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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 21, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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louisive big safety concerns montgomery county high school after two students arrested for rain of classmate. the soupier intend enter spoke only to "fox5" what he has to say. coming up at live report. >> serve for stolen guns. local police has bee inked three fem wanted in a string of gun shot ronryes and man behind bars. investigators fear guns are on the street. >> and trulp administration says starting this morning passengers flying directly to the united states for several middle eastern airport airport willing banned from boarding with laptops, tablets and other electronic device anticipates some airlines say the rule is a new surprise. >> good tuesday morning everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for joining us this morning it's 7:00 tuesday morning march 21. >> if you're walking upp up here's first look outside. it's going to be a nice day out there. nice and warm. >> let's get a quick check of weather and traffic and tucker and erin standing by. tuck. >> rain showers moving through overnight and get them out of here and trend forward sunshine and beautiful spring afternoon. i'll have all those details on the weather
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>> big problems as you head from gainsville into certaintyville and crash 66 on eastbound side by 234 sutly road and left lane, left shoulder blocked and traffic moving speeds under 10 miles an hour and dealing with two water main breaks one in alexandria and one in arlington this morning and you see opt map other slow downs to get to as well. we'll keep you updated. arlington ridge to south langton with that water main break. >> and our big story this morning a "fox5" exclusive. "fox5" the only ones to speak with montgomery county public school super intend end over the alleged rain of a girl at and of her 17 and 18-year-old classmates. >> after several attempts to talk to jay smith we caught up with him last night he assured students are safe within the school system. >> melanie alnwick is look will with more on the sklus avenue reaction from the superintendent. what did very to sa say. >> he was
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because of we heard of the ongoing investigation and he addressed some concerns. first let me tell you parents in the rockville high school community they say they're supportive of the principal here and they're furious of policies or lack there of that they believe put student at risk and this is issue larger than hid anyone maryland public schools exposed in a very violent way here at rockville high school after that 14-year-old girl was dragged into a range room and brutally raped by the 17 and 18-year-old we should say alleged at this point. both young men illegal immigrants enrolled as ninth graders when concerns parents most is potential for older teens to be mixed in with younger students and after several denied requests jack smith spoke to "fox5" to address some of the concerns. >> our student was in a mets program for iping learn learners and that's a program we have across the system and so it's not a matter of what grade they're in. >> were you aware of ice detainers on these
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>> we don't have any information typically about students at all and immigration status. >> that is because montgomery county public schools has a policy not to inquire about student's immigration status. they also clearly in their policies say the staff does not report undocumented students to ice officials. now, we do know and we knew from court records that 18-year-old henry sanchez had previous immigration order placed against him and late last night we learned the 17-year-old jose montano had deportation order as well and that information came from country executive ike leggitt who said he is sick about the allegations and going further saying if indeed the two young men are convicted of the crime that after they serve their sentences the count write will work with ice to make sure they are de ported back to their countries of origin. tonight a meeting at 7 p.m. here at rockville high school with the community and with representatives from the
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tim and also representatives from the montgomery county police department. you can be sure it will be very well attended. >> and live in rockville i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> three past the hour now breaking news out of northern virginia break in unsolved murder case baffled community more than a year. >> ap an announcement four murder of heather tacone. officials will reveal two people railroad arrested in this case. he was found shot to death in her car in december of 2015 that car was parked in a drive we 30 minutes from her home and investigators later found her cellphone and they were able to determine she received a call to meet someone before she was found dead. >> police say a rockville man shot his dog and then himself before an explosion that leveled his home and shook houses mild away. medical examiner confirmed monday that 61-year-old steven martin beck was found dead in the basement of his home ashley drive and so far investigators have notou
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intentional. >> president trump with a lot on the agenda. he was in louisville kentucky. he's trying to get all on board with the healthcare plan. >> president trump suffering a major blow to claim that president owe bomb aordered wire tapping of trump tower and as fbe director james comey testifies there is no evidence to support the accusation. >> which makes spicer look ridiculous because his own department is saying the president is wrong but that's the price of doing this kind of tweeting. >> however the fbi is investigating russian hacking. en ish awe that cop continues to be a problem for trump administering. >> this russia thing goes own. he can make the wire tap thing stop
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senate democrats are not expectsed to put up much a fight as they may lose political capital to stop a future pick from the president. >> it's sad to watch and so when you see people saying they're going to vote against them when they have no actual right-hand side to vote against him it looks like partisan posturing. >> meanwhile president trump continues to make a push for the republican plan to replace obamacare. >> it's a sdaingtser. and it's going to implode. if we deposit do anything over the next week obamacare would last for any opinion in six months. >> house of representatives expected to kelly wright. fox news. >> president today meets with house republicans to talk about getting behind health reform bill. gop leaders released 43 payments of changes tots bill in order to get
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conservatives and mod rats on board. changes give larger benefits to older americans and accelerate the repeal of tax increases part of obamacare. what's going on tucker barnes. >> ready for a nice day. >> yes. >> in the 60s this afternoon. springtime temperatures back. springtime sunshine back. and we'll have a chance to keep going now. >> in ernest. no fall spring. >> okay. >> we'll get it going. >> let take a look at temps, 46 now. it's still cool. bring a jacket this orng. but not as cold adds yesterday. 45 dulles and baltimore and bwi marshall 456789 rain showers overnight. they're getting out of here. we have lingering cloud cover and we'll keep the clouds around for a couple more hours. but i've already seen breaks in clouds out west in western maryland and eventually we'll break newt sunshine. it will be mostly sunny afternoon and depend temperatures-wise pleasant.
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love early spring. beautiful day. >> 7 days got 73 temperature. >> very nice. >> erinp. >> good morning. >> 73. >> i'll take it. >> on the 7 day. >> i like the sound of sky creeping back. >> me too. >> 66 eastbound crash blocking left lane and shoulder sutly road and keep to right lanes and keep in mind huge delays from 234 prince william park way to that point and then again you jam one a lot of congestion all the way to nutly street. right now unfortunately you need 45 minutes of extra time to get from gainsville to beltway. you can see miles of parked traffic westbound side looking good as you make your way to gain stlil morning. let's switch it over from sky fox and show you a look at cameras right now. 270 southbound gray and gloomy and traffic is at a crawl. heavy delays from father hurley boulevard to the spur. right now urbana to beltway you need a good hour of extra time because of slow-moving traffic an
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the only problems we're up against this morning. water main problem in arlington closed after south lang street and bus on detour as well causing delays and then centerville a water main break braddock between sully station and stone road. this girl has been missing since friday. her name is kiara edwards lasts seen in 3500 block i'm going to get you a street there. and she was lost in north east. she was not reported missing until the next day. and if you had seen this young girl. please give police a call. >> police bust aid major drug trafficking ring and during a raid they found heroin, cocaine, cash and they told us five of those arrested lived in alexandria. this morning, three men accused of robbing three
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our area behind bars. they believe they are the three her stealing weapons from gun dealers over the past ten days. >> yesterday they face aid federal judge in alexandria. >> i want to you know she was last seen in the 3500 block of jay street northeast. reported missing on march 18. >> let's continue the gun story. case closed and where are the missing guns. bob barnard joining us from chantilly with the latest. >> yes, steve, allison. good questions because of the 35 guns stolen here ten days ago, only one of them has been recovered. and this is 50 west armory in shap tillly and i want to show you surveillance from inside this store. and these guys were in and out in 45 second and stole 35 weapons. we now have based on tip times go with these images here and charged with conspiracy and theft are preston holmes 23, matthew jones also and
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quarrels, 19, also charmedburg riff ash tktical and ssg tactical both fredericksburg mar of 1 4th this this here 11th and those on the 14th and may be others tied to this they'll be in court tomorrow and they're being held right now in scale and earlier we spoke to scott wall a manager here 50 west armory. >> we're thrilled they were caught and we're amazed with fairfax country responded quickly to them breaking in the store. and we cannot thank fair favrm country atf enough but we're more he can statistic they caught caught them in a week. >> all three are charged with theft and conspiracy facing up to ten years if in prison if they're convicted and again they'll be in court tomorrow and the question is now two weeks ago we were at a gunnd
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up in rockville. same kind of mo. broken, smashed through gun cases in and out in that case let's that is a minute an a half. so perhaps these guys responsible for other burglaries at gun shops like that one. we don't know. right now they're charged in three including this one near dulles airport in chantilly, guys. >> when we come back passengers coming to the united states from several middle eastern countries face a new securityty crackdown. what they're banned from bringing on bored and terror threat behind that action. >> and return of tiger woods. tiger woods or at least he hopes so. tiger out on tour promoting memoir and dreemingz of 2017 master's championship. back after this at 7:12
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sfv this is amazing videoen hard to believe everyone sure vivrd. pilot over shot the run way and it burst into flames. all 49 paerm and crew members. and somewhere badly hurt and nobody was killed. and they got out. >> that's great. >> it is great. >> happy ending to that. >> after the miracle on hudson anything is possible. >> we're optimistic when we see it. >> springtime back today and first full day of spring. >> will feel like friday. and yeah it's going to feel like it staev back in the 630s. lights to very mild afternoon and temperatures again will be a few above normal later today. it's still cool. 46 washington. most of region in 40s to start the day and rain showers overnight. i'll sho
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satellite radar there you go and east of the bay still got lingering cloud cover you look at window and looks rather nroomry. we already got clearing out norm and west and partly sunny and mostly sunny and dry this afternoon. so you are doing sports after school and that kind of thing you should be fine and should be a beautiful day. 64 baiter. wednesday, thursday, look great and notice cooler temperatures upper 40s and low 50s and they'll be a breeze around tomorrow and thirs and now more string time for the weekend, saturday and sunday and look at saturday. sunshine, 73. and so, you've been waiting to get out and play softball and you're in one of the softball leagues this is the weekend. >> it doesn't seem like it wants to get on a roll throw. >> it's march. >> and it's roller. >> almost baseball season. >> close. >> get those temperatures up. >> we don't want to freeze on opening day right erin. >> absolutely not i want to be sitting outside in the nice little bar area overlooking
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field what do you think about that. >> i like it. >> rights now fortunately arlington rinl road water main break both discretions shut down after lang street. crews getting that under control. you can see shine on the road from the water. detour around that. several metro buses dealing with delays and details in arlington because of that. any questions at erin fox d. crtion on twitter. let's switch it over for fay look at sky fox. and 66 on the eastbound side. out by crash walking left lane and left shoulder and traffic backed up to 29 gain right now and and looking at 45 minute delay 29 to the beltway this morning. and that's because of congestion that lipingers past that location as you try to make your way to the district this morning. taking a view of cameras now, 270 southbound side also dealing with a crash out by montrose road and because ever that it's blocking center lane just beyond this point. we are very delayed father hurley to spur. 6
7:18 am
frederick to the beltway this morning traffic moving slow and look at maps. other issues we're up against this morning slow moving traffic inbound gw parkway key bridge and 295 southbound jammed and we're also dealing with nobody bw parkway crash after 197. huge delays there allison and steve. >> erin, thanks very much. it's 7:1now developing overnight a major security change involving international flights into the united states and the trump administration says passengers coming in from ten parent and eight middle eastern and north calf can naiings will not be allowed to carry on laptops, ipads, cameras and most other electronics and they will have to be in their checked baggage. cellphone and medical devices still okay and action was prompted by "evaluated intelligence of ongoing potential threats to planes bound to u.s.. new ban aflies to non stop flights from ten i
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parent including ones in egypt. beyond an and turkey. officials at cairo international airport said they have not gotten instructions on this new ban. u.s. officials say impacted airlines will have 96 hours to immet the security order or face being barred from flying into america. family members of about 800, 9/11 victims suing saudi arabia as they accuse them of aiding high vacersy providing money to al-quida for terrorist activities, out of 19 hijackers 15 were from audi arabia. this is the first they are allowed to sue the saudi government. president obama vetoed it and congress overturned that veto. >> let's look at president trump's proposed budget. >> if passed the president budget could cause d.c. government more than 100 million own thread loss of 120 public sector jobs. >> budget means 10% loss in non medicade federal funding
7:20 am
assistance to low income residents take a major funding hit. some of the wealthest new yorkers now as we head to new york asking you to raise their taxes. 80 people from wrip to law makes erin plan drew came cumo saying others should pay more to hope road and bridges and homeless. sox people asking to raise taxes steven rockefeller and abigail disney. >> interesting move, right. >> some mystery this morning surrounding tom brady stolen super bowl jersey that was trangd down in mexico. authorities received a tip about the jersey whereabouts and officials found two of brady's jerseys in possession of a credentialed member of the media. while authorities have not identified the suspect, "fox sports" one is reporting the man was captured on surveillance individual yop and is former tabloid newspaper reporter and there's report the man may have stolen a super bowl helmet belonging to denver broncos player and tom brady stolen jerz writes are worth
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>> that number goes up and up. 80 thoution, 300,000 now 800,000. >> dozens of fans line up in barnes and noble trying to see tiger woods. >> golfing great was at the bookstore signing doneyes of his book "1997, master my story" talking about his first major title win. woods is a master's champion and has not given up hope competing in next year's master he's trying to overcome his nagging back problem. >> if he can give it a go he will. >> it's been a tough road back. >> how isive give it a go if you can't go all wait. >> you can start it. >> next again raling mills facing backlash over a #. >> where the cereal makeer is criticized for its latest initiative.
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>> cheerios trying to do something good but facing back flash effort. it's called bring back the bees. it's a #. they were removing their mascot buzz the bee they announced. you know they did that to raise awareness of dwindling bee population and gave away 1.5 billion wild flower seeds for people to plant. but, critics say these seeds they gave away could be harmful to ecosystems across the country and
7:25 am
company did not focus on region specific seed mixes. >> no response from cheerios. >> there you go. 7:25 we're close enough tucker. >> all right. let's get to it, 46 washington. clouds out there. rain showers overnight those east of us and we will see a gradual turn towards more sunshine here later this morning and mostly sunny afternoon. you see clearing in western maryland. we'll get clouds out of here and rain showers are knocked down along the lower eastern shore and eventually plenty of sunshine and nice pleasant spring like afternoon. 64 degrees. it shoulding a nice day. cooler wednesday, thursday and ail son and i were discussing the roller coaster ride continues here. warmer for end of week. by saturday back in 70s. up and down we go. typical for a couple weeks of spring. and all right. my job is easy. legitimate find out about erin and what's happening with the roads. erin. what's red? >> everything tucker. >> no. >> we have such big problems. >> it's such a big problem time for
7:26 am
>> and right now guess what it's a water main that wins in alexandria or excuse me arlington we have a second one in alexandria and then one in centerville. virginia is dealing with big problems this morning. traffic is not getting by right now this is arlington ridge road as you make your way by south lang street and traffic is not moving great in virginia this morning. 234 out sutly road. 66 eastbound jammed completely as well. if we with k move to sky fox i nominate two areas for jam cam this morning. look at that you're stuck 29 all the way out to gainsville to 234 sutly road with some very jammed up traffic and left lane block. we'll have more on the commute in a few. back to you guys. >> still ahead if you suffer from false hope syndrome it could be sloying you done. don't know what false hope syndrome is. >> i have a good idea. >> me too. >> we'll explain coming up.
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♪♪ taking a live look outside o this morning. mor old town alexandria it's gettin' a little messy out there this morning. mornin but it's going turn into prettyy nice day.nice d first full day of spring. s 46 degrees right now. let's ghettoed back to headlines. carbon monoxide scare in in wheaton had to be evacuated evat overnight after a woman livingal there came home from to workoor find her carbon monoxideon detector going off.dete 10 people were evaluated on thet scene for co exposure.ure. none of them had to go to the t hospital thankfully.y >> new information in the fireoi bombing of a home in baltimoreno that killed two the man suspected off intentionally setting the fireif is in custody now. antonio wright turned himself to police. investigators say surveillanceor video shows wright fs ire bombii the row hom
7:30 am
early saturday by tossingos melliti love cocktails until iti went up in flames.lame wright faces multiple chargesha including first degree murdere and arson. police say a rockville mane shot his dog then himself before an explosion that leveled his home and shook houses miles away. medical examiner confirmed c monday that 61-year-old stevenve martin beck was found dead innda the basement of his home on ashley drive.ey drive so far investigators haven't hav found what caused the explosion. nor whether it was intentional.. let's get more now on ourow big story to fox5 exclusive.xcsi cameras finally able to trackabt down the montgomery countyomeryy public school superintendenterin over the alleged rape of a 14-year-old student by her 17 h and 18-year-old classmates atma rockville high school.chl >> the allegations left parentsa outraged and demanding appsdinga including how could this happene on school grounds? fox5 madeoxm several attempts to speak with h jack smith and last night we exclusively caught up with him h as left his office. offic >> so we've been sharing some of his responses all morning longni but now we want to share with sw you the full exchange betwee
7:31 am
marina morocco.. >> i put out letter last night,t terrible situation.ituation. it's horrible situation.itti when we look at all the information from thursday and wd hand it over to the police immediately and at this pointhin it's their investigation. >> reporter: but you had ann 18-year-old in your schoolsl enrolled as freshman.. you don't see that as a probleml >> we have a lot 18-year-olds is our schools, and -- >> 18-year-old that would senioe out at 24 years old? old >> our student actually was in n mets program for english lernerr and that's a program we have wav across the system. syste and so it's not a matter of whaa grade they're in.. but the student was in program for english learner. lrner >> reporter: how doess 18-year-old have any sort of stf contact with 14-year-old woman, girl, female who's a minor? 188 years old he's an adult. a >> i really can't talk about any of the facts around the caseacts
7:32 am
investigation, and the policendl and the courts will sort all ofa that out and i -- as i said in my letter last night informatiof will continue to come out in thn coming weeks so it's important r frameable as horrible as thee situation is notas to jump top m conclusions or say things thatoh they might eventual vol toto rethink or take back. b >> reporter: is there any sort s of secondary alternativenative learning situation for a personr like the 18-year-old instead ofo placing them at a high school so with 14-year-olds?-old >> there are a variety ofiety different engler they arethre programs and other programs form older students. but, you know, as i said i can't really speak to the situationuai because there's on-going policee investigation and a lot ofd a information will continue to come out from the police pic department in the court processe and people have a clear pictureu but it's a horrible my thoughts and prayers are wit the girl and her family and wend are offering all the support wet can as they go through thisgh t situation. >> were you aware of the icece detainers on the
7:33 am
>> we don't have any information typically about students at allt and their immigration status.tus >> can you assure parents atts a rockville high they're studentse are safe?are e? >> absolutely. we will do everything in our power to keepdo all e students e every day. ever i have five children and four fr grandchildren. i understand. >> we appreciate that theate tht superintendent stopped to talkdt with marina last night there are still many questions theuestio community has for montgomeryhast county schools over thisr t incident. >> including whether specific s action has been to taken tone t sure the safety of students after the incident, how much contact throughoue t thesae in and 18-year-old freshmen v how are unobjection accompaniedom minors monitored in the schools. superintendent smith we do haved that chair waiting for to you fo come in address this issue withw our viewers any time the viewere concerns and questions that thes have we do appreciate you talkol wig marone in a last night.ronet we would love for to you come om the show and talk with us as well. >> not just the superintendentpr we are seeking answers froim. m. melanie alnwick reached out to o yesterday to every member of tht montgomery county school boardlb
7:34 am
reached out to board president e michael durr so.chrr s he forwarded melanie's e-mail request to the communication of the school system as the investigation indications weicae should be cautious.should b he also told oure ca planning eo as the investigation continues i inquiries are being forwarded fd through our communicationsations office. >> we'll stay on. to story for to you get the answers. we'll be at tonightsry for pta g in rockville high school and sla hopefully we'll get more m information from those runningnn the school districnit there.icte it is 7:34 right n we'll check in with tuckerucke barnes again a check on our cheo forecast. full first full day of springy s today. >> going to feel like it this ts afternoon, steve.n, sve. mid 60 force daytime highs. hig had rain showers overnight.vern. we got those out of here and we'll drag the clouds out as o a well a little later thishi morning. 46 now at reagan national.iona 45 dulles in baltimore 45 degrees.. looking at satellite pictureture cloud cover at this hour.veat t did have a few light scatteredcr rain showers again, all of that's now east ot us. once we drive the clouds out of
7:35 am
partly sunny i think mostlyostl sunny an dry dry afternoon, dry evening ifnii you've got plans out and about t little forecast highs. hig 64 here in the city.64 herin t and upper 50s and low 60s acrosr the region should be very very v nice afternoon for us. nice mild spring like day. d all right.riht erin i'm doing my part, howart,w about you. >> i'm trying to do my part,ingy tucker, i don't have the, i dohe greatest of news.grtest of news. traffic is bad all over. allver. 7:35 starting off with look this is in virginia in arlington.rlio water main break a lot of crewsc out there and some folks tryingt to walk around that school lookl like right now the water mainat break is being repaired closingo down arlington ridge road at roa south lang street.treet. so allow for extra time to getot around that putting metro busess on delay as well. you can see a lot oayf crews ouo there working hard to get things back to normal. nma we'll switch it over from thatrt live look to a look at our o cameras. 66 eastbound out by 234 suddenll road a crash blocking the lefthf lane left shoulder from 29 in29 gainsville all the way up to 234 sudley road in for a delay andey that delay continues throughnu nutley street with congestion.oo from gai
7:36 am
give yourself 45 extra minutes.s i net camera also dealing with a crash blocking the left shouldeo this is 270 southbound out by by montrose road and very heavyeavy delays from father hurleyur boulevard to the spur and ind tt fact from 70 in frederick to thh beltway it's about an hourou delay. so if you're waking up in gaithersburg, urbana be mindful of those slow downs.ow. forwarding another to another to camera this morning anotherng ah crash.h. 295 on the northbound side right now. it is out by lavatory road, anda then we have backed up traffic from the bottom side of theide t beltway to the 11th streeteet bridge. super heavy traffic coming outot of southeast portion of theonf e district. ddi thed slow downs aroun area. ar we'll keep up it dad on your roads, rails on time eept for fr safetrack impacting the blue and llllow. if long lines keep from you frof going to amusement park there's an app for that.ppor t >> no more waiting and wondersoe in the svelting team you have h track your time in line from the comforts of your couch. oh, say it isn't s
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virtual line where park goers can lounge on couches and listen to entertainment while they waie their turn to get on the ride. e waiting in line is the biggestig complaint for park goers.. another thing in the works, cel, phone app that is will notifyl y the visitors when it's theirt's turn to get on the rides. >> perfect.erfect >>t woworks. if itit works. >> we don't know if there's an a extra cost. >> month long cruise tore there world pass greatest places by private jet. j >> too good to be true.ooto be . >> the trend in the work forreni several luxury companies butes t there's new one.e'w one. crystal cruises is launchingaunc this fall described as party buy in the sky. s if your party is like the caviar customers get to experienceie iconic sites from all over theve global staying at the best hotels sta, dining on the best cuisine for the price tag of $160,000. i want,0 the bud light cruiseige that's like -- >> $1,600. >> the next spot by myself. by f still ahead your effort too be kind could be back firing ana you might not even know it.
7:41 am
are polite but may not be so but much so. b details after the break. 7:40. ♪♪
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>> we're back at 7:43. coming up in just about an hour and 15 minutes on good day here's w the ge'inuest jus min s >> we are sharing the story off carton joyner d.c. man paintingn many consider incredible iredibe especially when you consider hen paints them on the streets as hs over comes homelessness. also on tap actor tia mallory ml joins us with secrets on what
7:44 am
she ate transformed her life ane she says the same transformatiom could happen for you. >> and jason durbin stops by the lot of sharing an important impa message in d.c. today.od join us. >> very cool. very . 7:44 right now. right. hi, tucker. tker. good morning. good morni >> hey, good springtime first full day, and it's going to feel like it. i >> i love it i've been waiting.g >> 60s expect this afternooner after a cold -- it's been an actually very chilly last couple of rain showers overnight we'llhtel clear it out still cloudy outudy early this morning.ning. taking the dog for a walk here. headed off to school in the next hour or so. and temperatures are in the 40ss tricks now in washington.ashito 43 in gaithersburg. 48 in quantico.. right now i'm standing in frontt of the camera but i'm invisible. 45 -- yup. yup i got a special power.ow check it out. >> ooh whoo ! leonardtownnardwn 45 degrees. degre 44 in culpeper.
7:45 am
here's your satellite/radar.litd we're looking at clouds out out there and notice the clearinglen watch this, steve.h thise watch this. t boop, i'm [ laughter ]laught ] >> it's amazing.zi all right. al here we go.l clearing skies out t o the west,est and we will see the clouds get dragged to the east and we'llt w start to get in on the sunshinen here shortly so partly sunny sun later this morning of the latelt sunny this afternoon very very y nice day as mentioned we shouldd be in the 60s for daytime highss feel pretty good. gd. another cold front gets in herer tonight that will come througher dry but winds pick up tomorrowro out of the north and we'll be ab right back into that chilly io c pattern for a couple of days ofs wednesday and thursday we mayy a even be below freezing again by early thursday morning with that canadian high pressure overhead and what happens this time ofhio year we bounce around aroud temperature wise you see that oa the seven day. 64 today.oday again afternoon sunshine we'reee dry later tonight. we're dry tonight.. chilly couple days.oue day back with warmer temperatures bb saturday we could be well intoeo the 70s. open the windows and finally gey that fresh s
7:46 am
here maybe it will start to turr bytnext week. all right. how is it looking erin. erin >> you owe me a spring gardenare party. i haven't forgotten.t otte >> we got plenty of time.f t 88 more days. days. >> car washing lots of events wt can attend. in arlington right now we havee fox5 crew a water main break a a lot of first responders there. actually kids walking to school this morning use caution us aauu head out arlingtons ridge roada south lang street.trt. crews working hard to repair that water main break metro buses are on delay asay llll. active scene out that. t as we forward things along to aa look at our cameras right now some other slow downs this 66 on the eastbound side crashic out by 234 sudley road stilltill blocking the left lane and leftf shoulder look at that delay.el you can see you're at a crawl ac from 29 in gainsville throughe u that point you then again slowhl all the way to the beltway.eltw it's about a 45 minute delay so have some patience coming fromrm gainsville to the beltway this i morning. take a look at i net camera weet also have delays on 270 southbound crash blocking theine
7:47 am
is out by montrose road. heaviest of the delays fromas father hurley boulevard to theud spur as you get to the beltway.w i would say from 70 in frederice down to the beltway it's aboutut an hour delay.anr de have some patience this morning. you can try your luck on 35555 southbound but that is alsot iso dealing with a lot of heavyot oy bailout traffic.t traffic as we take look at our maps soms other issues this morning. morng southbound bw parkway we have ah crash blocking the right lane at 175. delays are all the way back past 100 this morning. 95 southbound a better bet heading from the baltimorehe b beltway to the capitol beltway.y taking a look at the 11th the street bridge, we have inboundeu crash and delays all the way t back to suitland parkway givee yourself extra time there. we'll keep updated on yourou commute. metro is on time except tour safetrack seven surge 13 impacting the blue and yellow aw lines. >> 7:47.>> that means it's time for t 7uesy talker. >> our dear dear friend sarahar fraser joins us with some ofe today's hottest topics. top first up, hey, fras. fra >> hi you guys. guy >> first up, okay. i guess maybe you can just talkl
7:48 am
about. ab some things you think you're y'r being polite in fact you mightty be being rude. rude. >> exactly. this is from have 11 of them and they're theh common things that we say or dod but they're actually considerede rude. i disagree wdith this entiree >> do you.. >> we pick the top four to seero was think. s th ordering for someone. do you think that people thinkhk that's polite but it's actually rude? rude? >> the person you're ordering for you mean? like if ison e i ordered -- we go out and i'll il be, she'll have the -- the >> i think it's being a shoeff o in it. .ld time.t's old time >> i feel like i think about soo many things in life i don't lift care. >> what do you feel like?hat do >> order for me. i don't care. >> you want me to order for you. >> go forget.orge >> what if it's not what younoay wanted. [ laughter ] >> right.>>ht. >> usually like, okay, i discussed beforehand.ef if you didn't even give me an ma option that would be odd. >> sort of talk about it andutt then you order.ou ord. >> okay. >> i feel like that's fine. okei >> i thought you meant like, and she'll have -- actually i want t but if you discuss that, yeah.h okay. then'm
7:49 am
>> she'll have this whatever.tee >> no. >> i'll let you have your chancc to order first and i'll jump ono board after.d aer >> what do you think about number two complimentingerwo con someone's appearance. >> i don't think --e's ion >> t'the article says that wet should stop doing this.ldp doins this is actually read becaused b you don't know where someone is in their hem space and so when you're complimenting them youom could be feeding an eatinplimg e that they might have or an anxiety or some sort of hang upg they have on their appearance it's better to not say anythingh i feel like we've gone that path where --wher >> i'm like compliment is fine.. >> yeah.. >> no within either way to me personally compliment the heckpm out of me.en i'll take it.lle i'm never going to be offendedff by a compliment.omplen >> i hear it of morning beforenf we start the show. >> lacking. >> lies. >> what about this? number three on the list wasabou cleara table before people are done? n do you find that rude or do youu find it efficient. >> like at your house.ik your >> your house and at ahousand restaurant. >> i was -->> i was -- >> i don't think
7:50 am
deal. not done. no okay.. finish your food.d. >> i don't want a whole bunch of dirty plates left around ifund there's not room on the table.te >> you don't mind if you're md f eating but somebody is cleaningn other plates or taking them offf the table?thble? >> no. i don't have a problem with that at all. a p >> there you go. i typically go to places -- it's not like a table this big that a two people are sitting aroundngo you'll have plates everywhere.e >> i don't have a problem.robl. i'd rather have room to haveto what i'm working on.king o >> clear the plates. i don' tt likhee when people don clear the plates.clear the pl >> when you're at a restaurantat do you ever have this problem pm you have one more sip of winep w they take -- no, come back. bk. i'm not done with the wine. >> they try to take a full one.e one sip gone.p ge. what makes you think i'm done with that. >> trying to turn over thein table. if you bring it back that'sring' fine. >> that's the other thing. lurk kerrt's s i have a problemw that. that. as soon as you put the forkhe f down, zip, got it.ot people waiting.aiting. let's move on.let've o >> the last one on the list howl do you feel about this. you f arriving early to a party onparo this >> ion
7:51 am
>> that's rude. t >> i don't like it at all. likel >> you guys -- >> i don't know that it's rude.o i wouldn't bw e like they're sos rude. i would be like that's a pain. >> if i'm having people over, le and i want them to be therehe at --at- >> 8:00 o'clock. >> okay. i was going to say 4:00 o'clock. ay 4:0o'clock. let's go with 8:00 o'clock.oc if i'm having people over i want them to be there at 8:00 --:0 >> i want them at 4:00. >> come at 8:30 or -- give me aa different time f somebody shows up at 7:30 i'm not ready.. >> who is doing that. tha >> somebody here that does that all the time. l th >> call him out. >> overly it's just like --le -- >> you know who it's not then. e >>s nos not me. >> not you. [ laughter ] >> i don't like that honestly hy for me i'm working up until thet last minute. be there at 8:00 i might be dond by 8:00 but probably done ate a 8:15 getting ready. >> i thought you would come andc help the hostess they say it's not -- no >> have you ever been the earlyv te to the party. >> i usually like to show uphowu early. ea my thought is i always do thisoi sometimes when our fox friends f here have parties because then i get to socialize with themwith t before everybody comes. ces >> nobody wants that, sarah. sa. let us tell you this
7:52 am
steve, let's do an intervention. don't do it. nobody wants wan >> no. >> party within the constraints --cons >> come early and we can chat. >> no. >> party within the confines of e paparty time. >> okay.. >> don't be the first one there. >> hoping to get extra glass ofo wine. not today.. >> don't take it away when't taa there's a sipwa left. >> what's false hope syndrome.y. >> false hope syndrome a new sc hieopntific study as to why people have such a hard time going on diet, quitt smoking,ing to run a marathon.ut it's search al new term for saying that when you're settingi yourself up to do that it'sha i really hard to accomplish itplii because people really reall underestimate how much work it k takes to change a habit.. >> okay.>> o. >> so false hope syndrome islshe essentially when we set out to u do amara thon it's like oh yeahy i'll totally be able to do thist i'll run three days a week. wk. the reality breaking that into your habit dong it is so muchitd more difficult than you think. the article breaks down a loontf people suffer from this, want ti you can do, and they say that ii you're trying to change a habith you shalma
7:53 am
easy. so if you want to run, but you're not a morning person, peo then run in the afternoon.on don't set yourself up to, youo,y know, basically fail when it'sw' probably going to be so hard tor break that habit.. >> so it's kind of interesting. >> i do agree with it.agree witi i also agree if you don't push yourself that extra step you'llu never accomplish it just becausb it's not easiest to run in the morning, you know f you're training for marathon get thoses runs in. if you're trying to lose weighth you've got to get exercise andxs in less calories at some point t you have to break out of that t cycle and push yourself or it'ss not going to happe >> article is interesting.inte it does -- you're right.. it matily you have to build uptp to that. most people start out with such high expectations to break a habit and thenst itarec nevertae >> right.>> right. >> it just kind of creates thist cycle. >> start low. >> start low. llyuatuahe afternoon>> shift to morning instead oftead starting out morning. m >> makes sense. >> i'm okay with that.. >> yeah. >> this is my favorite talker. e >> do we have time for this ones >> let's go for it.>>et's >> okay good. this is a reporter in milwaukeek so we all can relate, >> um-hmm.>> um- >> this woman got a non us in
7:54 am
media from a viewer whoho essentially told her that shelda was dressing so sexy and toooo sexy and was trying to geto g rating.ti >> was eight woman who sent thet letter to the wom woman?om >> or just anonymous.nonyus >> it doesn't say. it dot anonymous. >> vegas odds are yes based onas the letters we get. >> which the anchor called thist person out whether it's a womanm or a man just saying look the fact that you didn't sign yournu name doesn't give you a lot of credibility. but the note basically goes ontc to say she dresses --rees - >> a letter. >> it's a letter she sent to th atioion. >> all right. we know a all lot. >> that explains it all rightlal there.the >> do you ever get that commento that you dress too sexy to traia improve ratings.ove [ laughter ]r >> no. >> people don't think you'ret ty putting it on for ratings. >> we get shamed on outfit out choices and colors andols coordination and, you know,on an people are not shy about what they want to say about how you y look.. >> right. >> you know, it's just -- part of moo has that thick skin withn it but i don't think it's goingg to stop because there's some people that feel they can behinh their keybrd
7:55 am
>> i would suggest everyone getg themselves a steve who tells yoe do not engage and don't answer a when people want to just spoutt whatever, you know, spewu kn, s whatever opinion they want tohet spew. spew. >> do you think this viewer hasn k a pointth, have you ever alwar worked in environment they'vent encourage especially woman to to dress sexier for ratings? isor that a t rv thing. thing >> i think it's probably think illegal. i don't think you can do that.ct >> there's certainly dress a c certain we want o be a certain way, and i don't know that, you knowo the word sexy comes up, but it'i definitely like, you know, there's ---- >> sleek or morey find look right.ri but it's all relative, becauseec if somebody says, okay, eveny, e this dress i have today you tody could wear to that a cocktail ci party.rt this is what we're doing now.ati this is what we're doing nngow w you have no idea like what goese on behind the scenes. snes. >> right. >> people are not used to it and so -- >> it's so subjective, too. t >> person wrote in -->> person >> if you loowrk at -- a >> that person had a
7:56 am
>> i understand that.>> i'm trying to look past i u thet writer. if you look at what might be --b was this the outfit? >> no. this is just one of the outfitss they pulled from social media. >> so my point is if you go toog certain parts of the country, iy you go to los angeles you have news anchors female news anchorr who literally are wearing tanken tops on the air. rigight. >> then you go to markets likeke boston and new york --st and >> it's culture.sulture. >> washington you're not goingtn to do that.hat >> it's totally subjective.ubjet i thought it was great she gat posted it online and got a tonon of support that. you go.t. there's a little pull behind tht curtain of what happens. h >> thanks, fras.. >> stop posting your letters. >> if you're going to shame t leave your name. >> leave your name. >> 7:56.>> l tuck.k. >> i'm standing in front of s tucker because we decided he'sts too sexy for tv. >> oh right.>> oh rig >> he's the one that thinks that. >> we'll get out of the way. g go ahead, tetucker.,uc 47 in washington.ngton. i don't want to be seen.n't i'm embarrassed now.ed winds out of the north northeast at six. clouds out there early. we're going to -- i'm embarrassed.rr here we go. clear skies out to our w
7:57 am
>> thank you. >> and we'll turn partly sunnyts later today, and should be a dry afternoon and beautifulea afternoon temps in the 60s late6 today so enjoy a beautifulul springtime tuesday there you go. 64 degrees.64eg all right. al very funny, erin. en. >> i actually made you blush for once.once tables have turned. 7:57tabl right now. n we are dealing with this ous in arlington water main break that is under repair. closing arlington ridge road atd south lang street. stree crews working hard. we've seen students cuttings cug through to get to school use caution out there.t t road is slick.adsli as move things over for a looklo at our maps some other problemsl that we're up against thisin thi morning including 395 northbouno crash before little rivereiv turnpike in the delays heavys h traffic there. keep it to fox5 news morning our 8:00 o'clock hour is comingomin right up. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning. good i'm allison seymour.ur. >> i'm steve chenevey.'m thanks for joining us s this ts morning. 8:00 a.m. on this tuesday, marc. hon 21, 2017. 21, 201 here's what's on the fox5 news n morning menu.enu. >> breaking overnight a newnia e security threat in the laptops, tablets now banned on us bound flights from a numbergs of countries. we'll tell was you need to know and why homeland security puturt these measures into place.. also breaking overnight fox5 confirms arrests in the murderte of 21-year-old woman in spotsylvania county.ouy. the arrest comes 15 months afteo her mysterious
8:01 am
in virginia.. authorities arrest nearly arestl dozen people they say wereay w involved in a drug trafficking ring. ring. do you have trouble sleeping at night? e tr from your mattreo your mood the issues seem endless but the problem could be right under your knows.r kn >> take live look outside right now at the wilson bridge. bridg warmer temperatures on tapres op today. it's 46 right now at's 4 8:00 o'clock. olock the question is will they sticky around? the full forecast isasi just our top story right now att 8:00, though, new security craca down for some traveling from overseas into the united statesa and it's apparently due to newew concerns over terror threats.hrs >> it involves what passengers a can and cannot bring on boardoa with them on some airlines thatt fly from the middle east andet a africa to the united states. sta wisdom martin working on theo details for us this morning. >> this is a ban that on almostt all electronics from being bng brought on planes coming fromro ten airports and eight differene countries. it was officially confirmed byed us officials this the affected passengers are notn loud to carry on their laptops,s
8:02 am
electronics.eltronic they will have to be in their checked baggage that's how thisi work. cell phones and medical devicesc are still okay.y. now, if you're wondering where is this going to take w effect? take a look at this map becausee the ban applies to non-stopon-so flights to the united states ste from ten international airportss serving the cities of cairo in egypt. amman in jordan.inorda kuwait city in kuwait.t casablanca in morocco. dill had a in qatar. riyadh in jetta in saudi arabia. istanbul in turkey and abu dahbi and due by in the united arabarb emirates. officials at care rowemcials cr international airport say they e haven't gotten any instructionsi on the new ban while otherss airlines including royal jordanian put statements outme o about it yesterday.rday. u.s. officials say the impacted airlines will have 96 hours too implement the security order orr face being barred from flying to the united states. now, why is this action beingiog taken? that's the big question. senior administration officialss say the change is based on
8:03 am
evaluated intelligence that terrorist groups continue toonto target aviation and consumerr items for use in an attack.k the decision is apparently notyn based on any specificc intelligence or eminent threatss that's where things stand rightt now. no back out to you byes allison and steve.e. >> wisdom, morning you. 8:03 now.> 8:ow. let's give you a live look at capitol hill. day two of supreme court nominee neil gorsuch's confirmationio hearing will soon get underway.a today's hearing set to begin ata 9:30 this morning. it will likely be a long day fo gorsuch. as he could face questioning foo up to ten hours. hrs that's because each of the 20 senators on the judiciaryrs on committee will be allowed to asa him questions for 30 minutes each.. during his opening statement yesterday, gorsuch promised tomi be independent if he's confirmed to the high court. today's first rounds o questioning during questions senate democrats arensn't expecd to put up much of a fight also s day the president will meet witt congressio
8:04 am
push the plan to replace rla affordable care act.ble care act late last night, gop leaders l released changes to the original overhaul. older and disabovle medicaidedic recipients would get moreld getr generous benefits and the bill b would also let people deduct d more medical costs from vote on this bill is planned inn the house on thursday.. meanwhile fbi director jamem comey addressed the president'st allegations of wire tapping at a trump tower. >> with respect to therespt to president's tweets about allegeg wire tapping directed at him bym the prior administration i have no information that supportst so those tweets. ts >> however the fbi is investigating russian hacking. >> fbi director said publiclyli for the first time the agency ay has been looking to weather when he any trump associatesiates coordinated with russian rus officials in an evident to sway the presidential election.ctio the virginia winery owned bd president trump's son hired 29i2 foreign workers to pick grapes.. daily progress reports trumpsru winery will bring in 29 workerss this season through the federal
8:05 am
charlottesville winery owned bye eric trump. let's get our other top t stories this morning.orni massive heroin bust in virginia. nearly a dozen people now facing gearges. during a raid this weekend wke police found heroin, cocaine, guns and cash. ch. police tell us five of those arrested live in alexandria. we have update now about friday's house explosion in rockville. police say a man shot list dog,d then himself before the blastla that leveled his home and shooko others miles away. the medical examiner confirmed on yesterday that 61-year-old-od steven martin beck was foundound dead in the basement of a homefh on ashley drive. drive so far investigators haven'tav't found a cause of the explosion.n it was a tip that led to th arrest of three men accused ofud robbing several gun shops in ouu area. ar the suspects caught on camera cm dealing stealing 35 guns from 55 west armory in chantilly lastast week.we so far one has been recovered.or federal investigators alsoo als believe these three aree threare responsible for robbing two gung stores in fredericksburg,urg virginia all three being heldngh without bond.outd.
8:06 am
tomorrow. if convicted they each face ten years in prison.s son. ♪♪♪ >> 8:05 right now. 46 degrees. drees climb temperatures, climb. >> little cool out we'll warm it up into the 60. the >> i like it. >>it like it. very spring like.pringike. >> spring like and sunshine tokh look forward to this afternoon should be really really pleasann tuesday afternoon.fterno first full day of spring. sing. 47 now in washington.hingn. 45 dulles bwi marshallarsh 46 degrees.46 degrees. looking at our satellite/radar.d rain showers overnight had a fef of those. those are getting outof of heree and we are going to see more and more sunshine build in from thet west a little later today and should be as mentioned a nice nc spring like afternoon with mildh temperatures to look forward to, so get out enjoy. 63 at 5:00 p.m. going out this evening, we're expected to dry d conditions. should be a nice day.ould >> nic bee .a ice. >> yeah.eah. roller coaster of temperaturestp on the seven day.eronen we're all over the place. >> it's march. >> 70s this weekend.eend. look at it in a minute.n nute >> let's check in with erin in the mean
8:07 am
dealing way loft problems on thh roads district, maryland andylad have a v starting you off inrtif arlington this morning, waterat main break still shutting down d arlington ridge road at southtou lang street.langee crews out there working to getgg clearared. e cautution. metro buses on delay inay i arlington because of that as tts well. as we take look at our maps. breaking news out of the lortont right now.he southbound route 1 closed between lorton road and gun sonn cove road. r left northbound lane also closed this morning to some big delaysy building in both directions.tis. keep it to 95 north andth a southbound especially southbounu to get around that. 395 northbound crash before little river turnpike blocking o the right shoulder.e rild you are delayed from before thee mixing bowl all the way up toe the pentagon and you're slow slo across the 14th street bridge bg as wel about 15 minute delay from theer beltway to the 14th streeth strt bridge on the northbound side of 395.395. inbound pennsylvania avenue ania crash at dowerhouse road look aa that long line of red. red you're jammed all the way bockoc to ritchie marlboro road as youy try to make your way throughhrou upper marlboro this this morning. southboundra
8:08 am
ball baltimore beltway.tway. taking 95 southbound a bettersoa bet but look at all that bai bli traffic starting to cause a delay 95 southbound as well.s w. in addition to that's correct'sr the outer loop jams from route e over to georgia avenue withe wit about 15 minute delay. day just south of the icc down to do the beltway 95 southbound hasd h heavy traffic.ffic. and then 270 southbound earlieri crash moved to the shoulder shol ought out by montrose road. mon you're still dealing with abouta 45 minute delay from urbana toao the beltway.way. metro on time except fort safetrack.safetr allison and steve.anstev >> all new this morning, we wanw to you take a good look at yourr screen. this is 15 -- 15-year-old girlll that's been missing sin friday. her name is kierra edw ards andds a she was last seen in the 3500 30 block of j street in northeast washington.wagt she wasn't reported missingepor until the next day.ay if you have seen this teenagedna girl, please give police a call. ♪♪ we will do everything in ouo power to keep all students safee every day. >> montgomery county publicc schools superintendent jackuperd smith speaking exclusive to foxx about the alleged rap
8:09 am
14-year-old girl by her 17 and 18-year-old classmates at rockville high school.oc after repeated attemptksvill tot to our cameras tracked him downm last night as he left his office. >> the case has left parents outraged and e ha demanding answersnsrs as to how this could happen. ha. but as you just heard, the school superintendent assures parents that students are safe.. >> melanie alnwick continues tos dry dig into this story as welll and joins us live from rockville with more. >> reporter: steve and a allison, parents i talked to say those assurances froman superintendent jack smith simplm are not enough.h. they need some hard answers too tough questions they expect toxc ask him tonight. here's what onn parent had to tell us a littleie while ago. ago. >> i would just expect that tha people have a betterette understanding as to how peopleel are admitted into the school, what kind of screening happens p before kids admitted to make t k sure that, you know, bad guysuy aren't coming in the school.oo obviously these guys werethesgus animals and they should neverdev have let -- been let in. >>
8:10 am
that has been large the hidden e in maryland public schools schoo exposed in very violent way herr at rockville high school afterlr that 14-year-old girl wasirl w dragged into a bathroom and brutally raped by 17 and 18-year-old both young men we mn now know illegal immigrants whoo were enrolled as ninth graders.. what concerns parents most theye say is the potential for these e older teens to be mixed in witht the youngest of students.s. here's what superintendent jackr smith had to say about that.. >> our student actually was in n mets program for english lerners, and that's a program wm have across the system, and soo it's not a matter of what grade they're in. >> were you aware of the icece detainers on these two men.woen. >> we don't have any information typically about students at alll and their immigration status. >> reporter: here's the thing. i montgomery county schools has a policy that says it does not ini inquire about a student'snt immigration status furthermore, also spelling out specificallyta in i p
8:11 am
not report undo you meaned m students to customs officials.s. we found out in court iou proceedings that 18-year-old8-ad henry sanchez had an immigration order placed against him him deportation order and then lasts night confirmation that the 17-year-old jose montana also as has a deportation order.rd. now that information came from m county executive ike leg get wht put out a statement saying he'ss sick and disgusted over these allegations. also saying that the county will work with immigrationigration authorities to deport these two if they are indeed found guiltyt and after they serve their timem they would then be handed over e to ice. i more information here tonight tg i'm sure.m s 7:00 o'clock tonight is the meeting. montgomery county school officials will be here as wellml as montgomery county police. pic live in rockville, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news.ews. >> major break unsolved murdervr of a young spotsylvania woman.o. >> this 21-year-old woman wasldn
8:12 am
this morning police wille wi announce the arrest of twoesof people in her death.h >> opening statements underwayea today in the trial of formeralff penn state president graham spanier. it's 8:11.:11. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:13 am
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♪♪ it's 8:15. tuck you know what time it is. >> cutnow eness. >> you got it.>> youot i >> let's do it.>> let's time now for my first -- fox5
8:15 am
first five. >> my goodness.y odness >> i love it.>> lov >> adorable.>> >> my goodness. >> i love the little prettyere dress. >> fox5 photo of date.o ofat this is harper who just turnedur nine months older.s olde >> hi, harper. >> aww. everything is just so perfe perfect. >> this is great. she loves to play outside but i l>>to povesla to play outfield. i don't know why. >> maybe. m mae daone day. >> yeah.>>eah. >> one day. >> right now just nos >> right now she lt oves to play outside. so she is super duper excited et that spring arrived yesterday. d i can tell from the outfit.m th >> look how lovely.lovely. perfect song really. reay. >> perfect spring outfit.gutfi >> right. >> yeah. >> beautiful baby. baby >> i love it, love it. >> um-hmm.m-hmm. >> great little picture/it.e pic >> it is. >> all right. to send us your child'sll p ricp go to our facebook page. >> could that be her firstir mirror selfie though i know she didn't take it herself.'te it >> it look like she's trying tot get the phone.get the phone. >> let me just take it like my k kids let me just take it mom.. >> that's a good call, right,, steve. >> yeah
8:16 am
our facebook page fox5 d.c. and we promise to get them on thehe air. we love your picture.ture go outside and play todaylay tod because it's spring and it willr feel like spring this afternoonr with sunshine and it will beshin perfect day to hit the play p oundnd. >> really? >> yeah. why do i get the sense it willee be soggy and little muddy.dy >> wait a couple hours to dryo out. >> sounds good. >> yeah, we ot clearing to lookoo forward to a little later this t afternoon.n had a few showers overnight so at the moment not perfectly ldeal. maybe we go to weather map hereh yup. there we go.there g not perfectly ideal to get out t and play quite yet. yet but by afternoon things shouldsu be improving pretty quickly. quk 47 now in 49 richmond.. 43 in boston and new york city.y satellite picture of the snow ts pack off to our north it'st' hanging tough in parts of o pennsylvania.penn >> yeah. >> new england. there then.held up >> colder than us.r than again we'll be in the 60s laterr today. toda we'll get the clouds out of here and if you kind of look off toff your north and
8:17 am
maryland we've got clearing skies and those will start toost move in. we should be part toll mostlyosl sunny later and dry. and i do want to mention this one ti day special the warmup then it i will be cooler wednesday and and thursday. before another rebound inebnd i temperatures bite weekend.end. saturday will be 73 degrees. >> yes.>> very nice.e >> i like it. it. hi, erin.hi,rin. >> good morning. mor morning. >> 8:17 right now.ow and we are tracking some se problems with metro disabledle train outside eisenhower avenueu so yellow line delays in both it directions. o safetrackddition t already slowing down the blue and yellow lines with singleingl tracking moving to the roads ini lorton southbound route 1 close1 between lorton road and gun son cove road with a big crash scenh and left lane northbound closed as well. keep it to 95 southbound.ouun watch for northbound delays indi addition to that. 395 northbound crash stillrash l lingering on the right shoulderr before little river waiting for that scene to clearc and you are just officially jamy packed from south of thef t springfield interchange inerchae newington all the way up 395 too the 14th street bridge with 20it minute delay holding steady.
8:18 am
slow upper marlboro four inbound pennsylvania of a crash at a dowerhouse road has us jam pasts ritchie marlboro this morning.oi southbound bw parkway even e though earlier crash out by 1755 cleared, look at that long linen of red from the baltimorere beltway all the way down as you try to get to 32. to you're so jammed up. 95 southbound dealing with a lol of delays as well so bail out to take that leave early once you past 32 yoy do have stop and go trafficra leading toward the beltway asela well capitol beltway.ay 95 southbound jams from 100 tomt the beltway and from just beforf route 1 all the way over to georgia avenue the outer loop tr has about a 20 minute slow downd with congestion. even though 270 crash montrose r moved to the shoulder, you areoa jam pack with heaviest delays dy from gaithersburg into the spurr area. i would say from 70 in frederice all the way down you need 45 extra minutes still.ti then the 11th street bridge brig inbound crash delays on to 29595 so you can see 295 north andth a southbound is a parking lotg because of that as well. w in addition to that, if
8:19 am
any tweets to send us at erin ei fox5 on twitter we want to hearh about your commute and help you get around. get ar allison and steve.d ste. ♪♪ >>8:1818. fox5 concerns break unsolved murder case baffled northerne bf virginia community for more tham a year. >> arrests will be made andllmae announced -- they were made and will be announced i should say s this morning in the murder of 21-year-old header. hde bob barnard son his way to the sheriff's office and joins usois now en route. good mornoning, bob. >> reporter: allison and steve, good morning to you.ood o this is a 15 month old case the victim header chi cone.chi she went missing on december 6r ang sunday night from her homeer in spotsylvania county.oun it's been a murder mystery since.since. the investigation from spotsylvania sheriffs offices of back then she received a phonene call sunday night, told her parents that a friend had a carr issue and she was going to help out.ou her body was found in her car ir the driver's seat in
8:20 am
30 minutes from her home later l that night.that night she had been shot to death. missing at the time was header's cell phone which was delayedel found at that time investigatore say contained inv some informati that would ideally lead to now it's been 15 months laterer we're told two people have beenb arrested. at the time we were told that header had received some threatt she might had a female stalker.k we don't know how that plays out. whether one of the peopleher on arrestedof today or both arere women. women. e 're not sure. spotsylvania sheriff's officialc say later this morning they will announce the arrest.rres tell us more about thehe investigation.vest identify the two people arrestes but this haunting murder mystery that has gripped thehe spotsylvania community for, youo know, more than a year sincer se december of 2015 apparently has been solved, guys. >> bob, look for more as youor s continue your way out toy out o spotsylvania.sylvania 8:20 right now the company building dakotaing o access pipeline says the projece is still on track they believe y oi
8:21 am
week. despite recent attacks along the line.line. spokesperson for the companyny declined to elaborate on the type of attacks. tribes have balanced theced t pipeline in court for monthsoron arguing eighths threat to watert and their right to practiceic their religion. ♪♪ happening today, opening statements will begin in the case again the formerts w presii of penn state.. graham spanier is facing chargea in how he handled child sexex abuse claims against jerrygain sandusky.sausky two of his former aids are set to testi facing felony charges including child endangerment andt a conspiracy he failed to reportop allegations back in 2001 that sandusky had molested a boy. sandusky was convicted back inak 2012 of abusing multiple boys.. when we come back we areack playing a game of chicken. >> bring the big boy.oy millions of people joining ine n online. don't think this giant chickenni is real? think again. ain we'll weigh in a hefty one after the
8:22 am
good don't mess with ♪♪ ♪♪ for vacations that exceed expectations, make it busch gardens virginia! with surprises hiding around each corner, and good times guaranteed. busch gardens and water country usa. a whole other world awaits. plan your two park getaway now, and eat free with select packages.
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8:24 am
♪♪ i like when we play thiske song in the morning. wsong >> you like it. i low.t's melloth >> i like it very kind of describes the warm day today that tucker has beenscrihe talking i like it very much.yuch. all righty.alghty i also like this phenomenon
8:25 am
have you seen this huge chickeni steve. >> many times, yes. >> the inter>>ne mt going bon ks over this guy leaving its coop.o people are trying to figure outo if it's real or maybe if it's aa child dressed up like a chicken. [ inaudible ]indibl yeah. >> somebody said earlier it wass fog horn leg horn. >> that's who you mean, right. g >> i believe, i believe, iie, believe that guy, right.ight it turns out this chicken real.. naturally. his chicken has ruffled twitter's feathers.eath get it?ge >> so comical. >> so pun knee. >> it's biggest chicken roosterr weighed in about 25 pounds.5 ds >> i don't think that that's a regular rooster or chicken. chin because look at his whole feet.e he looks like a different breed. you know who would know this,no, wisdom martin. from mississippi he would knoweo about this big chicken. chien >> he says he does not. well he's just a big old chicken then. en. >> you say he's not a realnot al chicken.ic >> it's fake.>> i >> come on wis. cwho is thi
8:26 am
>> i go real. rea >> it is -- i think it's real,l, too. and he believes he's real.s he a >> i'm not going to hell them hh other ways. ieve.ieve, i bel >> let's stick to something we all knowti tckhe enjoy ability i factor of school being in n.ssion. let's go to weather school.l. i want to sit in the front row.w >> professor barnes is back. >> hey. >> steve i was disappointed onto your most recent assignment.. you'll have to meet with me me after school. sool. >> which assignment was that. aa >> you know which one it was.s s >> let's get to to i a b for today. little cloud cover out thereer t early but we will get sunshine h tis afternoon.erno winds won't be too bad. too bad there's a b. th afternoon temperatures in the 6e as b. b and most importantly, enjoying duke losing in a tourney andrned and. >> and another thing i'm not a a hater but i'm just going to give you duke did lose to south carolina. at's's a fact. women lost last night.ast night that's another fac holly morris is not here.ere. she's a duke graduate muchradua that's another fact. fac she says she's on vacation iaci don't know if that's true or nou duke did lose it just so happens
8:27 am
this week duke lost she's nothen here. do you thehe math. i'm just saying.i'm st s duke not going to winterin championship. if you have them in your have ei bracket, too bad. too bad too bad.. >> i got carolina blue on. go, tar heels. >> queue my music. >> ♪♪ the double.e double. assistant. yes! this show is on >> this show a it will as thellt kids would say. [ laughter ]ught ] >> all right. >> i love that you said that. >> right. hi, erin. >> i think that was the hottest hot for teacher tha wt alk ever. >> i agree.>> i >> and moving on to traffictra which is such a downer afternera that amazing segment. traffic super backed up on o 395 northbound heading to theo pentagon earlier crash by littll river turnpike and we're alsoe's dealing with vehicle fire onir baltimore washington parkwaye wa it's on the southbound side blocking right lane at 100.n th1 big backups there. tre keep it to fox5 news morning.. we got you covered and we'll bel right back. right back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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>> ail 30:00. beautiful picture of the wilson bridge this morning. we had rain rolling through overnight. that's out of the way right nowi y should get a nice day toice d celebrate the first full day ofo spring. temperatures up in the 60s.aturn you need at a good night'sog sleep if you're up now at 8:30:3 hopefully you got to bed beforeb midnight so you got eight hoursu you won't get the best start ofo your day if you don't get a good night's sleep.t' if you don't have the properropr pillow you'll get allows see night's rest it doesn't matterot if you use standard
8:31 am
memory foam other specialty s pillows so much out there wesohu asked dr. ray solano to sort iti all out for us and help us. u he's a chiropractor and physician who says there are a lot ofn worwhds for being kindt your spine. allison will bring her ownn wilg pillow in a minute. in minut good to see dr. ray. >> good morning. g >> i can tell you neither oneoof these pillows is on my bed. my d what are we looking at here as far as this huge thing and thist is like more like a coolinge a g memory type of pillow.. >> your first and for most got to connect -- get connected witt how you sleep. ho if you are a sw ide sleeper, you need --- >> which i am. >> you need something more firmn and something with proper pro height.h something firm and proper heighi and that's not that one.hat one >> okay. so if you're a side sleepere better off with something that's contoured something that's going to contour into that shoulder.uo >> looks like really like -- >> stiff. >> uncomfortable. thank you. th >> it really does we'll find out in a second how it feels whenlyn you're lying od n thehow table. [ laughter ] >> provide let's see what time
8:32 am
here. when you're on your side steve what you wanted to keep y'roue y neck in line with the rest of your spine. for many of us, i mean we have different ankles here different widths. so you really have to find theo proper height when it goes to to pillows.pill >> you thinking more of the o firmer type.erype >> firmer pillow is going to beb better when you're sleeping one your side. >> special name for something ke t this.cial n >> just side sleep pillow butlow here's the thing.he you want to make sure it's at' a memory foam.mem. because the memory foam will bel much more supportive thann something like this that's got a polyester phil or worst goose down phil that's completely comy flat. >> that's what i like. >> you brought>> yours t pillowp >> i already know the answer. a. >> here we go. de sleera side sleeper. >> yes. >> you might have failed. >> mice pillow cover first ofovr all. [ laughter ] >> bright. b >> it makes me happy.>> it >> so yes. >> he's ripping right in. >> yeah he is. ieeli the first thing i'm feelg is firmness there is not muchot firmness this almost feels like a polyester type some type ofe filler that's not going tong support you during the night yog
8:33 am
when you fall asleep during theg night your neck and shoulder shl goes in different positions ando that's how you actually causeuay neck problems.robls. what does that do to you then if this is something that you haveh >> if this is something you havh newer not going to support your neck properly you're going togon activate those neck musclesmusc while you sleep f you're in in neutral position these muscles aren't working so t activate tht next muscles and irritate irrit nerves. so if you wake up in the middlel of the night and you haveht ande tingling down the arm or youngo wake up with a headache, chancec it's your pillow. >> in full disclosure thisur t pillow was under ten this pillow is how much. m >> about a hundred dollars.dreda >> i think the thing.>> i is there a happy medium. don't want to spend a hundred hn dollars on a pillow or should id spend a hundred dollars on a pillow. pillow. >> you spend a third of your sni lifetime on your pillow why notn invest in a good pillow.. >> he sounds like a guy whouy sells me tires.lls es >> and mattresses. >> get connected with how you slee cponne. firmness level. height. heig and yeah go for it. >> if you're a side sl
8:34 am
which side you sleep on? doesns it make a difference.diffence. >> if off medical condition likt acid reflux you should be onhobo your left side.ide. seems to cam things down if you're side sleeper if you've yv got an old shoulder injury youiu don't want to sleep on thatp ona side. different variable. >> what else do we have? thised is gianto . >> longer pillow. similar --si >> same thing. >> california king bed. bed >> similar to allison's pillow this one a back sleeper pillow. >> does this have the cooling c thing built into it. i >> it's cooling gel.el someone who has temperaturee wh control issues at nighthas cone getting a pillow infused withh cooling gel a lot of small o studies are showing in you if yu you sleep in a cool environment orgeat rest full nights sleep.l >> for somebody who sleeps onho their back. >> on their back. >> for the curvature hn ere of f neck. neck. >> exactly if you look at thatly pillow it's not curved here so you're on your back.u'n yo it's got two different heightsgh one side being a little taller than the once again depending oo what you need but this would bet a back sleeper and this would b a side sleeper because it's couldn't toward but memory foamy is
8:35 am
>> dr. ray, haven't i heard't you're not supposed to sleep onp your stomach.yo >> correct. >> for allotted of different reasons.lls. >> yeah. so would you advise then eithere th find your position on your backb or on your side? >> absolutely. >> okay.>> oka why? why? >> when you sleep face down youo have to breathe so you'll turn r to one side. side that puts enormous amount ofmout strain in your neck. in yo it's almost like holding a yogay pose for six hours and thennd t waking up the next morning. so you'll cause miss alignment n in the upper back.. irritation of the though nervesn muscle spasms. uldn't be facee f down you should be on your sided or on your back. b >> plus it helps to age youou because your face and yournd wrinkles. >> minimizes the wrinkles asnkle well some studies have shown.e. >> back or side sadderide s difference as far as our health >> no, not necessarily.ri >> man this is heavy.s is h >> no one is better than theonee other. >> that's really heavy. >> steve, get on your side. s >> the boss said somebody had td get on the table.t on t we're going to break.we i will enj'roy. enj. >> thanks dr. ray.r. ray >> this is like a workout. >> it's very heavy.y >> i'm going to invest in
8:36 am
myself. >> there you go. on amazon andzo try to find a different pillow. >> this contour area goes on toe of your shoulder. >> i dreamed of this my wholethw life. >> dr. ray touching me on tv. >> no. >> here's what's important yourh neck is in line with theat res'f your spine okay.. this prevents those neck muscles from activating during the night. this also keeps your spine inr n proper alignment when you wakeny up, steve, you'll be nice ande n refreshed. >> a little cozy for you to -- >> hold ton that.>> hol t i think that's the end of this segment.ent. >> see in you an hour.>> see i >>n wyohere can we find youin dr. ray.dr >> we need that nap room. roo >> follow me on twitter at at dr. ray solano or go to myy website solano >> okay. >> tucker barnes, there's a beda over here waiting for you.ou. if you have nap time. te >> steve if it makes you feelee any better that wasn't awkwardt at all. >> not one little bit, tuck.uc >> just want to make sure. >> i got to buy him lunch.un >> 47 in washington. 47 annapolis.nnapolis 45 leonardtown.rdto. we're
8:37 am
little later today.oday. and we got clearing skies.g s i know we got clouds at theud movement. get the clouds to the east ofe l usou, once wdse get the clearinr here it should be beautiful be f afternoon. 60s with nice springtime sun night to look forward to ando nice dry air. shout be a great afternoon njoy enjoy. >> all right. seven day coming up just a minute. n dast aco tomorrow. erin is back with roloadsro.itha >> i want that foam pillow.w. it looks amazing.. 8:37 breaking metro news because of disabled train outside outde eisenhower avenue yellow line currently service betweentl huntington and king street.nd ke bus service is available. that could cause huge delays del dealing with safetrack surge 131 impacting the blue and yellowbll line single tracking betweeng b hunting ton and van doren. d again bigger yellow linein problems you may want to taketok metro bus to get around thatt one. northbound gw parkway disableabe vehicle after one twenty threewe causing delays.usin southbound gw parkway super jammed up from 123 to the key ty bridge. brid key bridge heavy from roslandlad into georgetown. empty street crowded same aswdem
8:38 am
wion between lorton road and gun son cove road left northbound laneto shut down because of big crash scene. 95 can get you around that one and 395 northbound this crashs c cleared before little river turnpike.turnpike huge delays lingering fromer f newington all the way across thr mixing bowl to the 14th street bridge and four inbound a crash at dowerhouse road jams ritchiee marlboro. huge slow downs there andge sw h dealing with more delays oern bw parkway southbound a vehicle a v fire blocking the right lane atn 100 and look at those solid delays from basically the the baltimore beltway down to 32. 95 southbound dealing with bailh out traffic heavy delays thereat asell.l. we'll keep updated on yourn you traffic. traffi steve back to you. st>> if you're dating life isat lacking maybe you want tog e yo consider sprucing up your datint resume from your interests too your skills and experience e looking for love can be similarb to looking for a job. job or creepy depending how you loou at it. it's 8:38. 8:38.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> another look outside. wilson bridge traffic slowing quite nicely this morning. morni 8:41. we know it's not easy findingoti love this story about two a college students at michigane st state kind of funny. >> ashley harrington need add date but no time to go out and t meet someone so her roommate rmm posted about her on facebook.. >> guy named joey adams a responded by posting his resume. not just any resume his datingg resume.reme >> he noted his interest, his h
8:42 am
movies some of his skills andkil conclude and this is where wehew think he went wrong.. crying during marley and mall, l act like a dad in public and replying to long text. >> who didn't to be fair.air. >> adam begun didn't get thehe date. date >> i wonder what it was.atwas. >> too bad. it sounds goof tee but tongueutu and cheek funny.kny >> tucker asked why.>> we're telling the story.g e st in an evident to get adam the date with somebody who deserves it. >> i think it's because it was trending on social media. >> and then that.nk iending >> we put it out there in casens you didn't see it.dn'tee i it's kind of funny. fny being are being creative.iv >> we'll try to get you kneww creative stuff on good day.. let's check in with wisdom findf out what's coming up on the bigb show.. >> check on this breaking news.. we're trying to find answersd a about this. tw o big stories we're leadingre the way on this morning rape atp rockville high school.ig sch we're the only ones with with interview with the superintendent but do hisntdentd answers go far enough? that's ' big question.
8:43 am
confirm a rests are made in thee mysterious murder of a 21-year-old woman.r-old woman bob barnard will bring us knew e information at 9:00.0. also knew information thismati i morning on who is accused ofcusd stealing tom brady's super bowll jersey and how it was swiped.swd now, let's put up that good dayg guess list, shall we? on the show, carlton joyner a d.c. man who's paintings many considers a incredible especially whippinghn that he paints them on thepain streets as he works to overcome allison seymour shares his h orory. also on tap today actress tia how we are rejoins us live tooi share how she made some changes and into what she ate and that d transformed her we'll talk about that.ha. she says the same can happen for and green leaf actor jason durrn din stops by the live sharing ag important message in washingtonh d.c. today. and did you spend time puttinge on different outfits thists morning trying to figure out which one actually looked better. then you'll want to hear abut the new online service wherevice
8:44 am
you make a decision as you're're getting ready for the day. day all that's coming up on good day. >> your own personal >> or you can just pay me andsty i'll do it for you. c you can do that. [ laughter ][ laer ] >> thanks, wis dollar. >> 8:44. kevin mccarthy with your withou entertainment news. what you got today.rt >> i hav ye aoun interview comiu with ryan reynolds and jakeake gyllenhaal went safe not for not work very quickly also arnoldd schwarzenegger released a videov this morning with strong words for president trump. i'll have that coming up next on fox5 local news.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> welcome back. 8:46. 47 degrees out there. live look across the dmv. it's going to clear out and warm up today. >> hope so. tucker keeps saying it will. we keep waiting. speaking of waiting we'll get to the forecast if we can only wait ten seconds. ps look o cl >> patience, city, patience.nce, i promise we'll get sunshine today and it will be a nice day. but we got couple more hourse ws with clouds.with clouds. rain showers moving on throughng early this morning and as we a w continue to see this area of low pressure get out of here more go and more sunshinf ehe it shouldb beautiful afternoon.ful aft still a little cool.l a ttle c 47 now in washington.ton. quantico, good morning m 48 degrees for you. frederick you are winning the cool spots sweepstakes early 414 up in frederick.derick 46 in leonardtown.eonardto everybody hangig
8:48 am
40s. not as cold as yesterday morninm still a little cool out there.le rain showers early those havee all pushed to the east fadingin off to the south and east, and , look what we have to look t look forward to. that clearing skies just out tot the west in fact, if you're along 81 towards front royal anl wip chester you'll see theter ul clearing here shortly. sho this will be moving in a littlee bit later this morning duringisd the afternoon so we'll see sunshine build into the area. ae should be a beautiful very spring like day with daytimeme highs in the 60s and lots off sunshine to look forward to thii afternoon we're mild here upmilu ahead of our next frontal systee which will get in here tonight.n it will come through but it's going reinforce thece cool air for the day on wednesday and thursday plain ola cold up into new england wherele they got pretty good snow pack p and cool for us. us. it looks like thursday morningyr overnight lows could be back inc the 20s we're not done with thee freezing temperatures yet.peraty we'll talk more about that if ta you have tender vegetation you want to get prepared.pared all right. there's your seven day. 64 today.oday
8:49 am
49 thursday.rsda there's your cold temperaturera thursday morning 28 degrees.dege but notice the jump right back b into the 50s and then by saturday, 70s with sunshine. sue saturday right now looks likeike spectacular day with dryit d conditions and temperatures inpa the 70s. the 70s. should be nice spring day foror us. us cherry blossoms will be popping. okay, guys, that's it.t's thank you. >> that's my quote of the day. >> cherry blossoms will bee popping.pp i love it.lo it. > ♪♪ >> kevin mccarthy every day. >> hi, kev.ev >> big tucker barnes fan. fan. >> who really. >> i really am. am. around 5:25 our time arnold schwarzenegger released a tweete on twitter in sidney australia taking aim at president trump a pretty strong words, he saidpres i've been talking to digitaln ln team all morning.. he's actualing flying to austrir for special olympic tried to get him to skype in but he's ont hen plane and wi-fi is very very ver bad. but this is video he releasedeed this morning just take look at a it for yourself and we'll talk about it when we get back. back. watch this.tch is. >> donald
8:50 am
now you're in the 30s. 3 what do you expect? i mean whea you take away after school programs for children and mealsa on wheels for the poor people,pl that's not what you call makingk great again.t aga come on. i mean, who is advising you? y let me give you some advice.dv go to a middle school, middle school in washington 6 mileston away from the white i'll take you there.m ll takyou so you can see the fantastic faa work that they're doing for the children. ch let's do it. >> so i've been tweeting back and forthwith this digital teamm gentleman named daniel i'veaniei known for a couple years and heh said they're on plane to austria. this a program he had for overr 20 years called after school ala stars the mission providesvi comprehensive after schoolive t programs that keep children andn help them succeed in school and life. 353 schools total across thel at
8:51 am
i was trying to find out why he specifically chose hart in his video. there's a couple of different schools in d.c. that aret involved in this program. i'm assuming it's just one, he , said he visited one of thesefhe schools in 2013.01 so this is big deal for him.. >> close to the white house easy access.ce >> i wasn't wondering if thereto was a specific connection there. i'm working thon rightic c now.. >> thank you ketch. thank next up -- >> stop by when he comes to t washington, d.c. >> i tried to get arnold tori skype in.ed t he's literally flying to austria as we speak. >> when he comes to dc that.o da would be awesome.d weso my childhood hero.o >> ryan reynolds and jakendak gyllenhaal are in a new movie called life written by the by te writers of dead pool.d po basically alien in much more moe intense situation. sti i spoke to ryan reynolds and jake gyllenhaal prepared alllenh night and day i had questionssts written.n. sick questions ready to go practiced them in the shower anw everything, right?? >> awkward.ward >> i always practice mypra
8:52 am
>> more awkward. >> it's fine. i walk in the room.d. i si atwan down.ow. and this is a highlight of whatt happened, this is the very pg p friendly version of a very r rated watch this. thi >> i brought you guys somethingt because you know i love deadd pool. >> that's awesome.t' >> i know you like it too.s now >> thank you so muchyo.u ou so . >> cool, cool, cool. cl >> that's great. gre. thahank you. >> all right.>> a right. coming in right now. n [ laughter ] >> i like how your names are onn the >> so you know which chair to sit in. >> no we're it ideas. it i literally sat in that chairhar when i first came in.e i what's wrong? >> yeah. >> are you actually doing -- gog ahead. >> here we go. >> so great. >> next question, is ryann reynolds high? >> why does ryan reynolds rno
8:53 am
>> it's all about, um, reallyeal being able to --g able t [ laughter ] >> thank you jake. je. >> were we get serious.. >> ryan is, looing through the t glass and i'm behind him and hed turns in the middle of he goes,g we're all going to die.o [ laughter ] >> i was in south by southwestwe this weekend in austin reallyea cooling to there and theyhere a apparently were doing this all n day longg . they were justifying to throw interviews and ie just saw -- ie running in ryan on the red the d carpet he gave me a big hug.ig g nicest guys ever.r >> were you the first interview of the day. . i was fe or sixsix >> when you walk out withu wautw stickers on your jacket jacke everybody was wondering what wat going on. going on. >> they had to specifically sitt where they were sitting.e theyer >> they gave you the stickers. r >> they're still on my suit jacket. >> met people of think of youeo when you're walking arounple d.d >> why did i have them.e i wore them the rest of the dayd >> i'm sure.>> iure. >> not surprised at all. all >> i want to get back real fastt jumping around here to theto arnold video.
8:54 am
the specific program he has it serves 70,316 low income at risk youth 353 title one schools in 15 major cities across thecros t country. countr so he specifically calls out orr mentions hart middle i would be curious to know why.w i'm trying to find that out right now this is very cooly coo program he has for over 20ve years. >> it's great publicity for harh and hopefully they take they tak advantage of. if you know anyone that goes too hart tweet us.rt twe i would love to hear from you. 8:54. kev, thanks very much.v, t we'll take a short break. break back with your forecast next. n. careful joe, they've got you outnumbered. the dinosaurs' extinction... don't listen to them. not appropriate. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter... why don't you sit over here.
8:55 am
something for everyone is awesome. find your awesome with the xfinity stream app. more to stream to every screen. ♪♪ >> let's say good morning to our facebook fan day. d whole family of smith kids nominate beside theyy are mom. that is great picture. >> um-hmm. um-m momuses says they're up early e every morning watching fox5 on5o all five of their tv's.v's. yes. she says they even watching whee they took this picture. that's what we like to hear.o ha thanks for the love.. keep it locked to fox5. f5. for your chance to be fan of tht day post your picture below this one.e i like that son in the bottom bo eighths great photo. pho >> that's a great look. lots of love in that photo. phoo >> 47 now in washington.ashingt. we'll get a warmup here and inni the 60s later. lat hang in there. i know it's sntill gloomy out.yo we'll get the sunshine buildingn in later this morning during thi
8:56 am
he?e? >> yes. >> thanks, erin. >> that will move in shortly ana turn partly to mostly sunny sny later today. it will be beautiful nice spring like day 64 later.. cooler tomorrow on thursday andd warm it up for the end of the et week. erin. >> i think high too much coffee. i'm answering you. you let's take look at traffic bigig metro problems because a disable train outside eisenhower servici completely suspended on the o te yellow line between huntingtontg and king street. they do shuttle bus service svi available causing delays you may want to keep to metro bus in i addition to safetrack surge 13u1 with single tracking already between huntington and van dorer street area.stre allow extra time there. 295 southbound constructionctio right now lavatory road. that is in the mix of already ma slow commute between the north r and southbound lanes all traffif is really jammed up heavy on tht in your opinion as you make your way from branch avenue to across the wilson bridge and thenndhe northbound gw parkway disable db vehicle after 123 a lot of congestion lingering inbound ono gw parkway as well.l. southbound route 1 still closedo out by lorton road.ortonoad. keep it to 95 to get around that
8:57 am
northbound lanes impacted ass well. we allison and steve, back to you. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> stay with us.>> good day d.c. is next and, boy,b is it a great show today. >> we'll see you for that rightr after the break.ter e br ♪♪ ♪♪ just how far does weathertech go to protect your vehicle? i'm on it. ♪♪
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fox5 exclusive theve montgomery county school's superintendent speaking outpeint after the arrest of twotwo teenagers for a rape inside k rockville high what he told us comlling up in a live report.ort. >> i can promise you we willou l follow the facts wherever they >> for the first time the headi of the fbi admitting his agency is investigating russian efforte to influence the u.s..s presidential election.leio that means it's also looking into any possible links betweeni the trump administratioblne and moscow. we'll have more on this explosive hearing.ring and later, a super bowl mystery solved.y solved fbi is track down tom brady's by missing jersey and now we may know who too, it. it. good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ >> who does that. t >> collector with no moral compass.coas >> what are you going to do wito it.with are you think >> i also read if it's true he h had some other items from somerm other f


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