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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  April 17, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> we will defeat any attack and make any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with overwhelming an effective response. vice-president pence put north korea on notice over the weekend and these are not the only foreign policy issues on the table. >> it's what we're talking about tonight 5@630 and tweet what's on your mind 58630. >> and mike pence? south korea where era
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over the weekend north korea trade and failed to launch a missile. warping norm korea not to test strejth of u.s. military forces. >> i think the president and military team were well aware of norm korea actions and they monitored it and president and vice-president were completely briefed on the situation. obviously this is not your helpful action by north korea. we continued everyone in the region especially china to apply the pressure of north korea. it's in no one's interest to have a nuclear north korea. >> when you were gone he with a guest to say potential is out there. so you get there and serious. >> not to mention that but a lot of people are saying leader out there you don't know what will happen next. >> travis
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us. >> thank you. >> let me ask you despite all tough talk we heard from mike pence that we heard from this white house north korea still vowing to go ahead testing weapons what does that mean going forward. we're going to continue on with tests monthly, weekly, annually and i think what this means for the white house is that they have incredibly difficult situation they came out with tough talk over the weekend and following it up will be very, very difficult. >> it's tricky situation with another korea. nobody, united states nobody in the region wants to get involved in military conflict. >> some people are quick to dismiss north korea as a threat being they had failure after failure after failure to make anything substantial happen. >> in the past we had negotiationss with north korea and
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come to the table and agree to some concessions in exchange for aid. but now, it doesn't look like that will happen it looks like dim young unis more interested in developing missile technology than making any agreement with the west. that's problematic. >> do you think he's thumbing his nose at the white house because this is new president and he wants to test him out or do you think this is serious. >> i think that's part of it i think they're feeling out the trump administration to see how they're reacting to some of the stuff. but i think that bigger picture is that north korea really does want to develop intercouldn't tental ballistic missile capable of reaching united states f they were able to do that, which could be just years away, it would put us even in more precarious situation. it's really something intolerable to the united states and i think to that region.
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>> i'm curious your perspective on how trump administration in this first hundred days has approached north korea to how president obama did in his first 100 days. >> right i think there's a difference in tone. i think trump administration is talking a little bit more tough towards north korea but you have to remember they're are only a certain number of leaves they can pull in the situation. they can work with china me can try to come together with international community and new savrpingz. and they can threaten military retaliation. that's about it and those are the same options we had in the past. >> so they can talk tough there's not a lot of options on the tail for them. >> thank you for talking us to we appreciate it. >> folks are asking is it trump effect. democratic congressional committee raised 31,000
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first three months of the year and hall is fueled by surgeon online contributions including contribution from 121,000 new donors and committee cash influx will increase pressure on party to invest more in those upcoming special congressional elections and committee spokesperson said record breaking fundraising provides a sign grassroots energy is behind house democrats. >> but there is still that special election in kansas that turned out closer than they thought. the democratic party tried enough to burn offer the seat. most people said it wouldn't happen any way but it was a district they carried 37 point and lost it by 7. >> close there. >> the question is what are five factors to watch with mid turn elections coming up >> christina thank for being there. >> and watching that crucial. >> number one is president trump
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>> it's up. >> analysts that i talked to said that's pretty much biggest thing that we'll have to watch coming into and how we review for steering the nation and secondly you want to watch democratic enthusiasm can they keep up that kind of grassroots energy we're seeing in say kansas special action that you just mentioned or special election in georgia. and can democrats recruit credible candidates in districts not competitive in years and they have to field people to take seriously and then of course it will be a test of can republicans govern because we're seeing so far so it will be a test kv they get their act together. >> before we
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let me ask you one thing f finding the right candidates for the races. you know let's be realistic. a lot of these districts maybe not the one we're looking at tomorrow in georgia we're talking about gerry map mappederring and one political party or another both are guilty of this and it seems like the ball with all the governorships across the country in governor's hands have a high at advantage here. that's true there was one study by the ppolitico report it's a small percentage redistricting is responsible for districts tilted one way or another. >> how much wow say that is maybe 45% saying i'll vote for democrat and 45% flown matter what it's a matter after peeling to 10 frs that might sway. >> isn'tly yes. >> when we talk about midterm elections any waep democrats notorious for not voting and democrat vote more heavily. do you think that comes int
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play as well. that's a factor for democrats as they try to figure out how to get out the voters epergizinged in addition to the trump administration. a lot of them that vote ford democrats and younger or minority voters own that's their challenge keeping people energized. >> few seconds what's the child card. >> could be anything. >> for example with obamacare president trump thread tonld take away or hold these subsidies reimbursedments arizona way to bring democrats to the table. that's a question willow bama care be stable a year from now and also this investigation into the trump campaigns possible ties with russia we may have conclusion on that by then. >> wild cards never played before. >> christina mark's from the hill. thanks for coming up in. >> thanks for having me.
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military plane going down another one crashs in our reej yn. >> tom fitzgerald is live tonight in leonardtown in the latest on this one, fixts. >> good evening, jim, shawn when that plane went down two weeks going we were lucky no one got killed in the incident. we were not lucky today. tonight a win personnel on board that black hawk helicopter is confirmed dead and two others seriously injured. we have video and pictures of the scene as this unfoldeded this afternoon here in s st. mary county. in leonardtown maryland. we're told this is uh 60 plaque hawk stationed at davidson air field over for the belvar as you know at the time of the incident we were told this black hawk and several others were doing this routine training flight.
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both are at the university of maryland shock trauma in baltimore. right now the cause of this investigation is the question right now. jim, shawn i can tell you we do not have a cause of crash because of team of the army combat readiness out of for the rock alabama they're still on the way right now to takeover this investigation. and now what we can tell you about what happened on the ground was this was a beautiful day on this golf course there were people out on the links and one of the people right on top this in the moments as this was unfolding was joy slump a reporter from local news sight down here the bay joy spoke with us and told us what it was she saw. i arrived when medevac was responding. >> first responders on scene assessing
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and i did see what looked like a piece of pay let from the aircraft sitting probably 200 yards away from wreckage site. >> major general bradley becker is commanding general of national capital region and military in addition to washington and general issued a statement tonight saying we're deeply saddened by the loss in our community. other condolences go out to the family and friends affected by this tragedy and end by saying our team is focused on supporting them during this differ call time. live in leonardtown tonight, jim, shawn, we'll send it back to you. >> thanks you, fits. >> there's mounting pressure for the president to release tax returns. what the white house said today when 5@630 comes back
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>> i finish by max attaches. and rather than pay tush owe tax to do on my own today a was halfway through and to heck with it i paid turbo tax we're over and done with it that's the important part. >> d.c. send the most tax dollars to the u.s. gove government. according to irs and sent sis burro d.c. residents paid 37,000 per person in federal income payroll and estate taxes nearly doubling than any other state. why do d.c. residents pay m more. >> i don't know tell me. >> high income people live in nation's capital. next closest delaware, minnesota and massachusetts made high on list and compared to west virginia which pays 3600 per person and new mexico and mississippi paid the lesion. >> interesting. >> today is tomorrow is the last day to file and 40 million
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>> reminder tomorrow tax day. >> because of emancipation easter we get a break. >> thanks to d.c. hunld reds of tax day ralryes held over the nation this weekend. people called on president trump to release his tax returns. >> ronica cleary has the story. she's not rolling easter eggs at this point. she doesn't all day. you were working. >> hey. it is calmer than 5bg hour. let talk about taxes. protests over the weekend on april 15 sort of traditional tax day that you think of. >> people still pushing sks to sue pru interrupt's tam returns. he said he was under audit and would release when the audit was
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it's over a year later and it certainly begs question how long does audit take to complete. it's irs stance not to comment on you know individual tax audits or tax situations if you will and so if the briefing today it's been going o on a month trickling in to tax take asking sean spicer will we see them this year and the comments on big rachel madau story tlt was question was asked is it safe too say we'll never seat president tax returns. listen to this change. >> he's still under audit. statement still stands. >> oh, okay. well little shorter than we saw in the briefing but basically just saying audit is where we stand today and that's all you'll
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expect trump to release tax returns. not many of you are convinced by this audit. 7% say yes when audit is done and others say no the audit is excuse and 39% don't care eeming are way. i'll be honest when i posted this poll on twilter i did not have that last yes if there last option don't care eeming are way but i got so many tweets responding and saying you need to include this because they don't care about this that i reposted twitter poll because i thought it was interesting people weighing in and i sharing that opinion. we love to continue to hear from you does this matter. i would argue at this point president trump won the presidency without releasing taxes" don't expect him to. that's my take. >> i don't either. i think he would argue people didn't care and he's still won so why had you he do
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>> he did he sweeted as much over the weekend ron ache. that came out yesterday he said look i'm president. >> what that rachel mad awe story broke it says he paid a lot in taxes and maybe the effort is losing momentum. >> i think it will keep going. people want to see beyond what he makes. but where he gets the money from and how it's being used is the deeper question. the opposing party will always want to know. >> the former vice-president is not slowing down and where he'll give college grad in our area much needed advice. we'll be back
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man 4: nice. strength and style. which one's your favourite? come home with me! make a strong decision. find your tag and get 16% below msrp on select silverado 1500 pickups in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. find new roads >> vice-president joe biden coming back to our area to deliver commencement speech
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morgan state university. mr. biden will speak to graduates may 20 and house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke last year. former vp is busy since leaving office and serving as found are chair of new institute university of delaware focused on domestic policy is also of course partnering with the university of pennsylvania to create a -- based in washington. >> and it's sure exciting. >> pretty much in demand. >> and had a lot of requests coming in. >> absolutely. >> former president obama epic post president densey vacation continues mr. and mrs. obama spotted posing on billionaire super yacht during a day off with no big deal "oprah", bruce stringstein and -- that's her favorite color september it. an obamas relaxing the past month since leaving white house that picture is the
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he's like every other regular couple taking a picture of boo to put on social needia. >> an there's that. >> to. >> 5@630 coming
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>> i thought we were there for a second sgri feel presidential. >> a lot was made up about this day not made up but there was a lot said about this day. >> here's the thing people were saying the white house easter egg roll was in disarray because it's normally put on by first lady office and first lady trump, melania trum still in new york. there was some hey made about it whether or nott
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>> i guess they were late ordering eggs and egg place tweeted them out and said hey eggs going on. >> your egg supplier has to weet you and say hello it's i over and done with. >> time hop order tradition took place at the white house. >> trumps hosted first annual easter egg roll. "fox5" was there for the ev event. >> welcome to 10 this is first time my husband and i hosting this wonderful tradition. >> it's amazing being on the lawn of white house. >> i hope you have a great time with many activity. >> this is a great day for families and kids here not just in the loyal area but throughout the country. >> i've seen those kids and they're highly, highly competitive that i can tell you. >> it's just a great day. >> i got a sticker. >> we decorated cookies and did the easter egg roll and easter egg hunt. >> wouldn't pulling memory wonderl
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>> thank you nor joining us on behalf of president we wish you a great fun and beautiful days coming ahead of us and happy easter. >> it was really we were looking up the white house. >> you could years past. >> i don't think they're available at the white house gift shop and something interest we found. >> uh-huh. >> i thought you were going to tell about it. >> it was a moment people talked about when they played national anthem it appeared first lady nudged first husband to remember to put his hand over heart. >> that made the rounds today. >> anyway. >> there you have it. >> special easter sunday guest for nats president race easter bunny versus president peter "superfly" cotton tail going off the top rope about the i way it was stretch mascot
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birthday look at this. >> it is animal thing. >> screech the all couldn't win. >> everybody is getting involved in this one here. >> but it's animals that are beating up on the humans not really but you know what i mean. >> right. >> this is maybe like revolt planned rebellion. >> i didn't see stretch had own birthday cake hat. >> very loverly isn't it. >> festive. >> festive indeed. >> that's how do you it no waimingerring on president race at nats park. it looked like some philly mascots showed up too for that. >> they won maybe. >> no, no it was screech birthday you don't ruin stretch birthday we were looking and came back. it looks like white house they're out of stock. they do have a wooden easter egg for sale 1995 right now the ones they have are out of stock. >> if you want your own egg for the easter hunt. >> check back and perhaps you will get your own egg. >> thank you four joining us
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tonight on 5@630 we appreciate it
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>> aries spears learned a lesson about skin color. >> [bleep] out of a light [bleep]. >> hold on! >> he said you're not really black basically. harvey: so he had to know that the other guy would be really angry. >> put me up against a car and threaten me and say you're not black enough. what does that even mean, i will show you i'm black enough and keep talking smack. then what? >> ben affleck and jennifer garner were together for easter but they're not getting back together. harvey: he bought a house. >> he's actually dating. >> i knew that was the impetus. somebody's dating somebody. >> even if they're not serious, it's a mood killer. when you're like, hey, let's go back to the guest house. no, i'm still married. those are my three kids and my fe


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