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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at # one. right now, more rain on the way. mike has the details of another round of wet weather arriving just in time for the start of the workweek. a robbery suspect on the the run from d.c. police leaves a trail of cash behind. it's lots of these tacks of money. and a fox5 exclusive, a northern virginia man catches people on camera breaking into his car. then he chases down the suspects. tonight he's talking only to fox5 a. the news starts now. >> and
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weather on the way. thanks so much for join us, i'm lauren demarco and i'm jim lokay. it is cold out there. meteorologist mike thomas is in for gwen tonight. i shouldn't be stumbling because you've been here all day long. but we're talking about the rain for the morning commute. we are going to be dealing with that. we have a lot of rain coming up from the south and not just tomorrow, but tuesday as well looks like it's going to be on the wetter side of things. showers back for your monday mples that ease your big headline here. in fact you can already see them starting to pushup through virginia. just some light scattered showers coming up i95. richmond has been in it most of the day. good for them. even baltimore got a decent amount of sunshine earlier today. enough showers start aing to pushup into southern maryland. there's your bigger picture. it's showing how far down to theou
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moisture extends. again, we have several daze of showers to get through here. 58-degrees is a cool evening for us. this is warmer than actually our temperature will be tomorrow afternoon. so a cooler monday coming our way. here's your plan aer for the day tomorrow, for the morning commute do expect showers 52-degrees by the noon lunchtime hour. 54-degrees with clouds and showers around. fifty-five, 56 issues degrees is what your daytime highs are going to be like for tomplet again a relatively cool and dreary day. will there improvement by the end of the week? i think so. >> thank you, mike. fox5 in the district where police are on the hunt for a man who took off with wads of cash leaving some of the money trailing behind him. they got the call from a gas station in the palisades section this afternoon. what happened next, fox5's marina maracco live with the story. >>reporter: hey, there, yim, d.c. police now calling this a
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robbery. however they're in the saying if complainant, the person who dialed 911 and the suspect knew each other, but it all played out right behind me here at this exxon gas staying. when police showed up to the gas station to figure out what exactly took place they looked for surveillance video and found that there is no surveillance video of what exactly happened. so they're relying on witness statements as well as their investigation to figure out how this all transpired. now, this video from this afternoon you'll see a man being detained there by police and according to a police report, the complainant says that a man driving a bmw with pennsylvania tags snatched his bag full of cash. that's when the suspect and yet another man in that bmw made it out of the gas station but only a few yards before they lost control of that car crashing into a wooded median. the complainant ultimately caught up with the suspect, but that second man in the car took off running with the bag of cash spilling some of that cash
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a witness saw the commotion, says his gut told him to intervene and was able to keep the first suspects as well as the man who called police on the scene until cops arrived. here's how he says it wul played out. they were scheming between each other to run and i started asking the fire department to help me to top them to run because i couldn't stop both of them. but the only reason i could stop them was because the big guy wouldn't let go of the small guy. he kept on saying if he didn't get his h money back he was going to kill him. all i haded to do was top the one guy i physically stopped him from getting away and then we heard the cops finally coming. i said, look, if you try to run i am taking you out. then the cops pulled up and of course they ran down there and handcuffed him. there was lots of these stacks of money and it was like, there's money and then there was black paper and h then rhode island was like this wd
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idea what it was. and then there was -- you know, the guy that ran away holding the bag, i meant a lot to him because like my wife said he didn't want to get rid of that bag an wasn't leaving it behind. >> and police say the amount of cash that was dropped on the ground was so significant they had to call in a currency counter to count the cash for them. now, tonight that third man who took off is being called by police a person of interest and police have yet to find him still no if all three of these men knew each other. marina maracco, fox5 a local news. >> now to some video that you will see only here on fox5. a fairfax county man chases down a thef caught in the act. h happened in a event serville neighborhood that's beg plaigd by p thefts. if you look at that video they mess with the wrong
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home, goes after the suspect, catches him. all at four in the morning no less. this is a reminder to always lock up your car. this case, three people caught on camera were roaming the neighborhood in the middle of the night just checking door handles. you can see the three suspects as they round the corner and spread out. one man checks the door handle on the white car. then moves onto this unlocked truck. i heard something outside, so i checked my security cameras. i noticed that the door on my truck was on. scott wall says he told his wife to call police and ran outside. i said here i come. i was like, yeah, you're not getting away. wall caught up with the thieve, grabbed him and was able to get back the only thing taken from his truck, a sixed dollar fishing wife. but then the other people returned, it's a man and a woman who wall says he later learned is married to the guy who stole from him. he
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hand. and when the wife moves up she has a harym. help is on the way from a neighbor who heard the altercation. >> he comes running down he has a handgun and he's on the phone with the police. luckily no one got injured. wall and his neighbor were able to keep eyes on the suspects until police arrived and arrested them. there's going to be a lot of people that says this isn't going to be start to do. i think when your knee a situation like that you have to gauge everything as it unfolds. the suspects are known drug users who live in the area. they were all addicts and they had been looking for, you know, tough steel to feed their habit is the impression i got. his neighborhood has had a lot of these theft cases lately with money and items taken from unlocked cars. from monthses and months and months there have been cars broken into. he hopes those conversations have come to an
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that their cars gone into and things stolen out of them. my hope is that that now those guys are caught and those were the only people doing that and a we don't have a problem like that. just on a side note, wall owns an audio video company and that's why he has so much nice information in his home. we're work with police to more information on the suspects and whether or not they could be linked to more crimes. >> we'll hear present people who made it out of a fire in prince george's county when we come back.
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fox5, firefighters were in palisades battling a fire. cellphone video captured by neighbors shows the flames hooting out of the apartment windows and ripping through the roof of the building, thick smoke filling the air. independent credibly the family who lives in the apartment where the fire start ad got out safely, neighbors witnessed the or deal as a woman and her kids escaped the flames. i looked outside my balance con i and i see her and l whole family out
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kids over the balcony. people was catching her kids. other neighbors described similar scenes. ma keen was one of the people who captured video on his cellphone and says another woman was trying to climb over her balance koon i. she was crying she was asking for help. >> the woman who lives in the apartment where the fire started tells fox5 she plugged in a lamp and when she came back it was on fire. her home was reduced to rubble and ash and that she was too shocked to speak on camera. it's a bad thing we had a fire in an apartment, but one good thing is that it was on the top floor. if it had been on the lower floors there would have been a lot more full to burn. this particular fire it burned up through the roof space and actually vented itself. eleven apartments were affected by fl
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>> despite all of this many dangerous deliveries age and the fact that people were climbing off of their own balconies, prince george's county fire says there were no serious fires. reporting live in fort washington, alexandra limon. >> mike thomas back with your seven day forecast. he'll tell us when we will see some sunshine again. spill alert. it might just be a couple days. stay with us.
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>> if you got up today, a little l cool. a lot of people running and biking. after i did the early shift here, i went up north and the sun was shining. mike was here this morning, six to eight. >> yes. >> and you played three lacrosse games. >> you played three lacrosse games. >> and now i'm back. >> i'm concerned about him driving home tonight. if you see h him on the road, make sure you stay away. that's the thing, it will be midnight and i'll have all five lanes to myself. >> i'll be calling you on the phone like a? a. month i had three cups of coffee today, i'm good. >> i'm like kevin mccarthy. if kevin mccarthy can go on no sleep at all i can do this. we got a quiet night so far, but rain is on our door step. it's
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unfortunately we have a soggy monday coming our way and while we're at it, soggy tuesday. headlines, showers moving back in later on this evening, most lie duri the overnight hours. early workweek is going to be cool i mentioned both monday and tuesday looking on the wet side by the mid week we'll start drying out. we'll get the temperatures back up to where they should be which is right around 70-degrees by the end of the week. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday you miss the heat, the warm weather you got it coming back for those days. satellite and radar starting to show you. the bigger kind of slug of moisture is down here to our south and to the west. this is going to try and rotate up over washington just in time for the morning rush hour. get the umbrellas read divment futurecast. 7 a.m., the moisture moving its way
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pockets of heavy rain. as we work our way towards the afternoon and evening hours, some scattered showers, drizzly light rain kind of day. a cooler day for you. monies not looking great. while we're at it, tuesday is not looking great either. here we are at 8 a.m. on tuesday, clouds and showers. tuesday afternoon do one more round of some heavier rain that moves on through before finally this area of low pressure, the storm system gets off the eastern coastline here and gets out of our area. how much rain are we expecting, potentially over an inch, maybe an inch and a half in a few locations. we'll get it nice and low. of course your grass, the weeds and the trees are going to be growing like crazy by the time we get into the sunshine later on this week. much welcome rain, still in the drought situation so it's certainly nice to see. temperature here in d.c., 58-degrees. dulles at 54
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martinsburg 55. fifty-two greece at frederick this hour. temperatures staying on the cooler side with the lack of sunshine. fiftys coming your way for monday. by the time we get to us t we'll poke a few hours back up into the six 0s. it's really the second half of the week that things start tacony palmyra prove for us. jet extreme starts to head off to the north. we get 70s back. then we get 80s back. could we potentially do 930-degrees, there's a chance we could as we head towards the end of the week. the next two days not great, 56 on monday, 62 on tuesday. seventys back by wednesday. fiejly drying out. sunshine back thursday, 85-degrees. we'll keep the 80s going all the way into next week. and again best chance if we hit the 90s it looks like it would be saturday. that's your nfl player. jim, send it back to you. q. thank you, mike. the nhl's best team went from here we go in the play office to putting the maple leafs on
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go with sports.
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>> this caps maple leaf series is one that test allegiance and cardio health. all games have been decided by one goal or fewer. alex ovechkin had a terrifying injury scare. add that to the fact that the caps failed to chose out five of the six series. get me some lipitor or baby aspirin. alex ovechkin injured after a moment in game six, but that's a little l get back. no score. twelve minutes left. shoot it. right in front of austin matthews. one-zero lead, five minutes later, though, laster to marcus, got the mow joe. the second attempt, off the back side of the goal i and game tied one all. a minut
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skate is denied by hol pee, from a sharp angle try to bank it in a great play. let's send it to over time. the caps in the face of off goes to justin williams. is he going to be the hero again. johansson, right time again, the caps win two-one in over time and clinches the series four-two. once again the caps tolls and penguins in the playoffs. game two in d.c. game three may 1 the series shifts to pittsburgh. the penguins and capitols have met nine times. pittsburgh have won ate of those series. nats are going to stin our treek out west they'll need to do without steven strasburg.
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paternity leaving as he awaits the birth of his second child. to the game, top first, danny murphy, he loves playing in queens. but this time he's playing for the nats. bases loaded. a grand slam over the 380-foot sign. the nats a four-zero lead. everyone comes home. ryan zimmerman adds some surns. deep left field, two run shot hits it right to a nats fan who made the catch. that's how good he is. pinpoint accuracy. nats win six-three. tailor swift time. got some bad blood spilling over between the orioles and the red sox. look at you enforce the baseball code, eighth inning, the bat misses his head
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going head hunting, another thing entirely. that's intent to injure. pennsylvania chot a and what choi a, it's not me doing this. i know what you're doing. i'm smarter than that. orioles looking for the sweep lose the finale six-two. after stick ting through 108 world series drought few people would consider caps fans, the band wagon cam. they're excited to be on the cam until see what the popup video cam says. white socks fans in 2005 and just bought this today. never been to chicago. so they get excited and then they read the caption about what's being said about them. doesn't know who eastern any banks is. this guy goes i don't know who is
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cliche says the playoffs don't start or in some cases some say it doesn't start until someone calls somebody else a cry baby, the hawks marque mercer playing down low. in response chief keith said this. you get all the calls and you're a cry baby oh, my god, no. no. it definitely got personal now, yes. i mean, i don't care. take is loss and go back to the hotel. be ready for the next game. >> take his loss and go back to the hotel. >> people get emotional. very intro expectative there. there's some in personal of ternl issues to be worked through. the
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to handle it. any questions about morris and we're not doing a pressor. trying to stir tit up. sports drama. a loft it, back after this. ♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪
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when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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take a look at this, in this race, the slower the better. a so-called bay watch. the popular 90s show. the race went on for a tenth of an mile before contestants moved in exaggerated slow time. i like left shark. glad to see someone still had that in their closet. thank you oh much for joining us, the morning team is here at four:five. mike is going to bed. get some sleep, mike.
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soledad: this week on "matter of fact," republicans unveil their second act to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the plan gets better and better and better. soledad: back home, the public weighs in. >> you lie, you lie, youlie. soledad: can the party of “no” turn the heat around? and -- waiters and cooks sue donald trump, >> there's no rule that you can't sue the president soledad: does the hundred-dollar cocktail at trump's bar cost them jobs? plus, want a 55-mile patch of land, for free? but first, with republicans in control in the house, senate--and white house, why are we talking about another government shutdown? i'm soledad o'brien. this is “matter of fact.”


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