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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 28, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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>> breaking right now at 6 a deadly crash involving amtrak train and two pedestrians happened near union station and right now delays continue along the north east corridor. >> vote sdlaid. reaching eye breaking point as republicans refis to support the health care bill. so what's next. >> a live look outside on this wednesday morning june 28. what a beautiful picture of the jefferson memorial on this wednesday morning. nice water there. looks like raindrops here. glad you're with us today. >> i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to morning morning. first up at 6 breaking news impacking rail service between d.c. and philadelphia. rights now service between the two cities suspended. >> after two people were hit and killed on the train tracks in north east overnight. >> melanie alnwick you get live near the seen what happened? >> 1
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headed in this direction when people say they felt a bump and they didn't know what was going on sometime. later the conductor came over the loud speaker and told them unfortunately that they had struck and killed someone. turned out to actually be two people according to d.c. fire and ems. really just troubling for everybody all around. one of reasons we moved closer here we wanted to show you we're under the 9th street bridge. you can see here clearly evidence people spent the night and live here under the bridge and may come here for other reasons and from what i can tem i don't see a fence here to prevent pedestrian access to those tracks. we see a couple of amtrak sfokz here arriving under neem the bridge as well.
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hours for marriage passengers on that train before they were offloaded to another train. we can't tell you at this point who those people are that were on the track buzz they have been described as pedestrians or trespassers definitely not at this point any indication they're amtrak workers. i do have a call into amtrak media relations to make sure we can clarify that. amtrak train 175s with from boston to new york and again still here on the tracks and impact of this also being felt very wide around the northeast corridor region because while this investigation is going on that means we have no train service from union station to philadelphia. definitelyly will cause problems. i'll stay here and continue to keep up updated on the investigation and airport erin will keep you updated on
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>> thank you very much. checking in with you all morning. melanie mentioned aamtrak service us is spended between d.c. and philadelphia and additional disruptions northeast corridor and amtrak hopes to have an update for us before 7:00 this morning and there's a live look at that investigation. you can see just the train is stopped there. a lot of investigators at this location. very busy scene there. doesn't look like things will wrap up and get amtrak reserved any time soon. let's go ba back to happens then. mark train delays on pep and camden liens. southbound penn lines limited service to new carl ton and from there you can transfer on the orange line to d.c.. if you want to take the note reoption south bound camden green belt can take the green line metro to d.c. as well and northbound passengers will only have green belt to points north. moving things forward also keep if mind northbound penn line passengers should drive washington metro to new carl ton to board trains in
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baltimore and if you take brunswick line this morning it will pra into union station and also keep in mind since receive track wrapped up autopsy rail lines on town. we'll let you know if that changes, in washington not delays with delays and any questions fox d.c. twitter, taking a lock at road next. >> develops you saw on "fox5"allegations of boost fixing to praise public schools. they approve the hiring of third party investigators. they voted unanimously last night. kev ep mavrm well joined the called guess spite den he'll of allegations state board hopes investigation will end controversy. >> there are politics at the local level, and ail times can be made. rather than jumping conclusion we want
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thoughtfully. >> i can hope at the can be wrapped up quickly. >> it's up clear when it starts. dr. maxwell says he will fully cooperate with the investigation and will take with us as well to make sure to keep it here at "fox5" as we press for answers in this story. dr. maxwell will joan us alive at 7:30 to talk about allegations and investigation. >>. seas now developing overnight in sden preliminary hearing up rest and an army offer stole the police chopper. president nicholas madora was calling it attempted coo. anti government leers says the helicopter attack is to crack down on more protesters. >> reasons will mess a deadline to replace the affordable care act in the senate.
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snar mc donald said president trump is ramping up erts and parming forward is certain next. >> were any eyes playing tricks on me or. >> that starts to happen when you get old. >> and i have my glasses on. >> i'm not even mad that that. >> cooler overnight. >> yesterday, beautiful. today even better. because it will be more sunshine and temperatures mid to low 80s. georgous, georgous afternoon and should be done it's a bu full day low to mit 30s. >> new ft. ed look at 53 baltimore and bwi marshall 62 and lowest temperature since
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>> that's really good. good memory. >> let's see what happens. >> sat lie and radar quiet this morning. looks like quiteet day. whether wise as we are featuring nothing but high pressure. guess what that deliveries. sunshine. quiet companies storm tree afternoon. >> my advice if you like the pool relatively low humidity warm get out today because it's back tomorrow, heat and humidity. >> thank you. >> enjoy today. >> hi, erin, good morning. >> 6:0 we told you what a busy messy morning it is in terms of rail line commute. let's look at roads. sky fox on topside of pelt way outer loop delays 95 to george aavenue perked up already because we had earlier crash george aavenue and initially blocked two right lanes and moved to shoulder that cleared we're in for about a
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delay to college mark. and for there because of that delay we're seeing southbound 95 south of icc backing up and calvertton you hit a 5 minute delay and northbound value past powder mill on baltimore washington parkway inbound new york avenue in north east rightly blocked ken sdal street a investigation causing earlier delays than we typically see this morning and wide view of the morning commute you can. >> as you make your way nods new york avenue and aside from that bottom side of beltway pleasant through oxon hill. we have tap of breaks from congestion he found outside the beltway and soul of that point on 95 and stafford
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traffic as well as we take a look fredericksburg to aquia harbor earlier crash moved to shoulder and you're super jammed past courthouse road. it's a 15 minute slow down and once you pass the kak he aharbor things work up to dale city we'll keep you updated on amtrak to d.c. fatal more details coming up, back to you. >> the man felt the most wanted bank robber now in custody. >> a maybe baby born mid flight. we'll hear from the mom and first this little guy is getting from the airline. we'll be back in 30 second.
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>> we'll see if that sport takes off. >> a spirit airlines flight landed with one more passenger than it took off with. this sound look a riddle right? a woman had her baby mid flight. that plane was headed from ft. lauderdale to dallas when the woman, 36 weeks pregnant, went
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into labor. i didn't know you could fly le actually. luck think was a pediatrician ab and nurse that happened to be on board for delivery of baby boy named christof. >> water broke and within 50 minute and ten minutes after water broke the baby was pretty much out. >> as a gift and this is so awesome spirit airlines gave the baby free flights for life. perfect. but they did charge mom for extra person. >> i thought they would go the other way. >> that's a joke. >> afterwards the pediatrician said he delivered a baby ten years ago in medical school. >> won't they have a story to tell. >> and free flights forever. >> and maryland crab lovers bad news about this year's crab surprise sending early. >> beautiful day today. cool, out in outlying areas temps well down into the 50s. 62 reg nap
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nice start to the day. 66 no
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. we're now hearing two people that were hit by amtrak train were employees and it's affecting penn line. >> thank you very much. steve. let's get to it. absolutely beautiful day. we're feet fewering temperatures low 80s. not a lot of humidity. pleads ept out this morning. cool temperatures. we'll show you those coming up. dry, not expecting rain or thunderstorms today and enjoy. because it looks like heat and humidity in the 930s build back in into the weekend and form of july next week as we'll have temperatures mid 90s here saturday and surprised. maybe a storm by the weekend
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could use rain. next chance is saturdor thunderstorm activity. cool temps but we'll use this one, 62 washington. 49 biping ham top and 62 new york city and r50 pittsburgh and columbus. most of our region in the 50s this morning. low 50s in places like dulles and up in baltimore and bwi marshall in low 50s this this morning. satellite and radar. quiet out to the west and west west that delivered a perfect place low and quiet and low humidity another okay. that will neek overhead as we get to the afternoon and get parked off delmarva pep ips la has it goes off the coast. this is last of pleasant temperature-wise days and as we
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weekend we'll start to build heat back in. wind out of south, southwest. sunshine dry and warm. beautiful, beautiful weather for end of june. 7 day, 3 today. sunshine. pleasant. still pleasant tonight and we start heat tomorrow 92 much warmer zip trip stafford on friday looks good as far as sunshine and temperatures in the 90s. scattered storms saturday and sunday and nice week. fou of july we may have thunderstorm activity to contend with tuesday afternoon. still few days out. we'll watch that carefully. that's all i have. let's see what erin has. >> 6:17 a ton of breaking news now. amtrak service suspended between d.c. and philadelphia. temporary track closure for fatal track investigation on the tracks and we're hearing it's cxx employees. train stopped on fraction and
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big investigation taking place. we have marc train delays and pep and camden line trains. southbound service to new carl ton and can transfer to d.c. metro and take orange line to disstick. southbound camden line operating from green belt from green lane you can take he to the district and metro openings northbound passengers have service in green bement point north. penn line passengers should raid to new article ton to baltimore. brupz wick line train paerps operating on time into union station not feinged by penn disruption. if you have questions @erinfoxdc twitter and metro days in addition to that. earlier malfunction and then blue lynn and silver line earlier train malfunction largo up to centers
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abouty morning on owe construction there's a crash in the construction zone. additional delays westbound on freeway by main avenue. that's kos to the third street tunnel if you need perspective. there also inbound new york avenue out at northeast. rain lanes blocked kendal street for a crash investigation causing additional delays as you make your way inbound on new york avenue. so not good news for roads in north east either. rest of xhit and i big delays earlier wash cleared. back to you receive and allison. >> 'new campaign kicks off today in montgomery country and it's called i take it personally campaign to encourage xhinty members and bars and restaurants to do what they can to keep drunk drivers off the road
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more than a million people in the d.c. pet row plan to get out of up to. 9 out of so bill sdrevrt to their decision nasss and drive, dlaiv. cheapest gas since 2015. >> 2005? >> treat pretty good. >> even better. >> this is not good if you. we'll get through it crap population will be in the bay. it end early due to the concern over the decline in chesapeake blue crab population. experts say that population fell by nearly 100 million in the past year. crabbing season will now end november 20, step days earlier that normal. >> another milestone and cheat owe's cop test you want to get on. >> nationals even it up with the cubs
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>> a fast-moving global sign area tack continues in several major companies here in the united states targeted. first a check of market. joining us now from fox business network studio lauren demarco on a wednesday, hello. >> hello there. bad news. >> let's get it over with. >> 100 point for dow and nasdaq and nasdaq under pressure this morning. three reasons for pressure. the healthcare sector senate delaying vote on obamacare replacement and perhaps after jewel 1 le ses and week of jewel 10 would be optimistic. you had a cyberattack globally
6:24 am
that eu find there. that's deck still under pressure. >> global malware attack different from hack more threatening and dangerous. >> malware is essential think ransomware. we'll affect block your computer and i turn it to a brick and give us $300 and get files back. this latest attack dubbed petty a similar to wanna crea tack both ran some wear and using similar method and in this case 300,000 computers were affected this time and this time we know,000 impacts thus far we're talking hospitals in pennsylvania and major companies including america and mondlise oreo cooker owner here in u.s. and potential power plant intrusion here in u.s. and overseas major damage as well. the question raised is the following. are companies doing enough to protectth
6:25 am
them secure and are you going to change the way you do business on internet as a result. >> okay we'll watch that story. better news for base book any way like the whole world is logged on. >> quarter of it not joking 2 billion active users on pace book. it's teens, grand parents, everybody look logging on to facebook. i'm it will you you $3 billion is next and happening soon sfw our next topic why steve was downing cheat owes like there's no tomorrow. i get it he's trying to win 55,000. >> if you find any funky shaped cheat owes you can submit them as former giveaway contest. >> tlar all weird shape but similar shape i don't know go through those bags. people see all sorts of
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thing in their food. >> and trying to weigh in on side of cheat owe eater. >> are you eating cheat owes. >> no. >> i'm sorry it's baby carrots it looks like cheat owes. >> and we'll see you tomorrow. >> baby carrots. >> i'm trying to be healthy lauren. >> he's off. >> what? >> my goodness. >> true story. i can homes it up. >> i think -- thought that these were cheat owes. >> we tried a few months ago somebody found the cheat owe thing and we bought a bag to see if we could find shapes. we didn't. >> you didn't buy the puffs you buy the little ones. >> we bought the right ones and tried to be creative. >> it's all in how you can sell. it you know what i mean? >> or how they'll buy it. >> definitely a baby squirrel. >> $55,000 for a funky cheat owe. #chu
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>> great investment rite? >> yes, exactly. >> 62 washington. guess what low 80s today, sunshine, bright, beautiful, low humidity, look how quiet the radar is, high pressure backing us to virginia and that dominate the local weather today and deliveries a perfect afternoon. low humidity, heat back tomorrow. that storm looks like it's saturday. >> no rain on zip trip friday. >> we had to reenforce that. >> rain. >> last friday. >> breaking news story this morning including amtrak. two people hit and killed by a train late last night just before mid might. right now amtrak service for the investigation is us is spended between d.c. and philadelphia and we'll have a full look at delays as well as impact on the marc, penn and camden linesnd
6:28 am
this morning a live look and serious investigation underway and on the roads the freeway all backed up because of construction main avenue and get to road delay as well. keep it to fox5 we'll you have back in a couple momen
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[ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> we are back at 6:0 and we continue to follow breaking news out of north east d.c. in
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live look at the scene where overnighte acks near union station. and we're now hearing victims were csx employees. it happened before midnight along the is 200 block of new york avenue. investigate towards remain on the scene at this our and accident having major impack on service. service is us is end pepded between district and philadelphia and it plans to stay that way. and in the area going through delays. like that it goes to erin como. erin. >> thank you allison. big disruptions on northeast corridor. additional disruption aside from service us is speption d.c. and philadelphia amtrak hopes to help us how long that track closure. pep and camden lines disruned and southbound penn limited service to new carl ton. you can
6:32 am
d.c. waerps can use metro option. nobody northbound. >> keep in mind to twitter activity northbound penn passengers should board trains to baltimore to give you that one. if you are take the brunswick line that is on time and not impacted union station by the pen camden line disruption. we have metro delays as well for you. blue line earlier malfunction because of thatsh usilver line experiencing residual delays. we'll let you know if there's metro bus delays. if you have any questions picking your rail line option this morning @erinfoxdc on twitter and we'll look at roads and commute around the dmv next. back to you allison and ste
6:33 am
county where police need help identifying a man who attacked a father, who was holding his toddler. this happened last saturday spencers gifts inside fairoakes mall. he was attempting to return something. >> he proceeded to call me and my daughter names and then pulled out form and is recording. so i slightly push his phone out of my face and then that's -- i guess his temper just got out of hand. >> the victim's wife in manager at that store. fairfax county police say if you recognize this man please give them a call. >> with schools where the bored of education decided to
6:34 am
upgrade high schools comes on heels of report of rain and fights inside schools. 22 high schools will undergo massive security upgrade including walk question talkies for security guard to she have a better way to communicate. upgrades take place this summer. schools will hire additional security personal for the next four years. >> to prince george county vandals on the run after targeting cemetery in upper marboro. head stondz were knocked over the cemetery belongs to the st. thomas episcopal church and it's recognized nationally. there is a reward offered for information leading to an arrest. steve over to you. >> time for the morning line. >> beat the cubs last night evening series one game a piece. mat scherzer did not have his best stop. he gave up one run and struck out 6 in 6 innings
6:35 am
out 6 in 6 innings and no walks. when he has best up it's starey. how about trea turner, jake arietta former cy young award winner as well struggled allowed 5 runs five runs. >> ton of stephen strasburg on the mound. first pitch 7:05. hopefully the cubs get tired before the game tired from celebrating or partying at the white house. there's where they'll be today. some of the players no official word if they see president trump. >> i think they'll get together. >> joe madden said he was growing out of respect for the rickets family who owneds cubs. they visited president obama back in january to celebrate their championship. >> florida gators are college
6:36 am
world series champions beating felc team and lsu for first national title baseball. they have not been in every other sport team. gators scored four runs to pull away from tigers completing two game sweep. typeal score 6-1 new college world cham teen final gators. >> i sweeted this all right look at him running out. there you're such a good boy. he needs water? let me bring you water and gatorade to cool off. when you're done i'll a it to the pug-out. he travels to ball parks across the country. this is game in ft. wayne. thank you you can take it back to dugout. done. he brought all that water out and has many, many talents and walked with fans in the substance. jake the diamond dog. >> love. it. >> put me in a goodmo
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>> that's right. >> the best. >> what do you have? >> listen, everybody will love -- >> did you see jake. >> yes. >> can't compare to jake. >> good. >> pretty awesome. >> 62 washington and 50 pittsburgh and columbus. not your math nation if you like it on the cool side this time of year it has and will again today. although beautiful day mid to low 80s beautiful highs and high pressure in west virginia for i will admit you and today have a nice afternoon. should be a fuel full day. >> i know his kids say thank you. >> erin, good morning. >> good morning, 6:37 now. we've been telling you about the amtrak disruption and fatal track
6:38 am
has amtrak service suspended between d.c. and philadelphia now. aside from that we have mark line train delays on the pep and camden lines brunswick line not impacted. metro back to normal blue and silver lines and i want to move it back over to maps. a lot of problems for commutes on roads as well. outer loop crash northbound baltimore washington parkway and car offer the roads and sky fox on the way to that location and southbound 95 stacked from icc to inner loop and route 1 outer loop over to georgia avenue it's about a 25 minute delay with congestion if you westbound there's construction talking about back to the 11 street bridge. eastbound traffic typical volume there. 295 both dreks backing up. that construction on the freeway delays past the third street tunnel. we'll have full look at delays as we continue. that's traffic. >> . >> two days away from next zip trip.
6:39 am
stafford, virginia, 6 to 11 a.m. specifically outside the swim and sports center mind road we have a the lot of fun plans i'd be out there as far as holly and tuck. >> wael be
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>> what's hot on the web and what's trending. time magazine asking trump orgaization to remove a donald trump cover from the wall. it shows president with arms folded steely eyed with saying apprentice is a television smash and trump hitting on all front even tv. tom that issue never exhibited time was not on the cover that year. and trump has been on the cover 11 times. some of us have superstitions when we fly. maybe a certain seat or board a certain way. this one goes far. a chinese woman threw several coins at a plane as she boarded for good luck. no good luck came from the coin toss because one of the coins fell into the engine and had to he vamiate a entire plane a
6:43 am
back luck continued because she was not airport to poured the plane. >> a lucky man half he was hit by a bus. he brushes himself and walks into the you been pub next door. who would not want an ice cold borrow after ur viving streeting by a bus. >> it's possible soo he's in shock. i would be what do you think. >> i think beer probably takinged really good. >> all right. >> wow. >> okay. thank you. ak for ryan reynalds to the rescue. the real life superhero is now on a mission to raise cpr
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♪ ♪
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>> 6:46 the investigation cop tips down by unionization. two people struck and killed along amtrak tracks late last night. rail service still suspended between d.c. and philadelphia. we'll get you an update on that. >> in the meantime. >> bright sunshine. beautiful day. >> and cold this morning. >> amazingly cool. >> delightfully cool. >> notel nina or anything lining that. >> kind of random. >> washington? >> yeah. >> i won't ask questions. >> sometimes it's better not to. >> let it happen. >> another georgous afternoon. today is last of really nice weather. we obviously start
6:47 am
humiding building by tomorrow but here are comfortable temperatures. again really just about well everybody with exception at reagan national. 55 fredericksburg. everybody few clouds in pennsylvania and high pressure here in west virginia and that will deliver a please ept afternoon for us overhead. a few clouds today, low to mid 80s daytime eyes and you can see influence of big area of high pressure and how quiet it is not just in washington, but boston and new york as well. what will happen. high pressure slips overhead and gets out to sea over the next 24 hours. today is georgous and tonight pleasant and as we get into tomorrow that area of high pressure sneaks off east and
6:48 am
we'll get heat and humidity building back into the reampon. 92 tomorrow. looking good for zip trip friday, warm, 93. next chance of storm is saturday. 4th of july, looks hot and humid it perhaps a few storms tuesday afternoon. we'll have to watch that carefully. okay. let's watch traffic carefully with erin. >> a lot of information to get through. 6:4 now we start you with breaking news this morning and amtrak service is suspended between d.c. and philadelphia with additional disruptions on north east corridor and it's police investigation to csx employees killed on a train in weekend. melanie alnwick is gathering more information. as you can see a large investigation underway. am trang hopes to have us updated:00 this morning hon how long the service will be disrupted and aside from that
6:49 am
trains impacted and southbound camden line train we have tweets reiterating northbound penn line passengers should ride washington metro. and if you take brunswick line it's not affected by the penn line and camden line disruption but we'll let you know if that changes. metro rail lines on time. as we move to roads outer loop crash on the road northbound baltimore washington parkway and delays bw southbound and the 5 southbound heavy and quick look at sky fox we can show you the scene oaf owe the beltway now. you can see it's kind of blocking area to the right shoulder and causing a slow down as you try to access bw parkway northbound. traffic not impacking in left lanes ever belt way. traffic does get heavy outer loop and college park 95 to george aavenue.
6:50 am
through guys this morning. >> thanks,erin. >> keep us updated. >> of course, >> you tucker a little fun. >> okay let's get on to the morning meme. >> right. >> first one is deep one. >> lay okay. will sdmrrt. >> take it away. >> let split it up. >> me, he apologized we can move on. inner me he only said sorry because he wants to you show up. arch awesome more. >> yes, allison tell me more. >> that was fine acting. >> i love those kermit memes. >> me too. >> your turn good what are you doing after work. so you do nothing all day and you regret doing it. >> that ismy me every surprised. >> i love it. as in perfect. i could have done something. >> tailgate ted checking in he changes this every avenue season for new sport team.
6:51 am
this year bullpen makes he drink. >> this used top be burgandy and goal and now bullpen red. >> ted, we appreciate. it miss all of this. all right. last one i think i can relate to this one. me i need to start after saving money and me when i get paid. >> and when i get paid i say next time i get paid. >> burn the money right. >> i like avacado try especially nice weather. >> morning memes. >> those were very good. >> 6:51 ray big, big morning on good day d.c. >> betting butterflies together. >> and on the show today. grammy nominated recording r&b and producer hoty for all septemberlies al b. shore. night and day. >> were you or your kid into the koos
6:52 am
>> wol have mr. goose pumps himself author r. l. stein will be live on good day. >> very cool hit tv show creator darren star joins us live but news is younger. big show. >> al b. shore. start at nine. >> more hollywood news in the fox beat. >> steve, allison. blik lively has taken to instagram to show importance of cpr. ryan reynalds actually saved his nephew's life because of cpr. he posted this to instagram. that's not his nephew. he said years ago i took cpr through red cross and holy sxlitive i ended up saving my nephew's life because i knee what to do. i took
6:53 am
it only to thanks you for the lesson they give to two hopefully lightless calls that will hawpd he he until the end of time all mamas and daddies out think took a cpr class with focus on babies and toddlers. google infant cpr class there to me. for those of who you have not done if you'll love it and it gives you peace of mind. >> it's a scairy thing. lauren and i talked last night. if you have kids you want to get this done. the scariest thing ever imagined. >> ryan reynalds enhanced kevin's life by "dead
6:54 am
kevin's life by pool r hahaha. >> if you have nod heard he's under fire for controversial xheents. >> here's day three. >> here's him depending himself last night on stephen colbert. watch this. >> you told npr that if serene awilliams were in the men's circuit she would be 700 in the world okay. now listen. you -- >> it didn't go over big with my daughter either say. if we're going to talk about that then you get into it a little different category. do they say that about girl basketball players that they're as good as michael jordan. for example -- >> they may say women's basketball players. >> women's. >> people always asking can you beat serena williams. what was this. oh, what is this? i suppose -- my girls
6:55 am
think i can beat here now. i thought i could she's pregnant maybe i could have a better chance. i'm are way i wish her the best, she's the best thing that happened to american tennis in the last 10, 15 years. >> obviously when he said given category he's talking about men versus women this stirred a loft controversy arguing bone sides. >> how tone are you just sneak away. snuck away. he comes off so unlikable. >> colbert is sharks are swim around you back out of it. >> be a better person. >> my goodness. i like the audience gave him feedback the same i was feeling because i think audience feedback his face is like -- >> i wantedhim to hear that as well. >> oh, m
6:56 am
headed out tonight for new orleans i saw a girl tripped last night. >> tiffany hadish one of the funniest i've seen in my life. >> seize had a really challenging life. i'm sitting down with her, queen la teev a, jada pecket and alicia hall. >> i never asked to go with you anywhere. >> want to come with me. >> yes. >> i cannot -- >> girls i'm outgoing with kevin. >> it's awesome. they filmed this. >> tucker good morning. >> good to see you kev. 63 washington. we'll below to mid 830s later today. lots of sunshine. low humidity dry afternoon. should be a gorgeous wednesday for you. look how quiet satellite an radar is. quick look at 7 day. guess what's pack tomorrow? heat and humidity with temperatures in 90s and maybe storm day. gets whose back now. erin
6:57 am
problems of 6:56 reminder because of dead i between a look over at roads outer loop crash rampp northbound bw parkway car on the road e heavy delays blocking two lanes. we'll have a fuel look at amtrak commute and traffic as we continue.
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crash involving an amtrak train and two csx employees and this happened in northeast d.c. apart from union station and right now delays continue along the north east corridor and we have team coverage on the tracks and the impact it's having on the station. >> and major development you saw first on "fox5"allegations of grade fixing to boost graduation rates in prince george county public schools. a new investigation is good to take off. he said joins us live to talk about allegations and detention. >> and to what's next? >> good morning oym


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