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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 27, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 local news local news at 10:00. at 10:00. a violent attack at a maryland high school. shutdown by police. >> we felt this was going to be carried out. there was no doubt in our minds. we aveteraned disaster. >> a teen girl is accused of plotting a shooting. investigators say she was dangerously close to following through on her plan. the father of one of the teenagers accused of raping a girl in rockville high school is also now behind bars. he was gunned down inside his dc home. >> somebody out there knows what happened to my brother. i know it. i feel it >> 27 years after the murder of norman rich detectives haven't been able to crack the case. we
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fox 5 news at 10:00 starts now. developing tonight a school shooting plot stopped by police in maryland. thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy, a teenager was storing a should go fireworks and other materials to make pipe bombs. police uncovered her detailed plan, thanks to a call from one of her parents >> lindsay watts is live in fairmount with the story. lindsay? >> reporter: the frederick county sheriff compares what this shooting was planning to attacks at cold lump bine. had he she had a gun and bomb making equipment ready and on track to carry out the plot next wednesday. >> she always looked like a friendly person >> she was an ap student >> classmates say nicole cevario was a quiet
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>> everyone was scared. who's neck? who else were do something like this. >> reporter: everyone we spoke to was disbelief. investigators say they found all of this in her home, material to build a pipe bomb including fireworks and nails, and this newly purchased shotgun was also der ed d d d dered did you evered >> i never seen anything like this >> they said her plans to kill students and staff was detailed in her diary >> it was also cleared she planned to die. >> it was clear to us she had the means, materials to call significant damage to herself to the student bodies to herself at the high school. it was clear she was struggling with a lot of mental health
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cevario's father contacted the school with information about the threat. the school said cevario was immediately pulled out of class and since then, she's been in the hospital for emergency evaluation >> this event was very probably prevented by the parents who stepped forward >> investigators say there was no signs cevario was being bullied, though her diary showed frustration. the sheriff said there were no specific names or targets of the attack >> something like that happens it never happens, at quiet town, everyone knows everybody. we didn't think that would happen here of all places. >> reporter: we still don't have a mug shot of cevario because she wouldn't be arrested until released from the hospital. the sheriff said she's facing felony charges related to the creation of a destructive device. he tells us there is no evidence that anybody else was involved in this. live
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news fox 5 the rape of a rockville high school teen by a dallas mate in the country illegal still grabbing national headlines. fox 5 has learned the father of one of the suspects is also behind bars for entering the country illegally. fox 5's marina marraco is live outside rockville with details and marina, i thought both students entered the u.s. as unaccompanied minors. >> reporter: they did. they both did come in as unaccompanied minor, at least one was stopped at the border by dhs. both of them somehow made it here to maryland and tonight still questions and concerns following the rockville high rape. now the question starting to turn as to whether the city of rockville will also become a sanctuary city. ice telling fox 5 that on friday, the father of 18-year-old henry sanchez one of the
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rapists was arrested to r being in the country illegally. he remains detained in a howard county jail. meanwhile here in rockville, montgomery county council member sidney katz held a question and answer session with residents and among the topics brought up with montgomery county status as a sanctuary jurisdiction and the potential for rockville to follow suit. >> police officers when they stop a person or a traffic citation only asks what is associated with the traffic citation. if that person is arrested, then that person goes through the federal system, they're fingerprinted, go through the federal system and the government is aware that they're in a jail and they can -- that there's a -- there's a criminal warrant and whatnot. they pick them up. that is what -- that is the way
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>> i don't believe we should have a sanctuary city. it goes against our federal mandate. i don't think a lot of the things that are happening in this country that go against federal mandate should be allowed. we have federal laws. if we want to change the laws, then we need to take done that through our legislature. >> reporter: and this coming friday, the second student arrested 17-year-old jose montano arrested for allegedly raping that 14-year-old. he will be facing a judge for a second time. this will be for a status hearing and although he's 17, he's being charged as an adult. live in rockville marina marraco fox 5 local news. tonight the trump administration says that rockville rape case is evidence of the danger of sanctuary cities. attorney general jeff sessions announced plans to crack down on cities that do in the actively enforce immigration law. sessions also called out maryland for voting to become a sanctuary state days after those two do
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immigrants are charged with raping the 14-year-old in the high school rest room. >> maryland is talking about a state law to make the state a sanctuary state. the governor is opposed to that. i'm glad to hear. that would be such a mistake. i would plead with the people of maryland to understand that this makes the state of maryland more at risk for violence and crime. it is for the good policy. >> sessions said if cities and states refuse to comply with immigration laws, the government could withhold department of justice grants. after a foggy start to the day, a very pretty spring afternoon. we're about to get much-needed rain across our region. let's check in with sue palka with a little bit of all everything >> except for the cold stuff. taking a break from that. you're right. what a day, starting with the fog, as spring warmth going to continue and showers and some of you have seen showers tonight. not e
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good to get the showers, our area does remain in a moderate not much showing up right now but we did have some showers move from west to east across city and through the beltway. we'll keep a chance of a couple of showers, but we could also see the fog coming back. not big deal but paying attention to it. also i wanted to show you tomorrow's rain is showing up. we have had severe weather outbreak and continue to see insufficient thunderstorm watch across parts of kentucky and tennessee so there's a chance of a few showers tomorrow morning but better in the that we could see hit or miss showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. meanwhile these are the high temperatures and still very mild out there with dc at 66. we're going to keep the warm weather around but increase the clouds for tomorrow and keep umbrella handy i think the afternoonom
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will be wet. and we may be dodging a few showers tomorrow as well and maybe a little fog. we'll have much more to talk about the timing with that i'll show you hour by hour coming up at 10:30. family and friends of two children killed by their father last week in a murder suicide shooting in waldorf gathered for a candle vigil. carlton goodwin shot and killed his daughters and turned the gun on his wife before he shot himself. they say the children's death had a devastating loss. >> never like to see anybody -- layla was just array of
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sunshine. so happy. >> tonight vigil took place at imaginations early learning centers. layla was a student. another vigil wednesday in hyattsville. at 10:00, a father of three gunned down in his dc home. 27 years after his murder, police can't crack the case. we sit down with the victim's sister and hear from a detective who says he's haunted by the crime >> pushing back against false information about missing teens in the district. the national center for missing and exploited children is weighing in. make sure you stick around. the fall-out over the failure to repeal and replace obamacare. the white house might not be done with healthcare reform just yet. we'll be back. yet.
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norman rich, a father of three found shot and killed inside his dc home. body discovered by the mother of his children. >> police questioned people. came up with potential suspects. none of the four detectives investigating was ever able to crack the case. did someone bury the truth? fox 5 paul wagner has tonight's rewind to the crime. >> reporter: when norman richard was found shot and killed inside the bedroom of his home on march 28, 1990, dc police had already investigated more than 123 murders that year. ♪ ♪. >> reporter: rich would be 124. the crack epidemic had the city in a vice grip. murders were taking place nearly every single day. 125th murder victim killing so bad, fox 5 launch add nightly program focusing on the main street.
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city under siege. >> when city under siege came on the air, there was no mention of norman rich. >> thanks for joining us. i went to work and i remember my aunt was on the outside. waiting for her daughter to pick her up and i went that and said i'm sorry to hear what happened. i said what >> what happened to who? and she looked at me and said, she was killed this morning. i said what? and i just went to the floor. >> ms. tyler told us that story sitting on a sofa inside her capitol heights home. the murder of her brother still tough to take. 27 years later. that's her mom helen after hearing the news. the moment caught by a washington post photographer and featured on the metro section's front page >> i finished crying and got myself
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i said mother where is he? she said detectives took her downtown to question her further. >> that would be sheila brown. his girlfriend and mother of on the children. according to ms. tyler, she said the two men come to the door looking for simo. here is the version she told the family. >> my mother said i got up's and i got the kids ready for school. she said, there was a knock at the door. she said there were two guys at the door. she said, i recognized one of guys. the other guy didn't know. he had a brown paper bag underneath his arm. she said simo, she said they come down here to see you and she claims she left the two men on the outside. >> sheila brown went to the store before getting her hair
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done, when she returned, are >> the door was wide open >> raised for development and a new condo. but back on march 28, 19 and the 90, the little row house what you swarming with police. detective rubin sanchez met with sheila brown. >> we went to get a statement from her. she gave a statement reluctant. combative >> when she was questioned she offered to help them come up with a composite sketch of the two men she says came to the house that that day. this is what they came up with, but detective rubin sanchez the original lead detective now retired told us that he believes the answer to this case lies within the family >> to me, she was lying. >> fox 5 reached out to sheila brown but through a family member declined to comment. >> to me,
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is that the answer to this case is within the family. when they put out a reward for $25,000 and nothing comes out, believe me, people come out and provide information. not a bit of information i got. >> reporter: detective sanchez says he remains haunted by the case. an investigation he says just got lost >> people didn't understand that we were overworked. not enough people. we didn't have time. we had to move the next case >> police investigated over theories that he may have been shot and robbed for money. but nothing solid turned up. now, all these years later, the case and all its details swirled through her mind as she visits the cemetery where her brother is buried. lying in grave side by side with his mother who died a year later >> i want justice for my brother. this is n t
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trying to get someone to hear the story. someone out there knows what happened to my brother. i know it. i feel it. >> reporter: she says he was a good plan way kind heart. left his earth way too soon. the family, she says, just wants justice. with fox 5 rewind of the crime, i'll paul wagner. >> welcome to fox 5 local news news morning. fl
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appeared to be business as usual at the white house. he hosted a round table. the meeting came after a weekend of reassessment following friday's withdrawal to repeal and replace obamacare. hre's fox's john roberts >> it's unclear whether the white house new house intelligence knew he was
10:24 pm
complex the day before he revealed trump. in statement, nunez pet met with a source in order to have proximity where he could view the information provided by the source. it comprised executive branch documents that have not been provided to congress. the source could not simply put the documents in a backpack and walk the house over to the house intelligence committee. he says his source was an intelligence official not a white house staffer and that the information was contained on. the white house dismissed any notion that what he did was unusual or improper. >> we asked both the senate and house intelligence committee to undertake this. it was partial the at our we have the. he has said from my understanding on the record that he did not meet with white house staff >> democrats
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take, the senate intelligence committee called nunez suspicious. >> if speaker ryan wants the house to have a credible invest investigation, he needs to replace chairman nunez >> working instead to get past the stinging failure of his healthcare plan friday. citing bills to roll back obama regulations on education, labor laws and land use. >> i will keep working with congress with every agency and moist importantly with the american people until we eliminate every unnecessary harmful and job killing regulation. >> last week the white house proclaimed the president was moving on particular healthcare. today, the press secretary said well, maybe healthcare isn't dead just yet >> we're not saying it's the end of healthcare we're looking to look for a way forward >> the white house
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funding of the federal government according to generated kushner. white house said kushner hey soon be making a trip to capitol hill to talk about his contacts with russian officials and other foreign nationas. at the white house, john rockets. that law requires transgender people to use the rest room that matches the gender on tear birth certificate. after the bill was passed you may recall several concerts con elevations, sporting events and number of recent r events cancelled their plans. that caused nearly $200 million in losses. north carolina lost 2900 potential jobs because of that bill. at 10:00, investigating missing children >> there's been a lot of
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♪ ♪ fox 5 local news at 10:00. with a check on our top story, a school shooting plot stopped by police in maryland. >> investigators say 18-year-old brought a gun and bomb making materials and planned to carry out her plot next tuesday. her father contacted the school with the information about the threats. which police say was detailed in her diary. no evidence anyone else was involved in the plot. marina? >> reporter: another arrest made in connection to the alleged rockville high rapist. pice telling fox 5 the father o 18-year-old henry sanchez one of the legend rapists was arrested for buying in the country illegally. he's free-year-old
10:31 pm
and remains detained in a how should county jail trump administration is continuing tough talk against sanctuary cities. jeff sessions announced plans to crack down on areas that do not enforce immigration law. he specifically mentioned maryland where they moved forward with a bill to become a sanctuary state. he said if cities and states refuse to comply, we've had a few showers around tonight. we could see a few more later tonight. but here's our futurecast taking you to about 5:00 in the morning, not seeing everybody getting rain, around the front royal area you might be getting a healthy downpour. this is badly needed. by the time we get to 8:00. it's filling in a little bit. eastern suburbs
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downpours along 95 towards fredericksberg. the afternoon there's better chance we would see thunderstorms. as we get into the 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00, frontal boundary will be approaching, one or two could be rumbles of thunder, maybe an isolated chance of gusty damaging wind with a couple of storms, not a widespread severe weather outbreak. by 11:00, most of showers are out and it is going to be dry by wednesday even the cloud will be departing. bottom line cloud showers maybe a rumble of thunder, but still headed for the mid 70's. we'll have the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. tony and shawn? this is an important story we want you to really pay attention to. developing tonight, officials are trying to calm fears about missing teenagers in the district as false information continues to circulate. >>
10:33 pm
has not been an increase in mism missing teens. it is helping shine a lot on the issue, it is important that the correct information is shared. the nash center for mitts and exploited children spoke about the issue tonight >> i know there's a perception that the number of missing children are on the rise, when, in fact, since we opened our door at the national center we've seen sharp declines. i think social media technology has been a real game changer and we've seen fewer reports, we're finding children fast. mayor addressed concerns about an up tick in missing teenage girls. she told fox 5 the reports of spike in missing girls are simply not true. >> i think what i want to make clear to our students is that
10:34 pm
have not had an experience or we don't have any evidence to suggest that children were kidnapped or snatched or anything like that. >> the mayor's comments were in reference to an inaccurate statistic that went viral claiming 14 black girls had gone missing in 24 hours in the district. that information is not true. >> one missing young person is one too many, despite the misinformation, we want to make sure that the young people who are missing and could could potentially go missing know there's alternatives to running away. >> that was a school board member. he teamed up with the community for an event call brothers united to save our sisters. they handed out information to students with recordses for teenagers espially those who need help. i think it is so important we talk a little bit about this. i'm sorry before move on. tony and i
10:35 pm
this, we have seen so much information from celebrities. i don't think they have the whole story. one missing girl is certainly alarming to see. >> one of the issues here, as we reported is officials here in washington themselves have increased the number of alerts that they're putting out on social media. it was a very small number. a year or so ago, they've increased that number, you're seeing more of these hints of the new awareness, it's not an increase in the number. >> they're saying it's not girls being snatched off the street or trafficking. a lot of them are run aways. there are other issues we need to work on. why are these girls running away >> we're learning disturbing details about a murder of a young woman in front royal virginia >> a teenage boy is charged with stabbing the young girl, an he hemphill inhalation the latest. >> reporter: an autopsy
10:36 pm
she has died from stab wound and the commonwealth is moving to charge the teenage suspect as an adult >> she's a sweet lady and doesn't deserve to die. >> reporter: friend too emotional to show face on cram say they're in shock. 19-year-old lea adams is gone and a 17-year-old boy is charged with her murder. >> i come out here and she was two driveways down bleeding from the neck area >> neighbors in front royal say they heard adams screaming for help around 8:30 saturday. discovered bleeding in a front royal's driveway who tried to help her. they were originally called for a hit-and-run when they discovered adams suffering from serious injuries, officers also responded round the corner for an attempted burglary. that's where they say they arrested the 17-year-old suspect trying to break fellow a
10:37 pm
damaged car nearby. neighbors say the 17-year-old ran over this mailbox as he drove away. >> it's terrible for the community. you know, you don't want to any of these young kids hurt. it's devastating. it's tragic. >> reporter: adams is a recent graduate in winchester. friends say she was living in front royal while going to community college and interning. they tell fox 5 you they believe she was a victim of domestic violence >> she was trying to break up with him. and it led to another thing. that's all she was trying to do break up with the guy. now she lost her life. >> a preliminary hearing is set for april 6 new warning about zeka. >> zeka has been linked to pr
10:38 pm
trying to stop the spread of virus as mosquito season approaches. markets bailed but matched managed to close off the -- this marks the eighth, making it the longest losing streak but still up so far this year, with april fool's day approaching a new
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study says almost half of those planning a prank will spend money to pull it off. here's what got me. pranksters 65 or older are likely to dish out $75 or more. that's a very expensive april fool's joke. that's business, i'm neil cavuto.
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florida florida governor issue as new, what about the zeka virus. urging people to be vigilant ahead of this year. mosquito season. five of the cases
10:43 pm
among travelers, fox has the latest from miami. >> reporter: fighting to step the spread of zeka virus, aggressive efforts underway ahead of the state's upcoming rainy season. a prime breeding period for mosquitoes. >> this may be the off season, the low season but we know mosquitoes are coming. we're taking aggressive steps right now. we feel we can knock down the mosquitoes population and have fewer mosquitoes. >> reporter: florida's governor warn being people to remain vigilant and take precautions to help stay ahead of the virus. >> no standing water, protective clothing, you travel overseas be cautious where you are so you don't transit it to anybody. >> reporter: florida seen two locally acquired zeka infections, both patients likely contct
10:44 pm
fewer travel related zeka cases are being reported. in the wake of the last year's zeka outbreak florida had staff at state lab answer mosquito controlled operations >> hired additional staff. we will be able to do most testing in state that includes the prnt testing, the samples being sent to colorado. our plan is to have the capacity in state by april >> more than 220 people were infected with zeka from locally transmitted mosquitoes primarily in miami as well as texas. in miami phil keating fox news. the outrageous price of epi pens. research shows out-of-pocket spending for epi pens climb more than 500%. during that same period. the number annual prescriptions tripled. researcher says the
10:45 pm
suggest patient cost rose due to price increases not because people started using more. at 10:00, dogs saved from slaughter. >> take a look these animals rescued from a dog meat farm in south korea being cared for in maryland. . at 11:00, this is surveillance video of a 7-eleven robbery in dc. the robber did something baffling. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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10:48 pm t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ♪ ♪ these dogs have no idea how fortunate they are. at 10:00. 46 dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in south korea arrived in the u.s. some are being housed in queen anne's county maryland. the dogs have been
10:49 pm
resting comfortably. they will be evaluated this week and not yet ready for adoption. the human society is responsibility for saving those dogs they rounded up cats and reintroduced the cats to the elements under four different categories, socialization, food excepts and toys, scientists say it dispels the myth that cats are anti-social. sdmdispels om
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when you get home. >> i also make sure i greet them. a lot of people ignore animals when you walk in and don't pay attention to kitties. >> they sometims ignore me. >> i have a pet turtle and i say hey turtle and it runs over to me. >> that we should record. that would be amazing, tony. >> just kidding. >> pet turtle. >> we might be surprised what turtles can do. grab an umbrella tomorrow. we're going to do deal with a few shower, we had a few tonight. morning will dodge a few showers then probably a little bit more activity in the afternoon. definitely not an all-day rain, hit or miss, and as mentioned we can use the rain. things pretty dry. we have deficits. we're going to run you through the weather headlines, we'll keep the warmer temperatures again tomorrow. mi
10:51 pm
what felt like not a very optimistic start. speaking of the fog, we could have a few more patches. i don't think it will be as dense as this morning, then we bring on scattered showers and storms tuesday. don't expect a lot of severe weather, one or two could be on the stronger side with gusty winds, we'll watch that for you closely tomorrow. at frontal boundary that's coming that will chase these showers and storms around the region and bring in sunny and cooler temperatures for wednesday and thursday but a little bit unsettled as we get to the weekend and friday is another day in which we're going to do making up of deficit in the rainfall department. meanwhile, so comfortable still at 66 in the district. the 70 for fredericksberg, 57 frederick, 59 martinsberg, not going to be a cool night. when we compare the temperatures at this hour to last night, 24 hours ago, we were about 18 warmer in the district, 21 in
10:52 pm
hagerstown. here's what the kids can expect tomorrow morning at the bus stop. comfortable temperatures, 61 to 64. a lot more clouds around. maybe showers especially with an communities. after school, nice warm day. 72 to 75, not a lot sunshine. a rumble of thunder here and there. while we have a warm day with a few showers and storms, a better chance in the afternoon, wednesday not bad, bright day, sunny and temperatures will be a little bit cooler at about 66. here's what we're tracking for tomorrow. we've had a showers move through. but the bulk of activity moving out of kentucky and tennessee and into west virginia. those storms moving in our direction and showers, we have some in the yellow boxes. for the second day of the
10:53 pm
two-day warmup. the mild air will continue but here's the frontal boundary that will have the cool air. as we get into the 70's, watch for those showers begin to increase around the region. in terms of severe weather, kind of a general risk here in the light green. marginal risk means slightly better chance of seeing something might have gusty winds or perhaps a little bit of hail to it. that's somewhere under the slight risk. we'll be watching that closely tomorrow. how about these temperatures? mid 70's tomorrow. that will feel good. you're not going to need the heavy coat maybe a rain coat or an umbrella. thursday is cooler again, 57 and then we'll have a cloudy showery day friday with temperatures in the upper 50's, rain may linger into saturday. liking the looks of the weekend and happy about monday. opening day for the nets. a good now have
10:54 pm
too hot. happy about that. shawn and tony, that's your seven-day. . another nfl team on the move. redskins president bruce alan finally breaks his silence regarding the dismissal of scott mccluen. jim lokay next with sports.
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to help avoid eye injury and contamination, do not touch the bottle tip to your eye or other surfaces. wait 15 minutes after use before inserting contact lenses. the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose™. s at the redskins has been remove rough is a bit of a under statement. the endless rumors about kirk cousins bergundy and gold. bruce allen opened's up about the controversy that boiled over. firing of scot mccloughan. >> it was the first day of the league here, and thought it was
10:58 pm
to everybody in the organization. where we're going. and i like scott as a person. alan is pretty good atticing the questions because somebody asked him directly what was the cause? he responded i wouldn't talk about that. but mark davis likes to talk and talking about getting his team out of oakland for a long time. but if you're a betting person, you came up basis today. nfl owners approved the move of the team formally known as the los angeles only oakland raiders to sin city, only the miami dolphins opposed the move. times have changed. here's the strange part, they're not moving until 2019, two
10:59 pm
years in front of a fan base they've alienated and moving into a 2 billion dollars stadium. mark davis who's screams dumb and dumb er. explains >> i have mixed feelings. i love oakland and the fans and i know there's going to be disappointment and anger and i just hope in the future as we play they understand that it wasn't the players, it wasn't the coaches that made this decision. but it was me that made it and if they have anybody to take it. it should be me and i will in the coming days try to explain what went into make this difficult decision. >> how about the decision on the haircut? that is not >> we're trying to be nice. i think in the grand scheme, you can't really explain a lot of things let alone the haircut. >> but and you're right. that's going to be too weird years. playing to fans who are like, well, you're leaving >> we're
11:00 pm
>> the tickets will probably be -- >> super cheap. >> if you never been to an game before, there you go. >> thanks for joining us at 10:00. >> news at 11:00 a now. ♪ ♪ fox 5 local news at 11:00. chilling new details on a foiled school shooting plot. >> she had the means, materials to cause significant damage to herself. >> the tough decision her parents made. this man did something a little bit baffling while robbing a 7-eleven that could make the very easy for police to find him. what uber had to say after another accident involving a self driving car. news starts now. a shotgun, pipe bomb


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