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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> the news at 11 starts now. >> this is local news at 11. >> thank you for staying us with i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm jim lokay. >> fell like more summer than spring. record setting temperatures across the area. >> wliv look outside now. the question is, is this heat planning on taking staying around. what can we expect in the workweek. >> one more day warm and tomorrow the dig story tomorrow is dry and thunderstorms some of which will be storm and severe weather possible and afternoon into tomorrow morning. temperatures this evening depend on where you are. if you're north and east of d.c. temperatures are in the 60s. you start coming down to the dmv and central and southern and southwestern areas temperatures staying and laying across from is kee
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temperature dropped in d.c. 7 degrees from just in the late 90 hour. so the front is he'sed ever so slightly down to south and southwest. i think it settles there and forecast living north overnight probably not much and eventually upper 60s. we met may get to upper 60s and front moves norm and back up to 70 or so and thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow. maybe we end up with cloud cover in the morning and in the afternoon we start to get to plenty of sunshine and that helps to destableize things. we're looking out tomorrow afternoon and evening and the best bet is that after 3:00 we'll start to see popping up and moving from the west. and this probably won't start comeing across until 5, 6, 7:00 at least not the i 95 corridor. we're under a slight risk
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tomorrow evening. storms prediction center way down in norman oklahoma issues ths and they feel there's a good luckily hood we'll get strong to severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and high winds gusts 50 miles an hour or greater and large hail. of course heavy rain and dangerous lightning not to mention a little bit of tore naid nadic activity. and enhanced risk is further north and northwest. and that may change just a little bit. they'll update this tomorrow morning. so, these slight risk and enhanced risk areas can change a bit and we'll be updating that an watch and see when they come through tomorrow afternoon and evening. just how strong they'll be. guys. >> thank you, cigary. we turn now to a "fox5" sklus ever a tacoma park police officer was wounded today after a man with mental health issues took off. >> that patient was arrested. lindsey watts with video you'll see only here on
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"fox5". >> police say the map was with his family washington add convenienttist and were committing him to the hospital this afternoon and when he decided he didn't want to be here. police say he locked himself in a family member's car and then when police arrived he took off. he ran over an officer's foot and hit a parked car as he drove into the district. and we'll show you video now. the man ended up back at his home on underwood street northwest d.c. a mile and a half from the hospital. you can see big police response and investigators from tacoma park and district responded and d.c. brought up the chop to search. the man was hiding in the attic of the house and that the floor gave way and he ended up falling on top of the officers looking inside looking for him. no officers were hurt but police say the suspect did have injuries from that. and we were there as he was taken from the home led out by police and puts into ambulance. tonight tacoma park police have not released
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name yet an a spokes woman said he is facing charges of assault on a mroyv and fleeing and eluding. lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> coming up both the president and vice-president made appearances on the sunday morning talk shows. >> all the highlight on day 101 of the trump president denny when fox news at 11 continues after this
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>> the logjam over the bum set over. congressional negotiators kept it funded through fiscal year that end on september 30. house an senate expected to vote on trillion dollars spending plan this week. it includes increases for military spending and border secure sti and funding for the national institutes of health. >> and president trump marked a major milestone this weekend his 100 day in office. >> to mark the occasion the president and vice-president hit the sunday talk shows to reflect on accomplishments and to look at key issues that lie ahead. "fox5" marina marraco on what they had to say today. >> he made a lot of cam pain promises for first 100 days and today specifically addressed plan to repeal and replace one of the major campaign promises obamacare. and the president guaranteeing repeal and replace existing coverages despite not making a mark in the first
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and president assures the country that obamacare has a nail in its coffin. >> so we have we're going to have lower premiums and before you start there let me tell i something. obamacare is dead. i'm not going to touch it because i said it. waste, frud and abuse i'm going to touch. if there's something in medicare that has been abused i'll touch that. there are certain things as you know that have been absolutely abused. there are certain prove iings in medicare that i are horrible and abusive and there's been terrible things happening. so that kind of self i willing actually touch. >> and the vice-president head he would not be del delivering in the first 100 days. >> no it was not over pro promise. this president already signed more bills in first 100 days since any president s
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harry trueman. he's 13 positions of of laemlation that rolled back job killing regulation from obama administration signed into law. >> and now the democrats argue president trump surprise still in campaign mode talking strictly to people. moderate senator susan collins of main mane and angus king of rhode island says there's hurdles preventing middle ground, jim. >> president trump baulk with if he would lake a stark warping to attend the nuclear program. >> today, trump abegin refused to rule out military action as response to north korea continued defense with deputy record. it is part of the efforts to develop a long range nuclear war head capable of hitting the united states. like the previous three tests it failed and came only hours afte
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tillerson warned united na nation's security council waiting to curb and thread catastrophic consequences. h. r. mc master called it acts of on defiance and position. >> and military option and help make what you're doing diplomatically and economically and sanctions viable to be able to resolve this problem short of what would be as president said a major, major war and human tear yai ian catastrophe. >> and officials long believed china as regime closest ally and biggest training partner is in best position to pressure kim j jung-un. chew 23450ez can put brakes on this do i not believe kim j jung-un will do that by h himself. i don't think
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built i don't think he's concerneded of the welfare of people to say the least. >> trump said he believes china is starting to did and that the willing may make cop sessions with trade deals in china to make that happen. >> i'm garrett tipy fox news. >> gar jury back after the break. >> a full look at the for quhaingt news at 11 returns.
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good weather for the annual walk for ms at rfk stadium today and this year greater maryland chapter raised 4 0 0,000 across the country. walks asupposed to pass the $1 million mark. >> national ms society is largest private fund area cross the globe of 346789 s research. we lead across the globe. we're excited to be a leader in that space. >> we're taking part because we have a family member who was recently diagnosed sew so we want to up support him and his efforts to remain healt
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and in the society's efforts to find a cure. >> national ms society recently funded development of brand new drug the first ever that helps people with progressive ms. >> i got to tell you it's one of those things years and years ago you hear ms and think you know where do you go from here. i know a lot of people who lead healthy productive lives. dealing with mss is a struggle sometimes. >> because of event like that all that goes to research and everything that's great work yeah. >> the weather not bad. >> i was glad it cooperated. not a lot of sun. that kept it a little cooler. >> little breezy out today, too. >> di pending where you were in relation to this frontal system it's a challenge. it's tricky trying to figure out where cold front will be. especially the fact was back door cold front and made it hard to cool off. it did what we thought would do so we split the
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half and show high temperatures dulles which is on south and southwest side record setting temperature 86. ties the record okay. back to 208 we hear we're in 1818 degrees and not as warm as yesterday but fairly warm. it doesn't take much sunshine to give the future up. they were closer to the front and more on the north side of the front so that kept them only at 79 degrees. kind of further you wept this morning you found and this afternoon you found the temperatures got cooler. that's what's happening now. baltimore 62. annapolis 64. westminster 65 and norm of front up here is a loot cooler so you can see. new york city is a5. boston, ling hamilton 75 all the warmth is here and there's front that comes tloun here and detried is 54 and chick khing is 5
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this is typical springtime yet up this brought snow in parts of milwaukee and denver. it was friday happening you did still see it's producing snow on the backside. it's bringing in cold enough air to make it change dwrovr snow and significant in some case there's through kansas and nebraska. lot of rain ahead of that and wig time thunderstorms this morning throughout day today and into this evening. right now good news there's no active severe thunderstorm watch org tornado watches or anything like that. but the damage is done there has been multiple reports of tornadoes. down mere through the deep south and again this is where the jet stream wrashs into store and bring it to the gulf and that helps create the severe weather. tomorrow we'll have potential for severe weather here. all this yellow is d.c. western suburbs. really west of i 95 there's a slight risk of severe thunderstos.
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here into central pennsylvania that's the enhanced risk. greater hivk of more wide spread showers and thunderstorms. do i think we let and ended tem torping. you have a few thunderstorms that don't go. wind could be gusting in excess of 90 miles an hour. that could do damage. a couple stronger storms may try spin up to create tornadoes. very, very close to watching that tomorrow this is adjusted a little tomorrow morning from the storm prediction center in northern oklahoma. that's owe who issue it for us. >> we don't have a son of sun tomorrow a little bit but may be folly forks, 85-86 anything tomorrow morning in thames of the timing on this tomorrow not in the morning. 2:00, holds everything off west. 6:00,
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i have to believe out ahead of this we could fire up shower or thunderstorm that could be strong in some sunshine tomorrow afternoon and main line comes through later in the evening. okay? and gets out of hereby tue tuesday. it was a lot he's you're so channel for the workweek tomorrow and mid 0s depend how much sunshine you get cooling off by tuesday, 8. less humid, 71 on runs and we're brekting another awnd of sunshine. friday looks wet too. rain lookly there with we get to next weekend cool and drying out after a fairly soggy thursday and especially friday. >> maybe get out of there for the weekend. >> thank you, sdpary. >> will terdz and celtics taking up playoff siris. >> and anthony ran don't as the eagles blast the meats way in
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>> celtics and wizards it started where crowder got tooe ed up to talking to bench and then this year a fight between the two locker rooms during the game and wizards responded by dressing in all black for celtics funeral and meet in postseason for first time in 3 years. getting by him better in boston. needs to check it out. game 6 and all washington to the first. wall goat e don't give him that he'll think the every time. >> check out. eye say say athomas tooth knocked out. he'll pick up the tooth. hopefully keep that. marquise morris that land awkwardly with you have to help with ankle or foot he will play in coach two.
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crowder and the sem ticks took advantage and boyan three pointer and one. he tuesday the lead. giants and celtics way too much. game one, 123-111. redskins 2016 defense was pretty bad and especially third down. they ranged last in the nfl. solution pick players best defense from college football alabama. skins two first picks brother ever the crimson tide top r ranked d. >> we playing the same ge fence for years. it was close. never, ever in a million years i thought we ob on the same team. i thought i got rid of him. >> playing on the same team we have a great brotherhood at alabama. you never think of a situation where you go to play for eye team with one of your great friends from college. it's a blessing i'm excited nationals and mets anthony
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randone. nats up 5-3. randone upper quuts in one. deep past the seats on left. third rbi in three innings and really that's not much compared to what he did in this one. third inning randone not done. 406 feet and this clears the fence. nats lead 10-5. they follow that up with bases clearing double and capper, yokes high fast ball. randore. 6 per 6, step r bixt i and senates score beating the mets 23-25. >> it would be easy for normal person but ronald mann lost part of his league in 1 1995. our photographer has more on his inspirational story. >> 30 days after the accident i had a gun to my head [
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theme ]♪ briingt before i pulled the trigger i decided if i was dying i was dying fighting. >> i found by path through jujitsu. coming out when i lost my leg there was 20 years ago. they deposit have par limb picks or isus i had to find my own way. i went to the martial arts as recovery. and when we started training i was not allowed to train in many games they concerned me away. and at one point i wanted to start competing we had to drive 4 1/2 over to chicago to snreep tourpment and i would wear long pants until my bad was saving up incredible and after i won my first physician i knocked the guy out in the second round. i raised my heat with my limb and entire stadium wept queue
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people. years go by they offer me a chance to emmaus us. new for an amputee could do it. >> live comfort support. >> you can't think about it it's not limb i heard about this world jujitsu tourment. the reels in agbagdy. he needs learn how to put the fins even he able bodied without the defendant. river was rough and last was better and he ended up submitting lost opponents and whipping out. are you hart to the body. there are advantages you can't hangle lock me. there's disadvantages
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your side or tweet from one side people are truly funned. they came away they got beat we a one-legged dude. >> it's more than a sport it's a lifestyle. teaches you how to you to sol ever problems under arrest. >> our our lives. >> without think don't know where i would have ended up with jit jew bit should. >> a final wake of forecast stein-up, 23 to
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>> 90s yesterday and tomorrow we'll be back in the 80s. good chance of severe thunderstorms. late afternoon into evening hours okay so this will sweep cross. much cooler on tuesday. 78. less humid as well. wednesday 71. you see cooler trend. >> yeah definitely sgle into workweek. >> have a good one, ever everybody. >> if you play a little league baseball game bide by all the rules and be safe. >> good night. >>
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soledad: right now on "matter of fact," coal mining on the decline. tens of thousands of miners -- unemployed. >> they are craving for the opportunity to get back to work. soledad: you get a look at a ground breaking innovation that could put jobs back in coal country? they gained access to candidate hillary clinton's inner circle. complex a lot of people dish some dirt to you. soledad: what their sources had to say about how hillary's dreams were shattered. and the largest youtube news show in the world. and -- a youtube reality series putting american business to the test. what you're missing if you haven't tuned in. but first, two freshman congressmen, a republican and a democrat -- rate the president's performance. i'm soledad o'brien.


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