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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 21, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, overnight execution. arkansas carries out the state's first execution in more than a decade. and it's preparing for several more by the end of the month. >> and let the prognostication begin. the nfl releases the 2017 regular season schedule. >> hey, good friday morning to
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most of you can enjoy the weekend. we are live outside. you should prepare for a warm day with some scattered storms however. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm holly morris. today is friday april 21st. >> yes, it is. mike thomas with your weather headline, erin como with your traffic. >> 82 yesterday in d.c., today closer to the mid 80's but maybe some storms as well. erin. >> well, speaking of storms, the rain that moved through yesterday problems in adelphi and we have some utility work i'm going to help steer you around. >> sounds good both of you. thank you very much. let's get right to the news at 5 o'clock. fast moving storms swept across the region and they caused serious damage to buildings and sneaks adelphi maryland. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is live with the latest. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys and take a look here at this large tree that came down on several cars here and this that's down in this parking lot on green spire terrace. look at the power
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this completely crushed. these folks are very lucky that nobody was in this vehicle when these trees came down and if you look back across this grassy area, you can see a number of the trees even the tops of them sheared off causing problems in here and this is not the only problem. the large towers, the presidential towers behind these trees, that is where we had problems last night. let's take you to some of the video there. 250 people had to be evacuated from there last night after strong storms came through. it was about 8:15. the building inspectors had to go in and assess the damage. the thunderstorm pummeled down. residents say they heard a whoosh then windows breaking. responding crews say they actually saw the walls stretch out. we have pictures from inside the building as welly from prince george's county fire and rescue. they say that sections of dry wall were blown off of the area and also there were cracks in the bricks as well. all of this appareny
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some strong winds. >> it was like a bomb. it was like a bomb and i said oh, my god, what's going on here? and i just look and i saw on my windows. i got really scared. >> reporter: prince george's county fire and rescue tell us building inspectors did say that the presidential towers are safe and so that's a good thing but again, a look back here live on the other side of the cars here, the damage here as well, so from what we understand it looks like at this point just a very strong thunderstorm to. residents here saying they feel very lucky that nobody was hurt when these trees came down t live in adelphi maryland, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news isn't that mel, thank you for that. right now police in howard county they're searching for a missing inmate. 52-year-old timothy david powers walked away from the howard county general hospital in columbia where he was receiving treatment. powers is is a white man 5 feet 9-inches tall and weighs about 1 p
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timothy david powers, his whereabouts is being asked to call 911. >> developing overnight now in arkansas, the state carried out its first execution in 12 years. a lethal injection drug was used to put ladell lee to death. the state plans to use the controversial drug for three more executions before the chemical expires. ladell was condemned to death for murdering a woman more than 20 years ago. >> maryland governor larry hogn's father died last night at the age of 88. lawrence hogan sr. suffered a major stroke on saturday. governor hogan canceled appearances yesterday to be with his father. the elder hogan was served in the house of representatives from 1965 to 1975. he was the first republican on the house judiciary committee to openly call for president nixon's impeachment. >> developing overnight police in paris identified the man who they believe is the gunman who killed a police officer and seriously wounded two others on the
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elysees. officials say is a search of his car turned up a pump action shotgun and knives. now back in 20 2001 he was convicted. >> both dimensions healthcare system and baltimore washington health center filed petitions for review. they applied for the program more than two years ago but was denied and anne arrundel was approved. both baltimore washington medical and dimensions want a judge to review that decision. >> tuition going up for one virginia university. the university of virginia board of visitors approved tuition increases of 2.2 percent for in state undergraduates and 3.5 percent for out of state students. now, this means the incoming first year student will now pay nearly $300 more in tuitio
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class. >> turning now to baseball. bryce harper fan screaming hey bryce, throw me a ball. all right. didn't happen a but top of the sixth, nats down one, ryan zimmerman crushing the r.a. dickey pitch to center field. a 431-foot, two run homer to give the nats a three-two lead. all right. then here he is, stephen strasburg has gone seven innings in all four of his starts he struck out 10 on his way to career victory number 71 and tops nats franchise history o the nats sweeping the braves three-two. hey, bryce over here, throw me the ball. >> bryce i got your jersey on and all, three me the ball. >> bryce off to a pretty hot start this year. >> and ryan zimmerman. >> yup. >> amazing. >> could this be the year. >> it could be. we could always have hope, mike. >> yeah, that is true. long season, though. we'll seal how they do. weather-wise today we got a pretty good one in store in you like warm weather, if you like humid weather and it's a very humid start with temperatures already in the 60's
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the 80's later today. we are tracking some showers early this morning up off to the north once again, much like yesterday, up towards frederick county, up towards washington county dealing with some rain showers this morning: these will that quickly move on and we'll warm it up this afternoon. 61 your numbers in d.c. most of the region in the 60's. dulles 62, manassas 62. here's your highs for later this afternoon. 84 here in d.c. t-85 manassas. look at fredericksburg and leonardtown a steamy 86 degrees. off to the north and west little cooler but still mostly 80's up there. we will have to watch out for some thunderstorms rumbling through once again right around 4, 5 o'clock this afternoon. all right, that's a check of the weather. over to erin como now for traffic. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buy a for special offers. >> all right, 5:07 right now and if you're heading out in adelphi we have been telling you about the storm damage out there. we also have some utility work right now in adelphi closing 212 in both directions between adelphi
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road. little bit of caution in that area. we'll keep you updated. watch out for storm damage downed trees branches. use caution especially in your neighborhoods. in fairfax a crash in virginia as well. northbound fairfax county parkway the crash is at the intersection of route 29, 66 looking good however and as we take a look at your maryland commute you're quiet there. we'll hop outside for a quick live look. things looking pretty good on our majors. no problems on randolph road. doing really nice there. we'll keep you posted. we'll be back in just a few with more traffic. back to you maureen and holly. >> thank you. a six week search for kidnapped teen and her former teacher comes to an end. >> a huge announcement for the makers of the x files. the show's fans they should be happy about it. >> heading to break on this friday morning with a live look across the d.c. region. it's 5:08, 64 degrees t hope you're going to be happy today. it is the weekend, right around the corner.& back right after this.
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>> ♪♪ >> ♪ >> back at 5:09 with some sad news from hollywood. cuba gooding sr. the 70's music star and the father of cuba gooding jr. was found dead yesterday afternoon. you see him pictured with his son. police
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discovered slumped over the wheel of his car. investigators say there was no sign of foul play and sources tell the la times he may have overdosed. cuba gooding sr. was 72 years old. >> taking you now to seattle where three police officers were injured while responding to a robbery at a convenience store. they were trying to stop two suspects as they fled the scene. one of the officers got into a fight with the suspect and was hit over the head with a bottle. that officer is in satisfactory condition. the second officer got into a shootout with the suspect and was shot in the chin and rib cage. that officer is now in serious but stable condition. one of the suspects was killed at the scene. the other is now in police custody. >> missing tennessee teen elizabeth thomas has been found and today she's expected to be flown back home to be reunited with her family. her former teacher, tad cummins in custody. he's accused of kidnapping the girl then taking her across state lines for sexual purposes. deputies say a tip led them to finding the two in a cabin in a remote area in northern
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extradition to tennessee to face charges there of sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping. aaron hernandez's brain is being turned over to university researchers now that his death has officially been ruled a suicide. officials say the state's chief medical examiner had withheld some tissue samples from the ex envelope star's brain as part of the effort to confirm that he took his own life. hernandez was found hanging in his prison cell tuesday morning. his family says he gave no indication that he would commit suicide. >> the new york city firefighter died after falling five stories. 42-year-old william totley was battling a fire from a rooftop in queens when he fell. authorities say it's unclear what caused him to slip he was a 14 year veteran f the the department and leaves behind a wife and eight-year-old daughter. >> general motors haults productions at its only factory in venezuela after the country's national police took over the plant. gm calls it an illegal seizure of its assets and says cars
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taken from the factory. this is the latest in a long string of confiscations of factories and other assets by the venezuela government. the country is in the middle of an economic crisis. recent antigovernment protests in venezuela have turned violent with several people being killed. gm has operated in venezuela for that nearly 70 years. >> coming up two maryland teens facing more than three decades after they are accused of torching a donald trump explain in what is the right age top let your kid cross the street by themselves? you might be surprised by the answers provided by researchers. >> i'm all ears on this one. heading to break right now with a live look across the d.c. region. 5:12 is the time. 64 degrees your temperature. back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> fox5 news morning back now 5:14. here are today's top
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message to congress. the president is demanding funds for a border wall be included in the spending bill that congress must pass next week. the white house says money for more immigration agents and the wall are priorities. democrats say these demands will sour negotiations and make a government shutdown more likely. the administration had previously said it would not need a major cash infusion for the wall until next year. >> today world leaders gathering in d.c. for the summit of the world bank and international monetary fund t the world economy is expected to grow at a 3.5 percent this year better than the 3.1 percent originally forecast. meanwhile at the white house president trump signed new memorandum aimed at limiting chinese steel imports and encouraging domestic production in the u.s. >> prince george's county teacher and coach facing child pornography charges. christopher speights has been employed as a substitute teacher and basketball coach at bradbury heights elementary scho
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academy. police say they found images and video of children engaged in sexual conduct with each other and with adults on speights phone. >> hit show x files returning to fox. fox has ordered a second new season of the x files event series. david duchovny and jillian anderson are returning as molder and scully. series ran for more than nine seasons going from break outsci-fi favorite to massive and global hit. >> the truth. >> the truth is out . >> [laughter] the truth is it is really warm out there at 5:16. >> it is. >> mike thomas. >> quite the opposite start from yesterday where there was a noticeable chill in the atmosphere. not today. it feels like a summer morning. temperatures starting in the mid 60's around the d.c. region. again just about everybody -- i don't see any 50's -- cambridge 59 degrees. they're the cool spot. other than thaev
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the 60's to start the day. we are track something showers off across northern portions of maryland, up through hagerstown, northern portions of the virginia panhandle. this looks like it will primarily stay off to the north, maybe a couple of light showers popping up right around d.c. for the time being but that's about it. much like yesterday, once that gets out of here, we will be in the clear for at least the first part of the afternoon. another chance of storms coming our way later. high pressure situated off the coastline very warm position for us. we'll pull in a lot of southern warmth later on today with again those temperatures expected to reach the middle 80's. cold front sliceing into that warm air means another chance for showers and thunderstorms possibly a couple of strong ones as we move into the early afternoon and evening hours. marginal risk of severe weather most from i-95 off to the east today. what does this mean? much like last night where we had one storm, could be one or two today, not a big outbreak for everybody. heavy rain strong winds large hail is possible but again it's not supposed to be a widespread severe weather day t84 degrees your daytime high toy,
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accuweather 7-day forecast watch out for a couple of thunderstorms. evening rush hour time seems like when models are honing in on it to me. weekend looks like it's going to be on the dreary side. cooler with showers both saturday and sunday. that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back with traffic. >> good news is mike the road should be pretty try for the friday morning commute at least. >> unless you live north of town put yes. >> if you live north of town use caution. taking metro they've geared up for service at 5 o'clock and a we're tracking safe track. no trains between prince george's plaza and greenbelt. collegey college park university maryland and greenbelt stations closed. that's why that shuttle service is available. no yellow rush plus service. use the blue or yellow lines as alternates. this could set you back. in adelphi 212 closed in both directions between adelphi road and metzerott because of utility work slowing things down. avoid 212 this morning. aside from that fairfax county parkway on the northbound sid
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29 so caution there. 66 looking good through centreville. any questions for your commute at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. let's get you to work on time. maureen and holly. >> thank you erin. taking a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. we're doing it with our realtime news tracker. >> whiz back with what's hot on the web. hey, wisdom. >> good morning to you. first up two teenagers could be charged with a hate crime for allegedly trying to burn a donald trump sign outside of a maryland store. now if found guilty, they could be in jail for 33 years it is pleased they did about $800 in damage to the sign and a fence that it was near. meanwhile u.s. regulators have issued the strongest warning possible against treating children with cough syrup that contains opioid painkillers. makers of pain medicines that contain codeine and tram dollar will have to change the labels to ban users to giving that em to children under 12 years old. a high risk oflo
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breathing and death in young users was that found. celebrities and social media stars have been warned that they are breaking the law by promoting products on instagram without admitting& they're being paid to get it. the federal trade commission says many posts are not being labeled clearly enough in the captions. kim kardashian writes #ad at the beginning of her captions to make sure her endorsements are clear. steve harvey says president trump is a man of his word. on wednesday he told tmz as far as doing what he will promised me, he's doing it. harvey has been working with ben carson with the u.s. department of housing and urban development t and finally don't let your children across the street until they are 14. that's because a new study reveals that kids need more than a decade to learn how to navigate busy traffic areas. the study says by 14 children have developed the skills to determine when it's safe to cross the street and even then you still probably need to watch them. >> where did this study come from.
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>> it came from the teleprompter down in our news room. >> 14 years old are they serious right now? >> some 14-year-olds are pretty mature. like over in my neighborhood we got everybody in elementary school walking to school. >> that's what i'm saying. >> for two or 3 miles. >> where you live who is going to get hit by amtrak? i mean, it's so far out there. >> a combine. >> exactly. >> wisdom martin. >> 14 does seem is a little old. >> yeah. >> i'm the overprotective mom. at 14 years old i would be still holding my child's. >> that's a talker. thanks whiz. tesla recalling tens of thousands of its vehicles because of a parking problem. >> your local tbs preparing to undergo a makeover. >> we're going to break. 5:21 is the time, 64 degrees is the temperature. back after this. >> ♪
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kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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"tflush >> ♪ >> 5:24 right now. tesla is recalling 53,000 cars for a parking a defect. tesla says if the gear breaks the parking brake would be stuck and prevent cars from moving. the company says less than 5 percent of the vehicles being recalled may be affected and it would take less than 45 minutes to replace the brakes. >> subway restaurants closing hundreds of u.s. locations. it did last year marking the biggest retrench. in the history of the chain. the company lost 359 stores last year. subway is suffering a sales slow down as into your fast casual arrivals emerge. experts say subway has lost some of its luster as a healthy food operation. >> cvs about to get a makeover. the company is revamping its stores to be healthier. all of the candy in the front of the store will soon be replaced with healthier food. also the beauty section
5:25 am
have a new trend wall. cvs says it wants to provide customers with more health and wellness products. they plan to implement the changes in several hundred stores by the end of next year. >> hm. metro they are updating their fleet but what's going to happen to their old trains? that's the question. a local developer has acquired one of the old 4000 series rail cars to turn it into an outdoor retail area at the grosvenor strathmore station. metal worker cutting the old rail car into slices and each slice will that serve as the housing for an outdoor pop up. they are repurposing other parks like the benches to turn them into seating at a future plaza at the station its kind of cool. >> ♪ >> 5:25 right now and i have to admit, mike thomas, last night when the storms rolled through, i wasn't expecting it. >> yeah. >> that late. i was like -- i literally was like is that thunder. >> that was actually something that surprised me as well. it looked like it was going to be early afternoon. ended up holding off until 8 o'clock at night for the most part. qu
5:26 am
heavy down burst of rain, one or two spots got some wind damage or potentially lightning damage. i'm looking over these photos that melanie has been sending out on her twitter. to me it almost looks like a lightning strike. >> interesting. >> we'll see what the national weather service thinks when they get out there later this afternoon. what i think of today is much like yesterday. we'll be back in the 80's and could do another round of storms later dan once again much like yesterday starting with some showers off to the north of town up towards frederick county maryland, carroll county, washington county and then portioning of west virginia as well waking up to some rain. reagan national 65. dulles 62. most starting in the 60's. quick look at your planner for today t best chance of storms does look like the threat crosses about 4, 5 o'clock. that would be best chance of storms today. that's a check of the forecast. over to erin now for traffic. >> 5:26 and things are picking up on the roads. as we take a look in the district, 4100 block to 4200 block of 13th street northbound side closed for emergency gas repairs. southbound traffic is now getting by. as we forward things
5:27 am
212 riggs road closed in adelphi between adelphi road and metzerott road for utility work. 395 northbound we have construction out by shirlington. we'll take a live look at that next help you get around the delay. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. holly and maureen back to you. >> thanks teheran. -- erin. a pollute cal dis, political dispute. >> a germ in two foods is the leading cause of food poisoning in the country. >> as we head to break let's take a live look across the d.c. region on this friday morning. 5:27 is our time. 64 degrees, it's humid out out there and warm out as you head out to start this friday workday. we've got more to share on the other side. don't go anywhere. you're watching fox5 news morning. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> today on fox5 news morning increasing the political pressure. president trump sends a message to lawmakers detailing the projects he wants to be funded by the next congressional spending bill. getting ready for a weekend of traffic and protests in d.c. as world finance leaders gather in washington for the annual summit of the world bank and international monetary fund. and let the prognostication begin. the nfl releases the 2017 regular season schedule. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.
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thanks for joining us. i'm wisdom martin. >> and i'm holly morris. >> erin como talking about the roads but first mike thomas is teasing weather. >> warm temperatures back this afternoon and mid 80's expected, maybe another round of storms later today. we're going to time that out for you in a bit. erin. >> right now riggs road closed in adelphi. i'll work you around that one. >> sounds good erin and mike. thank you very much. first now at 5:30 these are the top stories you need to know about breaking overnight, french officials say the gunman who shot and killed a police officer on the famed champs-elysees had been detained back in february but was set free. he's identified as karim cheurfi. he was home was raided overnight and officials say a search of his car turned up a pump action shotgun and knives. in 2003 cheurfi was convicted of attacking a police officer. isis has claimed responsibility for yesterday's deadly shooting. >> breaking news closer to home. the search for a missing inmate in
5:32 am
howard county general hospital in columbia last night where he was receiving treatment. you see his picture right there on your screen. powers is described as a minimum security inmate who was being held at the howard county detention center. anyone with information about powers is asked to call 911. >> prince george's county substitute teacher and youth basketball coach facing child porn charges. >> investigators found disturbing images video on his electronic devices. fox5's annie yu has the latest from capitol heights. annie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you holly and wisdom. well, clearly this is someone who has had close contact with children and so maryland state police who are handling this investigation are asking anyone who might be concerned that their child may have come in contact with this man to give them a call. i want to show you a picture of him. this is 34-year-old christopher speights of capitol heights, maryland. speights was a long time substitute teacher here at bradbury heights elementary school. he also was a youth basketball coach for south county sports academy. and police arrested him thursday morni
5:33 am
lives with his mother and he's now facing child pornography charges. according to charging documents the social networking service drop box tipped off the national center for missing and exploited children that someone might have been using this service to store or distribute child porn and the center informed state police. from there they investigated speights' home. they seized his iphone ipad and computer linked to a drop box k on the digital cloud investigators found numerous child porn videos, the description of the videos are too graphic to share. investigators believe children in these videos are as young as seven years old. very disturbing news here. we did reach out to prince george's county public schools and in a statement they tell us that he is no longer serving prince george's county public schools and over the last year, the school system has made significant changes to ensure student safety and they he will us that they are complying with the investigation and helping police out. speights is due back in court
5:34 am
may. that's the latest from capitol heights. back to you in the studio. >> ♪ >> 5:33. president trump is sending a message to congress. the president is demanding funds for a border wall be included in the spending bill that congress must pass next week. the white house says money for more immigration agents and the wall are priorities. the administration previously said it wouldn't need a major cash infusion for the wall until next year. >> world leaders gathering. yesterday the meeting opened with some good news. the world economy is expected to grow at 3.5 percent this year. better than 3.1 percent originally forecast. meanwhile at the white house president trump signed a new memorandum aimed at limiting chinese steel imports encouraging domestic production in the united states. >> for decades america has lost our jobs and our factories to unfair foreign trade. >> united states is also looking at ways to reduce its huge 500 billion-d
5:35 am
taxes. >> maryland governor larry hogan told two cabinet members to boycott a meeting that puts money for a school construction project in limbo. hogan spokesperson says the goal was to publically protest something they believe is unconstitutional. it's unclear which projects may be impacted. >> ♪ >> all right so we're talking about the weather and what we have in store but let's revisit yesterday. after football practice as i said earlier, boom, it just slammed us. >> yeah, came down real quick. big lightning and thunder. >> yeah. >> i saw a lot of that more than anything yesterday. >> it was a lot of rain which we might get a lot of rain on sunday, too, right. >> yeah, you're right. the whole weekend. >> that's enough for you . >> [laughter] >> hey, you know, every now and then we need a weekend -- >> we dollar need rain actually. >> we are stillly in a drought situation and we want to get rid of that by the summer. this weekend is looking like this. showers start moving in on saturday, a
5:36 am
like it gets in here late saturday night through the morning hours of sunday and then by sunday afternoon, probably tapering off to scattered showers. but it does look like it's going to be cloudy all weekend and certainly on the cooler side of things with temperatures really kind of failing to make it out of the 60's if even both days. many of our suburbs will stay in the 50's all weekend long much how much rain? maybe an inch, inch and half for some. this is much needed rain with the current drought situation in place. there's a look at your weekend forecast. 65 saturday with showers to late rain. then rain to showers on sunday, clouds all weekends long. all right, that's a check of the forecast. over to erin como for traffic now. >> 5:36 and happening right now, we are at a standstill on the top of the beltway. this is the inner loop at connecticut avenue. you're looking at huge delays. just beyond this point at georgia avenue there's a crash with just one right lane getting by. all the left lanes are blocked. you can see you're at a crawl there. so as you come off the 270 spur passing connecticut avenue note you'll hit that standstill traffic because of the crash. we'll keep a close eye on that and help you get around that. outer loop a
5:37 am
rubberneck delay past that that point. let's switch over for a quick look at our maps. i wanted to show that you delay and again the outer loop is going to start to get a residual delay because of that rubberneck. keep it to fox5. i'll get you more information on this crash and your commute. >> leaders of the cherokee nation file a lawsuit in federal court. >> researchers reveal new side effect of using asthma inhalers. >> going to break right now at 5:37 in the morning with a temperature of 64 degrees. fox5 news morning back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:40 right now in today's health watch the cherokee nation is suing drug retailers for flooding communities with highly addictive opioid based pain pills. they allege they failed to prevent the diversion of pain pills to the black-market and profiting from the growing opioid epidemic. epidemic. >> new study reveals that steroids found in inhalers puts asthma sufferers at risk of pneumonia. those inhalers are standard treatment for controlled airway swelling but the study
5:41 am
significantly linked to hospitalization for pneumonia. researchers say inhaler users run an 83 percent higher risk of coming down with it than noninhaler users. >> a germ linked tomo raw milk and poultry is the biggest culprit when it comes to food poisoning. the germ is mostly a problem in unpasturized dairy products it's making more people sick these days than salmonella which is number two on the food poisoning list. other bad germs include listeria and e. coli. >> coming up, the department of justice is planning to file charges against wikileaks founder julian assange. >> and hero makes a life saving catch saving the life of a small child. >> as we head to break let's take a live look across the d.c. region right now. 5:41 is our time right now. we're at a humid 64 degrees. feels a little bit like a summer morning out there. >> yeah, that's what i like, though. >> yeah. i like champagne on ice, too.
5:42 am
singing about it. 5:41 right now. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:44 is the time right now. new this morning the redskins 2017 schedule has been released. here are some of the big games. week seven, monday night, october 23rd, philadelphia eagles. week eight sunday october 29th they host the dallas cowboys. week nine, on the road in seattle. following week back home hosting the minnesota
5:45 am
week 11, new orleans saints. then a short turn around. for the first ever home thanksgiving game against the new york giants. >> that was the highlight. lord that seemed like the whole season. [laughter] >> you know, i always say you can't predict anything at this time of the year. >> no. >> can't predict anything. >> you know what you can predict at 5:45. >> where are we going? what's that. >> smooth moves by mr. mike thomas. >> yeah. >> there it is. oh, yeah. >> that was worth the wait. >> roll the shoulder, roll the shoulder, work the hips and two. >> all right, that's enough of that. [laughter] >> do the redskins play do we know on new year's? i thought that was a rumor. >> i didn't hear that. >> no, we have not heard that. >> i'll do some quick research while you're doing the weather. >> thanksgiving was the big one. >> thanksgiving was the big one. i thought maybe either new year's or new year's day they had a game. >> it's possible. >> maybe i should have googled it. >> i'm looking it up. >> while holly looks it up i'll go to the weather forecast. ot
5:46 am
temperatures back in the 80's later this afternoon. temperatures right now starting off at 65. we are reporting a little bit of light rain down at the airport. brief kind of shower will move through relatively quickly. winds are light and calm and that will remain most physical the case as we head through the afternoon. there are those showers. most of them off to the north of d.c. this morning up towards frederick hagerstown up through carroll county and baltimore county as well. here's your localized shower activity right around d.c. fairfax county, prince george's county, just a little bit of very light shower activity. again this will move on relatively quickly. high pressure off the coastline down to our south. that's a warm position for us. we're pulling in the southerly winds. that's why the 80's are coming back later today as a cold front though moves in from the west that's going to slice into that area and potentially, yes, kick up a round of showers and thunderstorms once again. actually outlooked at a marginal risk today of severe weather mostly along the i-95 corridor and portions south and east. couple of these storms could contain some strong winds, maybe some large hail and some heavy rain as well. it's not a major
5:47 am
outbreak day just kind of one or two of these storms much like yesterday could be on the stronger side. your afternoon planner for the day today, 76 by 11 o'clock, should be a mix of clouds and sun. up to 80 by 2 o'clock with maybe a couple of showers but i think the bulk of it after 2:00 around 5 o'clock seems likely with showers and thunderstorms for your evening commute, 83 degrees. by the evening, your headed to the caps game tonight, huge game tonight, verizon center, i'll leave a shower in the forecast by 7 o'clock those most models have it clear by then, 76. by 9 o'clock just partly cloudy temperatures dropping, 72 and then into the 60's we go by 11:00 temperatures going back to the 50's overnight tonight around d.c. and the most of the suburbs. fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast, 65 degrees for your saturday with clouds on showers likely. sunday could start with rain and with showers but just clouds all weekend long. it's not the best weekend. cooler heading into monday and tuesday, 61, 62 degrees and then wednesday, thursday we start warming back up. erin como i'm calling it 90 degrees is my guess for next friday. i think we're going to hit 90 for the fir t
5:48 am
hot. >> yeah. >> and big problems right now this friday morning. we're going to start you off with metro delays. disabled train outside mclean. we're dealing with silver line residual delays to wiehle-reston each in addition to safe track impacting yellow rush plus and green line. top of the beltway we are dealing with a crash. crash. the inner loop after connecticut avenue right by georgia avenue. just the right shoulder is squeezing by. that's why we're seeing the slightest bit of movement across those vehicles. again, right shoulder squeezes by but all lanes of the inner loop top of the beltway are jammed. you're dealing with about a 15 minute delay. as we take a look back at our maps we have a.m. second crash on the inner loop past that side involving four cars at university boulevard blocking the right shoulder. and again you can see that delay is extending back coming off the 270 spur to the inner loop. anticipate delays. you might want to find a work around until
5:49 am
reopen some of those lanes. the inner loop really impacted right now just the right shoulder getting by georgia avenue. in the district 4100 to 4200 block of 13th street northwest, northbound lanes are closed. emergency gas repairs. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you wisdom and holly. >> thanks erin. and we've got new video of a violent confrontation that landed a sonoma county sheriff's department officer on the wrong sifted law. fernando dee valet. his attorney shared this video calling it a cut and dry case of excessive force saying deputy scott thorn went on to beat del valle with a baton. thorn was fired and is now on trial for felony assault. >> the man convicted of killing former new orleans saints defensive lineman has been sentenced. cardale was punished for shooting smith's wife racquel smith. the shooting happened in
5:50 am
orleans last april during a road rage incident. we're told the men jumped out of their vehicles ready for a advertisement the defense plans to appeal that conviction and the sentence. >> nfl player is under observation at a hospital this morning. on wednesday police found him wandering a field wearing nothing but a t-shirt. when police approached, he told police to shoot him. this happened near the scene of a two car collision. police say the player had apparently left his car there and climbed over the guardrail and then onto a farmer's field. >> 5:50 is the time right now. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media with our realtime news tracker. >> maureen joins us with what's hot on the web. >> good morning to both of you. the u.s. government planning to file criminal charges against wikileaks founder julian assange. assange has been on the government's radar since 2010 when his organization published thousands of classified documents stolen by former u.s. army intelligence analyst chelsea manning. assange is receiving asylum in ecuador's embassy in london.
5:51 am
backlash for seeming to describe hawaii as if it's not part of the u.s. while expressing outrage that a federal judge had the ability to block president trump's travel ban. sessions said he is amazed that a judge sitting on an aisle land in the pacific can issue an order stopping the president of the united states from expressing his constitutional powers. new research shows those who drink at least one diet soda a day are three times at risk of stroke and dementia. scientists urge people to stick with water or milk. cuba gooding, jr.'s father was found dead in his car. cuba godding was named after his footer who was a soul singer. gooding was found slumped over the wheel of his car with bottles of alcohol by his side. it's suspected he died from an overdose. he was 72 years old. and finally president trump had some celebrity guests visit the white house recently. kid rock ted now. and sarah pali
5:52 am
with president trump. kid rock and ted nugent supported president trump on the campaign trail. sarah palin post add picture with the caption thank you president trump for the invites. those are your trending stories. >> that was an interesting group i would not have put together. >> a motley crew i have to say. >> thanks mo. 5:52. metro is hosting a lunchtime information session for college students today. it's an information session where they can learn more about metro's new university pass program. commonly known as u pass it gives full time college attendees unlimited metrobus and metro rail access so they can travel to and from campus internships and other activities. that's this afternoon from 12:00 until two ooh. ooh. at metro headquarters h college students can learn about the university pass program at good program. if you live in maryland and need to do business at the mva you better do it today or you'll have to wait until monday. all maryland motor vehicle administration locations will be closed tomorrow. that includes all ins
5:53 am
stations. they're closing for statewide computer upgrade. the agency says this will allow locations to better serve customers. you won't be able to me conduct web or self service kiosk transactions tomorro through noon on sunday. >> all right an amazing rescue caught on camera in atlanta. check this out where that circle is clearly. here's what happened. the firefighter made a life saving catch after a baby was thrown from a burning building. >> my goodness. >> you can see that thick smoke right there and the father was inside one of the units. he was holding the baby and trying to escape the flames. the firefighter on the ground held out his arms and then signaled to the father tom toss the child down. >> he came up end caught it like a football. he caught the baby like a football pass and i said whoa, i said look at there. >> that was a remarkable sight just to see something like that. >> firefighter is a 10 year veteran. he credited his great training for that particular rescue. >> hope the father got out, too. wow, that is amazing. car entsi
5:54 am
up for this week's fox beat free friday give away. you could win eight tickets to the unity club car show. >> it runs from april 28, 29 and the 30th it's a prize with a retail value of $80. go to between now and 11:vin p.m. to enter for a chance to win. one winner selected by random drawing on april 24th. all entrants must be 18 or older. complete rules and online entry available at >> that's a good car show. i've been to it. 5:24. time to say good morning and hello to our facebook fan of the day and today we actually have several fans. look at this. this is the road wolf social club. i'm not sure but it looks like they're rock, harley-davidson vests. they could be an all girls motorcycle club. if so, you go, girls. >> all right. the group was nominated by katina posey. she says many of them start their days with fox5. they want to wish all of the dmv
5:55 am
>> a great photo. >> yeah. >> all right, mike, i was doing some nfl research and, yes, the redskins play on new year's eve at metlife stadium. they play against the giants. >> all right. there we go. that's a big game in my opinion. >> yeah. >> so, you could go at 1 o'clock to the giants redskins game then you could go over and watch the ball drop. >> head downton. >> there you go. >> good time t hopefully they win that game t. >> you mean when they win that game. >> yeah. all right let's get to the forecast. for the kids at the bus stop a couple showers out there. definitely very humid. mild start. 57 to 66 degrees. after school 66 to, yes, 86 degrees and we'll have to once again dodge a couple of afternoon thunderstorms. planning your weekend activities hopefully most of them are indoors. definitely a cloudy shower owe day on saturday. not technically a washout. heavier rain gets in here late saturday night, lasts through the overnight hours into early on sunday and by sunday afternoon we taper off the showers but it does look like it's cloudy all weekend and it does look ke
5:56 am
of the week. here it is, yup, raindrops hitting the roads all weekend long. 65 degrees with showers to again a steady rain overnight. sunday cool 60 degrees with again showers likely once again. sorry, not the best weekend coming our way but 84 degrees today. again 60's this weekend lingering into next week and by the time we get to later next week we'll really start heating things up. 70's on wednesday, 80's on thursday. all right, that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back for traffic this morning. >> hey, 5:56. happening right now some big delays remaining on the top of the beltway. this is the inner loop by connecticut avenue. you can see traffic is that parked just the right shoulder is squeezing by at a crash scene out by georgia avenue. you can see the flashing lights in the distance. unfortunately we don't have a view of the crash but i can tell you you're jammed up with about a 30 minute delay from the 270 spur through that that point so give yourself some extra time. we'll switch to our maps. a second crash by university boulevard involving four cars cleared. as you can see we have a rubberneck delay on the outer loop near that c
5:57 am
super backed up traffic. in adelphi heavy storms last night riggs road 212 closed in both directions out by adelphi road. take new hampshire avenue to get around that. keep it to fox5 news morning. we have silver line delays we'll help you navigate metro as well as we continue. >> ♪ mmm! [ keys clack ] [ slurps ] make it iced, then make it happen with flavors like butter pecan
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>> straight ahead at 6:00, picking up the pieces. strong storms roll through the region overnight causing a lot of damage in prince george's county. we're live in adelphi straight ahead. >> plus the unthinkable. a maryland teacher and coach facing child porn charges. how investigators tracked him down. >> take a look. this eaglet at the national arboretum in d.c. missing its sibling this morning so what happened to d.c. four? and when the little one is expected back in the nest. >> all right, live look outside on this friday april 21st. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. >> you forgot the most important part. >> what's that. >> it's friday. good morning to you. >> it's friday. >> i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm wisdom martin in for steve chenevey welcome to fox5 news morning. right off the top this morning at 6:00 we're talking about the weather. >> fast moving storms which swept across the region caused serious damage to buildings and vehicles in adelphi maryland. fox5's melanie alnwick is live in adelphi this morning. sh


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