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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  April 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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suit and some running shoeses and was going for a run on a february tonight. however, after his arrest and during his interrogation he he said the last time he saw pam her arms were folded and she was standing out a window tearing at him with her arm folding. they also said that jose rodriquez changed his story about cheating. he said in 2009 he suspected her of cheating and that's why the relationship ended. during his interrogation he told the officer he had no reason to believe that he was cheating. prosecutors today said that's an indication that t this man cannot keep his stories straight. probably the most extraordinary part came at the end when the judge summed up all the evidence he heard to sum up the number of timesos
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rodriquez was seen coming and going present the house in 2009 the records introduced today rodriquez cruz could be seen going to and from the house 43 times. at times he's cleaning carries a cleaning bucket. not once do you see pamela butler leaving the house. td judge also notedded during those three days someone turned off the motion detectors that would have turned on the outside lights. the house was monitored by multiple cameras except on one side of the home where police suspect that rodriquez cruz was able to remove butler's body bypassing it out of a window where police found a piece of black trash bag that came torn off on the lenl. police also revealed that cruz was accused
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of abducting and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004, but the case was ultimately dismissed. and one of the last three cases police have used what they say to show his propeps ticketed event against women, the last time he you a her she was putting on some -- she had a tan yoging suit on than a was putting on hews on go jogging standing at the front door. when you heard fult on say that he said that the last time he saw her was tanning at a window, what did you think. >> of course, you know, same thing, just a bunch of lies. not remember exactly what you're saying. it just goes to show that you can't believe anything that he says. we also learned today last friday arlington police carried out a search warrant at
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home where they did recover a gun and a hard drive and some other evidence. he will remain locked up in the d.c. jail until trial. live outside d.c. superior court, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> new tonight the loudon county sheriff's office is trying to find out why a group of students became sick last week. earlierr have shared a drink that was spiked with this reporter roar what's shocking about this h story is the age, we're talking about # #, 12 and 13s year olds who attend school at river bend middle school. seven children in a classroom shared a xanax concoction, ultimately they were all sent to the school nurse and then went home with their parent. we're also told that the school on its messaging
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about this tonight and will be alerting parents again tomorrow they're also working with school resource officers to feg out what each student knew about the drug-filled drink and most importantly where and how the xanax was obtained. unlike some previous cases, in this case we're told the students did not need to be transimportanted to the hospital. i think people have to be aware that children have access to the internet. they have access to a lot of things. there are sites devoted to how to get high. kids see that. be aware. they're not too innocent to use the internet and find things that they shouldn't. make sure that all your prescription drugs are accounted for. if you have an excess of prescription drugs that are no valid, take them to the sheriff's office and dispose of them. and that is the spokesperson for loudon county public schools. he sayses that the
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department will be holding a meeting here on thursday at 7:00 to discuss this incident. also discussing their investigation into any possible connection to what happened here and also a case of xanax -- two cases of xanax and potomac falls high school. police are still investigating what exactly was in that mixture. i'm also told that the students involved in this h incident apparently panicked and became worried and brought it to at attention of a teacher. that's how they were able to send the students to the nurse and ultimately figure out exactly what happened. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> a developing story out of northern virginia, a deadly fire at a woodbridge apartment is now being investigated as a possible homicide. fire crews called out to the scene around 11:30 last night. when they got there they found a man unconscious inside. he died a short
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prince william county police talked about concerns about homicide detectives working the case. our homicide unit investigates any death that is not being attended by a physician. so that would include if a person unfortunately is found, doesn't wake up and may have had a heart attack or it may have been if it's a drug overdose and they pass that all the way up to a homicide or even a suicide. medical examiner mow working to identify the man and determine an exact cause of death. but we still don't know how the fire started. take a look at this new video right now showing the damage caused by that massive fire at an apartment under construction in college park. this video of the buildings roof was shared on twitter by the prince george's county fire departmentment the five alarm fire caused nearly $40 million in damage. the university of maryland was forced to close early yesterday due to the thick smoke. this morning,
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this man for flying a drone into the math of a police chop era assisting in that fire. police tell us sean miller was flying so close he had to maneuver around the drone to prevent a crash. miller is now charged with interfering with police and fire response as well as reckless endangerment. police working with the fda, earlier today a judge increased his bond to a $500,000. >> a small fender bender turned into a life saving mission. tonight the woman who survived the crash got a chance to thank the people who saved her. she ended up hitting another car just one block away present george washington university hospital. six by taryns knew something was wrong so they jumped into action assisting her out of the car and performing cpr. though good samaritans included two
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and a local boy scout troop leader. the group were able to flag down first responders. i still healing to do, but without people in place and my co-workers i wouldn't be here today to thank everybody for doing what they did. so thank you and i thank god foray loudon countying me another chance at life. >> she has been with the department for 20 years now. her doctor said she would not be here today without the help h of those good samaritans. and can you believe it, it just happened to be some medical students right there. that's why we like days like this where you get a chance to say thank you. it was a day-long shooting rampage across two countieses. two mails, one female all adults and we understand that the gun man is still on the loose at this hour. my
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started screaming. today the man accused of killing three people including his estranged wife puts in his plea for the crimes. >> we're live coming up. then a violent jewelry store robbery caught on camera. thieves as you saw right there dressedded as construction workers smashing those display cases. we're going to have more on this case coming up. fits. >>reporter: good evening, the 100 day mark for the trump administration is it a really big deal or what the president says a ridiculous standard. the white house weighed in on that one day. we'll have a live report coming in from capital hill. it hasn't \rain\reign\ed for a hyundais here, but it kind of feels like it today. we are seeing the pattern wind down. we're stuck with a lot of drizzle and
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lighter and teddier \rain\reig\/ has moved up north. we're going to tbawk what you can expect for this evening as well as what we can expect for wednesday coming up in just a few minutes when fox5 local news at five comes right back. .
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>> are ' following breaking multiple shots
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where police are on the scene of a bus crash in kensington. this happened just a short time ago in the 3800 block of lawrence avenue. police say it was a small bus that crashed into a group home there. crews are on scene right now evaluating the injuries and the damage to the house. we're going to bring you more details as we get them. we do have a crew on the way to the scene right now. and more breaking news on another executive order issued by president trump now a federal judge in san francisco has blocked the president's order to withhold federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities. the judge ruled the president has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending to cities in california challenged the executive order. the judge's ruling places a temporary order on the court. we'll talk more about this on 5@6:30. a lot has been said about the first 100 days of administration. the white house today launching a new web page outlining and commemorating what
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achievement so far. but it comes as the president himself had not so nice things to say. fox5's tom fitzgerald on capital. there's been a lot going on, but this extends to whether the first 100 days is as important as at all. >>reporter: president trump himself as times has sent differing signals about what all of this means. during the campaign he was often here to tell his crowd to tell his crowd that he would accomplish very big things in the first # hyundais. just on friday he tweeted out that the 100 day mark was what he called a ridiculous standard. the white house this morning unveiling unveiling a new section of the white house. gof homepage this detailing as the greatest hit of the first 100 days of the trump administration. let's take a look at
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the site is divided up into three main sections. what will you find on there. of course will the list and the nomination and confirmation of the us supreme court of justice neil gorsuch. there is sections of the air strike on syria, the effort to crack down on illegal border crossings. 61 percent in the first few months of this administration. they also looked at those executive orders like we just heard about cracking down on federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities and of others there was the big environmental issue with the approval of the dakota pipeline you won't find mentions of the failure to repeal and replace obamacare. there was also the effort to ban travel between seven muslim countries that was later struck down by a federal judge and of course there was that promised tax cut which was
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not been delivered. why the chance to suddenly accent the 100 day month? april has actually been a pretty good month for this administration and is efforting to capitalize on what has been a rocky start. the supreme court is a big deal and that took a while to get the nominee through the senate pros these a legitimate achievement. on the other hand i think you're seeing them rush at the end sort of like a student on deadline, studying, cramming for an exam. we're going to announce a big tax plan on wednesday. we don't now where that will go, but they're calling it a big deal. a list of other things that talk about sort of what they're doing sort of up to the minute here. >> there's also a little bit of measuring up to other presidents today. the white house sending out an e-mail to reporters in washington comparing president trump's activities to other former presidents. listen to this, they point out that so far president trump
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bills into law that compares eleven signed by former president obama, seven by george were bush, nine by ronald and richard nixon. we're live on the hill tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. >> education secretary betsy did he volunteers toured a school in northern virginia today. she visited ashland elementary in manassas and observed a program fox5 recently highlighted. it's a computer restoration program which is the first of the its kind in virginia. students learned to restore and refurbish computers and the refiduciary bished computers go to local communities. we have some conversations begun about how we can better serve our military families in the area of education, the very important area. if there's one common theme that i've heard from military families that i've talked with in
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weeks it's that the importance of those transitions, the most important thing is assuring that their children have a great place to go to school and a learning environment that's going to meet their needs. >> and one mother at the school also raised the issue of making childcare affordable. the trump administration has proposed budget cuts for after school programs. >> here we go on this tuesday which has felt a lot like monday out there. a lot of monday out there. it looks clear from this tabling point. are we getting ready for some sun. >> we are, but it's not today. >> it's going to be tapering off very slowly. the showers and measurable rain has pushed north of d.c. i can't rule out a few more showers very late tonight as well as tomorrow morning. at the moment it's very light rain or drizzle and a little bit of a fog and the breeze, too. the area of low pressure is getting closer to us because
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has picked up this afternoon making it feel again like the middle of march out there. the heavier rain has gone on by. as much as it felt like we were going to be ending the drought this is only a third of an inch of rain. the storm system is very close to the outer banks right now. so there are a few more bands that may pivot on through. i think while this looks pretty bright and intense this will weaken as it gets a little bit closer. we still have a few more wrap around showers that we'll have to deal with a little bit later tonight we have not had a huge amount of rain out of this, raleigh had a daily record yesterday. since sunday morning they've had ate inches of reign from this same system that caused a lot of flash flooding. so we've still got a little ways to go with our slow storm system. it will continue to move up the coast overnight and we'll eventually see the clouds and the showers getting on out of here tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime i don't believe we've the gotten any warmer than 60-degrees
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only stayed in the 60s and it feels colder because of the breezes. i want to show you that the sustained winds stay about p 17 miles an hour. occasionally you can get a higher gust up to closer to 20 or 4 miles an hour as we're seeing here toward the baltimore era. it feels pretty raw out here. we are about to do something about that, not just this evening. we're rging to keep a few showers around at 9:00. by nine we're still fairly cloudy. linger into 11 and the storm will probably start out with clouds tomorrow morning and then eventually with a little bit of morning drizzle we're going to see the whole system pulling away so the afternoon should brighten up and warm up. finally a sunny day in the afternoon with temperatures approaching the low 70s. so the end is almost in site. give it just a little bit longer. we'll have how things are looking towards the end of the week.
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who is no stranger to controversy? a. hello, what am i being charged with? >> assault. >> we have more on the nfl adam packman jones was arrested foray salt. then a suspect leads police on a wild chase through the streets that eventually ends in gunfire. we'll explain what started this whole thing when we come back. those package thieves are at it again. we'll tell you where the latest porch pirates are targeting residents in our area coming up next. if you have a story idea for us, call the fox5 tip line, 202-895-3000 or you can also e-mail those tips to us at fox5tips@wttg.
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>> d.c. police need your help identifying the suspects in a string of recent threats. take a
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here. surveillance cameras capturing a suspect walking up to the front porch taking a package and then walking away. this was back on april 8, northeast. cameras also captured someone on randolph street northwest. take a look, a man stealing money from a tip jar at a tar bucks on georgia avenue northwest. this was back on april 1 and of course in any of these cases if you recognize some than would, give police a call. there's also new video of a violent jewelry store video. the three crooks dressed up as construction workers. take a look. hey, hey, hey, get out. wow, dramatic video there. security cameras catching the whole thing on camera. the robbers \mace\mazeing the owner of the store even and a customer and then pulling out a gun
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almost simultaneously his accused police pulls out a bat and starts smashing the jewelry cases and then grabs what he can before he takes off. a third suspect was standing outside with a backpack. the owner says they needed him to sign off on some electrical work. they waited, what can i help h you with? really playing the part. it's almost like a lifetime criminal. they're good at what they do. >> police say the men drove off in a new model dodge challenger the owner think the suspects who approached him with the clipboard may have come into the store a week ago to case the joint. had quite the plan there. >> also in california a dramatic police chase ended with one man dead and another in custody. this started around 6 a.m. in long beach after a cop spotted two people inside a car that was reportedly stolen. the suspects \led\lead police on a dangerous high speed chase through several cities narrowly missing other cars. it all came to an end
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deadened and the driver turned back to the officers. police opening fire striking the driver. he died at the scene. the passenger was taken into custody. >> coming up at 5678. 30, it was a shooting spree that shocked the area. matt ackland has more on this one. hey, matt. >>reporter: everybody was talking about it here and the man who was arrested shortly after that shooting spree today pled guilty in court. this was in front of many family members of the victims. we'll have more on that coming up in just a moment. we're in sterling where eighth graders here at river bend middle school were passing around a drink filled with xanax. the warning administrators have for parents and what police are doing to see if this is tied to a bigger case. details coming up. do you have one of these? of course you do. and most of us have our face in it, too. metro saying get your face out of your
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>> this is fox5 local news at five. five. thirty right now. top stories detectives in fairfax county looking for leads in the death of an elderly man. police say 77 year old con hew len was murdered at the little river glenn senior center in fairfax. today officers handed out flyers at a vietnam knees mall he went to on a daily police. also in fairfax county police are investigating 17 burglaries that opened at anova fair oaks medical campus over the weekend. these are surveillance pictures of that suspect. he broke north korea a lockbox that contained the keys he stole some ipads, also got away with some cash. police are asking you to come forward if you know of anything about these burglaries. and a fox5
5:32 pm
exclusive that a centerville man takes matters into his own hands and chases down thieves. the suspects check for an unlocked car. they got inside a truck. police have now arrested all three suspects. they face assault and battery charges. >> a man 62 year old tort l shot and killed his wife gladys outside the school in her suf. disappointment, it shouldn't have happened like that. she was very nice and she was a very sweat tern. one of my patrol officers was patrolling the area of the montgomery mall and came upon a shooting scene where three individuals have been shot. we have a total of three victims, two males, one female. my brother called and my brother is dead. it's tragic that we were not able to intervene prior to additional
5:33 pm
harmed. they came in the wrong direction and they bokd him in. tordil exited his car and surned. >> it was a series of crimes that add our area on edge last summer. several shooting scenes in prince george's county and montgomery county and three people dead. it all ended in a shopping center in aspen hill. today tordil admitted he was guilty in two murders and two amendmented murders in montgomery county and he still faces charges if prince george's county. matt ackland in court. he "eyewitness news" us live from the courthouse in rockville with more. matt. >>reporter: jim, prosecutors say that tordil first planned to kill his wife and then they think that he tried to escape. the reason why, he had a lot of money on i am h. he turned off his cellphone so he couldn't be tracked. remember he was a federal officer so he knew what to do. then he came here to montgomery county and that's when there were issues at mo
5:34 pm
hill shopping center much that's where those two people were killed can. others were shot. the reason why the motive was to find another car to get away and as you remember after that very long day, that's when authorities caught him. so today the state's attorney laid everything out for the judge. we want to show you some of the evidence that was given to the media not long after the court case event ended today. first let's show you the gun police say tordil used in the crimes. they found it in the rental car he was using. the motive behind the first killing of his wife at high point high school in prince george's county was over financial debt anal gas stations against him having to do with child abuse. they showed video of the shooting scene and then played a 911 call of their daughter calling in after she saw the shooting begging for help. prosecutors say tordil planned to hurt others. he showed notes written by tordil who said he planned to harm others and wanted to b
5:35 pm
by police. his comrades. then in his own words an interrogation room videotape was played for the judge and for family members to hear. we want you to hear some of that. take a listen. i wanted it over w. i'm grad it's over, too. nowhere to go. i know there's nowhere on go. i saw the guy earlier. they didn't resist. it would have been completely different. hurting somebody is not anything to do. now, keep in mind besides his wife, tordil did not know any of these other victims. they were all simply innocent. remember he was
5:36 pm
stood out to me in court today, i was sitting right behind the family of claudia mow lien a. she was the one at aspen hill. they showed a picture of her at the crime scene, her body still in the car and she was clutching glasses against her chest. she had already passed away. you would think that those were her glasses. the state's attorney said those weren't her glasses she grabbed them off of tordil as she was fighting. 24e also found dna under her finger to show that she had fought. today her daughter spoke to the district attorney to pass along a message about what she thought. she was proud that her mother fought for her life and she wantedded to say that. she was proud of her mother because she thought the fact that her mother fought and wrestled his glasses and scratched him may have safed another life. so she wanted me to
5:37 pm
mother and to acknowledge the fact that again as her surviving daughter he she is proud of her mom and what she did to potentially safe another victim in this case. >> it sure was a sad scene inside the courtroom today. so many family members showed up. by the way, this is now set for sentencing. that's going to happen inual. what we'll hear probably is many victims coming up. the family members coming up to tell the judge the prosecutors hoping to get life behind prison and remember, jim and sarah, as you were pointing on the earlier this case, once it's done here and he goes to jail, if there is ever chance of him getting out, then he would have to face the charges in prince george's county, but the prosecutor's office say they hope that he never gets out of jail here in montgomery county. for now live in rockville, matt ackland, fox5 local news. >> pedestrian and bicycle accidents happen
5:38 pm
here in our region. leaders in prinlts montgomery county want to get the word out that they're avoidable. the warmer weather is here so organizers believe more people will be out and about and they're calling for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to keep their eyes out please put down your devices. i cannot tell you how many times as i am driving around our communities i see people in vehicles looking at devices. the bad thing will happen and it will happen to you. across our state over the past five years nearly 3100 pedestrians and bicyclists have been injured in crashes in 113 are killed every year on maryland roads the street smarts campaign happens twice a year in the spring and then they again in the fall when
5:39 pm
puts pedestrians and bicyclists more at risk. >> maybe walking around distracted while looking at our phones. >> we're anchoring wiel doing which i get caught sometimes. >> metro are trying to do it through what they're calling their own safety campaign. gary mcgrady is here with more on this one. >> watch out, right behind you. >> i love relying on you. when they say devices they mean phones. you're just passing the phone, checking the headlines, checking out your favorite whatever you're checking out. i'll tell you what, it can be dangerous and metro says they don't want you doing this so they're obviously starting a little campaign of their own. to be honest, i haven't seen a ton of people walking by like this not paying attention. i want to who he you some pictures of folks wandering around.
5:40 pm
can step into the street and not cars are coming. metro is pretty specific about the metro sites and down blow being blow ground. they want you to be careful. they don't want you to look at your phones and devices because people can get hurt. there's lot of escalators. you can step onto an escalator the wrong way. even step onto the track the wrong way. they keep track of all of this stuff and they basically want you to put down the devices. it's multipronged. it's an effort to prevent some preventable injuries and this includes what's going to happen here is they're going to start putting signs in metro cars and buses. here's some of what they're doing. basically it's safety is simple and if you look at some of these signs you'll start seeing them and really with your face -- with your face in your phone you might as well be blindfolded because obviously you can't ' what's ahead of you and running for
5:41 pm
for problems. so it's just not about the devices. it's also about just being safe in general as folks are approaching in than a out of metro station. so it's going to start in may. so you'll start to ' the signs around not only in the metro cars, but the buses as well. as i mentioned they keep track of this and every quarter they try and make metro safer. they have less employee accidents and they also want to have less customer related injuries and accidents, too. so it's a campaign, safe is simple and basically keep your face out of your phone so you'll be okay. from the gallery place metro. i think it's a good point. gary, down on the platform, toorks you see that sometimes and that's why why they have raised sidewalk to let people know when you're stepping too close to the train. >> some people run right into. i have to dodge people on the sidewalks all the time. right. and who hasn't been saved a couple of times by the blinking lights as the train is approaching if you get too close there. all
5:42 pm
together just to make it a safer system. >> all right. whatever is happening right now -- a. i hope nobody got hurt there i hear sirens. >> it's down the street. >> kowmg a selfie may reveal more than whether it's a good hair day. wait until how you hear how your selfie can also affect your life insurance. >> beyonce celebrating the one year anniversary of earth hatter campaign by helping pay for college. >> i have to he zoo it. >> you haven't seen. >> i know, out of the loop, i guess. satellite and radar behind me showing we are wrapping up another gloomy days lots of clouds and lots of showers. this is a slow mover,, get out. luckily it should be getting out tomorrow. beat better days and brighter days ahead. i'll have a look at that when your fox5 news
5:43 pm
right after this.
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>> by and say marking a milestone and making some big news this week. she is celebrating the one year anniversary of her mega hit album lemon aid by helping women pay for college, including those pay for d.c. university. the program will offer a scholarship to one desoiferg student at howard university, spell man college, berkley college of music and par sons school of design. the four scholarships& will be awarded to an incoming, current or graduate student studying music, african-american studies. the olympics is available at those schools. >> people like to take a selfie, while a picture can determine a
5:47 pm
thinks a selfie will determine how long you'll live. it is examining a person's face to determine how well they're aging. the company will look at the lines, droops and dark spots on a person's face and some life insurance companies now testing the technology. some companies think it will help them how much to charge a client or whether to take on somebody for insurance. >> you take the selfie while you're driving. that's kind of a dead giveaway. that's. >> the interpreter: insane. what if you work in television and you age really quickly and it shows up on your face. >> it does. we've all been there. many i not going to get a life insurance. i just graduated college. but, you know state farm might tell me i look like i'm 45 and i'm a liabil
5:48 pm
to be some tweaking to that. >> they do have filters for a reason and i'm putting a filter on my selfie for a insurance haven't had a lot of heavy rain but we'll continue to see the light rain through the evening into the overnight hours. it basically stays pretty gloomy through tomorrow morning. gradual clearing for tomorrow afternoon. the keyword is gradual. it's going to take all day to get to the sunshine. it will turn out to be a nice late wednesday. thursday and frid look beautiful and we have our first 90-degree temperature in the forecast. a little taste of summer that will be previewed by saturday. light drizzle and some light sprinkles as we're in a break from this storm system that has been affecting the east coast. this willus
5:49 pm
over the next couple of hours and we'll get another round of rain later tonight. heres eat whole scope of that storm froms boston down to the carolinas you're seeing waves of rain more reminisce event of a winter storm but of course it's not winter so it's just bringing rain. fifty-eight in baltimore, 57 westminster, mainly in the 50s north and west. we've got the cool flow off the ocean, northeast winds keeping it on the warm side and there's low pressure you can see the wind bashes down across the carolinas. fox futurecast shows rounds of showers come through this evening, overnight, not a lot of rain, just some sprinkles here and rhode island, but it is great to start of off your wednesday morning and notice by the lunch hour we're mainly looking at cloudy skies. it doesn't get into the afternoon. west, east, we clear out, partly cloudy by this time tomorrow evening. the clouds move and break into sunshine by thursday we're stuck in the 50s we're just
5:50 pm
and all the chilly wet weather associated with dominating our weather pattern, but we'll be in the 70s starting tomorrow afternoon and then the 80s beginning on thursday. beautiful thursday and friday, sunny and warm. high temperatures in the low to mid 80s. ninety looks likely on saturday. pop up storms friday night into saturday. right now it looks like it could be cooler, possibly significantly cooler sore we ' going to split the difference right now and say it's still mild and humid. 80-degrees. it could go either from there. looks stormy on monday and then back to some nice weather on tuesday. that's your seven day forecast. we'll be right back after this.
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>> call it the modern day equivalent of dr. j versus larry bird except itself it's on ice and only one o
5:54 pm
championship ring. alex osks and sidney cross biis the sort of thing where you get more attention but it's not because partially the league's awful playoff system ensures one of those guys will be booking tee times while the other faces a lesser team in the conference final. this will be the third time they face off in the post season. including last year in the second way on their way to winning the stanley cup. this year the capitols won all four regular season games including two in over time. the great a says he likes the theater. >> this is great. i think me and him enjoy, you guys enjoy, the fansen yoi. right now it's not about me and him, it's about, it's a big opportunity for us. obviously
5:55 pm
done it before. it's big. we have to move forward and get success. >> this is amazing and i hewed know because my dad owned a bowling alley growing up, been contact toll a, we sped this up, but so fast he set a world record for the fastest 300 game he goes down ten lanes making strikes one by one and then erases all the way back down to the start and converts two more, a perfect 300 game in just 86.9 seconds. and more than that he probably owns his own bowling shoes, too. he doesn't have to rent them. that was random. >> obviously the guy has been around the block before. he knows how to bowl. >> were you that good. >> no. >> were you getting good at all. >> no. i i was terrible. i ha couple good games if my time. >> any sport where you can eat fried food while playing
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>> coming up we'll show you how a garden is helping sick patients. when we come back. every tv doctor knows scrubbing is serious business. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money. need to be thorough.
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>> on friday, the childrens national hospital will officially open its healing garden. the idea the garden began a couple years back inspired by a young patient whose dying wish was to go outside. the hospital received a generous donation by mollie melon. she hoped design the rose garden at the white house. >> thanks for being with us tonight at five. fox5 local news at six starts right now. >> this is fox5 local news at six. >> happening right now, prescription drugs poison several high school students, how did this happen? plus fox5 was on the scene. just a short time ago, prince george's county police release the name of the suspect of the shooting suspect and this picture. he is ji lal oh tordil. a maryland man shot his estranged wife and killed two
6:00 pm
closed. the news at six starts right now. >> we begin tonight with breaking news in montgomery county, maryland, a bus slammed into a house and there were several people inside the home. this happened in a 3800 block of avenue in kensington. crews are on scene evaluating injuries and damage to the house. we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you more on this as we get it. >> fox5 is in loudon county tonight. the sheriff's office there is investigating why a group of middle school students got sick last week. early reports indicate they shared a drink that may have been spiked with a prescription drug. fox5's teisha lewis is live outside river bend middle sterling in sterling with the latest. >>reporter: what's most shocking about this story is the age of those involved. we're talking about eighth graders, 12 and 13 years old here at river bend middle school. police say that it happened on friday morning.


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