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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 15, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead one of the largest cyber attacks in history and it could get bigger as you head back to work. coming up how to make sure your information is safe. and early morning crash and car fire on suitland parkway ends with three people dead. one person taken to the hospital. i'm melanie alnwick with the
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another white house shake up on the way? president trump already looking for new fbi director and now new reports more heads could roll in the administration. we'll have the very latest. miss usa2017 is -- district of columbia! [ applause ] >> later d.c. does it again. for the second year in a row the miss usa crown comes home to the nation's capitol. we'll have more on the scientist turned beauty queen who won it all and how she spark social media controversy on her way to victory. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> congratulations to the new miss usa and outgoing miss usa that would be miss d.c. and miss d.c. d.c. dominance and we say good day. >> we're winning at something in d.c. >> weary peeing victories. >> having hard time in sports but we're good with that. >> beginning of a dynasty. thanks f
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good day d it's monday, may 15th i'm steve alongside holly, maureen and wisdom. >> d.c. chasing another title we just got finish talking about wizards and celtic face off game seven after that epic come back on friday night. preview coming up a little bit later. >> this is good. right. >> i hope so. >> if the rest of the team shows up good i feel like at least they're going to be in it. i don't know if they'll win. they'll show up to place much that's all we can ask. >> that's true. >> we're winning in another department. the weather. we are getting a taste of summer later this week. temperatures wednesday actually could hit 90 degrees. but i'm just going focus on today because it's gorgeous out that. tucker is back with a check of the forecast. >> so gorgeous as wall's three-point shot on friday. >> in the clutch. >> that was magical. >> we're not used to our teams actually performing when it counts. [ laughter ] >> all right. sunshine and 70 today's. you saw the live shot. absolutely beautiful start to theay
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to be enjoying a day much like yesterday. lots of sunshine, low humidity and a nice breeze out of the north and west might be windy at time. reagan national 59. 56 dulles. 57 in baltimore bwi marshall. look how quiet it is. cold front not even on our map any more. you can see it fading there. little bit of cloudiness overnight and early morning that's south of richmond. high pressure building in, guess what, absolutely gorgeous weather around here today. tonight nice and comfortable and then starting tomorrow we'll start to be under the influence bermuda high as that starts to take shape we'll push temperatures into the 90s. so if you like my boss and your asian conditioner doesn't work make sure it starts working by wednesday and thursday. 75 today. you won't need it this afternoon winds north and west gusting to about 30. seven day has that heat. we'll look at it coming up. our one day of spring. >> yesterday, too. two days of spring. >> thanks, tuck. >> big story this morning deadly night on the roads in the area including in prince george's county. >> three people killed in violent and fiery cra
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the suitland parkway. tragedy also shutting down several roads in the area causing major delays for the morning commute. >> hell knee alnwick following this story. out since early this morning and joins us from the scene. mel. >> good morning, guys. so the good part here you can see clearly forestville road and suitland parkway open now in all directions. but it was southbound suitland parkway where that accident happened early this morning right around the 3:00 o'clock hour, and remember the last time we came to you we've been pushed away from the scene and that is because as you can see over here in this fenced in area they are continuing this very grim task now of having to extricate some of the burned out bodies from one of those cars we believe it's this what looks to be the white sedan here that there's -- they have surrounded. we know it's hard to see through the fence. that's good thing. the scar that
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grizzly scene there. now what appears to have happened, this is based on a witness that i talk to. he says he was here on the scene, and that the red jeep patriot barreled into that white sedan. the jeep traveling southbound on suitland parkway and the jeep -- white sedan was trying to make a turn also to go southbound on suitland parkway and that's when they collided. again according to an eyew eyewitness. not verified yet by u.s. park police who were there on the scene shortly. they took over the scene from prince george's county fire and ems after a fire and ems came here and took care of the vehicle fire which we believe contributed to the deaths of those three people in the white sedan you see there with the sheeting all around it, and on the grassy area in front of that wrecked vehicle and right neck to it to the left hand side that's where you see the jeep patriot. now we have not been able to yet get
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gender, age, i think frankly in some instances it may take some time for identification. again the witness that i talked to said he and a tow truck driver and another woman saw what was going on and they ran down there. they raced down there to try to help these people get out at least as far as the white sedan goes. they tell me the flames were just shooting up too high. it was the hardest thing they had to do to know that they couldn't do anything tolls safe who was in that car. they had to pull themselves back from the scene. as you can understand did not want to take any sort of credit or anything for this. just wanted to give us a little bit of information as far as what happened. they told me or this one witness did tell me that he saw a woman being pulled out of the jeep who appeared to be okay. and we can tell that you prince george's county fire and rescue also told us that one person was transported from the scene. so again i think it's going to be while, guys, until we get
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more detail here on this really terrible accident that happened early this morning. back to you. >> terrible indeed. melanie, thank you for that. deadly night on the roads here in the district. police say one man was killed in a single car crash along blair road in northwest. several roads in that area were closed overnight while police investigated. no word yet on cause of this particular crash. in the cyber world is on edge over fears of another massive ransom wear attack. attack on friday affected more than 200,000 people around the world 20% of england's hospitals. the big question this morning what will happen when you turn your commuter on work. bob barnard joins us now live with more. bob. >> reporter: security experts are warning that more cyber attacks are li likely so brace yourself. imagine you fire up your computer and you see something like this. it is the warning that was seen around the world. telling you you've been hacked. the hackers targeting computers using microsoft operating systems. now the software giant is advising customers there t
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update your systems and use protective software. this was an extortion scheme that crashed computer networks in 150 countries. the initial attack paralyzing computers running britain's hospital network, germany's national railway and fed ex here in the us. the worm is known as want in a cry infected computers are frozen and hit with that message in red that says oops your files have been encrypted hack kess are demanding $300 online bit coin payment. victims are told they have only hours to pay the ransom tour files will be destroyed. but most experts say don't pay that ransom. now this morning britain's health service says most hospitals hit by the ransom wear attack are back up and running. there are fear there is would be major impact in asia today and while thousands of computers have been affected, no large scale break downs today have been reported. now, if your computer is using older operating system like windows xp, you shouldow
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and this is their guide to that it was actually released back in march. but apparently few people install it. now the identity of the hackers is still unknown. they were apparently using tools stolen from our national are the security agency the nsa and released on the internet. now, we have all the information really you need on our website fox5 did. everything you need to know to protect yourself from getting infected or what to do if you have have been hacked, guys. so, again, this happened on friday. all experts all weekend long say monday would be rough when people fired up their computer systems and there have been outages around the world and impacts but nothing on the scale i think that was feared this morning. >> that's good news there. >> you don't want to start your work week off any worse. >> no. >> i still have to figure out what bit coin is. my computer would be out of service for months until i could figure out how to come with the paper. >> i files would be destroyed. >> 9:09. tracking metro, violent weekend
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two tax at two different stations. the first left this passenger with a broken hand and bruised face. it happened friday evening on the lower level platform gallery place. the victim says he was pushed to the ground and then punched by several men. the second incident happened sunday morning at the van ness station. police there were called to deal with fight that broke out. three men were involved in that and one of them suffered a cut to his face. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. the other two people were arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. how safe is the bus you'll jump ton get to work this? should that bus be on the road? there's one fleet of buses in the region that is showing major signs of wear and tear and the problem so bad on any given day one third of the buses can't even get out of the lot. talking about the dc circumstance later fleet which has been around since 2005. the fleet is itch aging these are pictures proof of the poor conditions the buses are in and they haven't really been maintain. the fleet is operated by first transit. again, on any given dayne
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leave the lot. ridership is down about 14% this year on time performance tanked last month. we talked with martin dicaro about the op-going issues this morning. >> the mechanic may not have the property expertise. they're overlooking defects and buses are gone out back on the road and often breaking and having to come back to this lot where the drivers sit around for hours working for a working buses. none of the 12 mechanic as asc certification. the district contract doesn't require it but raises serious questions about the expertise of the me tan kicks 96 here. >> d.c. and metro officials say they're working on it. >> correct me if i'm wrong but didn't when we did the story about them putting in the parking meters. >> on the mall. >> on the mall that part of that money was going to go to the circumstance later? >> right. >> marty did say they are actually getting new buses. i forget the number. 20 to 40. somewhere in that range. they are expected to have by the end of this year. but he said again those will have to be maintained as
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flow goes but that's part of their working on it. >> maybe training. >> 9:11 right now. he couldn't dodge a line drive but mack scherzer he dodge a bullet during game two of the nats double header and through one of the best innings of his career. we'll have all the details coming up a little later. first president trump looking for new fbi director now there's new reports there could be some other openings in his administration as well. allison seymour back with a check of the details on that and other stories coming up next. ♪
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>> let's check the morning briefing now. up front another international meeting at the white house for president trump and. today he'll host the crown prince of abu dahbi. white house calls the immediate meeting a chance to deepen cooperation with a key partner in the middle east. also today for the second time in a week government lawyers will be back in federal appeals court defending the president's revised travel ban. they want the justices to reinstate it and once again they can expect plenty of questions about whether the ban was designed to discriminate against muslims. >> president trump will also continue his search for new fbi director. that will happen this week. now but at the same time this is going on rumors are swirl
9:16 am
shake up on the way. >> for details latest from fallout allison joins us with the details. >> the congressional investigation continue here on capitol hill into russia's in last year' election. the administration looking for new fbi director and the changes may not stop there. >> president trump will wake up this morning to this headline among others. trump pulls sweeping shake up. we've certainly heard this all before. white house press secretary sean spicer has been the subject of firing speculation again and again but is the firing of fb. director james comey just the start. kellyanne conway brush the question aside. >> what are you actually covering? are you covering who is up and who is down in the west wing of course you would know nothing about what impacts americans. >> democrats spent the weekend taking shots at at administration over comey's firing. in fact his house was staked out by the media. catching his c
9:17 am
over mother' days. >> we would love to have him into the public the american people need to hear his side of the story after he's been so sill led and his reputation. >> have also been calls for the white house to row lease any tapes of conversations between comey and the president. that the president himself on twitter suggested may exist. meantime someone has to replace comey at the fbi and there are plenty of possibilities. some of whom have already been interviewed. some bipartisan support behind the idea of nominating president obama's failed nominee for the supreme court d.c. judge merrick garland someone who could possibly diffuse likely democratic obstruction in naming a new director. >> i think his nomination will be welcomed by people on both sides of the aisle in the se senate. >> fox's doug luzader reporting. some democrats have promised to block any trump nominee for the fbi unless there's a commitment to a point a special prosecutor to look into these allegations that there were ties between the trump campaign and
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maureen, back to you. >> al, thank you. nine could 17. coming up later looking good, before and after your workout. we're sharing six must have gym bag beauty search. >> erin what are you working on this morning. >> steve, north korea breaking more rules and testing more missiles. charlottesville the scene avenue white national rallies with echoes. kk now the mayor has the message for the confederate supporters and later, new york with a special salute to the number two. we'll show you the emotional moments from derek jeter's number retirement ceremony. that's next on good day at 9a.
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court injunction has put that plan on hold for six months. this protest was led by white national lift richard spencer. tonight the council will consider more recommendations for the same commission that first encouraged the lee statue to come down. when students at crofton middle school went to class this morning, they were greeted with words of kindness. earlier this week anne arundel counsel three police arrested two men for hanging a noose outside the school. then yesterday dozens of people showed up to the event chalk the walk. people were supportive and positive messages in chalk outside the school. event was led by a group called crofton is kind. well it was all about derek jeter at yankees stadium on sunday. the yankees dedicate add black in honor that will be placed in monument park. his grandmother, parents, pregnant wife all joined him. jeter retired back in 2014 aft
9:23 am
a 20-year career that inc includ five world series titles. congratulations to you. and finally, our food delivery men and women will sometimes they're heroes for ending our hunger but this please is a deliveryman takes it to an entirely new level. a pizza man saves the day after delivering fooding to stranded passengers on board amtrak train. they were stuck from dc to new york footlerly three years yesterday before replace many train arrives stranded and with nothing to do. someone ordered a pizza to the stranded train and passengers captured the delivery and the pizza man has since been hailed a hero for making a down a hill to deliver a pizza to those folks on the stranded train. saving hasn't agree folks from getting outraged on the train. i love that story. >> what's the tippers taj that are that deliveryman? how do you tell him i'm four cars back, i'm in the quiet car? good keep walking i see you.
9:24 am
generously for making that pizza run. >> i hope so. >> 100% tip on that. >> i would think so it is illegal toll walk on the train tracks. he's breaking the law for you yeah give him a good tip. >> hadn't considered that holly. we'll move and then. >> thanks, erin. >> thanks. max ciarrocchi gets immaculate inning and wizards they get one more job to get the chance today. good day sports report culling up next. >> plus tucker is back with the seven that could have our first real taste of summer on it. >> fresh at 10a the rock really running for president? kevin got a chance to ask him when he took his talents to south beach for the bay watch premier. he'll join us live in the 10a hour with his answer and a little slow-mo riri cretian of the tv show's move iconic moments. d.c. dynasty the nation's capitol row peteing the uss competition. miss dc taking home the crown to fort second year in the row
9:25 am
we'll have the new winner. from the daily show to dean. writer director and actor demitri martin joining us live to talk about finding comedy in tragedy. it's 9:24. we'll be right back. be right b for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up.
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9:28 am
joh wall right there. singing it after hitting biggest shot in wizards history wall jumped on the score's table to celebrate with fans. the winner of this game will face off against cleveland cavaliers and king james. good luck to the wizards. >> come on you can do it. >> longest inbound pass ever. >> right. >> i was like screaming at the tv. just get it in. don't get called for this at the end of the game. >> when he caught the ball and took the shot i was like oh, b boy. >> he made it. >> come on. >> i think that was it too. >> what? in exciting. let's do it. >> do it in boston. good great shot. >> all right. let's head to the baseball diamond now. scary moment for max scherzer taking a live drive to the knee this was during game two of the nationals double header with the phillies he hit the ground in pain you saw him there but he was back on the mound minutes later. didn't seem to slow him down much in the very next it through an immaculate inning nine pitch inning striking out three straight batters. sit
9:29 am
nats went on to win this 16 to five splitting the double le letter. >> getting the job done. >> let's legit. >> um-hmm. >> yup. >> interesting to see he gets hit in the knee and he gets up doesn't that. how can you possibly complain after that. >> scary moments for little bit. >> i know. unnerving to say the least. >> tucker barnes up with a check of our forecast. summer back with a vengeance. >> tough thing about being a nats starting pitcher you have to give up the baseball at some point. >> don't want to give it to the bullpen. >> exactly. they are biting towels and sweating once they go into the dug out. 59 in washington. look at the winds north and west at 16. so another frontal system came through overnight that will deliver a day lot like yest yesterday. this after soon will look like a lot like yesterday did lots of sunshine and beautiful beautiful monday afternoon to look forward to. temperatures in the mid 70s. live look at your satellite/radar. remember the rain we had friday night and saturday? that's nor'easter still spinning up towards boston they're doing clouds and cool temperatures. not for us northwest flo
9:30 am
will be little breezy this afternoon but otherwise picture perfect weather here as we're going to have lots of sunshine to look forward to. nice dry afternoon. pleasant tonight. seventy two start to bill the heat around here tomorrow our high area of high pressure will slip offshore. anybody that lived here for any period of time once we get that high pressure this time of year parked over bermuda we call that a bermuda high that pumps in unseasonably warm temperatures. we're doing 90s, wednesday, thursday, perhaps even friday. right around 90 degrees. plenty of heat. plenty of humidity and just going to feel like taste of summer around here. so get ready to enjoy a couple nice days hopefully the pools will be opening soon and air-conditioning works because you'll want it. as temperatures are going to be again good ten to 15 degrees above normal around here for of the much week. dry too. next chance of rain a storm on friday. that's easy. 75 and sunny, enjoy. >> tuck, thanks very much it is 9:30. this year mark the 12th anniversary of the ryan kerrigan leukemia golf classic an e
9:31 am
leukemia and lymphoma society actually out dates ryan kerr are you can an organization that fox5 is proud to partner with throughout year. we're joined by jamie graham. let's head out to loudoun county to lansdowne. hi, jamie, good morning. >> good morning. >> so your company you, you could have partnered with anybody. you could be doing anything out there to try to spread the word get a little publicity whatever it is that do you. why this particular event. why this tournament? >> so i actually sit on the national chapter board for leukemia and lymphoma so the organization has raised over with all of the dollars going to research, education and patient access. so i found my passion and we are out here for the 12th annual tournament today on this gorgeous day. supporting two patient heros and really just educating folks in the local community about
9:32 am
raising dollars. >> we of course here at fox5 we partner up with lls for many events throughout the year but just remind folks you talk about being able to folks open up their wallets their purchases to be able to help out but what need is still out there and always good remind people where that money goes and how it helps out in the local community? >> absolutely. so we have over 27,000 people in just the greater washington area living with blood cancer. so there's always a need for fundraising. the dollars go directly to research and education and patient access. so there are many local events that lls puts on as an organization this being one of them. this tournament raised over $3 million in the past 12 years. and there's a lot of ways to get involved. >> here's what's great about it too you mentioned the honored heroes today. two of them that are being honored one of them a connection to one of the washington redskins coaches and because this is the --
9:33 am
kerrigan's name on a lot of people donating their funds and specifically their time the redskins players. >> correct. that is true. we have a lost redskins players. we have alumni out here. we have coaches and staff. and, yes, one of the coaches daughters is being recognized as one much our patient heroes an extra special day out here today. >> jamie, for folks who can't get out there today and, you know, meet their redskins heroes or donate to the cause cause today out at the course however it may be, what other opportunities are there, how can folks get involved in if he want to help out lls throughout the year? >> so you can always go to the leukemia and lymphoma website and it lists all the volunteer activity that is folks can do. ways to contribute. and you can always come out next year. >> well jamie it look like you have an absolutely perfect day for golf today. at least -- >> yes, we do. >> the
9:34 am
[ laughter ] >> yeah, we're very excited for such a beautiful day. >> jamie, thank for joining us today. enjoy the tournament i hope eighths wonderful day all around much lots of great golf and great fundraising. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks you so much. >> you're very welcome. >> no magic for king arthur at the box office this weekend. coming up kevin has got the weekend numbers plus which christmas classic is getting a musical makeover. it's one of your favorites, right. >> i don't get it. [ laughter ] >> the fox beat is coming up next. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ hope you're ready. it will be here any minute. >> ♪ >> is that a rival? >> you don't know what rival look like? >> swords were your nipping and guns were mine i guess we're growth doing guns now. i just didn't know that. >> that's intense. >> whoa! >> all right. 9:37 is the time. second weekend at the top of the gobs office for guardians of the gallon lack see volume two and big fly for guy ritchie and charlie hunnam. kevin is back with a look at the numbers and
9:38 am
classic is becoming a fox musical. >> i was at a restaurant last night for my mother-in-law's mother's day dinner an viewer tapped me on the back and said kevin, i was so with you over the wisdom argument. wisdom said if you missed this, he said, guardians of the galaxy volume two was the worst marvel film to date. now, he's saying it's worse than thor two, avengers two, the incredible hulk with edward norton. >> yes. >> but it was not worse than -- i've amed that since then spiderman two. spiderman two and three. >> those are not mcu. >> spiderman is -- >> they are in the same uni universe. he's wrong. >> universe. >> if you read the books and watch the comic and cartoons they're all it in together. >> i understand that. >> my question, do you think that the people that agreed with wisdom would come up to you in the restaurant? >> i do, holly. >> thank you holly. >> only people that agree with you are going to come up to you. >> give me some holdly. >> you are the
9:39 am
thinks that. >> i'm just thinking that all the dinner guests enjoy this conversation? >> right. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> having this covering. >> did your mother-in-law en enjoy -- >> my mother-in-law loved it. yeah, kevin. >> i think it's interesting -- i think you're so wrong. >> you know who stole the show in guardians of the galaxy. >> michael rucker. >> david hasselhoff. >> i just talked to this wee weekend. he loves that movie. >> he was great in the movie. >> i was being facetious. >> guardians of the galaxy volume two despite wisdom's review made $633 million worldwide at the box office. not saying that money means quality but most people liking this film. it's a film made $663 million. >> has marvel made movie that has not done well at the box office? >> i don't think thor. >> opening weekend -- first two weeks. >> done well -- you can tear that apart little bit. thor two didn't open as big as this.
9:40 am
>> they made lot of money. >> marvel can do no wrong much that's the point i'm trying to make. >> i disagree. i think audiences are smarter than that. if a movie is really bad it won't continue to making a billion dollars unless you're avatar which made $2 billion. >> i don't like avatar. >> i liked avatar. >> it was good. >> number one, $630 million worldwide at the box office. first one made over 700 this will pass that. might make a billion. number two this weekend, snatched. now this is interesting. this movie did not do he can treatmently well. 17.5 is not that bad for r rated comedy with a budget of $42 million. so i think -- i know the stories of that movie doing badly are over the top. i don't think it did as bad as everyone said it was doing it wasn't a great film. great to see goldie hawn back on the screen for the first time in 15 years. it was funny but not memorable. i would rent it. >> that part is funny. the real story is king arthur
9:41 am
i think this was pretty much something we all saw coming were you it costs reportedly $175 million to make. >> whoa! >> according to box office mojo, only made 14.7 million this weekend. it was already like going towards disaster on friday when it made basic follow money in regard to the box office sales but i think the thing here the see another king arthur film even though -- >> i wanted to see this much it looked interesting. >> it's actually pretty good. i liked it. i was one of the people who like the film. guy ritchie directed. it's very different than king arthur story you'll ever seen. modern -- takes place 1200 years ago but modern knifed version of it with music and the action. jude law is great. hunnam is great. i'm not surprised it didn't do well but i'm surprised how much it costs and how many it made. but it did not do well this weekend unfortunately. so that was a big box office bomb for that film. but i think this year has been interesting for movies, i think guardians is killing it right now. i'm interested to
9:42 am
christopher nolan's new film. redirectly dunkirk a world war ii film coming out middle of summer. it's not an american story. i'm interested to see how this is going to play out. i think nolan's name on it, though, is the key. >> if my memory is correct one of the films you were most looking forward to. >> my number one. number one most anticipated of the year. i saw bay watch. >> that would be on the other end of the spectrum. >> in the 10a i have my interview i spoke to the rock who might run for president and gave me update on his thoughts on that. i'm interested to see if he runs. >> running mate is not david hasselhoff. >> hasselhoff had the best muss statue i've ever seen in my entire life. >> i saw that. >> his mustache creeped me out. >> me too. >> a little weird. >> you know why it took so long for him to get his campaign going. >> why. >> he was running in slow mo motion. >> oh, we got it steve. >> that's your best one today. steve is my favorite person ever. i feel so bad early this mor morning -- >> tell wisdom
9:43 am
>> what's going on here. >> we were rung out of time this morning and steve made a great rock joke even completely bombard it because we were so rushed to get to the neck bite. thank you for that joke this morning. i appreciate it. >> really. >> real quick. speaking of remakes, i love you all. i do love you all. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. whatever. >> stop it. >> don't give us charity love. >> another segment it will be somebody else. >> who excited for three-hour live musical version of the christmas story? >> ooh, ooh, ooh. >> no. [ laughter ] >> really. >> i don't get the original movie. i don't like it i've said it time and time again. i know people love it. don't tweet me if you love it great. >> i don't have a problem with it. i went ten years without watching it watched it again it had lost the luster. >> it was great when you were a kid. >> i didn't laugh one time. >> i didn't watch when i was a kid. >> me either. >> i think it's more nostalgia than funny going back it's like the lamp, the tongue on the flagpole. i mean there's so many different like funny moments but like -- >> i found it disturbing. >> i don't think the movie is a masterpiece. >> trying to picture
9:44 am
the flagpole. >> exactly. >> i am wondering -- how do you burst into song with your tongue on the flagpole. >> is this going to be on fox. >> yes. >> it will be awesome. >> i'm picturig now how good that scene will be. >> how do you cover three hours. >> we did grease life. grease was great. >> i like it. listen i think fox has a pattern here this could be good. i just don't know if three hours is your answer. >> no. >> david hess sal hov. >> done in slow-mo. >> that would be cool. >> on the beach. >> thank you for that i'll tease that right now. you have no idea the real story behind the slow motion in bay watch. >> i may not your favorite but i do set you up from time to time. >> that was a great setup u-crew now my favorite. >> wow. >> wisdom, you and i -- >> enjoy the shine while it lasts. >> the moment -- you're his favor are the now. >> fades quickly. >> fort next tepp second. >> guardians of the galaxy was the worse mc film. you lost my respect. >> wait until i beat you down over
9:45 am
>> our next match you. >> i think that will be a great film. >> we never agree. >> i see wonderwoman thursday. i'm sitting down with gal gadot. >> there was one movie you agreed. >> did we really agree? >> what movie was it. >> furious eight. >> we agreed on that. >> because there hasn't been enough of those. >> we both loved furious eight. >> furious 15. > you're 100% wrong about guardians of the galaxy, too. >> wonderwoman is our next match up. bring it. >> it's on. >> bring it. >> you should act out for the scenes for three hour musical. >> i'm down. three hour movie matchup. >> he will, i would like that right here on fox. >> yeah. >> now that's how you make some money. >> ratings. >> yes. >> ratings. >> 9:45. >> 9:45 we're moving on. culling up a gym bag beauty search that is will not break the bank. we're showing you how to be fabulous and frugal with help from expert shandra hartley
9:46 am
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welcome back. whether you've done boot camp, yoga swim, aerobics or anything in between the goal to look good, right? before, during and after that workout. and this morning we're sharing the six gym bag search that is will help you do just that. shandra hartley with more. hello to you. >> good morning. >> how are we going to do. we're woking out our bodies because we want to look good. >> we have to look pre, during and post workout. it's all about our hair. do you know about the gym bun trick. >> no. basically it's like a pre shampoo hot oil treatment. aura botannical concentrate essential oil. i didn't even do it in my french accent. this is a for four in one you can use it on your body it's great for your hair. pump this into your ends, flow your hair into a bun, should to swim class wash it out are yorks hair is bounce see
9:50 am
>> how much do you use. >> it depends upon how thick your hair is. that's the as spec it has omega three and nine. >> this is called the tas see. he was haag hawk gary it's fun while you're working out and this is also great for everyone who has super thick area it's one point sweat band use it post workout in the shower. you don't have to get your hair all sweaty. >> wear it just like this. >> the mannequins -- who's skull in this now. >> right. >> just imagine using it on true human skull it expands the. i use it on girls night in when you're doing a mask. it covers your hair. >> this is cute on? good i know i'm just looking at -- >> it's sort of like the new. when you're trying to hold on to your hair in between getting it straightened you have to do what you have to do. >> i might have to take this and see how it works. it. >> keeps it away from humidity. we'll try that one. here's another thing i really hate when i'm in the gym called mud face. right? you go in
9:51 am
your make up on you start sw sweatin to avoid gym acne which is an actual issue pixie has make up clothes. we feel how hydrating this actually is. it has camomile in it, gray seed oil it won't strip your face of oils but it will keep that make up out of your face and so you can go ahead work out. you won't sort of like when it's starts pouring down not a good luck. >> i marvel people who show up at the gym with a full face. >> i tried to clean face. >> absolutely. >> post workout. dewey but really sweaty. this is garner skin active all in one my cellar cleansing water much it's huge on the mark. fine it at your local drugstore but get get it at at trouble. they fit in your bag. you won't want to bring your whole skip care routine this is a magnet it gets out dirt, impurity but leaves you hydrated
9:52 am
and mose cher arrived post workout. you don't have to bring all your stuff. >> i like that. nice and handy much what's this. >> you've taken shower, right. >> let's hope. >> we don't want to put perfume without that aspect the apothecary dead seed body mist it comes in five actual gents this is hydrating and mois moisturizing. go ahead and smell it. i won't spray it. >> i like that. >> it's also in -- it lists endorphins post workout. light wait it comes in two different sizes and gives i was fragrance post workout. >> i like that a lot. >> very light and nice. >> last but not least so bio medic. most of our bio medic kind of has that senior smell. grandma aroma. >> sorry grand ma. >> that's good one. >> this is my pain away the sports cream. 17 bio met ticks in it. great for both your lightweight athletic and weekend warrior and of course you're going to be
9:53 am
those muscles that you have some slight aches to. but para ban free, petroleum free and you're going to still be a inbound to work out really really well. >> throw this fall your gym bag. >> very handy i'm still very carry yous about this little thing. >> i'm going to give you one and you'll tell me about it. you'll go for it. pink or purple. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. great tips. back over to you guys. >> maureen thank you very much. 9:53. still to come this morning more kevin, yes, we will finally see his acting skills. >> oh boy. >> now -- >> haven't we seen those before. >> we just saw him pull the sword out of the stone for the movie that didn't do well. wait a minute. maybe we're on -- yeah. >> maybe there's trend here. >> exactly. bay watch people let him. to. we'll see what happens. we'll see kevin's slow motion bay watch recreation and more of the cast coming up during the ten day today. demitri will be here talking about his new
9:54 am
>> look forward to that. ryan kerrigan of the washington redskins linebacker will join us. we talked earlier this hour with some of the folk at his big golf outing. >> not playing football today. >> no. a whole bunch of the redskins are out at lansdowne this morning we'll chat with ryan neck hour and fine out more about why he continues to lend his name to his great event. >> hit the links for good cause. i'll not so sure that's a good look for maureen but i respect the fact that you're testing it out. >> i'm actually feeling this. the little head hugger thing. what do you guys think? >> okay, i can rock this. >> tweet her. >> you can do it or tweet us #gooddaydc. what do you think about that new look? >> hey. meanwhile though it is coffee time right here on good day dc. if you've been looking at our good cool day mugs listen up because we have as you know a good day dunkin' donuts mug that we give away perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts co coffee. all you have to do is head to or you can
9:55 am dc. that's the best way to enter our mug contest. one lucky will be selected by random drawing. hurry you only have now from until 11am to enter. if you win take a selfie with your mug and post it on our facebook or twitter pages like this one from tashiya seal. hughes the good day dc hash tag. you're rocking our coffee mug on this monday morning. >> i'm em blazing this with the good day dc tag. >> get it embroider the? >> what? [ laughter ] >> what in the heck are you wearing? i'm looking at this. >> 10a rolling your way next. don't go anywhere. >> don't be jealous. >> take that off. .
9:56 am
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straight ahead, a d.c. dynasty. nation's capitol taking the miss usa crown for the second year in a row. the winner 25-year-old nuclear scientist. but she didn't win without riling up a little social media controversy. what she said that had twitter all fired up. plus, the rock. really running for president? kevin got a chance to catch up with the bay watch star in mi miami. we'll have his answer. >> i want to talk to president trump now. >> trending at 10a melissa mccarthy back as the president's em balanced press secretary. beyonce' going head toed head with her own sister at the bet awards. katie perry taking a seat at the idol table? >> later, finding comedy through tragedy. the daily show's demitri martin is here with a look at how
10:00 am
new movie dean. >> let's do it. good day starting in three, two, one. ♪ what better way to start the week than with a little smo smoothie. >> need it on this monday. >> this is some good stuff. this is jamison from smoothie king we got special -- special information for you. >> i already know about it because, you know, i'm a smoothie king guy. >> you're in the know all the time. >> we'll go with that jamison i'm in the know, right, okay. yeah. any way -- >> help you be in the know, too. >> shall i tell them. >> no. >> shh. >> it's top-secret. jamison we watch them to watch the whole hour. >> he'll be doing some things over here. we'll go over there. you'll do your thing over here. >> protein smoothie reveal the secret later. >> it will be big reveal during the 10a. >> happy monday everybody. >> a reveal to all of us. >> is it monday again? >> it is monday but gosh it's gorgus
10:01 am
kind of gives i was little extra pep in your step, right. >> monday already and still. >> thank for staying iting wis you for the 10a. i'm steve along holly maureen and wisdom. erin is back with a check of the other stories making headlines this morning. hey erin. >> first you up right now accounts across the globe continue to be at terrific from random wear attack. security experts say the hack work today and start locking on- to computers. hack began on friday hits hospitals in england. rail companies in germany and fed he can. hackers reportedly he can polited loop holes in versions of microsoft windows using virus call want in a cry locks computer systems encrypts p crypts files and demands hundreds of dollars to get those files back. now so far it has impacted 150 countries and at least 100,000 organizations. the search continues for a new fbi director. over the weekend eight people were interviewed for the position. there are 14 total candidates. decisionould come this week but questions continue over firing of james comey
10:02 am
republicans and democrats remain divided on the president's decision. airline news, jet blue is disputing a family's account of being kick off a flight over birthday cake. the family says they were flying from new york to las vegas. they say there was confusion as to where they can store the c cake. after putting it in the overhead bin and under a seat they were eventually told they couldn't have the c after all. they did have their tickets refunded. the airline claims the family was yelling at the flight ten dance. hollywood mourning the loss of actor powers booth. he's best known for his roles in tv shows like dead wood and movies tombstone and avengers. his pub will he suv says the 68-year-old died from natural causes. booth also won emmy in 1980 for playing a cult leader in the tv movie. and finally, will ferrell hit all the rights notes gives commence many address at his al matter usc. he told graduates to ignore the critic and follow their dreams and closed
10:03 am
an inspirational song. >> ♪ and i will always love you ♪ [ applause ] >> ♪ will always love you ♪ >> all right then there you have it. that's how you make a big splash at commencement speech. >> i'd remember him. >> yes. exactly. >> if i were my commence many speaker i'd remember. >> yes. >> we were talking about do you remember who gave your commencement speech. i don't think anyone will forget that one. >> not that one for sure. >> not a chance. erin thank you. >> thank you. >> let's check what's tenning this morning. first up and the winner is -- there is a brand knew miss usa. hello. this morning and for the second year in a row the title going to miss district of columbia. but she park controversy on h
10:04 am
25-year-old kyra mccullough wowed the judges born in naples, italy but raised in virginia beach, virginia. before making her way to the nation's capital. >> miss usa2017 is... district of columbia! [ applause ] >> a new miss usa2017 crowned in las vegas. she's 25-year-old kyra mccullough. a scientist who works for the us nuclear regulatory commission. >> i have personal community out reach program called science exploration for kids so we can encourage them into math and science. >> her big movement comely after 51 women squared off for the title live on fox. >> on this stage tonight, we have entrepreneurs, law students, college athletes, social activists, medical professional, and if that's not enough, one is even a scientist. >> this year's competition included five women who immi
10:05 am
>> 51 strong intelligent confident women. each as different as the states they represent. >> i actually am really glad i'm not judging this competition. >> host julianne huff and terrence jay say beyond outward appearance this year' pass jenn focused on celebrating women, their confidence, what their doing in their communities and their voices. >> do you think affordable health care for all u.s. citizens a right or a privilege and why? >> i'm definitely going to say it's a privilege. >> pageant did feature the traditional swimsuit compe competition. as well as musical acts by pitbull, circ-du-soleil and country star brett eldr e eldri. ♪ >> definitely was a good show to watch. they does receive a fair share of backlash via social media fort answers she gave spec specifically with regard to health care being a privilege, and the fact that she is not a feminist. nonetheless, the
10:06 am
and as the newly crowned miss usa she will now move on to compete in the miss universe contest. >> i can't imagine with 51 women on the stage when we had just three here in the loft miss dc, miss virginia and miss maryland, equally impressive. >> i know. >> when it comes to they're resume and everything flave done to this point. >> amazing. >> all i know, look, you said it earlier this is the good luck charm this lost to have miss usa right here she's amazing. and to the controversy, you know, i listened to what she said i think people needed to look at entire statement. it was taken out of context i'm thinking she's getting flack for something that wasn't intended to be the way it's been sort of made to be in social media. i don't know. just listen to everything and then make your decision there. but -- >> i agree. i think it's important to understand there is a fundamental difference in how people believe. there are people who believe health care is a privilege and there are people that believe health care is a right and that really is at the core of the debate over health care. if you understand those
10:07 am
night seen both sides you might better understand the difficulty we're having in coming with health care bill. i think maybe it will bring light to something and people will become more educated about it. >> let's hope. >> nonetheless we're super happy she won, right. >> yes. >> we also want to mention one of our editors here at fox5 al richardson his daughter will now become the new miss d.c. >> that's awesome. >> look at her beautiful self. >>we are a good luck charm here. >> yes. >> fox5. >> love it, love it, love it. >> exciting. >> congratulations. all in the line for the washington wizards tonight it's win or the season is over for the wizards. friday washington forced game seven against boston with clutch shot from john wall. right there. way downtown. after hitting the biggest shot in current wizards history hopefully they won't need a big shot when they play tonight. table to celebrate with the fans that was something that was a surprise to his teammat
10:08 am
biehl. >> it's so exciting. it's so good for the city. >> i just love it. >> he kind of nudged him in the post game comments and biehl was like what, john wall was i told you i did that. >> bad luck now. >> no. let's do it up. >> we didn't want to go overboard this time because we blew it all out for the caps for game seven. it didn't work. >> they blew it. >> we're trying to just be a little more even keal about it. for the wizards tonight. we'll be watching and rooting for them. >> hopefully we'll be celebrating tomorrow many. >> and another chance to celebrate when they win the next round, too. >> in the meantime, if you watched snl over the weekend she's back melissa mccarthy back to saturday night reprising her role as white house secretary sean spicer she hosted the entire show this time her appearance include add trip in dc to new york after the prince convinced her she was being lied to. she took to the street in her podium. [ applause ] >> ♪
10:09 am
[ applause ] >> come on. i promise i'll talk better! [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> me lascar mccarthy opened the show with mother' days monologue paying trick to the all the moms in the audience as well her own mom who was not able to be to the show. she borrowed a mother in the audience she took a back stage tour. the cast poke a none at alexa i like this exit new idea for a gadget. >> get your pants on. >> new amazon echo silver. the only smart speaker designed specifically to be used by the greatest generation, it's up a supper loud and responds to any name en
10:10 am
alexa. so they can fine out -- >> allegra what is the weather outside. >> it is 74 degrees and sunny. >> heh. >> it is seventy three degrees and sunny. >> where. >> outside. >> what about it? >> the temperature outside is 7. >> i don't know about that. >> the latest in sports. >> claries is that correct, sir how many did scherzer strike out last night. >> satchel page died in 1982. >> it was a funny bit if you go back and watch it. you can program it to be like uh-huh, huh you and carry out on conversation. mom at the was the mom of the one of the writers of the show. >> she didn't know. they knew a hid of time. >> she was really surprised. >> melissa knew who she was going to take but the mom doesn't know she would go on a little trip behind the scenes. >> very cool. >> have to go back on youtube and watch it. i miff it. every saturday i'm like stay up and watch it. i'm out. >> are you going to go back and watch it that alexa
10:11 am
skit. is the rock really running for president. kevin got a chance when they met up in miami for the premier of bay watch. we'll have more from that one-on-one coming up. >> first beyonce' taking on her own sister at the bet awards. katie perry taking a seat at the idol judge's table? and former beetle showing off a new look. 10:11 is our time right now. we're serving up the good day celebrity dish coming up next. ♪ ♪♪
10:12 am
narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
10:13 am
10:14 am
♪ >> it is time for the good day celebrity dish. >> let's serve it up. sweet sentiments for their mommas or as a momma when it comes to mother's day. guess what celebrities really are just like us. let's go ahead take look at a few instagram reports. michelle obama posted happy mother's day to my mom. i strive to be the kind of mother you have have always been to me. gee joe hadid wrote happy mother' days to the greatest mom i could ever ask for. your compassion for others and uncondition al love inspire me every single day. her model sister bella similar said about their mom yolanda, our angel thank you for showing me
10:15 am
generosity, passion, kind n, power and strength is. >> those are some pretty women. let me tell you. reece witherspoon said this being a mom is one of the biggest joys of my life. i've learned so much from my three kids. >> and what about political hotty justin trudeau. happy mother's day to the maze and wonderfully monthly who cherishes every single moment big and small year after year year in our little clan. and then lastly miley cyrus she simply posted this pick with the caption, hope momma's day from your girls. >> you know, everybody acknowledges mom on mother's d day. >> oh yeah. >> there are not enough words on the planet to describe what a mom does in life. there are not enough words. >> that's so funny. that's exactly what my husband said to meme oh, no, he didn't. maybe it was in a bridge ver version. >> words just don't do it justice.
10:16 am
>> say hope matt mott' days. >> we have one more mother' days instagram post. kevin hart announced this news on his account yesterday. along with selfie of himself and his wife parish. we are laughing at the fact that this time neck year we will be celebrating her first actual mother's day. 37 -- >> awesome. >> 37-year-old comedian and his wife are expecting their first child together. it will be a boy. hart has two other children with his ex-wife. >> but i also read that his 12-year-old son actually served as his best man in his marriage to parish. that's a nice blended familiarly. >> that's awesome. >> let's talk about beyonce' because we know she dominated last year's bet award with lemonade thing that little am album called lemonade. nominated for seven awards at the 2017 bet awards that will be june 25th at the microsoft theater in la. also on the list bruno mars follows beyonce' with five nominations. and here's the thing a little sibling rivalry
10:17 am
san solange who has four nominations they'll head to head for best female r and b pop artist along rianne narcotic mary j. blige and company lanny. >> does solange really have -- that's no couldn't evident. >> shot against her sister. >> not really. >> what does dhani sing. >> who is that? >> she sings that. >> i show you on my phone. i actually shazaamed it one day. >> shazaam who knew who it was. i turn it off. it's still to and there in the file somewhere. >> okay. >> well, how about this? move over paula abdul. tmz and holly woot reporter are reporting katie perry is in talks to join the judging pam at the revived american idol saying goodbye on fox. it will debut on abc spring sunday night g time slot. there are reports ryan seacrest tapped to life with kelly will return as the emcee. abc is expected to share more details about idol including the perry news at the network's up fr
10:18 am
going to happen tomorrow. >> does he really -- some he do go back to that though. >> nope. >> i say let sleeping dogs lie. >> you never heard that expression. >> sleeping guards. >> sleeping dogs. >> you said dogs. i thought you said guard. i'm like -- guards are lying down. >> we want the boston celtics guards to sleep. >> people associate american idol so much with ryan see kev. >> don't you think the competition has run its course. i think the show is like that and the voice. i just don't it -- it's not what it used to be. >> that's our whole peer on fox. >> flop big time on abc. >> that's talk about paris jackson. she posted a black and white photo of herself topless. she talked about what nudity means to her. here's what she had to say i'll sale it again for those questioning what i stand for and how i express myself. nudity started as movement going back to nature expressing freedom, being healthier and was even called
10:19 am
naked is is part of what makes us human. she says, her approach to self love is about encouraging people to embrace their own truths and to celebrate their bodies in a way that works for them. >> okay. here's my thing. like that's fine if you want to be naked but why do i ned to see you naked? >> cease washington 18, 19? >> at that age they want the whole world to see you naked. [ laughter ] >> are you blushing. >> listen -- finally it looks like sir paul cart knee trading in yellow submarine for a pirate ship. the beatle shock the twitter verse this weekend he confirm his role in the upcoming pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tails via a character poster that sees the 74-year-old in full pirate hair and makeup and the caption reads simply hash tag pirates life. now, of course he's not the first musician to join the franchise after years of johnny depp telling reporters that he bad
10:20 am
jack sparrow partly on keith richards the rolling stones guitarist join the third film as sparrow's father captain teeing. >> i don't remember seeing him. >> you don't remember seeing him. >> no. >> i definitely remember seeing him. >> but i think isn't it interesting that now the stones and the beatles are kind of pitted against each other once again. probably by design. >> interest. has paul mccartney ever done a movie before other than say say with michael jackson. >> was that a movie. >> it was a video. >> hard day's night. >> what is that? >> help what? >> beatles movies. >> is that really a movie or like a musical. >> those are actual beatles movie where he played someone other than himself. >> acting acting. >> he played someone other than himself. >> hmm. >> like prince which he did purple reign he was -- we ain't got time for all of that. >> my gosh. when prince did under the cherry moon he was playing -- >> no. >> how about we roll that video of wisdom being
10:21 am
>> oh, no. >> that's always on stand by. >> made for movies. >> let's do it. >> i think we're out of time. >> it's made for something. [ laughter ] >> 10:20 is the time. little momma and rob riley -- is that -- okay. yeah. we have smooth these coming up on good day. >> that was smooth. >> that was smooth, right. >> they were supposed to be here. they're not. we'll have smooth these. i just read what's on the prompter, people. >> that's awkward. >> rice right. >> how about hitting the links for redskins star. mike thomas is out in leesburg. ryan kerrigan and his friends getting ready to tee off to raise money for lls. we'll check in with them as w well. it's 10:21. >> smooth these were great and this is calani we're listening to. no, she won't win.
10:22 am
10:23 am
z2cufz z16fz y2cufy y16fy
10:24 am
♪ you see what's coming up in few minutes. 10:24 right now. looks like a beautiful day outside today. started off with lots of sunshine. first thing this morning. looks like it will continue throughout date today, too. conduct. a nice one. >> it will be absolutely beautiful day. much like yesterday. we're expecting daytime highs in the mid 70s. not a lot of humidity. there's a brisk wind out of the normal and west at about 15 to 20. we'll see if we can do better than that. there we go. and yeah, should be very very pleasant afternoon and this is going to be the coolest of the next seven. so if you prefer the springtime weather over summer get out today. because we've got 9 o
10:25 am
all right. 63 now at 10am i mentioned those winds out of the north northwest at 18. and you'll see gusts to 25 to 30. so it will be breezy day that will be the worst of the forecast. otherwise, sunshine, bright, beautiful conditions. remember the rain we had around here friday night and saturday. that storm still is persisting there up into new england. look at boston and cape cod and all the way down no secretary second and rhode island this morning still getting rain up there, and we are somewhat unthe influence of that storm system as our flow continues to be out of the north and west and we will be experience something nice conditions around here for the next couple of days. we'll be plain old dry around here. i don't see our neck chance for rain until maybe friday with thunderstorm activity as we good into the second half of friday. breezy conditions. and daytime highs for your monday afternoon in the mid 70s. it will be very pleasant tonight keep the windows open back into the 50s with low dew points we'll be able to cook it off overnight which is fantastic keep it mild around here for the next couple of days. all right. let's get a little bit down
10:26 am
road here and you probably heard the heat is on the way. and the reason why high pressure will slip to the east as that park over bermuda what we call bermuda high we'll start to get a southwest flow in here. there you go. wednesday, thursday, friday daytime highs in the 90s we might do 93 degrees thursday afternoon we'll be plain old hot and humid outta round here for the end of the week. cooler by next weekend for our weekend but you can see hot temperatures on the way. enjoy today. 75 sunshine monday afternoon gorgeous day the wizards win tonight even more gorgeous. back to you. >> absolutely. >> spectacular. >> wizards win. >> oh, my gosh. >> man. >> all right. one big party. >> let's start it in the loft. the big screen bay watch reboot hits theaters next week but o
10:27 am
chance to catch up with of the stars of the action comedy and original tv series his interview with the rock and haas himself coming up next. >> writer, director and actor demitri martin joins us live to talk about his news movie dean. right now 10:27. back in a moment. moment.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ welcome to bay watch. >> ♪ >> why you grabbing me so tight? >> ♪ >> why does she always look like she's running in slow-mo? >> you see it, too. >> ♪ >> you turn the canal noose the bleep game. >> so that's a clip from the new big screen bay watch movie this time around the rock and zac efron take over for david hasselhoff and pamela anderson. lifeguard patrol and over the weekend kevin got a chance to take his talents to south beach just to sit down with the stars of the new mom key and this morning he's back with with all the details. >> i'm sorry to everybody on that beach. you is a you me in my terrible tank top. >> it's okay. >> any chance this movie is any good? >> the review for the film i can't do it until the 25th. >> have you seen it. >> i can't say until about it until the 25th. >> i've seen the film. i can't say anything about it until the 25t
10:31 am
embargos. >> i haven't seen it. >> i have two studio people sitting right here. >> any chance this movie will be any good. >> no. >> exactly. >> and i like the rock. >> i know do you. >> i didn't say anything. i'm in the saying anything. >> any ways i spoke to the rock this weekend. i was in miami and south beach for the premier of the film and the rock obviously has been in the news recently he's talked about running for president and this was huge thing because the washington post did an op he had about the possibility of the rock running for president because he's become so popular and household name officer. in. good w recently someone asked would you actually do this and he said quote it's a real possibility. so -- >> always been brought up by someone else. it's not something he brought up? >> right. he's never brought it up. >> someone in qg asked him a possibility he said it's a real possibility. >> okay. now that kind of blue up. so i spoke to him about that on the carpet in miami. watch this. >> i'm in d.c. if you run for president we could be neighbors.
10:32 am
being serious, like i would love that. i would vote for you, man. >> thank you very much, i appreciate it. i was asked, thank you, it means a lot, you know, it's been very flattering that there's been this surge and a lot of people have come out and expressed their -- their, um, their support of that and i was asked by the. good w writer would i consider it and i said yes. and then it blew up and here we are so i also think, though, kevin, that it's -- the surge of people americans who say i want dj to run, you should run for president i think it's reflective avenue lead of leadership right now, that they are unhappy with so i also want to -- that's the perspective we got to keep in mine. bud.morning you, dude. >> it's good to see you, man, you're so often. >> appreciate the vote. >> that's the rock talking about running for president. would you vote for the rock. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> i would, too. he's awesome. >> red red carp on the sand. >> on the beach. it was really cool. speaking of that i got a chance to talk to david
10:33 am
let's show the original bay watch slow-mo run, because i mean this is iconic, right? i mean look at that slow-mo run. the water splashing sand everywhere. but i had no idea that the slow motion run came from an accident. it was completely accidental. they put it in the show because of a different reason. here's hasselhoff talking about that. >> real story -- look at that mustache. >> it's scary. >> slow motion run was the fact that we were four minutes short and we could not finish the show. >> are you serious. >> a girl walked by and we ran it in slow motion. we went, oh, my god, that looks awesome. and after we all got a little bit, you know, out of our minds attracted to this girl, we said, wait a second, let's run this again. we ran it again. and then we said go out and shoot any girl you can find and we did it in slow motion and then we realized we were only a minute short. so someone said why don't we
10:34 am
the main titles? i said, do it. >> necessity is the mother of invention. >> that far its show was four minutes short. >> can we talk about his epic chest hair? it's amazing. >> how far was this shirt buttoned down. >> down to his naval for crying outloud. >> there was like gel on the chest hair. i don't know. it was very strange. i'm serious. >> all of that is is so disturbing. >> and the mustache. >> you can't not notice it. >> i police officer that clip go in fashion motion. >> exactly. >> do you remember bay watch nights where they used to fight the monsters. >> it's knight rider. don't disrespect him. he's the man. >> i actually preferred him in night rider. >> it was still that guy it would be okay. >> we have demitri martin in studio. now he gets to watch my acting since he's a director i'm going to be casting dean two. >> we apologize ahead time for this. >> we'll show i was clip of my slow motion running. just i'm sorry. >> set up the
10:35 am
kev, what's happening. >> they have music playing. >> are you going to save somebody. >> is there an emergency you're trying to get to? >> are you trying to save a baby turtle on the beach. >> you can hold me up in a concert i would blind everybody. >> baby turtle he's stuck right now. you have to get down to its level. >> i'm sorry. >> i got you baby turtle. i'm coming to get you. >> and you fell. >> with your socks on on the beach? >> everyone wears socks on the beach. >> everyone does. demitri what say you about that? >> it's nice that he's happy but i think it's little scary. >> right. >> which was scarier, that clip or david hasselhoff's mustache? >> that is a tough call. >> see. >> i'll go with hasselhoff's mustache. >> i agree. >> yours wasn't threatening. >> it's a comedy. [ laughter ] >> i'm all in. >> you had a smile into your fames you were into your mission. >> i was totally into it. i didn't fall on purpose either. >> well have the review coming up on may 25th for bay watch hits
10:36 am
may. >> i can't wait for you and wisdom to watch it together and go for little showdown. >> i'm game. >> all right. >> let's take a look at a clip of demitri's martin's new film dean which he directed and st stars. >> hey, hahn me, it's mom. i love the drawings you zen. i know it's a lot of work but you'll get it done. call me if you need a pep talk. i know you can do it. don't forget to eat. love you, bye. >> message saved. >> it's what you've got it's go you got. >> , first thing big thing that in your life you'll never get over it. how is your dad doing. >> he's okay i guess. some course of cross training phase of grief. >> do you watch tv. >> i watch it on my tv. >> i'm going to sell house. >> i grew up there. i don't want you to sell the house. >> you want me to go on living alone.
10:37 am
how i'm not grieving right. >> that was a clip from dean it's a comedic and heartfelt tale about father and son's battle with grief after the death of a bee love family member main character dean played by our next guest is an illustrator who falls hard for la woman while trig to prevent his father from selling the family home in the wake of his mother's death. and although the film hasn't hit theaters just yet it was already wouldn't award at 2016 fry tree becca film festival we're sitting down with comedian demitri martin who stars in the film and wrote it and directed it. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. you're a writer. director. you're a funny man. you're also a husband and a dad. >> yeah. >> a new dad. >> yeah. >> times two. >> that's right. >> and your family is flying around country you'll have to do extra time. >> i'm excited because i'm usually old road alone but i'm going to new york today and they're going to meet me but flying from california i was just texting with my wife who is in the seat with the two kids. >>
10:38 am
>> you're in big trouble. >> i'm in trouble. good luck. [ laughter ] >> you just told us before we went to air you edited this movie in your house. >> yeah, yeah. >> can you talk about -- obviously, you hear about independent movies and the low budget element of them that's pretty amazing. >> no, it was, yeah, god bless my wife she really suffered through this thing with me. [ laughter ] >> but yeah i'm really grateful it exists. it counts as real movie kevin klein makes eight real movie. >> you make it a real movie. >> it will be in theater. there's no guarantee that when you make a small one like this it's going happen. >> di you this in 2014 and you just got an award in 2016 tribeca. >> yeah. >> what was the delay. >> it took while. i think they made two star wars movies in the time. >> and a bay watch film. >> that's right. simple animation. part of it was it took me awhile to edit the movie to get it to work i did a tour. i still do stand up and i did 35 city tour i thought i didn't know what i was getting into. we'll edit will be fin
10:39 am
it took some work. there was a tour and netflix special in there and tribeca it did well a year ago and sold a year ago so that wasn't my fall. the last year was i guess they just wanted to wait for the right time. >> his stand up is incredible. inn corp.s music and it l illustrations into it. i've senior work. i love taking woodstock one of the greatest film maker of all time. >> really lucky. one of the scenes in this film that kind of i relate to the most the moment you're on the plane and to set this up for the audience ooh sitting next to random stranger who will not stop talking to you and you literally stay i want to take a nap. >> yeah. >> so what, that is something everybody has been involved in talk about how that's come from leaf real live experience and do you have advice for people who just want to sleep on the plane and not talk to everybody? >> so the movie it's a personal story and it's grounded and really emotional thing but i'm a comedian i wanted to put comedy in there i hope the laughs will be earn. some of them come out emotional experience that is will lead to cathartic l
10:40 am
there are observational comedy. that was a scene on plane kate brew atlantic plays the woman who sits next to meme she's a great comic. great improvise sorry high this scene and i thought she would be funny 40 schenn was. just a woman who kind of tortured me i mean i'm sure you've found this the lack of self awareness. >> right. >> in our world. >> they don't know. >> people don't know. you don't want to be a jerk and then it's weird because you're stuck with them the whole fl flight. so it's -- i try to keep myself. i find headphones are super helpful. you just keep them on the whole time. i'm not being a jerk i'm just leg zenning to something and i try to sleep or keep my eyes closed even when i'm not sleeping. >> did you get the inspiration from this movie from just a whole bunch of different things in your life. yeah. >> things that you you've seen. >> yeah. so i guess you call it i mc al core of the movie is based on stuff my family went through even though it's a comedy it does deal with loss and grief and my life i lost my dad when i was 20 and he was only 46. so our family was devastated it was really
10:41 am
over 20 years ago now, so i have distance from it. but anyone who lost someone knows it's not linear the process. ten years later you can have a day that's as bad as the day& after you lost someone. so i wanted to deal with that stuff. >> the whole point of this movie the point i took from it the idea when you lose somebody this is obviously in the trailer when you lose somebody it helps you find yourself. a tag line for it. but i fine it fascinating you don't want your mom -- family's house to be sold. >> yeah. >> i'm curious that idea of nostalgia that idea of going home to your house but also the idea of change and where is that balance? how do you -- how do you move forward in a situation like that? >> yeah, my working title when i was working oh and my little script was, um, the first thing you never get over. my experience, you know, i was 20 so in a lot of ways i was lucky my parents loved each other and they didn't beat each other up or us or anything. i feel like nothing a lot of other comedians people have it roug a lost people have it rough. so a lot of ways, you know, i didn't have rough c
10:42 am
and there was this grieving process, and then trying to move forward and trying to come out of it, but then realizing that that doesn't mean you'll ever get over it. >> right. >> it just kind of changes your life and for all of us i think if you've been around a divorce, losing someone, your house burning down, whatever it is, there's that thing that you're like wow i'm forever changed. yeah, you want to move forward but i think, yeah, i think nostalgia is a good word for it trying to hold on to parts of your former life in a sense. >> look, we got to go. >> okay. >> real quick before you go i want to know the toughest part acting, directing, writing, or fatherhood? >> fatherhood. [ laughter ] >> i knew you were going say. >> that product has hopefully a long stretch. >> he's directing his film work wig greatest film makers of all time. make sure you check it out. >> very very cool. >> movie hits theaters june 2nd here in the dc area. >> mr. martin, appreciate your time this
10:43 am
>> good to see you. best of luck. >> thanks a lot. >> back to you guys. thank you guys. coming up how is a smoothie sound on monday. >> very good. how is one that won't cost you many calories sound. >> even better. >> i like where we're going with this. smoothie king and cooking with comb mow on the other side. don't go any w don't go any w
10:44 am
10:45 am
all right. summertime is just around the corner and that
10:46 am
crunch time for a lot of people me included who want to slim down for the season and some smooth these weren't a great meal replace many option to help. joining us with some summer slim down smooth these jamison young of smoothie king. thank you so much for coming in with such colorful display today. >> thanks for having me. i was going to make at home version of our slim and trim new smooth these real rolling out a lot better than the previous ones just in time for summer. everyone is in diet moat rident. the real purpose behind these no help people diet deliciously. >> these are about 250 calories a drink. >> exactly. >> slim and trim smooth these. >> 250 calories what's more important 11 grams of protein, sick grams of fiber you won't be starving and craving. >> this is trainer approved cooking segment. let's see what we do in the blender. you have the blender at home. what do you need. >> we start off with water. >> okay. >> about a cup of water. >> okay. >> pour that in. >> yup. >> next had half a cup of skill many milk much it's up to you you can sub
10:47 am
>> coconut milling. >> with this we're keeping purpose in mind cutting calories as many nutrients. >> lower fat milling. >> exactly. next is a ban nana. quarter of a raped banana. >> okay. >> bananas are great for potassium. also helps with smoothie texture and strawberries. >> a lot of straw brrr reece much gives eight lost flavor. >> a cup of strawberries and vitamin c is great from strawberries. mixing the flavor and purpose behind it we're not having too many empty calories. want to get something with everything. next is secret ingredient it is that you are our gladiator vanilla gladiator smells amazing. >> smells like cookie dough. >> this is where the protein comes. >> this is going to stay with you keep you full throughout the day. next is our, um, what is this? this is our steve ya. >> like the sugary place many. >> exactly. normally we can use honey to sweeten it up much this is 0 calories. plan based. so it's
10:48 am
>> and we're burying the lead tomorrow is smash smoothie day you can actually get free smoothie at smythe key king tomorrow. >> we're giving away 12-ounce caribbean from 12 to 7:00 p.m. do they have little more calorie in them. >> our take break. once you finish dieting and ready to cool off that's what those are for. >> i would say for national smoothie you don't have to -- calories don't count tomorrow. >> fun day. >> this is fiber. >> okay. >> this is where the fiber is coming from. >> not fun. >> it's going to help fill you up and keep those nutrients and then last is a cup of ice. >> okay. this is a really easy at home recipe. >> it is. >> can't stop in the smoothie king make it at home have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. under 300 calories. >> under 250. we'll blown this normally for about 30 seconds. what i did i brought two from the store. >> perfect. >> i fixed one up all right. >> i'm going to try it
10:49 am
hmm. think this actually tastes like it should have a lot of more calories. don't forget to celebrate national smoothie day tomorrow. i'll have this because i can go running later not feel like i need that big monday nap. back to you. >> any time it's no guilt it's a good thing. enjoy it. >> jamison, keep mixing. >> don't stop. >> football season a couple of months away of course mini camp getting started now training cam app few months. redskins linebacker ryan kerrigan all ready to go not on the football field he's hitting the links this morning on the golf course for charity he looks a little smaller than normal. there's ryan. >> there he is. >> he'll join us live next. ♪ ♪♪ z2cufz z16fz
10:50 am
y2cufy y16fy
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10:52 am
♪ tournament going strong for years now in fact this is the twenty threeth anniversary of the ryan kerrigan leukemia golf classic it benefits the lls. an organization fox5 certainly proud to partner with throughout the year. this morning mike thomas out at lansdale resort in leesburg joined by mr. kerrigan himself. hi, mike. >> hey, steve.
10:53 am
you know him, he's the all pro red skins led the team in sacks this year. we're happy to have him but he's traded the football in for the golf clubs today. ryan, thanks for joke us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> what's the connection, why from football to golf today? >> we're here for the leukemia lymphoma society annual glove classic and it's been honor to be a part of this organization and part of the golf outpouring past three years. we've raised a lot of money for leukemia lymphoma research and looking to do that again today. >> what's the connect here because there's actually a very close redskins family connection with why you all come out here every year. >> absolutely. i know the redskins and the leukemia lymphoma society have been partners for many years and there's typically a player that hosts the golf outing and heads raise money for ll same glad to be that guy and have been that guy for past three years it's hahn northern. tremendous organization and that do a lot for blood cancer research. >> some of that money has to help kids like mason. mason is one of the heroes that
10:54 am
today. mason, who is your favorite redskin. >> i got to ask. >> kerrigan. >> yeah. >> very good answer. >> good answer much. >> this one for kevin mccarthy i was talking to mason whom is your favorite star wars character? >> darth vader. [ laughter ] >> you happy to be out here today? >> yeah. >> all right v a good time. >> all right. so ryan, some golf tips from you i was reading up on i was little bit. you've done something that not a lot of people have done. you've hit a hole in one on a golf course. some golf tips from you. >> i'm not the one to be giving tips. that was pure luck. that was actually even before i golfed consistently that even tells you how rare and lucky those thing are. but i like to have a good time i come out here i'm not going to beat anyone that's for sure. but i, you know, can carry my weight in some capacity. are you i know before you take the course for the actual tournament long drive competition. you taking place. >> i certainly will. hoping to hit it straight much that's my goal. >> is your method more the happy gilmore run and smack it method or taking
10:55 am
>> grip and rip at it that's for sure. [ laughter ] >> that will be a lot fun to watch ryan before we let you go we got to talk football. redskins season um coming seen mini camp. what are your thoughts so far on the up sum coming season. >> i like the additions we've made. i think how we meant the draft. i think we shall be a lot better defensively this year and hopefully, you know, move back into the may off picture. >> what's the expect teagues like in the rocker room. gunning for playoffs, super bowl of course. >> of course all those thing but i mean we got to first and for most within our division. get back to the top of the division. beat new york, beat philly, beat dallas and take care of those games anybody's chance to from there. >> ryan, thank you very much for joinig us this morning. mason, thank you so much for joining us as well. [ laughter ] >> all right. all right. everybody, so again this is at lansdowne golf resort. now you cannot come out here and spectate however if you want to get involved next year you can actually join and play with the players. ryan will be here
10:56 am
there's going to be at least 20 other redskins players out here. you can go over to the website of course we'll throw the information up and you can actually get involved for next year's tournament. check that out. guys for now i'll send it back inside to you. >> mike, you got to take that tie off and get your golf shirt on. >> reporter: one step at a time holly. i'll hit the mini golf course first then we'll work on the big stuff. >> exactly. >> thank you all. >> thanks mike. >> if you're going to be around of very large football players and you're the weather guy you better deliver a day like today. you came through. >> mike is not wearing the golf shirt because he doesn't fill out his shirt quiet as well as ryan does. >> it's okay. >> as well as you. come on, dude. >> that, too. >> right. >> let's go to the seven day. am ion tv right now. 75 this afternoon. look at the 90s on the way, wednesday, thursday, friday. >> love it. >> we'll turn up the heat and the its humidity. get ready. make sure ac is in working order here. >> enjoy spring
10:57 am
today. summer right around the corner. >> enjoy it with my smoothie. >> happy monday, everybody. see you tomorrow. >> bye, ya'll. ♪
10:58 am
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havertys. life looks good.
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