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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 19, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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they're preparing for game four. >> game four caps and game two wiz. >> my ears are bleeding from the cow bell. >> if we win tonight. >> couple showers later on today. cloudy and cooler than yesterday. erin. >> cow bell is better than a cup of coffee for me. so far, so good on the roads. i'll let you know if that changes. >> thanks for having my back. >> 4:30 is the time now. let's talk news on wednesday morning. developing overnight a montgomery county couple at the center of controversy over online praenk videos involving children. they're out with a new video this morning and it's revealing. >> they've been accused of what many say is abuse of children all for laughs. annie yu is there with the top story on the latest developments, good morning to you wisdom and holly, it's called daddy o 5 and a solid following more than 7,000 subscribers
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they posted this video an hour ago basically saying their family has received death threats and the situation has really gone too far over what they call fake utube pranks and this backlash put their family in reel danger. they received a lock of backlash for recent video and made national headlines. these parents basically exploited their kid and abused them for the sake of pranks. take a look at original video in question. it left a lot of viewers out ranged and parent are under fire they played a sxwrok on kody which ends up leaving him crying hysterically in this video. their son previously spilled ink all over the carpet and so they staixed another spill on bedroom carpet using disa disappearing ink placing blame on him in profanity lace and screaming tirade. many parents were
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this comments section was riddled with answeringy feedback accusing parents of of abusing kids for sake of these pranks. some viewers contacted "fox 5 news" room for us to dig deeper into this saying they believe cps should step n we deeply apologize we do not condone child abuse. youtube removed the video saying they don't tolerate bullying. >> the videos are fake. they're fake. they're over exaggerated. some are scripted. i mean they're played out. the kids' ideas -- i would rather lose utube channel and revenue than lose
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right now we're under severe attack by all kinds of media. >> "fox5" reached out to child protective services both for maryland and montgomery county both agencies cannot comment. in this video they said they were cleared of any investigation and they have not responded our request for an interview. back to you in the studio. >> will be a taker today. >> it's bizarre. >> it steams from the need to go viral. it's gone too far. thanks, annie, appreciate. it a lot of people will talk about that. let us know what you think weigh in across our social media platforms. let's talk about other things going on. this is what is happening with mike pence he continues the tour of ericia. pence visited the reagan. he reaffirmed relatio
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with japan. vice-president reassured japan of america ago commitment to reigning in north korea nuclear program. >> president trump signed an order to make changes to controversial visa program. it's dubbed buy american hire american tightens waivers and exceptions companies use to get around using american made goods and target h 1 visa program only to be given to high-killed workers. the program hurts -- h high-skilled workers. and they say it hurts american workers. >> malcolm amir cunningham is charged with second degree murder when armed. according to the family member norway wood was his step grand father and the two lived together. >> maryland man suspected of killing wife two years ago is one of most wanted fugitives ba had patel is accused of murdering his wife
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donuts in hanover. he was last seen in a hotel the day after the murder in newark, until energy. >> fbi is offering a reward up to $100,000 for information leading to his arrest. patel marks the 514 add toytion top ten list which has been in existence since 1950. >> patel is from india. there's no indications he's left the country. detectives suspect he maying staying with relatives in new jersey. >> political rivalry among neighbors across from nats park. this gotta tension and had people laughing. monday morning the building management told people to sai take the banners down. resident at camden south capitol have until may 1 to ditch displays. >> bizarre finish in the nats braves game. tom of 10th this is what where it all happened. michael thomas was not at the game. >> you can weigh in on this.
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>> nats leading 3-1 bridging to braves. bases loaded two out. pitcher shawn kelley appeared to strike out chase denard out that led to nats celebration everyone assumed the game was over even the broadcast at the network signed off and then two-minute later basically teams returned to the field after a challenge review the home plate umpire ruled the strike they tipped the ball. he got a second chance to help the braves win next pitch kelly strikes him out again and it counts for real than time the game is over for real. >> that's weird. >> i don't understand how you have all this technology and replays and all this stuff and you get umpire gets that wr wrong. you went and looked at it and saw -- it didn't tip. there was no tip. >> at the end of the day it doesn't matter righting. >> going down as a curly w righting. >> it could have. >> it deposit. >> it could have but didn't. >> they need to fix that so it cannot happen again i don't careow
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they mess it up. >> it's early in the season for the umpires too. threat get it down. >> 53 in washington. some locations in the 40s. baltimore 4 and friday ri ricksburg. cooler air moving in here. around for most of the day as well. we'll have much more cloud cover than we had yesterday. stormtracker radar trang being a few showers west of town this morning. we'll try to move across within the next couple hours. so maybe grab umbrella. some of us will need it some won't. few showers hang around on and off through the day today. 58, 11 a.m. by 2:00, 61 highs today middle 60s after reaching low to mid 70s yesterday afternoon. again a cooler day. that's a check of the forecast over to erin airport with traffic. >> all right. 4:37 now and this is a live look. 95 sdail city. southbound side has construction blocking left lanes. please use a little caution. there traffic moving along long slower to the right as usual. northbound side volume picking up looking good. switching it to maps. aside from constructn
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50 bay bridge all the way 234-dz the beltway nice and quiet no issues in buoy. erin fox d.c. on twitter. >> coming up, u.s. fighter jets with bombers off the coast. >> and facebook could make life a lot more come my my indicated. >> time 4:38. 53 is the temperature. back in
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>> 207b minutes before the hour. hot on the web the stories you're engaging with on social media. >> and two russian bombers in international airspace over the coast: it was safe and professional. russian planes flew win mile of the kody island. they escorted the bombers 40 minutes. >> 24,000
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massachusetts have about dismissed. it's single largest dismissal of cop visions in u.s. hist rich they were taint bid a former state drug lab chemist that pled guilty to tampering with evidence and falsifying tests. nypd is investigating death of a judge found in hudson river as suspicious. at first police thought sheila salam xhited suicide. he was found fully clothed no signs of trauma suggesting foul play. >> and friendliest states in america for gun owners in iowa. the most expansive bill is a law. they can use deadly lives if believing life was threatened and allows them to sue officials if they think gun free zones violated their second amendment rights. >> facebook new in camera app will make it harder for people to tell what it real. it uses superior artificial intelligence to recognize
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if you eat breakfast and took a picture of your coffee mug you can add a second coffee mug so it looks like you're not eating breakfast alone or if you are taking a picture of the ocean and a wind surfer interrupts your view you can edit it out. >> that's what we need to be able to do make things look real that aren't. >> yeah. >> aren't we already having a problem with that. >> i think we are. >> okay. >> we're kicking it up a notch. >> great. >> someing up on "fox news morning" local lawmakers plan to ease congestion on i 270. >> do police need twoorns track your cellphone. a lola bell at court is investigating that
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stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> back now on 4:45 if you just wake up here are top stories, montgomery county couplep at the center of couldn't vry of prank videos are out with a new video. they reveal all the videos they post are fake and scripted. critics claim the couple is emotionally abusing kids for youtube clips. >> and race to replace tom sp
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handle and democrat john osaw. they are climbing a victory because osaw did well in republican stronghold. >> former president george h.w. bush is back in houston hospital the 41 president was admitted on friday with persistent cough that has turned out to be pneumonia. >> let's look live outside right now a bit of overnight cool down going on right now despite the chill though we're expecting a mild day. good morning to you. we're glad you're with. thanks for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is wednesday, april 19, team is in place and airport erin talking traffic and michael thomas talking weather first though, hey, mike. >> hey, wisdom we have a halfway decent weather forecast for you today. we will have to dodge showers and more clouds than around the region yesterday and cooler air as well. there's future cast. 7:30 this morning you see specifics of green there. today's showers will be very kind of scattered about here. you will see probably need umbrella just in case. we work our way to th
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to the north and west get a little sunshine. here in d.c. we keep it mostly cloudy today and even through the evening whourz persistent threat and a couple showers. 65 the someday time high today and look at the next two days, 82 thursday, 4 friday and couple thunderstorms rumbling through during the day on thursday. we head into the weekend. we're down to 67 saturday and right now, sunday, looks rather wet with high of only 6 0. that's a check of weather over to erin como with tra traffic. >> 4:47 right now and taking a look at maps. we're seeing a lot of green on gw parkway. problem free key bridge roselyn to georgetown at speed. that respects all the area ridges. wilson bridge own beltway looking good. problem side problem free on the 11th and 92 southbound or northbound. 295 riverdale park quiet. we're not seeing problems. let's see if we can forward maps and make our way to maryland. outer loop college park looking good and problemre
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on fwiter, holly and wisdom. >> 4:47 is the time now. we can put the prompt please. jeff sessions leaves nothing to the math fwhaix it comes to the new u.s. policy and drug trafficking and border protection. >> attorney general met with federal law enforcement agencies cracking down on gangs and sanctuary cities. >> live from the justice department with the late nest that store yes, i mel. >> good morning, speaking to the org niszed crime council attorney general sessions said there are 10,000 members of ms 13 active in 40 u.s. states working to recruit and funnel resources back to el salvador. it's largest gans and certainly one of them here active in the united states. we'll take you to the video from yesterday. and this is sessions meeting with senior officials if man wrist federal law enforcement agencies vowing to crackdown on drug trafficking and gang violence. he blamed,
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and years of lax immigration enforcement saying now there will be zero tolerance. turning to criminal organizations like ms 13 sessions opened stern warning said if you're in a gang we will find you. he blast sod-called sanctuary cities. >> sanctuary cities, dangerously undermine this process. harboring criminal aliens only helps violent gangs like ms 13. sanctuary cities are aiding cartels to refill their ranks and putting innocent lives including lives of count lrs law abiding immigrants indanger. >> now you may remember in gene president trump signed executive order threatening to withhold federal funds from cities that don't comply with deportation orders. live at the justice depa department, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 4:49 now and happening today a former
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washington university employee will be in court. jess eye morton worked at gw consulting on a program on extremism. moreton's hire was controversial because of ties with terrorism. he served ties in prison for being al-quida recruiter. he no longer works for the university after arrested in december on drug and prostitution charges. >> d.c. appeals court is looking into whether police need warrants to use devices that track cell phones. for years they used cell site stimulators. officials should get a search warrant to use simulators. they're waiving the legaltive tracking devices and impact on local police forces. >> happening today. contracted employees for reagan national and dulles airport will join virginia congressman conley to announcing results of airport authority vote. it's first of its kind policy tone sure contractors pay workers a living wage. after a two year campaign they could see hourly wages increase from 7:25
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12.75. >> also happening today maryland governor larry hogan announces advancement of plans to ease congestion on i 270. he dedicated 100 millionto fund i 270 ep owe vaitive congestion management project. he'll also reveal the project's winning design build team. opponent say the project is a waste of money and will not relieve cop juston. >> in virginia residents trying to ease traffic in dprooe. they got a chance to voice opinions on easing congestion and improving saferty on route 1. it was held at mount vernon high school. they up visit the road expansion is necessary to accommodate a rapid bus transit system in fairfax county. it could affect 200 prop properties. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" a part of the district closed for years opens to tour sgliingts and chicago cubs organization tries to make sure none of the teams' world series rings wind up on ebay. >> as we head
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>> as we head to break do you. 4:5 1st time. 53 is the temp
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>> 4:54 now and new this morning a city in ohio spent more than 430,000 depending two police officers involved in a deadly police involved shooting at walmart back in 2014 an officer and partner shot and keld a black man after they answered a 911 call about a man reportedly waving a rival round at the walmart. turns out the man john crawford was holding an air rifle he up tended to buy. a federal probe is underway. some are upset of the exuberant costs of depending officers and say the money should have gone to settlement of the
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>> the clock tower above the trump hotel is reopened. it reopened in february with a soft launch. tours are operated by the national park service and tours are only on thursday through sunday. however daily tours are expected to resume in mid june when more staff is hired. >> cubs want to tell players not sell world series rings. cubs general manager said he signed at agreement willingly. i'm just saying if it's first ring in 108 years why wow want it put -- i know silly question. >> he answered his own question. we'll move on to weather. it was georgous yesterday, mike, maybe not so much today. >> it was almost a perfect spring day. today more clouds to con tend with and couple showers as well. 46 to 57 at the bus stop and couple showers around.
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same. milder, 58 to 68 degrees and normal high 68. generally speaking a couple degrees below normal today. 65 your daytime high here in d.c. with scattered showers. up to 82. very warm and a little humid with scattered popup thunderstorms in the afte afternoon. up to 84 friday with more showers popping up during the day as well. we head into the weekend. cooler saturday. late-day showers and saturday is not wet day. that's more sunday. looks like rain likely with high of 60. sip shine comes back as we start the next workweek. all right let's check forecast with erin como and traffic. >> 4:56 wednesday morning taking a live look now 270 by father hurley boulevard. southbound headlights coming to us and volume increasing and no major slow downs yet and truck scales and 70 seeing extra volume. we'll forward cameras and take a look at 66. you pass sutly road wide on past come upon as you make your way towards 50 and fairfax. we're in fair
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bottom near branch avenue volume inner loop and nothing atypical and not enough to slow us down right now. any questions @erinfoxdc twitter and we'll look at surge 14 next, holly and wisdom. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning", president trump spends overnight hours watching special results of election in georgia. >> and improving new money to keep religious centers safe. >> let's go to break. as we do a live look across the region on this wednesday morning. just three minutes before 5:00 right now. chilly outside today. little cooler than yesterday. grab a light jacket before you have to head outside. "fox news morning" coming right back. don't go
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>> today on "fox news morning" buy american, hire american president trump signs new executive order he says will protect american works. >> and local couple at center of on line prank video controversy is out with new video pretty revealing. >> live look outside cooler out there right now. despite the cool start we're expecting relatively mild may -- mild day. maybe not as beautiful as yesterday but -- >> yes. >> still pretty good in the grand scheme of things. >> we're gla


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