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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 28, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> today on "fox news morning" frederick county par mar teenagers arrested before she was planning a mass attack at her high school. >> rockville high school rain fallout father after teen age area caused of raining a classmate during school hours tape into custody. >> a live look outside now. you can forego that jacket. warm string air is here. today is the forecast. thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, march
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>> gary mcgrady with the weatherhead line for us. erin como with the for traffic for us. >> and we have thunderstorms this morning and maybe again this afternoon. another day, though, temperatures will warm up into the 70s. erin como. >> i love the warmer temps but i'm not loving rain. worried it could cause crashes as more folks hit the road. metro and virginia commute n next. >> thanks gary. erin, if you are waking up at the top of the hour we are involve following a developing story the out montgomery country. and showing a deadly officer involved shooting. >> and we find melanie alnwick with the latest this morning. mel. >> good morning and major crimes detectives still on the scene. this is the center court condominiumss in montgomery village and you soo at the they're focus ising their attention here towards the sidewalk directly back behind us. but i can also tell you that the
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marks off the entire front courtyard area and then also goes back and along the sidewalk along some of the individual units as well. and so what we understand is a started last night is a call for theft. sixth district officer responded and then about twelve minute after 11 p.m. the officer called in for help saying shots were fired and he needed fire and rescue on the scene. and first respond areas rivd and they found a man who was suffering from a gun shot wound and started cpr and transported him to a local hospital where he died and montgomery country police tell us "following normal protocol the male subject will be identified once next of kin is notified. that's their procedure. the officer is a five year veteran of the department and he'll be identified during normal business hours today. and also as part of their procedure and protocol in incidents like these that officer will be placed on administrative leave while this investigation is taking place. and we can't tell
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they're going to be here on the scene. it's been many, many hours certainly we'll stay here and keep you updated on developments. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:02 the is time and developing in maryland this morning we're staying there there will be extra counselors on hand and a student was n noting an attack. 18-year-old nicole savario is in the hospital undergoing a psychiatric evaluation and will be charged once released. frederick county sheriff says they found a newly purchased shotgun and pipe bomb material at her home. details of the attack was found in herds journal. it left kids shake. >> she was friendly student. >> ap student. >> no doubt in our mind that we averted a disaster up there. i never seen anything like this to be honest with you. >> police say nicole was planning to carry out the attack next week and they were tipped off by her parent. if convicted nicole faces 25 year
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>> new developments in the sext assault of teenager at rockville high school and the father of one of the suspects now behind bars. 43-year-old agolf owe son khez reyes is accused of being in the country illegally. one of the suspect in the rain case that is here illegally. sanchez and another teen are behind bars accused of raping a 14-year-old girl inside the school during school hours earlier this month. following rain allegations there have been major concerns about rockville lead leaders designating city as sanctuary city. that came up last night at a question and answer session held by montgomery country council members. >> i don't believe we should have a sanctuary city it goes against the federal mandate. i don't believe a lot of things happening this country that go against federal mandates should be allowed. we have federal laws f we want to change the laws then we need to take and do that through legislature
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>> on friday, the other suspect in the case, 17-year-old jose montano will face a judge for a status hearing. >> the issue of sank uteary cities is a hot topic now. they want to protect all immigrants sxshl hi up documented by crafting mun ice pal policy. and trump administration says it's ready to crackdown on cities that do not xlit with federal law to share information with immigration officials. attorney general jeff et etionssessions issued that warning from the white house on monday and cited the rockville rain case mopping others. >> assault, burglary, drug crime, gang rapes, crimes against children and murderers, countless americans would be alive today and countless loved ones would not be grieving today if these policies of sank tu aarry cities were ended.
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he could not be more inaccurate and unable to actually see the realities that play in our cities and states. >> the whis house says it will withhold funds from city that do not comply with the law and opponents say that would be illegal for the white hoution house to do. >> and gary it's super mild temperature-wise out there this morning. >> here in the city it s north and norm west it's cooler. teming turz in the lower 50s. but what we have here are thunderstorms popping up this morning. the greatest threat of thunderstorms being mostly widespread would be during the morning hours. still a chance of it this afternoon. we're tracking a few here here. we want to zoom north. westminster getting thunderstorm activity now and central and western sections of carol county there. that's good rain. loud too as it moves across. we've watched one storm move across the river to montgomery count
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more likes like it's starting to refire through northern western section of loudoun county. and all this activity is moving north and northwest and right now there's another storm about to cross over the river into charles county. and this could continue to get stronger and stronger too and that may eventually become a thunderstorm as well. just to show your temperatures. 61 in town. again outside of the city it's cooler. annapolis is 53 chilly. and winchester 5 2 hagerstown 52 and frederick thunderstorm activity there. 54. headed to the upper 60s and low 70s for highs today. there's the forecast vlingt here's erin como with a look at traffic on tuesday morning. >> 5:07 looking at metro their service kicked in 5 a.m. and we're dealing with safe track surge 13. single train
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yellow line between braddock and huntington vandoren. you know the drill for this watch for delays and adjust your schedule aside from that metro rails are on time rights now and metro bus is shaping up to be quiet commute so far. i'll let you know if that changes and moving over to tuesday morning commute right now we're seeing a lot of green on the best way and gary mentioned, grab that umbrella and have patience rain moving in through through chantilly, dulles and rockville. let's take a live look outside and see how that impacted roads. this is 28 by air and space museum you can see road spray. traffic looking good. again with those slick spots we could start to see crashes developing and take it slow this morning and get and early start. 66 now looking good. again that road spray right there is you can see starting to cause issues as potential for poppeding out. there use caution. 270 light light rain moving through the area near montrose as you made head to rockville. 70 also seeing light rain. closer to the frederick area we're still looking going r
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now you can see volume increasing as well 270 southbound. any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter. back to you. >> thanks, erin, coming up a maryland man accused of deadly stabbing is now facing terrorism charges. >> and the ncaa issues a warning to north carolina. >> and as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region it's 5:09 now and 6 degrees. fox news morning back after this little bruno mars for you to get you going this morning♪ girls let's put some miles on it♪ .
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sgrvr making head lies on the other side of the road, cyclone in australia 25,000 were urnled to evacuate. it brought sustained winds of 120 miles an hour. torrential rain and drukttive winds destroyed popular islands yesterday. thousands are without power and there is extensive damage. >> damaging hail falls in the dallas, texas area overnight causing damage and scaring residents. baseball size hail damaged cars, homes, shattering wind shields and windows after the severe weather system moved through. tornado reportedly touched down in one country sunday night. more weather is sxkted throughout texas. the controversial section of the dakota
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filling with oil. yesterday the developer said the portion under missouri river reservoir is prepared for service and it's a significant development after long battle over that project. the pipeline will move north dakota oil 2,000 miles to a shipping point in illinois. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" d.c. mayor bowser is looking to hire city residents to serve and protect neighbors. >> beware how you warm up your food. doctors say you could be adding unknown bacteria to your body. >> a live look across the d.c. region. beautiful picture there of the capitol building. time now 62 mild degrees. very spring like today. an update on the forecast when we come back♪ feel it coming♪ ♪ feel it it coming baby♪ .
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>> back at 5
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>> back at 5:13 with a check of top tore jiz. police say a student was maning a mass attack at catocin sc school. she will be charged when released after psychiatric evaluation. they were tipped off by her paept aix diary detailing her perhaps and shotgun and pipe bomb making materials were at her home. >> the district has seen a 10% spike in violent crime in the past two years. mayor becauseers made previous efforts to expand the program including launching public s sawvty academy at anacostia high school and offering a student loan forgiveness plan for officers. >> and today, president trump is expected to sign a new executive order looking to curble federal government enforcement of the climate reg lagies and order a review of the green power plan which restricts greenhouse emissions at power plants. by signing that order president trump
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coal mining jobs and reduce cost of electricity. >> a bill to ban franking is awaiting governor hogan signature. they approved the measure already approved i by the house. governor hogan supports the ban is expected to soon the bill. >> 5:15. gary mcgrady talking about weather this morning. not a batd start. kind of nice out right now. >> it's not bad. here in town we're lower 60s and we basically have a couple of thunderstorm rumbling around the region. i think that possible all through the morning hours and den pateer today we could have a isolated or widely scattered shower or storm. reagan national 61. dulles 58. bwi marshall cooler 53. out norm and west temperatures lower 50s. perhaps jacket weather there. 54 frederick and 64 fred fredericksburg and so with all the moisture it's very, very humid out there this morning. feels comfortable believe it or not. storms possible this morning and again this afternoon as well. i think most of it will be breaking out through the morning hours.
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through fred remember country to carol county there and another approaching hagerstown hooks like that is weakening and to the west of us to loudoun county now perhaps parts of montgomery county and there's another little storm down in just moving into charles couldn'ty and this is the strongest one moving up towards westminster through westminster to northern sessions of carol county we're watching a storm developing in loudoun county non the heels of what already moved through into montgomery kouts yip and we'll continue to watch what is happening charles countsy. little shower coming up there to perhaps be stronger. 61 in town now. 54 frederick and 64 fred fredericksburg and cool are annapolis. here's the forecast. 8 a.m., 60 or so. thunderstorms in the area. i'll leave a shower or thunderstorm in during all day parts of the day. again i think the best rick of that more widespread will be in the morning hours. upper 60s. lower0s. perhaps ice laid thunderstorm later today and little sunshine would not surprise me late this afternoon as well and that will
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upper 60s to 70 or so. dulles at 70. we're 73 for a high today. gaithersburg and frederick staying in upper 60s in fredericksburg close to middle 70s there. next couple days tomorrow will be drier. cooler, breezy, lot of sunshine as well. all right. and later this afternoon temperature gets up to 7. showers and thunderstorms possible. the best khapts of that will be during the morning hours. and oh, i wanted to go to the 7 day forecast. >> come on, erin. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> all right. well, we'll talk more about that coming up. >> sound good i like the warm-up trend. traffic on 95 moving fine norm and southbound and you can see roads dry here headlight coming to ewington looking g south of that point congestion building in stafford and not enough to cause slow downs. 66 eastbound by 8 definitely seeing brake lights in ce centerville. again congestion is starting to build. not enough congestion to cause delays yet. top side of the beltway college
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over to georgia avenue and upper loop quiet. 270 southbound volume building as you make your way truck scales to urban a we look at maps and show you what we're facing this morning metro service picks up at 5 and all rail lines on time except for safe track and single tracking blue and yellow line and braddock and huntington vandoren street and trains running every 2 4 to 30 minute and i'll let you know if metro delays pop up. if you have questions for your morning commute @erinfoxdc on twitter and i'll let you know if any crashes pop up or congestion causes slow downs on this tuesday morning. maureen even holly back to you. >> it's 5:18 let's look at stories you're engaging with most on social media with the realtime news tracker. >> what's hot on the web. hey, wiz. >> u.s. military opening investigate into civilian casualties and fight against isis and military isest interesting with they were responsible for syrian an iraqi deaths in
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of air strikes this month. u.s. central command overseas operations in iraq and see ya is working to address what happened. there's allegations the number of people u.s. accused of k killing while fighting i is is on a rise. >> a man killed a man in new york city is facing charges. james jackson killed a man this month because he was black. jackson is facing two new rj chas of murder as act of terrorism. >> to politics now, president trump continues to undo key pieces of obama administration. yesterday he signed two bills overturning regulations on measuring school performance and teacher training under the every student succeeds act. >> and school in charlotte north carolina, is sdroping the book jacob's new dress from curriculum after backlash. the school was going to use the book to teach fist graders about a boy that wears dresses to discourage bullying. parent were
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so the cool replaced controversial book with red a crayon story. >> and lastly what leftovers are lurking in your frim that do make you sick after reresting them. that's the question. doctors say eating leftover race can cause food poisoning if not stored correctly. your best bet put leftover rice in the fridge after cooked. other problematic food, celery, spinach, beats, mushrooms, chicken potatoes and boiled eggs. all thungz i reheated this week and today is just tuesday. >> we all reheated those. >> and i livld to tell the tale. >> that we did. >> wisdom martin thank you for that. 5:8 is the time. coming up on more more wells fargo allowing customers to trade in atm m cards in place of cell phones. >> and heading to break. let take a live look outside. not raining quite yet. but it's on the way
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whatever you might need. 61 right now. 5:20 is the time. more more morning after this
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>> 5:23 nowment forget debit card. else farrow is letting 20 million customers use the tavrment bhxt their smart phone. customers using the app can request a special code to enter area long with pin. wells fargo is first bank to roll out cardless a. it m nationwide it's a way to cut down on fraud they say. >> if you have facebook messenger it could stop working this week. it won't work with windows eight operating system or earlier systems. customers have been notified by facebook about changes and speaking of facebook the social media site is rolling out another feature. it's called town hall. now this allows user to find, follow and contact present activities on local
5:24 am
federal levels. facebook is launching local election reminders in hopes ofen concerning people to vote. >> new this morning target launching new underwear line four different shades of nude to match vary whying skin topz. cocoa, carmel, honey bathe and mochaccino giving more women the opportunity to match intimates with skin tones. it's available in bras, hosery and they will cost $5 to $17. >> excellent idea. >> that is great. >> about time. >> speaking of time, 5:24. not quite on the fives but gary mcgrady we thought you're so special we're getting to you this early. >> listen here's what's going on right now. temperatures dmool some spots here in town we're lower 60s now. little light rain comeing across. norm activity as well. and we'll keep in mind that again, you get out in the suburbs it get cooler and pleasant
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fredericksburg is 64. cooler for annapolis. lower 50s this morning and culpeper 62 and leonardtown 63. notice scattered showers and thunderstorms too one moving to northern carol country about to cross over to pennsylvania and another one coming up to montgomery county about to cross over 270 aroundp rockville and also watching potentially little development down through charles country and south of waldor. . we'll keep an eye on the thunderstorms this morning. there's a marginal risk not a great risky don't and any thunderstorms being severe but again we're in this risk technically. i'll show it to you. it thil extend into the daylight hours and afternoon. best chance for widespread showers and thunderstorms actually will be during the morning hours. 60 at 8 a.m. thunder around. few showers possible. maybe a thunderstorm at noon. temperature up to close to 70. and perhaps with a little bit of sunshine tete this afte
5:26 am
but a little bit. we'll have another little thunderstorm isolated or widely scattered popping up in late afternoon and intole early evening hours. again may extend to evening too it does not look like it will be very, very widespread. temperatures today mostly upper 60s and lower 70s there's a look at forecast. how about the traffic. erin coo is back with a look at that. >> gary, 5:26 now and we see that rain moving through the 270 corridor between gaithersburg and rockville this morning and as you make your way down toward the beltway you can see a lot of road spray and reduced spray and that's causing congestion around the kivsh there and anywhere you're coming from 70 give yourself ten extra minutes you need that as you pass the truck scales because of congestion and rain causing issues. 28 now by air and space museum you can see traffic is moving okay and light rain in that area. and 395 as we move cameras over there. things are being ing quiet from the beltway all the way to the 14 street bridge. let me move over now. headlights coming towards
5:27 am
let you know if 395 slows down. metro is on time except for safe track. we have you covered this rainy tuesday morning. grab umbrella and rain jacket. back to you. >> erin, thank you for that. >> coming unfox news morning the 17-year-old is held in front royal on charges of murder. some say it was a case of domestic violence. >> settlement reached in the flint water crisis. a live look across the d.c. region. people up and going on tuesday morning. 5:27 is the time now 61 degrees. we have more news, traffic and weather to share on the area side. fox news morning coming right back
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>> today on "fox news morning" school tack thwarted. frederick country maryland teenager is arrested days before she was planning a massive attack at her high school. >> father after teenager accused of raining a classmate during school hours is taken into custody and what happened in vehicle ago will no longer stay in vegas after nfl aapproved raiders move to sin city. fox news morning starts right now. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'ms with wiz. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, march 28. >> gary mcgrady is here to give ace sneak peek at the weather and airport erin sneak pe
5:31 am
the traffic. >> we already have thunderstorms moving through this morning and we'll have more moving through not everybody dwets wet and it's another day with temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. erin como. >> well, gary, you know what the rain can do to our morning commute. we're keeping a close eye on anything and we'll let you know if crashes pop up this morning, holly, and wiz. >> thank thanks, gary. this is a developing story. montgomery county police remain on the scene of deadly officer involved shooting. >> investigators have been on the scene for several hours around stedwick in montgomery village. live with the details this morning, mel, what you can tell us? >> good morning, guys, yeah, so please have just cleared the scene here and gave us a little bit more information about what led to this shooting. it is also under investigation. but we can tell you will was a report of suspicious activity' ebbly a threat here in the center court condominiumss in montgomery village and it was 1
5:32 am
11:12 last night when sixth district officer respended to the scene called for help saying shots were fired and needing fire and rescue personnel on the scene with first responders got here they found a man with a gunshot wound and put him in back of ambulance an started cpr and transported him to local hospital where he died. now, montgomery county police say that they will wait until there man's next of kin is notified before they release his name. right now they're going through body worn camera video to continue their investigation. we can tell you that i asked well why did this officer feel so threatened and i was told that apparently there was a weapon found here on the scene. but the detective that was speaking to me said the weapon is not a gun. we also know that the officer involved in this is a fire-year veteran of the montgomery county police department. his name also will be release the later this morning during the course
5:33 am
hours. and that's what we're told by montgomery country police. for now, live in mont montgomeryville am. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:32 now developing in frederick county, march maryland, extra counselorers willing on hadn't after a student was planning attack. 18-year-old nicole savario is undergoing hospital evaluation and will be charged once released. police say they were tipped off by her parents. a diary, shotgun and pipe bomb making material were all found at her home. >> we're beginning to learn more about murder of young woman in front royal, virginia, police tell us 19-year-old lea adams was stabbed in the chests over the weekend. police arrested a 17-year-old boy and charged him with second degree murder. a friend of the victim does not want to be on camera said they believe she was victim of domestic violence. >> she was trying to break up with him and that was it and it led to another things. that's all she was trying to
5:34 am
was brek one a guy. few she lost her life. >> she grew up in winchester and recent graduate of james wood high school and friends say she was living in front royal while attending community college and interned at fema. prosecutors want to charge the teenage suspect as an adult. >> new developments on the sex assault of teenager at rockville high school. father of one of the suspect is behind bars. 43-year-old sanchez reyes is accused of income the country illegally father of henry sanchez one of the suspects in the rain case also here ill lilly. sanchez and montano are behind bars accused of rain ago i 14-year-old girled in the school during school hours earlier this month. on friday montano will face the judge for a status hearing. >> christ the rockville rain case and others as evidence of the dangers of sanctuary cities places that don't ply with federal law for low police to share information with immigration officials. now this as
5:35 am
national conference in support of sanctuary cities is underway in new york city and organizers say they want to protect all immigrants especially undocumented by crafting municipal policies that confront mass deportation and criminalization. trump administration is ready to crackdown on sanctuary cities. >> and assault, burglary, drug crimes, gaping rapes, crimes against children and murderers, countless americans would be alive today and countless loved ones would not be grieving today if these policies of sanctuary cities were ended. >> he could not be more wrong. he could not be more inaccurate and unable to actually see the realities that play in our cities and states. >> the whis house says it will withhold funds from cities that don't comply with the law and org phaseers say that would be illegal for the white house to do
5:36 am
gary my family was out a little late last night. it was i don't know 9:00 the skies opened up. >> did they really? >> oh, my gosh like i mean we have to wait in the car for it to die down before we could get out. >> my question did you hear tupder or lightning or hear thunder or see lightning. >> i think i saw lightning i think. temperatures managed yesterday to get up into the 70s. took a while and we did and that created instability and bam there it goes. >> again today? everybody will see any. it will be did rain where they move across. they've already had some moving across. temperatures out there cooler norm and western suburbs than city. annapolis this morning is 53. we look at the big picture h here. most of those thunderstorms moving through fed rick and west minister have weakened up to pennsylvania. we have one more cell trying to stay together
5:37 am
of loudoun county over across the river and into montgomery country. rockville getting good rain now. and we were watching a thunderstorm move through charles county. well, potential thunderstorm moving through charles county. that seems to have weakened and extreme southern sections of prince george's getting a little bit of shower activity this morning. more of that to come. temperatures 60s and 70s here's erin como with the traffic. >> crash alert, 66 eastbound side. just past 50 you can see the brake lights picking up. crash is beyond this camera point. give yourself extra time right now. it's a ten minute delay as you try to make your way past 50 to get inside the beltway this morning. aside from vel um building s sutly road as well. from the cameras we'll go ahead an take a look at maps. aside from that crash seeing a lot of green around the beltway aside from the rain moving in through chantilly as gary mentioned through rockville we're seeing nice conditions nowed in the district. and grab a light jacket to battle rain and umbrella you may need to later
5:38 am
295 northbound from the beltway past laboratory road looking good. southbound side in the clear. starting to see conest john pick up on 50 inbound past 202. urquiaet through an arun dpel and billy this morning. any questions erin fox d.c. twitter and we'll look at metro next, so far so good there. >> coming up on "fox news morning" un am bar door nikki haley the days of israel bash ring over. >> you'll never believe what one man decided to do for his 100th birthday. >> as we head to break right now live look across the dmv. time 5:38, the temple back in a moment
5:39 am
5:40 am
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>> nikki haley said the days of israel bashing are over at the united nation anticipates am bar door made remarks addressing israel public affairs committee here he in washington. president trump administration. you're not going take our number one democratic friend in the middle east and beat up on them. and i think what you're seeing is they're all backing up a
5:42 am
little bit. the israel bashing is not adds loud. they didn't know -- >> president obama outgoing administration abstained from scorety council vote in december allowing for adoption of first un resolution since 199 to condemn israel over settlement policy. >> today scotland parliament is due to begin the new process for referendum on independence from britain. it comes from prime mipsters failing to resolve differences between two countries. may is expected to envoke article 50 of european union treaty beginning two year count down to britain official exit from the eu. >> it's your birthday and you're turning 100. what would you do. all right. you would go to work of course. that's what bill hanson did. his birthday was was to return to old job at heating and plumbing even for a day. he celebrated i day giving hugs and kisses to his co-workers
5:43 am
three years ago. >> at the ripe old age of 97 he retired. >> that's probably why he lived so long. >> oh, my, yeah. >> keep his mind going. >> and now you need purpose. >> now go sit on the beach. you're 100. >> nationwide legalization of marijuana is around presidential corner. just not here in the u.s. >> afternoon you may never get achance see adele in concert ever again. >> we head through the d.c. region on tuesday morning. 5:43. a little sugar to get you going♪ >> is twhat it s i'm trying to go sugar free. >> it's so sweet sdmri don't need it in my life. >> so it is this warm weather. >> we'll be back after
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>> 5:46 is the time now. >> is this your song selection. >> this it gary mcgrady. all about grady. >> this is your song sglex this is jay-z. >> holly didn't know evenlyer. >> i thought it sound sounded like a pan flute. >> it is in there. >> threw me off to be productly honest. i was like wait a minute. >> all right. big pimpin'. >> # this morning
5:47 am
>> it could be you just like the song. >> right now once we get through the pan sglut does it have words. >> it does we cannot hear the word. >> you don't want to hear the words. >> not appropriate for morning television. >> not appropriate for television, probably. 55 to 62 thunderstorm activity out there this morning. otherwise showers. 50s in the suburbs. we're lower 60s in town now. after school 67 to 73. and listen we'll have a chance for showers today and even thunderstorms possible i think as we get into the afternoon these thunderstorms will be widespread. possibly even isolated and technically speaking there's a marginal risk of severe weather today. however i don't think we have to deal too much with that. reagan national 51. bwi is cool this morning 53. showers and thunderstorms have already come through and let's watch this big slug of moisture coming up from virginia. okay? if this comes across, in present form, we'll get good
5:48 am
most as it gets through here showers with isolated thunderstorms. therefore we're keeping again rain basically in the forecast on and off throughout the day today. marginal risk of severe weather from d.c. to the south. if something is wrong on severe it ends up being far south and southeast of us. i'm not terribly concerned about anything being severe. we get up to 73 eventually this afternoon. lot of upper 60s north and west. dulles 70. mannasas 70. fredericksburg 7. here's the deal for today. thunderstorm possible this morning and rain showers moving through. could be a thunderstorm at noontime and widely scattered to isolated thunderstorms late this afternoon. again with a little smith inever sunshine and temperatures will jump right up to lower 70s. we'll go high today 73. eventually right? and cooler and breezy tomorrow with sunshine 66. and sunny and cool thursday upper 50s and upper 50s on friday as well and saturday and sunday temperatures look to be in the
5:49 am
of sunshine. right now we're keeping it dry. >> a crash you need to be aware of outer loop georgia avenue you see it blocking left shoulder. a few cars involved. so as you approach georgia avenue all traffic is slow egg an you can see a tow truck blocking center lane as well. it's a mess out there. keep it right lanes. that's best bet to move. traffic building right now at a stand still from basically new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue allow for at least 15 extra minutes to the commute and move it over to a look at 66 right now. 66 by 50 there's another crash and it's beyond the cameras you can see the the brake lights as you pass through 50 and watch five minute low down there whus you pass the crash scene and then volume in arlington. as we look at maps maybe skip the roads and keep it to the rails. all rails on time. single tracking yellow and blue between hundreding ton and brad ib and vandoren street. shuttle service is available
5:50 am
frank franconia to pentagon. metro buses or delays not. >> reporter:ed and any questions he erin@fox d.c. twitter and that will cause problems. we'll keep you updated wisdom and holly. >> we'll continue to follow the latest on the flint water crisis. later today they will review a water care. city of michigan and flint said they will replace thousands of home waterlines to settle a lawsuit over contaminated water. they plan to do the construction and state will poot the bill. they switched from untreated water back in 201 4 resulting in health issues. >> two months after riots of trump inauguration one rioter reached a three deal. he pled guilty to misdemeanor rioting. police arrested 230 people that day. six police officers were hurt and sources tell "fox5" rioting caused more than a million in damage to property and businesses.
5:51 am
stories you're engaging with most on social media with realtime news tracker. >> maureen umeh is back with what is hot on the web. hey, mel. >> good morning to both of you and first up trump calling on house intelligence committee to investigate clin tons for their ties to russia. president trump called to twitter and called out clin tons and again dismissed allegations links his team to russia and commented on failed republican healthcare bill. >> canadian frim minister justin trudeau has plans to legal lies you not cap daxt by 2018 trudeau wants to legal lies use and sales. can do would be the largest country to make recreation recreational pot legal. >> oakland rayers are official live moving to las vegas, nevada. sorry, wisdom. vegas put up $750 million of pib lick money to entice the team. the team will play two or three more
5:52 am
the stadium is ready. >> marvel out with new comic brook featuring america chavez she is latino and lesbian first introduced in 2011 this is first time she had her own series. in the comic she has punched adolf hitler, saved a planet and enrolled in college. and promise season is here. what if you could not pick your date and it was chosen through a lottery system instead. free port, illinois has a prom draw where boys pick a card at random and the time on the card is name of prom date. it's as populars athe actual prom. no student it ever left without a date. they've about doing it at the school since 1920s and aapparently a success. >> and it's just now making
5:53 am
>> if they want to go with someone else with he torsed -- >> i bet there's card swapping gone on. >> they figured ways around it. >> totally. >> since it started in 20s. >> thanks, maureen. bad news for adele fans you may not get a chance to see her perform live again during a show in new zeland sunday night she said she doesn't know if she'll ever tour again she told the crowd she doesn't think she's good at touring and applause makes her feel vulnerable. this may be adele's typeal tour the rumors were whirling. she had to perform in a concert because of rain and had several technical issues. >> photo day for the playoff bound capuchin tallies and playoff beards may give time around to floorious displays of follicular achievement or better known as hair to the common folk. andre and justin williams pulled one their big hair
5:54 am
of brendon huff and dale dovak and john c. rally that was called playoff fever of is in the air. they'll both have home ice on court advantage. >> rocking the red. >> let'sdo it. >> let's do this right now. let's say good morning to facebook fan of the day. say we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, fans of the day say hello to ebony hill and her seven favorite things. >> i love how that picture is perfectly craft the out there. >> ebony and family rocking dr. suess tee shirts they love waking up to "fox5" every morning. thank you ebony we love you back to be type of the day post a picture below this one and ready to go. >> i think that picture may be out at the arboretum
5:55 am
out there at the arboretum. i love that spot. that's a great picture. i love t. love it. love. it and i'm loving maimed temps. it comes with possibility of storms. >> exactly. >> i had a guy stop me the other day say we featured his grand mother many nears for her birthday i can't remember how old and he said it was one of her greatest days in her life. how many times have you been live at the arboretum. >> i don't have enough fingers. >> tally it up. after cool school, 67 to 73. thunderstorm possible this morning. showers. and then couple of widespread or isolated thunderstorms again this afternoon. things are calming down right now. but i think some of the damage is done on the morning commute as we had big showers and thunderstorms move across 270678 most stayed away from i 95 and beltway that will help things a little bit and we're watching one thunderstorm it will is cruising up to howard county headed to i 95 to
5:56 am
and down to the south of us we will have to watch this slug of moisture it will ride in our direction across 64 and up to 66 how much is in place when we get here and marginal risk of severe weather. anything that will be severe will stay down to the south of us. here's a look at forecast for the next several days. breedsy tomorrow, 50 looks great. little on the cool side, showers possible friday eastern, come on, it's your turn. >> gary i'm ready. >> you're always ready. >> we have a lot of problem now. look at that mixing in rain and this is what happens. topside of the beltway outer loop crash moved to the right shoulder and traffic is slow. we have rubber neck delay inner loop. camera jam packed from 95 over to george aavenue with at least a 20 minute delay now. want to move it over and show you a look at delay as we switch cameras to coalsdale road outer loop by coalsdale
5:57 am
at a stand still almost right now and because the crash is previously brocking september are lane we are doyling with a lot of overflow traffic right now. quick look at maps. we have another crash in southern maryland this morning, 210 northbound cashy hill road jammed swan creek. 2 95 southbound looking g metro is on time except for safe track.
5:58 am
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straight ahead at 6 we're on the scene f police involved shooting in montgomery country and what investigators say led an officer to on fire. >> and plus a shocking plot to carry out a mass shooting at a local high school filled this morning after a tip from the student's own father. and on this wet tuesday morning a live look outside. it's march 28 wael see showers throughout the day and there's a possibility of some thunderstorms. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. good morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm wisdom martin in for steve shen i have welcome to fox news morning. first at 6 developing overnight a deadly police involved shooting. >> this happened along s stedwick road montgomery village. mel smell there with the latest for us at 6. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom, alley son. montgomery countsy po


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