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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  May 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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versus alabama. let's be clear. convictions stand be his appeal is based on a supreme court conviction that said juveniles are constitutionally different from the adults for the purpose of sentencing because juveniles have diminished cup ability and greater prospects for reform. judge raymond jackson in norfolk agreed. he was convicted in one trial and entered an alfred plea in another. had he previously filed two motions for writs of habeas corpus, which failed. he is locked up in virginia's red onion prison, according to the ruling, as we're reading it, court has remanded the case back to spotsylvania and chesapeake where the next steps will be determined. the conviction stands, it is the sentences he receive during his trial in chesapeake and one in spotsylvania that the judge says are now unenforceable. that's
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both courts. what we understand from ray muro, the fairfax county attorney, the attorney general can appeal this judge's ruling, and if that does not go through, ray muro said he will again go after a life sentence. guys? >> now, there is new information in the killing of s, a lvis, and amy in the couple's northwest's mansion two years ago. until now there had been no direct link, but in a new court filing, darn went has been listed as possible contribute tore on a knife. prosecutors revealed dna items from five items linked darren went to the murders inside home. but only two of
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made public until now. prosecutors had previously revealed went's had been found on a pizza crust inside home and it is also had been found on a flecktive vest found inside the porch. in a new, they found information that he was a possible contributor including a knife from the basement. the report also said darn went's dna cannot be excluded from hairs found on a piece of bedding an hard hat. david beenwitz who is not the report raise as number id - questions >> what kind of knife is this? is it a pocketknife? is it a knife used to cut food? we don't know that. where was the knife found? where on the knife was mr. went's dna allegedly found? that could be very important. it's also very important to know in anyone else's
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it. were any of the decedent's dna found on it. that knife might not have as much impact >> he's been given a 61 page report on the dna which is not public and will likely answer some of his questions. darren went was captured and taken into custody days after the murders. police say he held the family hostage and only killed them after setting house on fire, and $40,000 was delivered to the house. however, the fire did not consume a pizza box that prosecutors say contained a piece of crust with went's dna. his trial is now set for september of next year. the dna report was filed in advance of a june 9 hearing in which darren went will be asked if he wants to waive his right to have the dna retested. the us attorney's office declined to comment
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report. we also reached out to defense attorney who has not responded. take a live look outside now. many people have already hit the road this holiday weekend but they say prepare to attend cook-outs or cook-outs or head to the beach, will the weather cooperate over the next few days? >> gwen is here with more on what we can expect. little cloudy right now >> you're absolutely right. of the clouds are rolling in. unfortunately, it's going to be a pretty unsettled weekend. and with all the holiday happenings, each day you'll have to definitely keep an eye to the sky and there's a look at satellite and radar, and as sarah pointed out clouds starting to roll in, we're talking partly cloudy for tonight. here's a look out to the west and this something we're keeping a close eye on, storms that are firing up here across areas of illinois, moving towards michigan and they're actually going to be part of what heads our way as well. so a lot to definitely keep track of.
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wind from the northwest at ten miles an hour, wind will be gusty as well for tonight, just be aware of that. gusting in excess over 25 miles an hour in some neighborhoods that's already happening. 75 at dc, 79, same at fredericksberg, 77 at culpeper, 71 at baltimore, a little cooler for hagerstown at 68. 72 at cumberland and 72 at martinsberg. here's a look we can expect if you're headed to the beach day, each day chance of showers or a thunderstorm popping up. now, not a total wash-out i want to say for the weekend. but you're going to have to pay attention if you see a shower or hear thunder in the distance, thunderstorms and lightening can be dangerous, we don't want having issues. 73 on saturday, sunday 74 and warming up to 78 monday, cooler at the beaches, all three day, but the weather temra
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being about 60. so 60 degrees for tonight then, partly cloudy skies, winds from the northwest gusting up to 25 miles an hour. and as we take a look at what you can expect for this memorial day weekend, here's a look at at a forecast for you a quick peak and you can see we're talking few storms through all three days, chance of showers starting on saturday morning. then warming up to 78 on saturday, 77 on sunday, and 83 on monday. unsettled holiday weekend, yes. your full forecast in the seven-day coming up in just a bit back to you. fox 5 in prince george's county tonight where hundreds gathered to mourn the loss of a bowie state university student murdered days before graduation. today's funeral service for second lieutenant richard collins the third was held at first baptist church in upper marlboro. flowers and pictures surrounded collins dressed in his army uniform.
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a second lieutenant days before being stabbed in an unprovoked attack at the university of maryland. he was standing at a bus stop when the suspect shawn urban ski stabbed him in the chest. they remembered him for being caring and driven. >> i can tell you first hasn't that lieutenant collins was highly motivated. and excited to be an army officer. he was so proud to wear the uniform and he looked sharp in it. he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps an army veteran himself. >> collins's death is being investigated by the fbi as possible hate crime. the suspect is charged with murder and assault. president trump made his g7 debut along with french president man well man well ma
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cron and t-shirt may. fox news correspond lauren blanchard has the latest on the trip. . >> reporter: leaders wealthiest nations. not everyone is on the same page. >> thank you very much. >> president trump vowing to confront the growing threat from north korea during a one-on-one meeting with the prime minister of japan after the two recent and successful ballistic missile tests by north korea, the pentagon announced it's planning to launch a inner ballistic missile from the marshal islands in order to shoot it down in space >> it's a big problem, a world's pro problem. >> the g7 leaders also taking a hard look at terrorism, and what the global response should be. signing a document saying internet companies should do more to ideif
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extremist material. >> i think that we showed with this declaration our unit, our commitment, our determination. >> but the talks hitting a road bump when it came to tackling climate change. president trump has threatened to pull out of the padres climate change agreement and still today, there was no concensus >> the united states is considering its position in relation to these matters and what its policy will be >> still on the agenda human mobility food security andiander quality. it's set to wrap up saturday amid massive protests in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. we got a look at fox 5's unfinal kickoff to summer. the first zip trip. we hit the road and traveled to ellicott city maryland, we'll bring you the highlights >> the incredible story of how third graders in texas are doing a great deed to
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veterans this memorial day. z2bppz z5yz
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. fairfax county are revealing what happened moments before an officer shot and killed man in herndon. lindsay watts was on the scene the day of the shooting. she joins us with the latest. lindsay? >> reporter: tony and sarah this happen in january, but you may remember it. a man got in a fight with his girlfriend. then shot the girlfriend's two brothers when they tried to intervene. he went on to set his townhouse on fire and hold his roommate hostage in a bathroom. this is aerial footage from the fairfax county police chopper. you can see the smoke pouring out of that house. the hostage was trapped in a bathroom on the upper level too scared to come out. suspect was armed with a knife and you can see him in the video cutting out the window screen, police say he reviewed to cooperate, and
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a gun and was shooting off round inside the home. later, suspect is in the doorway and you see those swat officers coming towards him. guns drawn. of you can see he still has that knife. he's not dropping it. police say as he's moving around, he's already been shot. eventually he falls to the ground but we're not showing that part of the video. now, in addition to this footage, today, police also released 911 recordings from the hostage who was in the bathroom. he's whispering on the phone to the dispatcher, clearly scared for his life. here's part of that audio. >> do you have smoke >> a lot of smoke >> and there's no window. >> no window. but (inaudible) >> say that again? >> (inaudible) >> he's downstairs? ok. >> police say that roommate and the two men who were shot were all ok. the two
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taken to the hospital before the home was set on fire and that swat stand be off ensued. the suspect who died was identified as muhammad az inedoside. they rule the officer who shot him was justified in doing so. lindsay watts. fox 5 local news. gwen is back with a look at your weekend forecast >> don't go anywhere. fox 5 local news will be right back. right back.
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next week bowie maryland. coming out to the town center june 2nd from 6:00 to 11:00 a.m. custom martin, holly morris, tucker barnes and erin como will all be there and love to sea. >> always a fun time. >> it is. >> we'll be able to have a little fun this memorial day weekend wendy >> we will. however, >> fun in the sun. >> i don't know about the sun. >> we're not going to have much sun unfortunately. i don't think that mother nature realizes what kind of weekend it is. we're going to have actually some showers and even storms that are going to be popping up. got news is though, it is not going to be a wash-out and i'm very happy that i can at least say
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but you definitely will have to deep your eyes on the skies. take a look outside now. we see this clouds that are there, and we're going to go see those clouds continuing to move their way through. we're talking partly cloudy skies for tonight as a result of that. unsettled saturday. talking about chance of storms, and morning showers in my forecast as well. and temperatures are going to be close to seasonal, it will be fairly warm week ahead that you have, holiday monday, chances of storms, also. yeah, pretty active weekend. so here's a look at satellite and radar we got a little bit of break going on with sunshine but the clouds are rolling in and as i said, partly cloudy skies for tonight is what we're talking about. here is a storm system that's out in the midsection of the country watching that closely because that part of what is heading our way. we're actually going to have the stalled frontal boundary as a ridge of high pressure moves out, and couple of low pressure system we'll from to deal with. we'll see triggersor
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highs not bad. into the mid to upper 70's in all three airports and it was pretty comfortabl outside in terms of that temperature. so right now, we're kicking in at 78 at manassas, 75 at dc. 78 at quantico warmer to the sought at fredericksberg at 79. 77 at culpeper. 72 at winchester. and that's the same for frederick and 68 degrees to the north at hagerstown. overnight lows tonight will be in low 60's and into the 50's, pretty much everywhere. cooler to the north and west as always, but it will be cool with the cloudy skies you might want a light sweater or jacket. winds will be gusty tonight, we'll get some improvement. however, currently those winds are gusting from 18 up to 28 miles per hour, so definitely hang on to your hat if you're heading out anywhere, but they will definitely improve for tomorrow, because tomorrow we're talking just light winds, baseball game tonight,
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what can be expected. 74 degrees at start time at 7:05. partly cloudy dry and pleasant enjoy that game. go nats. here's a look at the weekend. what we're talking about ridge of high pressure that will start sliding out. frontal system will start to the south. warmer conditions, showers in the early morning hours, primarily to our north and then thunderstorms that could start to fire up by the afternoon. once we get into sunday, still a little bit unsettled. we still have a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm spotty here and there, not a total wash-out. for the memorial day, all three days, we do have that unsettled pattern continuing with temperatures into the 70's and by monday, we hit into the low 80's. so just that you're aware. here's a look at futurecast for tomorrow. starts off to the north as you can see and by 3:00 we start to see things more to the south, 5:00 things start toov
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for tonight, 60 degrees, partly cloudy with ag gusty winds, a chance of afternoon storms, and some storms could be strong, be aware of that if you're planning anything outside, and firing up the grill on sunday and monday, once again, if you see the rain, listen for the thunder, and take it to heart for sure. we want you to be safe this holiday weekend. >> but the rest of the week after that, >> we need that for surely >> we'll take it >> thanks, gwen. break news about a virginia woman facing deportation. we had done this story previously. immigration activists are make last stitch effort to keep lily mendez here in the u.s. today, she sent a letter to elected officials to get them to reconsider her case and grant her a stay of removal. this comes after ice deny add stay of deportation in her
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two, if deported, her family would be split up, her two children are u.s. citizens. her husband has applied for a asylum. we'll continue to file this story and bring you the latest. introducing the italian collection from subway. head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni. for a limited time, the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even bigger flavor. only at subway.
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tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor
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eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. s
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. great program. this is the school's fourth year doing this program >> it gives you every opportunity to remember what the weekend is about. >> exactly. >> it's not just all that stuff. >> i'm sure it's good for the veterans to interact for these kids and tell them what they did >> what it was like. absolutely. >> good stuff. one more look at the memorial day forecast >> unsettled weather pattern, if you're doing anything outside you see a shower or two, just listen and see, you know, if you hear any thunder then you're really going to have to pay atnt
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chance of storms strong storms possible by saturday afternoon, temperatures into the upper 70's, low 80's by monday, good news is, the weekend is not a total wash-out. but once again, unsettled pattern for this weekend. just, you know, keep your eye to the sky. >> mother nature settle down. that's it for fox 5 local news at 6:00 5at630 next.
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yard. jared kushner is under investigation into the russia influence in the 2016 election. >> this is the hottest story investigators believe kushner has significant information relevant to the case. now, they do not suspect him of the crime or intend to press charges, it's not what this means. kushner has come under scrutiny because of two meetings that he had in december with a russian ambassador and a russian banker. attorney scott bolton joins us to break this down. explain, because when we first were hearing kushner's name mixed up in this, there seemed to be a lot of, here we go again and now this g


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