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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> core even a's body was found inside the home. >> upon arrival officers located adult female inside of the apartment. >> 2004 tsarnaev oath a prisses missing tonight, caught the picture on traffic camera. pay close attention to the sticker, the vehicle has a yellow sticker under the license plate. >> neighbors say they sealed this block last night as they conducted this homicide investigation. >> i couldn't even get down my block. they had it all closed off. aand they told me to go to the back. >> aimed at bringing attention to
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>> i just said very sad. >> all right, a $25,000 reward is being offered for information at least to arrest. here is the clue once again, we want you to take a look, blue prius, kentucky plates on it, 722rmy. so kentucky plates, and remember, there is a special sticker that is on the bumper, casino every right in the middle of the bumper. >> authority are asking if you see this vehicle, maybe you have seen it in the last couple of days. they really want to hear from you. they say this is a key, in helping to solve this case. as we were speaking, just few moments ago, a detective came out from that basement apartment. that's believed where the body was found, authorities still here on the scene, number every police vehicles here with us. live in northeast washington, matt ackland, fox5 local news. >> to montgomery county staying on top of the disturb story. new details continue to emee
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about that case this year old girl allegedly raped inside school bathroom last thursday two suspect in the brutal assault are 167 and 18 years old, were enrolled as freshman at rockville high school. >> both had arrived to the u.s. from central america few months ago, the 18 year old suspect henry sanchez is currently under deportation order. >> after the attack at rockville high involving the student. >> fits? >> reporter: jim, sarah, good evening, we get to the numbers in just a moment but we want to tell you some information we received in just the last hour. montgomery county public school officials just recently upda
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over at rockville high school. telling us the high school today has received several threats throughout this afternoon. people calling the high school threatening both with bombs and guns saying that they were going to, quote, shoot the illegals. now, classes did continue as normal, making this information available t gives you some idea of just how high the attention level is on this story. and how it is now gone across the nation. a lot of these students end referred to as dreamers, part of program start in the 2012 by the obama administration, the deferred child hood access program, about 740,000 students, since 2012, have been give then access, but, in the wake of the disturbing discovery in what we now know as the case that happened in rockville on friday, a lot of people are
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questions in this county right now, about who exactly is going to their child's school, and how they can find that information out. these individuals, as jim and sarah just mentioned, 117, 118, enters the united states illegally. now immigration reform advocates are saying that many parent across this country are asking similar questions about how they know exactly what is going on in their schools. >> the schools are in a pickle, they have an obligation to give public education to all kids, on illegal aliens, whose criminal histories may not be known, on the other hands moral obligation to keep the classroom safe. if the federal government would do their job, secure the border, deport who don't ballooning here ... >> this problem is widespread across our entire region. these numbers, well, they are a eye hunk opening. according to the latest
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the us department of human services, the local numbers in our area for unaccompanied minors are this: take a look. montgomery county, 556, prince georges county, 732, anne arundel, 114. dc, 201. fairfax county comes in at 671 student. prince william county, 251 arlington county 97. now, what we do not know, what we cannot tell you how many of those unaccompanied minors are end rolled in public school. we reached out to montgomery county schools today for their latest number. they've not yet given us response. but to groups like fair who you just heard from, the idea unorthodox children ending up in community schools is troubling, not because of the numbers, because of the very little for example, complicating all of this, ages, the two suspect in rockville case are
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17 and 18 years old. but, expert will point out, because undocumented student come into the country, with no paperwork at all, oftentimes, us immigration officials have little or no ability to obtain real records orbiter certificates indicating what individuals age actually is. >> these guys came in, made the calculated decision to make bee line, why, because that's the place that offers the most benefits to illegal aliens, asks the least amount of questions. >> no way to know for sure? >> really isn't. >> immigrations and customs enforcement agents told fox5 today, that in august of 2016, they did encounter one of the suspects, 18 year old henry sanchez, by a border patrol agent in the rio grand, he was determined to have enters the united states illegally, he was given a notice to appear
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before an immigration court judge, live at montgomery county headquarters for the schools, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. >> coming up at 5:30, 35 year old supreme court case given new attention. at 5:30, we will talk to a legal expert will break all down where the case goes from here. fox5's prince george's county where questions are being raised about the tax money generated by the new mgm national harbor. whether it is being used for the right purpose. some people who live in prince george's count have i raised the issue before. now maryland state senator anthony muse says he, too, has questions. fox5's alexandra lamb own talked to prince georges county executive to get some answers. >> senator muse tells me he stepped down as chairman of the local development council, because he has questions about how money generated from table games at the mgm grand is being used. >>s
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kind of at odds on the fence between two bodies, one body that is saying we're not giving you the funds that we're supposed to give you, or the dollars. >> debate over 5% of the money generated by table games specifically, at mgm. some local residents feel it is supposed to go directly to the community, impacted by issues like traffic and uber -- over-crowding because of the casino. >> this money is supposed to enhance the area. it is supposed to reward for the impact that it is having on us, that's not being done. >> senator muse says he's stepped down as chairman of that committee, so that he could work harder to try to get answers from the county. meanwhile, the county executive richard baker says the maryland law is very clear and the money is being used for the right reasons. >> i'm surprised woe say that. because the law is very clear from the state, how the money is split. so we get at the local impact money is from
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themselves. >> the portion of the state law that authorizes table games in maryland stipulates that 5 percent of the money generated is distributed to local jurisdictions where a facility is located. baker says, local jurisdiction refers to the county, in general. that's where the money is going. meanwhile, the local community still does get money from the slot machine revenues. >> they're going to have about $8 million just in the committee. that's a lot of money. we're estimate that we will get 33 million this year from mgm that will go to the county itself, which is why we're able to get more money to schools, hire more police officers, hire more firefighters, and the budget reflect that. >> it seems the confusion stems from the wording of the law, which is causing disagreement, even monkey electric the officials. reporting at the national harbor, alexandra lemone. >> straight ahead
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5:00 where are all of dc's missing children? >> the story we've been on top of here at fox5. tonight how the community is getting involved with community leaders to try to find some answer. >> college student visiting home for spring break is killed while filming a music video. now the neighborhood where she lives is outraged about the violence. they say they've been telling police about for weeks. sue? >> hey there, sarah, and jim. moody martins with the big winds again today. still getting some pretty significant wind gusts at this hour. even as high as 32 miles an hour at dullos. winds are going to settle down a little bit later tonight. but i hope you have haven't been trying to do any planting. we have hard freeze ahead, but i also have some warmer days on the seven day forecast. we will take a first look at your forecast when fox5 local news at 5:00 comes right back. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> big healthcare vote set for tomorrow. will local republicans support president trump? >> and more cold weather is on tap. how long will it last? we'll have the latest. >> tomorrow on fox5 news morning.
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>> a major international story, deadly terror attack in london. police say a man driving over westminster bridge plowed his car into group of pedestrians, fatally stabbed a police officer, then shot multiple times by police. at least four people including the attacker were killed. twenty other were injured. british parliament was evacuated shortly after reports of the shooting began. president trump is briefed. and he continues to monitor the situation. the city of london and her majesty government have the full support of the us government in responding to the attack. and bringing those to justice who are
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>> and the attack today happened on the one year anniversary of the deadly terror attacks at brussels airport and the city subway system, here at home, us capitol police say they're operating under a, quote, increased situation al awareness, but there has been no threat to us lawmakers, no change in security. >> it is our understanding at this point in the investigation that young people had gathered in the 4300 block of benning road, in one of the parking lots, for the filming after music video. it is also our understanding that shortly after the filming was completed, gunshots rang outout and was struck. >> the murder of a 18 year old college student from prince george's county under investigation tonight. mccallister one of two people shot while filming music video monday night. as you heard the cleve say it happened along benning road at a parking lot. mccallister died at the hospital. second person shot suffered non-life threatening injuries. mccallister freshman studying at
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they say she was on spring break at the time of the murder and her family says they believe the shooting was random. community group is speaking out pleading with dc police to takings. >> we need to take notice of people loitering and hanging out on the property. we need mpd to do something about those people they know are participating in drug activity, and from my understanding, some even participating in prostitution on the property, and it needs to be dealt with. >> so far no suspect or motive. no evidence of any argument or confrontation before the gunman opened fire. of course, police were asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> fox5's has been on top of this story over the last few weeks. all of dc's missing children we've seen so many of them recently, this morning, we told you about four teens that dc police say disappeared in the past two days, tonight two of them have been located including a ten year old girl. but it i
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these two teens are. seventeen year old cher-ia twaine and chenia boyde. trying to find answers about why so many kids and tens are going missingment fox5 lauren de mark over live at ex he will academy where the meeting will be taking place tonight. lauren? >> czar, a the interesting thing about this, and what we've been reporting, is that according to dc police, and their numbers, there is not an up tick in the amount of missing children, more than 500 juveniles have gone missing in the district since the start of the year. but again, that's not an increase when you look at the numbers from previous years. which many finds disturbing that there are this many children going missing, and people want to know what is going on, they want to get to the bottom of this. the reason that we're hearing more about it is because there is new commander of the family youth services division, and she decided to use social media. putting out a lot of tweets, getting it out there when children go missing, that's why it is called mor
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attention to this. which on one hands is a good thing, on the other hand, it leads, begs the question: why is this happening? i do have an update for you on one of those girls that you just mentioned, 17 year old cheria pain. there is a post on stain gram that fox5 received from a viewer, we've got a graphic of it for you there. and this girl posts, she claims to be this kheria pain currently missing by dc police. she said she is actually not, quote unquote, missing but that she ran away, has not been kidnapped. she ran away due to poor conditions and being mistreated at her foster care home. again she is 17 years old, i contacted dc police about that case. to make sure that they new about this instagram post. they are aware of it, they are working, however, to figure out where this girl is, because her whereabouts are still unknown. so we're going to ask them about that at this meeting this evening, and again there is meeting being put on by ward eight council member, trayon white. take a listen
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say about it. >> what's really going on. the government has their perspective. the community has their perspective. we want to hear from residents, parents, those affect the, those who have come home, those who are still missing to figure out where our young people, where our missing persons, where are the persons. >> reporter: there has been some concerns, that there could be some human trafficking going on, and dc officials say they do not have any evidence to back up the idea that there is a human trafficking ring, or that that's what these girls are involved with. as of right now, the dc police website, i can tell that you there are at least ten girls, 18 and younger, actively missing, so again, we're going to find out more about this tonight. trayon white says he's invited the dc police chief, peter newsome, muriel bowser, and other officials, and that he does expect them to be here this evening along with community members, and for anyone interested in attending it is being held here at the ex he will public charter academy in southeast dc. that's the latest here, more
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>> all right, thank you, lauren. nice sunny day out, there but as you can see, as we are watching lauren's live shot, very breeze tie. >> brisk, winnie, but 100% of subuch. >> i even got my voice back. >> that's important, too. >> yes, i tell you what, jim, sarah, the winds are so annoying, aren't he? >> yes, they are. >> when you heard them blowing overnight, did you say not again? >> seems like it. a lot of it. >> a lot of wind, no doubt about it, and that's what march is kind of known for. it is a little bit on the moody side. but tonight the mood is going to be quite cold. because we are anticipate ago hard freeze overnight. so, don't get too entheusiastic. and i know the weather hasn't really helped with that, not going to be great for the cherry blossoms either, although we'll have up a date, we know the cold weather last week did a lot of damage to them, but looking to be on target to come out this weekend, so what's left should be beautiful. but what we've got today is again temperatures running well below average, and then you factor in 25, 30-mile per hour wind, and it feels like it is in the
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the sunshineuite q delightful, and our longer day is even nicer. 48 degrees, we believe the high was only about 49. so way below average. forty-three in hagerstown, win chester, 49 for culpeper, 50 degrees in manassas, and 49 in fredericks berg. but again, winds still gusting between 20 to 30 miles an hour all across the area. so you really feel that chill. that's for sure. dullos gusts to 32, hagerstown, three; as we go through the next several hours, these gust also get lighter, and that means, it will be easier to get colder tonight, as we go forward. so your evening planner, we're still pretty breezy at 7:00 with temperature of 44 degrees. by the time we get to 9:00, pretty chilly, at 40, then headed down to 36 by 11:00. just want to show you how coal we think we will be getting tonight, maybe headed down, 28 e district. twenty-five for frederick, 28 for culpeper, 26 martinsburg, and again 28 for annapolis. so very cold night. no doubt about it. hard start for the kids tomorrow morning. need t
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bus stop. the temperature range with a lot of sunshine, should be about 24 to 30 degrees, but again the winds will be better, but we don't really warm up whole lot tomorrow either after school. but again, feeling better because it won't be quite so windy. forty-seven to 52 to finish out our thursday, but we've got really nice warm up on the seven day forecast. i no wonder the cherry blossoms to be looking coming out this weekend, times out with really warm air, warmest air we've seen around here since the beginning of the month, the seven day forecast in just a few minutes, back over to jim and sarah. >> thank you, sue. coming up. store burglary caught in the act. >> suspect tries to disable the surveillance camera. but, we will slow you how he ends up making things much worse. >> and making history. maryland woman becomes the first black female neurosurgeon resident at johns hopkins. the story behind this groundbreaking accomplishment coming up. >> and there is nothing sweeter than a surprise. today several unsuspecting students got the surprise of a lifetime. in the form of college scholarships. we're going to have that story next.
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>> a maryland medical student is making history. nancy abu, is the first black female neurosurgeon, a neurosurgery resident, rather, at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. nearly 11 years ago she came to the u.s. with her family from ghana. she was just 15 years old at the time. the family settled in columbia, a maryland where she attended high school. then after graduating, she went to mount st. mary university before attending johns hopkins university of medicine. some future surgeons, also, may be among the 10dc public high school seniors who learn today they will be attending george washington university next year free of charge. >> how about that? gw school officials visited number of schools today awarding the scholarships in person. they say character counts just as much as grades and test scores. >> my privelege to
5:26 pm
who is dan day. (cheers and applause). >> there is adante, surprise of had i life today. even high school junior among those awarded full ride scholarship to gw, by the way his number one choice, steven napolitano on hands to make that announce the today. >> means a lot to me. it take a financial burden off my mother. she doesn't have to worry about how i'm going to pay for school, so it means, really means a lot to me. i wanted to go to gw, being closer who home. and since i want to go into federal law enforce. , dc is capitol where most are headquartered, i would be able to get experience and job experience. >> gw says it has awarded 166 full rides to high school seniors in the dc public school sties em l. value now roughly $300,000 per scholarship. >> wow, because tuition is so expensive. as we know. >> no matter where you go, yes. >> still, i love the story every year. and they do this. but it is good to see some of these local
5:27 pm
help. >> yes, con greats to dante. >> coming up at 5:30, 35 supreme court year case, getting attention a mid high school. >> how that 1981 decision is playing a role in all of. >> this hey, ronica? >> reporter: hey, sarah, jim. well, leaders from the congressional black caucus, they just met with the president. now, congressman anthony brown from our area released a statement about that meeting. i've got something better than a statement. we'll have a live interview with the congressman, after the break.
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>> investigators still trying to figure out what caused three alarm house fire in northwest. flames broke out around 6:15 this morning at this rowhouse colorado avenue. we're told that home was vacant at the time. luckily, no one was hur
5:31 pm
take a good look at this video right here. police need your help identify ago person of interest in connection with a burglary in southeast. this happened back on february k of wheeler road. you can see the suspect there trying to disable the surveillance camera. police say the suspect got into the building by knocking a hole through the wall. in prince george's county, a homeowner picking up the pieces tonight after he crashed into his garage. it happened this afternoon at home on godfrey court in clinton. police say the man was pulling into his garage, and then suddenly accelerated and drove right through the back wall. as you can see the garage was significantly damaged. luckily, there was no damage to the home and the man shake up but not hurt. >> it is not only the right thing to do and the good thing to do, and it benefits the students, and our community, and our state, it is also the law of the land, and i i
5:32 pm
in this state, and i would go so far to sayirtually all of them in the nation do, they serve the students that walk in the door. that's based on the supreme court. >> that was montgomery county school superintendent jack smith, he was speaking yesterday at a press conference, responding to the intense backlash in questioning, how those two student accused of raping 14 year old in a school bathroom were allowed to even attend the school. one of them 17 years old, the other 18, both enrolled as freshman, both immigrants. >> central america. determined state cannot constitionally deny student free public education, on account of their immigration status, it is called plyerv dough, how it applies to montgomery county, virginia still delegate, mark, how flu. >> good, how are you? >> so let's talk about the first i heard of it yesterday, when he brought it up during the press conference. give us a sense, what's
5:33 pm
dough, asks the question whether the 14th amendment of the constitution, always have it with me, it says that no person shall be denied equal protection under the law. so certain right we have as citizens, certain right we have as persons. and since people that are here, whether documented or not are persons, they're allowed equal protection under the law. if the law requires all children under certain age be schooled, they're persons, they're schooled, as well. and in fact supreme court goes on to say that if we were to treat them unfairly, or differently, there would actually be consequences, not just for them but for society. but the heart of the issue is ' qual protection. >> came out after yesterday. we had a guest on who was staunchly opposed to the idea of having illegal students of illegal immigrants in schools period, what you're saying constitution that's just not possible? >> it is required. do you have treat everyone equally under the lawn. furthermore, really bad policy idea even if we were to consider amending the
5:34 pm
they're not here due to any fault of their own. vast majority of these kids come because their parent bring them over. we really shouldn't go to the bible. you shouldn't blame children for the since of their parents. in this case, to say we're going to leave them uneducated, lever them out in the street, not teach them english, that would actually cause a lot more crime i think. >> so i mean as we move forward with this, obviously, you know, the immigration story has become front and center in this, especially since the night before the maryland house of delegates passed what amounts to a sanction too area legislation, governor hogan says he wants no part of that, we're obviously going to follow that separately, two separate cases, i feel in this case some conflicting two says it comes to confluens of events. >> the whole notion of sanctuary cities really not the right identify see. what the idea is immigration officials focus on immigration law. state local officials focus on state and local law. not the job of your local school teacher to be an immigration official. in fact she or he is not very
5:35 pm
they're supposed to do. immigration should focus on immigration. i think that's really what they're doing. no one is breaking the law. because there is no requirement for a school teacher to act as an informant to the immigration authority. >> because that's one issue a lot of people are bringing up, saying okay, police, we go back to the whole sanctuary argument, police should be deposition ooh advertised to do work on behalf of immigration. saying apparently montgomery county why didn't the school officials do anything on this. >> i hope the federal government will pay us for all of that. if school officials are suddenly immigration officials they should be paid by the federal government. i think school should be focused on teaching. local police should be focused on crimes. if in fact if you want to stop a rape or you want to stop a violent crime in the community the worse thing to do is to depositionties local police officers as immigration officials, because the people going to stop this crime are witnesses. often from the same community. think of it undocumented immigrant who saw the crime take place. if he or she knows the police officers immigration official she'll never go to
5:36 pm
captured. perpetrator will never be captured. there will be string of crimes throughout the community. the best way to stop these crimes is to get the people of the community, the vast, vast, vast majority of lie abiding to witness and turn them n the iron is he undocumented immigrant can maple crimes at a far lesser rate than american citizens. so really, your focusing on this one, but, every day american citizens commit far far more crimes at far greater rate than the undocumented. >> in this casey would assume you might get the frustration after lot of people sake, focusing on that fact, okay, these student, immigration de pain err put or for one every them, seems to be what sparked the fire storm, whether or not it is a wide ranking issue or not. >> you know, if red headed person commits a rape, we could say if we could just keep all red headed people out of schools we could lessen rapes. but that doesn't make sense, because vast majority every red headed people aren't rape ills. same idea here. you can't in anyway say that because .0001% is doing something that suddenly
5:37 pm
should harm all undocumented immigrant. that's actually the nature of prejudice. >> i think in the grand scheme every things when you look at what happened in montgomery county, social media, you know social media goes all over the place, i think in the grand scheme of things we saw something very, very unfortunate. and tragic happen in maryland. and regardless of all of the other circumstances, we hope that the bus for that victim and the alleged victim and everybody else involved. >> absolutely. crime sun fortunate. tragedies ham. best way to catch criminals treat everyone with respect so people come forward and can be witnesses for those crimes. >> thanks for coming in tonight. appreciate it. sarah, back over to you. >> thanks, jim. president trump sat down for meeting with leaders of the congressional black caucus earlier today. fox5's political reporter ronica leary is live on capitol hill for interview, with congressman, anthony brown, who was inside that meeting with the president. ronica? >> reporter: hey, sarah. yes, we are here with congressman brown. we were chatting a little bit before we came to air. and one of the things that i was going to ask you about is the presi
5:38 pm
the campaign trail say to specifically to the african-american community what do you have to lose when it comes to voting for him. and i can't help but notice the tight many of what you say you gave the president today. tell me about this. >> well, first of all. >> it says? >> it says we have a lot to lose. and the congressional black caucus, our leadership team, went to the white house today to speak with president trump, to help answer the question he asked on the campaign trail to african-americans, what do you have to lose. so what we wanted to do really sort of educate him, on who the african-american community is, and, you know, where we live, and what our dreams, are our challenges, our needs, and our aspirations, and then we had an opportunity to layout some solutions. we talked about voting rights, civil rights. we talked about higher education, transportation, and infrastructure, and how we can meet the needs of empowering the african-american community in a number of areas. and we're very
5:39 pm
because, i mean, the president listened. and he offered to meet with us again. and at our request he agreed that he would make his cabinet secretary available. >> so you feel that he was receptive to your points. do you feel that these future meetings will happen? there was a lot of controversy about this meeting getting on the table. what do you think you do, you'll do, i read in your statement that you want to hold the president accountable to the promises and talks from today. tell me about that process? >> sure. so few weeks ago the president offered what we call a skinny budget. and in the budget there are some pretty dramatic cut that hurt, i think, the country, and particularly the african-american community, for example, there are cuts to the pell grant program. and large percentage of african-american students are able to attend college on a pell grant program. so we asked the president to restore funding to fully fund the pell grant program and to
5:40 pm
increase funding to historically black colleges, universities. so we'll hold the president accountable, as he's preparing his final budget that's he will's smith to congratulate err this, in the spring. >> all right, congressman, thank you so much for being with us, i know our viewers appreciate it. back to you. >> thank you, ronica. up next: politics and art. >> gary is live at the wilson building. >> normally you don't have this kind of thing at the wilson building. but we will jam. because politics and art, it is all about that. i'll come back, show you what we're doing here, muse sick not playing yet. but give it a few minutes. it will get real loud up in here. fox5 news continues. stay with us.
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>> one every dc knows renounded music venues, rubbing shoulders with artists and politicians, gary? >> this isn't what you generally think when you come down to the wilson building? >> the district every columbia, showing people this is their home, the wilson building, the city hall is all about the people. we do this every year with washington performing arts to try to bring people in. celebrates the arts, advocate for more funding with the arts in the wilson building. >> anybody can come. we will be here until 9:00 tonight. come on down here. it is free. come right on in the front door. there will be food truck. there is some exhibitors, art, we'll have spoken word, have dance, have the whole bit. >> this is usually well attended, isn't it? >> oh, we have hundreds of people that come down and celebrate the arts with us here in the
5:45 pm
extremely exciting. >> now, i saw where it is a jam session. so it will break out soon. and you're also inviting everybody to bring down their instruments? >> that's right. >> what's your instrument of choice? >> well, i just kind of stands there and hum. >> but did i play the clarinet. >> i played the cornet when i was six. i did want to get jen any, the president of washington performing arts. and you got to be proud of this. >> oh, my god, this is part of our arts initiative, designed to really showcase the great talent in washington dc. and so this is a stage. and a building that features all of this great art. spear heading this with us, we need that partnership. but it is a really vital place to have arts programming. i mean, look at it, it is beautiful. >> it is great. already some folks singing, planning here, and it sounds really nice. i was hoping they would be playing, and that we could do. that will but time is short. so, unfortunately, i don't think we're going to be able to hear some of the great
5:46 pm
building, open for everybody, council member said there is a food truck out front. you have no excuses, the metro is working. >> the metro, the metro it will be on time, so you'll be good. >> i'm live at the wilson building again. it is called, wait, politics and art. and so it will be great event. it goes until 9:00 tonight. i toss it to break. stick around. caitlin is coming up. warmer weather, i promise, stick around for that.
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>> welcome back, gary was right, tracking warmer weather. we've got very cold night and another chilly afternoon to go before we get to that warmer weather. so hard freeze expected overnight. temperatures in the 20's, for everyone, and then still chilly. thursday afternoon, we will lose the winds. it has been very gusty today. but it will still be on the cool side. temperatures below normal. we start to warm up by
5:50 pm
some showers, though, expected, so little bit of gloomy ends to the work week. not a lot of rain. but then the sun returns, and so does spring by saturday. we're looking at absolutely gorgeous day. trying to make up for all of the very cold and lousy weekends we've had in weeks past. temperatures outside right now, it has been cool one. forty-eight in washington, 45 in gaithersburg, air temperatures, 43 westminster, 46 in baltimore, and 45 out at dullos. normal high temperature this time of year around 58. but when you factor in the winds, which right now is still gusting out of the north at 20 to 25, to over 30 miles an hour, over at dullos, it is going to feel a little colder out there. so, we're keeping this windchill map around. can't wait to get rid of t just hanging on for at least one more day here, feels like 42 in washington north and west feels like mid 30's, so winter like feel firmly in place. satellite and radar, not much to show. clear skies, sunshine overhead today. certainly looked pretty. i also saw a lot of people with their winter coats on. you will need it again tonight, early tomorrow morning, actually through most of thursday.
5:51 pm
overnight. you lose the win. but you get some good racial until cooling, temperatures will bottom out in the hard freeze area. very cold tomorrow morning. everyone starting out in the 20's, so bundle up at the bus stop, still chug i threw much of the day, sunshine temperatures into the four's just like this afternoon. still bright though still beautiful but for late march it certainly is very chilly. low temperatures overnight. here is a look. 28dc. everyone below 30. twenty-five frederick, 24 hagerstown. that's hard freeze for our cherry blossoms. but they survived last week. at least 50% of them. so i think those will be good going into the weekend. 50 degrees for tomorrow. we might briefly touch that in d.c. spends most of the day in the 40's. and then that upper air pattern will change headed towards friday. then the weekends. so 40's, 50's, entrenched over us today with the jet stream dipping down to the south. it will retreat northward through friday. and then we've got the spring like feel back in the air. temperatures really peaking on saturday. here is a look at the weekend forecast. seventy-five with
5:52 pm
gorgeous warm up. great first half of the weekends. sunday not bad. it is still mild. temperatures in the 60s. but we will have a few showers out there. so seven day forecast, we slowly go back up. sixty-one friday. seventy-five saturday. supposed to be peak bloom out of the tight al basin. >> basement? >> cherry blossoms, myself. but also, at the district tidal basin. >> where are the cherry blossoms? behind the washing machine? >> gary brought me some back, they're in my basement. and seeing temperatures stay mild there, as we led into next week with some april showers on the way. >> a lot of people in town already checking them out. way cents checking them out today. >> so you got a good glimpse. what's it look like, last year? kind of thinner? >> rather first week or so, weather much nicer. much warmer. >> totally you. >> but there are people not really g the time to walk the street. so you knew. >> of course. >> dead give
5:53 pm
ill still don't know how to cross the street, and i've been here two years, it can be quite confusing. >> i'll gave you a tutorial, both of you. >> soccer player explains himself. >> and the maryland woman's basketball team looking forwards to the sweet 16. can't believe 75-foot shot, brody here with sports.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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>> women east basketball, with a win over west virginia, all anyone would talk about was this buzzer beater by freshman destiny. it wasn't a game winner but the best shot of the tournament. men's or women's, so far. that coupled with them being the only local team left has the temp women getting a lot of attention. today at practice destiny, ya, she did it again. not 75-foot buzzer beater, but a buzzer beater with the clock
5:57 pm
hitting zero. while the team was practicing for this weekend clash in bridgeport, connecticut. they celebrated like it was a buzzer beater. the terms get past the ducks, undefeated yukon huskies await. feel good about their chances this weekend they also don't doubt the clutch shot making. >> as soon as headed across half court, that's going in, and it went in, and it was crazy. but then, ya, just something to take on. achievement for the moment. she embrace it is. >> i was shocked when i did it, oh, it will hit the backboard or hit nothing, just going to throw it up like usual l it switched in, oh, my gosh, i'll be famous. that's what went through my head. this shot will be famous. >> i was homing coy make it to the espies. >> yes, i think she might make it to the espies. >> this weekend, soccer player got viral fame because of one of the greatest postgame interviews ever. take a listen. >> i almost win one of this, i got it, so thank you very much for this, forvi
5:58 pm
and i appreciate my friends, also, my wife and my girlfriends, i mean, my wife, yes. i'm sorry. i'm so sorry, my wife. listen, i love you so much. i love you so much from my heart. so, deep on supporting me. and thanks for to come to the game. >> so today he tried to explain that, telling cnn my family knows that i call my daughter my girlfriends, that's what i was talking about. i don't have a girlfriends. (laughing). >> are you -- >> best ever? >> it is. >> if that was the case he wouldn't have had to apologize to his wife, in written form, too. >> you're right. release a statement, honey. >> like i'm going to disneyland, and universal studios, i meant disney, i love mickey. that's what i call disney lands. >> all right, broked. >> i amazing, thanks for the laugh. >> all right, the news at 6:00 . this is fox5 local news
5:59 pm
6:00. a bloody terror attack right in the heart of london puts the us on high alert. good to have you with us tonight, immure tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. here what's we know right now. attack happened near the british parliament, no lawmakers hurt, four people killed, at least 20 were wounded. fox's craig pal could the could the with the with the latest from london. >> a major security incident, now described aster or, catching suspension of the british parliament. respond at the gate of the building, loan attacker allegedly stabbing and killing a policeman, before being shot multiple times by officers, he also was killed. >> three shots down to, what, 10 feet away. and, wow, wow. >> public safety is our top priority, we are reviewing our policing staff across london, and throughout the capitol this afternoon. >> no lawmakers were injured during the incident. and
6:00 pm
shortly after reports of the shooting began trickling in. police say the attacker also left a trail of blood on his way to the parliament. plowing into pedestrians on a bridge nearby, killing two more people, injuring 20, including 30 police. >> we heard gunshots, what we thought was gunshots. turned around, and saw the car plowed into a lady. >> again, police in london say the attacks are being treated as a terrorist incident. and at least one security official says there has been increased chatter on terror networks over the past 24 hours. president trump also being briefed on the incident, where the white house continues to monitor the situation. >> the city of london and her majesty government have the full support of the us government in responding to the attack, and bringing those to justice who are responsible. >> us capitol police say they're operating under an increased situational awareness, but there has been no specific threat against us lawmakers, and no change in their


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