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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  April 16, 2017 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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ackland. we would could before you know break a record for the hottest day, caitlin roth just head and full forecast straight ahead all eyes are on north korea after another missile launch. this time it failed. honoring a fallen hero. prince george's county fire remembering one of their own who was shot and killed while responding to a call one year ago this weekend. fox 5 news at 7:00 starts now good morning, i'm annie yu >> i'm tom fitzgerald. it is sunday, april 16th, it is easter sunday.
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of you. it will be beautiful out there have not >> good morning to both of you >> love the pink. >> thank you. getting in the spirit of it. long sleeves might be a bit much, because it is very warm. records still pretty far away. i don't know why that was in there, we are going to be hitting a record. the record, 92. that's tough. as we take a live look on sunday, april 16th, it almost looks hazy out there. that summer type humidity is creeping back in and temperatures will warm well into the 80's. as advertised a very welcome easter sunday, it's already very mild and feels kind of muggy out there. you'll notice that. 69 in the quantico, 68 me leonardtown, 64 in cambridge maryland. we had a few thunderstorms that came through around 9:00, 10:00 last night north of washington. maybe you heard the rumbles of
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crossed your area. we have a few clouds out there this morning, there are showers waiting in the wings and we could see thunderstorm later the tonight. tonight, very warm easter sunday, so it's hot at the easter egg hunts. temperatures jump into the 80's this afternoon. here's what it looks like, 79 by 11:00 a.m. 83 by 2:00 p.m. 86 at 5:00. it will start be a mild work week, i'll have the return those 70's temperatures coming up in your seven-day forecast. tom and annie? today is easter sunday and one of the wholest days. worshippers are attending easter sunday services, tens of thousands at the vatican. they went through a security check to take part in pope francis' easter sunday
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washington national cathedral >> we'll meet one man who performance well up high in the washington national cathedral. alexandra limon live there just down the street. happy easter to you, alex. >> reporter: good morning, we're here live at the nash cathedral, waiting for easter mass which starts about 8:00 a.m. something else very special happens and it is the playing of this instrument right here, take a look it is quite impressive, all of these bells absolutely beautiful, and unfortunately, the korean er who plays this isn't here just yet but i do have natalie long well. >> happy easter >> it's impressive >> there's nothing else like this in washington. it's a massive system of bells
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there's 53 bells in total and this is the only instrument and system of bells at the cathedral that can play music. so when you hear that wonderful easter music, this is what you are hearing. many people do not get to see the carolyner. he will be controlling this massive piano like struck. >> let's see if we can get a shot from the window. it looks like a piano but you said it has ledger >> it will control this massive systems of bells and play those wonderful easter hymns that will call washington tonians to prayer >> explain this a little more >> after a period of lent, these bells a basically a musical celebration of a period of
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we are celebrating christ coming back to life. >> reporter: it announces before easter mass >> it calls washington tonians to the cathedral. >> reporter: the small bells are the ones ■thatplaythe usic. the big bells don't have notes, per se, they're just bell sounds? >> the peel bells above up in the bell to our are the ones that cannot play music. it's really a series of mathematical equations if you can imagine, whereas these actually do play music and that's the wonderful easter hymns you can recognize around the nation's capitol >> now in another half hour or so, this will be going, we'll hear the bells playing, so we'll join you then for another live report from the national cathedral. for now, i will send it back to you put guys in the studio. >> looking for it. thank you. another news, the world has its eyes on north korea thi
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weekend. north korea attempt to launch a missile, but the missile exploded on the launch pad almost immediately. no word on what kind of missile this was. the launch comes after celebration for the 105th birthday. of the late korean founder. there's been words against anti-trump and north korea >> we will strike the enemies to aannihilate them. >> mike pence is in south carolina part of a ten-day trip to asia. he's joined by his wife and two daughters. a sad anniversary in blacksberg virginia. it has been been ten years since the deadly mass shooting at virginia tech. 32 peopl
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before the gunman took his own life. this is the deadliest school shooting in u.s. history. virginia tech is coming together as a community in honoring those who are killed, thousands took part in the 3.2 mile run held on campus yesterday. many a planning a candlelight vigil and a moment of silence prince george's county is honoring a firefighter shot and killed responding to a call one year ago this weekend. >> john was just 37 years old. he went by skill let around the firehouse. lindsay watts has more. >> reporter: is this the firehouse where he was assigned. right over here is his locker. you can see it's been turned into a memorial to him. earlier dozens of firefighters from around the country gathered at 8:38, everybody paused for a moment of silence, t
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you mean ♪ ♪ you can see there were bag pipe players, ulmschnieder's mother was here and you can see what a big crowd came out. ulmschnieder was killed during a welfare check at a home in temple hills, when no one responded he forced entry. the homeowner said he opened fire because he was having a diabetics episode and thought somebody was breaking in. he not only killed ulmschnieder but shot an injured another firefighter, and his own brother. ulmschnieder's mother spoke to the crowd about how much she misses her son, and how happy he was to work for prince george's county fire. >> i know john would be very proud of you and the job that you
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we all miss him. i do. his whole family does. just please, please remember at any safe >> he was the father to a little girl, she wasn't even a-year-old when her dad killed. he was described as a prankster, a funny guy, who wouldn't let anybody call him by his first name, john. he insisted on being called skill let, a nickname from growing up on the farm >> you has an overwhelming personality. you knew where he stood. it was just a jokester. he always called me pretty boy, made sure he knew he was a dirt under the fingernails kind of guy >> he wasn't just an employee, he was a real family member. it's going to take some time. how long, i don't know. >> the fire chief said some closure did come yesterday when
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ulmschnieder was sentenced. darryl lumpkin got four years in prison. because he thought he was firing in self-defense he wasn't charged for the three shootings, only for illegal possession of a firearm. when i asked the chief about the four year sentence he would only say this is what the courts decided. this is what has to accepted. he says that now that the criminal proceedings are finished, proven proven fire will launch new investigation, and he does expect additional changes regarding safety to come. in land over hills, lindsay watts fox 5 local news. >> tough weekend for everybody there. time now, 7:10, still very lots of things going on here in the weekend. there's a lot happening in the weekend. >> a lot of sports, a lot of sports here, we got the trifecta all three teams playing this weekend. we're going to tell you who's playing today if you're looking for something to do with your
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the deadline day almost here, it is tax time. late filers have until tuesday or file for an extension, we'll sit down with a financial planner and discuss what we should be doing with our tax refunds >> i know what i'm doing >> buying me dinner >> caitlin is back and another look at the weather, you're going to want to here this. fox 5 news morning be right back after thisk after this
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just a heartbreaking loss for the washington capitols, the 64 was 4-3, toronto took the winng
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tied at one game a piece, shifting back to tornado tomorrow night >> that was a long game. happening today on easter sunday, washington nationals will be taking the field to play the philadelphia phillies, game time is 1:35 p.m. it will be hot. as you heard before, if you're headed to the game, get ready to bring beverages with you as well. because it will be a scorcher. this is the last game in a three-game series. nationals lost to the phillies 4-2 yesterday. this afternoon, the washington wizards hit the hardwood to take on the atlanta hawks. the fourth seeded wizards will take on the number five. the tip is at 1:00. the winner goes on to round two of the nba playoffs. a lot happening today in addition to the glorious weather. >> very warm. maybe a little too hot for some >> i think so. >> i mean, just if
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know, out and about trying to go services. for anyone headed to the nats game, the sun will be strong. a lot of sun screen, water needed, sunglasses if you're going to be outside >> let's do it, let's get to our live picture. taking a look at the washington monument on this beautiful sunday morning, easter sunday april 16th, late nor this time of year. these temperatures are usually warm. warm front came through yesterday, temperatures in the upper 70's, very warm easter meaning we're going to go see temperatures well into the 80's. let's check right now, it's already mild, kind of muggy out there already too. 66 in washington, 69 in annapolis, 63 in westminster, 63 dulles, 65 martinsberg, 63 in winchester, all across the northeast gearing up for a warm one. we're seeing morning temperatures at 62 in new york,
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59 binghamton, 62 pittsburgh. these are areas that yesterday morning were starting out in the 40's. noticeably warmer here. satellite and radar. we had a lot of thunderstorms came through the 95 corridor through towsen dmaryland. we're waiting on the cold front. leading across, the main front is more organized pushing through chicago into st. louis and heavier showers there, that will arrive late into early monday, maybe a thunderstorm, does look like this line loses a lot of steam as the crosses the mountains. morning haze giving way to a lot of sunshine here by 5:00 is the first chance for showers, it is mainly just clouds, according to futurecast here but i see a couple of showers towards charlottesville, that being said another chance for showers at
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11:00 sunday, pretty decent rain moving in. look how it all just fades apart as it crosses the mountains into the washington area. maybe moisture but a couple chance of showers one at initial line at 5:00, 6:00 p.m., mainly southwest of south and west of town early monday morning, early showering giving way to. >> jet stream fall off towards our north, temperatures into the 80's, heading back to work and school, we're looking a the more seasonal temperature, 60's for the northeast be probably low 70's to around 70 here in washington, which is still slightly above normal but closer to normal. here's what it looks like outside on easter sunday, mostly sunny, warm, 86. and we've got return to the 70's in your seven-day forecast. slight chance of that shower there on monday, first in the morning, but i think we might be unstable enough we could have a pop-up shower in the
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sunny, cool and beautiful, 71 and cooler with rain more likely on wednesday, we could benefit from that rain, scour out the tree pollen that's just made allergy sufferers miserable. chance of showers. we warm up end the work week, close to 80, 77 on thursday, 79 friday, 73 little bit cooler next saturday as we head to next weekend. and that's the way it look, annie, send it back to you. time is 7:18, coming up at 7:00. it is tax deadline time. you have until tuesday >> for anybody out there filed we'll be talking about making the most of your tax refund this morning, we'll get tips from the pros coming up next at 7:00. fl
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[000:18:45;00] ♪ ♪ welcome back, the time is 7:21, there may be a few out there who have still not done your taxes. you want to remember they're due this year on april 18th. >> that is right. joining us with more is anne
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summerson and she'll be talking about the ways that we can be spending our refund and your certified financial planner. what are some of the biggest misconception >> it's attempting to view it as a wind fall, really it's your own money >> because we get it back in a big lump sum we think of it as, this is great, we can really spoil ourselves >> it's a good time to save some of it >> many people file electronically, those refunds often go directly into our bank accounts, which removes one step and one pause in between the getting and the spending. what can you do as far as making sure that there is some kind of stop gap there, that those funds can just don't automatically wind unin a revolving door of spend? >> because it shows up in your checking account just like your paycheck.
7:23 am
you need to have a plan. you know what you're going to maybe you decide that you need to beef up your emergency fund a little bit. go ahead and fund your ira this year. a lot of times people wait till the end of tax season to file it for the previous. go ahead and get it done this year. if you have kids and looking to start a college savings account maybe get a jump start on that >> what are some other ways that we can actually be investigating because i think sometimes people were intimidated by that, risking their money. do you have any advice on our people still doing cd's, >> they are you want to have the money vested for the long-term. in diversified museum funds or etfs are a good thing to do >> one of the things people talk about with taxes they don't like to talk about taxes.
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it's a little bit like fight club. you get through, it's over and you don't want to think about it again until the 1040's show up in the next year. is that necessarily the right way to handle this? and when should -- if you're not satisfied with how you made out now, how soon after the tax filing deadline ends should you be thinking about planning for next year's taxes >> very good question. i think a lot of people don't realize they have more control over their tax withholding than they think, the w4 form, you can do that over and over, as many times as you want and what you're doing telling your company how much to withhold from your paycheck and you can increase the number of allowances until you get to the right point. you don't have to just stick with what you have and end up, i think people think it's a mystery, am i going to owe? have to pay? when you really do have control over that. >> circle a date on the calendar, maybe some time in may or june and sit down >> see how much you have withheld, where is it -- is it
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the same as your you can have a better control whether it will be at the end of the year. ? good stuff >> after tuesday, will you relax and kickback a little bit? >> yes. >> we get to relax a little bit. >> we do. >> thank you so much >> thank you, anne, 7:25, you're
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watching fox 5 news at 7:00. we'll be right back. fl [000:25:23;00] fox 5 local news on sunday morning, easter, 7:27. beautiful morning, any easter egg hunts will go off unencumbered by rain or bad weather >> no weather delays expected. >> caitlin >> good morning. >> we're talking before about how hot it's going to be but it's also going to be just beautiful out there as well too. >> so true >> anybody heading out for easter services >> exactly. no problems, great picture taking weather for the little kids. it will be a bright beautiful day. warm, probably one of the warmest easters we've had, hard to keep track because the day changes year-to-year and this is a late one, april 16th, but
7:29 am
temperatures almost 20 degrees above normal later this afternoon, 66 at reagan national, 63 at dulles, 60 at bwi. we're off to a toasty start, not only are temperatures in the 60's which is close to a normal high temperature for mid april, it's a little humid. those due points are a bit higher. with that, you got the muggy feeling in the air, the sun will come up and start to warm things up. sun will be higher in the sky, 60 in baltimore, 69 annapolis, 65 frederick, 65 martinsberg, 63 winchester, winds out of the southwest helping to pump in the heat and humidity, they're fairly light but the one thing that will help if your outdoors, there will be a gusty southwest breeze over 20 miles an hour later on with a little bit of a breeze that will help because it will be warm if you'll be out too long specific physical you're going to the nats at 1:35 this afternoon. satellite and radar, few clouds, haze out there this morning,
7:30 am
warm front moves through last night. we saw temperatures get into the upper 70's. we also saw few thunder showers with the warm air moving in. we should be rain-free, protected by high pressure towards the southeast that helps pump in the warmth and humidity, temperatures in the 80's in the midatlantic. as the cold front approaches, this ridge will break down and william see a chance of showers or thunderstorm later. rain-free until maybe 5:00 on your 6:00. 83 in washington, 85 in manassas, 87 in fredericksberg. if you're along the potomac, chesapeake, 78, that will be cooler due to the relatively cooler water temperature that is always happens this time year. overnight, still going to be cool, mild as temperatures fall into the 50's and 60's for washington, but look at that 40's for that cold front passes
7:31 am
north and west, nationals baseball here's the forecast, pitch 1:35, 82, lots of water, take a break from the shade, i know this isn't impressively hot but be the mid 80's by the end over the game, a look at the seven-day forecast still ahead. annie and tom? today is easter sunday, one of the whole holiestdays. they went through a check in st. peter's square. and mass is planned at the washington national cathedral this morning. >> this morning, we're meeting one man that performance way up high in the washington cathedral. happy easter, alex. >> reporter: guys, happy easter and that's right, we've now
7:32 am
moved out on to a courtyard, because as you can hear, she's playing that beautiful bell instrument. i do have kevin communications director with the national cathedral here wisdom martin this morning. good morning, kevin, happy easter >> happy easter, thanks for com coming. >> you can hear the bell tower is not the best place to have communication. time now 7:32. a pop artist in dc to perform at tomorrow's 139th annual white house easter egg
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roll after the break, he'll play one of the songs, stuck around. we'll be right back. l be right back. s are fi but at outback, we hunt for steak! for two weeks only, it's the great aussie steak hunt... come in, scratch off our 'aussie egg' and you could win free outback for an entire year! we're giving away thousands of other prizes... and everyone wins something, so hurry in! i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit, from voya. i'm the money you save for retirement. who's he? he's green money, for spending today. makes it easy to tell you apart. that, and i am better looking.
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i heard that. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. time is 7:35. it is a time honored tradition, it's going to takes place at the white house, we're talking about the easter egg roll. president trump will be there and the white house secretary sean spicer said about 21,000 are expected to attend.
7:36 am
that's smaller than last year when barack obama hosted about 35,000 people there. the dates back to 1878 when president rutherford b haze opened up the gates and every year since, each administration put its own little spin on the festivities and joining us is singer song righter jack vandervelde. >> are you a big easter guy >> i am, which is why i'm wearing my jeans and t-shirt. i'm always dressed in my best clothes for easter >> you're wearing a jacket. >> you got a big tour coming up. you're going out with plain white t's? >> yes, along the coast >> how does that happen >> it was 2:00 a.m. my time in london and i was asleep and got a car from mark and brad. and essentially, it was the first lady who oversees the
7:37 am
whole thing, it was her office who invited me and that's just an offer you can't turn down. >> do you have any idea that you were in t >> no. i did not. which is why >> it was cold call >> that's exactly what it was. for me they called me and said we're doing it. so first you get cleared by the actual event and then you get cleared by the secret service, which is kind of cool. so and then i found out i'm going to. it was 2:00 a.m. i'm like is this actually happening >> this is like an all-day festivity. do you know what time you'll be making the rounds. >> i start at 10:35 and do 20 minutes, and get off, i'll be doing three sets of 20 minutes, i think i start at 10:35 and throughout the day >> you're audience will be younger than you're used to, one of my favorite bands went on to have a massive career with, you know, younger entertainment, but is this an audience saying that
7:38 am
you traditionally will perform for or are you used to that >> traditionally, no, but at this point, i'll play for anyone who wants -- i played from to like cafes to fraternities and sororities, get to play at the white house for anyone. i just like to play music. i'll definitely cater towards the younger crowd, but general, i'm excited >> i got to listen to a few of your songs. it's very soulful kind of have i been but poppy >> i love pop. i go back to when i was young with the back street boys >> it was them who started it for me and i love pop naturally but the whole singer song writer folk as well >> getting to hear you warm up a little bit, who are your music influences you mentioned become
7:39 am
street boys >> i love ed sheeran fan. my parents wanted to go to dinner and they bought us ed sheer >> i want to hear some of your music. you'll perform your latest >> yes. >> thank you. >> take it away. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ city lights on a backpack bounced below the shoulder and she storms the door from a fight that we both know is far from over. should i fix this now? ♪ ♪ or let you drive this out again? ♪ ♪ no. no. i i know if we go on the road this night i won't end sober. it's a things in love that you don't want to do that make us closer notes notes i'll gladly put this tune and end. ♪ ♪ i've been around this
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trouble before. so nice. watch to steel the floor ♪ ♪ if i leave right now. would burn every bridge to the ground from here to later. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. in the time it flies but the fake good-byes make it go a little slower. it's a dangerous game to be playing with nothing show for. i'll gladly put this to an end. no. i've been around this trouble before. so watched to steal the floor and if i leave right now, would you do me that favor ♪ ♪ burn
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every bridge to the ground. ♪ ♪. i've been around this trouble before. so -- welcome toe fox 5 news morning. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. . time 7:43. the oldest person in the world passed away. emma morano from italy was 117 years old. she admitted her long life was probably due to genetics and her mother made it to 91, several sisters made it to 100. but she also says her diet helped out. three eggs day, two raw, she was
7:44 am
born back in 1899. believed the last person born in the 1800s. to michigan where it is raining, marsh drop held every year at a detroit area park. i love this, it's a tradition around easter and folks line up as marsh mellows are dropped from from a helicopter for the children to collect and trade in for candy and an easter sketch pad >> when they start playing baseball out there. this is a craze that we are told allegedly is sweeping the country right now. people in new hampshire are doing yoga with goats. they perfect their self with little goats on their backs. instructors say your face gets a work-out because you're smiling so much >> this is nothing new, my parents had me do this when i was a kid.
7:45 am
>> are you making that up >> i promise you. >> they would make us step on their backs, because the pressure, we were 40, 45 >> that makes sense. >> they'd be like -- my mom would face the ground and have my sister and i take turns >> walking on her back >> help the pressure and then she'd have us do the pounding the back. >> i'm fascinated >> it was our weekly chore. >> you serve your parents. you do what you say >> cuter with the goats. >>. easter sunday will be very warm. let's take a live look on sunday morning with the sun shining over the woodrow wilson bridge, shouldn't see any problems during the day, it's not until the evening we might have a shower or two. i think everything will be widely scattered. a warm easter, that is is what we're expecting and the rest of
7:46 am
the work week while cooler will still be fairly mild. we've had very warm april days and today will be no exception to that. 66 outside right now here in washington, 60 in baltimore, 69 in annapolis, score westminster, 55 frederick, mid 60's along the mountains and muggy out there. due points upper 50's close to 60. we got humid in place along with the heat, it will be much more like a summer afternoon, across the northeast, 61 boston, 62 new york. mild 50's up through upstate new york, 62 pittsburgh, all these places started off yesterday morning in the 40's, so noticeably warmer at that front pushed through yesterday. we saw high temperatures in the upper 70's, we also saw showers about 9:00, 10:00 along 95 through washington up through baltimore, that was just with the warm air moving through. right now, we're in between fronts. we got a cold front back towards our west which will bring the chance of showers later this afternoon, brief frontal showers moving through central and western portions of pennsylvania, main front back across the ohio valley brought
7:47 am
steady showers to chicago, approaching st. louis, two chances for us with these two waves of seeing rain showers. morning that will quickly give way to mostly sunny skies this morning and afternoon, by 6:00, a chance for sprinkles as you see the light rain showers, by 11:00 here's the main front across the ohio valley, steady showers to cumberland moving into the mountains, but it really loses steam crossing the mountains, during the overnight hours, maybe a shower or two, doesn't look like most of this front will hold together, we wake up to partly cloudy skies monday and giving way to more sunshine in the afternoon, 80's today, jet stream well off towards our north, that will sing southward tomorrow and temperatures will be closer to normal but mild. i think 70's washington, 60's as you get up into pennsylvania. here's your forecast for today. mostly sunny skies, 86, very warm easter sunday, no problems
7:48 am
heading out to services this that morning or brunch and for any of those easter egg hunts it southwest winds will increase, ten to 15, we can see them gust over 20 miles an hour at times. 76 tomorrow with a slight chance of showers. we cool down mid week. that's where temperatures turning closer to normal. 71 tuesday, 68 with rain likely wednesday, 77 as we warm things back up thursday. still a chance of showers. just a little bit unstable thursday and friday with that warm air in place, but we could use the rain. looks like we cool down there by saturday 73 for the high temperature. a look at your seven-day forecast. annie and tom >> did you know americans are spending more than ever on easter? >> turns out the holiday falls three weeks later this year than it did last year. giving people more time to shop and decorate. americans are spending an estimate 18.4 billion dollars on easter.
7:49 am
that breaks down to about 125 bucks per person, national retail federation noticed an up tick, estimated 81% of americans will be celebrating today. >> it's a lot of money but it's in your face >> is your family like mine and have been glued to the giraffe cam >> millions of people. it's been viewed by like 5 million people. >> it's the moment we've been waiting for. april gave birth to a healthy male calf yesterday. we watched it live at my house, you can name the little girl for five bucks, that's how much you'll need to spend to take part in the name competition. all the funds raised will be divvied up between three different charities. that's just adorable. >> now we can move on to the next animal. we've been watching april through months. >> that was kind of cool. >> that was cool. but the one thing that i thought was also cool was that the zoo
7:50 am
is in harpersville new york and apparently a very small town with no stop lights, so this might do is generate interest for people to go there and see april, and then up >> i guess it's not so small now. >> time now 7:49. up next, taking you inside a decade's old tradition at the washington national cathedral >> you probably heard the cath cathe cathedral's wells before. meet the people who make them ring loud and clear each and every sunday. we'll be right back. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee.
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all for a smoother tasting cup.
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green mountain coffee. sundays many people can hear the church bells at the washington national cathedral ring loud and clear >> we're going to take a look back at the tradition people tasked with the responsibility of sharing the unique bond, chip baseton brings their story. ♪ ♪. >> there's a lot of magic here. >> no secret about it. >> this is like my extravaganza >> if it were easy nobody would bother >> we started ringing in this tower in the fall of 1963. there's 55 active towers in north america >> i went to national cathedral
7:54 am
school and it's an unusual system for bell ringers. ♪ ♪ >> bells, it's most unusual and when it's done correctly it's a beautiful form of music. ♪ ♪ >> we ring every sunday. we ring after the service sundays. we don't have any high tech way. someone calls us and tells us the service is over and timing in. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. ring them bells ♪ ♪ >> ten notes the d major scale goes from low d up to high sharp >> they range from 608 to 6,588 pounds and this has been going
7:55 am
on this way since the 1800s. ♪ ♪. ring them bells so the world will ♪ ♪. >> it may look like we're -- it's not a trans at all. it's a lot of concentration >> you have to focus on you have to be aware of your own particular sound. it has to sound in relation to everybody else >> i can't be thinking of what i need to buy at the grocery store >> it's the kind of thing if one gets completely out of place it pretty much has to stop. you're looking for precision. it's timing. >> think about striking this hard >> it's being able to hear and see and pull it open that it strikes precisely >> when you hear it ringing, it should be a smooth and evenly placed as possibly
7:56 am
>> you got off near the end of >> it's kind of like if everyone is singing a different note in a song. it's hard to do that and get everybody so sound terrible. >> it's so interconnected. ♪. ♪. >> sometimes i do hear bells in my sleep. it's one of these weird things particularly when i've been in an experience where the ringing really well. it kind of continues in my head, which is a little bit weird. i understand that. ♪. >> it's kind of an inside baseball thing. people who know how to do this are able to go from tower to tower >> any bell tower in the world walk in the door and welcomed like an old friend. typically at the end of ringing you head for the pub. builds friendships, character >> you're dealing with substantial pieces of equipment
7:57 am
>> one of the bells might way 1,000 pounds and swings about 35 miles an hour. the rope is slack and happens to catch you on the upsng whatever >> it can break your arm >> you will break something badly doing that. ♪, ♪. >> what you want to do is you want every single time you come into the tower for the ringing to be majestic and flawless. and sometimes it is. and when it is, it's very breath taking. ♪, ♪. >> we don't like bad ring we feel like it's offending the people outside. my husband claims it doesn't matter. >> the person sitting on the sideline probably can't tell them apart. . >> there's a group of us who really like the hard stuff, and
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man 3: wow. man 4: nice. strength and style. which one's your favourite? come home with me! make a strong decision. find your tag and get 16% below msrp on select silverado 1500 pickups in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. . fox 5 news morning good morning and welcome to fox 5 news morning on sunday, i'm annie yu >> i'm tom fitzgerald, happy
8:01 am
easter, sunday, april 16th, great to have you along and caitlin roth is here and you've been looking at fantastic easter weather >> this is a hot easter forecast. temperatures well above normal into the 80's we go this afternoon, so much warmer than yesterday as we take a live look outside, that sunshine back in full force, april 16th, where normal highs are in the upper 60's but it will be in the mid 80's, good travel weather, if you're going to visit family, it's warm outside, but we should be sunny and dry all afternoon. chance of showers possibly later tonight, i'll get to that in a minute. 68 at reagan, 66 at dulles, 64 at bwi, toasty start this morning, we got humidity in place, feels a liquid muggy, we jumped to 70 in quantico, 70 in annapolis, 64 in westminster, 64 in winchester and 65 in culpeper, virginia. winds are out of the southwest helping push in all this warmth, fairly light, five to ten miles an hour. later we'll have gusty breezes over 20 miles an hour.
8:02 am
satellite and radar showing clouds, there's haze out there this morning, but we should be dry most of the day, and we'll wait on that chance of showers, much like last through, a cold front between about 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. here's your set up, second half of the weekend, easter sunday, if you're celebrating, high pressure just down towards our south and east, pumping in 80's. 79 by 11:00 a.m., mostly sunny skies few clouds this afternoon, 86 in washington for the high temperature elsewhere with the 84 in gaithersburg, 85 manassas, 87 in fredericksberg, cooler along the water, 78 annapolis, return to cooler temperatures for the work week ahead in the seven-day forecast. annie? today is easter sunday. one of the holiest days, tens of thousands are celebrate to go the vatican. they went through security checks for a place in st.
8:03 am
peter's square to take part in sunday mass. and mass is planned at the washin this morning >> this morning we're getting to meet the man who performance way up high in the bell tower of the washington national cathedral. alexandra limon live this morning with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: guys, good morning, and easter mass here at the national cathedral just got started at 8:00 a.m., and tom, you were mentioning the koreaner. we were just high up in the bell tower and i have kevin x tram wisdom martin >> it's 53 bells, the heaviest is about 12 tons. installed in the 60's. the organ you only hear inside of the cathedral. the bells you can hear anywhere around the neighborhood.
8:04 am
>> reporter: what's the significance playing it before easter mass >> to call people we're about to get started already beautiful morning. >> reporter: mass is underway, you're full to capacity. what else can people do if anyone who wants to come visit the cathedral this easter >> we'll be open all afternoon any time after about 1:00, people can stop by, at 2:00, there's an organ concert that the free. and at 4:00, there's an even song service, a coral service, a lot of people come to on easter >> if you celebrate easter and you don't have your plans named down, the cathedral is a beautiful place from the architecture to the music, a lot happening this is an option. we will have another live report coming up about a half hour. i will send it back to you guys, annie, tom >> thanks so much. other news, the world has its eyes on north korea this weekend. north korea attempted to launch a missile from an eastern coast
8:05 am
city with the missile exploded on the launch pad. we now know it was a medium rangeis celebration for the 105th put birthday of the last north korea founder. president trump not yet released a statement but there has been words past week between president trump and north korea. >> if the united states recklessly provokes us, our revolutionary power will strike the enemies to annihilate them. we will take all the action we have regardless of whether the u.s. provokes us with full scale war or nuclear war. >> vice president mike pence is in south korea part of a ten-day trip to asia joined by his wire and two daughters. happening today, a somber narrowest, ten years since the deadly mass shootings at virginia tech, 32 people were killed on campus before the
8:06 am
gunman took his own life. this is the deadliest school shooting in u.s. history. this weekend, community members are coming together and honoring thousands of people took part in a 3.2 mile run held on campus yesterday in memory of those 32 victims. among the events planned today are candlelight vigil and a moment of silence. to prince george's county, where the fire department is honoring a firefighter shot and killed responding to a call one year ago this weekend. john ulmschnieder was just 37. he went by skillet around the fire thousands, lindsay watts has more on how the department is keeping his memory alive. >> reporter: this is the firehouse where john skillet ulmschnieder was assigned right over here, is his locker, you can see it's been turned into a memorial to him. earlier tonight, dozens. firefighters from around the county gathered. at 8:38. peverybody paused for a moment f silence, that's time when
8:07 am
ulmschnieder was killed last year >> all personnel please rise. in ♪ ♪ >> there were bag pipe players, ulmschnieder's mother was here and you can see what a big crowd came out. ulmschnieder was killed during a welfare check at a home in temple hills, no one respond to do the house, he forced photo array. the homeowner said he opened fire because he was having a diabetics episode. and thought somebody was breaking in. he not only killed ulmschnieder but shot and injured another firefighter and his own brother. ulmschnieder's mother spoke to the crowd about how much she misses her son and how happy he was to work for prince george's county fire. >> i know john would be very
8:08 am
proud of you and the job that you do. we all miss him. i do. his whole family does. just stay safe >> he was a father to a little girl, wasn't even a-year-old when he was killed. he was described as a prankster. a funny guy who wouldn't let anybody call him by his first name, john, he insist on being called skill it, a nickname from growing up on the farm >> the moment he walked in he stole the floor, an overwhelming personality, made sure, you know, he you knew where he stood, and it was just a jokester. he always called me pretty boy, made sure he knew that he was good dirt under the fingernails kind of guy. i'll miss that and miss him. >> he wasn't just an employee, he was a real family member. it's going to take some time. how long, i don't know. >> the fire chief said some closure did come yesterday when
8:09 am
the man who shot and killed ulmschnieder was sentenced. darryl lumpkin got four years in prison, because he felt he was firing in self-defense only for illegal possession of a firearm. when i asked the chief about the four-year sentence, he would only say this is what the courts decided. this is what has to be accepted. he says that now that the criminal proceedings are finished up with, prince george's county fire is going to launch a new investigation into what happened a year ago, he says he does expect additional changes regarding safety to come. in land overhills, lindsay watts fox 5 local news. 8:09. a very busy in the district. >> we're going to tell you what happened in some of the ones completed we'll look forward to what's ahead
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> caitlin has another look at the weather, happy easter everybody, we'll be right back. e right back. 8:12, the oldest person in the world died, emma morano was 117 years old.
8:13 am
her life partly due to genetics. her mother made it to 91 and several sister made it to 100. she ate three eggs a day. born in the last person born in the 1800 michigan, raining marsh mellows, it is a tradition around this time. folks line up as 20,000 marsh mellows are transported from a helicopter for children to collect and then trade in for candy. as well as an easter sketch pad. great idea. >> couldn't do that with raw eggs, self defeating >> this is a craze, that is happening in new hampshire where people are doing yoga with goats, they perfect their downward facing dogs and little goats trot on their backs. instructors say your face also gets a work that probably feels
8:14 am
pretty good, but goats are not known for good behavioral. i would think sometimes >> at that age, you hope they're still sweet and innocent >> till you get a head >> it is cute >> things can turn quickly with an unbehaved to get. the time is 8:13. coming up, we're going to check in on the easter sunday forecast. it will feel warm out there today >> you're watching fox 5 news at 8:00.
8:15 am
here's a live look outside looks like the beltway. 8:14, we'll be right back. we'll be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance lowers blood sugar and a1c in adults with type 2 diabetes. jardiance is also the only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart- proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death in adults with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. jardiance can cause serious side effects, including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis
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visit for a free consultation with a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. ♪ ♪ welcome backing 8:17, here's a live look at the white house on easter sunday. there's president trump and his family spending easter in florida at his mar-a-lago estate. a lot of people flock to the district for the big game. it was a heartbreaking loss for the washington capitols who lost to the trenton toe maple alleaf. this easter sunday, the washington nationals taking the
8:18 am
field to play the philadelphia phillies at a time nationals park. game time 1:35. get ready yesterday they lost 4-2. the washington wizards hitting the hardwood to take on the atlanta hawks. they will take on the number five seed, the winner goes on to round two of the nba playoffs. hopefully we win >> we need something. i'm so upset the nats lost >> i like the wizards old school union. >> i like it when any team takes it old school. it's the original. keep it original. we don't need to reinvent the wheel. >> get through the playoffs >> it is going to be hot if you're sitting outside. >> i feel like if you're sitting in the sun, you add ten degrees to whatever that temperature is. it does get uncomfortable. you're going to be sweating at nats park.
8:19 am
here's a beautiful view of the national cathedral. that is just gorgeous with the bright blue sky, the sun shining on these trees blooming long, thanks to the warm weather in this mid april. probably within the next couple weeks, the trees and flowers will reach the full bloom. it's been a gorgeous week. those trees are coming into their glory as we take a look at the national cathedral on this easter morning, very warm is expected. we'll see high temperatures in the mid 80's later on. guess what? feels mild out there. it's 70 in annapolis, 70 in quantico, 64 baltimore, 68 washington, mid 60's about everywhere with the exception being cumberland. research. it's muggy how the there too, along with the heat we'll have humidity being pumped in. really feeling like a summer afternoon. mid 60's just about everywhere, 64 new york, 65 boston, 64 in pittsburgh. everyone getting into the 80's today. not a record for us, not even close really, but for some
8:20 am
places towards the north maybe into new england, a little bit of haze, clouds, warm front came through night showers along the 95 corridor from washington to baltimore but the main cold front back out to the west. you can moving across the ohio valley, indianapolis, st. louis, showers ahead may move through earlier, around 5:00, 6:00 we could see a few sprinkles. overnight maybe showers. here's what it looks like, mostly sunny day and quiet easter until about 5:00, 6:00, were showers crossing 95 during the evening hours. we could see rumbles of thunder, that's first chance to see sprinkles. the second comes with the front later tonight. moving into hagerstown cumberland, it's during the overnight it crosses. we can see additional shower, by monday, it's hazy and cloudy maybe a shower around as we wake up.
8:21 am
we'll see return as the front stalls to the south, that will be monday. along with the changing weather, we got changing temperature, warm today, jet stream dips southward tomorrow, we'll return to the 70's, 60's pennsylvania and new england closer to normal and back to normal by mid week, nats baseball, full on sunny sky, bit of a breeze out of the southwest, that will help with gusts over 20, it's 82 at first pitch. it's a hot one. 76 monday, with sun coming out in the afternoon, mostly sunny and cooler tuesday, showers are likely wednesday, we could use that rain, not just to benefit the drought, which is still ongoing, we warm back to 80 thursday and friday with a chance of showers and cooling down into next saturday which looks like a really nice weekend as well. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. have a great easter holiday. >> time is 8:21 on this sunday morning
8:22 am
>> that does it for me but much more ahead, stay with us. we'll be back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
back. ♪ ♪, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪.
8:25 am
chris wallace is the anchor of fox news sunday, happy easter >> thank you, same to you >> what's on tap >> the big often between the united states and north korea major display yesterday of military weapons ad some advanced one that is the u.s. had not seen before by the kim regime and intercontinental missiles and today an open defyians. they launch add missile which exploded. the north koreans seem full speed ahead. we'll be talking to kt mcfarland with mac thorn berry, trying to understand what the options are and around the world. this was the week when the u.s. launched the you huge bomb on
8:26 am
isis fighters in afghanistan and a real change in u.s. policy towards china and russia. a lot to tal of the hour. as you know this is a new administration, they're not at their 100 day mark and we've seen upheavals at the white house. we've got a situation in north korea, in the mideast, in syria, seems like this would stretch any administration to its ends. how much does that factor into the calculation of this administration where they seem to be taking on very big things, very early on in their term here? >> i don't think that they feel that at all. i could see where somebody in the outside might say that. but i think this president feels very calm and secure about his national security team, especially now that general flynn, national security advisor has been replaced by hr mcmaster and we had mcmaster on the show
8:27 am
last week and he was talking about the fact that right in the middle of the summit at mar-a-lago, they launched this missile strike on we were balancing all of these things and he said we handled it professionally and smoothly and it went off without a hitch. i don't think they feel they have the training wheels on at all. i think they feel it's full speed ahead for them
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> coming up at 9:00, fox news sunday with chris wallace right after the show. thank you. >> you bet. >> time now is 8:27. april 16th, 2017, happy easter. good to have you with us i'm tom fitzgerald >> i'm ronica cleary >> fox 5 news on the hill. a beautiful day, you see a beautiful picture of st. peters basilica >> tens of thousands of the faithful are celebrating easter at the vatican >> alexandra limon has been out there all morning, she went way up high in the bell tower, you're down back on the ground this morning, alex. i'm sure everybody is looking fantastic and please be out there on this sunday morning. >> reporter: yes.


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