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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  June 15, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. [gunfire] >> ambush on the baseball field. some of washington's most powerful people running for cover. nearly 24 hours now since shots rang out in alexandria, we're learning new details about the gunman and new questions this morning about the tone of political discourse in our country. also, an update on the victims of this horrific attack. >> you know what, we're not going to let this affect us. we're going still play that game tomorrow. we're going to get democrats and republicans together on the same field. >> and the game goes on. the d.c. region rallying around the spirit of helping others instead of fighting over partisan politics. we're at nats park where tonight's congressional baseball game will be played
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though under heightened security. good morning, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm holly morris in for steve chenevey. >> if you're just waking up this morning, how about this, your first live look outside. >> it's going to be a little bit cooler today, a the least the humidity is not as bad. in fact let's go ahead and get a quick check on the weather today and then we'll talk traffic with erin. hey, tuck. >> holly, you said it a little cooler, little less humidity and just a pop-up shower later this afternoon with partial sunshine. i'll have all the details on your forecast and we'll a look at father's day. erin. >> a crash blocking the left shoulder at a crawl by 610. we'll take a closer look at those delays as well as metro delays showing down the silver as well as the blue and orange line. a full look at traffic next. back to you holly. >> the shooting at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria. four people were shot including representativete
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scalise. he remains in critical condition. >> last night the trumps visited scalise at medstar washington hospital m. the president calling the lawmaker a real fighter. >> we're learning more about the gunman 66-year-old james t. hodgkinson of illinois who was shot and killed by police. >> the silver lining in the midst of this tragedy tonight's annual congressional baseball game between republicans and democrats will go on as planned at nats park. >> we have team coverage on this story. melanie alnwick with what we know about the gunman. >> also bob barnard previewing tonight's baseball game. >> we'll begin with annie yu live outside medstar hospital with the latest on the victims' conditions. >> reporter: good morning, holly and allison. congressman steve scalise does remain in critical condition. he's got a long road ahead as far as recovery goes. medstar washington letting us know that he did get hit in the left hip. that bullet went through his pelvis fracturing bones
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organs and so he did undergo an immediate surgery following the shooting yesterday. however, we're told he does have many more surgeries to go. so, thoughts and prayers with the congressman as well as the other victims involved. but, you know, president trump as well as the first lady, they did make a visit here late last night, a surprise visit with flowers in hand. it's been an emotional time here at medstar washington but there's been a lot of support and so the president, first lady stopping by just hours after the congressman was shot during the baseball practice wednesday morning. president calling scalise a true friend and patriot. he also tweeted this. he wrote "just left hospital. congressman steve scalise one of the truly great people is in very tough shape but he's a real fighter. pray for steve. ." congressman scalise was medevaced yesterday to medstar here after he was shot while standing at second base on the baseball field. and a source close to the investigation tells fox5 that the congressman crawled to right field as t
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stood near third base and just kept firing dozens of gunshots. two capitol police officers who were part of scalise's security detail they returned fire hitting the shooter. the shooter, james hodgkinson of belleville illinois died as a result of his injuries and among the others shot matt mika shot multiple times. he also remains in critical condition and congressional aide zachary barth shot in the leg expected to make a full recovery. also good news is two capitol police officers who were hurt special agent crystal griner shot in the ankle and said to be stable and special agent david bailey was treated for minor injuries and released. the two capitol police officers that were providing security at the game are being praised for their heroic actions and being hailed as& heroes because if it weren't for them, this certainly could have been a much different situation, much worse. and so they are being hailed as heroes this morning but again, the congressman in critical condition this morning and if that changes we'll be sure to
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you with the very latest. that's the very latest here from medstar washington, annie yu fox5 local news. >> thanks annie. the city of alexandria is coming together to honor the victims and spread a message of unit. they held a community walk not far from the shooting scene. >> there's still a strong police presence in alexandria in that neighborhood as police continue to learn more about the gunman james t. hodgkinson, the 66-year-old was shot and killed by police after opening fire at that ball field. >> and that's where we find our melanie alnwick this morning with more on what we know about him. mel, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. yeah, the field here simpson field is still encircled in crime tape. monroe street remains shut down from dewitt to route one. field itself is like frozen in time as there's just a swarm of reporters and media trucks all the way around. still, though, here on the field, the investigation continues. atf is tracing the rifle and the handgun and the fbi ss
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hodgkinson's social media presence and motives. investigators believe that hodgkinson had been living out of his car near the area east monroe street in alexandria since march. but we don't yet know why he left illinois. this facebook page says he worked as a home inspector. he was also active on anti-republican sites. the ap reports he had prior arrests for resisting police and drunken driving in the 90's and an arrest for battery in 2006 and his hometown newspaper says he'd written in several times angry about republicans and tax policies. the shooting shocked people who had gotten to know him briefly while he was here in alexandria, a neighborhood bar employee said he came in often and talked about golf and politics;, talked about golf and real estate excuse me but not politics or guns. former alexandria mayor bill euiee says he would see him at the ymc
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laptop. he said hodgkinson was at the ymca yesterday morning as well went in briefly and left just before 7:00 when that shooting happened. also the fbi is putting out another poster here. they're asking for information still looking for information on this man. it has some of his personal details on it but we know that they're literally saying if you came in contact with this man, if you saw him, if you came across him on social media, please get in contact with the fbi. llive in alexandria, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> 7:07. here's the sentiment of the day. the game must go on. a lot of our viewers shared that when it comes to the congressional baseball game. >> yesterday representative steve scalise was practicing for that game that benefits charities when that tragedy happened and he along with others were shot. well, today that game is being held at nats park. fox5's bob barnard is live there with more on the game and
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america's pastime. good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison, holly, good morning to you. yes, this game has a great rich tradition bringing the two political parties together on a baseball field. dates back to 1909 in fact. we have some video of one of the past years' games. the gates open here at nats park at 5:30 this afternoon. the first pitch is at 7:05, just $10 for a ticket to get in. of course, the game is played not just for fun but to raise money for charity. the three charities that are benefiting tonight, the boys and girls club of greater washington, the washington nationals dream foundation and the washington literary center but they've also added the capitol police memorial fund just added that so four charities are going to benefit from the proceeds of tonight's game. we spoke yesterday a couple of times to a gentleman named marty labor who was a photographer taking pictures was there when the
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happened. he has photographed the game and practices for years and told us he's glad the show will go on tonight. >> i just heard a minute ago that they're going to play the game tomorrow. i hope and if you have any influence, everybody in washington comes to the game and buys a ticket so instead of $600,000, they raise a million tomorrow. and it's all for local charities. >> reporter: so, $600,000 raised last year. they're expecting more people attending this game tonight because of all the publicity. there will be extra security as well. so, more security, probably more fans, again, as the gates open at 5:30 tonight, the game at 7 o'clock and it's all for charity, guys. >> but it feels like it's for all of us whether we would benefit from receiving that charity or not. this healing is just what we need after yesterday. thanks so much, bob. >> thanks, bob. >> and
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tuck s-what's the weather going to be like game time. >> yeah, a little warm and sticky out there but i think we'll be dry later this evening. >> good. >> so, good baseball weather if you're going to hit a home run. >> awesome. >> let's do the forecast. better today. yesterday we hit 91. today in the mid 80's. you don't approve? >> i approve. >> i approve. >> i don't know, allison was kind of looking at me. [laughter] >> wasn't sure if she approved. did i spell everything correctly? maybe that was the problem. >> i think yes. >> okay. 72 reagan national. bwi marshall a little more comfortable this morning. we've tend to down the humidity just a touch and we brought temperatures down a couple degrees as well so it feels a little bit better for you. still going to be a summery day. generally cloudy for most of us here early. we'll break out to partial sunshine later today. our front from yesterday has just kind of pushed off to our south and west and it's -- it's just kind of hung up across our area if you want me to be honest with you and that will give us
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today and tomorrow 85, holly don't despair our zip trip tomorrow to ashburn, it will be just cloudy. it will not be raining. >> good. >> no despair. fantastic. >> sounds good. hey, erin. >> good morning. 7:11 right now. we're still dealing with a lot of problems on the roads. a live look down in stafford 95 northbound at 610 garrisonville road a crash blocks the left shoulder and left lane. traffic at a crawl in the right lane. big delays to plank road blendiblending into the congest. hov lanes impacted with the left lane left shoulder blocked o the right lane is getting by. about a 20 minute delay from the beltway through the 14th street bridge. lets show you a look at our maps. that's not the only problem there. first i want to show you these metro problems. a switch problem outside stadium-armory. silver line trains operating between wiehle-reston and eastern market. blue and orange line dealing with that issue with additional delays to largo town center. aside from that we have the final day
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surge 15 slowing down the orange line. we have an inner loop crash moving back to our roads out by 210 indian head highway. we're jammed from branch avenue [inaudible] to across the wilson bridge. little slow as you pass malcolm x avenue. here's the other delay on 395. a disabled vehicle before duke street. and again we have that that second crash close to the pentagon so issues there. for the rest of your thursday morning commute we're seeing a lot of congestion. earlier outer loop crash by new hampshire avenue did clear but we still have about a 25 minute delay from route one over to connecticut avenue. 50 and 295 right there dealing with heavier traffic and new york avenue to bladensburg road jams up. in upper marlboro four inbound is heavy by do your hours. suitland parkway jams by south capitol. we'll keep you updated. 66 eastbound usual delays between manassas and centerville. allison and holly back to you. >> ♪ >> developing overnight two
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injured in a crash in prince george's county. they were responding to a call of a driver rong direction on r. one trooper re rear-ended the other pushing the second trooper's car down an embankment. both were taken to the hospital. they're expected to survive. the driver was arrested for driving under the influence. >> following another big story. a possible turning point in the russia probe. the president now reportedly under investigation. the washington post is reporting that special counsel robert mueller's investigation is examining whether president trump tried to obstruct justice. a spokesman said the fbi leak regarding the president is outrageous inexcusable and illegal. >> 12 members of turkey's presidential security detail are facing charges in the u.s. accused of attacking protesters outside the ambassador's residence when he visited last
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have been issued. now all of the suspects are believed to be in turkey but they are now wanted here in the u.s. >> 7:13. happening today, a montgomery county judge is set to hear arguments in overturning lee boyd malvo's six life sentences. malvo was convicted of capitol murder for his role in the 2002 sniper killings. he was 17 at the time. malvo claims his life sentence has been rendered illegal by the u.s. supreme decision saying mandatory life without parole sentences are unconstitutional for juveniles except rare cases. the arguments in the maryland case are largely the same as in the virginia case. >> the president has named a couple more high profile picks adding to his administration. we'll fill you in. >> plus a look at what dennis rodman has been up to during his latest trip to north korea. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> ♪ >> feeling a little less hot, hot, hot, but still hot. >> i'm feeling ready to salsa with this music, right. maybe a little reggae. 7:17 is our time right now. ooh, almost caught you there. >> tucker doesn't mind to be caught dancing . >> [laughter] >> all right, 72 now in washington. lots of clouds across the area. clouds are going to bring us cooler temperatures today. we'll only be in the mid 80's this afternoon -- only in the mid 80's this afternoon at least we won't hit 90's. look how cool it is in binghamton this morning. 56 degrees. yeah, 66 in new york. and 60 in boston. much cooler here for the big cities along the eastern seaboard for the next couple of days and again we'll be in the mid 80's this afternoon as high pressure really takes over and so our winds are going to be out of the east today and that's going to give
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some clouds and c the possibility that along the old front from yesterday we kick up a shower or two so there may be a few showers around this afternoon. best chance will be out to the west if you're one of our viewers out in the mountains mountainsto the west. a little cooler a little bit more comfortable than yesterday 85 with a mix of clouds and sun. tomorrow clouds around but i think any storm activity should hold off until the afternoon mid 80's. weekend not a washout. those are scattered storms both saturday and father's day on sunday. temperatures in the low 90's by sunday and i should put on wednesday of next week first day of summer so we do have first day of summer on the seven day as well. okay, that's a quick look at weather. erin is back with top of the beltway. >> top of the beltway is that jammed up as usual but i want to start you off with a look at 95 in stafford. huge delays there. a crash blocks the left shoulder and left lane at 610 garrisonville road a50 minute delay from fredericksburg through s
7:19 am
more delays through dale city because of congestion. this is a look at 395 northbound at the pentagon. they zoomed out the camera. we have a crash however blocking the shoulder but looks better from the wide view perspective but the express lane crash still blocks the left shoulder out by the pentagon. we'll switch over to our maps and show what you what else you're up against this morning. new hampshire avenue a bicyclist struck at spotswood drive. use caution in silver spring this morning. big sc scene there. jammed back to five. another problem on 395. a disabled vehicle before duke street. that is in the backup toward the other crash by the pentagon so basically from the beltway to the 14th street bridge right now it's about a 30 minute delay. that drive time just continues to grow because of congestion and issues. top of the beltway to answer tucker's question it's all red from route one over to georgia avenue with about a 30 minute delay right now. 95 southbound is delayed. 270 southbound
7:20 am
about a 45 minute delay from 70 to the beltway. and then on metro still dealing with problems because of a switch issue outside of stadium-armory. silver line trains operating between wiehle-reston east and eastern market. blue and orange line trains expect additional delays to largo town center this morning. that's in addition to safe track impacting the orange line but today is the last day the orange line will deal with those five stations closed. express shuttle service today is still available. the final safe track surge kicks in this weekend impacting the red line. back to you allison and holly. >> wow we survived that didn't we? all right. thanks erin. we have new details about a deadly shooting at a ups facility in san francisco. this morning still no word on a motive after a driver for the company opened fire during a meeting at a warehouse there. he used an assault weapon to kill three coworkers before turning the gun on himself. the gunman had filed a grievance back in march complaining that he was being forced to work too much overtime. sources say though he suffered from mentalea
7:21 am
>> in london this morning that highrise fire finally out. so far at least 17 people are confirmed dead. that death toll, though, expected to rise. dogs will be used to search the rubble of apartments. investigators say still too early to speculate on what caused the fire and the landlord of the apartment building is cooperating. the community is coming together to help those displaced. celebrity chef jamie oliver has offered free food for survivors at one of his restaurants. >> we'll get an update today about the condition of otto warmbier the university of virginia student released this week from north korea after spending 17 months in a prison there. he was set free on humanitarian grounds and returned home to cincinnati on tuesday night. his parents say he's in a coma and has been for more than a year. they'll hold a news conference this morning followed by an update from the hospital where he is being treated. just hours after his release, former nba star dennis rodman arrived in north korea. he's been keeping a low profile durg
7:22 am
u.s. and north korean officials say rodman had nothing to do with the student's release on wednesday. he met -- on wednesday, he met a woman's basketball team and gave a copy of president's book the art of the deal to the sports minister. he also visited the birthplace of that country's founder. it's not clear if he'll meet with current leader kim jong un. >> another long day for the jury in the bill cosby sex assault trial and still no verdict. deliberations set to get under way in the next couple of hours for a fourth straight day. the jury must reach a unanimous decision. >> president trump has made his picks for u.s. ambassador to canada and costa rica. he plans to nominate kelly knight craft of kentucky to serve as u.s. ambassador to canada. kelly previously served as u.s. dell great to the united nations. mr. trump will nominate sharon day to serve as u.s. ambassador to costa rica. she is a long time republican party operative and
7:23 am
commentator. both positions will require senate confirmation. >> 7:22. a daredevil's wife is getting ready to do a high flying stunt of her own live on tv. >> doesn't happen unless it's on tv. >> right, live. details next. >> plus actor ryan philippe in d.c. and getting political. what he was doing on capitol hill. 7:23. back in a moment.
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>> ♪ >> 7:25 right now and the wife of daredevil nik wallenda is gearing up for a stunt over niagara falls. she'll be hanging from a helicopter by her teeth. 300 feet up in the air as the chopper flies over the falls. the stunt is planned for today which is also the fifth anniversary of her husband's televised tight rope walk over the niagara falls. >> do you think they talked about that? >> how do you train for that? how do you get your teeth -- they either are strong. >> or they're not. do you think that like she had to sign something that said if you're going to marry into this family you have to be willing these things. >> you have to live on the edge. >> right. we wish her luck. >> got to be a play there like chompers and choppers or. >> right. >> hopefully she has the teeth to do that. >> or she's there to do it. >> i have great english stock so my teeth would last maybe three seconds before they would break and i'd fall. >> no, they're strong. >> my actually teeth were break apart
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[laughter] >> i would plunge very quickly. >> that would be awful. >> i can guarantee that's not a stunt i could pull off. 72 in washington. winds out of the east at six. all right, here's the deal. we got cloud cover to start your day and we are looking at generally cloudy skies for the moment but we'll turn partly sunny later today and a little more pleasant mid 80's this afternoon and a touch less humidity than yesterday. our front we can't even see it anymore. it's hanging out just to our south and west. the reason i mention the front there might be a shower along later today but generally pretty quiet. all right. i'm going to take us to break. no jam cam, erin, i'm sorry. have a little tear in my eye. plenty more fox news morning coming up right after the break. >> ♪
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♪ back now at couple of seconds away from 7:30 with latest tn
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congressional baseball practice. steve scalise remains in critical condition. to capitol police officers, congressional staff and a lobbyist were also injured. gunman james hodgkinson from illinois was shot and killed by police. the fbi is asking anyone who may have known or spoken with him to please contact them. little more now on the victim's conditions. representative scalise was shot in the hip and faces several more surgeries. congressional staff zac barth out of the hospital this mor morning. and lobbyist matt mika was shot in the chest one of the most critically injured. >> this tragedy won't stop the congressional baseball game from happening tonight that game will go on at nats park starts at 7:00. there will be increased security there. annual tradition among lawmakers benefits several charities. the ball field ambush came amidst a volatile time in american politics. >> partisan bickering put on hold yesterday as members of congress came
7:31 am
>> i ask open of you to join me to resolve to come together tox lift each other up and to show the country, to show the world that we are one house, the people's house, united in our humanity. it is that humanity which will win the day and it always will. >> tomorrow we'll go out on the field, we'll root for our team. want everyone to do his or her very best and we will use this occasion as one that brings us together and not separates us further. >> but with democrats and republicans so much at odds, can the unity last? >> the other big question this morning, did americans current culture of sometimes violent political rhetoric lead to the ball field tragedy? if so, twitter, newspapers, 24 hour news, are they part toll blame? joining us this morning a hadas gold politics and media reporter at politico on fox5 political contributor. hadas, thanks so much for coming in. >> good
7:32 am
>> i think allotted of what we did hear yesterday when this was happening was, are you all really surprised? because a lot of people do think media included that we feed into this growing sense many and at some point something like tis is going to happen. >> a lot of people see it part of a cycle the more rhetoric from the politicians i mean our current president at one point said he could go out to fifth avenue and shoot somebody and nobody would care. that rhetoric is cycled through the median even in the media we will sometimes in headlines say, congressman blasts or shoots down even those types of words that we use in our headlines, in our day to day writing, can affect this overall culture of this violent rhetoric and we also saw we're getting more violent clashes we saw at that trump events, trump supporters would sometimes be attacked. we saw that at the inauguration when people would be protesting the event and they would have so
7:33 am
i'm hearing from some commentators wear wondering if we're starting to kind of go back into the 1960s, 1968 and what we saw there and the fact that we're not immediately saying oh, no, no, it's nowhere near that. the fact you all are both maybe that tells us a lot where we a are. >> yesterday afterwards we were encouraged, we saw the nancy pelosi also the leader of the republicans in congress co comig together to speak of unity and we're all one americans. we saw the president come out and echo that same sentiment. we're better when we're together and stronger. yet it felt new. so what are we to make of that? >> it fell like, yes, this is what we need. so i know that we're saying we're taking the blame with the media, but also, it's not the sort of speech we've heard from our politicians lately. >> right. a lot of politicians were preaching the sense of unity and they weren't attacking each other in the same way we've seen in the last few weeks. the question is how long will that last? and i'm hearing from a lot of people they don't think it will last
7:34 am
so much going on right now. and that like you said the fact that a member of congress or members of congress were tar targeted isn't necessarily surprising for a lot of people. and also, because almost immediately we're launching into the gun control debate which i've already seen articles about it. not even 24 hours since the incident of whether this will bring up the gun control debate again, how the fact that republican members were tar targeted, likely won't change their stance on gun control. >> how much do you think social media plays into this? because we see lawmakers an lot of people making posts yesterday, you know, someone makes a post on their facebook about let's come together, and instantly people respond, you know, well the republicans deserved it or democratsed. whatever side you're own you see both sides saying harsh things. that is bipartisan. that both sides can be very mean and say things. >> right. >> so because we have these outlets now of social media, twitter, facebook,
7:35 am
people don't say things to your face. they say it online. how much do you think that really contributes to the atmosphere. >> i think it contributes to the polarization and probably also contribute to potentially the radicalization of some people as we've seen even with terrorist ace broad or at home. i mean if you're angry about something, and you go online and you read about it it's only reinforcing your own opinion. you're not getting that sort of civil discourse that we -- i don't know if we would have it before it's a lots harder to go up to somebody's face and start screaming at them about something you see them as human being. online i'm sure you get viewer e-mails and calls all the time the moment sometimes you respond to them and they realize there's another human being on the end they react a lot differently. >> yeah. >> so i think that social media you're right has a huge effect on it for lot of people, especially people who might be in fragile psychological states, going online and seeing all of these things, can really greatly affect them and it can lead to really dangerous consequences. >> that's why the advice that i
7:36 am
read one thing. read an opposing view try to get into someone' else head and see they're point of view along with what you believe or hugh vote or or what have you. >> not to say that people are politically active online or express their views online are going to turn around and then do something violent. >> this is atypical. >> this is incredibly a typical. it is part of the overall political discourse and what people might think just talking back and forth and political talk. that this incident like what we had yesterday clearly shows how just one person reacting in a certain way to the discourse to the politics of the day can have such a devastating effect on all of us. >> absolute. hadas gold, thank you. we always appreciate your insight. >> great to be here. >> and your time for coming in. all right. tuck, let's talk weather now. what do you got for us? >> we got clouds to start your day. but things are looking up it won't be quite as hot as it has been the last couple of afternoons. mid 80s with a spotty shower. best chance will be to the west. 72
7:37 am
the ocean look at boston and new york city. new york city this morning 66 degrees. 60 up in boston so cooler temperatures across the eastern seaboard. all right. we got cloud cover out there early. we'll trend partly sunny today. kind of in and out of the cl clouds. and there may be a shower that pops up later this afternoon best chance will be out to the west. mountains, those of you watching well out to the west best chance for shower. mid 80s for daytime highs. cooler than yesterday. all right. weekend forecast father's day weekend coming up. >> yay! >> how is it going? >> you know, it's bring your day to work day tomorrow. >> i'm going to be at the zip trip even want to meet your dad so many. mr. comb mow a big tucker barnes fan. taking a look at 95 we do have a crash at 610 garrisonville road left lane left shoulder block. we're at a crawl all the way down through fredericksburg about an hour delay right now to get from fredericksburg through this crash scene in stafford allow for extra time. left shoulder left lane block. we have a lot of other issues out there this morning. in the northeast section of the district, k street westbound cl
7:38 am
we have a big crash scene there this is overflowing traffic all around northeast surrounding k street please allow for extra time there. also, new hampshire avenue up in silver spring bicyclist spots at -- struck at spots wood dr drive. allow for extra time through that intersection. also as we take a look at our morning drive times, aside from that 95 delay, through fredericksburg into stafford, dale city to the beltway 23 minute trip. 66 eastbound just under an hour to get from 234 to the beltway and 395 this is a huge delay right now to the 14th street bridge because of disabled vehicle by duke street and earlier crash by the pentagon and express lanes it will take you 44 minutes. gw parkway looking pretty g in maryland we have delays on 270 southbound from urbana to the beltway 38 minute trip and outer loop is slow 95 to the spur. other than that 95 and outer loop by bw parkway still looking good. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll take look at metro next. .
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y24x8y y5yy ♪ actor ryan phillipe joined former senator elizabeth dole on capitol hill to advocate for military caregivers. ryan is an ambassador for hidden heroes an initiative of the elizabeth dole foundation. dole and phillipe are pushing the passage of the phil military caregivers services improvement act and the raise family caregivers act. >> happening today it is the grand opening of a new grocery
7:42 am
chain right here in the us. it's the german store lead dell it will open its first stores state side 20 stores are opening in virginia, north carolina and south carolina. several grand opening activities like product sampling, games, prices are all going to take place. discount super market chain plans to open another 80 u.s. stores win just a year. here's a good reason to go to dunkin' donuts today. they're hosting an iced coffee day fundraiser to benefit children's national health system. one dollar from all large iced coffee sales will be donated to children's national. the fundraiser starts today and once through tomorrow. >> strap on those knee pads. get ready to play bill dodge ball. ben stiller in the cast of the movie dodge ball the true underdog story are holding a game all in the name of charity. ben stiller posted a promotion video giving fans the chance to play a game of dodge ball with the cast. the competition will happen this fall and all proceeds will help provide children with educational opportunities. that's kin
7:43 am
>> that's fun. all right. speaking of games, the game will go on. >> let's go ahead and take live look at nats park. there it is. tonight the congressional baseball game will be played. alas it will be under heightened security, though. it's an annual game for charity and coming up, i'm going to talk to the director of one of the organizations that's actually benefiting from this game. 7:43 is our time. you're watching fox5 news morning. ♪
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let's loca towed good day d.c. really great stuff coming up from nine to 11 today. >> that's right. awesome you today some for one. i love that name. gold medalist turned advocate dominic you todays will be life. the really cool reason why cease in d.c. today. >> actress singer and reality show star dimitri mckinney will perform live in the loft. >> are you ready for a challenge? >> yes, please. >> we're always up for one. what dri drinking greenspan thee for 21 days, three weeks -- >> right. >> could do for your health. >> i could totally do it. can somebody else make it for me? that's my problem. >> could you give up coffee. >> yes, i could. if somebody would make for me. >> last time we dee tocked did you not give up your coffee. that was different. this time will be different. >> okay. >> 21 days. >> three full weeks. >> drink a smoothie all day. >> three quarters of a month. >> if someone would make it ie i >> challenge. >> i mean i don't want to get detailed wouldn't you spend most your time in the bathroom if you
7:47 am
>> two of the three weeks would& be in the bathroom. >> exactly. >> right. >> but at the end of the three >> nothing wrong with colon.- health. i'm just saying. [ laughter ] >> go ahead before something -- >> you might be irritated by the end of thee weeks after that. let's do the forecast. yeah. 91 yesterday. we hit it for the fourth day in a row 90 dulles normal daytime high 84 degrees. and, um, the reason i show this to you we're not going to hit 90 today only mid 80s think afternoon much closer to our normal daytime high. 85. 72 now in washington. 68 leonardtown. gaithersburg 68 degrees. there's your 70 in frederick. 73 manassas. all these temperatures comfortable than where we were at 24 hours ago an little less humidity dew point temperatures fallen back into the low 60s. there's your satellite/radar. clouds to start your morning. and then later today, i think we'll turn partly sunny so it won't be perfectly sunny day. we'll have clouds around but we should general be dry here in the city out to the west where
7:48 am
better chance we could kick up a shower later this afternoon there might be a shower or two for parts of the area later this afternoon but most of the day should remain dry. winds are now out of the east here there's your old front area of high pressure will give us winds out of the east here this afternoon kind of stabilize the atmosphere for us. check out future cast together there we are at 4:30f you're going down to the congressional baseball game at nats park i think we'll be fine. some clouds around. but we're not expecting any rain here locally. a couple of showers out to the west. and then overnight tonight, we'll keep clouds around wake up with clouds tomorrow an few scattered showers or thunderstorms tomorrow. noon the weekend as well. saturday and sunday, temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. that's a scattered storm for father's day on sunday. so that's good news but it will be hot. erin has been busy, well, we've been talking about all kinds of thing today. i guess you got to talk about traffic. >> i want to talk about traffic. allison and i were could we make smooth these here every morning
7:49 am
we should trying to figure that out. >> let's try it for next week. >> okay. >> sorry, i'm on vacation next week. >> darn. when you get back. >> okay. i can't do it without you. that's a team effort. right now 95 northbound 610 garrisonville road one of the vehicles involve in the crash that was blocking the left lane moved over to the right shoulder all lanes open right now but still a slow roll all the way back into fredericksburg you're still looking at 45 minute de delay. to get from fredericksburg through stafford unfortunately still at a standstill once you make your way past 95 to the mixing bowl three any of by edsall road at a crawl. express lanes hov lanes moving along a little better main lanes completely jammed up. 45 minute slow down from the beltway to the 14th vote bridge. please have some patience out there for my drivers to the pentagon. move it over and show i was look at our maps other issues that we're dealing with right now on metro, a new red line delay from train malfunction at silver spring. delays to shady grove. silver line switch problem outside stadium armory trains operating wiehle reston east and eastern mark this still holding strong the blue and orange line delays
7:50 am
last day for safetrack surge 155 orange lanes closed. express shuttle service is available. take baby from safetrack tomorrow and surge 16 kicks in this weekend impacting the red line. get you around that one. keep in mind starting saturday closed stations shady grove and rockville, free shuttle service available between showed grove and twinbrook. more traffic in a few. back to you. erin, thank you. >> ♪ countdown is on everybody. we are now just one day away from our next zip trip this friday, tomorrow, we'll be in ashburn v have a. come on out to one loudoun at eastampton plaza on friday tomorrow from 6:00 to 11am. the fox5 team will be there including tucker, maureen and holly. we would love to see you, too. ♪ 7:50. golf's us open tees off today from aaron hills in wisconsin there's coverage all day on fox sports one. tonight and tomorrow night fox5 will have open coverage from to six to 9:00 p.m. we want to let you know fox5
7:51 am
hair on w d.c. a channel 20 both nights. holly? >> all right. continuing on the sports front allison. play ball. that will be awesome thing to hear tonight at nats park as the congressional baseball game will go on as many of us learned yesterday, the game raises a lot of money for charity. here's who will benefit this year. boys and girls club of greater washington, the washington nationals dream foundation and the washington literacy center. capital police memorial fund added to the chair are the in the wake of the shooting. this morning we're taking a couple of minutes to learn more. jimmy williams is the executive director of the washington literacy center and comes on in here proudly wearing our shirts for tonight's game. >> definitely. >> when you first heard yesterday about the shooting, were you worried the game wouldn't happen? >> very concerned, concerned about the people who were impacted and very concerned about the game not happening. >> because this game really makes a difference. i mean it's a fun night out at the ballpark and it's a fun way fo
7:52 am
come together. but they really raise a lot of money, and maybe people didn't understand that and so one of the silver linings perhaps from this is that there's a big spotlight on this game now and we're learning more. tell me a little bit about the literacy center. >> the washington literacy center has been operating in washington, d.c. teaching adults to read for more than 50 years. our highest concentration of people are in wards seven and eight but we serve all eight wards. what we do is very important, and we teach literacy, basic math, work force skills, skills to make people ensure they're whole and bring them back into better employment, um, work wig their families. >> you know one of things that when i was reading about you talking about your organization is that you said, you know, our charity, it's not one of the quote like sexy charities it's the not the young kids that will pull at your heart strings, but these stories are real. and the lives changed because of what you
7:53 am
kind of give me some personal stories of the difference, um, an adult learning how to read can make. >> i can tell you we have one youth that really is close to my heart his name is ismaaiyl he came to washington literacy center really not knowing what he was going to do next. he wasn't a strong reader. well now issue mail is employed actually he has a job working with the washington nationals. >> great. >> we've integrated him with his family. he's great at math. and he did this in a very short period. but when he came in here -- came in to washington literacy center his reading scores were far below average. >> tell people about the stories of adults the situations they're in when they don't know how to read. >> well, simple things. you have problems navigating the metro, shopping, um, buying and then we have even people that have taken advantage of when they dependent on relatives to go to an atm machine and find out that the relative has even taken advantage of them
7:54 am
day things that we take for granted, um, these adults find it's almost an impossible task. >> how much of the funding from this game helps you all? >> we heavily depend on the funding as a matter of fact it funds a lot of our programs the the cost the adult literacy is washington, d.c. is extremely high. $8,333 for one student for a year. of which we get about 2,000 federal funding so there's $6,000 gap and this game really helps fills it. it's very important and crucial. >> i know this game has been important to you all year in and year out w you're there tonight, i think it's going to be a little more so. >> you're right. more important and i tell you because of the meaning and understanding having democrats and republicans together, this is for a good cause, and when you look at the impacts, it's significant in the district of columbia and elsewhere. >> give your best self for people that haven't gotten tickets yet there are some available. >> buy your tickets n
7:55 am
cause. you can do it. there's still plenty of room it's a large stadium come on down and really think about the impacts. >> be a part of something special on many different levels. right? >> yes. >> you can support all these causes. thank you so much for coming in today. >> thank you so much. >> really appreciate it thanks for the t shirt. >> i'm glad you like the shirt. look at the back. >> there we go. we're hitting it owl ballpark. homerun. >> al, back over to you. >> all right. thank you. thanks for coming in. great cause. time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day at 7:55. good morning. larry j. evans. larry is nominating himself because he's quote been a faithful and loyal viewer for years. >> yay ! >> sometimes you got to nominate yourself. his morning starts with fox5 and coffee and ends with fox5 an little nightcap. ain't nothing wrong with that either. larry loves high energy of the morning team and says we provide local and world news with a human element an little laughter
7:56 am
thanks for the loyalty, larry. >> thanks, larry. >> thanks for watching. looking sharp, too. >> he does look sharp dressed. doesn't he? >> sharp dressed man. larry, 73 now in washington. we got cloud cover across the area partly sunny for you today with notice those winds out of the east at three. so our winds have shifted, and that's going to pump in a little bit cooler air. we'll be in the mid 80s later today. still going to be warm, and still some humidity but not quite the oppressive levels we had last couple of days. there's a quick look at your seven day. 85 today i think we'll keep it dry this afternoon if you got plans to be outdoors. few showers and storms friday, saturday and sunday this is not a washout this is our old front kind of hanging out in the neighborhood with a couple of scattered storms each afternoon. we'll warm up into the low 90s by sunday. all right. weather has been updated. traffic update before you get out the door. >> i was just having a little conversation about wamu sick we should play for you later this morning, tucker. >> right now we do have a crash, um-hmm a crash out in ashburn hear bird highway two right lanes
7:57 am
boulevard causing delays. as we take wide view of our thursday morning commute a lot of volume through largo on the outer loop as you cross 50, and then 295 in 50 in cheverly very backed up. metro right now has delays. we'll take look at those next. back to you holly and allison. ♪ >> still ahead security concerns following the shooting at a republican baseball practice in alexandria. >> we'll talk with an expert about the steps you should take if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
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♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning to you. good morning. i am allison seymour. along with maureen umeh. thanks for joining us. >> it is thursday morning. >> it is 8:00 a.m. on this thursday june 15th, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> the shoot tag congressional baseball practice in alexandria. our team coverage continues with update on the victims in the attack and new details about the gunman. plus the game goes on. we're live at nats park where there will be heightened security for tonight's congressional baseball game. >> keeping safe and in public places talk to security expert about what you need to know if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. live look right now
8:01 am
are resuming not sure where this is. but it's business as usual for the most part, though, our hearts are heavy and minds are on the recovery of those injured yesterday. ♪ this morning, four of the victims of yesterday's baseball field shooting they're still in the hospital. >> including congressman steve scalise who remains in critical condition. fox5's annie yu is live with the latest on his condition at med star hospital. annie. >> reporter: maureen and allison we are learning more specifics about the injuries that congressman scalise endured during the incident yesterday. we understand that he was hit in the left hip and that bullet went through his pelvis fracturing some bones and injuring some internal organs and his injuries will require additional surgeries. we know he had an immediate surgery following the incident yesterday, but again additional surgeries to follow and so he's got this l
8:02 am
course our thoughts and prayers with him as well as the other victims involved. but a lot of heavy hearts here. a lot of emotional outpouring of support last night president trump and the first lady they stopped by here for a surprise visit with flowers in hand to visit the congressman, and we're told the president called scalise a true friend and patriot. the president also tweeted about his visit just as soon as he left the hospital here. he wrote, just left hospital, congressman steve scalise one of the truly great people is in very tough shape but he's a real fighter. pray for steve. now congressman scalise he was medivacked immediately to med star washington after he was shot while standing at second base on that baseball field in del ray, alexandria. source close to the investigation tells fox5 that the congressman dragged himself into the outfield as the gunman stood near third base and kept firing. two capitol police officers who were part of scalise's security detail, they returned fire hitting the alleged gunman james hodg
8:03 am
as a result of his injuries. among the others injured and shot you have congressional aid zachary barth shot in the leg expected to make a full recovery. good news there tyson foods lobbyist mike mika was shot multiple times and remains in critical condition. two capitol police officers were also hurt. special agent crystal greiner was shot in the ankle and said to be stable. and then special agent david bailey was treated for minor injuries and was released from the hospital. now, the two capitol police officers providing security at the game they are being hailed as heroes. investigators say if it weren't for them the situation could have been much, much worse. you have representatives saying they had nothing but baseball bats to fight back against a rifle. so representative mo brooks sharing that sentiment and really they were vulnerable and so the capitol police officers, they did what they needed to do. their heroic actions bng
8:04 am
washington guys this morning congressman scalise still in critical condition. we'll bring you the very latest but for now we'll send it back in to you. >> we're also learning more about the gunman identified as james t. hodgkinson of illinois. >> this is law enforcement continues to have a hold on the alexandria neighborhood he opened fire on at that baseball field. >> fox5's mel know alnwick is live in alexandria now with that. >> reporter: good morning. hard to tell exactly how long this ball field will continue to be a crime scene. occasionally we do still see investigators popping up in around that gate area where it was the only place for the guys out here practicing only place for them to escape with rival man aiming right at them. we can tell you that the atf is tracing rifle and a handgun investigators are searching home in illinois the. fbi is looking into james hodgkinson's social media presence and motives. inst
8:05 am
had been living out of his car near the area of east monroe street in alexandria since march. but we don't yet know why he left illinois. his facebook page says he work as home inspector. he was also active on anti republican sites. the ap reports he had prior arrests for resisting police and arrest for battery in 2006 his hometown newspaper says he written in several times angry about republicans and tax policies. the shooting shocked people here who had gotten to know him briefly in the del ray neighborhood. a neighborhood bar employee said he came in often talked about golf and real estate but not politics or guns. former alexandria mayor bill y yule said he'd see him at the ymca working on his laptop. >> it's my understanding that he in the y long. exited about 7:00 o'clock and next thing you know folks heard gunfire. >> reporter: and also, the f.
8:06 am
exact al wanted poster but they want information on mr. hodgkinson as they put out some personal information there asking anyone who may have come across him either here in alexandria, in illinois, anywhere in between, even online, on social media, to please get in contact with their local fbi office. live in alexandria, i'm mel know alnwick, fox5 local news. capitol police are investigate a threatening e-mail sent to gop congresswoman claudia tenney from new york. it was sent shortly after yesterday's shooting. she says the e-mail said "one down, 216 to go". while there are 238 republicans in the house, 216 represents the number of seats required to have majority. the 2017 congressional baseball game will be held tonight as planned it is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. we will have much more on the plans for increased security in and around nats park coming up with bob barnard in just
8:07 am
minutes. all right. >> that was a serious game there. >> i know. >> i think weather will cooperate tonight if you're going down. it will be warm and humid but it shouldn't be raining that's good news. a little cooler today. i mean not springtime comfortable. >> right. >> but a little better. >> it was a little breezy yesterday. >> yeah. >> it wasn't, you know, terribly hot. >> it wasn't quite as warm. >> right. >> only be in the mid 80s. yesterday we did make it to 91 temperatures about 5 degrees cooler this afternoon. we're already starting off hill cooler this morning. reagan national has been hanging out in the low 70s the last couple of hours. 73 degrees. 72 dulles. 71 in baltimore at bwi marshall. there's your cloud cover our front from yesterday kind of fading off to the south and w west. and with our winds out of the east today we are going to have clouds around and temperatures that are going to be little cooler an little less humidity. so all in all slightly more comfortable day i think we'll get sunshine as well. go for kind of a partly sunny afternoon. how
8:08 am
forecast? [ laughter ] >> is that what we're doing now. >> here and now. >> 85 and 85. could be a few storms tomorrow. look at father's day weekend coming up. >> wahoo! >> thank you tuck. >> um-hmm. >> that garnered i was whoop whoop from erin. >> fellow daddy's girl. >> yes. >> yes. >> we can relate. >> yes, we all can. >> well right now, inner loop dealing with slow downs we have a crash by saint barnabas road. traffic completely stacked there blocking two left lanes zoomed in the camera getting better view of the delay than we are of the crash give yourself extra time and keep it to the right. switch it over for look at 395. it is nasty slow right now by edsall road. from edsall road to the 14th street bridge it's a 45 minute trip so again leave early, have some patience. main lanes crawling hov lanes moving along a little bit better just so you know what you're up against there. let's take look at our maps other slow downs and delays piney branch road closed both directions near are a list road in silver spring dealing with a crash and then also harry bd
8:09 am
highway 72 right lanes block at ashburn village boulevard out in ashburn delays there. taking wide view you can see the bell way dealing with a lot of slow downs, delays on the no outer loop as you approach 50 toward bw parkway, outer loop slows college park from 95 to georgia avenue. 95 southbound sluggish from the icc on down. red line residual delays to shady grove earlier malfunction at silver spring. silver line trains operating between wiehle-reston and ma market. blue and orange delays oh largo town center. it's the last day of safetrack. starring this week the final safe truck surge kicks in impacting the red line. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. 95 northbound super slow through staff for. back to you. two maryland state troopers hurt in crash in prince george's county. they were responding to a call of a wrong way driver on route four. one trooper rear ended the other trooper push the second trooper's car across the road down and embankment both were taken to the hospital but are expected to s
8:10 am
for driving under the influence. up next, a play ball a live report from nats park where the congressional baseball game will go on as planned after yesterday's shooting. >> and new details in that massive london high rise fire as the death toll continues to rise this morning. we'll be right back. back. as i reach 99 i offer you a little advice: every second of life adds up. so make sure they're filled with the good stuff. ( not the have-to-do's, but the love-to-do's. tickle, and be tickled. play a little. dance alot. enjoy your home. the loving. the living.
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8:13 am
that's what congressional lawmakers will say tonight at the nats stayed jump. >> they're not letting yesterday's shooting stop them from participating in their annual charity event. fox5's bob barnard life at nats park with more on the event. bob? >> reporter: hey, maureen, allison, yes, gates don't open for another nine hours but there are already a lot of ballpark employees inside. spoke to cook just a few minutes ago going in to fire up the grill get things ready for day. this is a great tradition. dates back to 1909 and it's all for charity, of course. can show you video from some past games. we'll tell you, yes, this is a fundraiser for charity pitting democrats versus republicans in baseball game. the gates open at 5:30. first pitch is at 7:05. tickets are just ten dollars. the three charities benefit to go night boys and girls club of greater washington, the washington nationals dream foundation and the washington literary center they just add add fourth the
8:14 am
memorial fund. last year they raised $600,000. yes there will be extra security a lot more fans. perhaps they'll raise a lot more money. people we've spoken to outside the ballpark this morning tell us they're glad the game is going on. >> if they start getting together and doing like the game tonight, and some solidarity, i think we'll be a much better country. >> reporter: actually get work done on capitol hill. >> exactly. because there's been so much stagnation and we can't -- it's hurting the people of the country. hurting the country more so than it is anything else. >> what about the fact they'll play the game tonight. >> i think it's necessary because we can't be afraid of living. the country cannot be a afraid of living by one incident cannot stop us from enjoying our life. >> reporter: now, others are getting into the game as well. the bullpen which is an open field bar if you will just down half street here says that
8:15 am
5:00 o'clock one dollar for every drink they sell will be going to the boys and girls club. so others are participating, guys. yeah, so again gates opening at 5:30 just ten dollars. expect extra security but you'll probably have a lot of extra people inside the ballpark as well tonight. >> let's hope so. let's hope so. >> all right. thank you, bob. >> hello. >> here we go. >> tricky move to try on the air. >> right. >> yeah. i got confidence. let's get cute. >> okay. >> let's get cute. can we? >> ♪ yup. >> we got it. >> we did it. >> all righty. >> yup. >> time now for fox5 first -- were got birthday! >> yeah. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday declan. >> love the name. >> yeah. >> i love the look. she's such a beautiful girl. >> happy happy birthday. >> how old is declan. >> let's get some -- the word on declan. she just turn five yesterday. >> i thought so. >> wow. that's lucky number a
8:16 am
she enjoys watching fox5 in the morning with her mommy and daddy. >> yup. >> great. >> ut-oh. i don't think i'm ready for this declan. she says she's already to challenge me to a walk off. >> she wins. that's what i'm going to say. >> i know it's your birthday declan. haven't senior moves yet. >> right. [ laughter ] >> all she real woman have to do is just sit there and smile. >> yeah declan i'm pretty be defeated. >> got the aww shucks look down. >> shows adorable. >> who me? yeah, shucks. >> i've been defeated with the smile. if you want your child to be next first five go to our facebook page and post your child's picture and right underneath declan's picture we'll try to get you on tomorrow. >> beautiful young lady. >> happy birthday declan. >> happy fifth birthday and thank you for watching any time we can do the walk off together. although -- >> look at her eyebrows. what makes her look like such, you know, like almost like a little teenager. >> grown up. her eyebrows. >> already just amazing. >> love it.
8:17 am
>> cuteness. little cooler for your birthday, declan in the mid 80s today. currently 73 in washington. much better in boston and new york. boston now 62. 58 in binghamton and so what happened we had front come through yesterday. it's kind of fallen apart across our region that's why we have cloud cover out there and winds have shifted out of the east here back door front came down from the north yesterday. so bottom line with today, mix of suds and clown. temperatures in the mid 80 as little better than the last four days 90 or higher and i'll throw out there could be a shower out to the west but i think most of the region stays dry this afternoon. little better chance of few storms around here friday, saturday and sunday afternoon with none of those days are a washout. and right now for father's day temps in the low 90s with a thunderstorm. coming up, our final school session of the year. >> aww. >> you'll -- there's summer school. why are you going to stop? >> because my students my pass. there might not
8:18 am
school. >> some people do it just to get ahead. hello. >> what about a special summer segment? >> hey, oy got something planned. all right. >> oh. >> excuse us. >> um-hmm. >> i know that. i'm just giving i was hard time. [ laughter ] >> sorry. right now taking a look at the inner loop delays we have a crash out by saint barnabas road just after that point left lane is block and we're seeing huge delays picking up. so have some patience. you can see miles of backed up traffic with speeds under 10 miles per hour. let's go ahead and switch it over and show what else you're up against. 66 not terrible just usual flow of congestion at sudley road from 29 in gainsville to the beltway only about a 35 minute delay. we'll go ahead and switch it over and show i was look at our maps what else we're dealing with. good news for your commute northeast. k street has reopened westbound at north capitol earlier crash scene cleared. but you can see all that congestion in the district. heavy secondary traffic all through northeast right now in silver spring piney branch road closed both directions near are a list road with serious crash seen causing delays and then harry bird highway still dealing with a crash blocking two lanes at
8:19 am
causing a backup taking wide view the beltway as those delays grow from prince george's county and then we're still seeing heavy traffic gw parkway on down to the key bridge much back to you guys. >> thank you, erin. 8:19 now. we have new details this morning about the gunman who opened fire during a meeting with co-workers at a ups in san francisco. before killing himself 38-year-old jimmy lamb had filed a grievance saying he was working excessive overtime. sources say he had history of mental illness. victims describing what happened during the shooting. >> started screaming get out, get out! gunshots. go, go, go. everybody started running. >> there were six people who were shot. four people who are dead. five others who sustain various on the injuries. >> at this point police are still looking in potential motive with detectives interview witnesses and victims loved ones. trying to learn what might have led to the shooting. high rise fire in london is
8:20 am
at least seven people are dead and they do expect that number to go up. the fire commissioner says it will be a miracle in fact if any more survivors are found. missing people posters have been put up throughout the neighborhood. investigators say it's still too early to speculate on cause and the landlord of the apartment building is cooperating with the investigation. another massive fire. this one in mexico. flames erupted from the country's largest refinery yesterday following accrued oil spill. the black smoke could be seen spewing high into the sky at least nine people suffered serious injuries. still no verdict in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. day four of deliberations set to get underway this morning. the jury must reach a unanimous decision. if they tell the judge they're deadlocked he'll have to consider flexibility under pennsylvania law in how to respond. >> it's been three days and still no sight of two georgia inmates wanted for killing their guards according to police. officials are expanding their search. authorities say they
8:21 am
guards while on a prison bus they say the two then carjacked a driver, took off and burglarized a house 25 miles away and then stole a ford pickup truck. a wild carriage ride caught on camera in south carolina. a horse went off course after throwing the driver and going rogue. passengers were at the mercy of the frantic animal as it ran through downtown charleston. nine people were on that carriage at the time. the carriage company says the horse's name is luke and that luke will now be retired. the driver was the only person injured in this incident. >> wow! >> maybe luke is like yeah, i'm done. >> time for me to get out of here. >> i'm done with that. >> 821st time. young girl traveling across the country with the goal of hugging a police officer in every state. we'll tell you what inspired her incredible mission after the break. ♪ k. ♪♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> welcome back. young girl from louisiana traveling across the country with the goal of hugging a police officer in every state. >> her name is rosslyn baldwin she's seven years old and set the goal for herself soon after three police officers in baton rouge were killed in an ambush style attack. she became consumed witness idea of reaching out with the message of love. her mission has now become a movement. >> every place we wept to, there's been amazing people, amazing officers. amazing wives and children
8:25 am
what she means to them and she's one-on-one with them, you feel it. >> rosslyn now has her own website an gofundme page to help offset the costs of her travels. she also draws a crowd everywhere she goes. so far she has visited 16 states and plans to keep on going and we are rooting her on. >> yes, we are. keep on going, little one. >> congrats. the mouths of babes. isn't what they say. >> indeed. indeed. okay. so i just thought that summer -- i mean weather school would continue through the summer, but -- >> apparently not. >> maybe it's winding down. >> yeah. >> i'm a little sad about it, tucker. i got to be honest. >> i got to be honest with, your professor needs a little time off from you students. you drive him crazy. >> okay. >> we're sorry. >> sorry, mr. barnes. >> i'm not getting paid enough. >> that's the truth. >> all right. >> to put up with these unruly students day after day. >> all right. >> you know what it's time for final exams! >> yeah. >> final exams. here are your questions, students. >> okay
8:26 am
>> will there be a hurricane allison this year? how many 90 day degree days so far in 2017. >> okay. >> and what day does hurricane season end. >> yes. 17 and january 1st. >> okay. maureen. no. 12 and october29th, 2017. >> that's closer here are the answers, class. okay. >> we need to go back to the big screen. allison, never again will there be hurricane allison. >> i was retired. >> you were retired in 2001. >> just a tropical storm but you dropped 40-inches of rain. >> six, 90-degree days so far in 2017 and hurricane season ends every year on november 30th. >> yeah, maureen wins. >> the grades have come in. >> yes! >> i like that picture. that is great picture of me. >> a plus for both of you. >> don't worry about it we got a pluses. >> mostly for
8:27 am
professor all year. have great summer, kids! i'm out. ♪ you'll miss it that much. >> oh. i only visit every once in a a blue moon. >> erin you get a plus, too. >> thank you. i was feeling a little left out. >> i know. >> i didn't want to advertise. >> i know. come over to the remedial class. that's where we're hanging out. >> right now traffic is really backed up on the inner loop by saint barnabas road. we're seeing a crash blocking two lanes so it's backing up for self miles in addition to we have metro delays as we take closer look there normal service resumed to shady grove on the red line earlier malfunction at silver spring watch for residual delays and silver line delays and some blue and orange line take closer look at that next. keep it to fox5. we'll be back in just a few minutes and i'll find out why i'm not included in the school segment. hmm. se
8:28 am
8:29 am
(man) hmm. what do you think? ♪
8:30 am
(stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ louisiana congressman steve scalise continues to recover this morning after being shot during a congressional baseball practice on yesterday morning. two members of his security detail were among those wounded in the attack. outdoor venues are a big concern for security. joining us nouse derek park ce oat o. metropolitan protective services which trains safety and security professionals and for businesses and government assignments. good morning. >> good morning allison. >> when you saw this yesterday unfold, what did you think as a security expt
8:31 am
>> um, first thing came to mind is, what a tragic circumstance and tragic event but i just thought that those capitol hill police officers doctor an out staning job. >> indeed. >> that was the first thing that came to mind. >> right. you know, the credit -- congres personnel credit them with saving their lives. saying one of them saying, we would have been sitting ducks had they not been armed. >> that is so true. that is so true. >> right. >> just to think these guys they trained for this every day, but it's so quiet and they were able to respond eyes on target. good right. >> save countless lives and put theirselves in life's ferrell and able to secure the scene and get medical help to the individuals that needed it isn't for the folks who were out there practicing and the congressmen included, a great deal of them managed to get to the dug out and they sort of sheltered and hunkered down in place. >> absolute. >> we don't want to second guess what they did. you know, this is not about that
8:32 am
the right thing to do? >> absolutely. they were in an open field. they didn't really have any cover. they didn't have any way to return fire. they had bats. so the only thing you can do is evade and allude when you're faced with those kind of overwhelming circumstances, and luckily they had security detail that was able to return fire and absolutely sub duty perpetrator. >> let's talk about that. had they not been there the only reason capitol police officers were there because you had the third ranking republican out there needed that protection. >> yes. >> other than that, there would have been a whole group, 25 or so of very important and highly visible people. >> sure. > should they have had protect any way. again not to second guess protocol, but moving forward especially in these political times. >> well, i think maybe had there been an advise many there was group of congressmen, maybe so. i don't think each congress person needs a protective de detail. i
8:33 am
community and they should, um -- they're a part of the community. they should be a part of the community. >> right. >> enjoy the same privileges that we have as regular cit citizens. >> at least one congressman the congressman who representing new york one of them saying that, hey, i'm going to carry my weapon with me now. how realistic is that? suppose everybody did that and of course there are the laws very strict gun laws at least in d.c. that might not allow to you carry your weapon even if you have a license to carry. >> well, i think realistically the right to bear arms is something that i truly believe that congressmen should be able to enjoy. i think that they -- if they're put in harm's way they need to be able to protect themselves. i think that's much more cost effective way to deal with it as opposed to security detail. if they're given pilot's licenses to carry weapons i don't think it should be real big problem given members of congress the
8:34 am
benefits as well. >> this was just happened to involve some highly visible people names that we know. but goodness knows given any day, there are people out on the baseball field, at a basketball court, out in public areas gathered. what do we do? >> stay vigilant. i mean the only thing that we can do at this particular time is, you know, see something, say something. you see suspicious activity, suspicious, um, individuals moving just doesn't seem right, i think we now have a due diligence to report it. at one point we usually give people the benefit of the doubt. but we would rather be safe than sorry at this particular time. it's just a horrible atmosphere. >> as security expert how big of a nightmare is guarding these huge open venues? tonight there's this very important congressional baseball game. >> sure. >> at nats park. what do you do, what -- what do you charge with doing to protect citizens?
8:35 am
providing security for this particular event tonight, but we do have several properties where there's thousands and thousands of people who come down. we generally have what we call unified commands we work along with local law enforcement, use all our resources as far as camera systems, intelligence that we may have, suspicious activities, and just watch out for suspicious individuals on hot days anybody with long coats and unusual bookbags and things of that nature that we generally just try to be aware of and try to get in front of. unfortunately, we're just in an a time that everyone just really has to be aware of their surroundings. >> right, right. still though a nightmare. >> still a nightmare. i mean i'm glad i don't have that responsibility of pro protecting those dignitaries and those individuals today. >> derek parks president and ceo of metropolitan protect service inn corn. thank you. >> thank you so much allison. >> tucker over to you.
8:36 am
you're going to the game, down at nats park, 82 at first pitch at 7:05 and great baseball weather for the congressional game down there we should be dry, and relatively speaking not too hot here at 7:05. again i think conditions will be kind of partly cloudy out there. okay. right now reagan national 73. 72 dulles. and up in baltimore, we are 71. lots of clouds to start your day. kind of a mix of clouds and sun this afternoon as we'll be looking at, well, we are looking at -- i'm not sure we're looking at anything i'll point it out there's front out here to the west kind of falling apart, and that may serve as breeding ground for few showers later this afternoon or maybe a thunderstorm to pop up in the mountains out to the west. otherwise 85. i mentioned the clouds mixed with sunshine. and there you go. temps a little better than yesterday. yesterday we hit 91. okay. erin is back with more roadways. >> 8:36. very heavy traffic on the inner loop earlier crash by sane barnabas road has cleared but look at this one. big delays
8:37 am
barnabas road several miles of backed up traffic. rubberneck delay from earlier on the outer loop as well. we'll take a look at our maps some other issues. even though earlier crash on k street did clear in northeast we're still seeing a lot of really heavy traffic around that area as folks trying to divert around it earlier backups so again traffic moving k street at north capitol but residual delays lingering piney branch road closed in both directions near are a list road issues there. and then as we make our way in ashburn 72 right lanes were blocked crash moved over to the shoulder at ashburn village boulevard there and then for the rest of your thursday morning commute a lot of heavy volume right now as we make our way out you can see 295 stack to the 11th street bridge on the northbound side. 395 is really heavy as well. look to what's going on 97 in crofton seeing a lot of a typical read there as well. aside from that 66 backs up into tysons this morning as you try to get to the inner loop legion bridge is heavy as well and outer loop remain stacked from 95 to georgia avenue. back to you guys
8:38 am
congress is considering a proposal aim at reducing the number of children who die in hot cars. it would require all cars come equipped with alert system indicating that a child has been left behind. more than 700 young children have died in had the cars since 1998. maryland state board of elections they had cyber security experts evaluate suspicious activity on the computer system used for online voter registration. the system was used before last fall's election. the board's administrator linda limon says no intrusion was detected. metro safetrack program is coming to an end with the final surge starting on saturday. the red line between shady grove and twinbrook will be shut down for nine days. buses will be available to transport riders to their destinations. still ahead, food label changes on hold why the fda is delay the new designs. >> how a pill may one day help you get that sun kissed look without having to sit out in the sun. back aft this. this.
8:39 am
quin was crazy about curls. but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪♪
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>> giving you that pan more ram mick, mo. >> love it. >> dmv on this thursday. little friday. nice skies out there. >> yes it is. all right. new food labels approved by the obama administration well they won't be showing up any time soon. the dda says the launch of the updated nutrition facts panels on foods will be delayed indefinitely so. the labels were supposed to make it
8:42 am
just how many calories and added sugars product has and we're supposed to launch next month. scientists say they have developed drug that could give you that sun kissed glow without sitting out in the actual sun. >> researchers say test runs of the drug on skin samples and mice successfully trick the skin into naturally producing the brown form of pigment on skin melanin. is that it. >> more research is needed to confirm if it will work on humans but they hope the discovery could help prevent skin cancer and slow the appearance of aging. >> i have no scientist. i don't claim to be one, i ain't doing it. >> that could go wrong. >> let's check in with holly now to see what's coming up up on good day. >> did you hear that story you take a pill and get a suntan. >> yeah. um, i for see myself becoming orange if i did that. >> exactly right. >> i think i'm going to stay fair. >> there you go. >> just be happy with what we we got. >> great minds think alike. breaking at 9a1 of the congressional staffs st
8:43 am
ambush on the baseball field yesterday speaks out about the terrifying ordeal. muss we have team coverage from the investigation to the other victims and the suspect's mo motive. fox5 continues to lead the way on this breaking story. we also continue to monitor the cosby trial as the jury continues to deliberate. okay. guys, let's put up the good day guest list for this thursday. we've got some great stuff coming up from nine to 11 today. that's right. awesome dawson for one gold medalist turned advocate dominique you todays will be live with us the cool reason why she's in d.c. today. actor, singer demetria mc kenny will perform live in the loft, then are you ready for a challenge? what dripping green smoothies for 21 days three full weeks could do for your health don't miss our interview with hollywood hunk ryan phillipe. good day d.c. just moments
8:44 am
thank you holly. >> golf u.s. open tease off today from aaron hills in wisconsin. coverage recall day on fox sports one. tonight and tomorrow night fox5 open coverage from six to 9:00. it locks five news from six to 7:00 p.m. will air on w d.c. a channel 20 both nights. it's 8:44. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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>> live look at the capitol dome, of course, the capitol front and center this week especially with the tragedy from yesterday but tonight the game goes on. republicans and democrats battling it out for an excellent cause tonight. >> indeed. bipartisan ship. >> yes. >> all right. they need no rain. not one drop on the ball field, tuck. >> in ten seconds. >> yeah. all right now i'm allowed to talk allison. >> not one drop. i promise. i think we'll be dry so that's good news for tonight take a look at the satellite here in just a second. seasonably warm temperatures today. normal daytime high 84 and we are forecasting 85 so little cooler than yesterday. 73 now in washington. leonardtown checking in with 70s. 73 in fredericksburg.
8:48 am
this morning. temp a little better dew point temperatures our humidity a little bit improved as well. still summery out there but not quite as oppressive as the last couple of mornings. we got cloud cover to start your day. winds are out of the east here. high pressure off to the north and east of boston. will bring us somewhat cooler temperatures. i think we'll gradually turn this into kind of a partly sunny day today. we'll get some peeks of sunshine this afternoon there's your high pressure and again winds out of the east today stabilize the atmosphere. if you're along the front one of our viewers out to the west, we may kick up a few showers i think locally right here in the immediate washington area we shall be dry but as you get further out to the west better chance of a shower. there's future cast at one a few showers popping in western maryland an few along 81 later today, and then you can see we're kind of partly sunny this afternoon at 5:30 few of these showers may sneak further east as we get into the evening hours. but the theme around here will be cooler temperatures and somewhat less humidity this afternoon, and again tomorrow. ther
8:49 am
85 today and tomorrow. we'll warm it up near 90 by saturday low 90s for father' days on sunday and not wash out weekend friday, saturday and sunday those are scatter storms. so you know the summertime months how we get the storms at the end of the day that's what we're looking at this weekend should generally be a nice start to both saturday and sunday mornings. guys. that is a weather update. back to you. >> all righty. thank you. canceled and delays flights on the rise and so are passenger complaints. that's according to new numbers from the department of transportation. the rate of cancel nights nearly doubled in april compared to the same month in 2016.& and complaints rose by 70%. >> apple ceo tim cook says the company is working on a ton know muss vehicle. the first on apple's car ambitions. he original planned on making the car but changed direction so focus on the artificial intelligence technology that powers driverless cars instead. cereal fans check this out you can now wear a fruit loops on your
8:50 am
kellogg's teamed up with celebrity designer to create a line of sunglasses limited edition collection features mix and match frames and arms and bright fun colors. [ laughter ] >> okay. youville time to catch a display of comic book culture at the library of congress right now the library is hosting a pop up of comics and graphic novels as celebration of the role they play in promoting literacy known as the library of awesome exhibit it features 90 diverse comic books, drawings and original comic strips open through saturday. ♪ we are hitting the road for today's fox beat. >> kevin mccarthy live in la. what are you doing in la. >> allison and maureen, good to talk to you this morning i'm out in la for movie called the house starring will ferrell and amy pohler, and i saw the film last night i landed here yesterday afternoon. saw the film last night. i'm interviewing will ferrell and amy pohler in about a c
8:51 am
but yeah the film basically deals with two parents, they don't have enough money to send cher that are child to college they open up a casino in a house and it's illegally obviously they try and make a bunch of non send their child to the best school they want. and that's who i'm interviewing today. and the film by the way had been a controversy a couple weeks ago mariah career' stories came out about her allegedly being a diva onset and showing up four hours late. i will say i saw the film last night. i didn't see mariah carey in the movie so i'm curious what what happened there. i'll fine out today from the cast. >> that's weird. >> yeah. >> okay. >> yeah. so the story behind that was one of the actors was on a serious radio show -- sirius xm radio show and he was talking about how mariah carey was four hours late and there to film a cameo for the movie and apparently she was was being
8:52 am
initially in the role, but it's not in the movie so i don't know what happened there. >> oh, boy. editing room floor sounds hike. >> exactly. >> all righty. so you're there but we're ta talking about stuff going on here, right, ryan phillipe in town? >> yeah, this is awesome. we'll have ryan phillipe my interview with him coming up on good day d.c. today. but he is an extremely -- he comes from military family so he was in la -- i'm sorry he was in d.c. yesterday with senator elizabeth dole to testify about the importance of military caregivers and at the beginning of the speech, he actually right at the beginning just said thank you to the capitol police and alexandria police and others who assisted yesterday with the members of the congress in the shooting in alexandria. he took a second to talk about that. but then he also we were on to talk about growing up in a military family and how his dad fought in the navy during vietnam and the purpose of him bein
8:53 am
awareness and hopefully get resources and more support for military caregivers. these are what he called the hidden heroes. people at home dealing with people who are coming back from war. so i thought it was very interesting topic. he was there to testify with senator elizabeth dole and i thought it was cool did he that there's a full video of his entire, him testifying which i'll put and my facebook page which is kevin mccarthy fox. but it was just cool that he had a very personal connection to this, and he was in d.c. on capitol hill to talk about it as well. >> glad to see him doing good here in the nation's capitol. kevin, you're also talking selena gomez and what's this about a new music video. >> this video is crazy. i don't know if you've seen this yet it has 8 million views on youtube. the idea behind the video she plays four different characters and i kind of don't want give away the ending but there's four crazy characters that are in the
8:54 am
very very interesting plot twist that has caused a bit of controversy around the web. in the video she plays three women and one guy, and the video the song is call "bad liar" again it has 8 million views directed by a gentleman... i'm sorry 91 name jesse per rhett and takes place it seem like in the '70's, and there's an element there where the ending of the video making a lot of people question what's going on. so if you haven't seen the video yet, definitely check it out. it's definitely stirring a bit of controversy. but she plays four characters in the video. >> interesting. >> okay. last but not least it's when reality sort of copies what we see in films, right? >> yeah, dodge ball. so listen dodge ball is one of my favorite comedies in years i love this film so much, but what is happening now is the cast members are reuniting for great cause, and it's a four minute video that essential s
8:55 am
stiller is in there, vince vaughn, justin long, christine taylor and we know that in real life they separated. but there's still on the video together and they're honoring upcoming dodge ballgame that's for charity. so that video has gone viral and all over the web as well for a good cause. and it essentially serves as a sequel to the dodge ball film so if you're a fan of that, definitely check out the video and also maybe support the cause as well. >> all right. >> thanks, kev. >> thanks, kevin. >> see you later. >> thanks, guys. >> all right. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
8:56 am
♪ >> time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. larry j. evans, hello, sir. sharp dressed man that you are. larry says he's nominating himself because he's been a faithful and loyal viewer for years. >> that's how do you it larry says his day starts with fox5 and coffee and ends with fox5 an nightcap. mean, too. [ laughter ] >> thanks larry. have a great day. >> not always in that order, maureen. who is judging. our next zip trip one day away we'll be in ashburn tomorrow morning from six to 11am. >> come on out and see us at one loudoun in eastampton plaza i'll be there along with tucker who gets things started at 6:00 a.m. holly and i will join him. we'd love of course to see you please come on out weather should be amazing. >> wha
8:57 am
>> say it so. >> it license raining. i don't know if it will amaze ball. any day without rain is good. >> glass half full. >> in the mid 70s right now. mid 80s later today with partly sunny conditions. more on the weather coming up in just a minute. >> okie dokie. traffic still not so great. we do have problems right now we are at a crawl springfield interchange from that point to the pentagon there 395 it's still 40 minute delay to get to the 14th street bridge.ridge. that's not the only problem we're up against. 97 southbound crash after generals highway jammed back to three. >> huge delays coming south through millersville down to 301. any questions erin fox5 dc on twitter. we'll see you for good day at 9a. >> we going to to studio b. >> you're coming, too, right. >> i can't wait. it's ladies today. >> and tucker.
8:58 am
quin was crazy about curls. but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪♪
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♪ straight ahead, gunshots ring out in alexandria. a congressman in the cross ha hairs. >> a lot of us dove into the dug out and tried to get as many as we could. >> when the they'll of gunfire ended, five people had been hit including representative steve scalise. this morning, that lawmaker and several other people continue to recover in the hospital, and investigators continue the hunt for information about that gunman killed by capitol police. >> he never backed down from anybody in bar fight


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