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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 18, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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thank you for joining us for fox 5 news at 10:30. >> news at 11:00 starts now. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. at 11:00, a blackhawk down on a maryland golf course, we're live with developing details about the deadly crash. caught on camera, a bus driver kicking a rider who's on crutches. what led to the argument? the rider is talking only to fox 5. a swarm of atv's on local streets. the reason why chris brown showed the verizon center is being rescheduled. news starts now. we begin with new details about that blackhawk helicopter that crashed on a maryland golf course today. thanks for joining us, i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn
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was on a training flight when it went down, one crew member tonight is dead. two others in the hospital. >> fox 5 marina marraco is >> marina marraco is live at the crash site in leonardtown with the latest. marina? >> reporter: that's right, guys, you can see the first look here on the grounds of that uh60 blackhawk chopper. this is we're able to get down closer to the scene tomorrow at day break. the investigation will resume here now this army chopper was carrying three crew members aboard while partaking in a routine training flight when the helicopter came down here at the breton golf course just before 2:00 this afternoon. one of the crew members died as a result. two others air lifted to baltimore shock trauma where tonight one remains in critical condition. the other in serious condition. today, we spoke to folks here who heard the commotion and this is how they described the immediate
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>> i looked out my window and it was low enough where i saw it go over there. you can hear things rattling in the house >> we were here sitting in the house and we heard a bunch of fire trucks and ambulance or two go by and bunch of cop cars, we heard a helicopter after that and we saw the helicopter land right behind the tree line right here at the end of the golf course this way. >> we could see the wreckage about 500 yards away and at that point in time, seemed they had extracted all of the crew members from the aircraft. >> the us army military district of washington leading the investigation saying today, we're deeply saddened. our condolences go out to the family friends affected by this tragedy and our team is focused on supporting them during this difficult time. and tomorrow, a team from alabama willde
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leonardtown. they will be conducting the investigation. live tonight at st. mary marina marraco fox 5 local news. we now turn to a fox 5 exclusive. a brawl on a bus caught on camera in montgomery county. an operator kicked a passenger following a loud argument. lindsey, you spoke with both the man on crutches and county officials. >> reporter: we just got the video this week. it was anyone on a ride-on bus last month. you notice in the video, that the bus is moving at the time of the fight. montgomery county tells us that the person driving the bus was a bus driver trainee being supervised by the driver who got in the fight. the county said despite what happened, that driver is still on the job. >> i'm not going to disrespect you back >> it started as a nasty
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confrontation between a bus driver an a passenger on a crutch. the passenger curses at the driver, turns around to a kick in the back. he throws his crutch and the fight escalates. the man filming didn't want to talk on camera. he said he finally stopped recording to help break up the fight. >> shouldn't be employing people that are like that period. >> reporter: we tracked down the passenger, brian. he was angry getting on the bus. because the driver passed his stop forcing him to hustle across the street with an injured knee. he says he went back and forth with bus operator who was there training the person driving the bus. then, after he sat down, >> he starts talking about my mom. >> he said he now regrets getting out of his seat >> i would definitely think about ignoring people like that because time like that isn't worth everything going on now. >> reporter: he said his already in
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>> literally feels like parts of this is crooked. >> reporter: he has other injuries from the fight. and he got banned from the bus for 90 days. the bus driver is still employed according to a spokes woman for montgomery county department of transportation. she said he's not driving for now, and that appropriate disciplinary action will follow an investigation of the incident. he said even after the ban, he won't be back on the bus. >> i don't even feel safe there no more. even the thought of being on public transportation. >> i spoke to a man on that bus and watched all of that play out in person. he said both men were being disrespectful to each other. he feels the bus driver was out of line kicking the passenger but he said he hopes the bus driver does not lose his job. she was identified as lesley st. louis.
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live in kensington lindsey watts an ongoing problem for police and there are no chase policies can make it even more difficult to stop these riders, tisha lewis is live in northwest dc. tisha, i understand riders were spotted before crossing the key bridge into arlington. >> reporter: that's right. that happened this weekend, shawn as you might know, these pursuit policies are put in place to keep everyone safe. often, fuels frustration for commuters and also police who have to have a really good reason to pursue these illegal riders. for example, they have to be wanted for a serious crime in some instances. arlington police say often these packs of riders start here in the district and make their way down the key bridge often putting lots of people in harm's way. >> the riders are not pa
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attention to jurisdictional boundaries. they're just going >> a lot of jurisdictions have no chase policies what is arlington's police department's policy >> a real problem is how do we not make things even unsafer? and if we get involved in a pursuit, frequently that's going to cause more danger to the community >> arlington police deputy chief daniel murray said as the weather gets warmer expect more of what many expect. atv and dirt bike riders heating up the roadways with dangerous maneuvers. often placing drivers, passengers and pedestrians in danger, and daring police to pursue them. the pursuit policies vary by department. arlington police department says their policy is in most cases a judgment call. >> sounds like what you're saying it's a case-by-case basis >> that's true. but we're going to very strictly evaluate and to see what particular danger is being
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caused and make sure under no circumstances do we enhance that danger. >> i don't think they should pursue them but they should take pictures because they will endanger everybody >> crystal yates said it was just friday she was driving near silver road and pennsylvania avenue in district heights when he was surrounded by more than a dozen dirt bike riders. countless cell phone on, show many of us witnessed packs of riderses >> it's nerve racking. i was careful not to hit them because there was lot of them. i was careful. >> there needs to be some sort of action taken other than, you know, letting them freely kind of dis obey traffic laws. >> reporter: the thrill seekers ride in packs and seem to have no regard. deputy chief murray said there is a way drivers can fight back >> if it's safe to call and if
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to call 911 we want to know about it. >> reporter: and police also suggest pulling over to safety, snapping a picture or even recording video, and making sure you give that to police. they say it will help them prosecute these cases. as for the pursuit policies, montgomery county says that they only pursue if they suspect the rider is intoxicated or wanted of a serious crime and also in prince george's county they say they only pursue if the person is wanted for carjacking or homicide. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news fox 5 the city of hyattsville maryland is a sanctuary city. the council voted and means police and law enforcement officers will not be permitted to ask a person's immigration status. before council voted residents urged council members to support the ordinance other the spoke out against it. one teacher said the students are afraid the parents may be
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deported. >> my children ask me every night. who's going to help me with my homework if you're not here? and what's going to happen to my friends and my classes? >> many of the people at tonight's council meeting cheered when the 8-2 vote in favor of the sanctuary city orders enhance passed. opponents are concerned it will become a magnet for illegal immigrants. the manhunt continues for the man suspected of shooting another man and posting a video of the killing on facebook. police in ohio are now expanding their search for 37-year-old steve stevens. accused of killing 74-year-old robert god wynn senior in what police are calling a random easter day attack. video was quickly removed along with a live stream of stevens bragging about other murders he allegedly committed. he blamed the
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ex-girlfriend. >> we're still asking steve to turn himself in. but if he doesn't, we'll find him. we're not going to stop until he's in custody. >> joy lane, the suspect's ex-girlfriend released a statement expressing prayers. they think stevens may have left ohio. last seen driving a white ford fusion the victims chosen at random in the middle of the paf. what we learned about the robberies coming up next. a twist in the investigation into the death of a prince george's county -- into the death of prince, i should say, we'll tell you about the scam that police uncovered. a dc area lounge is now offering up a cocktail that will run you $1,000. 000 >> that's expensive, tony will you buy me one? no. we'll check that
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you what it's about
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imagine walking down the street, middle afternoon, without warning a group of people come up attack you knock you unconscious and steal your cell phone, it happened twice in a north dc neighborhoods. paul wagner spoke to the
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victims. >> they're still recovering from the beatings both men took saturday and sunday afternoon. he said five men beat him in this ally off hyatt place as he walked back to the store you runs in northwest. he says four men attacked him on hyatt place saturday afternoon. just outside the gate to the soccer field. both men were beaten about the head, figurea needed stitches. new's nephew. >> after he saw the four african-americans, his hand was on his left and he just to felt, a punch from somewhere and he fell and when he woke up
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>> reporter: tom things his uncle was picked on because he hyatt place, our interview translated by his stepdaughter, nancy rivera. >> he said that after that, he saw they were sitting down and he was walking towards the back part of the house when all of a sudden they stood up and they walked towards him and ganged up on him and hit him. they threw him to the floor. >> reporter: figureo said all five men hit him. >> all five? >> yes, all five. >> reporter: they hit you in the face? >> figureo said he feels unsafe. as for mr. knew in >> this incident surprised him. >> reporter: paul wagner fox 5 local news. new details about the death of prince. new documents reveal a doctor
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prescribed medication to the legendary singer under a name other than prince. he was struggling with an addiction to prescription opioids. the singer was found dead at his home last april. investigators found several aspirin bottles full of vicodin and percocet throughout the residence. a doctor prescribed the drug under the name of his long time friend kirk johnson. autopsy results show prince died from an accidental drug overdose. no one has been charged in the death. weather turned out to be nice for the easter egg roll >> part of the easter egg roll, it rained a little bit. then if you had a later ticket. much better weather this afternoon, cleared up quickly. two, three hours of light rain. and no harm, no foul. ended up being less than a 10th of an inch. we could use a little bit more. prefer not to have it on the easter egg roll. looks like it didn't diminish
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white house. you will not need your umbrellas tomorrow. we'll be rolling through tuesday without rain but there could be a couple of showers on wednesday. also in the very light department. so our weather headline for tomorrow, sunny and seasonal on tuesday. seasonal means of the season, more typical of what we should see for this time of year, the average high is 67. we were so far above it on easter, can you believe we were almost 90 on easter sunday, officially 89. cooler with clouds and the showers and tomorrow, and will right around 72 with high pressure centered to the north, it will keep the north and east breeze going and keep us comfortable. the type of day we don't get enough of. with the extra clouds and couple of showers, spotty showers, about 67 degrees. we spike again to 80 as we head towards thursday, couple showers. and maybe with the warm-up, a rumble of thunder and cooler again for friday a
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still riding the roller coaster a little bit, for tomorrow morning, kids back at the bus stop after a long spring break, 48 to 53. it will be a little bit chilly. after school, nice and mild, comfortable, not too hot or cool. 68 to 72. check of temperatures now, finding a few places down into the 50's, and many of these places north and west will see the temperatures heading into the upper 40's. dc about 62 right now. 54 for manassas, 52 for winchester. quite a change in the last 24 hour, still basking in the warmth of easter sunday night last night and now about 14 degrees cooler. 17 degrees cooler at quantico, 20 cooler at leonardtown and 19 cooler at annapolis, tonight we'll head to about 54 in the district. there are a few clouds hanging around. 40's in the suburbs, even with the high thin clouds we'll get pretty cool. tomorrow we'll have a few clouds but more
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if we do see clouds they will be high and thin early then clear out. 72, a sunny comfortable day, should be just a light fall. today's showers down to our south. you can see that a new high thin cloud deck is moving in. some of this will be around in the overnight hours and tomorrow morning, it's high pressure building in. north and east breezes keep us cooler. on wednesday, a little bit of a change up as warmer air tries to punch on through. a lot of clouds and couple of showers with temperatures in the 60's but eventually that front coming on through on thursday we'll get us a little bit warmer. 8:00 in the morning, 57, clouds but anything around in the morning will break for full sunshine likely by noon, 66 and by 4:00, 70. so here's a look at your high temperatures tomorrow, definitely a little cooler than it was for easter sunday. but i'm sure nobody will be complaining. keep in mind the tree pollen will be fairly high but the rain today should help to take the nuer
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wednesday, lots of clouds, 67, up to 80 on thursday, as you know into the weekend. we may be a little bit unsettled especially sunday. we may see showers sneaking in saturday. we'll watch for the rain that could be more substantial for sunday. 65 and then a little bit cooler monday 67 degrees. shawn and tony, that's your seven-day are you looking to splurge a little this weekend, there's a national harbor restaurant serving a cocktail that will cost you $1,000. tony perkins. the blossom cocktail lounge to mgm national harbor is serving up what it calls the don rita, a little grant monday yeah and few other ingredients but topped off with an entire bottle of don perione champagne. the lounge does offer a less expensive version for $130 >> that one is topped
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thunder bird. >> what is thunder bird >> i'll tell you on the break. i don't even drink. coming up. what is thunder bird. coming up, yet another overtime thriller and chris brown is forced to reschedule his dc concert. >> coming up tonight i should say tomorrow morning on fox 5 is your cell phone or tablet a literal pain in your neck. dr. ray will be here with five ways to prevent tech neck and erin como sat down with misty
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she can't put the bottle down now. she's all in. you might need some thunder bird if you're a caps fan, free hockey is never a bad thing, if you're fan you got your money's worth during the first two games. it's not working out in the caps favor when the matters. let's
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ovechkin wants to make an impact. first period, tj, nichols backstrom, the caps with the early lead, ovechkin did get a goal but it's the second when he plays the rebound to get the caps up 3-1, nice work there. we'll show you another angle in slow motion instant replay. watch this, makes it look easy. quick thinking. but towards the end of the second, william knee lander ties it up. we go to overtime again. not a long one, just a minute 37 seconds into overtime. you're going to remember this name, tyler bosak. leafs win 4-3. chris brown is at the verizon center friday, same night as the caps game find but in the battle of breezy versus hockey. verizon center announce, the brown show has been rescheduled fo
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the tickets for friday's show for sunday. there you go. >> all right. get the word on it. >> very good. thank you very much. i'm not drinking thunder bird. thank you guys for tweeting and letting me know what it is.
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