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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 13, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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detrail. >> another page in the russian saga. attorney general jeff sessions will testify before congress. anjali anjali hemphill is live on capital hill with the story. anjali, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys, last week it was hearing for james comey and today, all eyes will be back here on capital hill as attorney general jeff sessions will face fresh questions about russian contacts during the election campaign and role in the firing of the former fbi director. this is all coming at the same time president trump is trying to push his agenda on the country infrastructure. today trump will be in wisdom in wisconsin promoting jobs. sessions is testifying in a hearing before a intelligence committee later this afte afternoon. there will likely be tough questions thrown his way regarding
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russian am bar door and comey firing and recuseing himself. president trump says it was a mistake for sessions to recuse himself. his press secretary said trump has no issue with him testifying in open setting. >> i think the president has been clear last week in the rose garden that he believes the sooner we can get this addressed and dealt with there's been no collusion. he wants this to get investigated as soon as possible and be done to continue with the business of the american people. >> and that hearing and tuesday afternoon in the heart senate office building. that's the latest own capitol hill. anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> 4:31 is the time. happening today the budget front and center on the hill and secretary of state rex tillerson will be in the hot seat today. tillerson is set to the
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before a hearing on the bu budget. tillerson will likely face backlash for the 28 reduction on dip mromcy and aid. he back the spending on state department and penalty gone. >> is the president really considering firing special council robert muller. friend ever the president hinted at that. chris ready ceo news max told news last night president trump surprise weighing option of firing muller. muller is investigating the election. the claim was swatted down by white house secretary sean spicer. he said in a statement later ruddy never spoke to the president about the issue. >> a new push to make all of president trump social media posts public record. democratic congressman mike quickly from illinois introduced the cofefe act it would amend the act to include the term social media saying all of president trump
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twreets archived and punishment if any tweet is deleted trying to file the legal fight over travel ban. judges with the 9th circuit appeals upheld a lower court ruling violating the ban. he discriminated people on nationality it says and entry into the can't we would hurt american interest. they are considering a separate court on the issue. >> voteers in virginia will head to the polls to the state primary election and decide who will represent the democrats and republicans in the race for governor. lieutenant governor and house of delegate races. some peel the primary could illustrate how voters feel about the early months of trump president densey. >> nasa kill try again to launch a rocket after scraping a scheduled launch yesterday and surprised it was cancelled after 9 because of cloudy conditions and according to
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will released a color the vapor helping sign tiingt s track particles and motion in space. >> u.s. capital police are investigating a so-called spoofing scam. someone is using phone numbers as a scheme to steal information. it includes offenders req requesting money to settle a fake warrant. pay a fine or resolve criminal matters and requested several payment forms. at no time would any capitol police employee request money over the phone. if you received a call and suspect caller id information was a fraud you can file a complaint online. former capital police chief says the most important thinging to do is verify. >> verify with whom you're speaking feign it goes to the point of getting a number and calling the person back to you can attempt to verify who they are
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that's obviously very, very important and basic piece of information. second one is people should never, ever give any type of personal information over the telephone. it goes ton say never give any type of personal information over the phone including social security and birth date. he suggests attempting to identify the caller and most importantly why they're calling and why they're asking for information. if you suspect fraud call 1 1-888-call fcc. 1-888-call fcc. >> 4:35 is the time california bay area celebrating this morning. golden state war years dethrown cleveland calves to win second nba tight until three years. they went 16-1 endplayoffs and won 129-120. prince george country native kevin durant was named finals mvp. durant averaged 35 points a game in final series last night finished
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after the game thankeden fire dmv region. everybody in c pleasant and d.c., virginia, robby ryan with me, feels good to see it come full circle. i'm going to enjoy it. this was the scene outside of oracle arena in open moments after the warriors claimed title. lebron james did everything he could to win he finished with 41 points, 13 le bounds, eight assists almost a trim double. you don't have enough. when you add a guy like kevin during can't it's over wo womening. >> 4:36 is the time. michael thomas a hotter day today. >> maybe by a degree. honestly feeling the same as yesterday with a lot of humidity. again a summerlike day here in the d.c. region. satellite and radar showing a few clouds out there and popup storm later this afternoon and most will stay dry today with a lot of sunshine and once again a lot of heat around the region.
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70s to start. reagan national especially way up there at 77 extremely warm start. dulles and bwi 70. here's planner for the day before we hit the noon hour temperatures likely 90 in d.c. and stick in the mid 90s through the afternoon hours. stay cool today everybody. that's a check of the forecast and erin is back with traffic. hey. >> that's rights, 4:37 now we have construction on 28 by frying pan road. little caution there and looks like traffic wide open. light right now. cones to the shoulder. no big worries north or southbound. as we forward cameras we'll show what you you're up against in maryland this morning. traffic on the beltway quiet and smooth now. outer loop and college park 95 to george aavenue at speed just a five minute trip inner loop looks nice past bw parkway and we'll let you know if that changes. 5 to and from the airport quiet if you make your way to b wixt. super sparse right now. good news if you make your way to philadelphia or new york this morning. oh, i almos
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prompter pedal. good news i did not trip over anything. erin fox d.c. on stwiter back to you. >> m coming up on "fox news morning" lawmakers made a bill to punish you for the texts your children sent. >> and a few hours before he won kevin durant was subject of a jeopardy clue. >> 77 is the temperature right now. 4:38 is the time. and we're back in a moment. ment.
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narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress
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and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way. these are the stories you're engaging with most on social media. good morning, holly. >> good morning bovrming you and everybody. trump administration wants to cut the duties of consumer financial protection bureau the watchdog that oversees financial institutions and u.s. treasury department revealed a plan yesterday that could up end
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regulates big banks. it would give them power to federal and state regulators that would then watch over banks. treasury report comes days after the republican led legislation undo the frank dodd act. >> new bill aimed at sexual predators could be aimed at teenithers would who have sex and parents. mandatory minimum 158 year prison sentence on parents who know teens are texting and do nothing to stop them. the bill is scald protecting against child exploittation or pace if they know their kits are sexting and know nothing about it it is headed to the senat. >> your next lift could be a jaguar or land rover. they're investing 25,000
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lyf and lyf will use the money to research self driving cars. deals being worked out. >> singer lady gaga, starbucks teaming up for cups of kindness collection. if you purchase one of four drinks to on the menu and two hand picked by lady gaga starbucks will donate 25 cents to the born this way foundation. the campaign kicks off today. all iced and include lemonade and violent drink and umbre e pink drink and then just the pink drink. >> last night jeopardy show a cop test aunt chose category sporting line. the clue read after a loss to warriors in 2016 western finals this thunder stud didn't beat him he joined them. of course the contestant answer whod is durant. diping, ding, diping, however he's winning, the warriors are 2017 nba champs. >> indeed they are
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>> all right. >> thanks, holly. >> 4:42 is the time. coming up on "fox news morning" a be loved rabbi that vie laented community trust will be the subject of a court hearing today. >> and you'll never believe who fire crews are believe are responsible for a fire in montgomery county. >> a live look across the d.c. region, 77, 4:43, back after this
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. >> tuesday, june 13. toyrp general jeff sessions goes before the intelligence committee today ape he has contact with russian officials during the campaign. and firing of fbi director names comey. >> no verdict yet in the bill cosby sexual assault case. the jury deliberated before calling it a night. deliberations resumed this morning. bill cosby is charged with druging a woman and assaulting her in 2004 faces ten years if prison if convicted. >> voters heading to the polls today starting 6 a.m. to choose who they want to represent their respective parties in november's gubernatorial race and they will select candidates running for
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later this morning the burgandy and gold organization is expected to discuss changes to personnel department. the team has been without a general manager since scott mcclue land was fired. >> golden state warriors nba champions. they went 16-1 in the pla playoffs. averaged more than 35 point a game to get his first nba champion. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, june 1. watching roads and weather we will start with saying good morning to erin coo and good morning to michael thomas. mike it's on you. >> good morning to you both. are you ready for a hot one today. do you have a pool toll get to and ac on. you will need a lot of those things. maybe a thunderstorm later today and you may be hoping for one given the afternoon temperatures that cool you off. there you are 7:30 a lot of sun today and head into the afternoon. few more clouds
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start to form over the mountains later today. one or two of those could move across the immediate d.c. a area. so we head towards early evening hours. keeping an eye on that not everybody seize them better chance ever widespread thunderstorms on your wednesday afternoon. 95 today and 90 tomorrow mott and humid a couple days in d.c.. checking the forecast traffic is back with erin. >> 4:48 few construction zones you should be aware of. fry be pan road 28 we have construction opt shoulders. traffic is guest by just fine to and from chantilly this morning. a live look 2895 northbound side. light volume norm of that point malcolm x avenue. we have reports of ongoing construction taking out a lane again. we'll let you know if that starts to back things up. other than that 270 is quiet and beltway looking good and erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you. >> 4:48 this morning another high p
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capitol hill. jeff sessions will appear today less than a week after james comey testified. >> one day after two states filed a lawsuit against president trump. anjali hemphill is live with the latest in the story. good morning. >> reporter: well good morning, guys, once again a busy day on capitol hill as jeff sessions faces questions about contracts during election campaign and as well as role in firing former fbi director james comey all coming at the same time the president is trying to push his agenda on infrastructure. today trump will number wisconsin promoting jobs and that will likely be over shadowed by sessions tes testifying in a pub hick hearing testifying later this afternoon. and there will likely be touch questions thrown your way regarding conversations he had with the president and russian officials and involvement in comey firing and his decision to
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investigation. now, press secretary shawn spirs says trump has noysh uwith sessions testifying in open setting. however there is a chance that the white house today coseek to envoke executive privilege if senators try force sessions to apps any questions he doesn't bapt to. hearing is scheduled to start at 2:30 this afternoon. "live" on capitol hill, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> thank you for the report. happening today in the districts court a once promment rabbi will appeal his sentence. bernard fordel was arrested for secretly videotaping women up dressing using a changing room at a jewish ritual bath. he filmed some 150 women and his --
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culprit of a fire. the dog's owner wept for ride on motorcycle and when came back to the home in demascus his house was filled with smoke. his house was on fire after the vaiping device was ign ignited. >> they think the dog played with it and damaged it until it caused a fire. >> newly elected congressman avoids jail time and is sentenced to anger management. >> signature in backseat of vehicle could prove to be one of the most dangerous times of your child's life. >> 4:51. 77 is the temp. back in a moment.
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>> back at 4:53 people in london getting ready for the market to
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closed several days for attack in that area. there was attack in market and london bridge that left 8 people dead. people working in market sea they're happy the market is reopening. >> a montana republican is not going to jail. he pled guilty to assaulting guardian reporter ben jacobs. he was sentenced to 40 hours of community service and 20 hours of anger management. he agreed to pay 50,000 to the committee to protect journalism and wrote an apology. and new study shows air pollution is more harmful to children in cars than outside. top government scientist says those sitting in backseat could be exposed to pollution levels twelve times highered in the car than outside. researchers say more vulnerable than adults it can stunt growth of lupingz and increase
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conditions. >> but they have to sit in the backseat. >> right. >> and three days away from next zip trip. this friday in ashburn, virginia home of burgandy and gold football team. that's where the offices r come out to loudoun east hamilton plaza friday june 16 from 6 to 11. >> i'll be there when tuck ur and holly. we would love to see you an weather will be awesome. no excuses, come out and say hi we would love to see you. >> good morning to you michael thomas. 77 degrees this early in the morning. can only mean one thing. that is you finish the sentence. hot, hot, hot. >> we have least on the way. >> i like that. >> we have to work on that a little. >> no, no it was fine. >> i think we have to work on that. >> we got heat coming back today in the d.c. region. maybe today interrupted with a thunderstorm later this afternoon. but those will be few and far between and best chances of those will be off to the west. here's allergy report for the day. there's gd
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all pollen is low andleer jury sufferers rejoice. you get a break from the poll and around d.c.. 75 to 76 for the kids as they get off the bus stop. once the sun gets in the sky clouds will burn off. after school, 90 to the 6 feeling like 100 plus in many locations. do be prepared for a hot one in d.c.. daytime high today if we hit 96 tying a record from 1954 one more day of low 90s tomorrow before unsetsled weather turns us down the second half of week. erin is back with traffic. >> 4:56 now taking a look around touvrnlt as you make your way out quiet conditions. no problems on 95 northbound as you come up from dale city great shape. as you make your way 295 we have problems. northbound coming up from oxon hill looking good. there's a crash causing problems and you need to keep it one line to get through. 39
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directions. metro is picking up and keep in mind this is lasts week for safe track impacting orange line. 270 southbound look going right now. >> "fox5 news morning" virginia vortz headed to polls to choose the candidate that might replace governor. >> and heading to break right now. let's look live across the d.c. region capitol hill. pretty shot. there lots of trauma inside later today. believe that. 4:57 is the time. 77 degrees temp. back after
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ing auto brand in the u.s.a. take on every day get 0% for up to 72 months on 13 models. ♪ ♪ >> today on "fox news mor morning". russia investigation. attorney general jeff sessions headed to capitol hill to answer questions about the trump presidential cam pain, russia and james comey. >> travel ban debate. trump administration is holding out hope from decision of the supreme court after another appeals court up holds a decision to block the ban. time now 5:00. straight up looking outside another scorcher outside temps reaching mid 90s. another hot one. thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> tuesday, june 13. >> that it s michael thomas is talking about hot weather.


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