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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 5, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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mourns his third attack in a couple weeks. several people in custody and president trump vowing to today whatever it takes to keep america safe. >> kind of love and unity that we're displaying is the medicine that the world really needs right now. >> ♪ >> ariana grande taking to the stage once again just days after a deadly terror attack at her concert in manchester. the star studded lineup she had with her to pay tribute to her fans. >> outside this morning it's -- well, they're the view for you. 71 degrees right now taking a look at reagan national. not too bad right now. changes may be coming though. it's monday, june 5th 2017. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm maureen umeh in for allison. welcome to fox5 news morning. >> let's get to london and the latest there where police conducted raids into saturday's deadly attack continues. seven people were left dead and 50 injured. 12 people are in custody.
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us live from the british embassy in northwest with the latest this morning. mel. >> reporter: good morning. london police today announcing that they are conducting raids at two more addresses in east london. three terror attacks in as many months. british prime minister theresa may saying enough is enough while president donald trump is pledging america's unwavering support. new witness video continues to emerge of saturday night's van and knife attacks in london. >> it's -- it's a terrorist attack. >> reporter: they began with a van driving into pedestrians on london bridge and continued as three men with knives got out and started killing and injuring more victims. all were eventually shot and killed by police. authorities say they were wearing fake explosives. police have also made arrests as they continue investigating and isis is claiming responsibility. >> this bloodshed must end. this bloodshed will end. >> reporter: president trump is now
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everything the u.s. can to assist the uk. >> we renew our resolve stronger than ever before to protect the united states and its allies from a vial enemy. >> reporter: overnight mr. trump's defense secretary jim mattis vowed to defeat isis. >> we're going to take that caliphate down or the attacks that you've seen going on around the world that you all have reported on will that continue. >> reporter: now, this morning the threat level in london remains at severe. however, there is plans to go ahead with a vigil planned for 6 o'clock tonight near the london bridge. police also saying that they have identified the three attackers killed by police saturday but they are not releasing the names yet while the investigation continues and 11 of the 12 people arrested yesterday remain in custody. at the british embarks i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> thanks very much. the london terror
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comes two weeks after the attack in manchester at the ariana grande concert. last night the pop star returned to man chester with a benefit concert with a whole bunch of friends. 50,000 people came out, pardon me, to see the one love manchester concert along with celebrities like katy perry miley cyrus coldplay a black eyed piece pharrell. the concert raised more than $2 million for the victims in just three hours. it was live streamed on social medially. >> former fbi director james comey and nsa director admiral michael rogers scheduled to testify before the senate buildings committee this week. it will be the first time comey speaks publicly since he was fired as the fbi director. comey will testify thursday. he's expected to discuss whether president trump pressured him to shut down the russia investigation. bill cosby will find himself inside of a courtroom has his sexual assault trial gets under way. the 79-year-old faces three counts of aggravated indecent assault stemming from a visit to his home by andrea constand. he's been
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60 women of sexual assault but this is only case in criminal court. the jury will hear testimony from only one other accuser. >> the man charged with murdering a prince william county police officer system scheduled to be in court. his trial gets under way today. police say ronald williams hamilton shot and killed his wife before shooting and killing officer ashley guindon in woodbridge. that was in february of 2016 as guindon was that responding to her first emergency call since taking her oath as an officer. two other officers were also hurt. >> an oral history archive of late d.c. mayor marion barry's 1978 campaign is making its debut. he became known as the district's mayor for life. the oral history archive debuts with a ceremony at the wilson bridge. it will be housed at george washington university's gelman library. >> mayor bowser reaffirms the district's compliment to climate change reform. she will stage the city's support of the paris climate accord days after the president
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pulling the u.s. out of the accord. vowing to cut ash couldn't carbn emissionsly. >> tucker barnes coming into shot here talking about our -- it's really heavy outside feeling. >> it is. it's sticky. >> yeah. >> yes, yes. the humidity is back. it feels very summery out there early. the bottom line after a gorgeous weekend we all agree, right. >> beautiful. >> yes. >> yup, it's going to feel summery out there later today but the actual high temperatures will be cooler than yesterday with highs in the mid to upper 70's and do take an umbrella. we've got some showers in the forecast as well. all right. 72 sticky degrees. up in baltimore 67 degrees. lots of clouds. we'll be mostly cloudy today and notice the developing showers off to our south and west down towards charlottesville, that will trend north and east over the next several hours. showers in the forecast later this mni
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afternoon hours. not going to be a washout. not going to rain all day but i would keep the umbrella handy as we'll probably have some scattered showers later this afternoon. here's a bigger look and you can see kind of a cloudy murky day for the midatlantic. your monday forecast 77 today. cloudy and we'll throw a thunderstorm in the forecast as well just in case but i think it will be mostly just showers for us. >> okay. >> okay. >> got some heat on the seven day. >> 6:15. >> uh-huh. >> yes, we will. >> hi caitlin. >> monday morning has been off to a.m. busy start. chopper overhead where a scar spun out on the baltimore-washington parkway northbound right before you hit the beltway. there's the car right there. it is being towed away and hopefully emergency crews can clear the scene pretty quickly. it didn't involve any other cars, just the were unthat spun out and it looks like maybe veered off on the road and hit the tree or something. i don't know. but regardless there are delays that extend way back beyond what you can see right here. traffic squeezing by around this scene that takes out
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left most lane. delays are back to 450. again, this is the baltimore-washington parkway northbound approaching the beltway. there it is from that beyond the beltway now all the way down towards the bladensburg area and those delays are only building. bit of a rubbernecking delay on the southbound side. 210 crash at intersection of palmer road. just got word that it has cleared so there may still be some delays on 210. in fact there are some heavy delays at that on the northbound side approaching the accident scene but hopefully good news soon with that crash having been cleared. monday morning drive okay as we take a spin around the beltway not seeing any issues right now. caitlin fox5 on twitter keep you update on any incidents as we go throughout the rest of the morning. steve. >> vladimir putin what he told former fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> the chaos landing several people behind bars. stay with us. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. >> ♪♪ i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. >> ♪ >> back at 6:08. developing overnight from the middle east five countries cut ties with the nation of qatar bahrain egypt saudia arabia yemen and the united arab emirates announced they're withdrawing their diplomatic staff. the action is being taken because of qatar's support for
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relationship with iran. several airlines are suspending service to qatar as well and already we're seeing an impact on oil prices with futures up in europe and new york this morning. >> also happening today opening statements begin for the minnesota officer who shot and killed philando castile. the officer is expected to testify in his own defense. >> new this morning, two cabinet members are down under. secretary of defense jim mattis and secretary of state rex tillerson met in sydney today with australia's defense minister and foreign minister. the focus of their talks was the increasing nuclear threat posed by north korea. ly in a news conference after the meetings tillerson called on china to step up efforts to reign in north korea. >> vladimir putin denies that russia had any role in the hacking of the u.s. presidential election. he said u.s. spies could
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faked spying: suggesting private hackers may have been involved. >> i haven't seen even once any direct proof of russian interference in the presidential election in the united states. the united states everywhere, all over the world actively interferes with the electoral campaigns of other countries. >> putin's interview comes as u.s. lawmakers ising expected to hear from james comey this week. >> president trump is revealing his pick for navy secretary. president trump says he plans to nominate richard spencer. spencer is a former financial industry executive and a former marine corps captain. the president's first choice for navy secretary businessman philip weldon withdrew over privacy concerns. more than a dozen people facing serious charges following clashes at what was supposed to be a pro president& trump rally. the rally took on a chaotic turn when anti-trump protesters showed up. police in riot gear were
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groups and all 14 -- in all 14 people were arrested. >> family and friends of a fallen virginia deputy said their final goodbyes this weekend. deputy michael walter was laid to rest. he was shot and killed more than a week ago. virginia governor terry mcauliffe among those to speak at his funeral. police arrested a 27-year-old man and charged him with walter's murder. >> bizarre yet adorable fine in california. who left more than a dozen hedge hogs in a trash can. sadly six died. remaining nine are doing well. the hedge hogs were found in a sealed garbage bag. the hedge hogs will not be available for adoption because it is illegal to own them in california. >> at yosemite over the weekend 31-year-old elite climber, this is alex hannold to be the first person to scale
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safety gear. >> no, sir. >> just his hands and feet and holding on for dear life. it's called free soloing a mountaineering technique. it's being called the greatest feat of rock climbing and the moon landing of free soloing. 3,000 feet straight up. >> that can't be legal, right? laws would have had to have been broken, right. >> i don't know. i know you can't jump off it. >> hats off to him. i wouldn't be trying that any time soon. special tribute for a journalist killed on the job. >> a live look outside as we take a look at reagan national airport on this monday morning. chance of rain out there but later in the day. 71 now. tucker is up next. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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power the companies that power our economy. >> live look right now from
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to hear more in just a little bit. of course a lot of fallout after all the events over the week. we heard from a lot of u.s. officials. still trying to put all the pieces together but 12 arrests as far as the most recent terror attack on saturday. >> ♪ >> 6:15 now. let's get to tucker barnes and a check of our forecast. >> yeah, going to do the weather. hey -- >> ♪ >> there we go. summer beginning in 15 days. the countdown has begun. i started it a few days ago. june 21st. but it is going to start to feel very summery by the end of the week. wait until you see the seven-day forecast. by early next week i think we'll have some 90's in the forecast. won't be long. quickly can i show a picture. i went down to calvert county. you guys been to calvert county, southern maryland. >> of course. >> of course. great big shout out to my friends down there, pets with disabilities. did an event down there friday night and that is the person in charge, joyce, and she's wonderful and that organization
6:16 am
night for pets that need help that have some special needs. so had a lot of fun down there and just want to thank everybody for being so nice. bigoutout to all our friends in southern maryland that came out for the big event. let's do weather. mentioned the summertime in 15 days. feels like it this morning. here is your bus stop forecast. generally temperatures in the 60's. 50's well off to the north and west and then after school those year not as warm as yesterday, temps in the mid to upper 70's. and let me mention i think we'll have some showers around later today. 72 now in washington. it feels sticky out there. 72 in leonardtown. little more comfortable as you get off to the north and to the west, 64 in winchester, 66 in hagerstown. all right, we're bringing up the dewpoint map. hate to do it but it's that time of year 67. get these numbers above 65 you really start to notice the humidity. 68 in annapolis, 67 in fredericksburg. so, again, sticky start to the day. lots of clouds out there. got some rain showers so it's kind of a squeeze play. got some energy to
6:17 am
and west and an area of low pressure, weak one to our south and that's going to drag a lot of moisture just to our south today, so washington points south that's where we're going to get the heaviest of the rain. calvert county, thinking of you guys t everybody will get at least the possibility of scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm if we can get a little daytime heating going. you can see all that that rain shower activity back off to the south and west. you can see some rain showers kind of middle of the day. not so much off to the north and west. you guys up towards frederick and hagerstown may not get much of anything and then late this afternoon, most of the shower activity should be off to the south and east. we'll keep the clouds around tonight and tomorrow upper level low, new influence will give us some cool weather for the middle of the week. wednesday and thursday temperatures around 70 and then here comes the heat. by next weekend, upper 80's. i think we'll be in the 90's by early next week, monday tuesday as we get the bermuda high building overhead. oh summertime. guess who is in this morning? caitlin is in this morning. she's got our
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>> it felt nice this weekend. >> weekend was gorgeous. >> out by the pool, yeah it was wonderful. monday morning commute they're never wonderful. bw parkway northbound before the beltway this delay takes you back to 450 even close to 50 in maryland. that is as a result of a car that spun out approaching the beltway. so, as a result, even though the crews have been scene they're together away the car you've got that extensive delay extending on the northbound side of the baltimore-washington parkway. look at those green trees out there by the way, too as a result of all the rain we've been having. we have that one incident baltimore-washington parkway northbound approaching the beltway. very heavy delays back to 450. south of 50 looks like we have very heavy southbound delays too once you're getting inside the district. monday morning drive caitlin& roth fox5 on twitter we'll tweet any accidents that come through. 270 southbound delay free to the beltway. real quick other side of the beltway top of the beltway georgia of a seeing your normal delays basically from 95 through georgia avenue. but 95 itself is loong
6:19 am
we'll check the virginia roads coming can up in less than 10 minutes. steve. >> caitlin thanks. officials hold a public meeting in montgomery county over the new wssc rate schedule. officials are holding a series of public meetings to inform wssc customers on the options they have for their water and sewer bill. tonight's meeting in rockville at 7:30. >> the newseum will look very different. their campaign called #without news. the front pages display will be blacked out to raise wearness to the threat to journalists. the newseum wants people to consider what their world would be without journalists to bring them the news. newseum will ad 14 journalists to its journalists memorial. >> apple lovers new gadgets could be coming your way. details in the business beat. >> before we head to break, fox5 shaking up the political landscape in a really big way starting tonight. >> fox5's jim lokay anchoring our new half hour late night newsc
6:20 am
five. perfect nightcap for your daily rollercoaster ride that is american politics. >> final five debuts tonight at 11:30 p.m. tmz follows at midnight. fox5 morning news back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ♪ say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. ralph northa
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me to listen carefully. pedi'm ralph northam,ht and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. introducing the italian collection from subway. head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni. for a limited time, the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even bigger flavor. only at subway. ♪♪ the moments that connect us happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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min[ ominous music playing ] ah! ah! ah! [ children laughing ] wooo! yea! have a despicably delicious breakfast with these special edition jars of nutella. >> ♪ >> time for the business beat. 6:22. following the latest terror attack in london. first up we'll check the markets. joining us from the fox business network studios another monday lauren simonetti and all the things we have to watch for today. >> reporter: we're coming off a record high for the dow for the nasdaq and s & p 500 after a lukewarm, i guess that's the best adjective for it jobs report that we got on friday. the market took off. it really did. modest declines this morning like a point for the broader markets and this is an environment that could move in either direction so i would argue that the biggest day of
6:23 am
and in washington might be on thursday. you got three things going on. you have the former fbi director james comey testifying. in europe you have the ecb decision on monetary policy and interest rates and you have the uk election and obviously after the third terror attack in as many months there, that is a big deal. >> yeah, thursday the brakes will be screeching all across washington, everybody just stopping to see what's going to happen with the testimony and everything else but you're right with the terror attacks it will be interesting now to see what happens with the internet. i know that theresa may calling for some change, here in washington, senator warner calling for some change among others. is it feasible that we can have change on a global scale when it comes to social media. >> reporter: that's the thing. you know, she says it, you know, theresa may i call on internet providers to do more tour police their sites to get information to law
6:24 am
in a faster way. if you're facebook or what's app skype or twitter how do you protect free speech, the privacy of your users and also combat terrorism. they're trying. there's an attempt to do that but remember apple a la the san bernadino attack. it opens a whole can of worms especially when you have a uk company calling on u.s. to help them. >> you mention apple. today is one of the two big days of the year for apple people to find out what's coming up. this is not the phone announcement today. what's happening today. >> reporter: no, no, this is the worldwide developers conference so not the phone announcement. you will see some hardware. they're expected to announce new mac books and perhaps a new
6:25 am
but we think the siri announcement being the amazon echo competitor is going to be the big thing. apple is totally trailing amazon and even google with digital and virtual assistants so we're expecting an announcement about siri at some point today, tim cook, the ceo has a keynote at 1 o'clock our time. >> don't call siri alexa or vice versa. they're competitors now. >> reporter: don't mess it up. >> reporter: did i mess it up. >> no, no, i'm just saying in general. you nailed it. >> reporter: all right. >> see you tomorrow. bye-bye. >> reporter: bye-bye. >> 6:25 now. >> tucker barnes talking about our weather an sticky one today. >> soon you can be like hey, siri are you spying on me. >> why, yes, i am. got all your information and financials, too. >> right. >> let's do the forecast. you know how it works. [laughter] >> i do my one liners before the weather. 72 now in washington.
6:26 am
and clouds. let me mention showers back in the forecast sole the beautiful weekend a thing of the past here as back to work and school today. we'll keep the scattered showers in the forecast this afternoon. not going to be a washout, not going to be raining all day but certainly the possibility of some showers particularly later this morning early this afternoon. you can see them developing off to the south and west and a weak area of low pressure will work its way through virginia later this afternoon and increase our chances for some shower activity. otherwise warm and humid, highs in the mid to upper 70's. what was that keep it around tomorrow. we start building heat in here for the end of the week. i think 90 is a good possibility by early next week so, yeah, here we go. >> heat a back. >> june and summertime not too far away. >> okay, caitlin roth doing traffic this morning. how is it looking on the roads. >> maureen good morning. busy monday morning back to work and school for most of you, couple weeks left. skyfox is still following this car that spun out on the baltimore-washington parkway northbound as approach the beltway. that
6:27 am
delays were extensive back to 450 in maryland but they're loosening up a little bit. i want to show you an accident in virginia. this is 95 northbound approaching dumfries. let me get out of the way there you can see all the police activity on scene. it is blocking the right-most lane. the police activity, despite the fact that it looks like the crash has moved off to the side. traffic squeezing by on 95 northbound as you approach dumfries road. expect that delays. we'll go to our maps to show you the overview of the monday morning drive. outer loop delays, there's baltimore-washington parkway delay back to 450 and it looks like when you get south of 50 southbound delays heading into the district itself t all right, that's a look at traffic. steve and maureen, back to you guys. >> thank you caitlin. still ahead at 6:30 a follow-up to a fox5 exclusive as we investigate why hundreds of school employees in prince george's county have been put on leave. what one board member is saying about the changes the school is, whoi looking to put n
6:28 am
place. >> could price harper's next move be to chicago? >> put it on the board. >> we'll explain coming up in the morning line. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> ♪ >> 6:30 with a live look outside on this monday morning. heavy, sticky, going to be that kind of day. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:35. first right now a vigil planned for tonight to honor the victims of london's terrorist attack. isis claiming respons
6:31 am
dead nearly 50 injured. it happened saturday night police shot and killed the three assailants. the london terror attacks came just two weeks after the terror attack in manchester at an ariana grande concert. last night the pop star returned to manchester for a benefit concert. katy perry miley cyrus coldplay jeb justin bieber and pharrell performed. five countries have cut ties with the nation of qatar bahrain egypt saudia arabia yemen and the united arab em emirates. the action is being taken because of qatar's support for islamist groups and its relationship with iran. several airlines are suspending service to iran. we're seeing an impact on oil prices with futures up in europe and new
6:32 am
morning. sexual assault trial against bill cosby gets under way today. the 79-year-old faces three counts of aggravated indecent assault stemming from a 2004 visit to his home by andrea constand. cosby has been accused by more than 60 women of sexual assaults but this is the only case in criminal court. the jury will hear testimony from only one other accuser. oral history is making its debut. marion barry became known as the districts are mayor for life. the oral history archive debuts today with a ceremony at the wilson building. the archive will be housed at george washington university's gelman library. now a follow-up to a fox5 exclusive. we've been investigating why hundreds of school employees have been accused of abuse and misconduct in prince george's county. more than 600 staffers placed on leave this school year alone. this week school officials confirm they will make changes to policies for next year. authorities say these new policies were necessary after horrifying situations
6:33 am
surfaced including one incident involving a teach's aide who sexually abused children. the high number of staff under investigation is the result of much needed changes according to that officials. >> behavior and changing culture is not an easy thing. it takes time. >> those changes are expected later this month. so, you feeling lucky? nobody won last night's powerball drawing. i should say saturday night's powerball drawing. that means wednesday's jackpot is worth $375 million. while no one won the grand prize last night -- saturday night, excuse me, four people are waking up $1 million richer. four tickets sold matched all five white numbers drawn. get in on the game. wednesday night could be your night. steve. >> let's talk sports. if you stayed up late to watch basketball it was probably no surprise to you what happened. we'll start on the basketball court game two of the nba
6:34 am
cavs. lebron james had a triple-double t as a matter of fact ties him for most trouble triple-doubles in final history. great. can't do it by yourself. golden state wins once again 132 to 113. these 20-point final victories are a little much. series heads back to cleveland for game three on wednesday. hopefully the cavs can make it closer. keep in mind the cavs also down 0-2 pitch in the finals last year before they came back to win the title. nationals in california. in oakland. all eyes on bryce harper finally back on the field after that three game suspension for the brawl with hunter strickland of the giants. nats still in san francisco, oakland bay area i should say. what a game for him to come back to. valiant effort by the athletics to come back or a lousy job by the nats bullpen. nats were up 11 to four in the ninth inning and then they almost blew it. gave up six runs. ey
6:35 am
speaking of bryce, could he soon call chicago home? well, there's some speculation this morning that he wants to join the chicago cubs when he becomes a free agent after the 2018 season. take it with a grain of salt. this is according to baseball analyst peter gamist but he was talking to a chicago radio station when he said that he's hearing that bryce would love to play in chicago and then everybody jumps on board and it goes wild. bryce will likely, this is guaranteed, sign one of the biggest contracts in major league baseball history looking for about $400 million with that that contract. hopefully it's with washington. president trump spending part of his weekend on the golf course. this is his motorcade returning to the white house after the outing. the president traveled to his trump national golf course in leesburg. he had a high nfl partner peyton manning. played a few rounds of golf with the president over the weekend. >> they had a gorgeous weekend for it.
6:36 am
>> we got to do something about that bullpen, don't we. >> that was ugly. >> yeah, it's bad. >> not like yesterday was an anomaly but yesterday was bad. >> first couple of months have not been promising with the bullpen. other than that, the team is ready to go. got to do it while they can. let's do the forecast. remember, this is the part where i -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> 72 in washington of the we'll be in the mid to upper 70's today. clouds have moved in overnight and some showers in the forecast, particularly later this morning during the afternoon hours. best chance for rain washington points south so as you get down 95, fredericksburg thinking of you, colonial beach you guys will see the most rain today. scattered showers for the rest of us and we'll keep the clouds around again, temps in the 70's this afternoon. all right there you go. 77, showers. seven day's got a couple cool days and then some big heat by the end of the week. we'll look at that in a minute. >> cool. in the meantime, hi caitlin. good morning. >> good morning. great to see you
6:37 am
after 6:30 here, skyfox begibeginning on this stretch of the outer loop. don't normally see these delays. earlier accident on the baltimore-washington parkway has caused this delay. it should ease as that has cleared momentarily so outer loop delays again approaching baltimore-washington parkway in maryland. let's go to our cameras. still following this accident 95 northbound in virginia. this is approaching dumfries road. the fire truck is at least cleared although we're still seeing police on the scene and it looks like everything is moved off to the shoulder no longer blocking the right lane. traffic is moving although still kind of rubbernecking. it's still kind of slow. you can see that delay that is building on our maps northbound on 95. there it is, very heavy dale city to the beltway. there's the site of the crash so south of there you've got delays stacked up. then on and off delays up to the beltway so really kind of stacked up there. 66 we are down to 16 miles an hour speeds as we're very heavy through manassas and then approaching centreville. you break free of that delay
6:38 am
you head further eastward then tapping the bridge as you're approaching the beltway. that's a look at the roads. more coming up at 6:35. >> a former nba star and coach finding himself on the wrong side of the law. what we now know about derek fisher's arrest. >> in the midst of the london terror attacks one man finds his 15 seconds of internet fame. stay with us. we're back after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> back now at 6:40 with what's trending on the web on this monday morning. former new york knicks head coach derek fisher arrested for dui in los angeles. he's lucky to be alive. fisher flipped his car and crashed early sunday morning. his girlfriend basketball wife's gloria govan was riding in the passenger seat. accident happened after 3 a.m. sunday morning on a california freeway. both fisher and govan were uninjured in the crash. again really lucky here. we're hearing reports at least 10 students have lost their chance to attend harvard after the college discovered those students traded sexually explicit memes and messages targeting minority groups. this was done in a private facebook group. according to the web site crimson the images mocked sexual assault the holocaust and the deaths of children. harvard revoked admissions offers to those students. photo of a man fleeing the chaos holding a beer is
6:42 am
the rounds. a lot of brits are poking fun at the guy for hanging i don't ontohis beer. >> little levity in a very sad situation. >> guess so. >> they're going to find soming to grab onto. >> right there. >> in that case. it was more than just the internet giving love to england this weekend. singer ariana grande back in manchester two weeks after the terror attack at her concert. highlights from the one love manchester concert coming up next. duke's is the perfect companion for so many things. it makes a tomato taste more like a tomato. it makes bacon taste more like bacon. it's a unique flavor. the texture is incredible. duke's really adds integrity to our recipes. duke's is smooth and creamy. it has a lemony edge.
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he's a guy with values. he's somebody who says, i am going to make change. and i wanna make change not for the richest, not for the most powerful, i'm gonna make change to make this economy work better for hardworking families. that's who he is. i'm tom perriello, and as governor i'll fight to make sure every virginian gets a fair shot, that leaves no region or race behind. let's prove that donald trump's values are not virginia values.
6:45 am
>> fresh off our second zip trip of the year. fond memories of bowie and now d.c. we're staying in the city coming to georgetown this friday. should be exciting. >> yup. >> ♪ >> georgetown know we're coming. >> they do now. >> the fox5 team will be there. we would love to see you. >> yeah. had a great time in bowie. grit big thank you to everybody. >> we never saw your face painting you did in bowie. >> she wasn't pleased with my work, let's leave it at that. yes, i did work hard on it. >> good thing you weren't practicing tattoo art industry. >> no, that's next week. >> that's in georgetown. >> oh, no. >> let's do the forecast. we are -- well, let's start with the weekend. beautiful weekend. things have clouded up overnight. steve, countdown, summer 15
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> catch a little wave there on that little mini wave. >> there you go. water temperatures will be warming it up and it will be very summery around here by the end of the week. it feels sticky and rather summery this morning but we do have a couple cool days ahead. 72 now in washington. 70 in leonardtown. north and west lots of 60's out there. 68 this morning dulles, 66 in hagerstown, 64 in winchester. all right, i'm bringing out the dewpoint map. i feel like this is our first go round of this this year. you get these numbers above 65 and it feels sticky. 67 the dewpoint in washington, 68 in annapolis, quantico, fredericksburg 67 so warm and sticky start to the day. it will be a warm and sticky afternoon. highs in the mid 70's. that right there is rain shower activity developing off to our south and west and that will be tracking in our direction here over the next several hours and i think by late morning, early afternoon we'll have scattered showers for just about everybody. the further north you get, the less rain shower activity you'll see as you get up into northern maryland
6:47 am
pennsylvania but just keep that in mind. you can see all that rain shower activity back to our south and west. low pressure will be tracking across southern and central virginia later dan that will be responsible for the rain showers around here. here we are at 12:30. we'll keep scattered showers and clouds in the forecast even if you're not getting showers you'll get clouds throughout the afternoon, highs again in the mid to upper 70's and then we'll wake up with some clouds tomorrow morning, maybe a sprinkle or shower tomorrow afternoon but the theme both wednesday and thursday and really tomorrow will be temperatures a little below normal and then we're going to heat it up by the end of the week, friday, saturday and sunday back in the 80's. right now next weekend looks great. all right, caitlin roth is in this morning. >> good morning. >> and she has got traffic and she's also got a birthday. >> ♪ >> happy birthday. >> oh, happy birthday. >> when did you get this for me. >> in all honesty i already had a piece. there you go. >> did you make it from scratch. >> yes, i worked hard at that all night for you. >> and then ate a piece bef
6:48 am
>> yes. >> follow her on twitter. they she needs like a hundred people to get to 10,000. >> that's all i want for my birthday. >> caitlin roth fox5. >> thanks tucker. >> now do the traffic with cake in your hand. >> i have to harness my serving skills from when i was a waitress back in college. austin thanks so much. help yourself to some homemade cake. skyfox over the scene here now outer loop in maryland. approaching the baltimore-washington parkway where we had an earlier accident that has cleared. very heavy outer loop delays there. let's go to our cameras. we've been continuing to follow -- maybe the maps i believe. no, we'll start with cameras there. 95 this is in virginia approaching dumfries road. we've got accident that's been pushed off to the shoulder but still traffic squeezing by on 95. this is northbound of virginia approaching dumfries road. you have heavy delays there.
6:49 am
around the area, too. 295 southbound, this is your normal volume at this hour, route 50 down to pennsylvania avenue very heavy getting through the district this morning. and on the maryland side of things top of the beltway outer loop 95 to georgia of a heavy delays as you get every morning. 270 let's check in here. frederick county down through montgomery county, just yel yellow. you're tapping the brakes throughout the whole way through gaithersburg. you still got heavy delays on 95. you break free for a bit through dale city and then you're hitting the brakes again as you get up to the beltway but that part of 95 is just volume. that's a look at traffic. >> very cool. >> good morning, guys. >> full disclosure tucker also gave me a piece of your cake before he gave it to you. >> how does that work? >> we waited as long as we could for the cake. >> the morning starts early, i get it. >> yes, it does. >> thank you guys. >> all right. it is time for the morning meme. >> ♪ >> t
6:50 am
caitlin and maureen, 'cause you don't get to be here every day -- >> yes. >> -- where we have people send in memes and then we -- >> okay, we're still getting those, hm. >> all righty. >> she's like this is still happening, hm? >> no birthday memes but we've got a lot of other good ones. let's kick it off. first one is my friend carmen who came out to bowie on friday. if you can dream it, you can do it. holding up his book. >> i wouldn't call this a meme. >> he works with the dcps. he was there bright and early before work just to say hi to take that picture. >> that's awesome. >> he was there at like 5:45 in the morning. >> before you even went on air. that's great. >> yup. so glad we could get that one. let's move on. the face you make when the players yell coach and lebron answers. >> that you you go. >> what. i chopped liver. >> i think in case it might be true. >> all right. next up. oh, yeah, i know everybody's feeling this one.
6:51 am
[laughter] >> teachers counting down the days like yeah. >> like me counting down the days to summer. >> i know. >> right around the corner. wrapping it up with the birthday girl. you can read this one birthday girl. >> this one from linda, with this ku cute adorable cat. so much to do,. >> very cool. thanks tucker, caitlin. let's take a look at what's coming up on good day d.c. the fallout from comedian bill maher's use of the n-word on his hbo show. we'll talk to the consultant who was supposed to be on mohr's show later this month but is going to back out. >> we welcome to the loft the first time gisele bryant. at the center of big drama on the show.
6:52 am
award winner kirk whelan. >> grande along with several other pop stars to send a message of hope. annie joins us with the details. >> it's nas estimated that 50,00 people attended the concert and millions watched. it was ariana grande's first performance since the may 22nd terror attack. last night's concert took place 200 miles from the scene of this weekend's terror attacks in london. now, justin bieber also hit the stage playing the guitar while singing several of his hit. bieber became visibly upset during his performance. also singer katy perry rocked the stage singing several of her hits including the song roar and ariana grande took the stage with miley cyrus. the pair covered don't
6:53 am
house. coldplay farrell and the black eye piece were there. and arianna belted out some of her hits. she changed the entire set of the concert at the last minute after a victim's mother asked her to sing. cameras captured police officers at the concert happily dancing.& you can see they're hand in hands with kids and teens. that video has gone viral. i think the fact that ariana grande rescheduled shows a song sign of defines unification strength to a generation that needs it the most. >> i don't know that i could have done it two weeks after something like this happens at her concert she could take to the stage again but it just shows her strength like you said. >> and then she brings it like her best a game with all the top a-lister friends, justin bieber pharrell black eyed piece. >> how often during celebrity dish you talk
6:54 am
beaches between everybody and it's nice last night to see everybody not on the same concert bill but on the same stage performing. >> great moment. >> thanks annie. >> you know that is getting downloaded. >> it was a beautiful rendition. you're looking at wonder woman of course cracking a the glass ceiling to claim the weekend's top spot at the box office. it has had a super opening with a box office take of more than $100 million. the animated film captain underpants was in and second place. in third the latest installment of pirates of the caribbean. "guardians of the galaxy vol. 2" and "baywatch" rounded out the top five. >> tonight is the annual national night of laughter and song and some of the big names that will be there jerry seinfeld margaret cho ke$ha, ben foles. >> let's not forget our own kevin mccarthy. he'll be there. it doubles as a fundraiser for the
6:55 am
twin peaks. >> what do you do when you're a major nba star but your team is not in the playoffs. you cheer on your women counterparts of course and that's john wall supporting the washington mystics at verizon center yesterday. well done. perhaps he was good luck because the mystics went on to win 78-72. >> that's how you do it. >> that's great. love it. >> let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today the honor goes to sophia jones. here she is with tucker. >> yay! >> this is from bowie the zip trip on friday. come out to the zip trips and say hi to everybody you can be our facebook fan of the day. >> sophia says she was show sew happy to see the crew that gets her going overday. keep it locked on fox5. for your chance to be fan of the day post your picture below sophia jones' lovely picture. >> tuck you look good in the picture, too. >> thanks, steve. try my hardest. sunshine for the weekend. not this morning. clouds have moved in and we've got showers in the forecast later this morning during the afternoon. keep an
6:56 am
you know what, not going to rain all day today but we'll have some scattered showers around particularly early afternoon. 72 now in washington. winds out of the south and west at nine. it is sticky out there early and we've got some rain showers to the north, some rain showers to the south and west. little area of low pressure tracking through virginia later today will be responsible for our shower activity. there's your seven day. keep it cool midweek and then here comes the heat. going to feel like summer around here by next weekend. i think 90's by early next week. we've got caitlin in this morning. she's got your roads. >> that cake was delicious. thank you tucker. friday morning zip trip weather looks beautiful so i can't wait. i'm going to be out there, too, my first zip trip in georgetown come join us. monday morning drive as we take a whole look here normal delays on the beltway top of the beltway 95 to georgia of a still following this delay through lanham on the outer loop. those delays are easing a bit and 66 delays as well looking pretty heavy there. let's see if carla, if we can zoom in on our next spot. i don't know why the clicker is not working. thank you so mh.
6:57 am
not delay free to the beltway, that looks like we've got quite a few delays from germantown through gaithersburg hitting those brakes through rockville. much more coming up in the 7 o'clock hour. fox5 news morning will be right back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the day's looking new and bright, ♪ ♪ ♪ and you're gonna start it right, ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers
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power the companies that power our economy. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news
7:00 am
>> right now at 7 o'clock, several major developments overnight following the london terror attacks as the nation mourns its third at knack a matter of weeks. several people are in custody and president trump vowing to do whatever it takes to keep america safe. >> and president trump also vowing to reinstate his travel ban. this time taking his argument to twitter just days after making a plea to the supreme court to take on the case. >> and safetrack report card fox5 getting its first look at it before it goes to the metro board. you're not going to believe how much new equipment went onto the tracks in order to mmake it safer and quicker. >> if you're just waking up with us this morning, let's take a live look outside on this monday june 5th. georgesgorgeous shot. >> a little dark out there, tucker. uh-oh. >> yeah, clouds moved in overnight and with it lots of humidity and we got some showers in the forecast for your afternoon. i'll have all the details of course on that weather coming up. caitlin how arehe


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