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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 17, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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>> happening right now at 7 o'clock a massive manhunt under way for this man accused of gunning down an elderly man at random and posting a video of it on facebook. this morning we're hearing from those who knew the victim and his alleged killer. mel. >> reporter: and barricade situation in the southern part of fairfax county involving a man and possibly two young children. i'll have an update on the latest efforts to bring it to is a safe couldn't institution later easter may be over but a tradition continues at the white house. thousands of eggs sprawled out across the front lawn and we are there live for all the fun. >> hope your monday is off to a great start. gogood morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm holly morris in for allison seymour today. let's take a live look outside after a gorgeous and warm weekend, is the summer like spring here to stay? >> i'm going to say not so much this morning. let's check in with tucker and erin, quick check on weather and traffic this morning. >> steve, rain showe
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half of the day. cooler temperatures. we'll be in the mid 70's later this afternoon but in the next couple days featuring nice spring weather. erin. >> starting to see a lot of congestion on our majors. little bit of light rain. use caution. if you're taking metro skipping the roads rails dealing with problems because safe track surge 141st week day impacted with no train service between prince george's plaza and greenbelt. shuttle service replacs that. yellow rush plus also impacted. a closer look as we continue. >> thanks erin. we'll go ahead and begin with that breaking news out of fairfax county. a man is hold up inside of his house in the fort hunt area in fairfax county. >> negotiator at the house right now. this standoff situation has been going on for almost 12 hours now. melanie alnwick live this morning with the details for us. mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys and things are still pretty much tap standstill here but i suppose that in a way you could say no news is good news. police first came here around 8 o'clock last night after they
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man may perhaps be a threat to himself, maybe the other people in his home as well. it all happened because this man was on the phone with someone and that person on the other end of the line felt that he was in a mental health crisis situation. so, they contacted police. police were able to get an emergency custody order. that means that they can bring that person in and have them evaluated, do a mental health evaluation, perhaps maybe do ahold if that is necessary for a couple of days until things settle down but when police did get to the residence to try to serve that order, apparentlily the man decided he did not want to comply, did not want to cooperate and that is where we pretty much stand at this point. again, we do not believe at least from the information that i'm being told in this man has threatened to harm the children in the home but he has threatened to harm himself and they always worry in circumstances like that, that things could perhaps go in the wrong
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so, we know that negotiators have been on the phone, have been in contact with the man, working with him trying to bring this all to a safe conclusion. we know fairfax county police also have received extensive training in the last few years in deescalation techniques and that is what they're trying to do in this southern part of fairfax county, the stratford landing community here in that fort hunt. we'll send it back to you guys in the studio for now. >> mel, thanks very much. also breaking this morning from that cleveland, ohio, the massive manhunt continues for this man accused of killing an elderly man and then posting video of that murder on facebook. >> police say he then took to facebook live to boast about the killing and to make matters even worse police say it appears he chose his victim at random. >> wisdom joins us from the studio with the latest. >> reporter: good morning steve and holly. this is a truly disturbing crime. here suspect's picture 37-year-old steve stevens. police are warning people to stay away from him if they see
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him. >> steve stevens, we want to communicate to him that we know who he is and that he will eventually be caught. >> reporter: the manhunt continues for a suspect who posted the murder of an elderly man in cleveland ohio on facebook. steve stevens allegedly shot and killed 74-year-old robert godwin, jr. in a video called easter day slaughter. >> we want this to end with as little -- with as much peace as we can bring to this right now. >> reporter: fraternity brothers who knew stevens haven't seen him in months but are shocked by the shooting. >> my emotions ranged all over the placement i was so heartbroken for the family and& that man who did nothing. >> reporter: the family of godwin is now mourning his loss after seeing him earlier sunday. >> he got in the truck and left about two and a half hours later his son's mom came beating on my door. >> reporter: facebook says the actual murder wasn't broadcast on its live feature but was posted afterwards in
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video before he used facebook live to talk about killing several people. now, in a statement, facebook says this is a horrific crime and we do not allow this kind of content on facebook. we work hard to keep a safe environment on facebook and are in touch with law enforcement in emergencies. cleveland police are calling for stevens to current himself in to authorities. >> there are people out there that care about steve and want to see this not go any further. >> reporter: now, police say they have no evidence of any truth behind stevens claim of killing other people but they believe he killed mr. godwin after getting into an argument with a woman he mentions in that horrific video of the killing. that woman released a statement overnight expressing her prayers to the victim's family and says that the stevens she knows is "kind and loving." police think stevens may have fled out of state and warn people in pennsylvania new york indiana and michigan to be on alert. he was last seen driving a white ford fusion. steve,
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>> disturbing story indeed. thanks wisdom. d.c. police continue to search for a killer this after police say man was found stabbed inside of a home sunday afternoon. witnesses say they heard a loud argument inside of the home along c street northeast before seeing a man leave the house. >> right now vice president mike pence is in south korea where he says the "era of strategic patience is over with north korea." he expressed impatience with the inwillingness of north korea to get rid of balance lift particuarly missiles. he toured the demilitarized zone. on saturday the north tried and failed to launch a misile. >> is that the world's biggest pair of binoculars. >> could be. >> and those are a good size. >> small house.& >> not going to take those to the ball game. >> rain showers around here. as we will be enjoying some needed rain for the next couple hours. we do need rain this time of year. got a lot of demands, the flowers, that kind of thing. 68
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63 still mild out there, 63 in dulles, 60 something at bwi marshall. i missed it. it went by too fast. there's your rain shower activity. most of it scattered and fairly light although we have additional showers off to the north and west. what we're looking at is a cold front coming through and it will take its time working through during the morning hours. i think by midafternoon the rain should taper off and we may break out into a little sunshine here late this afternoon and the other big story, cooler than yesterday. yesterday made it to 89. dap we will be in the mid 70's. hey a-you know it's monday. i'm showing you the evening planner. i don't know why. [laughter] we'll move on. i'll show you the seven day and then i'll come back and show you this in a minute. 74 today, 72 tomorrow. >> all right. >> okay. >> thanks tuck. appreciate it. >> cooled it down from yesterday. erin good morning. >> good morning. 7:07. we'll start you off way live look from skyfox. some big problems out in vienna this morning. this is a look at seven eastbound at leesburg pike. we had some earlier downed trees and a
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horse. that is as you make your way out in that area by beulah. traffic still backed up steady delay even though both lanes are opened all the way back to reston parkway. also keep in mind bailout traffic is backing up georgetown pike independent many inbound. best bet to get around this the toll road is nice and opened. i would say the toll road is your better bet because as we fan back you can see it's miles of standstill traffic there. you need at least 45 extra minutes to an hour to get through that area. we'll switch to our drive times. other slowdowns this monday morning dale city to the beltway 95 northbound will take you 27 minutes putting you in the yellow zone. nice conditions on 395. however keep in mind the outer loop, 21 minute delay from 95 to georgia. back to you guys. >> thanks erin. appreciate it. allonym headache phoronid airlines. a couple says they were kicked off a flight on the way to their wedding in costa rica. united says the couple tried to sit in more
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than they paid for. the couple claim they found another passenger sleeping across their seats. they were escorted off and then resprebooked on another fl. united released a statement saying: after a turbulent week for united airlines the company though will no longer allow crew members to displace passengers on board an airplane. this policy change wall sparked by the forced removal of a passenger earlier this week. cell phone video of the incident went viral and as you well know by now sparked outrage. the new policy will require must ride bookings at least an hour before departure instead of up until the plane leaves. >> let's get to sports right now. it was an emotional sunday on the court for boston celtics star isaiah thomas. he was playing in front of yesterday's bulls-celtics game -- pla
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just hours after his sister was killed in a car crash the point guard for the celtics brought to tears during a moment of silence before the game. his sister just 22 years old died in that crash saturday in his home state of washington. on his sneakers he wrote rip little sis and i love you but he played and played dwight well scoring three points. unfortunately for the celtics the bulls too much to handle. the eight seed upset the number one seed took game one at td garden in boston. >> let's switch gears a little bit. capitals gearing up for playoff game number three. >> all right. >> to toronto we go the series tied one game a piece with the lead shifts to canada. puck drops in toronto at 7:00 p.m. wizards great start to their playoff run. wizards hosting the hawks at verizon center. john wall huge scored a playoff career high 32 points also had 14 assists. keith morris added 21 points. hawks dominated inside early they were up eight in the first but they connecticut taken the
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final score 114-107. they'll stay here for game two wednesday night at the verizon center. >> the verizon center, that staff was busy following the caps loss saturday night getting ready for sunday's 1:00 p.m. tip for the wizards playoff opener. >> they got it done t had to work overnight but it worked so keep doing what you're doing. worked out well for the wizards. baseball diamond bryce's diamond really. nats gave up a couple. top of the eighth glover came on to relieve g gio gonzalez. three run homer straightaway center field did not cheat him and the nats win six-four. how exciting. >> that is super excite asking. love it, love it, love it. good time to be a d.c. fan. >> it is. >> 7:11. the tradition continues at the white house. the annual easter egg roll officially under way. well, it's going to be under way relatively soon. they're getting ready for it to be officially under way. we are
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all the excitement. stay with us. we're back right after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> back now at 7:14 and a memorial service was held at virginia tech university sunday. 10 years since one of the worst campus shootings in history. participants read the names of the 32 people killed. 17 others were wounded before the mentally ill student gunman shot himself. the killings led to the creation of campus wide notifications and threat assessment teams. >> 7:14 right now. i want to get to tucker. we just showed the live picture they're setting up down at the easter egg roll. above the white house blue skies right now. >> it will be scattered rain showers. i'm getting awesome
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>> nice. >> i suspect it's all the same rainbow but thank you to everybody who sent me a picture of the rainbow. >> very cool. >> it's all about showers this morning and cooler temperatures. yesterday upper 80's. today mid 70's. >> not bad. >> still comfortable. >> it is april. >> it's april, still comfortable. showers keep it cooler. that's what you need to know. won't be a rainout but we'll have some showers around. let's see. 68 in washington. yeah, not too bad. mid 60's there in frederick 66. 33 dulles, 65 this morning in fredericksburg. your rain shower activity most of it fairly light. if you are getting blue sky and a rainbow currently that does not mean your rain shower threat is over. i think we'll get a period of steady rain it would be late morning early afternoon. this is a cold front coming through not terribly well organized but it does have enough rain shower activity that much of the area should get at least some light precip amounts. we really need the rain around here. i think by midafternoon things start to taper off and perhaps
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tonight we clear it out. tomorrow looks gorgeous, 72 with sunshine and then a little unsettled wednesday, thursday, friday, scattered showers. not going to be a washout later this week. >> thanks tuck. >> get a check on the commute now. 7:16. hi, erin. >> good morning. 7:16 keeping our eyes on the roads and the rails. starting off with safe track because this is the first week day impacted by surge 14. it's going to be in place through the 29th of april. no train service on the green line between prince george's plaza and greenbelt. free shuttle service does replace train service. college park university of maryland station and greenbelt stations both closed. no yellow rush plus service so you can use blue or yellow train as an alternate. give yourself extra time to adjust to this pattern. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. i can tell you the rest of your rail lines are on time right now. not seeing any major metro bus delays either. taking a wide view we have red and yellow on our map. let's take a live look outside and show you some of those
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much quieter commute than usual. however we're seeing delays right now as you make your way inbound on 66. 234 to sudley road we do have congestion there. only about a 15 minute slowdown through 28 in centreville. we're also dealing with some heavier traffic as well as you make your way out on the outer loop top of the beltway. more traffic in a few. 395 also backed up to the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> erin thanks much. happening today, the city of hyattsville one step closer to becoming a sanctuary city t today the city council votes on an final ordinance. the move came despite threats by the feds top cut off funding to sanctuary cities. a time honored tradition that takes place at the white house. the trump family will host the annual white house easter egg roll. >> of course fox5 is there live for the big event. our anjali hemphill is at the white house waiting for things to get rolling i guess we should say. anjali. looks like you're on the grounds now
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>> unfortunately we can't hear her -- oh, there she is. anjali, are you with us. >> reporter: you hear me now? yes, can you hear me? we've got members of the mascots, the presidents here of the washington nationals you can see them getting their photo taken with i believe that's the easter bunny. also the mascot from the washington wizard, people in panda costumes, all types of stuff so things are definitely starting to get under way here. we're expecting more than 20,000 people to be let in for this timeless tradition and the first one under president trump. children 13 years and younger and their families will get those wooden spoons that they will use to push around 15,000 dyed eggs across the white house lawn. you can see the course here, it's different than an easter egg hunt, it's a roll, your goal not to crack the eggs. many were allocated to schools
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and law enforcement families. kids here will also get to take home another tradition, the keepsake wooden egg. i'm told this year they are the color gold which if you've ever been to any trump blarts you know he does like that color and we do expect the president and first lady to be here later this morning. not exactly sure when but we expect them to be here at this event. so as long as the rain holds off it should be an excellent one. back to you guys. >> i have a question for you. i know you're in the area where they're going to do the roll. usually there are lots of other activities set up all over the lawn. is there -- is that going on this morning, too, or is it just the roll? >> reporter: no, i believe we do have -- there's going to be story telling. i've heard there might be yoga. we are still in the setup phases so not exactly sure where everything is going out here but you can see there's a lot of activity out here and a lot of people kind of huddled in activity corners where i believe those activities will take place. so, a lot going on here.
7:20 am
go the to be a lot to entertain 20,000 or more people. >> my question super simple. can people bring umbrellas in or not? >> reporter: i believe they can. we were allowed to bring our umbrellas. again, we are dealing with some rain this morning. i have not been told that they are not allowed. so, i will have to check on that but i believe they are because again it looks like a cell might come through a little bit later this morning. >> anjali thanks. memes are not attending the white house egg roll have the national zoo as an option. today is family day at the zoo a tradition that dates back more than 100 years when african-american families were barred from going to the white house and instead went to the zoo. family day begins at 10:00 a.m. and there will be an easter egg hunt with prizes for the kids. they can also take part in animal demonstrations. there will be field games as well. let's head north now to boston. it is patriots day in massachusetts. the 121st boston marathon this morning. there's a leave live look right now, the main event begins in the next couple hours. that's a live look at the web page right now. the race
7:21 am
mobility impaired competitors then the women's group then the men's film. 32,000 people competing. katherine switzer the first woman to run the marathon 50 years ago will be running the race today 50 years later. >> wow. well. you might not believe this but it's finally happened. april the giraffe officially a new mom this morning. her new bundle of joy already walking, already 6 feet tall. so we'll tell you how you can help with that next. >> maybe patience, maybe that's better than may. >> that's a good one. >> do you have an old car seat sitting around collecting dust? trade it in and get a discount. we'll tell you where you can do that. it's 7:21.
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>> ♪ >> well, let's check in on the new mom. april the giraffe, now is the baby with her holly or do they take the baby weigh from her. >> no, baby is supposed to be laying down in the corner but the baby is 6 feet tall so one would think we could seep it. is that it in the lower right? >> i guess it's possible. >> in the shadows? >> kind of hard to tell. >> i think so. >> apparently baby is in there with april a the world has been waiting for months for this to happen. a the least a million people were watching when she gave birth. no more checking in the middle of the night worried you might have missed the big event. >> this is the caps first would be -- calf's first wobbly steps. e
7:25 am
posted this to their facebook page. they want the public's help in naming this little guy. it will cost you one dollar to vote. proceeds go towards supporting the park. >> isn't it amazing literally wiwithin hours of birth they walk. >> look how big that giraffe is. >> 6 feet they said. 6 feet tall. that's a tall. >> i'm not an expert birthing things but i think that would be -- >> i think it would be an event. [laughter] >> what do you think, steve. >> nature is pretty awesome. >> yeah, it is. >> that's beautiful. so cute. >> ♪ >> back to my birthing thoughts. 68 in and washington. hey, we'll be in the mid 70's later today. we are only -- yes, in the mid 70's so cooler than yesterday. winds west-southwest at seven. light rain showers off to our south and west along 81, winchester front royal up towards hagerstown guys are getting rain showers as well. this is associated with a cold
7:26 am
lot of clouds today. i'm getting those rainbow pictures. i'll show a few in a minute. we'll keep rain showers -- there's a live shot of the rainbow right now. come on guys, take it in. >> gorgeous. >> wow. the colors are very vibrant. >> i'm very impressed. all right. rain showers will come through through midday. this afternoon things taper off. today 74. tomorrow gorgeous. wednesday, thursday, friday a little unsettled. seven hundred forty-first half of your day rain showers. little sun late day. erin is back. >> i love the rainbow. makes monday morning feel so much better. >> ♪ guess what time it is? it is time for the. >> jam cam. >> your voice sounds so much better. when you had allergies and it was extra deep it sounded extra jammed. >> jam cam. >> right now the winning or losing route is 66 eastbound out by prince william parkway 234. just really heavy volume right now coming from gainsville into manassas in through centreville. we are in for a sluggish ride.
7:27 am
no crashes. >> ♪ >> it's about 30 minute delay. so be prepared for that. i got nervous for a second. almost scared me. anyway back to you guys. >> thanks erin. the clock is ticking. there's just hours left to file your taxes. still ahead what you need to know as that deadline inches closer. >> first though as president trump gets ready to host the white house easter egg roll the historic event sees some change this year. the impact those changes could have on the public's perception of the administration next. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> live look outside beautiful rainbow out there this morning. 7:29 is our time right now. we're at 68 degrees. might have a few showers this morning but it will make way for some sunshine this afternoon. tucker will talk more about the forecast in about five minutes or so.
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at your top stories on a monday. the manhunt continues for this man. 37-year-old steve stevens. police in cleveland say he shot and killed a 74-year-old man at random yesterday then posted a video of the alleged killing to facebook. initially it was thought stevens live streamed it all but facebook later said he actually up loaded a video and that it was not streamed life. stevens did, however, live stream a separate video in which he claimed to have killed several other people. police have found no evidence of that claim. developing overnight a man is hold up inside of a house in the fort hunt area in fairfax county. negotiates there are right now because the man is refusing to come out of the house and authorities say there two young children signed the home. police have an emergency custody order. they are communicating with the man but worried he may be a threat to himself or to others. today a time honored tradition takes place at the white house the trump family will
7:31 am
egg roll. 21,000 people are expected to andy t live picture from the lawn as we speak. the easter egg roll tradition goes back to the early 1800's when first lady dolly madison invited local children to egg rolling events to the grounds of the capitol building. >> let's stick on the easter egg roll theme speaking of white house much this year's event obviously a little scaled down perhaps from in the past. few bumps along the way including the they can got ordered late. is it ding or the administration's public image. media reporter for politico and fox5 political contributor hadas gold. >> let's talk about the easter egg roll. obviously every administration will do it differently. >> right. >> not all there to see how past administrations that done into it. what do we expect this year. >> slightly scaled operation than what it was before. the reason this is getting a lot of attention there's a big article in the new york times about how kind of behind they were in the
7:32 am
part of the reason is that the first lady is not physically in washington, d.c. and she's not taking on as big of a role as other first ladies have. she's still obviously in new york and with her son as he finishes school. but what the problem with that, though, people are worried the easter egg roll wouldn't be as big as it used to be it doesn't have the same number of celebrities perhaps as the obama years they had. but we were even seeing things like the company that traditionally makes those commemorative pegs people can buy or get at the actual egg role were twe tweeting administration, hour production deadline is coming up and we need to you order them so we can get them in. that was a very public the tweet has since been taken down a public signal we were little bit behind on this year's egg roll. >> when the tweets come from the white house, we definitely notice them and when the tweets go to the white house we notice them as well. >> little interesting to put the business out there, but it also makes you wonder if that's the only way they're able to get the white house's attention. >> right. it's one of the biggest events. it seems like it's jt
7:33 am
roll. it's not like a summit with some foreign leader. but it does, you know, you want to see the white house us usualy being way on top of things even for the smallest events nor nory the white house has everything planned out and months in advance with every single little detail include wrack people are standing figured out. so people were wondering what is is this signal for how the white house operates. if the easter egg roll, for example, isn't as fully planned in advance as it could have been. >> not going to solve world piece. perception obviously is key it makes a big difference. saturday night snl saturday night live according to variety magazine had record ratings. they brought back the sean spicer character, of course, they had the president, they had jar rad kushner portrayed bite guest host. they covered their basis. variety this is this is rating gold. everybody is watching. is it? is it something they have struck gold with because the white house doesn't seem to enjoy it. so who really wins in this situation? >> snl definitely winning in this situation. obviously alec baldw
7:34 am
alec baldwin would be now a full-time cast member of snl even though he's been around for such a long time. and this is clearly something that works for them and it's kind of like a circular firing squad that keeps going back and forth. snl will do it. sean spicer gets asked about it in the press briefing we hear reports from the white house about donald trump doesn't like that spicer's portrayed by a woman and just continues on and continues on. and it's very clear that the snl people are probably following all of the news and all of our twitter feeds just as closely as we are of each other. it's cave coming into every saturday night. >> they found the formula. for snl it's working right now. speaking of the press conference, what do you think will dominate the headlines today. >> probably north korea a lot of action vice-president pence is there in the region right now. and there's a lot of worry. there was a front page analysis today in the new york times about how this is a slow burning cuban missile crisis probably going to come to us quickly and a lot of fear amongst analyst
7:35 am
people about what north korea's planning to do next and this is going to be a big test for the president. >> it's interesting. we heard the vice-president, of course, his comments this morning talking tough when it comes to north korea. but it's difficult because when you talk to the foreign policy experts this is -- you're dealing much more with the unknown with north korea than you are with many other nations if not every other nation. >> right. unknown it's unpredictable leader, and i mean if the united states had it their way chinese would take a bigger role and really try to control it. as donald trump warned via tweet he's not afraid to take matter noose us hands and take care of it ours. on snl kind of interesting sean spicer character played by melissa mccarthy was joking tomorrow we'll strike north korea. i know some people were like, that's a little bit too close to the truth. >> yeah. not that that's going to happen. >> right. the fear is definitely there. i think way lot of people. because of the uncertainty that we're dealing with north korea's leadership. thanks hadas. good to see you this morning. >> great to be here. >> 7:35. es
7:36 am
easter egg roll zen 45:00. hopefully we'll see him there on the grounds of the white house. the question is whether or not it will be raining, tucker. ♪ >> couple showers out there, steve. can't guarantee that it is going to be rain free if you're headed down to the easter egg roll. scattered showers. that's bottom line. not going to be a washout. not heavy rain scattered showers in the forecast. 68 in washington. 54 in pittsburgh. cooler air north and west. 40s in chicago. detroit 48 degrees. we will definitely be in a cooler pattern here the next couple of days. yesterday we hit 89. won't that be warm today. we'll be in the mid 70s most of the rain shower fairly light. some rain there that's now redeveloping e of the beltway 95 towards fredericksburg across potty tow mack into southern maryland off to the north and west along 81. winchester and front royal getting rain showers and bottom line rain showers for everybody here for the next several hours and then by mid to late afternoon we should see the rain taper off maybe
7:37 am
day sun. 74 this afternoon. take an umbrella. erin has got your roads. >> 7:36 right now. we do have some big problems on the freeway and on 295. so that's where we'll start you off. southeast southwest freeway a crash after the 11th street bridge. you're jammed all the way back on the northbound side heavily to suitland parkway and then minor delays linger from the beltway on through to suitland parkway but again that is causing some big delays on the inbound side once you pass the 11th street bridge 295 northbound we have a construction zone at east capitol street from the bridge to east capital street really heavy slow traffic almost parked conditions as you make your way northbound. once you pass east cam tal you're into the clear. southbound side jams down to the bridge as welch more traffic in just a few also tracking metro and safetrack a just manies. >> steve and holdly. >> one man's trash another man's did you count. how you can score a hefty car seat discount at one major retailer this month. >> prince harry opens up how he copied with the tragic death of his mother. why he says he
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years after she died. 7:47. back in just a moment. (announcer) there's more to life than the climb.
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♪ we are back right now at 7:40. americans gearing up for the tack deadline tomorrow the last date to file your federal income tax returns. data from the irs says delaware, minnesota and massachusetts paid the most per person in federal taxes last year. d.c. residents though paid nearly double per person than any other state. that's because most likely because a
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people live in the nation's capitol. that's the spin we're hearing. do you have an old car seat that's sitting around collecting dust? if so you can trade it in at target and get a discount. retailer teaming up with terra cycle for car psych recycling program. so from now until the end of april if you drop off your old car seat to your local target store, you'll get a coupon for 20% off any car seat purchase in store or online at target expects the program to keep more than hedge hundred thousand pounds of car seat material out of landfills. apple has finally secured a permit to test self-driving cars in california. it's fueling speculation apple planning to launch self driving technology. apple would enter the very crowded arena of companies hoping to offer the software to the masses. dmv confirmed apple obtained the permit apple recruited dozens of auto experts in recent years. after 20 years, prince harry is opening up about the tragic loss of
7:42 am
diana. what he said he needed to do to cope. >> kevin goes one-on-one with actress row seay yo dawson. >> segment that tucker barnes calls the most watched television segment in the history of television. i sit down with rosario dawson. stay tuned. mmm! [ keys clack ] [ slurps ] make it iced, then make it happen with flavors like butter pecan or new coconut creme pie. it's america's iced coffee, whenever, wherever.
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z2c56z zi0z y2c56y yi0y ♪ let's take a look at the good day guest list for this monday morning. hour and 15 minutes from now. the
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ashley will join us from real housewives of potomac. here to dish about last night's big episode. actually flipping around the channels and saw a little bit. >> did you stay on it. >> i did not new york city. not last night. one of the previous episodes. >> i gotcha. i'm saying my tv landed there. any way we'll talk to ashley get the real scoop coming up. tune in for that. the cast of 24 legacy dish about tonight's final -- finale i should say 24 fans won't want to miss that. my tv doesn't end up on bravo that often. that's my point. >> right. and we're saying yes to the prom dress today. hundreds of local high schoolers will get much needed help to get all deck out for the big night for the first time a local stipe lift is adding his expertise he'll be here with us he's got information that can help any teen going to the prom this spring. >> my whole tv got screwed up they put the hockey game on c cnbc. >> exactly. >> who puts a hockey game on a business channel. >> right. >> i was all over the place.
7:46 am
here it is. >> right. >> and okay now let me get back to cnbc. >> i watch all the housewives. >> i know. when it's on and it's like, you know, my god, i've been to that mini mart or whatever. >> it is cool when you can see the landmarks. i agree with that. >> make a connection. >> all right. speaking of connection, we have a rainbow connection this morning. >> aww. >> let's take a look. alley sent to n. >> that's pretty. >> that's gorgeous. wow. >> she went full rainbow there. >> strong rainbow. >> that's out of southern maryland. so if you've encountered the rainbow tweet me a picture tucker fox5 and i promise we'll try to show rainbow pictures i've got them from all over the area. showed a live spot shot few movement minutes ago. rainbow in the morning sky. >> i like it. >> showers that's the name of the game out there. egg roll, egg roll, right? >> um-hmm. >> i want to call it a egg hunt. egg roll. some showers expected here over the next couple of hours as fix my hair as we're expecting cloud
7:47 am
got a cold front coming through. certainly cooler than yesterday. 68 now in washington. 63 dulles. 62 manassas. leonardtown good morning 66 degrees. frederick 66 as well. i got a tweet somebody saying please bring the rain to my house because i need it, and most of the area does need rain shower activity so we got it in the forecast the first half of the day. won't be a wash out but you can see rape showers pushing into charles county across 95 and additional showers his is the heaviest of what we'll get out towards winchester along 81 front royal getting rain showers as well, and all of this will be pushing east over the next several hours. so again cold front will kind of fade down through our region this afternoon, and give us cloud cover and on again off again rain showers. i think prime time will be late this morning early this afternoon. then things will taper off by mid afternoon we may even get late day sunshine future cast indicating we might get late afternoon sunshine. there's your future cast at 11:00. you can see the shower activity kind of hanging out right across the beltway here. during the midday and by 4:30
7:48 am
the afternoon rush what we have of it today we should see things taper off and maybe late day sun at 8:00 o'clock tonight maybe in time for sunset tonight. get a little sun. 74. yesterday 89. tomorrow sunny, pleasant and gorgeous. right, erin. >> yes. 72. >> there's the rest of your forecast and again we keep it a little unsettled wednesday and thursday and friday. >> how are roads. >> 7:48 right now. we'll start you off with the rails telling you about safetrack we have a new problem on the red line medical emergency at farragut north no longer single tracking between judiciary square and farragut north. delays continue to shady grove from some earlier single tracking so red line adjustment for you to be aware of aside from that safetrack first weekday impacted by surge 14 lasting through the 29th. no train service between prince george's plaza and green belt. free shuttle service does replace that train service though that should slow you down a bit. i heard from twitter on friend the p. good plaza parking lot is a fuller than usual. so something to keep in mind. no yellow plush service use b
7:49 am
college park university maryland and green belt stations closed so that's important to note this morning as you head out for the metro ride. northbound 295 construction zone lingers at east capital seeing big delays really starting to linger back to the beltway earlier crash on the inbound 11th street bridge cleared but the 11th street bridge commute by m street 12 miles an hour. southbound 295 from 50 down to the 11th street bridge heavy so big delays in both directions. this seems to be the slowest area. watch out for police activity and extra volume by the white house that's fun times the easter egg roll anjali hemphill bringing us live reports there. this earlier eastbound seven crash involving downed trees trotting horse cleared we still have delays toll roads still a better bet. back to you holly and steve. thanks erin. 7:49. it has been nearly a year now since prince died from an accidental drug overdose at his suburban minneapolis estate according to reports investigators still have not decided whether criminal charges warranted. sech
7:50 am
unsealed likely including one from the first search of paisley park. prince died on april 21st last year. late night host david letterman saying final goodbye to his mother this weekend letterman held memorial burial service for his late mom dorothy who passed await last week at the age of 95. you saw her on the show many, many times. she became famous after making a number of appearances on the david letterman show including a segment where the public had to guess what kind of pie she was making for the holidays. >> prince harry opening up for the 40 about how he copied with his mother's death. saying he sought counseling years after she died. he said he suppressed his grief and refused to face his sense of loss for more than a decade. felt like he was constantly on the verge of a break down. he started counseling in his late 20s and faced his unhappiness head on. the prince says he is in a good place now and is speaking out and hopes of breaking the stigma around mental illness. princess diana was killed in a crash when harry was just 12 years old. >> 7:50. all right
7:51 am
queue up the fox beat music. kevin mccarthy joins us now. >> good morning steve and holdly. >> i want to apologize in advance to you guys. i probably wreak of coffee. i spilled an entire cup of coffee in my lap. >> i like the smell of coffee. >> i'm not wearing coffee cologne it's all over my par parents. i spilled a entire cup of it. >> was it scolding at the time. >> thank god it was an hour after i pull it. rosario dawson amazing actress. she worked with some of the greatest film makers of all t time. danny boyle, quentin tarantino, kevin smith. >> i love kevin smith. >> i know. >> she's work with everybody. robert rodriguez people i really admire i'm jealous of who she's been on is the with. i spoke to her about unforgettable in the film catherine heigl's character her ex-husband is now date agnew woman and this is rosario dawson's character the ex-wife wants to make her life a little h-e doubl
7:52 am
i spoke to her shooting this movie how you shoot scenes with the phones. there's an mazing fight scene and a scene cut from that she really wanted in there. watch this. >> when you're making a movie and off phone that's being called by an unknown number, how does that work? is someone actually calling you? is it really happening? how do that block it like that? >> there's different ways that it's done. sorry. there's like sometimes they just do green screen and just do it later. >> sure. they have it where is photos it can or even a little almost like a gift so like loop back so it look like it's ringing being answered and whatever so they have. and then you have someone actually call you. >> awesome. >> depends on the situation and like, you know, we were just doing scene in a basement in the marvel show but there was no way we could have -- pysched been called. no reception no one would call anyone at all. we had to do the video version of it. >> i know. sure. i know you get asked a lot about the fight scene. it's a really cool scene. the scene was really choreographed really well s
7:53 am
anything --, do you ever ever get hurt when you shoot something like that. >> a gazillion percent. >> is the glass candy glass. >> it's candy glass but i've got cuts and scars and bruises from so many different things over the years. things happen. but it was really fun on this one the approach of it was like let's not have this perfect core graphed fight. >> i'm really bummed there was one beat we were trying to get in there but it was so late we were rushing so hard it wasn't just like it was just too much but we were going to do when one of us gets punched in the boob so awkward and painful and weird. really like really hoping that was going to make it but it didn't. >> in my opinion you have the ideal filmography you work with my favorite film makers of all time. instead of vin smith, rodriguez, tarantino boyle. when you work with people like that do you bring elements of them into every performance you do. >> conscious thing maybe do you think about what tarantino taught you or boyle or -- >> of course. i mean
7:54 am
over the years spike lee was such a huge impact on my life. i did he got game when i was 18. >> and harmony corrine. >> my first film he taught me everything. about being onset. my first experience of anything in rehearsal and luckily there were really rig us will about the stuff, but really i think about spike and, you know, being able to be working with denzel and working on, um, 25th hour and all of those incredible. i just luckily i've been in school. i felt like there were so many times i was onset and i'll be the fly on the wall. >> what's interesting about what she said about being in school i've always wanted to be a film maker in my life the job i get to do i get to sit down with film makers she's acting a different scenario and pick their brains and learn things about film making. >> sure. >> it's amaze wagon she's done. she's amazing in the film the movie opens up friday. more coming up this week. cher lad is in that movie we'll talk to her. she's kind of cool. >> charlie's angels. >> not a lot of cheryl lad sightings
7:55 am
>> no. >> let's take live look at the easter egg role it's officially underway. oh, my gosh. look at that little bow tie too cute trying to roll that egg. >> no hands. >> with the wooden spoon. >> oh, no. >> it's mulligan much it's a loud. keep going. get that picture. so it is officially underway there at the white house this long-standing tradition on easter monday where the president opens up the lawn of the white house and allows people to come on. i think they're expecting about 21,000 people today. rutherford b. heys was the fir president that actually had the egg roll on the white house lawn. dolly madison started it before that but they did it on the capitol before it was moved to the white house. but it's a fun day for all, and if you are watching and you have tickets to go down there, my best piece of advice and i've done an egg role or two in my time here at fox5, don't wear your best either shoes. the lawn is wet. it can get a little messy. so wear some shoes that you don't care about getting messed up. >> not a good heel day. >> it's not a good heel day. no.
7:56 am
um, that can get wet and grassy. >> good to know. if you look up there at the white house it looks like the band is playing as well. president expected to make an appearance about 10:30 this morning. tucker. >> clearly the easter egg role is for young people. if i were bent over like this more more than 12 seconds i'd be stuck like that for the rest of the day. >> you need a longer spoon. >> exactly. >> there you go. >> 3-foot handle. >> the other thing i'm thinking easter roll invented long before the cell phone today's generation that will keep them entertained for too long. >> 69 in washington. winds west southwest at nine. light rain shower across the area. more of it off to the north and west up along 81. and today will be a rather cloudy day. with on and off again needed rain showers. good thing we're getting some rain as we got a cold front singing through the area. so not going to be a washout. but we'll have scattered shares i was round first half of the day. things taper off this afternoon we may get late day sunshine temps in the mid 70s this afternoon there's your seven d day. 72. tomo
7:57 am
pleasant, gorgeous. 72. erin. >> 7:56 take a look at our maps. we do have some slow zones picking up as we get toward our 8:00 o'clock hour. 95 in dale city from that point to the beltway 27 minute ride. 395 from the beltway to king street nine minutes and outer loop from 95 to georgia avenue that is going to take you 21 minutes there. we are seeing about 16 minute slow down. 270 super quiet right now just 31 minutes from 109 in urbana to the beltway. like what we're seeing for montgomery county drivers. no longer single tracking on the red line. we'll take look at those delays and safetrack next. keep it to fox5 news morning. m.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is fox5 news morning. hope your monday is off to great start g morning i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm wisdom martin in for allison seymour. 8am on this april 17th and here's what's on the fox5 menu for the morning news. barricade situation in fairfax county. it has been 12 hours now since a man refused to come out of his house at the quest of police. to make matters worse, there's blieved to be young children inside. we're life on the scene straight ahead. plus, a senseless and random murder posted to facebook this morning the family of elderly man who was target asked speaking out. we also have new details about where the gunman could be headed several states are now on alert. >> 139th
8:01 am
egg roll underway this all new to president trump the first lady their first welcoming thousands of kids to the south lawn. we're life in the middle of all the fun. >> and later, know before you buy. sugar substitutes are ever everywhere. we'll show you how to spot artificial sweeteners in the grease restores and tell you which ones to avoid. >> live look on this monday morning. traffic is not that bad there. weather and traffic at 8:05 few scattered showers out there. tuck will give us details in just a minute. developing in fairfax county man hold up inside of a house in the fort hunt area. >> negotiators are concerned because there might be two young children inside as well. melanie alnwick is live from there with the breaking details. mel? >> reporter: good morning gu guys. 12 hours now and counting and still no sign that this may break any time soon. fairfax county police have been here all night. you can see the incident command center here at one corner but the house itself is act
8:02 am
several blocks away down a couple of turns. they're trying to keep everyone very far back as they work this very sensitive scene here. we have heard neighbors telling us that those who are closer to the home itself could hear overnight negotiators on their bull horns talking to the homeowner asking him to open the door, to come to the window. to come out with his hands up and most importantly don't hurt the children. that is the big concern here. sources tell me fairfax county police the man has made no specific threats toward the children. he has threatened to harm himself. this all began around 8:00 o'clock last night. he was on the phone with someone who felt perhaps he was having a mental health crisis. that person then contacted fairfax county police. police then were able to get an emergency custody order which would allow them to bring him in for some mental health evaluation. make sure that things are okay. but when they came here to ser
8:03 am
that emergency custody order, the man then refused to leave the home and that is the situation that we are in right now. there were several sirens that we heard overnight as well and again neighbors saying that they here and there are able to hear the communications between the police and the man inside the house. but at this point, it's still pretty much a situation in hold as they wait to hope that they can bring this to a safe resolution. live in the for hunt area of fairfax county, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> stick to hash headlines right now in cleveland ohio the search continues for a man suspect of shooting another man and posting video of the killing to fac facebook. now police initially said the suspect steven stevens live streamed the murder but then said facebook said he posted a video of the murder afterward. it shows what appears to be stevens gunning down a 74-year-old man robert godwin, sr. >> from what we can tell now just a random person he pick
8:04 am
we don't know why but, again, it's senseless. >> this man right here was a goodman. and i just hate -- i hate he's gone. you know what i mean? i don't know what i'm going to do. it's not real. >> feel like my heart is going to stop. >> you'll be all right. >> it's going to stop. >> victim was a father of eight. in another facebook video stevens claimed to have killed more than dozen other people but authorities say there are there are no other victims that they know of. steven said in that video he snapped after the love of his life pushed him to the breaking point and nobody has been taking him seriously. well that woman that he mentioned released a statement overnight joy lane expressed her prayers to the victim' family and also said about stevens, steve real sal nice guy. he is generous with everyone he knows. he was kind and loving to me and my children. this is a very difficult time for me and my family. as far as that suspect he was last seen driving around in a white ford fusion with temporary tags. police believe he's probably
8:05 am
they've alerted residents in pennsylvania, michigan, new york and indiana. let's turn politics now. vice-president mike pence is in south korea part of his trip include add tour of the dee militarized zone which runs along the north and south korea border. hit visit comes a mid turmoil over north korea's threat to advance nuclear capabilities. on saturday they dealt with a failed missile launch on the birthday celebration of its founder. the vice-president spoke about the risks to american and south korean service members. >> this morning's provocation from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day in the defense of the freedom people of south korea and the defense of america in this part of the world. >> tensions on the korean opinion nine zula put into focus the importance of the joint us south korean mission. ♪
8:06 am
8:05. what's the deal witness raindrops. >> couple of them. scattered showers in the forecast today. cooler temperatures. yesterday made it to 89 your kind of weather. i love it. >> the grass has to get mode every day. >> there will be a problem. >> 69 now in washington. let's see. dulles down to 64. up in baltimore 68 degrees at bwi marshall. scattered shower activity in the center of your screen is the beltway here in washington. we're getting light rain sho showers. looks like southwest side of town and maybe down towards old town alexandria getting rain showers as well out to the west out along 81. front royal, winchester towards hagerstown getting rain as well and the bottom line with today, cloud cover, temps in the mid 70s. and scattered rain showers through mid afternoon and then we shall clear it out late this afternoon. so if you're looking for sunshine perhaps by five, 6:00 o'clock day a couple of hours of sun before the sun goes down. forecast pretty gave it to you. seventy four this afternoon. look for late day sun after morning showers. seven day, tomorrow looks gorgeous.
8:07 am
90s on the seven day coming up. >> today looks like it will rebound nicely. >> thank you tucker. check in with erin get a look at traffic this morning. >> thank you man show monday. right now taking a look at our cameras. we have inner loop congestion by gw parkway heavy flow there. sluggish through tysons top side of the beltway slows. move it up to our maps because we have metro slow downs important for you to be aware of this monday morning. earlier medical emergency farragut north no longer single tracking on the red line between judiciary square and farragut north we have lingering delays back to shady grove in addition to safetrack. no trains on the green line in maryland. between prince george's plaza and green belt. shuttle service will replace that train service there is no yellow rush plus service you can use the blue or yellow lines as alternates. college park you have maryland and green belt stations closed. so be prepared that's why that shuttle service is available. aside from that northbound 295 still dealing with a construction zone at east capital street. delays are heavy all the way back down
8:08 am
side of the beltway slow across the 11th street bridge. earl inbound crash by m street. watch for traffic by the white house for the easter egg role that's exciting. we'll be back with more traffic in just a few. back to you. >> erin thank you very much. 8:00 o'clock right now another headache for united airlines. one couple said they were kick off a flight on their way to their wedding in costa rica. >> this comes a mid array of issues for the airline recently are people taking advantage of the company as they deal will this pr nightmare? holly morris joins us with the turbulent times for united. >> that's good question. you know, because united got themselves in bind. >> yeah. >> and then other people perhaps might be taking advantage. i don't know. maybe the story is true. bride and groom were booted from united airlines flight out of houston on saturday. the couple was headed to their own wedding. michael hall and his fiance' amber maxwell say when they got to their seats they found a man sleeping in them. so they decided to move up from row 24 to row 21. the couple says they didn't think it would be a big
8:09 am
full so they moved up. well, that caused a big issue. the flight attendant asked the pair to return to their ticketed seats. the couple says they complied. now united has a totally different side of the story. united says the couple reportedly tried to sit in more expensive seats for which they had not paid. the airline also said the couple would not follow night crew instructions. united released this statement saying, "we're disappoint the any time a customer has an experience that doesn't mess up to their expectations these parse jess peteedly to sit in upgraded seat hemoglobin they did not purchase and they would not follow crew instructions to return to their assigned seats. the couple was rebooked on another flight the next morning. meanwhile, the lawyer for the man who was dragged off a different united flight last week says, united has agreed to save evidence in the case. so a hearing set for today has been called off. a lawsuit has not yet been filed but the attorney said a lawsuit is still like
8:10 am
attorneys also say that dr. david dao got a concussion a broken knows and two lot of teen when he was forcibly taken off that plane. former miss venezuela is suing united airlines after she was handcuffed mid flight. the incident happened back in 2013. but she's just now coming out with the story. carmen, says she was arguing with her now ex-husband when he slapped her after she tried to sleep on his shoulder. he then told a flight attendant that she was invading his personal space. she was then moved several times first to another seat in first class and then back to a economy and then she was forced to the back of the plane where she had to sit near an off duty police officer. after seeing the video of dr. dao being forced off flight this month, she decided to speak up. she is seeking damages from the airline. after all of this drama unfolding airline has actually decided to change their policies. the company will no longer allow crew members to dpl
8:11 am
passengers on board airplane. new policy will require must ride bookings at least an hour before departure instead of up until the plain leaves. so -- i think there's a little bit of everything going on here. >> that's lot to take in. >> real stories and then you have people taking advantage of the situation and -- >> there might be some opportunity tifts there but also those and it's been in lot of business journals over the weekend and they say this is -- this was basically a storm that was brewing that was ready to blow up. >> long time at the time coming. >> when you look back at the history if a company has a lot of customer complaints at some point you have to take look at yourself. >> right. they created the situation. right. >> there you go. >> they created the environment now deal with it. >> there you go. >> fingers crossed it will get better. more turbulence for united that's probably the best line of the day. >> it's a great opportunity for other airlines to be over courteous. >> absolutely. >> and they are taking advantage of that with the some of the commercials and some of the ads that they're putting out. the other airlines
8:12 am
about. >> customer wins. >> hopefully cut the customers win will win which is us. thank you holdly. >> tens of thousands of people hitting the streets of boston this morning. 30,000 fort annual marathon. four years now after the deadly terror attack. still ahead how some of those victims are being honored at today's race. >> and this year's white house easter egg role is official underway. we'll go live there for an update on all the festivities and the fun. ♪ ♪♪ >> first let's take look at our good day guest list. archeological join us from real housewives of potomac to dish on last night's episode. the cast of 24 legacy going to dish about tonight's finale and we're saying yes to the prom dress. hundreds of local high schoolers get much needed help to get all deck out for the big night and for the first time a local stylist is adding his expertise. it's 8:12. ♪ ♪♪
8:13 am
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>> all right. our favorite time. we have a monday man show. >> we got cuteness. >> as men we can celebrate cute knessets together. >> that's right. all as men. >> perfect storm. manliness. >> perhaps a little poetry. >> sure? why not? >> take a look. we got cuteness. well hello there adorable. >> time for my first photo of the day. this is aubrey, everybody. >> how old is i was brew. >> here's the deal with aubrey. wisdom is not talking. >> i'm in the works. >> constructing. >> juices are flowing right now. [ laht
8:16 am
>> this is aubrey. aubrey just turned three years old. and get this. she loves loves loves to get dressed up and dance. >> win and win. >> great smile. >> the pose, too, right? >> great outfit. great smile. >> yes. >> love it. >> love to see her dancing. oh wait there's more. >> there's more. >> she's also a fan of paw patrol. >> occasionally she dips in on fox5. [ laughter ] >> that's fine. >> we get it. >> you can do whatever you like. we hope you enjoy today if you get to celebrate. now, as promised -- >> i got to catch up on papa troll. seems like a pretty good show. >> all the kids love it. >> i haven't seen paw patrol. >> i haven't. i'll check it out. >> aubrey. here we go aubrey. >> one final thing for you. >> wisdom martin poetry hour. >> it's been for gone for royal it. >> needs to come back and strong. >> are we ready. >> ready. >> aubrey, we see that you're three because that we can see you're as cute as can be papa troll is a gas as cold.
8:17 am
[ applause ] >> well done, wisdom. >> mike drop. >> artistic flare. [ laughter ] >> i like it. >> note sure there was a deep thought in there maybe there w was. >> it's all interpretation tucker. >> all right. >> aubrey we love your picture. >> go to our facebook page fox5 dc send it and we promise edge and child gets some poetry. >> i want you had to a full weather cast in poetry at some point. >> that's his signature move. i got the walk. >> we have rain showers out there. cloud cover, cooler temperatures today and keep scattered showers in the forecast through mid afternoon and things will clear out late this afternoon. so keep umbrella handy if you're work outdoors later this morning. be ready to dodge raindrops for at least probably until two, 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> you can doze a collabo you can walk the walk and he can talk the talk. >> i like that, steve. >> in fact don't let the rain bring you any pain. >> right? >> he's already throwing i was head start, tuck. >> it wil
8:18 am
erin we'll work on it. it's going to be forecast poetry coming on fox5 soon. >> wisdom has got the whole spoken word poetry thing on lock. i don't know if tucker can compete. >> i can't compete. >> wisdom will walk um through the forecast. >> i like the sound of this. th. >> i'm cool with that. [ laughter ] >> i'm looking forward to it. maybe wisdom can make a guest appearance in hot for teacher too, today? >> i'm inviting him over. substitute teacher wisdom martin earlier train malfunction at cheverly are a r line delays to vienna. aside from that, normal service has resume on the red line. we did a medical emergency at farragut north. aside from that tracking safetrack surge 14 impacting the green line in maryland. construction at east capitol street. we have lot slow downs across the 11th street inbound 295 northbound east capital and typical slow downs 50 down past the about the 11th street bridge. aside from that maryland drive outer loop 15 minute delay holding strong 95 to georgia avenue. 27095 baltimore washington parkway they've been quiet.
8:19 am
66 inbound by sudley road still dealing with congestion. back to you guys. >> working on our poetry now. erin thank you very much. today a time honored tradition underway at the white house. the white house lawn rolling with kids. the trump family hosting the annual easter egg roll. >> fox5 is there live for the big event and a virtual whose who in the administration is there. fox5's anjali hemphill leave with the details. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. this is the 139th time the white house has hosted this time less tradition. so you know today's rain isn't going to dampen anybody's fun. take a look behind me as the egg role is well underway and we've had the pleasure of enjoying several adorable rounds so far as these young children use these wooden spoons to basically push or shepherd these died eggs across the white house lawn the whole idea is to not have them crack too bad at the end of it and as you can see, we've got them well underway here and several hounds have happened so far it looks like we've got a younge k
8:20 am
definitely memorable day for these children and their par parents. no doubt. getting a chance to do this on the white house lawn. children 13 years and younger are allowed out here and i'm told around 21,000 people are expected out here today which is actually less than previous years. i am told that this event is a bit more scaled down than from last year the families that were selected through an online lottery and many he have them allocated to schools and children's hospitals as well as military and law enforcement families and just a little while ago we spoke with press secretary sean spicer who told me that that is the focus of today's event. >> the same number of eggs that were ordered in the past have been ordered this is really about making sure this is about the kids. we have reducing the vip and special guests and make made it about military families, local families, the lottery but again, this is about the children. not about adults. it's about bringing families here and letting children have a time honored experience. >> reporter: i heard you've been here before but wearing a
8:21 am
>> i stuck to an easter tie this year. >> reporter: i see you have the rabbit there. how come you didn't want to be easter bunny this year. >> i think today i've got a lot of other things to do as well. little easier to stay in one outfit. >> reporter: who is the easter bunny. >> there's a lot of people. we all know who the easter bunny is. >> reporter: okay. anything else you wanted to add the rain hopefully will hold o off. >> i think we'll count on fox5's weather team to make sure that happens. >> reporter: sean spicer referring to few years ago when he was actually at this event when george w. bush was president and he was dressed as the easter bunny as you saw he went for the easter tie this year instead. around 10:30 this morning, president trump and melania are expected to come out on to the white house balcony and address the crowd and we're hoping that the rain will stay just a little drizzly until then and not be a damper. that's the latest at the white house, guys. back to you. >> shaping up to be a good
8:22 am
>> shaping up to be a good day. >> hope that rain stays out of there. >> you heard that challenge for the weather team, too. it is patriots day today in massachusetts the 121 boston marathon is this morning. the race will start with the mobility em impaired competitors and men's group and men's field. 32,000 people said to be competing today. catherine switzer the first woman to officially run the boston marathon happened 50 years ago. she'll be running in the race again today. >> nice. >> how about that. >> nice. >> saturday marked four years since the bombing at the marathon. three people killed. more than 250 hurt when those bombs went off near the finish line. for the first time saturday night live went live coast to coast. melissa mccarthy, al beck baldwin back for the big event. if you missed it we'll have highlights from that it week's exit just ahead. >> buyer beware when it comes to artificial sweeteners. they're really like -- they're hiding more of your favorite foods than you think. we'll break it all down when we come back. ♪ ♪♪
8:23 am
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busch gardens and water country usa. a whole other world awaits. plan your two park getaway now, and eat free with select packages. >> time for the forecast. we know what happens at 8:25. wisdom, take a page from your playbook we'll try to work and our poetry. >> all right. >> i put a little something. >> drop it. >> sean spicer just put tucker on blast time for all of us to go to class. i admit what i first thought was lame is actually tucker's a g game. >> let's go to weather school. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> class in in sessi
8:26 am
mr. chenevey -- how did i do, teach. >> you still get an f. >> i tried. >> you're tough. >> i thought that was good, steve. >> we grade on a curve. >> i like it when the substitute was here last week. >> i don't. my materials have disappeared i'm stuck with this gavel thing. i lost my clipboard. clearly this classroom got out of control while i was out of town. >> your clipboard had an inappropriate picture on it. >> i don't care. i'm stuck with this. sunshine a d the a lot of clouds out there today. rain showers through the first last of the day. winds out of the north and west we'll good give that a b. afternoon temps in the mid 70s. we'll give that b go to the zoo it's family day. always an a plus. dodging rain should drops. we give this day a b. >> steve i'll give you an a for poetry. >> i just changed the last line. >> i said i admit what i first thought was was lame is really just tucker's game because he graded me down. >> then i changed
8:27 am
gave you an a. >> queue my music. >> i'll revert back to the original. ♪ >> well done. erin i wrote poetry he still tried to fail me. >> you deserved an a for that. it was beautiful it rhymed it was well presented. i liked everything about it. >> thank you. >> wisdom i'm counting on you to come up with something. >> wisdom is the master. >> he's got it down. all right. let's take a look at the roads. light rain grab your umbrella you'll need it today. outer loop sluggish past new hampshire avenue 15 minute delay as usual 95 to georgia avenue. seeing some rain moving in on 66 we can forward our cameras i'll give you a look at that. no major delays but from two thirty four to sudley road slow downs if not taking a look at metro delays next. orange line sluggish by cheverly 678 everly 678
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ all right. it is 8:30. we take look looks like the commute is not doing so dad this morning at least on the not on the beltway. we'll check in with erin in couple of minutes get you your tour around the area. let's check your top stories right now. massive manhunt continues for 37-year-old city stevens the clear land man who police say shot and killed a 74-year-old man apparently at random yesterday and then posted the video of the alleged killing to facebook. now initially, it was thought that he live stream it but facebook later said he reported the murder and then up loaded the video of the murder. stevens did, however, live stream a separate video in which he
8:31 am
several other people. police have not found any evidence that claim but they haven't found him either. multi state manhunt underway. new headache for united airlines now this couple says they were kick off a flight on the way to their wedding in costa rico. united said the couple repeatedly tried to see in more expensive seats than they had paid for. the couple has a different side of the story. they have say they found another passenger sleeping across their seats so they just sat in other seats that were empty. either way they were he is cored off the flight. they were rebooked on a different flight. right now, the annual easter egg role is underway. live pictures right there. it is a time honored tradition about 21,000 people expected to tend this year. the easter egg roll tradition goes back to the 1800's. anjali hemphill is there she'll bring us update coming next h hour. wis, what are you doing? >> what's up talking about anjali and showing me. nothing says easter egg sugar like wisdom martin. speaking of sugar in todays health watch making your morning cap of coffee and getting ready for your breakfast think about this. just how sweet is that first cap of joe or the entire
8:32 am
sweeteners out there than you may think. so what should you look for when you're buying or look out for when you're buying this stuff and when you're ready to eat your breakfast meal? dr. shilpi is here she has the real skinny on all this stuff. >> yes. >> tell was we should and should not be doing. let's hit it from schill glee good morning wisdom. >> good morning. >> we ale make our coffee it's confusing you get over there there's ten different items what show we pick. >> yes. >> these are all the bad things. >> okay. >> it's regular white sugar that's bleached and processed very unhealthy for you. as per tame. as per tame it's chemically processed. it's 200 times more suite than regular sugar. >> okay. there's controversial studies on it. some say it has been linked with cancers and other defects. the fda actually approved this they haven't said that it actually is linked to that but what you do know wisdom it's 200 or thee hadn't doctor times sweeter than natural sugar. >> so basically since it's that number is so crazy stay away
8:33 am
>> people report having headaches, fatigue after using too much as per tame. and over time if you use those high intensity sweeteners like as per tame, sweet and low, equal, you end up messing with the signals in your body that brain perceives as sweet. so your threshold for what's perceived as sweet is affected and then you start to have more sweet cravings. >> this -- >> foods sweetened with as per tame same idea a little bit too sweet so they're not as healthy not going to be good options. >> okay. >> the next thing that's bad, which i thought was good for you. >> everybody thought this was good for us. but we're finding to you it has a huge source of fluke toes. fructose we hear about in high fructose corn zero yup. 70 to 90% of that and here's the problem with that. it's packaged in the liver but the live really doesn't know what to do with it so it repack catches it all into fat. something called triglycerides it deposits right on the abd abdomen. so agave syrup is not good. >> not good. stay away. put that over here. >> we got this. >> splenda. doesn't sound l
8:34 am
>> marked it after the whole thing with as per tame. splenda was made so that it was told to consumers it's a drove tough of regular sugar they take out atoms and add chlorine but the problem with splenda, again, there's a lot of refined stuff in here and we don't have long tie studies how splenda affects your blood. >> all right. we're finding also it's not inert. he was supposing to right through your body. >> but it doesn't. >> it doesn't. it which affect your blood sugars. >> put this over here. >> that's bad. move on down the line. what are our good alshon. >> who are are the alter neaten ten tiffs. avoid sweeteners altogether my number one choice have black coffee experiment with coffee, tea, without it. you can use different strengths of coffee to see if it is palatable f not go were you the raw or cane sugar not bleach it shouldn't look so bright white. should look a little brownish hue raw sugar. >> try the black one first. >> black coffee with nothing. >> see wait tastes like. >> keep talking about that. >> next thing we have an option sugar alcohol. made
8:35 am
diabetics because it doesn't raise our blood sugar the same level -- >> this is good. >> okay. >> and it has no after taste like some of those other products. give that try. >> all right. >> only thing if you have too much of this you'll have lot of bloating and diarrhea. [ laughter ] >> keep this to moderation. >> moderation. >> oh, okay. all right. moderation. >> don't have a whole bag of sugar free candy. >> this actually tastes good. >> good. >> gotcha. >> then the last one. >> steve ya, guys s a really good option. because it's a plant extract it comes from plant it's all natural and no additives to it. so you'll see marked as true ya, steve ya, keep in mind a little goes a long way on the steve ya. >> talk about the whole pack. >> try it i only put in part of it it's very very sweet. i would even say -- >> it is sweet. this is really sweet. >> but it's great for adding to oatmeal other foods because it's natural. and these are going to be your better choices than all of that artificial stuff esp
8:36 am
gaff have a and splenda. >> this is the one that gave you the other issues right? >> if you have too much of it just little bit in your coffee this is really good choice for diabetics. >> gotcha. all right. i like this one the best. >> you liked that one. super sweet. i'm not surprised. >> i know. dr. shilpi and i have this about sugar and sweets. >> dr. shilpi, thank you. >> um-hmm. >> appreciate it. steve, back over to you. >> hmm. ♪ wisdom? >> wisdom? >> yes, sir. >> i'll gore to the fructose over the bloating and diarrhea any day. >> tucker wanting to the other day. >> one man's opinion. >> right right right. >> 69 in washington. 54 in pittsburgh. 50 up in binghamton. >> this is natural. >> we're going to go 70s today. mid 70s. cloud cover and rain showers. rain showers moving through. if you're out and about here the next few minutes i think you're okay but we do have plenty of rain showers off to the west and north. we need the rain. been very dry around here the last several months. we'll take every drop we can get but it will make for a cloudy and
8:37 am
cold front off to our north and west that will be rolling through. we'll keep rain in the forecast through mid afternoon we should gradually watch the rain showers taper off we may get a little late day sunshine highs in the mid 70s today. yesterday it was upper 80s. cooler day today. i think by late afternoon a pleasant day. ervin back with roads. >> tucker, as you mentioned the rain moving in. have some patience. watch out for some slick spots on the roads. this is 66 as you pass sudley road you can see wet conditions out there. traffic pretty light. only about 15 minute delay as you make your way out from 234 to 28 in centreville. but again watch for slick spots. grab your umbrella on the way to the metro stop as well. we do have slow drive times now at 8:37 this morning. inner loop right now from 214 to the wilson bridge holding steady. yellow zone 36 minutes. the inner loop from the split up to 66 as you cross the mixing bowl 17 minute ride. also slush gush on the inner loop across the legion bridge. we're seeing delays 295 southbound eastern avenue to --
8:38 am
minute trip. 66 from prince william parkway to the bell way 40 minute trip total. so be prepared for that extra time added to lot of your majors this morning witness rain moving in. earlier train malfunction at cheverly normal service resumed on the orange line. normal service once again on the red line. earlier medical emergency at farragut north and we're also tracking these delays in both directions again because of construction. 295 at east capital. we'll take look at safetrack with your next look the traffic. back to you. >> erin thanks much. april the giraffe official al new mom. her new bundle of joy walking within hours. but now he needs a name. how you can help with that is just ahead. it's 8:38. ♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
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♪ >> 8:00 forty one is the time. live look outside at the white house. they're getting ready for the big easter role will take place today. lots of people down there getting ready to partake in the festivities. the president and first lady will be down there. sean spicer is down there. we already talked to him. >> if you look at the back right corner you see a lot of at the present time set up. a lot of people expected on the lawn. an hal system down there. president expected to speak make an appearnce about 10:30 during this morning on good day. >> let's find out what else is on the big show. >> hell hoe gentlemen. eighths drug ripping family apart at 9:15 we're life with dr. oz and his shocking visit to the epicenter of the heroin
8:42 am
epidemic. we'll also continue to follow that manhunt fort suspect who posted horrific vitter yo on facebook. also we have a jam packed guest list to start off this monday. first and for most ashley from real housewives of potomac will be here to dish about last night's episode. plus the cast of 24 legacy they'll dish about tonight's finale. 24 fans you don't want to miss that of course and then you know what, we'll say yes to the prom dress. hundreds of local high schoolers getting much needed help to get all deck out for the big night and for the first time a local stylist is adding his expertise. oh and don't miss the movie matchup. wisdom versus kevin they've got their views over the fate of the furious. though i think we already know what kevin thinks about it. i have a good idea what wisdom might. to we'll see how it all plays out for the eighth movie in that franchise. good day d.c. just moments away. >> i have a feeling that
8:43 am
um, you know, i don't want to put words in wisdom's mouth here but i have feeling there's not going to be lot of arguing going only. >> i think you're right. it may be a rare time they ag agree. >> which stunt was the coolest. >> who would single handed redirect a missile wisdom or kevin. >> who can do it like the rock. >> i got lots of questions. >> you'll be surprised. kev has got entertainment news for us. there's more it to than just the fate of the furious, kev. >> that is right, steve and wisdom. wisdom you're going down. i'm letting you know that you're going down. coming up melissa mccarthy makes her return to snl also the new fast and far i didn't say film broke arguable the biggest record in hollywood plus we'll geek out about the new star wars trailer coming up next right here on fox5 local news.
8:44 am
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♪ >> live picture right now from boston. that is the finish line of the boston marathon now the mobility impaired runners will actually start in just about four min minutes. 8:50am is the start time. 10:30 the elite men actually i take it back 10:00 o'clock the elite men will take off and they'll finish in a little over two hours. little after 12:00 we'll see the first finishers of the boston marathon. very cool. >> very nice. looking forward to seeing that. >> in the meantime, temperatures here okay. rain forecast, i don't know. tucker knows. we'll have that forecast coming up in just ten
8:47 am
>> all right. let's do it. showers and cooler temperatures that's the name of the game today. not going to be rain out but we definitely have shower activity going to be moving through here the next couple of hours. 69 now in washington. 70 leonardtown still mild frederick 70 degrees. 64 dulles. great pictures early this morning go to my twitter page tucker fox5 or my facebook page lots of rainbow pictures this morning. beautiful sunrise. there's your rain shower activity little batch on the western side of the bay off to the north and west we've got additional showers that are developing. most of this stuff is pretty light. a little bit of heavier rain batch out towards winchester we can expect scattered rain showers fort next several hours. through about 2:00 o'clock maybe three we'll have scattered rain showers and then this should fade off to the south and east late this afternoon and gra gradually we'll lose the cloud ve
8:48 am
afternoon we should get some sunshine around here and again daytime highs pleasant in the mid 70s. so it won't be cold out there but it won't be as warm as yesterday. rain shower activity 12 noon i guess that's prime time here front really sag into the region notice as we get further in the afternoon 2:00 o'clock rain falling apart and clearing here late this afternoon five, six north and west we're getting sunshine. most of us will get a little sun before sunset tonight. there we are at 9:00 o'clock this evening. things open up and it should be very comfortable overnight with temps in the 50's. tomorrow sunny and beautiful low 70s. and then a little unsettled i was wrapped here wednesday, thursday, friday not rain out a couple different rounds of showers maybe thunderstorm on thursday. all right. guys i do mean guys. >> back to you. let's check on april the giraffe right now. the new mommy officially gave birth over the weekend. little baby boy on saturday. little 6-foot tall baby boy. about million people were watching on the web cam because you know everybody watching for the last couple of months wonder when april
8:49 am
birth. flashback right now see it all wis. >> let's take a look at the calf' wobbly steps. they posted this to their facebook page wanted the public's help in naming the little guy. it will cost you one dollar per vote and proceeds go towards supporting the park. so there you government you looking at the calf's first steps. >> yeah. >> all right. very cool. >> the adventure park finding a way to get people to watch and now getting people to pay little bit of money, too. >> that's absolutely right. >> scoring in the marketing world. happening today your last chance to help named the two eaglets at the national arboretum. >> live look right now at eagle cam. there you go. >> that's a good look from the parent eagle. >> right. >> you can post your choices for names on facebook instagram or twitter use the hash tag name the nestlings or d.c. eagle cam either one of those hash tags get them in by tomorrow the two eaglets hatched last month. they'll put the f
8:50 am
vote and everybody can vote point and they'll have new official names. >> name for the giraffe,. >> i said patience. >> logan. >> logan? >> as in wolverine logan. >> yes. >> how about when there's a wolverine baby. >> i'm all in for that. how about diesel? >> diesel is a good name vin diesel real naked is mark sinclair. >> in that weird. >> mark sinclair nothing wrong with that. strong name. >> it's not vin diesel. >> strange consider him looking at him mark sinclair. >> i think that's his real name. fade of the furious. broke the biggest record in hollywood in my opinion. this is the largest worldwide opening film in the history of movies. that's pretty much it. i mean it literally is the biggest opening of all time. now, here's the thing these are estimated numbers. here's why you have to be careful. 532.5 million in its
8:51 am
weekend. the film behind that at number two is star wars episode 7,529,000,000. only talking about three and a half million dollars here. so when the final numbers come out today, it could be different. we will see but right now, the estimates have it being the number one of all time. it beat jurassic world, star wars episode seven. here's a couple things to note, though. very interesting. in china, the film made $190 million. star wars episode seven did not open in china in its first weekend so that's definitely a factor here as to why this blue away the star wars number possibly. but this movie also took a drop domestic klee here at the united states. it only -- i say 100 only did $100 million in the us that's a little bit low compared to what seven did. 147 in its first weekend. so here's the thing. this is a big deal. this record stands. this will be the highest opening in the history of sin in a ma i think it's massive. >> don't you think that's
8:52 am
it is. >> ticket sales. >> yeah. >> of course. >> apples to apples. >> it is interesting to think a movie like that in eighth in its franchise made a half a billion dollars this weekend. >> what water budget on it. >> i'm assuming probably close to 200, maybe 150 to 200. other interesting things beauty and beast made 13 million this weeks. box office news. coming now is the melissa mccarthy return to snl as sean spicer. they apparently snl had the biggest ratings they've had since february. because they did this new thing they aired live from coast to coast. so while it aired here live at 11:30, people were watching it live on the west coast at 8:30. and this is obviously one of the highlights from the show alec baldwin was back as trump he did elimination round for top adviser where he pinned steve bannon versus jared kushner and jared kushner ended up winning this and you'll see jimmy fallon playing kushner there. there you go. melissa mccarthy did return as sean spicer as the easter bunny, and this is in reference to
8:53 am
remarks he made last week in regards to the holocaust which he has apologized for but this is meliss mccarthy's take on that and him issuing an apology in a fake press conference. watch this. >> defending the president's decision, i said that unlike syrian leader, um, the leader of -- son,, what is it? >> what is his stupid paid. bazooka felicia am mad rashad. at least hitler never used chemical weapons. ever freak. okay. they were all like boo-hoo. boo-hoo. what about the holocaust centers? [ laughter ] >> yeah i know they're not really called holocaust centers. duh! >> i know that. i'm aware. clearly meant to say concentration clubs. [ laughter ] >> all right. that's melissa mccarthy returning as sean spicer also harry styles made his solo debut. i thought -- listen it's a stripped down perform
8:54 am
love the song. i was was actually more interested in hearing him sink. >> watch this. >> ♪ >> i would argue that him and zane were the two best singers in one direction and i think harry styles this song is such an interesting direction to use for his style because,.com i just say that. >> oh my god. >> can you name the other members of one direction. >> louie, liam, nile, zip and harry. >> well done. >> i interviewed them all for the -- the now movie. >> lie played guitar with harry styles. >> it's very sad you know all of them. >> i like one direction. story of my life is great story. star wars the last jedi premiered on friday. i sat with my computer for an hour. we finally hear luke speak which is really really cool at the end of episode seven sky walker was just putting his hasn't out and we didn't hear him say anything. now he finally speak at the end this trailer you'll see in the ne
8:55 am
>> one, two, three. >> it's coming up. it opens dee 15th and ryan janson direct it. >> now. >> it's time for the jedi to e end. >> yes! >> you know what, it's time for this segment to end as well. i'll see you guys at 9:40. you're going down in the fate and furious. >> we'll see which direction it goes. >> i like that. >> i like your style. >> oh, steve. >> save us. save us. save us. >> more kevin. >> that's what you need. >> let's put the focus not on kevin but on shelly stew war. shelly it is your day to be fan of the day. thank you so much for being a fan. she ran into kevin recently while delivering food for her part-time job. >> all right. shelly says it was an unexpected delight when kevin and lauren opened the door. there's still good people in the world and mccarthys are an example of that. thank you so much shelly. we appreciate it much it sounds like you're also an example of a good person. >> quick break. >> i was wearing no shoes there.
8:56 am
>> tmi. back with tucker after this. th. >> we're still on the air. okay. pass. hey, welcome back. 70 now in washington. 67 dulles in baltimore at bwi marshall. 69 degrees. rain showers name of the game here. at least the first half the day. you can see rain off to the north and west out along 81 and few showers on the western side of the bay. we need the rain showers and look like we got the forecast for the next self days. not going to rain allay
8:57 am
this will taper off by early afternoon gradual clearing late with daytime highs in the mid 70s. there you go. late day sun. seventy three degrees. erin got last look at traffic and then good day d.c. >> at 9a. right now, 8:57. we still have northbound construction 295 at east capital that's causing delays from the 11th street bridge. southbound side easing as we get out of the morning rush. eleventh street inbound holding strong with delays and maryland we're still dealing with outer loop slow down 95 to georgia avenue. some damp roads. so use caution light rain grab your umbrella. metro service back to normal seven for safetrack impacting the green line. good day at 9a is coming right up. want to show you look outside at the it white house easter egg roll. much more coverage on that coming up gone day. ♪ ♪
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead a multi state manhunt for a confessed killer. a cleveland man posting a video of a murder on facebook. the innocent bystan bystander. what police know about the suspect and the response from the woman he blames for the crime. we will defeat any attack and we will meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective response. does breaking overnight vice-president mike pence arrives in south korea with a warning for its neighbors to the north after that failed missile test over the weekend. but that's not the only foreign policy issue on the white house table. we'll have the very latest


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