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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  March 24, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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it's being called a stunning defeat request of the president. gop lawmakers pulled the healthcare bill late this afternoon. the president made the decision seconds before the house expected to vote. as you can see from the run down. tweet us using the #5at630. let's get started. routundown it was very close, very tight margin, we got to votes from the democrats. i've been saying for the last year and a half, that the best thing we can do politically speaking is let obamacare explode. >> that was president trump's reaction there after the gop could not muster enough votes to pass put the healthcare bill. you heard him right there. he blamedhe
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lack of support for causing the bill to fall short. there's been a lot of back and forth. earlier we heard from paul ryan then nancy pilosi saying this was a victory for democrats. yesterday was when the vote was supposed to happen seven years to when obamacare was passed but pulled it last night. >> it's going to be interesting to see where we go if healthcare is dead in the water or not. to joining us to break this down is gary norred linger at joshua washington university and spencer and lead. thank you for coming on and talking about this. where do we go from here after all of this? >> i think this is definitely not a win for the republicans today. i think president trump and speaker paul ryan had a tough day but we can't overlook some of the positives of today and one of those positives is this narrative i was playing out in the media leading
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this fractured relationship between president trump and speaker paul ryan. what we saw today adversely was these two gentlemen, leaders of the country not playing the blame game, no tweets, accusations. you saw speaker paul ryan thank president trump in working on this relationship putting congress, you're relationship needs to be strong and effective and that was definitely one of the biggest hits against former president obama his inability to work with congress. >> does it look like like that here too, because the republicans do have control and they could not get this done. >> you saw speaker paul ryan talk to us, any party going into a governoring party going to go through growing pains and not along with that a republican party is a big tent
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you have members of congress. these competing ideas, even though it wasn't successful today, it's going to make a healthcare bill more effective and improve the quality of life for voters in the future >> let's let gary jump in here. i got a quick question, we heard president trump blame the democrats. do you think the way this is today, is this a failure for white house? failure for paul ryan? who's to blame for this >> i think it is probably more of a failure for the congressional republicans. the winners are the 20 some million people on obamacare. but i've been watching president trump closely for nearly two years. unlike a real narrow sissist, president trump is very loyal to the people loyal to him and he does not want the millions of people among his forgotten men and women in this country to not have
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i think this is the second best thing for president trump. >> you say the second best thing. he says the first day in office we were i'm going to get this fixed, repeal and replace, they've been working on it seven years and it's dead in the water >> number one they didn't think they would win the white house in november. two on his first day in office, president trump did sign an executive order to not do anything that furthers obamacare >> let's take a listen. >> what would be really good with in democrat support in the democrats when it explodes, which it will, if they got together with us and get a real healthcare bill, i'd be totally open to it and i think that's going to happen. >> spencer did the gop, you know, push this too fast to try and get this through to cram it all in >> again, we're
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into this new congress. i want to get back to gary's point about the real winners isn't the nancy pilosi. the losers are the american people. obamacare will explode in 2017. unfortunately this didn't get through today. but you know, the real loses the unfortunate voters are the people that the going to suffer under obamacare >> you talk about the exploding. that doesn't sound great for the voters out there. so is is there any possibility, any action do you think that can be taken on healthcare this year? the president said, i'm going to move on and tax reform has been another big issue of his. can he just afford to leave this behind and move on to something else >> we're going to see. this is the concept of competing ideas. no one wants 400 members of congress to all agree on one idea. that doesn't make it a great idea. we want competing ideas. we want competing thoughts of how to make this bill better. that's what's going to happen
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word. at the end of the day if this does explode if the premiums go up, who are the american people going to look back and blame for this? the democrats or the republicans? >> i think they will blame both. good heavens. the congressional ratings and the ratings of all four congressional leaders are far lower than president trump's approval ratings. >> thanks so much for guys. coming in tonight. hopefully things will be a little bit calmer this weekend than they've been the past few days. president trump's former campaign manager paul man ford volunteered. he worked for a russian billionaire to advance the interest of vladimir putin but he did not disclose this. president trump said he didn't know about it when he came on as his manager. the committee is now looking into russia's alleged interference in the 2016 election. gop committee chairman did he have van nunez said today, if it's not -- it's no the clear if man ford's testimony will be i
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public or behind closed doors, nunez also told reporters the surveillance records he's seen do not back up president trump's complaint that his conversations were wiretapped. >> clear on this for many weeks now. there was no wiretapping of trump towers, that didn't happen >> nunez has said he's seen evidence of intercepted conversations. he also said nunez has not shared any of his evidence with him or other member office house intelligence community, >> created quite the rift between erving on the intel community. politics out of it. clearly doesn't look like it was. >> we've heard from both sides of the aisle, john mccaine said the way this is handled is absolutely bizarre. he believes there should be some sort of independent
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investigation. it is a story you saw first right here on fox 5, two teenagers accused of raping a 9th grader in a rockville high school rest room. the case caught the attention of capitol hill and the white house. the suspects came to the u.s. illegally last year. both were caught and targeted for deportation hearings that never happened. fox reports on the case and the system that let them remain in the country. >> reporter: in tan exclusive tv interview with fox news, the defense attorney representing accused rockville high school rapistist henry sanchez said his client is innocent. according to his attorney, the alleged assault in put a boy's bathroom last thursday was consensual and that he will be acquitted >> no scratch, no bruises, no injury, also this is a bathroom in the middle of the day where it doesn't appear that she was screaming, anybody heard anything going on. there were other kids apparently saw going in. so basically, i think he's going to tell the j
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think i'm that 12 citizens of will find him not guilty. >> reporter: no response to an innocence claim, the montgomery county police department late today to take a polar opposite position >> there's physical evidence of a rape and sexual assault. it's very clear from the investigation there was no consent in this whatsoever. >> reporter: jezic's interview came with us immediately after an interview. a full-blown high profile jury trial with one of the caused defendanting by one maryland's top rated trial attorneys is likely to inflame tensions in this already divided community >> if they do somehow prevail in their claims that he -- that he did not in fact commit rape, then they need to make sure that the hand this guy over to ice >> the rape charges have flamed the political battle with house judiciary riding the secretary of homeland security security blaming the
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lacks deportation policies and case information on the two suspects, that while the political in maryland grants state-wise sanctuary to illegals. she's facing heat from the republican governor and republicans in state legislature. >> when our law enforcement arrests somebody, their hands will be completely tied as far they were terrorist, no matter what, this bill no exceptions, they can not work, local law enforcement cannot work with ice >> this is a crime, this is a rape, and nothing in this bill would predict law enforcement and montgomery county to prosecute this to crime to the fullest extent of the law. >> reporter: no matter the outcome, maintain both accused are here illegally should be deported anyway because they crossed the border
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doug mic kel way fox news. >> the debate will continue we will be following it >> a big story here. big story is the nice temperatures we're going to have this weekend and having right now, 62 out there. gwen tolbert. >> the weekend i mean temperatures unbelievable. spring really going to make its he presence felt. 54 at dc, the 55 at manassas of overnight lows even very much on the mild side. what's happening as we're going to go see a nice surge of warmer air moving in from the south. we got a frontal system to the north and approaching cold front that's going to give us a little bit of a change. in the meantime ridge of high pressure residing off the coast. we're headed to 70 as we move into saturday. a little cooler for sunday but we're talking a chance of few showers with approach of that frontal system. here's a look at your planner for tomorrow. by midday, about 68 degrees. although
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clouds and a little less sunshine but still not too hard to take i don't think. and for your weekend forecast. temperature-wise, we're doing really well. 75 on saturday. 68 with a showers on sunday but i want to tell you sunday is not a wash-out. that's at least a good thing for this weekend as you start to enjoy the cherry blossoms. here's a look at your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. looking good for the week. >> this will be the weekend to check out the cherry blossoms >> send us your pictures, talk about anything you want. we want to hear from you. tweet us your thoughts on all things politics, weather, whatever, using the #5at630. we'll be right back.
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affect the district of columbia. joe gonzales is here to explain. thanks for coming up and talking with us. it does seem like it would be a big hit to dc. >> huge and of course, maryland and virginia. right now, maryland is number two second to the district in terms on its rnd spending and virginia like seventh. but that is affected by the nih which would be about 20% or 6 billion doar
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trump's proposed plan >> inknow violation and technology is the future. it is where we're going, with these cuts, what else are we looking at? what other kind of problems or issues would arise because of this? are we talking about education and jobs >> we're mostly talking about job, especially when we're looking at research and development, so we talked about the nih, that 5 billion dollars actually affects 5,000 grants just in the greater washington area. it's not even including the rest country. >> we've been talking about a lot of the hit that federal employee could take >> federal employees yes we talked about the e p a going on a 30% budget cut, nih 20, in a is a about 6%. federal jobs and the research jobs specifically are is looking to be cut down. >> other than the fact that yes, losing jobs and just the research potential, what does
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competing against other countries? is there the fear we will lag behind when it comes to developing science and technology which is the future >> absolutely. invasion is the principal driver of economic boom. that's what we're seeing nationwide. that's what we've certainly seen in the district and the surrounding area, the projections as far as 2020 goes. if backup cuts down that will be a major blow to the local economy >> i was surprised to find out dc was number one in invasion, i would have guessed it would have been washington state or california so kudos to dc. tanks so much for mgm in. would you ever say yes to a date over twitter >> depends on who asked me. >> not
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>> not him either. >> new jersey senator corey booker hopes the person he asks will actually say yes. we'll explain when the news at 6:00 comes back.
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high profile women, sof
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them. go for it. that's what i say. >> would you accept a date over twitter >> i think it would -- i don't know. it depends on the person. if we were talking about this before. >> someone here said they met their wife on twitter. >> love can happen anywhere. >> on twitter. former secretary of state hillary clinton guess what? she can say that she has a spirit. named after her. rod ham rye said the product is a tribute to all women but some points to mrs. clinton. it's about $79, goes on sale saturday at republic restoratives and various vendors, 5% will be to emily list. supports women running for governor. >> i want to know the aspects
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what does it mean? it's dry is she dry? i don't understand what they're saying. >> i hope it's a compliment >> i think it's supposed to be a compliment. i'm not really sure. i don't drink ryes withky. i have no idea. >> speaking of drinks is there a difference between what republicans drink and what democrats drink >> apparently there is. and we're taste testing with the folks from proof wine bar when 5at630 comes right back. for years, fios has been promising fast internet to small businesses.
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ve fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to what type of wine do you like >> i like red, big bold red >> i'm a red girl too. >> what are you >> sparkling wine, white wine >> i know you guys are wondering why he's here >> when republicans drink wine, you know there had to be a political twist here, they favor robert mondavi. democrats like
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>> did you know champagne drinkers are mostly democrats, they favor moet and, and that is terroristic threatsing. >> the demes like a lot. >> you're right. i like both sides of that. i don't know what that means for the rest of us. >> proof wine bar has all your wine needs, what's called the spring wine fling, brent cole here to tell us all about that. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, first what's the spring wine fling >> it's an event in the dmv area, you can find the detail as the wine fling pretty much all the restaurants are doing their own thing as far as what's being offered. we're doing either three wines for $15 or five wins for $25, in a flight and these are wines that are meant to be
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with spring weather >> you got some for us to test taste? tell us what we got >> the first rule about the spring wine fling is you have to be georging spring wine >> what should we star with? proseco? >> is there a special we should taste these >> with an open mind, open heart. >> it's sweet. >> yes, it's very floral. this is kind of like clean out the pallet where you go into to taste the other wines, maybe like you've had food adjusted your pallet. this sets the table for the other four wines to come >> that's why we drink this first? he's the expert. we're not. >> tell us, well, i'm curious, what kind was this >> clarasy,
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drinkic it on it's on or mix it. >> what is the white >> this is something known for pairing really well with green vegetables. when you get into green vegetable season us has a little bit of white pepper and meant to stand up to the food that can be difficult. >> what's -- this will be good with an asparagus and brussel sprouts >> absolutely. >> looked at me leak no, i'm not eating that. >> very good. what kind was this again >> that was a chardonnay. this isn't -- >> it's not ok? >> not at all >> it's lightly oaked, but if you do some like seafood and it has like a grilled component, but the oak slightly used on that. >> we're running out of time. tell us where you guys are located >> 755 g street by the
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center. >> shawn doesn't even know what she's drinking >> we're supposed to try it. we only have 15 seconds legislative. what is this >> wine is meant to be drunk. that is the david shiraz.
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harvey: so this is the first time the kardashians have called themselves fake. >> kris jenner is pitching an animated kardashian show. >> those girls are going to be so competitive about how they're drawn. harvey: i called eric yesterday and said would you mind drawing something. look at what he did. >> this is so impressive. >> that's fantastic. harvey: we had some people from europe call and say can we buy this picture? >> wait, for how much? >> tracee ellis ross. we talked to her about "black-ish" because chris # brown because he has a star on the "black-ish" role. harvey: he plays a rapper and anthony anderson's character, planning an advertising campaign, but tracee ellis ross' character said -- >> be careful. harvey: what's stereotypical for promoting a rapper? >> guns and moneys and hoes.


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