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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  March 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this morning the second suspect akoosed in rain of 14-year-old girl is speaking out what he says about alleged assault at rockville high school that's coming up in live report. >> and plus the white the house moving on from health care to immigration crackdown threatening to cut funding for cities that provide a safe space for undocumented workers this morning some sanctuary cities arevowing to fightt b back. mel. >> and a man is dead an a police officer on leave after a shooting here in montgomeryville am. i'm melanie alnwick with what detectives said led to the gunfire. >> good morning, everybody, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> steve is off this morning. thank you for joining is us tuesday march 28, 2017. >> here's a look outside. a little rainy out there. little bit humid out. there and actually let's let uk it are and earn get the bad
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>> oil have all the details on tat warm and humid tuesday we're expecting comp up. erin. >> we're deal with metro slow downs and earlier medical emergencies. rough ride on the roads we're seeing a lot of low downs upper loop we'll get you around tuesday rainy ride. >> a deadly officer involved sooting over feet. this happened in parking lot of cop co. >> good morning it's center court kond min-ups in montgomeryville am. all quiet now. wes least her about us with requesty night. detectives were called here overnight for call to investigate a theft. six district police officer came here to check that out. and about 11,
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when the officer called in for help saying shots were fired and fire and rescue personnel were immediateed on the scene. when first responders arrived they found a man suffering a gun shot wound. they took him into the back of ambulance started cpr and transported him to a local hospital where he died. people here on the scene putting out on social media that there were swormz of police officers, k-9 dolingz and fire and res yukon the. >> we know the detectives are also going through body worn camera video. we're told a weapon was found here on the scene but that it was not a gun. also, the officer we're told is a five-year veteran of the montgomery county police department. also protocol here that officers have been placed on administrative leave during this investigation and we are told that it
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today that person will release the officer'ses name to the public. "fox5 local news". >> 7:02 this morning the white house is taking on sanctuary is the is and states specifically calling out mar march and city of rockville. trump administering cutting funding cuts of undocumented works earn and those who refuse to cooperate with federal agencies. dug luzader here on capital hill. some cityyes are vowing to fight back. >> this latest move they say is unconstitutional. president trump thinks the law is on their side here and cities need to do their part. >> from los angeles and san francisco to new york city, philadelphia, and nation's capitol. sank sue tu aarry cities and it has been spreading fast across the country. >> dui, assault, burglary,
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against children and murderers. countless americans would be alive today and countless loved ones would not be grieving today, if these policies of sanctuary city were ended. >> trulp administering now talking about hitting sanctuary cities in the cooket pook putting off fund that ignore someone's call you. >> and and sanctuary city generally refew ud to if illegal immigrant are afraid of local police it will lick enforcement pour give adult. in fact, montgomery county maryland is realing from recent rain allegations a 14-year-old girl allegedly assaulted by two illegal immigrants students in high school bathroom
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county considered offering sanctuary for illegals. and those cities and counties that defy the administration risk taking a big hit. especially for local law enforcement agencies tat rely on federal cash. >> a lot of federal cash because the gaxt government to help with law enforcement cost and that could be at risk for sanctuary cities and counties and this rockville rain allegation figured promptly. jeff sessions leaded with the president he tes of maryland to mack sure that state doesn't become a sanctuary state. mature each, allison. >> doug doug this morning, thank you. >> and:05 now happening today president donald trump expected to sign a new executive order that looks to curb the federal government enforcement of climate regulations. order initiates a reviewie
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obama clean power plan which restrict breen house me missions, not drewets is by signing the ort president. >> 7:06 tuesday morning. tucker barnes will slide into the shot in just a couple seconds. here he comes. >> to the left. >> talking about our warmer but wet forecast. >> yeah, warm, humid and maybe a thunderstorm today. had a few come through baltimore an hour ago and with potential we could have pretty good downpours. spring like today. >> sure feels like it. >> down side of spring like. >> i think you already did. >> that here. >> william. >> and you notice how he looked at me last night. >> what was that about. >> i was looking at myself in the mirror. my hair is crazy today. 61 washington. i have not had sugar yet. next hour i will be real fun. just wait.
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not much in the way of rain showers at the moment. but we have additional rain showers developing offer to the south and wet and they'll move in quick. so my advice definitely be prepared for showers and thunderstorms. for at least the first half today. and i think things get wildly scattered second half as we have a cold front pressing through the area and there you can seat bigger picture. heavy rain showers rests of witch mond that is whip wheeling in our direction. there's supposed to be 100 paraof ain showers. 73. cooler, droyer, nrept my of sun thip think. details on that in a bit sdm thank you. >> airport erin with a check of the roads. >> and right now we have is several new problems. still dealing with heavy upper loop delays from before springfield to little river turnpike. you can see a crash in the b backup partially affecting right lane and again by little river turnpike
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earlier crash mrokdz left lane. and big delays. moving to 270 southbound montrose road crash blocking left shoulder and lane and truck involved there and look how slow traffic is it's a 40 minute delay 70 to beltway and you'll pass that crash scene. in addition to that just a ton of cop juston as you make your way to 270 southbound. we'll switch it to maps. those are not the only problems we're dealing with. 295 sob from 50 to 11 street bridge completely jammed and crash we're dealing with this morning that is causing additional low downs and caution there. another caution st. barnabus we're seeing delays from five across the ridge and keep in mind outer and earlier crash georgia avenue cleared and route 1 past george aafter a 0 minute delay and 95 southbound knowledge of icc to beltway
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210 northbound through for the washington super jammed because of traffic lights malfu malfunctioning. back to you maureen and all allison. >> right now at 7 developments in connection of sext assault of student at rockville high school. >> one of the us is the dad of the accused rapist is behind bars. >> i'm bob barnard with the latest on this still developing story. bob what can you tell us? >> well, mature and even, allison you laid it out there in good fashion. according to post which looked at court documents pub welcome defenders for the 17-year-old charged in this case jose montano say sex was consensual that he and the 14-year-old alleged victim in the case had and thursday morning here at roomville high school and she sent him previous
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>> it was a brutal attack a rain inside the bathroom joined a second teen age suspect andry khan she's miliano his father according to reports this morning is in howard county jail after picked up by ice. the father adolfo sanchez reyes 44 also in the country illegally. head paid for his son henry to fly from texas to maryland over the summer after henry was detained by ice and then released. so now the father is in jail. the son and his co-defendant in this case jose montano both held without bond in the montgomery county jail here. and as this story just more information keeps coming out this attack that gained national attention here at rockville high school. aattention of the currenty this morning, guys. >> indeed it has, bob barnard, thank you.
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for this woman they say she posed as target store below he and without toud with and fairfax county section of alexandria. we're told the woman is got affiliated with the store but she appeared to know the store procedures including workers hours and locations of iphones in the stockroom. >> today d.c. muriel bowser is announce is plans to expand the number of officers that droypd joined the d.c. police department. the city has seen a 10% spike in violent crime in the last two years and mayor bowser has played efforts to expand the program. and also offering student loan forgiveness plan for officers sfwlxt still ahead a manhunt underway after two officers are shot in ambush attack. details next. >> and 87 million now earmarked for pipe replacement
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michigan. how many homes will that benefit. latest on the water crisis after the break.
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looking outside while tucker is here. >> you should be caught outside for part of it. it is nice, 61. rain is coming down. so there's that. >> yeah dodging the raindrops. >> we're doing better here locally than other parts of the world. making head lines on other side of the world bearing down on australia cyclone and the category four storm springing sustained wind of 120 miles an hour. you can you imagine
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popular tourists items and there's extensive damage. >> look at that. >> wow. >> mother nature. not to be played with. >> not at all. >> okay. so we talked about rain here. is it luke a down pour. >> not yet but it will number a couple hours. >> so yeah be on the lookout here. steady showers and maybe a thunderstorm moving through. >> we had thunderstorms earlier. >> let's do it. and the tradeoff is the warm temperatures. all right. maybe we'll go backwards in time and see if we can go backwards and show you radar. and i want to point out what's happening off to the south and west. you can see the rain showers activity that's pushing through charlottesville there and up through 29 into our region. steady rain around here mid-morning early afternoon and potential with little bit of up stability in
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could be a thunderstorm tore two. don't be tear bally surprised. most of the area just cloud cover and light rain showers at the moment and i think we'll see additional showers develop here over the next couple hours as the cold front comes through and quick look at 7 day forecast. cooler temperatures by tomorrow. 73 today. look what happens as we get into tomorrow cooler and drier, 66. not bad, just spring like around here. i want it point out monday is a baiing day: you know why. >> opening day of baseball season and right now looks sunny and 65. >> perfect. >> perfect. >> yes. >> perfect. >> perfect right? >> right. >> right. >> okay. >> erin. >> i didn't know baseball weather. >> right. >> erin what do you have for roads. >> right now 7:16. >> try again we can see you. >> you can see me. >> you can see -- >> there you go. >> that was airport problem. right now taking a look at
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upper loop braddock road thats with a crash involving a stall from leftover accident blocking right shoulder. huge jam-ups springfield interchange to gallows road and second stall as you aapproach little river turnpike. and 20 southbound rain tucker mentioned is still affecting compute. we have a crash after montrose roadblocking left shoulder. look at traffic crawling to beltway speeds under 15 miles an hour from 70 frederick to the spur you're in right now for about a 45 minute delay. northbound side moving slower because of wet road as well. as we look at maps, not the only problems. crash howard road. really big delays as well as you head down towards 11 street bridge and again because of crash scene big delays ouj seeingt. inner loop crash st. barnabus road. branch avenue to across the wilson bridge to 66 got a pleasant ride. super jammed. outer loop remains heavy. earlier crash georgia avenue
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cleared but for route one to george aavenue. average speeds under 15. 95 southbound norm of icc on down heavy traffic and bw parkway both directions green belt to past 2. very heavy traffic. baltimore beltway to capital beltway lot of extra time needed. 210 kirby hill close to oxon hill to beltway traffic is jammed up leading all the the way back past swap creek road. back to you. >> erin, thank you. >> fiery and deadly crash overnight in pakistan. train and oil tanker id collided. video shows the car in flames and one killed and self were hurt. the passenger train could not stop in time. >> south korea says remains of missing victim from the ferry disaster has been recovered. it's on transport ship and being taken to port. more than 300 were killed when the ferry sank and most were
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295 bodies we recovered before the government put end to search. ferry captain is in prison for homicide. he abandoned ship twil was going on. >> to ongoing faming inprice is to countries in self africa it's been called largest in decades. president trump effort would dramatically help those in n need. u.s. is currently top donor to humanirian experts. and lack of humanitarian aid could have far ranging affects including new wave in europe. 16 million people reason at risk of dying in countries of nigeria. m somalia and south sudan. >> back here here in u.s. developing overnight two undercover officers shot overnight in miami both rushed to the hospital and back of pickup truck. they're expected to survive. no word on what led to the shooting. shooter is still out there on
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>> and to oklahoma now the police department mourning loss of one of its own in the state. shot and killed following a traffic stop. officials say 22-year-old justin attorneyy pulled offer a vehicle late sunday night and when approached the car the passenger in the car fled and opened fire during a foot chase. officer teerpy was shot three times. he managed to return fire injuring suspect. he died while undergoing surgery monday morning aunt c car's driver was areged. >> state of michigan agreed to replace waterlines in minutes from. >> the state budgeted to replace 18,000 waterlines. it will be presented for approval tomorrow. agreement is part of bigger lawsuit over the city's contaminated water system which led to flint homes 18 months if approved they want to complete the project by 200. >> controversial section of dakota access pipeline is fill with oil. the portion of missouri
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reservoir is prepared for service. it's significant development after long battle over the project. pipeline will move the oil,000 miles over he south day keit and to a shipping point in illinois. >> it was a warm lx for syrian refugees in philadelphia and more than two dozen refugees welcomed at city hall yesterday with traditional syrian music. families were given gift backs given tickets to local tradition and back packs and gift card. >> and the many people in our city welcomed them with on arms and a kind heart which i think reflect the best traditions of america and certainly city of philadelphia. >> philly trying to prove brotherly love. >> it comes as the travel ban targeting syria and five other muslim majority nations remains in limbo. >> that there
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compassion. >> next he is doctor mc dremy of dogs, cats and horses. >> the virginia doctor helps with disabled pets. >> don't miss the story next. most of times is you can't work that way, no.
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>> 7:24 a doctor in sterling virginia helping disaibd animals
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derrek compana doctor do little of animal prosthetics he fits all animals with non invasive solutions to help them get walking again. >> look at that. . >> even designing prosthetic for a elephant thailand. this puppy was particularly special to this doctor. >> when i saw angel marie it was close to being one case i couldn't think could help such a severe case and seeing her walk sending us videos of her walking is just extreme come true look a miracle. >> he is dr. mc dreamy. he says his practice is a cost effective alternative to more invasive vet procedures. >> god bless him look at that. >> i think it's life. sfipding that work that can serve. >> and make a difference. >> kind of like what you do tuck. >> not like
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>> you do what you do. >> thanks, ol i son. >> saving lives in the progress 61 in washington. don't be fooled with sunshine. rain showers on the way again. and potential for thunderstorms as well. look what's developing here to south and west and that's h headed in our direction. so we will have rain showers in the forecast. for much of the day. otherwise warm, humid, temps low 70s and we'll keep least scattered showers in the forecast late this afternoon. later tonight as cold front gets east of us we start to dry out and back in the sunshine tomorrow. notice cooler temperatures. tomorrow should be beautiful. 66. 7 today again take umbrella showers and storms in the forecast for much of the day. all right. erin has been battling roa roadways. and it's time for the jam cam. >> i think you enjoy this announcement almost more than you enjoy your hot for teacher strut every day. >> i'm
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that's somebody else. >> is it professor barnes, not tucker. okay. right now, 270 southbound winds crash blocking left shoulder and biggest problem is steady flow of bumper to bumper traffic clarksburg to beltway and mixing in rain and gloomy tuesday morning and you're in for 45 minute delay from frederick down to spur as you head to the beltway. anyway winter today and i can tell you there are plenty other competitors spring field interest change to 66. allison and maureen back to you. >> thank you, when we come back a maryland student chilling plan to carry out a columbine attack at her high school. >> shotgun and pipe bomb and other materials recovered. how police prevented the attack coming up
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welcome back. giving you that panoramic view much that's how we do it in the 7:00 o'clock hour, mo. >> okay. >> welcome. we can stop though before we see those storm clouds. tucker will be along. going oh see rain today. maybe couple of thunderstorms. back now at 7:30, and a story in our own backyard is making headlines across the nation this morning a school shooting plot stopped by police in frederick county, maryland. investigators say a teenager was storing a shotgun, fireworks, other materials to make pipe bombs. >> police uncovered her detailed plans thanks to call from one of her own parents. fox5's lindsay watts has more on how police stopped a possible deadly attack. >> she always looked like a friendly person. report she wasan ap student in . >> reporter: classmates say nicole is a very yo was a quiet honor student who worked at the subway. >> everyone was scared, because someone
7:31 am
something like this. who wells do something like that. >> reporter: every was in disbelief by allegations she was plotting a deadly attack. investigators found all this in her home. material to build a pipe bomb including fireworks and nails and this newly purchased shotgun roo was discovered 6789 there's no doubt in our minds that we averted a disaster up there. i never seen anything like this to be honest with you. >> reporter: frederick county sheriff says she planned to kill students and staff at kotakton detailed in her diary. >> she planned to die during this event. >> it was very clear she had the means, the materials to call a causative captain damage to herself, to the student body, to the facility up there at the high school. it was also very clear that she was struggling with a lot of mental health issues. >> thursday her father contacted the school with information about the threat. the school says she was immediately pulled out of class and since then she's
7:32 am
hospital for emergency evaluation. >> this event was very probably prevented by the parents who stepped forward. >> investigators say there was no signs she was being bullied though her diary showed frustration in her personal life. the sheriff says there were no specific names or targets of the attack. >> really freaked us out. smog like that happens at our school never happens. it's a quiet town. everybody knows everybody. we didn't think would it happen here of all places. >> frightening. to think this could have played out so differently if this parent did not have the courage, we were just talking about this. >> right. turn in your own child. >> would you have the courage. >> i think i would only because lives were at stake. >> right. >> i don't know what this young girl was going through but clearly you feel for everyone. >> do you. often i think that like actually my youngest daughter asked me we were listen to the story very frightening that could happen at school. would you have turned us in? >> at first i said i would try
7:33 am
but then the bigger issue is if you would be willing to go through an tack like this, you need to actually -- >> you need help. >> you need to be scammed and talk to someone. >> i'm hoping -- >> that has more influence than i do. >> i'm hoping that what happens with this young woman. she's hospitalized now. they'll still charge her but she needs help. >> at 18 i don't know what could have gone so wrong this was your course of action you thought you shall take. >> right. >> she needs help. let's hope she gets it. >> i'm so glad this was thw thwarted. so glad. >> 7:33. those who wouldn't strictor gun laws, virginia terry mcauliffe wants to reinstitute an old law that would limit gun sales to one handgun per month. yesterday governor mcauliffe said that he was going to add an amendment to the 1993 law. governor says right now the commonwealth is the go to state for people to buy guns in bulk and he wants to change that
7:34 am
commander in chief. president donald trump calling the russia probe a quote hoax and shifting the focus on the clintons. saying their ties to russia should be investigated. all of this as we learn the house intelligence committee chairman viewed classified documents on white house gro grounds. ranking democrat on that committee says representative devon nunes should step away from the investigation he served as the chairman. he shared the information with reporters before sharing it with committee members. senate intelligence committee want to talk to jared kushner about his meetings with russian officials that happened back in december. this is according to npr. kobner' appearance was first reported by the new york times and according to the newspaper he met with a russian am bass don and the head of a russian
7:35 am
sorry our i didn't do joe doesn't match that story. >> the lovie dovie couple. >> it's a bit off. >> just an observation. let's do the forecast. we're looking at cloudy skies, and showers even potentially a thunderstorm later this morning as what what's really happening cold front moving in from the west that will be responsible fort showers and storms today. 61 now in washington. notice the 40 there is not too far off to the north. so much cooler air up in boston 36 degrees. all right. for us it's tropical out there early this morning. take an umbrella. developing rain showers once again just to our south and west. you can see those approaching 66 gainsville pushing up towards vienna and eventually washington here and then points north and east later this morning. i think we'll be looking at several hours of a steady moderate rain around here and again potential that there could be imbedded thunderstorm or two as this moves on through. so the bottom line with your forecast for your tuesday, be prepared here for showers and storms right through mid afternoon. things will start to become more widely scattered a little later
7:36 am
afternoon prime time for some shower and potentially thunderstorm activity. okay. seven day momentarily. erin is back with roads. >> that's right. 7:35 right now. we're keeping our eye on the roads. tucker i don't want to blame you on your rain 93 forecast. >> okay. >> pretty nasty traffic a around town. >> you blame me for that? >> i said i don't want to blame you. >> okay. >> it's like saying, you know, i'm sorry but... >> right now there's a crash blocking the right shoulder on the inner loop. this is out by braddock road. let's forward our cameras. 270 southbound after montrose road dealing with big crash blocking the left shoulder look at that delay. it's about a 45 minute delay from 70 in frederick all the way down to the beltway heavy traffic in clarksburg as well. light rain watch for those slick spots. okay. from those cameras let's take look it's a our maps. i want to show you the big picture of the district, maryland and virginia. a lot of red right now. inner loop crash an earlier crash by saint barnabas cleared. from branch avenue to across the wilson bridge you're jammed up. 395 from south of the mixing bowl 95 northbound in newington hooks ton
7:37 am
things open up and you're heavy side of the freeway.d westbound- as sight side from a look at 95. from dale city to the beltway. solid delay right now. really heavy traffic. you can try your luck on 95 northbound but from bail out traffic and traffic lights you'll see slow-moving traffic there as well. from stafford it's a morning to give yourself about 35 extra minutes to get to the beltway. back to you, maureen and all allison. >> thanks erin w we come back connecting your brain to the internet. mo, it sounds like science fiction. >> it sure does. >> but it's science fact. well, it could soon be. [ laughter ] >> science fact. plus being asked to prom at a pretty special moment in high school, right, but what if you didn't get to choose your date? it's been happening in one town for decades. we've got those details coming up. ♪
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>> a dairy kept by young john f. kennedy can be yours. it was written in 1945 the 2028 years old was newspaper journalist. i didn't know he was journalist. >> i either. >> the 61 page diary provides a glimpse. former president's thoughts on world world two, leaders, experts say it could fetch $200,000 at auction. >> i'll bet it goes for more than that. >> definitely more. fascinating. >> facebook messenger is rolling out a new feature. it will now be able to share your locations continuously with friends for up
7:41 am
so it ends and you choose the friends. location sharing is optional but it can be live once user shares the info with a friend that friend were catch the user's movement for about an hour. i raise the question -- >> too much. >> but what about the safety concerns. >> exactly.. the people you, hooks can see your live thing. >> it's too much. >> might still be too much. he's at it again. tesla and space xceo is launching another company it will reportedly be called neuro link it's going to focus on developing implants for the brain that could provide a way for brains to interact with artificial intelligence. musk says the implants could be injected into the brain through a person's veins. official announce many for the new company may come next month. we are doing too much. >> has he already done it? >> we don't know. perhaps. >> exactly. >> perhaps. would you rely on a random drawing to select your prom date? no. >> at this point why not? [ laughter ] >> it sounds risky but it is happening i
7:42 am
is. prom may never be the same. details when we come back. me ba.
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7:44 am
>> little mellow groove for you on this tuesday morning. 7:44. 61 degrees outside. looks like the sun is trying to make an appearance. >> trying. >> peeking through the clouds. >> don't be fooled by the sun. we'll get a lot of rain here today. >> oh, mother nature you. >> the capitol looks great without the scoff folding. >> beautiful. i forgot about the
7:45 am
that how life is? >> yeah. >> yeah. p>> all right. >> something is al always under scoff folding around here. >> we're a city on the move. >> the rain showers will be mott move the next hour or so. definitely umbrella as you head out this morning. showers and maybe a thund thunderstorm. tweet me tucker fox5 if you get a thunderstorm. >> your weather app video commercial hysterical. >> did you just see that. >> i meant to tell you. i saw it before ion vacation. >> that's sweet. >> it is hysterical. >> thank you. very very nicely done. >> i agree. >> it's all in the acting. >> exactly. >> did he practice that? >> kevin mccarthy we'll talk about you one day. >> storms this morning. oh, man. >> at least potential of storms. guarantee you we'll get rain showers moving back in after a bit of a break in the last couple of hours. 61 now in washington. 59 in quantico. north and west we're looking at low to mid 50s. 54
7:46 am
dulles. so relatively mild day, and guess what? we'll be back in the low 70 today's. we've got at least warm temperatures and some humidity to look forward to. these kind of tropical out there. i've seen a thunderstorm develop to our south and west, and that will be pushing up and very close to our immediate washington area here shortly. so again we're watching thunderstorms develop off to our south and west and dealing with not only rain showers but as i mentioned that potential for thunderstorms with this batch of moisture that will be moving through. you can see it moving in from the south and west pretty quickly. so be ready for that. there could be some pretty good downpours, cloud to ground lightning that kind of thing here as those storms move through. out to the west a cold front and as that front comes through, we should see a gradual improvement later this afternoon and then really tonight when the cooler and drier air can work in. there are we are at 11:00. almost everybody were getting rain showers and potential for thunderstorm. things will become more widely scattered in time for the evening rush hour that should be good news when you're headed home this afternoon. leftover sin
7:47 am
the cooler air and the drier air can filter in and then back into sunshine tomorrow and quiet weather for a couple of days. showers and storms today. definitely umbrella. be ready for it in the roadways. you could encounter a quick moving storm in the next couple of hours. 73 today. hi, erin. >> good morning. 7:47. keeping our eye on the roads. wet roads from some of the rain and just big delays 270 southbound continues to be a problem. just after montrose road crash blocks the left lane. all the way from really clarksburg down to the spur that's where the majority of congestion is. making for about 45 minute de delay. northbound side a little bit slower than usual rubberneck delay and then wet roads you want to reduce your speeds because of the damp conditions. we'll move it over right now for a look at our maps and show what else you're up against. mew red line problem earlier train malfunction outside of rhode island of a residual delays to glenmont. be mindful of that one much aside from that safetrack impacting the blue and yellow line that's been out there for some time. the rest of your tuesday morning very slow.
7:48 am
bw parkway north and southbound as you head outside the beltway between the baltimore washington parkway and capitol beltway ton of congestion. 95 southbound jams this morning as well from north of the icc down to the beltway and outer loop from route 1 over to georgia of a delays easing just a bit right now only about five to seven minute delay. aside from that we'll see if we can forward our maps and show what else you're up against. southbound 295 earlier crash by howard street -- howard road southeast cleared.úbut very head traffic from 50 down to the 11th street bridge. eleventh street bridge backs up in both directions freeway really heavy. key bridge from rosland into georgetown is a slow role an lot of volume building on the memorial and roosevelt bridges as well. wilson bridge bottom side of the beltway heavy traffic there, and then northbound 210 because of some short timing traffic light jammed back to swan creek road. a headache to get through fort washington to the beltway all morning long. we'll keep updated on your commute. if you have any questions erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you. >> all right.
7:49 am
we're having our own talk here. it's tuesday that means it's time to chat about the hottest topics you'll likely see on social media today. >> our girlfriend sarah fraser is here with all the scoopage. >> i like scoopage. >> i just made that up. >> what's up, sarah. >> hi ladies. >> i like it in it's the lady gang. >> let's do this. >> huma aberdeen is reportedly taking back anthony weiner this would be the fourth chance. how do you feel about this. >> the new york post wrote a pretty extensive story. >> that picture, he's saying you going to do what? [ laughter ] >> i mean the details of this story are really worth the read because they kind of get into some sources that are close to her and reveal why. essentially, they're saying that these two kind of have been in love it almost sounds to me like they have an understanding in their relationship. >> yeah. >> do you two agree with that? >> here's my take. >> they must. >> they're the only two people in their marriage. >> that's right. >> if they feel like this is right for them they should do it. i don't und
7:50 am
read that article and the thing is, i think they do have some sort of a connection that we don't get. >> something. >> if it works for them, who are two say don't give it a try? they've got a child together. >> do you think -- >> work on your marriage. >> what kind of -- okay you both have children. i don't. but i mean -- >> none that you know of. [ laughter ] >> sarah is rolling stone. >> that would be amazing. but don't you think, what do you think you tell your kid? because this is so pu public. one day the little kids will grow up and google and see everything. i hope it shows them, though, if these -- she's going to stick with him may it teach the kids forgiveness, resilience, not to give -- >> reconciliation. >> not to give a bleep about what other people think if it works for you. >> the reality is, he has a problem. i know people minimize sex addiction, but it sounds like does he have problem and he's working on that and if he truly is, give the guy a break. i think we're too quick to
7:51 am
with marriages and people who cheat, just be done with it, walk away. easier said than done, you know, your emotions are tied in here, you've got a family. i'm not in their marriage. it's the two of them. do what you want to do. >> sadly, this whole thing has to play out in front of all of us and you got three nobodies on the couch talking about their marriage. >> exactly. >> good luck. >> exactly. >> we'll dissect. we'll dish. any way the article is really -- >> it's pretty fascinating. >> anthony weiner is not allowed at his own child's playground to drop off the kid. >> i found that offensive. >> that's another topic. >> the parents at the school said they didn't want him coming because they were concerned about his sexual addiction or whatever. i thought come on now this is a bit much. you can't pick up your own kid or drop him off? give me break. some of those parents who are cognition, i guarantee they've got skeletons in their closet, too, if we found out we wouldn't want you anywhere -- >> it's not playing out in front of everybody. >> yeah. >> like their marriage is. >> okay. i think we settled that one. >> how do you feel about it? >> i'm with you guys. you
7:52 am
quick to judge. right. i think when you initially read the story you're like oh, my god there's no way this woman is giving this guy another chance much he's publicly hugh little 88ed her. i remember sure you remember all the stories. the carlos danger all the aliases he's had. but i think you don't know, then you look at if the person had an alcohol addiction or drug addiction would you throw them away? i mean there's lots of people -- yeah. >> okay. >> it's not for me, but it's for her. >> okay. right. >> there you go. in illinois how do we feel about a prom lottery? this is none is the engineer that this school has been doing this. >> well -- when i heard that they've been doing it since the 20s then you got to think if you stay in that town you did it, your mom did it, your grand dad did it. you know what i'm saying. >> your grand dad did it. >> it's just a part of what it is. >> why you talking like that all of a sudden. >> everybody did it. i'm not going to do it. >> why do we know about it now? >> well, we know about it now because i think more people are sort of raising some questions about it in illinois
7:53 am
year the boys in the school will draw a name and then you will take that woman to prom. this is the first year that some people are going, wait, what if i don't wanting to -- >> with that guy. >> not first year. >> you know what's going on. the kids are swapping name tags. you know they are. someone is working out deal where they swap that out and they get a different person. what's going on here? >> what? >> really are fighting for me. >> they draw a name they do like a little exit. they do kind of a little play, a little exit -- >> is this mayberry? >> sounds like it is. >> i know, right. >> anyhow, the school is defensing this choice saying that everybody gets included.únm date. and it makes it much more about being inclusive than it does about, hey, i'm bringing so and so. the most popular and i've got -- okay. >> if it works for them,. >> we're hearing about it becae
7:54 am
saying, look, maybe i'm not even interested in guys. i want to go with another woman. so why am i -- >> town inter loper who's are shaking things and causing trouble. >> exactly. foot loose. >> they wanted to dance. >> the foot loose ers. >> this next one i like. >> it might be time to will he tire it. if it happens, arc lot of things happened since the boss 20's that need it to be retired. >> this is like a sadie hawkins type of thing. >> maybe don't call it the prom. dance. the lottery dance. >> how about this? there's awesome con, there's comicon. now there's a officially brunch con. >> stop it. >> because millennials have made brunch such a thing you know in this town. >> oh my gosh. >> in the f d.c. area if you go out on a sunday everybdy is having sunday fun day. brunch is now an all day thing. millennials go they start at noontime and they don't leave until four or 5:00 o'clock. >> yes! >> so now in new york city they're doing brunch con where you can purchase a ticket and you can
7:55 am
the over the top all out extravaganza of brunch. do you think this is ridiculous. >> i'm in. i'm a brunchnista. i'm in. >> you are. >> love it. >> i have $60 this -- >> i wouldn't pay $60 for. brunchnista. here's the thing years ago i kick myself for this i actually started a blog for brunches. never followed it through. of course, like the bitches who brunch and i've done it. >> what did you just say? >> that's the name of something. >> they've done it i kick myself i was on the hunt for like the perfect brunch throughout the dc area. >> that's so cool. >> typtip maureen fashion i abandoned my ship. >> you told somebody and they pick it. >> i told the bitches of brunch. >> now they're making bank. we got to get back on that. >> that's an awesome idea. >> i know. >> fraser, you'll stick around for good day. >> we'll be back for love and order. tucker, good morning. >> good morning. hi
7:56 am
washington. nice and mild start to your day. here's the deal with today. we got rain showers moving and a thunderstorm just off to our south and west. so do be prepared -- be prepared here it's going get wet in a hurry real big batch of showers and storms. thunderstorm developing to our south and we have. here we are in washington. west of knife there. and we could expect additional storms to develop here shortly. so i'll give you the bigger picture. big batch of moisture moving -- there you go, south and west and certainly possible we could see a few additional thunderstorms develop as this moves through later this morning. so scattered showers this afternoon. i think steadier rain over the next couple of hours as that moves in and we'll keep it nice and warm today. 73. cooler tonight. drier tomorrow with sunshine back by wednesday and temps in the 60s. more weather momentarily. erin is here. >> i am. 7:56. and roads are dealing with heavy traffic right now. you can see a lot of that congestion 395 right now it's 15 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge freeway
7:57 am
outer loop 95 and bw parkway i'll get out of the way very slow traffic especially bw parkway north and southbound. two and from powder mill road in both directions. 95 southbound jams from north of the icc to the beltway, and right now, it's only about five minute delay from route 1 over to about connecticut avenue on the outer loop. we'll take a look at your have a have majors like 66 and 95 next. back to you. >> all right. erin, thank you. that's it for the 7:00 o'clock hour. the 8:00 o'clock coming up next. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is fox5 news morning. good tuesday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm holly morris. steve is off today. but we sure are glad you're with us. indeed. it is 8:00 a.m. on this tuesday. it is mr. 28th i do believe. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. first up, we've got new details surrounding the ro rockville high school rape investigation. we've heard from one of the suspects now the second teen charged is speaking out. we'll tell was he is saying ahead in life report. russian scandal at white house continues to grow. this time the president's son-in-law ordered to testify in front of the senate. >> plus a heads up about parking and traffic tickets issued in the district. why some motorists could soon be catching a break when it comes to paying that fine. you'll want to stick around to hear this monday
8:01 am
outside. the clouds are hanging around. going to be some rain out there even some thunderstorms perhaps throughout the day and here's also more when we get to tucker in about five minutes. and erin with weather and traffic. we begin eight at with the latest developments in the ro rockville high school rape case. we're now hearing from the lawyer for the younger suspect with major new claims of what happened the day before the alleged rape. >> this while we learn the father of the other suspect is facing his own legal trouble. this case continues to be lightning rod for the contentious debate over protecting illegal immigrants. let's begin with fox5's bob barnard live at rockville high this morning. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, holly and allison. yes. in court papers reported by the washington post this morning, the younger of the two teen suspects in the alleged rape here at rockville high school claims that the sex was consensual. that he and the 14-year-old alleged victim had exchanged text messages.
8:02 am
one point she sent him explicit photos of herself before the end counter here, that was back on march 16th. a thursday morning in a boy's bathroom here at rockville high school. an attack that montgomery county police say was brutal and you talk to students. they say they believe the young victim in this case. the other suspect the 18-year-old henry sanchez millan is also in jail charged with rape in this case much his father is now in jail as well in howard county. adolpho sanchez reyes was picked up outside his home last friday. charged with being in this country illegally. being held in jail pending a hearing. we reported last week that the father had paid for the plane ticket for his son henry to fly up from texas this past summer after henry was detained by ice at the border and then allowing to free. the younger of the suspects 17-year-old jose montano at the one whose information is now coming out in t
8:03 am
to get him off his no bond status, because of the allegation that he's making that the sex here was consensual. the fallout continues from this alleged rape case here at ro rockville high school. guys? >> all right, bob, thank you very much for the update there. 8:03. attorney general jeff sessions is sight citing rockville rape case and others as evidence of the dangers of sanctuary cities places that don't comply with federal law for local police to share information with immigration officials. speaking at the white house yesterday, sessions threatened trump administration would cut funding for cities that harbor undocumented workers and illegal immigrants and refuse to cooperate with federal agencies. sessions didn't just mention rockville. he brought up the entire state of maryland. a bill is moving through the state legislature that would make maryland a sanctuary state. sessions says that would be a mistake and would make maryland more at risk for crime. governor hogan says he will veto
8:04 am
recent reports shows montgomery county is near the top of us jurisdictions that declined every klein immigration detainers. and in virginia, governor terry mcauliffe also exercising his veto power. mcauliffe struck down legislation in virginias general as assembly that would ban cities from restricting enforcement of federal immigration law. it would create fear within the immigrant communities. meanwhile the senate intelligence committee walks to talk to jared kushner about his meetings with russian officials back in december according to npr. kushner' appearance was first reported by the new york times. according to the newspaper, kushner met with the russian ambassador and the head of a russian bank. live look at the capitol right now. where hundreds are expected to gather today to call for better understand are funding for hiv treatment. more than 600 possible are expected. the event will also highlight concerns surrounding hiv care under the republican health care proposal.
8:05 am
breaking news just in to fox5. our matt ackland confirming with police sources that there has been arrest made in the murder of corrina meal. she was the north carolina woman in dc recentlied to work at the corcoran gallery of art. her body was found bound and stabbed inside an apartment on 14th street a week ago today. her car was missing from that scene. since then the investigation centered on a person of interest seen on her surveillance video at businesses in prince george's county. her car was then later found. it is unclear whether the person under arrest is the person scene in the surveillance tape. we are still gathering details, of course, we'll share them with them as soon as we get them. ♪ first though here's tucker at 8:05. >> good morning. showers and thunderstorms moving through got a little break here the last hour or so. quickly moving back in. i saw bob's live shot up in montgomery county still a little sunshine. but definitely be ready here. the showers and storms moving in quickly from the south and west. 63 now
8:06 am
nice mild start to the day even a little tropical out there with the humidity. 56 dulles. 55 this morning bwi marshall. south and west notice the flashing you see just to the west of knife there. just approaching the southwest side of the beltway towards gainsville and vienna. that's thunderstorm activity that's a lot of rain shower activity will be moving in shortly. so bottom line is if you're headed out on the roadways, walking to school, taking the dog for a walk, be prepared here for the rain to move in pretty quick there could be downpours potentially cloud to ground lightning with that storm act v there's the bigger picture. this is all associated with a cold front which will come through late this afternoon ton night. and we will turn a little cooler tomorrow and much drier and bright and sunny tomorrow but today is a transition day. so not a lot of sunshine today. 73. maybe little sunshine late this afternoon. definitely keep the umbrella ready to go at all times today. best chance for rain will be between now and about 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> all right. we've been warned. thank
8:07 am
erin como, good morning. >> good morning. roads are still really busy this morning. good news for your metro ride, normal service resume on the red line. earlier malfunction outside rhode island avenue those delays should start to clear. aside from the red line delay safetrack work impacting the yellow and blue lines. moving over to the drive time. some very big slow zones. 395 northbound from the beltway to king street that's a 23 minute ride. average speeds under 10 miles an hour. 66 eastbound from 29 to 28, that is a 38 minute ride just to get from gainsville into centreville this morning. outer loop 95 to georgia of a just a ten minute commute about five minute delay there and then 270 from 109 in urbana to the beltway that will take you an hour and 11 minutes. so 270 has an been huge problem this morning. aside from that as you make your way out on 66 you can see through fairfax the eastbound side jams as well. 295 southbound remains heavy and top side of the beltway you can see that delay we showed you. 95 southbound from north of the icc jams to the b
8:08 am
bw parkway as i get out of the way huge red zone in both directions. let's go ahead and move it over to our cameras and show you some other problems. now, this is 270 southbound crash in the process of clearing after montrose road but you can get idea for why it's taking you so long. again over an hour delay to get from urbana down to the beltway. this is a live look at the college park delay. just steady flow of slow moving congestion passed new hampshire avenue and 395 also really jams up. this is a look at 66 bumper to bumper traffic as you try to get so again just so much traffic and rain wet roads. this is a look at 395 normal northbound as you pass 110. again, it's a jammed up morning. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter get an early start mix in that rain the time of morning and this is what we're up against.& back to you allison and holly. >> in d.c. there could be some changes when you're a day late an dollar short on paying those parking or traffic tickets. >> this will be great news, of course, for dc residents. not for folks in marylan
8:09 am
virginia though. wisdom martin is live in northwest to explain. what's going on here, wis? >> reporter: all right. i know you both of you are very familiar with the ticket pro process. [ laughter ] >> i'll break this down for you. all right. so -- [ laughter ] you know what i'm talking about. so here's how this goes f you're in d.c. unget a ticket various violations after 30 days we're talking 31st day and on that fine would double much that's a huge problem. so council member d.c. council tray i don't know white he's introduced a bill, the traffic and park, ticket penalty amendment act that would get rid of that penalty. get rid of penalty you still have to pay the fine but you wouldn't have that penalty. so for example, currently the way the law stands right now let's talk about parking meters. all right. so if you get a fine at a parking meter, it would double to $60 after 30 calendar days. if it is not paid or contested. $150 for red light camera ticket. that would double to
8:10 am
the $300 speed camera tick doubles to $600 if the citation is not paid win 30 days. now, the argument against these extra fines is that it's just not enough time for dc residents to pay them because once that tick gets in the mail by the time it gets to some of the residents it could only be a week left before you have to pay might not have the money at that time period and it may put them in a bind. aaa m mid land says not only in that case it's like a money grab for the city because doubling the fines there's no evidence that shows doubling the fines is actually improving traffic. so if you're d.c. resident if this passes you're good to go. here's the bad news. maryland, virginia and anybody else you're still on the hook after 30 days. that's right. everybody else that comes into the district you get a penalty, you get a fine, guess what? aft 31 days nothing changes for you. you still got to pay that fine. so if i'm not mistaken both of do you live in the great state of maryland. so if you come i
8:11 am
you'll be paying double while some of our brothers and sisters win washington, d.c. if this passes they're off the hook for that penalty after 30 days. how does that sound to you maryland residents? >> exactly. >> i'm a maryland resident as well and also have dc tickets. >> okay. here's -- >> i'm not fan. >> i want to collar final make sure i understand. i also a am not fan. i understand as maryland resident. >> okay. >> so after 30 days the fine goes away totally if you live in d.c. or it just doesn't double? >> if you are a dc resident and you get a fine, say, for example on this parking meter if you get a ticket for parking meter violation after 30 days, you still got to pay the fine. >> that's what i wanted to know. why would you ever pay it if it goes away. >> yeah. yeah. >> it just doesn't double. >> if you get that ticket. d.c. resident it doesn't double. >> gotcha. >> if holly morris and allison see power get that ticket, on day 31 it's going double. >> wisdom martin gets it which i will not because'm
8:12 am
it's going double. >> doesn't seem fair. >> okay. >> that's how it work. perks to living in the district i guess. >> we should ask -- we should ask people what they think about this because this is a big area with a lot of people from maryland and virginia coming into the district to work and play. i'm sure they get tickets. >> i'm going to go out on a limb and say the people in d.c. are going to love it the people that don't live in d.c. not so much. >> i'll good out on limb. >> there you go. >> let's go out on limb say dc residents and maryland residents let us no he what you think about this potential bill on social media or on our facebook page. there you go. >> it is nice for the residents of d.c. >> sure it is. >> absolutely. >> all right. we'll just not get tickets. thanks, wis isn't thanks, wis. all right. so i think we're going to head on over to tucker now. talk a little my first five. nope. all right. you know what we're going to do allison? we're going to go to break good we'll go to break. now that we've and informed we're going to go to break. we'll be back.
8:13 am
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d across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪ now we get cute, holly. >> okay. i always have time for cuteness. >> time for super duper cuteness. my first five photo of the day. >> that is off the charts. >> well dressed man is what we got. >> love it. >> happy birthday to you. >> we got a birthday. this is elijah, everybody. this very handsome young man turns a great big three years old today. >> big boy. >> here's the deal. he watches us every morning
8:16 am
he always tells his mom that he wants to one day be on tv. >> really? >> there you have it. >> you can tollly do it. >> um-hmm. >> i look forward to seeing you. >> nice matching pants. i'm going to take a queue off that combination there. >> your easter outfit right there, tuck. >> that's good looking outfit. >> it is good looking. >> got to make sure, you know, high degree of difficulty. >> uh-huh. >> i'm not sure i can pull it off. >> at your age. >> maybe let elijah do it. >> we love it. super happy birthday and i hope you're at home watching yourself on tv saying in this me? so cool. hope you have a great birthday. send us your picture fox5 dc facebook page. we love all the cuteness and even the ones that haven't been tv yet i go through every day and check them out. >> we appreciate them all. they make us smile. all right. let's see. lots of weather business to take care of 63 now in washington. i'm getting tweets tucker fox5 tweet me what you're seeing. we've got thunderstorm developed just to the west of town here out towards manassas and ga gainsville. and report of some pretty
8:17 am
downpours out there. you can see it crossing 66. so just be warned here that in addition to shower activity we have the potential for some additional thunderstorms to develop. there's a bigger look. you can see the beltway and see here in washington nothing at the moment but a lot of rain just off to our west and for the next several hours i think most of the area is going to get pretty good soaking which is good news. we need the rain but we certainly don't need heavy downpours and thunderstorms and that's in the potential forecast as well here for the next couple of hours. what else can we expect today. warm temperatures low 70s. lots of humidity. and we'll get a break this afternoon. things will become more widely scattered later today and then as that cooler drier air moves in tonight we'll start to clear thing out. tomorrow looks great. little cooler, 66. but should be a nice quiet wednesday. today not the case. thunderstorms at the moment. >> thank you. >> um-hmm. >> seat belt is on. >> got that right. speaking of seat belts let's talk traffic with erin. >> have some patience. 8:17 right now. you can see a disable vehicle getting
8:18 am
of the way from a crash. this is on 95 northbound by 123. really slow-moving traffic from dale city to the beltway. once you cross the beltway and get on to 395 northbound, you are at a crawl from the bottom of the beltway all the way to the 14th street bridge. solid 15 minute delay at least. you can see bumper to bumper traffic. look at all that rain tucker this is 66 on the eastbound side as you pass sudley road heavier rain coming down and that is adding to the congestion and delays from 29 to 28. you're in for a huge slow down there. westbound side quite but reduced speeds simply because of amount of rain moving through. that stretch of 66. now, 270 southbound from urbana down to the spur you're in for over a 45 minute slow down. earlier crash by mon rose cleared dealing with wet roads and a lot of congestion as well. outer loop jams from 95 to georgia avenue. only about five minute delay but heavier traffic there. metro the red line back to normal after problem by rhode island avenue. back to you allison and holdly. >> 8:18 more o
8:19 am
deadly police involved shoot overnight in montgomery county. >> the department will review the officer's body camera to try and piece together what happened. our melanie alnwick live on the scene in montgomery village with were we know now. hey, mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. that officer is on paid administrative leave this morning. that is department policy any time there is a police involved shooting here. now we're at the center court condominiums in montgomery village. last night that's when all of this started and neighbors in the area posting on social media that there was literally just a swarm of police officers, tactical units, k9 vehicles as well here as all of this began to unfold. it was about 11:12 in the -- in the evening when the sixth district police officer who was called here to the scene to investigate a report of a theft called back in to say he needed help, that he needed fire and ems crews here on the scene because of that
8:20 am
when first responders arrived they located the subject with a gunshot wound. we're told they put him in the back of an ambulance and started to perform cpr. then took him to a local hospital where he died. now, montgomery county police, again, citing protocol say they will not release that man's name until his next of kin are notified. we also are told that the officer is a five-year veteran of the montgomery county police department. as you mentioned, montgomery county police all now wear body worn cameras and so we do know that as part of this investigation they will be reviewing that footage just to see exactly what led to the shooting. but we are also told that a weapon was found here at the scene. it was not a gun but for some reason with that weapon that is why the officer felt it was -- he was -- kneed to use deadly force in this incident and again he is on administrative leave and his name will be put out to the public later on today by montgomery county police
8:21 am
melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> 8:20 now. we continue to follow breaking news out of the district. >> arrest made in the stabbing death of a young woman in northwest. what police are telling us about the suspect and the surveillance video ahead. . fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to
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what in the world? >> what's this? >> it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's dozens of dogs flying through the air. let's see another one. okay. >> let me tell was you're looking at. ultimate air dog show in san diego that happen this weekend. all bleed competing and jumping more than 24 feet in the air and landing in giant pool of waters it will not allow dogs who have never been empty water to compete because that would be cruel isn't exactly much these are veterans. >> these -- yeah. >> got it. >> here we go. >> yeah! he was going full speed, right? >> from dogs to cats now. okay. new research shows if you love your cat the feeling is mutual. >> wait. who did this? >> right. erin como did this study. >> ren
8:25 am
cats and separated them from food toys and people for several hours. >> okay. >> they then reintroduced elements to the cats under four categories, human socialization, look at that one. food, scent and toys. half the cats preferred interaction with people over eating food. >> give me break. >> stop. >> yes. >> is this true holly. >> it's true allison. >> in your experience, is this true? >> yes. >> you've had dogs and cats, holly. >> yeah. >> does this sound like a true story. >> scientists say it diss spells the myth that cats are anti social. >> i think there are certain cats all the cats in the study were love bugs. [ laughter ] >> all right. tucker what you got. >> we got a thunderstorm right here. let's take a look real quick. i want to mention this is on 66. erin has been showing you the traffic cams it's really coming down near manassas now crossing looks like it will get up into loudoun county pretty quick and it's fast moving. heavy downpours an lot of rain moving in here shortly. all right. i've t
8:26 am
business now it's time to take care of unofficial business. that's right. weather school is back. the weather report card for the day, brought to you by, well, i don't have any sponsors. there you go. sunshine, we won't get a lot of that today. that's d. winds are out of the south we'll give 8b. afternoon temperatures in the 70s. that's an a. snap chatting your bao never permitted in my mass room, allison seymour. >> what? >> that's an f. >> do you even know what snap chatting your bae is or did someone else write that on there. >> i know exactly what it is. you know what, you get an f miss morris. >> you guys are both out of control. let's wrap this. >> what? >> hit my music. ♪ i'm hot for teacher ♪ >> i normally get an a when you're to the here, holly. >> i'm sorry i'm bring uh-uh down
8:27 am
>> he couldn't cocked that entire segment so you can watch himself strut off the camera hot for teacher every day. >> we know. >> i don't want to blame tucker fort rain, professor barnes, look outside 66 heavy rain you're at a crawl from 29 to 28 in centreville. i mean no crashes to report right now but it's bumper to bumper traffic with heavier rainy conditions coming down. take look at our drive times. such big delays because of that. an hour and 20 minute ride from 234 prince william parkway to the beltway on 60 eastbound. trait 28 minute trip dale city to the beltway and 270 from urbana to the beltway it's an hour and seven minutes 66 biggest concern right now. back to you. >> well there's a place for everything and everything has its place. does that sound like you? >> if you said yes, you might be a bit obsessive. up next the doctor is in and he's going to tell us why what is behind ocd. ♪ ♪♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> back now 8:30 with breaking news story that fox5 first to share with you in arrest in the case of a woman found murdered inside a home on 14th street one week ago today. matt ackland and paul wagner both able to confirm the arrest in this case of corrina mehiel. her body found bound and stabbed inside of that apartment and her car was missing from the scene. over the past week, the investigation centered on a person of interest seen on surveillance video at businesses in prince george's county
8:31 am
it's unclear whether the person under arrest is the same person scene on that surveillance tape. 8:30 is our time right now. big medical headlines to share this morning. including a possible break through when it comes to obsessive compulsive disorder or what people refer to as ocd. >> why enforcing a good bedtime now could have long-term benefits for your kids. let's check in with our favorite doctor, dr. mike cirigliano. good morning. >> holly, allison, i love you. every time i'm with you, i feel like iodide and i went to he heaven. >> aww. >> you're in the gates. >> we love it when you bring good news for those who deal with the condition of ocd. what's going on? >> well, this could be a game changer. researchers have found that a deficiency in a protein called
8:32 am
inhibition full of cascade in a part of the brain call the a mig dill la. what does that moan? that means there's a biochemical disorder in parts of the brain that lead people to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. now, we all have a little bit of it. if you check that door maybe more than once or twice, but some people have it so badly it's debilitating. they can't leave the house. it ruins lives. and so this could be a major break through in that it will allow us to come up with medications that target that specific cascade of treatment or problems in the brain and will allow us to treat it effectively. >> i mean is that a treatment that's a year away? ten years away? i moan you're right. i mean this is huge. >> interestingly, there are some cancer treatment
8:33 am
have been shown to affect that area of the brain. now we're certainly not going to give cancer treatments to people for ocd. but what we might do is be able to taylor a drug that is similar in its actions that may help this problem. it's not close but it's not far away either. i think we'll come up with am amazing new treatments for this and it's about time. we don't have a lot of good treatments for this disorder. >> the next topic is -- i'm particularly interested in because i have a 584 old. so, um, the importance of sleep i preach it all the time now looks like it's more important than ever for what lies ahead down the road. >> this was an eye opener for me not to be funny there, but the issue is that as a nation, we are sleep deprived. people are working. they're working longer hours. mom and dad are working. they come home late. kids are up.
8:34 am
i see it in my own family. and the problem is that if your young children don't get enough sleep, this new data suggests that it may have a effects on behavior and abilities to control their emotional will the, if you will, all of those things later on in life. it's critical that all of us, not just our little kids, but all of us get the proper amount of sleep. it affects hormones in the brain. and leads to impulsive eating leads to obesity and behavior problems. and if you're driving a truck and you're sleep deprived, i worry whether you're behind me and you're falling asleep. all of those things require that we as a nation address this problem more aggressively. >> dr. mike, if you could only just find a way to to put more than 24 hours in day i would be le
8:35 am
[ laughter ] >> can you do that? >> i'm living the dream. i'm living it with you. i get home 8:00 o'clock. and i want to see my kids. and so they end up going to bed later, and it's a problem. but it is what it is. we all have to make a living. we saul to work. so -- >> -- there you go. >> you got to pay yourself now so that later you can enjoy it when those kids are gone. you can make with your gran grandkids. i'm looking for the extra hour, too, dr. mike. we got to let you go. thank you. >> i love you guys. >> love you back. >> love you back. any coincidence he's in the steve brotherly love. >> i just think it's him. >> that's true, too. >> got doctor. >> what's going on tuck? >> thunderstorms moving through parts of the area. 63 in washington. here's the deal. mild day. 70s expected. but showers and storms moving through quickly and i just want to point out erin has been showing you on the traffic cam very heavy rain crossing 66 there. gainsville, manassas, manassas
8:36 am
just west of the beltway. we're looking at some very heavy rain, and everybody is going to get good soaking here in the next hour or so. that's where our thunderstorm is just out to the west. but lots of rain showers moving in from the south and west and i'm seeing it looks like possible thunderstorms popping there up towards college park and on the east side of the beltway. certainly not only showers but thunderstorms in the forecast over the short term here as we're,, what we're, reelly looking at cooler and drier air moving in later today and tonight. energy up ahead of it. you can really see all that rain. rain the next several hours. potentially thunderstorms become morgue widely scattered later this afternoon quick look at that seven day. cooler and drier air by tom tomorrow. 60s for your wednesday. so we'll take another look at the radar in just a minute and do traffic with erin. >> tucker i'm walking in right now because all that heavier rain moves in we're dealing with crashes and a lot of delays he is err specially on 66 starting with look at the maps you can see all of that red there. let's see if we can hop outside to
8:37 am
have a crash right now 66 westbound out by nutley street also 395 northbound we are at a crawl right by glebe road we have a crash blocking the right shoulder. mix that in with the damp conditions and the congestion and you're up against big de delays. you can see we're at a stand till out by washington boulevard 395 right now has about 25 minute day. this is the westbound side of 66 out by nutley street. huge crash blocking those center lanes right there causing a big delay as you try to get out past nutley street from the beltway. watch out nor one. 66 out at sudley road huge slow downs because of the rain. look at that eastbound commute from 29 out in gainsville all the way to 28 in centreville you are in for such a jam up right now over 35 minute delay just between that little area right there. use caution on the westbound side as well watch for hydroplaning and road spray give yourself plenty of extra time to get through the 66 stretch on the eastbound side. unfortunately that is a huge huge issue right now. back to you. holly and allison
8:38 am
>> thanks, erin when when we come back puppy love all for the low cost of $4,000. >> yikes! >> this adorable little dog the edinewest addition to a famous family. wait until after the break. we'll have it for you. you.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
hmm. that kind of day, al. >> i love maroon five. that makes it better. >> it does. but it is a little rainy out there. >> you can see definitely rainy. tucker said make sure you got your umbrella with you as you head out op this tuesday at times. we'll talk more about weather with him in a future famous nba star just welcomed here's the picture we were waiting for. >> worth the wait. >> adorable addition to the family. he is he his wave bought a dog for $3,800. who does it belong to? wait for it. >> steph curry. >> curry says his family fellow we have think dog the moment they saw him specifically because he has green eyes just like his wife ye shakur row. they named the dog rookie. the family has another dog named resa they seem to get along pretty well and thank goodness because $3,800 he ain't going back. >> um-hmm. no. >> the other one got to go. >> right. >> the low priced one. out. no it's all working well. >> all
8:42 am
>> let's check in with wisdom and maureen and see what's coming up today on good day d.c. >> all right. good morning to you. we're working a breaking news story arrest made of that horrific murder of a young woman found on 14th street. >> fox5's matt act land broke the story minutes ago and joins us live at the top of 9a. >> also at 9a new developments in the sex assault at a maryland high school that made national news. we're life. all new at 9a her ex-husband john allen muhammed the mastermind behind the 23 days of terror that gripped this region to its core. at 9a a good day exclusive mildred muhammed is here live to discuss her new book the details her faith and the resilience since then. >> and we have much more ahead on good day dc. several interviews that you definitely want to see. i'm with hall of fame baseball player ken griffey, jr., he wants you to play along. we'll explain why. >> oky. also celebrity host and performer john toeshoe skypes in from la about the concert series that will bring um to our area and we catch up with
8:43 am
beckford as he set for return with the chippendale'. >> must see good day d.c. is just moments away. we'll see you then. ♪ modom. >> wis-mo is better. >> you're right. >> modom is a worse dad gum name i've ever heard in my life. >> they're so harsh on me. [ laughter ] >> goodbye then. off with you isn't exactly. if you don't have a modom your computer won work very well. >> did you see the snap. >> it was perfect. >> okay. still ahead kevin mccarthy he has all the entertainment news. >> hey, kev. >> holly and allison coming up next i'm sitting -- i'm sorry. i got completely confused there for a second. kevin hart responds to dave chappelle's stand up comedy. stay tune. i didn't know what camera i was looking in. sorry.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back. 8:46. live look there flags blowing it looks pretty actually blowing like that but little windy out there. a little rain to come. thunderstorms, too, perhaps. that's your day. 63 degrees out 8:46. let me show you this, al. spectacular site from yosemite national park. the sunlight and water falls make a huge rainbow. spring is the best time to experience the water falls when the massive snowfall melts away and heads toward the
8:47 am
ocean. >> mother nature sometimes raging and giving us that bh bhutto. >> i love it. >> okay. >> meantime, your full forecast is coming up, holly, would you do the honors. >> it's coming up in ten seconds. all right. let's get down to business. we got thunderstorms just out to the west towards dulles. storms this morning and potential for some pretty good downpours for much of the area over the next couple of hours. definitely umbrella weather here for your tuesday. 63 now in washington. 65 in quantico. nice tropical air out there. 63 in leonardtown. little cooler here north and we have in the 50s -- 54 in frederick. all right. there's your thunderstorm activity. it's racing off to the north. reston getting in on it. that's dulles airport right there right where our radar is, and two you havely seeing thunderstorms probably causing flight delays at least temporar
8:48 am
as well this pushing up into loudoun county. bottom line in the forecast showers and thunderstorms. getting a little storm activity developing across central portions of the city as well. and all this lifts off to the north we'll likely see showers and storms for at least the morning hours. i think things things will get widely scattered this afternoon as this energy moves on in here in the next couple of hours there you go. you can see it. we'll be in for steady rain around here and again the potential there should be im imbedded some additional thunderstorm act v later this afternoon scattered showers and then as we get into the evening hours, the cold front will make its way through the region as it gets east of us we'll start to filter in some cooler and drier air. so tomorrow looks sunny and bright but noticeably cooler and less humid behind that front. thunderstorms and 70 today's as that front approaches from the west. all right. there's your seven day. 73 today. i mentioned cooler and drier air tomorrow. tomorrow very nice spring day but we'll loose the storm chances here for couple of days wednesday and thursday. that is a weather
8:49 am
look out for storms, guys. back to you. ♪ >> thanks, tuck. kev is here. um-hmm. >> holly, al. >> good to see you. >> good to see you this morning we have dave chappelle made $60 million for netflix specials much that's three special totaled two of them have been released so far. >> he really only made 20 million. >> exactly. >> that's not over blow the numbers. >> he left the comedy central job for 50 million obviously made that money back. >> there's a great lesson in there somewhere. >> total. dave chappelle netflix special he tells a really funny sorry about kevin hart. so he basically took his son to kevin hart comedy show, and his son chappelle's son is a massive kevin hart fan. he asked his dad to go to the show with him. then aft the scioscia pell up tow dude his son to kevin hart and kevin hart actually gave him this really expensive hand stitched jersey that said khart on the back of it. he said your father ever makes you
8:50 am
tollly joking around. the entirety of the joke was he was praisig kevin hart but also kind of joking about his suc success. so this led to possible asking kevin hart on twitter how he felt about the jokes made and this was one of the first responses he said he goes, i thought it was ama amazing thiss in regards what did you think about dave chappelle's bit about you in his new special in net flick. this person obviously trolling kevin hart saying, dave chappelle is way funnier than you and hart handles it beautifully that's fine with me, pimply the real ones don't compete because we know there's money and success out here for& all of us. someone asked of his favorite three comedians richard pry your, eddie murphy and dave chappelle. so i thought that was kind of cool response. again if you -- a lot of the articles headlines make you think there's some kind of feud going on between the two and if you watch chappelle's actual stand up it's not mean spirited at all and hart is just responding to it. >>
8:51 am
alcoholic bait. >> i totally get it. that's the way people are describing this article. spiderman homecoming coming out in july. this is a brand new spiderman. tom holland playing spiderman he played him in captain america civil war we've gotten to point now this is getting ridiculous where there are releasing trailers for trailers. this is a trailer 52nd trailer teasing the new trailer for the movie. this is getting ridiculous. probably mainly for social media usage much this is a big deal on social media yesterday everyone was real excited. i will say in this five seconds do you get pretty cool stuff this new drone element spiderman is using on top of the washington monument there. and then you are getting some footage of michael keaton as vulture. so i mean, again, totally immediate, social media elements but the new trailer will be released today. cool idea and way to get people excited for the new movie. it comes out in july this is the original trailer that came out a couple months ago you see him flying off the washington monument. i'm excited about the dc element of this.
8:52 am
>> i don't think any of it was shot in d.c. i'll double check on that clearly cgi done witness washington monument and spiderman next up is catch me outside girl. this gotten way bigger than i thought would it get if you saw her on dr. phil, the catch me outside joke. and this is footage of her on that show. >> sadly it wasn't a joke. she was threatening the audience when they were coming at her. it's become a joke. >> it's become a meme. >> a meme. >> now it's become her success. >> tmz is actually been catching her outside of like bars. she's very very very young which is surprising me she's going to these places. but one of the things that's happening now she actually just signed a deal for a reality tv show. now, this is amazing she has 8.4 million followers on instagram just because of this appearance on dr. phil obviously tmz and everybody is keeping up this story, but i guess the question that we were talking about earlier in the show is
8:53 am
showing what our society wants. they want this drama on their tv's in reality portion but obviously the things that are happening wrong in her life are the things that people want to see. exactly. >> so in my opinion -- >> like watching a train wreck. >> this is encouraging more problems. i think reality -- >> welcome to the world of social media. >> i get that. i'm just saying there's someting interesting about our society and how much we want to see this kind of stuff. she's 8.4 million poll followers the picture she posts some are them are ridiculous and over the top. the drama with her mom will be probably the biggest part of the show. how much of that lend up being scripted. i feel like a lot of that stuff will be written in. there's no way they can keep a continuous drama for a whole series. >> i don't believe reality shows are reality any way. so -- >> there's no way the bachelor is not scripted. there's no way there's not people onset telling them to say certain thing. stay tuned for that and back to you guys. i don't know why i said back to you guys but you're right here. here you go. >> we're right
8:54 am
we're take it back from you. >> there you go. >> thanks. we'll be back right after this i think. ♪ let's say hello. look at this, al. i love this facebook fan of the day. today we got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight fans of the day. go ahead and say good morning to ebony hill and her seven favorite things. >> ebony and her family are rocking the dr. seuss thing t-shirts as you can
8:55 am
look it doesn't stop at thing one and thing two, of course, it goes all it way down the line. she says they love waking up to fox5 every morning. we do thank you so much and of course we love you right back. for your chance to be the fan of the day post your pick below this one. >> can you really need to send eight kisses back. >> there you go. >> there it is. >> love it, love it, love it. doctor in sterling virginia helping disabled animals become mobile again. derek is known as the dr. doolittle of animal prostate ticks he's fit animals of all shapes and sizes with non invasive solutions to help them walk again. even designing prosthetics or elephant in thailand. the potentially dire case of this miniature pony was particularly special to cabana. >> when i saw angel marie it was very close to being one of those cases that i couldn't think could help such a severe case and seeing her walk sent us
8:56 am
videoing having her here today walking is -- just a dream come true. like a miracle. >> and there she is. you get a better view there. capano says his practice is a cost effective alternative to more invasive vet procedures. special place for people who love animals like that. >> that's his calling. that's his purpose for sure. >> just like weather and tucker. such a sweet story, though. let's get to, we got thunderstorms thank you i just got a tweet out of southeast we're hearing rumbles of thunder down there as well, and some pretty good storms passing just to our west out towards dulles this morning and rain for everybody else. so if you're on the move here the next hour or two, locally be ready for rain and the potential for thunderstorms some of this could be heavy at times as what's happening here we have a cold front moving in from the west and that will bring us cooler and drier air later tonight and tomorrow but today will be a wet one. humid, warm and wet. 73 your daytime high. erin has traffic. i'll have radar update in just second. >> 8:56
8:57 am
rain and big problems live look outside the top side of the beltway 95 southbound a big crash blocking the exit ramp to 212 right now. looks like some traffic is st starting to get by on the shoulder a bus involved in that crash working on more information. we'll keep updated on fox5 news morning. causing rubberneck delay on delays on 95 southbound. move it over to our other cameras. rain along 66 causing more issues. this is westbound side by nutley street a crash blocking the red x lane. arrow truck out there slow roll eastbound side of 66 jammed up to 28 in centreville. keep it to fox5 news morning. good day at 9a can is coming right up. great show. ♪
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♪ breaking overnight a deadly police involved shooting in montgomery county. we're live on the scene with the latest from the investigation. plus, the white house taking aim at sanctuary cities. how the federal government plans to punish cities and communities that take a stand on immig immigration. benefit the breast feeding overblown? new study says kids who nurse might not be more intelligent nor better behaved. but you might not want to roach for the formula just yet. we'll explain. and later, not so fast. tom brady maybe turning 40 but he's not ready to leave the game behind. how long he says he plans to stay in the nfl. until


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