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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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inside the african-american museum. the incident being called a painful reminder of what americans -- african-americans, that is, continue to face. >> and a final decision. president trump set to make that major announcement today as to whether the u.s. will stay or leave the paris climate agreement. >> live look outside on this thursday. first day of june and it is set to be a gorgeous one. we're going to talk weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. first we say good morning, i'm holly morris in for allison seymour. >> today and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. >> breaking overnight there's an explosion at an ethanol plant in wisconsin. the blast and then a fire tore through the didion milling plant about 35 miles from madison. >> that incident happened around midnight our time. there are reports of multiple burn victims. several medevac helicopters have been in and out of that scene all night long. it is believed some of the workers may still be unaccounted for. we're also following breaking news south of annapolis. a man and a woman found sho
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county. police say it happened about 1 o'clock this morning in the communities of shady side. investigators have not released any information about the suspects or victims -- any suspects they may be looking for. >> happening today, the pennsylvania man arrested at trump hotel in d.c. yesterday. bryan moles had an assault style rifle handgun and ammunition in his vehicle in the hotel's garage where his vehicle was that parked. they got a tip from pennsylvania state police that moles was on his way to d.c. and that he was carrying firearms. >> secret service charged a man after they say he tried to jump the so-called bike rack fence outside of the white house yesterday. the security scare prompted a lockdown at the white house. the man quickly arrested by secret service. it's the sixth attempt in recent months to get on white house grounds. one trespasser was even able to make it to the door before secret service stopped him. >> ♪ >> today at the president expected to an noun his will remove itself from the paris climate accord. >> the announcement will come as the
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possible russian meddling in the election continues to heat up. our melanie alnwick live outside the white house this morning with more. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning and president trump is known sometimes for those gut check last minute decisions and while sources do believe that there will be some kind of withdrawal from or modification to the climate agreement, president trump said last night he's still weighing a lot of different opinions. the 2015 paris climate accord is a pact among nations to fight global warming reducing carbon emissions. last week president trump told allies he truly cares about the environment but he's also concerned that adhering to the carbon emissions reductions could mean the u.s. falling find that job creation. major corporations like google apple wal-mart and u.s. oil companies have urged trump to remain in the pact. and there could be trouble for trump on capitol hill now that fired fbi director james comey has been cleared
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the senate intelligence committee is very interested in memos comey kept detailing his meetings with the president. comey has said that president trump suggested he give former national security adviser michael flynn a pass during the investigation into communications with russia. now, we do understand that comey's testimony could come on capitol hill as early as next week. meanwhile, that announcement on the paris agreement is scheduled for 3 o'clock this afternoon in the rose garden. live outside the white house, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> speaking of politics former vice president joe biden running for office? he just launched a political action committee fueling speculation he may run for president in 2020. dam biden plans to announce he's forming the american possibilities pact. the committee will allow him to raise money for candidates and maintain relationships with long time donors. >> let's get to our shocking discovery in the district. a noose found at the national museum of african-american history and culture yesterday. >> it was discovered
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a.m. gallon real documenting segregation. fox5's annie yu is live from northwest with this story. annie. >> reporter: good morning, holly and steve. well, park police tell us that it's likely whoever is responsible for this disturbing act was caught on surveillance cameras, so we are waiting to see if those images are produced sometime soon. but we're told that the discovery was made about 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon by some tourists here in the second level of the museum. as you mentioned in the segregation exhibit. this is in the history's gallery and the -- and we're told that as soon as the discovery was made and reported, that there was a large security presence inside the museum and then the gallery was shut down between one to three hours. take a li listen to pamela fitzgerald a tourist who was inside at the time. >> at one point while we were there i saw a big ruckus with two security guards that were running through.
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oh, god, i -- no words. to be completely and brutally honest, aisle like that hate crimes are on the rise. >> reporter: now, this is the second incident involving a noose at a smithsonian museum in just days. park police says that a noose was found hanging from a tree saturday on the grounds of the hirshorn museum. they're investigating both cases. the secretary of the smithsonian released a statement to his staff saying in part: rt: >> reporter: right now park police says it's unclear at this point if there's any connection between the two incidents but again, hoping that some surveillance images will come out soon so that they can put that out and we can help put that out and find disturbing act h
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museum. that's the very latest here from northwest d.c., annie yu fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> 6:05. hey, tuck, good morning. >> good morning. forecast going to get better. going to get beautiful today. a little cloudiness early. later this afternoon sunshine and 80 degrees. >> excited. >> yeah, should be a nice day and much lower humidity than we've had the last couple days. reagan national 63. 50's dulles and bwi marshall, 59 degrees. so, nice comfortable start to your day. our winds not much of a factor at the moment. in fact that map is what i call not impressive its calm. but the winds are going to pick up out of the west and north and west at about 15 to 20 as our cooler and drier air starts to work in. the front is actually coming through as we speak and you can kind of see it there. there's a shower or two early and the cloud cover we have out at the moment is associated with that front but as soon as that gets east of us look at all the clear skies we have back into western maryland and pennsylvania and west virginia and all of that is ours to enjoy later today. so, no rain expected, no thunderstorm
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leisurely long lunch. >> coolly. >> if you would like to go to erin's pool, tweet me tucker fox5 aren't i'll give you information on how to get there. >> give us the pass code. >> well, i thought i knew steve's but apparently that doesn't work. we might just jump the fence together. 80 this afternoon. >> sounds good. thanks tuck. >> good morning erin. >> pool party does sound good today. breaking news out of columbia maryland. eastbound 32 fuel spill where 29. hazmat on scene. we're seeing significant delays leading toward 29. be prepared. you may want to find an alternate as you try to make your way toward 95 and 29. we'll forward our maps and show you what else you're facing this morning. inbound four in upper marlboro a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane at dower house road. as you get closer to the beltway approaching prince george's you'll hit that delay inside. 295 northbound a crash before suitland parkway. that's causing some delays northbound side of 295. southbound side heavy as usual down toward pennsylvania avenue from 50. so as you make your w
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kenilworth avenue plan for seven to eight extra minutes. outer loop did clear by van dorn. delay from springfield interchange eased. 50 through cheverly typical delays. 66 volume picking up. if you're take, the rails, metro is on time except for safetrack. no trains on the orange line. new carrollton to stadium-armory. shuttle service and express shuttle service available. back to you. >> thanks so much. coming up, a scary moment for passengers on a malaysia airlines flight. the plane had to make an emergency landing and we'll have details next. >> plus new body cam footage of the orlando nightclub shooting has just been released. we'll share with you. back in just 30 seconds.
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>> a malaysia airlines plane had to make an emergency landing after a mentally ill passenger threatened to blow up that train. the flight was about 10 minutes into the flight when the passenger who had been discharged from a psychiatric hospital the day before made that threat and tried to get in the cockpit. passengers tackled that man tied him up. the plane turned around and landed safe a. it was swept for explosives. nothing was that found. >> orlando police released footage of the pulse nightclub shooting. it shows the terrifying first moments as officers arrived o the scene trying to save the
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victims. june 12th will mark one year since that tragedy. >> developers of the dakota access oil pipe lynn will face scrutiny on whether it violated north dakota rules on construction. it is looking into whether they removed too many trees and shrubs along the pipeline and whether it improperly reported the discovery of native american artifacts. no artifacts were disturbed. the company maintains it did not intentionally do anything wrong in either case. >> police officer in new york city pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the death of a mentally ill woman. sergeant hugh berry is accused of shooting the woman in her bronx apartment back in october as he tried to take her to the hospital. prosecutors say berry opened fire after the woman came at him with a bat. they say he disregarded training on handling people with mental illness. >> and in australia police officers drove a drunk man home helped him to bed and took a selfie with him so that he could remember how he got home. the next day the man posted the image
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caption so i was looking through my phone turns out these good officers took some banger selfies after they took my drunk behind home. >> at least he was in good spirits. >> japan launches into action to build its own gps system. a rocket. it was launched into orbit from southern japan that will form part of the system. an initial satellite was launched back in 2010. two more are expected to reach out to space by next spring to meet the system. >> the new wonder woman woman will not be playing on the big screen in lebanon. they banned it hours before. >> 6:11 right now. in today's health watch a new study finds nearly 4 percent of americans suffer from food allergies. researchers found the most common allergy found was to shellfish. other com
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included fruits vegetables dairy and peanuts. one out of every six patients with a food allergy or intolerance had a documented case of life-threatening swelling of the airways. >> a warning for parents this morning. a disturbing new social trend called the deodorant. children film themselves holding an aerosol canister a few inches from their skin and spraying it as long as possible. the result could be frost bite. the deodorant cools the skin fastly causing the skin to bruise and blister. >> well, the scripps national spelling bee weed owed out some elite spellers but there are a few from our area that are still in the running. we'll tell you who next. >> a live look outside. sun got an early start this morning. so bright it's just 6:12. weather and traffic on the 5s next. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ welcome to maxx you.
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>> live look at the capitol. already at 62 pleasant degrees. >> ♪ >> we got break news. got getting any rain today. we'll get nothing but bright sunshine for much of the day. a little cloudiness this morning but look at your afternoon high temperatures. upper 70's and low 80's with a nice breeze out of the north and west. should be a beautiful first day of what, holly. >> summer is, meteorological summer. >> meteorological summer, nice, yes, it will be around 80 this afternoon. again dry a little later for the first day of june. overnight temps have been cooling of off here the last couple hours. 57 out in winchester. gaithersburg 57. 63 here in washington. 61 leonardtown. 64 in annapolis. the front has been making its presence felt in the form of mostly just cloudiness here. a little deck of clouds
6:16 am
once this gets east of us it should turn into a mostly sunny day and again daytime highs about 80. nice breeze out of the north and west. we won't develop any thunderstorm activity this afternoon so it will be a nice dry day if you have afternoon or evening plans outdoors, this is one of notice days we look forward to. should feel very nice for the first day of june. look at all the clear skies back into parts of west virginia and western pennsylvania. all right, what are we looking at? high pressure and that will keep things nice not only today and tonight but i think most of tomorrow looks fantastic. friday looks good. even saturday now. we thought saturday might be a bit wet. i think saturday the rain will hold off until late and it won't be until the second half of sunday that we get showers into here and monday. no excuses. come see us. zip trip tomorrow in bowie. i'll be there at 6:00 a.m. first person to come say hi to me gets a prize. >> what's that. >> like a high-five or something. 81 today. 82 tomorrow. we're zipping to bowie.
6:17 am
be there, wisdom will be there. here's your weekend forecast saturday looks dry. i'm done. how's traffic. >> party in bowie tomorrow. skyfox has made it to this crash involving a fuel spill on 32 eastbound before 29 by cedar lane. seeing a significant backup prior to this several lanes were blocked so really slow traffic moving past that scene. again the right lane, right shoulder is blocked. again now that more lanes are opened i'm hoping the delay starts to ease. you can see the westbound side of 32 very quiet right now. we'll keep you updated on that breaking news. moving from skyfox to a look at our maps, we can show that you scene as well. again, the gray is going back pretty far. stop-and-go traffic but since they did just move it over again those left lanes are starting to move. 95 looking good, however as you make your way to and from the baltimore beltway. if you have an early flight, traffic on the way to bwi, baltimore-washington parkway looking good a
6:18 am
upper marlboro inbound four disables blocks the right lane at dower house road. inside the beltway suitland parkway jams up to south capitol. 295 northbound earlier crash cleared by first sterling. it was close to suitland parkway. southbound typical delays from kenilworth from 50 down pennsylvania avenue. branch avenue inbound also picking up. as we look at our wide view of the map again that construction zone did clear on the outer loop by van dorn and we're seeing a lot of delays popping up 66 eastbound from sudley road to the beltway metro is on time except for safetrack impacting the orange line. express shuttle service has been established. >> housing secretary of... secretary of housing and urban development ben carson will be hosting a national home homeownership. >> one boy from maryland and were unboy from virginia among the 40 finalists competing today at the national spelling bee at national harbor. they made it through to the final round which begins at 10 o'clock this
6:19 am
because so many spellers did not miss any towards in the preliminary the top 40's were picked using scores from tests they took before the competition began. >> seems like they need to make the words tougher in the first round. how about good food for a good cause. from 10:45 a.m. to 10 p.m. chipotle will donate all proceeds to the d.c. summer reading program. all you have to dollar to help is that just go eat at chipotle. sounds easy. >> coming up on fox5 news morning an adviser for president trump may step aside based on his decision on the climate change policies. we'll have more on that next. >> nutella fans rejoice. fans going nuts. people lined up early to get a taste of some of the sweet treats. some of the offerings nutella waffles, nutella cookies. the cafe gave
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400 orders for free. there you go worth staying in line. >> ♪ ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. vo: at dominion, we have a long history of providing reliable energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy.
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>> time for our business beat. one top adviser to president trump threatening to leave his side over the decision of the paris agreement. amazon starting to offer those refunds. first we'll check the markets. joining us from fox business network studio in l los angeles hillary vaughn. >> reporter: steve, good morning. >> yesterday flat day on wall street. how are we looking today. >> reporter: futures slightly down today. the dow lost yesterday, closed 20 points lower closing at 21,008. the nasdaq fell four closing at 6198. the s & p 500 dropped one closing at 2411. expecting earnings from express dollar general and lululemon later today as well. >> interesting to see how the retail continues to do. has not been a good run for ta
6:23 am
looks like we'll have to wait for a strong friday rally. let's talk about the president right now and his -- one of his advisers and no surprise when it comes to energy that elon musk will be one of the ones pushing the charge for that eliminating emissions. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. and this is just another case of trump and silicon valley squaring up going head to head over policy disagreements. elon musk tweeting last night that he doesn't think president trump should withdraw from the paris climate change agreement. i don't know which way paris will go but i've done all i can to advice direct to potus through others in the white house and via counsels that we remain and someone on twitter asked him a follow-up what are you going to do if he pulls out. he says he's going have to withdraw from the economic advisory counsels he's on. interesting to see how musk will announce to president trump's announcement at 3:00 p.m. in the rose garden i
6:24 am
we'll pulling out of this agreement it's likely that musk and trump will not be on good terms any but it does mean that elon musk would be on better terms with silicon valley because he did receive a lot of criticism for advising trump and for being a part of these counsels. so, you win some and you lose some with this situation here. >> true. but i'm sure that silicon valley would love him more if he was able to turn that relationship into a constructive pipeline between silicon valley and the white house so it's kind of nice to have that foot in the door if you can use it the right way. >> reporter: yes, definitely. >> all right, let's talk about amazon right now. we had mentioned that maybe some refunds will be coming down the road and it looks like down the road is now. they're starting to give them out. >> reporter: right. you should have a message in your in box if you are eligible for one of these refunds and if you don't get it could have been sent to your spam folder. look at the message center tab. you should have an e-mail notification from them. here's how you know if -- here's who is eligible. parents who had children using their ama
6:25 am
games and purchase apps, a lot of those kids have been making in app purchases coins and everything to enhance their game play. the reason why amazon has to pay that money back is because the court ruled that they didn't reach the threshold needed to make sure that that parents were aware of these purchases and that they gave permission for these purchases. so, now a lot of amazon -- amazon is having to pay a lot of parents back for some of this money which is great because game developers took advantage of these lax standards and oftentimes tricked kids into not knowing if something was free or exactly how much something cost when they were playing these games. so, now amazon is having to make sure they get all that money back in the hands of the parents that lost it. >> and real quick, if parents have not yet filed for a refund they still have time to to so? >> reporter: yeah, they have a year to do so. so, check tur in box and reach out to amazon if you think you should be eligible and you haven't received a message yet. >> okay, thanks hillary. good to see you. we'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter:
6:26 am
bye. >> bye-bye. >> 6:25. >> i'm not going to lie i have no idea what you just said. >> a you don't pay attention. b, you don't have a kid that's buying add on games online. >> you might. [laughter] >> let's go to the forecast. i'm going to make it really simple. sunny and beautiful this afternoon, high temperatures in the low 80's. 63 right now in washington. we've got a little bit of cloudiness. the cloud deck is the actual cold front coming through and it will linger for a couple more hours. then we should clear out and be absolutely beautiful around here later today. not expecting rain and or thunderstorm activity. that's good news. and daytime highs about 80 or so. maybe even low 80's for daytime highs. 81 this afternoon. we look great for the zip trip tomorrow. all of friday looks good. there might be a lonesome storm late tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night and there might be a lonesome storm on saturday but i think friday and saturday are shaping up to be pretty good days around here and then a better chance for some rain by the afternoon on sunday. so, we are c
6:27 am
up too well. it's looking better and better. >> good. that's good news. >> today is going to be perfect. >> fantastic. thanks, tuck. hey, erin. >> hey. right now 6:26. i tried to cheat us two hours off this thursday morning. weawe're taking a live look in columbia maryland. tractor-trailer tanker truck involved in a fuel spill. they have it contained to the right shoulder. delays back to maryland 108. things starting to pick up past the scene however. as we switch over for a look at our maps some other problems on the roads you need to be aware of. again you can see that delay back to maryland 108. rest of 32 in the clear. assumed inbound disabled truck at alabama avenue. significant delays leaving towards south capitol because of that. inbound four in upper marlboro disabled outside dower house road. beltway looking pretty good inner loop and outer loop as you head towards oxon hill. kenilworth ave
6:28 am
pennsylvania avenue slow roll and through cheverly we're seeing 50 delays as well. metro is on time except for safetrack. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks erin. 6:27. coming up, lebron james responding to a racist incident that happened at his home. >> also more details surrounding tiger woods' arrest. more on what police are revealing about the case. that's coming up, too. it's 6:28 now. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ welcome back. gorgeous picture out there. grgeous morning. it's going to be a gorgeous day. tucker will talk weather, erin will talk traffic. let's check the mornings top stories. we'll begin in anne arrundel county where man an woman were found shot to death overnight. police say this happened around 12:30 this morning in the community of shady side. investigators have not released any information about the victims or any suspect. they do not believe there is any threat to the public. now to break news. an explosion at an ethanol plant in wisconsin. this happened around midnight our time. about 35 miles from madison. medevac helicopters have been in and out of that scene all night long. and this morning d.c. park police are investigating who left a noose at the national museum of african-american history and culture yesterday. the shocking discovery was made around 1:00 in the
6:32 am
afternoon. the noose was reportedly spotted by a tourist in the segregation exhibit. the discovery prompted the gallery to shut down for one hour. this is the second incident involving a noose at a smithsonian museum in just days. and happening today, president trump says he will announce his decision on whether the u.s. will remove itself from the paris climate accord. the president will make the announcement at 3 o'clock this afternoon from the white house rose garden. fears of the u.s. severing ties with the deal are raising concerns on both sides of the aisle leaving the pact would mark a significant step though in the president's efforts to roll back obama era climate change policies. >> ♪ also in on the docket mayor bowser will launch a new program at keeping residents say. the security camera voucher program will allow residents to receive a private security system without a cost to them. the program is opened to those who rent or own property. d.c. senior citizens are also
6:33 am
available. it follows a program launched last year in which residents could receive rebates for a security camera system. >> time for the morning line. we start on a down note. lebron james preparing to take to the court for game one of the nba finals but has to respond to racist graffiti spray painted at his los angeles home. police say the n-word spray painted across the front gate of his l.a. mansion. james was not home at the time but says the incident proves racism will always be a part of the world. >> how much money you have, know matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, you know, being black in america is -- it's tough and we got a long way to go. >> investigators looking for security footage now from any neighbors to identify who may be responsible. new dashcam video from tiger woods memorial day arrest. the video shows moments after the police found the golfer asleep in his car on the side of the road. you can see woods gng
6:34 am
although officers said woods was stumbling and slurring his words a breathalyzer proved he hadn't been drinking. woods says it was caused by prescription medication. let's get to actual on the court or in this case ice and caps fans might want to cover your eyes and ears right now. pittsburgh penguins won again last night. took on the predators at home. nashville would take the early lead but the penguins responded quickly and kept the momentum going. they win four-one. nashville's first ever stanley cup final game will be on saturday. if you're a nationals fan& and you watched the game in san francisco last night good morning to you. you are up really late 'cause the first pitch wasn't until almost 10:30 p.m. our time. and if you watched past the first inning, you didn't really need to. ryan sim's three run homer all the scoring they would need. nats win three to one. max scherzer goes the distance with 11 strikeouts. >> yeah. >> the nats sweep the giants. baltimore is back on its winning ways. adam jones with
6:35 am
five rbi's chris davis a two run homer. o's beat the yankees taking two of three after the al east leaders. final score 10 to four. yankees have now lost 11 straight series in baltimore. finally speaking of new york, we can't end without shame. that is mr. met the beloved mets mascot. that's not having a good season and the milwaukee fans reminded them of that. the mets mascot we can't show you the next frame because he was flipping off the fans. yes, the mets mascot fired after caught giving fans the middle finger. this happened after the team lost to milwaukee. a person tweeted a video of the incident. it quickly went viral. mets spokesman. he onlies had four fingers. unlike some teams the mets have multiple people who are in the mascot uniform. >> and they have all learned.
6:36 am
no longer working for the team. >> mr. met is not real. >> there's not just one? i know. >> if that's the case you have to get rid of the whole mascot. >> i feel like you can get off on a technicality if you only have four fingers. >> right. there's no middle finger. >> a side finger. >> i agree. >> let's go to the forecast. obviously i don't have much weather to talk about. reagan national 63. it's going to get sunny and beautiful and 80 today. and, yeah, i give you a -- if you need me to sign a note, let me know. i'll be happy to sign notes so you can have a long leisurely lunch outside. >> fantastic. i'll take one. >> okay. few clouds early. don't despair. that's the cold front coming through. as it gets east of us mostly sunny today. breezy with winds out of the north and west but the next couple days fantastic. hey, we've turned up the sunshine for both friday and saturday. i think both should generally be dry. there might be an isolated storm friday and or saturday night but not expecting a big deal and daytime highs in the low to mid 80's so we're kicking off first couple days of june on the pleasant side. enjoy today.
6:37 am
>> fantastic. thank you, tucker. >> and morning meme coming up. >> cool. all right. back to 6:45. right now it's 6:36, erin. >> right now at 6:36 problems on the roads. live look 395 by edsall road. congestion growing in the main lanes. hov lanes looking pretty good. bottom of the beltway top 14th street bridge about a so much eight minute delay because of slow moving traffic. we'll switch to a look at our 66 camera. this is by 234 from 234 to the beltway right now it's about a 20 minute slowdown in the mix of slow traffic there was a stall blocking the r right shoulder. we'll take a look at our maps. volume picking up as well on 32 eastbound. fuel spill before 29 by cedar lane. hazmat on scene. contained to the right shoulder but again delays lingering back to 108. 270 southbound we're seeing about a 15 minute delay from 70 down through urbana and then suitland parkway inbound a disabled truck at alabama avenue. seeing delays building t
6:38 am
in the mix with all the congestion. inbound four still dealing with a disabled vehicle at dower house road just outside the beltway that's lowe slowings down. metro is on time except for safetrack. >> going space a couple ways. the largest plane is expected to fly out of this world. month are on that next. >> nasa revealing details on a historic mission to go "touch the sun." more on this journey headed your way next. welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you.
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>> ♪ >> 6:40 right now. back with what's hot on the web on this thursday morning. first up the world's largest plain has airplane has been lau. rockets will carry satellites into space. it has a 385-foot wing span. six engines. stands 50 feet tall and can carry more than 500,000 pounds of cargo. it has 28 wheels. that's one big plane. hot news from nasa. the agency is sending spacecraft to the sun next year. the mission will not only help scientists understand the formation of stars it could also help prevent certain problems here on earth. nasa is calling it a mission to touch the sun. scheduled for launch in the summer of 2018. finally remember that d.c. house the obama
6:42 am
renting post presidency? well, turns out they've decided to buy it. they've only been living there for about four months but they apparently love it so much that they have plopped down just a little over 8 million i don't and to make it their own. the sale was first reported by the washington post. in the past the obamas said they plan to stay in d.c. while daughter sasha finishes high school and now maybe even beyond that. >> yeah nice option to have. i've stayed in places i've loved too and then i've left. >> and then i -- right. i remember them fondly. >> thank you. singer lord showing just how smooth she is and not just because of her smoothy preferences. kevin will explain. taking a live i don't know outside. 6:42.
6:43 am
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>> ♪ >> beautiful start to the day today. sun came up super early. honestly like 9 o'clock still light out. >> you notice that. >> love it. >> not a big fan. i have to go to bed so it's not fun when the sun is out. >> i like the long days. >> i agree. >> and then the sun is up when you get up -- whoa. >> something we can all agree on our zip trips continue tomorrow morning. we want to see everybody in bowie maryland, bowie town center starting at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. it is the site of our next zip trip. tucker is going to kick things off at 6:00. wisdom
6:46 am
erin and holly. we've been to bowie before and we had a great turnout. >> expecting a whole lot of fun and a gorgeous day. >> tomorrow will be gorgeous as well. let's start out with the gorgeous one today. taking rain out of the forecast. how about sunshine and warm conditions. meteorological summer kicking off dan today and we're doing t in style first day of june with daytime highs expected to be about 80 and lots of sunshine. we've got a little cloud cover out here right now but once we get that through the area we should be in good shape. 53 in washington. lots of 50's out there. very comfortable. winchester martinsburg in the upper 50's. cumberland quick shout out, 55 degrees in cumberland. 57 in gaithersburg. 59 up in baltimore. fredericksburg haven't forgotten about you 58 degrees. lots of 50's to start your morning. winds not such a factor at the moment. a lot of calm out there but they'll start to pick up behind our front out of the north and west and we'll have breezes at about 15 to 20 today so i
6:47 am
mention some breezes but really that is the worst of an otherwise perfect forecast. little bit of a cloud deck right here. the front is actually coming through as we speak. showers have been falling apart. once it gets east of us we've got lots of clear skies to look forward to and a -- you know what, not only a nice thursday but a nice couple of days. i think now thursday night, that's tonight, friday and saturday should be close to perfect with daytime highs in the low 80's and we're really not looking at our next chance for rain now until sunday so we've pushed offe off the rain a little bit on the weekend. 80's this afternoon, low 80's and comfortable with not a lot of humidity and a nice breeze. so, really just a beautiful thursday afternoon. enjoy it. tomorrow looks good for our zip trip to bowie. 80's and we should be dry. any storms we get tomorrow will be widely isolated. that's great news. saturday now we've pushed off the storms until sunday. there might be an evening storm on saturday but a much better chance by sunday and into the day on
6:48 am
part of the day where i hand off traffic to you but i don't see you. are you in the building. >> i'm right here. >> okay, hi. >> don't worry. i know i creepily stand at the side of your weather and patiently wake but i was coming. things are pretty quiet on 270 southbound. not seeing any major slowdowns right now north of that point from 70 to the truck scales about a 10 minute delay. then things break up toward the beltway. love what we're seeing there. top of the beltway usual delay. this is the outer loop by new hampshire avenue. slow roll, speeds under 15 miles per hour at some points even from 95 in college park over to the 270 spur right now it's about a 15 minute slowdown. forwarding things too long our maps we have other problems we're up against this morning. we had skyfox up here earlier. eastbound 32 as you make your way out in columbia, maryland, fuel spill before 29 near cedar lane. hazmat on scene. they have that contained to the right shoulder. delays back to maryland 108. notice 95 southbound typical volume leading toward 32 as well. aside from that as you make your way
6:49 am
parkway inbound disabled truck at alabama avenue cleared. residual delays lingering. metro is on time except for safetrack. tucker, it's your turn. >> it's time for the morning meme. >> let's do it. >> all right. >> part of the day where we play this clever music. >> love it. >> ♪ >> we're all over the place today. but notice we haven't gotten through a meme without at least one pet pic. >> that's good. >> gets us going in the morning. >> all right. steve, you want to kick off the first one. take eight weigh. >> when you wake up feeling like you need more -- >> what great hair. >> that's awesome. >> good bed hair. >> yet another use. >> thank you vicki. >> all right. i'm a person who loves smells, right? i like smelling things. >> okay. >> how about smelling this. hey, smell this. >> gross. [laughter] >> thanks for laughing, erin. come on, steve, get it.
6:50 am
>> of being swept. >> it is a strong hair game. >> it's a great hair game. >> maybe that's the theme of our memes. we got strong hair going in everyone so far. >> that is true. >> and there it goes, it continues. >> all right. this was a few days ago. i guess everybody is could you go offer the fact that my face looks awkward. when you normally report the weather but you're in training to report traffic. >> my microphone went out so tucker was gentleman and let me borrow his. >> and creepily stared at you in the process. >> we have had people that do weather and traffic. >> i realize that. erin may be doing weather soon enough. >> no. >> let's wrap it up. that's how i feel most days when dinner is in an hour and it's only been fight minutes. >> i know that feeling. >> yes. >> is we've all been there. >> that's when you grab the bag of chips. i'm just going to have one. >> send us your memes #morning meme and i guess we'll have to take tomorrow off because i'm not going to be here. i'll not be
6:51 am
be in bowie. >> zip tripping. they should be extra good monday. >> pleads send them in. >> can we do that special pet edition monday. >> we're doing pets every day. >> my favorite one. >> more cat memes for erin. >> you know what i'm saying. >> 10 minutes before the hour. that means it's time for us to look ahead to good day. we're looking at yet another star-studded show today. check out our good day guest list. >> actor keith robinson who starred in agreement girls now to star in the new tupac mo movie. >> acting legend racquel welch. then you don't want to miss dogs a bunch of them coming to the studio. we're going to learn more about the bipawtisan march in d.c. >> it's 6:51. time for the fox beat. >> hey, kev. >> that's definitely a steve chenevey joke.
6:52 am
>> i like that one. >> whoever wrote that, i think it's amazing. >> i think it might be the event people. >> that's the actual title of the event. i thought you were doing a joke about it. >> oh, i got it now. i'm still waking up. i apologize. so i love this story so much. we all know the singer lord she's best friends with taylor swift an amazing singer but she was in new york city this past monday. she's there for the upcoming governor's ball to perform and she walked into a smoothie place and this is what took place. watch this. >> don't worry, this is my first smoothie to a famous person. we got lord in the house today. >> basically what's happening here is you have an employee her name is aisha and she was stunned that lorde walked into her smoothie place. she put it on twitter. that seems cool already. until this happened. she received direct messagesly from lorde.
6:53 am
rd governor's ball on me and then aisha responded no way, this is a joke, right? and then lorde said hot no. i was going ask you in the store if you wanted to come but i got shy to celebrate your new job. >> that's so awesome. >> that's really kind of cool. just the power of social media and one of the biggest singers in the world direct messaging you saying won't you come to one of my shows. >> yeah. that's so cool. >> here's the thing though. when you're in that position and you're working obviously lorde seemed a little bit surprised she had the camera turned on her. do you think she went a little too far with that? what do you feel. >> i would not -- personally i would not have done that without asking the star first if i could do it. i wouldn't just do it. >> were yeah, still cool, though. >> but that's me. >> murder on the orient express coming out in november. i think everybody is excited about this johnny depp, huge cast kenneth branaugh is directing
6:54 am
i like the red smoke. just makes it look really kind of scary. people who don't know this is based on the 1934 agatha christie novel. the train inspired the murder mystery we all love and know. this film will be an adaptation of the book versus a remake of the 70's film. i did sit down with josh gad and here's a little piece of our interview where i first sit down with him and just for the record we were riding backwards so he was feeling a little bit sick. watch this. josh good do see you sir. >> always good to see you brother. >> how are you doing. >> we're on the venice orient express which my movie on the murder on the orient express. >> you're in a movie. >> we just ran into each other. how crazy is this man.
6:55 am
camera here, timers and producers. very strange. >> little piece of the interview. we did a whole interview on the train. the reason we're playing that now is because the trailer is being released this morning. we'll have the trailer coming out as well as the piece on the train which looks really cool. i'm really happy with the music the way it turned out so we'll have that coming out at 9:40 this morning. wonder woman comes out tonight at 7 o'clock. i'm going again. i can't wait. wish tucker was going with me. >> is this your second time. >> my second time. my wife, father-in-law are coming. going to be awesome. >> you want to come, too. >> you know why i can't come today? this is true, true, true. today is my child's half birthday. >> you celebrate half birthday. >> we celebrate half birthday. today hayden is five and a half. i know he's up and watching right now. it's a big one. happy half birthday. we're celebrating with a half cupcake. that's what we do. >> tucker. >> tucker celebrates every five years. >> if lorde came into my smoothie shopp shop and asked
6:56 am
smoothie i wouldn't know who she was. >> that's because you don't follow anything pop culture wise. >> do you think she's one of the biggest singers. >> i'm going have to admit kevin i'm also as uncool as tucker if lorde walked into the studio i'm not sure i would know who she was. >> i guess i'm young and crazy. >> and hip. >> i had no idea. you're young, too, though. >> kev you're one of those things. let's do the forecast. 64 in washington. winds out of the south here at seven. we are going to be looking at a beautiful day, kev, a beautiful day to go to wonder woman. >> and a lord concert. >> i know one of her songs. looking at clearing skies. got a little bit of cloud deck early. this is the actual cold front coming through. once it gets east of us we're in for a beautiful day. daytime highs about 80. low humidity and we're dry later today. get out and enjoy a gorgeous afternoon. yes, friday and saturday look good, too. more on that coming up. erin hi. >> i got say i aee
6:57 am
>> play a lorde song. play royals. >> i know that one. >> two of the best songs ever. >> i know that song but i just don't know her. >> ♪ >> this is not a big song at all. >> we didn't say it wasn't. >> what's happening? look at steve's face. [laughter] >> good music, good jams for your ride this morning. >> this is a great song. >> great song, kevin. >> big star, big star. more traffic later. i can tell you need some good music if you're going to be in the car for awhile. we'll be back in a few. next we'll take a look at that delay on 66. playing a little lorde.
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> will the u.s. stay in or get out? president trump set to make announcement today. >> hateful message found inside the african-american museum. >> lebron james dealing with his own racially motivated incident. >> good morning to you. i'm maureen umeh. in for allison. >> and i'm steve chenevey. thanks for join and ugg this morning. >> if you're just waking up this thursday morning here's a live look outside. things changing just a little bit. nicer day on tap. >> got an early start today. lots of bright sunshine out there this morning. let's check in with tucker. >> steve, you said it that cloud deck you see that's the actual cold front coming through. once we get that east of us it will be a beautiful day t high temperature


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