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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 14, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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today alleged he is violating salary clause by accepting foreign punt through the trump business. >> live in northwest with this story, good morning, anjali hemphill. >> good morning, guys, yes t. was monday president was hit with a lawsuit over real estate holdings like trump international hotel behind me. and now today a new lawsuit is expected to come down with the support of almost 200 democratic lawmakers. "washington post" is reporting democratic senator richard bloomen thal led the filing in district court and representative john conners jr. will lead the effort in the house. post is reporting according to advanced copy of the complaint they obtained there's a "foreign emalument clause in the constitution that requires the president to get permission from congress before getting gifts and trump empire is incentive
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trump businesses special treatment. attorney again ral monday for maryland and d.c. fled a lawsuit seeking tax returns saying ownership of trump international hotel in d.c. violates constitutional law that bars elected officials from receiving gifts and personal payments. now the post is reporting so far 196 lawmakers joined recent complaint which is more than any lawmakers ever to sign on to sue the president. however, guys, no republican support so far. that's the latest in north west at the trump international hotel. anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> 4:31st time now. virginia primary results are in. who will face off in the gubernatorial race. >> gil etion pi will face out to north an am. governor terri make ulive and democrats backed
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>> and ed gillespie ran by defeating trump campaign manager stewart and frank wagner finished a distant third and in the race for governor fairfax beat flat and rossy and he will challenge jill vocal in november. president trump sharing thoughts on republicans' efforts toe replace and repeal obamacare. yesterday the president told senators he thinks the bill house republicans tried to pass in may was mean though he celebrated that legislation. gop senate aid the president told senators he want senate to generate more generous package with "more heart." >> and he is pleased with the testimony sessions gave about the russian officials in the 2016 campaign and he asked if the president is considering firing special council si
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russian probe. his testimony comes less than one week after ousted comey testified before the same committee. >> a company that coowns buildings from trump is in the running build fbi new headquarters, $1.7 billion contract. they partially own two building of the trump organization. the relationship creates a conflict of interest. >> president today will continue week-long focus on jobs and is due to sign an executive ourd that would eliminate government oversight of apreptisship programs. the president will talk more about that at the labor department this afternoon and celebrating his birthday to today, he turns 71. >> we're following more fallout from the discredited story by rolling stone magazine of alleged sexual assault on university of virginia campus. a woman was gang raped at a campus fraternity house. they sued the magazine and rollin
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rolling stone agreed to pay $1.6 million to settle the suit and it will donate a portion of the settlement to groups that provide sexual assault awareness, victim counsel 8ing and prevention training. today, the washington nationals are celebrating flag day. first 15,000 fans 21 an up that enter nats park will get a free patriotic tank top. fans will wear the tank tops and post a picture on social media using official #for the day #one pursuit. >> let's talk football. the front office shakeup in football. first day of the redskins mandatory mini camp. the team is not filling general manager vacancy instead super bowl winning quarterback doug williams got promoted to senior player department of personnel and will be the front office quarterback he worked for washington for the past four years and helped with coaching and front office jobs at gram
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tampa bay bucks. good luck, buing doug. >> coming up this wednesday morning. michael thomas bring you into the frame here. cooler day today? >> touch cooler. >> relatively cooler. >> everything is balancing out meaning temperatures come down and humidity kicks up a bit. really it kind of balances out this afternoon. it's a start of cooling trend and will be in the 80s next couple days after today. one more day of 90s to go. satellite and radar showing clear skies and sunshine in the morning and a quick start later this afternoon and temperatures up there. check them out, 80 at reagan national feels sticky outside. dulles at 77. bwi at 77 as well. both those airports are a record high temperature yesterday afternoon. planner for the day today partly cloudy for the morning, 85 by 11:00 and by 2:00 into the 90s with storms popping up better chance mid to late afternoon and early evening hours the storm and the best chances in the region for the thunderstorms wl
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d.c. kind ever south. so, again, watch for those later on this afternoon. >> and that's a check of for the cast. let's look at the roads. >> coming up on 4:36 now this wednesday morning a live look at 270. traffic nice and quiet right now. little southbound volume as you make your way from 70 frederick to montgomery county you're in great shape for the beltway and north side flowing freely as well. topside of beltway college park looking good a live look in virginia. 66 is also looking g a little bit more volume. and if we can switch that camera out by lee highway. but not enough to cause slow slow downs yet. we'll switch to maps. good news we're not seeing issues. i wanted to show awe a nice pleasant view of 66. 95 northbound to aquia harbor at speed. and by triangle looking good and no issues dale city. as you gets to the mixing goal inner loop annandale past 66 getting to tysons looking go
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good. if you have any questions for the morning commute @erinfoxdc on twitter. >> a women's only spa coming under fire for not provide equal services for transgender clients. >> rumors swriling over one of the most anticipated celebrity births in recent months. >> a live look outside of d dmv. hot yesterday. hot today. not as hot. how hot will it get. pike mike will sort through the sentence i just made and he'll square it all up and talk about it when we come back. >> oh, man. ♪
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vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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>> these are the stories you're engaging with on social media. >> here's holly morris with what is trending. >> uber ceo is taking a week of absence after a rough year with the company. he is taking time off to grieve from his mothewh
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may and he wants to become a better leader. former engineer revealed widespread sexual harassment and unfrovtion all conduct within uber ranks. after one of the billionaires resigned after making a sexist joke during a meeting meant to address the company's culture towards women. the dark past of america's lynches history is now online. google launches lynches in america project this week t teaming up with the equal initiative. the company wants the information to spark national conversation about the issue. egi founder brian stevenson says it's crucial to understanding racism. it consists of audio stories. >> let's go to toronto. a women's only spa is facing backlash. accusing body glitz spa of being transphobia for not allowing
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book a spa service because they had male genitalia. monday night, golden state forward kevin durant was asked if he had a message for rihanna while kuching his trophy he said love you girl got to do it gots to do it you understand me. not the first time he sent love to rixt rixt if he had one person to pick to mar write it would be here. >> as beyonce gone into labor. fans going wild on twitter speculating star was giving birth to twins yesterday. sources told hollywood live that beyonce was seen leaving beverly hills home carrying two baby seats car going to a hospital in west la and there was a rumor she converted p
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of her mansion to deliver her twins from the comfort of her home. translation no one knows what's going on. >> i suspect beyonce is not carrying two seats someone carrying it to her. >> i heard rumors she gave birth two weeks ago who knows we'll know when she's ready. >> "fox news morning" the trump white house planning a post to cuba it seems very familiar to some of of us. >> one way to help improve the lives of some of our region's most vulnerable citizens. a. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region, 4:42. 80 degrees already now. and it's not as hot as yesterday which is the good news. it's a mixed bag
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>> it's 4:45 a look at stories we're following wednesday, june 1 4 a massive, massive fire to london apartment building this is entire building engulfed in flames. fire can be seen shooting out of every window of the building. a number of people are dead. so far no official death count was released and we know 50 people were hospitalized and some may be trapped inside this burping building now smoldering. eyewitnesses telling heartbreaking story of people jump
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their children to people below. we're monitoring live pictures from london and will share updates as we get them. >> jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trifle and deliberations. two days the jurors came back to several questions several times. in one instance the jury asks for clarification on count three. specifically wanting to know what the phrase, without her knowledge, meant. if convicted cosby faces ten years in prison. meanwhile the white house is said to consider changes tots white house policy with cube and tightening travel rules which president obama put in place. change dozen could make it more difficult to visit the island. trump administration did not expect it to completely separate ties with the communist company. >> thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> june 14 erin como watching roads and michael thomas with us.
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hot weather. >> hot weather once again this afternoon. not high 90s like yesterday but mid 90s. warm being sticky feeling to it. already as we start the day temperature here in d.c. 80. so starting wednesday morning off. future cast 11 a.m. mix of clouds and sun. most of the region is dry. we'll head into the afternoon hours. we start to pop showers and storms. will everybody see them n no. but better chance than yesterday of storms rumbling through neighbors. and even late evening and overnight hours we can pop a thunderstorm or two. we keep things on the humid and muggy side temperatures falling back to near 70 degrees later tonight. 91 degrees today. scattered thunderstorms popping up during the afternoon hours. and tomorrow, a spotty showers around minimum of clouds and sun. that should not say 95 it should say 85. good news a cooler day on the way tomorrow. that a check of the forecast and erin como is back with traffic. >>
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>> 4:47 now no slow down on 270. traffic looking good on the beltway. upper and outer loop light volume out by the american legion bridge. we'll forward things along and show you 35 by cherylington circle. light volume now. if you valve from sdrooe trying to get to pentagon you're in good shape and that trend continues as you make your way across the 14 street bridge. erin fox d.c. on twitter. back to you mature and and wisdom. >> developing overnight president trump facing a lawsuit over his business empire. >> nearly 200 democrats expected to file a federal lawsuit today alleging he is allegedly profiting from businesses including from foreign liters that say at his hotels. >> anjali hemphill live outside the trump hotel in original west with more, anjali. good morning, well, yeah, first on monday trump was hit with a lawsuit involving the trump international hotel and other real estate holdings and now today a new lawsuit is expected to come down with
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democratic lawmakers and democratic senator richard bloom thal will lead the filing in district court and representative john con ors jr. will lead the legal effort in the house. there's a "foreign emolument clause in the constitution which requires consent of coming gress before accepting gifts. the suit alleges the trump empire for incentive for foreign governments to give trum businesses special treatment. meanwhile on monday the attorney general for maryland and d.c. they filed a lawsuit against the president seeking tax returns claiming the president ownership of the trump international hotel in d.c. and actually violating constitutional law that bars elected officials from receiving gifts and personal payments. now, so far guys, 196 lawmakers have joined this recent complaint which is more than any lawmakers
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ever sign on to sue the president. however, so far, no republican support. that's the latest from northwest. anjali hemphill. "fox5 local news". >> anjali hemphill this morning 4:49 is the time taking you to fairfax country substitute teacher is accused of trying to have sex with a students. 22-year-old hatim raman was arrested in restin he arranged to meet a gung girl to have sex. he is charged with solicitation of main or and attempted indecent liberty. >> national museum of history and culture center of new lawsuit. the california based lawsuit is suing for violating free speech. in february two with a graphic pro-life display claimed a museum official asked them to move across the street. the group wants to return to the area to display the signs and spread their message of the impacts of abortion on the black community. >> starting today until sunday all 98 mattress firm store in the d.c. area are ab
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donations for the foster children. all clothes will be given to foster kins by casa for children of d.c. >> fox news morning maryland pharmacists ordered to stock a drug to prevent overdose death. >> new charges expected to be announced in the flint water crisis. as we head to break a live look outside the d.c. region. time 4:51. 80 degrees. back in a moment
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measures well-being of children is out here in d.c.. survey says 98% of children has health insurance. coverage reached an all time high. 95% of children were insured in 2015 our neighbors maryland and virginia have seen more insured also both states rate grew between 2010 and 2015 and maryland up from 95 to 96 and virginia went from 93 to 95%. >> maryland is taking action to help people who may have overdosed. department of health and mental hygiene issued an order that allows pharmacies to 120bg meloxone. several months ago larry hogan signed a law giving mar marylanderss better access to the drug. the previously the only people having access to the drug were people trained to use it. >> come to 1 lou ton east ha
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11 a.m., i will thereby. tucker will be there. we would love to see you this friday, be there or square. >> you know that's close to redskins park. >> that's what i heard. >> you guys should get doug williams to come out. >> if you're watching or doug, hey, invite him on up there. why not. >> michael thomas good morning. >> fiping eringz crossed on that one. >> right. >> a little busy right. >> probably a little busy figuring out what is going on in that organization. looking at your forecast for today, highs 95. not a record. one degree short of dulles record of i 95. bwi shuterd their record. 97. 68 to 78 as kids get off to school and warm and humid to start out. 8 0 now in d.c. and after school 87 and 93 with sk skalterred thunderstorms across the reeming yoj. a bit of a cool down. 85 tomorrow and few shows
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friday more clouds than sun 83 and weekend we go back up. 87 saturday. 91 for dad on father's day headed to next week. temperatures closer to seasonal average. 87 monday and 85 tuesday. >> all right. let's check the forecast. erin is back with traffic this morning. hey, erin. >> so far quiet and warm start to this wednesday morning as you make your way to maryland top soyd of beltway look going problem free to and i from baltimore as well as baltimore washington parkway. i'll let you know if that slows down. look going reagan and dulles if you happen to have a early morning flight to catch. nice and quiet have the bottom side of the beltway on up. and as you can see beltway up erin outer loop as you make your way to and from largo no problems. pennsylvania avenue in the clear. suitland parkway inbound looking nice to suitland parkway and secondarys in the district as we take a wide view flowing freely at speed this morning. no problems bit
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looking nice in northeast. as you make your way 95 quiet the entire stretch. potomac secondarys looking good. bethesda nice and quiet. metro service picks up at 5. any questions airport fox d.c. on twitter. month traffic in a few. >> thank you coming up on "fox news morning" following new developments in the legal battle ■between rollngstone&-úa. >> and vowing to leave the democratic party behind. >> heading to break a live look across the d.c. region, 4:57 the time and 08 your temperature. we're back with more weather, news, traffic, after the br break. all you have to do is take a minute, take your time♪ the clock is ticking♪
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they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at >> today "fox news morning" london infeern owe 2 4 story building he interrupted in fire leaving unphone number of people trapped inside. >> president citizen shall lawsuit. nearly 200 democrats sue president trump for what they say she violation ever the constitution. >> results are in. we now know who will go head to head to fill the top political office in virginia. >> and live look outside. a brief cool down today. but we're also going to have to deal with scattered storms as well. all right. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, june 14. michael thomas is talking ab


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