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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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11:00. we thank you for sticking with us, i'm matt ackland >> i'm lauren demarco. let's get right to this hot weather we're talking. maybe cooling off, there's a live look. see the national cathedral in the background. today, a different story, we have the heat. >> we sure did. at one point, the temperature broke 90 degrees and there you see, caitlin is with us tonight. gwen has the evening off. caitlin it has been a steamer. >> it has. a sign of things to come, only april 29th, definitely felt like we were in the middle of summer. and this is our first 90 degree day. it's early. yes, we did it, here at reagan tying a record. 91 was the official high temperature, tieing a record set back in 1974, dulles a record of 89, bwi hit 89, shy of that record there, not any records in jeopardy. it will still be a warm but not 90's, at least not here in
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outside it is very mild and muggy. 71 in annapolis, let's go west where it's shy of 80 manassas 77 at dulles, cooler along the mountains, temperatures there in the 60's. but the due point map it's back. we had to retire it probably last fall and now it's time to look at them again. any time you got due points in the 60's, means the humid. when you start to see the 70's, it's oppressive. a lot of humidity on this night. will stay muggy. satellite and radar, quiet evening, no thunderstorms sterilized. a couple of showers across central portions of west virinia, otherwise nice and pretty quiet again tomorrow, low temperatures overnight falling back to the 60, you need the air conditioner to sleep cmfortably. falling to 64 in annapolis, 68 dc, 66 in dulles. here's your
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70 it's humid, a little bit of sunshine but battling the clouds. 82 for the high temperature in dc, ten degrees cooler but it is still kind of muggy, there's a slight chance of showers and a they don't remember and increasing into the work week, i'll have that ahead in your seven-day forecast. matt and lauren? well, what better way to beat the heat than on the ice, that's not the news caps fans wants to here >> caps having a tough saturday evening, penguins leading 5-2, four minutes left in the third period. keep you >> not much time to catch up >> plenty of games ahead. politics and president trump marks his 100th days in office. >> addressed a major crowd of supporters in harrisburg pennsylvania tonight. the president talked about
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talked the news media, nafta, for the last 100 days, my administration has been delivering every day, whether putting our coal minors back to work, protecting america's steel and aluminum workers. we love that steel and aluminum. or eliminating job killing regulations. we are keeping one promise after another and frankly, the people are really happy about it. they see what's happening. >> the president discussed a lot of of other issues such as immigration reform, building out the country's defenses and job creation. . to mark the president's 100th day, protesters took to the streets to demand action on climate change, the b
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tens of thousands braced the 90's degree heat. president trump's environmental policies are a catastrophe for the world >> to the growing tension to say between united states and north korea, pope francis is now weighed in. he warned a good part of humanity will be destroyed if tensions between the countries escalate and calling for. north korea launched a test fire missile. it is annually one of the biggest events in dc. the correspondant's association dinner is wrapping up >> but this year's dinner was quite different than years in the past because the president of the united states and his staff chose not to
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fox 5 lindsay watts is live outside the hilton. >> reporter: the dinner has just wrapped up. you can see the people leaving the hilton in their formal wear. cars starting to arrive. definitely a different event with the president choosing not to be here. i was talking to a security guard who says he felt that the crowd was a lot smaller than last year. but fox 5's ronica cleary was here and she said that the ball room was absolutely packed. i want to show you video now. when we arrived here at the hilton, we found a small rally out front, mostly people supporting the media and freedom of speech. there was a paper mache president who made an appearance. inside the hotel, not much action on the red carpet. we saw a few familiar faces,
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not the stars that have come out in years past. some argue this is a dinner to celebrate freedom of the press, some scholarships that are awarded this is not about hollywood. here's the president of the addressing the crowd >> tonight looks different but the values under pin this dinner not changed. in fact i think they've been reenforced. we're here to celebrate good journalism. here to celebrate the press, not the presidency. i am happy to report for anyone who's interested that this dinner is sold out. >> reporter: elsewhere in harrisburg, the president mocked the dinner. he said he had a larger crowd at his rally with better people and he had this to say about those at the
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>> they're wishing in washington, they're watching right now, they're watching, and they would love to be with us right here tonight. but they're trapped at the dinner, which will be very, very boring. but next year, maybe we'll make it more exciting in washington, we'll show up but we have a good chance of showing up here again next year too. >> reporter: there you have it. the president leaving the door open about whether he'll be attending this event next year. live in northwest lindsay watts the search is on tonight for a man kidnapping a woman off the street. police tell us the woman was walking along mississippi avenue southeast when man approached and
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he drove her to fort dupont park where he attempted to assault her. the woman managed to escape. the police are asking anyone with information to give them call. also in southeast, authorities are investigating after an assault and fire, it happened this afternoon on haley terrace, two sisters got into a fight, one ended up with a minor injury, the other who reportedly has a knife was inside her apartment, first responders realized the apartment was on fire, put the fire out. the sister with the knife was arrested, fire investigators are still trying to determine how the fire started. montgomery county police continue to search for a gunman in a deadly shooting in germantown. police say four people were shot in a townhouse early this morning along kitchen way. >> one of the victims identified as 19-year-old amru johnson died. three others expected to be ok. so far a motive i
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the victim of this morning's fatal shooting in alexandria. he was killed along general washington drive after 7:00 a.m. police believe the victim got into an argument with another man before he was shot. at least one person has been arrested. as president trump marks his 100th day in office. he's gearing up for a busy week. a look at how he'll bring in days 101 and beyond. coming up next memorable night in dc very special students. take a look at that.
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at president trump marks his 100th day. >>
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new york, jackie abanaz has more. >> reporter: confirmation hearings begin for terry brand's his comes as the two countries work to continue the north korean crisis. president trump is set to visit new york city for the since his inauguration. both leaders will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the battles of the quarrel sea. michelle obama set to make one of her first public appearances. she'll meet with more than 200 new york city high school students. also on friday, time to party because it's cinco de mayo. abrasions will be taking place to celebrate mexican heritage and culture. i pays hostage image
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mexican arm defeated friend each other forces. saturday the 143rd kentucky derby wills takes place, that's a look at the week ahead. fox news did you enjoy the hot weather? whether you did or not, have to get ready. >> including rain. caitlin is back in a moment. stay with us.
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it was like an august day. >> absolutely. tonight it's just steamy. it's the hot summer night the first one so far. >> i'm loving it >> i complained about the cold too long. it's warm and i'm not going to be this guy complaining >> you're not going to be that guy? >> i always have great aspirations, i'm always that girl complaining about something. for now it has been nice day and evening, we got lucky, no showers and thunderstorms formed this evening, it has been warm and the humidity is sticking around. get it? for tomorrow and then into monday. 77 i crack myself up. heat index at 79 and that's because of the humidity still out there. it's very muggy and
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will barely get below 70 in dc. that's very unusual for late april, little early before we start to see 90's in our forecast, at least climate logically we got there today. tying the record of 91. 71 in annapolis, 72 in baltimore, just about everyone mild, 79 in manassas, culpeper, upper 60's along the mountains, it's a little bit more comfortable in the higher elevations. satellite and radar quiet. you see a couple of clouds. showers and thunderstorms well organized back off towards our west. major storm system churning through the central plains, bringing cool temperatures through st. louis and then strong storms into the missouri valley and snow. places like denver and al incurky. late april they're seeing snow. from snow to 90 across 2/3 of the country. let's track the
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it's going to take awhile to move out of the midwest, we stay in the warm sector quiet through tomorrow. i wouldn't rule out a rogue shower. that would be by mid afternoon on monday, showers popping at 3:00. better chances when the fronts arrives monday, stopping the clock at 10:00 p.m., heavy downpours along the 81 corridor moving into the western suburbs, heads-up monday, we could be doing storm. tracking here. cutting into warm air mass. installed warm front. that will start to pull in air off the atlantic, areas off to the north and east may be in the 70s or 60's. 80's washington, 90's and still warm back across south central virginia. next couple days, it's still warm, above average, not as hot, mostly cloudy and humid, 82, 83 out ahead of the cold front monday with the chance for
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thunderstorms. we're going to begin the month of may with a warm note, late day thunderstorms likely. dry out. and beautiful mid week weather, temperatures in the 70, perfect spring conditions and change as we hid to the second half of the washington, dc week, storm system looks to bring us that chilly wet weather, rain becomes likely by thursday into fly, we'll be talking about all week long and next weekend very different saturday, 65 degrees with a chance of showers. the warm weather sticks around for tomorrow into monday, matt and lauren enjoy it. cooler weather on the way >> caps hoping for win at the verizon center, did they pull it off? highlights coming up >> dancing the night away, this group of special students celebrating their prom.
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capitoling fans gone home sdpoindz. the final score, 6-2. the penguins scored three times in the second period. and in the third period, pittsburgh scored
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with the power play. the caps closed it to 4-2 on a goal by nicholas backstrom but the penguins answered back with two more goals. caps trail pittsburgh two games to none in the best of seven. which shifts to pittsburgh for game three and four. now to the nationals. second straight day, nats took it on the chin at home losing to the rivals the new york mets. the mets beat the nats 5-3. they smashed two home runs and jose ray yes hit one out. the nats will try to avoid the sweep tomorrow. after the break, we will get a final check of your wake-up forecast.
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best buddies prom took place this weekend. photo journalist paul lester was at the event and brings us the sights and sounds. >> we had to look online at the different types of dresses. the million colors they come in. pink
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we definitely had to find a pink. >> she loves dancing. we had to make sure she could move. 12th grade her fourth. she's gone every year and as a senior they get to go to the high school prom as well. >> reporter: this night is so important for best buddies. many of whom don't get to the ch chancing to to a program. we have 50 across the dmv and down into southern virginia. they come and have a full-on prom. a dj and food and drink, photo booth and they get to enjoy things that many of us take for granted. >> i love seeing the y
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people on the dance floor, i have two sophomores in high school, and i am a parent first. to see all of these children being together dancing together enjoying each other. no matter what their differences or different abilities are. this year we're hoping to raise money for citizens program. what that is one to one friendships between difficulties with and without disabilities in the community and allows our young people aged out of the school system to remain a part of the community at large to be able to go to all the things many of us who don't have disability to take for granted >> they were having such a good time >> i don't know who gets more out of it. the volunteers or kids. all around an amazing event best buddies >> still warm tomorrow, not as hot but in the
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through monday, chances of thunderstorms monday. great weather mid week before rain for the second half of the work week. >> tomorrow back with you at 7:0 a.m.
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hanna: previously on kicking and screaming - go. - jump! the teams got a change of scenery. we're going to the beach. elaine: it's going to be fun. brady opened up about his past. you know, and if i'm single for the rest of my life, i'm totally fine with that. you deserve to be happy in a relationship. battle lines were drawn. we're going to go with jason and elaine. elaine: they are just choosing friendship over the possibility of winning a half a million dollars. hannah: brady and claire were able to launch their first prize challenge win. three, go. ( cheering ) then later, the bottom two teams got a big surprise. neither team will be going home. yeah, baby! yeah, baby! right here. hannah: instead, today will be a last opportunity,


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