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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> this is fox5 local news at 11. we begin tonight with breaking newses, several are at the hospital, including two police officers and a dpw traffic patrol aid after an apparent hit and run. this has happened in the can district in adams morgan. this is a live look at the scene. the suspected driver is in custody and now fox5 has confirmed -- well, we're getting information that there may have been some weapons near the scene of this incident. again, live images right there. that is believed to be the white pickup truck that hit two bicycle officers tonight. if you look in high temperature street there there appears to be a broken bicycle, pieces of the bicycle possibly the one that was hit. all right,
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another live look right now at washington hospital center where these officers are being heated, police chief peter newsham and the mayor are there as well. our marina maracco is live there on the scene as can see. but we're going to start with lauren demarco who is back at the original scene at adams morgan at 18th and colombia in northwest. there is a the lot of questions coming in tonight. foreand foremost in a lot of people's mind is was this terrorism in. >> right, we've been talking with police, what i have from the police spokesperson, dustin stern beck from mpd is that it doesn't appear to be at this time. i can tell you from the feeling at the scene of the crime that you don't get that sense of wild urge gins or that anyone is fearing for their save tivment of course the suspect has been arrested so there doesn't seem to be any danger at this point. but you see the officers sort of
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those who are investigating for evidence right at the crash sites of course are busy. everyone here just sort of lining the perimeter, chitchatting. you don't really get that sense that there is an urgency, like a terror-related incident. but again, marina maracco report from a source that there were at least a gun or possibly more inside of that white pickup truck. what we know is that the pickup truck slammed into d.c. police officerses who are bike patrol officers and a department of public works employee who was there with them. it's not clear whether they were actually on their bikes at the time but one officer taken to the hospital in critical condition. the other officer and the dpw employee taken to the hospital in serious condition. the pickup truck did not stop. it continued speeding northbound on l 18th street across colombia road and then about half a block down slammed into a red dumpster truck. i'm hearing from someone w
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was -- actually marina maracco is live at washington hospital center. we want to head to her right now. hey, lauren, we're standing by because we're moving. we're waiting to see if the mayor, she is inside. i just spoke with her chief of staff. he says in about 15 minutes we can expect some sort of press conference to give us the update on the officers. one of the officer is in extremely critical condition. the second officer, also a bike officer in serious condition. we have received report from officers on the scene, special operationses saying that there is a suspect vehicle that is near the striking scene and it is unclear what exactly has been found, but
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suspicious activity that has taken place sneer that vehicle. potential guns located in the trunk of that second vehicle. again we're waiting for confirmation to get a visual on those guns and more on the vehicle. we're also waiting for the mayor to come out and brief us at the hospital. again, you can see there is a steady flow ofs officers that have been arriving throughout the night here since this first happened from the third district the very district where this crash took place. as soon as we get the mayor out here and we're briefed we, of course will bring that live to you. we know the officers and the injured dpw worker are at this hospital. is that where the suspect is as well? >> we've got gotten confirmation from d.c. fire as to where the other two injured were. we heard a total of five were rans ported so again to recap, two police officers, the most serious injuries. they were transported here to washington hospital center. that dpw worker we understand was also transported here. this is the trauma center in town. as far ats suspect who had the minor injuries we don't know where he was transported. there appears to have been another person who
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five people transported but the most serious of the injuries, the two d.c. police officers, bike patrol officers from the third district inside this trauma center. again we're waiting for an update, as soon as we get that we of course will bring that live to you. thank you for the update. in the meantime let's go back to 18th street in adams morgan. lauren demarco is standing live at the scene. i want to mention, your photograph panned to the right of you a little while ago and it appeared that that was possibly one of the police police officee in the street. is that correct. >> you can see part of the bike it's in the middle of the street and one question we had was whether or not theses officers were in the street or on the bikes. they were not able to tell us. it's not clear whether they were at the time, but at this point it's resting there in the middle of the road. marina had been mentioning a fifth person injured. i believe that may have been, it sounds like from
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in that white pickup truck still waiting for confirmation from officials on that. but it sounds like there actually may have been a passenger with that driver along in the truck now. what we know is that that pickup truck hit the officers and the department of public works employee continued northbound across colombia road, slammed into a red dumb truck and that's when the driver it xed the vehicle and that person was arrested and also taken to the hospital tonight. were you going to ask me something? >> just a quick question. that person was arrested very quickly. i know this is an area that is frequented by police officers because there's a lot of night life there, a loft activity. so there were other officers on the scene able to make that arrest? >> well, a young man who witnessed that part of the scene told me that it was very quickly, within a minute or so there were police there. you're
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this is the third district, this is a very active area, adams morgan, particularly at this tiernlg 9 p.m. on a thursday night, so many people out and about at the bars here. i wouldn't say a large police presence, but there's certainly a visible police presence on a thursday night. i'm sure that rather quickly they were able to get there. again, the two officers here, bike patrol officer, not clear whether they were on those bikes, what exactly they were doing at the time, but just so tragic here. one of them in such critical condition and of course a department of public works traffic officer was out there with them as well. i want on go back to the witness you talked to earlier. we kabt can't help think about the tragedies we saw in london and paris where vehicles were used as weapons by terrorist. certainly we don't know exact reply what happened here at this point. when the witness that you were speaking with earlier, if you could recap for our viewers who may just b
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tuning in, tell us what he said he saw when this white truck came down the street. >> sure. well, he said that there's a bus that you see there on the side of the road. he said that the bus was stopped. there was possibly another vehicle stopped and that this white pickup truck, he was hearing this secondhand, but that the white pickup truck was possibly trying to pass the stopped vehicles, not realizing that these officers may have been on the other side of it hit the officers and continued going. that's secondhand. this guy witnessed the crash site at the dumpster where the pickup crashed and everything came to an end. but the first scene, it's about a block away south on 18th street. he didn't see it with his own eyes. he stayed here at the scene and was sort of traumatizeed by what he saw and that's what a he heard secondhand. >> a very activ
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adams morgan. eighteenth street. you saw the images that looked like one of the police officer's vehicles. a truck is believed to have struck two bicycle police officers. one of the police officers is in critical condition at washington hospital center. we have marina maracco there. we are also expecting a press conference from there featuring the mayor and the chief of police, peter newsham. that that should be coming up in just a short time. as you know these things are very fluid. as soon as that happens we'll bring it to you. stay with us, we'll have more on this breaking story in just a few moments. introducing the italian collection from subway. head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni. for a limited time, the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even bigger flavor. only at subway.
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>> we're back now with our live coverage. this is video from our live coverage from earlier. i believe these are d.c. fire and ems working on what appears to be maybe one of the victims that was hurt earlier this evening during the hit and run. a white pickup truck zoomed through this area and hit two d.c. bicycle cops. my understanding that's one of the officers about to be transported. h this is video from earlier just after the incident occurred sometime after 9:00 this evening in adams morgan and is that video of
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ambulance taking that injured person away. two police officers, bicycle police officers injured one of them in critical condition. they are located at washington hospital center. we are awaiting a press conference from there from mayor bowser and the chief of police in the district to update us on the situation, the condition of the officers and what we know about this incident. let's go to lauren demarco. she's live on the scene and has been there for awful this. what can you tell us right now? we know that we can see that the scene is still roped off as officers investigate. >>reporter: about four to five blocks of 18th street here in northwest right in the heart of adams morgan roped off with crime tape. right here just south of colombia road is the scene where the two officers, bike patrol officers and the one department of public works traffic officer were hit by the pickup truck. as you can see there are plenty of investigators around that scene right now, parts of the bike in the roadway. and then about a block up the road continuing
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truck kept going and ended up smashing into a parked red dumpster truck. i just learned from a man who says that he witnessed that happen that it was not n just the driver of the pickup truck that there was also a passenger inside. he tells me that the passenger came owrkts jumped out of the car and was sort of yelling. i don't know what happened, i don't know what happened to the driver. almost making it sound like something medical may have happened. again, this was from a man who witnessed that part of the crash. he just came over to tell me that. right there at the scene, the driver was arrested charged with hit and run and taken to the hospital along with that passenger. their injuries, minor. however, these officers that were struck, one of hem in very critical condition. the other police officer and the pw employee in serious condition all taken to washington hospital center where the police chief and mayor are expected to hold a press conference
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maracco is there and will bring us that live. again, just rather traumatic here on a thursday evening, very busy right here in the center of adams morgan. a lot of people here at the bars, out walking \dog\doings, out on bikes. it's certainly been quite a scene. police did round up all of the eyewitnesses and were interviewing people themselves so we really haven't come across anyone who firsthand witnessed the officers being hit. we have just spoken with people who were down where the truck eventually crashed. i do believe we had some live pictures there as well. i think earlier we were looking at some cellphone video that a photographer from the associated press happened to take and passed onto us that were showing some of the response. witnesses at that crash site where the pickup truck smashed into the dumpster tell us police were right there within 90 seconds is what this latest just told me. so certainly some heavily police presence in adams morgan on a thursday night
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earlier and some quick response to this. just very tragic and our hearts and prayers going out tonight to this officer who was listed in extremely critical condition right now. lauren demarco reporting. thank you, lauren. we should obviously mentioned as lauren said, this is a large crime scene now. thises was initially classified, still is,s as a hit and run incident even though they do have a suspect in custody at a hospital apparently. but it's a four or five-block area so you should avoid that area, adams morgan and likely there are traffic backups around the downtown area due to this incident. two d.c. police officers hurt, one in critical, one in serious condition. three other victims with serious injuries. we're going to bring more of this to you coming up in a few minutes, but in the meantime we do want to get a check on the weather forecast so you can know what to expect going forward. >> in the morning. it's a very
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busy night and i agree with you, prayers out to our police officers tonight and if the weather is on we'll get rightle- out of weather. it's a gorgeous evening and we're going to be on the koom side tonight as we head for the 50s. today's high temperatures in the 70s. more like the middle of february. tomorrow is going to feel like a typical june day and we are advertising the beginning of a heatwave and that gets going on a sunday. these are the days we hit today. enjoy this while you can because these type of temperatures are going to be going away, taking a brief hiatus, but this loo at this, we're 64 in the district. fifty-four manassas. fifty-seven for dulles. martinsburg, gaithersburg, 57. everybody heading down to the low to mid 60s. this very dry air mass with dewpoints in the upper 40s
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allows the temperatures to potentially drop down across our region tonight. we're in between two systems and i'll tell you what we'll get back to our weather forecast but as you know we've been standing by for a press conference. tony and shawn have more now. we want to take you live to washington hospital center where we are expecting a press conference. we understand mayor bowser, police chief peter newsham are at the hospital to see the officers' conditions. we expect them to come out and give us an update on exactly what happened and also the officers' conditions. this is the hospital where thoses officers were taken as well as the dpw worker and this is obviously when something like this happens, officers injured, there is always a healthy turnout of police officers in support and there has been that this evening at washington hospital center. the last information that we had is that one officer was in
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officer in serious condition. and i believe shawn the dpw individual also in serious condition. >> yes, i'm not 100 percent sure about person's condition. you can see on the top right-hand side of your screen. mayor miriam bowser, police chief peter new sham heading up to the microphones. good evening, everybody i'm muriel bowser, i'm the mayor of washington, d.c. i'm joined by the chief of police, peter newsham and members of our police force. we are at the washington hospital center. we are here to give you some information about an incident earlier today in adams morgan where three of our employees were struck by a vehicle. two officers are being treated here and an employee who we believe for the district's department of transportation was
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investigating exactly what happened and we look forward in the coming hours to put what happened together and be able to give you more information. but i am going to ask the chief to say a little bit more about what we know. >> all we really have and this is all preliminary at this time it's subject to change. all we know is we had a vehicle that was traveling at a high rate of speed in the adams morgan area, struck two of our bicycle patrols officers that were working in the area on duty at the time and it also struck a department of transportation, district department of transportation employee, a traffic control aid. one of the officerses is in very critical condition at this point. the other two have serious injuries but they appear to be non life threatening. after the vehicle l struck
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proceeded through the intersection and ended up striking a vehicle that was unoccupied. it looks like it was a truck that was struck and both the occupants of the striking vehicle were placed under arrest. chief, your officers seem to be looking at a second scene where maybe they have recovered an ak47 in the trunk, can you confirm that information. >> there's no second. there was a weapon that as recovered from the suspect's vehicle. >> at this point can you rule out terrorism? a. we have to look at that very closely. we do not have a moat i at this time. >> do they appear to be targeted. >> we don't know. we don't have a motive. chief, who you feeling right now. these are two of your officers. i feel horrible. you have two of our officers doing exactly what we asked them to do in the adams morgan. they actually were struck. thankfully nobody was else was injured, but i a have two of my officers in there unnecessarily in the hospital and it's the last thing in the
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wants to do is come to the hospital when one of their injuries is critically injured. any pedestrianses hit. >> we don't have any indication of any other injuries other than the suspects both received non life threatening. >> and the d.c. government employee. >> yes, sir is the suspect cooperative. >> we are in the process of doing that right now. we can let you know further as that information develops. >> chief, the adams morgan area is a very busy area, do you plan on stepping up security following this. >> we always have a significant number of officers in that area because it's one of our night life areas and that's why our officers were down there tonight? i can tell you right now we have a weapon that's been recovered from the scene. >> does the suspect have a second person in the pickup truck. >> there are two people that we have under arrest at
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>> there are two suspects. >> yes, we do, thank you very much. >> thank you. there you have it, the press conference from d.c. mayor muriel bowser and police chief peter new sham updating on the situation. probably the most striking thing about that information they do not yet have a motive. they are questioning the suspects who are in custody and the police chief cannot rule out that this may have been a terror incident. but they do not know at this time. >> let's go back to fox5's marina maracco, she was there, was able to question the police chief and the mayor live. they did say that they found a weapon in the suspect's vehicle. what else did we hear there? >>reporter: they did and shawn, they did not elaborate as to what weapon exactly, so now we are clarifying there is no second scene. that weapons was likely reported and initially recovered in the vehicle that struck officers. it is unclear the type of weapon
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found in the car. new information that we're confirming that there are two suspects, not just one arrested at the scene. like you heard lauren said there were five transported to the hospital two of the people were the suspectses and one of them was riding shotgun in the white pickup truck that struck the officers. as far as an update on the police officers, again, this he remain in serious and critical condition inside the hospital here. thankfully it seems like everything for now is stable, if you will, as far as their condition. it has not worsened. we're still waiting to get another update here. hopefully shortly as the condition as it progresses for the better. now, again to rekasm the chief saying there are two confirmed suspects that were arrested. there was a weapon h that was recovered inside the stroking vehicle that white pickup truck that struck a total of three people. that was a dpw worker,ses the two police officers. there were two other injuries. the
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injuries are the suspects. we do not have an identity on who the suspects are. you're hearing some sirens behind us, unclear as to what is going. a weapon recovered in the vehicle. >> all right marina, thank you very much. we're going to go back to lauren demarco whos was at the original scene on 18th street in adams morgan. can you hear us? these are live images again. we've learned that police arrested two people from the scene and they did find a weapon inside truck right there what else can you tell us. >> that would make sense from what we've heard from the latest witness that came over telling me that he saw the pickup truck crash in a the dumpster truck which is how this all ended. he said there was passenger in with the driver. that the passenger came running out of the car as well. it sounds like the two people were arrested. originally the driver was arrested on hit and run. i'm not sure what the charg
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sort of some interesting news. again, he said that he could not rule out terrorism which is also slightly different from earlier they were saying that it did not appear to be terror related at this time. it sounds like they just don't know what the motive is at this point. the good news of course is that the two people are in custody. i can tell you the scene here doesn't feel urgent. you see the officers sort of standing around. they've got the roadblocked off allowing the investigatorses doing what they need to do at the crash sites. there's in the a sense of urgency. no one is moving quickly and that are the some of thing. once again, the headline, two police officers injured, one of them this critical conditions, the other in serious condition. new information we got a department of transportation worker also injured in serious condition. as you heard, df c police chief peter new sham says he cannot rule out terrorism. they are still investigating. this could take all night. >> our coverage,
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patrol officers hit in adams morgan will continue in the final five coming up at 11:30.
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>> it has been a busy day all across the dmv. we talked about what happened here in d.c., but let's talk about the big story nationwide, the hearing of james comey. your final fiveback breaking down two and a half hours of testimony. the gop standing by their man for the most part and calls to release the tapes, lordy they exist. blame it on baseball. what was john mccain trying to say. we will talk about that. the major take away frontal system the big hearing. former fbi director made it clear he thinks the president acted inappropriately but he also says that trump dw not ask the fbi to entirely drop the


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