trump hit the rot campaign styltr
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support for his healthcare plan. dom democrats and republicans are voting against it vowing to vote against it. heeds talking about adding competitive bidding process to lower prescription drug costs. >> we are also going to work on bringing down the cost of medicine by having a fair and competitive bidding process. >> and a vote is expected this thursday in the house on the gop health care bill. also, happening today in vir vr a virginia judge will hear arguments on a challenge the president trumpp's travel ban by kuns ill on american his lambic relation orr's care. the group is calling for injunction on the ban. they call his attempts " a muslim bap ." today's hearing in is alexandria. >> more than 600,000 signatures will be delivered to congress urging them to protest pbs. it comes following president trump attempt to cut federal funding for broadcasting program.
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will deliver the signatures at 11:30 this morning. >> the symbol of women's efforts during world war ii now has national date of their own. congress has designated today march 31 as rosy the riff ot orday. they'll be signing autografts and educating visitors in the lincoln room today noon to 2 p.m. all right. 5:05 is the time now. rain is in our presence. >> a little drizzle.
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48 leonardtown 45. lots of 40s to start the day. here are showers. most of which pushed off to the east. with the cloud cover in place we not not rule out a spot didn't shower. not until mid-morning will this whole system get out our neck of the woods and push off east and when we can slowly start to clearing process that will bring us a nice afternoon here. again, morning clouds and drizzle in the forecast and get into clearing in the afternoon that will help warm us up into the mid 60s. as mentioned, cooler weather on the way. full details coming up with the 7 day forecast. in about ten minutes. >> let's check the forecast
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check of traffic. >> 5:06 right now and good news if you head to 95 southbound near fair fox country parkway. earlier vehicle fire completely cleared to right shoulder. all lanes on and volume is once again light and the rubber neck delay on northbound side cleared. headed to and from fairfax you're in great shape. true 1 north and southbound quiet now keep in mind south of that point 95 southbound in starting to see congestion. we'll keep you update the on that congestion. i suggest leaving ten minutes early. live look now on 270 southbound side headlights coming towards us making way to spur in great shape right now knowledge of that point a bit of congestion building from 70 to truck sdmailz frederick and things looking good outer loop college park near new hampshire avenue. traffic cruising 95 georgia avenue at speed. same story upper loop and problem free tie sons and
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looking in good in oxon hill. let's look at maps. 5:07 metro service geared up and we're on time now except for safe track impacting blue and yellow lines. metro bus on time now. no problems on secondarys in chevy chase things look going throughout the district and issue tree in beltsville. if you have an early morning flight to catch traffic won't slow you down. any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter. >> 5:08 is the time. britt moves closer to starting breakfast process. >> and the federal government bans various mobile electronic device from some u.s. bound flights. >> more votes in michael thomas. spotted showers this time around. scattered showers what he said last time. >> grab umbrella. >> isolated drizzle. >> clouds moving in. i was paying attention. >> see what happens when wisdom martin takes notes during the weather report. we'll be back with more news, weather and traffic
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>> setting of state rex tirl son will travel to russia next month one week after miting out on nato summit. tillerson will go to moscow following g 7 meeting in italy. secretary tillerson is expected to meet with several nato leaders tomorrow in d.c.. and announcement of him missing next month nato summit comes as russia alleged sign area tack during the presidential campaign are being investigated by the fbi. >> the company building dakota access pipeline says the project remains on track and they believe oil should start flowing this week despite recent attacks along the line and spokes person for the company has declined to elaborate on types of attack and standing rock and shy an river su tribes have battled it in court for
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it's a threat to water and their right to practice their religion. >> 5:10 ousted south korean leader is apologizing this morning as she meets with prosecutors for questioning in a corruption standle that ended her presidential reign. she was impeached by south korea parliament in december and her dismissal was confirmed by country top court earlier this month. she faisz numerous charges including abuse of power as well as bribery. >> over seas in britain a country will begin divorce proceedings from the european union march 29 starting clock on two years of intense political and economic negotiating yaiss many people believe the exit will fundment alley change britt app and european neighbors. they call it the most important negotiations for a generation. >> coming up on "fox news morning" ivanka trulp moves into the west wing. >> get this adam silver accepted a memo to nba owners to abandon a practice they utilize is
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i have to lot to say about this one. >> i'm curious to hear the latest on that. 5:11 a live look across the d.c. reeming don't. we'll be back after this and talk about the drizzle and glorious sunshine moving in. >> and mike is not paying attention to us. >> he's zoning us out now. >> telling toubs quiet
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back now at 5:14 with a check of top stories and we begin with the "fox5" exclusive in the alleged rain of a 14 yeerld girl at rockville high school by 18-year-old classmate. the case left parents outraged. "fox5" made several attempts to speak with montgomery county public school superintendent jack smith. last night, we exclusively caught up with him as he left his office. smith assured parents student are safe at school. and there's a pta meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at the school and it's unclear
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be there. >> politics now and republicans released modified health care bill in attempt to garner more support for plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. modified version comes days before thursday's expected house vote on bill. under the revised bill states would get reward for allowing able-bodied, medicade recipients without dependents to work and attach on helm we would be repeeled this year up stayed of next. >> all right. we're taking a live look outside right now at 5:15. michael thomas now talking about the weather and warm-up that is on the way. >> i can't wait to hear about it. >> we have a nice warm-up coming our way unfortunately it's a one day wonder and we'll be getting cold as we head into the middle part of the week. clearing leads to mild temperatures later on this afternoon and that clearing will make this afternoon feel like what, wisdom? >> what? >> what's my magic word. >> glorious. >> i was
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reus. >> very good try. >> you nruvrpinged me on the pop quiz. >> yes, >> did is going to be a long morning for you. 47 the temperature in washington and calm bus 43. richmond already at 50. and we'll have a slight southerly flow enough to have get us into 60s later this afternoon and of course we were tracking showers. most of which have pushed off east already this morning and you can kind of see patchy green interest twained in with the clouds here. that's drizzle and we'll have patchy drizzle as we continue to head through and at least the first part of morning rush this morning. so be aware of that. clouds and drizzle as this area of low pressure sinks south and pushes off east. by the time we get to the afternoon. again, we'll get a little southerly flow. we'll warm things up. it will be mild. temperatures 60s finally feeling like spring on first full day of spring. unfortunately we have another cold front passing late, late this evening or early tomorrow morning.
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and we're feeling more like wiptser as we head to wednesday, thursday and first part of friday as well. look at the dip we take. 64 today and 51 for wednesday and highs in the 40s on thursday before we start trend back up as we head into friday and map do i got a pretty good saturday for you getting to the 7 day in a second. first i'll let you know today 64. morning clouds and drizzle and clearing in the afternoon that will help us get those temperatures up to the 60s. by the time we get to this evening down to 40. wind will start to pick up as the front approaches as well. don't be surprised if you hear the windows rattling a little late this evening. 64 today. 51 tomorrow. 40s thursday and look at the weekend. saturday the day to look forward to. partly sunny, warm, temperatures low to mid 70s. let's check the forecast and send it over to airport airport for traffic. >> all right. 5:1 keeping app a on road and rails. look at that green right now. it earlier crash upper loop central avenue cleared
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fairfax county parkway cleared. traffic 66 inside the beltway looking good gw parkway 123 to key bridge quiet and in fact all area bridges problem free roosevelt memorial 11 street as well as wilson bridge. forward maps and sue how other areas are looking now. you can see 66 in mannasas quiet. no congestion headed to centerville just yet. enjoy conditions. we want to head out to avoid getting stuck in later morning rush. 95 northbound dale city to beltway cruising at speed and keep in mind metro is on time except for safe track. that is impacting blue and yellow line. single tracking for safe track work. aside from that rails on time and metro bus on time and southern maryland traffic looking good problem free on 210 as well as 301 at the five plate and any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter and grab a light jacket or umbrella drizzle moving through. if you walk around in the district or anywhere else you coulden count a
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of water this morning. that's my fashion advice as well. >> 5:18 is the time now. let's look at stories you'reen gaming with most on social needia with news tracker. >> what's hot opt web. ivanka trump surprise moving to west wing of the white house and will have her own office. the move is to increase her profile as influential although unofficial advisor to her father. ivanka will not be paid nor will be officially bound by ethic rules. >> meanwhile real life robe owe cops will be patrolling street of dubai alongside police for may. "crime fighters" will make up a quarter of city police force by 2030. robot police officers will be able to scan faces and take payment for traffic. >> and in response to nba resting players, nba commission adam silver is looking to impose significant penalties to teams that don't follow league rules for reporti p
5:20 am
injuries and i willnesses. and recent players like lebron james, okayry irving, steph curry and clay thompson have been sitting out of games an instead they're playing bench warmers in games considered to be "big games" i know this is hot topic for you wisdom. >> good luck adam silver trying to enforce this rule. all i have to do now is come one doctor's note. >> you think that will happen? >> all right. moving on. >> many people cover fir favorite artist songs and post on social media. one fan got in the trouble for posting her video on facebook. charlotte campbell got her facebook account suspended after she posted ed sheeran cover song. that video gotta teption of ed sheeran who apologized to her. that's pretty good. at least he apologized. >> doesn't make her feel any better. it's nice he got back to her. >>
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>> get ready to follow this instagram account. a donut end up in providence, rhode island has many followers because it taste like dunkaroos and poptarts. have you ever had dunkaroos they were big on my elementary school lunchp men eye. >> there's a big age difference between you and i. >> i'll get you one of those donuts you deserve to try it. >> because i don't know what's wrong with regular donuts i don't need dunkaroos or pop sglarts flavor of the 90s takes it back. >> coming up on "fox news morning" maryland law make areas proof a bill to keep drug prices somewhat affordable. >> and how would you like to win your own island off the potomac. >> off the po po mack. >> why not. >> what you need to know and what you need to do. >> here's a live look across the d.c. region. 5:21 now and 47 degrees and
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forecast as we continue as
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>> a bill aim at stopping price gouming are for prescription drugs. if passed in the general assembly it would allow attorney general if drug makers make unethical increase in price. maryland would be the first state to pass such a bill. ebay is working to speed up when shoppers get their stuff. beginning this summer the company will guarantee delivery in three days or less for more than 20 million items nationwide. millions of product will come with free shipping and i like the sound of that. >> this 59 car at pink star diamond is going on the auction block in london. the biggest ever graded this beauty was mined in africa in the '90s and asking
5:25 am
expected to start you know if you have change laying around, $50 million. >> that's what my engagement ring should i ever get one should look like. >> if you marry someone with $50 million wow. >> i'm saying it's pretty ring. >> how does owning your own private island sound. three islands in middle of potomac are up for sale selling for under $175,000 and real estate listing calls 100 acres ideal forecamping huntding fishing and boating sitting in potomac near skleer spring maryland app hour app a half from d.c. as you can tell from the photos the only way to get there is by boat. so i guess i need to get my pink diamond rivrping ring and own island in the potomac and speed boat. >> if you have a $50 million man buying you a ring you don't want that you can buy a whole state. >> i don't know about island that's not my idea of tropical. >> i was thinking something on
5:26 am
white sand. >> bermuda maybe something like that. >> got it. >> weather-wise today decent afternoon coming our way. but showers for the first part of the morning that we have to get through. straight to radar here. you'll see. it there's satellite and radar. showers pushing over the beltway this morning. don't be surprised. we're watching patchy drizzle as it moves in from the west as well. we have to dodge one of two of those in the next few fours. tem sewers 47 reg app agency nal and did youes and bwi mid 40s. planner ever for the day today will head up to the 50s and breaking the cloud in the afternoon and get temperatures back into the 60s. all right. that's a check of the forecast and erin como is back with a check of traffic. >> 5:26 and starting you off with metro problems and big news if you take the orange or sill rear slipz and virginia square station temporarily temporarily closed due to entrance gate malfunction. avoiding the virginia square station now. as we
5:27 am
what you else you're up against this morning. braddock road is also closed in both directions at crane oak strot and vdot letting us know all lanes are closed east and westbound because of water main break and any questions@erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. >> coming up. more than 600,000 people are getting ready to ask congress to fight the president leather pro positional. >> and 800, 9/11 family and 1500 first responders file lawsuit against saudi arabia. >> 5:57 is the time right now. we have scattered drizzle this morning. we're back after this, 5:2
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>> today on "fox news morning" searching for answers. we talk with montgomery county school superintendent about the alleged rain inside the high school. >> and russia election tampering, head of fbi admits the agency is investigating connections between russia and the trump white house and mystery of the stolen super bowl jersey is solved and all agents had to do is cross the border in mexico. fox news morning starts right now. >> all right. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> today is tuesday, march 21. first full day of spring,
5:31 am
>> you're absolutely right it will feel like spring only for a day. we have colder weather moving back in unfortunately for middle of the week. airport. >> keep in mind the virginia square station has reopened residual delays on orange and silver closer look at that next. >> thank you both beihl see you in a few minutes. big story this moment a "fox5" exclusive was the only one top catch up with montgomery county schools and superintendent as we push for answers in the rain of a 14-year-old girl rockville high school. >> it left parents outraged wondering how this could happen. live in rockville with the latest, mel. >> well, steve, wisdom, that meeting at 7 p.m. you can be sure it will be packed house here. parnts i talked to in the rockville high school community say they are very supportive of the principal here but furious with the policies or lack there of that they believe puts their children at risk. and it's an issue that's been largely hidden in maryland public schools exposed in violent way in rockville
5:32 am
after a 14-year-old girl was dragged into a bathroom and brutally raped by 17 and 18-year-old and both young men we now know illegal immigrants enrolled as 9 pl graders. montgomery country pib lick schools has a policy not to inquire about students status and they have a policy not to report. it's potential for older teens to be in with younger students. superintendent jack smith spoke with "fox5" to address some of the concerns. our student was in a me. it s program for english learners and that's a program throughout the system. it's not a matter of what grade they're in. i can not talk about any of the facts around the case because there's ongoing police investigation and police and court will sort all of that out. >> and he says we will get more information from the police and courts as it works its
5:33 am
18-year-old henry sanchez we learned in court had previous immigration order against him and late last night we got confirmation the 17-year-old jose monday tano has a deportation order as well that coming from county executive ike leg yet and that he is sick and disgusted with the allegations and if these help are convicted of these crimes that after they certain sentences the country will work with enforcement officials to make sure that they are de ported to their countries of origin. live in rockville, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> thanks so much. turning to politics. house intelligence committee grilled james comey in a hearing. comey reveal the fbi have investigating whether trump's cam tried to sway the election and there's no evidence to support mr. trump's claim of wire tapping by then president obama a. now senate supreme court nominee
5:34 am
confirmation hearing. he said to be democrat hit the rope. >> gorsuch said he tried to treat all fairly and with respect. >> happening today president trump meets with house republicans to talk about getting behind health care reform it. was a topic of trump's rally in lieulyville. he will work to reduce prices on prescription drugs by having a fair and competitive bidding process and gop leaders released 43 payments of changes to the bill to get skeptical conservatives and mod rats on board. it would get more -- >> happening today a virginia judge will hear argument on a challenge to president trump's travel ban by the council on american islamic relations or care. and the group is calling for injunction against the ban. care calls president attempts "muslim ban
5:35 am
begins 10 a.m. >> more than 6 0 0,000 signature will be delivered uming them to protect pps. organizers of today's events will deliver signature at 11:30 this morning. >> tracking metro wamu transportation reporter and contributor martin de cn rar got his hand on a des c. report claiming trees are shaking residents' home. some redents say the shaking wakes them up and causes things to come off the walls. federal investigators found damage to track fasteners and the heavy,000 could be reason to blame. no word on when these tests will take place. all right. 5:35. mike woke up and had rain out there on the car, often the ground. >> is it gone? >> little bit of showers but we have patchy drizz
5:36 am
by the time we get to the afternoon sun comes out and it's what type day wisdom. >> glorious day. >> ravishing day. >> he's on -- >> changing the word. >> steve already knows. >> at the end i'm going to quiz you and see how long of a list. >> i got to tell you noe now not a thing. >> wisdom was interested to repeat he everything i said. we'll test that out. 47 degrees your temperature outside now. light rain at the eerpt. it's mostly drizzle throw. winds north and east at 7. winds will remain out of the north and west later on this afternoon. and now stormtracker radar this morning is showing you mostly clouds. again there's drizzle patchy under neem of. it do keep that in mind of for kaeingt for the next couple days once we get past the morning kind of mess we'll get into sunshine. temperatures warm uing up to 60. tomorrow much cooler only 51 for daytime high and breezy day for wednesday. that's a check of the forecast, erin como will check traffic. >> 5:36 now taking a look at metro we had earlier
5:37 am
game malfunction at virginia square cleared that's virginia square sfaition reopened and orange and silver watch for residual delays new carlton new addition after safe track impacting blue and yellow lines. and as you make your way out between hundreding ton and vandoren. you look at road, braddock road is closed in both directions and oak streets and crane because of that in centerville because of water main break. they're asking drivers to find alternate around that location. north king highway old town closed southbound at south kings highway by route 1 because of crash. keep in mind you can always tweet me @erinfoxdc if you have any questions. >> all right. thank you very much erin como time now 5:37 coming up on "fox news morning" 800,/11 families and 1500 first responders file a lawsuit against saudi arabia. >> if you look for a job we can point you in the right direction. >> a live look across the dmv.
5:38 am
fox news morning back after this
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sfwlch three men accused of robbing several gun shops in the area are going to jail.
5:41 am
dealers over the past step days. one was west army guns in chantilly the smash and grab was caught on camera and the pep are facing several charges. >> a home in baltimore killed two teenagers and the man suspected of setting that fire is in custody. antonio wright turned himself into police. surveillance shows wright fire bombing that home by tossing mol i to have cocktails until it wept newspaper flames. he faces multiple charges including first degree murder and arson. >> a rockville man shot his dog and himself before an explosion that leveled his home and shook houses miles away. the medical examiner confirmed monday 61-year-old steve martin beck was found dead in basements of a home ashley drive. so far investigators have not found cha caused sxloytion or whether it was intentional. >> more and more women are headed to the doctor to get ivanka trump makeover. >> and universal studios trying to change your view of what abusement
5:42 am
amusement park is like. >> non existent. that would be nice. >> a live look across the d.c. region. those red light. we'll check in with erin in a minute, 5:42 now.
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♪ >> steve, as we that i live look outside right now. you hear this music in the background. >> i do.
5:45 am
thomas tradition. >> is that right? >> to lead into weather. >> and we're listening to mr. lover, lover, lover. >> that's michael thomas. >> it's lover, lover. >> lover, lover. >> oh, shaggy i love shaggy. i have not heard any his stuff in literally 20 years. >> right. ♪ he's more beach. >> i picture mike 20 years ago. >> were you even born. >> yeah. i was like 6. tucker barnes type. >> it just blew up. >> i hear him running the stairs now. >> highs yesterday, 54 reagan national and bwi 52. normal highs this time of year closer to 60 which will be up and over later this afternoon. first we got to get through some spotty morning showers and some drizzle as well. yeah, we're seeing a little bit of that around the airport and
5:46 am
mostly east of 5 at this time. afternoon clearing and we'll get into sunshine and have mild temperatures rolling back to town. it will feel like spring on this first full day of spring. bad news it doesn't stick around. cooler temperatures arrive and we're talking about teming turz holding the 40s through much of wednesday and thursday and better news, warmth will await as we head towards the weekend. by the time we get to saturday, temperatures possibly returning to the 70s around the regionment satellite and radar showing clouds. showers mostly pushed off to eastern shore. it's drizzle kind of intertwaind with the thick cloud cover over the region now. believe it or not by the time we get to afternoon it will finally start to clear up and we'll get into sun. future cast at 9 a.m. showing mostly clouds. can't rule out drizzle and mostly clouds around the region at that time. by 1:30 starting to see breakup a little bit and get into sunshine and latter part of afternoon and this is when we do most warn warming and get temperatures to the 60s. for the after school hours kids that's the time you have to
5:47 am
high pressure building in unfortunately as we head to wednesday that brings if a northerly wind and that's much, much colder air thursday morning around here will feel cold. temperatures in the teens and 20s once against and afternoon temperatures wednesday and thursday hanging around in the 40s. your forecast for today, though, 64. get out there and enjoy the spring like weather later on this afternoon and again changes in the "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast cooler midweek and good news by the time we get to weekend warming up to 70s by the time we get to saturday. there's a check of the weather. let's head to erin como with a check of the roads and traffic an metro own everything with flashing light, erin. >> 5:47 hard to make out because they zoom the camera and and wanted to show you this old town alexandria north king street now closed. there's a crash route one a car struck a utility pole. let's switch it to maps because that's bright for the 6 pbg hour. use caution off he detour around that and keep in mind causing big delays on southbound side of norm king's highway. we'll keep you updated
5:48 am
one and braddock road keep in mind centerville closed no both directions cran oak street and traffic getting by and water main break. use caution, slick spots in that area as well as we switch for a look outbound suitland parkway a disabled vehicle blocking center lane after silver hill road. because of that atypical outbound delays inbound volume growing south capital and for a wide view the beltway is quiet through oxon hill topside look going and if taking metro virginia square station reopened temporarily shut down to entrance get malfunction. residual delays left over on onen line new korl ton and things back to normal sell vir line and surge impact 13 any questions at erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you wisdom and steve. >> 5:48 is the time happening today opening statements begin in the case of foreman president of penn state facing charges in how he handled child sex abuse claims against
5:49 am
sandusky and gram spapier is facing child endangerment and conspiracy. he failed to report that sandusky molested a boy. he as could us caused adds abusing multiple boys. >> a network in support of local immigrants today about 11:30 they plan to march down church row past some of the nation's historic khur.s on the way to the white house. >> you may want to make your way to silver spring and ver" zone is hosting three on house hiring events at silver spring location on columbia pike. company is looking to fill fios technician and events begin 11 p.m., 3 p.m., 6 p.m. you can go to verify done web site and apply online. >> time now 5:49 let's look at stories you're engaging with most on realtime news tracker. >> family members of 800,
5:50 am
in fist of kind loud and they accuse saudi officials of aiding high jacksers in attack by raising an providing money to al-quida for terrorist activity. out of 19 hey jackers 15 were from saudi arabia. this is the first lawsuit since congress amoved allowing victims to sue the saudi government. president obama vetoed that and congress overturned that. >> david rockefeller passed away at the age of 101. he died in new york at his home with lasts surviving grand sop of john d. rockefeller that created america's first billionaire. >> president trump is saying he's the reason colin capper neck can't got a job. he has not been signed yot because the nfl doesn't want to get a nasty tweet from him trump said. he started the program in august in response to police involved shootings of men and women
5:51 am
said he would stop kneeling during the national anthem. >> the president called for de funding pbs which created sesame street. sin the 80s president was depicted as grump. crotchy and greedy monster no ward if this is why he want to eliminate pbs. he's not the first to one to eliminate public broadcasting funds. >> tom brady super bowl jersey went missing from patriot's locker room and fbi says marcia ortega took that jersey. he stepped down if a newspaper position in march and the jersey was found in mexico. >> interesting stuff. >> they read he must may have other item that belonged to other players. >> i'm surprised he had the second one missing. didn't know it was missing. >> some are going to extreme at likes to look like ivanka frim trump. and no
5:52 am
nose and breast augmenttation along with liposuction to lift buts and up correct fillers to the face. fotal together between $30 and $60,000. >> everybody want to look at somebody else. >> it's reported speaking of first families that former first daughter malia obama turned down multiple modelinging offers she is working in the film industry. sell bety blog said the 18-year-old caught the eye of many modeling agencies but turned them down wanting to stay out of the spotlight and you have to wonder if she's caught their eye on the name has caught their ears. >> true. could be a combination of both. >> do you have any plans to plan ahead to amusement park this summer. universal orlando is trying out virtual lines where couch goers with loupth
5:53 am
is a big thing. >> you chill on the couch and say mr. mar tip you're up. >> the couch room will be a film too. >> and then if you go to rehoboth for fun listen up. fun in the sunny should say starting in may you have to ditch the tarps, cab an as and pavilions for a regular old circular umbrella. it must be feet in diameter, smaller, collapsible and no greater than 7' 6" and very specific there for those looking to get married there you need a special per note get ate larger tent on the beach. that's all at rehob edge. >> the owners of pen's and you can vote on who should be featured on the next web site or tweet suggestions vote for ben's mural.
5:54 am
place with instructions on how you can vote for your favorite icon. so far they received more than 20,000 votes. >> they have love, hope and unity i think they did wisdom on the board. that's just me. >> let's say hello to face back fan of the day. 134eu7b8g children nominated by moms, what, word of the day. mom represents devon and that's a great picture, guys. >> mom says they're up early every morning watching "fox5" on all five tvs. they have five tvs, what? they were even watching when they took this picture. that's what we like to hear and thank you for the love and teen can locked on "fox5". >> all the martin kids say we want our own tv. >> what? >> 5:50 coming up on 5:55. >> that's the look wisdom's kids give him when he says go outside and shovel the snow. >> they give me
5:55 am
too. ones i don't approve of. >> we have good weather. but we have to get through clouds and showers first. clearingly relatively mild afternoon with temperatures getting into 60s for first full day of spring. lots of clouds out. there showers move through. bulk of them ready and we have drizzle kind of patchy leftover behind. under all the thick clouds. bus stop forecast watch for patchy drizzle. most stays dry and cloudy the rest of the morning. 38 to 48 as the kids get off to school. by after school temperatures warming one sunshine break out, 55 to 65 degrees will be a beautiful spring like afternoon which will unfortunately change by the time we get to wednesday. much breezier and cooler tomorrow. high of 51. that's here in city most especially north and west of town staying on cooler side with temperatures in the 40s. for thursday, just about everybody staying in the 40s and lots of sunshine. good news begins again as we start to heat things back up. friday, up to 59 with clouds mixed with sun and kind of the same deal wore saturday
5:56 am
yes, 73. we're time do that. warmest day since march 9 in d.c.. sunday, showers do look likely unfortunately highs will remain on warmer side in the middle 60s. all right let's check the forecast. erin como is back with a look at roads. >> 5:56 dealing with a new crash. 270 southbound on ram top montrose road. caution there north of that point frederick from 70 to truck scales and five minutes slow down with congestion as we look in alexandria old town. north kings highway closed southbound side route 1 rich mopped highway car struck utility pole at that location causing a lot of slow moving traffic you see the line of red. we're dealing with this centerville braddock road closed with a water main break in both directions cranoak street. traffic getting by on should urz. we'll accepted a crew to check that out. be prepared to detour around it. out land suitland parkway blocking center lane
5:57 am
hill road. getting be busy morning commute. keep it it fox news morning. we'll be right back. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what? there are bumps along the road of life... and for each one there's triple-a. it's just three kids, right? >> straight ahead at 6, "fox5" get ping as we track down
6:00 am
superintendent of montgomery county public schools after a 14-year-old student is reports edly raped by two classmates and plus new details about the students accused of horrific crime immigration officials did they drop the ball. >> also ahead a campaign style rally in heartland and president vowing to bring coal mining jobs back and plenty chatter about healthcare and no mention of fbi or wire tapping claims. >> live look outside on this tuesday morning it's march 2 1. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:0 5. good tuesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox5 news morning" if you are just waking up at 6:00 we've been following breaking news overnight carbon monoxide scare in montgomery country blue ridge avenue me wheaton evacuated after a woman living there came home to work to find her carbon monoxide detector going off. ten were eval yeahed for co exposure none had to go to the hospital. all of the residents have timely been allowed back in. >> and now to a "fox5" exclusive. our cameras t


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