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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 29, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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be radiant by colgate optic white. ♪ straight ahead, president trump's travel ban set to take effect in just a matter of ho hours. but at the same time, homeland security wants airports around the world to step up security. what it could mean for trav travelers. i'm looking forward finally to having my day in court. >> one of the pope's top advisers facing sex abuse allegations. he's the highest ranking vet can official ever charged. now he's speaking out in his own defense. a former redskins star says money
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murder. coming up, why clinton portis says he ultimately decided not to go through with the plan. this should be interesting. >> and later taking a stand. why one of the stars of the blockbuster fast and furious franchise says she may quit. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> i haven't heard this song in forever. right. what is trace is he chapman doing right now. >> up to those days. >> she'd be good for good day. let's invite you. >> tracy always welcome to come co-host. >> bring your guitar. >> bring your guitar. we hope your brought your game to our show today on this thursday, june29th. we're glad you're here. holly morris alongside of maureen, steve and allison wisdom enjoying vacation time. >> also ahead this morning marking a technologically milestone because today the iphone turns ten. >> happy birthday iphone.
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look at the impact the smart phone has had on our day to day lives and some of the ways it has changed our world. ten years ago at this time i was riding around with our photographer dave showing off his brand new iphone. i'll never get one every though things. >> how has it changed our daily lives in the world. that will be the rest of the show, right, because changed it in many ways. >> can i ask you a silly question? was it the iphone one? is that what it was. >> judgment call the iphone. >> okay. >> yeah. all right. >> okay. >> time for new phone. >> it's not a silly question. no silly questions, kids f you're watching. >> thank you. >> first at 9:00 let's talk about this weather because the heat and humidity oh, man, they're creeping back in and they're not leaving any time soon. for details tucker is back with a first check of the forecast. hey, tuck. >> hey, maureen. yeah, creeping up today about 90 this afternoon and humidity will build over the next couple of days. nothing too extreme. i mean we've done triple digit heat this time of year not looking at that but looking at high temperatures around 90 for the next couple of days, and you know, i think our neck chance for thunderstorm will be saturday. 74 now at reagan
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warmer than yesterday. dulles 72. up in baltimore 74 degrees at 9am hour. a few clouds out there early. our area of high pressure which was overhead yesterday is slipped off to our east and now our winds here our flow is out of the south and south and west that means warmer temperatures and more humidity building and again we'll be about 90 later today. us but nothing too extreme and you know nice weather to hit the pool. quick look at the seven day. revisit this coming up in little bit. i just want to throw out our best chance for thunderstorm the next couple of days will be saturday late day saturday. and for fourth of july looks like wrecked few scattered storms around with temps in the low 90s this afternoon about 91. keep it dry. just kind of seasonably warm summer afternoon here in washington. all right, guys. that's the latest. back to you. >> tucker thanks so much. president trump's travel ban goes into effect today. and last night, the state department issued new guidelines to ban certain travelers from six muslim majority nations. >> this comes as the department of homeland security is trying
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to beef up security at a number of airports around the world. our annie yu has more on this morning from dulles airport. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, holly and all of you. a lot of changes happening today. you mentioned president trump's travel ban being enforced starting today. now, keep in mind, this is the revised modified plan. so travel ban 2.0 if you will. there are some changes and of course the stream court cleared the way earlier this week. dulles international airport one of the airports where this policy is being tested out. take look. >> we have seen the protests before when a travel ban first wept into effect back in january. this time, more warning for travelers but still some potential confusion. just days aft the supreme court overruled lower court that is had blocked the ban today the administration will begin limiting travelers from six muslim majority nations,. >> they can't just ban everybody. >> reporter: no, they can't. and secretary of homelan
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security john kelly was asked about the new policy at an appearance yesterday talking about a cautious approach. >> i told my folks that i didn't want to come anywhere near close to getting cross wise with the court. >> reporter: to follow the court's guidance travelers from the countries in question will have to prove they have some connection to the us specifically professional or family ties that are now spelled out, and while all of that plays out, the administration is also leaning on airports and airlines overseas to increase their own security for flights into the us which could lead to lifting a ban on carry on laptop computers and other electronics for some international flights. the tsa has been testing new carry on screening technology in phoenix. >> unless we all raise our security standards terrorists who seek commercial aviation as the greatest take down will find and attack the weakest link. >> reporter: and due to the tighter screening process, you can expect longer
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lines this summer. tsa says they are rolling out a working on new technology include something ct scans at some airports testing those out the idea to get folks through the security lines quicker. that's the very latest from dulles international. ann yule fox5 local news. >> annie thank you very much. six past the morning hour of the international meeting at the white house. the president hosts the new president of south korea but it could be a tense meeting because the new leader is more liberal than his predecessor and favors a more conciliatory approach to north korea. president trump taking a hard line with north korea especially since the death of american tourist otto warmbier. meanwhile, not quite back to the drawing board one day after calling off a health care vote senator majority leader mitch mcconnell is trying to send revised version of that bill to the congress shaat office to be scored as as soon as as possible. the hope is a vote can take place this summer. particular president supports the plan it will include a great surprise when it does come to vote oh, did we get a surprise from the president this morning.
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major issues going on the president still taking time to go after the media. this morning's target minutes ago msnbc host joe scarborough and meek can brazinski the president just tweeted "i heard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me. don't watch any more. then how come low iq crazy miqa along with psycho joe came to mar lago three nights in a row around new year's eve insisted on joining me. she bleedly badly from a facelift. i said, no ♪ >> shock. i find that shocking. >> it's stunning. >> i find that shocking. >> we're all quiet. i find that in poor taste and shocking i'm sorry. i don't like to speak a sitting president and i have not contrary to whatever anybody might believe out there but as woman especially, i find that in very poor taste. >> i fine it in poor taste as parent. no matter what side of the aisle you sit on, we teach our children to not be
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use words or say bad things even if it's somebody you don't care for. even if somebody says something not nice about you, you still teach your child to take the high road and i think it's hard to teach that when the leader the top person in our country is using words as weapon. i never think using words as a won't been is a good idea. >> this has sung into such depths right now and this, it's stunning. there's no other way to put it but stunning when you read that and this is coming from the leader of the free world if you will. i mean what example are we setting? you're right. i know a lot of people people spoke badly of president obama. it doesn't matter who you are. this is -- wrong is wrong is wrong. call it out when you see it wrong is wrong. this is not good as a woman it's so troubling. you're bleeding from your face. really? it's tacky. >> i agree. i know people will respond to us and either say, you hate trump, you love trump, whatever. this has nothing to do with politics. it has
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just -- >> being a human being. >> humanity. >> i'm surprised that has -- someone hasn't said, um, mr. president, let's take that one down. it just seems it crosses a line. >> it literally happens minutes ago. it might taken down the problem with social media it's out there. it's already out there. >> thousands of retweets and likes and, you know, so that's what's happening. >> strategy of shame often back fires too which might draw more eyes to that particular network. >> unfortunately. >> just because of that. >> people want to see what's happening. any way that's what's happening right now coming from the white house here in washington. the other big story this morning, a top cardinal at the vatican taking immediate leave after being charged with sexual assault. >> that cardinal is pope francis' chief financial adviser and the alleged abuse took place many years ago. his name is george cardinal -- cardinal george pell i should say and he's denying the allegations against him. he's the equivalent of pope frances' treasury second. the charges were filed earlier this morning in his native australia and he'll use the leave of be a stones fight those charges. >> i'm looking
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to having my day in court. >> he's a top adviser to pope francis one of the most powerful leaders in the catholic church. now cardinal george pell the vatican's chief financial officer has become the highest ranking vatican official ever to be charged with sexual abuse. >> i'm innocent of these cha charges. the whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to knee me. >> police in australia charged pell thursday with mull pell sex crimes describing them only as quote historical sexual assault offenses. >> cardinal pell is facing multiple charges in respect to historic sexual offenses and there are multiple complainants relating to those charges. >> pell has been accused of mishandling clergy abuse cases and pell himself has been accused of by two men in their 40s of inappropriately touching them at a swimming pool back in the litany 70's when pell was a priest in australia. but the church says the 76-year-old cardinal has quote strenuously denied
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allegations and is looking forward to his day in court. this as pope francis has vows zero tolerance for clergy child second abuse offenses. >> it's important to note that none of the allegations that have been made agains cardinal pell have obviously been tested in any court yet. cardinal pell like any other defendant has a writ to due process. >> and cardinal pell is being order to do appear in court in melbourne on july 18th the vatican says over past three yers, pope francis has appreciated cardinal pell's work to reform the vatican's finances. 9:11 right now. former redskins player clinton tis is revealing disturbing details about his high profile financial troubles how about he contemplated on those who drove him to bankruptcy. >> he lost a portion of the $43 million he earned over his 9nfl seasons. story publish by sports illustrated portis says in 2013, he sat in car outside the d.c.
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managers while holding a gun. portis says a friend of his who was also a family therapist was able to talk him out of using that gun on anybody. portis filed multiple lawsuits against this financial adviser between 2011 and 2013. the lawsuit argued the adviser opened an account for portis with a forged signature and that led to withdrawals totaling more than $3 million without portis ever knowing. he also also lost a lot of money in a ponzi scheme he was talk to by another former manager. it's unclear which manager portis is referring to the articls he admits he had one purpose for going to that building that night which was in his words was to quote kill. portis goes on to say that he had not spoken with that friend the interview would be done from a prison. portis filed pour bank rut see in 2015 his former managers lost their privileges to work in the financial sector but were never charged with a crime. portis public relations team issued a statement in response to that sports illustrated article they said portis will be not commenting on the article but they did offer a quote from him saying
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behind, the future is looking bright". >> thank goodness he had somebody to talk to. >> oh, my goodness. >> so many times we hear that sad story about professional athletes making a ton of money and the people around them that they trust, you know, blowing it all. but i mean, you know, earlier i was talking about this and i was like wow, i can't believe he actually said that outloud. >> right. >> even if you had the thoughts he said it outloud. maybe in rethinking it, what courage it took for him to say& that. >> for sure. >> for outeat loud. >> and wise not to speak on it any more. >> but the fact that he wanted to another mitt that look, this is the place i was in. >> right. >> you know what i mean? that takes a lot of courage. >> it shows -- >> to admit. >> the it shows the depth of the problem. we talked with clinton portis he's not shy about his words he's outspoken about what he feels and believes. we've talked to so many former and current athletes. when you come into the league you're young person and you're given a ton of money and it seems like
9:14 am
to you about how you're supposed to behave. how you're to present yourself and so many of these athletes especially ones the leagues have made changes now some of the former athletes nobody he have talk about what do i do with this money? what did i do to make sure i'm in the taken advantage of. >> how do you know that you're hiring the right people to do it? >> right. >> i agree. fight with lawyers. now with your fists and at will level. >> good thing he had that person on his side. >> absolutely. >> 9:14 is the time. when major league umpires make news it's usually because of a blown call, right? not this time. coming up a little later how one official helped save woman's life. >> first though, another twist in that saga in prince george's county schools. melanie? >> reporter: yeah the county naacp now weighing in on the prince george's county school graduation rate controversy, and i'm going to tell you when we come back, what they're asking county executive ray rushern baker to do. good day dc continues in just moment.
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the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. ♪ creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. >> 9:17. fox5 staying on top of allegations of grade fixing inln public school system and now the county's naacp chapter calling for school ceo dr. kevin maxwell's crack not to be renewed. >> the request comes pending out come of a third party investigio
9:18 am
state board of education. melanie alnwick spoke with the chapter's president more more on their decision. >> reporter: good morning. the county naacp saying that they believe time is of the essence here, because they're concerned that dr. maxwell could get big payout if his contract is nullified. so they want to kind of put a pause here i want to give you background first. dr. maxwell, his appointment has been controversial since the very beginning when in 2013 county executive rushern baker went to the state legislature to get the, the authority to appoint school ceo rather than having the school board do it. when maxwell was appointed, the school board was on board with that. and also, mack well was reappointed in march to a second term. the first time in prince george's county that a superintendent has reached a second term in more than 25 years. but after these allegations of grade fixing and records manila
9:19 am
says they want to put a pause on maxwell's second term. good we have lost confidence in dr. maxwell. parents, students, um, teachers, there's a variety of things that has happened, um, where i think leadership is being affected by all that happened in the past. >> reporter: now, speaking to fox5 for the first time since four bore members brought their complaint at the governor dr. maxwell said he welcomes an independent investigation and he dismissed questions about his future with the school system. >> they're not going find, you know, a question that you know is not, you know, really accurate. they're not going to find systemic corruption and that's what the allegation is. systemic corruption from the highest levels of this district and it's utterly and completely false. >> reporter: now, naacp what they're asking rushern baker
9:20 am
dr. mack well interim ceo until the investigation is completed. dr. maxwell again was reap reappointed for second term back in march. but his new contract begins jul. it's for five years and it goes until the year 2021. we did reach out one more time this morning to county executive baker's office. so far no response from them on this latest twist. live in prince george's county, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> thanks, mel. 9:20 is the time right now. coming up family first or just a momma' boys? sarah frasier is back with an all new edition of love and order coming up later. erin what are you working on? >> maureen a driver facing charges after ramming a statue of the ten commandments much police say it's not his first offense. united may not be the most popular air loin recently but the deal they have going and today could change your mind, and later the internet totally freaking out after spotting senator ted cruz meeting a
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for $79.99 and get tv, and phone, plus 2 years of hbo and multi-room dvr service. all with a 2-year agreement. so hurry up and switch. offer ends june 30th. get it now at pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. ♪ >> all right. we'll give it to you right now in fact. 9:23 is the time root now. that means erin is back with some of the other stories making headlines this thursday morning. hey, erin. >> hey, holly and good morning to all of you. first up we're starting with wildfires. they continue to burn in intense is if i in colorado, california as well as arizona. fire burning around prescott forced thous
9:24 am
their homes. closed major road and created a huge plume of smoke. this is the same area where a blaze killed 19 firefighters four years ago. in california, air and ground crews working throughout the night to put out fire near the camp pendleton army base over in utah, firefighters are bracing for more high winds as they try slow a blaze that burned more than dozen homes and forced 1500 evacuations from a ski resort town. arkansas man due in court today after employees say he intentionally drove his vehicle into a brand new 6,000-pound ten commandments monument on the grounds of the state capitol. that statue had just been install the day before. video posted to the face bock shows 32 year old michael tate reid yelling quote, freedom, before the crash. back home, just as safetrack ended metro announces more weekend station and service shut downs because of waterproofing is
9:25 am
insulator and smoke incidents. starting monday, july 10 through august1111th red line trains will single track between friendship heights and medical center starting at 9:00 p.m. keep updated on those delays. how about this? united airlines selling ticks for $59 right now. the deal applies to flights between august 22nd through december 16th and they're available until today. cover flights leaving from chicago, denver, houston, la and san francisco. newark and of course here in d.c. but there is a catch. seating will be determine right before boarding and you can only bring one carry on and it must fit under the seat in front of you great if you're planning to travel light and finally, senator cruz have twin the picture of him in and chicago cubs owner tom ricks is freaking people out on the internet. tack look at that. the two look so similar. ricketts says that he has possible walk up to hip thinking he was ted cruz and i really say they kind of look like twins separated at birth there. real
9:26 am
>> they say everybody has a dop pep banger. >> he found his. >> he sure did. owe wonder what it would be like for them to switch rolls for the day. >> or bank accounts. >> that too. >> that too. happy. the other not so much. >> the other will be a senator. >> exactly. >> thank you erin. >> thank you talk about good call. coming up next how major league baseball umpire helped save woman's life. plus holiday get away is almost here. some aerugo it's here already. it will be hot and humid one. tucker back with an early look at the holiday weekend want else is on the seven day. >> coming up fresh at 10a, marking ten years of the iphone. more than 1 billion sold just like the old mcdonald's marquises used to say. take aloof at life before the smart phone and how it changed history. fast and furious star michelle rodriguez i might step away from this multi million dollars franchise. i think you might want to make one more. >> rob lowe revealing his near death experience with big foot. >> okay. he g
9:27 am
>> no, holly he says he was almost killed by sasquatch. >> you know you want to hear the story. >> you want to hear the story. you know you want to hear it later sitting down witness despicable three stars steve carell and kristin wig. it's 9:27. back with the seven day forecast next.
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and get more for your trade. june twenty-ninth through july fifth. and let enterprise car sales flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle. ♪ one major league officials make news it's for blown calls this morning it's for a
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call. mlb ump john helped save a woman's live on pittsburgh bridge yesterday afternoon. he says he can't explain why approached her as she hopped over the bridge railing but he says, he can tell that something was wrong boy the look on her face. aft grabbing hold of her, he says, she beg him to let her jump. >> after she came back on the side i went up to her because she said you'll just forget me after this and i said no, i'll never forget you. this is -- this is -- this was unbelievable day and i'm glad to say that, you know, she can have another day with us, and glad i was in the right place at the right time, and this isn't about mow. um, i appreciate this opportunity, but i know this is just for her and that pebble care about her. >> wow. >> heartbreaking he told her we heard from him earlier that you'll just forget about me tomorrow. that's what she said to me and he said no way he got her name and he hopes to reconnect with the woman before he leaves the city. >> wow.
9:31 am
>> an angel. >> above and i don't know. >> and cutie, too. >> wasn't he handsome. >> yeah. >> all right. to the actual diamond now the nats flying the curly w at nats park for game three of their series witness cubs. second inning, nats up one-zero anthony rendon gets a pitch he likes, good for his 15th homerun of the season! putting on the board. all right. staying in the second, i didn't really believe put it on the board. >> i wasn't giving it my all. no. [ laughter ] >> it's a chicago thing. i can't. matt weeder the next better. john lack company leaves one up in the zone. weeder seventh homer of the year. nats leading five-zero aft two frames. then steven strasburg strikes out 13. okay. nats win this 18-four they'll rap with a 4:05 start time at nats park. i know the put on the board is the white sox not the cubs but it's a chicago thing. i made it that. >> all right. >> you go, girl.
9:32 am
>> thank you. how about the -- how is the weather looking for 4:05 start today. >> little hot. about 90 this afternoon it will be warmer than yesterday. hey, let's get to it. ♪ >> the beach forecast. steve, did you used to share your sand pale and shovel. >> i learned sharing at a very young age. >> with your sister, good. >> that's sweet. all right. hey, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday let's get down at the beach. temps in the 80s beautiful down at the beaches best chance for thunderstorm will be saturday. late saturday early sunday. i think thunderstorm activity with very weak cold that will come through. notice your water temperature warm up to 67. so warm enough you can get in the ocean now and get a nice cool down with temperatures in the 80s down at the beaches. all right. locally now 74 in washington. 72 out at dulles. 71 quantico. 72 in leonardtown. everybody in the low 70s. already warmer than where we were at 24 hours ago about 10 degrees warmer than where we were at this time yesterday. and we'll be 10 degrees warmer this after non for daytime high about 90 this afternoon. maybe we'll get in the l
9:33 am
in a few spots with partial sunshine. storm free at this hour. we'll be storm free later today. high pressure which was right overhead yesterday slipped just to our east. and winds out of the south now and south and west and so gradually over the next couple of days we'll increase both the heat and the humidity around here it will become hazy and hot and humid particularly this weekend with daytime highs in the low to mid 90s. big h and we call this the bermuda high. it will continue to kind of drift east over the next couple of days. set up over bermuda and deliver good heat around here as we get into the weekend and into early next week. i mean it is the beginning of july. hottest time of year. we're moving in on it and it will be in the low 90s around here for the weekend. okay. 90 this afternoon. no storm problems. it will be hot out there maybe take some shade. otherwise nice afternoon for baseball. there's your seven day zip trip tomorrow holly and allison will jin me in staff for. yay! 93 degrees. 90 looks like that's our best chance for our next
9:34 am
saturday and july 4th the fourth of july, late day storms. not going to rain all day but scattered late day storms. low 99s on the fourth of july. all right. steve, i'm tossing to you. >> are you leaving now. >> game of thrones, oh, yes. >> game of thrones. >> i'll be wearing my -- i don't know what i'm wearing. >> say that a lot. [ laughter ] >> work on your thrown poses. >> listen on the tuesday map for 93 degrees the high on july 4th and what better place to celebrate our nation's independence than right here in our nation's capital all makes sense, right? everybody has seen this iconic image so this weekend, we're bringing it to life. kind of. you want to stop by and see the waxman behind his hame famous poster good old uncle many he's at madam tussaud dc for the experience. he launched last year. to tell us about the tribute theresa al fifty seven from madam tussaud. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> who is this, uncle sam looking very sharp. tells about the fourth of july experience first of all. >> fourth of july is awesome.
9:35 am
july. it's a whole room dedicated to fourth of july firework show. there's firework, national anthem playing all day long and right in the middle of uncle s sam. >> you can't help but be patriotic one of the things i love about matt madam tussaud so many great photo op for everybody. with the fourth experience you have lots of ways to take pictures. >> place you can put on put on patriot tick clothing. people love it it's a great experience a lot of if un. >> very cool much this is something a little different than what you usually do, though, typically the figure that is you have there real people. >> right. >> this is a little differ. >> this is challenge, yeah it's amazing artists are amazing basically took a rendering a picture the original creation by james montgomery flag back in 1916 and created this live like thing. >> it's scary life like theresa. it was here yesterday. >> yup. >> he was here yesterday. and even when you get up close and you look. it's like you want it to
9:36 am
it's so so live like. >> you can see the veins if his hands. >> everything. i mean just the fingerprints that are there. the eyes. the hair. it's a little scary. >> very very talented it's not for me. very talented people in london who make these figures. >> here's question though. one thing i notice sam is tall. typically when you do quote unquote real person everything is down to the exact size the weight. hundreds of measurements, right that go into recreating that. >> yup. >> how do you do it for sam here. >> how did you decide sam would be fix foot three. >> he's the -- he encompasses america we wanted to make him big and stan out. and so i think it's very appropriate the way they made him so tall and domineering. i love it. >> i think it's amazing. how long does it take actually for one of these statuing to be made. >> anywhere between three and sick months we launched him in july last year. started working on him in the previous february. so it takes self months to do so. >> at least you knew with sam you knew what outfit he was going to be wearing. >> that's true. >> sometimes when you have a celebrities okay, which pose do we use yes which era do we use. >> he was easy that
9:37 am
>> this time you knew what he was going to do. is he a permanent part of the collection now. >> he is. he's our permanent collect. he'll be with us forever hopefully. like i said whole room dedicated just to him. >> then of course all the living presidents are down at madam tussaud' and pop culture folk. who do you think is the most popular. when people come down by what you see at the museum or all the instagram everybody posts later. >> everyone loves beyonce'. everyone loves, um, miley cyrus. but people really, it's surprising how much people get in the presidents they really -- >> they're all there. >> even the out of towners even the people from international take pictures with every single president it's really a maze how people get into it. >> anybody else coming soon that we can talk about? >> top-secret. >> watch our website. watch our facebook. >> we actual actually have thor for limited time for the summer from hollywood we have the thor figure. that's another fun one we have. >> kevin and wisdom will be down to check that out for sure. there's the informatio
9:38 am
it out. f street in the 1,000 block the information on the website if you want to get more details on how to come down check it out but the most important thing is you can interact with them and take pictures and have fun. >> we encourage it. >> this is not walk around and behave yourself. >> we and courage it. have fun with them as well. you know i haved to do it. back to you. >> thank you, steve. >> i like it. >> thank you for coming in. we're headed down to the big easy after the break. that's where kevin mccarthy is this morning getting ready for the annual essence festival, and he's getting are to do sit down witness stars of a new comedy called girls trip. we'll check in with him next. >> right? >> what? >> that's like us on good day. >> yesterday it was. um-hmm. ♪ at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price.
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♪ girls, you know you got those friends. the ones that make you laugh. the ones that keep it real. we have haven't hung in five years. we need a girl's trip. >> buckle him i plan on getting white girl wasted. okay? [ laughter ] >> that's hand sanitizer. >> it burns. >> ♪ >> who is ready for action! >> ♪
9:42 am
>> all right of the queen lee at a if a, j jade pinkett smith rey to set it off again. it's about four life long friends as you just saw take a trip to new orleans for the annual essence festival. sister hoods are rekindled. and wild sides are rediscover. kevin sits down with the coast at this year's sense fest. he jones us live from the big seize easy. it's like life imitating art. >> good morning allison. i'm down here in new orleans and i love this city. as i was saying earlier in the show the energy here is mazing. i'm just excited to be here for the festival. they filmed the movie girls trip actually partially at the festival last year. sordid dough was here last year. new edition was here. it's really a really cool event. i'm excited to kind of walk around and see the music scene and just, i want to walk down bourbon street and see what's going on much this f
9:43 am
in july. i'm sing down with jada pinkett smith, and won't latifah and regina hall and tiffany hat tissue this afternoon. i'm excited about the jada and queen latifah room. riri watch it last night on the plane before i landed. completely different characters. just kind of shows you the great range that queen latifah and jada have from the '90's until now. i'm looking forward to talking to them. i really would love to get viewers to send in questions i've been getting great questions all morning long. you can tweet me at kevin mccarthy tv. let me know if you want to talk to them and i will pick the best question and bring it directly to them and ask it and we'll show the answer right here on good day d.c. but we want to give obviously the viewers the opportunity to have a question asked -- answered and asked to the cast. but the movie opens up in july. i'm looking forward to talking to the cast and
9:44 am
tissue she is the star of this film. she is hilarious. didn't know much about her until keanu and now i think she's going to absolutely below up. i know she has a following she's been around for while but i think this movie will put her on a bigger map. >> and kev i just -- i was looking at the lineup. the halle berry oscar winner will open up things tomorrow. so if you're -- >> yeah. >> hanging around tell her we said. >> john legend will be here i guess the actual musical element of it. i leave friday. i think the festival is going through the weekend i'll miss the big musical acts unfortunately. i'm moving on saturday but the interviews are today and then tomorrow i'm covering a film called naked which is the moammar land wayans movie on netflix i'm interviewing him, loretta devine and dennis hayes brook. a big week in new orleans. >> and for you, too. i hate when life gets in the way. [ laughter ] >> my wife and i just bought a house. >> congratulations. >> we're homeowners
9:45 am
>> that's awesome. i hope it has good home theater. >> i know right. >> it will. >> definitely will. >> tell us about the jumanji trailer. >> gentleman man gee growing up this was one of my favorite movies of all time. rorob william classic. when they anno announced they we going do remake it i was a little nervous. you're seeing the trailer right now. we'll pause for some of the best parts of it the idea here the rock kevin hart and jack black and karen guillen starring in this. it's not really a remake because it's a completely different spin on the jumanji story. i mean technically speaking eighths remake i guess if you want to consider it that. but in the -- in this film, a group of high school students essentially go in to a detention area and find an old video game system, and they get taken into the world of the game. watch this. >> doctor smolder brave stone. >> i guess i'm ruby round
9:46 am
ahh! >> guys -- >> ba wal you're seeing the four high school students have now taken over the avatars of the game. why this is funny is jack black is playing a teenaged girl so the teenaged girl is now the avatar in the game jack black is that character. kevin hart starring as one of the characters as well. the rock is playing, s actually a nerdy high school student who is now in the rock's body in the game world. so i think it looks funny. i'm excited. i think the rock and kevin hart have had great chem tree and films. i'm excited about jack black's character playing teenaged girl so i think it will be kind of fun as well. so i don't know. it comes out in christmastime. hopefully it will be good. but i loved the original so i'm a little except tal about the new one but we'll see. >> the rock nerdy high school student in the rock's body in central intelligence,
9:47 am
you're actually right. he was cia nerd. yeah. exactly. a little bit different. because he was -- he could kill people with his bare hands. >> that is true. >> character he can nail. clearly. >> all right. kev, good to see you. have fun. >> all right. see you guys. >> take care. >> steve is available to help. 9:47 right now. hook up etiquette. sarah fraser is back with a late edition of the celebrity dish this week and this morning we'll try to offer some advice to a viewer who wants to have her cake then kick it out. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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9:50 am
♪ >> nail it. >> you're so close. >> so premature but it's okay. >> it's thursday and this morning we are getting a late edition of love and order. i said celebrity dish but it's love and order. the segment where of course sarah fraser shares questions she gets from fans and viewers and we try to offer our best advice and first up this morning, we are talking about momma's boys. >> oh, gosh, you guys is this a bad sign for this now wife? so someone wrote into us and look
9:51 am
he's always been fun good guy at the wedding during the vows he looked at his parents more than he future wife. it was so strange the entire wedding party was talking about it after the fact. do you think he was just nervous or is this a sign he's a huge momma's boy? >> ooh. >> it's hard to tell i guess unless a lot of people do it. i would say nervous on the surface. >> i do, too. >> i feel like nervous. >> i'm looking over maybe he knew he focused on her he might lose it emotionally. that kind of awkward glance off. >> that would have been better. >> he's a total momma's boy one or the other. >> it would have been better if he lost it. i think it's very strange. weddings do tend to be strange occurrences at times. >> they do. >> i think this personally i think this person is reading a little too much into it and i think that if that's what everyone is talking about at the wedding, come on. i think he waved a good love and order question on you. he should have come up with better one. >> it's like lighting the unity can because everybody is coming together or paying homage to your parents as i srt
9:52 am
life perhaps his vows should have been hill different. >> it's like when people read into the unity candle when one person belows their candle out and other person doesn't because it's like, they're supposed to maintain their individuality but still be one. he blew his out -- come on people. go to the wedding. >> mother-in-law. when the fa families blend. >> you've never seen a unity candle. >> did they do that? >> really. >> i need to go to more wedding. >> i've never been there for the purpose of being married but i've been best man before. all the stuff you're supposed to remember. when you finally get there i don't remember half that stuff. you go with what it is. it's had a toward relax. >> sounds like -- >> not mama's boy. >> he's not a mama's boy. get a better question. moving on. [ laughter ] i like this next question. >> i too of do too. this woman wrote to us i'm single in my 30s occasionally have i guy over for hook up. and then i want him to leave so i can get my beauty rest. needless to say, most of the guys want to spend the night. i think this is
9:53 am
phenomenon. i don't remember this from when i was 22. did my bed just get more comfortable? why dot hook ups want to spend the night? >> it's unfortunate, first of all. >> because that's a lot of people wish for. >> isn't that terrible. seriously if you have a hook you want them to leave. why do people move in? >> maybe they just want to cuddle afterwards. [ laughter ] >> no. >> why are you having the hook up in your house? >> you wouldn't even have them to your house. >> no. i'd go to his and that way i can leave. >> oh, yeah. >> i won -- dope bring him into your space. >> invite trouble in into your space you have to get rid of h him. >> don't you feel like -- wouldn't you just say like time for you to go? >> a lot of times -- >> how can you say that. >> sometimes for the woman to go is just a little nicer. >> yeah. >> maybe they're still a mama boy and they live at home with their moms. >> exactly. >> you start yawning and talking about your big day tomorrow. oh, man that was great.
9:54 am
will you turn off the lights when you leave. >> no guy will -- >> yes, you can. >> that guy will be so comfortable and will be like, no way i'm leaving unless you say i don't do sleepovers you got to to go good get your stuff gone. >> you got to lay the ground rules before. steve, you're the only here today. if you said to guy before we're hooking you and i need to you leave an hour after. >> to guy? [ laughter ] >> what would you say? >> not that there's a thing wrong with that. >> would you rather rules established prior to the hook up or do you like want me to just kind of -- >> unromantic. >> i don't do hook ups. when this is over you'll have to go. >> things have to be organic. they happen or they don't happen. if they happen and somebody wants if you leave tell him to leave. >> that's so we're. >> i think it's weird. you think it's weird you want them to leave. >> if somebody at your place you don't want them there you'll let them stay even though you don't want them there. i'd rather have my space. >> the fact that she's by the way is this a new phenomenon the guys want to stay the night? no. >> right. >> that is not new phenomenon. >> really they always want
9:55 am
stay. >> that's a good one. >> she should be very happy -- >> anybody wants to stay with her at all. >> how are we ruling. >> i feel like we have different opinions on this. >> house divided. >> okay. hung jury. [ laughter ] >> there you go. >> on to the last one. do we have time? >> we got to go. >> okay, bye. >> off topic your hair looks great. >> you like it. >> i love your hair. >> it looks great. >> thank you. >> dress is super cute, too. >> little lighter. >> i'm feeling good today. i got my advice. >> there you go. >> you have to leave. we have to do other stuff now. >> you can't stay. [ laughter ] >> it's coffee time. >> no, we have to tease what's coming up. >> happy birthday iphone. tepp years ago. >> ten years ago the first iphone came out more than 1 billion sold so far. what do you think about michelle rodriguez, should she stay or should she go. >> stay. rule that. click. right. >> we'll have to find out why she's withing, right? >> i mean -- >> it's money multi billion dollar franchise guaranteed pay day. >> she has lot maybe. >> i don't know the reason she's quitting we'll have to wait and see. >> also, coming up, oh, we'll get our page six fix today
9:56 am
carlos greer he'll help us out with celebrity dish when we real dollar serve that up. a little more on riri's guy. >> tucker and erin out at the game of thrones pop up. >> they are. they'll be sitting in the thrown themselves. >> in the thrown not on the thrown. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> one letter makes a big difference. >> coffee time good day dc if you've been eyeing our good day mugs we have a new dunkin' donuts mug for you give away perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee. ted head to or facebook page to enter our mug contest. one lucky winner selected by random drawing. hurry you only have until 11:00 o'clock right now it's 9:56 and 26 seconds. all right. when do you get that mug post your selfie like carmen anita keal. hey lovely lady. just ■use the goodday dchash tag when you do, okay? 9:56. we're back after this. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ the must see moments only on good day at 10a. and we're zebbing up the hottest topics this thursday morning. >> we have new details about rihanna's new mystery man. the fast and furious controversy hits high speed adele drops bombshell. >> also at 10a dr. phil opens up about a disease he's been fighting for decades. and we get the scoop about the despicable me three right from the hilarious stars themselves. steve carell and kristen wiig. tucker and erin take us live inside the hottest bar around. the game of thrones pop-up bar. let's do this in three, two, one. good day at 10a starts right n now. ♪ >> not just good day
10:01 am
>> no, no, no. >> i got two. celebrating ourselves this morning. this one is for al. >> what are we celebrating steve. >> not one, two, three, four straight months of being number one at 10:00 o'clock for good day at 10a. thank you all for watching your number one source. >> you like us you really like us. >> love it. >> thanks, sarah for coming in. good to see you. >> we appreciate you spenting the night but you gots to go. >> bye. >> on your own now. [ laughter ] >> got to get to work. >> get my dress together, holly. >> thank you it's going to be a good day dc. >> always. >> on this 10:00 o'clock hour. we got a lot of good things planned in the next 60 minutes. >> we sure do. lots to talk about and we do appreciate you're being here today and every day. thank you very much i'm steve alongside holly, allison and maureen. wisdom enjoying time off well deserved. he'll be back monday. >> before we check wants trending what's making had he lines. president trump and delivering blistering tweets this morning the president going
10:02 am
high profile members of the media that he used to be friends with. this morning's target msnbc host joe and mism ka and the president tweeted "i heard poorly rated at morning joe speaks badly of me. don't watch any more. then how come low iq crazy mika along with psycho joe came to march largo three nights a in a he row around new year's eve and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a facelift quote i said no. ". >> meantime -- n story i'm sure we can talk about. the president travel ban set to take effect tonight at 8:00 p.m. the 90 day ban applies to people from six muslim majority countries. the supreme court allowed a portion of the banning to into effect with one exception. applicants looking to enter the u.s. must prove relationship with a parent, spouse, child, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or sibling already in the states. it comes as homeland security announces new scree
10:03 am
from overseas. the enhanced screening protocol had will impact flights from 280 locations. those changes are set to take effect win 120 days. breaking today from the vatican a top cardinal on leave after being charged with sexual assault. cardinal george pell is pope francis' top money man. now, pell is headed back to australia to face charges assault case that is apparently go back many years. in a news conference today, pell says he's innocent and looking forward to his day in court. a big recall from ford to tell you about. more than 400,000 transit vans and buses need to be look at because they can shut off while you're driving them the problem with a cracked drive shaft coupling causes the vehicles to lose power a coupling device. thankfully so far the issue hasn't caused any crashes or any injuries. final al deal that can only be
10:04 am
away. ar2 did. to droid sold for nearly $3 million. hefty pay out during an auction considered the most expensive item offed in a movie memorabilia auction. there will be other big tick star wars items that were sold at auction including luke skywalker light saber from the first two franchises which fetched more than $400,000. i don't think jar jar binks will get as much money. >> not even quarter. >> i would spend my 3 million on robot that actually does things for me. >> wouldn't it be awesome and you had the robot and he can serve drinks at your party. >> that's what it mean. >> so great. >> just going to sit there -- >> yeah. >> could be a pretty cool end table. >> it would have to do that little sound. >> doesn't that annoy you after awhile, though. >> yes. >> yes, that was uncle sam behind allison when she was reading those stories. kind of an awkward view. >> did he want me? >> take the shot of allison. validating all your stories.
10:05 am
bit. >> come on. >> we come to this camera. >> take this one. >> come to five. >> solo shot. it was -- >> soo shot when it was just -- they have already changed it. >> let's just say we easily could have talked stocks because his business was out there. >> it was a little distracting. >> what? >> steve that was a good one. >> a man with his business out there. that's a long shot. >> that's great shot of unsettle sam. happy birthday iphone. it seems like, well, everybody at this table has one. it seem like everyone in the world has one, it's darn close. they sold more than billion of them so far. the iphone turns ten years old today. now, it first hit store shelves june29th, 2710 years ago today. easy math device got off to rocky start, though. sluggish sales initially. i said earlier i remember when one of our photographers got this i said what do you need all of that for? yeah. >> what's wrong with
10:06 am
phone. >> what's wrong with my nokia. >> my nextel. >> boy did we get proved wrong. >> my beeper. now we can't live without them. apple was forced to slash the price for holiday sales that year. it was $600. two to us eight the iphone took off when the app store was introducing. there's an app for that. >> talk walk down memory. first iphone only available to at and t customers because they cut deal with at&t to try to drive business there. also did not have there front cam r didn't have a flash for pictures with a back camera but the back camera was kind of cool. you cannot send a picture in a text message. you could not record any video. however, it was the first phone to offer full screen and no physical keyboard. fast forward ten years, iphone brings billions of dollars in revenue for apple. can you remember a time without the iphone? do you have an iphone? it will us know via twitter. i posted a poll on my page. here's what we're looking at right now this surprised me. how many people actually have the
10:07 am
right now. 73%. >> wow. >> say they have the iphone. >> that surprises you. >> i got to -- >> it doesn't surprise me. >> maybe closer to 60. does really? >> i feel like everyone has one. >> even the hold outs because i wasn't one. >> me too then i'm just like dog gone it it's easier. everybody get on one. i think it was when mark went to new york i'm like we got to get on this thing. >> i'm with you. >> only 7% they had one and then switched to something he is after they got it. >> i do like the samsung camera. >> i did samsung had to switch back to iphone. android in mow no. >> those of you out there and we know who you are who stockpile many of them. like our own matt ackland. excellent reporter and anchor here at fox5 who not on saves his former phones but the boxes they come n you see he's a bit of an iphone addiction he's had it since the start and matt posted this picture online and it's actually kind of funny. you have a problem or you need discount. >> right. >> you're buying all of them. >> let me like that picture. >> you know amaze eyeing did hear another
10:08 am
you said this. it put the computer power in our pock. >> yeah. >> more computer power in our iphone than the rich computer power it took to get man on the moon. >> are you serious. >> that amazed me when i heard that. >> i'm happy. it's a smaller world. they're more -- it's manufacture >> another thing they said it's a smaller world because you can face time or whatever or contact people around the world, and yet it also makes you not talk to the person sitting next to you. >> yeah. >> because everybody is -- >> look the a us during the break. >> it does both of those. >> absolutely. >> interesting. >> happy birthday maybe i'll upgrade from my five. >> through new versions. >> okay. >> for a thousand dollars. >> time for the business report again. >> three new versions in september. >> you can't stay the night. you have to go. >> next up michelle rodriguez is furious with her franchise. get it. >> i got it. >> of course we're talking about fast and furious. why is she so angry? she says she don't give enough opportunit
10:09 am
rodriguez threatened to leave her popular role of let tee ortiz. the wife of vin diesel's character if the series continues to limit its female roles. she posted this to instagram. f8 is out digitally today. i hope they decide to show some love to the women of the franchise on the next one or i just might have to say goodbye to a loved franchise. it's been a good ride and i'm grateful for the opportunity the fans and studio have provided over the years. her words there. sounds serious. rodriguez along with diesel is one of the only actors to appear in the first film of the franchise that still stars in the new one. >> okay. >> i understand her point but i don't understand the point of, you need to give more room for women so as woman i'll step out. >> right. >> i don't know michelle rodriguez has a lot of projects out. you stick with it. >> great way to draw attention. >> if that's her strategy fine. don't quit. don't quit. stay. >> fight the good fight inside. >> do you also
10:10 am
so public with it. maybe she's done the work behind the scenes. >> i think something is there because you don't burn bridge. >> that's what i was going to say. you don't burn it. >> she may be frustrated on the way out and making the statement. >> we'll see. >> stay in hollywood. three super heroes and an elder actress -- let's not call her that. >> she's 95. >> she's pretty old. >> they've been invited to vote on who get an oscar. academy of motion picture the acts who play thor, captain america and wonder woman to join them. also beloved actress betty white the academy's newest member. viola davis, jonelle m mo'ne and justin timberlake. >> kevin said it was 700 invites that went out or something. >> very high number. >> huge number. >> so if all the names you just read are just now getting the invites who are the people who have been there. >> before. >> if 700 people are being invited and now it's all the people we've heard of. >> and beattie white only now.
10:11 am
get invited into that. >> seven hadn't dread people in hollywood seems like lot of people. >> the pictures and the sound people and the writerring. >> let's talk about why betty white is only now getting in much she's knife. >> has she done a lot of movies. >> you see us four on good day but think about the vast amount of people to put on this show. >> over the hundred years they've been around you would think these people would be in there. >> i say yes to betty white. i don't know about jonelle mo'ne. >> she hasn't but in the work. she was in hidden figures. >> yeah. >> i know we're out of time. i think this is an interesting topic, too. gal gadot coming and saying she's fine with her salary. she got $300,000 for wonder woman. >> she's making money on the back end. >> something is going on. >> okay. >> she says she's grateful. >> if she has guarantee for a second movie she'll get bumped and. >> she'll get paid. drew and lucy in despicable three we're hearing from the stars of the
10:12 am
carryall and kristen wiig. rihanna's mystery man. he's good looking. ricky martin ready to tie the knot. rob lowe's near death experience at the hands of big foot. >> hey, ricky martin. >> speaking of your business. >> 10:12 is our time. good day celebrity dish serving it up next. >> oh, boy. >> put uncle sam next to him. at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright, without breaking your budget. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and i about any... oh, on the bed? absolutely not! okay... studying together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag.
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♪ i always think that when i hear this song allison thinks they were saying i found love in homeless place much makes mow giggle good page sick tv is coming fox5 this fall we're getting in on page six early. >> who better to help one day's celebrity dish right now than page 6tv carlos greer had joins us live. hey, carlos. >> good morning. >> good morning. how are you guys. >> we're doing well. >> we're great. >> all right. us up some dish, sir. >> yes. so rihanna, this photo surfaced earlier this week of her and this mystery guy that no one knew about hasan jameel they're in pool in a pizza. very sultry photo. you know she's straddling him and they're maying out non one knew she was actually seeing anyone she's been he can treatmently private about her personal life for the past few years, and she's constantly linked to different guys. but sources
10:16 am
hasan they've apparently known each other for at least ten months. you're burglary the lead. this guy is worth lot of money, carlos. >> money money money. >> he's worth a lot. he's worth lot of money. rihanna does pretty well herself but this guy his family is worth billions of dollars. they can contribute toyotas in the middle east he's from saudi arabia, and he's one of these guys you always see him hanging out with british royalty. so he hangs a around pretty good circle. >> i also saw on your page, though, that might have caused a little rift between rihanna and her old friend naomi campbell. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i wrote about that. fans are speculating that that's the reason why she and naomi are not friends. naomi appeared on watch watches live earlier this year, and someone called in and asked her why did she and rihanna unfollow each other on social media. and she andy cohen asked her is everything okay? and naomi campbell said everything is fine but she said it with a w
10:17 am
she's being shady but the thing is, she was photographed with this guy getting chose dee last summer. so now people are saying it's the reason why she and rihanna are no longer friends neither of them have mentalled on it yet. >> i can imagine the cat fight over a billionaire might be fierce. >> um-hmm. cute one, too. >> i'm just throwing it out there. we don't have any word on drake's reaction to this, right? >> oh, drake has moved on. >> drake -- i'm sure, well -- [ laughter ] >> give eight couple of months. >> got it. all right. let's talk about ricky martin he's finally willing to take the plunge and it looks like he's going to do it in pretty big way. >> it's going to be massive wedding it's his first time getting mary. niece love. he says he plans to get married in puerto rico, and his fiance' he's from i believe he's from sweden and has family in syria. big international wedding. >> those twenty four good looking boys. >> so handsome. >> right.
10:18 am
[ laughter ] >> i'm fanning out. >> he has a twin. we don't know what role the twins will play in the wedding he's super excited about it making the rounds talking about his big day, and obviously like with any wedding planning he said that's most difficult part the people that don't talk about the pla planning that goes into. >> it will be in puerto rico, right, that's what oy heard. >> yes. >> he wants to do it in puerto rico. >> carlos, always good to see you. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you guys. >> just reminder you can get more page 6tv when it comes to fox5 this fall. >> we've got a few more servings on our dish though. >> including this one which is weird. >> scared of sasquatch. let that sink in. rob lowe thought i was going to be killed with edge counter with a big foot creature. encounter took place in the ozark mountains between arkansas, missouri and oklahoma. he and his sons were camping there to investigate a big
10:19 am
like creature known to locals as wood ape. >> congratulations. >> doing a shoot for the low files when something began to approach their camp. low says he was lying on the ground thinking he was going to be killed. he adds he's full aware the story makes him sound locate a crazy hollywood cook. >> yes. >> the low files follows the actor and sons matthew and john owen as they explore mysterious phenomena across the country. >> i would love to do a show like that. >> you know what i actually think i might watch that show now because of that story i think he's a crazy hollywood cook now. would he come out with that if he didn't have an experience like that? it could have been like a crazy, um, wolf that walks on its behind legs or something. like this. coming at him. >> okay. pop super star adele -- >> crazy lost cook. >> okay. >> pop star adele has hinted that her current tour for grammy winning album 25 will be her last one. during her show last night
10:20 am
twin-year-old shared a handwritten note witness audience, don't know if i will ever tour again until i wa wantd my last time object at home. hello singer announcement comes at the end of 15 month tour. in the past adele has said that touring is quote a peculiar thing it doesn't suit me particularly well. she has thee more shows in london finishing her tour on sunday. after a total of 123 perfo performances. i think if you really don't like getting up and doing it, it really got to take you out of yourself. >> why do it. >> why do it? you've been incredibly successful. >> successful. enjoy your fmly. >> your music speaks for you. it's not like shows out there hopping around. >> right. >> here's question for you. what do you do after you file for divorce? >> cry. >> no. you go on vacation together. of course. despite officially filing for divorce in april jennifer garner and ben affleck and three children went on vacation together in the bahamas. >> hmm. >> though a garner insider insists the coupl
10:21 am
reureuniting, us weekly source s jenn feels it's most beneficial for the kids to have their father present. if they can real dollar, that's great. >> i know. but what about -- >> if she wanted to meet somebody on vacation. >> exactly. >> really i don't even think that's the story. you want to hear the story. >> all right. >> jenn really knows how to negotiate. they went to the bahamas because she was asked to speak at atlantis to a group of software execs. >> oh. >> in addition to her appearance fee she required a private jet to transport her to forty one the two hour june 20th engagement and a local glam squad to prep her for the meet and greet and subsequent dinner no selfies by the way. she also said she would need adequate accommodations to adjoining two bedroom sweets and an additional sweet. >> okay. >> for five night stay. the additional suite presumably was for ben. >> oh, okay. >> that was my question. did she stay together, close together, down the hall. >> different row sorts? >> yeah. they stayed at the same
10:22 am
they stayed at and actually was resort -- they didn't stay at atlantis they stayed away from there they actually stayed at a place they had gone to before on a family vacation. a place they liked. >> right. >> i wonder is it confusing to the kids? is it good for the kids? confusing to the kids or is it good for the kids? >> that's a good question. i don't know. who's to say. >> i think those kids live a different world than we can really understand any way. >> i'm sorry. i like them together. >> maybe it's normal on their end. >> private jet to vacation might be part of that world that's a little different. >> that might be confusing when one day they're asked to fly commercial. what? >> right. >> what, what? >> thanks, guys. >> 10:22 the perfect excuse to shop like you need one a little later we'll show you how you can support local veterans just by buying new clothes. >> also might be the middle of summer right now, but winter is coming. >> oh, erin. >> we just need to find those drinks. erin and tuck consider inside the new game of throws pop-up -- it's about to get auction war. inside the new game of thrones new pop up-bar
10:23 am
>> having brew already. >> that's normal. ♪
10:24 am
10:25 am
♪ >> 10:25. taking live look outside. it's looking heavy out there. heat and humidity. >> heavier as the day goes on. >> coming back. >> coming back. okay. can you also feel the excitement? >> sure. >> in the air, right, because it's the fourth of july holiday is upon us. people already starting to hit the roads for their vacation get away. >> others are getting ready for the festivities right here in
10:26 am
fox5's anjali hemphill is live at the national mall with more on what we can expect this holiday weekend. hey, anjali? >> reporter: hey, guys. yeah, obviously we're still a couple days away from the actual five works, but today is sort of the unofficial kick off to the fourth of july events happening all weekend long here on the national mall. take look behind me here because we've got plenty of set up already happening this is specifically for the smithsonian folk life festival and if you can't tell, the theme this year is circus arts i can tell you there's even a huge circus tent out here. this is going to be for visitors to be able to come and learn about the history and culture of the circus. so it should be pretty cool event going on today. but we all know the national mall is sort of the center of everything this weekend. expected to be visited by hundreds of thousands of people over the next sever days. and we want to make sure that everyone is n of how it's going
10:27 am
because certainly one of the mape things you'll want to know about is metro. that's going to be one of the biggest factors on how to get down to the mall this weekend, and we've got some changes that you're going to want to be aware of. on the actual day of july 4th, that's tuesday, metro will be staying open half an hour longer till midnight so everyone can get home from the fireworks safely. during the day, trains will run every 12 minute more of a saturday schedule, but starting at 6:00 o'clock night, the service will ramp up to rush hour service levels. you want to get -- you're going to want to get down to the national mall that's smithsonian staying by 9:00 o'clock that evening after 9:00 you'll not be able to get off at the national mall entrance of the smithsonian station. you'll only be -- entry only to come date people leaving the mall. there also be off peak fares all day long and parking will be free at all metro parking lots. metro also wants visitors to know you will not be a loud to take bicycles or
10:28 am
coolers on to the trains. that's mainly for space considerations. and on that note, coming up later today the national park service will be holding a press conference where they're going to speak more about what is and is not allowed on the national mall. they're also going to be talking security measures hea heading io this big weekend out here in d.c. of course. but guys, if you're traveling or if you're staying, you're going to want to be prepared. this is going to be a huge travel weekend. they're expecting over 1 million people traveling in and out of washington, d.c., and that is a record number. that's the latest here on the national mall, back if you guys in the studio. >> looking great. >> anjali, thanks. so many reasons to celebrate things to look forward to this fourth of july weekend always great to celebrate up pennsylvania day here in the nation' cass capitol. >> folk festival starts today. >> despicable me three and this time there's partner in crime. coming up next star steve carell and kristen
10:29 am
mr. differs between the two characters. what fans can expect this time around. time 10:28. ♪
10:30 am
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10:31 am
>> hello crew. how is your transition coming? you know from world's worse villain to world's worse agent. >> that's hilarious. you should be on tv. that's right. you were but then you got ca cancel. [ laughter ]
10:32 am
>> what? >> charles. >> dance fight. >> ♪ >> whoo! ♪ >> jam on. >> got the mullet. got the moves. >> that's so funny. >> loves denise williams clip from despicable me three. special agent working for the anti villain league trying to stop the super villain's robbery of the world most expensive d diet. he meets his long lot of brother. steve carell and kristen wiig are back. claudia company wouldn't got to sit down with both of them. >> i just wanted to help. >> oh. >> brew and the minions are back for another animated adventure in despicable me three. this time, the
10:33 am
boss discovers he has a charming twin brother. >> who doesn't love this guy? look at him. hair would make you better. >> returning voice stars steve carell and kristen wiig joked about working on the film. >> that silly movie and but it's also really heartfelt and, you know, has pop things to say, and i'm so proud to be part of it. i love it. >> i don't. >> he's been complaining all day. >> i don't feel that way at all. i mean, all the things she said i completely disagree with. [ laughter ] >> it's okay to tell them no. >> miranda cosgrove versus grew and lucy's oldest adoptive daughter she like that the minions have become the real stars of the franchise. >> i remember trying to explain it to one of my friends they're lick yellow short chubby like guys in the movie called minions and they were like okay. now everybody knows what minions are. >> you two are villians now. >> when it comes to telling the siblings apart. >> their demeanor i
10:34 am
different. grew is kind of a grump. >> much more flash she. >> flash she and, um, he's kind of -- he's kind of silly. he's very earnest. and i think grew is -- if you just look for the cynicism in somebody's eyes you can tell it's grew. >> goodbye. >> in hollywood, claudia cowan, fox news. >> people love the movies, got something else to go enjoy now despicable me three hits theaters tomorrow. check it out for yourself. >> i haven't seen one or two. >> i actually want to see this. >> how did zula let you get away that. >> i never toll her it existed. >> was the minions. just minions movie. >> there was. >> i saw that. >> they're cute but annoys me the way they talk. >> very chatty. >> yes. >> i was tired of it real quick. >> r2d2. >> all right. silver fox alert. steve carell getting new attention for his newly -- steve carell.
10:35 am
attention for newly gray hair during his appearance al jimmy fallon show. he read off recent magazines showing carell for his new look. one magazine wrote move aside george clooney. >> we just talked about it. >> carell was spelled three different ways. >> i was going to say. literally while that interview was on we like his gray hair. >> here's what they had to say. >> do you get invited to silver fox meeting? do you go to club anderson cooper is there and andy cohen. >> there's bracelet you get. [ laughter ] >> that's all they give you. >> mine says steve. >> yeah. >> you get a bracelet. >> it's exciting. >> on the other size of the bracelet it says hunk of man meat it. >> warms the heart what it does. >> my wife finally said she's in love with me. >> okay. can we talk about jimmy fallon's mustache. >> i was distracted by that. >> yeah. >> i'm in the liking it, jim
10:36 am
>> is it for real? >> i think it is real. yeah. >> i mean like he chose to do that. >> steve carell you are rocking the gray. >> steve looks good. looks really handsome. i like guys with gray hair. >> me too. >> or hair. >> hi, mark. >> i know. >> just a joke. >> if you're still a little sleepy this morning like i am, f you're in the fetal position crying right now i'll hug you later. >> if you're sleepy this morning and coffee just is not cutting it perhaps you should take a trip to a new york city starbucks. customers there getting a super surprise this week while inside the coffee chain. check it out. ♪ >> mack yacht tow for jonathan. cold brew spiderman. >> spiderman? >> cool. >> it's hot outside. [ laughter ] >> how you doing, folks? >> fun. >> i would have been freaked out. more than those guys
10:37 am
>> i don't think laugh would be my first response. >> okay. sadly actor tom holland who stars in the upcoming spiderman movie isn't the man behind the mask this time. that new spiderman homecoming hits theaters july 7th. >> don't try that at home. >> don't troy that, um-hmm. >> no. did he get a break or was he just hanging upside down. >> hit another one. >> you know what i'm saying. >> coffee kept him going. blood rushing to your head. listen dr. phil he is opening up about a disease that he's actually been battling for decades, and you probably know someone who has it, too. i'm talking about type two diabetes. dr. phil of course is a best selling author and host to tv's number one talk show he gives out his own brand of advice.& some call it tough love. and this morning he's giving out points on how he deals with the disease in this interview sponsored by astra-zeneca p payings him to be a spoke spokesperson. >> this is something as i say it's 24-n-7. you just have to manage it the rest of your life, and the a
10:38 am
different times. like christmastime, for example, when there are lots of treats and goodies out there, and right now we're coming in to summertime, and there's backyard barbeques and homemade ice cream and all kinds of activities where you go to the fair and things locate that, and so i tell people recognize these high risk situations. so you can plan ahead for them. and then also understand that you need to redefine rewards because what's a reward for somebody else like banana split is not reward for type two diabetic. when fall off the wagon, don't feel guilty. just start over the next day fresh. >> good advice. and if you're wondering who the lady is sitting next to him family physician dr. kushner. you can get much more information at dr. phil's passion project on move it on -- on it is where it is. it shares lots of information about stories, about dealing with
10:39 am
>> daily thing. >> it is. >> for hose who have to live with it. >> it's the real deal. >> shopping for a good cause. coming up next we'll tell you will how you can help raise money and awareness for veterans while heading to local may see's special fashion show to help you get motivated. time right now 10:39. ♪ ♪♪
10:40 am
10:41 am
z2d1iz z16fz y2d1iy y16fy
10:42 am
♪ >> yeah that's fashion mew psych, right? so of course you know i love shopping. who doesn't really? but i really love to shop for good cause over the past five years macy's customers and associates have generated more than $8.3 million in donations to got your six a veteran empowerment organization based here in dc. unites non-profit hollywood and government partners to help normalize the depictions of veterans, and this year you can help. from june 28th to july 4th macy's customers can give three dollars at the register at any store or online and get 25% off. you cannot beat that deal. here to tell us how to get involved is the executive director of got six bill and melissa fitzgerald you may remember from the west wing. seven seasons, right. >> yes. >> melissa the senior director for justice for vets. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. good i want to start with you bill. got your six. what does in mean and how does it tie to the organization. >> got your six in the military when i was in the army it means simply i've got your back. it's a phrase we use, we
10:43 am
explained let each other know we had each other's back for ex at got your six working with coalition partners like melissa and justice for vets we're touching the lives over 3 million veterans and family members when they transition out of the military whatever they need is provided to them so not only they're taken care of we have their back, have their six but they continue to serve across the country which is why we're excited about this partnership. >> integrating them back into society. i think you said something about, upping, maybe taken broken heroes and turning them into productive members of society once again. >> absolutely. for me, i spent 17 months in baghdad in 2006 and 2007 during my transition back, it was important forme to realize that i wasn't broken. that i still had a lot to give. and it's also important for those who didn't serve in the military to realize that we're mott broken heroes we're ready to get back to work and really that's what it's all about with got your six. we're excited to be here to talk about it today. >> melissa you give so many of your time to issues to per he wasn't to veterans you're if
10:44 am
role legal aspect justice for vets. tell me how this ties in. >> we work in criminal justice reform but justice for vets provides veterans treatment courts for veterans who return struggle with transition home become involve if the criminal justice system. we can have treatment instead of inn cars nation and return back to our communities as the civic assets they are. got your six supports our organization and this campaign the macy's got your six campaign supports as bill said partner organizations like justice for vets and we have had a grant for the past two years and we have trained hundreds of veterans who are volunteering to serve as mentors to their brothers and sisters who are struggling and going through the veterans court programs. >> i love that. so many people want to get involved and helped. this is really easy way you can do it. we're telling you to go shopping. macy's taking the lead in this and helping out in this. >> yeah this is our fifth year partnering with macy's we raised $8.3 million. 100% of which went to serve
10:45 am
veterans and their families. justice for vets, team red, white and blue. folks can go to macy's today, donate three dollars, get a purchase pass, it looks something like this. >> okay. >> right. it looks like this. >> exactly like that. >> exactly like that. and then you get 25% off your purchase. >> okay. >> so melissa and i joke -- >> if you're thinking what can i get at macy's. >> give me a break. >> i got this last night. >> you too can score this bout full outfit. >> i love it. >> is my outfit not cute. i got this from mace is he's. >> that's amazing. >> i don't look at good at melissa that jacket was made for you. we also have some models who will show off some looks that can be yours especially as we look to the fourth of july fun flirty looks. can we bring them out. >> model number one let's see this look. are you going to be our fashion -- >> you go first. look how beautiful this is. it is a great outfit i actually saw it last night at macy's and decided no wear it because i didn't want
10:46 am
this gorgeous model. this looks fantastic. >> head to tow mace so's red, white and blue for the fourth of july government to macy's donate three dollars own this great outfit. >> model number two. this says hey i'm ready for the firework. >> nautical look. >> anchor, right, if you're into the navy coast garr that's good. >> again red, white and blue. >> lots of red, white and blue. >> this campaign goes on through july 4th. get yourself ready for july 4th. >> i love that. we can leave the fellas out. cull out here. looking chic and comfortable. i love it. >> you've got this one bill. >> looks amazing he was going to wear sweater. listen you've got to show off those guns head to toe macy's he looks amazing. he could be the new uncle sam that was over your shoulder earlier today. >> i think, i don't know, uncle sam never had muscles like that. [ laughter ] >> 2017 uncle sam has muscles. >> exactly. rebooted uncle sam. looking very good. again you can shop started the 28th through the fourth every bit help. listen you can't
10:47 am
than this. come on. >> and the three dollars is saving lives. >> it really is. >> and we can both speak to that. >> it does. it saves lives and for those who can't go to local macy's store you can go online macy' your six and get this pass online and get the 25% discount and enjoy fourth of july by supporting veterans. >> bill and melissa thank you so much for all you do. >> thank you. >> there's the information on your screen right there. go out and shop make someone happy. back over to you guys. >> what could be easier. >> love it, love it, love it. >> right now 10:47. okay. we promised you this a pop-up bar that let's you drink like, new hang out. before winter comes, we're taking a summertime stroll through shaw. for a look what to expect we'll check in with queen of the dragons err reason como because allison, what? >> where are my dragons? >> we'll find out next. ♪ ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network.
10:48 am
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10:49 am
ool. at the beach. in the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys the next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy. it looks aggressive. but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. she's a bad mama jama. (laughter) current qualified gm lessees can get this introductory lease on the all-new 2018 chevy equinox for around $249 a month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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♪ >> don't fight in the north. or the south. fight every battle
10:51 am
always, in your mind. ♪ >> now that is the official trailer for season seven game of thrones. so i hope you appreciate that good tv while it lasted. because we're about to change the and tower game here when it comes to game of thrones. new season starts july 16th on hbo. but if you need a fix right away we've got just the thing for you because dc's game of thrones pop up bar is open in northwest. everything a fan of the series would want. comes with very long lines just like those people waiting in line to stream the show. right? >> so this morning erin and tucker taking us inside before it hopes for the night first look to what to expect erin we got preview of tucker's outfit online from the picture that was posted earlier. i cannot wait. >> he took the fur coat and he will not share. i will tell you guys, this incredible bar experience is the brain child of derek brown, angie feather stop and they're mazing teams eat the
10:52 am
mocking bird hill. right now, i'm in the hall of faces a game of thrown favorite, and let me just tell you guys, every single room in here has details that will blow you away. this pop-up bar the game of throws theme follow the huge situation success they had with the cherry blossom pop up and the christmas theme a lot of d.c. residents and people from all over super psych for this. bum on with me to the we're wood tree this is king john snow having a cocktail he's king in the north. lovingly known as tucker barnes and bar manager paul tailor. paul thanks so much for having us out today. >> you're welcome. >> let me get over here and give you the microphone so you can tell us about the drink specials. >> so we have miriad of drinks here sort of represent all the seven kingdoms. we'll be making two for you today. the first one is the north remembers. so it represent our friend john snow right here. >> this cocktail is a scotch based pina colada quandary niism r
10:53 am
milling and sherri which is ox is he died wine from spain. >> paul before you get into the drinks tell us about the dream here this place is fantastic it took eight weeks to bill it out. >> long time an lot of effort. adrianna and matt put in eight weeks and, you know, 12, 14 hour days and they really really worked hard on this. >> everything in the bar has something to do with the show and people that watch it regularly will recanes everything in here. >> for sure. we wanted to be really detail orien having the pick ax in the wall right here. we wanted to the real pig fans to be able to pick out little things there's a raven in the tree or the dragon belows out smoke or this dragon is characteristic of what it look like in the show we really wanted things to be accurate to what the show is. >> you told me the thrown you have in the other room, crazy instagram posting material right there. you have a system work out people don't have to wait in the second line once they get in. >> we do. we what happened this to be most enjoyable experience for
10:54 am
right when you come in the front door we have an app called wait list me. people put their number phones on it just like you would at a restaurant. and we text you as soon as you're ready to go up on the thrown and take those instagram pictures. >> you guys have had success with pop up bars in the past. is this one, w does this one rank? one of the most popular. >> it's pretty earl until it right now. each one that we've made is been progressively better. and i mean we're just having incredible time here. it's a lot of fun. >> all right. make me a drink. >> all right. >> i don't think i sound like the captain. >> you look really good in the jacket. i'll tell you every sip gel room in here tucker has such an incredible vibe and theme and everything is, you know, a p fet opportunity. and they were saying the line is really long if you come later on in the night or pre happy hour that's your best chance to not way in a super super long line. >> that's great. paul, tell me about the drinks. the drinks have -- they're working with the theme of the show, right. >> for sure. all the drinks are representation a
10:55 am
maybe in the show. the cocktail right here that we're serving up is the north remembers serving it in an ale tank card or corn mug. very indicative of what you would see in the show. my feeling is that in the north john snow would definitely drink some scotch. >> yeah. for sure. >> that makes me ready for war. >> exactly. a little liquid courage. [ laughter ] >> we have drink too called shame which is walk atonement. this drink has been super popular. it's tequila and grapefruit tonic so super refreshing good for the summer. but the bartenders will shake the bell shame and the who he will bar will chant shame. >> love that. >> love it. >> super interactive. >> you have a dragon that smokes. >> we do have a dragon that smoke. during service andrew herndon actually built us a beautiful dragon in the back room had represents maureen. we have awesome wall artwork from andrew funk but the dragon is back lit in the mouth a
10:56 am
breathing dragon. >> paul, thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> having so much fun. >> game of thrones will be here until when. >> april 27th. hope seven days a week at 5:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. on sundays. >> having covered the christmas theme bar as well as the cherry blossom pop up, this one as cool as the other two were you can't miss this one you really going appreciate it whether game of thrones fan or not. we brought michelle our producer with his and she's a super fan she loved it. i think you will too. >> i'm going to winter hearts some of ladies. back to you. >> he's going to try. >> heff laugh. >> not with that coat on. >> he might have heat stroke. [ laughter ] >> did you see the walk off. if tell tucker to walk outside in this heat with that jacket on for two seconds good can i make a tender vegetation joke since he calls me that whenever i wear a jacket. >> at the present time vegetation, tucker barnes. >> you got it. >> it's not going to last. >> i'm sorry. >> we got zip trip tomorrow it's going to be a good one. we'll be in staff for v have a
10:57 am
tucker, allison, myself. >> yay! >> the rest of the gang will hold down the fort. >> mike, real quick. >> 90s. >> all right. come back tomorrow.
10:58 am
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get it now at >> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? hello, this is the hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. now here's wendy! [ applause ] [ applause ] >> wendy: yes. thank you for watching our show. [ applause ] say hello to my co-host, my


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