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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  March 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 busted again. a woman who got tripped up by her shoelaces while attempting to jump the white house fence last week arrested again over the weekend for a similar stunt. >> plus, tax reform, the next big hurdle for the white house. the but the president still pointing fingers this morning for friday's failure of the republican healthcare bill. >> giving you a live look outside on this monday morning, it's march 27th. fog and a lot of it. fog is the buzz word of the morning as far as the early forecast and commute goes. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. good monday to you, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm wisdom martin in for steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. if you're just getting up now at 6:00 here's what's been developing overnight. first from washington, d.c. where firefighters have been unable to locate a missing person last seen in the potomac river. fire officials are now calling it a recovery operation. d.c. police say a person was reported in the
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key bridge around 11:30 last night. no word on the identity of that person. >> developing overnight in prince george's county a massive fire rips through a home in lanham. this is along the 9500 block of annapolis road near forbes boulevard. despite what appeared to be a large fire, the flames were quickly put out. fire crews cleared that scene around 4:45 this morning. no word yet on a cause nor if anyone was hurt. >> also happening today, a woman arrested three times on the white house complex in just six days is back in court. >> fox5's melanie alnwick live outside the treasury department where that woman was most recently arrested. melanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. and yeah, tuesday, friday and then again on sunday, this would be fence jumper just isn't giving up so perhaps a judge today might hold her a little longer this time. let's take you to what happened here on -- just on sunday. 38-year-old marcy anderson wall of everett, washington, she was arrested again sunday
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climbed a fence and set off an alarm at the u.s. treasury building. that is right next to the white house. wall was first arrested last tuesday. it was close to 11:00 p.m. she was trying to jump the white house fence but got caught up in her shoelaces. she was charged with unlawful entry and released with orders to stay away until her next court appearance but friday wall was spotted near lafayette park. that's across from the white house. she was arrested for violating that court order and held overnight. but saturday she was released again, only to make that third attempt on sunday. now, when wall was arrested here outside the treasury on sunday, secret service agents tell us that she was carrying a backpack, a sleeping bag and some personal items. they did check and found in weapons, explosives or hazardous materials in her belongings. again she's supposed to see a judge for a third time today. she is being charged once again with unlawful entry and violating a court order. that appearance before the
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today. live outside the treasury, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> also today, the trial will begin for a maryland man charged with killing five people in a horrific crash in oxon hill. two children and three adults all killed in the 2014 crash at the intersection of livingston road and livingston terrace. police say kenneth kelly was drunk and speeding when he slammed into the victim's car which was stopped at a red light. kelly was also driving with a suspended license. just a deadly weekend in prince george's county. police are investigating a shooting at an apartment complex just a few miles away from the university of maryland. this happened at the camden in college park. they say a man was shot and another suffered a head injury following a fight on the third floor. the man who was shot died on the scene. a vigil is set for tonight to honor a 15-year-old boy who was gunned down saturday night in landover. family members say the boy's name was dennis taylor. police say the shooting was not random but haven't given out
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suspects in this case. >> another busy week ahead for pumped as he tries to move on with his agenda and rebound from last week's failed push to replace the affect. today he's set to announce a new white house office which will be run by his son-in-law jared kushner its called the office of american innovation and is aimed at reforming the federal government using ideas from the business sector. meanwhile the blame game continues in washington. presient trump is reportedly still fuming over on the failed healthcare legislation. >> i think the president's disappointed in the number of people that he thought were loyal to him that weren't. >> i don't think one party is going to be able to fix this by themselves. so, here's what i think should happen next. i think the president should reach out to democrats. >> meanwhile president trump is expected to sign an executive order tomorrow on power plant
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it will undo the ep pa's clean hour act. >> ♪ >> music comes here. we come on and we say it is 6:05 and time to get our first check of the weather with our man tucker barnes. >> do you see any rain out there right now? 'cause i saw it when i first came in. >> a little misty but mostly foggy. >> yeah, fog. cue the fog horn. >> uh-uh. >> ♪ >> okay. >> pretty good. >> sounds effects around here. >> yeah. >> that's how it goes. >> good morning to you, tucker barnes. >> going to talk brackets pretty soon. >> oh, sure, why not. >> let's do it. >> can't wait. >> still in it. >> i'm not in it. >> me neither so it doesn't matter. >> university of south carolina. >> i got gonzaga. i'm still in it. >> you still in it. i'm done. >> that's my only win out of four. fog advisory. >> (fog horn). >> there it is. >> okay. >> see, you ask and you shall receive. >> that sounded like the fog horn from scooby
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>> visibility is quarter mile or less out there so definitely heads up when you head out this morning. visibilities will in some cases be a little difficult for you. low clouds overnight. we've had in addition to fog some drizzle out there as well as we're trying to get the warmer air through the region. it's not yet arrived but will later today. 47 reagan national, 46 dulles, 44 at bwi marshall. a couple light rain showers north and west. thinking of you up towards frederick and you can see up into parts of carroll county a couple showers in northern maryland. we can expect a few light showers today. we've got a warm front that's going to work back through the region and so we'll keep it cool this morning and foggy and a gradual warmup and eventually as that warm front gets north of us we should be in the 70's a little later today. we'll go 73 and turning warm this afternoon. generally a cloudy day. not expecting a lot of rain today but there could be a few showers around from time to time as that front comes through. >> all right. we will be prepared. >> okay. >> thank you. >> uh-huh. >> all right. let's get over to erin
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>> all right, 6:06 right now and taking a look at our maps, we have fog, we have light drizzle its going to be a pretty big headache of a monday morning commute. earlier crash in the outer loop by connecticut avenue cleared but we do have a five minute delay from 95 to connecticut avenue this morning. 270 southbound light volume from 70 through clarksburg. you jam up through you can urbana.maryland commute a closek at the outer loop. 95 is quiet. if you have an early flight to catch traffic between bwi and the outer loop at the capital beltway looking good. earlier crash 66 eastboud did clear that was out by 28. but look at that big delay from 234 right now to 28, you are jammed packed solid with a 30 minute delay. things open up a bit but because of visibility problems please use caution. leave yourself extra time to get around. 395 edsall road to the 14th street bridge pretty wide opened but you jam up a little bit coming off the beltway. then 95 northbound dale city to the beltway you jam up through woodbridge. and south of
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is where we're dealing with bigger problems. things starting to ease but from plank road virginia three to the aquia harbor about a 15 minute delay. we had an earlier disabled tour bus blocking the right shoulder with by centreport parkway. we have a crash on 210 northbound in fort washington. just before the beltway. jammed all the way back to livingston road. you can see through oxon hill you're still in pretty good shape but with the weather problems visibility issues. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. metro is on time except for safe track impacting the blue and yellow. allison and wisdom. >> 6:08 is the time. breaking in japan right now an avalanche buries several high school students. next, the desperate search to find survivors. >> plus a rare sight in russia, the largest unauthorized protest in years. hundreds were arrested and overnight a statement from the u.s. state department. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ - okay, we have one more.
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it to see what it is. (giggling) - now don't worry, he's totally gonna grow into it. and soon it's gonna be college and books and fees and housing oh, the miracle of life! - [narrator] tame the tuition monster with the gift of virginia529, perfect for any occasion. visit >> ♪ >> developing overnight in japan six high school students are fighting for their lives after an avalanche at a ski resort. the have ick tipples found unconscious. a desperate search is under way for several others who also remain missing. the group was on a mountain climbing exercise at the time. recent heavy snowfall is likely to blame. >> the united states is respond, to the anticorruption protests across russia on sunday. in a statement last night the state department condemned the detention of hundreds of
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peaceful demonstrators and say the russian people deserve the ability to exercise their rights without fear of retribution. the most prominent critic of the president vladimir putin was arrested. one intern journalist was detained held for hours and released. a spokesman for putin criticized is the anticorruption protest accusing the opposition of provoking violence. >> and the united states we are stepping up the fight against isis. the pentagon sending an additional 200 soldiers into the middle east to assist in the battle. they'll head to locations in syria and iraq to boost security in the area.& over the weekend u.s. backed kurdish forces took topher an air base near the city of raqqa. the pentagon is expected to provide more details on the troop deployment today. >> the search continues in cincinnati for the suspects in a nightclub shooting that left one man dead and 15 others injured. at least five are still hospitalized. the gunfire erupted after a dispute among several patrons. cameo club can has a history of gun violee
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detection wands and pat-downs are used at the doors so police are now trying to figure out how several firearms got inside. >> an army veteran from baltimore accused of stabbing to death a stranger just because he was in a new york city courtroom- today. james jackson has yet to enter a plea on hate crime and murder charge. in a jailhouse interview though he told the daily news his goal was to force women to reconsider their interracial relationships. jackson also said he regrets killing 66-year-old timothy kauffman because he would rather have killed a younger or more successful black man. he said he intended for the killing to be a practice run but got depressed and didn't want to put his family through any more pain but he turned himself in to police. >> a seven-year-old wisconsin boy is winning over hearts this morning. we're talking about brady duke because brady duke heard his local police department lost one of their own and wanted to help out. in an effort to cheer up the police officers he gave them his most
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his nintendo wii. >> i felt sad because -- because i didn't want somebody to die that was somebody -- somebody that protected a city. >> brady made a special impact here and we are -- we are really grateful. >> brady has been invited to the police department to play the nintendo wii with the police officers. great gesture. >> pretty awesome. how about this one to make you feel better? thousands of runners from all over the country hit the streets of philadelphia yesterday for the philadelphia love run half marathon. one young woman you see succumb to fatigue and struggled to finish the race but that's when two men sacrificed their own time to help her along, then a third man picked her up and carried her to the finish line. >> hm. another classy move right there. >> i mean, first of all i know if i ever tried to do anything like that, that would be me. >> right. >> so, i'm hoping that someone would be that generous. >> i'm just like you except for mine wouldn't be at the finish line. it would be a lot earlier than
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>> god bless anybody who runs a marathon or anything like that. >> half, quarter or whatever. >> yeah. >> eight states caught up in severe weather outbreak over the weekend and it was one wild night in texas. >> and a live look outside as we go to break on a foggy monday morning. weather and traffic on the 5s is coming up next. >> ♪ mmm! [ keys clack ] [ slurps ] make it iced, then make it happen with flavors like butter pecan or new coconut creme pie. it's america's iced coffee, whenever, wherever. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> live lookout side as we're driving around the dmv. we have been dealing with fog and drizzle rain in some areas. we'll talk to tucker barnes in a second. this is what we're dealing with here. check this out. we have some worse conditions down south. a severe weather pattern in the south is on the move this morning after hammering the dallas area. now, you can see the storm left behind a trail of destruction, hail up to softball sizes damaged several cars, tornado warnings were issued for several counties. no word on any injuries or deaths. and also in ohio this morning high
6:16 am
several homes. so, weather definitely an issue down south and in the midwest. here we're dealing with something a little bit different, tucker barnes. >> man, that's scary. >> yeah. >> rough stuff. >> yeah, it's just -- it's all about fog here this morning. good morning. we've got fog and drizzle out there early. your pickup forecast and cool temperatures in the 40's but look what happens by after school today. we're thinking we're going to get the warm front north of us. these are always a little tricky to forecast but we think it would be far enough north of us we should pop into the 70's with a chance of a shower this afternoon so most of your day we'll watch those temperatures climb up into the seventies from the 40's right now. okay, there's your dense fog advisory. just about everybody here locally getting the mountains out to the west you're not aununder a fog advisory but everybody else visibility quarter mile or less. we'll watch that until we watch the warmer airlift back through the region. we have cool air in place. 48 in washington, 50 leonardtown, 46 in frederick, 46 dulles. temperatures of course after being in the upper 70's on saturday we didn't get out of the
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that same front that brought us the cool temperatures shop push to the north and allow warmer temperatures. couple showers in northern maryland. sprinkles north and west. as far as measurable rain not a whole lot. i don't. we'll get a whole lot of are a intoday.& we may see a few showers develop noon, just a few showers but as that warm front gets a little further north we should break out into at least partial sunshine and be in for a pleasant afternoon. there's your warm front lifting north. couple showers around here the trade-off temperatures back in the 70's by this afternoon. there's your seven day. 73 today. 77 tomorrow. we get a little cooler by the end of of the week with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. spring like around here. no freezing temperatures on the seven day. >> yay! >> that will encourage the cherry blossoms to keep doing their thing. all right, speaking of doing their thing, erin is here. how are the roads. >> good. what do you think the best night is to meet a friend for an out
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possible this week. >> depends what friend it is. >> i'll tell you more later then. 66 eastbound, that wasn't a good answer, light fog and dizzle. we have some big problems. earlier crash at 28 in centreville cleared. from 234 to 28 a sea of brake lights. you need 30 extra minutes to get from 29 to the beltway because of stop-and-go traffic as well. this is a live look 95 on the northbound side where we have a ton of brake lights as well. traffic is jammed from many virginia three plank road all the way to the aquia harbor. in the mix once you pass centreport parkway there's al disabled bus blocking the right shoulder adding to the delays. we'll switch it over for a look at our i net computer. dealing with other problems on the outer loop as you cross the woodrow wilson bridge. reports of a crash just in the distance there. you can see all of that backed up traffic pretty atypical delays on the outer loop. right now inner loop volume building but not any major delays right now. again, the center lane is reportedly blocked just beyond this point on the wilson bridge stretch. that's causing issues as you try to make your way toward branch avenue this morning on
6:19 am
about the springfield interchange. let's take a look at our maps right now. we told you about the issue that we were dealing with on 9595 northbound. you can see that congestion. 210 as you try to get to the wilson bridge there's a crash just before the beltway jammed back to livingston road with heavy traffic. things in clinton looking good. volume building south that of point in brandywine at the 5-301 split. outer loop top of the beltway delays 95 to georgia avenue as usual. metro is on time except for safe track surge 13 impacting the yellow and blue lines. and just a morning to leave early. back to you guys. >> erin thanks. starting today, the safe bicycling initiative kicks offer in arlington. police are partnering with bike arlington to make arlington county a safer place to ride a bike and reduce crashes. officers will pay close attention to the way that bikers and drivers interand act out there on the roads and issue tickets when necessary. the i initiative runs through april 4th.
6:20 am
opening of the cherry blossoms festival celebrating the famous trees. the event runs through april 16th and features a kite festival this saturday. >> uber hitting the brakes on those self driving cars. plus, lyft is trying something new its called round up and donate. we'll explain how it works in he is. >> the final four is all set. the question is how is your bracket looking? the morning line is coming up at 6:30. i'm done. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> back now with why uber is suspending tests on its self driving vehicles. first a check of the markets. joining from los angeles hillary vaughn. good morning, hillaryism good morning, allison. happy monday. >> happy monday. on friday we were sort of down on the market and i think that trend continues. >> reporter: yeah, the futures are all down across-the-board by 1 percent today and you're right, friday wasn't a good close for the market
6:23 am
closing at 20,596. the nasdaq gained 11 points at 5838 and the s & p fell one point closing at 2343. >> okay. let's talk about uber. you know, they were testing out those self driving cars which i was like, i don't know if i'm ready to actually get into one of those. but they've suspended these tests now. what happened? >> reporter: they're putting them in park across the country. so, pittsburgh san francisco and arizona, those self driving car programs are not on the road today. here's why. because over the weekend, one of theirself driving cars, their volvo suv's collided with another vehicle on the road. now, allegedly it wasn't the fault of the volvo self driving vehicle but it was another car on the road that failed to yield to the self driving car when it was making a turn. so, as the volvo turned another car failed to yield causing the collision. the volvo suv flipped over on its se. uber confirms that the car was in
6:24 am
crash occurred. but there were no back seat passengers. there were only the two front seat drivers in the car at the time. uber has said that theirself driving mode does require human intervention because again other cars and drivers on the road are unpredictable as we've seen but they are now ground, the programs as of now working to see if they can figure out a fix for the issue or see how this may be preventable in the future but self driving vehicles aren't perfect because there's other drivers and vehicles on the road which aren't in self driving mode. >> which has been the x factor. lyft joining a trend i think we're familiar with round up give it to charity. >> reporter: exactly. so, this is the latest bold pr move of lyft trying to capitalize on some of the customers that uber has been losing. so round up and donate it's something they're testing out so you won't see an update immediately in your app but the plan is to roll
6:25 am
nationwide. when you hop in a lyft you can round up your fare and donate that amount top a select amount -- whatever charity that you choose from on the app. and they are kind of just making a bold move trying to position themselves as the better uber. they've done this in the past. they donated to the aclu during trump's travel ban. that worked out well for them. got them a lot of good pr. so, this is their latest move. we'll see if it works for them. >> okay, we'll see. i always like to do the little round up. seems painless its helping somebody. hillary thank you very much. >> reporter: thanks. >> okay. >> also if you see me walking down the street and you want to give me some money i'll make sure it goes to charity. >> round up. >> i don't feel like he's being truthful. >> i don't think so, either. i also don't think anybody would walk up and give you money. >> well -- >> so, we're safe. >> it will go to a good place. >> i'm sure it will. >> let's do the fork. we
6:26 am
we'll be back into the low 70's this afternoon. just hang in there. we should get a little sunshine this afternoon as well but not this morning. the clouds will hold tough and the fog will be slow to burn off. there is your satellite and radar and there are a few showers across parts of the region. most of it's off to our north and west and most of it is very light but you might encounter a little drizzle when you're headed down to the bus stop, you know, out walking the dog here early this morning. >> coming back. >> [inaudible] >> saturday was great. sunday was -- >> saturday was almost hot. >> no, saturday was -- >> your ya', it was nice. a you you -- yeah it was nice. >> took a nic
6:27 am
saturday morning got some coffee. >> tale of two cities on the weekend right. >> sunday spent the entire day hibernating. we have patches of fog and we also have drizzly conditions causing slick spots. give yourself 30 extra minutes to get from 70 in frederick down to the spur. earlier crash on 66 eastbound did clear out by 28 in centreville but we're left over with a lot of congestion. ton of brake lights right now between 234 prince william parkway and 28. you need at least 25 extra minutes. we're seeing a lot of congestion there. moving to our i net camera we have an outer loop crash on the wilson bridge. center lane blocked just beyond that point. start, to see standstill conditions. we'll have more traffic and a check of metro as we continue. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> we are back now at 6:30. we've been showing you this shot, driving around in the fog and a little drizzle still out there this morning. bottom line, give yourself some he ca extra time. there's a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. welcome back to fox5 news morning. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:35. first though at 6:30 a woman accused of trying to hop the white house fence not once, twice, but three times in less than a week is due in court today. the secret service says marcy anderson was most recently arrested early yesterday morning after she
6:31 am
gain access to white house grounds by climbing a fence at the treasury building. anderson was previously arrested last friday and tuesday. also in the district, firefighters have been unable to locate a missing person last seen in the potomac river. fire officials are now calling it a recovery operation. d.c. police say a person was reported in the water near the key bridge around 11:30 last night. right now there's no word on the identity of that person. and no word on what led to this massive house fire overnight in prince george's county. it happened along the 9500 block of annapolis road in lanham. we're told the flames are now out. no word yet on a cause nor if anyone was hurt. a montgomery county fire being investigated as arson at the hill wood a fire officials say they are questioning a person of interest in this. two other people were displaced as a result of the fire. new this morning, a coast guar crew rescued the
6:32 am
off the coast of virginia. the coast guard crew says the emergency call came in when the captain started going through symptoms of a stroke. this happened about 50 miles east of chincoteague. the captain was airlifted to a hospital in new jersey. three people on board that fishing vessel at the time. happening today, mayor muriel bowser will join d.c. public schools chancellor and the deputy mayor for education to announce a new initiative to support young women of color in d.c. schools. the inin is initiative is calle. mayor bowser's initiative is aimed to improve academic and social outcomes for young women of color. the big announcement is this morning at 10:30 at kelly miller middle school in northeast. this all comes of course as the number of missing teenagers in the district continues to grab national attention. while d.c. police insist the number of those missing is not skyrocketing, they are warning of
6:33 am
circulating on the internet about these cases. take this post, for instance it went viral over the weekend claiming 14 girls had gone missing in just 24 hours. the image contained a picture of relisha rudd who was last seen in 2014. d.c. police say that they have never had that many missing girls in one day. happening today in rockville, officials are taking steps to ban outdoor smoking at dining areas. the city council will hold a public hearing on a draft ordinance. now if it passes rockville would be the second city in maryland and the first in the d.c. metro area to enact this policy. in 2015, the council voted to ban smoking at more than 80 city parks rec centers and other facilities. >> ♪ >> all right, 6:33 is the time. time for the morning line. nationals home
6:34 am
stephen strasburg named the starter for the first time in three years. he started on opening day for three straight years from 2012 to 2014. let's talk a little hoops now.& not ncaa tournament final four is all set. here's what happened. down to the wire, what a show between kentucky and north carolina. darren fox drills a three right there. final seconds of the game wildcats down three. watch this. down by three. surely you can't make another three. malik monk double coverage, bottoms from the right wing, clutch three to tie but oh, wait. it ain't over. carolina don't call a timeout 'cause we got cool hand luke drops it in. luke may drills the three. game winning shot with three seconds to go. carolina wins 75-73. kentucky's darren fox a one and done player, one of the one and down players h headed to the nba. the ultimate heartbreak for kentucky. >> i love my brother,
6:35 am
it's going to be difficult to get over but that's all i got. >> all right. battle of rivals -- >> a little upset. >> florida and south carolina. teams spent the two regular season meetings. >> come on gamecocks. >> 14 lead changes and 10 times until thorn well trained two free throws. final seconds gators deficit is five. turnover, seals the deal. south carolina wins it, the final in this one, 73 to 68. there he is boom goes the dynamite. the real usc. >> look at
6:36 am
tears in his eyes. >> that's right. >> emotional. >> write a song about it. >> we'll write a song about it. >> 77-70. south carolina wins this ball game. here's the final four matchup right now. set for next saturday. south carolina will face gonzaga in the first game. both making their first appearances in the final four followed by the tarheels north carolina versus the oregon ducks. the ducks first final four appearance since winning the very first ncaa title way back in 1939 . >> [laughter] >> all right. >> there you go. >> way overdue. >> yes, yes. >> and the wizards beat the cavaliers this weekend. >> and the wizards beat the cavaliers this weekend. >> in cleveland. >> in cleveland. >> wow. >> lebron playing. >> i think so. >> all right. >> i don't -- you know how they like to sit out. but let's just focus on the ncaa tournament. that was some amazing basketball yesterday. great stuff. >> i happened to turn on the game between kentucky and uh in. unc. i thought it w
6:37 am
they were playing their hearts out. >> it was amazing. >> fun so see new teams. >> nothing funnier than roy williams. they ask him what he needed to do to fix what was going on at the half. he said, make some dag gone 3-pointers and make some dag gone three throws and then in the press conference he says they ask him about if they threw water on his suit. he said it's the best dag gone bath i had. >> what's the dag gone wet going to be. >> fog and drizzle o early. winds out of the north at five. we'll warm it up today. we're not going to get a lot of sunshine but we should warm it up into the low 70's by afternoon. couple showers out there. most of it is off to our north and as we look at the bigger picture here again warm front lifting through the area. that's why we have the fog and drizzle area. as that gets north of us we should get a little sunshine this afternoon and temperatures in the low 70's. coming up the morning meme wisdom style.
6:38 am
style. >> first one. >> oh, okay, that's the best dag gum idea i heard all day. >> that's the word of the day. >> what's the word of the day. >> is it two words or one. >> dag gum. >> dag gone. >> no. dag gum. >> dag gum. >> erin, no, no. we'll talk later. go ahead. >> i need to be schooled apparently. i spent some years in tennessee but i guess i just don't know. two crashes on 270 on the southbound side. one -- this is right by father hurley boulevard. one of the crashes is by montgomery avenue another crash by montrose road. that's causing huge problems. we have some. light rain, some slick conditions as well as some fog in the area. right now it's about a 45 minute delay from 70 down to the spur. and then taking a look at 234 right now 66 eastbound completely parked up. it's about a 60 minute slow down from 234 prince william parkway to the beltway. heaviest traffic to 28 this morning. as we forward our cameras stacked across the 14th street bridge right now. such heavy traffic as y
6:39 am
to get to the freeway there. you can see that delay goes back to the pentagon area as you move to our i-net camera. we have big problems bottom of the beltway on the outer loop across the wilson bridge. we're dealing with a center lane blocked disabled vehicle from an earlier crash there. so because of the drizzle and the fog watch for visibility problems. we're just seeing big slowdowns around the dmv. keep it to fox5 news morning. we're back in just a few moments. >> ♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:41 is the time right now. we're back with what's trending on the web this monday morning. north carolina's so-called bathroom bill limiting lgbt protections is not coming cheap. it will cost the state more than $3.7 billion in lost businesses over the next 12 years. a large part of that is because of companies and concerts and sporting events pulling out of north carolina. now, the law was passed one year ago. meanwhile united airlines is defending its decision to prevent two teen girls who were wearing leggings from boarding a flight. the girls were not allowed to board a flight from denver to minneapolis over the weekend. a united spokesperson says the leggings violated the company's dress code policy for past travelers. the pass traveler program is a united benefit that allows employees and their dependents to travel for free on a stand by basis. and finally another reminder to stay away from gators. this is video
6:43 am
florida golf course. well, it happened over the weekend in port charlotte. the golfer's ball hit the alligator in the head and that's when the alligator ate it as a snack. so, if you're golfing and your ball goes into the water, word to the wise, if i needed to tell you that you're already in trouble, just leave the ball 'cause you got a bag full of balls and they sell them at the store. i'm just saying. don't go to the gator looking for no little white ball that cost you a couple bucks. >> as a person who speaks for the animals, i bet that gator was there before that golf course was there. >> i'm pretty sure that that is the case. >> right. >> yes. >> happy they only got away with the golf ball. >> yeah, yeah, i'm just saying. >> i do -- consider me dr. doolittle. i speak for the animals. >> i will consider you there for now on. >> can't talk to them like he did but for them. >> yes. >> thank you in it weigh. anyway. another big weekend at the box office for "beauty and the beast." going in style is a remake of a 1979 film and kevin sits down with the stars. the fox
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> uh-huh. there you go fog across the area this morning. dense fog advisory until 9 o'clock but guess what? that is a cool -- oh, i see we're down at the tidal basin. >> uh-huh. >> cherry blossoms looking great. beautiful shot there this morning. we'll burn the fog off and we should be in for a warmer day and even potentially a little sunshine later this afternoon. good morning. slow climb to the 70's, yeah,
6:47 am
the 70's today. nowhere near that at this hour and with the fog overnight we really have been holding i don't and to the cool numbers. 48 now in washington. 52 in leonardtown. 46 frederick. dulles, manassas both 46 degrees. again, we'll watch a warm front. in fact we're watching a warm front lift through the area as we speak and that responsible for the fog and some light sprinkles which are primarily hanging out here just to our north and to our north and east up towards baltimore there's a few showers. not expecting a lot of measurable rain today but we'll keep a lot of clouds around and there could be some continued drizzle and a little bit of light shower activity for you now and then a little later today. there's a bigger picture. we'll lift all this off to the north a little later this afternoon and we should be in for warmer temperatures. much warmer than yesterday when we didn't get out of the 40's. another look at it. warm front comes through and in addition to a few showers we'll see our daytime highs again hang in there 'cause it will remain cool this morning, then progressively as that warm front gets a little further north the temperatures should jump here pretty quick back into the 70's by l
6:48 am
mostly cloudy day. otherwise with a few showers around. tomorrow not much better. cold front comes through. that might kick off a thunderstorm but we'll be in the mid to upper 70's up ahead of it and then cooler and breezy by wednesday and thursday. still pleasant. and notice the springtime temperatures generally stick around the entire week. so, i think we really have transition. >> yay! >> all right. erin how is it looking. >> i made thursday plans tucker since it says -- >> looks nice. >> looks nice. >> okay. >> i thought that was the best day to go jogging outside. >> go for it. >> 6:48. we have big problems when it comes to the commute. 66 on the eastbound side there's a crash blocking the left shoulder, left lane out by 50. that's causing additional backups. we had an earlier crash by 28. because of that, from 234 prince william parkway to the beltway it's in for about an hour delay. there's light fog, there's drizzle. you can see the westbound side even though it's much lighter volume is definitely slowing down. look at the fog along 270 as you make your way through montgomery county. we have two crashes at montrose road and montgomery
6:49 am
look at that delay. jam packed. it's over an hour delay from 70 down to the beltway right now because of those crashes as well as the conditions and look at that, you can see we're just so backed up right now on 270 southbound. the outer loop also is dealing with some big jamups as we take a look at our i-net camera. earlier disabled vehicle on the center lane on the outer loop over the bridge did clear. but you're still in for residual delays and a lot of fog. visibility impacting bridges overpasses on and off ramp. we'll end on good news. metro is on time except for safe track. that's still impacting the blue and yellow line with single tracking between braddock and be huntington/van dorn street t you know what would make this dreary monday morning better. >> do share. >> a little funny. >> a little funny. >> we can't guarantee the funny but we can guarantee we'll try. >> i need some daggum funny in my life. >> time for the morning meme animal edition. >> oh, yay! >> come on wisdom. a little smile on your at a us. >> wisdom is smiling on the inside in his heart. >> listen to the
6:50 am
it -- uh-huh. monday's be like -- >> uh-huh. >> let me just put my head in this and it will be over soon. [laughter] >> wisdom. >> look at how little he is. >> i got moves like jagger. >> oh, i do like that. i do like that. that's pretty impressive. >> uh-huh. >> what is this -- >> is that a person in an animal suit or is that a legitimate animal. >> look at his face. i think it's mid attack. >> legitimate -- that's a legitimate jaguar. all right. take with it what you want . >> [laughter] >> oh, i get it. okay. >> all right, we wrap it up today. >> pretty clever. >> i know. >> with i was a regular dog until my mom took a sewing class. >> that dog looks so sad. >> but his outfit is everything. >> send us your memes #morning memes. send them on in. >> not bad. >> i told you you
6:51 am
just, you know, little -- like two and then you would have had two for tomorrow. >> yeah, but i -- >> he has something up his sleeve for tomorrow he was telling me pow. >> is that right. >> not yet but i will by then. >> power of positive thinking. >> that's right. >> in the meantime it is 6:51. let's get a look ahead to good day d.c. we are helping you with your money. that's what you won't want to miss. budget-ista is coming in here. if you like a fashionista here's a budget he-ista. >> then you should send your kids to soccer practice music lessons or meditation sessions. that's right. tucker and erin are trekking chg out a new place in maryland putting kids in the relaxation zone. kevin mccarthy sits down with scarlett johansson. er new
6:52 am
shelves this week. speaking of sweet kevin mccarthy he's here today with the fox beat. >> i had a talk with my wife before i left for this trip this weekend. shar let johansen is my number one celebrity crush. >> how was that received. >> not well. >> you should have asked another married man before you made that. >> you have your number ones. >> it's one thing to come in here and play this on tv, i'm not going home talking about oh my gosh, she's so hot on tv. >> i didn't say she was so hot. i just said she's my number one celebrity crush. >> we wait for a couple morele e >> you'rfive years in dating. >> my gosh. >> real quick beauty and the beast number one at the box office. >> i liked it. one of my daughters hated it. you know which one. >> sid. >> your twin. >> skylar. >> i thought it was really magical. >> i didn't love it. >> i did not enjoy the lead's voice, no,
6:53 am
rest of it. >> gaston and le fou were amazing. $6,690,000,000 worldwide has been made so far in 10 days. $699 million on a $160 million budget. next up power rangers, i had so much fun with this movie. big numbers for this film. i didn't think it was going to do this big. 40.5 million, number two at the box office for that that he could woo "life" and chips didn't too two well. >> chips didn't do well? i'm shocked. >> you know what, 21 jump street did very well. >> i know 'cause that was actually funny. >> for me with chips i didn't think the tv show was supposed to be funny. >> it wasn't a comedy. >> so the movie was like -- >> 21 jump street wasn't a comedy either but they did it so well that it worked. >> so i had the honor of sitting down with three absolute legends this weekend for a movie called "going in style" a remake of the 1979 film b
6:54 am
about it. it has michael caine, morgan freeman and alan arkin but when i sat down with the three over the weekend, i was blown away to know that michael caine who is alfred from the batman films his real name is maurice micklewhite and i wanted to know how he got the name michael caine. >> michael caine. >> and he told me a story about being in lester square in london and being in a phone booth and calling his agent. originally he was going to call himself michael white but there was another person called that. wait in you find out how he came up with michael caine. >> used to go to this specific phone booth phone my agent and see if i got a job because i was broke and everything and all the cinemas were around and one day he said to me you got a join but you got to join equity hich is the actor's trade union. she said you can call yourself michael but you
6:55 am
yourself white because there is a michael white. she says i want a name now and there was hum fee mowing gart in the cane mute knee. and and i said michael caine. and she said how do you spell that. c-a-i-ne. if i had gone to another i would have been called michael 101 dalmations. >> alan arkin and to owe morgan freeman didn't know the story so they started asking questions whether on his passport it said michael caine but his legal name is maurice micklewhite. >> that's a great name but he couldn't use it on stage. more from them coming up at 7:45 this morning. >> that's weird. >> by the way his best movie children of men masterpiece. you like the batman films. >> i love batman.
6:56 am
>> tanks kev. >> hey tuck. >> good morning. fog and drizzle out there. dense fog advisory until 9 o'clock. we'll warm it up into the low 70's this afternoon. i can't promise we'll get a lot of sunshine today but at least we got the warmer temperatures to look forward to after a chilly sunday. winds out of the north at three. couple light sprinkles and showers out there and i can't rule them out later today as we've got some drizzle across the area as well its a warm front lifting through. we should get a little sunshine later this afternoon and again the temperatures will warm up but it will be a gradual process and there's your seven day. we'll talk more about that seven day coming up. all right, erin is back with traffic. >> yes, 6:56. look at the inner loop right now at braddock road. there's a crash blocking the left lane left shoulder. only right now those two right lanes getting by and that is causing a future backup from the springfield interchange to pass braddock road you're in for standstill traffic. watch for that crash. again drizzle and fog causing problems. let's get to our maps quickly because there's some other big issues with metro right now. outside eastern market there's a signal
6:57 am
issues on the orange silver and blue line in both directions. watch for those metro slowdowns in addition to be safe track. big problems on the roads. we'll get to more problems in a few. >> ♪
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7:00 mystery on the potomac. overnight rescue crews
7:00 am
to be missing. this morning the rescue has turned into a recovery effort. details coming up. >> after a failed push to replace obamacare president trump blaming his fellow republicans is now courting the democrats. a repeat white house fence jumper is due in court. >> plus the district's missing kids continuing to grab national attention. a look at mayor bowser's new task force aren't the new initiative to support young women of color in d.c. public schools that be unveiled today. >> good morning to you. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm maureen umeh. 7:00 a.m. on this march 27th 2017. >> if you are just waking up this morning, how about your first look outside? you going to meet some fog out there, a little dewey rainy conditions but hopefully it will improve throughout the day. >> certainly hoping so. >> uh-huh. >> tucker barnes standing by with a check of your forecast. erin como has


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