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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  June 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> shawn has the night off the storm left tens of thousands of people without power. dominion virginia reports more than 27,000 people in the dark. pepco has nearly 5,000 customers without power and most outages are in prince george country. pge fewer than 2,000 in howard, montgomery and prince george are without light and tonight risk of flash nodding and high wind remains high across the region. let's get to caitlin roth in the weather center. >> tope we had a strong line of thunderstorms coming through the metro this afternoon. it is still moving across portions of eastern sure and northern neck of virginia and moving off sure within the next hour or so. we saw a few storms reported around the area including winds not just here in metro built parts of norp vir ver and power outages marina adjust mentioned. here's radar right now. threat for severe weather far east of d.c. active severe thunderstorm warnings and pa
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painly for caroline, kent, sussex and talbot until 6:45 and expiring sooner than that 6:15 dorchester county along northern neck headed to eastern shore. you guys have severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15 as well. heavy rain. lot of lightning and with wind gusts too. light showers across northern virginia most rain cleared the district and there's a look at front that extent from new england to new york city towards d.c.. and this is going to bring us welcomed relief in temperature department and that's severe thunderstorm watch has been dropped for metro as severe storm ended and still in place until 8 p.m. southern maryland and that should be dropped as well. and check on those temperatures what to sxekd the rest of week still ahead in the 7 day forecast coming up. marina. >> and some breaking news to report the university of virginia student who spent 17 months in north korean prison died. otto warmbeer arrived
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student contracted botulism it is claimed after his trial last march where he was convicted of stealing a propaganda poster in his hotel. north koreans say he was given a sleeping pill and he returned home with severe brain damage and they're not clear what caused it. now to latest on the baseball field. ambush which critically wounded steve scalise good news to pass along tonight. >> his condition is upgraded from critical to serious. house majority whip has been in the hospital as soon as a gunman opened fire on congregational baseball team last week. scalise was one of four people shot at a team practice on wednesday. since then he had several surgeries. hospital says scalise is responsive and speaking with family. >> now at the scene of the shooting things are getting back to normal. field was set to reopen tonight and storms postponed
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>> anjali hemphill is there live. anjali. >> tony, marina, even though this crime scene is cleaned by a specialized team there's still a few signs of shooting that happened there last week. take, for instance, this bullet hole. you can see in the fence here the dugouts have also been lined with bouquets of flowers and today city officials hoped to he introduce this baseball field to the thousands of kids who play on it every week. this say safe and happy place. and however, the reopening ceremony for today was postponed due to weather. but today at a press conference alexandria police released pictures of the three officers who put their lives on the line running towards those bullets to stop the shooter james hodgkinson and first two of them are rookies officer nicole bataglia on the force for a year and a half and second alexander jensen with the department two years and
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on the force officer kevin jobe. the police chief said all three officers were on scene within minutes of the first dispatch call. the chief says when officer bataglia arrive she ran toward the gunfire becoming pinned and taking shelter which allowed the other two officers jensen and jobe to poof in while the shooters attention was focused on bataglia. while taking gun fire jobe and jensen were able to neutralize the situation and us is spelingt wept down and this was all weapon less than five minutes after that first dispatched call wept out. also today other fire and ems personnel were thanked and recognized for quick and brave work treating all injured including shooter. meanwhile guys it's almost a week since that shooting and this del ray neighborhood is ready to move on. >> i've talked to each one of the officers several times. it always starts with how are you doing. i mean what they went fly i
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through. not in this business. we train for it all the time. they're doing fine. they're good officers. they're strong officers. they made a really good decision and i'm damn proud of them. >> to children an families we're incredibly safe, peaceful city and that night we marched hundreds of us marched down mount vernon area together in walk of soli solidarity. >> and ceremony has been postponed until tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. right here out on the baseball field. meanwhile the three officers you saw none of them were injured and they've all been placed on paid administrative leave pending outcome of investigation which is all standard procedure. live in alexandria. anjali hemphill. "fox5 local news". >> we vup date now gruesome murder of 17-year-old girl in fairfax county and investigators say this appears to be case of road rage and as of right now they do not
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believe that nabra hassan was targeted because of relimbon bought she was targeted and they're demanding justice for her death. they have more on the investigation. >> around 3:00 the police come to my home and say want to talk to you for your daughter we're thinking maybe somebody he take her to the hospital. >> after learning about be loved daughter's murder. >> i find my daughter died already. >> reporter: i daughter with so much life app a bright future ahead of her. >> she love everybody. ask anybody. she love everybody. >> nabra's father is trying to make sense of why somebody would want to take her life. >> have to drive in the
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and go close to the mosque. >> mohamad believes nabra was innocent and person arrested the maybe he wants to face. >> why do do you this? >> is filled with so much hate? >> she is muslim. >> hate he says that cost her family even greater pain. one that he never wishes upon anybody. >> we don't hate nobody. i don't know what happened to the other people kids. >> meanwhile close friend of nabra stood outside the apartment today and they say they were with her at mcdonald's before the attack. >> i wish i could have stopped it. >> yeah treat her leak a big sister you don't understand. >> i wish i showed you more appreciation while you were here. >> as mohamad looks one more time toward the camera putting a brave face for his fellow brothers and sisters he has one more powerful message for those watching. >> i teach my kids love everybody. doesn't matter who you
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how you look. i love her. she go. but i still love her. now we turn to another horrific crime. montgomery country the three men accused of killing two northwest high school teens remain jailed tonight. a judge ordered the men held without bond during a hearing today. and tonight we're learning more about the motive. "fox5" paul wagner is live in rockville with more, paul. >> reporter: a court affidavit filed in this case says that 17-year-old shadi najjar was a drug dealer that used and sold marriage mavrm. the document also says he may have stolen an ipad and drugs from a woman named carrie yen he's. who is caie yen he's. heads is one of the girl friends of the one man charged in this case and murder of two teens that night in montgomeryville aming was nothing less than pay back.
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the courthouse they lost their 17-year-old son to what they called a dib ratly planned brutal murder. neither parent believes what's written in the affidavit that shadi commit aid drug-related robbery and sold and used marijuana. >> i know who my son is. a lot of people know who my son s and who can hear me now knows shaddi deposit do this they know my son he has a good record and no background and he's okay. he's independent boy. >> please, if there's no facts of the matter there is no proof do not bad mouth my beautiful boy. i don't what to hear on tv about my boy is drug addist or thief. my boy doesn't need nothing. by malala yousafzai is beautiful boy. >> [ ajjars say what is written in the affidavit is talk. they believe their son was set up. on saturday police arrested edgar
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garcia and jose shenez on the night of the murder shadi, najjar isn't a text message saying he was going to sell a ticket to roger garcia. he told police he didn't know najjar but admitted he graduated from northwest high school. it was not until late last week police got the break they needed when a witness came forward with names and said the murders were pay back for robbery. >> you know i can not characterize this crime. obviously i will say to you that in court judge moffett when he set the bond as no bond the judge in the court called it brutal reflective of deliberate planning with lots of overkill. >> najjar and ziberov were shot multiple times by three gunmen using different caliber happened guns.
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ziberov had plans to go to klom college and was not named in the affidavit having anything to to do with robbery or drugs. >> in court today the prosecutors said when one of these men was arrested he was in a car with a suitcase filled with clothes indicating he may be trying to flee. all three men said they're going to hire their own attorneys and they're all due back in court together on jewel 14. live in rockville, paul wa wagner, "fox5 local news". >> and all right coming up tonight a bomb shell out of one local school district. board members say students are graduating without meeting requirements. >> and washington redskins got help in their legal fight over the team's name. we'll it will you about that when we come back. >> from a standoff with robbery suspect
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snv a groupman walked into the business this merng in hyattsville and asaul aid workered in. the worker managed to escape and called 911. the employee never saw the gunman leave and officers surrounded the place thinking he was inside. turns out the gunman had had gotten away. >> this all unfolded near capitol plaza shopping september erin police closed parts of annapolis road for a brief time while searching for the suspect and they're currently looking for him. >> and tonight we're learning more about a story you saw first on "fox5". prince george county school board members are alalleging fraud and corruption in the school system. and at issue is high school graduation rate. school board members sent a let to governor and are calling for full investigation. hundred of students are graduating who should not be. and four board members say grades are changed and malala yousafzai ease are manipulating reports after dr. kevin maxwell was reported at
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schools. >> it's you make sure they pass, rather than what are you going to make sure do you to make them learn. >> she told me change all the grades whether 30 or 50 change to passing. >> 59 used to be f now it's e. now we're nice about. it no if you fail you fail and i can deal with that and say okay let's take additional measure >> dr. kevin maxwell declined request for interview and provided statement denying allegations. should be interesting to watch. we'll have the full investigation tonight at 10 10:00. >> youtube cracking down on terror content make owing fen receive videos partner to find what the social media giant is doing to restrict amount of extremist content on the site. >> and later fox follow up on the death of be loved "star wars" actress carriie fisher
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>> a member of president tr trump's legal team denies the president is under federal investigation in the ongoing case the attorney made mistake of appearing on several sunday morning talk shows. >> and supreme court monday struck down reports of the trademark rule and it's expected to help washington redskins and legal fight of the teeth name. >> actress carrie had coc cocaine, heroin and he can tasy in her system when she became hill on a flight last year. she died four days later. >> and lincoln memorial reflecting pool reopened after a thorough leapingen pool was drained and treated for par site in the water blamed for killing 80 ducks.
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enough to know that sound. atari is back in the business. video game console for the first time in more than 20 years. and it's called atari box. some of the most iconic video games ran on atari including kong and pacman. >> youtube is fighting terror by making extremist content harder to find. fox business network hillary vaughn has the story. >> youtube is not only r ramping up efforts that violate standards by i'veing violent videos more quickly and taking them down but they also were taking a tougher stance on videos that are not in direct violation of policies and therefore can't be taken off-line. and videos that continue offensive or inflammatory religious content that remain on their site and no, i are no restrictions and users won't be able to make money off views and comments on videos will be deactivated and can't
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videos will also play along with a warning and goongle again ral counselor kept walker waying in blog post saying that means these videos will have lessen gaugement and be hard to find we think this strikes the right balance between free expression and access to information without promoting supremely offensive view point. these videos not explicitly calling for violence can be just as daivrp russ. one attacker in the london bridge knife attack was reportedly radicalized by watching sermon from islamic clerk amad debrill. and there's no warning post add long with the videos. and keeping track of content is critical. youtube says 400 hours of content is uploaded every minute that's about a century worth of video content added every day and a half. making it impossible for youtube to track content in realtime. in los angeles. hillary vaughn. fox business. >> we are tracking realtime
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all these storms finally seem to be getting a way from our air. >> thank goodness. busy afternoon here. >> it has and realtime fast and furiously when you are trying to keep one everything. race around the area lightning and heavy wind damage to the areas. traez damaged and homes damaged and within the district itself. live look outside right now few leftover showers in d.c. and severe weather threat e ended for metro and most of surrounding suburbs. the only exception being eastern shore extreme southern maryland. let's go to graphics. we love photos you send us dramatic sky views of storm this one came to us actually to mike tom agency on twitter. this is a view of stafford aquia creek headed for maryland. that's the twitter handle. these names crack me up. thank you i just ate a grape for septembering this photo in dramatic video leading emof the storm system you can see the
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should be western edge of storm maybe north western edge aquia creek from virginia to maryland. this storm this line of storms brought several reports of wind dodge or wind gust and 50 miles an hour. we'll show you some in the wheaton area and hard weather where six houses damaged jrj aavenue and dennis avenue and marina will head out to the area shortly to check out storm damage while it is still light out. several reports through the district and along 66 in northern vir ver and cliffton tree down cliffton road and if you're in one of the neighbors a lot of trees down or branches down be careful out there because we -- it will take a little bit to clear. it all right. local radar right now which i'm seeing behind me this little red box if delaware outside coverage area is tornado warning issued for northern sections of going to forget the name of that county because the forecast in delaware
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delaware south of dover out of the area and that's active tornado warning and rotation is discovered in the storm otherwise you can see the threat of storms pushed across the chesapeake on to eastern shore and let zoom in a little bit. downpours southeast of waldor. there crossing from charles county to st. mary country and there are more showers around the culpeper area too. back home here temperatures in the mid 70s. 76 washington and fox future cast shows nature of the storms to move off towards south and east and eventually off the coast by 10 . they probably have cleared the shore loin and by midnight we're turping partly cloudy and wake up to shun shine tomorrow morning and much nicer day behind this cold front. and we've got a lot of sunshine expected and less humidity expected and high temperatures will be in the 0s but it will be fis day. let me jump to the 7 day forecast. 8 tomorrow. few clouds. less mute humid. mostly sunny and nice wednesday. 92. partly cloudy thursday and scattered storms
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humidity return friday, saturday and into the weekend. that's a look at 7 day forecast. "fox 5 news at 6" will be back after this
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after this par mar comptrollers peter had promly maition to market and mary center businesses were honored for assisting victims of that apartment fire and sxwlution last summer in silver spring. >> it was tough time for everyone so you know the least we can do and staff here was pitch in and give a hand and you know we just all came together that day and
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what happened in the community was felt everyone came together and worked really hard for the community. >> specializes in val have a tore yap food and health services and education to under served men women and children and well deserved recognition. >> uh-huh very good. >> that's it for "fox5 local news" at 6. >> 5@630 after the break
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all right everybody the question is is he or isn't he. the president tweeted that he was under investigation firing former fbi director james comey and lawyer is denying claims. >> first of all you now said he is being investigated. >> no. >> he's not being investigated. >> "fox news sunday" check rundown on the side of screen that's what we're talking about at 6:30. >> president trump latest tweet storm saying he is under investigation for obstruction he tweeted i'm being investigated for firing fbe director for the man that told me to fire fbi director which appears


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