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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  April 23, 2017 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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that's continues 18 an even 18 into evening, 103:it's not showing too much, i will be suspicious that it will be showery lear in dc by 10:30. and by tomorrow, we have a good amount of showers, around our region, quick look at temperatures on the cooler side, 49 here in dc, 45 there dulles, we should keep it dry, more on the forecast coming up in just a bit. i'll send it back to you. happening today, metro transit police and dc first stepparents are get going to be participating in a full scale exercise inside the tunnel between navy yard and incould say at it station >> this drill will test all the responds about how to react to a smoke or fire in a tunnel our alexandra limon is there live this morning with latest, good morning, alex. >> good morning. guys, good morning, first of
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southwest dc near the navy yard station, don't be alarmed you'll see a lot of activity like we're seeing here right now. but it is just an emergency response drill. i want to bring in the director of -- good morning, how are you >> how are you j. what, walk us through a little bit about what's going to be going on throughout the course of the morning. . we're going to simulate a train in a tunnel with a little bit of fire and smoke on it calls will come in through dc's 911 system for the fire in the tunnel then we're going to have response to the station. we see these happen quarterly; right? explain to us why it's important to continue doing them and you know, i don't think what's the difference from one practice drill to the neck? >> we try to remote it around the jurisdiction, metro until we try to go around the different
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one is going to be here, and will involve dc fire department. it's a sir, clarity bus on this one to transport some customers off the train once they're brought up here, the triage, the purpose of this is really to practice unified demand, with the fire department, metro reps here, dchc was going to be playing in this as well, it's opening thenal coordination, when we're at the communications, real operations control center liaison position in there, we'll all be coordinating today >> thank you, this exercise will be happening in the tunnel between navy yard and anacostia station this will be impacting service along the green line, single tracking around the practice incident, if you do plan on taking the green line, i will send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much, alex,
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thousands of people for coming out for the march for science >> demonstrators join forces on earth day to voice support for the environment and the science community. there are marches held in cities around the globe and here in dc, james rosen has a wrap-up. >> reporter: fans of science gathered across the globe to gather for the role in society >> we're marching today to remind people everywhere our lawmakers especially of the significance of science for our healthy and prosperity. tens of thousands took to the streets and cities around the u.s. but the largest march in new york, to chicago where protesters help to catch the attention of progress and president trump >> it is important to see that as soon as is supported and to cut funding for any agency is a horrible mistake. >> the march was
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timed to coincide with earth day, and many in the president trump position on climate change and proposed cuts to federal agencies focused on scientific mission >> we have seen proposed budgets and i think it's important that congress speak out and voters speak out for the importance of keeping these in place >> president trump released a statement saying, in part, my administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of or victim of a crime and of environmental risks. law enforcement officers on site here at the rally would not provide an official crowd estimate. by our observation, it was easily several tens of thousands to brave the rain, and it was not your typical demonstration crowd, as evidenced by one of the signs that we saw people holding, it said keep calm and approach questions empirically. in downtown washington, along the mall, james rose send
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the ballots in what could be a historic vote. in one of the most unpredictable election in decades, recently polls say it's tied, a far right national lift, far left candidate all leading the pack, security is tight now, leading up to the votes, and some voters are anxious. >> i feel safe coming back to paris, the presidential election and a lot of people, something that happens every day. >> the election comes days after a terrorist attack on one of [000:08:39;00] paris's busiest streets. there's a runoff election may 7. let's go to northern virginia. scary moments in loudoun for the pilot of an experimental
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airport. executive airport yesterday. he ran into bad weather and decided to you were around. the aircraft he was flying had engine trouble. he landed the plane and fortunately not injured. the faa is now involved in investigating >> any time you can put those down without serious injury. probably not the way to end it. 7:09 is your time. we're going to head to south florida where wildfires are homes a flight attendant and a mother of a baby.
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latest details on the latest altercation coming on fox 5 sunday. wildfires continue to burn across >> one of them started when a parent toss add lit cigarette >> multiple homes as well as cars we get the latest from karen mchugh >> at least three separate wildfires are raging across parts of florida. >> police knocking on my door saying we have to evacuate when i came outside i saw big smoke in the sky >> it's not looking good. it's not looking good. that right there >> look at that. >> reporter: more than seven how to homes have been evacuated in
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florida and a handful have been >> one of the houses on the other side, it was a two-story house and it's gone, completely gone. >> reporter: emergency response officials are encouraging residents to flea the area as quickly and as soon as possible. >> we're holding the mandatory evacuation at this point. we know that the fire laid down some last night and again that certainly subjective. the goal today are to continue to -- the issues on -- been in that area, a lot of heavy fuel, a lot of rocks, we can't get as many resources on the ground, and obviously we got a lot of air resources coming through. helicopters. type one and type 2. >> reporter: more than 500 emergency responders are working to contain the fire and machine traffic in the area. crews are also fighting fires in poll, and lee counties that burned hundreds of acres >> those fires have been
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partially contained but remain dangerous. the provide federal funds to help reimburse the cost to help fight the brush fires. karen mchugh, fox news. before you cook up breakfast, we need to tell you about this, there was a recall you have to know about check your freezer if you have these items inside. harris frozen southern style hash browns being recalled. why? the company says the bite size pieces may also have pieces of golf balls in them. so far, there's no reported injury from anybody eating these, but you can see that package in your freezer, you might want to get that back to the store. lots of questions. >> that would be the first. i don't know, golf balls get in hash browns? >> do you think that's in
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between shifts some of the workers -- i honestly i have idea. >> i'm going to assume somehow these golf balls ended up in the machine. we're not talking about golf balls, we're talking about little chunks of it. chopped you along the way. >> i would guess it has something to do with packages. >> speaking of nice packaging. >> we got -- are you talking about this >> i was talking about your forecast. >> giving you a compliment there for a minute. >> thank you, tom, either way, we got a pretty good day on tap actually. we were concerned that today was going to be one of the weather days of the week, actually today is looking dry, we're not done with the rain yet. it will be back later on and into your daytime hours tomorrow. 49 degrees your current number, we've been mentioning how chilly it is. definitely a chilly start to the
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day, few suburbs fallen back into the 30's, 39 there for winchester, dulles at 45, fredericksberg r frederick 43, cumberland, good morning, 41 this morning. you're headed for morning run, jog, long sleeve weather, potentially jacket weather as we start today. today will remain on the cooler side of things, even though look storm tracker radar this morning, we're actually pretty quiet which is a good thing, there isn't lot of clean-up towards westmoreland virginia. this is a photo. some of the damage done, that farm building was halfway destroyed there, one of those garages, this is again from king george virginia just to the west of colonial beach and that was hit very hard, survey team was out there yesterday, determined it was straight line winds, just to give you an idea. we had seven weak tornados reported april 6. there was more damage done in westmoreland colonial beach. and all of those tornados that
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were reported on april 6. over $1 millio good luck to the clean-up to all of the people. satellite and radar, no severe weather expected. we may get out of here through afternoon hours at least without any rainfall coming our way. so maybe a dry sunday headed in our direction. that changes tomorrow. you see this shrug of moisture coming up through tennessee kentucky that will arrive late this evening, here's your if you recollect, to sunshine off to the north, showers start to push back in. we're dry just cloudy and city hall on the cooler side of things, evening showers start to work their way back northward, should become a steady kind of lighter rain as we work our way into your monday morning. not done with the rain yet, maybe a little bit of a break today. we do still need the rain, we're in a moderate drought kind of right around the washington mostly cloudy loudoun fairfax county, prince william's county, we can certainly use the rain,
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we do not want to be in a drought situations were we get to summer, that's whe tend to get a lot of heat. luckily the next couple of days should help us out. monday and tuesday, expecting an inch-inch of rain. here's a look at the setup. high pressure off to the west. low pressure down to the south, pulling in a northerly breeze, we'll be abnormally cool, not just today but tomorrow temperatures likely to be stuck in the 50's as well. temperatures staying below normal, then we'll start to warm up. 63 daytime high. later on today, we'll keep the clouds around just about all day long. the bulk of your rainfall activity is going to stay down to the south, this is good news if you're a baseball fan, we get complaints that we never talk about the oriole. i'll give you a oriole forecast. if you're headed to the game in baltimore, should be about 60 with clouds and sunshine,
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probably more clouds than sun, the good news should stay dry and get the baseball at 1:35 later on this afternoon, we'll be back on your forecast, coming up in just a bit, annie, tom, back to you. bad news for the wizards, they had no d, their lack of defense allowed the hawks to shoot over 49% from the floor, they lost 98-116, they do play again tomorrow in atlanta, good luck. little bit better news own the baseball. the nats it was a much different story, great weekend for them. friday they beat the new york mets after an 11 inning game, last night again 3-1. look at his hair. nationals will try to sweep the series, they're going to at it tonight, that's the sunday night baseball >> the capitols will play the maple leafs in game six. in friday the caps beat them in game five in overtime, 2-1, the
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caps lead 3-2 in the series. tonight's game kicks off at 7:00. exciting time in the dc region >> i keep seeing a lot of facebook feeds and friends telling me how on edge they are brow every single time they hit the ice, it's a stressful time for hockey fans right now. >> i've done my part >> meanwhile >> i've done my part by publicly not rooting for them. every time i do, they lose. >> that's the guy way of thinking. the girls are thinking of like, what shirt do i have that has all of the team colors that i can support the team at once >> keeping quiet this year. >> the trifecta team >> time now 7:20 still ahead. an american airlines suspended after being accused of hitting a mother on board with a baby stroller >> part of the incident was on board, let's take a look at some top stories happening this week. monday, vice president mike pence completes his asia tour
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with a trip to honolul he'll be visiting the u.s.s arizona memorial. congress returns from east recess, the issues include decisions on obama, boosting military spending and preventing a government shut down among other, kfc, fans rejoice, there's a new spicy chicken sandwich will make its debut in stores nation wide. thursday after a nearly a 50-year absence, the nfl draft will be turning to the city of philadelphia. on the rocky steps marking the first time the entire draft will be held outdoor, friday, president trump is expected to speak in atlanta. the nrendorsed trump during the
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election and praised him for his stance on the right to bear
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clear, taste-free, benefiber®. the porn who posted this said a flight attendant violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby, hitting her and just missing the baby. the woman you see crying is not the only one upset in this video. to the left within other gets up first to ask for the flight attendant's name and then to confront him. here's how that whole thing went down, the passenger says, quote, hey, but, you do not to me and i'll knock you flat. flight attendant says you stay out of it. hit me, come on, bring it on. passengers says you try that i'll knock you out, the flight attendant says you rat expletive, you don't even know what the story is. the passenger then said i don't care what it is. you almost hurt a baby. american airline say they're investigating, in statement said we are to disappointed by these
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actions, the american team member has been removed while we immediately investigate thi latest video decide to take a different flight, flying internationally. american always said they're upgrading the woman and her family to first class for the duration of their trip. in washington, i'm ellison barber, fox news. 7:27. if you like designer duds, you'll love this, dollar shay and gabana, you can have the bag and the refrigerator. mike thomas coming up with a
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look at the weather and a work week respective you're going to want to welcome back, time is 7:30, here's a live look at the capitol. looking majestic and beautiful under blue skies, different from yesterday morning. >> look at the sun reflecting. >> you see a little bit of reflection coming off the brand new restored dome. >> it looks awesome. >> a lot of people stayed indoors yesterday >> i think today is the day to do it. we're going to get through without a lot of showers >> a minute ago you said no showers. >> i just mean late tonight there could be a couple.
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>> you word >> i'm a weather man >> i was very excited when you said no showers >> there you go showers staying south, that's your headline for today. what i'm talking about when i say few showers, northern virginia, southern maryland, later on tonight, we might have a couple of showers. for most of the day today, i know, i'm going to have to get a witness protection if anyone see as shower, satellite and radar shows what showers you did have pushing off to the east. kind of round one for the day. we still have clouds out and about and we'll have another round that pushes in late, late tonight but in between i think most of them are at morning and afternoon and even into the early evening hours, we should be dry, cloudy and cooler side. there's the bigger picture. area of low pressure, down georgia and south carolina. that's your next round again, that get here, mostly late tonight and four daytime on
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monday, here's your -- low pressure to the boundary through southern virginia, that's where your best chance of seeing rain or showers is today. few showers up through southern maryland and that's mostly later tonight, mostly cloudy here dc, baltimore, metro areas although early morning, especially we're seeing sunshine breaking through and that will be the case for the early part of the day, especially for those of you who live off to the north's town, west virginia pan handles, allegheny counties in maryland, seeing a decent am, here's temperatures outside, that is what you will notice is cool outside, 49 degrees here in washington. look at pittsburgh, back to winter time, 39, 37 for columbus, binghamton new york is at 34, 39 in detroit, things can only get worse, 49 is not too bad. your local temperatures showing that winchester out to the west is finally made it out of the 30's and into the lower 40's, 41 degrees for them. 45 at dulles again here in dc,
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we're hanging on to 49, 46 for baltimore, 50's south, leonardtown evening, 51 in annapolis, planner, heading out and about, i think we're dry, 55 at 11:00 a.m. by 2:00, 60 degrees, by 5:00 mosting cloudy but 62 by 5:00 later on this afternoon, that is, by the way, below normal. clouds rolling back in 57. after 9:00 could have a few showers pushing back into the region, by 11:00 probably more prevalent 56, the temperatures slow and steady the drop later on this evening, two-day forecast here, 63 your daytime high should stay dry again if we see anything, it's mostly south of dc. tomorrow, rain is more likely, in fact, showers and rain throughout the day with cloudy skies. definitely starting off the week in a little bit of a gloomy and cooler note. however, if you miss your heat, later on this week, high pressure pushes back off the coast and we're pulling in a
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southerly such of warmth and it is the there. hot temperatures as we head to friday and saturday. by thursday, 80's are back. couldn't we potentially do the first 90 degree day of 2017 to end this week, we will have much more details on that coming up we visit the seven-day forecast coming up in about -- that's a look at the weather, let's send it back over to annie and tom. time 7:34. metro transit employees and dc first responders will participate at the navy yard station. inside the tunnel between navy yard and an cost station >> this will test responders how they react to a smoke or fire incident. alexandra limon is live there this morning on what's going on. hi, alex. >> reporter: guys, good morning, we are actually now down on the platform of the navy yard, and take a look, this is the actual train that's going to be used in
7:35 am
this drill, you can see they're filling it up now, it's going to be heading into the tunnel between the navy yard cost ia station. for people heading here it will be on the other side because the he green line tracks are single tracking around this incident. don't be alarmed. it is an emergency response drill. i do want to bring in metro transit police chief ron into the conversation, tell me a little bit this incident, what's different, what's going to be happening >> we're simulating a full-scale exercise with smoke aboard a green line train heading from navy yard to the anacostia metro station >> you're mentioning you're using different trains, i know this exercise happens quarterly, what trains and why does it matter >> this is a 7k series, they
7:36 am
made up about a third of our fleet, we want to get used to working around this series >> happening this morning through 2:30 p.m. this is happening alongside safetrack work, which is also happening on the green line, so if you're a green line customer, we'll see quite a bit of impact. keep in mind. you see the train heading into the tunnel, now, the emergency response drill will get started in a little bit and what they're going to be practicing, one of the major components, of course, is going to be communications between first first responders, fire department and metro personnel, annie, tom, sending it back to you. time is 7:36, if you're a parent of a child about to head off to college or one who's starting to college visits then you know we know it is a very stressful time >> it wasn't too long ago we were in college. >> as parents, you and i have a
7:37 am
little bit in >> i thought forward what 15 years? >> we'll be there. we'll be there. you'll be there at some point too. coming up we're going to put those fears to rest for you. got a nationally known expert of
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7:39 am
7:40 am
easing college anxiety, stick with us. 7:36. time is 7:40. if you know anybody who has a senior or junior in high school, you might know what it's like to get them ready for college >> jody eman an anxiety expert and psychotherapist talking about getting through the college decision >> it is very stressful >> it's not just a stressful time for the student but also for the parents as well. >> absolutely. >> if this is the first time your kid is going away, it's not overnight. they will be away four plus year >> maybe, you know, forever, they might take another direction after that, but yeah,
7:41 am
for parents, it's like everything they needed to go or are they going to be successful or do ok? will they get hurt? >> you're not only dealing with separation of your child going off to college, you got a lot of series financial stuff you're probably worried about >> absolutely >> how do you compart mental lize >> i think whatting brings on anxiety and extra stress is the idea we're out of control and that comes with the big transition there's that unknown in the future and that tricks us into thinking we're out of control and we totally forget that we have tons of skills and tons of abilities. giving our kids tons of skills and abilities to make it in the world and humans in general are good problem solver, if we build that trust in ourselves and confidence, then this stress and anxiety can't take us over about that
7:42 am
>> right about that, because i mean constantly little one at tour years old, make good choices, you have to eventually know just trust yourself, your child and let go. where does the first step to tackle this dealing with the decision, the college, rejection letters or acceptance letters? where does the student? >> right now, the they're ready to make their final decisions. if they haven't already, may 1st is the deadline for them to tell the -- they've already been admitted, they've already, more in the colleges they didn't get into and may 1st they have to give their decision. i think that's overwhelming. am i choosing the right one? you know, it's a major decision is these next four years, what friends am i going to make? what kind of networking? am i going to succeed? it's pretty nerve racking >> a lot of people getting rejection letters, it is probably one of the first major disappointments they face.
7:43 am
although life has its ups and downs, you're a pattern, you want your young p able to deal effectively. what are strategies for that student who just did not get into the college they had everything bank rolled on >> i think a lot of people, like it's meant to be, if you didn't get into that college or somehow meant to go here, help somebody there. meet somebody there. we kind of figured you got accepted to the ones that right for you. my son didn't get his first choice but his second choice he got a mega scholarship and so he just feel like that's the one that was right and that was what it was supposed to be. >> what's that in the end somehow? >> thank you so much for joining us >> thank you so much >> thanks, jody, you're watching fox 5 news at 7:00.
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we'll be right back after the break. keep on going, america. keep on giggling... and goofing. keep on grooving... and togethering. with scott 1000's long-lasting roll, we'll keep on going, too.
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scott 1000. america's longest lasting roll. welcome back, 7:46. it is like a race like no other. might be the slowest marathon you've ever seen, preventing the upcoming movie starring duane johnson, zach efron.
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the race, if you can call it that went for a little 1/10th of a mile. basically moving in slow exaggerated motion for the entire race, efron was asked what make as great slow mo marathoner. take a listen. >> commitment and what they come up with. one guy stopped and fake vomited because he was so tired and like wiped it off and kept going. and that was really smart. he's going to win a lot of points. >> so true, commit to the bit. the movie splashes into theaters may 25th >> finally a marathon i can participate in. that's my kind >> did you see the woman with the pony tails, as if they had been running >> i saw the woman. >> that's my kind of race right there. my kind of movie, too. >> great idea to promote the movie.
7:48 am
>> i know they've taken a lot those old tv series and turned them into comets, i understand this will be not so serious and actually if you enjoyed watching you're going to get laughs. >> i'm sure kevin mccarthy will be doing a review >> is that an oldie to you >> that's an oldie but goody >> accu-weather forecast, we're looking at drier weather through the day today. good news there, mostly today, now looks dry, if you had kind of sunday outdoor plans, were worried about it getting cancelled with some rain coming through, guess what? i think we'll keep that away. now, steadier showers will be down to the south. i think richmond south is going to have decent shot at showers today, some of that will creep its way back northward as we head to evening hours, i don't think this is anything, i think by this time 9:00, 10:00, most peanut butter probably heading inside getting ready for the
7:49 am
work week, monday, by the way, as we start that work week, looks a temperatures on the cooler side right now, 49 in dc. winds out of the north and east at ten miles an hour, a little bit of a breeze to start the day, winds won't be that bad this afternoon, temperatures though generally speaking today on the cooler side, we'll have clouds preventing the sun from doing much warm -- 49 in washington, dulles 45, frederick, hagerstown 43, 45 for westminster, 46 at baltimore, jacket weather. and this afternoon, probably long sleeves because lower 60's with cloud cover still feels on the cooler side. some locations breaking out in sunshine early to start the day, morgantown hagerstown, cumberland maryland, carroll counties seeing a little bit of sun, the clouds will start to bubble back up as we work our way into the afternoon mix of sun and clouds. next shot comes later on this evening, this is this cluster
7:50 am
coming up through kentucky and tennessee it's slow moving. but early work week a little bit on the wet side. area of low pressure down the south, near this brow will be your best chance. leave few showers into southern portions of northern virginia through southern maryland. this is mainly on as the system gets closer, here in dc, i believe it's mostly clouds as we head through daytime hours. some sun continues early this morning and more clouds build up in that direction as we head toward the evening hours, ten:30 a.m., showing sun getting into dc, clouds bubble back up by 4:30, look at your rain shield down there toward richmond, that the your best chance of showers, today some of the shower activity tries to keep farther north than futurecast is showing here by 11:00. what will certainly happen as we head to morning tomorrow rain
7:51 am
and afternoon, work week looks like it will start s cool note. good news about the drier forecast to today, baseball games should get if just fine. 60 later on this morning at 1:35 when the oriole takes the field, nationals of course, we love you but, we don't hit the oriole enough. early this week, storm will work its way up the coast line. 60's and 50's coming our way as we head to the early work week, how much rain? potentially an inch, inch of rain and we do need it we're still in a little bit of drought situation, it would be nice to get rid of that before we get to summertime. fox 5 seven-day forecast, 60, clouds, showers, tuesday 61, you missed the warm weather, coming back 70's by wednesday, 80's by thursday. potentially a 90 by saturday. we're going 88 for now but if
7:52 am
everything plays out the way it 90's by the end of this week. that's a check of the forecast, annie and tom back to you. if you're into designer names you can now have a designer bag and appliances. they're an owed we're told to southern italy. they get released this fall >> last time they did this, the refrigerator cost $34,000 new board games come out all the time but not always the best sellers before they hit the market they have to pass a major test. about 300 members of the group menza are going to judge 75 new board games, known for their high iqs, going to spend about 44 hour, and the judge will
7:53 am
select five games and give them the seal of approval from i have a feeling my do game was not going through this process. a lot of these board games are outrageous. wonder what in the world? it's like the boogie game or something for toddlers >> do you need to be a menza member to play a board game? . time now 7:53. combatting the stigma of mental illness >> we'll take you over to a local school putt let's raise a glass... those of us who stumble. celebrate the fearless who fumble. at clorox, we salute those who fight the good fight... ...just to stay upright.
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we take our hats off to the hoppers... and the produce pile topplers. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... ...splashless. shine on, klutzes.
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shine on. students take to the stage to perform both poetry as well as touching issues. to combat the stigma of mental illness >> fox 5 reporter journalist takes us to this powerful production. >> this is my brave started as a creative project encouraging people from the community come forward and share stories on stage. in creative expression >> my mental illness used to be the only thing about me but it was a stepping stone to who i've become >> i don't keep it a secret anymore. >> encourage the kids to come forward. it was all about, you know, getting them to realize by sharing their stories they were going to be helping so many
7:57 am
peers know they were not alone, when we can open help out there. and to not be afraid. >> dear diary, today was the worst day of my life. the day that would define me forever >> tonight the group of students organizing were doing it for their senior project, and so they kind of led the effort to recruit some students and then we pulled in students from other schools >> i found comfort in the cuts i carved into my skin, when you get a paper cut, it burns, you say darn it, o uch. >> this year we're doing 20 shows across the country plus a snow australia >> some people think my life is simple because i'm a kid or i don't -- i'm not trying hard enough. don't hide your feelings, they said, we're here to help >> it's really healing to get up
7:58 am
on stage feels like weight lifted off your shoulder. i don't have to hide this part
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and what helps them, helps you.
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benefiber®. good morning, welcome to fox 5 news morning sunday i'm annie yu >> great to have you with us, mike thomas joining us >> you two look fantastic in your blue >> good morning, happy sunday and guess what >> i got fantastic news. that is shower chances have dwindled a bit >> good. the last hour >> yes >> good news, if you have outdoor plans on your sunday you were worried about the rain, yesterday, we tried to there was a potential today could end up being drier than what we were thinking and that seems like it's going to be the case, showers look like they're going to stay south through the majority of today. not until late tonight will showers make their way back to the region. still cloudy side and cool but make it through the bulk of today. satellite and radar showing
8:02 am
sunshine break, out. hagerstown, cumberland maryland, virginia seeing a little bit of sun to start the day, not such a bad start. clouds will return as we head into the afternoon, but maybe even to the bulk of the morning we'll see sun around the region, there's your satellite and radar, area of low pressure situated across the south, slow mover, let's take a look at future catch the. by 11:00 a.m. showing clouds with sunshine. clouds return but look at the rain, staying down to the south, showers start to approach the region as we head into the late evening hours, and then through the daytime hours tomorrow, looks like we're going to be in for a soggy monday around the region, again today, i think we're going to savage it. cooler temperatures, 49 in washington, 46 in dulles, frederick at 46, westminster 45.
8:03 am
up to 55 mostly cloudy by 11:00. by 2:00, 60, by 5:00, 62, sun will poke throughro get into the afternoon, the more clouds we're going to go see returning to our region. here's your highs today. 63 here in washington manassas, fredericksberg, 62, we got warmth coming back in the seven-day. annie and tom, sending it back to you. >> metro transit police and dc first responders will participate in a full-scale emergency exercise at the navy yard station. now, this exercise will take place in the tunnel between navy yard and an cost station >> this drill will be testing on how they react to smoke or fire in the tunnel, alexandra limon is live with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: guys, good morning. and the drill is just about to get started.
8:04 am
some of the preparations already underway. there was a 7,000 series train drill and that involves, ems personnel working together with metro to head into the tunnel and practices rescuing people. this is something that happens quarterly. but this time there's one big difference, they're using a 7,000 series train, i'm hold this is only the second time they're using that type to practice. they will be running through the configurations of the train and another big thing, the focus of these exercises always is the communications between different departments, we've seen that via challenge in the past in real life emergencies, and that's specifically why these emergency drills take place on a quarterly basis. now, as you mentioned this one happening between the navy yard station and anacostia station on the green line, green line will
8:05 am
be single tracking around this incident. keep in mind, in addition to that, safetrack is happening along the green line, so that coupled with this will cause additional delays in backups, something to keep in mind if you're heading on to metro today. reporting live in southeast dc, alexandra limon, i'll send it back to you. yesterday's rain did not stop thousands of people for coming out for the march for science. >> demonstrators joined forces on earth day to voice their support for the environment and as soon as community. they were always marches held in cities around the globe, fox's james rosen has a wrap-up. >> reporter: they gathered across the globe to rally for science in society >> we're marching today to rhyme people everywhere, our lawmakers especially of the significance of science for health and prosperity. >> reporter: 10 tens of thousands took to the streets
8:06 am
with the largest in new york, chicago and the anchor washington, dc where protesters hope to catch the attention of congress and president trump. >> it's important to show we need funding and to cut funding for anything for the agency is a horrible mistake. >> reporter: the march was deliberately timed to coincide with earth day which promotes environmentalism and many president trump's position on climate change and propose the cuts to federal agencies focused on scientific mission >> we have seen the proposed budget that has significant cuts in funding for science and environmental programs, i think it's important that congress speaks out and voters for the importance of keeping these programs in place >> president trump released a statement saying in part my administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of our environment and of environmental risks. law enforcement officers on site here at the rally would not provide an official crowd
8:07 am
estimate. by our observation, it was easily several who braved the rain. as evidenced by were you ever signs we saw people holding people said keep calm and approach questions empirically. james rosen, fox news. happening right now, voters in france started casting their ballots in what could be an historic vote. 11 people are competing for the presidency in what has been one of the most unpredictable election in decades. recent polls show the race is tied. a far right nationality candidate, an independent, a conservative, far left. they were all reading respective pacts. >> people having something every day >> this comes days after a
8:08 am
terror attack on one of paris's busiest streets. a policeman was killed and two others hurt. it is unclear what influence that attack will have on the election, the top to vote getters are face off against each other on a runoff may 7. 8:07. you're watching fox 5 news morning coming up. we'll head down to south florida where several people are experiencing wildfires and evacuating out of their homes burning across the state. state official say they're putting people in the path of
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
destruction. telling about that coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ time 8:11. wildfires are continuing to burn across parts of florida. investigators say one of the fires started when a parent waiting for a bus tossed a lit cigarette into dry land on friday >> the fire in the southeastern part of the state destroyed homes, multiple cars as well we get the latest from karen mchugh. >> at least three separate wildfires are raging across parts of florida this weekend, forcing thousands to evacuate. >> police knocking on my door saying we have to evacuate. when i came outside i saw a big smoke in the sky >> it's not looking good right now. it's not looking good. that right there. look at that >> more than seven thousand homes have been evacuated in florida.
8:12 am
and a handful of those homes have been destroyed. other side, it was a two-story house and just -- it's gone, it's completely gone. >> reporter: emergency response officials are encouraging residents to flee the area as quickly and as soon as possible. >> again, we're holding a mandatory evacuation at this point. we know that the fire some last night. that's certainly subjective. >> with access issues, i've been in that area, a lot of -- can't get as many resources on the ground, and obviously with all the houses we got a lot of air resources coming through. helicopters. type one and two. >> reporter: more than 500 emergency responders are working to contain the fire. assist with evacuations and manage traffic in the area. crews are also fighting fires in poll, and lee counties that burned hundreds of acre, those fires have been partially contained but remain dangerous, the trump administration approved a fire management
8:13 am
assistance grant to the florida that will provide federal funds that will help reimburse the cost to fight the brush fires, in new york, karen mchugh, fox news. to a shocking story out of denver colorado, an undergraduate allegedly posed as a medical student and had access, hands-on access to patients. denver health medical center made the announcement, they didn't say vanessa supposedly impersonate add medical student, hospital officials did issue a statement and said all students and learner badges have been suspended while we reverify the credentials of each student. heads up about an important
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
breakfast side dish being recalled sold at harris teeter in the dc region, 8:16 on sunday, before you whip up breakfast, we got to tell you about something, look in your freezer if you have harris teeter frozen hash browns, they're being recalled, the bite size pieces may also have pieces of golf balls. they're sold in the dmv, so far
8:17 am
no one reporte again, there is a recall on the southern style hash browns being sold at harris teeter. mike thomas has been joining us all morning, which rapidly improving forecast as we're been heading >> yesterday and through most of the week, we were thinking sunday was going to end up being wet day. the storm will hold further to the south, we should end up mostly dry. >> does this mean that the movement will come for us later in the week? >> yes, >> your forecast looked pretty good yesterday >> forecast is good till the end. we still have monday and tuesday, we'll have to deal with rain showers once again, here's a live look at the white house, things are dry, a mix of sun and clouds, and if you live north of town, we love our viewers, i want to give a shout-out to annie celebrating her 79th birthday. annie your son charles loves you very much. he requested a shout, output. thank you so much for watch,
8:18 am
happy birthday, most expecting a lot of shower activity around the dc region, at least not until tonight, the steadier showers will stay to the south around the richmond area. those will work their way back northward as we head into the late evening hours tonight and your monday looks like it will be soggy side of things, that is monday, everybody will be back to work and school anyway. i guess if it's going to rain on any day, might as well be monday. update from clean yell beach virginia, thank you kirk smith for putting us on the fox 5 dc page. lots of trees down, lots of buildings with a lot of damages back over a million of damage was reported out of colonial beach. they confirm this was straight line wind damage. a lot of folks thought it was a tornado. national weather service said
8:19 am
no, it's straight line wind, but that could be just as bad if not worse than tornadic 49 here in dc at this hour, dulles at 46, frederick, winds, westminster 45, 49 in baltimore winchester, 43, 47 this morning in martinsburg. morning run, jog, walking the dog, going to church, you're good to go, you'll be dry, things are cooler once again you saw temperatures in the 40's to start the day here, satellite and radar showing the next shrug of moisture that will be working its way later on tonight, low pressure holding far enough to the south we should make it out with a drying day. rain mainly from richmond to the south, few showers creeped northward into the evening hours, toward southern virginia. here in dc, mostly cloudies. that would be a great day for baseball. . orioles are in town, 1:35 p.m., should be pretty good for
8:20 am
baseball's linda orioles fan, we finally got a mention. that didn't hurt a bit. did it? it hurt a little bit. we love the orioles, they're a local team. i grew up with them. big fans for the orioles. low pressure works its way up the coastine. sunshine and heat coming our way temperature could approach the 90 degree mark by we get to saturday. that's the latest on your forecast. annie, to her to you. >> thanks so much, mike. bad news for the wizards lost to atlanta hawks, lack of defense allowed the hawks to shoot 49% from the floor. the team lost 98-116, they play again tomorrow in atlanta. different story for the nats, great week. friday beat the mets after the 11 inning game, then back at it to beat the mets again yesterday. 3-1. nats going to try to sweep the
8:21 am
series in the sunday night game >> happening tonight, caps thigh play the tornado maple leaf in game six, the caps lead the series 3-2 in the seven-game series, tonight's game is at 7:00. fingers crossed. good luck to the nats. >> rock the red and blue >> good luck to the wizards, we got a lot going on in sports right now. exciting time. it's 8:27. coming up we have a check in with fox news host and anchor chris wallace with a preview of what's happening on his show >> fox 5 news on the hill coming
8:22 am
up at 8:30 >> bye guys, have a great weeken egg hunts are fine... but at outback, we hunt for steak! for two weeks only, it's the great aussie steak hunt... come in, scratch off our 'aussie egg' and you could win free outback for an entire year!
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we're giving away thousands of other prizes... and everyone wins something,
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so hurry in! ♪ ♪ welcome back, chris wallace is the anchor of fox news sunday. he joins us now with a preview of today's program. good morning, chris. >> good morning to you ronica >> tell us what you have on tap >> next saturday is the hundredth day in office for president trump. and there's a real legislature log jam on that building, president clearly trying to rack
8:25 am
up points before he reaches the 100 day if it doesn't, they don't get the money, the government would shut down on the 100th day in office, and that would be a tremendous problem for people here in this city around the country and a big political set back for the president. in the meantime he's aiming for more, there's a push to see if they can get obamacare repeal and replace 2.0 through the house and also the president will unveil his plan for tax reform on wednesday, we'll be talking at the top of the hour to the budget director for the president, nick mulvaney. we'll talk to him about all of those issues. most importantly keeping the government open. >> earlier this week, president was asked if he did a preference or priority, he wants to manage to accomplish all of these things this week. it is an interesting point that you make about the symbolic nature of this shutdown were to happen on this hundredth day, what do you make of that >> i would think that would be
8:26 am
something they just rll want to avoid, but one of the issues and i'm going to be talking to director mulvaney about that is that the white house is pushing to stay in this spending bill to continue the resolution to keep all of agencies you mentioneded they want 1.4 billion dollars for a boarder wall. democrats saying it's a nonstarter, one of the questions i have for mulvaney are you really willing to shutdown the government if you don't get the money. >> that is exclusive on fox news sunday, chris, thank you for joining us today. you can catch fox news sunday 9:00 a.m. right after our show, fox 5 on the hill. that does it for the news at 8:00. another edition of on the hill is coming up after the break.
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8:29 am
screech good morning. i'm ronica cleariry alongside the fabulous >> we'll turn the cameras on me in a minute. >> we're just slow start today >> make the introductions again. >> i'm ronica cleary, join, us for fox 5 on the hill
8:30 am
>> this fellow over third chair this morning, this is kevin kosark, from the arch street institute. tell us what is the r street institute >> a start-up free market think tank in washington, dc. we lean to the right. >> we're glad to see you, thanks for coming in. we're going to start with the 100, day mark, coming you have on the president trump on the job here now for nearly 100 days. has he done a good job? some people say he has, some people say he has not. one of the people who say he has, counselor to the president, kellyanne conway >> this white house isn't going to be pressure artificial deadlines.


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