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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> fox5 news morning prince george's county school system facing a wave of corruption allegations. now maryland governor larry hogan is stepping in. >> travel ban debate p the supreme court is believed to be days away from issuing a ruling on president trump's controversial ban on travelers from six majority muslim countries. >> live look outside. we are in for a mild june day. temperatures reaching the low 80's. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm holly morris. it is monday, june 26th. >> let's do out. checking in with caitlin roth for weather, erin como for traffic. caitlin what's the headline. >> good morning o the headline is the great weather from the weekend carrying over into the weekend. cooler than normal temperatures with low hudi
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still ahead. >> right now traffic is still moving along just fine on the roads. metro some changes to the fares and the timing, even though safe track wrapped up yesterday we'll help you stay in the know with everything about metro as well. >> thank you both of you. now at 5:01 let's get you caught up on what developed overnight. >> we're going to begin in the district where several people were shot overnight along southern avenue southeast. our melanie alnwick was first to report from the scene this morning and she joins us live now with the latest. mel. >> reporter: hey, good good morning, maureen and holly. and southern avenue back opened o-the bulk of the police investigation over from this shooting that started at 11:15 last night. you can still see in the and gardens corporation apartments a couple of police cars c still here. that is where most of the victims were shot, this entrance parking lot area to the apartment complex. what we understand is it appears that the sho
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apartment complex lot. the parking lot area where there was a crowd of people standing around. five to seven people as -- is what we understand shot in this. tough to tell because some of them were not transported, some were just showing up at hospitals. d.c. police still trying to connect all of the dotts here. we saw up to 60 evidence markers, more than 60 evidence markers here on the street. i understand there was a lot of gunfire here. fortunately, though, at this point none of those gunshot wounds appear to be life-threatening but again, police are still trying to count all of the victims, assess all of the injuries. still not a lot of information either in terms of a lookout, whether there was one shooter, more than one shooter, was there a vehicle involved. not getting a ton of information at this point from that witnesses here on the scene but, of course, as you know, d.c. police will continue to work this investigation. if we have anything else there to put out t
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public of course we'll do that t live in southeast, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> thanks mel. major update on a story you saw first here on fox5. maryland governor larry hogan is calling an investigation into fraud. four prince george's county school board members contacted governor hogan saying they have evidence hundreds of students have graduated without meeting state requirements. the claims allege that that counselors and teachers were pressured to give passing grades to students who had not earned them. it's a charge prince george's county schools ceo dr. kevin maxwell has repeatedly denied including in public at last week's school board meeting. dr. maxwell has denied repeated requests for an interview with fox5 but last night gave us this statement. "from the beginning i have maintained politics l
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the heart of these accus accusations. we look forward to collaborating to resolve this matter ." dr. maxwell has the support of the majority of the board. they wrote their own letter to the state last week blasting the grade inflation claims and last night based on fox5's latest reporting on the governor calling for an investigation, the chair of the school boards eubanks tweeted this quote. what a shocker. fox5 continues to break new ground on this investigation. coming up at 7:30 on fox5 news morning state delegate jaywalker will join us live. he heads the prince george's county delegation in the maryland general assembly. he's discuss concerns over a prior state investigation done >> we still do not know what caused a deadly apartment building fire in northwest
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that blaze broke out early saturday morning. yesterday officials found a man's body in the rubble. no word yet on his name. we'll know more after an autopsy is performed. 200 people were forced out of their homes because of the fire. crews worked for nearly 12 hours to knock out the flames. in the district the search continue for a missing mom and her daughter t25-year-old michelle man lean 21 month old daisy were last seen on june 15 but they were reported thissing this weekend. they were last seen in the 1400 block of holbrook street in northeast. if you've seen them you're asked to call police. >> more questions about possible political interference in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. the leaders of the senate judiciary committee sent a letter to former attorney general loretta lynch wanting to know what role she may have had in shutting down the fbi's investigation. questions about lunch's role were raised during the committee's investigation into the circumstances surrounding president trump's firing of former fbi director james
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comey. lynch says she will that fully cooperate. >> checking in with caitlin roth for our weather forecast. good morning. >> good morning maureen. beautiful start out there. so, we're back to work. no one really had as to go back to school. lucky kids. they'll have fantastic weather this week. we all will. it's even getting a little bit cooler. low humidity. it's rare we get a stretch that of i feel like in june, july or august but we'll do it this week for a few days. 70 at reagan right now. look how cool it is when you get away from the city. 61 bwi, 57 frederick, that's jacket weather and 57 manassas, 53 in c culpeper. mostly sunny skies, 77 i 11:00 a.m., 81 by 2:00 p.m., 83 by 5 o'clock. try to be outside before the heat and humidity returns. i'll have that in
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it is now 5:06. 5:06. erin. >> on-time traffic brought to you by about the at a. visit buy a for special offers. >> we have a big problem right now on the inner loop by van dorn street. a crash with the right shoulder and left shoulder blocked. we have some debris reported out there as well. looks like the right lane is now blocked as well. traffic squeezing through those center lanes very slowly. at one point you can see just one lane getting by right now. they've blocked off several right lanes. this situation just developing. initially the crash was just blocking the left and right shoulders. one lane slowly squeezing by. watch for delays. again that's the inner loop by van dorn street. delays are just starting to build. outer loop looking good. watch for a rubberneck delay. aside from that, the top side of the beltway looking good. not seeing any problems on 395. we have the hov lanes and main lanes flowing freely as you pass duke street. all metro rail lines on time. we have some service adjustments. we'll check in with them next. back to you. >> thank you
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rescue efforts under way after a deadly boat accident in colombia. >> a young girl falls several feet from an amusement park ride and walks away with only minor injuries. >> heading to break with a live look across the d.c. region, it's 5:08, 69 degrees. we're back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> 5:08. nine people are dead another 28 missing after a tourist boat sank in colombia. search and rescue operations are under way. happened on a reservoir near medellin. there are reports the boat was overcrowded and started to rock back and forth before sinking. >> more than a hundred people are dead after an oil tanker flipped and exploded in pakistan. huge black clouds of smoke filled the skies as rescue crews worked to take the injured to the hospital. officials say the injury count is at 140 wounded, 40 of heim are in critical condition t charred motorcycles could be seen lying in the streets near the explosion. the tanker had been driving to a port city when the driver lost control and collapsed on the highway. >> police in england say terrorism was not a motive behind a car crashing in new castle. are police report the driver was a woman who had actually been there to take part in the celebrations with family.
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children were injured. investigators have not yet said how the crash happened. comes just six days after a man drove a van into a crowd muslim worshipers near a mosque in northern london. >> passengers were 90 minutes into their flight from australia to kuala lumpur when the plane began shaking violently. some passengers described it like being inside washing machine. minutes later the pilot got on the loudspeaker to tell the passengers they needed to start praying. the plane was able to turn around and land safely back in australia. the shaking was attributed to a engine malfunction. >> here's a story you'll hear about today. a 14-year-old girl is in stable condition with minor injuries after falling 25 feet from an amusement park ride at six flags great he is today nip queensbury new york. the girl was dangling from the ride and a crowd of people quickly gathered underneath her to catch where they she fell. on the
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tree and fell into the arms of about a half dozen guests and park security. >> you don't know what to do. you understand that, you know, somebody falling could cause damage to you or whoever you are catch it with but it's better off to suffer a minor injury to save someone from a serious injury and that's what those guys ultimately did. >> there is no word what led to the girl falling out of the ride. six flags relieved a statement saying "the safety and security of our guests is our top priority. there does not appear to be any malfunction of the ride but we have closed the attraction until a thoreau review of the ride can be completed. >> scarily. >> right. >> 5:11. coming up on fox5 news morning a number of state and local government web sites are hacked by a group claiming to be isis. >> comments about serena williams by tennis great john mcenroe has a number of people speaking out on social media. >> as we head to break, let's take a live look across the d.c. region now. 5:11, very pleasant 69 degrees ou
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for the last week in june, come on o caitlin will talk about the forecast, erin will update you on the traffic when we come back. z2d1iz z16fz
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>> ♪ >> time right now is 5:14. let's take a look at the top stories we're following for you on monday. maryland governor larry going hogancalling for an investigati. four prince george's county school board members contactd the governor hogan saying they have evidence hundreds of students have graduated without meeting state requirements. the claims allege that counselors and teachers were pressured to give passing grades to students who hadn't earned them. >> time right now is 5:14. a look at the stories we're following for you today monday june 26th. the howard county government web site hacked over the weekend. on sunday the web site was left with a
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isis. it said "president trump will be held accountable for every drop of blood flowing in muslim countries. ." team system ds claimed to be behind the attack. new york and ohio had similar messages. officials say this was part of a larger hack attack. the field office in baltimore is is assisting. >> this is the final week of the current court session before the summer break. the justice department is asking the supreme court for permission to enforce the second version of the executive order while they appeal rulings against it from the lower courts. president trump wants to severely limit travelers from six predominantly muslim nations from entering the country. >> ♪ >> 5:15 is the time. before we get you the weather want to show you the shot of the inner loop of van dorn shut down beca because of an accident. details from erin in a moment and perhapsny
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you need to know pow. let's check in with caitlin for our first check of the weather. good morning to you. >> maureen good morning. very busy on the roads. not busy in the skies though. we've got great weather ahead for the day and most of the work week. sunshine, low humidity, what a treat this time of year when we don't have the humidity. guess what? we're not knot goingto have it again. we're talking 50 for just about everyone overnight. shocking too. more clouds, possibly a shower on tuesday as we've got some real cool air moving in overhead. that could generate enough instability for a shower maybe a thunderstorm. otherwise we'll see sunshine and temperatures only in the 70's for tuesday. late week warming trend t-it will be feeling like sumner d.c. before you know it. probably by thursday, though. 70 degrees outside in d.c. right now. 60 in baltimore, 66 in annapolis. look at these 50's. 56 gaithersburg, 57 frederick, 55 winchester. jacket weather and that's all across the midwest especially from the mountains off towards our west.
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57 in pittsburgh, 56 in detroit, 65 new york so despite the fact that we're 70 70 degrees at reagan national most of us. high pressure in control. so much in control it will shove the jet stream down towards our south o uncharacteristic when you get that canadian air mass overhead. we like to do that in the wind wintertime. mostly sunny outside today, 83 degrees. just a few passing clouds. it's warm but with low humidity and a nice breeze, it's really, really nice. and then we're about 10 degrees below normal for tomorrow. tuesday the cool left day of the work week 77 with the slight chance of a thunderstorm. fantastic on wednesday, sunny and 82. we heat back up on thursday, humidity returns on friday and then the thunderstorm chances by
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wonderful weather to be outside. you don't see that in late june very often. >> as you wake up right now huge problems bottom of the beltway. this is the inner loop ativan dorn street. previously one left lane crawling by. right now emergency response to a crash has all lanes completely blocked and traffic after telegraph road is just stuck there waiting to get through. best at advice exit at telegraph road. give yourself extra time. inner loop ativan dorn bleat completely blocked, all lanes not moving at all. traffic parked waiting to squeeze by that crash scene. outer loop watch for a bit of a rubberneck delay on and off huge responses. working on gathering more information about that crash and give you any updates as to when they're going to be able toilet any lanes through. let's go to our maps. we have a big problem in anne arrundel. 70 right now row boulevard closed 234 both directions. that is also blocking everything east, west on 50. you cannot use the ramp 24a to get 70 to the
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again from two -- to and from 50. alternate route in place. allow for extra time. 70 closure and crash is also impacting your on and off ramps at 50. metro update safe track work complete. all rail lines on time. we have metro changes in terms of time. 5:00 a.m. today until 11:30 p.m. that schedule in effect through thursday. if you have any questions about the fares at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we'll try to keep you moving today. back to you holly and maureen. >> ♪ >> it's 5:19. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media with our realtime news tracker. >> a university of delaware professor is looking for a new job after comments she made about otto warmbier. anthropology professor detwiler posted on facebook that she thought warmbier deserved to die. the university of delaware says they will not rehire the professor. >> the new jersey city police department system looking for a cheaper alternative to body
5:20 am
camera. there's an app called cop app that turns cell phones into the body cameras. >> yesterday pride parades happened across the country and things turned political at some of the parades like this one in minneapolis, minnesota. organizers banned officers from attending because of the unrest surrounding the death of philando castile. castile was shot and killed by a police officer during a routine traffic stop last summer. the officer involved was recently acquitted. >> chelsea manning the transgender former u.s. army soldier who spent seven years in prison for sharing classified documents was at the pride parade any new york city. it was manning's first pride march since being released from prison. manning tweeted she was honored to represent the aclu at the march snore john mcenroe talking about serene florida williams. in an interview he says williams would be rank add 700th if she played in the men's circuit. he says
5:21 am
a fantastic player but the men's circuit is "an entirely different story." do we have to have -- wasn't it the arthur ashe-billie jean king. >> whatever. >> you know what -- john stay quiet. >> sit and move on. >> 5:21 is the time. coming up, a japanese company at the center of one of the largest auto recalls files for bankruptcy protection. >> good and bad weekend for the fifth movie in the transformers series. >> heading to break with a with a live look of the d.c. region. no, you don't want any red wine right now. blank
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>> there's good and bad news for transform terse last night. it scored a franchise low debut but it testimony top the box office this weekend with an estimated $43.5 million in ticket sales. the movie starring mark wahlberg and anthony hopkins is the fifth in the transformer series. "wonder woman" tied in second with cars three. >> we are just four days away from our next zip trip. happens this friday june 30th. we'll be live in stafford county virginia from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. i'
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allison and tucker also both going to be there and of course we would love for you to be there as well. >> all right. >> it was bobby rigs and billie jean king not arthur ashe but the moral of the story is that the woman won the battle of the sexes on the tennis court. i'm just saying. that's an important reminder. >> with these three women plus another one coming at you. >> all girls show today. >> we like it that way here at fox5. all right. beautiful morning out there. it's still dark but we're approaching a very nice sunrise. getting light at this hour. 5:25. amazing how much daylight you have around the summer solstice. you still got daylight past 9 o'clock at night. look at these temperatures outside its fantastic that it's june 26th and you're starting out in the 50's. 52 in manassas, that's like grab a sweater or jacket before you head to
5:26 am
not that you would have one available it's late june in d.c. but you know what i mean. it will be sunny bright and beautiful. it's still warm. 83 for the high temperature in washington, 80 in gaithe gaithersburg. but only 77 in martinsburg, 78 hagerstown but with low humidity that makes all the difference to a refreshing summer afternoon. cool on tuesday, high of 77. low of 60 wednesday morning. wednesday's beautiful. it gets a little warmer thursday. we have a mainly quiet week aside from a slight chance of a thunderstorm on tuesday. we'll save those thunderstorms for the weekend. busy morning on the roads so far. >> it's a mess on the inner loop right now. a crash investigation on the inner loop has all lanes blocked at van dorn street. telegraph road last point you can exit, exit at telegraph road and work around. unfortunately traffic stuck just after telegraph road before that van dorn street. outer loop dealing with a rubberneck
5:27 am
hopefully this will reopen soon. it this could cause huge delays as more folks hit the roads. if we can take a look at our i-net camera, rogue boulevard shut down at 50. also keep in mind the on and off ramps at 50 to rogue boulevard closed. row boulevard ramps closed. use your alternate there as well. then for metro safe track work complete we're on time except we have schedule adjustments. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you. >> 5:27 right now. coming up, new study suggests your sleep problems could all be your parents' fault. >> i know, right. and newspaper schedules and higher fares coming to metro transit. >> live look in d.c. this morning. people getting up and going ready to take on another week. 69 degrees right now. we have more news to share on the other side. you're watching fox5 news morning. >> ♪
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>> today on fox5 news morning, prince george's county school system is facing a wave of corruption allegations. now maryland governor larry hogan is stepping in. new questions. lawmakers on capitol hill are opening a new probe into the clinton e-mail scandal. and driver beware. new parking rules
5:31 am
effect today in the district. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> thank you for joining us, i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm holly morris. today is monday june 26. >> that it is. caitlin roth is doing our weather and erin como has got traffic. caitlin what's the headline. >> what a fantastic weekend it was and it's going to be just as nice except cooler shockingly. i'll have a look at your seven-day forecast just ahead. erin. >> big problems on the roads in anne arrundel. 70 row boulevard closed. inner loop completely shut down at van dorn street. >> here's what's breaking overnight. several people shot on southern avenue in the district. happened around 11:15 last night in the parking lot of the southern homes and gardens cooperation apartments. right now we are told five to seven people were shot. people say no injuries
5:32 am
to be life-threatening at this time. >> developing overnight in fairfax county the search for a missing woman, her picture is on your screen right now, this is 58-year-old linda royal. she was last seen around 7:00 near her home in fairfax. police say linda suffers from a mental illness. 5:32. we want to turn to major new developments regarding the claims of grade inflation at some prince george's county high schools. all in an alleged effort to boost graduation rates. >> fox5's lindsey watts was first to break the news of the claims one week ago. then last night lindsey broke the news that maryland's governor is formally asking the state board of education to launch a major new investigation. here's her report. >> reporter: after claims of corruption to boost the prince george's county graduation rate, governor larry hogan says the state board of ed needs to take immediate steps to begin a complete
5:33 am
and exhaustive investigation. four prince george's county school board members contacted hogan saying they have evidence hundreds of students have graduated without meeting state requirements, that there's systemic corruption from the top down. the head of schools, dr. kevin maxwell, has strongly denied this calling the claims politically motivated. governor hogan points out that the four board members aren't the only elected leaders coming forward that state senator anthony mews was on fox5 saying he's heard testimony from teachers and guidance counselors about alleged fraud. state dell wait j walker has also called for an investigation. fox5 has spoken to teachers saying students have been pushed through who haven't earn their diploma. everyone has told us speaking publically would put their job on the line. hogan says he wants to get to the truth and
5:34 am
whistle blowers receive protection under the law. >> dr. maxwell gave a statement "from the beginning i have maintained politics lie at the root of these accusations. there has been no systemic over to the promote students who did not meet state graduation requirements in order to inflate our graduation rates. we look forward to collaborating with the maryland state department of education to resolve this matter ." maxwell has a support of the majority of the board. they wrote their letter to the state blasting the grade inflation claims. last night based on fox5's latest reporting on the governor calling for a investigation, the chair of the school board new banks treated were this whet. what a shocker republican governor who has cut millions from prince george's county public schools now joins those doubting our students' achievements. >> fox5 continues to break new ground on this major investigation. coming up at 7:30 this morning state delegate jaywalker will join us live. he
5:35 am
a prior state investigation done on the same issue. >> 5:34. new this morning more questions about possible interference in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal t the leaders of the senate judiciary committee sent a letter to former attorney general loretta lynch. they want to know more about what role she may have had in shutting down the fbi's investigation. questions about lynch's role were raised during the committee's investigation into the james comey firing. lynch says she "will cooperate fully." >> ♪ >> heads up for drivers in the district. beginning today rush hour parking rules will change across much of the district. ddot is reinstating its standard rush hour parking limits of 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. last year they extender the the restrictions by 30 minutes in the morning and evening hours to help alleviate the impact of metro's safe track program. >> all right. 5:35 is our time. >> good morning. >> happy to s
5:36 am
in today. >> great to be here. yes, you know, a couple days where i'm happy to be done by noon and then be outside. >> i hear you. >> because it's going to be amazing. >> were you out much this weekend. >> the whole weekend. >> we were like finding reasons and finding things to do outside because we were like we have to take advantage of this. >> i know and it's usually the time of year when you're trying go from one air conditioner to the other. we'll have great weather today, tomorrow and wednesday. very comfortable 70 at reagan national, 61 at dulles, 60 at bwi. when you're starting outside the city around 60s or in the 60s not only is that pretty rare for late june but it feels really great out there. that means we have very low humidity overnight. satellite and radar just showing clear skies right now. we'll have a a lot of sunshine today just like the past two afternoons. 77 by 11:00 a.m. 83 is the high temperature later this afternoon. beautiful weather forecast. not so great to start on the roads. it's a
5:37 am
taking the inner loop, right erin. >> that's right. 5:36. right now all lanes blocked on the inner loop before van dorn street. traffic is parked from eisenhower avenue to approaching van dorn street because of that closure. hour slowing down with a rubberneck delay. my best advice to you exit at telegraph road and take that around. no word yet on when they're going to be able to reopen it. a serious crash and accident reconstruction is under investigation so big problems out there. we'll take a look at our maps. aside from that one we have big problems in anne arrundel this morning. we are dealing with 70 shut down in both directions with a tractor-trailer crash. it's also impacting the on and off ramps 270 and 50 in both directions. row boulevard dealing with big problems. all metro rail lines on time right now. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter back to you. >> coming up, controversial former sheriff with a history of being tough on crime goes on trial today. >> and if you're having trouble sleeping your problem could be
5:38 am
environment. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. it's 5:37, 69 degrees. we will be back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ♪ ♪ pro-tip for making ribs: don't go it alone. get these great smoked ribs. thanks. sure.
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george's county, eulalio tordil will appear in court for a hearing he has been indicted on charges of first degree murder and attempted murder. he shot and killed his wife in a parking lot and shot four other people killing two. >> martin shkreli is back in the headlines. his securities fraud trial set to begin with jury selection today and his hours are advising him to keep quiet before the trial t shkreli has gone online to call members of congress. >> joe arpeo faces up to six months in jail if convicted. he was his town sheriff for 24 years before losg
5:42 am
for reelection last year. >> in health news, you have trouble sleeping at night? dutch study identified seven genes. they say women are more prone to having sleep problems than men because of genetic mutations linked to sleep. >> you know what will take care of your sleep problems. >> what. >> working our shift. it will overpower anything in your genes just us as i yawn. coming up on fox5 news morning a massive wildfire leads to the evacuation of some 2000 people. >> and you will never believe what every day item is selling for $180 on a high end fashion web site. >> as we head to break we're looking once again at the inner loop. this is ativan dorn exit as you can see is completely shut down, a section of the beltway is closed. of course erin will have the very latest in just a few minutes. she'll have some work around too in order to help you
5:43 am
5:42 is our time, we're at 69 degrees. fox5 news morning is back after this
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♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> oh, yeah. 5:45 is our time right now. and we are feeling happy on a monday, right? >> yes. >> we're feeling happy because the weather's nice. >> uh-huh. >> the ladies are in the loft. >> i was just thinking that's exactly why we're happy. the all girl show today. no complaints at all. >> good morning. >> good morning to y
5:46 am
>> yes, you, too. i was just thinking this time of year, so school is out, summer beginning, vacation seasons and when you have nice weather, too, you can't go wrong, right? >> perfect day. >> on a monday we're feeling good. tracking is cooling trend believe it or not here. late june cooling trend which just means it's going to feel nice out here, probably the way it does during the summer when you get a little bit further north of washington but temperatures out there right now to start you off early on this morning, 70 degrees here in washington but it's a comfortable 70 with low humidity. winds out of the west-northwest ushering in that really nice air mass that is allowing many of us to start the day not just in the 60's but the 50's. look at this. 52 in manassas. i want to drive there just to see what that feels like for june 26. that is incredible. 56 in gaithersburg, 55 in frederick, 60 baltimore, 66 in annapolis and 64 in quantico. so, when you start off to school with some sunshine you're going know you're going have a very nice afternoon. fox futurecast let's takeou
5:47 am
generally quiet weather from the weekend carrying over into this week. few afternoon will allow for temperatures rising into the low 80's. we have a secondary cold front that will swing through overnight into tuesday. it's going to bring more clouds for tomorrow but what it's really going do is reinforce the cool air so that high temperatures are not even getting out of the 70's. that's tuesday. maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon with that cold air aloft. otherwise it will be a generally very nice day. so, what to expect going forward? jet stream heading south during the fall, during the winter, during the spring. maybe not good news but during the summer that's awesome news. high temperatures in the low 80's today. 70's towards our north and we'll only do 70's for tomorrow so mostly sunny, a nice breeze low humidity 83 today. tonight 64 and that's in washington. so, not only are we talking about widespread 50's but maybe even an upper 40's showing up in the mountains. we'll have to wait for tomorrow morning for that. 77 is the high pressure tomorrow, tuesday slight chance of a
5:48 am
things back up. it turns humid if you're more of a fan of the heat and humidity we're back it on friday. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. great news here unfortunately erin como been busy start to the monday morning, busy start to the work week. >> yeah, that's right caitlin. we're seeing delays growing. this is the inner loop before van dorn street. you can see all lanes completely shut down. crash reconstruction scene there, debris as well reported and i want to show you a look at the backup. you can exit at eisenhower avenue you're stacked up over 2 miles completely parked before telegraph road to approaching that closure. your best bet, exit at route one, take that over to duke street, hook onto 395 before 395 fromthere. right now it's over a 45 minute delay from before telegraph road to eisenhower a traffic completely parked. all lanes blocked at the inner loop just before van dorn street so we're seeing such huge delays. we'll let you know as soon as they're abl
5:49 am
traffic on that portion of the inner loop by but i'd avoid it right now. as you make your way from the maryland state line toward virginia starting to see those backups even more because you know the drill. things really start to back up later in the morning from branch avenue through the wilson bridge. let's switch from this huge problem we're dealing with and take a look at our maps. rowe boulevard closed in both directions due a single vehicle crash. a tractor-trailer blocking the roadway. crash reported at centreport pparkway. for metro safe track work was complete yesterday so the red line back to normal. we have some metro changes. keep in mind monday through thursday 5:00 in the morning to 11:30 p.m., those are the new hours. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you holly and maureen. >> thanks erin. 5:49 is our time. more than 2,000 people have fled hotels camp sites and homes as a huge
5:50 am
rips through southern spain. the fire started on saturday night on spain's southern coast. then advanced east to reach the follow nature reserve one of the country's most important wildlife sanctuaries. more than 60 firefighters and air units are on the scene fighting the fire. no injuries reported. >> one person dead after an area craft crashed into a day care in fort myers florida. two people were on board o the passenger did not survive, the pilot seriously injured. the piper aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff and now the faa and ntsb are looking into what caused the crash. luckily no one was inside the day care at the time. >> incredible video of a rescue in alabama. a group of by that stands formed a human chain. the group coaxed the woman to the back of her vehicle and then formed a human chain to help pull her to safety. the woman is expected to be okay. >> ♪ >> 5:57. ba
5:51 am
web the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> in saint louis missouri a police officer is on administrative leave after shooting a fellow officer he had mistaken for a suspect. the chase ended near the home of an off duty officer so he stepped outside with his department issued weapon looking to help. his attorney says that's when he was shot in the arm by a fellow cop who had mistaken him for one of the suspects. the two officers work together in the same department. >> senator bernie sanders and his wife jane are lawyering up. the the two are under investigation for bank traveled the fbi is looking into whether sanders' wife falsified bank documents to obtain a $10 million loan to expand burlington college. she was president of that college from 2004 to 2011. jane is accused of inflating donor contributions. senator sanders says the whole thing is
5:52 am
motivated. >> president trump is breaking tradition t the commander-in-chief did not host a dinner like other press presidentser. >> the ongoing feud between nicki minaj and remi ma doesn't look like it's going to end any time soon. at the bet awards remi ma took home the ward for best hip hop actress. it's an ward that nicki minaj has previously won every year since 2010. >> now you know why it matter pass. do we? when you need to keep important papers together, a paper clip always comes in handy, right? well, luxury designer prada decided to get in the market. they're going to sell one for $185. the product is actually a paper clip shaped money clip. >> oh, okay o. of course it has the word prada on one side. it's made i
5:53 am
polished sterling silver. >> since you put it that way. >> exactly. >> $185 is steal. >> crazy. >> also trending this morning tim tebow getting a promotion with the mets. the mets are elevating him from a low single a to a high a. tebow's numbers aren't that impressive. 69 strikeouts in 63 games with a batting average of .222 including three home runs. >> magical light show marking 20 years since the debut of the first harry mother book. the release of jk rollings and the philosopher's stone was released on june 26, 1997. to celebrate, the central building of hogwarts universal is lit up light show. it will run throughout the summer. >> we are four days away from our n
5:54 am
june 30. we will be in stafford county virginia from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. allison, holly, tucker they'll all be there. we hope you will too. it's going to be amazing. stafford virginia here we come. >> road trip. >> yup. >> 5:54. that means it's time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. >> oh. >> aww. good morning rosa estevez. she was nominated by her daughter monica. >> monica says rosa is a recovering from a brain aneurysm and a stroke and she wants to thank fox5 for keeping her mother updated on the news every day. you are so welcome rosa. love the coordination. >> i know. i might need this in my life. >> thank you for tuning in. we wish you a very speedy recovery. >> ♪ >> caitlin let's go ahead and talk about -- this might be the best week of the summer so far. >> without a doubt because this doesn't rulli happen.
5:55 am
great weather from the weekend carrying over into the work week and a little bit cooler. you can have the windows opened on the drive in to worth we might not have to just only be in air conditioning building the next couple days. slipping into the 60's at reagan national, 69 dulles, 62 bwi 60 and many of our suburban starts starting off in the 50's even the though 50's so that that is grab a said or jacket if you find one out there on a very comfortable monday morning. clear skies overhead and nats are playing later on this afternoon. it's a 4 o'clock game, beautiful afternoon for baseball. kids are out of school. got to fill their days. eight hundred thirty-first pitch. high temperatures in the low 80's. look at tomorrow. seven-day forecast showing unusually cool weather without the clouds and hours to t there's a slight chance of a shower on tuesday but really just partly cloudy skies, 77, that's it. 82 for wednesday, sunny and pleasant and then we heat back up, turns hot and humid for the rest of the work week. that's your seven-day
5:56 am
i want to be outside. one place i wouldn't want to be is the inner loop. that's a horrifying looking delay. >> it's nasty out there right now. crash reconstruction scene the inner loop before van dorn street all lanes completely blocked and some folks have been stuck out there for quite some advertisement once you pass eisenhower avenue you have no options of exiting. dozens of vehicles stuck between eisenhower avenue and just before van dorn street. my best advice exit by route one take duke street to 395. folks stuck between eisenhower and before van dorn street. don't want to get stuck in this mess. once you cross the wilson bridge on the inner loop exit at route one. let's take a look at our maps. k street, pepco work block the left lane between 14th and connecticut avenue. that's causing a delay. metro delay for you right now earlier train malfunction in new carrollton. residual delays to viea.
5:57 am
in both directions by 50, on and off ramp at 50 and 270 shut down because of a tractor-trailer crash. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. we'll kept you get around those delays especially the inner loop. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news
6:00 am
>> straight ahead at 6:00, several people shot in the district. police still on the scene collecting evidence at this hour. coming up an update on the victims from southeast. >> plus fox5 digging for answers and getting results. this as the prince george's county school system faces a wave of corruption allegations and now the governor is stepping in. >> also major traffic issues on this monday morning. it's june 26th. inner loop blocked before van dorn street due to an accident reconstruction.& good morning to you. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. first up and at 6:00 and developing overnight d.c. police on the scene after multiple people shot in southeast about 11:15 last night in the parking lot of the southern homes and gardens corporation apartments. right now we are told somewhere between five and seven people were shot. police say no injuries appear to be life-threatening at this point and no word on a suspect. >> overnight in fairfax county, police used a k-9 and a h


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