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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  June 28, 2017 7:00am-8:57am EDT

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crash involving an amtrak train and two csx employees and this happened in northeast d.c. apart from union station and right now delays continue along the north east corridor and we have team coverage on the tracks and the impact it's having on the station. >> and major development you saw first on "fox5"allegations of grade fixing to boost graduation rates in prince george county public schools. a new investigation is good to take off. he said joins us live to talk about allegations and detention. >> and to what's next? >> good morning oym
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>> if are you just waking up this morningnive minutes. >> first we want to get you up to date on breaking newst of d.k service suspended between d.c. and philadelphia. after two people were struck and killed on tracks near union station over fight. >> those victims were cfx employees. >> be have team cover ramming this morning melanie alnwick live at the scene. let's start with melanie. >> steve, allison. i got off the phone with a representative from csx who confirmed to me indeed that these were two csx employs ease and he did tell me though they were not track workers they were crew members of a csx train that was on the tracks parallel t
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t ysx is deeply sad eped by loss of two workers and investigation is still going on. trying to figure out sdangtly why those two workers were on the tracks. they are trained crew members. freight train crew members you can see behind me still a very active investigation. and office of chief medical examiner still back behind those tracks there and it's sort beyond the bend here behind the mobile station this overhead shot as well and hard to see with dmrair of sun and definitely lots of work still here to do. and also, lot of information from people that were on the train. tweeting out that they felt a bump and then the train
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a screeching halt lot of peoplel hours before they could get on the train and off to another destination the train was three minutes from union station. amtrak says its trains' crew did not sustain injuries nor did 121 paerm as board. but still a lot of questions at this hour in terms of what was going on with this csx train and why those two employees were on the tracks. and why the amtrak train didn't know about it. there are a lot of residual impacts as well and for that we go to colleague kristin leon at umon station. >> good morning, melanie, a lot of passengers here waiting at union station. some waiting
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was can told and if you hone to get to work from here making pit stops along the way to new york this is what you should expect here. joining me now today i spoke with a passenger today. brian ludwig. you're trying to get on the train headed to work at this time correct. >> yeah trying to get amtrak to new york scheduled for 4 a.m. this morning which is early train and got here and they mentioned that the 3:15 train to new york had not departed and around quarter to 5 they told us we would be delayed and we since were delayed four more. now i'm sketched for 7:25 departure is delay. >> if it sound
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my math directly acain cancelle. >> have you ever wait philadelphia a long line like thislong lin get to work? >> i don't generally take a train that often i should say. but i fly by air frequently i'm used to delays i suppose. i think it's common practice. they've been fairly transparent here it's somewhat. >> my understanding you're hoping to go to u2 in new york. we need to get you on the train pope he'llly sbs good luck making it to new york in this case. >> thank you very much. >> this is the latest we aerd from brian on his experience waiting to board the amtrak. but if are you here in this area the camden line and penn line those are two
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been suspended. however when it comes to pep line i wantndai much. 7:06 not just amtrak having make or issues other rail seen two. >> good morning as crane tan mentioned mark traps imthen you can hook on to d.c. metro to get where you need to be. keep if mind northbound passengers have service green belts points north the good news this is not impacting bripz wick lines and trains operating on time and into union station not impacted by pep and camden disruption. amtrak we're waiting to hear when they can get the service moving from drgs c. to philadelphia and other disruptions cleared ang
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north east corridor. as bill let you know if that has changes. oui have this crash moved over toult uld here and heavy delays back through woodbridge this morning and and 30 minute delay from dale city to beltway south ever that point fredericksburg to stafford and westbound freeway construction on main avenue cleared however we're seeing really heavy residual delays towards third street tunnel completely backed up across 11 street bridge trying to get towards third street tunnel there and 14 street bridge backs up as well seeing heavy traffic. there aside from that outer loop crash northbound baltimore washington parkway car off road. that's causing outer loop days 350 on through. and then the icc and now 2
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it's a beautiful day outside. warm-wise we can enjoy that. >> my job is easier than erin's today. >> beautiful skies. >> sunshine, beautiful, low to mid 80s later today. >> perfect. >> and comfortably cool overnight. another georgous afternoon to look forward to. real quick reagan national 63. 50s, 5 dulles and baltimore and there's a couplepp 40 ours out here. it will be right overhead that usually means nice warm it will this time as well should be nice and dry this afternoon if you got afternoon or evening plans. i'm thinking nationals game tonight. 83. sunshine this afternoon. enjoy. >> heat and humidity return tomorrow. >> enjoy it. >> yes. >> all right. >> yesterday and today should be fantastic. >> devepi
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bizarre story from venezuela political unrest turping violent a help helicopter dropping green aid and firing oe helicopter. to chicago now. this morning three police officers face charges after being accused of cop spireing to cover up deadly shooting of black teenager la quan mcdonald. a special grand jury including three count indoomentment now and three officers lied to prevent investigators showing shooting medical dan old 16 time. that over pleaded not guilt to to murder. >> "b.c."police need where you are help finding two people. the employees put money in suspect's bag and took off
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this happened sundaymar developy you saw first on "fox5". we continue to stay on top of it. allegations o to boost graduation rates in principle george county schools good and now the state board of education approved a hiring of outside investigators to look into these claims. skoom ceo kevin match well agrees to move but doesn't like the owe options. >> dr. kevin max will agreed with the move and wren a let to state asking for independent group to look into claims however as you mentioned he continues to deny serious allegations brought to light by four school board members and state board of education will hire a third party to vehicle after resqueingts from maryland governor hogan the board voted unanimously to have an us for school board members o
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widespread fraud in graduation rates a top prioty since he was appointed ceo of school by rash earn peaker in 2013 some feel a top of pressure to make sure students gawtion. the state board calling for investigation to end this controversy. >> if we want to expedite it there is no many questions and so much ride on it we want to do is thoughtfully but as quickly as we can. >> dr. maxwell said he will fully cooperate. state board education president tells "fox5" they want it done soon and carefully and thoughtfully and the state has to go through bidding process to hire an outside business. more to come on thi
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stay tuned. over to you guys. >> dr. maxwell says he'llperath him coming up in a few minutes as we pressed for answer, >> in the meantime, coming up, latest on where what sit questions are in the running and why d.c. thinks it would be a good fit for winning bid. we'll be right back.
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and killed by a train overnight. rail service us is spended between d.c. and philadelphia to get out of town the largest number on record. nine out of ten local travelersd good news for drivers we're gas snce 2005. it's a win, win and win if traveling. >> whip, whip, whip, >> maybe if everybody else is traveling i'll say. >> yes. >> we have whole area toself. >> stay occasions, that's all i ever get. >> don't make me sing. >> later today, great pool weather and great to take the dog for a walk. whatever aarr oyping 3 washington. and you
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columbus, detroit, all pretty extraordinary this late in june. one more day of high pressure and it will spread xluns across the area and gwen dry conditions and temperatures low 80s with plenty of sunshine. enjoy today. tonight looks great. going to nationals game, couldn't have for nicer weather. great night for baseball. temperatures in the 70s first pitch 7:05. quick welcome at 7 day it's back tomorrow. >> what. >> friends heat and humidity. >> oh, >> haze won't build in, until the weekend and temperatures mid 90s we'll keep that early next week. fourth of july next tuesday. sneak peak with scattered thunderstorms tuesday afternoon. hopefully
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they wouldn't
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>> but getting enough republican senators on board has that mothty leader mitch mc connell acknowledged his july 4 deadline will come and go. >> there's a good chance getting there it will just take
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>> a victory lap budget claims that 20 million americans would insurance under senate republican plan. >> and republicans cannot skies rotten core at center of healthcare bill. >> republicans are talking about repealing obamacare 7 years and they now control levers of government to make it happen. even conservatives admit that calling backen titlement especially massive expansion of medicade narrow bam acare can be almost impossible. >> it's the reason that the left usually wins because when you handout goodyes since new deal it's extremely hard to bring them back. that's core issue here. >> now, vote on bill will be rescheduled for sometime after july 4 recess. >> all right we'll keep an eye on it for sure. hundreds plan to form a human chain around the u.s. capitol tonight in
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healthcare bill. it's 5 to 7 p.m. part of what the people's filibuster is this week. dozens of add kas i have groups and non profits hold rallies and other actions to pressure gop to protect the health care legislation. >> house is putting more money towards security coming in the wake of shooting at congressional baseball practice in alexandria earlier this month. house majority whip steve skal still in the hospital following that shooting and extra money comes in the form of 25,000 allowance for law makers to take additional security steps. >> governor sarah pallin suing the "new york times" climbingelier this month published editorial falsely plame heing foreshooting of democratic gabby gifford. they issued a correction, pallin wants more than 70,000 in damages. >>. app
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d.c. in 2022. >> the district one of three cities to lockdown sports centered event. other components include music, visual arts, theater, human rights conference. next gay games is in paris france next year. bowser will rally in support of getting games to d.c. in 2022. >> please stay with us, dr. kevin match well super intend enter of prince george county public schools join us it for the first time six those grade fixing allegations. >> and an amtrak train hit and killed two csx employees overnight.
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. if are you looking for a way to spice up your breakfast. >> latest trend may not be for faint of heart or me sign niingt poland looking at edible insects creepy crawley snacks like creek ed salad and it could be key to feed a growing world population. we know they're any protein. >> what makes a cricket more gross than a crab. >> i understand that. >> it's mind thing. >> it's mind thing. >> all right. >> if it can field the world, okay. >> sure. >> i'll have the cake no
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larvae. >> let tucker try it. >> it was a worm brownie. cake. >> i pass on that one. low to mid 80s later today. wind southwest at 5. and heat index is same as air temperatures and that's because we don't have a lot of humidity. beautiful the last couple days with low humidity. and keep it going one more day here. high pressure west virginia and that keeps things quiet. dry afternoon. low to mid 80s. not a lot of humidity. that area of high pressure sneaks off east here and later tonight and by tomorrow guess what winds out of south and you know what that means. heat and humidity start build back into the area and back into the low to mid 90s by thursday and by friday and saturday and looks like next chance for storm will sdab, second half of saturday into sunday. chance for scattered thunderstorm. erin has a busy week. >> 7:26. tucker we had an update from amtrak service suspensions delay and northeast corridor betwn
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still impacted. right now trains not running for the investigation to csx. employees truck struck and killed by a train before midnight last night. we'll keep you updated as we get more information. they're letting us know service is not restored until mid-morning and that's impacting penn line and camden line a brings wick line not impaingted. delays are skepingd back to pennsylvania avenue. 30 minute delay. 295 a parking lot northbound towards 11 street bridge andelier southeast southwest freeway construction cleared main avenue and that residual effect added to congestion and 295 southbound jammed and we'll keep you updated for roads and rails as we continue. fox news morning is coming up.
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take live look at northeast d.c. outside union station. the train stopped on the tracks and will stay that way for several more hours. 2csx employees struck and killed by an amtrak train overnight. so that police investigation has halted all rail traffic right now between d.c. and philadelphia as far as amtrak at least. so we're hearing mid morning at the earliest as far as when they get things back going again. we'll check in with erin in a few minutes and get update as soon as we get more information. in the meantime let's get on to our top story this morning. major new developments win the past 24 hours involving claims of grade fixing at prince george's high schools to boost graduation rates. the maryland state board of education union nan mussily agreed to bring outside investigators to look into the allegations of grade inflation. >> this letter is to serve as a formal request for a follow-up investigation by the maryland state department of eca
7:31 am
into allegations regarding the prince george's county public gn rates since my arrival. >> the state superintendent making it official there. the state board has the support of prince george's county school ceo dr. kevin maxwell who along with nine members of the prince george's county board of education center a letter of support for an investigation not because they believe the because immense public pressure to clear the air. fox5's lindsay watts was the first break the grade fixing story ten days ago and we have continued to lead the way on coverage of this issue and the request for answers ever since then. we'll do that right now seeking to get more answers because for the first time since the allegations arose prince george's county public school superintendent dr. kein maxwell is granting fox5 an interview and joins us this morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> a loft questions for you this morning but i want to start point blank do you believe in any way there was any concerted effort for great fixing o
7:32 am
inflation in prince george's county schools. >> absolutely not. these accusations they're systemic corruption at the highest levels of this school system are completely and utterly false. >> the reason you've gone on board is the investigation is what? >> to make sure we put this to rest once and for all. these allegations were first alleged about a year ago earlier in the school year, and we're state department of education, and both msd and the united state department of education cleared us of any concerns whatsoever and closed the matter. that these four board members reopened it is sad. >> so why do you think dr. maxwell then this continues to be there, continues to fester, continues to be brought to the forefront if a previous investigation as you say cleared the school district? >> you'll have to accident people that are bringing these allegations about systemic corruption because they're just not true.
7:33 am
few specifics, though, when you dig deeper here, and you look at reports coming from some of the schools i'll take cross land high school for example, when you look at the 2016-16 school year you had below average school in algebra, common core issues and in math issues. lower than average ten dance compared not just the state of maryland but other schools in prince georges county. yet you have above average attendance. so how can these factors be one in the same where you have lower test scores but higher -- higher graduation rates? >> well, i would say, look, the work of our graduation rates is about multiple path ways and providing children with other opportunities. additional opportunities to improve their scores. that work is done nationally by districts. it's done across the state. there have been other studies and reports about this work. it's nothing that is different than what people doing anywhere else. and the reality is, if we give
7:34 am
that compass learning, quarterly learning module f we allow them to have the opportunities apex learning and mum pell ways do get where they needing to, more children will be suck suss fell and the fact there's good attendance and the scores are lagging is exactly why we put this work into place. >> i do want to ask you, because one of the things that stands out to us, and i understand where you're putting the attention on four school board members, but we've heard from state delegates, not just the school board, but state delegates in prince george's county in maryland, prince george's county officials, even the governor saying, look, there may not be fire but there's smoke at this point. this is something we should be looking into and they're hearing from it different sources things may be going on. so why are all these different people now saying that there might be at least something to investigate in prince george's county schools? >> they're saying there may be nothing investigate, because people...
7:35 am
>> i don't agree with investigating because i want to resolve this matter. there's no system tick corruption. there's nothing for me or anyone who is on my direct team that is telling people they should do anything illegal. >> do you stand by the celebrations that you had recent ball that was high point fort school district as look from the public perception everybody dancing through the hallways and celebrating high graduation rates. do you still stand by that? >> of course i stand by that. we should celebrate the successes of our schools. >> let me ask you this then. when it comes to the board unmentioned some members of the board obviously it's not the majority of board here that were calling for these allegations. account board recover from this, because we have other board members now calling for resignation of board members that brought this into question if these allegations are proved to be false? what does that do as far as a rift in the school board itself and moving the learning process forward in prince george's
7:36 am
anything to recover from.- the majority of this board is quite supportive of the work we're doing, and they will continue as they did just last week to do the work of the board of education and the school system of prince george's county. >> your challenge as ceo of the schools running this school district to make sure the children do get the education the best possible education that they can have. something like this surfaces drs doubt in parent's minds, what do you do now to ensure all parents in prince george's county that& their students are getting the best possible education and preparation for life after high school? >> so we've been very transparent with our parents. we've sent, you know, letters to the community. we've been talking with parent leaders over the past year. i think that the vast majority of parents have confidence in our district and will continue to do that work through our parent institute, through other activities and interactions with parents know this is not wait yu wanted to spend the summer. you wanted to focus moren
7:37 am
learning process, which i'm sure you will be able to do while this investigation goes on. but i also know you're familiar with the state board. have you heard when this investigation may begin, how long it may take, any of those specifics? >> i haven't heard any specifics whatsoever other than, you know, i heard that i think it was the board -- state board president said they would like it resolved as expeditiously as possible. >> all right. on the flip side of things and i have to ask, if this goes the other way and these claims are proven by the board to be true, what does that do for your future? do you stay on board as ceo of prince george's county schools? can you run the school district? >> they're not going to find, you know -- that's a question that, you know, is not, you know, really accurate. they're not going to find systemic corruption, you know, and that's what the allegation systemic corruption from the highest levels of this district and it's utterly and completely false. >> all right. dr. maxwell in the meantime how do you prepare fort next school year in prince george's county? do you make an
7:38 am
do you go along with the lesson plans that you have you have had in place this entire time? the multiple path ways work whatsoever. we have a strategic plan that we will continue to follow. we'll continue to follow and continue to do professional development in the summer, couldn't to do the hiring that needs to be done and open our doors on the first day of school ready to run. >> the last thing i'll ask because politics has been brought into this so many times when we talk to people about how this surface. the answer we get from lot of people it's politics at play. is that distracting to the school district right now? is there a way to get a better handle on that? do you believe that there are politics here that are dictating these moves or allegations one way or another? >> i'm not going say politics are dictating, you know, what's been going on, but i certainly agree with you that politics are involved. you know we're running into an election season, and, you know, everybody will have to speak for their own motivations in the end.
7:39 am
>> dr. maxwell, we appreciate your time this morning. i know we've been trying to track you down for a little bit of time and we certainly appreciate you giving and our viewers your time this morning. >> thank you. >> all right. dr. kevin maxwell ceo of prince george's county schools. 7:39 writ knowledge let's get check on traffic. a busy morning for you this morning, erin. >> very busy morning. amtrak giving us an update that service will be suspended until at least mid morning several disruptions along the northeast corridor. there's a deadly train accident in northeast a few miles from union station happened just before midnight two csx employees struck and killed by that train. serious investigation underway. watch for amtrak disruptions. marc line train delays as well. penn line and camden delays serious disruptions because of that. always use metro option there and also if you're headed northbound, just keep in mind you have service from green belt to points north. but that's it. aside from that as we take look at our tweets, brunswick line is operating on time
7:40 am
impacted by those delays. aside from that metro rail line is on time to keep you moving. we do have inner loop crash causing delays on the beltway. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll get you around those road and rail delays as we continue.
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>> we have is big day coming up on good day d.c. are you a fan of little known singer named i'll be sure. >> i think i heard of him. >> a time and time again. >> it's going to be awesome. have a chance to chat with him. now are you a goose bumps fan? >> my kids were. so that makes me one. >> all right. you know what i mean? yeah. >> the mr. goose bumps author rl stein will join us live on good day today. >> i'll be talking with him. hit tv show creator
7:48 am
joins us live in real had the tv star porsha williams will be along with us as long as our weekly check in with tmz. it's a really big show. don't miss it. >> all right. >> appearances from tucker barnes as well. >> and the rest of the crew. >> i want to wish dj mr. mellow slide happy birthday. d.c. police they do this beat the streets festival every week we're in the middle of it he'll be out there today. it's a great program. i tweeted out where you can go to the rec centers all this summer. >> perfect weather for it, too. >> perfect weather. >> let's get it to. weather there's your headline. another beautiful afternoon. even nicer than yesterday if that's possible looking another at bright sunshine throughout day. today time highs in the low to mid 80s should be dry afternoon. next chance for storm probably not until saturday. we got a couple of days until we're looking at our next storm. heat and humidity build back starting tomorrow. back in the 90s tomorrow. you'll notice the humidity creeping up over the next couple of days. really not so much today as we get into the weekend as mention the looks like a storm by saturday. all right.
7:49 am
flip the prompter hugs after the show. [ laughter ] >> definitely not happening now. >> thank you. 54 in frederick. maybe they don't want one of those. 63 in leonardtown. 58 in manassas. 58 in quantico again temperatures overnight in some spots here low 50s so really just very very pleasant air mass in place to start your day, and should be beautiful wednesday look how quiet it is. not just d.c. get up to new york and boston. down towards at land looking at quiet conditions. all because of high pressure right here. park just to our west across west virginia. that will move overhead later today and good friend tony perkins would say look into the sky you'll see the big h and later this afternoon it crosses overhead we should be very nice around here. later this week area of high pressure gets off the coast we'll get a bermuda high. you know what happens. southerly breeze, heat and humidity build back into the region and looking at daytime highs back in the 90s starting tomorrow. gorgeous afternoon there you go. plan on some fun.
7:50 am
great p you're going to the nats game tonight, and there's your heat and humidity back by thursday and friday. next chance for storms saturday real quick fourth of july low 90s, could be some storms late in the day. so that's the current look. we'll see if we can amend that a little bit. erin, who stuff going. >> i can't give you a hard time you noticed i cut my hair. >> yes, i did it looks great. >> very suite you tucker. thank you. >> unfortunately breaking news continues this morning. amtrak service remains suspended between d.c. and philadelphia amtrak letting us know could be -- not before mid morning they're able to get things moving and then we'll deal with residual delays. big problems there. it's a police investigation and temporary track closure. two csx employees struck and killed by a train just before midnight so again let you know about those amtrak delays. but marc train delay lines in addition to that and on the penn line and camden lines. southbound penn line train limited service to carrollton. southbound camden line to green belt use the. d.c. metro option f you're headed northbound passengers only have ser
7:51 am
belt to points north. brunswick line not impacted this morning. so getting normal service to union station but again northbound delays on the penn and camden lines linger many we'll keep updated a lot of slow downs on the marc line. penn and camden lines impacted. aside from no metro rail delays that should help keep you moving. closer look at your roads next. back to you. ♪♪ >> thank you so much, erin. 7:51 right now. where we going, ally? >> in two days, we'll be on our next zip trip, and this friday june 30th, we will be in stafford, virginia from 6:00 to 11am specifically we'll be outside of the rouse swim and sports center on mine road. we've got a whole morning of fun planned. i'll be out there along with holly and tucker and we would love, love, love to see you too. >> about 40 miles south of dc or so much come down and say hi if you're down in the stafford county area. how about this guy? former guest of good day d.c., simon laughing the stafford county dancing deputy who appeared on america's got tant
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>> i love it. >> dion say digs who found fame after him dancing to beyonce' formation went viral. danced for us right here on good day d.c. and was a super good sport. had the crowd laughing. they loved him. just didn't love him quite enough to move on to vegas. >> that's good. we keep him here. >> he didn't make the past the show. my goodness, he's still a winner with all of us. >> aww. >> he's killing it. >> right. >> he was awesome. >> how did they give him x's. >> i don't know. >> he was fantastic. >> i know. his splits were incredible. >> he had them entertained we get to keep him. that's good. >> got the attention of the national stage. >> made me happy. >> me too. new film opening up friday named beguiled. she's a phenomenal film maker the film is mass save cast including kirsten dunce, nicole kidman, colin farrell. take a look at a clip of the film. very intense.
7:53 am
>> it seems the enemy is not what we believe. i hope you like apple pie. >> is that my recipe? >> it is. >> all right. that's a clip from the new film the be biles adaptation the 1966 novel and also there was a film in 71 made starring clint eastwood as well. colin farrell plays injured union soldier whose hidden and taken hostage in a small all girls school in the south. now, a man hasn't been in the house in long time. so tensions are very very high. i will say this, though. it turns out it's the women versus him. it's very very intense. very very scary at time. kirsten dunst talking about the movie and sophia coppolla at the cannes film festival. watch this. >> do you see a change happening? for me it's so interesting. like my first role as a female director was little women and i continued to work with
7:54 am
directors probably like 11 of them at this point. i've worked with a lot -- a lot of first time directors. um, i think it's just about giving an opportunity to someone whose creative who is someone you want to help you know help see their vision through. to me it's not about man and female so much as it's about just, you know, working with creative people. that's how i was raised, but yes, i remember being on the jury last year and we gave, you know, she didn't get best director but it was like whoever had the best movie. >> i hope you like apple pie. >> is that my recipe? >> it is. >> this table scenes are unbelievable. i won't give away anything specifically. there's one particular in particular everyone will flip out when they see. i'm curious about the intensity at those table scenes. >> the one that's more fun, which i call the whipped cream
7:55 am
>> apple pie, whipped cream apple pie one. that day we were all losing it. we were like gov fee and loopy and crazy i don't know why but we just -- everyone sophia, like, everybody onset was really had a lot of energy and so i think that that definitely added. i love that scene. it just has a very lively aspect to it. >> yes. >> i'm curious when you shoot food scenes in film do you have -- are you eating all day? i'm curious -- >> it was so funny in gallery she just like -- she was like i just can't stop eating this pie. it's so good. so a lot of girls were -- yeah, we -- we it depends on your character. my character was like trying to be more koy so i didn't really eat that much, but yeah the girls were going to down on that apple pie. they were very happy. >> it was awesome. pleasure meeting you by the way. thank you for all the work. >> i've met before you. >> i met you once. my wife and i took a photo with you because she loves m
7:56 am
>> she's met you before. >> sophie coppolla at the beginning of the interview we were talking about the cannes film festival. she was the second woman to win best director at the awards. she was talking about working with female award winners it happens more than you think but it's crazy that only two have everyone. >> thanks, guys. >> all right, tuck. beautiful weather. movie seems creepy. >> like a horror film. >> we need you union soldier. >> they go to town thon guy. it's crazy. >> okay. >> hey, beautiful weather. skate now in washington. winds out of the west at five. low 80s later today. sunny, bright, beautiful that's a quiet satellite/radar for us. high pressure that's going to deliver one more. same area of high pressure flips offshore and we start to heat it up tomorrow starting tomorrow. so the '90's will be back by friday noon your weekend. next chance for storm second half of saturday a couple dry days to look forward to. that's all i got. erin has got more. >> you know what tucker it's been a miserable wednesday morn
7:57 am
service suspension continues disruptions between d.c. and philadelphia. temporary track closure there's a police investigation now a fatal incident two csx workers struck and killed by a train just before midnight because of that big investigation those delays continue through the amtrak northeast corridor. if you have any questions the at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. penn line and camden lines with serious delays at all. 8:00 o'clock hour coming right
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. absolutely. these accusations that there's systemic corruption at the highest levels of this school system are completely and utterly false. >> that's prince george's county public school's ceo dr. kevin maxwell speaking to fox5 this morning in his first television interview since we broke the story of allegations of grade fixing to boost graduation rates. more and on what he had to say in this exclusive interview coming up in just minutes. good wednesday morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks so much for joining us this morning. 8:00 a.m. june 28th, 2017. here's what else is on the fox5 news morning menu. breaking overnight in northeast d.c., a deadly crash involving a an amtrak train and apparently 2csx
8:01 am
this morning commuters are dealing with delays as how that fatal accident happened. and another massive cyber attack sweeps the globe. taking over thousands of computers and crippling busineses a closer look at the impact coming up. plus big boost for amazon the company teaming up with local group to help the homeless community in the district and they're making the big announcement live in a fox5 exclusive this hour. live look right now though outside. a pretty day out there on dap. tucker will be along shortly with all the details. >> absolutely beautiful out there. just a slight breeze. cool conditions. 62 degrees right now. 8:01 let's get to breaking news involving amtrak service in d.c. service is still suspended between the district and philadelphia. >> this after two csx employees were hit and killed on the tracks overnight. just outside of union station. melanie alnwick has been following this story all morning long. she's life with the latest now. melanie? >> reporter: steve and li
8:02 am
as the investigation goes, not too long ago the office of the chief medical examiner did remove the two bodies from the scene here, and now the very detailed work begins. just literally seconds ago we saw them. the kind of hard to see if you look through the trees right above where the men in the yellow vests are. you can see the top of an amtrak train. that was not there before. so it's possible that they moved it back into place because we believe the point of collision is right about here. we have that overhead shot as well from our on the photographer eugene russell where you can kind of see the front of the csx train. so we don't know exactly the circumstances but we can tell you that csx told me that the two deceased are freight train crew members. they are not track workers. so they would not ordinarily be on the tracks. expected to be on those tracks from what we understand. and that is really part of the question that nes
8:03 am
answered is why were two train employees on the tracks around 11:18 last night when the amtrak train 175 from boston to d.c. was coming through heading toward union station on an adjacent track? passengers aboard that train said that they were about three minutes away from union station. they heard and felt a bump, and then they said the train screeched to halt, and the conductor said that there was a problem being investigated, then followed up with we've hit a couple of people. continuing every few minutes to then update them on it. but very sad here among amtrak employees, csx employees, ntsb is here, federal railroad administration is here. dc police here as well. so a very wide scope that still has to be worked on here on the tracks. now, again,? unfortunate a few minutes down the road that's union
8:04 am
lot of impact and that's the rest of the story but right now we'll toss it back to you in the studio. >> real quick dodge we know anything about the speed of the train at that point of impact being that close to union station? was it still at full speed? >> reporter: no, we have no idea on that one, steve. >> thanks, mel. team coverage right now let's get to union station where passengers are arriving to the news that the commute has been delayed this morning. >> fox5's kristin leone is there live with more now. kristin. >> reporter: good morning everyone. we spoke with amtrak not too long ago and according to officials those lines essentially the penn and camden lines we've been talking about all morning long those lines will be restored they say by mid morning today. they didn't give a specific time but again that is the very latest here at union station. right now i do want to show you this is the message board going on. they've been updating as far as the times and delays. a lot of passengers checking on this message board, and again it's changing every so
8:05 am
depending on your destination and really quickly, too, seeing a lot of passengers kind of, you know, obviously waiting here, coming in spurts. i would say waiting every 20 to 30 minutes here at union station. again, for their destination or their departure in this case. the lines making several pit-stops along the way from here to philadelphia as well as new york. so again this is what it's looking like right now. not as bad as it was this morning at around 7:00 o'clock. which again about an hour ago that's where we were seeing more congestion and delays but again this is a very latest coming out of union station here. we're told that a lot of these lines will be restored by mid morning today. so keep checking on your phones for any updates as far as schedule changes and your departures. but as for right now, this is what's going on here at union station. guys? >> krysten leone thank you very much. 8:05. i was walking around dc last night. >> just walking the streets. >> just walking around. >> okay. >> i literally said, this is a
8:06 am
summer. >> right. >> once or twice a summer. >> perfect. >> i mean -- >> nice breeze last night. >> cool enough that you can just, you know, still summer so it's not really cold at night. >> you don't sweat. >> yeah. >> um-hmm. >> one of those -- >> beautiful. >> cool las vegas type days. >> right. >> when they should ever have one, i don't know but no humidity. >> that member november. >> right. >> 117 in vegas last week. >> never mind then. >> yeah. we've had unusually pleasant weather maybe is the right word, and we'll keep it going today. another gorgeous afternoon. low to mid 80s. steve is absolutely right. not a lot of humidity. dew point temperatures in the low 50s this morning. and our temperatures accordingly cool as well reagan national now up to skate. but these temperatures still great. dulles 62. up in baltimore 65. overnight most of the area back in the 50s very very pleasant start. all right. high pressure over west virginia and you can see it's just dominating weather locally. should be nice and dry this afternoon. once again temperatures in the low to mid 80s so pleasantly
8:07 am
warm. but not a lot of humidity and we'll keep it free this afternoon. so making plans? >> um-hmm. >> plan on some fun in the sunshine. low 80s. >> look at you. >> sassy. >> adds to the creepy element somehow. >> it's sassiness. i'm here for you tuck. >> thanks allison. >> tucker has way of my traffic reports dragging his feet and making weird movements over the corner of my eye i'm like don't give in. >> we can hear your amazing and infectious laugh. you're not laughing this morning. >> such crazy morning. amtrak service remains suspended between d.c. and philadelphia. latest tweet -- now he's doing it again. latest tweet right now letting us know service will be suspended and disrupted through mid morning. this investigation very serious. unfortunately last night just before midnight csk employees struck and killed by a train. delays on the mark marge train, penn line and camden trains this morning are impacted. check the schedule before you head o
8:08 am
rails are on time right now. aside from that just keep in mind brunswick line is on time license operate into union station as planned. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter and again d.c. metro rail lines on time right now. on the roads lot of problems as well. inbound 50 center lane blocked after 197. so coming in from bowie we do have those atypical delays and in southern maryland, 210 northbound two lanes blocked near old fort road. heavy delays for several miles all the way back on 210. look at that inner loop. i want to show you live look outside earlier crash by 295 cleared. but really heavy traffic remains in place from basically pennsylvania avenue to across the wilson bridge into alexandria from prince george's county about 45 minute delay. back to our maps now, because we do have some additional crashes you need to be aware of. including an inner loop crash near 66. huge delays backing up on 66 through vienna and fairfax and inner loop is sluggish through annandale and from that crash point all the way across the legion bridge through tysons
8:09 am
traffic on the beltway. inbound new york avenue earlier crash cleared northeast at montana but we are seeing residual delays there. if you have any questios for your commute at erin fox5 dc on twitter. there's lot to get through today and in terms of the rail delays we want to keifer one on the& roads safe as well. back to you allison and steve. >> ♪♪ developing this morning, self countries around the world trying to bounce back from another cyber attack. i was crane and russia seem to be hardest his this time. the united states, britain, france, germany, italy and australia also targeted. the attack locks up computers running on microsoft windows and then demands a ransom. there's evidence cree creators of the malware borrowed a leaked code from the nsa. developing overnight in venezuela bizarre story here. political unrest turning violent helicopter dropping grenades firing shots at the capitol. officials say army officer stole that police helicopter. the president calling it a
8:10 am
attempted coo. time right now 8:09. let's get to the exclusive interview we talk about at the top of the hour. prince george's county school ceo kevin maxwell speaking to fox5 in depth for the first time since we broke the news of claims of great fixing to boost graduation rates. >> the exclusive interview comes as the maryland state board of education has approved the hiring of outside investigators to look into the claims. annie yu joins us live with the latest now. god morning. >> good morning allison and steve. there have been developments every day since fox5 first broke this story, and the state board of education now saying they will hire a third party to investigate what's really going on. school ceo kevin mack well welcomes the move. he denies those allegations brought to light by four school board members as you mentioned appeared on fox5 half an hour ago and he continues to say there's no systemic corruption and makes it clear that he hopes the investigation will put this controversy to rest once and for all. now, after a request from maryland governor larry hogan the board voted
8:11 am
night to have an outside what's going on in the prince george's county public school system. four school board members three who are elected and one student member have alleged widespread fraud. they say they have evidence that hundreds of students have graduated with without meeting those state requirements and that there's grade fixing going op and records manipulation in the school system. dr. maxwell has made increasing those graduation rates a top priority since he was appointed head of schools in 2013, but some have told fox5 that they feel a ton of pressure to make sure students graduate. now mack manager are the of school board strong dell need there's truth to these allegations and the state board now calling for this investigation to end the controversy. >> i don't disagree with investigating because, again, ooh it want to resolve this matter. there's no systemic corruption. nothing for me or anyone who is on my direct team that is telling people that they should do anything illegal. >> it's unclear when the investigation will start. but dr. maxwell says he'll
8:12 am
the state board of educationat- president tells fox5 they want it done soon. but they want to also be done thoughtfully and carefully. the state has to first go through a bidding process to hire an outside business we can assure we'll continue to follow this big story. back to you guys. >> annie, thanks much. boosting production and lowering prices. details on the fda new push to make medicine more affordable. >> summertime swimming dangers a nurse jumps into action saving a young boy from drowning at a public pool. more on this incredible rescue after the break.
8:13 am
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♪♪ cuteness time. >> yup. >> let's lighten the mood a little. >> let's do it. time for my first five photo of the day. we got a beautiful smile. >> hello. >> hello there. >> we got liam everybody. >> hi, liam. >> he's a happy smiley two years old. >> he's got some good looking teeth. >> all those baby chompers. >> he loves to sing and dance to all things bruno mars. >> yes. me, too, liam. let's have dance party. >> you guys are connected. >> the moment allison hears bruno she's like -- >> ♪♪ >> it's your turn. >> liam i hope you're watching. and singing along. so cute. >> bruno, two years old to 51 years old and beyond. we love ya and we love liam. >> liam we love your picture. please send us your
8:16 am
fox5 dc. you get bruno with your them music. >> and tucker busting a little move under the graphics. thank you for that picture. >> we love it. skate now in washington. you'll love the weather this afternoon. low to mid 80s. and as steve mentioned last night getting out and about not lot of humidity. so that's probably the best forecast today as humidity will be in check, it should be a really pleasant afternoon. high pressure is the reason why. it's currently parked over west virginia and it's just dominating weather across the mid atlantic really northeast as well enjoying it as temperatures will be just a few degrees below normal for one more day. that would be this afternoon and look what comes. heat and humidity build into the low to mid 90s by friday and saturday. next chance for storm saturday. so we'll be dry this afternoon as well. >> thank you tucker. um-hmm. all right. check in with erin. busy morning. >> we'll have to plan our weekend plans fourth of july holiday coming and all right starting off with life look
8:17 am
duke street right now. you're basically parked from the beltway up to the 14th street bridge with about 35 minute slow down. as we forward our cameras along you can see delays linger on the beltway. we're seeing heavy slow downs on the inner loop from 66 where we have a crash all the way across american legion bridge. 270 southbound at a crawl as well. about 45 money delay from urbana to the beltway. main and local lanes no reported crashes. want to move over to our maps because we are still dealing with very big delays and disruptions on amtrak right now. between d.c. and philadelphia. amtrak letting us know service may not be restored mid morning. temporary track closure. we have a fatal train accident in northeast a few miles from union station. two csx workers killed last night just before midnight. very serious and big investigation taking place right now. we're gathering more information on that. bring it to you as soon as it becomes available and also keep in mind, as a result of had train track closure penn
8:18 am
and camden line trains for marc are experiencing heavy delays and disruptions in service. d.c. metro an option to get around that one much brunswick line however that is not impacted. operating to union station as normal. northbound penn line passengers should ride washington metro to new carrollton to board train to baltimore. however new metro rail lines are delayed that's good news for you there. inbound 50 take look back on the roads. beg delays because of a crash blocking the center lane after 197. delays back into bowie this morning. northbound 210, two lanes blocked near old fort road heavy delays toward the beltway. bottom side delays from pennsylvania avenue to across the wilson bridge into alexandria. 45 minute slow down earlier crash did clear. and then there's that inner loop crash at the heavy delays spilling on to 66 through fairfax and vienna on the eastbound side. back to you allison and steve. >> controversy mounting in arkansas. this after officials installed this ten commandments on the lawn of the state capitol. yesterday's installation follows two years of heated debates.
8:19 am
liberties union of arkansas and opponents say they plan to sue to have that statue taken down. also new morning fbi' most wanted bank robber now behind bars. investigators identified a 3984 old man kak47 bandit richard, accused of bank heisting at least five states. first robbery 2012 in california. police say he was captured after he shot at a state trooper in kansas during a traffic stop last week. the trooper was not injured. he was eventually arrested in nebraska. the search of his home turned up numerous improvised explosive devices. >> few of us believed he would not go down without a fight and he didn't. but i'm happy to say that no one was seriously injured before he was taken into custody. >> he is now in federal custody facing federal charges as well as a laundry list of state charges in moment multiple states. one arizona mom is courtroom me day at
8:20 am
nightmare. seconds was only it took for 84 old son ripe to almost lose his life. her son wandered from the kiddie pool to the adult pool she found him floating upside down. but that's when hero a nurse stepped in and performed cpr saving ryan's life. her heroic act was honor at the pool where she saved ryan. >> she's like i'm a nurse. and she just starts doing chest compressions and then i would blow in his mouth, and, you know, and then after a couple of times of that, he turned around and just throug up and it was like he kind of started crying a little bit. >> this is so nice but so unnecessary. anybody in my position would have done exactly the same thing. >> unbelievable. so thankful she was there, right? ryan's mom says she can never repay amanda the nurse for her help. >> well man's best friend now on the job in the court of law. end epp end courthouse hired a service dog to act as calming presents for victims of crimes especially
8:21 am
>> there's an immediate and you can feig it everybody guard just comes down a knowledge. it opens everybody up. i've had him. he's been introduced to couple of of the judges. multiple court staff. and as soon as he walks in the room there's a smile. >> the idea to bring the courtroom dog came from recent case involving a juvenile crime victim who had trouble talking about her experience with prosecutors for building the case against the defendant. >> fda is taking steps to boost the number of generic prescription drugs an evident to make medicines for affordable and prevent price gouging. copycat pills are normally much cheaper than brand named ones in some cases when generic has no competition companies have drastically increaed prices. the fda says it will now give priority reviews to new generic drugs until there are at least three on the market. i can say from personal experience, with my parents, that is going to make a he
8:22 am
good for the fda coming up, baking up sweet revenge how one woman is using cake to fight internet bullies. >> tasty. little one soars into the world during a spirit airlines night. details on this special delivery when we come back. ♪♪ >> it's camp time. you know how your hair tangles the minute you wash it? new pantene. the first shampoo with active pro-v nutrient blends fueling hair 100% stronger that's instantly smoother and tangle free. because strong is beautiful.
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>> baby has been delivered on our flight. >> aww. spirit airlines flight landed with one more passenger than when it took off. no, not a stow away. christina penn ton had her baby saturday night on a plane headed to dallas. pediatrician and a nurse just happened to be on board. and helped with that delivery. >> it went really, really quick. there was no time to prepare or land or do anything. he did what he wanted. we were just all along for the ride, i think. >> aww. mom and baby are doing just fine and spirit check this out gave the family some gifts including an annual free flight for the baby and a guest for the rest of his life. >> wow! >> isn't that most awesome part yeah. >> that's great. >> everybody is doing all right again. take a vacation every year. >> the hell baby's name is christ off. >> welcome to the world. >> he's already seen a lot
8:26 am
the world. >> exactly right. morning kiddos. >> time for day number one of cam barn wading. >> let's go, kids. let's go! >> just when i thought the bell was annoying. >> time for weather camp. real quick before we get started with our day's activities stevie, i heard from your mother last night. apparently, you've got some allergies you did not make me aware of. >> allergic to the counselor. >> let's just go through those if we can go -- >> what is this? >> i want to make sure -- want make sure get all your allergies down there, steve. >> mick must be back from vacation. >> sunlight, water, wind, the color green never heard of that allergy. [ laughter ] >> dirt and mud. >> yup. is that accurate. >> he's a sensitive young man. >> we'll take special accommodations to take care of. >> try to get as far away from you as possible. >> all right. here's your forecast for the day. if you are going to camp sunshine super happily smiley face, humidity couldn't be better.
8:27 am
winky face. >> i don't understd. >> aww queue my music. >> i don't either. >> ♪♪ >> tuck ster is out of the here. >> took the short cut today. didn't go the long route to camp. >> i like it better when your camp counselors were in the shot yesterday tucker said i was loud to be part of the segment tomorrow just not today right now delays continue 14th street bridge we earlier crash. in addition to the amtrak northeast corridor disruptions delays on the orange line to new car toll on earlier train malfunction at vienna and yes yellow line delays to mount vernon square that's in addition to disruptions on the northeast corridor and marc, penn and camden line delays. full look at that as we continue. keep it to fox5 news morning. more news, weather and traffic in just a few. ♪♪
8:28 am
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>> ♪♪ >> we don't get many days like this here in d.c. this time of year i should say. >> gorgeous. >> maybe in october. maybe in april. >> you know winter is coming at that point. >> right in the heart of summer, though, a cloud less day that is cool, comfortable. no humidity. >> blue skies. >> perfect. >> it will be beautiful. >> hash tag perfect or -- >> hash tag perfect. 8:30. let's check our top stories right now. amtrak service between the district and philadelphia remains suspended this hour after two people were hit and killed on the tracks overnight. the victims were c
8:31 am
their train lines also impacted. erin will have more on all the delays in just a few minutes. fairfax county police need help identifying a man who a diagnosed a man holding a baby it will happen right here right there. this was at a gift shop inside fair oaks mall. police say prior to the assault, the suspect allegedly attempted to steal something from the store and was asked to leave. minutes ladder he return to the store causing even more trouble. if you recognize this man, that's the baby, that's correct has the baby, if you recognize the man on the left call police. prince george's county police trying to figure out who vandalized a cemetery in upper marlboro. the vandals knocked over two dozen headstones some of them dating babb to the one at hundreds. the cemetery belongs to saint thomas episcopal church not only historic sight in the county but also recognized nationally. reward is being offed for any information leading to an arrest. if you know something, call police. well, if you bought a lottery ticket for new year's, in richmond, listen very very
8:32 am
is up for grabs. time running out for a person to claim that lottery prize. it was for the new year's millionaire raffle january 1st. it is a $1 million ticket. it was purchased at a 7eleven store in richmond. the ticket will expire six months after the drawing that means the ticket will expire on july 1st and that means if nobody claims it by 5:00 p.m. on friday, somebody just lost a million dollars. >> do you remember that time i was in richmond? >> didn't you take my lottery? >> do you have it? i do not have the piece of paper. >> my goodness. >> i wish you had it. high five on that one. okay. from art full televisions to a snoring solution. some of the product on display at a recent consumer remember tron neck show are now ready for to you buy. >> fox consumer steve noviello join us with the cool items that we're going -- this is what i love, steve. you take it, you see the concept, you think that's awesome but i'll probably never be able to get it. >> right. >> now you have the things that you can get. >> reporter: yeah, this stuff is actually on store shelves. we took you out to vegas back in january for the
8:33 am
electronics show. here's some of the super cool stuff brand knew technology that's finally ready for retail starting with this right here from samsung. this is their frame tv this is the television you've ever seen we've got in it stand real magic when it's hanging on the wall with the included no gap mount it lang completely flush the idea this is supposed to look like a piece of framed art instead of turning off the framed tv shows an art piece when somebody is in the room it uses motion sensors which keep the image on screen as long as the senses motion w there's no motion the screen goes black saves you energy. when the screen is on and showing art ambient light sensor matches the bright sensor to the open room. access to optional art storm. you can your your own images. the bezel changes out to match your decor but when this is a tv, it's framed to frame. everything you see on here is actually an image nothing is physical here. so really cool stuff.
8:34 am
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8:36 am
surface to get an accurate. you can switch between units so can the person to whom you're sending the drawing. you can read scaled drawings role over anything where a regular measure won't be appropriate. you can choose your tip here. use a stylus, pen or penn sell just order with the correspondent tip that you would prefer. all of this stuff not just ideas any more. what were once prototypes now products. retail links right now on your station website and of course at me steve. >> city, two quick connections. one the phone insta leveler thing. how much does that cost? >> 299. >> okay. >> question number two. the television which is amazing with the artwork, is there any chance of that burning on the screen if you leave the artwork up all the time? >> really good question. so this is not plea plasma technology zero chance any of this would actually burn on to the screen.
8:37 am
that this has. >> send one my way. thank you, my friend. >> save me, too. >> thanks, steve. >> thank you. 8:00 thick right now. great options. isn't that cool because sometimes i do look at that big black thing and tv. picture of the girls hanging on the wall. >> yes. >> hi tuck. or picture of camp counselor. >> right. >> i'm turning on my fox5 if it's off. >> all right. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> let's go to the forecast. >> in extra money in in your paycheck on friday. >> skate now in washington. low 80s later today. lots of sunshine to look forward. still got a nice flow out of the west and north and west. that will be changing by tomorrow. and we are going to build the heat around here for the end of the week. so one more very very gorgeous afternoon here with temperatures in the low 80s should be dry for you today and again another day with low humidity, and then high pressure which is west virginia starts to move offshore. we start to build in that back into that
8:38 am
sort of typical weather time pattern here in the summer and that means more heat and humidity on the horizon. 83 this afternoon. end joe beautiful day. sunny and bright. all right. let's see if traffic has brightened up with erin. >> huge delays lingering for amtrak and initially service suspended due to disruption in mace through mid morning. between dc and philadelphia. there's a police investigation and temporary track closure two csx employees struck and killed by a train just before midnight. and again that huge investigation scene lingering much aside from that, we're seeing marc train delays as a result. penn line and camden line trains limited service and big delays there. you can always switch over to d.c. metro but we do have some metro rail delays as well. first just want to point out that the brunswick line is operating as normal on time and not affected by those marc line delays on the camden and penn lines keep in hyped earlier train malfunction at vienna. orange line delays to new carrollton. normal service resume on the yellow line to mount vernon square. earl yes train
8:39 am
huntington. aside from all of the rail changes we have crashes and issues on the roads as well. inbound 50 center lane was blocked after 197. that crash cleared. so delays easing from bowie toward the beltway. northbound 210 this crash cleared to the shoulder out by old fort road. big delays lingering on the inner loop earlier crash by 295 cleared. host, from pennsylvania avenue threw the wilson bridge in alexandria it's about 45 minute delay. northbound 295 very heavy traffic to the 11th street bridge. this inner loop crash near 66 blocking the shoulder but you're stack from the springfield interchange all the way through tysons us a get to the legion bridge. that's causing additional delays on the dulles toll road and 66 eastbound it's about an hour delay from manassas to the beltway. inside the beltway east and westbound 66 through falls church slow and you're very jammed up on clara barton, cabin john and george washington parkway southbound totted key bridge. that the your traffic. back to you. >> erin thank you very much. still ahead this morning new york city baker using cakes to fight internet bullies. >> details on
8:40 am
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8:43 am
. >> so yeah paying to send a cake to somebody else. >> your going to eat the cake. >> do whatever you want with it. >> it's a regular cake. >> it's not special cake like in that movie the help? okay. >> you're paying to not have a cake. >> and to give someone a delicious piece of cake. okay. [ laughter ] >> maybe it's an act of love and
8:44 am
>> of course that's what it is. >> somebody being a bully and a jerk. >> keep in mind you're paying to hopefully turn somebody around. >> yeah. >> okay. check in with holly and maureen find out what's coming up gone day today. we heard we have very special guests today. oh, my gosh. >> what's today? >> what today? >> wednesday much. >> it's way out wednesday. >> there you go. it will blow your mind. let's start with breaking news. right now two csx employees hit and killed on the track overnight at the top of 9a we have live team coverage. >> it's a story fox5 broke. those other stations still trying to follow. allegations of grade tampering at prince george's county schools. >> this morning yet another fox5 exclusive as that school's superintendent joined us live and addressed those allegations. our coverage continues on good day at 9a. okay. holly you know what time it is. time to put up the good day guest list and what a show we have for you this way back wednesday. we've been working overtime to bring you this epic guest list. oh, my goodness. okay. how about this. night and day, get off or oh on your girl,
8:45 am
want in a. grammy nominated recording artist and producer al b. sure my once and future husband live in the loft. >> so you say she has a chance. it could happen today. also live with us he's created some of our favorite tv shows, sex in the city, 90210, melrose and the fan favorite younger. darrin star will join us live to tell us all about season four. >> plus reality tv star porsha williams will be with us along with our weekly check in with tmz. we're checking up on this morning in hollywood. >> and we've got mister goose bumps him r. l stein is live on good day. >> can you stan it this show i'm telling was wednesday. your number one good day d.c. all two hours coming your way in just minutes. ♪♪ >> thanks, ladies. >> i love it. >> so looking forward it to. all right. still ahead, helping the homeless right here in d.c. >> what a lift this. amazon giving a huge boost to local group and they're making the big
8:46 am
fox5 exclusi anywhere. talking big bucks c
8:47 am
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welcome back. 8:48 on a gorgeous wednesday. guys we have made it halfway through the week. this week just happens to be pay day week for us. so high five. [ laughter ] >> that's why i said that's the caveat if anybody out there --
8:49 am
al. >> i'm feeling great g do you know what helps everybody out there. this beautiful weather we're having. >> yes, it does. >> don't you want to get more allison, did you say gorgeous. >> i did. >> there you go another gorgeous afternoon. absolutely beautiful around here. low to mid 80s. plenty warm. but not lot of humidity and storm fro later today. so yeah one more very nice day. this the end of the nice string of cooler tan average days. we'll warm it up tomorrow. skate now in washington. leonardtown 68 degrees. most everybody in the 50s early today. lots of the region here in the low 50s even 40 or two out there upper 40s for overnight low. 62 now dulles. sixty two 64 in culpeper. dew point temperatures all right we get these numbers below 60 and the air is just extremely comfortable. i wish i can tell you how rare is
8:50 am
of june to have dew point temperatures in the low 50s, and i currently the dew .51 in washington. 52 in baltimore. so even though we'll heat it up in the low 80s today it won't feel terribly hot out there without lot of humidity. the humidity will start to build back in tomorrow along with the heat as we'll have sort avenue change here in ass air masses. high pressure right here in -- that's why i got my happened here. high pressure in west virginia extending its influence across the mid atlantic and that area of high pressure will start to kind of scoot offshore here. look how quiet it is on satellite picture it will scoot offshore over the next 24ers of hours. that will allow a return flow. the winds will come out of the south and south and west by tomorrow and today sunny, dry and warm. and then i think tomorrow sunny, eventually becoming humid over the next couple of days as our dew point temperatures will creep up. so one more day with temperatures in the low 80s. 83 this afternoon. 92 tomorrow. much warmer. we'll go hot by friday, saturday. daytime highs low to mid 90s and plenty of humidity around.
8:51 am
use it at this point. looks to be second half of saturday. maybe saturday night into sunday. and then long range there tuesday let me just mention that's fourth of july. looks like low 90s and we may have to look out for the possibility avenue few thunderstorms on tuesday. long way off a few storms around on tuesday guys. back to you. >> tucker, thank you very much. new this morning maryland's crabbing season will end early this year. it's due to concerns over decline in chesapeake bay blue crab population. experts say the population fell by nearly 100 million in the past year. maryland's crabbing season will now end on november 20th. that's toe ten days earlier than normal. want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today the honor goes to melissa wilson who was nom nayed by her friend tracy jones. >> tracy says melissa celebrate add birthday recently turning 50 years old on june 26th. >> happy birthday. >> welcome to the club, miss melissa
8:52 am
we hope you had a great day. then and have great day today. >> we see that -- >> and every day. >> the shirt is kind of funny. three away from our next zip trip and this friday june 30th if you were anywhere near stafford, virginia, please stop by the round house sports center and say hello. any time you can get there between 6:00 a.m. and 11am. why do i say you shall stop by and say hello? you will be graced by the presence of the absolutely lovely allison seymour. >> along with the beautiful holly morris. and -- >> sometimes cranky and contentious tucker barnes. >> mostly dashing tucker barnes. >> we'd all love to see through from 6:00 until 11:00 o'clock. it will be fun. allison, holly and tucker get the honors to say hi to all the great folks down in stafford
8:53 am
♪♪ 8:53 right now. we want to get fox5 exclusive. the latest homeless census counted more than 1600 district families living without homes. it is a cruel life for them but especially the estimated 3300 homeless children. >> a local group called friendship place has lifted children, families, veterans and others out of homelessness and today they're getting a huge boost. our annie yu is live at one of the group's office locations with much more and just a wonderful surprise this morning. good morning, a and knee. >> reporter: hey g morning to you, steve and allison. this is huge. big news happenin
8:54 am
as you mentioned friendship place a leading non-profit in our region. they have been doing this for 26 years. helping over a thousand families get back on their feet. and today there's a major nouns many going down and we have ryan from amazon the vp of public policy, juan michelle girard the ce oat of friendship place. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the beautiful asia ford and her lovely family. she is a military veteran formerly homeless and asia we'll get to your story because i'm so intrigued by your story. but let's begin with you guys. big big day for this. >> we're super excited to be standing next to friendship place. they announce amazon will match up $1 million in donations threw the end of the year. so that means that friendship place could have up to $2 million to continue their great work of helping children and familiarly. >> that is so much money. so exciting. how does this make you feel? >> well, weaver completely excited. we'll be able to do much mr. work with our families. wove been doing this for many
8:55 am
the folk on the street absolutely everybody welcome, and this is going to be an mazing solution. so we're diet clydeed to be working with amazon and very very thankful. >> reporter: i know you are focused on solutions and making some real big progress. hopefully bigger companies will do this and be inspire as well what made you say hey we need to do something about this? >> absolutely. we definitely want to give back to the communities in which our employees live and work. we started out about year ago in hometown of seattle work wig mary's place another homeless organization, as we were looking to expand in d.c. was a natural place. we have over 2500 employees here and friendship place is such a great organization. we're really excited to help support them. >> i'm excited for you guys. i can't wait to see big things happening. asia i'll scooch down here many good morning. >> good morning. >> so they really stepped when you needed them most, right. >> that's right. >> tell us quickly how they were able to help you out. >> friendship threw the veterans program helped my family and i locate an apartment and move
8:56 am
just this past christmas vry go. >> reporter: and we've got your family here. >> yes. >> handsome son. hi. >> this is elijah. >> how are you? >> good. >> this is all kind of overwhelming, right? the big light. this is really awesome. who is this,. >> this is my daughter. >> beautiful. how are things today? >> things are good. things are much better. thanks to friendship place. they're actually -- helped me and actually helped mow get into a position to help other people. so, um, things are definitely doing much better. >> reporter: that's awesome news. thank you so much for joining us and sharing your story. thank you to you guys. big things and we'll be following all the great work again i hope that bigger companies will look at this as inspiration and really jump on board and do things that you all are doing. thank you brian. all right. back over to you guys. >> what a great effort. >> bravo. well done everybody. thank you annie. not going to have the guilt associated with buying everything on amazon prime now. >> right. >> as much. >> exactly.& >> doing good thing real
8:57 am
>> what are you guys doing? i >> i'm busy. >> i have not work hard at all for days. >> that's a good thing i'm not complaining. 70 now at reagan national. we'll be in the low 80s later today. lots of sunshine. dry afternoon for you low humidity. so enjoy one more perfect day and then we'll start to heat it up tomorrow. i'll have the seven day in couple of minutes. >> erin you're doing the heavy lifting. delays on amtrak between d.c. and physical service had been suspended since about 4:30 in the morning actually before that. we'll keep updated oh and amtrak keep in mine it's causing marc line, penn and camden line delays. brunswick line is on time. and roads are crowded too. questions at fox5 d.c. erin on twitter. good day at 9a
8:58 am
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♪♪ straight ahead, breaking news. two csx workers dead hit and killed by an amtrak train overnight. the investigation shutting down service for hours. we'll have live team coverage. i think we got real chance guesting there. it will just take us a little bit longer. >> senate republicans missing their own mark to repeal and replace obama care. president trump now trying to make deals with the hold outs. while democrats take a victory lap. we will have the latest. maryland state board of education calling for an outside investigation into allegations of grade inflation in prince


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