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tv   Matter of Fact With Soledad O Brien  FOX  April 30, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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soledad: right now on "matter of fact," coal mining on the decline. tens of thousands of miners -- unemployed. >> they are craving for the opportunity to get back to work. soledad: you get a look at a ground breaking innovation that could put jobs back in coal country? they gained access to candidate hillary clinton's inner circle. complex a lot of people dish some dirt to you. soledad: what their sources had to say about how hillary's dreams were shattered. and the largest youtube news show in the world. and -- a youtube reality series putting american business to the test. what you're missing if you haven't tuned in. but first, two freshman congressmen, a republican and a democrat -- rate the president's performance. i'm soledad o'brien.
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this is matter of fact. president trump marks his 100 days in office calling the date "a ridiculous standard." at the same time, he spent the last week trying to show just how much he's accomplished in those 100 days. what he has done signed over 27 , executive orders, including his controversial travel ban, the order to abolish sanctuary cities, and the roll back of government regulations. but his legislative agenda has met resistance on capitol hill, with tussles over the repeal and replacement of obamacare, the building of a wall on the southern border, and now his proposed tax cuts and how to pay for them. the first 100 days have been a benchmark for presidents since fdr. back in 1933 he got 16 major bills through congress in 100 days, setting a high standard for subsequent presidents.
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two freshman congressman, one republican, one democrat, are tracking the president's progress and their own first 117 days --because that's how long they have been in office, representative raji krishnamoorthi is a democrat representing the 8th district in illinois. and representative jim banks is a republican representing indiana's 3rd district. it is nice to have you both with me. the first 117 days doesn't have quite the same ring to it. but how has it been? rep. banks: to be a member of congress is a great adventure for me, coming from a rural community, growing up in a small town and being able to participate in the government, it is a great honor to be here. soledad: do you think more dysfunctional than you thought as an outsider to the process or do you feel it is less dysfunctional? rep. krishnamoorthi: it is a little dysfunctional here. this is my first elected office. i am a former small business man. as a small businessman we'd start with the place where we agree and then build from there and then get to the ple
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disagree. unfortunately in this town, we start with where we disagree and stake our positions and then hope by some miracle that we will come to agreement there then move on other areas. that was the biggest surprise for me. soledad: so the 100 days of president trump's presidency. let's tick through what you think he is a accomplished. let's start with immigration. rep. banks: i give the pres a deal of credit for taking seriously an issue the american people are looking for leadership, the executive orders and process he has done has led to lowest number of illegal crossings over the border with mexico in 17 years. rep. krishnamoorthi: we are a nation of laws and we need to strengthen border and make sure that people come here legally, but we are also a nation of immigrants. we have to deal with this comprehensively, in a bipartisan way so that is what i am hoping happens from here. soledad:
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been some move to protect your healthcare from any changes, which as a voter that does not sit well with me. rep. krishnamoorthi: i think that the current system, the aca has problems and we have to work in a bipartisan way to fix them. but the ahca, the president and gop plan i think fell far short, leaving 24 million people without health insurance, raising premiums for seniors and the most recent iteration ahca 2.0 is worse. it allows insurance companies, in states that allow it, to charge whatever they want based on preexisting conditions and exempts members of congress. i think that is wrong. i am on obamacare. this is something we have to fix in a bipartisan way. rep. banks: i supported the ahca from the beginning because it moved forward a true solution to
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this country that was brought about by the aca. i give the president credit for his leadership and bringing all factions, all sides within the republican party together. we are on the brink of passing the american health care act in the house and sending it to the senate, that is what leadership looks like. soledad: final question for you, how do you feel about our place on the world stage if you will under president trump? >> we should be nice with nice guys and tough on tough guys, we have been tough on some allies. we have to remember that alliances are important and we have to avoid saber rattling and overly provactive moves in other regions that could lead to dangerous situations. rep. banks: i'm sure the president has learned a lot in the last 100 days. on the global stage we are on the brink of a disastrous situation whether it comes from north korea, or iran, i too would add russian aggression to the list
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the globe. this is a president who understands the threats that we face we have to do something about it and show decisive action, and i am pleased we have a president that is doing that. soledad: 100 days in. thanks for joining me. >> next is coal country about to , make a comeback? >> we can tilt at windmills or we can empower people. >> find out why a massive coal company is investing in solar farms to create jobs for the miners they laid off. and later -- the 100 day mark -- for the democrats. soledad: how would you grade the democrats? >> c-minus. >> how would you rate their
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soledad: drone video over pike county kentucky. you wouldn't know it from these pictures, but this used to be a coal mine. just eight years ago, 91 million tons of coal were extracted from
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mines in eastern kentucky -- last year, fewer than 17 million tons. in the same eight years, mining employment dropportunityed from -- dropped from more than 15-thousand people employed to just under 4-thousand workers. president trump has promised he would bring back mining jobs. the coal industry is on the decline due to cheap n natural s and the growing use of wind and solar power. kentucky could see a comeback as an energy producer thanks to solar farms being built -- in some cases literally on the ground of former mines. adam edelen is overseeing the launch of the biggest solar energy farm in the state of kentucky. he joins us today. nice to talk to you. your company is small but the partnership is what makes it large, correct? >> that is right. the opportunity to bring together big players in renewable energy and coal to build a solar project on a mountaintop removal site,
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creating opportunities for displaced coal miners is truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i appreciate your interest. soledad: why would a massive coal company want to be a partner in something in that is dealing with clean energy? we, maybe those of us who are not in the industry, always think of that as competing, not grounds for a partnership. >> the berkeley energy group is excited about developing solar on their vast private holdings because i think everyone recognizes that renewable energies are going to be extraordinarily important in the future. they are important now. just as we are trying to diversify the economic portfolio of this coal company, it is more important to diversify the economic opportunities so we can make sure the people in appalachia and eastern ky have the ability to take care of their families and live where they want to live. soledad: how many jobs do you need to fill? how many coal miners today are
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looking for work in kentucky? >> we have several thousand coal miners who have lost their jobs in the downturn of the coal economy so any project that promises opportunity for them and them to learn next generation skills is important. soledad: so how does the retraining workers work? >> the coal miners are the most skilled workers in the world. these are folks who are outstanding electricians, work in difficult circumstances, they show up to work every day. they already have that base of technical knowledge that we will need to translate into the solar industry. there will some training. but that training we think would take weeks, not months. soledad: president trump has proposed a half a billion dollar cut to research in clean energy, he said and i will quote him. he think this area is a quote a big mistake and a quote bad investment. what do you make of his position?
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i think diversifying the economy in appalachia is important and we want to do what we can to help industries that have been employing people for a long time. but we have to ready people to be able to compete in the future and recognizing the role of renewable energy , solar in particular and i think focusing on this , project is so important. you hit the nail on the head. think about it. given the division in this country, think about what happens when we're able to bring together coal company and a renewable energy company to create economic opportunity for people who need it. that is the unity that we need in this country that is focused on building for the long term and not the past. this is an exciting opportunity to give people a reason to be more optimistic about the future. soledad: mr. edelen, thanks, for talking with us. we look forwar
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future. >> can't wait to host you. >> next on matter of fact inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign. jonathan allen: she believed she was going to win the presidency. >> why these reporters say she should have seen the writing on the wall. and later, the youtube reality show that whole foods versus hilton. pits boston versus atlanta. find out what's at stake in this high energy reality series. >> i would hope they're going to put a drop ceiling in here. traditional aerosols contain a lot of water... which eventually falls down and spoils the experience. introducing air wick pure... ...with 9x more fragrance and less water. experience great fragrance with less wet spray. air wick pure: more fragrance, less wet spray. also available in freshmatic. keep your home fresh all day
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others. but her quest of the presidency -- though history making -- ended in defeat. she lost in spite of polls predicting an 85 percent chance of her being elected. the first of several campaign autopsies is out -- this one titled "shattered" -- its two authors work for capitol hill publications, jonathan allen, a columnist at roll call and amie parnes, senior white house correspondent for the hill. nice to have you both. you have been knee deep in politics for a long time. at the end of the day is this book about assigning blame? jonathan allen: i think it is about the story of what happened. i think there were people who wanted to know why it was they were looking at the election of clinton right up until part way through election night and then suddenly she loses. i think a lot of people will come out of this assigning blame but really this is just the behind the scenes of what happened. amie parnes: i think you have to look at the candidate herself. she had 8 years to learn from her last campaign and make some
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changes. john and i have basically said it's comey, its russia, and it's mismanagement, and it's a lack of a message. it's all of those things and when you lose by less than 80,000 votes you have to call into account everything. soledad: clinton has a reputation of having people around her who are extremely loyal. obviously you found and ferreted out, and my guess is that some of the people in the campaign are also trying to ferret out who talked to you. amie parnes: our goal was to find exactly what happened and we wanted to talk to them on background so they be candid with us to let us know exactly where the flaws were. a lot of it was swept under the rug and made to look pretty because they were trying to over-learn from 2008 when everything in the headlines and on the cable news networks and the campaign didn't look good. soledad: your book was the first time i really started to understand the difference
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polling. jonathan allen: data analytics can mean a variety of thins. number they are trying to one, ascertain who the electorate is. they get info on people where they live, their race, their ethnicity, their magazine subscriptions so they can take small samples, like pollsters might take small samples, and extrapolate what they are finding to larger populations. however, they do it with simple questions and they are not are not able to measure the mood -- of a voter is. soledad: robby mook was all about data analytics and not so much polling. was that a fatal flaw? >> i think they did have a check. so when the data analytics were off, when they weren't getting info that was accurate from the data analytics, they didn't have a place to go. amie parnes: clinton was furious about that. and made it known, sounding the alarm that when he was campaigning that was getting a different feel on the ground and he was questioning why he was being sent to a number of places
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when he should have been sent to what he thought were the opposite in fact. , so he was really kind of bothered by it. soledad: how its feels versus how it is reading on paper. jonathan allen: the data analytics were used as a decider, as one of the sources told us in the book, used a decider not a tool, they used that to determine all kinds of things including where to send , candidates. one of the things they lost out on, or one of the things they were driven toward because they were so focused on the data was to turn out clinton supporters instead of persuading people. president clinton wanted to go out and talk to people who weren't with her and try to make the case for her. data analytics folks told him it was a waste of time. soledad: jonathan allen and amie parnes, appreciate it. both: thank you so much. >> coming up next. she's a reporter for a news show that exists only on line. and gets 8 million views.
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>> i think any time the party starts dividing itself, they're going to have a problem. >> what she's got to say about where the democrats are going wrong with her generation. and still ahead, some have called it a reality show for nerds. find out how this youtube series is saving viewers billions. come can do it! dogs just won't quit.
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on president trump's 100 days, what about the democrats? the biggest online news site, the young turks has over 3 point -- 3.3 million subscribers you can find them on youtube -- and they have an inside scoop in their assessment. nomiki konst was an at large member of the dnc council and a national co-chair of a fund raising arm of president obama's re-election campaign. so she knows the dems.
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reporter for the the young turks and political contributor for cbs news. we're grading now trump on his 100 days. what grade would you give the democrats because no one is grading the democrats. >> i would give them a c-. soledad: passing but not impressive. >> yes. kudos to the democratic party for having a chair race and reelecting all these positions which they have never really done in a transparent way. but now they need to change the rules of the party. the rules of the party are almost unilaterally set. the budget is not transparent. so you don't know all that money that they are asking for you from emails, you don't know where that money is going. turns out, after the democratic chair race, we found out a lot of the money was going to a few contractors. so i think they need to do an autopsy of the last election, i think they need to do an audit of the democratic party. they need to send the money back to the
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state parties are crying for it. until they do that, they won't get to a b level in my opinion . >> hear more of the party divisions on our website ,. when we return,could you compete? inside the youtube reality show that challenges your energy sense. ♪♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. a delicious chew that protects for an entire month. ask your vet for more information. reported side effects include vomiting and itching. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice.
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vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me. ♪ soledad: we know president trump likes reality tv. so he should really love the show challenge swap never heard of it? it is produced by the department of energy. every episode features a face-off between rival teams looking for, wait for it, wasted energy in each other's operations. it is actually kind of riveting. the host is maria vargas. she is the head of the better buildings program of the department of energy. the web series gives competing organizations a chance to learn from each other and educ
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season one was whole foods versus hilton hotels worldwide. in a nut shell, energy professionals nitpick each other's efforts -- finding faults in everything from wasted water, to light fixtures, and heating units. if you're laughing, well the first season got over 50 million media impressions and 300 thousand youtube views. season two the us airforce academy versus the us naval academy -- drew 1 .5 million views. season three pits boston against atlanta, with the rivals touring airports, libraries, and water treatment plants. exciting! the doe says because of challenge swap, billions of dollars have been saved. each episode costs about two hundred thousand dollars to shoot. president trump's budget cuts could mean the end of the series. the president has proposed a 1
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doe. that is all for us today. i'm soledad o'brien and we'll see you on our next episode of matter of fact. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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