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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 22, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> want to take a live look outside right now and old friend is coming back to the dmv. today we welcome back tempps in the 30s and 40s is it a friend, really. is that how you want to say it wisdom. >> that's what's in the prompter. >> we disagree on the friend thing. >> thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm airport erin. >> today is wednesday, march 22. a little warmer this morning and mike tell bus that wind. >> wind peck up over the next couple of hours and then those cold temperatures moving in. i'll let you know how long they stick around in a b
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right now, 5:00, our big story, concerned parents and community members packing pta meeting rockville high school last night. >> it comes nearly a week after allegations surfaced that a 14-year-old girl was raped at the school by 17 and 18-year-old classmates and it's a case that left parents concerned about the safety of students. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live in rockville with more on what school leaders had to say, mel. >> good morning, guys, and before the meeting a small group of protesters gamingerred here outside rockville high school holding signs saying security is most important thing to them. and also, inside as you can imagine a very packed meeting here with parents and students, teachers, listening and also demanding as, tv camera crews stayed outside but reporters did attend the public meeting staffed by school officials and police. parents were upset about delayed communication and the fact that 17 and 18-year-old suspects are here illegally. that was a major issue
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ncps jack smith apologized to parents and said it's not a conversation about immigration but a horrible event that gotta applause and some years. parents were handed papers that highlighted maryland education laws supported by supreme court decision and county policy not to up choir about immigration status. here's what they had to say after the meeting. >> the mood was simply cover our reputation. there were long speeches from the principal and superintendent and from others associated with them explaining why this could never have happened when it did. >> and now earlier super school intend enter held a media briefing and in it asked who is responsible for the terrible attack? >> the student xho committed the crime is primarily responsible. i am responsible. all of the people who work in montgomery county public schools are responsible. we all take responbi
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thing. but the student who committed the crime ultimately has to be the one who is responsible for what happened. now, in court documents the victim told police that she did not know 18-year-old suspect henley sanchez and she only knew 17-year-old jose monday tan owe as a friend. super intend end said the school is reviewing security procedures and will have something to put out recording that in the near future. rockville, melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> mel, thank you very much. developing this morning d.c. police are searching for several missing people including three children. first on your screen is 14-year-old shanai aboyd last seen saturday 4,000 block 6th street southeast. >> and looking for sherea pain last seen 4700 block of first street last west. >> and late last night a 10-year-old girl winter
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went missing. she was last seen in blue pants and pink and gray north face jacket carrying a backpack. if you know anything about the missing kids d.c. police wants to hear from you. >> that's right, wisdom, those missing children's cases 'many others in the news rontly are the reason d.c. counsel ill member treon white is holding a council meeting tonight called "where are they now? " it's eld exel ka academy northeast. there's not an increase in missing children instead they say they're using social media more to get the world out about those that go missing. >> search is on phone missing elderly man. william jackson was last seen in december and reported missing this week. mr. jackson was last seen on capital avenue northeast. >> let's turn to the white house. today president trump is meeting with congressman anthony brown and other members of the congressional black caucus. they hope to discussed occasions, hbcu. criminal justice reform and infrastr
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>> president trump is warning house returns that are waivering on gop healthcare bill their jobs would be on the line in next year's election. tomorrow law makers in expectsed to vote on legislation that will undo much of provided healthcare coverage to 20 million americans. president trump has met with gop lawmakers on the fence and other gop lawmakers have made changes to the bill. >> day two of supreme court nominee neil gorsuch is in the books. gorsuch faces hours of questions from senators on wednesday. he appeared to grow testy after four hours of questioning before the senate judiciary committee and stating there's a lot he regrets about the confirmation processen including putting his family in that ordeal. >> u.s. marshall will be helping a happened it's part of their public initiative. >> marshalls will escort kids through crosswalks and the program began last year as a way to reaffirm their commit thement to public service.
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let's get to michael thomas and talk about what is happeningp up and down weather. >> it's been all over the place. >> we're on our way down after a beautiful afternoon yesterday temperatures reach into mid 60s. again this afternoon much, much different. you see wind picking up north and west and gusts up to 30 miles an hour. 28 miles an hour hagerstown and 22 frederick. that's your leaping edge of colder air starting to spill in north west suburbs and we'll be here within the next couple hours. we only drop one de disagree last hour here in d.c. to 56. look at gaithersburg ten colder not far north and west 46 this hour in frederick as well. 40 haikers town and 36 couple better land. colder air is on the way. do still have a couple lingering showers down over extreme southern portions of northern maryland and those will vacant and everybody will number for sun this afternoon. it's gusty winds to look out for. temperatures into the 40s around sunrise
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50 this afternoon with wind gutting upwards of 40 it bill feel colder han that. that's a check of the forecast let's head to erin area for a check of traffic. >> 5:07 now we're keeping a close eye on roads and rails and the good news metro started at 5 and if you're driving take a look at that. a lot of green in res tip, tyson, problem free annandale and upper marboro. things in southern maryland and for the washington looking good and 95 smooth sailing dale city to the beltway and south to stafford and no problems 395 and ar lip liping ton and i like what we're seeing in d.c.. motto of the story, any questions fox 5 d.c. twitter and i'll let you know when things pop up around the district. >> 5:07 is the time now coming up on "fox news morning" supreme court issues a ruling highlighting
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presidency. >> one of the nation's favorite airlines is preparing to go paperless. >> we're preparing to go to break now with a live look outside across the dmv at 5:07 in the morning and 57 degrees. back in a moment. >> wake you up right, right? >> good music going on. >> that's janet i didn't real lie that's. >> that song is it. >> if the weather was better. >> technology. >> lover that song. pa
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pa >> 5:08 is the time now. latest missile launch in korea failed. within second of the launch after it was fired off of north korea eastern coast. it comes as u.s. and south korean troops were conducting military drills and days after it said it was testing rocket engines hailed at break through in space program. >> britain joined u.s. in joining large electronics and carry on bags for direct flights. under the batch electronics larger than smart phones are not allow as carry ones. it affects nine country and british ban obtains to six. the ban was prompted by intelligence of ongoing threats to planes. >> supreme court is limiting president power to fill temporary post. high court ruled they cannot fill
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knowledge naiings are tied up in political fights. it strengthed the federal vacancy reform act. a person run fooring post with not serve on a temporary basis in that position. >> startsing in may the airline will introduce a new reservation system with electronic tickets and it allows them to accept foreign money for the first time. recover more quickly from storms and give them control over price changes and schedules and tarmac workers and mechanics will receive tablet to get information in role realtime. south west put up 500 million in upgrades make it biggest tech upgrade in ever. >> a woman in fredericksburg is waking up a million dollars richer because she was trying to help her friend. she took time to show her friend julie how to play the lottery. they both bought scratch-off tickets and mary showed julie how to scan
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scratching to see ifs with a winner. julie's ticket won 12. the other ticket won one million bucks. she has not decide whad she will do with the winnings. >> hopefully share with her friend you know. >> you're on your own. >> good friend, that's what you get. >> that's a good friend. >> we have to discuss how we split this money. >> we're excited for you. give us a call. >> coming up. wonder woman's armpits going viral during a twitter debate. >> and threatening to shoot the lapd after he says he was sum of police brutality and racial profiling. >> and as we head to break we'll take a live look across the d.c. region, time 5:11, 57 degrees. fox news morning is back after this
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>> concerned parents packing rockville high school for heated pta meeting last night. it comes fearly a week after allegations that a 14 yeerld girl was raimd by 17 and 18-year-old classmate and major source of contention was the fact that the two suspect are here illegally. school leaders apologized to parents and said this not a conversation about immigration. the school is expected to release more details to ensure student safety next week. >> to the district where police are investigating the death of a woman in norm east. she was found dead inside a home 6:00 last night along the 600 block. there were reports the victim was reported missing before a body was discovered and sources tell "fox5" the body was found bound with clothing and bedding. tv icon chuck bar is died he was known for inventing 19 70s gong show and helped create newly wed game and dating game.
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his life was from a movie of confessions after a dangerous mind. >> joe piscapo is talking about running for office. he was a big supporter of donald trump and once a long time democrat. he could run as independent if they enters the race. >> 5:15 is the time right now. >> go ahead, erin. >> we're on the same page here you go for it. >> i was going to say a live look outside. give it back to you. >> i was going to say it's a roller coaster of emotions for the weather because it's cold, warm, cold again. i don't know what's happening. >> well, what's happening is springtime. spring up and downs. we do this a lot in march and we were up yesterday, 63 reagan national. dulles 62 and bwi. little above the normal high of 8. felt pleasant once the sun was able to break through the clouds. today a change taking place. we're not too bad at this hour. 56. ab
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the door because you'll need to definitely lighter this afternoon. look at binghamton 23. pittsburgh 29. moup taps ookting like a damn. cold air heavy so the moun taps it's filing up. eventually it will overflow so to speak. those mountain tops and come roaring in with a good amount of winds as well. wind norm and west gusting to 30 miles an hour. those winds will be here in d.c. before too long. couple of showers down extreme portions of southern maryland. eastern shore and across the norp neck of virginia. these are quickly fading away and pushing south and east. not going to be a problem for us in d.c. and for most of us won't be a prong positive him throughout the day either. high pressure building in nice and strong across the great lakes filtering in strong northerly wind that brings chilly air down from north and once again for about the next 36 to 48 hours feeling more like wiptser than spring here. 40s and 50s coming our way this afternoon. lower 50s that is. so again kind of warmest period of the whole day
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dealing with right now. that map needs updated because it will not be 64 today. it's only going to be 50 later on this afternoon. again most suburbs will stay in the 40s once they drop below that mark as we head through the morning hours. 49 degrees. your high temperature for tomorrow. good amount of sun through the afternoon and we'll lose wind for thursday. by friday, maybe a couple of afternoon showers. but back up we go up to 60s and 70s, 75. it looks warm. we dab showers on sunday and get back to the 70s deliver it or not monday and tuesday of next week as things stand now it looks like having extended period of warmer weather setting up beginning this saturday. all right. that's a check of the forecast. airport erin eye accepted it over to you for traffic. >> 5:17 wind pleasant on the roads and we're still seeing a lot of green. gw parkway problem free to the key bridge and upper marboro problem free as well. let's see if we can forward maps. early morning
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way to reagan national, dulles and bwi looking at topside of the beltway quiet. no problems between baltimore beltway and capitol beltway and baltimore nationality beltway is quiet. and problem free. 270 we have light volume building from 70 to spur. mainly from 70 to truck scales. once you get to gaithersburg smooth sailing. if you're out and about before the 5:30 half hour only the secondarys are yeahet. metro right now is on type except for safe track impacting blue and yellow and 66 quiet. any questions for the commute @erinfoxdc on twitter. we keep you moving on the rail and roads and metro bus is on time. >> 5:18 is the time now. let's lack at stories engaging with most on social media with realtime news tracker. >> first up what is hot on the web and pennsylvania high school student is suing his school district and he believes the school district
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policy constitutes sexual harassment and violates privacy. it allowed students to use restroom and locker room of their choice regardless of biological sex. student noticed transgender boy chairing after pe and was embarrassed. >> meanwhile rapper shawn and didy calms tv station is sued for reverse discrimination by production team. some employees say they were mistreated for being old and white. and they also say less qualified black employees were treated better. calms founded revolt tv a music table station. >> singer wide club january says he was subjected to police brutality and racial profile profiling why he was detained tuesday on the way home from the studio. he wrote on twitter lapd officers order him out of his car and cuffed him without asking him to identify himself. he threatens to see the lapd. >> mean while trailer of wonder woman movie is upsetting fans
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are shaved. original comic book character did not have under arm hair but some fans think she should have body hair notice film. that's what we're talking about. >> that's a huge talker on twitter. >> wean talk about that later. maybe a little facebook live today wisdom. easy classes, less homework and lots of sports? yes, please. that's how far exchange students view studying here in the u.s.. maybe that's not g u.s. education is system is trying to be more competitive and foreign exchange student view the american high school experience as less intimidating, hm. >> what? >> i just think the more -- you soften our kids up in education department that's another rant for another day for wisdom martin. >> lots to talk about on "fox" news morning. coming up something on amazon web site has attention of consumer watchdog group and they claim it's actually misleading you. >> and apple introduces an iphone
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>> 5:20 a live look across the region. 57 degrees out. we'll get wisdom's take on all the hot trending talkers.
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>> 5:23. welcome back to fox news morning. troubling news when it comes to gun violence in the u.s. aeps new study find across the fashion's health care system 3 bill don't a year anded study found a ma'amtive victims were male. and there seems to be a correlation between helm insurance status and injuries. for example, shootings of those insured by medicade were most often springs items of assault and medicare insured victim were more likely to suffer from self inflicted gun shot wounds. >> amazon is under fire a california based consumer watchdog group is accusing company of misleading consumers and violating law with questionable pricing. the group filed a petition with the california atrn
5:24 am
and federal trade mission and they say their research found nobu basis for the list of prices and thousands of items. >> the list price really is a bogus price that doesn't have any real relationship with anything. they're creating impression of discount luring consumers in to buy if you will. when there really is no such discounts at all. >> amazon call the watchdog study and says it was misleading and they say they validated list prices against actual prices that's what they're doing. comparing prices against other prices. >> and well new york city is the 9 pl most expensive city in the world according to a new study. it's the only u.s. city to make the top ten list of priceest cities. copenhagen denmark los angeles fell short at 11 place and top five most expensive cities in the world sing pour, hong kong, zurich, tokyo
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>> a brand new phone was revealed yesterday. it's a red and white iphone 7. this model is partnership with red hiv and aids charity. portion of the sale of these phones goes to charity. the phone starts at $750 and hits stores on friday. >> 5:25 is the time now. michael thomas with a check of the forecast. hey, mike. >> wisdom, colder air is on the move this morning and while it's not terrible outside right now it gets colder as we progress through the rest of the day. 56 degrees again enjoy while it lasts. once it goes it will not be back for a few days. down to 46 rather in gaithersburg and 41 march tinburg and 46 frederick and cumberland maryland, chilly 36 to start the day and cold are air is on the way into our neck of the woods as well. satellite and radar showing that that cold front pushed down south. couple of showers lingering over southern maryland and northern neck of virginia and across the lower eastern shore as well. those all clear out and
5:26 am
amount of sunshine as we work our way through the day today. cool they are afternoon than yesterday when temperatures in the 60s. by 11:00, a few cloud out there 45 by 2:00 48. maybe we touch 50 again later this afternoon and certainly will not be 59 degrees that it was at about 1:00 this morning. quick look at highs today. now i'll accepted it back to erin como for a check of traffic. >> all right. 5:26 this morning and so far i love what i'm seeing on the roads. and look how quiet it is largo problem free, 301 covton looking good and no issues annandale. top site of the beltway quiet. baltimore washington parkway g powder mill road in both directions same story route. icc is cruising in both directions and 270 a bet late volume from 70 mainly throughout truck scales and little volume to the spur. right now it's only about a 5 minute delay frederick on down. here's a live look as you make your way to 270. you see things building to the beltway. in
5:27 am
good. 395 at speed and right now, metro is on time except for safe track. any questions, erin "fox5" d.c. on twitter. >> all right. coming up on "fox news morning" members of congressional black caulks us meet with president trump. >> and one of the most pour lar and recent grocery stores is development proposal in the district. >> the temperature is we dropped one degree. we're now at 56 degrees. >> don't do you that to me at 5:30. >> i'm give you the facts. you do what you want with them. those are the facts. >> grab that jacket you need it later today.
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>> today on fox any morning parents and lawmakers seeking abcs days after a 14-year-old girl reportedly rapeded in a high school bathroom by classmates. where are they now. d.c. council member hold a meeting to discuss a number of missing children in the district. and what happens to spring. all of them waking up to temperatures in the 30s with even more wind chill. "fox5 news morning" starts rights now >> good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm allison seymour. >> today is wednesday, march 22. >> all right. the great allison seymour is here michael thomas. >> i'm at the right place right. >> you're at the right place at the
5:31 am
tease about the weather. >> weather-wise today starting off not bad. temperatures will be kind of collapsing as we head through the day. we'll get windy as well. erin. >> well, right now it's a pleasant start to wednesday morning. you know that can change. i'll locality you know. >> all right. thanks you airport airport and michael thomas we'll talk with you in just a bit. this morning, in the news, we're digging deeper into a story "fox5" has been on top of over the past few weeks. children missing in d.c. of overnight d.c. police tweeted yet another child a 10-year-old has gone missing. >> and tonight a community town hall is planned to try to find answers. "fox5" anjali hemphill is live at d.c. police headquarters with more. anjali. >> reporter: allison, wisdom, the amount of recent is manage children in d.c. has alarmed local community members so much so that tonight, d.c.'s top brass is invited to this town hall meeting called "where are they now? " all while
5:32 am
and 10-year-old girl are missing in the district. these are the most recent missing tweeted by the department. 10-year-old winter griffin last seen off keerny street in north east. last seen carrying her multi-colored book bag and then over to 14-year-old shanaiah boyd off 6 street in south east and shrae pain 17 missing since march 17 from first street in southwest. and finally, this young man, only 14 years old michael carera may sop disappeared on monday from kenny gray court southeast. these kids are part of more than 700 missing people in the district just this year. "fox5" has been covering the story extensively as there has been concern the number is rising. and it may be related to human trafficking. now, d.c. police have disputed that saying they are using more social media to get the word out and their tweets have been garnering significant public attention.
5:33 am
man tre white will host a town hall meeting addressing the recent missing kids and what to do about it. that meeting began 6:00 tonight at exel academy charter school in south iingt. that's the latest here at d.c. police head quarters, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> 5:33 now let's get to the latest on rain allegations at rockville high school last night. concerned parents packed the school for heated pta meeting a major source of contention was the fact the two suspects are here illegally. school leaders apologized to parents and said this is not a conversation about immigration that many parents said that that reassurance is simply not enough. >> and you're putting them in the same classroom at 14-year-old girls and they're saying there's nothing you can do about that. >> this student was enrolled in appropriate program to give them services he needed and he chose to do something very, very bad from all of the allegations. >> and the school says it will release more details
5:34 am
student safety next week. >> and now let's turn to politics and white house. today president trump surprise meeting with maryland congressman anthony brown and other members of congressional black caulk us to discuss with the president several issues including education, hbcu. criminal justice reform up from a structure and healthcare. 6 their jobs will be on line in next year's election. tomorrow law makers in expected to vote on the legislation to undo much of the provided healthcare coverage to 20 million americans president trump met with the gop lawmakers r that are on the fence and other gop lawmakers made changes tots bill. >> could a wegman's grocery store be coming to the district. the popular change is eying the fanny pay property in continually town. developer says they would be pleased if wegman as became a tenant. nothing has been confirmed. >> all right. 5:34 the time now. allison when you got uth
5:35 am
the strength of the winds or. >> i was. it woke me up. >> yeah. >> it woke me up last night. >> was it windy at your place. >> most definitely. >> i was surprised when i got up early i thought it was callle and warm. >> you're a weather man. >> i'm a weather man. >> we live in the sticks mike she's a city person. we live in the sticks. >> way out there. >> yes we do. >> all right. winds are starting to pick up. especially north an west in sticks as wisdom would say. 2 mile app hour gusts reported hagerstown and 22 frederick and 28 gaithersburg and windy is getting rid of what is left of warm air yesterday and starting to pool colder air down from the north and from the west as well. we dropped to 46 gaithersburg as well as frederick and 43 westminster and here at d.c. holding on to mid 50s ep and starting to say that will not last too much longer. satellites and radar shows it has come through already and seeing lingering showers across portions of lower southern maryland and eastern shore. those are moving o
5:36 am
everybody will be into the sunshine later this afternoon. highs though only back up to 50 later on today. but with the winds around we'll feel colder than that. tomorrow lots of sunshine. but cold, 49 degrees. that's the weather. let's head to erin como with traffic. >> well, 5:35 deeping eyes on the roads and rails and right now taking a look at maps where we're quiet own the beltway to oxon hill. bottom side of the beltway looking good across the wilson bridge. top site vod um increasing clem park not enough to show us down between 95 and georgia avenue.
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test test test test
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>> 5:39 is the time no, i number of u.s. kids that overdose on prescription pain killers each year may be climbing. a study in the "journal of pediatrics" shows a 30% crop in 2009 to 2015 and the prison control center about children and then teens who overdose. and but the study found that opiate use is still a serious threat from 2000 to 2015 the rate of suspected suicide by opiates rose 53%. >> and hiv born in the united states dropped dram ateicily over the past two decades according to centers of disease control and prevention there were compared to 216 cases in 20002. doctor says three factors can help transmitting fin infection. early diagnosis of the press in appsy a
5:41 am
for six weeks after birth. >> possible break flew in the fight against alzheimer's scientists say a genetic test could predict your risk of dementia. it looks at a person's geepz and found those in the top 25% risk category developed disease nuch yepinger than others. off to mars we go president trump approves more money for nasa-manned space trips. >> and tots break here on earth at 5:3 1 a live look across the d.c. region. all right with me. time again, 5
5:42 am
56 degrees outside. "fox5 news morning" back after fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row.
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>> 5:44 is the time right now. >> a lot of people credit treat awith this twerk
5:45 am
>> i like me some big frida representing the big seesy this morning. >> which means you need to be twerking right now. >> mike he was playing. no, no that was a joke. it all most went too far. i aim to please wisdom. >> let's let big frida do that. >> to the younger generation we know the stuff we don't have to do it. >> mike is young. >> you can twerk. >> i do that sometimes on the weekend. >> colder air returning today not bad outside right now. i'm sorry to say it won't last longer. colder air is moving into the region as we speak and coming with high whipped and those winds continue to get gusty as we head to the afternoon hours. here in d.c. gusts at times 60 and 40 miles an hour an later today, tomorrow morning, is bits early cold. we're talking temperatures in the 20s and maybe each a few teens off to the norm and waet.
5:46 am
good news cold spell doesn't last too long. in fact by the time we get to friday afternoon we warm it back up and 70s philip door as we head into the weekend. there's current number outside. 56 degrees. again, wind out of the north, northwest at 17. not reporting wind chill bees we need temperatures to drop before wind chill backs a factor. temperatures around the region you see the cold oaf the edge of poun tanz, 29 pittsburgh and binghamton 22 and cold air will slow down over the next couple hours. i expect dramatic drop in temperatures before really even sunrise here in washington. satellite and radar showing what was a cold front push opened down to the south. 6 here we are 7 a.m. cloud leftover. as we head to thaf
5:47 am
sunshine to lock forward to this afternoon. bad news it comes with whipped and colder temperatures. not expecting temperatures much above 507 later on this afternoon. and di mention thursday, thursday morning, area high pressure almost sitting on top of us. that will be cooling us down. so so much so by tomorrow morning looking at widespread 20s around the region and tomorrow afternoon warming up to 40s. we'll keep a breeze around tomorrow afternoon. not nearly adds bad as today. today certainly is windy day. 50 later this afternoon high for today was actually just after midnight of 59 degrees. won't reach that later on today. we'll be a cooler afternoon and lows tonight headed down to the 20s. we'll go 28 in d. crtion and coldner suburbs do get ready for that and here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day for coast. only two day spell. two day spell here. erin is already excited because she sees 60s friday couple of afternoon showers here and there and saturday 70s back. up to 75.
5:48 am
look forward to on the 7 day erin como. some beach weather perhaps coming up? >> listen i love jogging outside when it's warm. i can not wait for nice, long slow run on saturday morning. >> make it quick. >> i know that's what you were thinking with too. right now 395 northbound de debris on ramp. traffic getting by. oos a little caution. notice green inside the beltway from springfield interchange to the 14 street bridge. 895 nobody dale city to beltway a 5 minute delay and you see the yellow zone as you cross the ak acommonwealth of pennsylvania. jammed up traffic there. rest of wednesday morning commute. 66 looking good close to beltway. no problems. but before that point in gainsville, we have some congestion from 2 to 234 sutly
5:49 am
safe track 13 single tracking huptsing ton to vandoren blue and yellow ongoing through april 12. otherwise no metro rail or bus delays yetal sop and wisdom. >> horrible story out of chicago a 15-year-old girl was gang raped on facebook live in chicago. this happened sunday. police are looking for five or six men suspected of sexually assaulting this girl. while the gang rain was happening 40 people watched it on facebook live and none call the police. the girl's mother contacted police after family members showed her screen grabs taken from the video showing the attack. >> only person who knew about charleston church shooter dran roof's plan is going to prison. joey meeks is going behind bars and he lied about dylann roof's plan to shoot up the church. 3r0s cuteers say
5:50 am
to fbi by denying roof told him what he was planning do. >> the family of murdered dn klxt staff member seth rich is speaking out asking for the public help. they started go fund me page to raise money to continue the investigation into his death. sem rix was shot in july while walking home from a bar in d.c.. his killer is still out there and there are a lot of conspiracy theory about his death and some claim the russians were behind it or it was tied to wiki leaks email dump tied to the dnc. seth's family doesn't buy the hype they say claims are false and they want to redirect the focus back to catching seth's killer. >> we started looking at okay, okay, we have different ideas of people you know would come to us or we come up with such at direct flier to people in the general area. but all the ideas do say resources or funding we don't have. >> and family goal is to raise 200,000. >> and time right now is 5:50 let's t
5:51 am
let's take a look at stories you're engaging with most on social media with the realtime news tracker. wiz. >> first up the dow tumbled 238 points yesterday the biggest slide since president trump took office and some analyst blame the fall and lack of progress on health care. >> according to the president we're off to mars. president trump signed a law which manned missions to space including mars which would be main goal bit year -- the years decade the 2030s. and highlighting importance of deep space capsule orion which is under development and aims to carry humans further to space than any space ship ever has. >> let's talk about this fda says breast implants cause a rare form of cancer after nine died from the silicone linked disease. they have received reports from 350 women claiming there's a link between implants and diagnosis of rare form of non hodgkins lymphoma. >> virginia governor terri mcauliffe granted pardons
5:52 am
four for folk sailors convicted of rain and murder 40 years ago. theyen could fesed after being intimidated by police despite evidence linking the crime to another man. >> and real house wives star has been getting writing credit. tlc no scrubs which candy wrote and was could written by tiny are similar. neither candy or tiny appeared to take issue beforehand but they both celebrated with instagram posts. >> ride sharing company uber is on damage control and company is vowing to change. this comes as sap francisco ride sharing company is stung by controversies including ak sayings of sexual harassment of women's workers video of ceo involved in a spat with a driver. it plans to offer employees anti-biased training and will release a report on staff diversity bit end of the month. well, we're saying good-bye to tv icon this morning check
5:53 am
home in new york and best known for inventing the 70s variety show. gong show and created the dating game and fully wed game. he was sum of 2002 george clooney film. it talked about his claims he was cia assassin. barris died of natural causes at the aix 87 years old. >> barry bonds is coming back to san francisco giants as special advisor. team said tuesday the home run king will attend a few days of spring training and also visit the giants minor league team. ceo larry buyer called bonds contributions to organization legendary. >> well, things got heated during last night's bulls and raptors game underneath the basket. oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, what did you say to me, what, what. >> i told you it ain't spring yet. >> that's unsportsman like. >> pushing lopez and knocked
5:54 am
scrum and ibaca needs to be restrained. both players got the boot. why should you care about this. it's bad news for wizards. raptors rally in over time to a win and cuts wizards game to half a lead over raptors for third place in the east. that's why you should care about that. >> are you -- is it surprising barry bonds has been offered this position. >> not really. because baseball here's the things they turned blind eye to all that steroid stuff and he became poster child even though technically not caught doing anything wrong but they tried to make him poster child so they used him for ratings and no, i san francisco this is behind is come back. >> is he in hall of fame. >> no. >> they have not voted to put him in. >> because of steroids. >> alleged steroid use, yeah, yeah. >> okay. i just wanted your two cents. >> our "fox5" contest prices are pretty awe
5:55 am
tonight power fill night of trauma watch and whip spriz no exception. giving you a chance to win a 1,000 american express gift card and my charge hub portable charger. >> look for code road during "shots fired" and once you find the contest word ebter powerful night of trauma giveaway lincoln facebook page or at our web site. complete rules are available on of the tune in for tonight's powerful night of trauma at 8, shots fired, check into a southern town to investigate a racially charged shooting and at 9, cookie lushious and entire lion family returns for empire good we previewed both of those yesterday. we'll have exclusive interviews. >> yes, time now to say hello. >> to facebook fan of the day aminah jennifer and it looks like she's watch run way. >> she is 15-year-old aspiring model and says she loves us
5:56 am
to tell tucker she said hi. thank you so much. your future looks bright and yes on the run way you're playing. keep on working. to be the type of the gay post your picture to george us amina's. >> mike thomas wrap this hour up with good news. >> unfortunately i cannot do that wisdom. mild air in place is vacanting chilly air moving in ill chilly temperatures the next couple days 40s and lower 50s during the afternoon hours. be prepared for that at the bus stop. lots of sunshine. after school, only 40 to 52 and rather wendy today. take that into account. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast a couple days of winter like chill and then we start going right back up. friday may be a few showers and 60 and yes 75 awaits on saturday. that's the warm. erin como is back for a check of traffic. >> 5:56 now we don't have crashes to report which is good news. we have congestion picking up as usual, 66 eastbound by sutly
5:57 am
centerville and ten minute delay with heavier volume. tom side of beltway queue heet and starting to see things pick up past new hampshire outer loop. any questions fox d.c. on twitter.
5:58 am
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snrvr straight ahead at 6 concerned permanent speaking out with frustrated officials this comes after a week after a tem age girl was rorpt edly raped inside rockville high school and till a lot of unanswered questions. >> and four young girls missing in the district in the last 48 hours and this comes to track d.c. missing children. >> live look outside on this wednesday morning. it's march 22 and yeah, we're in springtime but the return to winter today at least is going to feel like cold. and windy. weather and traffic coming you up on the fives at 6:05. good wednesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> you're putting them in the same classroom as 14-year-old girls and we're saying there's nothing you can do about that. >> our big story at 6 concerned parents sounding off following a heated pta meeting rockville high school. >> after a week of allegations


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