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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning o-what tapes? president trump says he never recorded any conversations with james comey. he is questioning comey's friendship with the special prosecutor in charge of the russia investigation. >> reigning county six professional basketball does it again as a prince george's county native goes number one in the nba draft. >> let's look outside on this friday morning. we're expecting a day of gray clouds and rain this is as our
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arrival of what's left of cindy. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm holly morris. >> and i'm maureen umeh. today is friday june 23rd. let's check in with mike thomas for our weather. erin is going to talk about traffic in a minute. mike we need to know what's on tap for today. >> we have showers around the region early this morning and as we head later on this afternoon we'll get into some sunshine believe it or not but there's satellite and radar right now. there's the showers moving in from the west. lightly over d.c. at the moment. little bit heavier pockets out to the west along i-66. those are going to move through d.c. in about an hour or so. again, scattered showers through the morning. we'll clear it out later today. we'll get hot and humid. i'll let you know when the next round of showers is on the way coming up in just a few minutes. that's a check of the forecast, guys. back to you. >> tropical storm cindy has been downgraded now to a tropical depression and it is now headed here to the midatlantic. it left a path of destruction in parts of the southeast. after making landfall in louisiana cindy weakened to a tropical
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the storm brought heavy rain and rising tides leading to some evacuations. it also downed trees and destroyed some businesses. >> we are following some breaking news from northwest d.c. one person is dead after a major crash along new york avenue. >> our melanie alnwick live on the scene with the very latest. what's the update, mel? >> reporter:. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. we moved back a little bit. we were able to get a better vantage point for you. we'll zoom in as much as we can and you're going to see if you can make it out there appears to be like one car on the median, another on the side there. we've seen a number of d.c. police cars now coming out of the area so i don't know if that means that they're beginning to wrap up the investigation or not. we also just saw the medical examiner's van going into that area as well. they're not letting media very close because this is close to sort that
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that that goes over the anacostia river right there at kenilworth gardens, so i think there's really not a lot of room for folks on either side of it so that's why they're keeping us so far back. it was a little after 3 o'clock in the morning when this crash happened. four vehicles involved. three of them caught fire. one person was dead here on the scene. another one was trapped and d.c. fire and ems had to cut them out of that vehicle. there were two others what they said were lesser injuries and the fire was extinguished shortly after that one patient that was taken to the hospital is in critical condition. but the investigation, as you can see here,. looks like they're bringig some tow trucks to the scene. maybe by the time we get into the next hour hopefully the traffic situation will have cleared up. back to you guys. >> all right, mel, thank you. we'll check back in a few. 5:03 is our time. let's talk politics. president trump now says there are no tapes.
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recorded his conversations with former fbi director james comey. on twitter the president said "with all of the recently reported electronic surveillance intercepts unmasking and illegal leaking of information i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey but i did not make and do not have any such recordings. ." after the president fired comey he had that warned on twitter that comey "better hope there are no tapes of our conversations." the president is also speaking out about and special prosecutor robert mueller and& his investigation of any trump campaign ties with russia. during an interview that will air this morning on fox and friends, president trump speculates on whether mueller should recuse himself from the case and makes clear he does not love the friendship mull here has with former fbi director james comey. >> well, he's very, very good friends with comey, which is very bothersome. but he's also -- we'll have to see. we're going have to see in terms t-, look, there has
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there has been no collusion. there has been leaking by comey but there's been no collusion and no obstruction and virtually everybody agrees to that so we'll have to see. i can say that the people that have been hired are all hillary clinton supportersly. >> mueller and comey worked together at the justice department in the bush administration. >> ♪ >> today the body of former ward one d.c. council member jim graham will lie in state at the wilson building. he passed away after an illness. the 71-year-old was known as a tireless advocate for the lgbtq community and also the poor. a public viewing will begin at 11:30 and run until 5:00 this evening. >> prince george's county still celebrating the nba draft dematha graduate and upper marlboro native markelle fultz was selected number one over all by the sixers. >> he not only wants to be rookie of the year he wants to be league m.v.p. as a
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fultz has come a long way. he was cut from his junior varsity team. he wasn't even voted as the top basketball player in the area as a senior but today he is a 6-foot 4-inch tall nba guard. prince george's county native and warriors forward kevin durant tweeted the number one pick comes from pg county. a ha we're on a roll. congrats to the legend markelle. >> that is so cool. >> i love it. >> i tell you those dematha grads they go on to do big things, mike thomas. >> yes, they do. [laughter] >> you heard the squeaking earlier, right. >> yeah. >> so, it's national bring your dog to workday today. >> is that what it is. >> that's why we got a friendly dog here. >> sid is all grown up, mike. >> sid the golden retriever, yup. >> wow. >> he's all grown up, two years old. >> holly, they grow up so fast. if you ever have kids just to let you know. >> i know, thanks. >> all right, guys we have showers. we have weather to talk about this morning. it's mostly shower activity moving from the west. light showers across d.c. and right down
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royal dealing with a little bit steadier rain this morning. they're kind of scattered about. it's not a widespread swath of rain so it's not going to be an all day thing. the it won't even be an all morning thing put at least for the rush hour time period does look like we'll have showers around. very warm, muggy 78 degrees in d.c., 79 quantico, 75 for frederick and gaithersburg. 88 degrees later on this afternoon because we'll get the sun back out. winds a little gusty up to 30 miles an hour later today. it's going to be extremely humid as well. next round of rain moves in later tonight.& we'll time it out for you in a few minutes. that's weather. erin como is back this morning with traffic. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buy a for special offers. >> that's right, 5:07. just getting an update on this serious crash we're tracking in northeast on new york avenue but first look at this construction. this is in fredericksburg. 95 southbound milling and paving has just the left lane getting by from stafford to fredericksburg. big delays there. let's switch to our maps. maryland sta
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know if new york avenue will be reopened for the morning rush. so far all lanes closed both directions of new york avenue northeast. this is at south dakota avenue. melanie alnwick getting more information. it's also closing the on-ramp from 295 to 50 so that's causing a big backup to riverdale park. huge delays there as you try to get from cheverly as well because once you get inside the beltway this is a really busy stretch of road and again not determined how long it's going to be closed. we'll have team coverage and we'll help you get around that this morning. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you holly and maureen. >> thanks, erin. coming up on fox5 news morning a northern virginia man is in custody accused of spying for china. >> and a judge issues a ruling in the case of a hundred illegal immigrants who were slated to be sent back to iraq and possible death. >> as we head to break let's look live across the d.c. region at this early hour on a friday. the freaks do come out at night. >> sometimes in the daytime, too. >> but that's when we go to work.
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[laughter] >> what are we? >> like i said, the freaks come out at night. 5:08 is our time right now, 78 degrees. we are back after this. >> ♪ hi guys. it's great to be here. in the desert. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. at the beach. in the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys the next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy. it looks aggressive. but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. she's a bad mama jama. (laughter) current qualified gm lessees can get this introductory lease on the all-new 2018 chevy equinox for around $249 a month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> ♪ >> we're back at 5:09. new this morning we're hearing from north korea for the first time since otto warmbier's death. he is of course the university of virginia student released last week in a coma after
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year in north korean prison. the 22-year-old passed away in his hometown of cincinnati monday. he was laid to rest yesterday. this morning north korea is denying that it cruelly treated or tortured warmbier. the comments were made in an article published by the official korean central news agency. it also says the north dealt with warmbier according to domestic law and international standards. developing story closer to heme. a leesburg man is facing espionage charges t60-year-old kevin mallory is accused of selling top-secret documents to the chinese. mallory is a self employed consultant at global xk he's an army vet and because of his work as a special agent for the state department diplomatic security service, he had top security clearance until he left that job in 2012. mallory faces up to life in prison if convicted. the federal prosecutor could also ask for the death penalty if certain conditions are met. >> a win for a wisconsin inmate featured in the netflix series making of a murderer. judge ruled thursday in brendan dassey
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into confessing back in 2007. dassey was sentenced to life in prison after telling detectives that he helped his uncle rape and kill theresa hall back. more than 100 chaldean and iraqi immigrants picked up in a federal government sweep are not going anywhere yet. a judge issued a temporary stay keeping them in america until july 6. judge mark goldberg says he's unsure if his court has jurisdiction to hear the case. the iraqis were detained during an illegal immigration 17 detroit. many are christians. their families fear they could be killed if they are deported back to iraq. >> peaces of chicago's gangster history are on the auction block. a song handwritten by a capone is one of the items offered by rr auction. there's a signed note from gangster john dillinger and the priceyest piece is a diamond watch capone used.
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online bidding begins today followed by a live auction on saturday. >> fascinating. coming up on fox5 news morning the fcc issues its largest fine ever to a robo caller. >> oh a fight appears to be brewing over who gets the reward money for the capture of two escaped georgia inmates. >> as we head to break let's look live across the d.c. region. time right now is 5:12. it's a very muggy 78 degrees out there. some rain is on the way, though. mike thomas will update us on the forecast on the other side of the break. you're watching fox5 news morning. >> ♪
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>> 5:14. a look at the stories we're following for you today, friday, june 23rd. breaking news in the district. four vehicles crashing on new york avenue northeast near south dakota avenue around 3:00 this morning. three of those cars caught fire. one person has been killed. but right now all lanes of new york avenue at south dakota are closed. traffic on the southbound bw parkway cannot access new york avenue and drivers on inbound route 50 are also being
5:15 am
diverted. >> people in the southeast are dealing with the remnants of tropical storm cindy. after making landfall in louisiana cindy weakened to a tropical depression. the storm brought heavy rain and rising tides leading to some evacuations. in alabama the storm downed trees and destroyed businesses. >> talking politics. today president trump scheduled to sign the va accountability act. the bill makes it easier to fire employees at the department of veterans affairs. it also provides better protections for government whistle blowers. >> going to be a busy travel day for the fourth of july weekend. more than 44 million americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles away from their home. now, that's according to aaa a the majority of us are expected to drive to our destinations. >> ♪ >> well, if you're driving today especially headed eastward you might be hit with some rain. mike thomas, man, we all thought that cindy would upon us right now but looks like she's holding out just a bit. >> y-cindy is holding out just a little bit. it's really its r
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happy bring your dog to workday. we're tracking the remnants of cindy as they arrive later on first this morning and then later on this evening. there will kind of be a second round. cindy itself or what's left over of its rotation, that's heading up to the north and to the east here. it will get here as we head into the overnight. i'll show you futurecast in just a second but first we're tracking this kind of initial wave of shower activity coming across the d.c. region as you start your morning commute. light right now. some heavier pockets out towards i-81, i-66 corridor that will try to track right down i-66 and across d.c. as we continue to roll through these morning hours. all right, let's get you to futurecast. if you're planning your day, here we are at 7:00. futurecast showing the rain over d.c., annapolis. i know we're zip tripping. tucker is going to have to start with the umbrella. we're clearing out, maybe some pockets of sunshine starting to break out across the region. once the sun comes out with all this humidity in place it is going to feel very hot out there. 5 o'clock
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dry with a mix of clouds and sunshine. watch this frontal system coming down from the south that's going to meet up with what's left of cindy and give us a period of some very heavy rain during the overnight and early morning hours. that's 5:30 a.m. on your saturday. don't be shy. you have -- if you get woken up early saturday morning with some rumbles of thunder some very heavy rain. worried about a little bit of flash flooding with this much moisture coming down that heavily. look at saturday afternoon. we're in the clear, sunshine comes back out and it's going to be a beautiful second half. though warm second half of your saturday. as we roll into your sunday we keep the clear conditions and sunshine around. much more comfortable air in place. 78 degrees tur number out in d.c. as holly just mentioned it's very thick, it's muggy, humid. 79 for quantico, westminster 75. again just about everybody starting in the 70's. we're heading to the 80's later on this afternoon but it will feel much more like the mid 90's 88 degrees your daytime high. certainly a day you'll want
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pretty good pool afternoon vial to admit. accuweather 7-day forecast, 90 tomorrow and then really comfortable air settles in once we get this front through here. look at next tuesday. the high in the summertime, late june of only 79 degrees. that's going to feel great. that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back with traffic. >> that's right and 5:18. huge problems in northeast. we have team coverage. melanie alnwick at the scene. fatal crash, it's also a car fire. one person died as a result of this crash. three cars caught on fire. one other vehicle involved. so four total cars new york avenue northeast. all lanes blocked in both directions between bladensburg road and 295. if you're taking 50, inbound july to detour onto 295. just keep that that in mind and also the eastbound side detouring at 295. westbound bladensburg road, eastbound 295. southbound 295 cannot continue onto 50 so july to detour ahead that of point before you get caught in the delay at riverdale
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50 outbound toward the beltway you can exit at bladensburg road and take 295 on the southbound side. it is bring your dog to workday so we have a friendly furry pet in here. mike thomas' best friend. southbound 295 again that on-ramp closed and then for your friday morning commute we're also dealing with a new crash outer loop top of the beltway 355. metro is on time except for safetrack. that's your traffic. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. this makes any friday morning better having some pup in here. back to you. >> oh, man, it's 5:19. time to take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> wisdom is back with our realtime news tracker. hey, whiz. >> good morning. banks have enough cash to withstand severe recession. federal reserve performed a stress test to see how banks would perform during a recession stop any risks that would threaten at the economy. results from the test show that even during a severe recession our large banks would remain well capitalized. the fcc hit
5:20 am
network with the largest fine ever. the agency proposed 120 million-dollar fine against adrian abramovich. of those calls about 90 percent were made to wireless phones. so, who gets the reward for providing information leading to the capture of two escaped georgia inmates accused of fatally shooting two prison guards before taking off to tennessee? >> well, the answer we don't know yet. the $141,000 hasn't been distributed at all just yet. and that's because two residents in tennessee could argue that they deserve the money. john owe georgia officials say the reward will be disbursed at the appropriate time. meanwhile, shonda rhymes taraji p. henson lin manuel miranda and weird a jankovic. the two were having lunch when they both found out ty
5:21 am
getting stars. other recipients are rue paul, linda carter and simon cowell. finally this story will touch your heart. in rochester new york a refugee janitor at wilson magnet high school always encourages his daughters to do well in school. turns out his encouragement has paid off. both of his daughters graduated at valedictorian from the very school where he sweeps the floors. oldest daughter credited her family for doing well in school so her younger sister wanted to follow in her footsteps to become valedictorian. both respect attendng bernard college in new york city. >> that is a great -- favorite story of the day. >> i love that. how amazing. >> thanks whiz. >> 5:21 is the time. coming up on fox5 news morning one day after being named the best in the world qatar airlines says it wants a steak in the american market. >> this week just keeps getting better for amazon. the online retailer just signed huge athletic shoe and clothing account. >> heading to break.
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more news, weather, traffic after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv,
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>> one day after it was told it was rated as the best airline in the world forks qatar airlines is back in the news they want to buy a 10 percent stake in american airlines. the bid is unsolicited but the ceo's of both companies are talking. qatar submitted a filing subject to review by the antitrust division. qatar plans to buy $808 million in upon stock. >> nike no longer running from amazon. reports are the two are negotiating a deal to let nike sell its goods directly on amazon. it will reduce the sale of counterfeit goods. >> united airlines hoping a deep dish pizza will encourage you to fly the friendly skies. beginning july 1st the airline will offer economy passengers the
5:25 am
deep dish personal pizza s it will only be available on u.s. flights longer than three and a half hours or flights to canada mexico or the caribbean. the pizza will cost 10 bucks but for an extra $10 t-mo, you can get a beer to go with it. [laughter] >> that just might make we want to fly united i'm not going to lie. >> it's finally here. zip trip friday. today we are in annapolis. fox5 crew will be there from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. it's going to be me, tucker, it's going to be steve. do not let this forecast scare you. the rain should only be scatter probable , possibly clear by the time we get to good day. >> you won't melt unless you're a witch. [laughter] >> you're going. [laughter] >> i'm kidding. >> okay. you can tell it's friday, mike. we're a little giddy. >> yeah, yeah. we're all happy it's friday. yes, maureen you might want to watch out early a couple showers
5:26 am
annapolis not too long from now. by the time we get to good day we start to clear things up. heat index already of 80 degrees. winds out of the south and west at 10 bringing up that many moisture and humidity once again this morning. storm tracker showing right across d.c. there's some showers. i just poked my said outside it is a steady rain coming down. pockets of heavy rain along i-66. it's all moving west to east but once we get this band through here showers much more scattered out to the west behind it so again it should be -- it's far from a washout today. we'll put it that way. there's your planner for the day today. we'll go through this in detail coming up in just a few minutes. first back to erin como for a check of traffic. >> and the morning is just getting even busier right now. this is a live look melanie alnwick out there gathering more information. new york avenue northeast remains shut down in both directions between 295 as well as bladensburg road. this is a deadly crash investigation. four cars involved. three of those vehicles caught on fire. no word yet on
5:27 am
reopened. also keep in mind the on-ramp from 295 to 50 closed. outbound 50 traffic can take bladensburg road to benning road and inbound 50 traffic has to detour at 295. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we have metro delays on the blue and yellow line and an outer loop crash at 355 so lots to get to with your next report. back to you. >> fox5 news morning protection of ticketing -- protg yourself from memory loss could be as easy as bringing out a oil bottle from your cabinet. >> we're going to break. as we do let's take a live look outside. people getting up and going on this friday morning. 5:27 is our time right now, 78 muggy degrees. going to be a little wet this morning. it's okay, though, right? it's friday. >> ♪
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♪ say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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the remnants of the deadly storm which left behind several flooded and damaged communities is making its way to our region. what tapes? president trump says he never recorded any of his conversations with former fbi director james comey. but he is questioning comey's friendship with the special prosecutor in charge of the russia investigation. and the reigning county of professional basketball does it again. as a prince george's county native goes number one in the nba draft. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news
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>> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm wisdom martin. >> and i'm holly morris. today is friday june 23rd. >> erin como is busy watching the roads, mike thomas watching the skies talking about rain this morning. >> we got a little bit of rain moving through early this morning. it's some shower activity. let's take a look at your satellite and radar coming right across the district as we speak. light showers but enough to wet the roadways, maybe make the morning commute a little bit more of a hassle so leave yourself some extra time. steady rain along i6. this is mostly a morning event and not even all morning. by the time we get to the second half i think we're clearing things out and we get a little bit of sunshine through. temperatures warm it up this afternoon. it will be breezy. more details coming up in just a few minutes. that's a check of the forecast. guys i'll send it back over to you. >> ♪ >> thank you very much mike thomas. if you're just getting up let's get you caught up on breaking news from overnight. >> ma major deadly crash. several cars on fire at one point and as you can imagine this is impacting the morning commute. fox5's melanie alnwick is live there with the very
5:32 am
latest. hey, mel, what's the update? >> reporter: good morning, guys, it's kind of strange because it feels so quiet here because we have no vehicles coming on this very busy stretch of road, route 50, new york avenue here just coming from maryland into the d.c. line but there you can see in the distance where the flashing lights still are. that's where the crash is and as we're zooming in a little closer you can see some of the vehicles there. it's not as good as it should be honestly but we're so far back from the scene here for safety reasons. there's one car that's kind of up on the jersey wall, a few others askew in the middle of the road. three cars were on fire earlier this morning when this accident happened. d.c. fire and ems got to the scene. we know they put the fire out. one person was dead here on the scene. one person was trapped and had to be extricated from that vehicle. that person was also transported to the hospital in critical condition. there were two other people who were treated
5:33 am
scene. one for minor injuries and one we believe kind of refused treatment and walked away. we don't know the circumstances yet of the accident, how this happened. we're still waiting for d.c. police to finish up their investigation. you can see a couple of emergency vehicles. they keep coming in and out of here, so we're really not sure yet about how much longer it's going to be closed. i think we were hopeful that maybe within the hour it would wrap up but because we haven't seen really any movement with those vehicles there at the crash site, perhaps it could be a little bit longer. we'll stay on scene. hopefully we'll get more details from d.c. police as they start to wrap up their investigation. back to you guys. >> thanks mel. we'll check back in a little bit. breaking overnight in northern virginia a crash which has closed parts of route one. this happened just before midnight after a police chase in fairfax county. officers were going after a
5:34 am
crashed on northbound route one. the three men inside the vehicle were taken to the hospital. northbound route one remains closed between belford drive and ford son road. >> republican leaders facing an uphill battle in their push to replace the affect. four republicans raised concerns about the items in the bill creating a math problem when it comes time to vote. no democrat is expected to vote for the bill which means the republicans can only afford to have two no votes for the bill to pass. but members of both parties say they're willing to negotiate. >> we're open to negotiation but we want the bill to look more like a repeal. >> if this doesn't, which i hope it doesn't, pass we're willing to sit down and we'll get six or eight or 10 democrats at a minimum, maybe many, many more and truly work part by part. >> several polls suggest most americans are not in support of the senate's bill or the version approved in the house. many analysts say the bill would be harmful for low
5:35 am
anyone with preexisting medical conditions and anyone on medicaid. some have called it a bill which takes from the bar and pod gives to the rich because cutting taxes on a higher income americans is a key provision. >> prince george's county celebrating the nba draft. dematha graduate an upper marlboro native markel fultz wall selected number one overall by the sixers. >> fultz has set some lofty goals. he wants to be rookie of the year, wants to be m.v.p. as rookie. that's a big goal. fultz has come a long way because get this he was cut from his junior varsity team as a 5-foot 9-inch. and today he's 6-foot four and he's an nba guard and the topic in the draft. how about that for a success story. >> if that's not an inspirational story to kids everywhere i don't know what is. i think that was supposed to stay dematha high
5:36 am
graduate. listen dematha high school graduate, mike thomas. >> our top pick. >> we're stepping over mike's dog because it's national bring your dog to workday. >> yes. >> sid is amazing. >> you just win in all arenas. >> i was not joking when i said i i was cut by the basketball team. >> they looked at you and said there's higher calling for you. >> let's get to the weather forecast. there's a lot to talk about this morning. we got showers moving across the d.c. region as we speak. just some heavier steady rain just down i-66 probably going to move through d.c. in the next half hour or so. that's what we're watching. after that it's very, have light and scattered and then we'll probably even get a little bit of sun poking through before the morning is through.
5:37 am
it is thick and humid out there this morning. later this afternoon with a little sun we could make it into the upper 80's lower 90's feeling like the mid to upper 90's with the humidity. that's a look at weather. let's head to erin for traffic. >> it's a busy morning wanting to get all the crashes in order for you at 5:37. let's talk about this fatal crash on new york avenue in northeast. it's closing all lanes as melanie has been telling you. it's shut down in both directions. three cars were on fire earlier this morning. a fourth car involved as well. shut down between 295 and bladensburg road northeast. if you're headed outbound on new york avenue 50 you can exit at bladensburg road take that over to ben, road and if you're headed inbound from the maryland state line into the district exit 295, 295 shut down to 50 so you can continue south or exit well north of that point of 450 or 202. crashes on the outer loop at 355. inner loop in virginia at 50 and blue and yellow line delays. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. >> coming up on
5:38 am
morning, protecting yourself from memory loss could be as easy as pulling out an oil bottle. >> your birth month could be the reason why you're always sick. >> a live look across the dmv. time is 5:38, temperature 78 degrees. we're back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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♪ ♪
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>> research shows extra virgin olive oil may help prevent memory loss. temple university researchers found it could reduce conditions associated with alzheimer's. it's based on adding extra virgin olive oil to the diets of mice. alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia in the u.s. according to the centers for disease control and prevention alzheimer's cases are rising. in 20,135,000,000 americans had the disease. that number is expected to triple by 2050. >> there's a reason the flu vaccine wasn't as effective. it was about 42 percent effective in preventing the flu. the cdc is looking into whether certain brands offer more proteio
5:42 am
>> your birth month may mean more than just a gem. a new study says it determines what chronic diseases you're likely to develop. september babies were the least likely to suffer from chronic issues. they say seasonal changes may be to blame. >> september babies -- >> health is on your side. >> health is also on my side. >> i was in the 42 percent because i got a flu shot and i didn't win. >> we're winning big time. >> and its friday. >> yes. all right. 5:42 is the time right now. coming up on fox5 news morning, mississippi lawmakers approve a controversial religious bill -- religious objection bill igniting protests nationwide. >> johnny depp facing criticism for a joke he made about president trump. >> as we head to break right now two winners up here on the desk. live look outside across the dmv, 5:42, 78 degrees. back in a moment. >> ♪
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>> top story you'll hear about all day today. during an interview which airs later this morning on fox and friends the president says it's "bothersome that robert mueller is good friends with fbi director james comey." mueller is the special prosecutor investigating ties between the trump campaign and russia. when the president was asked if mueller should step down the president replied we're going have to see. the president's full interview with fox and friends airs later this morning. >> ♪
5:46 am
>> bow wow wow. >> ♪ >> sid get wisdom's breakfast. >> it's bring your dog to workday. >> for wisdom it was bring his oatmeal to work. sid was trying to get it. >> sid was trying to invade my territory. >> sid you want wisdom's oatmeal. >> maybe you shouldn't be eating in studio, how about that? >> he's got to fuel up. >> does sid even eat oatmeal. >> probably not. not that dry stuff. he likes mcdonald's, burger king. >> high end healthy food. >> exactly. >> i got you. okay. >> i know we've said this but sid is the best dog. if your job doesn't work out as a meteorologist you could be a dog trainer. >> only for goldens. they're easy to train. >> i don't know. he's pretty amazing. >> aside from bring your dog
5:47 am
to talk about. we're tracking what's left of sydney -- cindy. sydney, that's the dog's name. cindy is what's left of the tropical storm. it's a sad shell of its former self. 15 miles per hour winds is is all it's packing watch the track from the national hurricane center. your main event with sydney t-, i'm going to mess this up all morning. cindy's remnants -- [laughter] is going to be the rain tomorrow morning. but we do still have some showers well out ahead of the storm coming through d.c. this morning. closer look shows it coming right across d.c. or it did kind of wave one of light rain showers. heavier batch just off to our west coming through southern portions of loudoun county, about to enter fairfax county. that will cross d.c. here within the next half hour or so. after that it's mostly just scattered showers. there's futurecast at 7:30. it's probably a little slow with it. we're probably drying out a bit in d.c. at 7:30 a.m.
5:48 am
9 o'clock hour, maybe the sun comes through before the show is said and done here today t later on this afternoon more sunshine poking through and we'll get into some heat and humidity later this afternoon as well. there's your main event coming through saturday morning. don't be shocked if it wakes you up with some thunder and lightning early on saturday. we work our way into saturday afternoon, we get the sunshine back and temperatures warm up once again into the lower 90's. there's our fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast. 88 today. 90 tomorrow. and then after we get that front through here saturday late morning, start to clear things out, humidity falls and temperatures next week very cool for late june. that's a check of the forecast. erin is back this morning with traffic. >> i need puppy cuddle. it's a rough morning. >> nothing beats puppy cuddles. >> new york avenue closed in both directions between 295 and bladensburg road. also 295 the ramp to 50 is shut down. that's causing huge backups. this is a deadly crash
5:49 am
melanie alnwick getting more information. three vehicles were on fire earlier this morning. a fourth one involved as well. so let's get to our maps and help you detour around this. huge delays. traffic is basically parked 50 inbound coming from maryland from 202 to that closure point where you're forced to divert at 295 southbound so please choose an alternate this morning. take the beltway to another route that's best for your location and also keep in mind because 295 the ramp to 50 is closed and you're forced to continue on 295 southbound huge delays to riverdale park. you're actually stacked up to 450 already. exit at 4:50 that will help you. headed outbound toward the beltway on new york avenue just keep in mind bladensburg road is your best exit there and take it over to benning road. we have other big problems. a quick live look outside. on the inner loop we're dealing with a crash. this one is out as you make your way past arlington boulevard. 70 up in maryland dealing with a crash blue and yellow line delays. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you. >> ♪ >> 5:49 is the time. an update on a story you saw first on
5:50 am
tensions high at a jam packed prince george's county board of education meeting in for the first time dr. kevin maxwell spoke publically about allegations of grade changing and fraud to boost the graduation rate though he's still refusing to talk to us one-on-one. our annie yu though is live with us now to tell us a little bit about what went down. >> hey holly and wisdom. a lot of people out there demanding answers. we have been following this for weeks now. we've been asking to speak to school ceo dr. kevin maxwell for weeks now about these very serious allegations and though he is still refusing to speak to us one-on-one he did speak publically last night to a room filled with people who stand on both sides of this issue. he specifically addressed the allegations being made by four school board members of grade fixing to boost the graduation rate in the county. now, prior to the meeting, right outside frustrated teachers and parents rallied. the group in support of the board members who contacted the state alleging that widespread corruption allowed hundreds of students to graduate without meeting
5:51 am
board member edward burroughs one of the four board members and he says additional people have come forward since these allegations were brought to light. fox5 has spoken to a number of teachers and school employees who say the board members' allegations are correct. however, the county executive is denying corruption claims and schools ceo dr. maxwell is firing back denying any wrongdoing. take a listen. >> the false allegations about our graduation rates strike at everything that prince george's county schools stand for past, present and future. these allegations denigrate why teachers teach and why principals lead. they are a personal attack on every teacher, counselor, administrator and employee in this system. >> now, this issue has clearly divided county leaders and school staff with some begging for the state to investigate and others denying that there's any possibility of fraud. now every day this week we can tell you
5:52 am
the maryland state department of ed whether it will investigate or not. so far no one has responded. we've also reached out to maryland governor larry hogan and his office tells fox5 that they are continuing to look into this issue and the governor will be in touch with us once he returns from his trip. over you to guys. >> annie thank you. 5:52 is the time. here's a developing story. bill cosby wants to spread the word to young people about that sexual assault. this is according to tmz which cites a good day alabama interview with a cosby spokesperson. this comes days after a judge declared a mistrial in his sexual assault case. cosby's spokes people say he plans a series of town halls this summer beginning in july. the town halls will focus on warning signs and the accusation that is could follow. by the way cosby's retrial is expected to happen in the next week -- the next 100 or so days. >> 5:52 is our time right now. let's go ahead and take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media with our realtime news tracker. >> first up a controversial religious objection bill is approved in
5:53 am
it has faced which were criticism from the lgbt community. the bill seeks to protect by law the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and prevents government intervention when churches or businesses act based upon their religious plea or their moral conviction. >> actor johnny depp made controversial comments about president trump. depp was introducing a screening of his film the libertine when he started talking about president trump. he told the crowd when was the last time an actor assassinated a president. this isn't the first time depp has spoken out publicly against the president. >> grizzly bears ar will be takn off the endangered list. >> coal company murray energy suing hbo and last week tonight host john oliver for defamation. it's over a story that aired last week about the coal industry. murray energy is accusing hbo of a vicious and false attack on the coal industry. >> college freshmen made history dung
5:54 am
for the first time the top five picks all freshman. philadelphia 76ers took washington guard markelle fultz with the number one. lakers lon so ball celtics drafted jason tatum. third pick josh jackson got the fourth pick to the taney numbers suns and number five sacramento begins selected den ken's darren fox. >> why don't we do away with the fact they have to go to college for a year. why ken they go to the high canh school to the nba. >> and then we would do away with all the one and donees. donees enter a world of imagination. tend to see an unbelievable circus performance. >> five lucky people will get five tickets to the universoul tickets. go to fox5 d.c. facebook page now
5:55 am
enter for a chance to win. five winners selected by random drawing june 26th. all entrants must be 18 or older. complete rules available ton >> universoul circus. >> what is it. >> it's universoul circus. >> okay. >> have you ever ne never been. i've never been. >> it's amazing. >> today we're in annapolis the fox5 crew. they'll be there from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. maureen tucker barnes steve chenevey they're all going to be there and they would love to see you. come on out take some selfies, shake some hand. have a party. >> do not let the rain dissuade you. go out. it's going to be a good time. time for the facebook fan of the day. who are those two good looking people oh and the lady, too. that is miss evelyn davis the most gorgeous one in those photos. she's turned 95 years old. i remember
5:56 am
this was the zip trip in bowie. you don't remember that? i totally remember her. i was like can i look half as good as you when i'm 95. pictures with wisdom and i its an early birthday gift. >> miss evelyn has six children 13 grandchildren 20 great grandchildren and 12 grate great grandchildren and they're all wishing her a very happy birthday. >> 95 years young. hey mike thomas. >> tracking showers across the region this morning. here comes the heavier rain coming through loudoun county, fairfax county right now so get ready for that here in d.c. after that, look behind it. some light scattered showers thinning out a bit as they come out of the mountains. maybe a little bit of a drier second half of the weekend. john snow up against max scherzer tonight. "game of thrones" night at nats park. now let's get over to erin como for a check of traffic. >> we have so many problems. we just did a little facebook live video to help you with your work arounds. deadly crash investigation has new york avenue in northeast shut down
5:57 am
bladensburg road. outbound traffic can exit at bladensburg and take benning road. inbound traffic should detour at 202 or take the beltway. 295 backed up to 450 already because you can't exit on to 50. take 450 in. give yourself extra time. we'll keep you posted on that. we have blue line delays and yellow line delays. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we got you covered on this busy friday morning commute. we'll be right back with your 6 o'clock hour. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ at perdue, we take some unexpected
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> breaking right now at 6:00, we are on the scene of a deadly crash on new york avenue in northeast d.c. traffic is expected to be impacted for some time. we'll have a live update straight ahead. >> plus republicans making what could be a final push in the senate for an obamacare replacement and the vote could be days away. democrats saying not so fast. >> and a live look outside on this friday june 23rd. beautiful shot of annapolis. we have the crew out there until about 11 o'clock today. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. first we say good morning and welcome to fox5 news morning on this friday. i'm annie yu in for allison seymour. >> we'll check in with steve chenevey. tucker barns is there is well. we'll begin with breaking news out of northeast d.c. this morning one person


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