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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 28, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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today on "fox news morning" breaking news no amtrak service between d.c. and philadelphia as police investigate a deadly accident overnight. two people killed on the tracks and everything you need to know. >> new develops to the story you saw first on fox. launch answering independent investigation into agos of corruption and grade fixing in one local county. >> republican senator shall they vote on the healthcare bill it led the president to urge senate lead others to come up with a bill to serve the american people. >> live look outside cool morning on top. we're waking up to temps in the 60s. things will get better. we're talking 80. good morning thank you for squoyping us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, june 28. >> michael thomas has cooler weather headline and erin como following traffic and problem on amtrak specifically. let's start with your headlines. cooler than the ush ushz in the 50s this morning. later today beautiful comfortable georgous lots of sunshine. lower 8
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>> amtrak service as mature and mentioned suspended d.c. andful and mark train delays to get you around those issues. >> and mean while if you just get up 5 a.m. we want to get to breaking news having impact on amtrak service this morning. two people hit by a train and killed last night in northeast d.c.. happened around 11:20 near 1200 block of new york avenue. >> that train remains on track as police and amtrak investigate. there is no amtrak service right now between d.c. and philadelphia. there's no word at the moment on how long that will last. amtrak says they will have update by a.m. and perhaps before that. it's believed the vick tem were trespassing on tracks when hit. no one on the train was hurt. passengers were coming from boston, new york and philly and were put on another train and taken to union station. now, again, no amtrak service between d.c. and philadelphia. >> want to take to you major involvements in a story you saw on "fox5". allega
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corruption to boost graduation rates in prince jornt country public schools. >> state board of education approved hiring of third party investigators and board voted unanimously last night in last minute vote of support school ceo kevin maxwell joined calls for investigation writeing a let to state superintendent this comes as he continues to deny the allegations brought forward by four school board members. >> we want to expedite it because there's many questions about this and so much rides on it built we want to do it brew departmentally and andly and as quickly as we can. >> it's unclear when the investigation starts and going through a bidding process to hire outside business. dr. maxwell will fully cooperate with investigation and be sure to keep it to "fox5" as we continue to press for answers in this big story. john maxwell will join us live to talk about allegations and investigation. >> time 5:02 developing this morning self city as around the world trying to bounce back from another sign area tack
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uk rain and russia are hardest hit and u.s., britain, france, germany, italy, and australia. attack beginning tuesday locked up computers on microsoft windows and demapped a ran some. hospitals and airport aaround the world and russia biggest oil company fell victim. the creator of malware they say borrowed code leaked from nsa. >> police need your help finding these people. the moyz ease put the money into the suspect's bag and they took off. 400 block of 8 street in ouj south east. senate represents delayed a vote on healthcare vote. vote on the bill will be rescheduled for after the july 4 recess. senate democrats and nine republicans expressed reservations about the bill's impact marchly on medicade. tuesday, president trump met with gop leaders to see what needs to be done to get the bill passed next month. >> meanwhile hundred of people plan
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around the u.s. capitol. it's in protest of the bill tonight from 5 to 7 what's called the people's filibuster this week. dozens of add kas i have group and non profits will hold rallies, pro test and other actions to pressure gop members to reject the healthcare legislation. >> this fourth of july will be remembered for traffic and travel. aaa mid atlantic has more than one million washingtonians are expected to travel 50 miles marking largest number of people traveling 4th of july weekend or this fouj of july weekend on record for d.c. metro area. >> turn ago teption now to baseball. nats train turner lived up to nickname the burner. first upping nats down one tirn using feet to leg out in field hit. if turner on first he may as well be on third. throughout the game he kept stealing bases, leads league in stolen bases power players helping nats beat the cubs. >> cubs are in d.c. and players are planning to visit
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it's not official visit with president trump though and team's manager says they're going out of respect for ricektts family which owns cubs and donated to trump campaign. nine players say they will not be going and white house says president trump will meet with the cubs. >> 5:05 the time and if you step outside you may say whoa i need a jacket out there, pike mike it's not bad i kind of like it. >> what season is it. >> feels like spring than mid summer here. upper 60s into0s instead 50s in suburbs and comfortable in town. satellite and radar showing nothing and expect nothing on it throughout the day today. gorgeous afternoon. plenty of blue skies. lots of sunshine and overall georgous summer day. let's lock at temperatures this morning. we'll show you that as long as my map changes they don't want to change to me we'll go to something eels. we'll get you temperatures in a bit. 66 in town. temperatures
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elsewhere. there at the go. there they went. 83. later this afternoon. lots of sunshine. pleasantly warm. i promise we'll bring you temperatures in a few minutes. for now let's get to you work on time. erin como is back with a check of traffic early on. >> on time traffic brought to you by toy oat a. >> 5:06 big story now no service on amtrak between washington -- c. and filled. we plan to get an update by 7 a.m. if you take amtrak keep that in mind. we have delays as a result. penn line and camden line. all us is spended because of the ings deposition in service station and any carl ton. wash on ton metro is an option. if you take mta camden line service only pate operating as far as passengers transferring to washington metro and transit camden will original nat over at green belt. we're getting more information and keep in mind amtrak service disrupte
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service disrupted. if you have questions erin fox d.c. twitter. aside from that as i make your way around the roads in district things looking good in northeast now. looking good in terms of car traffic. 50 through chefly. riverdale park looking good and problem free as youing a make your way out on the plane this morning. a look at 5 northbound we had earlier crash between fredericksburg and aquia stafford area and traffic looking good now. fy questions for your commute, maureen and 5:07 is the time. federal judge halting deportation order. 1400 immigrants. >> one of the largest school systems in maryland spending money to improve security in high schools. >> headed to break. live look across the d.c. region. 62 degrees. grab that sweater. back ♪ ♪
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>> time now 5 o 0. we're back developing tonight in venezuela a attack at supreme court is attempted coo a police helicopter fired on court aand
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court aand federal judge is temporarily blocking the deportation of any iraqi nationals from the united states. judge mark gold smith issued two week stay on deportation cases citing potential harm to iraqi if deported. this roughly 1400 iraqi fashionals in the u.s. dozens detained and face removal. >> and the house is putting more money towards security coming in the wake of shooting at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria earlier this month. house majority whip steve skal is in the hospitalp after that shooting. lawmakers will take additional security steps with funding. >> and speaking out at montgomery county schools where board of education approved spending millions to upgrade security on reports of rain and fights. 22 high schools will undergo massive security
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walky talkyes for security guards so they have better ways to communicate. schools will hire additional security personnel for next school year. >> three days after an apartment fire in d.c. residents were allowed backed in to collect what they left behind. fire that broke out saturday morning still under investigation. fire investigators believe the fire may have started on a third floor unit where the only victim who died from the fire was found. the victim was identified by police as 34-year-old edwin romero. >> lockdown at military post was active shoter was a false alarm. officials got two 911 calls huntsville yesterday morning base with 30,000 works eringz went on lock down. all clear given two hours lightser no gunman was found. they were getting ready for active shooter bill. >> and coming up
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expect higher prices or crabs this summer all thanks to par mar capitol hill privatizing federal jobs. >> here's a live look across the d. r. region. time now 5:11. 62 degrees. we dropped a few degrees there. it's getting colder. grab a light jacket as you head out. be right
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>> back to 5:13 with a check of top stories this wednesday, june 28, breaking news northwest d.c., two people killed when hit by amtrak train just before midnight. this believes the victims may have been trespassing on the tracks. >> and this is live look at the train at this hour. you can see it's on the tracks and we just received word from amtrak to major impact to service. to trains are running now between d.c. and philadelphia. there's no word how long that could last. >> several country around
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world are trying to bounce back from another sign area tack. ukraine and russia seem to be hardest hit and u.s., france, germany, russia, australia was targeted there's evident creators of malware borrowed a leak code from the nsa. >> supreme court is texted coo the country president says a police helicopter fired at supreme court as he was speaking live on television. pane president's opponents are accusing him of orchestrating the whole deal. >> and chicago police officers have been indicted on felony conspiracy charges accused of covering up the actions after i while police officer that shot a killed a teen in 2014 van take shot la quan mcdonald 16 times and he since pleaded not getty. indictment
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falsified reports to deter any criminal investigation in the shooting. >> maryland crabbing season set to end a week and a half early thanks to concerns of chesapeake bay blue crab pop pop the population fell. losses are attributed to a 54% drop in younger crab population. maryland crabbing season will end on november 20. >> and florida gators getting it done in game two of the college series final. university of florida scored four runs in eighth inning to win their first clem world series. they posted 8 pl sweep since the nba implemented best of five. >> it's a cool, 52 degrees fall is that you? >> feels like it. >> believe it or not we
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couple of places in the 40s this morning i. another georgous afternoon coming your way if you enjoy the lack of humidity out. there we work our way to tomorrow. things change a bit. i implore you enjoy today. 63 degrees. comfortable start in d.c.. look at mannasas, 48 at this hour and whip chester 46. that's chilly start to the day. jacket weather out in winchester and martinsburg 53 and dulles 51 and gamersburg 52. generally cool start north and west of town and satellite and radar showing you why. yesterday clouds move through early that help temperature up a bit and none of that this morning. it's camp, quiet got a cloud in the sky most of the region and sun filled day with high pressure parked right on top of us. that will bring us all the sun later today. sunny day ahead. temperatures in 70s. highs in 70s for sop of the suburbs. d.c. locations south temperatures later this afternoon headed for low 80s. comfortable this time of year. changes on the way
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jet stream hikes to north and we get heat and building that humidity again by tomorrow afternoon. probably comfortable start tomorrow and again by afternoon hours high temperatures back into the 90s. it will feel like summertime once again. enjoy today, 3, daytime high. lot of sunshine pleasantly warm, whipped norm, forth west coming and change of direction tonight. winds out of south that means heat and humidity on the uptic, lows, 66 in washington and one more night for 50s whether they're in suburbs as they work their way the next few days summertime coming back with a convenient against. 9 thursday and that starts string of 90s through the next six days through the fourth. 93 friday. zip trip is in stafford, erin. so stafford virginia get ready a hot one. should be a good day for that zip train. >> that's a check of the forecast erin is back with trafficking. >> 5:17 we're tracking news on the rails. fatal crash investigation
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union station involving amtrak now has amtrak service suspended between washington and philadelphia and again fatal cash investigation and rise ruptions on northeast corridor check the web site if you plan to head out. they plan to have an update before 7:00 this morning and it's impacking mark trains. penn and camden lane david. all penn suspended until further notice because of investigation. you can take washington, pet row, metro right now all metro rail lines on time and i'll let you foe if that changes and camden will operate as far as green belt and passengers travel to metro as well and brunswick line marc service that is not affected. if you take brunswick line not impacted by penn camden. that's operating on time. marc camden only operating green belt to metro. we may see inp flux as well as folks
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work. aside from outer loop crash blocking two right lanes jrming aavenue. seeing a delay past coalsville. and delays college park this morning. 95 right now route 1 looking good and as we move over to wide view of the map aside from that delay on the beltway things looking nice on 395, 25 through mcclain and questions for any traffic issues erin fox d.c. on twitter, maureen and annie back to you good busy morning for you time for you 5:19 and stories you're engaging with most on social media we're doing it with realtime news tranler. >> and revoking ruling that gives environmental protection agency authority over water pollution and under the current rule epa and army corps of engineers have authority offer the pollution of wetland and treb utearyes that run to the nation's large rivers. back in february trump signed an executive order calling on two agencies to revisit the regulations. house transportation committee approvedeg
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yesterday that would remove nearly 30,000 air traffic controllers and aviation workers from federal payroll. those workers would be moved to private non profit legislation and it comes with endorsement to president trump. >> house armed services committee addresses pentagon to ranks of transgender recruits. questions remain over whether the services should be able to actively recruit transsgender candidates. they endeded man last year. >> if you work the overnight shift like we do that's up to you it. it db really bad for your health. >> study fines that people who work odd overnight hours are at higher risk of life-threatening diseases compared to those with normal work hours. why i'm smiling i don't know. previous studies found that working nights increases heart disease, cancer, diabetes and neurological disorders. >> and king of rock guitar center of legal battle. step ten man asking appellate court to overturn decision owe give elvis pressley
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museum. the guitar is his and he it to the museum for $120,000 and never got the famous guitar he paid for. a squm will have to decide if he get the instrument or museum get to keep it. >> tricky one. >> 5:1 coming up k.c. lawmaker. >> happiest place on earth got a little more affordable. >> headed to break now. >> we can go now. >> a live look across the d.c. reapon, man those disney tickets are expensive. >> i'm waiting, just waiting. >> man, 5:21. 62. we'll count our kid and accepted our kids to duz next back after this
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>> 5:3 is the time and one of d.c. council member want to expand the definition of lobb
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expand the definition of lobbying, counselor member mary khai wants tone include actions of implementing trts contract. allocation of fund and procure m of goods. she wants d.c. to adopt the laws to shine on snaps people try to influence government officials. this proposal comes after she made pub welcome a series of documents related to council investigation into several firings at the department of general services. >> time now 5:24 if you plan on viinging disney magic kingdom listen closely. they're offering a four park ticket $296 for kids. that may seem like a lot it end up being $79 day day. that's $36 less that what a single day ticket costs right now. the four park magic ticket allows to you visit parks over four separate days. one down side for this ticket expires september 30. of course that gevrz you limited time. >> i can get a hookup. >> and when it's most bu
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>> you can come for free. two days away from next zip trip. friday, june 30. stafforder virginia 6 to 11 specifically outside rouingt spring and sports center mind road. we have a lot of fun planned for you. holly will be there and allison will be there and tucker will thereby and we hope you will there be and i'm telling you it's free. >> buzz is out there i've been asked by several people. stafford is a big area. looking forward to us coming down there. >> bring the heat, brips the heat. i think mother nature will bring the heat. >> done. the heat is on the way. that's for sure. not today. today will be enjoyable. by friday heat and humidity back if town. 6. comfortable degrees and again we have some suburbs waking up temperatures in the 40s this morning. nice cool start here in late june. we'll be the last one we have for a while that's for sure. afternoon plan to date, lots of sunshine people are turz mid 70s and 2:00, here 80s
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70s and 2:00, here 80s and 5:00, 83, daytime highs for re we go di time hi in washington most headed upper 70s. low 80s. hotter weather on the way. full 7 day forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check the weather and airport erin is back with a look at traffic. >> 5:26 tracking big problems amtrak. right now service completely suspended between d.c. and philadelphia and there's ' temporary crash and to people struck and killed overnight. because of that service is us is spended and northeast corridor may experience disruptions as well. update odden that service before 7:00 this morning and this is causing delays and disrunss on marc train lanes: limited as far as new carl ton and transfer to washington metro. 505 on the move with major delays. camden only operating to green belt where passengers have to transfer to washington metro
5:27 am
transfer at the were ton metro. now if you are taking brunswick line that is not affected or impacted by that track khosh you're. amtrak is in serious disreasons and crash on outer loop moved to shoulder. back to you annie and maureen. >> tlavrpingz so much, erin, coming up. d.c. police immediate your help fining three people good public school put ravrkings in maryland and will look different next school year. >> surprise is up and looks beautiful out, there chilly, 62 is the temperature. fox news morning will be right back.
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sweet dreams. enjoy the moment, wherever you are with the hive smart home plans from $9.99 a month. hive. let's get living. >> "fox 5 news morning" breaking news no amtrak service between d.c. and fully as police investigate a deadly train accident overnight. two people killed on tracks. we have everything you feed to know. >> republican senator shall they vote on revamped healthcare bill. comingp way bill that will serve the american people. >> live look outside another cool morning on tap we're waking up to temps in the 60s. things only get getter of the talking 80 and also sun. >> and good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm annie yu. >> today is wednesday, june 28, we'll get to mike and weather in a bit. first, >> you could have breaking news we want to talk to you about
5:31 am
major impact on early morning amtrak service between d.c. and philly. >> all that's happening after two people hit and killed on tracks overnight. let's go to erin como who has all the details. erin. >> good morning, annie, maureen, two people hit and killed by a train in north east z.c. overnight and because of that amtrak service suspended completely this morning rights now between d.c. and philly and keep if mind amtrak letting us know northeast corridor may experience additional service disruptions and they hope to have update on that service by 7 a.m. and also keep in mind because of that investigation let's see if we can take a live look out there now. actually that's roads. we'll see if we can pull up melanie alnwick has more information there. we should have that coming up momently. live picture ft. scene. several investigators on location. stopped train on the tracks there. a couple miles from union station northeast and causing big disruptions not only to amtrak and the investigation doesn't look like it wraps up any time
5:32 am
line. let's move back to the maps and show what you to expect. macr impack odden camden line as well as penn line. limit the penn service as foras new carl top and transfer to washington metro 401 and 505 on the move and experiencing major delays. keep in mind camden service only operating as far as green belt. their passengers have to transfer to washington metro. also trains to camden will end in green belt there. big service adjustments. aside from that marc camden operating only to green belt. camden to d.c. will begin green belt and take the metro. if you take washington metro those trains not dealing with any delays and if brunswick line not affected by that service disruption this morning. bruz wick line the only line not impacted aside from washington metro we're seeing fine conditions across the rail lines locally
5:33 am
as you make your way par maron mark, pep and camden lines. erin fox d.c. twitter. we'll take roads next. annie and maureen. >> k.c. police need help finding plea missing people. diamond ridge way was last seen friday, june 23, 4,000 block minnesota avenue north east. black female, light complexion. 5' 10". brown dies and black hair wearing blue dress. >> and looking for hannah olivia brown she went missing june 6. hannah described as black female light complexion 5' 6" to 5'" and 130 pounds hazele eyes and dark brown hair last seep wearing red becameing suit 1300 block of 45 street and edward rhone has been missing since last thursday. he is described black man medium complexion
5:34 am
medium complexion 5' 11" and 200 pound full white beard wearing gray tee shirt and gray pant. if you have information on these three missing concerns you're asked to call d.c. police. >> happening today lawmakers hope to get to bottom of trump campaign by. >> top officials from the obama administration came under scrutiny amid accusations they unmasked donald trump associate in intelligence report. >> and starting next school year every public school in maryland will be judged on fire star rating tim system. >> the system will help parents understand the quality of school. par mar will identify the bottom 5% of call schools in the state. >> all right. coming up on 5:35 this wednesday morning and mike, we are talking about killer temperatures. 6 0s now.
5:35 am
ends up being a lovely sunny day. >> it's absolutely craze you you never see 40s in the suburbs. >> it's a talker. you're guaranteeing heat and humidity back. >> starting following morning it will be by tomorrow afternoon there to comes. you know what, some people love it around here and makes for great pool weather. >> yes, it does. >> that's for sure. >> temperatures outside as i mentioned before. cool start, 63 washington and not far from rest temperatures in 40s. nass your sport waking newspaper 40s. when chester mid 40s. light jacket warm for sure as you step outside. later this afternoon come for agoly warm. low humidity. sat lit and radar clear this morning not expecting much in the way of cloud cover. plenty of sunshine. though on suncreen if you go out. uv up develop high even though temperature not terribly hot this afternoon. lot of sunshine. 83. georgous low humidity later this afternoon. we need day tomorrow. we get heatac
5:36 am
get humidity back as well. temperatures 10 warmer, 92 tomorrow afternoon. all right. 7 day forecast if ait bit. for now over to airport erin. >> 5:35 now taking a lack at roads outer loop crash georgia aveue from the uld shor and wear seeing a ten minute delay. caution there. previously it was blocking two right lanes. 95 not imaccount pacted icc to beltway good shape and as you make your way bx w parkway quiet between capitol beltway and baltimore beltway. as we move things over to a live look outside inbound new york avenue dealing with earlier crash. right lane blocked kendal street. crash investigation at that location and live look outside. conest john building on maim orr's coming in from virginia as well as maryland this morning. we'll get a look at sutly road next. any questions @erinfoxdc twitter and we'll get full recap on suspension next being back to you. >> thanks for breaking that down. coming up
5:37 am
news morning" protecting yourself from flu virus could be as easy as putting on a band-aid. >> how you drevrping your coffee could reveal hidden traits about your personality. >> heading across the d. r. region. >> look at that. >> it's look a postcard. >> so pretty. >> 6 degrees, 5:37 the time. enjoy this. this will be amazing today. back after this
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>> it is 5:40. one day your seasonal flu vaccination may look look a band-aid than big needle. researchers from georgia tech and emery urt developed a patch with dissolvable microscopic needles they believe it will help the nuber of people vaccinated it willen a while before you see they will on market the approval process can take years. >> research shows one out of three pets are overweight or obese. not only is it dangerous for the pet but it can hurt your wallet. owners of overweight dogs spend more in healthcare costs good and how do you like your coffee. researchers serving 1,000 people about food prechss and found people that like bitter flavors
5:41 am
sadistic tendencies and innripingting pain on areas. and study found people who drink coffee with more sugar are given more agreeable tendencies. >> i tried whole black coffee i cannot do it. >> and nice. >> right. >> and. >> coming up on "fox news morning". investigation into usa gymnastics reaches conclusion the sport must be safety ahead of medals. >> john mcenroe says he has nothing to apologize for. >> a different shot around the region 5:41 and 62 degrees. mike has great news for us straight ahead. we'll be right back.
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>> and welcome back to "fox 5 news morning". melanie alnwick, 5:44 wednesday morning. live on the scene here, new york avenue. an you can see the amtrak train behind me. causing major tie-up this morning and unfortunately, we're dealing with death of two people here. d.c. police say it was about 11:18 last night when amtrak train, 175 from boston to new york was approaching union station. it was only three minutes away from union station passengers say they felt a bump and then the train came to a
5:45 am
halt. it was squits sometime before they knew what was going on. you're looking at video of police response as well. still an active investigation here with amtrak and d.c. police department. d.c. fire and ems also came to the scene here to deal with two deceased individuals. and excuse me. >> but it's also causing as we said a number of problems amtrak this morning. right now there's no service between d.c. and penn station in i'mer direction. they say at least for the morning rush. we have not seen any movement of the train itself while we've been here and amtrak does hope to update that schedule around:00 this morning but for now we can tell you that this is still a very active investigation. we're going to go now to airport erin with more impact. >> melanie alnwick thank you very much for that update. work opening getting m
5:46 am
penn lane train service disruptions updated there. southbound marc and pep lines will be disrupt the. melanie mentioned because of that temporary track closure and that scene she close showed you no amtrak service between drrks c. and philadelphia. this will cause major disruptions for morning rush. other additional disruption as long the north east corridor. live look there several investigators on location. two people struck and keld by train early this morning in north east. it's just a few miles from union station. so again biss disruptions there. you can always take washington metro as option to get around some of these slow downs. now keep in mind brunswick line is not impacted and if you take the line it is not impacted by the trash closure and again no delays right now reported on all the local washington metro trains and we'll keep you updated if and when that changes and if you have questions try to plan route this morning
5:47 am
and back to you annie and maureen. all right. man, look at that sunrise, it's georgous, hot tunes, got hot tunes. >> it feels like late fall morning. >> it really does. late spring. early fall. whatever you want to call it. it feels comfortable. >> nice break from heat and humidity. >> let's see what wha you're doing. there you go. >> bringing that number back. >> 70s. >> busting that out of vault, hu? >> disco. >> oh, my goodness. >> we'll go from train crash -- >> let's fast forward 2017 mike. >> right another beautiful afternoon here coming up today. beautiful blue skies later this afternoon. it will be a gorgeous day. one more comfortable day as well. enjoy today because as we get to tomorrow guess what's back heat and humidity summertime temperatures around the region headed to 90s and
5:48 am
the weekendnto next weekend as well. 4th of july will be a scorcher in d.c., isn't it always. 63 your current number outside. check out suburbs. mannasas, 47. culpeper 49. winchester 48. we don't see these temperatures too often in late june. frederick 50. gaithersburg 52. again we recommend light jacket early this morning. and satellite and radar. crystal clear blue skies out there later today. mrept i full sin shine you want it cut the grass wash the car high pressure is parked on to have top of us. whenever that happens that means crystal clear conditions and that's exactly what we have later this afternoon with lots of sunshine. low humidity values and temperatures just pleasantly warm headed to low 80s later this afternoon. georgous day for baseball. nats got the job done yesterday questioned and hopefully again today. 79 first pitch 7:0
5:49 am
perfect night for a baseball game. if you head down to nats park you'll have a great day. 8 the daytime high in washington. again lot of sunshine coming your way. whipped north and west 5 to 10. tonight that changes wind shift south. that brings in heat and humidity as we head into your day thursday. still a pleasant morning tomorrow morning. 66 in washington. and some suburbs back in the 50s and that gipingz to change. again tomorrow afternoon here comes heat back much hotter 8 and zip trip friday. stafford virginia looks dry. hope to see you out there friday morning. weekend, maybe a little unsettled but neither one of days is a wash dwlout. hot saturday, 96 as we head to monday, tuesday, fourth of july tuesday we get heat 93. maybe a popup storm. that's latest check of the forecast. >> 5:49 the time back with what is ahot
5:50 am
>> these are the stories you'reen gaming with most on social media. >> paul manafort registered as a foreign agent for work he did. he coached party members thousand interact with u.s. government officials from 2012 to 2014 he's second member to registered as i foreign ooingt he ranged in $74 mill yen for this job. >> and making headlines after lawmakers deserve a housing type end. it's not secret he sleeps if his office to save money and not the only one who camps out. he said lawmakers should get a stipend a month because d.c. is so expensive. he'll be working in the private sector which is more lucrative. >> and dozens of new practices to curb abuse in gymnastics. the entire organization need to
5:51 am
revamp protocols for how abuse is reported. did larry nasar is facing charges for assaulting gym night while working for the organization. >> off court match between tennis pro and mcenroe to the fire and apologizing about williamen stayed and he says williams is being hysterical because he's pregnant. no response and hopefully -- hysterical, rally? stop. >> while you're ahead. >> we should stop reporting on it. >> now to "fox5" follow up. zoning board could rule today whether to let a family farm operate a rope climbing course. the business would help make end meet. despite operating businesses on their property they would need a permit that could cost as much as 1 0 0,000. >> it doesn't make sense to me.
5:52 am
can come to some resolution. hopefully they'll vote in our favor and that will be the end of it. we can't afford a special permit for the ropdz course here and i don't think he we can do this without more revenue. >> owners of farms say the rope climbing business could bring in $4 million over step years. >> i'm 5:52 bowser will rally a at the museum of america to rally to bring the games to philadelphiale other come pope ept of the gay game includes music, visual arts and human rights conference. the next gay games is held in paris france. >> and today those visiting national museum of american history they will be greeted with a nine foot lego. the statue big reveal is
5:53 am
>> that is cool. >> time running out for some lucky person in virginia to claim a big lottery prize. someone bought a whipping ticket for state new year's millionaire raffle. three tickets were sold. the third person remains a history. the ticket was bought 7-eleven store. they expire six months after drawing. that means ticket becomes worthless after 5 p.m. friday. > that breaks my heart. >> me too. >> two days away from next zip trip friday june 30 and gang will number stafford, virginia ow the rouse swim and sports center and allison and tucker we'll be out there. >> it's time to say hello. >> to the facebook fan ever the day. >> good morning, melissa wilson. she was nominated by treacy joe's. >> oh,
5:54 am
shirt. melissa celebrate aid birthday recently. turned 50 on june 26. happy be late the birthday melissa obvious you are nfl fan not obvious you'll be wrooting for us this fall. >> that's a disto our man. >> i think he disses himself enough. >> you have seen his twitter feed. >> that's what soured me on him. >> that and don't forget he's clove land brond. >> it's all about kurt kurt now another georgous afternoon in d.c. and beautiful day like the last two low humidity values and emit turz on the comfortable side. one more time today, later this afternoon, highs of suburbs headed to upper 70s whereas here in d.c. portions south lower 80s. typically this time of
5:55 am
should have high temperatures upper 80s to around 90. getting off easy here. let's of sunshine again this afternoon. jet stream starts jog way north ward as we head into day tomorrow. guess what that is brings back. summertime feel. 90s headed back into town. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 83 today. enjoy. it tomorrow, few more cloud. hotter, 92. you'll feel humidity tomorrow evening and head to zip trip friday. 7 3 for morning low and 93 234 afternoon. weekend hot, the 4 saturday and better chance on surprised 91. heading into next week dries out monday, 2, form of july. maybe a popup storm. 93. >> erin will be wack with a busy morning on the rails. >> huge amtrak service completely us is spended between philadelphia and drs
5:56 am
the train tracks. temporary close you're for that investigation. a live look now at the train. investigators trying to sort out what happened. melanie alnwick is at that location gathering information as well. because of that amtrak said service shut down and additional disruptions north east corridor because of that they won't be able to update 7 a.m. for that service. what to do to get around that. mark lanery ductions and show you penn line dealing with issues on the camden line this morning if we can forward maps we can show you that on the mcht arc line. on the origin and from there take green line into district. passenger can use metro to d.c. and again northbound passenger have service green belt tolt points north. big delays there. as we forward maps
5:57 am
deep in mind brunswick line not impacted this morning by disruptions that's good news there to union station. penn line erins should board. we have you covered all morning long. we'll be back with the 6 pbg hour.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> breaking right now at 6 a deadly crash involving amtrak train and two pedestrians happened near union station and right now delays continue along the north east corridor. >> vote sdlaid. reaching eye breaking point as republicans refis to support the health care bill. so what's next. >> a live look outside on this wednesday morning june 28. what a beautiful picture of the jefferson memorial on this wednesday morning. nice water there. looks like raindrops here. glad you're with us today. >> i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to morning morning. first up at 6 breaking news impacking rail service between d.c. and philadelphia. rights now service between the two cities suspended. >> after two people were hit and killed on the train tracks in north east overnight. >> melanie alnwick you get live near the seen what happened? >> 1


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