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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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. hi, everyone happy easter. i'm jim lokay. >> and i'm lauren demarco. thank you so much for joining us. what an amazing easter sunday it was out there, so much sunshine, temperatures reading 80 degrees. >> lori came in in shorts today. >> what the forecast is on the way i think a lot of people would like to see this stick around. >> it's not going to stick around as hot as it was today because we were in the upper 80s. it actually hit 89 at reagan national airport. can you believe it? we didn't break any records because our record is into
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between bwi thursdaygood marshall and baltimore where it is in the 87-degree range. it was a hot day. no mistaking it. but also we talked about a chance of showers today and that's what's happening on radar right now. some of you might have felt a little sprinkle out there and may feel a sprinkle before it's all said and done into this evening. we're not talking widespread showers, we are talking scattered showers, clouds are rolling in as well and this is all associated with a frontal system that's going to be moving through across our area. so don't be surprised and i can't rule out an isolated rumble of thunder or two. in the meantime 82 degrees and winds from the west southwest and they get on the gusty side. your current temperatures, 80 degrees at mannasas, 82 at baltimore, 77 at within chis ter and cumberland, 80 at hagerstown, 84 to the south at
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fredricksburg this here. and we are talking an overnight low 65 degrees as the winds kick in from the southwest. we'll see some of the showers possibly lingering into the early hours of your monday. so just be aware of that. but not bad overall into the week where our temperatures are going to be well above seasonal. they're going to continue to be that way. we're actually some 22 degrees warmer today than we should be. what a gift from mother nature for your easter. more details on that all-important 7-day forecast coming up a little bit later. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. a lot of people took advantage of the weather today. >> reporter: we are here at yard's park. it's a beautiful day. you need to come under the waterfall just to get a break from the heat. it is warm out here. it feels like a day in august and you can see the people hanging out in the pool. if you're not familiar with
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anacotia river and it's not too far from nats park and i believe this is the only open outdoor pool that you're going to find right now in the dc area. most pools aren't opening up until memorial day. a lot of people hanging out here along the river. some people sitting out here on the grass. i want to show you video now because it was a little busier when we first arrived here then at around 5:00 we saw a sprinkling of rain, saw a few clouds, but then the sun returned. as you know, easter sunday can offer a variety of weather. some years you've got to grab that jacket. this year you could pull out the bathing suit. kids who we talked to today were loving it. listen. >> i haven't been to the swimming pool for a long time and this is my first time coming to here. >> she said yes. and this is a good easter. >> reporter: when was the lars time you went
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>> like last year. >> it's been a while so this is pretty fun. how has your day been going? >> we've been going great. >> it's nice. i thought it was going to be a little cold but instead it's hot. >> reporter: how did you like the weather today? >> good. >> reporter: he could not stay and talk when there was swimming to do. in addition to the pool that's taken there, you can see there's this fountain up there. this is just a beautiful area, a great place to be today, there's an ice cream spop down the street that is absolutely packed. i hope you had a wonderful easter and got to get
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and enjoy this gorgeous weather. fox 5 local news. >> and as easter draws to a close this morning, parishioners gathered across the region to mark the holiday with prayers and song which includes the national cathedral. [ church bells ] of course people enjoying the sets of bells out there. the bells weren't heard just inside the cathedral but around the area as well. >> it's a massive system of bells, as you can see. there's 53 bells in total, and this is the only instrument and system of bells at the cathedral that can play music. so when you hear that wonderful easter music around the capit,
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>> tradition happens that means the national cathedral is calling on people to come to mass. a little later on we will give you a behind the science look. >> pope francis urging christians to hold on to their faith. that was the message he delivered during the easter mass at st. peter's square this morning. we hear forefrom fox's bryan llenas. >> reporter: chrissons around the globe celebrate the easter holiday marking the resurrection of jesus christ. >> in this land of pain, of tragedies with the faith of the risen christ. there isn't a wall, there is a horizon. there's life, there's a cross with ambivalence. look ahead. >> reporter: there was heightened security following the attack on a coptic christian church in egypt last week. the new york police department wasn
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manhattan and in the united kingdom prayers were given for christians in the middle east. >> but the words jesus says on that first easter day, he says to you and me now, to each of us, to listen, to take hold of within our hearts, do not be afraid. >> reporter: in syria a message of hope for a return to peace and for future prosperity. >> we always pray on this occasion for peace and security to return to our country for the old days when we used to all live together as one. >> reporter: meanwhile in mexico city the easter celebrations were a bit more political. >> the judas eifgee is incredible. also one of the wall it
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perfect. >> reporter: president trump attended z church in florida. they will travel back this afternoon and host the easter egg roll monday morning. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. >> fox 5 in northeast dc tonight after a man was stabbed along c street that's where we find marina marraco live tonight. marina? >> reporter: we are in the heart of the capitol hill neighborhood, we're just adjacent to stan tonight park, this is northeast at c and sixth street. right now there is currently a homicide investigation under way. dc police at this hour not confirming officially that there was a homicide that took place inside the house. we do know, however, this was a stabbing, a victim, an adult male and i can tell you from what we're seeing on the scene there is a large number of people from the homicide branch here on the scene and the medical examiner also here as well. now if we take the tape here you'll see the scene just a little bit ago and this ig
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neighbors earlier here they tell us it's an elderly couple that lives inside the home. some of their adult children also reside as well in this walk-up building and some neighbors across the way, they're staying in this neighborhood, they're on vacation, they're not from dc. one of them this morning says he was on the way to a corner store when he heard a loud argument and then he saw an adult walk outside from this house here. that witness was taken down to homicide branch for questioning. still a lot developing here. this call came in at about 1:40 this afternoon. it is now about 6:10 so you can see it is still an active investigation. we're still waiting for confirmation from dc police that this is a homicide but you can see detectives on the scene here as well as the medical examiner's office. marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> to prince george's county now, police investigating a fatal stabbing. it happened this morning on the
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3300 block of springdale avenue in forestville. >> coming up, an emotional reunion caught on camera. fox 5 was there as a woman who found a box with human ashes in a maryland thrift store returned it to the family who was missing it. >> and much more in the
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paraded by the north korean leader kwlug a medium range solid fuel missile which could have been the type that was at the launch site on the east coast of the country today. if successful it could have threatened the us ally japan as well as service members in that country. a missile launcher, a new test was expected around this time to mark that anniversary. there was no speculation that it was time for vice president pence for a trip to the region. >> this mornings provocation from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day in the defense of the freedom of people of south korea and the defense of america in this part of the world. >> north korea's
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missile program never too far away even at the flower exhibition. a sign of north korea's might and power. >> the north korean government has not acknowledged the launch or the failure. one government official took me aside and admitted to me that these kinds of mistake might not happen. it might not be the government's fault that the uds staged a cyber attack against the launch. it's reported they have done so in the past but from everything that i hear from officials here, things are going to keep on going on, they're going to keep plugging away. >> the ongoing issues with north korea with were the hot topic of several of sunday morning's political talk shows. national security adviser says u.s. allies are agreeing something may
6:15 pm
while senator john mccain is applauding the president's efforts. >> we're working together with our allies and partners and with the chinese leadership to develop a range of options and the president has asked the national security council to integrate the efforts of the department of defense, state, our intelligence agencies so we can provide options and have them ready for him. >> for eight years we basically did nothing in response to some of the most horrendous war crimes in history. at least he did something. now i hope there will be a strategy to follow that up. america is about moral superiority in our willingness not to fight every fight but at least to respond to horrendous acts of inhumanity and war crimes. >> it has been a somber weekend at virginia tech remembering what happened 10 years ago. to this date remains t
6:16 pm
u.s. history. the governor and leaders laid wreaths on campus. the names of each victim read allowed and a similar service was held this morning at the april 16th memorial on campus. >> it's really important for us to be here and be with the community and bring our family and just be back to the place that feels like home. >> i wasn't here during the shooting but being over there it's so solemn and everything. get really emotional. >> and virginia senator tim kaine was governor and he says he's grown close to the survivor's victims and families. >> we told you about the woman who found a box containing human ashes in a thrift store in maryland. less than 24 hours later we were able to help return this man's remains to his daughter.
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identified but i was there friday night for the reunion. >> you're welcome. you're so welcome. [ sobbing ] >> it makes it all worth it. >> so handsome. >> reporter: martha was overwhelmed with relief that she was able to reunit a woman with her father's remains. >> i'm more than honored. i'm very lucky to be the one. >> she and her friend discovered the gold box at a thrift shop. when they opened it they were shocked to find ashes inside. they identified the remains of that of michael t. boone who passed away in 2014 at the age of 61. the woman wasn't anyone to find any contact information for his family so she reached out to us. a relative was watching and
6:18 pm
she says she was overcome with emotion. she is a loyal fox 5 viewer so tuned in right away and was shocked to see that we were talking about her dad. she recently lost her job, then her home and her storage ended up being repossessed. she showed us a cross that wears every day that contains a little bit of her dad's ashes. the rest were in a box that was lost with the rest of her belongings. martha recently lost her husband of 20 years and says she feels it was meant to be that she was the one who found that box. >> he just passed away in february so i think he had a hand in it. and i've been talking to him saying i know you guys are together and you're going to have a hand in it and find the family. >> thank you. >> i'm so glad. >> michael boone's daughter tells us her dad passed away unexpectedly three years ago. she says he was a chef, a mechanic, a redskins fan and a funny guy who was always joking. she thinks h
6:19 pm
this up to he was on a little journey but now he's back. >> she was so happy. i was thrilled to be able to help out with that. i spoke to her about it and she said the box had been missing but she had this feeling that she knew at some point she would get it back. so it was great. >> good, good. >> coming up, we are going to head to the movies to lighten things up
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. the fast and the furious fran chase was top at the box office this weekend. >> what may have come as no surprise, kevin mccarthy has seen all of his films out there. he is here with his review of the number one movie in america. >> hey, everybody. it's kevin mccarthy, i'm here with the movie releases including "the fate of the firus." i can't believe i'm standing here 16 years later reviewing the 8th fast and furious movie. i worked in a movie theater and saw it nine times at
6:23 pm
i saw it for free because i was working there but i love the fast and furious franchise. it's become a over the top, ridiculous absurd type of action film but with characters you actually care about. with the eighth film, all you need to know if you haven't seen the first seven, now we're in a time period where the team is essentially a robin hood--esque team and they do commit crime but for the greater good in their eyes. vin diesel goes rogue and his team has to get him back. chronologically speaking, if you've never seen the first seven, here's what you need to know. timeline-wise, the order is 1,
6:24 pm
2, 4, 4, 5, 6, 378. i love this film so much. it basically has exactly what you want in a fast and furious movie. the action there, the comedy is there. you care for the characters even though everything else in the film is absurd. the director also did "friday" and "law abiding citizen." the rock came into the franchise in fast 5 when he had that awesome bank vault scene and he's fantastic in the film. here's a scene that i want to show. i'm going to show this while i'm talking about it. it's a scene where the rock literally redirects a torpedo with his bare hands. that torpedo just came from underneath them and he hits it with his hand and he throws it into another truck.
6:25 pm
now, that's the ridiculous nature these films go into. so you have to know what you're going to see when you're watching the movies. but again the movie finds a way to keep you interested and liking the characters. that ice sequence literally brought tears to my eyes. i was geeking out so much. it was an amazing scene. let's take a look at a quick scene from the seventh film because this scene has the cars that were sky diving and to me i was like how are they ever going to top this moment and if you saw furious 7 you know that paul walker passed away not during the actual production of the movie but during the time period when the 7th movie was being filmed his two brothers stepped in to help finish production of the movie. he's not in the th one but his presence is felt in spirit. this scene right here is one of the most inkebl scenes i've ever seen in an action film. they actually threw cars out of the plane with go-pro footage. i didn't
6:26 pm
this, but when you see the ice sequence in 8, you're goingd to flip out. i love the fate of the furious, this is coming from the perspective of somebody who loves this franchise. i think it's a phenomenally fun franchise. it's great to have a bucket of popcorn, get an icee and i mix the blue and red together and put some coca-cola in there as well. i really love these films. i gave it a 4.4 out of 5. in my opinion number 5 and 7 are the best then number 1 then this one and then 8. i would probably go 6, 4, maybe 3 and 2. 2 is the worst one. so that's my review this week. tweet me and i love to hear what you think about the fast and furious franchise. i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news. >> we want to point out those were not lottery numbers kevin was giving out. >> i
6:27 pm
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tower in the fall of 1963. there is's 55 active towers in north america. >> i went to the school next store and it's an unusual system for bell
6:31 pm
>> it's a beautiful form of music. >> we ring every sunday. we ring after the service on sundays we don't have any high tech ways of knowing it. somebody calls from the sound booth and tells us that the service is over with. >> ten notes the d major scale up to high f sharp. >> they range in size from 608 pounds to 3,588 pounds and this has been going on this way since the
6:32 pm
>> it may look like we're in a trance. it's not a trance at all. it's just a lot of concentration. >> you have focus. you have to be aware of your own particular sound. >> i can't be thinking about what i need to buy at the grocery store. >> if one person gets completely out of place, it pretty much has to stop. >> you're looking for precision. timing. >> think about striking hard. >> you have to be able to hear and see in a way that's resize. >> when you hear it ringing it should be a smooth and as evenly placed as possible. >> da da da da da da. >> you've got off near the end. >> it's kind of like if everyone is singing a different note in a
6:33 pm
the song doesn't sound terrible. >> because it's so interconnected. >> i sometimes do hear bells in my sleep. particularly where i've been in an experience where we're ringing really well. it continues to echo in my head which was a little bit weird. i understand that. and it's kind of an inside baseball thing. people who know how to do this are able to go from tower to tower. >> they're welcomed like they're old friends. >> typically at the end of ringing you head for the pub. >> we're dealing with substantial pieces of equipment. >> thousands of pounds and swings
6:34 pm
>> if the rope is slack and catches you. >> it can break your arm or worse. >> and you're going to break something badly doing that. >> you want every single time for the ringing to be majestic and flawless. and sometimes it is, and when it is, it's very breathtaking. >> we don't like bad rings. we feel like it's offending people outside the tower. my husband claims it sounds it doesn't matter. >> the person sitting on the side line probably can't tell them apart. >> we like the hard stuff and we like to push ourselves, we find it interesting and i have to say we also like the camaraderie. these are people that i've rung with for many, many years. >> it's just fun
6:35 pm
bells. >> i will never think about it the same way when i hear church bells. >> it's grade because there's a story behind it. i think a lot of people think it just happens by itself. >> i had no idea. >> not so much. >> on the way we're going to take a look at some of the big events taking place across the area over the next week. >> from beer and art festivals to concerts we will preview it all when the news returns.
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
happy easter to all who celebrate today. we're going to take a look at some of the events coming up this week and we begin with easter celebrations because they continue tomorrow with of course the all-important white house easter egg roll. you had to enter a lottery to score tickets
6:38 pm
the action right here on fox 5 tomorrow morning. there is another event, however, for those looking to get the kids outside on easter monday. you can check out the national zoo. they have a lot of family-friendly activities going on from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. including an egg hunt and field games with prize snoos it has been gorus outside and the forecast looks pretty good for the week ahead especially the weekend, perfect timing for the bay bridge boat show. it runs friday through sunday at the bay bridge marina. tickets are 12 bucks and on friday night there's also a free barbecue bash for boat show ticket holders it's after the show at 6:00 p.m. and there will also be live music and a cash bar. on saturday nationals park will be hopping with hops. get it? more than 80 breweries are participating, many of them local. tickets are $45 and include unlimited tastings with food sold separately from food trucks. there are two sessions noon to 3:00 or 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. the art fest takes place on saturday and sunday. more than
6:39 pm
showcase their work. there will be plenty for sale and it's free to attend. head to the intersection of washington boulevard and north highland street. and here's your performance lineup for the weekend. on friday you've got chris brown at the verizon center, pat mcgee panned and some sad sara silverman at the mgm national harbor theater. coming up here on fox 5, gwen is back here with your full forecast. we'll be right back.
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>> we can't say enough what a gorgeous day it was today. >> i like you guys, it was tough to walk in the door. >> it was one of those how are you feeling hot hot hot days out there. the mercury was rising all over the place. we said it was going to happen and it really did. and actually it got a lot warmer than we even forecast it would. so hopefully it really helped you have an enjoyable easter sunday. we do have some changes on the horizon, but you know what? it was nice. and you know, still pretty comfortable out there as well. we have more clouds rolling in this hour, so just be aware of that as we get ready for a little bit of a change. so a few isote
6:43 pm
already popping up on radar which i'll show you. can't rule out maybe a stray isolated rumble of thunder there. temperatures this week staying into the 70s in the week ahead and we have some showers and isolated storms this week but the good news it's not a total washout. we have a mixture of surn and clouds as we stay very much in the mild sector. take a look at these daytime highs. unbelievable. talk about with that 90 degree range e look at this. 89 at reagan national airport. the record is actually 92 some no broken records here but 86 at dulles and 87 at marshall. it was absolutely great. current temperatures this hour we're at 82 at dc, 82 at dulles, 81 at mannasas this hour. 77 at winchester and at cumberland. to the south 81 at fredricksburg, baltimore 82 and 86 at annapolis. temperatures will be into
6:44 pm
50s overnight, a little cooler to the north and northwest as we get a little bit of a change with a cold front that's moving through and that cold front is approaching and it is a trigger for seeing some of those showers that we have popping up here and there and the increasing clouds we're getting for tonight as well. so we could see some of those showers lingering not early morning of your monday. here's a look at future cast showing you, here we are into the early hours, 8:00, 9:00 into the morning. other wise not much happening. picks up into the south into the later part of monday, things start to increase and thunderstorms start to role through there and we start to get a clearing trend as a ridge of high pressure starts to build in. so we're going to be staying into the 70s pretty much for most of the week. jet stream staying well to the north. that's southerly flow keeps kicking in fairly comfortable just a little active weather wise with a few days of some showers. tomorrow we're talking 72 degrees under
6:45 pm
by the 4:00 hour 74 and wrapping it up 65 degrees for tonight, becoming mostly cloudy once again, still looking at an isolated shower here and there and for tomorrow a high of 76 degrees. here's a look at your fox 5 forecast. i mentioned a few days with some showers, otherwise not bad and the temperatures as i said in the 70s. so not a bad week ahead at all. >> no. you had a bit of a busy weekend too. a nice little story to share. >> i did. i would like to tell you about somebody very special. once a foster child and homeless, rob sheer has become a champion for other foster kids. they arrive on the dor steps of strangers. >> the great work he does. >> founder of comfort case, thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me.
6:46 pm
organization. what prompted you to start to do this? >> for me it touched home. i adopted eight -- i adopted four kids eight years ago with my husband and they arrived in our home care in trash bags. i entered the foster care system carrying a trash bag and i couldn't believe as a community we still allowed zblit amazing. this just fills a need, a lot of people don't realize that need is absolutely there. when somebody does go into foster care and they're showing up at somebody's doorstep. >> first of all, children do not pick to go to foster care. so when they arrive they're carrying trash bags and normally are nothing but torn and taterred clothes. we wanted to make sure on their first night they realized as a community we cared about them. so what we do is we make sure they get a brand new pair of pajamas with a tag on it. we make sure they also get their own toothbrush, their own bar of soap. but most important they also get a blanket. no
6:47 pm
but a blanket to wrap them around so they know as a community we love them. >> you brought in a couple of bags here. >> i did. >> anywhere from an infant all the way to a teenager. >> it's infant all the way to 20 years of ajs. and so right now we are in desperate need of teenagers and older kids. so we're in desperate need of sleep pants. we definitely need duffel bags. people don't realize when a child comes into care to be given a trash bag they deserve a little dignity. >> we want to make sure the tags are on these things. the older kids get a journal. >> they get a coloring book, a kraian set. they get some type of activity and we always make sure they get a stuffed animal. i believe every child deserves a stuffed animal. when our four kids arrived in our home, they didn't even have a blanket. i think it's ior
6:48 pm
>> recently you had what we call a packing party. tell me about that. >> what we did is we brought the community together to pack cases. normally about a month before our packing party we'll do a drive and people will gather and bring pajamas and journals and books. we want to make sure there's a book in every single case. the color of your skin and my skin doesn't separate us, it's our level of education. we put a book in there, a blen ket and a pair of pajamas and we come together as a community and pack these cases. >> it's fantastic. and you have these bags with toiletries in them. that's important. >> it's very important. see, i say it all the time. when you go to hotel, you're not going to use the soap from the people before you. so every child deserves to have their own brand new bar of soap on their first night in
6:49 pm
your website which is read more about the organization, see what the needs are there. these are the most urgent needs and this organization could really use your help. they have a fundraiser coming up, it's already sold out bhu there's a new date coming up for a new one that if you go to the website there will be announced and find out the different ways you can help because it's an amazing thing you're doing for these kids and as you say it takes the community to do it. >> community was built for one reason only and that was for you and i to take care of each other and that's what we need to do. >> thank you so much for what you do for all the foster children out there. rob, your heart is bigger than anyone else's i know and we need you to help as well. i want to thank you coming in and sharing this with us and we wish you much success and i know this is just going to grow. we need companies to help make these pajamas and donate them that will help
6:50 pm
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>> we have wizards and capitals. >> the hope for wizards it's not so much of a nail biter every game because they must have beth parker through the roof now. >> that's the thing, last night going into double hoefr time coming out with a loss just give us a blowout. i want to sit back and have a beer and enjoy some plays. there were a lot of plays to enjoy. two years ago the wizards were on a role, the phone booth was rocking, that game winner ended up meaning nothing. the difference between now and two years ago? no paul piers but something better. the 2015 team had future star john wall. this year they have supeta
6:53 pm
-- if anyone wasn't convinced that he wasn't a superstar before today, they're convinced now. >> look at that. mix them up and in. john wall. and then huge for the wizards today keith mors mar keith. his twin brother in the crowd wearing his jersey. you never know they might have flipped the switch aroo. could have been the wrong guy there. 114-107. 21 in his first-ever taste of playoff basketball and his first place of dc playoff
6:54 pm
the game was going to be like that so we decided to raise our play and play as hard as possible every play. >> he understands that but the most important thing is he's one of the guys that bought in, he never with been to the playoffs before. he shared a shot from not getting ashot at times. when he's playing as well as he did for us, we're going to stop him. >> the hockey gods given and take away. they suffered another epic easter heart breaker on the 30th anniversary of the 1987 oversometime playoff defeats. they suffer another late night letdown. going into toronto, tied 1-1 with the th seed. is it still fun? >> this is fun sitting here in overtime and knowi t
6:55 pm
it's a great feeling. we expect a long series against toronto and we'll battle as long as we have to. >> good time. anyone that makes the playoffs is a good team now. at the same time we refocus. >> the nationals came into the season for the favorites, there was just one tiny issue, the bull pen. what once gave fans pause is now giving them angina. the easter bunny lays out a president nationals take a 3-1 lead. top
6:56 pm
a nice day today, doesn't get help from d. jay son werth, bring on the bull pen. you know what's kopg -- coming, yeah. tommy joseph. bottom 9, 2 on, 2 out, who needs a bull opinion when you have bryce harper. full count, full blast. 420 feet in the deepest part of the park. game over, nats win 4-6. pretty surprising the phillies would test bryce with a fastball. even bryce harper thought so. >> i thought they were going to throw me a chup changeup in the dirt, they through me a heater and i got a good swing off it. a good
6:57 pm
we're going to battle. got the "w." great came for us. >> >> final play of the ohio state spring game. this is jacob jarvis. the 17-year-old with muscular dystrophy, going all the way to cap off the very last play. he spikes the ball a wild celebration standing ovation from all the fans. the entire team came out to celebrate with them as the clock expired. >> those are the moments when sports makes all the difference and the great equalizer. >> it really does. and they sell out for the spring game. 80,000, fans cheering him on and he made the most of it. i love all the players diving. >> that's got to feel amazing. >> it's a really
6:58 pm
>> weather weather weather. >> we've got a few showers tonight. here and there, nothing major. could see a few of those during the very early hours of your monday. temperatures in the 70s. >>
6:59 pm
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