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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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charles county community left shaken up after four people were found shot inside of a home including a toddler who did not survive. we're live on the scene with what police are saying about this horrific crime. >> plus, it is decision day after a vote on healthcare postponed yesterday. a new ultimatum from the president. pass the bill today. otherwise the affordable care act is here to stay. >> live look outside on this friday morning, it's march 24th a weekend warmup is on the way. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's at 6:05. good friday everybody. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. >> first if up police trying to piece together what led to a horrific shooting inside of a home in waldorf. >> the shooting left two people dead including a toddler. melanie alnwick live in waldorf with the latest this morning. mel. >> reporter: well, steve anda allison for much of the night investigators were trying to put together the piece to try to figure out how and why all
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a very close townhouse community here and neighbors around 8 o'clock, little after 8 o'clock last night say they heard the gunshots and started making phone calls. >> my sister called me and said that our neighbor called her and told her what was going on because i think she knows the lady next door or live close by. and must have heard some gunshots. >> reporter: and charles county sheriff's office says many, many people called 911 when they came here and got inside the townhouse on westdale court, they found an adult male who was deceased. they further searched the townhouse and that is when they found the young female child we're told, a toddler also deceased. then two additional females, one a teenager and one an adult, also suffering from gunshot wounds. we're told they both had multiple gunshot wounds. they were flown to the hospital where they are in very critical condition still at this hour. and t
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officers were told then located a gun next to the deceased man. at this point they are calling this what they believe to be a domestic related incident but they really haven't given us a whole lot more information as to the deceased name, the man at this house or the exact relationship between these people. we do believe they're a family but they have not confirmed that to us yet. still workin working here to mae sense of this terrible tra tragedy. melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> a family mourning the loss of a baby boy attacked and killed by a dog. this happened yesterday afternoon at a home on frederick court in lusby. deputies arrived within one minute of the initial nine bun one call and they had to shoot the dog in order to stop the attack. a family friend had been watching him at the time. today police will release more information about this deadly incident. a news conference is set for noon. also new this morning, district police looking for
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the head in the 1900 block of naylor road in southeast about 12:30 this morning. at this time police do not have a suspect or a motive. in prince george's county police trying to track down the gunman who shot a man in the parking lot of a movie theater. the have ic victim was inside tr parked outside the marlo theater. investigators tell fox5 they don't think the shooting was random. the man was last listed in critical condition. prince william county firefighters on the scene of a house fire in the 11,000 block of ram rod road. that house engulfed in flames when crews arrived. we're told a family of seven was home at the time but all able to get out safely. one adult and two children taken to the hospital but with nonlife-threatening injuries. the family dog unfortunately still missing. ally. >> today on capitol hill healthcare show down round two but will there even be a vote. house speaker paul ryan needs at least 216 conservatives on board to pass the bill but as fox's lauren p blanchard tells us despite late night arm twisting they're not there
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republican house caucus meeting yet again this morning for more last minute negotiations on the american healthcare act. as gop members expressed concerns voting both for and against the bill. >> we have not cut the deal yet. >> reporter: after a long night at the capitol still no deal for conservatives on the repeal and replace plan for obamacare. a vote was expected on that legislation in the house today but now gop leadership and the white house doing what they can to woo members to a yes vote. as the reluctant and vocal house freedom caucus saying there must be significant changes to the bill before they can get on board. >> they don't have the votes to pass this tomorrow. we believe that they need to start over and do a bill that actually reduces premiums. >> reporter: analysts say a vote failure for the trump backed bill this early into the presidency could be extremely harmful to his legacy. >> but it would certainly really damage the trump
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presidency. but when you have the fate of a presidency and the fate of a speakership hanging on the vote it's hard to see that in the end that his own party is going to repudiate them. >> reporter: the president plans to flex his negotiating arm this morning. he's meeting oncegain with the house freedom caucus members in a closed door session at the white house. an attempt to make a last minute deal. in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. >> ♪ >> 6:05. in the meantime expect things to get warmer but not yet. still chilly this morning. >> yeah, cold this morning but we'll gradually get a little milder this afternoon. we should be back in the 60's so -- >> perfect. >> -- even though we didn't get out of the 40's yesterday we still value nice springlike weekend to look forward to. >> i'm excited about it. >> are you. >> when we first heard it on monday. >> let's get to it. it begins in earnest today in fact we should be in the local 60's this afternoon. i do that want to mention a few showers in the forecast later this morning, at least the possibility and chilly temperatures to start your day. 37 reagan national. up
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marshaly is 32 degrees this morning. little cloud cover off to our north and we'll watch those showers off to our north and west try to get into our region. they'll try to fall apart as well. any rain shower activity we get will be light and it should be out of here by early afternoon and then we'll get some clearing and partly sunny this afternoon and that's when you'll start to see the milder temperatures move in. so, chilly this morning. a few showers late morning and then look what happens by 5:00 p.m., the sun comes out, the temperatures go up and happy hour begins. >> yes. >> i added the last part for me. >> the weekend. okay. thank you. >> all good things though. good morning erin. >> i think he said outdoor happy hour. 6:06 a lot of problems. taking a live look right now top of the beltway this is the outer loop by colesville road. right now just the left lane left shoulder blocked. three right lanes getting by but big delays there so please allow for a lot of extra time. you're basically parked from new hampshire avenue. there's also a delay on the inner loop. we have a crash and
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rubberneck delay by university. big problems on the top of the beltway. let's switch it over to our other cameras right now. this is a live look on 95 northbound through virginia. out by prince william parkway you can see the left lane, left shoulder blocked and we also have another crash blocking the right lane in the express lanes. dale city past prince william parkway dealing with a huge delay. allow for a lot of extra time. you can take route one northbound. here's another look at that delay on the outer loop by that crash we're dealing with near colesville road. let's take a look at our maps right now and show you what else you're up against. again as we take a look at the map you can see the inner loop and outer loop delays on the top of the beltway and then as we move things over naylor road closed right now in the district between p and minnesota avenue southeast. we're dealing with police activity. in addition to that newburg maryland we have an overturned car into an embankment and that is affecting our commute in newburg this morning. we also have safe track surge 13 single tracking between braddock and be huntington/van dorn street. aside from that the rest of your metro commute on time. i'll
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back to you guys. >> more arrests in connection with the deadly terror attack this week in london in plus fare hikes and cuts coming soon to metro. there's also another big headline coming out of all of this. we'll explain coming up. we're back in just 30 seconds. c. cowards die many times before their deaths. the valiant taste of death, but once!! uh, excuse me, waiter. i ordered the soup... of course, ma'am. my apologies. c'mon, caesar. let's go. caesar on a caesar salad? surprising. excuse me, pardon me. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. could i get my parking validated? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> ♪ >> new information this morning from england. london's top terrorff
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more significant arrests in connection with this week's deadly terror attack. a total of in inpeople in custody. officials say the british born attacker had a long criminal history and was previously investigated. on wednesday he drove his car into crowds on the westminster bridge killing three people including an american man. he then stabbed a police officer to death at the house of parliament fore he was shot dead by police. the american killed was from utah in europe celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife. she is among the 50 people injured and remains hospitalized this morning. >> a 19-year-old jewish man is in custody this morning suspected of making more than 150 bomb threats to jewish community centers across the nation. the suspect was taken into custody in israel during a raid in which police say he tried to grab an officer's gun. the suspect's name hasn't been released yet to the public. investigators say he used advanced technology to disguise his voice and mask his location. the fbi tracked him down by his ip address. his
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from mental problems caused by a brain tumor. >> the man accused of opening fire inside comet ping-pong back in december is due back in a d.c. courtroom. edgar welch reached a plea deal with prosecutors earlier this month and today that deal will be finalized. police say welch drove from north carolina to the pizzeria in northwest after reading a fake news story claiming the restaurant was at the center of a child sex ring. today's hearing set for 9:30 this morning. >> new out of california this morning a desperate search to find a stolen car with two little boys inside. this happened in the palm springs area. police say the two brothers are just one and two years old. they were in their babies car when she stepped out for an errand and someone stole the car. an amber alert has been issued. police say they don't have any information on the suspect. in texas a massive wildfire forced people to evacuate their homes overnight. the blaze so far as burned about 60,000 acres in roberts county and is only 10 percent contained but some good news
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helping to calm the flames. >> tom brady's once missing super bowl jerseys have officially been returned now. the fbi's boston bureau safely delivered those verses to gillette stadium. the missing jerseys created headlines for days after the super. a tip led agents to mexico. that's where they were found. the patriots set to visit the white house. the date is april 19th, the first championship team that president trump will welcome. at least six players have publically said they would skip the visit including bennett and defensive end chris long. >> here's a question. would you pay to use twitter? a subscription service for some users could be in the works. >> and a live look outside right now as we head to break on this friday morning. nice look the the casino. weather and traffic on the 5's next. it's 6:11. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> not a good start if you're on the outer loop of the beltway. this is 29 at colesville road. see the emergency l
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there. they're trying to push everybody over to the right side. we'll check in with erin como in just a couple minutes and we'll find out what's happening there. we know there's an incident. hopefully that will work itself out and they'll get that cleared soon so folks can get on with their commute because it's only 6:14. >> only 6:14. folks trying to get there early tuck. >> that's not a fun way to start at the morning. bus stop forecast let's get to it. still chilly this morning. we got temperatures in the 30's so heads up you're going to want a jacket but we got springtime temperatures to look forward to later today with temperatures in the low 60's. so, it should gradually get milder out there and i think we'll get a little sunshine later today. not so much this morning. i'll show you the radar in a second. let's do numbers. 37 in washington. still chilly. not as cold as it was 24 hours ago but the temperatures still in the 30's. baltimore is a cold spot at 32. martinsburg is 30. 37 in hagerstown. 32 out in cumberland. 36 in culpeper. all right. want to show you this little batch of shower activity that's moving in from the north and
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and the trend is going to be for it to fall apart but i think parts of the area particularly north and west you might encounter a shower and there could be a valley or two off to the north and west where we encounter a little bit of freezing rain here early. otherwise we're going to get showers across the area, some scattered showers late morning and then behind this little piece of energy we should start to get some clearing and we'll be partly sunny this afternoon and let me again mention the mild temperatures around here for later today. there we are at 11:30. you can see we've got that little batch of showers from the north and west and once we get that east of us we should get some sunshine in time for happy hour a little later this afternoon. all right, weekend looks great. particularly saturday, temperatures in the 70's. very, very nice start to the weekend with some sunshine. and then some showers will get in here with a front that will kind of lay up across the area for the day on sunday. so, not a perfect weekend but the temperatures if you've been waiting patiently for spring the last three weeks are much more reminiscent of what we should get here as we
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weeks of spring. 70's around here next week as well. okay, that is a weather update. i like the dress today. >> thank you. >> yeah. how is it going. >> that was a fabulous weather update. i like the cherry blossom tie.& >> i did the best i could. i figure if they're not blossoming on trees. >> a they'll blossom on your tie. this is the main lane prince william parkway. crash blocking two lanes at prince william parkway. jammed solid from dale city. another crash in the express úlanes in this area as well so we're seeing big delays. we'll forward it along and show you other things we're dealing with this morning with a look at our i net camera. this is the outer loop by colesville road. left shoulder left lane blocked. even though all of the rest of the center and right lanes are opened, you are. basically parked from new hampshire avenue to past this point. also we'll take a look at our maps right now as you make your way out on the inner loop in the rubberneck delay there's another crash at university boulevard and you can see those outer loop delays actually extend back to route one right now. the heaviest from new hampshire, so really you need at least 35 extra minutes to get through that
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and then the inner loop not dealing with terrible delays but again that rubberneck delay slowing things down. on the freeway we're also dealing with an eastbound crash at virginia avenue. in addition to that naylor road is closed in southeast between p street and minnesota avenue with police activity. suitland parkway dealing with usual congestion between alabama avenue and south capitol. and then newburg maryland skyfox heading to check this out. we'll bring you a live look as soon as that becomes available. edgehill road shut down at pope's creek road. serious crash with an overturned car into an embankment. several injuries reported. metro is on time except for safe track impacting the blue and yellow lines. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. allison and steve. >> 6:17. thanks erin. more sadly bad news for metro riders. come summer time you'll be paying more for less. in july rail fares will go up by 10 to 25 cents. bus fares will go up by a quarter. during rush hour trains will arrive at stations every eight minutes throughout most of the system. and some bus routes will be eliminated. the changes are expected to help metro save an
6:18 am
$29 million. another big line here virginia governor terry mcauliffe says he's ordering an independent review of wmata. he's tapped former obama transportation secretary ray la hood to head up that panel. we'll talk with la hood live in our next hour. well, tidy up. we're talking about your everything did at work. steve, coming up why a messy -- your desk is clean, my desk is messy, true story. why a messy or too clean desk both red flags for bosses. >> don't take all your stuff down. march madness picked back up again last night. half of the elite set. who is moving on and which upset was the big one last night? highlights are coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> well, would you pay for twitter? a subscription service for some users could& be in the future but first a check of the markets. joining us from the fox business network studio lauren simonetti on a f
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>> reporter: yay! friday. >> it's not as bad. your first report on the markets not that bad. >> reporter: no its good. it's good. futures are up on this friday. market is down at least 1 percent across-the-board this week. and i know we have the house vote scheduled for today on whether republicans can repeal obamacare. so, why -- if that's in jeopardy, why would the market be up? because donald trump said get this done or don't. either way, we're moving on and we're dealing with tax cuts. that's next. that's all wall street wanted to hear so we'll have an up market at the open today. >> okay. that's better. yesterday we were like -- today we're happy. wait until monday. okay. >> reporter: good sound effects. >> thank you very much its my specialty. let's talk about twitter. who exactly would the mega site tap to pay? >> reporter: professionals. marketers. people who really use twitter to get a sense of what's going on whether it's
6:22 am
gauge what people are interested in. the question is would you pay for twitter and if so, how much? the problem that twitter even though it's uber popular thanks to the president, right, always using twitter as his platform, but it's difficult to make money. regular users just don't get it or like it, they're gravitating to other platforms, instagram, for instance. so, twitter's user base has been slowing and they're struggling to bring in advertiser dollars and without the advertiser money they need to bring in money, so subscription fees are an option if they're willing to pay. i'm not. >> me neither. i don't of a need to do that. let me just say if they make the edit it an option on twitter i'm telling you, big hurdle. it makes me very angry that i cannot edit my messages i have to take it all the way out and start again. maybe i'll call twitter later. >> reporter: i've done that, too. >> it's so frustrating. let's talk about your desk. apparently can't be too clean, can't be tooes
6:23 am
boss is always looking. >> reporter: my desk if you're asking me about my personal desk it's a mess but it's a neat mess. i know where everything is. that's a red flag for bosses. office team staffing firm says 54 percent of senior managers do not like disorganization and messy desks. it sends a red flag. on the flip side one in 10 of them say that person who is just too organized, too neat, too clean that's a red flag also. where do you stand allison. >> i guess i'm in the middlism i think you have a neat -- you're in the middle. >> no, lauren, no, i skew messy. i definitely skew messy. i don't mean to but i do. >> reporter: we're rushing. it just happens. i know. >> it's not, you know -- okay. >> reporter: my desk at home is very neat. my desk in the office, ooh, boy. >> exactly. isn't that weird? i'm the same way. what does that mean about us? okay. let's talk about dunkin' donuts. summertime is around the corner and they're making some changes. >> reporter: the coffee coolatta no more at dunkin' donuts?
6:24 am
okay. i know some people like it. but it seems like the fruit cool lot at as seem. the cool loot at a is about a thousand calories. they're coming up with a new coffee called the frozen coffee and they also have al nitro cold brew that they started to sell so they're experimenting with true coffee flavors to appeal to the coffee drinker and not the desert lover. >> my issue with that is the name. it sounds like coffee like cool lots or something. it's like they gave up on the name. >> reporter: they've been around for ages. i've had them here and there especially on a hot summer day. i'm a frappuccino type of girl. i couldn't get into the coffee coolatta. >> i think it was the name. you thought cuolottes. >> reporter: i remember them back in the day. theye
6:25 am
i'm short. yes you have to hem them. >> how tall are you. >> reporter: five-one. >> 5:two. see you later. have a good weekend e . >> reporter: bye-bye. >> i like when people are shorter than me. >> steve i know you're not talking about conversation with lauren simonetti. >> into true fairness i was hoping tucker would say the same thing to me when i talk to lauren about things that are off topic. >> that's on topic. >> well, that's on topic. culo the. te is. >> tucker always says something some of the to me and i was waiting to see if it says something to you. >> my desk is clean its my mind that's messy. >> look at that. >> deep thought for the day. >> except your desk really isn't that clean. you can't see it, it's covered. >> let's go to the forecast its a mess. my desk is in such bad shape. >> really? >> yeah. the worst part is your i value computer that's not even hooked up to the wall so it's just there for display. >> that's the problem. [laughter] >> it's not functional. 37 in and washington. wind
6:26 am
we got some light shower activity off to our north and west that's going to try to get in here later this morning so we may see a few showers and then we should clear out a little bit later this afternoon and let me mention springtime temperatures are back. it is chilly this morning but later this afternoon temperatures will soar into the low 60's. look at the weekend. tomorrow clouds, yes. warm temperatures, yes. 75. >> beautiful. >> maybe some showers by sunday. >> all right. tomorrow sounds great, though. hi erin. >> hey. right now 6:26 and it has been a pretty messy friday morning commute so far. a new crash suitland parkway inbound at branch avenue jammed back to silver hill road. those delays continue towards south capitol. aside from that in d.c. naylor road closed between p pacific northwest minnesota avenue. it's a police activity in the southeast portion of the district t also dealing with a freeway crash on the eastbound side at virginia avenue and then aside from that beltway crash top side. one has moved over to the shoulder on on the outer loop
6:27 am
out by colesville road. but we're backed up from route one all the way to that crash scene at colesville road. left lane blocked. inner loop jams because of in. second crash from colesville road to university boulevard where the crash scene is. allow a lot of extra minutes. dealing with a 35 minute delay on the outer loop. inner loop more about 15 minute slow down but still big problems. 270 southbound volume building from the truck scales through urbana. into newburg you a big crash involving several injuries. edgehill road is closed. a live look at that as soon as it becomes available. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> live look at the capitol dome. we have that look for you now under chilly skies, 37 degrees. just a few hours the house is expected to vote on the republican healthcare bill a planned vote yesterday was delayed. ahead of today's votes harsh words from president donald trump telling republican leaders if they don't hold a vote today, he is moving on to other priorities. welcome back to fox5 news morning. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:35. first though at 6:30 let's get to some more news now. tragic scene in charles county. police say a man and a toddler were found shot and killed inside of a home last night along westdale court in waldorf. a woman and a teenager were also found shot inside the home. they survived but they are in critical condition. police say the shooting is domestic in nature b
6:31 am
not said whether all the victims are members of the same family. developing overnight in woodbridge, virginia, prince william county firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in the 11,000 block of ramrod road. the house was engulfed in flames when crews got there. wowe're told a family of seven was home at the time. all managed to get out safely. one adult and two children were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. however a family dog is still missing. tonight, a vigil will be held at largo high school for ooh ayahna mcallister who was murdered that it week while she was home from spring break. she attended saint augustine's. she graduated from largo highly 62. she was with her friends during a music video shoot when someone started shooting on benning road. one teen accused of raping a 14-year-old student in the restroom at a montgomery county high school will plead not guilty. his attorney says it was constu
6:32 am
andrew jessup the attorney for henry sanchez says there has been a rush to judgment with people already assuming his client is guilty even though he didn't confess. sanchez and 17-year-old josé montano are charged in this case. next hour fox5's bob barnard goes one-on-one with jessup in an interview. a prince george's county police officer off the job this morning accused of driving under the influence in his patrol car. officer christopher brown was off duty and in his take home cruiser early yesterday morning when police say he flipped the back -- clipped the back of a tractor-trailer near pennsylvania avenue on the beltway. brown is accused of temporarily leaving that accident scene but returned a short time later. this is not brown's first dui arrest. in 2012 he pled guilty to another drunk driving crash fox5 spoke with this mother who didn't want to be identified about her son's arrest. >> i'm glad he's
6:33 am
i taught him right from wrong. i believe he's a standup kind of guy. i believe he made a mistake, i do, and he's going have to pay for it. >> police chief hank stawinsi issued a statement saying i find the circumstances surrounding this incident gravely troubling. in the district police need your help finding more missing teens. overnight they released that this picture of angel burrow last seen in that northeast and the search continues for sean burris last seen in southeast earlier this week. the high number of missing teens in the district has many residents concerned. today d.c. mayor bowser will hold a facebook live town hall meeting to address those concerns. the discussion begins at 1:00 this afternoon. also today t-the d.c. council will hold a final hearing for the nomination of peter newsham as police chief. today's hearing will be held at the wilson building with more than 80 witnesses set to testify. acting chief newsham will also
6:34 am
>> ♪ >> time for the morning line and we'll start on the ice with good news. lots to get to. nine games left in the regular season that's it. then it's the playoffs. caps have a little bit more breathing room right now. strengthening their hold on first place after being columbus last night. this could be an early round playoff matchup. last night third period caps were down one-nothing. marcus johansen to dmitry orlov he knocks it in. t.j. oshie up first. he makes it in. braden holtby stopped all three columbus attempts. home win number 30 that ties the tra and choice record. next up caps at verizon center tomorrow night taking on arizona. georgetown looking for a new basketball coach this morning. georgetown confirmed john thompson, iii is out. what a good run though. 13 seasons as head coach at georgetown. comes after back to back losing seasons. the first time that's happened since 1972 and 73. march madness picked up again last night. half of the elite eight now set after an exciting night on the h
6:35 am
off tonight. this the biggest upset of the night xavier pulling off the biggest surprise of the series so far. they beat number two seeded arizona came down to the wire ooh. a short basket with 40 seconds left. wildcats had a chance on a 3-pointer at the end no good. xavier wins 73-71. they'll face top seed gonzaga on saturday. gonzaga won against west virginia. a go ahead 3-pointer with under a minute left. mountaineers had three chances to win. they couldn't get the job done. now all of our teams close to d.c. officially out. blowout in kansas in the midwest. top seed kansas dominated purdue 98-66. jayhawks put together an 11-zero run. they will face oregon saturday. oregon had a tough game against michigan. michigan's run which has been fantastic undefeated since the plane crash but it ended last night. buzzer beater attempt by the wolverines didn't go. final 69-68. tonight
6:36 am
butler the first game followed by baylor-south carolina, ucla-kentucky and then wisconsin and florida. so there you go. >> go gamecocks. look at baylor. i love that. i don't know why. >> i don't know, either 'cause 82 your a south carolina person. >> i know but i'm just saying look at baylor. >> okay. they have a good team all season. >> i'm looking at baylor. i don't even know where baylor is located. >> it's in texas. >> thanks for sharing. >> okay. we'll do the weather. >> let's do it. >> 37 this morning in washington. we got chilly temperatures. steve is smart. he knows everything. >> let's try to stump steve. what happened to that game. >> that should be a new segment. >> we talked about it remember. >> how can you not know the home of the rg iii statue. >> 32 in and richmond. 37 new york city. some shower activity off to our north and west and it's going to try to keep its act together as it gets into our region later this morning. we'll have clouds the first half of the day. could be a few showers around here through about, let'sal
6:37 am
it the noon hour and then we should gradually clear out this afternoon and let me mention the more springlike temperatures to look forward to. daytime highs in the low 60's. so, that would be 14 degrees warmer than yesterday. and we're still on track for 70's tomorrow and a very springlike seven day so we'll have all the details on that coming up in just a couple minutes. >> thank you tucker. >> uh-huh. >> let's say good morning to erin como. get a look at the roads this morning. >> i do love your dress, erin. >> thanks so much. this is a live look behind me on the beltway. outer loop out by colesville road a crash still blocks the left lane. inner loop there's a crash blocking a lane by university boulevard. we're seeing huge delays. zooming in the camera. delays extend back to route one on the outer loop and back to colesville road on the inner loop. i would say about 35 extra minutes needed on the outer loop. but about 15 extra minutes on the inner loop. let's see if we can bring up our skyfox shot right now. live out in newburg, maryland, you can see a car down into an embankment there.
6:38 am
skid marks there as well. they need to investigate. this is closing edgehill road out by 301 in newburg, maryland. again several people injured in that serious crash scene. we'll keep you updated. edgehill road closed at pope's creek road near 301, big police presence at that scene. we'll switch for a look at our maps and show you some other crash areas you'll want to avoid this morning. suitland parkway crash inbound at branch avenue. jammed back to silver hill road. those delays continue toward south capitol. naylor road closed in southeast. we have police activity between p street and minnesota avenue. big delays 295 southbound. we'll check in with metro next. just safe track right now impacting your ride there. steve and ally son. >> realm of imagination. enter to see a never before seen circus experience truly out of this world. one viewer could win a vip prize package including four tickets to the ringling brothers circus april 1st at verizon center. >> prize has an approximate retail
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it's provided by feld entertainment. go to the fox5 d.c. facebook page starting now through 1 11:59 p.m. for a chance to center to win. one winner selected by random drawing on march 27. allen and frantz must be 18 or older. complete rules available at fox5 d.c. do the could many/contests. 6:39. yeah, it is still good. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> 6:42. here's what's trending on the web this friday morning. #brad's wife mats. crackle barrel told on social media. started with a post a man named brad wrote on the facebook page. why did you fire his wife. they fired him on his birthday after she worked there 11 years. the message went viral. a chick-fil-a in texas tweeted out its support. the were egg sign outside the restaurant now hiring brad's wife. do you know what nba players like to fuel up before and game with. if you guessed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because you saw one right here it's for a good reason. the classic childhood meal a unanimous favorite. sports nutritionist says it boosts players energy but also improves mental health. here you go tucker listen. your touchdown celebration this year in the nfl may not include twerking, gun signs, props and no sexual dancing allowed after nfl players
6:43 am
the nfl says it's producing a video to show players war considered appropriate and inappropriate end zone celebrations. what you're seeing will not fly. players quick to say the nfl's plan is pointless. now you can't make any gun motion but i would like to have -- >> i don't want to he sao see ao brown. >> remember this one? >> yeah. >> i'd like to have that one back. >> yeah. >> okay, but you can't do that either. >> maybe you can. it said no guns. that's an arrow. >> okay. >> tap dancing on a fine line its a weapon. i don't know. thank you very much. movie review friday. power rangers brings the tv series back to the big screen. a some a-list actors take a frightening trip to the great unknown in the thriller life starring jake gyllenhaal. now we find out if the movie is any
6:44 am
>> now we find out it's amazing. [laughter]
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> we've been talking about this one this morning. this is out of newburg, maryland. just an awful crash right there. emergency still on the scene at 6:46. >> all right, you can just see what's left of that vehicle there on the right side of the screen. obviously emergency crews are there. we'll check in wither are nine a couple minutes and we'll get you more details on what happened all across the dmv. here's tucker with our warmup. >> yeah, not so much right now steve.
6:47 am
40's. we have a warmup to look forward to this afternoon back into the low 60's and we're featuring 70's around here for the start of the weekend. tomorrow looks fantastic. at least temperature-wise. we'll have some clouds tomorrow. here are your cool numbers much 37 in washington, 34 in gaithersburg, 34 in leonardtown. freezing there in baltimore. and 30 out in martinsburg. possibility of a little bit of freezing rain north and west early this morning. just want to give you a heads up here. if you're well out to the west cumberland thinking of you. possible we could freezing rain. we might have a few light showers around late morning, early afternoon today and then as that gets east of us we should clear it out this afternoon and we'll get those mild temperatures in here a little later today. here's futurecast and it is trying to give us a quick moving batch of some light showers at about 10:00 to 11:00 this morning. it's quickly out of here and then notice the trend is to clear things out. with temperatures in the
6:48 am
barbecue. tomorrow 70's are back. it will be plain old warm around here. mid 70's. we'll have cloud cover and the front that et cetera good gets s will linger on sunday and bring us showers although temperatures remain mild around here for the next several days. so get ready to enjoy a very nice springlike weekend. i think the cherry blossoms will really be doing their thing here this weekend. 62 today. 75 tomorrow. we keep 70's around monday, tuesday, look nice and warm, erin. >> hm. i love warm weather. it just makes me feel so much happier. we're dealing with this breaking news out of newburg maryland. skyfox on the scene. edgehill road is closed near 301 at pope's creek road. serious crash involving a vehicle down an embankment. several serious injuries as well. they're investigating the scene. have patience as you detour around that in newburg. an earlier crash cleared that was the outer loop by colesville road. however, we have a disabled vehicle right here near new hampshire avenue so we're seeing some really big slowdown
6:49 am
past georgia avenue. you are dealing with let's say about a 40 minute delay right now so give yourself some extra time. inner loop as we move to our maps, also has a crash by university so we're seeing some bigger delays on the inner loop as well. as we take a look at our metro delays earlier train malfunction at stadium-armory on the orange line. residual delays to vienna there. suitland parkway a crash inbound at branch avenue jammed back to silver hill road. naylor road closed in southeast because of police activity between p street and minnesota avenue and we're also dealing with a freeway crash. at. street southeast, the right lane is blocked and you can see some heavier traffic in both directions there. have patience this morning. i would say the worst part of the commute right now is the outer loop out by colesville road because of that earlier crash. >> thanks erin. >> thank you. >> you know what time it is. >> let's do it. >> it's the morning meme. >> ♪ >> the morning meme. >> all right. let's get to work. >> yes. >> the music has started. here we go. >> aw
6:50 am
w. >> ww. >> you got to read this carefully. >> when you see a pair of shoes that you love and you can't avoid it. >> that's called champagne taste, beer budget. >> it starts early for some. >> this is a reference to -- >> april. >> waking up baby. >> she's like i'm a month overdue. [laughter] >> all right. thank you very much carlos. when your diet consists of coffee and nothing else at 4:00 a.m. [laughter] >> the funny thing is when i saw that this morning, i had only had coffee. >> like me right now. >> and i know this is something that all of us that have dogs can relate to. >> can you say in it a dog voice because i would love that. >> i think we'll let allison do that. >> you're going to eat that? >> that's brilliant. keep them coming . >> [laughter] >> send us your morning memes #morning meme. maybe we'll put a picture of cherry blossoms up and let everybody -- >> i'm going to be down there later today for firehouse friday. i
6:51 am
too. i'm going to try my best to take some skilled artwork, good photography. >> i saw all the tour buses in town. cherry blossoms or not people are still here. speaking of good days, here's our lineup coming up in just a little bit. starting at 9 o'clock this morning, we are your guide to this year's cherry blossoms despite the cold snap many of the trees will be in peak bloom this week. we have all you need to know if you're headed to the festival. >> also on good day today, are you losing sleep by trying to track your sleep? new information is out this morning about sleep tracking devices and you want to know about it. >> get ready to laugh at 10:00 a. house park stops by the loft. should be great. in the meantime, cue the fox beat music to kevin mccarthy, it's time to get some reviews this morning. hey, kev. >> i'm trying to figure out when my hair is going to get to a point where it's so wildly out of control that it just looks ridiculous. >> about a month or so. >> i think it looks
6:52 am
been struck by lightning. it's like sticking up. >> i think it's artsy. >> he uses no product either. >> this is pillow. i comb my hair with my pillow this morning. that's what my dad used to say. lots of movies opening up including "life" power rangers as well as "trainspotting" two which is finally here in the d.c. area. power rangers was awesome. i had so much fun with this. >> really. >> here's the thing. >> he called it. >> i was growing up, the show came out in 93 to 95, it was ridiculous, cammie, completely self aware. if you're not a fan of the show you probably won't like the movie. again going back and watching the show now it looks very cheesy but now they have the updated special effects. bryan cranston awesome. >> that's why you like it. >> this is a reboot of the franchise, the television characters we saw on the show. we have the famous rangers coming back in feature film here. elizabeth banks is
6:53 am
as rita repulsa. the trailers look like transformers. they make a joke about it looking like transformers. there's so many self aware moments and there's a major product placement of krispy kreme in the film. >> got to be better than transformers two. >> way better than transformers two and transformers four. >> is it me or is zac effron getting a lot of movie roles. >> that's not effron he looks like chris pine. >> it's not pine or chris pratt. >> chris evans from i thought it was goofy. i gave 84 which is a b. i had fun with it. its pg13, no the for the young kids. >> what else you go the. >> "life." this movie is insane. talk about the ending of this film is beyond belief. i'm not going to go into details but this film was written by the writers who wrote "deadpool" and zombieland but it's more of a horror film like sir ridley scott's alien and it really works. ryan
6:54 am
gyllenhaal they intercept a research pod that has the first form of life beyond earth. there's a and long continuous tracking shot. this is the b roll behind scenes. they had three, four, five people above them moving them on wires to make it look like they were in 0g. very well done. kind of cool how they erased the wires and you forget they're there. you really thing you're watching for the most impressive part about this is this scene they do with no cuts. there's a continuous shot, i don't know how they pulled it off, with the wires moving the ship around. it's very, very cool how they did it. apparently they moved pieces of the ship up and down in order to create in movement. i gave it a four. very intense. very brutal. my wife and i saw it together. she had to look away for a lot of scenes. very similar to how "alien" made you feel. it's a r rated horror sci-fi film.
6:55 am
fast, loved the first one. loved the second one. >> really. >> if you're a fan of this particular film from the 96, this is danny boyle, it's -- dealt with heroin addiction in the original just 20 years later. >> this is kind of like it just picks up years later. >> literally. >> we all aged at the same time. >> yup, 20 years later the exact same four guys are back, sick boy, you have beg by, mark rhett ton. spuds is back as well its a really fun film. again, no the for kids. very, very r rated but if you loved "trainspotting" one like i did, you will love "trainspotting" two its worth of the 20 year wait. it's available playing in theaters this weekend right here in d.c. >> good options. >> good to he soogies. >> let's go see power rangers together. >> come on. >> be a little more enthusiastic. >> kev if you like it i'm going. >> power rangers. go, go, power rangers. >> ♪ >> yeah
6:56 am
>> get us out of this. >> 38 in washington. hey, winds out of the south at 18. we are going to be a little milder today with daytime highs in the low 60's. quick heads up. there could be a few showers here for the morning hours and clouds and then we'll turn partly sunny this afternoon and should be very pleasant around here just in time for the afternoon commute, evening sunset things who good. 62 today. 75 tomorrow with clouds but 75 tomorrow. that's great movie going weather. all right. >> go, go power rangers. >> erin, please, save us. >> well, unfortunately we have some rough traffic news to get through. metro delays residual delays to vienna earlier train malfunction at stadium-armory. eastbound side of the freeway right now at sixth street all lanes temporarily blocked because of a crash that they're clearing so have some patience there and skyfox out in newburg, maryland, edgehill road remains closed at pope's creek road. serious crash, a vehicle down an embankment there. serious injuries involved. they're investigating right now. this cra i
6:57 am
have this closure in place for quite some time this morning so you need to detour around edgehill road near 301. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll help you get around this friday morning commute. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what? there are bumps along the road of life... and for each one there's triple-a. it's just three kids, right?
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock breaking news coming out of maryland. five people injured i
7:00 am
skyfox live over that scene. details are ahead. >> and a local family torn apart by gun violence. four people are shot including a toddler. the child did not survive. the investigation coming up in a live report. >> plus no more taking time to vote. that is the message president trump is sending to congress. a new vote is expected today and if the gop does not act the president says the affordable care act will stay in place. >> good morning to you. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us. it's 7 o'clock on this friday. it's march 24. >> if you are just waking up this morning giving you a live look outside right now at 7 o'clock. isn't that pretty. >> real pretty. we'll talk cherry blossoms throughout the morning today. in the meantime let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. tucker and erin standing by. tuck, sunshine is out already. >> sun is up here in just a couple minutes. we wake up with clouds and a few showers the first half of the day but we got springtime to look forward to later this afternoon and this weekend. details coming up. erin. >> breaking news out of newburg maryland this morning. serious crash involving a vehicle


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