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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  June 29, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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security at a number of airports around the world. we're live at dulles this morning with how it may impact you. >> plus more fallout from fox5's investigation into grade fixing claims at prince george's county schools. this morning who wants to put the school's ceo's new contract on hold. >> breaking overnight one of pope francis' top advisers now the highest ranking vatican official ever to be charged with sexual abuse. coming up a response from the vatican and the cardinal involved. >> i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> if you're just waking up this morning here's your first real pretty out there though the heat is going to make a comeback today. >> coming back in a little b bit. let's get that quick check on weather and traffic from tucker and erin. >> more heat and humidity. should be a nice afternoon. still expecting to be dry. all the details on your holiday weekend weather as well. >> 66 eastbound by nutley street. fire department out there. huge delays
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as we look at metro we have silver line and red line delays this morning. we'll have a full look at >> near bull run. sources tell fox5 the cousin was able to jump to an opposite track but that girl was too scared to make a run. >> ntsb trying to piece together what led to an accident that left 2csx workers dead. the workers stepped off a csx train near union station to fix a problem with the wheel. for some reason
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the tracks. that's when they were struck and killed by the amtrak train. >> president donald trump's travel ban goes into that effect today and last night the state department issued new guidelines to ban certain travelers from six muslim majority nations. >> it comes as the department of homeland security is trying to beef up security at a number of airports all aroundd world and annie yu this morning has more details from dulles. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, steve and allison. that's right, the modified travel ban starts today. and this all happenin earlier this week, the supreme court cleared the way for this. dulles international airport is one of the airports where the new travel policy will be put to the test. >> no muslim registry. >> reporter: we have seen the protests before when a travel ban first went into effect back in january. this time more warning for travelers but still some potential confusion. just days after the supreme court overruled lower courts that had blocked the ban, today the administration will begin limiting travelers
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>> they can't ban everybody. >> reporter: no, they can't and secretary of homeland security john kelly was asked about the new policy at an appearance yesterday talking about a cautious approach. >> i told my folks that i didn't want to come anywhere near, close to getting cross-wise with the court. >> reporter: and to follow the court's guidance travelers from the countries in question will have to move they have some connection to the u.s. specific professional or family ties that are now spelled out. and while all of that plays out, the administration is also leaning on airports and airlines overseas to increase their own security for flights into the u.s. which could lead to lifting a ban on carry on laptop computers and other electronics for some international flights. the t.s.a. has been testing new carry on screening technology in phoenix. >> unless we all raise our security standards terrorists who see commercial aviation as the greatest takedown will find and attack the weakest
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>> reporter: and because of all the changes happening, we can tell you that t.s.a. warning folks and flyers that you can expect longer lines, even longer than usual lines this summer ar and also a tightr screening process. annie yu fox5 local news. >> let's get to more developments stemming from allegations of grade fixing in prince george's county public schools the county's naacp chapter asking the county's executive not to renew the contract for kevin maxwell. >> moments ago the president of the county's chapter spoke to fox5 for more on why the group is pursuing this step. melanie alnwick is live in upper marlboro with those details. mel. >> reporter: well, good morning, and one of the things they said is their concern that if the contract goes in a effect, there could be a pretty hefty payout if it turns out that they need to separate dr. maxwell from the school system. dr. maxwell, of course, saying that is not going to happen. but it's also a little late in the game here because schools o
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reappointed to a second term in march by county executive rushern baker and he is now the first school ceo to be appointed to a second term or to take on a second term in more than 25 years. at the time the county school board applauded the reappointment saying continued growth of the school system is best served with dr. maxwell at the helm but after these allegations of grade fixing and records manipulation the naacp wants to put ahold so to speak on dr. maxwell's second term. its members are asking the county executive to call dr. maxwell the interim ceo until the state investigation is completed. >> sort of thing that happened we thought -- head start program we lost $7 million. we have over 800 some teachers and staff that have been out on administrative leave. where we are paying people double money. so
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>> i don't disagree with investigating 'cause again i want to resolve this matter. there is no systemic corruption. there's nothing from me or anyone who is on my direct team that is telling people that they should do anything illegal. >> reporter: and that was dr. maxwell speaking to fox5 yesterday for the first time since those four board members brought their complaints to the governor's officers and now it seems that everybodiy everybody including dr. maxwell and the remaining members of the school board, everyone asking for this independent investigation to come and finally put an end to this controversy. by the way dr. maxwell's contract does take effect july 1st. it would run for five years through 2021. we did reach out late last night to county executive baker's office to try to get some kind of a comment but it was after normal business hours so we do hope top hear something from his office on the naacp's request later today. live in prince georges county, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5
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>> ♪ >> let's hear from tucker in the 7 o'clock hour. hello. >> hi. what a gorgeous day yesterday, beautiful temperatures low 80's. >> very comfortable. >> not too hot, not too cool. >> just perfect. >> that's right. reason i mention it because as all things weather things are changing and the heat is coming back. about 90 later today. it won't be a terrible day but it will be warmer than yesterday. 68 now at reagan national. most of the area in the 60's about 10 years warmer than 24 hours ago. 64 dulles, 65 up at bwi marshall. all right, your satellite and your radar just a few clouds out there early. we'll be in for a partly sunny y thursday. humidity will be building later this afternoon and over the next couple of days and we are going to value rather summery feel around here as we get into our fourth of july weekend. you know, i typically think the fourth of july weekend as like the hottest time in washington. it should be dry. going to the nats game later
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afternoon. >> day game today. >> yeah. >> 4:05 start. >> thank you. >> very nice. >> hi, erin, good morning. >> good morning. watch for extra traffic down by the ballpark. take the green line there. big crash we're tracking on 66 eastbound. this is out by nutley street and it's causing big delays. a crash blocks the on-ramp there at nutley. fire department involved. a few vehicles and traffic is pretty slow past that scene. it's about an hour 20 minute delay from 29 in gainsville through nutley street. another crash right now left lane blocked. you can see that they have emergency vehicles out there and response team. this is 395 just north of duke street and that's causing a huge delay, about a 25 minute backup from the beltway to past duke street. once you pass that all lanes do open. please use caution there. we'll switch it over if we can take a look at skyfox this morning, they are over big delays on the outer loop. there's a crash blocking the left shoulder after 95 in college park but look at that parking lot. even the on-ramp from 95 completely backed up. delays from bw
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about the 270 spur of about 30 minutes right now. inner loop still nice and quiet. as we move things over to our maps, we also have some delays from metro. earlier train malfunction at ross limp everything's getting back to normal. some residual delays on the silver line to largo town center. same story on the red line from an earlier malfunction at march gut north. addition in ally delays to shady gravy across the red line. 66 way more backed up than what you're seeing from that crash and things in maryland slowing down as well. we'll keep you updated. more traffic in a few. back to you. >> ♪ >> nw this morning, a top cardinal at the vatican taking immediate leave after being charged with sexual assault. >> that cardinal happens to be pope francis' chief financial adviser . maureen joins us with more. >> his name is cardinal george pell and he's denying the allegations against him. he's the equivalent of pope francis' treasury secretary if you l charges were filed earlier this morning in his native austral
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the leave of absence to fight the charges in australia. >> i'm looking forward finally to having my day in court. >> he's a top adviser to pope francis, one of the most powerful leaders in the catholic church. now cardinal george pell, the vatican's chief financial officer has become the highest ranking vatican official ever to be charged with sexual abuse. >> i'm innocent of these charges. the whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me. >> police in australia charged pell thursday with multiple sex crimes describing them only as "historical sexual assault offenses." >> cardinal pell is facing multiple charges in respect to historic sexual offenses and their multiple complainants. >> pell himself has also been accused by two men in their 40's of inappropriately touching them at a swimming pool back in the late
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when pell was a priest in australia but the church says the 76-year-old cardinal has "strene wussly denied all allegations and is looking forward to his day in court" this as pope francis has vowed zero tolerance for clergy child sexual abuse offenses. >> it's important to note that none of the allegations that have been made against cardinal pell have obviously been tested in any court yet. cardinal pell like any other defendant has a right to due process. >> cardinal pell is being ordered to appear in a court in melbourne on july 18th. the vatican says over the past three years pope francis has appreciated cardinal pell's work to reform the vatican's finances. >> maureen thanks. let's get to politics closer to home. one day after calling off a healthcare vote this week senate majority leader mitch mcconnell trying to sandy revised version of that bill to the congressional budget office as soon as tomorrow. the hope is a vote can still take place this summer. the president weighing in saying it will include a great surprise when it comes
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vote. also on wednesday, capitol hill police arrested dozens of protesters of the gop's plan. the president held his first reelection fundraiser last night at the trump international hotel not far from the white house in washington, d.c. raised about $10 million last night. it was $35,000 per plate to get in. the president did not allow reporters into the fundraiser. when his motorcade arrived there were protesters there chanting shame, shame. >> out west we go. wildfires continue to burn and intensify in colorado, california and arizona. a fire burning around prescott has for thed thousands of people from their homes, closed a major road and created a huge plume of smoke.úa where a blaze killed 19 firefighters four years ago. in california, air and ground crews worked throughout the night to put out a fire near camp pendleton army base and in utah firefighters are bracing for more my winds as they try to slow a blaze that's burned more than a dozen homes and forced 1500 evacuations from a ski resort town. >> still ahead this morning,
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anti-semitic fliers popping up in neighborhoods in northwest d.c. >> holiday travel rush expected to kick off today. giving i was live look at the toll plaza at sandy point. >> let's go, ally. >> i know, let's head out there right now. coming up we'll head to the national mall where it already feels like a holiday weekend. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> waiting for the great exodus from the d.c. area which is the big picture on your left 'cause that's obviously how you get out to the shore. >> yeah. >> and it looks great right now if you have an extra long early holiday weekend which means if you're still off on tuesday you got almost a week off. >> who's counting. >> back to reality for everybody who is going to work this morning traffic is back to normal. >> yeah, i noticed yesterday going
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traffic. i think people are sneaking out. might as well take the whole week, right. >> why not if you can. >> going to be a nice day at the beaches. we'll start with the beach forecast. steve water temperatures now up into the. >> 50's? >> no. mid to upper 60's. 67. you can swim in can't you. >> feels like 50. >> should be a great weekend down at the beaches. always a great weekend down at the beaches. scattered storm on saturday an few scattered storms on sunday but most of the weekend temperatures in the mid 80's with plenty of sunshine through the fourth. >> nice temperatures. >> so, should be a great weekend for it. you're down there a few weeks ago weren't you. >> i was. such a treasure. we live in such a great area. >> is i know always beautiful down there. warmer than yesterday. starting offer a little warmer. will be warmer this afternoon as winds are out of the south. area of high pressure is gegetting off shore. that will allow temperatures and humidity to rise. about 90 this afternoonly we'll keep it dry kind of partly sunny afternoon but you'll notice the heat
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humidity building over the next couple days back into the low to mid 90's tomorrow. best chance for a storm over the next several days saturday and i want to throw it out there there could be a few storms by tuesday for the fourth t if you can't catch the fireworks at the mall maybe you can catch some atmospheric fireworks. >> not the same. >> not in the morning. i have a big morning. >> no, these will be late. >> we'll keep an eye on that. you're right erin last year it was not the best fireworks watching weather. >> i was out in prince george's county for a firehouse friday that's airing this friday, we did some fire work safety, i say leave it to the professionals. >> for sure. not worth it. >> not worth it at all. 395 earlier crash just north of duke street on the northbound side that was blocking the left lane has cleared. but traffic still really heavy. it's still about a 20 minute delay from the beltway all the way up to the 14th street bridge and 66 it is a mess out there. this is out at nutley street right now. 66 eastbound by nutley street dealing with a big crash blocking the ramp to nutley. these delays
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go all the way back to sudley. it's about an hour 20 minute commute. a look at our maps right now. let's look at what else you're up against p normal service resumed to largo town center. that's good news. the earlier train malfunction at roslyn cleared. red line normal service to shady grove. earlier train malfunction at farragut north cleared. relatively quiet morning on the roosevelt boulevard little bit of problems out there. northbound 210 crash at livingston cleared. red line volume through fort washington because of congestion on the beltway through oxon hill from prince george's county to across the wilson bridge you're dealing with about a 20 minute delay with heavy volume and then 95 northbound this crash still blocking the shoulder by prince william parkway and you're sluggish from south of dale city through woodbridge and then again through newington south of that point through stafford really heavy traffic as you try to get to the triangle area. we'll keep you updated on that one. randolph road earlier crash cleared at sherwood forest drive. we'll keep you updated on your commute. in terms of the normal morning it feels
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gearing up for a holiday weekend so if you want to head out of town right now, i would say take advantage of these conditions. allison and steve. >> oh, i want to. >> me, too. >> can't do it yet. thanks erin. police searching for the person distributing anti-semitic fliers in several northwest neighborhoods. showing up in glover park shaw neighborhoods. the fliers appear to be from a self proclaimed white supremacist group and they say defending your people is a social duty not a antisocial crime. police say they're aware of the fliers. they're investigating. >> new report found that more than half of the hate crimes in the united states go unreported. the federal report says more than half of the 250,000 hate crimes that happen each year between 2004 and 2015 were not reported. most often, hate crimes weren't reported to police because they were handled in some other way. but those surveyed also said they didn't want to come forward because they didn't feel it was important or that police would help. >> you can feel the excitement of the fourth of july
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are already starting to hit the roads as erin said for the vacation get away. >> there is getting ready for the festivities right here in the nation's capitol and fox5's anjali hemphill is live at the national mall with more on what we can expect this holiday weekend. anjali, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a beautiful morning out here and, you know, there really is no better place to be on the fourth of july than the national mall and even though we are still days away from the fireworks, set up for all the other events going on all weekend long has already begun. take a look behind me. we've got a circus tent right now set up on the national mall. this is part of the smithsonian folk life festival its their 50th anniversary and of course the theme this year circus arts. visitors will be able to delve into the history and culture of the circus so if you're into that kind of thing, if you're having maybe circus withdrawals after it ending this is going to be probably a pretty cool event for you to attend. the national mall is expected to be visited b
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thousands of people over the next several days and so we definitely want to make sure you're informed of how it's all going to work and of course if you're visiting the national mall metro is going to be a big factor of how you get down here. so, some change that is you're going to want to be aware of on the actual day july 4th, that's tuesday, metro is going to stay opened a half an hour longer. that's until midnight for everyone to make sure that they can get home. during the day onall fourth trains will run every 12 minutes. that's a saturday schedule. but starting at 6 o'clock that evening, service is going to ramp up to rush hour service levels. a lot more trains more frequently and after 9 p.m. you're not going to be able to get off at the national mall end the trance of the smithsonian station. you will only be able to enter the station to accommodate anybody leaving the mall. there will be off peak fares all day. parking will be free at all the metro parking lots. also coming up today t-the national park service is that expected to hold a press conference. they're goi t
7:22 am
about what is allowed on the mall as well as other security measures. so, guys, basically whether you're coming down to the mall, you're heading out of town this weekend, you're going to want to be prepared. plan ahead.& we did speak to aaa who says they're expecting more than 1 million people to be traveling in and out of the washington area this weekend which is a record number. that's the latest here on the national mall, anjali hemphill fox5 local news. >> all right, wonderful time in washington. thank you anjali. a colorful lights display in the sky near wallops island moments after a successful launch. >> plus a heads up if you ride metro rail. a new red line project which sounds like a great idea on the surface will also be a little more disruptive than you might think. we'll have the details just ahead 'cause we know that's what you wanted to hear this morning. >> ♪
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>> kind of cool light show earlier this morning thanks to the launch of a rocket from wallops island virginia. nasa rocket blasted off at 4:25 to test a new system for deploying vapor clouds. you can see those colorful clouds there on the right side of the screen. they could be seen this morning from new york to north carolina. now in the future such vapor clouds could allow scientists to track certain particles in space. >> fascinating. love it. all right, hey, let's do some weather. 68 now in washington. warmer than yesterday. about 10 degrees warmer than where we were at 24 hou
7:26 am
warmer this afternoon. instead of low 80's we're expecting highs around 90 later today. winds south-southwest here at 10 and a few clouds out there. there's your satellite and radar. all in all it will be a nice day, just more summery feel than yesterday and the last couple days. high pressure is now getting off shore and when we get the winds out of the south this time of year we start to pump the heat and humidity back into the midatlantic and that's what we can expect. erin is yawning at my weather report. that's what we can expect later today. 91. heat returns. 93 tomorrow. zip trip stafford come down and say hi. we'll be there all morning. allison is going to join me and holly down there. can't wait. saturday is our best chance for a thunderstorm this weekend. that will be the second half of the day on saturday with a cold front that will not really cool us down and sneak peek fourth of july low 90's with perhaps late day storm. >> and i wasn't yawning at your forecast. it just sounds like perfect napping weather. >> right. >> right now jam
7:27 am
have parking lot on 395. earlier crash cleared from the left shoulder. this is 395 northbound by duke street. it's about a 30 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. super fast in traffic there. hov lanes running much better. it's the main lanes that are all backed up. new crash 270 southbound that's out by shady grove road causing huge delays. we'll take a look at that next. back to you guys. >> ♪ >> actually well be back in just a few minutes. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪ welcome back. it is 7:29 right now. lots of folks trying to head out of town. reagan national will be a pretty busy place for the holiday weekend. 68 degrees, tucker and erin on the 5's with weather and traffic. steve? we check today's top stories now at 7:30. we b
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vre this morning resumed north service on the manassas line. now, this after a 13-year-old girl was tragically hit and killed that. teen was playing with her cousin yesterday afternoon on the tracks. this was near bull run. sources tell fox5 the cousin was able to jump to an opposite track but the girl was too scared and tried to run. president trump's travel ban begins tonight. the 90 day ban applies to people from six muslim majority nations. the supreme court allowed a portion of the ban to go into effect with one exception. applicants looking to enter the u.s. must prove a relationship with a parent a spouse, child, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or sibling already in the states. a top cardinal at the vatican is taking immediate leave after being charged with sexual assault. cardinal george pell pope francis' chief financial adv adviser. he was charged today in his native australia. police there indicated that alleged abuses took place many years ago but didn't
7:31 am
specifics about the cases n news conference from rome this morning, pell says he is innocent. >> time now 7:30. we are tracking metro on this thursday morning. just as safetrack is ended the transit agency announces more weekend station in service shut downs because of major waterproofing issues much problems that could be leading to arcing insulator and smoke incidents that so often impact the rush hour commute. wmau transportation reporter fox5 contributor marty dicaro joins us from the medical center metro station y want to bury the lead, when it comes to the red line, what kind of delays are we talking about here when it comes to fixing the problems? >> reporter: we'll get to the project in a moment, but first, riders should know along the red line for four consecutive weekends starting july 15th and 16th there will be no train service between grosvenor and friendship heights. buses will replace trains. and week nights starting july 10th through augus august11th, week nights will be single tracking along much of that same stretch of the red line starting at 9:00 p.m.
7:32 am
track access to start taking care possibly start taking care of this problem along the red line. that's be deviled metro since the system opened in 1976. >> now we'll dive right back into those delays again. so what's behind all the problems here gentleman what is it they're trying to fix and avoid in the future by shutting down service on the weekends? >> reporter: all right. so this section of red line which is really 9 miles from the grosvenor tunnel all the way down to downtown d.c. but the problem seems to be worse here medical center and bethesda. this problem goes back to the way the tunnel was bored before a more modern method that would have put a waterproof membrane around the tunnel, became widespread use in the united states. so let's take look at some video we shot this morning right from medical center. water literally cascade down from the ceiling, down the walls, into tunnel creating dangerous pools near electronic components. we're familiar witness term a ac
7:33 am
arcing insulators by now. they have to drain out millions of gallons of water from this stretch of tunnel every single week. tunnel is below the water table, it was built to leak to relieve the hydrostatic pressure metro has not been able to find a long-term solution. they hope until now. so let's talk a little bit about that what might be. read right from metro' information. it's called curtain grouting. curtain grouting. yes, not something do you in your bathroom. it's been used in mining, not necessarily in transit. it adds a waterproof membrane to the exterior of the tunnel walls using a polymer based material. so essentially what metro does, drill holes in the ceiling of the tunnel, shoot this polymer based material up through it then starts to cover the exterior of the tunnel as metro describes it the way chocolate syrup can cades down an ice cream sunday. steve. >> that's putting nice spin on it for the folks who are delayed i'm sure they'll enjoy that vision of the chocolate syrup on the ice cream
7:34 am
>> it seems like, marty, this is just the latest once we open this pandora's bock of metro problems when the general manager paul wiedefeld came on board he may not have expected this many problems to be there to have to be serviced and fi fixed. i guess the question is what's next? what possible system out there. you've covered metro for a long time. that will be the next step when it comes to delays or service problems or preventative maintenance down the road? >> reporter: that's right. wiedefeld himself has admitted did he not know the scale or ooh nor p.m. the problems when he first got here and metro has been learning more more than as it's been tearing up the system. that's why after safetrack ended there would be surge like project that is would take ten commuting days each on small pieces of the system in the fall, in the winter and late neck spring. really remains to be seen that's why metro is trying to get the message out to riders that even though safetrack ended, there's going to be lot of work ahead. just give you anxa
7:35 am
about. if this test works, and metro won't know if waterproofing membrane works until early next year, medical center only 3% of that 9-mile stretch that's be 19 the water table. it would cost many millions of dollars and many years to affect a permanent fix for that entire stretch. there's going to try along this part of the tunnel to begin with and it's why metro is asking the region for dedicated funding because all these projects cost so much. one final note, steve. we've asked metro to tell hughes the contractor is and how much this project will cost. and we're still waiting to hear back from them on the medical center ice cream sunday project. let's call it that. >> all right. disturbing to hear such a small percentage of the potential work that is still left to be done. marty, thank you very much. good to talk to you. let us know when you get those answers. 7:35 now. al? >> report roar okay. steve, happening today in northern virginia, special honor for the police officers, paramedics and firefighter who's responded to the congressional baseball practice shooting in alexandria
7:36 am
congressman don buyer will give them a framed copy of what he said on the house floor the morning of that shooting. also, today, in just a couple of hours, more than 1,000 young men and women will become members of the naval academy's class of 202021w they arrive they'll receive their uniforms, medical exams, haircuts and learn how to salute. >> it is 7:36 right now. let's check back in with tucker. summer starting to make its return today. >> yeah. 68 right now. we'll be up near 90 this afternoon. you'll notice the humidity creeping up over the next couple of days. nothing too extreme definitely a summery feel by afternoon. 68 now in washington. if you can notice the red arrows there and the wind direction notice it's kind of swirling just east of cape hatteras that's where our area of high pressure is. that's indicating our winds are now shifted out of the south and south and west. what that means for us, warmer air on the way. it will feel certainly summery around here this afternoon as mentioned with temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. few clouds out early. partly sunny day. it will be a dry thursday
7:37 am
in fact i think our next chance for any substantial storm activity will be saturday. so we got couple of days until we get some storms around here. here's your planner. plan on fun this afternoon if you're going to the national game at 4:00 o'clock should be fine. it will be hot this afternoon highs about 90 by 5:00 p.m. all right. seven day weekend forecast, wholy day weekend forecast coming up just a minute. >> erin is back with more roadways. and more crowded roadways. i was so excited all morning, bragging about how quiet the roads were, and then we got a bunch of problems. 66 eastbound out by nutley street huge crash still blocking the off ramp to nutley street you have to detour around and that all of your lanes are really slow right now from 29 in gainsville to past nutley street about an hour and 20 minute delay. so please leave early. look at this parking lot on 270 southbound. this is after shady grove road a crash blocking three lanes. we don't have visual of the crash but i wanted to show that you parked traffic. let's switch it over to our maps we'll show you exactly how far back that delay goes. again, three lanes blocked after shady grove so you're at a standstill from just n
7:38 am
germantown on down. so coming down from urbana right now you need about an extra h hour. you can always bail out and take 355 southbound. but just watch for a lot of extra volume to try to get around to terrible delay this morning as we make our way out for the rest of your commute big delays 95 southbound icc to the beltway in college park, the outer loop is jammed from 95 to georgia avenue through tysons the inner loop not looking so great. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back with more, news, weather and traffic.
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♪ great bargains can be found out there in the world of travel if you're willing to make a few concessions. united airlines is selling tickets right now for $59. it is a flash sale you have to act very quickly. >> what? >> for flights between aug august 22nd through dece december 16th. they're available today leaving from chicago, denver, houston, la, san francisco, newark and washington, d.c. now, here's the catch. seating will be determined right before boarding so you get the left over seats and it means you're probably not going to be able to sit next to the person you're traveling with. keep that in mind especially if you have kids and you can only bring one carry on but you can't put it up above. has to be able to fit underneath the seat in front of you. if you travel light or flying solo and you have a flexible schedule, go for it. >> apple is celebrating a very important anniversary today the iphone is now ten years old. so where did the time go, right more than 1 billion have sold since june2929th, 2007. so much has changed a
7:42 am
so what's the next big thing? gene munster says it's new apple glasses will be the future of the company. munster says the augmented reality glasses will eat into iphone sales by the year 2020. >> amazon is extending its annual prime day promotion to 30 hours this year. so you get bonus six hours, al. discounts and other deals will be offered in an effort to boost sales during the slower summer months when the not the holiday season. deals only open though to amazon prime members that's how they get to sign up this year's promotion will start at 9:00 p.m. eastern time july 10th and end at 3:00 a.m. on ju july 12th. wal*mart and amazon battling it out for new pro products. hundreds of inventors showed off their products to wal*mart hoping to sell them on their website and in their stores. am month son hosted an event with entrepreneurs to discuss ways to grow their businesses online. it was build as amazon's first ever boost summit. >> why a lot of peopl
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uber drivers. plus, who should pay for the first date? >> whoever asks. >> some day the lines are blurred thanks to social media. thursday talkers next. ♪ hi i'm wendy i'm bruce (both) and we are turketarians.
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and you went "cold-turkey" 10 years ago? "cold turkey"? sorry, little turketarian humor. you know people think that all turkey tastes alike. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball. did someone say butterball? we eat butterball every day. we like to say, (both) "what is this? thanksgiving?" (both laughing) get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians.
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(vo) this fourth of july at enterprise car sales... experience great customer service and get more for your trade. june twenty-ninth through july fifth. and let enterprise car sales flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle. >> it is 7:45. let's check out what's coming up on good day d.c. oh, steven. >> yes. >> read on my friend
7:46 am
thrones fans second to best place on earth besides game of thrones fans will get that one. >> nailed it. >> tucker and erin will be heading out to the game of thrones pop up bar in washington, d.c. it's down in shaw. they'll be heading out soon. >> we'll get our fill of celeb news and dirt with the help of page 6tv. plus dr. phil opens up about the medical condition he's been dealing with for 25 years. >> steve, i will sit on the thrown like king bella czar. >> i hope that do you and i expect nothing less. >> i've never seen the show. >> really? >> i don't think he's is real king. >> the king barnes wading. >> i was hoping you were going to call me on that. >> i know the queen. she has the dragon. >> what's her name. >> i forget it. >> i know what she looks like. >> um-hmm. >> i tried to watch the show. i started so late i can't catch up. >> it's a cult favorite. so popular. >> start your own. it could be summer c
7:47 am
thrones style. >> we're on it to. meanwhile let's get to the weather. ocean city or any of the beaches if you're headed down this weekend it looks close to perfect. water cher 67. temps in the 80s best chance of thunderstorm late saturday with a cold front. spotty storm early sunday most of the weekend is featuring very nice conditions and temps again in the 80s. all right. there's your current numbers. we are looking at 68 now in washington. 68 in leonardtown these numbers about 10 degrees warmer than where we were at 24 hours ago. of course yesterday we hit upper 40s and low 50s warmer temperatures have started to move in here from the south and we'll be with us for the neck several days. along with that heat. the humidity will be building in as well. couple clouds. see those across the area. partly sunny today. keep it dry this afternoon and the real theme is what we call the bermuda high building in over the next couple of days. once it kind of gets established, takes awhile for the pattern to break down this timef
7:48 am
out of the south and southwest and that means more heat and more humidity across the area nothing too extreme. but it will certainly be on the hot side by this afternoon and really as we get into the weekend each afternoon in the low 90s. here is a look at your baseball forecast. nats are playing 4:00 o'clock today. going down, 90 at first pitch. passing clouds, summer feel out there it should be dry for the game this afternoon and there's your seven day. zip trip tomorrow looks good. tomorrow afternoon widely isolated storm. much better chance saturday. saturday second half of saturday is our best chance for storms with a cold front, and then we'll keep it generally hot and humid around here fort end of the weeknd. tuesday 93 with a scattered storm. okay. i'm done. erin, hi. >> are you excited to take a ton of instagram pictures with me at the pop up bar for game of thrones? >> do we get to dress the part. >> yeah. there's thrown we can sit in. >> i think we deserve it. >> i'm pretty psych. look hyped me, tucker. this is terrible news for commuters on 270. heads up for all of my drivers through germantown, gaithersburg, rockvi
7:49 am
shady grove road 270 southbound a crash actually blocking three lanes. you can see as they try to zoom in past the trees so unfortunately that's what we're getting a view of you saw how backed up traffic is. it's over an hour delay coming down from urbana this morning. and it's just getting worse. you may want to bail out take 355 southbound watch for those delays and moving over to 66, we have better news for you. a crash in the process of clearing. this is 66 after nutley street. the ram from that nutley street has reopened. so good news there. but the crash that was previously blocking that on ram has caused really heavy residual delays. take you an extra hour from gains villanova to the beltway because of this crash through vienna. let's take a look at our maps. we have slow-moving traffic in a lot of usual spots heavy outside the beltway, baltimore washington parkway both directions between the beltway and 32. 95 southbound the icc down to the beltway is parked and then you can see the outer loop in college park a 20 minute delay. heavy traffic as you try to get passed 50 on the outer loop as well into green belt in cheverly 50
7:50 am
295 southbound jams from 50 down to the 11th street bridge. and then the inner loop from prince george's county branch avenue to across the wilson bridge sluggish. 395 earlier crash and duke street cleared still in for about a 30 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. closer look at the top side of the beltway there all of that red give yourself extra time coming from the baltimore beltway to the capitol beltway. new york avenue by bladensburg packed up. suitland to south capitol is slow. inner loop through annandale jams up and the inner loop jams up through the american legion bridge and there's a look at that delay from the earlier crash on 66. so heavy from before manassas back to gainsville again. we'll keep up it dad but i really don't like what we're seeing 270 southbound so please be prepared for those slow downs. allison and steve? >> ♪ next sip tip. tomorrow we'll be in stafford v have a from 6:00 to 11am. specifically, we'll be outside of the rouse swim and sports center o
7:51 am
planned for the morning. i'll be out there along with holly and tucker and we would love to see you, too. >> you'll have such a good time. >> i cannot wait. looking forward to that tomorrow. right now our good friend sarah fraser is back with us looking at the hottest stories trending online. >> hello, you two. >> hello. >> we have lots to chat about today. >> let's start with uber tipping. >> um. >> soar point with me. >> i'm disappointed about this. i am. >> sore spot. >> i'm sorry. >> so you know obviously uber had all kinds of troubles this past year or so. now they're allowing tipping for your driver which never used to be the case as you know we've all used uber, right, just like boom you paid online. >> which was made it so convenient. >> the glory of it. >> it was beautiful. >> what do you do now as far as tipping so you don't get a bad rating? >> tell us first what your has shown and we'll share our expert pin. >> because honestly i would have gotten into the next uber not knowing, and then i would have gotten a bad rating. >> perhaps. perhaps not. >> is it cash? what do we have to do. >> you're right. that's a good option. there's c
7:52 am
where drivers have been discussing what would work now and the general rule of thumb one to two dollars basic physical it's a short trip. if it's easy, if you don't have any special requests. >> what if i have three people with me we're in a little familiarly. >> 50 cents from each person. >> four or five dollars. i don't think it's extreme by any means. they prefer cash though because i didn't realize this. but uber will act actually takea percentage of their tips. >> they take percentage of everything. >> they got to make money. >> yeah, but -- >> here's the problem i have. >> they were doing that before. >> uber changed everything. by their own problems from the top it's been well documented. if the harvard business school says uber profiled they're strategy they had to include tipping from the get go was genius i don't know anybody else to tell me it was genius. the tip was always included. i'm used to doing and you make me do more i'll be jaded my biggest fear i went online looking for
7:53 am
proof of this anywhere yet. >> what is it? >> if they change my rating because i don't tip them now, that's strong armed robbery from them saying, if you don't tip us, we'll lower your rating as a passenger now. i'm a hundred% against that. i think that's a terrible strategy. >> i kind of got from the article any way -- >> i'm not against tipping. don't get me wrong. the tip was included yuber. >> the model was -- >> jump out the car it's easy you're already paying for it it's already in there. >> exactly. >> if that's a problem if the drivers are not getting enough uber needs to step up and say -- they raced the rates since they got away the surges the rates are higher than they were any way. what's their competitive advantage. >> what is lyft doing. >> lyft always had the option to add a tip on the end. when you get out of the car. >> lyft is usually more expensive. although i like lift left because it doesn't surge but we could go on and on. >> this is what i like about tipping. i like tipping if -- he's serious about it. >> he is. >> i don't like this. if a person goes above and beyond if the tip is included and the person goes above and beyond they deserve somethi
7:54 am
extra. >> i never have cash. >> you can do it on the app. >> but if somebody is just run of the mill they don't do anything special and it's already included then why should i feel like now i have to give them the same i would have given somebody that does an awesome job. >> it's true. if tips are a loud i'm sorry if i'm a driver i'm expecting a t tip. >> now that they're allowed i would think so. >> even though they say it's not mandatory. >> i don't blame the driver. i blame uber. >> one to two dollars and basically 15 to 20%. >> for now. then you see your rating drop and you've got to give them 20. >> the rating drop means they might not pick you up. >> yes. >> really quickly wall street journal did a survey of the most awkward things that happen on the first date. there are many. but who pays is the most awkward thing. >> steve has got an answer. >> what do you think -- what do you think about this? >> i'm old and traditional i think whoever asks pays for the date. >> if you're old and traditional then who is asking who? >> do you know what i mean. >> it doesn't matter who's asking who. here's the thing,. >> have you ever had a woman ask you out and you paid. >>
7:55 am
date. >> any way the article is actually really funny it's talking about now women used to kind of go for their wallet as like a gesture. >> oh, let me -- >> i'll pay for it. >> now women say if you do that when you're out on date most of the men go okay, you can pay women are now. the most awkward part there's usually this standoff at the end of the date and someone either eventually offers you do 50/50. >> here's what i think. >> who invites who pays. >> so glad i'm out of this. >> no matter who you are because times are different now, because back in the old days if you're the guy you'll pay just for the sake of doing it. >> right. >> if you want there to be second date, i say you just pay and you don't make an issue out of then then you can discuss it on the second date or before, because if it becomes an argument on the first date, that's going to be problem going into the second one. >> i blame social media. >> i never reach for my wallet. i don't. if you ask me out i'm not pa paying. >> if i'm going to reach i'm going to pay. >> lots of times you go out on dates and people talk about themselves for four hours. you're paying me, okay? >> include a tip. >> w
7:56 am
>> you said you were going to reach out and pay then i might be like, really, okay, i'm paying for the next one now guaranteeing there's a second date. >> that's general courtesy. but apparently times are tough, steve. >> steve is a nice guy. >> he is. see you in the good day. >> yes. >> get to tucker. >> hi, guys. >> hello. let's keep moving on. don't have much to say on that subject. 70 in washington. wind out of the south at ten. we will be about 90 this afternoon. so we'll jump temperature 10 degrees from yesterday with a mix of clouds and sun. but it should remain dry for you later today. in fact our next chance for thunderstorm probably doesn't get here until saturday. high pressure that was overhead gives us beautiful cool conditions offshore and so winds will be out of the south here that's going to allow temperatures to start to heat on up and the humidity will start building back into the region as well. nothing too extreme none this afternoon. nice afternoon for baseball but a little hot out nats park later today. err ren has more traffic. what do you think, erin, you pay on first date? >> absolutely not. i wouldn't even pretend to reach for my
7:57 am
>> will you pay on second or third date. >> if you're my boyfriend we can swap meals f you're just on the first date i expect to you wine and dine me. >> let me write that down. >> steve is smooth. if you let the girl pay that guarantees i was second date. i guess i'm high maintenance. >> that's all you need to do to get a second date. >> smart move. i'm a little humane fence i fully admit. 270 southbound after showed gravy crash moved over to the shoulder. from urbana on down 45 minute slow down. 355 dealing with a lot of bail out traffic coming down from germantown give yourself extra time. time. over right now show i was quick look at our maps. we're seeing big delays through 66 from earlier crash. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back with a look at metro as well. ♪
7:58 am
thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have
7:59 am
roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
8:00 am
♪ good morning i'm allison sey seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. well do you mean fox5 news morning. if we can get little help whittle prompter that would be mazing this morning. we're taking a look behind us at rehoboth beach and how pretty does that look on this thursday morning? >> gorgeous. >> june29th much here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. department of homeland security beefing up security at a number of airports around the world on the same day that president trump's controversial travel ban takes effect. plus one of pope francis'
8:01 am
top advisers denying allegations of sexual abuse after becoming the highest ranking vatican official ever to be charged with crime. and fox5 continue to go lead the way on that investigation into grade fixing claims at prince george's county schools. more fallout this morning as the county's naacp chapter pushes for the school's ceo's new contract to be put on hold. 8:01. we checked out the beach. let's check out the dmv right here. traffic moving slowly there but it's moving and the great get away underway for the fourth of july weekend. >> all right. first up 8:00 o'clock this morning most of president trump's travel ban goes into effect 12 hours from now and last night the state department issued new guidelines to ban certain travelers from six muslim majority nations. >> it comes as the department of homeland security is trying to beef up security at a number of airports globally. fox5's annie yu has more this morning from dulles international in virginia. good morning, annie? >> reporter: good morning to you allison and steve. that's right.
8:02 am
enforced and here at dulles international we can tell you the lines are longer than usual we're told as this gets und underway. supreme court cleared the way earlier this week and dulles international is one of the airports where this new travel policy the revised policy will be put to the test. you mentioned six muslim majority countries those being iran, syria, sudan, so mole ya, libya and yemen. >> we have seen the protests before when a travel ban first went into effect back in jan january. this time more warning for travelers but still potential confusion. just days after the supreme court overruled lower court that is had blocked the ban, today the administration will begin limiting travelers from six muslim majority nations. >> they can't just ban ever everybody. >> reporter: no, they can't and secretary of homeland security john kelly was asked about the new policy at an appearance yesterday talking about a cautious approach
8:03 am
want to come anywhere near close to getting cross wise with the court. >> reporter: to follow the court's guidance travelers from the countries in question will have to prove they have some connection to the u.s. specific professional or family ties that are now spelled out. while all of that plays out, the administration is also leaning on airports and airlines overseas to increase their open security for flights into the u u.s. which could lead to lifting a ban on carry on laptop computers and other electronics for international flights. the tsa has been testing new carry on screening technology in phoenix. >> unless we all raise our security standards terrorists who seek commercial aviation as the greatest take down will find an tack the weakest link. >> reporter: now because of all the changes happening tsa letting flyers know you can expect longer lines even longer than usual at those security checkpoints. tsa also letting us know that
8:04 am
process in place and to be patient. they're also going to be testing out new technology including ct scans at some airports. the idea to get people moving even quicker. that's the very late defendant here from dulles international. annie yu, fox5 local news. >> after delaying a vote on the health care bill senate majority leader mitch mcconnell trying to send a revised version of the bill to the congressional budget office by tomorrow. an attempt to push for a vote before congress recess. some republicans are frustrated with president trump's lack of understanding of the bill's principles. ♪ >> -- cheese charges the whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me. >> that is top vatican cardinal george pell denying allegations of sexual abuse he's being charged with. >> cardinal is pope francis' chief financial adviser and he was charged earlier this morning in his native australia. employees there indicated the alleged abuses took place many years ago, but didn'
8:05 am
specifics about the c cases. pell is now taking an immediate leave of absence to fight cha charges in australia. >> it's important to note that none of the allegations that have been made against cardinal pell have obviously been tested in any court yet. >> cardinal pell has faced criticism in the past for mishandling cases of clergy abuse when you he was an archbishop in melbourne and sidney. he's being order to do appear in a melbourne court next month. ♪ five past the hour. let's check back in with tucker. summer is returning. >> yeah. i mean absolutely beautiful the last couple of days. today will be a nice day. warmer, little more humid than yesterday. >> you're familiar with winter is coming, right? >> certainly. >> so summer is returning. >> steve is so clever. >> yeah that is. >> little nugget for your game of thrones pop up later this morning. >> that's right. >> there you go. >> that will be later this morning on good day. summer heat, returns. about 90 this afternoon. and you'll notice the humidity creeping up as well.
8:06 am
last forever. >> right. >> it doesn't -- right. >> it doesn't stay 80 around here very long in the summertime months. reagan national 70. 60s dulles and up in baltimore. baltimore yesterday morning had record low temperature of 51 degrees. so those temperatures were very unusual last couple of mornings. few clouds early. we'll go parly sunny today. we'll keep it dry for yao this afternoon. next best chance for thunderstorm will be saturday and until then we'll just be kind of boosting the heat and humidity around here. other places you go for five or seven day. here you come for two day. [ laughter ] >> that's all we need right now. we don't look too far forward. 91 today. 93 tomorrow. >> thank you. >> let's check the roads see if folks are getting an early start on the get away. hi, erin. [ laughter ] >> austin just showed me a picture of a squirrel eating a cheeto and i said that could be a $5,000 cheeto. >> exactly. >> you know they're running that contest. any way. that's tollly random. >> right now metro is on time all rail lines
8:07 am
huge delay on the beltway inner loop through oxon hill slow. outer loop in college park is slow. 270 dealing with big slow downs. earlier crash at shady grove cleared. but huge delays from germantown down to the beltway. still about 45 minute delay. so give your extra time there. bail out traffic on 355 southbound slow as well. so if you're trying to get through rockville this morning keep that in mind. 95 southbound is really sluggish from north the icc down to the beltway. and bw parkway north and southbound to and from powder mill road a lot of congestion. the inner loop jams through green belt southbound 295 from 50 on down to the 11th street bridge sluggish. 50 inbound through cheverly really slow and then the freeway backing up a bit. eleventh street bridge is stacked. then 395 is so slow from edsall road to the pentagon earlier crash by duke street that cleared. inner loop through annandale an across the legion bridge not looking great. we'll keep up updated. allison and steve looking beautiful in your purple back to you. >> thank you erin. >> staying on top of allegio
8:08 am
george's county school. naacp calling for mack well's crack not to be renewed. >> the request comes pending the out come avenue third party investigation app pressed by the is it a board of education. melanie alnwick spoke with the chapter's president for more on their decision. mel? >> reporter: good morning. really they say time is of the essence who are. they're concerned because dr. maxwell's new contract goes into effect july 1st. but they're a little behind the game here, because indeed dr. maxwell was reappointed for a second term by county executive rushern baker back in march and became the only the first ceo to be reappointed to take on a second term here in prince george's county in the last 25 years. the county school board appapplauded that reappointment saying the continued growth of the school system is best served with dr. maxwell at the helm. they like having that stability in leadership. but after these allegations of grade fixing and records manipulations, the naacp
8:09 am
second term. its members are asking county executive baker to call dr. maxwell the under rim ceo until the state investigation is completed. >> the fact we look at a serious thing that happened, head start program. we have 800 staff out on administrative leave. it's a serious thing. >> reporter: speaking to fox5 for the fir since four board members brought their complaint to the governor, dr. maxwell said he welcomes an independent investigation. >> again i wander to resolve this matter. there's no systemic corruption. there's nothing for me or anyone who is on my direct team that is telling people that they should do anything illegal. >> reporter: s
8:10 am
questions about his tenure or whether he would stay on if indeed this investigation turned out or turned up something in line with what the allegations are, dr. maxwell said frankly, they're not going to find anything. so it's sort of a mute point. his contract becomes effective july 1st and it runs for the next five years until june 30th of 2021. we are still trying to check in with county executive baker's office to try to get some of the details on that contract, and what it would cost if indeed they had to sever dr. maxwell but so far we haven't been able to reach county executive baker's officer. live in prince george's county, i'll melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. ♪ 8:10 now. developing in the district overnight shooterring in northeast leaves one man dead much police say it happened just after midnight in the 800 block of 46th street. no word on who the victim is and police do have a look out for the suspect but they say the description is vague. meanwhile, in prince george's
8:11 am
investigating a deadly shooting. officers were called to an apartment complex on pennsylvania avenue in for forestville around 8:00 o'clock last night. they discovered a man there who had been shot. so far no suspects, no motive. northern virginia vre back to normal service on the manassas line. this tragically after a 13 year old girl was struck and killed yesterday. that teenager apparently playing with her cousin along the tracks yesterday afternoon near bull run. sources tell fox5 the cousin was able to jump to an opposite track when the train was approaching, but the girl who died was too scared and tried to run instead. back in the district ntsb trying to put together what led to the fatal accident that left 2csx workers dead. investigators say those workers stepped off a csx train near union station to fix a problem with a wheel and for some reason crossed on to the tracks that amtrak was using when they were struck and killed by that train. coming up it's one of the hottest toys or gadgets right now this morning there's a new warning linking
8:12 am
>> really? >> yes. >> all right. plus a shocking scene at a university of kentucky when a college dorm suddenly explodes. we'll tell was is to blame for the big blast. ♪ ♪♪ (vo) this fourth of july at enterprise car sales... experience great customer service and get more for your trade. june twenty-ninth through july fifth. and let enterprise car sales flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle.
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8:14 am
♪ it is 8:14 right now. >> no, no, no. >> cuteness time. >> yeah. >> let's do it. >> come on. >> favorite time of day. cuteness fact of the day. >> who i t
8:15 am
>> hi. >> hanging out with one of my favorite aisles. >> um-hmm. >> yeah. >> looking for those -- >> shopping for the good stuff. >> those cheetos. >> time for fox5 photo of the day. this is trent everybody. >> hi trent. >> teenaged mutant ninja tur turtles. >> trent is turning -- >> look at his shorts. >> great big two years old today. >> today is his second birthday. [ applause ] yay! >> terrific twos. >> what's the ribbon say dorks we know? >> oh, boy. >> a little tough to read. >> birthday boy? >> i think birthday boy. >> all right. trent tunes in to fox5 every morning with his family. >> awesome. >> and when when he's not going that he loves to play with his two big brothers. >> what a happy family. >> yeah. >> i love it. >> running around. >> that little face is so cute. >> all right. represent we hope you're watching right now goat see yourself and we hope off great big happy, happy birthday. >> and your curls are popping. >> oh, yeah. >> isn't he cute? >> i think he's
8:16 am
cheetos, steve. >> i think so, too. he wants that $5,000 prize. >> yup. to send us your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. trent happy birthday we love it. 70 nouse in washington. jumped 2 degrees. it's going to be warmer today. about 90 this afternoon. high pressure if you look carefully you can see the arrows and you see the little swirl there east of richmond much that's where our area of high pressure is, and with high pressure moving offshore now we'll get our winds out of the south and that will allow heat and humidity to build over the next couple of days. it won't be anything too extreme today. up near 90 and you'll notice the humidity creeping up a little later this afternoon as well. few clouds out there early. we'll go partly sunny today. should be dry this afternoon. going to the nats game at 4:00 o'clock. that should be just fine although little hot out there. and we'll keep the heat, nothing too extreme in the forecast through the weekend. bet chance for storm will be saturday, second half of saturday weekend plans outdoors there could be some strong storms by late saturday afternoon and scattered storms for the fourth of july. so just keep that in mine when you're making fo
8:17 am
plans. won't be raining all day on fourth of july. >> great. >> good. >> all right. >> good to know. check in with erin fine out what's happening right now in the world of traffic. >> all right. what time is it, 8:16? >> 8:15. >> who cares? >> quarter after 8:00. >> right. >> and traffic is still crawling on 270 southbound right now. it's 8:17 actually. just to let you know. we had earlier crash out by shady grove road that moved to the shoulder, but from urban ban in a on down, 45 minute delay. a lot of bailout traffic 355 southbound trying to get to the beltway so sorry to my gaithersburg and rockville commutes this morning it's not looking great. as we forward things along we do have some other problems. we can go ahead and take look at our maps slow downs as you can see the inner loop through glenn echo looking terrible. really heavy congestion through annandale and up through tysons us a get to the american legion bridge. clara barton cabin john as well as gw parkway southbound heavy. heavy on all of our bridges, memorial, key bridge from rosland into georgetown 1 11th
8:18 am
slugger traffic there as we forward things along to southern maryland delays on 210 northbound to the bottom side of the beltway. heavy traffic through oxon hill as you try to get into alexandria crossing the wilson bridge. if you have any questions erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. allison and steve. >> erin, thank you. 8:18 arkansas man due in court today after police say he intentionally drove his vehicle into a brand new 6,000-pound ten commandments monument just put on the grounds of the state capitol. statue had just been install the day before. video posted to facebook shows 32-year-old michael tate reid owning what he did apparently yelling quote freedom before driving his vehicle into that monument. >> what culpability do some of these groups have when they threaten to tear down that monument? our own u.s. supreme court has these ten commandments displayed for goodness sake. >> reid has parental history of destroying property. in 2014 he destroyed a ten commandments statue in oklahoma. now faces several charges including d
8:19 am
public interest. we are told a replace many monument has already been ordered. well they're one of the most popular gadgets around right n now. but an alabama family is warning others this morning about the hazards of those fidget spinners. this after their blue tooth fidget spinner burst into flames after charging for less than 45 minutes. >> he noticed that it burst into flames, and he just started screaming. i was downstairs and all i heard was fire, fire! and, um, the fidget spinner had literally, it wasn't smoking. it was in flames. >> wow. okay. no one was hurt. consumer product safety commission in looking into the family's report to determine if the toys are in fact a fire hazard. >> do they have batteries in them. >> that one was blue tooth one. so, yeah, it had a little -- >> didn't know that. >> i thought they were old school toys. >> i think the cheap one that i have old school. >> scary moments at university in kentucky apparently a gas explosion that wrecked a college dorm on the murray state university. luckily the school is on summer brea
8:20 am
dorm at the time but look at the damage. the blast gutted the ground floor and left a trail of damage on the second level. >> just like went boom! just like it shook, and we could hear it. we were just like thought it was -- she thought it was thunder. we're like there's no clouds in the sky. what is it, you know. >> investigators say one person who did happen to be near the building suffered minor injuries at the time. the exact cause of how it exploded remains under investigation. a bizarre discovery in houston, texas. a man was due for eviction so he apparently abandoned his apartment leaving dozens of pet tarantulas and scorpions behind. animal control officials were called in to take care of the critters. a court hearing is set for next week to determine custody rights for the unusual pets. >> can you imagine? you have to go through the entire house to see if he set any of them free at the time. >> i wonder if he did that, you know. >> i'm sure it was you evict me i'm leaving this behind as a
8:21 am
honey bees swarming major tourist attraction in new york city. 30,000 plus bees taking night by the ledge of one times square. bee keepers called in to getting the buzzing creatures under control. none of the bees were harm. they are currently being maintained bite new york city bee keepers associate. good thing they have that there and being relocate to do different hives throughout the city. doing some fidget spinner research. some of them have lights and so it's led. >> power supply for that. >> exactly. that's why mine for four dollars at the beach didn't come with that. >> yours will not explode. stelle ahead unusual jail break in california but this bandit is trying to get in, not out. >> look at that. my goodness. furry feline wants to be behind bars. more details coming up next. ♪ ♪♪
8:22 am
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the in-laws have moved in with us. and, our adult children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide. >> all i'm saying erin como you better be pay attention this furry little feline was broken out of jail in calf a after trying to break into jail. the jail is in fairness under construction right now. that cute little kitty got stuck in part of the wall trying to get inside the jail of the fortunately a worker her the cries and after couple of hours little kitty was freed. >> now the little guy is the new jail mascot. now they still don't have name for the little kitty yet. but there were a few being considered. >> they said they wanted to call him el
8:25 am
the guys around here we were calling him smokey, and i guess they wanted to name him feel lick the cat because felix is lucky. >> they shall have a naming contest, right? >> cute. >> in the meantime they're calling hill jay cat short for jail cat. >> super cute no matter what, right. >> that's really cute. all right. cats and dogs don't always go together. we know that. it turns out there's an exception when it comes to cheetahs. take look at these photos. >> adorable. >> columbus zoo and aquarium. i can't stand it. >> they are using therapy dog puppies to give cheetahs some companionship. animal experts say the idea is spreading to zoos across the nation. cheetah cubs are typically shy and they're a little anxious and the use of dog friends can help them adjust to their new situation. >> how bad does erin want a little cheetah kitty right now. >> i'll take that little golden. >> they're both adorable. what great team. we have great team here when it comes to the weather and traffic department 8:25 and it is time once again to go to weather camp
8:26 am
this morning. oh, my goodness the camp counselor with the whistle again. >> hello. >> good morning, camp counselor. >> barn wading cam is that closed today. >> something is different today. >> welcome to camp como. >> i like camp como. >> counselor barnes had late night. >> what happened to counselor barnes. >> he couldn't make it to work today. >> what slouch cher. look at him still in his go out clothes. >> okay. >> don't worry i got the forecast. >> nap of shame. >> don't worry camper allison and camper steve. we'll take look and get you all squared away you can have great dave activities, maybe some canoeing. maybe little fireside stories. and right now, here we have it. let's go for it. sunshine what do we have? wink, things looking good there. humidity not the greatest hair day. so just be prepared for that if you're planning on taking a dip in the pool an nature hike. camper stevie. >> you up to date on your allergies. >> i'm good to go. >> counselor barnes took a little nature hike to the pub last night. [ lauger
8:27 am
and he didn't invite me so camp como it is today. >> ya yes! >> i've been waiting all my live to say this. >> queue my music. >> ♪ >> i like camp como. it's a fun camp. >> all right. >> we're tossing to break now. i just want to say these are tucker shorts. >> yes. don't too much spinning we don't want to have an episode. [ laughter ] >> okay tucker let's get a check on traffic. >> actually we'll head to break right now because i don't think we can trust him. i'll have your traffic coming up. >> wow. what a slouch cher. >> goodness. ♪ when coughing keeps your family awake. breathe easier with vicks vaporub. soothing cough relief that starts working instantly.
8:28 am
8:29 am
bassett is unique in regards to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back,
8:30 am
the leg. we couldn't be any happier. >> looks like rehoboth beach to me and it's beautiful day. >> watch people bike down the boardwalk earlier. >> look at that. it's not even crowded because it's 8:30. folks are up -- i guess it's the beach. you're sleeping in a little bit. you're right. >> breakfast grotto pizza right there. >> perfect. >> delicious. let's get to some news at 8:30 this morning headlines developing in northwest d.c. antisemitic flyers popping back up in some neighborhoods. it's in the the first time. pamphlets like this appeared in the area. these flyers appear to be from a self-proclaimed white supremacist group, defend your people is a social duty not an anti social crime. popping up in glover park and some other areas. neighbors say it's still a shock to see them. >> i felt angry.
8:31 am
i felt scared. and i felt sad. >> dc police say they're aware of the flyers and they are investigating. spontaneous combustion that's what investigators say is to blame for a townhouse fire in montgomery county. this happened yesterday on newton street in rockville neighborhood. investigators say a homeowners toed some oily rags on to the deck and within minutes they went up in flames. >> we had just come home, and i walked out on the deck and i saw some black smoke and i told my wife linda to call 911. she was in the house. and she called immediately. >> the homeowner suffered minor injuries. officials say it is an important reminder to diss suppose of oily rags properly in a metal container with a tight lit on it. >> ♪ >> 8:31. happening right now, a virginia congressman honoring first responders in alexandria for the her rowism they showed during this month's shooting at the congressional baseball practice.
8:32 am
>> fox5's anjali hemphill is live at alexandria police headquarters with more on this really special event. good morning. >> reporter: you can take look here as the room is filling up. representative don boyer getting ready to present a framed copy of his congressional record statement which honors the bravery of all the first responders of both the alexandria police and fire departments that day june 14th the top brass from both departments are here to accept that recognition and we all remember earlier this month when 66-year-old james hodgkinson drove from his home in illinois to the dc area. he hung around the area for several days before one morning around 7:00 in the morning police say hodgkinson opened fire on the republican baseball team practicing for their upcoming congressional baseball game a long standing d.c. tradition. two capitol police officers have been credited for jumping into action. returning fire diverting attention away from more possible victims and three alexandria
8:33 am
specifically named identified as being first on the scene returning fire on that suspect eventually shooting and disabling him and we of course cannot forget the several first responders from the alexandria fire department who arrived on scene and are credited for treating the victims and of course saving lives. i did ask if those three alexandria police officers were going to be here this afternoon or i guess this morning for this recognition. i was told no but obviously, strong show of support from both departments as this press conference is just about to get underway. that's the latest here in alexandria. send it back to you guys. >> anjali thank you the city council will hold public hearing so called fair elections act of 2017. now if passed the bill would encourage local politicians to spend more time with voters instead of big donors. today's hearing begins at 9:00am at the wilson building. big day in annapolis right now more than 1,000 young men and women are becoming members of the newest naval academy class. this wil
8:34 am
now throughout the day they'll receive they are uniforms, medical scams, haircuts, learn how to salute, all that good stuff. oath of office ceremony set for tonight that will be at 6:00 p.m. and welcome the newest class of u.s. naval academy. ♪ all right. hi. 70 now at reagan national looking at daytime highs about 90 today. last couple of days we've been in the low to mid 80s. so about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. dulles 67. up in baltimore it is 68 to start your morning. cloudiness out there. high pressure has gotten off the coast our winds are out of the south and west and that means more heat and humidity. kind of build over the next couple of days. today won't feel terribly oppressive but as mentioned noticeably warmer than yesterday highs will get up to about 90. partly cloudy heat returns. humidity starts to creep up as well winds out of the south gusting to about 20 but it will be dry this afternoon. you got plans outdoors, nationals have a 4:00 o'clock game. should be nice and dry later today and this evening.
8:35 am
holiday weekend forecast and sneak peek at tuesday fourth of july coming up in just a minute. >> look who is back. >> yes. i'm already to go. here you go. thank you for the counselor g gear. >> you're very welcome. >> camp was hit today. >> fine performance. >> thank you i tried. i'm no tucker barnes but i tried to hank. right now 66 eastbound from 234 to the capitol beltway that's a 75 minute ride. not loving what we're seeing there earlier crash by nutley street really set things back. 34 minutes dale city to the beltway 95 northbound. 31 minute slow down 395 northbound to the 14th street bridge. and gw parkway from 123 to the 14th street bridge is jammed up as well. taking a look in maryland, it's 56 minute ride from 109 to the beltway that's actually improving from what we were too long with earlier from crash by shady grove. outer loop still jams 95 to the 270 spur. 28 minute trip. like what we're seeing on 95 right now. that is cleared up and the outer loop delays clear in pennsylvania avenue to bw parkway. you can see though 66 still seeing really slow roll there and the inner loop through
8:36 am
legion bridge not looking great through tysons this morning. we have a lot of inner loop congestion. same story in oxon hill bottom side of the beltway from five over. 395 you can see that delay the freeway in both directions slow to the third street tunnel and then bw parkway in both directions outside the bell way super slow and there's a schlosser look at that 270 delay again just under an hour to get from 109 on down 355 still dealing with bailout traffic heaviest delays from gaithersburg into rockville this morning. and then there's a look at the outer loop. 95 really slow from the icc on down but north at that point by one hadn't dread looking good. you're coming down from the baltimore beltway and then southbound 295 still jammed up down toward the 11th street bridge and 50 inbound couldn't jeffed. suitland parkway heavy traffic by south capitol and new york avenue northeast inbound dealing with slow traffic. all the rails are clear right now. allison and steve, back to you. >> heads up if you ride metro' red line new project will disrupt service for at least a month. metro is beginning a pilot program to test a tunnel waterproofing technique
8:37 am
july 10th. red lion trains single track at of week night between friendship heights and medical center starting at 9:00 p.m. red line train service will also be suspended on both tracks for four consecutive weekends between july 15th and aug august 6th. shuttle buss will replace trains between grosvenor and friendship heights. the project ends august11th. if you take metro this afternoon you'll likely see some staff out there thanking riders for their support during safetrack. nearly 700 metro administrator viv employees office workers, managers other non operations staff will be out all metro rail stations today handing out thank you notes that include a small tone of appreciation offered boy metro partner safetrack ended last sunday. still ahead scientists in florida getting help from an unlikely source to try to save dying coral receives. details thon project helping the environment and wounded war warriors. >> and time change coming to the district' twos dozen spray parks. what you need to know if you want to keep cool coming up. up.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ >> you'll have a chance to soak up plenty of sun today, the next couple of days, and you'll soak up some bonus humidity, too. isn't that fun? [ laughter ] >> 8:40. it looks great right now. 69 degrees. go out enjoy the mc to you hours before it starts to heat up. should be great. group of wounded warriors down in in order taking new kind of life-saving mission this morning much this is little bit different. >> they are helping to save some of the world's dying coral re reefs.
8:41 am
scientists along florida's barrier reef to replace damaged coral with healthier coral. over time the korea al will grow to help support florida tosses eco system. >> coral reefs are the rain forests of the oceans. if we lose the coral reefs we'll lose the ocean and the very objection jenn we breathe. >> it's a way for to us serve in a different capacity for the betterment of the nation. >> the soldiers and scientists transplanted hundreds of piecess >> you know al if i parallel life i probably be down in the coral reefs dying enjoying that part of nature. >> not me. >> no? >> i'm a little too scary pants. >> we'll talk about your peril live another time. >> we'll check in with holly morris and maureen umeh find out what's coming up on good day today. can we toss the awesomeness of yesterday. >> are back down on this world. >> almost. we have a jam packed show for you today. a former skins
8:42 am
confession. why clinton portis says he want to do seek revenge during his very high profile financial troubles. >> developing now at 9a most of the president's travel ban actually goes into effect just 11 hours from now. happening now, those, a scramble for security. we're live. plus we introduced you to the mlb live-saving umpire who sprung 92 action when seconds counted. >> okay, mo let's do it. roll that open. put up the good day guest list. it is the must stop for the game of thrones fans. the second best place on earth besides west hos of course game of thrones will get that one when tucker erin take us inside life the new game of thrones pop-up bar it's in d.c. as you can imagine it is getting national attention. plus we'll get our fill of celeb news and dirt with the help of page 6tv. also ahead dr. phil he's opening up about the medical condition he's been dealing with for 25 years. wow! g good day d.c. the ony place to be this thursday morning, every morning for that matter. see in you just a
8:43 am
>> in the meantime still ahead today's fox beat is taking yet another road trip. we need -- you know how you have the maps with the push opinions and track your travels. >> where is kev? >> where is kev? >> the miles that man gets he has our entertainment news this time live in new orleans. >> the big easy, and a blast from the past. we'll tell you why these old school phone booths are popping up once again in the big apple. ♪ at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
♪ i was waiting to hear what the music was going to be, al. i like watching al dance when the picture is up. ♪ >> you did it. you nail it. [ laughter ] >> easy one to nail. >> so many people figure out there's a web cam and they can actually watch. >> we won't give away the secrets. 8:46 right now. all righty. new this morning, a big change for folks who want to beat the heat in the district. starting tomorrow, the department of parks and recreation is extending the hours for its spray parks. they'll be open every day from 9:30am to 8:30 p.m. there are 24 parks throughout the city. your forecast in the meantime if you want to cool off here if you need to know how hot it's going to be. coming up in just a mere ten seconds. >> see, that's not fair. >> there's ten. i see. >> okay.
8:47 am
all right. the other place to go to cool off the beach. if you're lucky enough to go going down to the beach this weekend weather conditions are going to be pretty ideal down there. mid 80s for daytime highs. water temperature now 67. looks like our best chance for some thunderstorm activity this will be this weekend. late saturday early sunday as we got a frontal system coming through we may get some evening thunderstorms there down in ocean city. really the whole eastern shore there that's our best chance for storms. all right. today 70 now in washington. lots of 70s starting to break out. 70 in man nass. 72 up in west minster leonardtown 70 degrees. warmer than yesterday. 10 degrees warmer than we were at 24 hours ago and we'll boost these numbers. these afternoon highs by 10 degrees later today. daytime highs i would say around 90. maybe get to 91 here in the city later today. all right. little cloudiness to start your day. high pressure that was parked across west virginia 24 hours ago scoot the offshore and now it's just east of parts of virginia here. and what's going to happen
8:48 am
us our winds have now shifted out of the south and south and west that will allow return flow so the bermuda high will set up over the next couple of days and for us that means a warmer weather pattern more heat, more humidity building in over the next couple of days. we'll be looking at daytime highs in the 90s for the foreseeable future. i think it will be well into next week before we get break from temperatures in the 90s. low to mid 90s this weekend and summertime weather for washington and frontal system saturday our next best chance for some thunderstorms. we'll keep it dry through saturday. all right. 90 if you're going to the game this afternoon at first pitch. 4:05 game earlier today. passing clouds but nice summer feel out there. it won't be anything too he can treatment might want to find a shady spot it will be hot but should be nice afternoon. zip trip tomorrow stafford we look good, nice and warm, down in stafford early tomorrow morning. come down and see us. yeah. okay. i'm not sure where we'll be i know we'll be in stafford. >> at the pool. >> the rouse swim pool. >> thank you allison. >> yea
8:49 am
weekend will be saturday. right now, fourth of july hot, humid, with some late day thunderstorms scattered 93. all right. guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, tucker. in the meantime tourists in the big apple getting a chance to dial back in time these now old phone booths are now the newest art epp stall laying in times square. >> cool. >> there's nobody on the other end of the phone call instead the phone booths are rewired to tell the history of immigrants in new york city. >> i love it. >> share their personal stories. >> i love it. >> phone booths remain in times square through september. no word when they came pre tagged or not. >> that's it. i'm heading to the big apple. >> there you go. apple celebrating a very important anniversary today for apple because today is the tenth birthday for the iphone came out ten yours ago today. where has that decade gone? well, i'll tell you part of where it's gone. people going and buying them. more than 1 billion i phones have sold since june29th, 2007. so much has changed so much has evolve. what's the next biggest thing? gene munster at apple
8:50 am
said the new apple glasses will be the future of the company perhaps more so than the phone itself. he says the augmented reality glasses will eat into iphone sales by the year 2020. speaking of phones -- >> you think they will. >> i don't think so. >> apple watch is doing great. >> it's doing okay. okay. target is taking aim at amazon with its next day delivery service. it's called restock the retail giant is testing it out in the minneapolis area. customers can fill a box up with up to 45 pounds of items for a flat fee of four bucks and 95 cents. amazon charges a dollar more. >> forget the beach body because dunkin' donuts is unveiled two summer inspired doughnuts the smores doughnut stuffed with a toasted marshmallow filling topped with chocolate graham crackers. >> hmm. >> looks delicious. tiny little marshmallows as you can tell other one chocolate drizzle strawberry croissant doughnut. >> i'm tracking michael reece at least i know this could be dinner probablely. >> your entire consumpti
8:51 am
>> might be worth it. >> sweet treats hit store shelves for a limited time july 30th. >> you're right it might be. >> today for today's fox beat hitting the road headed to the big easy. what a great city it is and kevin mccarthy is there and joins us right now. good morning kev. >> good morning, allison and steve. how you doing today. >> doing great. not as good as you. >> it's amazing i love this city so much. i'm here in new orleans for the essence festival here to cover a in many called girls trip the new film starring jada pinkett smith and queen latifah and tiffany hatice i'm i'm a big fan of hers. i wasn't familiar to her work until i saw her a keanu she completely steals this movie i'm interested in talking to her today as well as regina hall sitting down with all four of the wonderful actresses from the movie today. i really want to get questions from our viewers to bring to the acts. we know that regina hall by the way used to work at amc mazda gallery right down the street from our station. she's
8:52 am
if you have any questions whatsoever, tweet me your questions at kevin mccarthy tv. i'll be sitting down with queen latifah, jada pinkett smith and the cast around 3:30 today here in new orleans. about 4:30 your time. so please send your questions at kevin mccarthy tv. try and do them on video it will be really funny if i can show some of the videos from some of our viewers in the dc area and the movie is hilarious looking forward to talking about it with them. >> kev you used to work at a theater yourself. >> i work at amc 24 in hampton where allison went to college. did you ever sneak into the heff voce while you were working? >> you know you know what's funny, steve, i starte work there at 16. to me i wanted to turn 17 money i wanted to turn 21 because i wanted to be able to buy a ticket for an r rated movie so i used to get written up at work because i would -- i would sneak in to r rated films and they would literally write me up. it was not good. >> the reason i ask this, kev. is because i wonder if regina
8:53 am
hall ever snuck into a movie when she was working at mazda gallery. >> that's great question. i need to find out how old she was when she work there. i know when she came to d.c. before with kevin hart they were in a film and she was talking about being there working there, selling tickets and i'm interested in talking to her today. obviously her career has blown up. she's amazing in this film. >> so has yours. your lives are paralleling right now. >> no, no, no. she's making millions of dollars. >> and you're sitting in the same room as her. >> you're making dollars. there you go. >> how about a little, um, slip.slip when it comes to the identity out in hollywood. somebody doing a little flip flip on the red carpet. >> i love this story. i think this is hilarious. the comedian hanibel burris he's obviously stand up comedian very funny play as coach in the new spiderman film, and apparently according to his tweets it seems like he couldn't make it to the premier so he tweeted out and this tweet is now since been deleted but he said, la i need
8:54 am timing for an event tonight. pays $500. e-mail your picks to hanibel look a like three at i think even said one and two were already used at some point oy have no idea how or why. so the spiderman pre mary happened last night in los angeles. and apparently a gentleman named joe carol who is the person who went to the premier as hannibal burris was instagraming from the premier. he said just crashed the red carpet as hannibal burris hash tag stand in. now entertainment weekly says this gentleman joe carol quote is a self-described author, screen writer and director and actor. he actually walked the carpet as hannibal burris and there are -- there's interview footage of him being interviewed as if it is hannibal burris a tweet that hannibal tweeted out, saying i'm out here at the spiderman movie premier in theaters july 8th mu
8:55 am
july 7th. this is really funny bit. my question is, i need to look for into this, did the people interviewing him know it really wasn't him or did they think they were actually talking to him. >> i bet they thought they were talking to hannibal burress. >> i believe that's the whole thing. before we let you go what's going on with the push for diversity with the academy? >> i think this is awesome. they broke a record yesterday. 774 people were invited to be members of the academy. and including the rock, betty white, jordan peel, gal gadot, danielle glover, margo robbie. you can tell by those names very diverse group of people. and according to the academy, they have a graphic showing that the people of color in the overall membership jumped from 8% to 13% from 2015 to 2017, and this new class of which really made me happy is 39% female, and it jumped from 25% to 28%. so i think that we're
8:56 am
there, more diverse group of people in the academy. so hopefully we'll start seeing more films nominated and winning that speak more to average movie goers like us. i'm looking forward to seeing hopefully this year jordan peel get out gets a best picture deserves it. it's the best movie i've seep this year. >> good to see more diverse there. and good to see at 95 betty white gets an inn vision to the academy. >> why the wait for betty white. >> kev, we got to let you go. we'll see you soon. thank you so much. >> see you guys. >> back with more after this. ♪
8:57 am
one more check of traffic and weather before good day. >> who should we start with. >> let's start with erin. ladies first. >> thank you. still heavy volume on the inner loop across the american legion bridge. and you can see a ton of volume on 66 through vienna. crowded through annandale as well basically it's dc traffic. >> all right. tucker do we at least have sunshine to roll our windows down. >> looks like christmas in july on your map there. >> doesn't it? >> yes. 74 in washington. near 90 this afternoon. warmer than yesterday and little more humidity. >> you said pool day. >> good pool day. >> cool. >> fantastic. forecast for entertainment on good dynex. ♪ ♪♪
8:58 am
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be radiant by colgate optic white. ♪ straight ahead, president trump's travel ban set to take effect in just a matter of ho hours. but at the same time, homeland security wants airports around the world to step up security. what it could mean for trav travelers. i'm looking forward finally to having my day in court. >> one of the pope's top advisers facing sex abuse allegations. he's the highest ranking vet can official ever charged. now he's speaking out in his own defense. a former redskins star says money


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