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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  April 27, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> hi everybody. the white house says it has no regrets. >> as you can see from the run down on the side of the screen this is the hottest story at 6:30. tweet us what's on your mind using the hashtag 5 at 6:30. more fallout involving michael flynn former national security adviser. flynn may have that violated federal law when he received -- failing to disclose payments he received on a trip to moscow o sean spicer calls these claims not true. >> his clearance was last reissued by the obama administra
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full knowledge of his activities that occurred in 2015 as you point out. so, the issue is, you know, he was issued a security clearance under the obama administration. all of that clearance was made by the obama -- during the obama administration. i think the president made the right call at the right time and it's clearly paid off. >> so, we heard him mention president obama many times. he was not barack obama's national security adviser though, he was the trump administration. >> his clearance was approved under the other administration. >> in the meantime house oversight committee member democratic elijah cummings released three new documents pertaining to flynn that spell out he was he was specifically told not to accept foreign payments even as the white house refuses to hand over other internal papers. >> so, the president fired him for lying about the communications with the russian ambassador. they should be bending over backwards to help us. it does not make any sense. and it makes the american people think the white house has something to
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>> and joining us to talk about the flynn controversy is emily shier the politics editor for thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. >> it's my pleasure. >> so, what are your thoughts on this? you know, the white house -- what they're saying isn't cooperating. what do you make of this situation so far. >> well its not good for the trump administration. it was bad enough when flynn was forced to resign in disgrace for not being as we could say wholly truthful with mike pence about the nature of his conversation with the russian ambassador but that in many ways is just the tip of the iceberg because now we have concerns about what kind of payments he was taking from people related to both the turkish and russian government. so in addition to not disclosing funds he received he also seems to to have not sought the proper clearance in
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these exchanges even though he was explicitly told years ago in 20's 14 that he needed to do so. >> and that was spelled out in one of those documents released. we heard from sean spicer obama, obama, obama. is this a case of the trump administration trying to deflect this onto the obama administration. this at best is embarrassing for the trump administration. at worse this is the tip of the iceberg. we don't know what else we're going to discover about the trump administration what different people knew the farther we investigate into this. what's interesting is that michael flynn has offered to speak in different congressional probes on the condition that he receives immunity. that doesn't necessarily look so good. >> do we -- do we also think that possibly, you know, if what elijah cummings is saying true, that the white house wasn't cooperating even though spicer says no that's not true, yes, we were, do you think that they're really just trying to maybe cover upup does it look like the administration i
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cover up some other people that are perhaps not going to look so good after this investigation. >> that's all speculation from a political operateist perspective it doesn't look good. >> it seems like they go back and they're almost relit gating what led up to him resigning in the first place. >> it's ma -- hard to -- it doesn't look good. it's unclear whether this is just another distraction the trump administration is clearly good at picking and choosing what distractions they throw to the media and what they do and don't pay attention to to throw them off their trail and this could be one of them but there are a lot of questions raised. certainly with michael flynn the more people that have investigated the worse it has looked. >> we'll see what happens in the coming days testimony politics editor thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much. >> the first hundred days
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can you believe. >> time has just flown by. >> oh, yeah and the president has a packed schedule of course for the last few days. >> let's just talk -- again, this is -- we've not gone through this as a country before, this is new territory and that's why it seems like -- president trump says he's not going to pull out of nafta despite reports he was considering a draft order to do just that. the president told mexican and canadian leaders he would not terminate the north american free trade agreement at this time but the leaders agreed to renegotiate the deal to benefit each country which is something he's called for all along. >> that's true. president trump skipped the majority of a meeting on senators with north korea. administration fishes say mr. trump only stayed for about the first five minutes of the meeting. defense secretary jim mattis and secretary of state rex tillerson presided over the meeting. >> as his first 100 days wind down the gop may have enough votes to repeal the affordable care act. movement could begin today. there's also a movement on preventing that possible government shutdown this
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president trump has given some round on his border wall proposal which is laying the groundwork for at least a temporary stop gap deal with democrats. >> a lot of moving pieces there. you wonder what's going to impact what and what sort of deals are going to be made. >> yeah. >> the right to free speech has crossed political lines. >> yeah, the liberal group and you could say the aclu pretty liberal and backing conservative columnist ann coulter's right to speak at uc berkeley. the school canceled her speech over >> tom what do you have to say. >> reporter: well, this is was the cases where politics can make very strange bed fellows. you should have probably put some money on the bet that ann coulter and the aclu were going to get together at some point because i don't know that a lot of people saw this coming, at least not in this way. here's the situation. we're here at the university of california campus here in
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officials canceled the appearance by colter because they were concerned about security on their cam puts by these protesters, these demonstrators that were going to come on and supposedly disrupt campus life and the police did have reason to suspect that. earlier this year breitbart former columnist milo onknow his was scheduled to give a speech. the protesters showed up at uc berkeley. the protesters rioted. ann coulter confirming she's canceled all of the appearance but she's not letting this go without making the point of this. universities and colleges in this country right now have a very serious problem, she says, in dealing with teaching their own students what free speech is actually all about. it doesn't only mean you get to hear the things that you agree with. it also agrees in laboratories of that you had in
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academia every now and then you listen to somebody that you don't agree with. she expounded on this. >> it shows how radical the universities are generally. what you're talking about i agree with, yes they want to destroy and squelch conservative speech but there is a separate issue with the universities right now when you have bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, howard, um -- bill mahr boy behar and so forth when they're saying get over yourself berkeley we have a first amendment people have fought and died for the right to free speech. >> reporter: and so this is another case of the world turnedup side down right now folks. the liberal aclu coming in on the side of conservative fire brand ann coulter. this is a statement that they put out saying that if the government gets to decide which speech counts as hate and powers may later feel that they are free to censure any speech they don't like. this particularly eye opening in the time of year we're in right
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it's graduation season out there. lots of people are going to be giving lots of speeches from lots of different political points of view over the next couple of weeks. we went down to the newseum and asked folks where they stood on this and whether they think there's a good grasp of what the first amendment actually is these days out on college campuses. >> freedom of speech is guaranteed to us through our constitution. so, i believe that ann should have been guaranteed that freedom of speech and been able to talk. >> it puts a conflict of interest for police so it's like do we protect her this high platform political official or our students. >> it's kind of a foundation right in our country as to -- is to have free speech even if it's controversial. >> i guess it's just the cost for the school like having to get all the police forces and possibly riot and reparations for everything after that, that could possibly be a concern. >> reporter: all right, so full disclosure time. we can't turn our nose up here in d.c. at california and say this is simply a case of, you
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know, west coast liberalism. this happened here in d.c. back in 2012. how? well, back then, the radio and television correspondents association had booked the comedian louie ck to be the entertainer at the annual dinner that spring. turns out, some people complained about louie ck's material. sarah and jim louie ck wound up losing that gig. they replaced him with wayne brady that year who i could tell you was very, very funny but he's no louie ck. >> two different comedians, two different types of comedy. >> that's true. but i like to see that bipartisanship. >> today is take your child to workday t it's a day for kids to go to work with their family. >> president trump brought his own son to work today and we know his daughter
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with him every day so there you go. do we see him in there? where is his son. >> i like this picture of sean spicer doing a briefing to kids at the white house. love that picture right there but you see -- it's a big deal for kids to get a chance to check out what their parents do especially with their -- >> spicer probably liked talking to them more than he likes talking to the actual press core. >> this has been true. in the meantime i know that little reagan is a little too young, we didn't see her around the office today but her mommy fox5's ronica cleary has more on what's going on. we got a couple more years before she is coming around the office, right? >> reporter: she has to be at least five to get in there today, but -- >> okay. >> reporter: you know, i heard the press briefing with the children was off camera. but let's seriously talk about the idea of having your kids at the office. we have three brave souls here. what's your name? >> jordan. >> reporter: what is your take on ivanka having a role in the white house. >> i think it's a huge evolution from what we saw when she was first coming to d.c. and i just really hope that
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it's done with respect for the office and as much transparency as possible. >> reporter: what's your name. >> abbey. >> reporter: abbey what's your take. >> i think it's just a continuation of the mockery of the presidency that donald trump has brought to the white house. i think that he tends to think of his whole role as president as an opportunity to expand his empire and i wish he would get down to the business of actually governing. >> reporter: some very harsh words. i know you guys are altogether. do you have a similar reaction? what's your name and surrey contraction similar to her role or do ou think it could be beneficial. >> my name is bob and i just think that people who work for the president in the white house ought to have the public's and the nation's interests in mind and not their own personal gain and that would be my take as well. >> reporter: all right. and i think anybody can agree with that no matter how you feel about ivanka having a role in the white house. let's come over here. let's see maybe if we have a different perspective. that's why we're here at the old ebbitt. we have two brave souls. what are your names.
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>> hi, i'm bernadette. >> reporter: hi bernadette. >> and i'm oscar. >> reporter: we met earlier. what's your take on ivanka's role in the white house. >> i think she's well educated articulate. i don't know if she has the experience to be in the role she is in right now. >> reporter: how about you. >> i'm ambivalent. i think if we're going to have e she's probably the most competent one. on the other hand i'm concerned about nepotism or whether or not she is qualified. >> reporter: kimberly i heard you. one last question. i have one more brave soul. i'm going to tell you yeah or nay what do you say to ivanka's role in the white house. >> yeah positively. >> reporter: mixed reactions as we always see at the old ebbitt. we are sending it back to you. >> should politics play a role in those mass pink slips at espn. we'll take a closer look on the 5 at 6:30. >> ♪
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espn laying off 100 employees, some of them some pretty big names as the network is struggling with a drop in ratings. >> on air personalities as well as people behind the scenes being laid off. the question tonight is politics getting in the way of sports. there are some out there that think commentators on espn are getting too political. >> weighing in is the columnist for the washington examiner. thanks so much for talking about this with us. what do you think, was this more of a bottom line, you know, just talking money here or do you think politics played into it somewhat? >> well, the losing -- they're losing money and the reason they're losing money, it doesn't begin and end with the politics but it certainly -- the politics are playing a role here. the theory of clay travis at outkick blog is that they were -- they were losing money and they saw going political as a way of saving themselves. >> and i think that's -- i mean, you can look at that and say,okay, it's valid because they certainly have moved more to the steven a. smiths oth
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much more of a fire brand feel earlier on in the day but when you look at the economics of it, i know that i think it's like 18 bucks out of your cable bill, 18 bucks, even if you don't subscribe to espn because that's usually comes with your package but that is what you pay out of your pocket for espn. people are cutting the cord left and right. that certainly figures into it. >> oh, absolutely. that's the main reason, the political thing i think adds to the tail spin. >> yeah. >> but the real reason -- you know, i like college football, i like baseball, i like soccer, right. if i want to watch baseball, it's much more affordable for me to pay a hundred bucks for a whole season to watch every baseball game in king done kingm than $14 a year for a cable package so i can watch i guess some of the highlights on espn with some chatter that -- from people i don't even know. >> yeah. >> same with soccer. it's a 70-dollar package to watch everything and college football the games i like anyway are all
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so, it's -- you know, i used to depend on espn for highlights. i used to -- now i can watch any highlights i want online any advertisement i think there's a limited utility, the market for it is different from what it was. >> yeah. >> this model doesn't work any. >> it's a seismic change. a lot of people cover sports. i really noticed espn when we talk about the political you can't deny that they went more political when we saw what happened to trayvon martin, a lot of other police involved shootings. they gave platform to a lot of athletes who were quite vocal about that and i know that turned a lot of people off. >> well, yeah. you know, it's not as if there's a problem with athletes speaking their mind put i think most people who watch sports they're not tuning in to see more of what they just saw on the news. >> yeah. >> they're -- the entire idea is that -- you know, it's a diversion r it's entertainment. it's not intended to be a kind of pulling you int
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political morass the way the rest of the world is. >> either way, though, espn is still making money. >> yeah. >> and fair just going possibly through some changes, like a lot of industry is going through tv-wise. thanks so much. >> you never like to hear about journalists getting fired. >> no. and that's that is what they went for. hey, david we appreciate you -- coming in tonight. skypeing in tonight with us. we'll see you soon. >> thanks so much. >> you got it. >> so this is a guy who is known for that speaking his mind we're talking about harvey levin you see him on tmz right here. what's he saying tonight about the president. >> ♪
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commander in chief. >> i want to figure out how he became the person he is today through his life experiences but that wasn't good enough for some people who felt like every time you go in, it needs to be a mission to kill or else you failed. and that's a very narrow myopic view of what people do when they interact with a president or a senator or a sports figure or a celebrity or anybody like that. >> he was out in las vegas this week. levin says he doesn't necessarily support everything the president does adding "i'm not sure some of the stuff he does is stuff he believes" but that's a good point. think about jimmy fallon. jimmy fallon on top of the late night numbers he had that donald trump on as a candidate got raked over the coles for mussing up his hair paw fallon doesn't attack people politically but there was a huge backlash over that. >> and i think harvey makes a very good point as well because he just wanted to see how the president ticks what his experiences were like and i think that's a good thing
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understand where people are coming from a little bit more. >> yeah. >> and try to have some sort of common ground and on it should be worth pointing out with that that special he did on fox news where he profiled the president they did ask hillary clinton if she would take part. she decided not to so they had the option there. >> president obama he's come under some criticism after reportedly accepting $400,000 to make a speech for a wall street investment firm. mr. obama expected to speak at the healthcare conference in september. critics have slammed the former president for taking on the event after in the past the former president called wall street personnel fat cat bankers and rallied against them. >> all right. >> i don't know. private life is different than politics. >> yeah, well, you donation a lot of money where when you're when everybody makes moneyt's- afterwards but that's a gun point in the fact that he wasn't necessarily for them before. >> he wasn't put take the money now. >> exactly. >> coming up it looks like the president sounds like the president but is it really the
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president? >> ♪ >> we got to get rid of isis. isis . >> [laughter] >> those wigs man. >> the talent was, how do you say it. >> huge. >> at one trump impersonator contest. we're going to tell you all about it when the 5 at 6:30 comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> president trump appeared over and over again in los angeles. >> nothing to do with the election. there were several trump impersonators to flocked to l.a. to compete to be the most authentic donald trump impersonator. contestants and you can see. >> that one was really good. looked like him. >> at least one woman involved. they sounded off on a number of topics. >> we got to get rid of isis. isis. isis, okay. i'll be finished with isis. they'll be called is not, okay. eventually they'll be nothing. they'll be like a double negative not-not, okay. >> not too bad. i've heard some better ones. >> yeah, so the win -- >> that's not bad. >> the
6:57 pm
was a guy named john ddominico. the thing about him was you may have seen him on our air before because he did which commercial aired on fox5 for a fireplace company. >> he did win. >> he did win that competition. this guy did not. [laughter] >> that seemed like a half hearted effort right there. but as you go see -- that wasn't -- >> somebody had a -- >> that was a major part of it. >> somebody had a pretty good look and i wish we could have pulled him up there but they almost looked identical. they had the hair and everything, too. >> john for all intents and purpose just really good at his job. >> is that his job just to impersonate. >> every couple of years you get one guy who is just so good at it that he shows up everywhere as the president. so, there you have it. >> this if i does good impersonations. i'm not going to say of who. >> bunch of different people. >> a lot of people. >> man of many talents. >> usually sarah its my impression of her yelling at me for various things which happens q
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fox5. >> yes, it does. that's it for us tonight. >> we are back with more at 10:00, 10:30 and 11l. in the meantime have a great night. we'll see you later. >> ♪
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harvey: ok, so you're on pirates of the caribbean at disneyland. so you see this guy who looks like johnny depp. guess what? it's johnny depp. >> i'm totally against it. when i go to pirates, that's my wind down disneyland time. i don't want johnny depp ruining my relaxation time. harvey: the other side of it is you're a grown-ass man who shouldn't be on an amusement rides. >> justin bieber letting loose to kendrick lamar's song "humble." he was at the jazz-clippers game and kendrick lamar was there. he was court side. >> kendrick was sitting next to the lapd commissioner. >> soboroff and him talk all of the time. >> what a funny turn he's taken with rappers. i don't hate cops. some of my best friends are cops. >> jennifer lopez, she's filming


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