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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  June 1, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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vehicle in the hotel's garage. matt ackland is live with the latest. >> reporter: i've really never seen anything like this. just moments ago, the judge said that he needed more time. it's basically the first appearance hearing. what's strange about this, it was supposed to be held in federal court but it's here in superior court so the superior court judge a trying to determine if he can keep mr. moles overnight until a hearing tomorrow in federal court or should he release him. he basically said i need to go back and lock look at this. we'll see this case a little while before court ends today. some new developments we want to tell you about. we're hearing more from officials about how they learned about this. two voicemails apparently those voicemails were from, bryan moles and i want to look down and tell you about this. one, the first voicemail said that he wanted to stay in d.c. until he will met president
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also, his intent w was to bring down big pharmacy and big business medicine. he went on to talk about the ammunition he had, the survival kit that he had and numerous cell phones. now, the next voicemail, authorities are saying this is coming through criminal or court documents he allegedly said his car looked like timothy mcvay or eric rudolph was going on a camping trip. remember, timothy mcvay and eric rudolph they were both connected to the oklahoma city bombing. now, law enforcement they went to the hotel as you might remember yesterday and apparently at that point moles said that he had a gun in the room. there were also guns downstairs. also one interesting thing that we learned today through this court documents, moles said that he -- withdrew, excuse me, $10,000 in cash but he
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account. now t-remember, the oklahoma city bombing was on 4/19. so, authorities are kind of drawing a connection there. once again, just to recap tonight, what authorities are asking, federal authorities here are asking that mr. moles be kept overnight for a court hearing that should be held tomorrow a detention emergency but at this point the d.c. superior judge says he needs to figure out if he has the authority tonight to go ahead and hold him or release him. federal prosecutors are saying, listen, for the protection of the community, they do not believe that mr. moles should be released tonight and that should be talked about tomorrow in federal court. so, we'll try to update you but apparently this is going to continue tonight and we should have some resolution for you a little bit later. for now, live at the d.c. superior court, matt ackland fox5
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>> the president has made the decision. the u.s. will remove itself from the paris climate accord. mr. trump made that decision this afternoon in the rose garden saying the current deal puts the u.s. at a disadvantage and is causing lost jobs and lower wages. >> one by one we are keeping the promises i made to the american people during my campaign for president. in order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect america and its citizens, the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> the announcement is raising concerns on both sides of the aisle. the u.s. had agreed under president obama to reduce emissions by 2025 by about 1.6 billion tons. critics say the president's decision under mines world efforts to combat global warming. we'll talk more about this coming up
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fox5 your station for politics. tweet us your thoughts using the #5at630 then look for your tweet on our political show coming up next at 6:30. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser wants residents to know that fliers posted around the district about persecuting undocumented immigrants who live in the city are bogus. pictures of those fliers were posted on the blog. once the mayor found out she and the police department had the public works department come out take all of these posters down. the mayor told us the fliers again not real and reiterated d.c. is a sanctuary city. >> i want the residents of d.c. to know that these are fake fliers. they didn't come from us. the federal government and they're certainly not from us and the messages contained do not reflect the values of our city. so, i've encouraged every d.c. resident who comes across one who is that able to tear it down. >> also, the city wants you to know if you saw someone posting these fliers, call
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d.c. police. >> here are the five things developing around the region right now. a fast moving fire badly damaged a house in prince george's county. skyfox was over the scene on north keys road in brandywine. you can see the thick white smoke trailing over the roof there. no one was home at the time. one firefighter suffered a minor cut. a shooting investigation is under way in anne arrundel county. police say a man and would. were fatally shot near scott town road and nick road in shady side, maryland. there are no motives or suspects identified at this time. the person of interest accused of engaging in illicit sexual contact with a minor at arlington national cemetery has surrendered. the fbi says the man repeatedly touched a girl in an inappropriate manner during the wreath laying ceremony on memorial day. now d.c. police have identified a young girl found alone on 14th street in northwest. authorities are not releasing her name but says she has been connected with a parent or guardian. d.c. mayor muriel
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aimed at keeping d.c. residents safe. the private security camera voucher program will allow eligible residents to receive a private security camera system without any cost to them. the program is opened to those who rent or own property. >> new tonight metro transit police are trying to track down the suspects in a brutal attack. a woman says a group of people knocked her down and kicked her in the face. fox5's marina marraco is live in southwest tonight with the very latest. >> reporter: shawn, police were out here earlier. they've since left but the video speaks for itself and the like you said, you see that group of people walking down at the escalator and roughly a minute into the video, caught by metro transit police then you'll see the assault where that couple is walking up towards the escalator. that woman is sucker punched by one of the teenagers that was in that initial group down there just before the turnstiles here at metro and this metro station is the southwest d
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there. so far no arrests but it is just one more in a myriad of assaults that have taken place on metro property either on the train or down beneath at the approach to the escalators. back in earlier may, roughly may 17th, we spoke to a victim of yet another assault that was down at the gallery place. he says he was also sucker punched by a group of teenagers. there were subsequent arrests in that case but today, three days following the assault that you just saw in that video here at the waterfront metro, still no arrests. live tonight in southwest, marina marraco, fox5 local news. >> the debate that's putting one family's livelihood at risk. and later on 5 at 6:30. >> ♪ >> reporter: i'm tom fitzgerald. we now know when former fired fbi director jim comey is going to testify before congress and there are a lot of other
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on. we will talk about what to watch for on the 5 at 6:30ly. >> it's so nice to see tom out there without an umbrella today. did you know that at 8.5-inches of rain dulles had their fifth wettest may on record. we've turned a corner. june is starting out on a dry note. what can you expect for friday and the weekend? i'll have those details coming up. fox5 local news at 6:00 is coming right back. >> ♪
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o innovate, upgrade technology, protect our environment and serve our communities. dominion energy. more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy. >> ♪ >> the owners of a family farm in northern virginia say red tape and bureaucracy have threatening their livelihood. whitehall farms spans 200 acres in fairfax county. it also operates a ropes course. they say they're violating state law saying climbing trees and ropes is not a natural activity and has a bad effect on the health and welfare of the public. owners say they need extra income and
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it. but the county is now putting their farm at financial risk. we'll led to the national harbor for the national spelling bee. >> yeah, the finals of the national spelling bee are tonight. the field of young contestants has been whittled down from 291 to just 40 who are competing right now. this year's group included the youngest speller ever to compete a six-year-old from oklahoma. >> edith, how does it feel to be the youngest speller in history? >> it feels really exciting. >> do you lope to come back to the bee next year? >> i do if i don't win this time. [laughter] >> unfortunately edith didn't make the cut this year. she spelled both of her words right but was eliminated based on the written test ahead of time. but seems kind of like a safe bet she'll probably be back don't you think. >> i didn't know there was a written test. >> i didn't either. >> you got to write
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down. >> it's a lot of work and she's six. >> it should be based on spelling. she got the word right. all right. that's right. we're going to tell you coming up here tonight we'll have the latest on that dashcam video that shows the moments after police found tiger woods asleep in his car on the side of the road. >> ♪ >> let's go. come to me, come to me. >> just go, just go. [gunfire] >> plus, one year later, the never before seen police body camera footage from the raid on the pulse nightclub but first here's a look at what's coming up on 5 at 6:30. >> ronica cleary here doing what we love to do on five at 6:30 bringing you the pulse of the people. today people are out protesting the president's decision to leave the paris climate accord coming up next. >> ♪
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tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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lawmakers are raising concerns. the move is a significant in the president's efforts to roll back obama era climate policies. >> james comey will testify june 8th before the senate intelligence committee. members want to hear from comey on the assessment in russia interfered with last year's election. >> d.c. park police trying to figure out who left a nooseat the national museum of african-american history and culture. a tourist spotted the noose in the segregation exhibit. >> and a pap man arrested at trump hot a pan man arrested at a trump hotel had his first court appearance. >> let's go. come to me, come to me, come to me. >> this way, this way. >> just go. just go. [gunfire] >> this is newly released graphic and very disturbing footage from the pulse nightclub massacre. the video was released
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tragedy t49 people lost their lives last june 12th. >> what are we doing. >> that's tiger woods right there. the dashcam video released by florida police showing him stumbling. passed a sobriety test before being arrested. the police report says that tiger woods was asleep at the wheel and was slurring his speech during the arrest. woods has apologized saying it was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. >> all right. you know what today is, right? it is throw back thursday. >> whoo-hoo! >> and a game of dodge ball is making a comeback with a twist, though. >> yeah, just a little different. high flying trampoline dodge ball tournament kicking off in manassas and that's where fox5's brody logan is joining us live from the sky zone. look at you go. >> you got the bounce on, brody. >> reporter: yeah i got it going -- >> ooh, ooh. >> oh, you got nailed. >> whew. >> reporter: watch the money maker there,
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i need that face. yes, so, the $50,000 national tournament sky zone here in manassas and we have the winners. dinosaur ice machine, sorry hard to get the words out if you've been pelted in the face. the look on your face. he was so happy to hit me. all right, so, what is is this going to do for you guys and what is your plan going forward to chicago for the tournament? [laughter] >> our plan? we're going play together, play as a team hopefully come out on top. that's the game plan. >> reporter: and then $50,000. >> yeah. >> reporter: what will that do for you and what -- have you already started spending it in your mind. >> definitely not spending it 'cause then you kind of lose focus but yeah i've got a few things i need to pay off. [laughter] >> reporter: not in the mafia. >> no. >> reporter: okay, good. you guys came all the way up here from richmond for this tournament. >> yeah, richmond. >> reporter: why did you make this trip to play dodge ball? >> we love dodge
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and this one is a unique opportunity play on trampolines and try to play with these small rubber balls and throw them as hard as you can and hit people in the face maybe. >> reporter: yeah, people like me. anybody who has played dodge ball that haven't played on trampolines what is different about the game. >> oh, man, everything. it's a way faster pace. you kind of lose your focus -- you can get out of our sorts sometimes, too, 'cause of the trampoline, you're bouncing all over the place, everything is just moving. >> reporter: and then what's the plan between now and the big tournament that's going to be 32 teams playing for that $50,000, so what's the plan strategy. >> practice as much as we can. >> practice, practice. >> get in 92 sky zone hit the trampolines, practice, practice. >> reporter: they'll keep practicing. i'm going to keep bouncing around and hopefully i don't get hit in the face anymore by these gentlemen, but yeah, dinosaur ice machine repping for manassas sky zone and if you and want to come out and play they're opened all
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sweat off. it's a good workout. back to you. >> it is a great workout. >> did you say a thousand calories you burn? that caught our attention. >> reporter: yeah, earlier they said, yeah, it was a thousand calories an hour you can burn just out here jumping an round. it's one of those things it's so much fun and then after, it's a lot of deep breaths. >> that is true. >> i want to try it. it looks like fun. >> it is a lot of fun. you bounce up and down and you start sweating to death out there. [laughter] >> you've done it. >> i've done it before. i've watched my husband and my kids do it they have a a lot of fun. brody wipe that that sweat off. >> i noticed brody was out of breath and he's in good shape. >> there's like a basketball area. there's a lot of things you can do out there. >> i want to jump. [laughter] >> just jump, that sounds like a lot of fun. today is a perfect day for it, right. >> yeah. >> warm not humid. did you notice that, shawn. >> yes, i did.
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>> beautiful day. so nice to not be worried about storms. >> yeah. >> it was the fifth wettest dulles may ever and it's so nice to start june out on a dry note. >> whoo-hoo! [applause] >> here's the best part. the forecast is kind of reversing itself and improving as we get closer to the weekend. so, we had a really nice day today. i can still see the trees moving a little bit. the breeze was very refreshing, somewhat noticeable out of a dry direction but we're thinking that another great day is ahead for us on friday. friday not looking bad at all f there's any chance of a shower, it would be slight and it would be north up through northern maryland if we can see it. so, high temperature wise today, above average. average on june 1st is 80 degrees. we were 5 degrees above that at reagan national. dulles 82, bwi 81. delightful day and temperature check right now at 6 o'clock, upper 70's to low 80's all around the region. hagerstown is 77. winchester 75. 83 in the district. 84 in manassas. and also toward the fredericksburg area. be
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day. dewpoints in the 40's to near 50 and low 50's. that is bonus territory for sure when you get into june and radar scanning clean tonight, nothing to spot in the radar sweep. also pushing way down to the south so a weak area of high pressure has kind of cleared the skies out here. it will be there tomorrow and we think it will be there for part of saturday now, too. so, saturday's forecast looking a lot drier. meanwhile as we are at 83, finally warming up a little bit to the north, boston 74, buffalo 61 degrees. plenty of warm air still on the weather map. saint louis at 92 degrees. here's how things are looking as we go through your thursday evening. 7 o'clock temperature 77, maybe even closer to 80 since we're still 83 degrees right now. by 9 o'clock, 72. a few clouds, not a lot and by 11 o'clock, 67. we should be on the comfortable and cool side tonight and here's the
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changer, the last front that came through yesterday that produced the strong storms in the afternoon and evening, chase out the humidity and friday really looking nice again, maybe a little bit of a breeze like we had today but from that dry direction and i mentioned a spotty shower only tomorrow. it's because there's a system up through pennsylvania that might just kind of swing along the mason-dixon line with an isolated shower north. that would be it. otherwise, it's mostly sunny. it's warm. it's dry. temperatures right back into the low 80's. let's talk about what's ahead for the weekend because right now we think saturday's going to be now main a dry day at 81 degrees. it will be warm. if we had anything at all it would be very isolated. a little different story on sunday but even sunday's forecast the timing is holding this off a little bit later. we'll have a warm front moving through and after it comes on through, we could see some later in the day storms will be a bit more unstable and maybe a couple of showers. here's how the thing -- how everything is setting up for the weekend. comfortable on saturday afternoon but with this warm front on the move o
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bringing the warm more unstable air in later in the day, that's why we have to increase that chance for showers and storms. and they may hang around on monday. if you're headed to the beaches this weekend, i know memorial day wasn't the best weekend there. it's not the best weekend we've ever had but it's a little better than last weekend, 74 with a mix of clouds and sun on saturday. maybe a late thunderstorm at the beaches on sunday with a temperature of 73. here we go. fox5 accuweather 7-day june coming in on a nice note. couple of dry days ahead. late day storms sunday and also in the afternoon on monday. and right now we think we can dry it out a little bit more on wednesday and thursday of next week. more so than it looked last -- yesterday it looked like it might be unsettled for the first half of the week so that's not a bad forecast. >> not a bad start to june at all. >> yes, we like june. >> thank you, sue. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> a moment of kindness during a routine traffic stop. >> last thing i want to do is give you a ticket that i really don't think you need. >> thank you so much. can i give you a hug. >> hm. >> can i give you a hug. >> sure, you can give me a hug if you want. what kind of soda are you going to get. >> a root beer. you want one. >> i was just curious. >> not what we're used to seeing from dashcam video. i like it a new jersey officer got a big hug from a young driver after he let her off. the officer said the woman was upset so instead of giving her a ticket, he worked to calm her down so she could safely get back on the road. >> how nice is that. >> yeah. >> i wish all police were like that. >> right. >> that was -- >> what good guy. >> that was very cool. i'm going to guess maybe she was younger,.
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>> maybe that was her first time -- >> parents were going to get mad at her. >> always scary. >> right. >> i'm glad he was kind. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00 everybody. >> keep it right here. 5 at 6:30 is coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪
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was going to do it and today president trump announced america will withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> but he also announced he wants to renegotiate a new deal to reenter the agreement. it's what we're talking about tonight at 6:30. >> the united states will withdraw. [applause] from the paris climate accord but begin negotiations to reenter either paris accord or an entirely new transaction on terms that are fair to the united states, its businesses, its workers, its people, its taxpayers. >> by the way it's worth noting several allies have already said that's a nonstarter. you can't reenter the deal once you pull out of it in the first place. the president claims the climate agreement is a job killer and a


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