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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 17, 2017 9:00am-10:59am EDT

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♪ straight ahead a multi state manhunt for a confessed killer. a cleveland man posting a video of a murder on facebook. the innocent bystan bystander. what police know about the suspect and the response from the woman he blames for the crime. we will defeat any attack and we will meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective response. does breaking overnight vice-president mike pence arrives in south korea with a warning for its neighbors to the north after that failed missile test over the weekend. but that's not the only foreign policy issue on the white house table. we'll have the very latest
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the first 100 days. talk about taxation route representation. new data shows d.c. residents pay more to the federal government than anywhere else in the country. it's not even close. we'll tell you why. and later, a busy weekend for the dc sports fans. and the behind the scenes team at the verizon center. we'll have the latest from the caps and wizards play off requests. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ we like to think that every day is a good day. we just claim it this time of the morning. at 9:00 o'clock thanks for staying with us it's monday. it is easter monday ate april 17th i'm chenevey alongside holly and wisdom. maureen has the morning off. >> it's an easter tradition at the white house. today tens of thousands of kids will pack the south lawn to roll some easter eggs with president trump and. we'll take you there live. >> you miss it, don't you holly. >> tradition for many, many years. >> you've been out there? >> well, erin, i think i might have
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>> what? >> give or take. >> give or take the last time i counsel. no it's a great tradition. >> i'm jealous. to me that looks like d.c. >> what about the shoes? you had some advice about the shoes. >> i have good advice. if you're watching and heading down today they will have people roll all throughout the day. different timed groups that go in. wear good shoes -- i mean good shoes. >> not your good easter shoes. wear good walking shoes. shoes you don't care that get all wet and grassy. >> chutes you don't mind guessed getting messed up because the lawn can get pretty messy it's a fun event. >> what's your favorite part of the easter egg roll. >> well, my favorite part of the easter egg role is just being on the lawn. >> um-hmm. >> being on the lawn. it's amazing. you're standing right that. there's the oval office. it's just -- you're in the president's backyard. you're playing on the grass. >> the eggs this year that take home eggs are gold. how is that for symbolism. >> because i have four green, three pink, but -- >> pastels.
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i wouldn't mind having a gold one. i'm not going line. >> let's talk about the weather because people are going to be outside. because after beautiful weekend, we've seen some april showers start the work week. details now tucker barnes a lot of people will be out there looking for eggs at the or rolling eggs at the white house as part of this event. tuck what's the weather going to be like. >> i want to let holly know i have dozen eggs at home in myhre fridge rater. >> various shades. >> yours will go bad. >> i think they probably have gone bad. [ laughter ] >> they're still there. 70 now in washington. clouds. yes. rain showers in the forecast. april rain brings may -- wait. that doesn't work. april showers bring may flowers. >> there you go. >> i was looking for it. here are your showers out towards annapolis maybe deal getting a shower up towards howard and montgomery county a couple of showers and then the main event and it's not terribly heavy rain needed rain along 81 there. front royal, winchester, martinsburg all getting rain showers as this cold front continues to sag on down from the north and west.
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again, we'll be mostly cloudy here with rain showers through the early afternoon and then they shall taper off and gradually we'll get little sunshine in here lateness afternoon with highs much cooler than yesterday in the mid 70s. there you go. 74 this afternoon with showers expected for the next couple of hours i think by one, 2:00 o'clock the showers will taper off we should get late day sunshine. >> seven day we'll have that coming up lots of spring on it. back to you guys. >> tuck, thank you very much. our top local story this morning has been unfolding since last night about 8:00 o'clock. a man hold up inside of a house in the fort hunt area of fairfax county. negotiators concerned because there might be two young children inside that home as well. melanie alnwick has been out there for hours now and joins us once again with the latest on the details of this now more than 12 hour standoff. mel? >> reporter: good morning, guys. the way i understand it from fairfax county police the last update i got is that they are still in a holding pattern still attempting negotiation with the man. again, as you said, there's concern because they do believe that there
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children in the home. they say that the man to their knowledge has not threatened to harm the children. however, he has threatened to harm himself and so that's what sort of brings this heightened tension to the situation. it all began to unfold as you said about 8:00 o'clock last night. the man was on the phone with someone, and the person on the other line believed that he was having some sort of a mental health crisis. that person then notified police who got an emergency custody order which means they can come and take that person into custody and have them undergo an emergency mental evaluation. perhaps even hold them for few days if that is deemed to be necessary. let the situation calm down but when police came to the neighborhood to serve that emergency custody order, the man decided not to cooperate with it and that is where we stay stand at this point from where i'm standing here, we're sort of on several blocks away from where the scene is unfolding there's no way you could even see the house from
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where they have media and even the neighbors sort of cordoned off from the area. that's for safety reasons as well. but from where i understand at this point, is it's been going on for quite sometime. police really in effort to just diffuse the situation have really time on their side. they're just going to try to keep negotiating with the home own percy if they can convince him to come out. people on the scene told me that they heard bull horns overnight literally calling the man by name telling him don't harm the children. please come to the window. please come to the door. come out with your hands up. but those have sort of subsided now. we're in sort of a different mode here in the neighborhood more of awaiting out. waiting to see how things go. live in fairfax county i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> appreciate the update, mel. 90:00 sick breaking news out of cleveland ohio massive manhunt underway for this man. accused of killing an elderly man and then posting video of the shooting on
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police say he then took to facebook live to boast about the killing. >> to make matters even worse, police say it appears that he chose his victim at random. the suspect has been identified as 37-year-old steve stevens and police are warning people to stay away from him if they see him. >> steve stevens we want to communicate to him that we know who he is, and that he will eventually be caught. >> the manhunt continues for suspect who posted murder of an elderly man in cleveland, ohio on facebook. steve stevens allegedly shot and killed 74-year-old robert godwin, jr., in a video he called easter day slaughter. >> we want this to end with as little -- with as much peace as we can bring to this right now. >> reporter: fraternity brothers who knew city haven't seen him in months but are shocked by the shooting. >> my oh motions ranged all over the place. i was so heart broken for the family and that man
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nothing. >> family of godwin is now mourning his loss aft seeing him earlier sunday. >> go the in the truck and left about two and a half hours later his mom came beating on my door. >> facebook says the actual murder wasn't broadcast on its life feature but was posted afterwards in a video before he you've fate book live to talk about killing several people. now in a statement facebook says, this is a horrific crime and we do not allow this kind of content on facebook. we work hard to keep a safe environment on facebook and are in touch with law enforcement in emergencies. cleveland police are calling for stevens to turn him is self in to authorities. >> there are people who care about steve and want to see this not good any further. >> police say they have no evidence of any truth behind stevens claims of killing other people but they believe he killed mr. godwin after getting into an argument with a woman they mentioned in that horrific video of the killing. now that woman released a statement overnight expressing her prayers to the victim's familiar and said tha
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she knows is quote kind and loving. police think stevens may have fled out of state. he was last seen driving a white ford fusion. nine minutes past the hour right now. i think we want to move on to politic right now. and talk about what's happening over seas. is that correct? >> yes? >> talk korea. we can tell you this at least. we know the vice-president is in korea this morning. he did visit the demilitarized zone which is that thin strip of land between north and south korea. he made a statement saying in fact that the era of strategic patience is over. that's what he had to say about north korea. all right. >> we had defeat any attack and we will meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective response. >> vice-president also met with us and south korean troops stationed near the
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>> 9:09 and today it's a time honored tradition underway at the white house. the white house lawn it's rolling with kids the trump family is hosting the annual easter egg roll. >> fox5 is there live for the big event and virtual who's who of the administration also th there. our hasn't hallie hemphill a whose who herself is live on the lawn with all the details. are you having a good time, anjali? >> reporter: oh, yeah, holly it has been so adorable out here, and really a lot of fun despite the rain. and we are getting finally a break from that rainy weather we've seen off and on all morning which happens to be the same time we're getting a break from the adorable kids here that were just easter egg rolling all morning long as you can see they are taking a small break but you can see so much more is going on on the south lane as we speak as well. you can see it filled with people. families, children, getting a chance to kind of run around with some of these mascots, the nationals mascots are out here, the washington wizards mascot is out here. there's also some life music
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just all around a bunch of family fun i'm told there's about 20,000 or so people that are here today which seems like lost people it's actually a bit smaller than in years past. this is a bit more of a scaled down event. however, still a lot of fun to be had and most of these families out here were selected through online lottery and many of them were also chosen via their school, maybe they are patients at a children's hospital or they are military and law enforcement families. and we did speak to press secretary sean spicer earlier who talk about how that is a main focus of this year's event and he also spoke about the last time he was at this event which was back in george w. bush was president when sean spicer came dressed as the easter bunny. >> the same number of eggs that were ordered in the past have been ordered. this is really about making sure this is about the kids. we've reduced a lot of vip and special guests and made it about military families, local families the lottery but again this is about the children, not about adults, it's about
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letting children have a time honored experience. >> reporter: i heard you've been here but wearing a different outfit. >> i stuck to an easter tie this year. >> reporter: i see you have the rabbit there. >> yeah. >> reporter: how come -- you didn't want to be the easter bunny this year. >> i think today i've got a lot of other things to do as well. little easier to stay in one outfit. >> reporter: who is the easter bunny. >> there's a lot of people. we all know who the easter bunny is. >> reporter: okay. anything else you wanted to add the rain hopefully will hold o off. >> i think we'll count on fox5's weather team to make sure that happens. >> reporter: i mean yeah who is the easter bunny, right? we've seen sean spicer running around here talking to families being very much a part of the crowd, and around 10:30 this morning, we do expect the president, president donald trump and first lady melania to step out on the white house balcony and address the crowd that should happen again in about an hour and half from now. latest here at the white house, guys, back to you. >> anjali, i was wondering one of big things about the easter egg roll what
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stars are goring to there. is there a lineup of people that you expect to see today? >> reporter: well, we really have not been told anything about that. we know that trump's family is supposed to be here but we don't know anything more about any of those vips. we haven't actualy really seen any besides the presidents from the nationals mascots. >> sounds good. thanks al hallie. >> the president expected to make appearance a little more an hour from now. let's move on to different topic right now just about 5 miles from the liberty bell in philadelphia. but also ground zero for the nation's heroin epidemic coming up next dr. oz will join us live with more on his visits to what they call the tracks and the seldom scene side of the deadly addiction. >> little bit later if you're trying to meet someone online there's one thing you might not want to do we'll have the details of that coming up. time right now 9:13. back in a moment. ♪ ♪♪
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>> 9:16. heroin use and apoidea abuse continue to be epidemic right here in the d.c. region. we know that. it is a huge problem in many communities across the country and today dr. oz goes inside a place they call ground zero in the epidemic a place where 900 overdoses occurred last year.
9:17 am
dr. oz not that far away. he joins us live from new york but it was philadelphia you visited dr. oz. good morning. what did you find there. >> we found that folks from washington are coming up to philadelphia. people from new york coming down to philadelphia. why? because it's got the cheapest best quality heroin on the east coast. people from california coming there. but the biggest challenge areas now in philadelphia where there's underground world. the place i visited these conrail tracks and these railroad tracks are having overpasses and underpasses so they're crevices and nooks and crannies people can hid in, it's a big business. each addict spends a hundred dollars a day fixing -- getting their fix which means if you got third addicts living under bridge you've got a million dollars of product being sold real businesses being trying to protect the businesses people dying right and left. dead bodies are tossed area they don't want to scare away business. quote unquote doctors these are addicts
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veins help other addicts hit their veins then charge for that. it's unbelievable eco system but the real tragedy i was taken there by dea agents very well armed because security was big concern, is that vietnamese war lost about 55,000 americans soldier. we lost the same number of people last year from drugs in america. washington, d.c. like most states and areas in this country increased rate of death from opioids we are losing this battle and dea was very clear. we cwe can arrest our way out of this problem we'll have to use communities and get support and that's why they wanted to come on the show and talk about it and give us unprecedented access. obvious first step might be don't let people go done there and, yes, you'll flush them out if you close off the tracks. but where are they going to go from there? it's not such a good option. >> challenge not must? philadelphia but here in washington all across the country i think it's important to point, dr. oz, as much as you're shining the light op this particular situation here, when people see
9:19 am
and it's maybe it's a down and out neighborhood, it's the tracks, it's the homeless population, this is a drug we've talked so much about that. this is an epidemic that can be anywhere from people who are making no income to millions of dollars a year and this drug is not see income. it doesn't see race. it just sees problems anywhere across the country. >> well, steve, we work closely with the white house, the past one and hoping to work in the current one as well witness drug czar and here's the reality. one of three american families is ravaged by drugs. when i was under those tracks, i saw people in business outfits coming down men in jacket and tie coming down to get their f fix. it is a problem that has swept across all walks of life and the interesting reality i interviewed a man named steve in this piece you'll see on the show. guy is clear many i used to bill hold homes. now i'm homeless. my t
9:20 am
like many addicts part of the problem is his own errors, but by the grace of god we don't all go that direction. it's a real challenge when people who were the foundations of our society are fallly prey to drugs. allowing areas like this to fester allows the infection to spread even further. it is the right time for us now to using a surgical met for to lies the abscess, let the pus drain out. which means allowing dea to do o importantly getting communities to get these folks off the streets and homelessness is major tries i've had op he had on this topic when we don't spend money getting people off the streets by putting them in house they prey to addiction. one in three kids in about 15 new york city schools i'm sure the numbers are similar in d.c. are homeless. and we know that when we spend money getting people off the street it costs $10,000 putting them in housing but we save $30,000 more than that in medical bills because people can get home, get discharged.
9:21 am
>> that man steve i got heim into rehab. which he leaves, if he's homeless he'll go back under that bridge and do drugs again. >> it's sobering no matter when way you look it statistic the numbers. i know you'll put a big focus on today's show in the last few seconds we have, though, for those who know someone who is an addict or is heading in direction, if we could steal a ahead of show some advice you have for them would be what? >> recovery is real. it's the number one thing you've got to get across to the people in your life who are addicted. addicts don't think it's possible. they think they're going to die or get are a revved. steve said it himself recovery is real and hammer home the fact you'll take them back if they get off drugs. most addicts burnt their bridges. give them one more chance. make them come clean first. these programs are free in many cases. keep pushing shoving but it works. >> always good to talk to you my friend. we'll look forward to more on the show today. >> take care, steve. >> reminder you can catch all new episodes of dr. oz today at 1:00 o'clock it's going to be on our sister my 20. all right. 921stim
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and i go head to head in all new edition of the movie matchup the top topic this time the fate of the furious. >> i can't wait. first caitlin what you work ong. >> good morning, erin. first up new headache for united airlines after it apparently kick a couple heading to their wedding off a flight. plus an emotional tribute for isaia thomas to his late sister during game one of the nba playoffs an special easter weekend delivery for april the giraffe. we'll have update on her baby when we check what else is making headlines coming up next. ♪ z2ay2z z16fz
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♪ 9:25 right now. it's monday morning. a look at some of the other things we have coming up in just couple of minutes first though stories making headlines this- morning. caitlin. >> steve, good morning to you. first up, a new headache for united airlines. couple says they were kick off a flight on their way to their wedding in costa rica. united says the couple repeatedly tried to sit in more expensive seats and they they had paid for but the couple has a different side of the story. they claim they found another passenger sleeping across their seats. now this couple was then he is cored off and rebooked on another flight. of course this is coming after a turbulent week for united airlines, and new policy from the company they say they will no longer allow crew members to displace passengers on board an airplane. in virginia, memorial service was hell at the virginia tech university yesterday
9:26 am
the worst campus shooting in history. former virginia governor tim kaine delivered marks at the service. there was also a reading of the names of the 32 people killed. 17 others were wounded before the gunman shot himself. and happening right now, security is tight in boston for the 121 annual boston marathon this is the fourth marathon since the dodely bombings more than 30,000 people are expected to participate. there will be 5,000 uniformed and undercover offices positioned along the 26-mile route. and for the first time there will be drones watching from above. saturday mark four years since the bombings at the boston marathon. three people were killed there and 260 others were injured when a pair of brothers set off twin bombs near the finish line. also, it was emotional sunday on the court for boston celtics star isaia thomas. playing in yesterday's bulls/celtics game just hours after his sister was killed in a car crash. the point guard was brought to tears during a moment
9:27 am
before the game. 22-year-old sister china died in the crash on saturday in his home state of washington. finally, after months of waiting, and millions of people watching on the internet, for months, april the giraffe finally had her baby over the weekend. the male calf that you can see being born right here was born on saturday it weighs 129 pounds and 5 feet 9-inches tall. now the calf did stand up about 45 minutes after the full birth animal adventure park says april is recovering perfectly and is eating everything in site. can't blame her for that. april due to give birth back in february you'll remember but a month later, two months later she finally delivered a contest being held right now to decide the name of the calf. well, i think the name of her birth month -- his birth month is out. if you have any other ideas let us know. names for the baby calf april's baby. >> that's big question. >> i was fascinated with that birth video
9:28 am
feet coming out. >> wow. >> i don't know if you guys watch it i was kind of glued to in a i don't know if i want to watch this because it's really a lot to take in. but it was also so foss 98ing and that is nature born right there on camera. >> good point. >> amazing. >> i skipped it. is anybody said if it's normal for this birth to be three months behind for the giraffe. >> hmm. >> no hell risk for the little one or anything. >> i hadn't really had that discussion. >> nope. >> haven't done that deep into giraffe birth rituals. >> perhaps i wasn't interested that in the story to look it up. >> i'm happy the birth went well and she has a healthy 129-pound baby. >> how cool was it he was standing up a an hour later. >> almost 6 feet tall. >> i learn about giraffes and their births. talk about taxation without representation. why d.c. residents pay the federal government more than anyone else in the nation. it's not even close. >> plus a gray and rainy day for the white house easter egg roll. that won't stop tens
9:29 am
thousands of kids from pack the lawn for the annual event. tucker barnes will be look at how long this rain will last an check of the seven day forecast next. >> fresh at 10a, off to the r races. ashley from the real housewives will be live in the loft with a look back at last night's episode. plus, a prince harry opening up about the death of his mother for the very first time. the end of a long day. the stars of 24 legacy have a look back at new season and what is to expect in too tonight's final. the right now 9:29. we will be right back. you're watching good day d.c. ♪ ♪♪
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test test
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>> ♪ >> oh, this song is so appropriate right now. well, at 9:32, as tax day approaches show some love for the nation's capitol. it turns out that washington, d.c. sends the most tax dollars to the u.s. government. according to the i.r.s. and u.s. census bureau d.c. residents, get this, we paid uncle sam $37,000 per person in federal income, payroll and estate taxes last year. that's nearly double per person than any other state. so, why did d.c. residents pay so much more? well, because a lot of high income people live in the nation's capitol. the next closest was delaware at $16,000 per person. minnesota and massachusetts also made it to the high on the -- well they made it lie high on the list. compared to west virginia, get this, they paid
9:33 am
person. new mexico and mississippi also paid the least. tomorrow is the last day to file your federal income tax return and nearly 40 million people still need to file. listen to the crazy numbers. >> if it's 37,000 average per person in the district that means on average in the district you're looking at $100,000 plus income per year on average for each person in the district. a lot of money. >> but it also costs a lot to live here. >> that's true. >> lost times you see -- >> i would think new york city would be on the list as well for higher cities in taxes. >> they probably break it down by state though. >> fair enough. >> the rest of the state you got a smaller population. >> a lesson in geography there. i like that. >> and numbers. >> you did go all math on us. >> taxation without representation the key. >> this english major needs help filing her taxes every year. >> i did mine yesterday. >> not the last minute. you got until tomorrow. you finished before yesterday, steve. >> i wasted
9:34 am
though, tucker. >> that's what happens sometimes. >> yeah. >> all right. >> steve, you ever heard of a thing called an extension. >> well -- >> oh, really. >> i do try to avoid that. >> i thought you were going to say have you heard of anything called an accountant. >> that's exactly who i hired. >> heard of a thing called penalties, know all about that. >> we all do, don't we. [laughter] >> i get penalties on my car all the time when i park it. all right. showers keep it cooler. we're looking at daytime highs that are going to be only in the 70's today and we've had these rain showers moving through. we need the rain. it's springtime. we got a lot of demands for water and we'll take every drop we can get. 70 in washington, notice plea cooler -- yesterday made to it 89 degrees, not 85, steve but 89 and pretty extraordinary how warm it got yesterday. 61 in hagerstown, 68 this morning in fredericksburg. getting a break. happen couple showers already moved through this morning. and we've got additional shower activity off to the north and west along 81. it's been raining for a couple hours out towards front royal winchester. all of this is
9:35 am
washington area later this morning and during the afternoon. probably by 2, 3 o'clock we get it out of here but we'll have additional rain showers a little later this morning and during the afternoon hours. there you go as that front continues to kind of fade on to our south and east. so, just keep in mind. if you're working outdoors you'll be dealing with rain showers the next couple hours. as the front gets south and east of us later this afternoon rain will taper off first and then we may get sunshine late this afternoon. there we are at noon. there we are at 2:30, our futurecast indicating the rain is over and then perhaps even some clearing here late this afternoon. north and west it looks like it's most aggressive maybe you'll get a nice sunset north and west and we'll get kind of partly sunny conditions here by late this afternoon. here's a quick look at that seven day. 74 today. clears out tonight. gorgeous tomorrow. sunny pleasant 72. a beautiful day tomorrow, 67. get a little bit unsettled wednesday, thursday, friday with daytime highs near 80 on thursday, maybe a thunderstorm. all right guys i'm going to go work on my taxes between weather takes. >> proud of you tucker. >> by that he means try to
9:36 am
google an accountant. [laughter] >> the road for the stanley cup heads north. now the series with the lead shifts to canada tonight. on saturday it was a heartbreaking loss for the caps. lost in double overtime to toronto. that game at verizon center final could are four to three. it was a five-hour game. >> hm. >> toronto' >> basically don't push the panic button yet. >> nope. >> still believe. >> all right, still believe. >> rocking the red. >> little hoops action now. we believe in the wizards because john wall he was huge, huge for the wizards. he scored a playoff career high 32 points and had 14 assists. markeith morris added 21 points in his nba playoff day about. hawks dominated inside and on the boards early on but just connecticut taken john wall bradley beal and markeith morris. final
9:37 am
game two stays right nearly d.c. set for wednesday night. we have to root for chicago. >> yes. >> against boston. >> yes. >> because if chicago beats boston guess who has home court advantage. >> wewe do. >> possibly a show down against -- >> markeith morris couldn't believe this fourth in the league, fourth most number of games played without ever being in the post season. >> been around a long time but now had a chance to play and shine and did you see his twin brother at the game. >> saw his swin brother sitting there. i love it. >> how about this. talk about a quick turn around. right before the game the verizon center staff was getting ready for tipoff. saturday night they had to transform the place from hockey ice to my basketball cour --so basket court. double overtime then an afternoon game for the wizards.
9:38 am
>> let's give props to them. >> you know they were really like double overtime? really you want to do this to us. >> right. let's go to the baseball diamond now or should we call it bryce's diamond. nats up three-two in the top of the eighth when glover comes in to relieve gio gonzalez after a run scores. phillies have the lead. bottom of the ninth, two on, two outs bryce harper up top bat and on the full count walk just homer. second home run of the day by the way. game over. nats win six-four. >> yay! nats. >> exciting. >> fun. >> it's fun to be a sports fan in d.c. right now. okay, a special easter sunday guest for the nats. take a look at the president's race. it's the easter bunny versus the presidents. peter super fly cottontail goes off the top rope and levels teddy bull moose roosevelt. that led to a victory by screech. watch this. >> oh, my goodness. >> slow motion, too. >> takes him out.
9:39 am
>> screech goes on to win. >> knocks the ears right off. >> which was good, though, because guess what? it was screech's birthday. >> happy birthday screech. >> screech deserves that. >> look at that. >> how do you practice that. >> by the way, the bunny is going to be holding tackling clinics for local football teams coming up in the fall. >> wrestling baseball combo. >> the form was nice, you're right. >> yeah, that form was really nice. >> that bunny's draft stock is rising. >> uh-huh. >> all right. well, 9:39 right now. and eight movies in and still number one. coming up, wait until you hear how much the new f "fast and furious" movie made over the weekend. plus, all new movie matchup. wisdom, you're taking on kevin and you're going to bring it. >> i'm destroying kevin. >> confidence is key in this. >> just like that bunny did, that's how kevin is going down. >> that's what you're going to do to kevin? >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> hold still. >> adios toreto. >> okay, buster, let's see if this works. >> all right, easter weekend be
9:43 am
the eighth movie in the "fast and furious" franchise zoomed to the top of the box office in record fashion. see what we did there. it earned $100 million in its debut but that's over here in the u.s. overseas it earned about 430 million making it the biggest global opening ever. that's pretty incredible. the "boss baby" slipped to second pace with 15 million. "beauty and the beast" rounds out the top three and steve, you have our movie matchup with wisdom and if kevin and they're going to bring it. >> hard to argue with half a billion dollars. safe to say this franchise not going anywhere any time soon. there will be 1 billion of these movies mark my words. are the box office results and quality the same thing? we're going to try to answer that question. we're going to put it to the test because it is time for a new edition of movie matchup. kevin cannot get enough of the torpedo scene. wisdom we don't know what he's into. in the corner the wisdom martin with a collection of 16 dvd's at
9:44 am
furious." kevin mccarthy with a dvd collection that numbers well into the millions. >> the billions. >> here are the ground rules. each attorney in this case will have 15 seconds to give an opening statement as to the move spree itself we will go from there and talk about various categories. hopefully you will argue with each other about -- >> we're going to argue. >> or do something exciting. >> for the record -- >> zip it. here we go. >> here we go. >> attorney martin is up first. you have 15 seconds for opening statement. go. >> look i watched this movie. i saw the rock, i saw jason and all the other characters. i thought it was brilliant. the thing is you have to suspend reality when you're going in. you cannot go into this thinking you're about to watch some shakespearean theater. this is all action. it's cartoonish. it's crazy. the cards -- >> excellent point counselor. mr. mccarthy. >> while i agree on it being mindless fund and ridiculous but i think there's a weird element where you care for the character. a you still care
9:45 am
the whole team. that's the interesting thing they're able to pull off. i really do think that. >> right on his 15 seconds. >> i know. i might be in trouble. >> i'm impressed he threw me a little curve there in the movie because i thought he was going to go hard on the affect he went soft with the character. well done mr. mccarthy. kevin best scene in the movie is what. >> no question the perform torp. it's a scene where the rock redirects a torpedo with his bear hands. there's nothing better in that movie. that whole icy wednesday is insane, absolutely insane. i can't believe it. with his bear hands. >> i'm going to tell you what's insane you loving that whole stupid little thing right there. i liked the movie but my favorite scene was the rock and jason in the jail scene. the brawl for it all. they must have been been together like 35 people including prison guards and prisoners. it was insane. they were jumping all over the place. >> good call. best performance pie an actor which
9:46 am
movie. >> jason stole the show. i love the rock but jason stole the show. he was the bad guy turned into a good guy at the end he was with the family. i just gave something away. any way jason stole the show. >> jason wisdom martin says. kevin agree or disagree. >> i actually agree with him. i think hall the best part of the movie because him and the rock's. >> you gave away a plot twist. >> keep many speaking of plot. good or bad wisdom. >> i thought the blot was g i thought it was a little cheesy with the cheesy lines. tyrese the king of cheese ball was good the first half of the movie but then he started dropping these cheesy lines. he and ludicrous and charlize theron at the end. >> what kind of cheese are you going with here. >> i'm going with low grade american cheese. >> you get a point for
9:47 am
>> i liked the cheesy one liners. i liked when tyrese was doing a selfie with the nuclear element. i thought there were fun lines in there. i thought charlize theron was scary as a villian. it was shaw very menacing. >> you're going with more of a smooth cheese. >> smooth cheese. >> like a berata. >> that would be an excellent title for the next fast and furious all berata. should be there a number nine. >> they should end it right there. it's a good action movie but what else are you going to do? you going to the space? go to the desert and make them ride around? what can you do to top this action adventure. >> i'm going to ask you that. should there be a nine or more. >> definitely definitely going to be a nine and maybe even a 10. i think she should go to space. i would love to see them in space. how awesome would that be if they were racing in space. >> oh, my god. >> you would n w
9:48 am
>> no, i would not watch. >> fair enough. you stayed within your 15 seconds. keep in mind this movie is making a billion dollars. you could make whatever you want. you could basically start facebook again. >> yeah. >> for the budget they have for this movie. >> okay. >> so, what are you going to do to top it all in the next one. >> just like i said i would put them in the desert have them riding on dong keys. racing dong keys or racing camels or something like that. the cars are all on flat, they're all off that of a cave somewhere. put them on dong keys. have them fighting on dong keys. put them in a desert. >> i'm going to give the final word "fast and furious" with cars in space, kevin you're the genius we're going with cars some space. >> that's the worst idea i've ever heard in my entire life about camels. "fast and furious" nine
9:49 am
piranha wars in space. >> you basically argued over agreeing. >> yes, they agreed more than they argued. >> that's right. >> yeah. >> they agreed in an argumentative tone. >> absolutely. >> they had the same ideas but just -- >> like jason and the rock. you have to see it. >> jason stathem. you said statem. >> i definitely will go see that movie. definitely. okay portion coming up why the secret to eating healthier at work could dun down to real just timing. >> i don't know if that's good news for us. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
9:50 am
z2c56z zi0z
9:51 am
y2c56y yi0y z2c5qz z16fz
9:52 am
>> ♪ >> all right. 9:52 is our time right now and does making people wait a little longer for a vending machine junk food snack influence them to actually choose a healthier alternative? fox's larry yellen has
9:53 am
>> oh, buy a less healthy snack. >> reporter: millions of people use vending machines for their daily snacks but for rush medical center's brad appleheinz this is research. he's an obesity research over the last year and a half he's been trying to figure out if making people wait just a little longer for their junk food snacks might influence them to buy a healthier alternative. >> humans have a strong preference for immediate gratification. when you have to make for something it makes it less desirable. we wanted to see if we could use that principle to nudge people toward's healthier options. >> reporter: he says vending machines are perfect for research like this. with help from the ace vending machine three machines at the rush medical center were set up to collect date today. then that data was downloaded and analyzed on a weekly basis. a clock and a small video screen warned customers they would have to wait an additional 25 seconds if they went for the junk foods. all of the unhealthy snacks were near the top of the vending machine an
9:54 am
onto a platform that would delay their delivery. >> snsnack falls, trips the light sensor starts the time temp. after the delay the snack is going to drop. >> reporter: he found that the delayed gratification did steer some customers toward healthier options although offering discounts in price along with the delays seemed to work best. >> so it's really hard to nudge people in general but once you implement these time delays and maybe combine it with price manipulations. >> reporter: he hopes his finding can be applied in other areas, for example in fast food settings but for that research, sorry, we'll have to wait just a little longer. >> okay, that's not going to work here because it takes me two commercial breaks just to make one cup of coffee so if i have to wait 30 seconds for something to drop i'm not going to make it back on the air. >> i know when i want my
9:55 am
away. >> it's more evidence we're an on demand society. >> but he also snuck in the fact that they offered discounts as well. >> that's for the fiscally conservative like wisdom martin. >> now i can wait if i'm going to get a -- >> snickers. >> what if they gave you an apple for 10 cents. >> i would do that for 10 cents yeah. >> versus chocolate bar for a dollar. >> really. >> see. >> absolutely. >> see, that's why i like meal prep. if you have everything ready in your refrigerator i'm less likely to reach for the bag of nachos and more likely to get something healthier. >> but the problem is the prep part. >> yeah. >> two hours on sunday, steve. >> ooh, two hours. >> depends how many days you're prepping for. >> that was like the whole wizards game. >> i was listening to you until you said two hours. we've got another whole hour of good day headed your way including someone stopping by from the real housewives of potomac. >> ashley is going to join us which will be really cool. >> "24 legacy," yeah. >> go ahead, steve. >> i was just saying i can't believe that it's
9:56 am
for the finale. time has flown flo on by. >> coming up on 12 episodes. corey hawkins was the star. >> this interests me, why you should not pick your own profile picture for dating sites. >> that doesn't affect me. >> do you plan on going on a.m. dating site any time soon. >> who knows. >> that doesn't of affect this side. >> i'm curious -- i'm curious who is supposed to okay this for you though. do you know what i mean. >> okay. she's on a dating site. she's beautiful. >> does she get any dates. >> it worked out well. >> listen it's coffee time on good day d.c. and if you have been eyeing our mugs listen up. this is how you can win one. it's perfect for a great cup of coffee especially made by dunkin donuts. go to we choose one lucky winner. you have from now until 11:00
9:57 am
good day at 10:00 a rolling your way next.
9:58 am
i love you so much, that's why i bought six of you for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever, that's why you'll stay in this drawer forever. i can't live without you, and that's why i'll never ever wash you. protect your clothes from stretching, fading and fuzz with downy fabric conditioner. fading and fuzz with downy fabric conditioner. it smooths and strengthens fibers to protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner.
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10:00 am
>> ♪ >> it's 10:00 a.m. and good day d.c. brings the must see memorable moments this monday morning. it's the pictures setting social media on fire. janet, beyoncé and rihanna all making news this morning for different reasons. talk about making news. the real housewives of potomac continue to bring the drama to sunday nights. live in the loft ashley darby is here to dish all about last night's episode. plus, time is running out for eric carter. oh, boy, it is the season finale of "24 legacy." we have your exclusive preview. let's do
10:01 am
two, one. the 10:00 a starts now. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, how about a little good day at 10:00 a on monday. >> it's monday. starting the week off right. >> happy monday. >> etts do it with a party. >> sounding like wisdom martin poetry. [laughter] >> off the cuff and good. >> did everybody have a good easter weekend. >> everything was good. >> wonderful easter weekend. >> it was good. >> nice holiday right. >> everybody had a peaceful. >> what beautiful weather. >> i don't often think of like sunblock and easter in the same breath but man, at 89 degrees it was needed. >> needed it yesterday. >> put the air conditioner on yesterday. got a little warm. >> did you. >> first time all season. >> it was nice though, wasn't it. >> very nice. >> loved it. >> going to do that down a little bit. we'll get the details from tucker in a minute. thanks for staying with
10:02 am
the 10:00 a. >> before we check what's trending we want to check back with catlin see some of the stories that are making headlines this morning. hey, caitlin. >> good morning holly. staying on top of a developing story in cleveland. the search intensifies for a man accused of killing an elderly stranger yesterday and then posting the video on facebook. the suspect steve stevens claims he's killed 13 people and in a separate video said he plans to kill more. police say there's only one known victim at this time but stevens is a case manager tam aa children's mental health facility. his account has been removed. stevens is considered armed and extremely dangerous. and hundreds of tax day rallies were held across the country this weekend calling for president trump to release his tax returns. mr. president responded by tweeting "someone should look into who paid" for the rally. he also questioned why people were bringing them up again since heon
10:03 am
trump is the first major party nominee in more than 40 years to not release his tax returns. prince harry is opening up for the first time about how he coped with his mother's death princess diana. he said he suppressed his grief and refused to face his sense of loss for a deck changed he started counseling in his late 20's and faced his unhappiness head on. the prince says he's in a good place now and is speaking out in hopes of breaking the stigma around mental illness. and i say good for you prince harry. also in the wake of united airlines very messy scandal delta changed its policy about bumps passengers off flights. customer service agents are authorized to offer up to $2,000. the previous limit had only been $800 o but delta has a few rules attached to that amount of money. the amount must be authorized by a superior. and finally a company in the uk might be trying to save your pearly whites with its new cup of coffee. now it looks more like a
10:04 am
coffee. the makers say the transparent caffeinated drink taste like a strong cold brewed coffee. they use arabica coffee beans but are keeping the process they use top-secret. clear coffee is available in the uk and it costs about $7.50 for two bottles. here's what i'm thinking right now with this clear coffee. i'm not sure i'm into it. every morning i drink coffee and water simultaneously. >> i would give eight try but i'm with you. >> maybe they should get in their way back machine and ask pepsi how that clear thing worked. >> do they still zell zima. >> what about the green catch up remember that one? >> some things you need the full texture color everything. >> yeah. all right. thanks caitlin. >> sure. >> all right, well, 10:04 and a lawn full of kids are
10:05 am
rocking and egg rolling on the most powerful yard in the world. the annual white house easter egg roll is under way. >> it's a time honored tradition that many question if it would even happen this year. fox5's anjali hemphill is live from the white house with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, we've been having fun out here all morning long but we're still about 30 minutes or so from the headliner, that's when the president, donald trump, and the first lady, melania are expected to step out onto the balcony overlooking this white house south lawn to address the crowd. a lot has been going on since 7:30 since the first wave of guests were allowed in. besides the main event, the egg roll, that's when children use a wooden spoon to push dyed eggs across the lawn, the objective to be the fastest and not to crack your egg but as you can see we've got some of the younger kids out here right now and that is going to be super adorable. there that
10:06 am
we have tons of other stuff happening out here. we have a corn hole tournament tons of live music egg decorating and we also got a chance earlier to hear the u.s. military band playing which was excellent and we have physicals seen both members of trump's -- have seen both members of trump's family as well as staff members. we caught up with sean spicer who talked about the event, the planning that went into it and the last time he attended this dressed as the easter bunny and under president george w. bush. >> the same number of eggs that have been ordered in the past have been order. we have reduced a lot of vip and special guests and made it about military families p-local families. again this is about the children not about adults. it's about bringing families here and letting children have a time honored experience. >> reporter: i've heard you've been here before that but wearing a different outfit. >> i stuck to an easter tie this year. >> reporter: i see you have a rabbit there. >> yeah. >>
10:07 am
didn't want to be the easter bunny this year. >> today i have a lot of other things to do. >> reporter: who is the easter bunny. >> we all know who the easter bunny is. >> reporter: the rain hopefully will hold off. >> yeah, i think we'll counts on fox5's weather team to make sure that that happens. >> reporter: we were dealing with rain earlier this morning. it did not put a damper on the fun. things have cleared up now and we're hoping it stays that way. we do that expect around 20,000 people to be out here after everything is all said and done. they are bringing people in in waves so that they're not all here at once but, you know, as you can see, the fun is still going and we still expect president and the first lady to come out at some point. that's the latest here at the white house, guys. back to you. >> and the coveted take home egg this year anjali had you seen one 'cause we had heard that it was gold. >> reporter: i
10:08 am
we have not been able to get our hands on one just yet but we have heard it is gold which again is very trump-like. we hope to show you that coming up here in the next hour. >> if you get your hands on one just slip it into your pocket without anyone knowing, walk out of there like you know what you're doing. that's all i'm saying. >> and show me when you get back to the station. i need to see it. >> goat yourself an egg. thanks anjali. >> reporter: i will try. >> unless it's real gold then leave it there. >> we don't need that call. >> i tell her that and she gets tackled by secret service as she walks out. >> empty your pockets. >> you heard sean spicer talking with anjali. she mentioned the easter bunny. did you catch up with "saturday night live"? jimmy fallon was the host. harry styles was the musical director. the show jam packed with more jokes poking fun at the white house administration though. this was one of the early jokes. according to variety though snl delivered its highest rating since februy.
10:09 am
show aired live coast to coast. melissa mccarthy was back at sean spicer following his gaffe last week saying adolf hitler did not use chemical weapons. >> now, in defending the president's decision, i said that unlike syrian leader, um -- the -- the leader of -- son, what is it? what is his stupid name? i got bazooka, felicia, ahmad rashaad. at least hitler never used chemical weapons and everybody freaked. they were all like boo-hoo, boo-hoo, what about the holocaust centers? and yeah, i know they're not really called holocaust centers. duh. i know that. i'm aware. i clearly meant to say concentration clubs, okay. [laughter] >> the real life spicer did dress up as the easter bunny as
10:10 am
that happened during the bush administration at the white house for one of the easter egg rolls. musical guests former one direction singer harry styles performing his solo single sign of the times. >> ♪ >> styles debuted a new acoustic number called ever since new york. as well.ff some comedic chops- played mick jagger in one sketch pulling off some of his trademark mannerisms. >> did you see that. >> i didn't see the mick jagger. i saw the musical performances but didn't see the mick jagger. >> you liked the music. >> many uh-huh. >> it's a different ground. >> it's all right. i liked the stripped down version of it yeah, for sure. >> all right. >> i feel very mellow after hearing that song. >> it was very chill. >> yeah. >> okay. >> rainy day music. >> all right. >> 10:10 is the time. when it comes to picking if your facebook profile pic or one for dating site
10:11 am
you shouldn't do it yourself. according to a new study the photos wie we pick for ourselves for our social media profiles don't put us in the best light. the study suggests you're better off asking a chinese. the findings contradict research that shows people tend to portray themselves more favorablely than others. >> yeah. >> a stranger though. >> i would think you would pick the best picture of yourself but -- >> how you feel is your best shot. >> yeah, the picture you like. >> i think this is a business waiting to happen. somebody willing to take money to -- >> a social media stylist. start a new business. >> stop talking. that's our business. you didn't hear her say that. erin and i are going into business. >> we would be great at that. >> i think we would too. >> depending on anjali to make this happen. >> 10:11 is our time. prom season here. that mean it's time to pick
10:12 am
this morning we're making the process a little easier. comcoming up stylist george wuel is here. >> ben and jen not letting a thing like a divorce getting in the way of their spending easter together. talking about shining bright like a diamond t-, y'all didn't like that, shining bright like a diamond. >> i kind of liked it a little bit. >> kind of like sean paul. >> shining bright like a diamond. wait until you see what rihanna wore at coachella this weekend. >> i love the coachella pictures.
10:13 am
10:14 am
z2c5pz z16fz y2c5py y16fy
10:15 am
>> ♪ >> hey, it's never too late to say it's time for our good day celebrity dish. >> let's serve it up. since we're starting with the biebs, for once justin bieber has gotten some happy legal news. it's revealed the sorry singer has been let off the hook for allegedly head butting a man. talk about catching a break. i know. in case you forgot let me remind you. the pop star was accused of striking a man in the face for filming him while he roughhoused with his pal kyle massey. while slaw there was video footage the supposed victim never
10:16 am
camera. the biebs lawyers refused to let their a-list client sit down with the l.a. county sheriff's department not to mention since the alleged victim didn't want to press charges in the first place he went more than radio silent as the police looked into the situation. since the cops couldn't get a statement didn't have a victim to protect the police dropped the case. it's a curly w for the biebs. >> i would like to be his lawyer. i'm just saying. >> really? i think you would be really busy. >> exactly, exactly. per hour i'm a richman. >> constant work. >> right, right. all right. let's talk about this. cute celebrity baby alert. let's put up that pic 'cause it's causing quite a stir on social media this weekend. janet jackson tweeter out this picture of her three-year-old son his name is esa. the caption my baby and me after nap time. she broke up
10:17 am
shortly after the baby's birth. >> look how gorgeous her skin a looks. ben affleck and jen garner may have that recently filed for divorce. they're busy co-parenting their children and they proved it on:the pair was snapped walking out of a church service in pacific pallisades and then you can see that little smile there on jen's face. that's not hiding any kind of mutual family happiness. it can't hide that that mutual family happiness. nobody is saying they're getting back together or anythig but it's a relief that they can co-parent respectfully and get things done that that need to be done for their children and for the family. and on easter sunday no less. you know what, you just got to have faith. >> why not. >> see, got to have faith on easter sunday. >> yup, i see what you did there. all right. and of course their baby moon would be epic. i'm talking about jay-z and beyoncé. how does one of the world's most famous couple celebrate nine years of marriage. how about in bora bora 'cause that's what coue
10:18 am
just head off to bora bora. sources tell "e news" they stayed in a secluded villa on a private island and chilled. beyoncé is pregnant with twins in case you didn't know that already. this will be one of their last chill times for awhile. although they still seem to be kicking it. >> hm. chill time in bora bora . >> [laughter] glove that's pretty good. >> yeah, it is. >> that's pretty good. >> all right. shining bright. now, rihanna didn't want to go unnoticed at coachella at the music festival. >> here we go with the craziness again. >> we're having some prompter malfunctions. >> here we go. >> okay. so, the diamond singer are you ready for this, there it is she wore head to toe gucci crystal body suit and ensured all her fans that they got to see her look by posting photos to instagram. she said i can't go home yet 'cause enough people ain't seen my outfit. rihanna was clearly thrilled with her quirky fashion choice topped off with matching ski mask and a pair of
10:19 am
she wore a pair of cutoff shorts and a gucci tank top over the shear full length body suit in case you want to rock it yourself. >> she rocked enough gucci references there to get that coverage in and she is sponsored by gucci t-, i don't know. interesting. she was dazzling. >> make sure everybody saw her. >> and bright like a diamond. >> the end of a long day for aaron carter. the season finale of "24 legacy" airs tonight. >> steve but first we're going down on the white house lawn. we want to show you the easter egg roll. no rain is going get in the way of that but what will the rest of the work week lamb looklike? tucker is back with e rest of the seven day next. big crowd out there. >> ♪
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
>> ♪ >> all eyes right there. just about 10 minutes away from seeing the president. hearing the president. seeing what he has to say. the easter regular roll, president trump's first easter egg roll. >> a usually the easter egg roll is put on by the first lady. hopefully melania will be there along with him. it's always exciting when you get the tickets to the early timed entry because that's usually when the president and the first lady are out there. >> we haven't seen them down on the lawn yet but we do expect him to at least come. looks like they have a microphone there. should at least hear some remarks and that should happen somewhere around 10:30. >> my favorite years of
10:23 am
was when it was president george w. bush not because of him specifically but because he was an early riser and he would always come out and walk his dog so we would always see him at like 6:30, the only president we ever saw. when president clinton was in there they were like shhh he's still sleeping. don't want to wake him up. >> noise control at the white house? really. >> they like to sleep with the windows opened on the nice nights. >> the obamas brought good guests in. they made really fun easter egg rolls, too. >> i love the bright colors, everybody in their easter best enjoying the festivities. >> let's go to tucker barnes now and see what the forecast is going to look like for the people out there and for everybody else as well. good morning, tuck. >> good morning, wisdom. yeah, kind of typical spring weather out there. we got cloud cover and the needed rain showers falling across the area. not going to amount to a whole lot in our rain buckets but every drop counts this time of year and the next couple hours we'll have a few more showers moving through and then things should brighten up a little this afternoon, maybe late
10:24 am
sunshine. let's show you on the current numbers. we're looking at 73 now in washington. notice those winds north and west at 13. so, what we're looking at is a cold front coming through. that responsible for the cloud cover this morning and we've already happen couple rounds of some light showers moving on in and you can see just off to the west, if you look carefully washington is in the center of your screen, just off to our north and west we've got rain showers across the area and i would expect here during the middle of the day a couple hours, i'd say between 11:00 and 2:00 of some steadier rain to fall across the region. we'll have additional rain showers later this morning into the early afternoon and then as we get into the afternoon hours, the front should continue to make progress to the east here and to the south and we'll gradually see the rain taper off probably 2, 3 o'clock this afternoon and then an improvement, maybe even a little late day sunshine and again, daytime highs in the mid 70's. we are in the in the upper 80's yesterday. mid 70's will feel cooler than yesterday. still not an unpleasant day. 74 this afternoon wh
10:25 am
day sun after more showers the next couple hours. all right guys. maybe at the end of the show i'll give you the seven day. >> ooh. >> if not, well, i'll see you later. [laughter] >> all right. >> thanks, tucker. all right, 10:25 is our time right now and prom season has arrived and that means it is time to say yes to the dress. so, coming up we are sharing some of the hottest trends for the big dance on a budget with some help from a pro. stylist george wuerl is here and he's going to join us live in the loft next. >> ♪
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
>> we will be stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before. we're right on track. you see what's happening and we're right on track. so thank you everybody for being here. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're going to do cards for soldiers in little bit. melania, and barron and myself are going downstairs license sign cards to our great troops. cards for troops and we look forward to that and then we're going to come out and join you and enjoy your company for a role arc great easter egg roll. and i don't know if we'll be successful but i know a lot of people down there will be successful i'm seen those kids and they're highly, highly competitive. [ laughter ] >> that i can tell you. >> i just want to thank first lady melania trump. she's really worked hard on t this. [ cheers and applause ] >> she's been working
10:29 am
for a long time to make it perfect and we wanted to keep it just right. so i want to just ask her to speak but before she speaks, i want to congratulate her this wonderful, wonderful day we're going to have. a lot of people a lot of people and they're going to have a great time. melania, thank you very much. and barron, thank you very much for being here. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much. >> first lady, melania trump. thank you everybody. [ applause ] >> thank you. welcome to the white house. this is the first time that my husband and i hosting this wonderful tradition, and it's great that you are all with us today. i hope you have a great time with many activities. i want to thank military band, all the staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure that you have
10:30 am
i want to thank all the military with us today and -- [ cheers and applause ] >> and all military in this great nation and servicemen and service women all around the world who keeping us safe. as we renew these tradition, thank you for joining us on behalf of the president and barron, we wish i was great fun and beautiful day coming ahead of us and happy easter! [ applause ] >> thank you. >> happy easter every have great, great time. have great day. thank you folks. thank you very much. i'm coming down. i'm going to be joining you. thank you very much. my whole family is here. th
10:31 am
[ applause ] >> we'll keep an eye on things from the white house now. the president saying he's going to head down and take part in the easter egg roll in little bit you heard from the president, the first lady and their son barron at the white house this morning. we're expecting those remarks to happen right about this time and they did. see looks like they'll head down and take part themselves in the festivities. >> 139th easter egg roll started back in 1878 with president rutherford b. haze and continues today. yeah. >> looks lick such fun day and the family is down there all the different colors and the out outfits. they're going to really enjoy themselves. >> all right. >> meantime speaking of outfits let's check in withly wholy right now because she has some advice for some younger folks out there. all right. let me just put it bluntly. proms have change the greatly since i went to mine in ohio. which was perhaps a few years ago. from prom proposals to the fashions it can really break the bank these days. so how do you say yes to the prom? well the minds behind the tlc show say yes to the dress are here to help us all joing
10:32 am
worrell. george -- >> i was thinking about my prom, too. >> i think kennedy was in office. >> i was thinking maybe jesus was when office when i went to prom. [ laughter ] >> any way, so it seems like it was that long ago. >> that long ago. >> that long ago. really, you know what i think the first thing you have to think of is the budget. how do you set a budget for prom? >> well, you set a budget by just knowing what you have to spend or you going to get money from your parents, are you working? those kinds of things. so whether it's $500, $200 a thousand dollars, start saving maybe a year ahead. so that you know that you have these monies. >> then you have what your budget is. but you can look fabulous no matter your budget is just a matter of finding the right thing. >> that's where you come in. >> that's where i come in. >> all right. let's go ahead and start with some of our fashions and tell us what we need to know about this look. >> first, we have priscilla. she looks wonderful if this tulle lace and beaded top dress. we found this
10:33 am
shop in annapolis it retails for $600. >> you know that's a good tip. to shop dried bridal shops. >> shop bridal shops. we also have some that are online as well this happened to be in little bridal shop. >> i love the mixing of the textures. >> um-hmm. >> so you have the tulle at the bottom mixed with lace and beaded top which is wonderful. >> and then some people might wouldn't like how do you go about act sorry sourcing this because the dress has so much. >> very simple. just earring. she can even not do earrings. your jewelry is at the top of it. >> can you spin around so we can see the back, too. >> because -- >> it's in the back. dips in the back. so gorgeous i love she has her hair doing the side sweep so you can see the whole dress. >> it's okay. white is a good color. >> i think so. it looks really nice on her. actually i know so. it's a mixture so it's at the bottom and there's champagne at the top. >> beautly gorgeous. >> that does not look like a wedding dress it looks like a prom dress. >> it did look like a prom dress yet i canet
10:34 am
>> yeah. >> you know what i'm saying. >> she'll have it after. >> she will have it after let's bring our next model. before you tell us exactly what she's wearing, that's a good point. should you buy your prom dress as something that you would wear again? >> yes. when we were going, no. >> yes. >> now yes. >> yeah. >> yeah yeah yeah. >> we have faith here. isn't this -- this is a red mcdougle gown we found this at lord and taylor and it retails for $470 but it's worth every dime. >> it is absolutely gorgeous. >> this is beautiful. >> new york you have to have the figure to pull this off, don't you think. >> spin around darling. look how it looks. pick itaipu and -- yeah. yeah. >> now, i mean how much -- how important is it to make sure you buy the right dress for your figure? >> it's very important. >> yeah. >> so were as americans should really know more than the person that's selling it to us so you should know your body type. your size, what you look good in, the color. so the only thing is just recommendations but you should make the ultimate
10:35 am
>> that's a good tips right there. you should know. again, her jewelry is simple just drop earrings. >> very simple. little make up and she's ready. >> you are drop dead gorgeous i'm just telling you that is spiking. people are talking about when you walk in the room and when you walk out. you know what i'm saying? that's a sign of a good dress. >> okay. do we have another? >> yes, we do. we have sarah that's coming out. >> ooh look at this color. >> this is tulle. it's the flirt strapless gown. isn't this fabulous. >> and we purchased this online. it's called flirt prom. and we putt picked this up for 350. >> you know what's amazing to me each dress is getting less expensive as we go. >> yeah. >> that's impressive. >> turn around. >> that color is so rich. is this a hot color. >> this is tulle, yeah, it is. look how it advertise in the back. isn't that great? >> it is great. now, so is sequins still big? still in? >> yeah. it's according to was like much it's according to the dress it looks great on her. i wouldn't get too caught up in what fads. what looks good on you is what u
10:36 am
>> that's a good tip. what looks good on you. >> yeah. >> what feels good. >> a couple of these all of these real have the fitted and then the flare at the bottom. >> so you have to have the shape. >> right. >> young women probably don't need spanks but -- >> darn them. >> but -- darn those young women, george! >> under garments are important. spend more on your under garments than do you the dress. >> another good tip. earrings just no necklace or bracelet just the drop earrings. >> very nice. really gorgeous. >> okay. we have another. >> we do. >> all right. >> jam mal. jamal is from ballou high school and she's an inspiring designer. she is in this two piece cream gold dress it's from the prom boutique and it retails for 350. >> yeah. >> that is gorgeous. >> little shop called de ja vu. >> um-hmm. >> yeah. >> does she look lovely. >> she's looks amazing you look like you could be one of those girls handing out the oscars that's always dressed in gold and take the oscars up. >> we've only got 30 seconds. get our dapper gentleman in here
10:37 am
in classic white jacket and black trim this is courtesy men's warehouse. >> i love the white dinner jacket. >> and he'll have it forever. he looks dapper. it's a classic style. doesn't go out. >> if you can buy one is it better to buy versus rent? >> for prom, i would rent because they have incentives. so if you come in you may get, you know, something off. just go in and find out.lans.- i would rent. >> let's bring out ally lovely models again so we can see everything. carlos you have your choice of ladies which one you want to slow dance with. [ laughter ] >> it's pretty good ratio for you right now. >> right. amazing if you'll leave everybody with last little prom tip what it be, george. >> know your budget. know your shape. know what you want. >> now i know everything i need to know. i just going to go to prom ag again. [ laughter ] >> all right. thank you guys are absolutely gorgeous. george as always we always appreciate your wonderful expertise. >> thank you. great seeing you.
10:38 am
>> back on over to ya'll. >> thank you holly. looking good. everybody styling and profiling. >> all great options, right. >> yeah. >> red dress is my favorite here's the deal. 10:37. the real housewives of potomac off to the races on last night's episode and now this morning we're getting the real scoop, the in depth scoop on all the drama when ashley joins us live coming up next. there she is. she's going to give us the sc scoop. >> i was m all right. first, though, we saw the president giving a speech and heard from the first lady just a few minutes ago at the white house. now down in the middle of all the action so there's live pictures from the white house this morning. we'll check back in there as well. 10:38 right now.
10:39 am
hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
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10:41 am
♪ why is that song playing? reality tv show and bad blood. that would never happen, right? [ laughter ] >> last few weeks we've been dishing on season two of the housewives of potomac with the cast members of the hit bravo show. this week, well it's no different. last night kicked off episode number three which spilled all the tea on one cast member's marriage drama. take look. >> michael and i typically will take some beautiful exotic vacation for our anniversaries. but the restaurant is taking a lot of time. can't afford to take a vacation. which totally sucks. >> we got married two years ago. what was the date of our
10:42 am
wedding? >> huh? >> what was it. >> may 17th. >> may 17th. >> it wasn't july 17th? >> no. >> very unusual for the wife not to remember the date. >> probably shouldn't have forgotten my wedding date. my bad. [ laughter ] >> i'm not even going to -- >> she's not going to dish on that. >> um-um. >> that inside stuff. i'm not going to get you in trouble. >> go ahead and tell them what we were talking about. >> wisdom doesn't remember his own anniversary date. >> um-hmm. >> you know what i said to her. i said i'm here. [ laughter ] >> end. we'll move on so you can stay married. okay. we want there to be another anniversary. >> that was joke. all right. that was cast member ashley darby you just saw right there she's sitting right here and joins us live to dish on last night's episode. tat was looked like drama. you know what we were just talking about is all the drama that happens to married people when they go on reality tv. reality tv actually d
10:43 am
>> it doesn't? >> no. if there are already problems -- >> wait a minute, ashley cameras following you around all the time doesn't cause problems. it just spotlights problems that are already there. >> generic question. >> for sure. definitely have people have some input on your life and having an opinion me being in age gap relationship where my husband is almost 30 years older than me everyone has an opinion. >> everybody got an opinion. >> everybody. >> look, let's talk about the dynamic on the show with the ladies. >> okay. >> all right. the juice. >> the juice. let's get right to the juice. >> everybody gets along? >> you know -- um for the most part. give me a ranking favorite to least favorite the. i'll put it out there. >> i would
10:44 am
favorite. >> my number one favorite is monique. >> okay. >> all right. >> love her. >> all right. >> why so? what do you like -- she's new. >> she's new. >> she hasn't had time to get on your nerves yet. >> we're similar in age. she likes to have a good time. girlfriend has a bottle of whiskey on the table when i come to her house and she smokes cigars which is pretty cool. >> all right. that's number one in your ranking. okay. who is next? >> wow! why are you sea showed shady. >> try ting to get to the juice here, ashley. >> i know, i know. our relationship has progressed but karen and i definitely have had the most problems. >> oh, okay. >> i think we're a little too similar we like -- >> clash all the time. >> yeah. >> has it gotten to the point i know we're early in the season has it gotten to the point where earful hair and fighting yet. >> no. we're classy in potomac. keep that in mine. >> all right. okay. let's talk about the menus and the restaurants and all of that. >> yes. >> is that drama as well? because you're talking about restaurant you're involved with. >> we have oz in arlington
10:45 am
completely different animal. it's every evolve, every changing and you have to be cognizant of what's happening in the market otherwise you will get devoured. >> no pun intended. >> yeah. how is that going? or is that also in the show. >> give us the scoop. i'm asking the tough questions here. >> i know. >> i'm sweating over here. >> don't be mad at me after t this, arcly. >> it's been good for michael and i. it's a test because we don't have family yet this is the like the first direction into sharing something together that we both are equally contribute to go. >> you mentioned the word fa family. so you teed it up for me. >> yes. >> somebody in this relationship is ready to have a family and maybe somebody is not. >> someone with two thumbs. >> that would be you. >> what's going on with that? >> financially it's so demanding it's taking so much time. >> the restaurant part? >> the restaurant is taking a lot of time. >> so i think once we get to a point we're comfortable with that we'll talk about the babies. >> at this point you're not? >> on the same page at least. >> michael is almost 60. i, my
10:46 am
really going off. when you turn like 25, 26, nature says put a baby in that oven. i swear to goodness that's what's happening. >> that's what's happening. >> that is creating drama. >> yes. you got the restaurant and the baby drama. >> um-hmm. >> your biological -- not the baby drum but the biological clock drama. >> it's a real thing. >> this is all real. >> yes. >> you went skydiving last night. michael and i one of our first dates way skydiving. 13,500 feet out of a plane which is a great way to solidify the relationship. >> there's nothing wrong with the plane. you have just jump out of it on purpose. >> i'm just checking. >> yes. i know what our field trip will be we'll go skydiving. >> all right. >> make sure i get steve, too. >> you sky dived. >> that was our first real date. >> doing something that row wrecked was really good. it wasn't oh it was indoor skydiving. nos as adventurous and adrenaline seeking it helped us stab reconnecting. >> loving
10:47 am
jumping out a perfect good airplane. >> how high. >> 13,500 feet. >> that's some love right there. >> you free fall for 15 stomachs seconds. your stomach is in your throat. >> it's the best feeling. >> that's love. >> you shall make lots of babies after that. >> i'm just saying. >> i won't go into detail. >> we won't -- that adrenaline is the real thing. [ laughter ] >> we'll put it there. >> i didn't even do that on purpose. it just went there on its own. last question. what else can we expect to see on the show this coming season without you giving everything away? >> i won't. you definitely see a lot about us. our relationships are continuing to evolve. obviously my marriage is something that i have to have on national television for the next three months. which is interesting. and you just kind of watch us all develop. you see more facets of our characters and who we are you didn't get to see the first season. >> how does your husband feel about putting your marriage out there? >> he can jump out of a plane but don't talk about the marriage. jump out of a plane. >> exactly. >> gotcha. >> ashley always good to see you.
10:48 am
>> we want to you come back and give us more dish. >> i love it here. this is like my second home. this is my seat. >> we'll let you take that with you? >> yes indeed. >> you can jump out of a plane, new york city, don't jump out of a plane. thank you ash. we appreciate. >> back over to you. >> you won't get wisdom at 13 feet less alone 13,000 feet. she'll be lucky if i get up out of this chair without hurting myself. >> don't lift it all the way up i'm in. i said i was going to go for my birthday week. my birthday week is one of your anniversary weeks. >> is it may or july. >> which one is it? [ laughter ] >> i know mine is july. you can figure out when yours is. >> thanks ashley g do see you again. 10:48. long day almost over for d.c.'s corey hawkins. we have a sneak peek at tonight's episode the season finale of 24 legacy. ♪
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
♪ i can't do that. if they
10:52 am
will die. everything you've done will come out. >> i will pay for it. they're dead because of me. >> unless i can stop it. they're going to execute reb rebecca. ♪ >> 24 legacy season finale monday on fox. >> wow talk about drama all building up to the big show tonight. tonight the finale 24 legacy fans have lot to look forward to. let's get a sneak peek much here's fox's jonathan hunt. >> they're going to execute rebecca. >> reporter: as the clock ticks down to the final hour of 24 legacy, the cast says the series finale has some big surprises. >> i will pay for what i've d done. >> the twists and the turns of it are so unexpected. the things that happen are, you know, impossible to -- to imagine. >> even at the end there's stuff that, yeah, totally unexpected. my last seen in this
10:53 am
great way to end the run on this series on this show. that's not saying i'm not saying anything. i'm not -- [ laughter ] >> you can read in whatever you want. >> i'm just going to say there are twists and turns that happen to even my character that i never would have predicted. >> if they get to his daughter rebecca will die. >> reporter: the final few days of filming when emotional. >> insane. i cried and i just -- it was -- what can i say about the finale it's unexpected. it's terrifying, um, and it's a hot breaker. >> and veteran actor carlos bernard says getting to rephrase his role for this reboot has been a gift. >> any actor who is working in this business is lucky, right? lucky to be working. but to have theat
10:54 am
for me, to be able to play this character and have this material written me for me is just a blessing it's unbelievable. >> we'll wake up for the belgium. it's a start. jonathan hunt, fox news. of course starring corey hawkins from washington, d.c. and you can catch 24 legacy the finale tonight 8:00 o'clock right here on fox5. all right. 10:54. we just heard president trump and first lady mel land yann trump speak a few moments ago at the white house we between zen it out to anjali hemphill. she's live with a final look at the easter he will roll. looking to be shaping up to wonderful day day. >> beside a little bit of rain it definitely was. we her the speeches and president trump and first lady melania and i believe barron are taking their rounds through the crowds here saying hi to the guests. i know it's hard for you guys to see but he is up there right near the balcony there speaking to some cameras there as he makes his rounds, and you
10:55 am
it just couple minutes earlier members of the administration and their kids specifically we saw sean spicer and his children. they were out here on the east egg roll lawn right behind me here really wonderful rare and up close look at people used to seeing on tv now enjoying a rather human moment and celebrating easter here with their families on the south lawn of the white house. about 30 minutes ago we brought you live as president trump, melania, barron and the easter bunny stepped out on to the white house south balcony and spoke to the crowd. melania, of course, welcoming all the guests for her very first run at planning this time less tradition, and according to the guests we've spoken to, they say she's done a great job. trump also spoke making a small reference to recent developments overseas relating to the us and saying the country is on the right track. and again, trump is expected to make his rounds around here we're hoping he might stop by the press area if we're lucky, but a lot is going on. we actually just witnessed attorney general
10:56 am
reading to a book to some of the kids. so that was really sweet as well. estimated a little over 20,000 people will show up here for today's event and that is less than in previous years. but that's the latest here at the white house, guys, back to you. >> all right. >> few showers earlier this morning. tucker predict. if you missed it early she talk to sean spicer and asked him about the rain. we'll have to make sure the fox5 weather team -- >> he put the pressure on you. >> that's right. i wish i can deliver better news over the short term. 71 and rain showers good steady rain here for the next couple of hours and then things will taper off by two, 3:00 o'clock today you may even get in on a little late day sunshine but cooler day than yesterday obviously with rain showers around need the rain. >> yeah. we do need the rain. >> tomorrow will be sunny and bright and beautiful and highs in the low 70s. >> kind of back to spring then. >> yeah. >> couple days of spring. >> it definitely makes a difference. yesterday when it was almost 90 without the humidity. >> it wasn't bad. >> so beautiful out. >> that little taste of what it could be like. >> oh yeah. >> go
10:57 am
>> all right. >> yes. >> no weak excuses no overtime. don't make me get out my special brew again. >> oh yeah. >> i remember that brew.
10:58 am
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doing? [ applause ] we don't judge. except we're judging. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching our show. [ applause ]


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