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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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y2cufy y16fy >> today on "fox news morning" two high school seniors gunned down hours before set to grut. police want to know if they were targeted or victims of random violence. >> washington for sale the source of drinking water for the district could soon have a price tag attached to it. "fox 5 news morning" starts now. >> looking outside the great clouds are back and scattered showers and wet roads. bring patience with you today and maybe umbrella. all right. good morning to you. thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is wednesday, jooin 7, erin
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roads. michael thomas always watching the weather. >> always. >> we got clouds and drizzle out there early this morning. another big story. get ready for big time heat we have the hottest 7 day forecast so far coming your way in a bit. erin. >> rights now we have water main break repair closing down lanes allentown road to prings george county and crash 95 northbound fairfax i don't like the sign of rain we'll keep you updated. >> okay. thank to you both you. if are you waking up at 5 a.m. we're following breaking news from iran. two separate dead lay tacks rocked capital city of tie ran. and first a rampage inside parliament led by four attackers there's a image ever one gunman piering outside a window and one attacker blew himself up outside of parliament. four attackers killed a security guard and wounded four people in a suicide bombing at a shrine of itolah. there are no
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are corrected. 5:01 is the time and murder mystery out of montgomery county after two teens were shot and killed on the eave of high school graduation. >> shadi najjar and artem ziberov were killed in their car. mel. >> good morning, guys, investigators are not sharing want to be very careful with what they put out in the me media. but, yesterday, my colleague paul wagner came across a homeowner who captured what sounded like a lot of gin f fire. listen [ gunfire ] [ karen join ]. >> that's more than 20 shots. then what sounds leak a car driving it was recorded on a home security camera on gallery court around
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morning night. shadi was in the driver's side of his honda civic and the window rolled down and interior light was on. ziberov was dead in the passenger seat. the boys said they were going to demascus to sell extra graduation tickets. >> i like to find out what happened to him, who killed him. what is the reason? >> it's shocking and tragic. that's one of the reasons investigators are holding many details close to their vest. >> now, late tuesday more shell casings were found in the grass along the sidewalk there. two homes, we're told, were also hit. police also would not comment when i asked about any potential evidence that was found inside the car. we are told, perhaps, perhaps, no props, that we might have an update later this morning.
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headquarters i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> thank you melanie. 5:03 is the time andp police in d.c. are hopeing a video of a shooting lights to arrest. it happened memorial day q street northwest. the video shows several people stanting in parking lot and moments later a carrolls up and bunch of people hop out of car and start shooting. 7 people were hit and one victim died just one day until former fbi director james comey testifies on capitol hill. we're learn what he may say in the hot seat. >> one day after president trump asked comey to drop the investigation in flynn he reportedly asked jeff sessions to "not leave me alone with the president" and comey told sessions in february he felt his private interactions with the president were "inappropriate" and reports this morning that comey will stop short of saying the president obstructed justice in the flint probe. we're learning comey may not have been
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president trump asked to intervene in the investigation. the "washington post" reporting he asked director of national intelligence daniel coats to do the same. he asked if he could join comey in getting the fbi to back over the russia probe. >> and we'll air the hearing live tomorrow morning starting 10 a.m. if you are not near tv we can stream the hearing on or "fox5" d.c. facebook page. >> congress cleared trump's bill that fast tracks shakeups at the department of run affairs and it should bring accountable and lead the way for more va officials to be disciplined or fired from their position. >> british police arrested another man in connection with london terror attacks. 0-year-old was arreste early this morning. police identified all three suspects in saturday's attacks. the latest is usef zoba a 22-year-old italian national
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of moroccan decent. he were aware of him but did not have enough evidence to charge him with a crime. and they're performing to perform funeral to rights ever the terrorists. they say it's a violation of islam and do not deserve our sympathy. >> weighing new counter terrorism efforts. hundred were locked down in notre dame cathedral after a man attacked a police officer outside the keith he'd ral with a hammer. an officer shot and wounded the suspect after the man wound aid fellow officer with a hammer. let's check in with mike pike for a forecast on wednesday morning. >> good morning we have cl clouds, showers moving on through the region. again light and spotty this morning. but i'll show you exactly where they are kind of just in a second and we'll start with you temperatures. 63 we held staetdy from last hour and winds east bringing in the clouds and moisture off the atlantic. there's your
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radar coming through rockville. light drizzle around up towards the gaithersburg area and maybe a little steadier shower northern half of beltway to the buoy area dealing with light shower activity as well. and grab the umbrella not everybody will need it and even those that do will not need it all morning long and there's a chance you could run into drizzle or shower activity early this morning and it will be cloudy and cooler. paekz of late day showers locally. if are you in town you're sokd with the clouds and there's a chance of showers through the evening hours. let's look at the forecast and then to erin airport for traffic. >> 5:07 now. police activity still blocking left shoulder. 95 northbound in virginia north of fairfax county parkway. all lanes getting by. a minor delay through ewing town now. we'll let you know when that clears out of the way a side from that switching to maps she showing
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against beltway is quiet in college park. same story largo, oxon hill, titans nice conditions on up erin outer loop as we forward along 270 southbound delayed 730 to clarksburg and again as you approach the spur. no issues there. metro service picks up on time except for safe track impacting orange line questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. >> coming up, lawmakers on the hill take aim at security forces of turkey's embattled leader. >> career journeyman is talk of major league baseball. >> we're headed to break now with a live look across the d.c. region. ohhh have not heard this in a while. take on me, 62 degrees. 5:08 is the time. we're back with more "fox5 news morning". ♪ ♪ ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting
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and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. >> may 16 outside the turkish embassy demonstrate werz are protest when a scuffle broke out. men in dark shoots were kicking, chasing protesters. two guards were detained and allowed to return to turkey following the
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fargo department of justice filed a brief and lawsuit against the bank by two former employees. now the employees claimed they were fired after reporting wrong doing and possible fraud to supervisors, justice department concluded appellate court which previously dismissed the case should revisit it. >> new jersey governor chris christie will no longer be governor because he was beaten by new jersey lieu tent governor kim guadagno and phil murphy will face off on never 7. theirs is first open election in governor seat in new jersey since 2005. >> delaware legislature approved a bill tha would guarantee women have access abortions. they'll remain legal in delaware even if roe v. wade is overturned. the bill already passed senate. texas governor greg abbott called for special legislative session to address the bathroom
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the bathroom of their gepder at birth. some insurance plans would be barred from abortion procedures. >> reds utility man scooterer janet became the 17 player in major league history to hit four home runs in a game. he was five for five at the plate with four home runs including a grand slam and ten rbi. just three home runs going into that game and now here's a trivia question answerd what's his name. >> scooter janet. >> scooter janet. >> yes. >> i shall remember this. >> will you really though? >> scooter janet. >> okay. >> coming up on "fox news morning" twitter users blocked by president suing administration in federal court. >> former first lady michelle obama on eping up about the country's objection with her
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presidency. >> a live look across the d dmv. 62. back in a moment. girls just want to have fun♪ ♪ ♪
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lawyers implied they may file lawsuit for trump administration if they don't up block those people. >> and pulling out of a global
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and while agreement is non binding it does need to expand the cooperation between china and california in things like renewable energy and zero emission vehicles. >> space x is teaming one u.s. air force for next mission and will fly first mission for air force with launch of military space plane. space x revealed it last year for a project set to take place in 2018. mission is set for later this summer and will not be revealed until this week. >> 5:15. wednesday morning. taking a live look outside at the mgm grand over there in national harbor. beautiful shot. not such a beautiful day ah ahead. >> little grayer than yesterday and not as much sunshine for sure. watching out for drizzle early on this morning. maybe grab umbrella as you head out the door. i'll show you where you need it. cloudy and cooler wednesday coming your way. that's the headline. you feel
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start. winchester there 48 this morning. and maybe i'll have to check on that that seems a little cool. culpeper 52 as well as mannasas and wash done d.c. 53, and 59 this hour. here's where you need -- stormtracker radar is not showing it trust me there are showers between clarksburg and rockville and right across the northern edge of beltway this morning. those are the areas you need. receipt me xhapd out and see if radar comes back. pushing north off the ocean you can see the batchy green around the d.c. area there. that's drizzle out there this morning. nothing heavy and i don't think anything that affects the morning commute too much. just kind of annoying drizzle that is almost too light to kind of windshield wipe off properly. we'll deal with that this morning. backdoor cold front out of the east pushing in clouds that will be with us throughout most of the day if we're l lucky. maybe we get peaks of sunshine later this afternoon. and primarily some cooler temperatures around
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region. 60s for suburbs and maybe we touch 70 in d.c.. west of town, hagerstown, cumberland. mountains of western virginia and western portions of virginia dealing with showers on and off throughout the day. quick look at future cast, 8:30 a.m., showers, drizzle. just continuing through the afternoon. and again by the evening hours it's mostly pushing off to the west. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast two days of 70s and i implore you enjoy them. look at the heat on hor sigh zone. saturday 88, sunday, monday, tuesday, temperatures mid 90s. summertime right around the corner. let's check the forecast. erin is back with traffic this morning. >> 5:17 now and we'll take a look what is going on. right now light volume 270 southbound as you make your way to montgomery youmenty and pleasant conditions. there i'll let you know when usual morning volume kicks in for us. so far not a terrible ride 270 southbound. let's switch it over. 395 northbound side. starting to see backed up volume by duke street. not enough
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slow downs and you can see brake lights there. crowded in the main hov lane looking better now from bottom side of beltway on through. 14 street bridge nice and quiet. we'll take a look at maps. beltway xwi he. problem free across the american legion bridge. gw parkway looking good to and from the beltway and 25 xwiet right now. metro on time except for safe track impacting orange line. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. >> it's 5:18 let's look at stories you're engaging with the most on social media this morning with realtime news tracker. >> attorney jeff sessions and president trump butting heads. stemming from the attorney general abrupt decision in march to recuse himself to anything related to the russian investigation and that's a decision the president learned about. that reportedly angered trump and he's remained fix aitd on it ever since then because it allowed russia
5:19 am
to proceed. >> new study finds police officers treat drivers differently based on race. stanford released results and police are more respectful to white drivers than black drivers and white motorists more likely to hear respectful words like please, man, thank you. white drivers are more likely to hear dude, bro and hand on wheel. >> largest ininsurer is leading ohio. with volatile market there's no way to afford plans to consumers. it leaves people in ohio uninsured. it follows cascade of insurer exits in states. >> utah facing a backlash. rookie league raptors planned hour glass appreciation in august it eluded to women's bodies w
5:20 am
would be a different stupor every half inning and team removed it and after mosting online. >> they met and discussed this and somebody said this say great idea. >> finally michelle obama, opening up about her eight years in office specifically fancy state dippers where she was scrutinized for every choice from hair to dress. well guess what she said former president barack obama wore same tux all eight years and no one knew. that's what guys do. >> that's brilliant. >> this is look foremen right here. you don't have to change anything. only difference you may wear a long tie. >> same tux. >> they're all black what difference does it make. >> coming up, amazon prime unveils low cost viewing offer. >> and uber taking action coming up. we'll find out why 20 employees were fired from the company. >> as we head to break a live look across the region now. it's 5:20.
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>> 340eg9 of the firings reportedly happened at the company san francisco headquarters and the company hired u.s. attorney general eric holder and law firm to conduct an independent investigation into the games. >> sears planning to close another 66 stores and including 49 kmart and sears stores. sears holdings announced earlier this year it would close 180 stores nationwide. >> the n
5:24 am
the aisles of grocery store while picking up bread and milk, you may want to snag clothes designed by super model heidi klum. milk, bread, clothes, she's bringing apparel line to discount supermarket in germany. they make quality products at affordable prices it's from germany and opening in united states. u.s. headquarters from in arlington. there will be two locations in u.s. one hamilton and other in virginia beach. >> widel got it. >> amazon launching program for prime service to make it more accessible to low-income customers. they're offering a discount for amazon prime or those that get certain types of government assistance. usually it costs $9 a year and gives customers access to free shipping and pri
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>> all right. 5:24 is the time now. there's michael thomas talking about some showers up the 270 corridor. just clouds today. not a big deal? >> not a total washout. if you live west of town maybe more on and off shower activity. here in d.c., baltimore, we have to watch through the morning hours and after that small improvement. still cloudy and cool day coming our way later on this afternoon. certainly cooler than this time of year with lies expected to struggle to reach the 70 degree mark later this afternoon. thick clouds starting to move in from the east. there's satellite and radar. you look at patchy green it was along i 270 and pushing south of there now. little more green popping up across portions of prince george and anne arrundel this morning. again it's mostly light rain and drizzle so far. we'll keep an eye on it through the morning hours. by 11:00, clouds and drizal around. 2:00, few showers. west of town. 68. by 5bg
5:26 am
once again west of town could see shower activity throughout the day. let's check the forecast. >> 5:25 now and taking a look at cameras. this is topside of the beltway outer loop volume increased by coalsville road. right now from 95 to georgia avenue we don't have any typical delays. things are still at speed. again because of increased volume could slow us down. upper loop quiet. no problems 295 north and southbound light volume eastern avenue. i'll let you know when and if that changes in the morning. i need watery wonder if allergies are bad we'll have to ask mike about that. let's switch to maps and show what you else you're up against. if skipping the road taking rails we have ongoing safe track that's the only thing slowing down metro now. no trains between new carlton and armory. shuttle service available. keep that in mind. following station closed landover, cheverly, deanwood and minnesota avenue and express shuttle service i
5:27 am
available to the blue mine minnesota avenue to stadium armory and land-over to new carlton and morgan blvrd. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you. >> coming up on "fox news morning". setting the stage for healthcare vote. >> a new study suggests it's not what you eat but when you eat which would ko mean the difference between gaping weight. >> 62 degrees. back in a moment.
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boom. the best food at amazing prices, giant. two high school seniors gunned down hours before set to graduates. police want to know if they were targeted or the victims of random violence. >> russian investigations we're one day away from the most anticipated public hearing on capital hill in recent memories and washington for sale. source of public drinking water in the district could soon have a price tag attached to it. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> today is wednesday, june 7. >> erin como got eye on the roads. michael thomas got eye on the forecast. >> clouds, showers, cooler weather out there today adds well and b t
5:31 am
the 7 day forecast full details coming up erin. >> right now we're tracking water main break repair seen on allentown road and bring george county. we'll help you steer clear of those delays. >> sounds good to both of you. if are you waking up at 5:30, breaking news in iran. and shooting in iran. a shooting rampage led by four attackers images of one gunman peering outside ever a window. one parliament attacker has blown himself up up. and in a separate incident four attackers killed a security guard and wounded four people in suicide bombing at shrine of itolah. and word islamic state is claiming responsibility for both attacks. >> meanwhile london police arrested another man in connection with london terror attack. police in ireland said they arrested a man for the attack. a section of london bridge closed since
5:32 am
open. borough market is closed. >> french officials met in emergency session to an attack. a man wielding a hammer and shouting business for syria was shot and wounded by a second officer. a spokesman called attack isolated act. >> one day until former fbi director james comey testifies on capitol hill. we're learning more about what he might say. >> they asked comb dwroy drop the investigation into michael flynn. comey asked jeff sessions reportedly to not leave me alone with the president and comey told sessions back in february he felt private ain't actions with the president were inappropriate and. stay with "fox5" for complete coverage of james comey testimony on capitol hill. we'll air the hearing live starting at 10 a.m. if you're not
5:33 am
television we'll stream it live the hearing on fox5dc facebook page. >> a murder mystery continues in montgomery county after two teenagers shot and killed inside a car. >> it happened hours before they were set to graduate high school. melanie alnwick joins us live from montgomery county with the latest in this story, mel. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. northwest high school community in germantown still in shock over this and the teens' families tell us they have no idea why the boys who live in germantown were in montgomery village monday night. police are not sharing a lot of information and that's tough for the families too. 911 call came in 10:46 on monday night and 17-year-old shadid snrks [ fnajjar the window rolled down and interior light was on.
5:34 am
seat. both were dead when the police arrived. >> they were set to graduate and both headed to college with bright futures. shadi's father said they were going monday night to demascus to sell extra graduation tickets? it's disaster but i'm a believer and i believe in better place. but in the meantime, i would like to find out what is happening to him. who killed him. what's the reason. and there's a lot of questions we still have no answers. >> and now a home security camera on gallery court happened to record more than 20 gunshots and it appears that there may have been more than one weapon. and now police again are not commenting on that. they're also not commenting on any evidence that may have been found inside the teen's car. they do tell us this is a fluid investigation and they don't want to p
5:35 am
there that might compromise it. live in montgomery county police headquarters i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> 5:34 is the time now following breaking news from northern virginia a firefighter has fallen through the floor at townhouse fire in restin in the 1600 block of green briar court. there is a crew on the way to the scene. we'll share updates as we get them. >> okay. updating us now on weather is michael thomas. and some showers. not a washout though. >> not a washout. but certainly drizzle around this morning as clouds start to thickening. it will be cloudier, cooler day. as i've teased all morning enjoy the next two days. they're the coolest of the next two weeks. >> i was going to ask about the rest of the forecast and you gave if to me. i'm good. >> we have wisdom martin mississippi type heat. >> maryland heat. >> what? >> it's a long story. >> satellite and radar showing patchy scattered blue you see. that's radar trying
5:36 am
on drizzle. no, i looks like a patch popping up towards baltimore. generally again cloudy, cool start to the day in d.c. and temperatures lower 60s in washington. 63 degrees. dulles 57. bwi 60. many suburbs following to 60s overnight. 70 today. lots of clouds. drizzle around as well. tomorrow, drier, still clouds around. cool 74. let's check weather. going to erin for traffic. >> 5:36 reports of power out am locations in northwest d.c. impacking your commute near bladeensburg and traffic lights on flash this morning. we'll keep you updated oween that. aside from power outage clear conditions on 70. light volume picking up 70 through urbana five minute delay. we were delay free moments ago and little sluggish commute coming down from frederick.
5:37 am
twitter 66 wide on in mannasas back to you. >> coming up on "fox news morning" brain damage and quick decline in mental skills associated with one of our nation's favorite social activity. >> three small words it's a girl are the best thing a man can hear if he wants to live a healthy life. >> going to break. 5:37. 26 the temp. going back to the 0s today. >> new edition. >> cool it now♪ ♪
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>> the study did not look at heavy drinking because it is already linked with brain damage. >> well, eating later in the day can be detrimental to waist line. they followed people with two different male patterns
5:41 am
ate the same for two weeks. eating later in the day led to weight gain and showed people that eat late in the day had unhelmy insulin, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. >> what are the best words a dad can hear. it's a girl. that's according to harvard study. when a baby girl is placed in father's arms it creates softening effect it happens for baby gerlz and boys it's prolonged and intensified when a father holds a daughter. what do you say about that. >> i would agree with that. i don't know whether it's because my first was a girl or -- i don't know whether -- i was all like what, what? i was attentive. with the boy i was attentive and by the third third one coming along. >> another flawed study. >> this what good usa. >> and coming up a life long comic book bachelor ties
5:42 am
knot or expected to to so. >> and a number of people reacting to mcdonald's billboard poking few at marijuana smokers. >> 5:4 1st time. 52 temp. we're back after the break. the break.
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narrator: progressive organizations across virginia endorse dr. ralph northam. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam stands out with a consistent pro-choice record and led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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5:45 am
>> "fox5" done firming a firefighter fell through a floor at up to house fire in restin 600 block of green briar court. firefighter fell into the basement and was rescued and taken to restin hospital. we don't know how injured he may be. we'll share updates as we get them. house fire in restin and firefighter injured. more details as we get them. >> in the meantime it's 5:45. i was waiting for it your music. yeah. michael thomas here with the groovy. >> yeah.
5:46 am
>> these are high temperatures yesterday afternoon. 77. bwi, 78. few degrees below normal. highs will be 10 degrees or so cooler than that. 63 washington early this morning and backdoor cold front moving through. winds out of east today. that will filter in clouds. and keep some drizal around as well. pittsburgh 54. beckly on the cool side. 47 west virginia and columbus 57. cooler air in place. it will be sticking around for the next couple days. satellite and radar showing hard to see. clouds thickened up over the overnight hours. patchy drizzle now. wouldn't shock me if that driz sl widespread as we continue to roll through the morning commute hours. future cast showing steadier showers around the d.c. corridor. we head into the afternoon. 1:30 paex. most shower activity pushes
5:47 am
off west a little bit. as we continue to roll through you see that continues into the evening hours. if you live west of town on and off showers all day. here d.c. mostly morning concern and into the afternoon if we're lucky could be a peak or two of sunshine. that changes as we head into the weekend. check this out ready for a summer heat wave as we head through later this week to early next week 83 friday, 88 saturday. look at sunday, 94. monday 95. tuesday 96 and actually i think the heat peaks next wednesday. we're looking at several days here. coming up second half of the weekend into next week. 70s next two days enjoy them. 80s friday. warm good zip trip george town. 80 saturday. here come 90s. sunday, monday, tuesday, next wednesday and thursday as well. that's a check of weather forecast airport is back with traffic. >> i'm excited for that.
5:48 am
5:47 now. we have a couple problem areas on the road. starting off with look in chantilly, pleasant valley road closed in both directions due to low-happening wires between braddock and herdon avenue and as you make your way northeast we're dealing with power outage. follow police direction and treat intersections with traffic lights on flash as though you would a stop sign. this sim pacting so far 17 street. mount oliveette road and right now those are impacted areas. look at red line we're seeing new york avenue inbound delays as you head to bladeensburg road because of congestion as well. problem free tyson and annandale. 35 volume increasing past d duke. not enough to cause slow downs yet. we'll keep up updated on commute. metro on time except for safe track. questions, wisdom, maureen. new information this morning in the deadly ab
5:49 am
train the man accused in rampage will be back in court today after a grand jury indicted him jeremy christian was indicted on several charges aggravate add murder, attempted murder and assault and he killed two help and jerd a third after the victims tried to stop him from yelling hateful comments to two teenagers one wearing a hijab. >> three former michigan state football players facing sexual assault charges and all three players were us is spened and kicked off the team when the allegations first came to light. alleged assault happened during a party in january. >> 5:49 the time back with what is hot on the web. >> these are stories you're engaging with most on social media and new details about leaked nsa documents which were posted on news web site intercept. they deal with russia's alleged infeerns in the sign area
5:50 am
>> the russian military sent dozens of emails to elected officials it's not nope if they nrupsed the election. >> house lawmakers begin debating financial choice act that would scale back the dodd frank act which regulates banks and financial companies. big banks would be exempt from annual stress tests. the bill is expected to pass in the house but not in se senate. a new report due out today find black service members twice as likely to face discipline in a average year. air force, army and navy showed disparities. lack of diversity in the military could play a big r role. >> up suspect tore general is looking into allegations former epa official included with agriculture --
5:51 am
the product round up. it it comes into investigation of pesticide g licosate. scientists were to cover up so herbicide giant could still united states the chemical. >> an unmasked neelz down to propose to bat woman. don't save the date yet. because in next month's issue of batman he tells cat woman before they get married he needs to tell her about the darkest moment. >> always something. >> are you saying there's always an excuse. >> always something. >> many of us love chick-fil-a and new drive in only restaurant on capitol hill is popular as well. drivers are not tlaild because it's causing a traffic nightmare. this is sent us to by carl trayser
5:52 am
trayser you see it on the is 400 block maryland avenue northeast. >> frankly you can barely fit two cars on this roadway as it stands. the idea you would somehow have cars cuing up to eper drive-thru is up safe. >> it gets so cop justed in the area that police have to redirect traffic. in addition to officers directing traffic the restaurant changed drive-thru exit and i entrance to win way only to help with traffic flow. we reached out to chick-fil-a and department of transportation and we're awaiting response on that. >> mcdonald's billboard makes joke about marnl marm but corporate isn'ttizing the green breakfast says usually when you roll something this good, it's illegal. >> it can be seep on the new mexico, colorado border. it doesn't meet its standard and is being taken down. >> wow. >> the roving beer garden
5:53 am
shaw neighborhood home this summer. canteen will set up shop on 9th street northwest. it opens friday and features 20 draft lines everything from german lagers to happy brews. the bar will feature food from sister restaurant red apron butcher. >> the lineup not for this year's 4th of july concert outside the u.s. capitol. actor john stamos will host and pull double duty as d drummer for beach boys and mark mcgarage joins and motown legends four tops dan aykroyd and jim balushi and country star chase atkins. >> without a doubt the t rex head has scales. there's evident that other dine sowers had fathers. t rex had teeth size of bananas, massive head and teeny arms. >> let's talk about
5:54 am
clooney household doubled inside size. george and amal welcomed twins into the world. the couple announced birth of their family of their new family members and clever immediate yoo statement saying all are healthy and happy and doing fine and george is said dated and should recover in a few days. >> very cute. >> nicely done. >> just two days to go noo until next zip trip this friday will number georgetown at washington harbor. come out and see us from 6 to 11 a.m. who will be there. >> maureen umeh. >> tucker barnes, caitlin roth, yeah. >> kevin mccarthy. >> yes. >> they'll all be there and they would love for to you be there as well. say hi, take selfies hang out for the morning. >> it will be fun. >> time right now say hello to facebook fan ever the day susan rice. she's been a fan for many years. >> suess an says she wants attorney have a groovy someday and adds love you guys. we love you back suzanne for chance to be phone of day post pictur
5:55 am
pick. looking good lady. wonderful wednesday all right michael thomas wrap this hour up with good news or any kind of news in regard to weather. i know you have no control over it what's going on i'll stop while i'm ahead. >> clouds. >> i'll stop i'm done. >> stormtracker radar showing you showers moving across the district actually southwestern portions of d.c.. maybe a little heavier batch of rain. look how small that is. fits into the metro region an southern parings of montgomery county and through fairfax dealing with scattered light drizzle. that's where bulk is now. there's daily allergy report. mold and glasses at moderate levels andleer jury sufferers beware. 52 to 63 drizal around for morning hours for school and after school drier locally still showers west of town. 64 to 71 cloudy companies for the afrn
5:56 am
7 day forecast. 70s next two days and 80s. zip grip looks great for george up to. saturday, 88 here comes 940s, 94, 89 5rbgs 96. let's check weather. erin is back. >> we all approve of temperatures. >> right now 5:56 we're taking a live look on 95 northbound congestion building prince william parng way dale city and five extra minute to the ride now. hov moving fine and main laes crowded. let's switch it over to maps. problem pepco notified and power outage reported in northeast section district follow police direction use caution areas 17 street and mount olivette road and takes turns to treat the intersection like a stop sign and notice new york avenue inbound gets con guested any jp way. keep it to "fox news morning" and crash pleasantville road and chantilly as
5:57 am
continue. vo: delivering cleaner, reab
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rgy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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breaking at 6 capital of iran under
6:00 am
moments ago a claim of responsibility. >> also still a mist think morning who murdered two montgomery county teen aimers found shot to death in a car the night before their high school graduation. we'll have the latestthon case coming up. >> first a live look outside on this wednesday morning june 7. reigny start to the day out there. weather and traffic coming up for you on the fives at 6:05. good morning i'm allison seymour. >> right off the top following several breaking news stories. power outage in d.c. could affect your commute this morning. >> more on that erin. >> that's rights allison and steve. pepco is alerted for power outage and because of that several traffic light on flash this morning particularly impacting 17 street and mount oliveette and it's causing extra delays out by intersection of bladeens


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