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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 1, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock, a rare show of bipartisanship and congress comes to an agreement on a huge 1 trillion-dollar budget deal. does it include funding for president trump's border wall? what will stay and what will go? dee nails a live report. >> no more free parking at the national mall. the park service set to install meters and that means of course you'll have to pay up. how much? a live report is coming up. >> and more than a dozen people dead after severe weather sweeps across parts of the midwest and the south. that same system expected to hit the northeast. what should we expect? we'll have your full forecast in a minute. >> good monday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. thanks so much for join and us on this monday. it is may first, 2017. >> if you are just waking up give you a live look outside right now, already 71 degrees out there. so, get set, another warm one. >> no doubt about it. let's check in with tucker and erin right now, quick check of weather and traffic. tucker. >> steve, warm and humid. another warm and humid afternoon and we got storms in the forecast. give you
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arrive coming up. erin. >> problems on the roads and the rails. a crawl on the outer loop by new hampshire boulevard -- new hampshire avenue because of the stall by university boulevard. blue line delays by king street. we'll help steer you clear of the rail and road slowdowns with your next look at traffic. >> erin thanks. more details on both coming. first let's talk politics. president trump on the verge of a legislative victory this morning but democrats say they won too. >> congress close to passing a bipartisa agreement to avoid a government shutdown but there is a price for compromise. fox5's melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with more now. good morning. >> reporter: well, steve and allison the price tag a trillion dollars with money in this spending compromise for many of the various priorities of the president and lawmakers and not very many cuts. washington may be able to keep the government shutdown signs under wraps for a few months now with congress on the verge of inking a deal to keep the government opened until october. but it wasn't easy. and just yesterday
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president trump talking about the art of deal making in washington. >> in many cases you're forced to make deals that are not the deal you'd make, you'd make a much different kind of a deal. >> reporter: so, what was the give and take to get a deal? the president had to give up, for now at least, border wall funding. that's a win for democrats but the white house is getting some political cover with $1.5 billion pegged for additional border security measures including detention beds and technology. the president also gets about $15 billion in military funding. there's more money for coalminer benefits but planned parenthood funding stays intact and the president had to abandon a host of other cuts that democrats said went too far. >> but he can't just dictate what he wants not talk to us and say you must support it. country doesn't work my way or the highway. >> reporter: so what's next? healthcare. with the president promising another push to repeal and replace obamacare, but also promising to continue a
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tenet of the affordable care act. >> and i just watched another network than yours and they were saying preexisting is not covered. preexisting conditions are in the bill. and i mandated it. i said it has to be. >> reporter: now, of local interests and nih got a 2 billion-dollar funding boost and also there is money to continue the private school voucher program for students in washington, d.c., both the house and the senate need to pass this bill by the end of the week. live on capitol hill, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> 7:03 now. happening today in northern virginia, agriculture secretary sunny purdue will visit an elementary school. the specifics aren't out yet but some speculate it could include a two year extension in lowering the amount of sodium in school lunch. >> happening today, nationwide
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protests are planned for this may first because it is mayday. >> people are expected to voice their opposition against state and federal government for what they call a reckless agenda against workers and immigrants. mayday marchers here locally in d.c. will rally at malcolm x park today at noon. also here locally an alleged member of the ms-13 gang will be in court today his name is daniel ramos romero police say back in 2000 he 15 and he other gang members lured a 34-year-old man into a wooded area behind montgomery village and it was there that he and other members of the ms-13 gang allegedly killed the man and buried him in a shallow grave his body found sometime later. ramos is tied to other violent beatings and murders. he'll be in court today at 1:30. >> so tough weather in the south and the midwest. at least 14 people killed by tornadoes or flooding. now the cleanup is just getting started. >> first in texas and arkansas fire
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being struck by a vehicle during a heavy thunderstorm. a total of five people have been killed in weather related deaths in that state. those deaths included a woman killed saturday night when a tree fell on her mobile home. >> a similar incident in tennessee where a woman was killed after being struck by a tree that fell during a storm there. she was trying to put some of her belongings in a car when the free fell. >> oklahoma now where the torrential rain was just too much for one area. the floods devastated several homes and businesses. one resident says water went from six to 60-inches in just a 15 or 20 minute time period. and at one point they say they had an estimated 8 feet of standing water in the middle of the town. >> hopefully none that of works its way this way although we are going to get some rain later today. >> unbelievable. >> possible strong storms late this afternoon and this evening. >> most of the day today though pretty good. >> warm and humid. won't be quite the heat we
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had. yesterday 88 and 91 on saturday. >> wow. >> our first 90 of the year. april by the way wrapping up yesterday, warmest april in d.c. history. >> in d.c. history the warmest april in d.c. history. >> uh-huh. >> setting records. >> setting records. evening storms are a possibility. that's your big headline today. again we'll watch this frontal system move from from the west and it promises to deliver a few strong storms around here later. 73 humid degrees out there early this morning. little bit more comfortable up towards baltimore where it's 60. there's a front just to our north and that will continue to kind of fade away back up towards new york and boston as a warm front later today. we'll be on the warm side of things. warm humid in and out of the clouds. rain chances really don't arrive until late this afternoon and this evening as that cold front you can see it out to the west into kentucky and ohio moves in. we could have a a few strong storms around here enhanced risk officially late this afternoon and tonight. 83 degrees. more details coming up. >> thank you, tuck. >> uh-huh. >> let's check in with er
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this morning. >> we have new problems that you need to be aware of. outer loop this is a crash involving a tractor-trailer out by baltimore-washington parkway. the right lane right shoulder is blocked and this is causing a big outer loop delay from the ramp from 95 to the outer loop on through so give yourself some extra time t let's go ahead and switch things over from this big crash scene and delay to a look outside in northeast. you can see things waking up more traffic out there, minnesota avenue remains shut down at burroughs avenue with a downed pole and wires. low hanging wires there. you can detour at hunt place take that over to 44th street but be prepared even though burroughs of a traffic is moving minnesota avenue still blocked right now. let's switch over from our live look to our maps. metro delays. residual delays to largo town center on the blue line. earlier issue at king street. then in addition we have an eastbound seven crash on both shoulders at baron cameron avenue. inbound seven dealing with slowdowns because of that and then another outer loop crash blocking the shoulder at new hampshire avenue. again you can see because of that crash by bw parkway and the crash by new
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avenue outer loop delays leading through lanham to bw parkway and then the north and southbound side dealing with heavier traffic. northbound 295 from a late clearing work zone by east capitol street things starting to get back to normal but still dealing with a delay of 12 to 15 minutes. southbound side a bit heavy as well so just be mindful of that of volume. 395 about a 15 minute ride delay from the beltway up. we're dealing with safe track impacting the green and yellow rush plus. allison and steve. >> 7:08. well, up until today, if you could score one of those coveted parking spaces along the national mall at least if you got it it was free. not any longer. >> contractors for the national mall will begin to install parking meters, thousands of once free spots will be gone and it will cost you. our bob barnard is live along the national mall with more on when this goes into that effect and bob i got to be honest i never got one of those no meter spots anyway. >> reporter: that's right, they're hard to find. this all goes
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june 12th. they were supposed to today start installing these meters, these multi-space meters not individual meters starting today but with weather and other things, it's been delayed a little bit. but it will still takes effect june 12. a lot of these areas have been three hour parking areas and we're talking parking lots and along like constitution avenue and independence avenue, all along the mall here, so if you're going to visit the monuments, the memorials, the museums and come down here along the tidal basin to visit the cherry blossoms it has been free up until now. the issue is this, though. this is not just going to be an inconvenience for tourists who may not know that there was free parking or still is for another month and a half but think of all the people who work in this area, the federal workers who say they don't want to rely on metro and they come down here and they park in these three-hour spaces all day and rarely get tickets, that -- that free ride is about
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>> i've only been parking here for a couple months at this point but i found in parking in this area is really beneficial for me ton my work situation given the distance that i have to commute to my job here. and knowing that parking meters are going to start occurring here, it's a bummer, i understand why, but it's going to make a lot of people who work in this area have to struggle a little bit more trying to find some other way to get in on a reliable basis. >> reporter: and what cindy lee was basically telling us is that, you know, maybe you get two tickets a month that these areas are not really patrolled so you see all these cars here, these are not people just taking a stroll around the tidal basin, these are people who work for the federal government many of them and kind of get away with it, maybe get a couple of tickets a month and it equals out because it's basically free parking and they don't have to rely on metro. the national park service says what they're going to do with these revenues is pay for its
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which has about 15 stops around the mall. it's a dollar a ride and that that's what they want people to do is use public transportation, take the circulator and stop the free parking all along the mall here that is really intended for visitors but is used in great part, guys, by the people who work downtown. >> bob, i get that scenario but let me throw a federal wrench into the plan. if that's the case, why do we have to pay for park on saturday and sunday? >> reporte: well, you're right, and this goes -- it's weekends and holidays from 7:00 a.m. -- it's actually, yeah, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., you know what, they just want everybody to pay for parking, guys, so it's -- it is for tourists late in the day, weekends, holidays but it's going to affect a lot of federal workers during the week. >> oh, boy. all righty, bob, thank you very much. all righty. we will be right back. we have much more coming up after the
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>> ♪ >> new this morning, a virginia woman is suing cutter airways over spilled coffee. the woman is seeking $850,000 in damages. here's what's up. she claims a flight attendant dropped scalding hot coffee on her causing severe burns on her stomach. that woman wants a jury trial to decide the fight of the lawsuit. >> delta airlines in hot water. latest viral video one of that's pilots seen slapping a passenger. why can't people behave on planes or at least in the -- what do you call that area between the airport and the plane. >> uh-huh. >> delta says the pilot intervened to break up that that fight: he was removed from
7:15 am
>> they're fighting and he's got to get it under control. >> don't fight. >> yeah. >> let's take you l live you right now kennedy space center in florida. space-x will be launching a falcon nine and by soon we mean momentarily. >> right. 7:15 launch time. >> uh-huh. >> or like one second from now. >> it's at zero so let's just watch it launch. >> okay. >> the falcon nine reportedly carries a spy satellite for the u.s. national reconnaissance office and that makes it the first time space-x has carried work for the department of defense. the planned launch yesterday had to be scrapped due a faulty sensor. isn't that amazing? never gets old. >> there it is. >> makes you feel like we could just do about anything, hm? we could do that. >> seems like it. >> yeah. >> second time is the charm with that one. >> amazing there are people that are brave enough toet
7:16 am
and go. >> oh, definitely. it's a different mentality. >> i don't think i could do that. >> yeah. >> framed perfectly to get the logo in there. >> how about that. >> space-x camera capturing the view of the space-x rocket. >> don't give them any ideas. the next one would be littered with ads. >> that's not a bad idea. >> they're advertising for themselves right now. >> why not put fox5 on that rocket. >> uh-huh. >> okay. >> it could happen. >> might be others that pay a little bit more. >> oh, pshaw. >> something tells me we can't afford it. all right, let's go to the forecast. we are looking at warm and humid conditions. 73 in washington. clouds today with late date storms really this evening i think here in washington probably 7, 8 o'clock tonight storms will move in. that's a cold front out to the west, out into kentucky and ohio. i personally think we could use somewhat cooler and drier air. >> yeah. >> it's may first and it's been feeling like july around
7:17 am
so -- >> but it is going to cool down. >> that will be welcome relief. yeah, most of the week will be much more springlike than this weekend. yesterday was 88. saturday was 91. a little cooler today. 83 your daytime high and again look out for those late day storms, probably 7, 8 o'clock tonight. cooler tomorrow. wednesday we don't get out of the 60's and with all important weather day on thursday, looks like the rain is going to hold off until later in the day. >> oh, good. >> great news. >> get the a game in, nats game. >> get the presentation in then get the game in. >> yes, the presentation though i mean rain or shine really. >> well, i've done both and i prefer -- >> i know you prefer. >> i prefer shine. >> nothing gets in the way of weather day. >> absolutely. >> nothing stops weather day. >> the kids don't care. >> no, kids don't care. >> they need a lesson in weather. >> right. >> good morning, erin. >> good morning. 7:17 right now. we still have big delays on the outer loop. in fact they're growing all the way back to arena drive. this is an injury crash involving a tractor-trailer blocking part of the right lane and the right shoulder.
7:18 am
past that point. average speeds under 15 miles per hour so again arena drive to bw parkway that is where we're seeing about a 20 minute slowdown. we'll switch over from that camera to a live look in the district in northeast. still tracking this along minnesota avenue at burroughs avenue. downed pole downed wires that are low hanging so that portion of minnesota avenue is shut down. you can detour at hump place take that to 44th street. buses on detour as well so members in northeast dealing with a bit of a delay. we'll switch over for a look at our maps. a lot of red. you can see that red zone again come to go that crash. bw parkway and inbound a little bit of slow traffic. outbound side to the beltway as well. and then the top of the beltway earlier crash after new hampshire avenue. jams up with about a 20 minute delay from 95 over to georgia avenue. taking a look at our drive times again the slowest area is the outer loop top side with a 16 minute delay. yellow zones all over on 95 and 270 southbound. 395 as well. we'll take a look at metro next. back to you. >> erin thanks. mayday demonstrations w
7:19 am
world today. in some places already happening. video coming in from indonesia. south korea and the philippines. workers taking to the streets voicng demands. on mayday union members march for workers rights. in the u.s. protests are planned for immigrants rights and lgbt awareness. overseas today an american supply ship in the western pacific about to get an escort by japan's largest military war ship. the u.s. ship headed to refuel the naval fleet. this comes amid rising tensions with north korea. the north korea threatening to sink the u.s.s. carl vinson. strong warning from down under. australian prime minister malcolm turnbull says he will not tolerate north korea's reckless threats to peace. turnbull says australia and the u.s. are committed to working together to address security threats around the world. >> developing overnight in san diego, california, a shooting rampage at an apartment complex in left one woman
7:20 am
dead, six other people in critical condition. the gunman opened fire during a birthday pool party. a police helicopter first on the scene reported seeing multiple victims on the ground and the suspect still in the pool area and appeared to be reloading when officers arrived on foot, the 49-year-old was shot and killed. reportedly after he pointed a gun at them. according to witnesses, the gunman was sitting calmly and drinking a beer during the shooting. police say the suspect lived in the complex but it's unclear if he knew the victims. police in virginia, virginia beach had their hands full over the weekend. warm weather brought out big crowds to the annual college beach weekend and it didn't take long for violence to break out sadly. four people injured during a shooting on saturday night. one person was stabbed. all the injuries nonlife-threatening. thousands in the local community have that filed a petition to end college beach weekend. and it was a big weekend for washington sports teams. >> yeah. started out that way. >> sports happening. >> at least the nats had
7:21 am
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. >> ♪ >> all right. happening today, the capitals will play the penguins tonight at gala. the penguins beat caps in the first two games in d.c. on home ice but the caps are hosting a pep rally for students at riverdale elementary school in maryland this afternoon a
7:24 am
luck charm. perhaps that's just me. the school won a capitals contest for caps spirit. how could you lose. >> good for them. love the spirit. they'll drop the puck tonight in pittsburgh. wizards going to try to get back on track after a gate start to the game against the celtics. oh, yeah, isaiah thomas' tooth coming out of his mouth. >> it's an important one, steve. >> like they're playing hockey on the court, right. whatever it was, it inspired him because he had a heck of a game. finished with a game high 33 points nine assists. celtics win 123-111. >> that's why i always rock the mouth guard when i play on the weekends. >> back when you were a point guard i know that was your game. nationals hosting the met. they scored enough runs for a couple of series. anthony rendon did the most damage yesterday. have yourself a day young man. six or six, three home runs, 10 rbi's. bases clearing double plus three home
7:25 am
unbelievable. two rbi's short of the major league record. they beat the mets 23 to five. >> ooh. >> that was the mets backup catcher. >> 23 to five? and this is the rivalry. >> right. >> exactly. >> mets did win over the weekend though. >> they scored a bunch of times against the rockies. >> you expect that in colorado not at home, though if i expect it everywhere, steve. >> that's right. >> bar set high. >> right. >> don't set it too high like the caps. 73 in washington. winds out of the south here at 14. guess what? warm and humid today. am i really big? we'll be in the low 80's later today. still warm, still humid out there and we got thunderstorms in the forecast and these are going to arrive this evening. probably six, 7, 8 o'clock tonight west to east and we could be dealing with or looking at the potential for a few strong storms so officially we're under an
7:26 am
enhanced risk for severe weather later this afternoon and this evening. just keep that in mind. then cooler and drier weather behind that front by tomorrow. there's your seven day. 83 today. 78 tomorrow. again, our window for severe storms between about 5 o'clock and 8 o'clock, 9 o'clock tonight so keep an eye on the forecast tucker fox5. i'll be tweeting any advisories any watches and warnings we have issued later today. there's your seven day. looking good for weather day on thursday which is great news. >> have my t-shirt picked out. >> yeah. >> my nats t-shirt. i'm excited. >> all right. >> right now jam cam town. outer loop there's a crash because of this crash involving the semi, we are seeing big delays from arena drive through this point at baltimore-washington parkway. so give yourself a lot of extra time. that is the slowest area we're tracking right now. i will keep you updated. we have other slow zones like 395 northbound, 66 eastbound by prince william parkway. we'll steer clear of all those slowdowns as well. allison and steve. >> erin thank you. >> virginia's race for governor getting national attention a
7:27 am
light on the mood of voters under president trump. fresh off the trail lieutenant governor ralph northrop will join us. >> a hacker known as the dark overlord stole several episodes of the netflix hit orange is the new black. it's the same hacker who is now threatening to post unreleased tv episodes from other major networks. >> ♪
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z2cpsz zi0z
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y2cpsy yi0y >> checking our top stories now at 7:30. howard county, maryland, the ground search called off for escaped prisoner david watson who you're looking at there the escapee. officials no longer believe he's in the immediate area. after exhausting all search efforts there. u.s. marshals and maryland state police are also involved in the
7:30 am
28-year-old watson was being transferred to a psychiatric hospital when he escaped friday morning. arlington now police say this man is facing host of charges after he allegedly tried to injure a police officer with his car. police say officers confronted the suspect brian williams is his name along second road north after someone reported he was involved in some type of dispute. now williams was sit nag car when officers approached. police say he stepped on the gas and tried to run over one officer. she was not hurt. moments later williams crashed his car and then tried to run but officers caught him. steve, over to you. >> al, thank you very much. two democrats vying fort nomination for virginia met in their first debate over the weekend. lieutenant governor ralph nor that many and tom purel low was most friendly. per role after north ham tour accepting virginia sportif from dominion. we had tom perillo on the show.
7:31 am
lieutenant governor ralph nor ham to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> what's the key when it comes to the campaign to get the votes you need. >> have a yanns are looking for two thing. number one someone coo c rhee lead the resistance of what's going on here in washington. we're very worried in virginia with cutting epa looking at the federal workers layoffs. things money that's been taken away from the chesapeake bay restoration. looking for a leader that can stand up to our president. secondly they're looking for jobs in virginia and we've done very well with the new virginia economy. we've gone from 5.4 unemployment rate to throw point 8%. so good things are happening in the commonwealth of virginia. >> your race is one of the few in the country right now that since this administration has taken over here in washington at the white house that could serve as referendum for how people are feeling across the country. we'll start in virginia. no matter what that is if you win youville to govern for all the people of virginia. >> that's right. >> how do you balance that
7:32 am
now for virginians the white house what you're trying to send but you have to gov to everybody. >> jobs are very important. if you talk to the average virginian they want a job they can support themselves with and their families they want access to affordable and quality health care they want their children to have access to world class education system. those are some of the things we fought for. virginian look -- we're looking at virginia progressive democratic values things like standing up for women's rights to reproductive health care. responsible gun ownership all of these things we've been fighting for. i have been for the last ten years and those things are resonating with virginians. >> let's talk about a couple of things specifically one you mentioned health care. all right doctor. >> yes. >> what's your take on health care right now? >> no virginia family should be, one, medical illness away from financial did he mice. morally people need access to a provider and you know we've worked very hard to expand medicaid in virginia. 400,000
7:33 am
is don't have access to care. that's something we need to move forward with. bring in that money back to virginia. and finally, every day that we don't expand medicaid in virginia, we're not on leaving on the table but giving to other states about $5 million a day. so from a business perspective it makes no sense and if there are no more excuses we need to move forward with that. >> changes could be coming to the american care -- affordable care act between now and if you would win when you would take office. how do you handle that from the medical and governing perspective. >> it's a case there's no more important time than for a doctor such as myself to be at the table to make sure that virginians have access to affordable and quality health care. >> let me ask you about something else this came up recently we've talk so much here in northern virginia problems with gang violence. the immigration has been a huge issue. attorney general jeff sessions came out over the weekend and was talking about changes down the road. but one of the questions still comes up about if
7:34 am
be -- if people are not here legally. >> right. >> would they still feel safe in reporting crimes? >> yes. >> so much effort now is on the victims of crimes. >> right. >> at the hands of illegals. but what about those who would be reporting those crimes? what's your take on that as far as making sure that everything is handled the right way? >> well, you know, steve, first of all, the united states is a country of immigrants, and you know, that means that our doors have to be open. our lights are on. we have to be welcoming to the commonwealth of virginia. so the travel ban has just been an embarrassment i think for this country and it's put people living in fear and so the federal government obviously has their job to do through ice and we have our job to do at the state level, and that's the way we move forward. >> should that be mixed though. should local law enforcement, state law enforcement be involved in that process or would you leave everything to the feds? >> that process is up to the feds. but at the end of the day we need to make sure our immigrants in
7:35 am
feel welcomed they're not living in fear. >> what do you say to somebody who says right now, okay, this is worked show so far at the white house. obviously we talk about virginia big difference between northern virginia voters and southern virginia base which is much more republican. how do you appeal to them at this point to try to reach across that line and say, look, we're all in this together? >> absolutely. well i'm from rural virginia. i grew up i won the eastern shore of virginia. if anybody can speak to rural virginia it's me. as i said earlier, unemployment rate is at three-point 8%. we're very proud of that in virginia. but it's not three-point 8% in rural virginia. so things like access to universal broad band. we've got to work on. the opioid crisis that's going on in virginia right now. that's affecting rural virginia. mental health care, access to mental health care all of these things are important to rural virginia. those things we've been working and i will continue to work on as the next governor. >> because you are lieutenant governor right now it puts in you a
7:36 am
different position than other who's may be running against you right now. one thing sometimes people say to those who are essentially incumbent in richmond, would things change with you as governor since you're already there as lieutenant governor right now. >> obviously, i've been in virginia politics for ten years. things like the smoking ban in restaurants i know how to get things done in richmond. so we're going to continue. we've planted some seeds and very fertile soil those are going to grow to fruition and we'll continue a loft what we've been working on in the commonwealth of virginia. >> lieutenant governor and candidate for governor ralph north ham thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you steve. >> several candidates on already and we're continuing to talk all of the couldn't dates for virginia governor. 7:36. let's neck with tucker and get a check on our forecast. >> steve, got storms in the forecast late this afternoon, early this evening, seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight. we'll put an end to this i want to call it heat wave. 91 saturday. 88 yesterday. let's go to it. show you what's happening. warm start. humid start as well. 73 in washington. most of our area upper 60s and low
7:37 am
won't be quite as warm as last couple of days. low 80s today mix of sun and clouds out there ahead of our front and that's a cold front out into kentucky and ohio. that will roll in here late this afternoon and this evening with scattered showers and thunderstorms and the potential is there for a few strong storms later this evening. so just keep in mind. cooler tomorrow. more importantly less humid 78. wednesday looks great upper 60s near 70. that's where we should be this time of year about 70 degrees. more weather in just a minute. ervin back with roads. >> 7:37 tucker. right now you can see an injury crash involving a tractor trailer blocking the right lane. this is the outer loop by baltimore washington parkway. delays extend back past arena drive. so because of that, about twenty five to 30 minute slow down. let's switch it over to our other cameras because we have another issue by little river turnpike disable tractor trailer taking out the center lane of the in your opinion. disabled dump truck little river turnpike delays all the way from the mixing bowl passed that point sluggish use caution a
7:38 am
you proceed around left or right lanes of the inner loop this morning. let's take a look at our maps much aside from that we'll want to start you off with life look first we've been tracking this all morning. downed pole and downed wires minnesota avenue northeast at burroughs avenue it's block. traffic detouring you can detour at hunt place take 44th street. but be pre paired that we're also seeing metro buses on de delay. so this is causing some delays in northeast. now, we can switch it over to our maps. aside from that, metro is on time blue line back to normal. just the green line dealing with safetrack 14 phrase two. green belt station closed. free shuttle service. any questions the erin fox5 on twitter. use blue or yellow to get around that. back to you allison and steve. >> when we come back something stinks in washington. what transportation crews are planning to do to fight an offensive smell across the district. >> today is the last day for customer favorite at mcdonald's. coming up w next what the fast food chain is dumpi
7:39 am
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we just got the keys to our new house! we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
7:41 am
♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. ♪ 7:41 right now. netflix has been hacked and the thieves are threatening to release more week shows. they posted ten stolen episodes of season five orange is the new black. new season not supposed to come out june 9th with 13 new episodes. hacker who goes by the handle the dark over lord threatened to post unreleased tv episodes from other networks. >> can i just say what people
7:42 am
is annoying. >> netflix for sure. >> really. if you missed the starbucks unicorn frapuccino have no fear because more flavors are on the way. starbucks says they'll bring at least one new entirely new drink into happy hour this year they say it's going to be just as good as the unicorn or better. starbucks calls the unicorn frap the most stunning example of understanding of digital and social media. >> did the girls like it or they liked to post pictures. >> one of them like it. two of them were it's not that great. i got to be honest. >> mcdonald's pulling the plug on long time menu item. they'll star phasing out the hic orange drinks. >> no! >> bye-bye. >> we found the person who cares. kevin. >> expected to be gone from all restaurants by july. it will be replaced by streit tropic berry beverage might be gone before july starting today they basically said use the supply on hand. >> um-hmm. >> when it's gone, it's gone. >> okay. >> there you go. >> you a hi-c fan. >> no. >> in either
7:43 am
>> kevin is here. >> he's got entertainment news and opinion on the hi-c. >> can i give asport shout out who made the chevron for the orange at the is the new black story orange is the new hack that. made me laugh. blake lively posts today fun joke to her instagram about her husband ryan reynolds. billy ray cyrus is legally changing his name and selena gomez responded to the 13 reasons why controversy. stay tuned to fox5 news morning. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:44 am
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♪ oh, my gosh, i had that totally had that album. >> did you really? >> yes. >> like '85. >> i don't know. but it opened up and like a whole, you know, full body of the great olivia newton john. >> i still have my head band from that. >> you do? >> the unitard. um-hmm. >> that too. >> let's take a look ahead. it is a big day on good day dc. the show today legendary pop star and actress the olivia newton-john is part of trio will be here ahead of concert in d.c. tonight. >> 36 years ago that came out. 1981. >> yeah. >> good day star power continues with star jones. she's going to be sitting with us during the 10:00 o'clock hour today. welcome back to her. >> all righty. and cheap versus chic just in time for the sunny days ahead. our fashionista tam lee joins us to show us how to find the right sunglasses without breaking the bank. very important. >> all right. virginia residents listen
7:47 am
to you help combat the spread of zika during mosquito season. the website has info how you can take precautions. 115 reported cases of zika in virginia since december of 2015. yuk. ddot had start spraying the ciciti' ginko trees tonight. the annual spraying prevents gingko fruit from performing when it forms it creates offensive scent and falls on the sidewalks and the roadways all over d.c. ddot has been spraying the trees for the past 20 years. the process will take place over several nights from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> the fruit is kind of stinky. >> distinctive odor. >> yeah. >> i got mixed feelings about that. >> why? >> natural process for the tree. >> right. >> it stinks a little bit. >> okay. >> um-hmm. >> all right. well, perhaps if -- >> others like the fruits. >> if they were around your home you might think differently. >> well, somebody planted
7:48 am
grown in those neighborhoods. >> to you can kerr stands for the tree. >> i stand for the tree, steve. >> i understand. >> if somebody wants to ship a box of ginko fruit that fell on their lawn to tucker. >> i have some in my neighbor. they have the most beautiful yellow flowers in the fall. >> i'm learning a lot about. that's what they don't want is the flowers, though. >> they don't want the fruit. the fruit is what stinks, not the leaves. >> all right. >> i'm distracted. weather date coming up on thursday. come join us a lot of school groups you can come as an individual or bring your family if you want. we have a presentation. allison will be there. thursday morning before the game at 1:05. for more information, go to especially priced tickets if you want to join us on thursday. evening storms possible. in fact, the possibility that a few could be on the strong side this evening. probably six, seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight they'll get in here. 73 now in washington. cooler north and east. look at baltimore 61 degrees that front got laid up right there yesterday and we
7:49 am
the upper 70s in boston yesterday -- baltimore yest yesterday. pretty dramatic changes in temperature very small geographic areas yesterday. we're going to be mixed with clouds and sun today. it will be steamy out there. plenty of humidity again. and this front will slide in here late this afternoon ton night and promises lots of relief tomorrow in the form of cooler temperatures and most importantly for me lower humidity. but that transition soap could be strong thunderstorms tonight. in fact severe storms are possible across the mid atlantic here late this afternoon ton night as that front starts to press inside the area. future cast there we are at 4:0. a couple of showers north and west along 81 you guys might get a few showers and then we'll look out for these storms. here we are 8:30 tonight and again the possibility there we could have few severe storms develop with a front and we'll clear it out overnight. tomorrow promises more sunshine and best part, less humidity. 78. wednesday looks great. thursday we'll cloud up. rain late. so i think we'll be good shape for weather day, and for the game at 1:00 o'clock andhe
7:50 am
all right. more weather in a minute. erin is back with happiness on roads. >> i love weather day. i cannot wait to head down the game. 1:00 o'clock this thursday. problems on the road. disable dump truck taking outer the center lane. the inner loop at little riff turnpike. because of that traffic is flooding to the outer right and left lanes again in your opinion delays from before the springfield interchange up to about 66. we'll switch it over huge delays on the outer loop right now. i don't know this point this is a good luck road a crash at baltimore washington parkway. delays extent all the way back to pennsylvania avenue now about a 45 minute slow down. just bumper oh to bumper traffic have outer loop patients once you pass bw parkway in for outer loop delays through college p park. inner loop sluggish into oxon hill across the wilson bridge there. switch it over from this to life look in northeast. still dealing with low hanging wires and a pole that's almost knock over minnesota avenue in northeast remains closed at burroughs avenue. traffic is detouring around using hump place to 44th street. buses on delay and you can see
7:51 am
there on burroughs avenue. let's take a look at our maps. other problems you need to be aware of including in the district police activity massachusetts avenue it's closed right now unit block between north capital street and new jersey avenue in northwest. so caution there right next 395 this morning. we'll keep up it dated on that. metro on time except for safetrack. earlier crash by new hampshire avenue on the outer loop moved to the shoulder. 270 just about a 40 minute delay from 70 down to the spur. and then heavy traffic on 395 as well. 66 eastbound a crash blocks the shoulder by 234 prince william parkway. back to you guys. ♪ kevin. >> allison. >> hey, kev. >> all right. so i'll play a little game here. i'm going to be broadcasting live from a different country tomorrow morning. >> that's right. >> i'm going to -- ooh just basically give some clues throughout the show and then on twitter and i want to see if anybody can guess where i'll be. not that anyone cares.
7:52 am
i'm not going to look. >> here's the first clue. a james bon film was filmed here. >> brazil. >> that's all i'm going to say. >> there's been 22 james bon movies. look them all up. >> london. >> all the locations. >> i'm not saying anything. >> that's the first clue. >> denver g if we were right -- >> how did you know i was going to denver. you're so right. i'm going tennessee. >> ryan reynolds recently honored with times top 100 most influential people award. his wife blake lively attend the ceremony with him and posted this hilarious pose on her instagram. "congratulations to the most influence al person in my life. the best man i know. you deserve this time 100 honor if only my husband wasn't lock blocking you in the shot i'm so sorry at john legend ". >> john legend was performing. clear al joke. very very funny. >> reynolds and legend. jordan peel director of get out also emma stone, ed sheeran alicia keys and moore
7:53 am
>> fun party. >> his piece was written by helen meara they were in woman in gold together. very very cool. >> all right. billy ray cyrus is legally changes his name. this is actually news. in recent interview in rolling stone billy ray cyrus revealed he's legally changes his name. he said "after august 25th i'll be formally -- i'll be the artist formerly known as billy ray. i'm just going by my last name cyrus. i also went by cyrus -- i went by cyrus and i begged mercury records to call me cyrus in the beginning because that's what i'm comfortable with "he always went by that name. the record company wouldn't let him do that i guess professionally. he went ton say i'm going to the hospital where i was born in belafonte kentucky and legally changing my name. >> he'll just go one name. >> just cyrus. >> okay. >> like prince. isn't yeah. >> cyrus. >> cyrus. >> that's a good name. >> remember that movie con a
7:54 am
cyrus the virus. >> i didn't see that. >> john malkowicz. great movie. >> the controversy surrounding 13 reasons why continues to grow. we've been talking about this the past couple of weeks. even schools here locally have been sending letters home to some of their students warning the parents about the couldn't at the present time behind this show. the show deals with a young girl hannah baker who takes her own life and leaves behind reasons why on tape about the people who were responsible possibly for this. i've seen the show. it's very disturbing. especially the ending. i understand where the controversy lies even i had to cover my eyes during some of it which is really strange but gom. she's one of the executive producers on the show. she's respond to go controversy. she said quote we stayed very true to the book that's initially what author jay asher created a beautifully tragic complicated yet suspense full story and that's what we want to do. we wanted to do it justice and yeah, the backlash is going to come no matter
7:55 am
it's not an easy subject to talk about ". >> i think it's an interesting topic. i think people are talking about 8l everybody is wondering, you know, is it too much for younger kids but i think subject matter people don't really talk about that often. >> suicide and bullying and things like that. i will say one of things the show does effectively domino effect. you can say one thing about somebody and then three years later you have no idea where that rhyme more went who it went to or that picture went. things like that. >> right. >> it's really scary. i think that, you know, it does make you open your eyes about bully league. i don't know the end of the show stayed true to what the show was trying to do is my personal opinion. >> i have to see it so i can join the conversation. >> sierra posted a beautiful video and she and russell wilson had their baby on friday. can we just show a picture of her on the beach? >> cool. never mine. >> we'll get to it next time good i got yelled at. >> no worries. >> want to make sure we show the picture of our fan of the day today. always with us supporting and we do appreciate n
7:56 am
and pat, what a great picture, great family photo. >> great picture. >> nominated by brianna's mom. she says she and brianna used to watch fox5 when she was growing up and now brianna watching with her own sweet little family. she goes on to say it's a jenn asian al thing. i love it. for your chance to be fan of the day post your picture below this one. >> let's check in with tucker get a look at the forecast. ♪ >> cute photo. nice little spring photo. 73 now in washington. winds out of the south 15. we are going to pump the humidity and the temps into the low 80s again today. it will be another warm one. up ahead of our frontal system which will get in here late this afternoon and this evening. if you're out to the west get the storms first it's possible a few of these storms could be on the strong side when they slide through i'd say seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight. so just be oh the look out for that. up head of it mix of clouds and sun out there. warm and humid low 80 force daytime highs. quick look at the seven day. i'm trying to impress but i can't change my map.
7:57 am
78 tomorrow. less humidity tuesday and wednesday. wednesday looks great upper 60s near 70. we should be near 70 this time of year. hi, erin. >> hi. good morning. >> how is it looking? >> right now roads are still crowded a lost problems out there crashes and a lot of heavy i don't believe yum. this is the inner loop by little riff turnpike disable dump truck taking out center lane jammed up from basically springfield interchange through 66. in addition to the outer loop really jams up as we move our cameras over this is the delay from a crash by bw parkway from pennsylvania avenue to bw parkway. a really significant delay but at least 35 to 45 minutes. keep it to fox5. we're back in just a few with your 8:00 o'clock hour. 'clock h.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks so much for joining us this morning. 8:00 a.m. on this monday, may first, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> congress reaches a deal to keep the government running and both sides are declaring vic victory. fox5 political reporter ronica cleary breaks us live to break it all down. >> free parking on the national mall about to go bye-bye. coming up where you'll soon find new meters in place and why the park service says it's making this change. we all need a jolt of energy from time to time. but some of us rely too heavily on energy drinks. just one could be life-threatening. later this hour the serious health problems they can cause we'll talk with the doctor.
8:01 am
live look out outside right now. already 73 degrees. another summer day on tap and maybe a rumble of thunder during the evening rush before things cool down a bit. >> let's get to politics right now after fought budget showdown on capitol congress agreed on a funding bill late last night. >> a bill to the tune of $1 trillion. president trump didn't get everything he wanted. fox5's melanie alnwick is live from the hill with the details now. mel? >> reporter: steve and allison, this is an agreement in principle because it still has to be voted on by both the house and the senate. it is just a five-month compromise. it does include some of president trump's budget priorities but perhaps not funding them in the way he envisioned. let's talk about the u.s./mexico border wall. funding for that not included in that was a deal breaker. there is funding to detention beds and security measures. senate leaders called it the most money for border security in decade it includes a
8:02 am
$15 billion boost for military spending. nih got $2 billion budget boost. there's also money to fight opioid abuse and continue health care for appalachian coalminers. lawmakers also included funding for summer school pell grants and arrive school vouchers for washington, d.c. students.& $68 million set aside to real em burst cities foreman power expenses to protect trump at his private properties before and aft the inauguration. the white house in this deal making also back offed its talk of taking funding away from sanctuary cities that don't comply with ice deportation orders as we said i think this is more of a live to fight another day deal going on. this is going to fund the government through september and then possibly we have to have another showdown for the following budget that comes for the following year sense house and senate has to vote on this we expect those votes to come this weekend. it hab toes
8:03 am
leave on capitol hill, melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> ♪ 8:02 on monday morning. death toll continues to climb after a wild weather hit parts of the south and the midwest. at least 14 people are dead. tennessee saw strong line of storms yesterday. winds knocked a soccer goal post over killing a toddler. a -- i know. a number of tornadoes whipped through texas over the weekend in missouri it was flooding a rare blizzard in kansas. the storms on the move heading up the northeast taking aim at people from florida to new york. >> tucker in early to talk about how this might impact us here here. that same system moving this way or something different. >> the energy theft system is moving here. we'll get storms it looks like late this afternoon into this evening between 5:00 and 8:00 o'clock tonight. >> all right. >> all right? >> yeah. >> warm and humid up ahead of it. humidity you'll feel the energy building throughout the day. >> could be severe, right? >> could be dramatic. >> one or two will be severe.
8:04 am
hasn'ted risk around here. even storms possible. it will bring us sweet relief and back to springtime tomorrow but kind of sultry and steamy up ahead of the front this morning. 73 now at reagan national. cooler in baltimore. 62 look at the big difference in temperature the front is to our north and eve. warm front today will get up into new england and we'll be on the warm side of things so warm and humid conditions. low 80s. mix of sun and clouds. we'll hold the rain chances off until late this afternoon. and early this evening. but once they arrive, we got to look out for storms around here with temperatures in the 80s. 83 this afternoon. clouds and sun. i mentioned evening storms. coming up looks like everybody left me. i'm still here. >> look at the seven day forecast a lot of spring on it. erin, how are roads? >> roads are not so hot right now. it's monday morning. we'll start you off with our maps. massachusetts of a closed police investigating suspicious pac package. we'll certainly keep updated here on fox5. shut down between north cam toll street and new jersey avenue in
8:05 am
surrounding secondaries. please allow for extra time as you make your way out east of 395 this morning. roosevelt bridge inbound crash blocking the center lane you can see that's really jamming up traffic on 66 us a head inbound as well as 50. try to get to the roosevelt bridge have patience the center lane in block. typical delays from rosland into georgetown on the key bridge and arlington bridge just normal morning volume right now. new red line delays earlier train malfunction at union station delays to glenmont in addition to safetrack as we take a wide view big delays because of crashes and disable vehicle. hop outside and get right to it. the inner loop center lane still blocked this is by little river turnpike again inner loop at little river turnpike disable donald trump track backed up from the springfield interchange through 66. aside from that, we're seeing really heavy outer loop delays from an earlier crash at baltimore washington parkway. from pennsylvania avenue as you make your way on the outer loop getting toward bwi give yourself about 45 extra minutes. we'll have more traffic in just a
8:06 am
back to you steve and allison. thank you very much. first add many front and center in the nation's capitol this weekend. saturday night it was the annual white house correspondents association dinner. >> with no president trump and no overload of dress there. the focus did return to the freedom of the press and to that top white house officials responding to questions about the president wanting to sue the media. >> let's get the details from fox5 political reporter ronica cleary who was at the correspondents dinner and here with us this morning. how are you. >> it's great to be here. happy monday, guys. >> happy monday. >> the freedom of the press came back to the forefront. >> a few weeks donald trump was frustrated with the new york times. said they had been getting him wrong for some time. and that maybe we should change libel laws that was the tweet and it's funny with this news cycle and with the intensity of it, i had actually spoke with our own bernie logan about asking that in the press briefing that day. didn't get a question. the next day it's a new set of questions, a new hot topic. it just kind of
8:07 am
things are happening so quickly. so over the weekend in a sit down interview with reince priebus you have the opportunities to ask those questions that get lost in the news cycle. it came up on cbs listen to what reince priebus had to say about that tweet from a few weeks ago. >> i think it's something that we've looked at and how that gets executed or red whether that goes anywhere is a different story, but when you have articles out there that have no basis or fact and we're sitting here 24/7 cable companies writing stories about contact couldn't tax with russia -- >> do you think the president should be able to sue the new york times. >> here's what i think. i think newspapers and news agencies need to be more responsible with how they report the news. >> so there he is saying they've looked into it this very vague idea. now, when i first did cover the
8:08 am
tweet, we reminded ourselves it was a supreme court ruling from the '60s that was actually in a case against the new york times that ruled that basically ruled in favor of libel laws and libel laws are actually rooted in the state. so the idea that the president can change libel law social security really not one that -- >> you would have to change the constitution. >> exactly. it doesn't have much founding but eighths conversation that they've obviously brought up. >> here's the thing. why didn't the administration if the administration is not happy with the way that it is being portray in the media those laws as you mentioned libel laws are rooted in the states. they are there, though, now granted the public is a public -- president is a public figure. why doesn't the administration just use the laws that are available now first and then if that doesn't work, think about changing things? >> it doesn't seem like they're even using the laws there are there first. a lot of mess. >> that is an interesting point. big conversation this week especially in least correspondents dinner was that this administration is very media friendly. and that they do a ton of press and that they have a
8:09 am
availability and they have these press briefings every day and the press even though there was in rumor more in talk maybe the press would leave the white house we are still in the white house for the daily press briefings. so when you say why aren't they do doing more it's sometimes difficult to know what it is they really feel. maybe it was a tweet out of frustration feeling the reporting isn't totally acc accurate. >> when you say -- and to be fair, the tweet i believe the question mark after, you know, change libel laws? from the president. but talk about precedent s setting. if did it go after this huge established newspaper could trickle down and the press definitely i would imagine would definitely be, um, on notice. >> i think they are. to be fair, i think that some of the criticism is fair. and i do think there's isn't a over abundance and use of the a non us in sources. this 80 sim you regularly hear from the administration it certainly doesn't hurt, i always feel that it's important for us to evaluate our work want we do and make sure that we can stand it
8:10 am
so the press in the world that we live in is filled with everybody who picks up a cell phone, right? >> right. >> we all could use a little reflection but it's the conversation that is probably not going to go anywhere when we're talking about libel laws. >> the definition of the press definitely has changed even just the past few years. they're absolutely has to be accountable for everybody putting something out there in the public. >> we talk about the fun of the dinner. was there fun at the dinner. >> whoo! >> so different the tone if you're just getting caught up on this. just last dinner quite different from what this dinner was. >> right. this was my first white house correspondents dinner, so i don't have anything to compare it to. >> the president used to be there. >> i know. i did hear that. i did hear that. >> just letting you know. >> so, but, for my experience i actually thought the dinner was lovely. it really did feel like a great opportunity to celebrate those who are in the white house and those who cover the administration and for me, i had felt like what it should feel like. and it certainly didn't feel like there
8:11 am
celebrities because there were no celebrities there. >> media celebrities seeing. >> they did speak. we have a little sound if we want to listen to bernstein actually speak about it. and i will say before we go to it, i think that because the president wasn't there, however you feel about this, i do think the speakers took that opportunity to maybe be have some harsher more intense words than we might have heard had the president been sitting in the audience. or at the head table. so listen to this. >> almost inevitably unreasonable government secrecy is the end knee and usually the give away about what the real story might be. [ applause ] >> and when lying, lying is combined with secrecy, there is usually a pretty good road map in front of us. [ applause ] >> yes.
8:12 am
the lies. [ applause ] >> taking a more serious tone there. >> harsher. >> i mean from the dinners i've been to in the past there was the criticism but veiled in comedy. >> right. >> with the president there but a chance for the president to kind of strip down and have some fun as well. everybody just kind of that that light hearted, yes, there were jabs being thrown. but under the veil of comedy everybody kind of took it as good time. it went both ways. >> my mother used to say many a true word is said in jest. just because somebody is laughing doesn't mean they don't mean it. >> this time it comes across they mean it. >> exactly. there wasn't in veil of comedy. but of course minaj was the median there. >> he got good reviews. >> i got a lot of text messages. how is the room receiving it because i guess apparently the coverage didn't really let -- seem like people were laughing. buti think that people responded in a positive way. as a general rule. he is making fun of all of us at one point or another. >> sure. >> but you got to have a little thick skin in this
8:13 am
right. >> in this town. ron any dark thank you very much for joining you. >> thank you. >> still ahead this morning pool party becomes a crime scene in california after several people are shot. we are following developing details in that story coming up next. next. >> put the gun down. put your hands down. do it now. >> bet your partners. go. >> a lot of mucus and spitting. >> and police recruits feeling the burn. why this group had to turn one of their own weapons on themselves after the break. ♪ ♪♪ (announcer) there'mo
8:14 am
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8:16 am
>> time to celebrate youngsters in the community at 8:15. hi, tuck. >> our favorite time of day. my first five. >> got happiness. >> what? >> how did they get this shot? >> or is micah just always smiling. >> i got to be perfectly honest that's how i felt friday night at 11:00 o'clock. >> i believe it. >> this is micah. everybody. i love the nickname squish. >> i can see why. >> squishy and cute. today -- >> good smile. big old two months old. we say happy two month birthday. >> yay! >> here's the deal. mom says he gets up each and every morning for fox5 and to send dad off to work. >> awesome. okay. sorry. i shouldn't read along. >> guess who his favorite is? >> i shouldn't read along. let me just say this. micah, let's hang out. because you know mom and dad need date night.
8:17 am
>> come on me and the girls will babysit micah. >> that is so cute. >> micah says i'm his favorite. >> yes, he does. >> i can see why. >> cute little smile. >> look at the smile. >> to send us your child's picture go to our facebook fox5 d.c. micah we love that smile. >> yes we do and. >> we love your nickname squish. >> by the time my grandmother was my age, she had a one-year-old granddaughter. that was me. >> i'm just saying. why did you all let me wait so late to have a familiarly. >> llison. >> i ran into your beautiful daughters yesterday. >> yes. >> enjoyed them. >> so nice to see ununcle tu tucker. >> they all look great. you got a couple years. >> i got like 12 years. >> some things you don't want to rush. that's okay. 12 years, i can wait. i just got to stay fit. >> a little grand baby squish. >> have a good day, squish. >> i'm serious. >> i'll babysit. >> we are 73 glorious degrees right now washington. 60s off to the north and east. a front just to our north. you can see
8:18 am
discrepancy. 10 degrees there. between baltimore and washington. warm and humid for all of us today. low 80s. not quite as warm as yesterday but you'll feel the humidity a cold front late this afternoon ton night. just got tweeted tucker fox5 about tennis in lay plate at a at 5:00 o'clock. >> how does that look. >> i think you're fine. >> fine for tennis in la plata at 5:00. >> tennis is hard in the humidity. >> you'll be sweating. bring some water. but the front will get in here more like seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight with some thunderstorms and then we'll be cooler and drier behind the front by tomorrow. >> at least tennis you can wear white, though. >> that's true. >> stay cooler. >> a cool head band like bjorn bourke. >> that was his name, right? >> okay. as we toss it over to erin. a big happy 40th birthday darcell pratt. >> happy birthday. >> from i don't boo. >> happy birthday darcell. >> were a big one. >> it is. >> hi, erin. >> hello. monday morning, 8:18. problems on the roads still. university boulevard crash right now letting
8:19 am
piringer university boulevard west and dennis avenue there's a collision with entrapment. so caution there. a lot of fire trucks on location. massachusetts of a closed between north capital street and new jersey avenue. suspicious package is being investigated. delays that way. just east of 395. and then we also have a crash center lane blocked roosevelt bridge inbound backing things up on to 50 and 66 inbound and gw parkway us a try to get to that point. heavy traffic from rosland into georgetown on the key bridge and then idol wood is also closed right now. idol wood station lane there's a downed poll and downed wires out in falls church. use caution and find alternate there outside the beltway. let's switch it over and show you a live look outside. other problems we've been tracking turning the camera around right now. this is the scene i wanted to show you university boulevard and dennis avenue out there. so again please use caution. huge scene out there. a loft first responders. the entire intersection there is jammed up. traffic on university boulevard inbound is very heavy. we'll keep up it dad on that. little river
8:20 am
university -- this is the inner loop out by little river turnpike disable dump truck taking out a center lane heavy traffic from the springfield interchange on through and outer loop completely park right now. there's a crash at bw parkway involving a semi as well as injuries in crash jammed past pennsylvania avenue with about 35 minute delay holding strong. more traffic in few. back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very. terrible disturbing story out of richmond virginia this morning. that area at least developing overnight. we learned five-year-old boy was shot and killed. it happened at an apartment complex yesterday. that boy found after somebody called in the shooting to 911. now at this point details still a little confusing but police are not actively searching for suspects but they would not release any other information. overnight in san diego, one woman is dead. several others hurt after a gunman opened fire at a pool party. seven people in all were shot. the gunman was shot and killed by police. no word right now on a motive. also
8:21 am
colorado police taking a dose of its own punish. >> denver police department recruits stood in a line and were pepper sprayed just during training. how painful is this? take look. >> my name is mckenzie. >> when i say go -- >> i'm recruit officer with denver police depth. >> you're going to hit your person right across the eyes. >> i'm about to get pepper sprayed. >> go. >> it's a searing pain. >> your eyes slam shot it's difficult to open them. they start to tear and water. >> identify. >> get on the ground. put the gun down. >> put your hands down! do it now? >> bet your partners go. >> a lot of mucus and spitting and crying and tears. because your body is trying to push all of that substance out. >> go! >> the purpose of this training is to let us understand what that type of pain feels like. >> put gun on the ground. >> if we need to use pepper spray or oc
8:22 am
know that we're using appropriate level of force for the situation. >> it's a worthwhile training experience i would say. >> good job. >> wow. >> takes a lot. >> first hand account what it feels like for sure. >> definitely does. >> 8:22 right now. still to come this morning, get a check on sports coming up around the area. not the best weekend unless you're the nationals. >> go rock the red for the nats. >> big game tonight. ♪ ♪♪
8:23 am
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heese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
8:25 am
>> all right. what time is it? >> time for a little pep rally. >> um-hmm. >> time to rock the red. these youngsters in prince george's county going to do just that today. the students at riverdale elementary get a caps pep rally. they won a cost test for best caps spirit. caps play the penguins tonight game three. if the caps win it will be there chance to come back and see if we can things at home. penguins beat the caps in the first two games in d.c. in pittsburgh for the next two. >> sleeping on the penguins. >> youngsters will be able to inspire them tonight. >> yes. you know, pep and good luck cannot hurt. >> that's right. all goes a long way. >> good instruction. >> yes. we get good instruction every morning at this time because it is timing to to weather school. class in session,
8:26 am
>> no time for shannon gans in my class, mr. chenevey. take things very seriously here at the weather report card. very seriously. [ laughter ] >> let's do it. sunshine, you know we'll be in and out of the clouds today. we'll give a big b. humidity it is not pass class lately giving 8d. that mean it will be uncomfortable out there. afternoon temperatures in the low yet give it a b. you want to walk the dog after school, it's one of those days where if you got a backyard you want to open the door and let them go out. you don't want to go out and play in the humidity. give that c. overall, grade an a. >> wow! >> that's amazing. >> i'm feeling generous today. i don't know why. >> thank you, professor barnes. >> it doesn't add up. >> don't question it. >> don't ask any questions. >> that's right. >> all right. i'm the instructor. >> a it is. >> can i have my music, please. >> ♪ i'm hot for teacher ♪ >> best part of the day. follow
8:27 am
of the day. erin como. >> i don't know. traffic accidents are not nearly as fun as tucker barnes walk. right now university boulevard at dennis of a serious injury crash. ambulance, fire department out there. please use caution us a head out in montgomery county not the only big problem with. police activity. investigating suspicious package massachusetts of a closed right now between north capitol street and new jersey avenue. that is causing some huge delays throughout the northwest area. please give yourself extra time to get around the roosevelt bridge there's a crash on the inbound side blocking the center lane. gw parkway 66 and 50 inbound because of that. heavy traffic on the key bridge as well. more traffic in a few. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. next, from red bull to monster and five hour energy drinks. those drinks promise to give you a boost. >> but you might be getting more than you hoped for if you are do you know these types of things. dr. shilpi shares a not so hidden danger behind energy drinks. >> danger? ♪ ♪
8:28 am
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8:30 am
y2cpsy yi0y ♪ welcome back. >> pretty warm start to the day. >> 73 grease right now. >> steve you know i like to talk exactly when you talk. >> i know. sometimes with the exact same words. >> energy drinks part of the daily routine for many of us, and the small energy shot that is you see by the cash register at some of those convenience stores also have pretty ardent followers. >> they sure do. they can lead to serious hell problems things like cardiac arrhythmia, racing heartbeat.
8:31 am
jolt of energy? choose one of these options or take what's behind door number two that's dr. shilpi. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with the concern from drinks hike this. >> we've all kind of reached for one of these or tried them. but the reason that these drinks were getting a bad reputation before is simple because they were saying that oh, my goodness so much caffeine in it. what we really know now from this new study that came out is that it was publish in the journalof the american heart association and there was two groups and what that study found it was in fact not the caffeine but the other stuff the additives that's creating these cardiac problems for people. if you -- >> aren't those all the things that are billed as natural ingredients. >> they're not so natural in the way that affect your body and your are a. in that study, the two groups of people there was the controlled group and the group that was given the actual energy drink. in the controlled group they were given caffeine a lone as much as in the energy group. and what they found was that there was higher blood pressures in those people con
8:32 am
energy drink, and something very concerning was that they found there was a prolongation of something called the kt under val. that means it delayed the am of time that it takes for the heart to re-energize and get ready for the neck beat. so bottom line here, that is very dangerous. to me, that's very concerning. >> are these approved by the fda? who is watching this. fda over this. >> fda sanctions release of these because they're marked. >> they do. >> in the sense of they're just to level that is are supposedly safe or generally recognized as safe. however, if you look at people who are drinking the entire can the serving is actually half of the can. people generally drink the whole can or drink multiples in a day. that can be very dangerous particularly also for two sub sets of people. if you have an underlying cardiac issue you already have high blood pressure or prone to that these can certainly trigger abnormal rhythms. for people who, you know, generally are drinking two or three at a time,
8:33 am
one off because they've had stressful strip or something like that. >> any difference between what you're seeing the smaller concentrated drinks versus the larger can that is have all the other juices. >> what we fine these are very popular because they're so small and can be easily taken. they don't have the volume. however in these smaller your little shots of energy they're having two, 3,000% of things like b vitamins. the additives are more concentrated. so these really do kearney me and people tendon to drink more than one of these also versus the whole kwan that. make me worried. the those can cause symptoms like dizziness, nausea and even nerve damage and b vitamins in very high concentration. you want to be careful when you're consuming these. really think about it this way. if you've had some of these drinks once or twice before, you're not going to do that much damage. as a one off, okay. but if you're regularly having these or if you're the patient that might have underlying cardiac issue. >> often you don't know. >> you don't know. >> right. >> when you come off of the
8:34 am
drinks if you guys have ever tried them you get very anxious, nervous. >> oh, we've tried everything. >> of course you have. >> look you get up in the middle of the night and you need to get through. now typically what we go to what's at the end which is your cup of coffee. let's be honest. how many studies have we done saying coffee is not that good if you load up your coffee with sugar you'll do harm to your body as well. choose your poison type thing or coffee is a better option than these energy drinks. >> my recommendation is coffee is your better option to keep you awake and get you that boost of energy. you know what's in it much it's a controlled amount of caffeine. the regular coffee that you make at home maybe 90, 100 milligrams of caffeine, starbucks, maybe a little bit more, two, 300. but he is are consistent toll or 300 plus all of those things that additive effect chemicals, the so-called natural ingredients plus the caffeine is really dangerous and sets you up to not only have that crash but these dangerous cardiac out comes. >> okay. some people don't drink coffee some people are trying to get coffee. other naturally produc
8:35 am
or -- not vegetables in the morning but what else can we do? >> tea is a really good option. i will say this. if you give up sugar, you will first few days are difficult but you feel a bolt of energy on that second or third day. and you're not going to need to reach for this as much. if you do end up reaching for it the regular cup of coffee is okay. if you're just, you know, in moderation. this is totally fine. it's just if you're drinking three, four cups of coffee that's as dangerous. but again we have some friends here that do enjoy these drinks. you know, our friend. >> on a regular basis. >> that make me nervous. because it can be dangerous for, you know, their heart. >> wow. >> okay. >> pretty big bold headline. >> it is. >> they're so accessible. i see these all the time. >> one serving in this? >> it is. but, yeah, i mean they say five hours of energy. i don't know. i wonder what happens if you drink half? you get only 2.5 hours or -- >> i've always been too afraid to do these. i don't like being out of control
8:36 am
>> i sampled everything on the table. >> makes me very jittery. >> we apprecite it. >> i like to call it awake. the doctor says no, tucker. we shall listen to her at least for today. i know you're a tea drinker. >> steve, that's right. i'm a tea drinker. very sophisticates. >> my leg is shaking from the four cups of coffee high earlier. >> that, too. >> reagan national 73. dulles 73. bwi marshall 64. little cooler off on the north and east our front is still sliding north. so got a warm front that will get up to the north today. and we're going to be warm and humid. low 80s for daytime highs with a mix of clouds. got some clouds out there. little sunshine as well then wait the arrival of this front late this afternoon really this evening. i'm getting lots of questions about later this afternoon. i think we'll be dry probably till six, seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight. look out for thunderstorms and the possibilities a few of those storms could be on the strong side. there you go. 83 later today. warm and humid. and again look out thor foes storms late today. really this evening. between about five and eight, 9:00 o'clock tonight west to east. seven day looking cooler. i'll have momentarily.
8:37 am
>> erin. >> 8:36. we're still having big problems. can you hear me? >> i can hear you but i'm standing right next to you. >> 8:00 flicks. taking a look at a big crash -- can you hear me now. >> it was on. i guess my mike died. you got me now? okay. here's a look at a big crash in montgomery county ambulance on locate as you can see traffic being diverted university boulevard at dennis of a seeing some problems there. inner loop is jammed right now because of a disabled dump truck it's taking out the center lane by little river turnpike and big delays on the outer loop this is as you make your way from pennsylvania avenue to baltimore washington parkway from earlier crash. inner loop a little bit heavy there as well. thank you very much for that tucker. we'll got more traffic to you in just a second. back to you. >> like the john wall of morning television with the assist. >> i don't understand why we don't ever do that. >> we've done it before. >> okay. >> i've held your mirror before for makeup. >> that is true. thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. >> still ahead this morning a have a have woman suing an airline because of spilled coffee. >> talking about big bucks here and it
8:38 am
refuse. a godfather reunion. guests gather once again for one night only. that's coming up. ♪ ♪♪ well it's a perfect nespresso morning here, george.
8:39 am
mmm. ♪ ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else?
8:40 am
there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. ♪ new this morning, a virginia woman suing qua tar airways over spilled coffee as we have live look outside right there 8:40. the woman w
8:41 am
in damages. she claims the flight attendant dropped scolding hot coffee on her causing severe burns on her stomach that woman wants a jury to decide the fate of the lawsuit. all right. let's find out what's coming up on good day dc in just a couple of minutes. let's check in with the crew and fine out what's up. hi, ladies. >> good morning. >> good morning. it could be a stormy monday later in the region so tucker will continue to track the weather. he'll of course have live updates throughout two hours of good day. >> plus, it's a segment that everyone needs to see. today is mel moment in a monday. so when a mole or spot on your skin something more sinister? >> dermatologist is here to show us thou spot skin cancer. >> also there's an i couldn't on her way to good day right now. yes, these are original. >> right here. courtesy of our executive producer jeff. olivia newton-john is going to be here. >> oh my goodness. >> part of new try ye including beth nieen
8:42 am
sky. the music aimed at people helping to get over their grief. >> our guest list let's put that star jones will be here. we have a lot to dish with her this morning. >> and sunglasses. we all want a pair we can rock, right? can you tell chic from cheap? >> hmm. >> don't miss our live demo. >> what if kelly is getting a new co-host. moo who cares d good did you today. c will be the place to be. we'll see in you a few. >> does kell val olivia new newton-john. i don't think so. >> see you guys and your important friends coming up. 8:42. thank you very much. still ahead this morning the one, the only kevin mccarthy getting ready to leave us once again. before he does, he has entertainment news. >> that's right, steve and allison. coming up next we know kelly ripa' new co-host will be we'll reveal that next. charlie hun ma'am reacts to my king arthur impression the chain smokers crash a high school prom and more. stay tuned to fox5 news morning.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
we want them to grow up stronger. >> kev will be talking about chain smokers coming up in just a minute. but looks like we have trouble out there on the roads as well. that is not the way you want to start your monday. we'll get details in a few minutes. have to wait a few seconds to get your weather details. >> only ten seconds. ♪ all right, steve here's how you want to begin your thursday withea
8:46 am
with the nationals. look how happy that young man. you steve will be that happy as well if you come down. because i will get i was hotdog. >> awesome. >> will he have to pay for it or just physically get it or -- >> no, steve will have to -- >> stand in line. >> steve will have to give me money and i'll get him a hotdog. >> you'll wait in line. >> i'm take a picture of just like that of you on thursday. >> if you get me a hotdog you can do it. >> weather presentation at 10:0. allson will be there. steve will come down eve eventuy we'll neat and greet all the students nationals.koch/weather for more information if you want to get tickets. we have a lot of school groups if you want to come as an individual or just bring your family you're welcome to do that, too. we can't wait to meet everybody on thursday. 73 now in washington. 72 in leonardtown. little cooler to the north every east. baltimore hanging out in the 60s that front pushed up through parts of howard county early this mornin now it's lifting to the north. warm, soul true today, humid with daytime highs in the low 80s. it wil
8:47 am
up ahead of our front which will get in here early this evening. dry after school. by, six, seven, 8:00 o'clock showers and thunderstorms moving in and a few of those storms could be on the strong side as we get flood evening hours under enhanced risk for the possibility of severe weather. keep that in mind some of the storms could be strong as we get into the early evening hours. there we are 8:30 tonight. again going to be scattered not everybody will get them. but the potential to there we could have strong winds and we'll clear it out overnight. by tomorrow morning back into sunshine. less humidity and a very pleasant afternoon tomorrow. still on the warm side. but it should feel great with less humidity tuesday, wednesday looks fantastic we cloud up it looks like the rain gets in here thursday weather day will not be in jeopardy be able to get the game in on thursday. friday looks wet before a cool weekend. okay, guys that's the weather update. back to you. >> tuck, thank you very much. delta airlines is little bit
8:48 am
one of the delta pilots seen slapping a passenger. now apparently the passenger was fighting with another passenger delta said the pilot intervened to break up the fight. now, he was initially removed from duty but has since returned to work because after the investigating they found out his actions actually calmed the situation. deescalated that situation. >> steven. >> big breaking news. big development. >> i wish i could take credit forays. sources are saying this. kelly ripa found a newcomb host. >> okay. >> i think a lot of people are saying this predictable. she already that michael strahan. >> steve harvey or ryan seacrest. >> it's ryan see kev. >> there you go. here's -- again, this is not 100% confirmed. sources are saying this. and we'll see what happens. actually we're not going to see what happens. we're not going to found into. we'll tune into good day dc and tell you what happens. >> all right
8:49 am
revealed as the new co-host of life with kelly ripa. i'm interested to see how the name of the show would be. live with kelly and ryan. live with ryan and kelly. >> live. >> just life. >> i don't know. >> it is interesting. after you've been like so low for so long, you know, maybe -- >> he's massive star. so is she. >> maybe it will be live with kelly ripa and ryan seacrest underneath. >> i'm interest to do so what happens. >> live with kelly featuring ryan seacrest. >> she's been alone for so long now. >> charlie hunnam you know him from sons of anarchy he's in king arthur directed by guy ritchie and while i was that this week in new york this weekend interviewing the cast i decided to film a little king arthur audition sequel for myself and i think i found my calling. i'm going to be an action actor. watch this. >> you shall. i
8:50 am
way. >> tell me -- am i selling it? i'm selling it, right? >> big woosh at the end. >> you guys know me i like behind the scenes stuff. they had go pro swinging around me. it was really good thing i decided i wanted to walk in the room and show this video to charlie hunnam and just let him know that there's some competition for the king arthur sequel. >> don't get too comfortable. that's his reaction right there. >> he's scared obviously. >> i think he's genuinely worried. >> he feels king arthur two featuring kevin mccarthy. >> that's so funny. >> wait. >> what is he saying there. >> i think he was genuinely just like why is this kid showing this scene. >> definite words? for you? >> he said he was speechless. [ laughtr ] >> well that's -- >> i told him -- hmm. >> can i take over for you? and he goes as long as i can split the paycheck with you. >> as long as you do this. >> like what i saw sample here, sure you can take over. >> keep doing
8:51 am
interview coming up. >> john legend will be the first recipient of major award tomorrow. this is really cool. legend will have -- will be at salem state university to accept the salem advocate for social justice award. according to bill moore he will also perform and speak about his work. the release statement release of this says legend worked throughout his career to make a difference in the lives of others. he launched a show me campaign in 2007 and specifically about the award as it recognizes luminaries in their field who use their platforms to champion social justice issues and advocate for under represented populations. listen i think he's done some great work i've been following him on social media for long time. the song did he for selma was incredible. i remember that. that video was very important as well. very important film. i love what he's been doing and obviously using his celebrity for good. but he keeps entertaining. there's a vibe to him i just love the way -- never too
8:52 am
>> right. >> just enter taken at the same time but also spreading important messages. >> one of the biggest musical groups in the world showed up to perform at a high school prom. this is kind of cool. chip smokers crashed huntly high school's prom in chicago and they tweeted "your prom could be next". this is obviously one of the songs of theirs they played this at the prom itself. from the videos i've seen, i've seen them play this song. according to tmz this is a little back story to this. this was preplanned. if you read the tweet here it says it was across the street from our arena so why not. an hour later they went back to the arena and played their sold out show. apparently, a student had reached out to their management team and it all went through. >> that's cool. >> you think about the idea that student was probably there's no way this is going to happen. >> right. prom is happening the same night as this big concert. >> imagine you're 16, 17 years old. big time entertainer show up at your prom. >> that song is huge. they have that congress with cold play. i like this song a
8:53 am
godfather one of the greatest films in the history of movies. here's the thing. we were having this discussion. godfather two is better than godfather one. most people would disagree. >> what do you guys think? if you watched the series i think a lot of people two is the masterpiece. >> the reason we're having this discussion the cast and film make kerri united at the tree becca film festival. i was in new york but i came back for a wedding. i would love to have gone to this. they played godfather one and godfather two back to back. did a pam discussion with director taylor hack burg. robert deniro was there, al pacino, diane keaton, francis copy pole la. robert duvall. also this weekend was reservoir dog panels at the same festival tarantino was there with steve busemi on michael madison. >> i like how they have a picture of marlon brandon paying hospital match to him. >> that is cool. i didn't notice that. >> what cool about this
8:54 am
particular -- this platform you can watch the entire thing on youtbe the entire panel but there was a really funny story by al pacino and diane keaton they really got drunk filming that wedding sequence. >> were they dating at the time, do you know? >> i don't know. they're both in the scene. i don't know if they were da dating. but they apparently got really drunk when shooting that and there's also a very inappropriate story which i'll -- i can't tell on the air that involves mr. marlon brando. go to the youtube. i'll put it on my facebook, facebook mccarthy. >> cool. >> that's all i have for you. >> are you sticking around for good day. i'm traveling. i'll be back at 9:40 witness director of guardian of the galaxy mr. james gun. >> see you then. we will see tucker right after this very short break. ♪ . ♪♪
8:55 am
♪ want to say good morning to our facebook fans of the day. what great family. this is brianna, cameron and pat. they were nominated by her mom. >> she says that she and brianna used to watch fox5 when she was growing up and now brianna watches with her own beautiful family. she goes on to say, the generational thing. you understand that, right? generational. for your chance to be fan of the day post your picture below this adorable picture. >> okay. listen we have some breaking news coming in from the animal adventure park in new york. april the giraffe's new baby now has a name. >> aww.
8:56 am
is tijir. and it means hope. this name was on the top ten as alyssa's choice one of april's primary caregivers. >> if you voted for alyssa's choice alyssa got to pick the name. >> and beautiful. >> who was the caregiver. there you go. >> there's april and tijiri. >> really cute. >> ut-oh. >> got back up. >> isn't that something? >> i mean just born and already like 6 feet tall or whatever. >> right. >> all right tee. tucker. tijiri is the new name. >> deep thought for the day sometimes when you fall down you got to get back up. >> that's right. >> 74 now in washington. >> i like that. >> winds out of the south here at 15. warm and humid today up ahead of our front. few clouds out there as well and then we'll be dealing with this cold front this evening. between about 5:00 and 89:00 o'clock tonight look for the potential for showers and thunderstorms of course weather west you are the soon are in you'll see them. seven, eight, clock tonight few storms in here.
8:57 am
this afternoon and this evening. cooler and drier tomorrow. late humid. yes. >> hi, err rip. >> 8:56 right now. seeing big problems in montgomery county. also keep in mind massachusetts of a reopened north capitol street in northwest still delays there. let's see if we can get a look at skyfox. if not university boulevard right now westbound side imp impacted dennis of a southbound because of a big crash. we'll see if we can forward our maps and show what else you're up against on the roads. big slow downs lingering all over the place. please give yourself a few extra moments there. idol wood road remains closed as well. keep it to fox5 news morning. good day at 9a coming right up. ♪ ♪♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
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♪ straight ahead. more than a dozen people dead after a line of severe weather tears across part of the south. now mother nature is taking aim at our region. plus a mass shoot tag california apartment complex. one person is dead. six more badly hurt. after a man opened fire at a pool party. and police say the motive may have been race. in many cases you're forced to make deals that are not the deal you'd make -- you'd make a much different kind of a deal. >> legislation victory for president trump congress close to passing a bipartisan bill to avoid a government shut down compromise comes with a price. what the president's deal includes want got left out. it's t


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